0635,Two magnificent men

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 Time flies.

In a blink of an eye, it’s time for the decisive battle in the life and death arena.

There is still an hour left before the game.

Li Xiaofei walked out of the secret room in high spirits.

After these days of hard training, he has mastered the three spears of Fengyun.

Although the last move to suppress the demon has not yet been fully understood, it has begun to take shape and can be used in conjunction with the first two moves of Shattering Star and Destroying the Sky.

"Meet the hall master."

The two deputy hall masters, Brother Gou and Wang Shaowei, led the thirty incense masters under their command and saluted respectfully outside the secret room.

The scene is quite spectacular.

Li Xiaofei nodded.

Brother Gou came up and said respectfully, "The gang leader has already gone to Jiuyang Tower first. He ordered me to wait for the gang leader to come out of seclusion and then go with him immediately."

Li Xiaofei glanced at Brother Dog and suddenly frowned.

"Today is my big day to become famous, why are I dressed in rags?"

he asked.

Brother Dog was wearing a set of patched clothes. Although they were washed very clean, they looked like old items.

This guy has a funny brain.

Are you going to adopt a simple style?

Could it be that during this period, he was embezzling the property of Red Shield Hall on a large scale, right?

I heard that many top-level corrupt people often pretend to be clean and honest on the surface, wear rags and rags, and create an image of themselves looking cool.

Brother Gou made a sad face and said plaintively, "Master, I... am poor."

Li Xiaofei said, "What's going on?"

Has this guy been tricked by loan sharks again?

The dog brother said, "I was eaten out by the Black Emperor...this dog is really good at eating."

Li Xiaofei was startled.

Then he looked up to the sky and laughed.

He patted Brother Dog on the shoulder and said nothing more.

The group of people soon arrived outside Jiuyang Tower.

At this time, the surrounding streets of Jiuyang Tower were completely blocked, and countless people gathered here to witness this life-and-death fight with their own eyes.

Of course, most of them came here for Nangong Longjian.

I want to see the king of duels up close.

The Patrol Division, one of the four internal imperial divisions, dispatched a large number of elite patrols to maintain order and prevent anyone from fishing in troubled waters and causing large-scale security incidents.

The surrounding neighborhoods have been put under temporary traffic control.
r> There were two thousand people from Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce, wearing uniforms and carrying all kinds of equipment and weapons, and surrounded the entire Jiuyang Tower.

The Bomb Star Gang was not to be outdone.

Thousands of the most capable elites, fully armed, are watching eagerly outside the building, and will react to any slightest sign of trouble.

Li Xiaofei's appearance attracted countless attention.

He did not enter Jiuyang Tower immediately.

Instead, he stood at the door of Jiuyang Tower, with his hands behind his back, looking around in an extremely domineering manner.

This scene was instantly captured by countless cameras and quickly spread throughout the optical network.

At this time, Li Xiaofei noticed that the large billboards in the surrounding neighborhoods, building facades, etc., had actually been contracted by the Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce, and were repeatedly broadcasting various negative materials about themselves.

"You can't do any tricks on the stage."

When Li Xiaofei saw this, he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"See the Hall Master."

Thousands of elite members of the Bomb Star Gang in various lobby areas, all dressed in black suits and carrying various weapons on their backs, looked like a black ocean, and at the same time bowed their heads to say hello to Li Xiaofei.

The momentum is amazing.

"Thank you for your hard work, brothers."

Li Xiaofei nodded.

At this time, he was tall and even though he was fat, he actually exuded the aura of a superior person, which made countless people around him look at him.

Li Xiaofei asked others to wait downstairs, and he took two of his confidants, Brother Gou and Wang Shaowei, and entered Jiuyang Tower with their heads held high.

This is his second time coming to Jiuyang Tower.

The last time, he stood in the crowd, hunched over like a dwarf, with no one paying attention.

This time, he is the absolute protagonist and attracts all the attention.

Security inside the building is very tight.

Countless celebrities who have grabbed tickets have already taken their seats in advance and reserved rooms and halls in Jiuyang Tower. They can see the first-hand information about the duel through the most professional video broadcast.

In addition, here you can also see the expressions and reactions of the big guys watching the game from different lenses - these cannot be seen in other broadcasts and are unique to Jiuyang Tower.

some of them

People also hope that they can make friends with some dignitaries on such occasions.

In short, a life-and-death battle of this scale has evolved into a huge fame and fortune fair.

Countless people want to take part in this event.

Taking the elevator, Li Xiaofei and the others quickly reached the top floor.

The top floor space of Jiuyang Tower is only open to celebrities and powerful people in the city.

For example, the last hall-master-level battle between the Bomb Star Gang and the Twin Shadow Tower could only take place on the eighth floor.

Li Xiaofei and the three of them stepped onto the top floor.

Brush brush brush.

In an instant, countless eyes were focused on Li Xiaofei.

There are beautiful ladies in dresses.

There is a noble girl from a prominent family.

There are talented and powerful people with extraordinary backgrounds.

There are also the first and second leaders of the major top forces, who have serious faces and are not angry or intimidating.

Opposite the core area.

A middle-aged man with a clear and handsome face, his eyes blazing like hot fire knives, stared at Li Xiaofei.

It looked like he was being hanged on the spot and cut into pieces.

This person is none other than Nan Wushuang, the president of Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce.

"Little bastard."

Nan Wushuang did not hide her hatred, gritted her teeth and whispered, "I want to see you being chopped into meat paste with my own eyes, I want you to die!"

Next to the president of the Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce, stood a tall and thin young man wearing a blue ancient costume robe.

He has red phoenix eyes and thick eyebrows like a knife.

Her hair was combed into a meticulous traditional bun and tied up with a snow-white dragon jade hairpin.

The whole person looks refined and capable.

He was also looking at Li Xiaofei up and down with strange eyes.

His eyes shone with a strange light, like a deep black hole in the universe. It seemed that as long as you looked at him, you would be uncontrollably sinking into the darkness, and all your inner thoughts would be revealed.

Meeting Li Xiaofei's gaze, the young man in green robe took the initiative and walked over.

"You gave me an unexpected surprise."

He smiled at Li Xiaofei, with a hint of excitement in his tone, and said, "The world has misled you with rumors and rumors, and you cannot recognize the true God in person... Li Qingchen, you are qualified to be my opponent in the 2466th duel."
He is none other than Nangong Longjian.

Li Xiaofei is tonight’s opponent.

The king of duel in the arena with countless fans and supporters in Chongque City.

Different from Li Xiaofei's image of a arrogant and domineering madman fighting in the ring, the Nangong Longjian in front of him gave Li Xiaofei a feeling of absolute confidence and sincerity.

His eyes are deep.

It seems that he is expecting to be beaten to death by his opponent in the ring, or to beat his opponent to death.

Li Xiaofei had a subtle idea in his mind.

If we don't meet on such occasions, it would be nice to be friends with such people.

He nodded to Nangong Longjian and said nothing.

Instead, he walked towards the senior officials of the Bomb Star Gang.

Wei Xiaotian, the most handsome man in Chongque City, has an extraordinary temperament that stands out in such an occasion.

The first moment anyone sees this swordsman in white, they will feel ashamed of themselves.

Then the next moment, I couldn't help but want to get close to him, want to get close, and want to be friends with him.

And when you really get close to him, say a few words, and become friends, you can't help but admire him again.

Li Xiaofei came to Wei Xiaotian, saluted respectfully, and said, "See the gang leader."

Wei Xiaotian was all smiles.

His whole body exuded a dazzling brilliance, and he was as magnificent as a dazzling little sun in the entire attic space.


It's just unparalleled elegance.

This word, which is generally used to describe a peerless beauty, fits perfectly when used on Wei Xiaotian, without being exaggerated at all.

"Fight well."

Wei Xiaotian said in a relaxed tone, "My face depends on you."

Li Xiaofei nodded.

Wei Xiaotian said again, "After the fight, I will introduce you to someone."


Li Xiaofei didn't ask who it was.

You will naturally know when the time comes.

This is what he suddenly felt.

When he turned around to look.

But he saw Sikong Xue, who was dressed in a fiery red dress and looked as beautiful as a blooming fire rose, standing beside her parents, looking at her with eyes as bright as fire.

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