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 Star beast invasion?

Li Xiaofei was greatly surprised when he received the news.

According to the traditional projects of Chongque City, when a base star evolves to a certain level, it does invest some "enemies" as external stimulation to accelerate the evolution process.

The most common one is the star beast.

The sky cracked.

It's like opening Pandora's box, and countless weird and terrifying monsters appear from it, descending on the world like rain.

Countless areas were instantly reduced to hell on earth.

Dragon group masters are hunting everywhere.

But the losses were heavy.

Since the birth of the Dragon Group, so many warriors have never died in a battle on the same day.

Among them, Taoist Master Sanjue and Zhao Guoqiang died in battle.

Qi Honglei and Li Baoguo were seriously injured.

In addition, the Dragon Group lost more than 3,000 heaven-level superpowers in one day...

The number of ordinary human deaths exceeds 100 million.

Humanity has fallen into a life-and-death moment.

Li Xiaofei was shocked and angry.

He didn't care about anything else and took action immediately, frantically harvesting the star beasts like a sickle harvesting wheat.

Whether it is an ordinary cannon fodder star beast, a high-level star beast, a super star beast or a beast king, they are all as vulnerable as vegetation in front of Li Xiaofei.

He stands in the void, spreading his pressure, and his spiritual consciousness captures the location of the star beast. In a few breaths, he can completely kill the star beast within a radius of hundreds of miles.

Tens of minutes later, all the star beasts in Daxia were killed.

This was the first time that Li Xiaofei fully demonstrated his abilities on Earth 1818. It was like the sudden appearance of a legendary god, making the people who were wailing and struggling to survive under the ravages of the star beasts suddenly think they had seen the savior.

Soon, Li Xiaofei swept away all the star beasts on each continent.

Some wise beast kings, feeling the pressure from higher-level life forms, were so frightened that they hid in the deep sea, trembling.

Li Xiaofei didn't bother to kill all these star beasts.

His consciousness swept across the heavens, found the area of ​​space where the formation gate where the star beasts were most recently teleported was located, and directly punched the void.

Through space cracks, you can
He could vaguely see, in the subspace, dozens of giant ships that resembled troop carriers, lurking in the darkness, like ferocious and terrifying sea beasts.

On the hull of the ship, there is the symbol of the Chongque City Military Command.

Animal transport ship!

Li Xiaofei was mad with murderous intent.

Before the crack in the void could be closed, he dodged directly and rushed towards the fleet like a burning star.


He punched out directly and hit the giant transport ship at the front heavily.

An energy shield visible to the naked eye appeared out of thin air, blocking Li Xiaofei's punch for a thousandth of a second, but in the next moment it shattered like thin ice falling to the ground, and the terrifying punch force penetrated the ship without any reservation.

Accompanied by violent tremors, this giant transport ship with a thousand-meter factory began to explode crazily from the inside, with dazzling fire and black smoke filling the air!

In an instant, alarms sounded wildly in the subspace.

"Warning, warning..."

A cold metal synthesized voice came from a battleship, "This is the transport ship of the fourth formation of the third area of ​​the Chongque City Army. Evolution Executive Li Xiaofei, please stop your behavior immediately, please stop your behavior immediately..."


Li Xiaofei showed no mercy.

It was this transport ship that transported the so-called 'star beasts' through subspace jumping and dropped them on Earth 1818. The quantity, scale and strength level of the star beasts dropped far exceeded the limits of what they should be.

In anger, Li Xiaofei left all the transport ships in the subspace forever.

By the time he returned to Earth 1818, the situation had recovered a lot. Under the organization and coordination of the Dragon Group, mankind was rebuilding its homeland as quickly as possible.

However, the sudden disaster caused by the star beast falling from the sky still caused huge psychological trauma to all mankind and subverted many people's worldview.

This kind of disaster coming from outside is beyond their knowledge.

For a long time, even the most ardent UFO enthusiasts did not think that aliens would really invade.

, but on this day, the disaster destroyed mankind's most primitive and simple expectations for "alien".

Fortunately, Li Xiaofei showed up in time to turn the tide.

When the latest casualty and economic loss data came out, Li Xiaofei also took a breath of cold air.

The global death toll exceeds 100 million.

Over a hundred cities have been damaged by star beasts.

All other losses are not considered.

The worst one is Jie Peng.

At the same time, dozens of super beast kings landed and destroyed, razing almost all major cities to the ground. Nuclear power plants were destroyed and detonated, and nuclear wastewater poured back into the land, completely polluting the Jiepeng Islands. After the war, Jiepeng was almost wiped out, with a population of hundreds.

There is no one left, and it has become a desolate place of death.

Xia Jingcheng.

"Team leader."

Zhang Hongjing, Li Guorui and others attended the funeral of Taoist Sanjue and other inferiors, and gathered around Li Xiaofei.

In this era of catastrophic disasters, the strength shown by Li Xiaofei is the only hope for mankind.

Li Xiaofei said nothing.

There was light rain falling in the sky.

The weather was extremely gloomy.

Li Xiaofei's heart was also gloomy.

He did not immediately return to Chongque City to question anything.

Logically speaking, releasing star beasts to a base planet to promote evolution requires the consent of the evolution executive officer of the planet, and the location and time of the release must be specified in detail. However, this time, the Chongque City military commander obviously directly passed him.

Of course, it is also possible that Eden was behind this attack.

But being able to mobilize so many transport ships and release so many star beasts, the energy of Eden is beyond imagination.

Li Xiaofei is waiting.

Wait for someone to stand up and ask.

Before that, he was determined to speed up the evolution of Earth 1818 again.

A large number of energy spores were scattered out.

In addition to Jie Peng, the spiritual energy tide around the world is rising crazily. Humanity has just experienced difficulties, and more and more people are awakening to superpowers.

Because Daxia started early, its superpower level has always been at a cliff-leading lead. Through the dragon group, it also firmly controls the world.

A new evolutionary era has arrived.

Ten days later.

A letter of inquiry from Chongque City was delivered to Li Xiaofei, asking him to return to Chongque City immediately and explain to the city lord's palace and the parliament why he attacked and destroyed the transport ship of the fourth formation of the third military area.

finally come!

There was a hint of coldness in Li Xiaofei's eyes.

It seems that I have thought too much.

It really wasn’t the Garden of Eden that caused evil.

It's Chongque City's decision.

He calmly held an impromptu meeting and arranged some matters for Li Guorui, Zhang Hongjing and others. He went to Emei Golden Summit to visit the girl A Qing who was in retreat, but was rejected, and then went to Mount Kilimanjaro.

, saw Shinheng Qibu, sat in front of the ice statue of Ishihara Masami, turned around and left.

Twenty-four hours later.

He returned to Chongque City through a special teleportation array.

When I walked out of the teleportation wormhole in the Wubao of the Department of Military Security, I was immediately surrounded by a wave of elite warriors wearing armor.

Surrounded by checkpoints, in the air, and at secret posts, the muzzles of various weapons and formations hidden in the dark, as well as overt and covert guards, all locked onto Li Xiaofei's figure.

Li Sheng, the director of the Military and Health Department, appeared in person dressed in fine attire.

His expression was cold and sharp.

"Li Xiaofei, Evolutionary Executive Officer No. 1818, with reference to City Lord Order No. 3123, I am now officially informing you that you will be arrested. Your crime is to attack the troop transport fleet without cause, causing huge losses to people and property. You can remain silent, but you

Everything you say will become evidence in court, and if you resist, we have the power to kill you on the spot."

Li Sheng's voice echoed clearly throughout Wubao.

The words have not yet fallen.

Dozens of terrifying pressures radiated onto Li Xiaofei without hesitation at this moment.

Countless qi machines locked Li Xiaofei directly.

Li Xiaofei sighed.

He didn't say a word.

Instead, he slowly raised his hands.


Special handcuffs locked his hands.

This chapter has been completed!
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