Chapter 810 The Sound of Bacteria (Part 2)

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Chun Dajun taught Ronan the method of using the "Bacteria" channel for remote communication. The premise is that there is a "Great Tongyi" or similar means that can "monitor" the surrounding space and time environment. Ronan feels that it is a bit like a long-wave radio

The radio uses "Bacteria" as the medium to carry out long-distance communication, and can even communicate across space and time planes. As long as "Bacteria" are enriched, the more complex the space-time environment, the easier it is to use it.


It's just that it's limited by the carrier, the speed of transmission is limited, and the requirements are a bit high.

The "transmission tower" must have high power to give the "Bacteria" a strong enough stimulus so that they can clearly transmit the signal;

The "receiver" also needs to be extremely sensitive to capture that unique weak signal;

At the same time, this cannot be encrypted.

Even if there are "people" who can capture the flowing and complex information on "Bacteria" and distinguish them clearly, there should be very few, but after all, there are some.

Ronan suspected that on the asteroid battlefield, "Coil Demon", "Lighthouse" and "Dream God" should all have this ability.

Even if the "brain" of the poisonous living body may not be easy to use, what about the "lighthouse"? It comes from the same origin as the "extraterritorial species". For the understanding of "the rodent bacteria", there should be no one in this universe who can match it. Tianyuan Military

I am also used to imagining it as the "wisdom star" in the "Six Demons of Red Wheel". How can communication in this way be impossible?

Can't hide it.

However, Chun Dajun doesn't care, and Ronan has no need to comment. Again, with "contemplation of time and space" as the foundation, the specific application of "Great Understanding" will become very easy. Ronan just

Under the guidance and supervision of Maharaja Chun, I practiced a few rounds and added another shot of "Da Tongyi". Basically,

It has reached the standard of communicating with Maharaja Chun through the air.

The conversation between the two became much smoother.

Chun Dajun still gave people the feeling of chatting: "You have a good command of 'Da Tong Yi', which shows that you have a deep foundation in the history of ancient gods... How are you feeling recently?"

"Ah, not bad." Ronan didn't understand and could only say this.

"You use '大通义' very frequently, right?"

"I use it more frequently today, and it was also used when I first learned it... Actually, it didn't take long, and the frequency is quite high."

Ronan was a bit suspicious of talking nonsense, but he was actually worried that the "Bacteria communication technology" he had just learned was not up to par, so he deliberately said a few more words to avoid missing key information and causing misunderstandings.

Chun Dajun didn't mind, and gave thoughtful feedback on the effect: "The signal transmitted is very clear and good. If you can bear it, you can seize the time and apply it a few more rounds every day... no less than fifty rounds a day."


One round of "Great Comprehension", including "Small Composition", takes six or seven minutes, and this will take fifty rounds.

Converted to Tianyuan time standard, it takes more than three hours, which is already one-third of a day here. To say that you can work as usual during the blessing of "Great Tongyi", you can also consider the "Great Tongyi" sorted out

"Sound Background" covers asteroids and surrounding star fields, as well as the earth's local space and time. It is extremely vast, has a huge amount of information, and is everywhere.

It is very difficult to digest, so applying it in this way is definitely super intensive.

Ronan was puzzled, but decisively agreed: "Okay."

He didn't care about Lord Chun's reasons, so he agreed first. I thought that this Lord, who was known as "honest and honest", would not cheat him as a junior lieutenant. Fortunately, Lord Chun was considerate after all and returned the favor to him.

State the reason: "You don't have a fixed direction of 'distribution method' now. The physical and spiritual framework is highly malleable. It is rare to have such a high-level power blessing. If you keep applying it at a high frequency, it will last for a period of time."

Finally, it is very likely that the solidification and strengthening of relevant abilities will be completed, which will have many benefits for future practice."

Hey, is there such a good thing?

Is it equivalent to giving yourself a passive skill, a permanent BUFF?

Although at this stage, in the local time and space of the earth, "Da Tongyi" may not be able to use his "magneto-optical mica version of the soul cloak", but no one would dislike having another induction channel.

Not to mention, it originated from the magical abilities of ancient gods and has huge potential for future development.

This was really important advice. Ronan was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly thanked Chun Dajun. But Chun Dajun reminded him: "If you use it frequently, you must be extra careful about the continuous impact of information and emotions, and learn to turn a blind eye and turn a deaf ear; every day

You need to report your status to the medical officer and receive psychological counseling. After all, the word "Da Tong Yi" is a borrowed term.

The images and constructions used by the ancient gods when communicating high-dimensional information. The level of communication is very complicated. Just because you can’t sense it for the time being doesn’t mean it won’t be affected... Not just you, but people around you will also feel uncomfortable for a while.”

Yes, it is both a "receiver" and a "transmitting tower". Even if the range of influence is now limited, the "noise" is enough to cause trouble.

Ronan couldn't help but think about his subtle emotions in the past two days, as well as the worries of Yun Bo, Ye Guo and others.

He then heard Lord Chun say: "You are a student of ancient divine history. You should be aware of the affairs of Mei and the Six Heavenly Gods back then."

"Ah, I know."

Not only did he know about it, he also had "a volume" of Zhan and Guozhu's handwriting on hand, a work specifically used to describe, analyze and criticize.

Although it turned into a spiritual "mist palace" and was difficult to read for a while, it made Ronan pay special attention to the history involving the ancient god "Ambi".

Besides, that period of history is enough to become one of the most critical nodes in the development and evolution of life in the universe, and it cannot be ignored in any case. Just listen to what Chun Dajun said: "The ancient gods have great powers, but they often cause trouble. The Six Heavenly Gods

Evils are troubles, and after they appear, the troubles are even worse. Here, we say that the six heavenly evils are difficult to enter...not to mention the accuracy and

No, there is no doubt that the poisonous environment will cause more trouble."

Well, I feel that Lord Chun has talked a bit too much nonsense today, but there is no need to emphasize it again and again.

In short, when practicing "Great Tongyi", you must carefully handle information and emotions to avoid contamination by evil poisons. In other words, a considerable part of the "sound background" detected by "Great Tongyi" is "stained" by evil poisons.

, even if Ronan has the "Chain of the Sun" structure mirrored from the "Sun Wheel Absolute Prison", which can erase the evil pollution, he still needs to


Ronan thought he understood, but what he said next was somewhat beyond his expectation: "As a genetic species, there will be too many uncertainties when faced with the radiation influence of powerful external forces. Because we ourselves are

Based on all kinds of chaotic and unsupported probabilities, it is never a perfect creation - pick it up in advance

It's great to be exposed to various levels of power and information, but it will leave various traces on you, distort your true identity, and make your future more uncertain."


Ronan's knowledge is enough to understand these expressions of Chun Dajun.

But the more you "compare" it, the more you feel that what Chun Dajun said is not general, but rather targeted.

This feeling is quite subtle.

Ronan did not respond in time, and Lord Chun did not care. He continued to send messages through "Bacteria" as if chatting, and also changed the topic:

"By the way, didn't I ask you to study 'Jian Wo Yi'? Why did it become 'Da Tong Yi'?"


Ronan was a little embarrassed. It was similar to the feeling when the math teacher assigned you an assignment and you wrote an essay on "Do I Want to Write a Mathematics Homework?" and handed it in. But at this time, he could only tell the truth:

"I can't learn that 'seeing my righteousness' yet, and I can't apply it. In addition, I can't control the country's divine talisman."

There was actually no need to say the last sentence, but for some reason, he just said it.

Lord Chun seemed to be laughing over there, and it took a few breaths before he heard the following words: "Why are you so anxious to apply it?"

"Uh, probably on the battlefield?" Chun Dajun really laughed at this time, and he added in the laughter: "Since you have learned the 'Great Understanding', you should also sort out the history of that period. Ancient times

God did not use "see my righteousness" to respond to the enemy back then.

There is no distinction between ourselves and the enemy, it is probably just a process from confusion to clarity."

Ronan said "Yeah": "Understand and distinguish yourself... complete the separation from the outside world, at least keep an appropriate distance." "Yes, this process must be long and difficult. The deeper the traces left in front, the heavier the load.

The more complex it is, the more arduous the process becomes. You must experience the sense of possibility and boundaries that only you understand. Maybe you have to give up something, maybe you have to fight for something. No one can give you advice, you can only judge and try for yourself.

, you may regret your choice, and then revise it...and the revision itself may be just a meaningless struggle.

, it will even dig the pit of regret deeper, this is uncertainty.”

Ronan's face twitched slightly: Lord Chun, are you really not targeting me?

He couldn't help but ask: "Can't you give a clear path for practice?" Chun Dajun responded bluntly: "No, because you already have such widespread uncertainty. It is indeed too early.

Some, but in this case, you have to accept it and try to find the best answer... Of course, this is just me.

You can consider my personal suggestions to see if you want to listen to them. Sometimes you don’t have to strive for 5 points in every subject, and even 3 points are not necessary.”

There are four general studies and twenty subjects. Each subject is worth 3 points. You need to have particularly excellent "additional scores" to add 1-2 points as appropriate. The highest single subject score is 5 points, which is 99.99%.

Points that no one can get.

Ronan fell silent.

But Lord Chun smiled again and said: "You have done a good job in the 'Vulcan Series'. There is no need to talk about 'uncertainty' here. There can be 'certain' rewards. What do you want?"

Can you still be picky?

While Ronan was confused, his mind was spinning very fast. Although there were many unanswered doubts and difficult problems passed by in a flash, he still blurted out:

"The magic barrier! I want to use the empire's resources to break through the magic barrier as soon as possible."

"It makes sense." Lord Chun was not surprised, nor did he think this was difficult, and then said: "Then you have to study 'See My Opinion' seriously. After all, this is the inheritance method of the Tianyuan Empire and even all fantasy species.

An ancient god who transcends the limitations of innate rules

The general outline - all the 'fabu' or similar systems in the universe come from this."


To be honest, after what Chun Dajun said earlier, Ronan was not very surprised.

He already had some guesses in his mind. He just listened to Lord Chun continue to explain to him: "In the process of 'seeing me', all judgments, attempts, choices, corrections, and cycles are repeated. The knowledge system of 'Bufa' is just a record of this process."

Summary. Each population is roughly similar, but the individuals are actually still different. Climbing the ladder to the back is to see the subtleties of this 'similarity but difference'."

This chapter has been completed!
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