0724, pattern of mutation

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 Everything that happened on Cole Street spread throughout the high-rise areas of Chongque City very quickly.

Yue Buchen's death shocked many people.

What shocked them even more was that neither the city lord's palace, the parliament, nor the Military Guard had any intention of pursuing this matter.

It was as if the person who died on Cole Street that night was not a second-generation broker with extensive connections and connections with many powerful forces.

But a stinky rat.

Yue Buchen's uncle, Yue Changxing, deputy director of the Military Security Department, was also dismissed from his position as deputy director the next day. He was urgently recruited to serve in the army and embarked on a transport ship heading for the starry sky battlefield.

The Bomb Star Gang was not affected at all.

Base 1818 Star Evolution Executive Officer Li Qingchen went to meet up with Brother Dog after receiving the required equipment and resources from the Military Security Department's warehouse.

Hu Hua went to meet the boss Zhou Chenglong in person.

In a private club not far from the city lord's palace area, Wei Xiaotian met the legendary second-generation most noble man.

Song Shiyan.

This young master of the city lord's palace has recently risen strongly in Chongque City and has successfully expanded his power. It is said that he has the support of the city lord Song Jinglun and is rapidly growing his wings. This is considered to be a sign that Song Jinglun will do his best to cultivate his son.

Nowadays, many of the top dignitaries in the Four Imperial Palaces are willing to extend an olive branch to this former playboy.

"The mission was accomplished very well."

Song Shiyan, who was sitting high on the Iron Throne, had a satisfied look on his face and said, "I know you have a lot of questions in your heart, but I can't answer you for the time being. Go back and be ready to take over Tiangeng Star in Area B2."

Prepare the door, this is my reward for you."

"Thank you, sir."

Wei Xiaotian's face was full of excitement.

Song Shiyan waved his hand.

Wei Xiaotian bent down to salute, turned and left.

There was indeed a question in his mind.

Why would a top nobleman like Song Shiyan protect Li Qingchen so much?

But he knew that he didn't dare to ask anyone else

Wei Xiaotian's steps as he walked out were brisk and joyful, and he could not suppress the excitement in his heart.

The Bomb Star Gang is about to take off.

This is not just because the gang's power has finally entered Area B, nor is it just because it can win the Tiangeng Star Gate, which ranks fourteenth in annual cargo throughput in Area B...

Instead, he set up an 'antenna'.

Explosive Star Gang.

Red Shield Hall Headquarters.

Li Xiaofei held a grand farewell party in the name of the hall master.

After two years of mobilization, the recruitment activities within Chongque City finally came to a successful conclusion.

Brother Dog is about to embark on the galaxy battlefield.

Li Xiaofei held a farewell party to see off he and several other gang brothers who enlisted in the army.

Travel to the galaxy and fight bloody battles with Shura.

Once I leave, I don’t know where or when I will meet again. Maybe I will never have the chance to meet again in this life.

The Bai sisters also appeared at the banquet.

Brother Dog drank too much.

"I'm leaving, I'm going to find her."

He raised his wine glass high with a look of no hesitation on his face.

the next day.

Brother Gou and the other fourteen disciples of Red Shield Hall, wearing various equipment donated by Li Xiaofei, entered the last troop transport ship to leave.

Li Xiaofei stood on the platform with his hands behind his hands, looking at the stars in the distance.

The starry sky outside the city is dark, and countless heroes and stories are buried there.

A huge star gate began to rotate.

The troop transport was like a fish that slipped through the water curtain of the sea eye and disappeared at the other end of the star gate.

There are countless such star gates in the starry sky outside the solar system.

It is said that in

A space channel formed by opening up the original space-time anchor point through the means of great supernatural powers.

Stargate is the fastest transportation road in this era.

Through the star gates scattered throughout the galaxy, Heaven has realized flexible troop transportation and recruitment, ensuring that the battlefield ahead will not collapse due to insufficient troop resources or inability to respond in time.

At the end of the star gate is the galaxy battlefield.

What exactly is there on the galaxy battlefield?

Li Xiaofei was full of curiosity.

A few days later.

He returns to Earth 1818.

The previous plan is still in progress.

People with super powers appear continuously in Daxia.

Empires such as Igus, Bayer and Orop sent more and more spies into Daxia and began to frantically investigate the reasons why people with super powers gathered in Daxia and awakened.

Unfortunately, as the power of the dragon group increases rapidly at an abnormal geometric multiple, any penetration is in vain.

In the new era and new fields, the crazy growth of Daxia's new strength has caused extreme panic in the West.

The world structure has changed.

The aircraft carrier formation of Igus gave up its deterrence in other areas and began to sail rapidly towards East Asia. The coalition forces of various countries also continued to increase their troops to the border of Daxia.

In just two years after the end of the world-famous Olympic Games, the world situation has undergone such drastic changes, which is definitely something that even the wisest and smartest politicians and strategists did not expect.

The smell of war suddenly arrived.

In Daxia, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

This period was a chaotic period when the Internet was in its ascendant and public intellectuals were crazy and active.

Various speeches are constantly appearing on the domestic Internet. Many public figures promote Western values ​​and co-evolution, while condescendingly lecturing ordinary patriotic netizens, and at the same time criticizing Fang Qiu for proposing so-called national policies...

br> As the situation develops, friction on the ocean becomes more and more serious.

Daxia's territorial waters encountered an invasion.

Spy planes continued to fly high in the sky.

Through official channels, the coalition forces issued an ultimatum to Daxia, demanding the release of arrested spies, opening Daxia's territory, allowing Western scientific research institutions to enter for investigation, and requiring Daxia to open its database and share information on the evolution of superpowers with the West.


During the stalemate stage, frictions continued to occur in the territorial waters and in the air.

And this atmosphere of confrontation finally broke out after two Igus fighter jets invaded Daxia Volley and crashed and sank a Daxia fighter jet.

Domestic public opinion is turbulent.

An unknown Daxia superpower invaded the Igus aircraft carrier formation that night, killed the pilots of the two fighting planes, and returned with their heads to pay homage to the Daxia fighter pilot who disappeared after jumping into the sea...

War is about to break out.

The commander of the Igus Combined Fleet issued the combat order.

The coalition's first operational goal is to occupy the South Island and establish a military base here closest to the Daxia coastline.

Dozens of missiles soared into the sky from the ocean-going battleships, piercing the void and heading towards the South Island...

Daxia's radar monitored this scene.

Air raid sirens instantly rang over the entire South Island.

At this time, dozens of rays of light, like divine rays, rose into the sky in the interior of Daxia and rushed towards the South Island to help.

They are very fast.

The last comes first.

The Igus cruise missile was detonated directly in the sky one hundred and thirty nautical miles away from the South Island.

When the images returned by the spy satellite appeared in the eyes of the commander of the Igus Combined Fleet, this proud and confident Western soldier let out the most unbelievable exclamation in his life——

"God, what the hell is that?"

This chapter has been completed!
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