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Great Power Army Reclamation

Great Power Army Reclamation


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Latest chapter:Chapter 2430: Moved by love

There is such a group of people in this world. They shed blood for the country during war and sweated for the country during peace. Their whole lives have been dedicated to the northwest frontier of the motherland. And their children. Because they have With them, our country will be more prosperous!

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《Great Power Army Reclamation》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2430: Moved by love
Chapter 2429 Arrogant Director
Chapter 2428 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 2427 The hit Yang Geyong
Chapter 2426 He went to find love
Chapter 2425 Not intentional
Chapter 2424 Family
Chapter 2423 Catching the Thief
Chapter 2422 All children
《Great Power Army Reclamation》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Lost a love and crossed over
Chapter 2 Going Home
Chapter 3 The Fragrant Lamb
Chapter 4 Running Out of Fuel
Chapter 5 Love defeated by the house
Chapter 6 Catching Secret Agents
Chapter 7 Men Can't Say No
Chapter 8 Alpine Skiing
Chapter 9 Comrades, we are comrades-in-arms
Chapter 10 Cattle have tempers too
Chapter Eleven: Whiplashed
Chapter 12 The Conversion of a Good Mother and a Tigress
Chapter Thirteen Ponytail
Chapter 14 The ribs are really fragrant
Chapter 15 Saving People
Chapter 16 The man who lives in the nest
Chapter 17 Sale of stolen goods
Chapter 18 Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
Chapter 19 I don't know the shoe size
Chapter 20 Two Little Lolitas
Chapter 21 Air Raid Shelter
Chapter 22 I am not pork
Chapter 23 Artificial Bullets
Chapter 24 Emergency Assembly
Chapter 25: Praised
Chapter 26 Ye Yuze Brand Wine
Chapter 27 Silver Flower Brand Bubble Gum
Chapter 28: My butt hurts when riding a horse, it really hurts
Chapter 29 The cliff can be descended
Chapter 30 Unexpected Accidents
Chapter thirty-one escape
Chapter 32 The Despised Wu Tianming
Chapter 33 The Angry Queen Mother
Chapter 34 The Bad Luck of Old Wu
Chapter 35 Look at the hydropower station
Chapter 36 New Weapons
Chapter 37 Hepatitis Patients
Chapter Thirty-Eight Swords Rising
Chapter 39 Victory
Chapter 40: Life hanging by a thread
Chapter 41 We are not enemies
Chapter 42 The disfigured Ma Hongkui
Chapter 43: Angry Mothers
Chapter 44: Solving the Case
Chapter 45: Instructor for help
Chapter 46: Pursuing an Order to Pick Up Girls
Chapter 47 Duties of Army Reclamation Soldiers
Chapter 47 Army Reclamation Soldiers
Chapter 48 Live Ammunition Assessment
Chapter 49 Ye Yuze's First Time
Chapter 50 Getting Better
Chapter 51 Is this a palace fight?
Chapter 52 - Cave Barbecue
Chapter 53 The Voice of Extravagance
Chapter 54 The Instructor is Back
Chapter 55 Windfall
Chapter 56 Gu Li
Chapter 57 Mom's Sadness
Chapter 58 Mom's Promotion
Chapter 59 Drunkenness
Chapter 60 Gu Li's Visit
Chapter 61 Fishing or Feeding Fish
Chapter 62 Life is hanging by a thread
Chapter 63 Homemade Bombs
Chapter 64 Emergency Assembly Caused by Fried Fish
Chapter 64 The old man turned his face
Chapter 65: Collective Elopement
Chapter 66: Ready to Eat Bear Meat
Chapter 67 Captured
Chapter 68 School starts
Chapter 69 Class Two of a Year
Chapter 70 The Squad Leader and Squad Leader
Chapter 71 Undercurrent
Chapter 72 Mixed with sand
Chapter 73 Strikes
Chapter 74 No need for math class
Chapter 75 Son Doll
Chapter 76 tit for tat
Chapter 77 Mom's Perception
Chapter 78 The whole family has a cold
Chapter 79 Apprenticeship
Chapter 80 Siping Horse Steps
Chapter 81: The Story of Yueyang Tower
Chapter 82 Students who do not need to attend classes
Chapter 83 The Apprenticeship Ceremony
Chapter 84 Almost Betrayed
Chapter 85 Two Instruments Pile
Chapter 86
Chapter 86 Steamed Bread Dipped in Brown Sugar
Chapter 87 The woman who drinks croton
Chapter 88: The Harrier who was not rescued
Chapter 89 Homecoming to visit relatives
Chapter 90 Found the manufacturer
Chapter 91: Sent off
Chapter 92 Gamble on the heart
Chapter 93 Dividing the spoils
Chapter 94 The debut novel
Chapter 95 Return to Hometown
Chapter 96 Mengzhuang
Chapter 97 Buying materials to build a house
Chapter 98 Buying Floor Plans
Chapter 99 Everything is ready
Chapter 100 Bad News
Chapter 101 The Insidious Xu Seng
Chapter 102 Auspicious Time
Chapter 103 The mansion is completed
Chapter 104
Chapter 105 Whoever commits crimes against my relatives will be punished even if they are far away
Chapter 106
Chapter 107
Chapter 108 Back to the Infrastructure Company
Chapter 109 Don't Guess a Woman's Mind
Chapter 110 Commendation Conference
Chapter 111
Chapter 112
Chapter 113 Medicine
Chapter 114 Good Birds and Bad Birds
Chapter 115
Chapter 116 Shake hands with the god of death
Chapter 117 The Promise of Death
Chapter 118 Salted fish with little meat
Chapter 119 Delivery
Chapter 120 Childbirth
Chapter 121 Lightning
Chapter 122 Seeing the little kidnapper again
Chapter 123 Little Poplar Post
Chapter 124 Crossing the Border
Chapter 125 Yu Laogui
Chapter 126
Chapter 127
Chapter 128 Provocation
Chapter 129 The Arrogant Gong Hongqi
Chapter 130 Unity is Strength
Chapter 131 They Have Guns
Chapter 132 The gun rang
Chapter 133 Ma Rong's Remorse
Chapter 134 Ma Quanyi's Change
Chapter 135 Cannon Fodder
Chapter 136 Detained
Chapter 137 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 138: Jealous, the kind that cannot be coaxed
Chapter 139 Three Trials
Chapter 140
Chapter 141
Chapter 142 Commission
Chapter 143 See the Instructor again
Chapter 144
Chapter 145 Aunt
Chapter 146 People are kinder than human nature
Chapter 147
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 Ye Yuze, who is eager to learn
Chapter 150 The battle between wolf and dog
Chapter 151 The death of the old wolf
Chapter 152 The Silver Flower of Insomnia
Chapter 153 Wu Tianming is leaving
Chapter 154 Old Wu's Identity
Chapter 155 The night of the company
Chapter 156
Chapter 157 Red Sweater and White Skin
Chapter 158
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 Red Deer
Chapter 161 Conditions for a sense of justice
Chapter 162 Women's Freestyle Skiing
Chapter 163 Rolling Down the Mountain
Chapter 164 Instructor Wei
Chapter 165 Hu Hansan is back
Chapter 166
Chapter 167 Mom's Choice
Chapter 168
Chapter 169 Ma Quanyi has risen
Chapter 170: Captain Tan's Fury
Chapter 171
Chapter 172 Tangcheng after the earthquake
Chapter 173 Grandma's Happy Life
Chapter 174
Chapter 175: 1977
Chapter 176 College Entrance Examination
Chapter 177 Teacher Wang is gone
Chapter 178
Chapter 179 Happy Residential Students
Chapter 180 There are rivers and lakes everywhere
Chapter 181 Mother Wan
Chapter 182 Quilt Factory
Chapter 183 Fighting
Chapter 184 Innocent Ye Yuze
Chapter 185 The Backlog of Products in the Clothing Factory
Chapter 186 Negotiations with the Second Lieutenant
Chapter 187 The Girl Yang Geyong Likes
Chapter 188 Prepare for the Adventure
Chapter 189 The first border trade
Chapter 190 Bova's Roasted Whole Lamb
Chapter 191
Chapter 192 Song Weibing
Chapter 193 Wan's mother treats you again
Chapter 194 Selling Leather Shoes
Chapter 195 Go to the provincial capital
Chapter 196 I was almost driven away
Chapter 197 Wu Tianming's Tears
Chapter 198 Soft Sleeper Car
Chapter 199 Political Commissar Liu's Ideological Work
Chapter 200 Ye Wancheng's Little Secret
Chapter 201 The sensible Wei Yuxiang
Chapter 202 Level 77 Chinese Department
Chapter 203 Food in the cafeteria
Chapter 204 Slap in the face
Chapter 205 The Capital Hotel
Chapter 206 The luxury of another era
Chapter 207 Wangfujing
Chapter 208 Friendship Store
Chapter 209 Sweeping the goods
Chapter 210 Controversy About Literature
Chapter 211 Butterfly Effect
Chapter 212 Trading
Chapter 213 Encounter
Chapter 214: David Who Can't Fit in the City
Chapter 215 Wen Qing in Beihai Park
Chapter 216 Poetry Club
Chapter 217 The collision of alcohol and youth
Chapter 217 Men and Poets
Chapter 218: Cha Hongying's Mind
Chapter 219
Chapter 221 Ye Yuze's Fury
Chapter 222 Avoiding Domestic Violence
Chapter 223 Distributing Underwear
Chapter 224 Help Yang Geyong to Confess
Chapter 225 Chi Na'er's Dad
Chapter 226 Composition Class
Chapter 227 The drowned duck
Chapter 228: The Younger Man Will Be Jealous
Chapter 229 Heroes are forbidden by martial arts
Chapter 230 Who is wrong?
Chapter 231: The TV Can Be Watched
Chapter 232 First place
Chapter 233 Director An Arrives
Chapter 234: Director An is cheating
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 The inspection team is gone
Chapter 237 Angry Yang Geyong
Chapter 238 Almost became a son-in-law
Chapter 239 Wang Honghua's visit to relatives
Chapter 240
Chapter 241 Zhao Linger's Stratagem
Chapter 242 Baked buns
Chapter 243 Midnight Attack
Chapter 244 Brave Zhao Linger
Chapter 245 Who wants to hit me
Chapter 246 Amazing Reversal
Chapter 247: To Reverse Black and White
Chapter 248 Director Wang's Ability
Chapter 247
Chapter 248 Director Wang's Ability
Chapter 249 Undercurrent surging
Chapter 250 The actions of the two fathers
Chapter 251: All Children of the Corps
Chapter 252 Wang Honghua is back
Chapter 253
Chapter 254 Free
Chapter 255
Chapter 256
Chapter 257
Chapter 258 Heroic Lightning and Yang Geyong
Chapter 259 Carnival
Chapter 260
Chapter 261
Chapter 262 Destruction
Chapter 263 Thunderbolt
Chapter 264
Chapter 265: Escape from Northern Xinjiang
Chapter 266 Tangcheng Tenth Middle School
Chapter 267 Address
Chapter 268 Yang Geyong's Cunning
Chapter 269 What a big playground
Chapter 270 Physical Education
Chapter 271 Accidentally Become an Athlete
Chapter 272 The sturdy women's basketball team
Chapter 273
Chapter 274 Grandma
Chapter 288
Chapter 275 The Great Wall Was Originally a Cinema
Chapter 276
Chapter 277
Chapter 278: Found
Chapter 279 Preparing for the Video Hall
Chapter 280 Everything is ready
Chapter 281 People Are Not Dandelions
Chapter 282
Chapter 283
Chapter 284 Phoenix Mountain
Chapter 285 Games
Chapter 286 Shocking running posture
Chapter 287
Chapter 289
Chapter 290 Men and women match
Chapter 291 Breaking Records
Chapter 292
Chapter 293
Chapter 294 Sleeping on a Thousand Works Bed
Chapter 295 The Taste of Hometown
Chapter 296
Chapter 297 Nothing will disappear
Chapter 298
Chapter 299: The Video Room With Hot Business
Chapter 300
Chapter 301 Bicycle Ticket
Chapter 302 Foreign Exchange Notes
Chapter 302 The money is easy to earn
Chapter 303: You Can Earn Tips When You Change Money
Chapter 304
Chapter 305 Female Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 306
Chapter 307 Zhao Linger ran away from home
Chapter 308 Two college students who eat crabs
Chapter 309 Shi Mei's Love
Chapter 310
Chapter 311 Poor Zhao Linger
Chapter 312 The troublemaker is here
Chapter 313 Heroes Competition
Chapter 314 Clothing booth on Yabao Road
Chapter 315 Tombstone
Chapter 316
Chapter 317 The Female Boss Who Is Wholesale Wholesale
Chapter 318 Mutation and Mutation
Chapter 319
Chapter 320 Sun Lanyu's Identity
Chapter 321
Chapter 322
Chapter 325 Clothing Store Opened
Chapter 323 More Clothing Store
Chapter 324
Chapter 326 Yang Geyong's work
Chapter 327 Changes
Chapter 328
Chapter 329 Another farewell
Chapter 330
Chapter 331 Days without Home
Chapter 332 Mother's Choice
Chapter 333 Yang Geyong's Work
Chapter 334
Chapter 335 Breakfast was robbed
Chapter 336 Planning to open a chain
Chapter 337 Conflict
Chapter 338 Liwei Becomes Consumption
Chapter 339 The Tigress of the Hill
Chapter 340
Chapter 341 Group Fight
Chapter 342 Cooperation with Li Gang
Chapter 343 Plum Blossom's New Life
Chapter 344 New Choice
Chapter 345 Chi Na'er's Love
Chapter 346 Rent a Factory
Chapter 347: Encountering Brothers
Chapter 348 Reunion
Chapter 349 Mom's New Job
Chapter 350 Will Love Be Beautiful?
Chapter 351 Wei Quanyou's Choice
Chapter 352 Ye Wancheng Sets Up a Stall
Chapter 353 Jinling Dream
Chapter 354 There will always be regrets in this world
Chapter 355 Yang Geyong, who can't afford stamps
Chapter 356 Ye Wancheng goes home
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 Jeans
Chapter 359 Warrior Brand Jeans
Chapter 360 Ye Wancheng's Choice
Chapter 361: The Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 362 Heroic Arslan
Chapter 363 Xu Qiangwei who stole the letter
Chapter 364 Sun Lanyu's Means
Chapter 365
foreign language
Chapter 366 Wang Honghua Studying Abroad
Chapter 367: The Factory Was Occupied
Chapter 368 Sun Zhengzhi
Chapter 369
Chapter 370 Stand firm in Tang City
Chapter 371 Night Attack
Chapter 372
Chapter 373 Go to Yang Geyong
Chapter 374 Yang Geyong escapes
Chapter 375: Someone else's Bride
Chapter 376 love is never happy
Chapter 377
Chapter 378: High Mountain's New Countermeasures
Chapter 379 The impact of the times
Chapter 380
Chapter 381 Uncle's Marriage
Chapter 382
Chapter 383 The girl who looks like a silver flower
Chapter 384 Walking Tractor
Chapter 385
Chapter 386 Some anxious marriage
Chapter 387 Yuan Datou
Chapter 388 The scene of the accident
Chapter 389 Stubborn little girl
Chapter 390 Ye Ling got married
Chapter 391 Plum Blossom's Plan
Chapter 392 The future direction
Chapter 393 American Life
Chapter 394 1983
Chapter 395
Chapter 396: Long Eyes
Chapter 397
Chapter 398 Yining City
Chapter 399 The tyrannical Russian electrician
Chapter 400 Circuit Transformation
Chapter 401 Account Transfer
Chapter 402 Ideal life
Chapter 403 Ayijiang
Chapter 404 Shihezi Medical College
Chapter 405
Chapter 406 Pan Jiayuan
Chapter 407 Blue and White Bowl
Chapter 408
Chapter 409
Chapter 410 Reform of the Corps
Chapter 411 Prefabricated panel factory
Chapter 412 District Garment Factory
Chapter 413 Trouble with Enterprise Contracting
Chapter 414: Habitual Thinking
Chapter 415 Amazing Contract Fee
Chapter 416
Chapter 417
Chapter 418 Boiled Frogs in Warm Water
Chapter 419 Li Wei
Chapter 420: Paying Salary
Chapter 421 Mutation
Chapter 422 Going to Boston
Chapter 423
Chapter 424
Chapter 425: The Sad Wang Dalong
Chapter 426
Chapter 427 Nightclub
Chapter 428 Chinese Kung Fu
Chapter 429 Offshore Company
Chapter 430 The situation of the kidnapper
Chapter 431 Luke Fighting With Wine
Chapter 432 Negotiation
Chapter 433 Joint Venture Factory
Chapter 434
Chapter 435: Siheyuan
Chapter 436
Chapter 437 What is love
Chapter 438: Exploration of Reform
Chapter 439: Sad reminder of the men of the infrastructure company
Chapter 440 New Year's Goods
Chapter 441 New Year's Eve
Chapter 442 Yang Geyong's New Year
Chapter 443
Chapter 444 Hong Xuesi's Fury
Chapter 445
Chapter 446
Chapter 447 Russian Hotel
Chapter 448: Port Trading Market
Chapter 450
Chapter 451
452 The First Border Trade 1
453 The First Border Trade 2
454 The First Border Trade 3
Chapter 455 The best-selling chocolate
Chapter 456 Equipment Installation
457 Canton Fair Quota
Chapter 458 Domineering Fatty Tang
Chapter 459
Chapter 460 The first order
Chapter 461 Accidentally Signed Too Many Contracts
Chapter 462 Shocking Contract
Chapter 463: Ribbon Cutting
Chapter 464
Chapter 465: The Perseverance of the Soldiers of the Corps
Chapter 466 Unsettled Market
Chapter 467
Chapter 468 Gobi Horror
Chapter 469
Chapter 470 The Beautiful Aina
Chapter 471 Liu Qinghua asks for help
Chapter 472 Wei Zhongyi's Sickness
Chapter 473 Misfortunes Never Come Alone
Chapter 474 We Are Corps Men
Chapter 475
Chapter 476
Chapter 477
Chapter 478: Borrowing Money to Become a Shareholder
Chapter 479
Chapter 480 Two people's travel
Chapter 481 Soulmate
Chapter 482
Chapter 483 Unexpected new classmate
Chapter 484 Shy girl
Chapter 485 Class cadres who did not participate in the election
Chapter 486 Yu'e's Mind
Chapter 487 The troubles of youth
Chapter 488
Chapter 489
Chapter 490
Chapter 491: Domineering Second Sister
492 Wife's Phone
Chapter 493: Second Sister's Stubbornness
Chapter 494
Chapter 495
Chapter 496: Cross-border Cable
Chapter 497
Chapter 498 Frustration
Chapter 499 Pharaoh's Conspiracy
Chapter 500 Pattern
Chapter 501
Chapter 502 Change the bed sheet to the rail
Chapter 503 Equipment Installation
Chapter 504 Product Backlog
Chapter 505: Encounter
Chapter 506 Good Students in the Army
Chapter 507
Chapter 508 Ideal and Reality
Chapter 509: Running with Life
Chapter 510 Drunk
Chapter 511 Li Gang's Change
512 Crash
Chapter 513
Chapter 514 The flood washed the Dragon King Temple
Chapter 515: Erhong's Revenge
Chapter 516: Zheng Lanzhi's Uncle
Chapter 517 Financial difficulties
Chapter 518 Zhao Linger panicked
Chapter 519
Chapter 520 Seeing money as dung
Chapter 521: Rescue Miss Sister
Chapter 522 Blood is thicker than water
Chapter 523 Desire to make money
Chapter 524 Wu Tianming's Inspection
Chapter 525 Selling Goods
Chapter 526
Chapter 527 The big customer has arrived
Chapter 528 sold out
Chapter 529 Men's business, women don't care
Chapter 530 Tank Graveyard
Chapter 531
Chapter 532 Digging the River
Chapter 533 Boring Li Gang
Chapter 534 Casino
Chapter 535 Luck and Courage
Chapter 536
Chapter 537 Customs
Chapter 538
Chapter 539
Chapter 540
Chapter 541 Break
542 Drunkenness
Chapter 543
Chapter 544 Selling mines
545 Complaint
Chapter 546
Chapter 547 Another College Student
Chapter 548: Declining Family Status
Chapter 549 Supply Base
Chapter 550
Chapter 551 Wei Yuxiang's Confusion
Chapter 552 Marriage is not just love
Chapter 553 Important phone calls
Chapter 554
Chapter 555
Chapter 556
557 How Many Sisters Do You Have?
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 Coal Mine Shareholders
Chapter 560 Disbanding the Construction Team
Chapter 561: The Unexplainable Wu Laohei
Chapter 562: The Big Project of 900,000
Chapter 563
Chapter 564 Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Chapter 565
Chapter 566: Grandpa Wang's Entrustment
Chapter 567 Return to Tang City
Chapter 568 Visiting Professor
Chapter 569 The Righteous John
Chapter 570
Chapter 571 Anton
Chapter 572
Chapter 573 Warrior car
Chapter 574
Chapter 575 Debt
Chapter 576
Chapter 577 About Love
Chapter 578
Chapter 579 Alliance
Chapter 580 Psychological gap
Chapter 581 Wei Yuxiang's Wedding
Chapter 582 The future of the car factory
Chapter 583 Differences in Human Nature
Chapter 584 Sun Zhengzhi's distress
Chapter 585
Chapter 586 Feelings and Values
Chapter 587
Chapter 588 New Shareholders
Chapter 589
Chapter 590 New Pattern
Chapter 591 Yang Yulin's Ideal Life
Chapter 592
Chapter 593 Zhang Dayou's Plan
Chapter 594
Chapter 595
Chapter 596 Partner
Chapter 597: Fairy Sister
Chapter 598 Man's Responsibilities
Chapter 599 Compensation
Chapter 600 Care is always an action
Chapter 601: The Strong Chang San
Chapter 602
Chapter 603
Chapter 604
Chapter 605: The Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 606 Game
Chapter 607 Sun Zhengzhi's Position
Chapter 608
Chapter 609 Night Wind
Chapter 610 Perfect ending
Chapter 611 The Anton Family
Chapter 612 Night in Moscow
Chapter 613 Chinese Men
Chapter 614 Dasha and Ivan
Chapter 615 Bloodline
Chapter 616 Annoying Snow
Chapter 617 Wolf and Dog
Chapter 618: Life in the Winter Nest
Chapter 619 Wolf's Tactics
Chapter 620 The life of an old dog
Chapter 621: Getting Lost in the Snowy Night
Chapter 622: Getting Lost in the Snowy Night
Chapter 623 The revenge of the wolves
Chapter 624 Bloody Battle
Chapter 625 The last drop of blood
Chapter 626 Children of the Corps
Chapter 627
Chapter 628
Chapter 629
Chapter 630 Little Uncle Collects Debt
Chapter 631 Cafe
Chapter 632 Singer
Chapter 633 Hard night
Chapter 634 New Project
Chapter 635: Ye Yuji
Chapter 636
Chapter 637 The complicated heart
Chapter 638 New Home
Chapter 640 The She-Wolf
Chapter 641 Yang Geyong's Choice
Chapter 639
Chapter 640 The She-Wolf
Chapter 641 Yang Geyong's Choice
Chapter 642 It turns out that love will become
643 I have a daughter
Chapter 644 New Year's Eve
Chapter 645
Chapter 646 The difference between concubines
Chapter 647
Chapter 648
Chapter 649 Internal Contradiction
Chapter 650 Yu'e's New Year's Eve
Chapter 651 Reconciliation
Chapter 652
Chapter 653 Resolute Masha
Chapter 654 Hard night
Chapter 655 Secretary Wang's New Year's Eve
Chapter 656 Pig Farm
Chapter 657 County-level city
Chapter 658: A Trip to Guangzhou
Chapter 659 The Little Kidnapper's Love
Chapter 660 Polyethylene Raw Materials
Chapter 661: See Dasha Again
Chapter 662 Complicated Love
Chapter 663 Rose's Heart
Chapter 664 The Beauty of Adulthood
Chapter 665
Chapter 666 Plum Blossom's Grievance
Chapter 667 Another international student
Chapter 668 Liu Wenda
Chapter 669 10,000 Song Fees
Chapter 670 The pig farm accident
Chapter 671
Chapter 672 Fierce Fight
Chapter 673 Poor Beetroot Soup
Chapter 674
675 Grandpa Wang
Chapter 676
Chapter 677 Wang Limin's anger
Chapter 678 Rose's Wedding
Chapter 679 Someone grabbed the goods
Chapter 680 Continuous rolling equipment
Chapter 681 USD Gap
Chapter 682 The Power of Ye Yuji
Chapter 683: Seeing My Sister Again
Chapter 684 Buying a House in America
Chapter 685
Chapter 686 Subduing Old William
Chapter 687 Bayer's Declaration
Chapter 688 Another batch of equipment
Chapter 689 On-site teaching
Chapter 690
Chapter 691 Food for Dollars
Chapter 692
Chapter 693 Mutation
Chapter 694 False alarm
Chapter 695
Chapter 696 Entering the Song and Dance Troupe
Chapter 697 Do people really rely on clothes?
Chapter 698
Chapter 699
Chapter 700 Steak is for gnawing
Chapter 701 Old Meat's Marriage Room
Chapter 702
Chapter 703 Stimulating Hang Seng Index
Chapter 704 Thrilling stoppage
Chapter 705 Pharaoh's Ambition
Chapter 706
Chapter 707 Carrying the gun together...
Chapter 708: Eliminating Violent An Liang's Underworld
Chapter 709 Sun Lanyu, who withdrew shares
Chapter 710 The Second Largest Shareholder
Chapter 711 Liugezhuang Mine Bidding
Chapter 712 Loans are ruined
Chapter 713 A man with integrity
Chapter 714 Not enough points
Chapter 715 Concert
716 Whole class action
Chapter 717 Explosive Concert
Chapter 718 Literary rock and roll
Chapter 719 In-depth communication
Chapter 720: Expanding the Construction Team
Chapter 721
Chapter 722: A Miserable Family of Three
Chapter 723 The father and daughter were kidnapped
Chapter 724 The future of the car factory
Chapter 725 Ivan's Legs
Chapter 726 Pharaoh is about to open
Chapter 727 Snow in April
Chapter 728
Chapter 729 people need to be in the right place
Chapter 730 Really Drunk
Chapter 731 Dog Food Effect
Chapter 732 Development Zone
Chapter 733 Another Coal Mine
Chapter 734
Chapter 735: Excessive Enthusiasm
Chapter 736 Soybean Juice
Chapter 737 Egg hits the tractor
Chapter 738 The daily life of the old meat
Chapter 739 Bu Shuli's Mind
Chapter 740 Chanel
Chapter 741
Chapter 742 The temptation of the donkey meat
Chapter 743 New Doctor
Chapter 744 Daddy's Life
Chapter 745 The chain effect of pig farms
Chapter 746: A Trip to Northern Xinjiang
Chapter 747
Chapter 748 Leisurely Country Life
Chapter 749: A booming era
Chapter 750
Chapter 751: Happy Father and Son
Chapter 752 The conflict between love and marriage
Chapter 753 The old man's view of chastity
Chapter 754
Chapter 755
Chapter 756 I am who I am
Chapter 757: Ye Yuze with Soy Sauce
Chapter 758 Pharaoh's Plan
Chapter 759 Vasily Goes Abroad
Chapter 760
Chapter 761 Vasily's good start
Chapter 762
Chapter 763 Nikolai's Revenge
Chapter 764 Ayijiang's Enemy
Chapter 765: Going to Hong Kong Again
Chapter 766 So Many Celebrities
Chapter 767 Unpredictable Stock Market
Chapter 768 Adventure in a Cafe
Chapter 769 Once again full of Hang Seng Index futures
Chapter 770 Robbery
Chapter 771 Li's Richest Man
Chapter 772
Chapter 773
Chapter 774 Expansion Plan
Chapter 775: Going Home to Negotiate
Chapter 776 Yu'e's Costume Design
Chapter 777
Chapter 778 The Missing Apple
Chapter 779
Chapter 780
Chapter 781 Internal Contradiction
Chapter 782 Yang Geyong, who is too deep in the play
Chapter 783 Idol Collapse
Chapter 784 Raid 14K
Chapter 785: Another Injury
Chapter 786 Curly Lion
Chapter 787: The Transformation of Xinyi'an
Chapter 788 Demolition
Chapter 789
Chapter 790 Yi'an Community
Chapter 791 Almost eliminated
Chapter 792 Become a shareholder again
Chapter 793 Semi-final
Chapter 794 The problem girl
Chapter 795
Chapter 796
Chapter 797
Chapter 798
Chapter 799
Chapter 800 Third place
Chapter 801
Chapter 802: Yu'e's Choice
Chapter 803 Return
Chapter 804 Golden Flower Mother and Daughter
Chapter 805 Uncle Zhao who was wronged
Chapter 806
Chapter 807
Chapter 808 Friendship in War
Chapter 809 Ayijiang recognizes her mother
Chapter 810 Women's Heart
Chapter 811 Students who want to stay here
Chapter 812
Chapter 813
Chapter 814 Fighting with Pigs
Chapter 815 Live ammunition
Chapter 816: Unexpected
Chapter 817
Chapter 818 Housing Reform Report
Chapter 819 Approved
Chapter 820 An amazing amount
Chapter 821: Ruyi's Family
Chapter 822
Chapter 823 The master is here
Chapter 824 The Capable Liu Qingshan
Chapter 825
Chapter 826 Technical School
Chapter 827 Clothing Factory Crisis
Chapter 828 New factory building
Chapter 829: Edamame
Chapter 830 Scam
Chapter 831 Factory of 500,000
Chapter 832
Chapter 833 Chain reaction
Chapter 834
Chapter 835 Plum Blossom's Mind
Chapter 836 The dust settles
Chapter 837
Chapter 838
Chapter 839 Too much food is also troublesome
Chapter 840: Insole as a Pillow
Chapter 841 Stealing dates to master's house
Chapter 842
Chapter 843
Chapter 844
Chapter 845
Chapter 846 The temptation of two hundred thousand
Chapter 847
Chapter 848
Chapter 849 Ye Yuxue
Chapter 850 The Queen Mother ran away
Chapter 851 Epiphyllum
Chapter 852 Alexander
Chapter 853: Calm Ye Yuze
Chapter 854 Two more bottles
Chapter 855 Leader Inspection
Chapter 856
Chapter 857
Chapter 858 Despised
Chapter 859 Happy family
Chapter 860
Chapter 861 Ye Yuping's High School
Chapter 862 American Life
Chapter 863
Chapter 864 love is never a person's business
Chapter 865
Chapter 866
Chapter 867
868 Graduation
Chapter 869
Chapter 870 Burning Youth
Chapter 871 Africa
Chapter 872
Chapter 873 Honor
Chapter 874 Tropical Rainforest
Chapter 875
Chapter 876 finally arrived
Chapter 877 Distress
Chapter 878 Unlucky Pirate
Chapter 879 The person who will not forget
Chapter 880
Chapter 881
Chapter 882 Pattern and Mind
Chapter 883
Chapter 884: The Sad Liu Yafei
Chapter 885 Wang Lina's Sales Strategy
Chapter 886 Liquor is out of stock
Chapter 887 Zhang Jianmin and Chi Na'er
Chapter 888 Unsolved things
Chapter 889
Chapter 890 Wang Honghua takes office
Chapter 891
Chapter 892
Chapter 893 Ye Yuping's College Entrance Exam
Chapter 894 Twins
Chapter 895 Dog Food
Chapter 896: Work Slowly, Eat Faster
Chapter 897 Youth
Chapter 898 Complex Program
Chapter 899
Chapter 900 Admission Notice
Chapter 901 Cindy's Identity
Chapter 902
Chapter 903 Zhao Xue
Chapter 904 Plum Blossoms Return to the Company
Chapter 905 Selyosha who persuaded to leave
Chapter 906
Chapter 907 Ye Ling's Choice
Chapter 908 Jeep
Chapter 909
Chapter 910
Chapter 911
Chapter 912
Chapter 913 Make money and strive for success
Chapter 914 American Branch
Chapter 915 Planning TV Programs
Chapter 916 Rally
Chapter 917
Chapter 918
Chapter 919 Army Reclamation City
Chapter 920 Off-Road Venue
Chapter 921 The ignorant Wang Lina
Chapter 922 The dust settles
Chapter 923
Chapter 924 College Entrance Examination
Chapter 925: Turbulent Neighboring Country
Chapter 926: Distress
Chapter 927: Kidnapped
Chapter 928 Encounter with old friends
Chapter 929
Chapter 931 Ivana
Chapter 932 Jeep Branch
Chapter 933 The product is rounded up
Chapter 934
Chapter 935: Preparing for the Wedding
Chapter 936 Return of the Wolf King
Chapter 937 Lightning is gone
Chapter 938 Important work
Chapter 939: Erhong's Grassland
Chapter 940
Chapter 941 Happy life
Chapter 942: Snow Lotus Divorce
Chapter 943
Chapter 944
Chapter 945 Shareholding System
Chapter 946 Target
Chapter 947
Chapter 948
Chapter 949 Cows who are not acclimatized
Chapter 950
Chapter 951 Chi Na'er's Mind
Chapter 952 Convince Zhang Jianmin
Chapter 953 Corps Building
Chapter 954 Domineering Tenant
Chapter 955
Chapter 956
Chapter 957 Special Work Permit
Chapter 958 Vasily's connections
Chapter 959 Angela has grown up
Chapter 960 The Steel Plant Not For Sale
Chapter 961 Ten rubles and one ton of steel slag
Chapter 962 Brown Bear
Chapter 963 The bear who turned an enemy into a friend
Chapter 964 The sound of unplugging the wine
Chapter 965 Silent Contest
Chapter 966 Brotherly Love
Chapter 967: The Snow Lotus of Entrepreneurship
Chapter 968: Lin Peiguang
Chapter 969
Chapter 970 Liu Sannv and Neva
Chapter 971 Mutation and Mutation
Chapter 972 God's Reversal
Chapter 973 Xuelian's big order
Chapter 974 Thunderbolt
Chapter 975 Chinese Mom
Chapter 976
Chapter 977 Luna's Difficulty
Chapter 978 Human nature and feelings
Chapter 979 Honey and Coptis
Chapter 980 Expansion of the market
Chapter 981 Ivana
Chapter 982
Chapter 983 Ma Guoping
Chapter 984 Katyusha Cafe
Chapter 985 Ma Guoqing
Chapter 986 The Reasonable Zhou Guihua
Chapter 987
Chapter 988 I have a daughter
Chapter 989 father of two children
Chapter 990
Chapter 991
Chapter 992
Chapter 993
Chapter 994
Chapter 995
Chapter 996 Garment Factory Branch
Chapter 997 Peiguang's End
Chapter 998
Chapter 999 Gobi Desert
Chapter 1000 Military Reclamation City Upgraded
Chapter 1001 Wang Lao receives the gift
Chapter 1002 Personnel Distribution
Chapter 1003 Warrior Motor Corporation
Chapter 1004 Everyone has ambitions
1005 We are guarding for them
Chapter 1006 Forced Demolition
Chapter 1007 Senior Sister Wants to Get Married
Chapter 1008 Who is the child's last name?
Chapter 1009 Steel Plant Crisis
Chapter 1110 A rival in love
Chapter 1111 The Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 1112 go out and dumplings into the facade
Chapter 1113 Yu'e slaps her face
Chapter 1114 Boating on the Charles River
Chapter 1115: Smashing away the wild mandarin ducks
Chapter 1116 Better than beasts
Chapter 1117 Chi Na'er is going to be an official
Chapter 1118 Women's Dairy Farm
Chapter 1119
Chapter 1120 Successful research and development
Chapter 1121 An old man who will always be remembered
Chapter 1122 Sun Lanyu after marriage
Chapter 1123 A woman who is not like a woman
Chapter 1124 Li Yanan
Chapter 1125 Awards Conference
Chapter 1126
Chapter 1127 Group Company
Chapter 1128 Buying a Shell to List
Chapter 1128 Acquisition Negotiation
Chapter 1129 Surprise victory
Chapter 1130 Shipyard
Chapter 1131 Freighter Big Sale
Chapter 1132 deserters
Chapter 1133 Martha's Family
Chapter 1134 Martha asks for help
Chapter 1135
Chapter 1136 European Branch
Chapter 1137 Robbers
Chapter 1138 Chinese Kung Fu
Chapter 1139 A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 1140 As expected
Chapter 1141 The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Sedan
Chapter 1142 Production License
Chapter 1143 Forced Marriage
Chapter 1144 Investigation
Chapter 1145 Unpromising richest man
Chapter 1146 Back to Tang City
Chapter 1147 Erhong's Tangle
Chapter 1148 Negotiate with the old fox
Chapter 1149 The stupid richest man
Chapter 1150 Foreigners who follow the customs
Chapter 1151 Transformation
Chapter 1152 Surprised
Chapter 1153 The fourth student's life
Chapter 1154 Running for Minister of Finance
Chapter 1155 The rotten speech
#1156 trip to Germany
Chapter 1157 Martha's Family Banquet
Chapter 1158 Desperate Neva
Chapter 1159 Mother's Kindness and Son's Filial Piety
Chapter 1160 The little kidnapper who was raped by the family
Chapter 1161 Ye Feng's Apprenticeship
Chapter 1162 Ye Feng's Ambition
Chapter 1163 Garlic Ice Cream
Chapter 1164
Chapter 1165 The dream always wakes up
Chapter 1166 childhood sweethearts
Chapter 1167
Chapter 1168 Cage bird
Chapter 1169 Student Union
Chapter 1170 Wrestling
Chapter 1171 Fighting openly and secretly
Chapter 1172 Great victory
Chapter 1173 Disappointment and Broken Love
Chapter 1174 Sad Ye Yuze
Chapter 1175 The first job
Chapter 1176 Piece Rate
Chapter 1177 Ye Feng
Chapter 1178 Convince the Principal
Chapter 1179 Work as a shareholder
Chapter 1180 Unbeautiful Hearts
Chapter 1181 Deer Farm
Chapter 1182 The old outlet
Chapter 1183 Before life and death
Chapter 1184 Maternal love is boundless
Chapter 1185
Chapter 1186 Change of Career
Chapter 1187 New Post
Chapter 1188 Competent Director
Chapter 1189 Underground Club
Chapter 1190 Fight against the boxing champion
Chapter 1191 Tie Hanhan
Chapter 1192 The bonus is in hand
Chapter 1193 Divorce
Chapter 1194 brothers unite
Chapter 1195 Mass Wedding
Chapter 1196 The Escaped Yang Geyong
Chapter 1197 Two-pronged approach
Chapter 1198 Complete victory
Chapter 1199
Chapter 1200 Wedding Effect
Chapter 1201 Sun Zhengzhi's phone call
Chapter 1202 Shocking Western Liaoning
Chapter 1203 Purchasing Equipment
Chapter 1204 New target
Chapter 1205 Is it a talent or a scourge
Chapter 1206 Kevin who was included
Chapter 1207 Dismissal together
Chapter 1208 Hardworking Hackers
Chapter 1209 Trade, Industry and Technology
Chapter 1210 Beauty in exchange for bracelets
1211 Threatened
Chapter 1212 Respectable old man
Chapter 1213 Junken Electromechanical Company
Chapter 1214 The Han Director of the Kazakh Village
Chapter 1215 Repayment
Chapter 1216 Pregnant
Chapter 1217 The pattern of Ni Guangnan
Chapter 1218 Go ask a great god
Chapter 1219 Detour tactics
Chapter 1220 The big guy took the bait
Chapter 1221 Two swords combined
Chapter 1222 To start annexation
Chapter 1223 The first branch
Chapter 1224 Ye Ling is leaving
Chapter 1225 Love also has a shelf life
Chapter 1226 Bad boy Soros
Chapter 1227 The price of conceit
Chapter 1228 Cha Hongying joins the job
Chapter 1229 Five Billion to Hand
Chapter 1230 Treatment
Chapter 1231 Shocking Engine
Chapter 1232 Rose
Chapter 1233 The boring horse national day
Chapter 1234 Boston Shipyard
Chapter 1235 Financial settlement
Chapter 1236 Precocious Child
Chapter 1237
Chapter 1238 Feelings
Chapter 1239 The track of the fourth child
Chapter 1240 Immigrants
Chapter 1241 Warrior Super Freighter
Chapter 1242 Liu Xiangdong goes to Xinjiang
Chapter 1243 Military Reclamation University
Chapter 1244 Breeding Base
Chapter 1245 Happy cooperation
Chapter 1246 John who was fooled
Chapter 1247 Yang Geyong's Ideal
Chapter 1248
Chapter 1249 The future is always yours
Chapter 1250 Military Reclamation City has LIDL
Chapter 1251 Duku Highway
Chapter 1252 Avalanche
Chapter 1253 Getting Drunk
Chapter 1254 can't eat and run
Chapter 1255 You also need fire in summer
Chapter 1256 Good people can't do it
Chapter 1257 Nalati Town
Chapter 1258 passerby
Chapter 1259 Two dedicated old men
Chapter 1260 Ye Yufan wants to move again
Chapter 1261 Going to see Wei Quanyou
Chapter 1262 Drunk John
Chapter 1263 Ye Wancheng Goes Through the Back Door
Chapter 1264 Desert Distress
Chapter 1265 Ulan's Identity
Chapter 1266 A woman who can drink
Chapter 1267 Don't recognize mother's son
Chapter 1268 Wang Dongjian's Wife
Chapter 1269 The life of success
Chapter 1270 Undercooked Noodles
Chapter 1271 Dead Man's Ditch Spring Lake
Chapter 1272 Ye Yuze's Open Mouth
Chapter 1273
Chapter 1274: All kinds of life
Chapter 1275 The school has collapsed
Chapter 1276 Donating to the School
Chapter 1277 Take a Pot to Eat
Chapter 1278 Lung slices of husband and wife without lungs
Chapter 1279 is getting married
Chapter 1280 Lao Di's calculation
Chapter 1281 Shocked one after another
Chapter 1282 Grandma's Home
Chapter 1283 Dowry
Chapter 1284 Too many people pay
Chapter 1285 Grandma's Leather
Chapter 1286 Liu Jianguo's Purpose
Chapter 1287
Chapter 1288 The person watching the scenery
Chapter 1289 Junshan Island
Chapter 1290 The Wind and Waves of Dongting Lake
Chapter 1291 Change the itinerary
Chapter 1292 The tour guides with unpleasant scenery
Chapter 1293 Dragon Tiger Leopard Brothers
Chapter 1294 trouble again
Chapter 1295 The plane is coming
Chapter 1296 Evil does not overwhelm the righteous
Chapter 1297 temptation
Chapter 1298 The bag of the prodigal is different
Chapter 1299 The storm is coming
Chapter 1300 Sniper Battle
Chapter 1301 Financial Storm
Chapter 1302 Sad Soros
Chapter 1303 Ye Feng's Confusion
Chapter 1304 The happy life of the family
Chapter 1305 Chinese Workers Working Overtime
Chapter 1306 Raising eyebrows
Chapter 1307 The World's First Ship
Chapter 1308 Ye Yuze's mistake
Chapter 1309 Give birth to another son
Chapter 1310 Ulrica
Chapter 1311 Ye Wancheng is sick
Chapter 1312 There is still a lot to do
Chapter 1313 Refinery
Chapter 1314 Ye Wancheng's Mind
Chapter 1315
Chapter 1316 The value of food and beauty
Chapter 1317 happy family
Chapter 1318 Airport
Chapter 1319 The plane seller
Chapter 1320 Mouth the world
Chapter 1321 Instant noodles change plane
Chapter 1322 Don't eat braised and spicy food
Chapter 1323 Mouth the world's ideal
Chapter 1324 dig a hole for the Himalayas
Chapter 1325 Ni Guangnan's Confusion
Chapter 1326 Pocket PC
Chapter 1327
Chapter 1328 The fourth child falls into the water
Chapter 1329 Find me a lawyer
Chapter 1330 Children's Ideal
Chapter 1331 Unconvinced Xi Jing
Chapter 1332 Fried Fish
Chapter 1333 Silent Ayijiang
Chapter 1334 mother and daughter recognize each other
Chapter 1335 blood is thicker than water
#1336 set of birds
Chapter 1337 The birth of the five-axis linkage machine tool
Chapter 1338 The ideal of a man
Chapter 1339 life and death battle
Chapter 1340 Old Harry
Chapter 1341 Fighting a Family Alone
Chapter 1342 The Boxer Without Boxing
Chapter 1343 Generous Harry
Chapter 1344 The Soaring Shipyard
Chapter 1345 The person who makes the rules
Chapter 1346 Capable men are the most charming
Chapter 1347 The fourth child who was complained
Chapter 1348 Become the chairman again.
Chapter 1349 The feelings of the veterans
Chapter 1350 The merits and demerits cannot be balanced
Chapter 1351 There is a problem with the food
Chapter 1352 The arrogant Dorje
Chapter 1353 Buffalo Beef
Chapter 1354 Family life
Chapter 1355 Border Camp
Chapter 1356 Demotion of Master Zhao
Chapter 1357 Inconsiderate Steamed Bun
Chapter 1358 Conflict of Border Guards
Chapter 1359 Old men who win more with less
Chapter 1360 differences between two generations
Chapter 1361 Old meat treats
Chapter 1362 The girl who looks like her
Chapter 1363 eating skewers
Chapter 1364 Qiaozhen's life experience
Chapter 1365 start early
Chapter 1366 A song breaks defense
Chapter 1367 Meimei wants to start
Chapter 1368 took a bite
Chapter 1369 The packages of righteousness are different
Chapter 1370 People still have to have a backstage
Chapter 1371 Another promotion
Chapter 1372 Military Reclamation Supermarket
Chapter 1373 LIDL has no customers
Chapter 1374 Plum Blossom was Complained
Chapter 1375 The competition of a family
Chapter 1376 Aunts who enter the retail industry
Chapter 1377 The future of the retail industry
Chapter 1378 The stimulated Erhong and Masha
Chapter 1379 Driving School Life
Chapter 1380 Master's Life in America
Chapter 1381 Cannibalization Plan
Chapter 1382 Arrogant Bassoon
Chapter 1383 Muay Thai is fierce
Chapter 1384 Bullying
Chapter 1385 Go to Africa
Chapter 1386 African Cuisine
Chapter 1387 Do as the Romans do
Chapter 1388 Fighting with the Lion
Chapter 1389 hunting for an ancestor
Chapter 1390 The two armies confront each other
Chapter 1391 Death of the Chief
Chapter 1392 British Gold Digger
Chapter 1393 White Water Company
Chapter 1394 Marseille Legion
Chapter 1395 The joy of being lost and found
Chapter 1396 A lot of American equipment
Chapter 1397 Night Attack
Chapter 1398 Yang Geyong, who does not want to go home
Chapter 1399 A son who is more capable than his father
Chapter 1400 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1401 Another loot
Chapter 1402 Prepare for War
Chapter 1403 Yang Geyong's Plan
Chapter 1404 Something I don't want to forget
Chapter 1405 Because you are like her
Chapter 1406 special dinner
Chapter 1407 You are mine
Chapter 1408 Power Station Construction Site
Chapter 1410 Meet Han Xiaojing again
Chapter 1411 Water Ballet
Chapter 1412 Personality Determines Destiny
Chapter 1413 Yang Geyong Divorce
Chapter 1314 Wise Chi Na'er
Chapter 1415 love does not need restraint
Chapter 1316 Brother
Chapter 1317 Seeing Wang Shuqin Again
Chapter 1318 Come to accompany you sooner or later
Chapter 1319 Revenge once
Chapter 1320 Wal-Mart's Response
Chapter 1321 Dao is one zhang high
Chapter 1322 The match between the businessman and the boxer
Chapter 1323 KO Basong
Chapter 1324 Mature Ye Feng
Chapter 1325 African Dry Season
Chapter 1326 Win another tribe
Chapter 1327 Turkey's Conspiracy
Chapter 1328 Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 1329 The first netizen
Chapter 1330 After all, I chose my own path
Chapter 1331 Battle baptism
Chapter 1332 Marseille Autonomous County
Chapter 1333 New Order
Chapter 1334 Black Rent
Chapter 1335 Angela who loves to the extreme
#1336 kidnapper Vasily
Chapter 1337 Rescue the hostages
Chapter 1338 Grumpy Tycoon
Chapter 1339 Didn't save the wrong person
Chapter 1340 Love can do this too
Chapter 1341 Unexpected encounter
Chapter 1342 The King of Harvard
Chapter 1343 calm student council president
Chapter 1344 Ramen Master
Chapter 1345 The value of a man
Chapter 1346 The second generation of the pit father
Chapter 1347 Ye Yuze was fooled
Chapter 1348 Disgusted
Chapter 1349 Official seal no one wants
Chapter 1350 Repeating the old trick
Chapter 1351 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1352 Attacked
Chapter 1353 Complete victory
Chapter 1354 Sudden bad news
Chapter 1355 Lev's Change
Chapter 1356 Terrible Anna
Chapter 1357 Inside Story
Chapter 1358 Everyone gets what they want
Chapter 1359 Edamame is married
Chapter 1360 Fate
Chapter 1361 Embarrassing Fourth Brother
Chapter 1362 Lovely Ke Xiner
Chapter 1363 Bitten
Chapter 1364 Fingers for marriage
Chapter 1365 Stubborn Zhao Linger
Chapter 1366 Earth-shaking summer vacation
Chapter 1367 Ye Yuji and Ayijiang who pull the wind
Chapter 1368 Fundraising in distress
Chapter 1369 Emerging
Chapter 1370 The fourth child who does not believe in evil
Chapter 1371: Defeating the Elite's Market Hotpot
Chapter 1372 The feelings of the children of the Corps
Chapter 1373: The Third Internship
1374 Cohabitation Girlfriend
Chapter 1375 Wei Yuxiang, who is not doing his job properly
Chapter 1376 Men's Hobbies
Chapter 1377 The Line of Life and Death
Chapter 1380 One group after another
Chapter 1378 Great revenge
Chapter 1379 Zhao Linger's New Position
Chapter 1380 The Corps of Southern Xinjiang
Chapter 1381 Difficult living environment
Chapter 1382 Jinhua's anger
Chapter 1383 Whistleblower
Chapter 1384 The old couple's travel
Chapter 1385 The dark clouds are gone
Chapter 1386 Zhao Linger's Loan
Chapter 1387 The Disaster Comes
Chapter 1388 smashing people with money
Chapter 1389 Vibrant City
Chapter 1390 broad mind
Chapter 1391 Encounter a traitor
Chapter 1392 The person who shouldn't have friends
Chapter 1393 a very long song
Chapter 1394 Another child
Chapter 1395 The joy of family
Chapter 1396 Angela's pride
Chapter 1397 Fighting Children
Chapter 1398 buy a manor
Chapter 1399 Ye Feng, who worked hard for the villa
Chapter 1400 The test flight of Junken No. 1
Chapter 1401 Successful test flight
Chapter 1402 The aircraft factory has opened
Chapter 1403 Expansion too fast is a disease
Chapter 1404 Standardized Management
Chapter 1405 Lunch on the sidelines
Chapter 1406 Hand-to-hand combat
Chapter 1407 The Mission of the Border Guard
Chapter 1408 Kesselring's Love
Chapter 1409 Ye Yuji
Chapter 1501 Someone is looking for something
Chapter 1502 Family Rugby Team
Chapter 1503 five fight a group
Chapter 1504 Begonia Fruit Company
Chapter 1505 Ye Feng's Classroom
Chapter 1506 Move someone else's cake
Chapter 1507 Convince people with virtue
Chapter 1508 one fights a group
Chapter 1509 Kick the hall
Chapter 1510 Arrogant Challenger
Chapter 1511 Henry who is forbidden to beat
Chapter 1512 Tell Dad not to hit you
Chapter 1513 Not allowed to kick
Chapter 1514 Wendou
Chapter 1515 Ye Feng came to power
Chapter 1516 One move to defeat the enemy
Chapter 1517 The encounter of Helena
Chapter 1518 More Experts
Chapter 1519 Real Helena
Chapter 1520 Aircraft Order
Chapter 1521 The third child wants to be a father
Chapter 1522 Very troublesome love
Chapter 1523 Little Kidnapper's Stepmother
Chapter 1524 Three generations of disciples
Chapter 1525 School is on holiday
Chapter 1526 Batu who sells singing
Chapter 1527 Young Singer
Chapter 1528 The difference between a bar and a di bar
Chapter 1529 blood is always hot
Chapter 1530 Once a boy
Chapter 1531 The host's background
Chapter 1532 The road is my own
Chapter 1533 Veterans with noble sentiments
Chapter 1534 plan ahead
Chapter 1535 The difference between the first generation and the second generation
Chapter 1536 The fourth child's affair
Chapter 1537 Lost Ye Feng
Chapter 1538 Changes in Yuanfang
Chapter 1539 Fighting again
Chapter 1540 Wrestling
Chapter 1541 Father and daughter are not necessarily connected
Chapter 1542 In order to leave no regrets
Chapter 1543 Unpredictable people
Chapter 1544 Disappearing
Chapter 1545 Three Generations of Military Reclamation
Chapter 1546 City of Johannesburg
Chapter 1547 Unseen Expert
Chapter 1548 absconding overnight
Chapter 1549 lighter ambition
Chapter 1550 sensible girl
Chapter 1551 The operation went well
Chapter 1552 The so-called ideal
Chapter 1553 The night of military reclamation
Chapter 1554 To Suspend School
Chapter 1555 Earn some extra money by the way
Chapter 1556 all for justice
Chapter 1557 One cry, two troubles, three hangs
Chapter 1558 Lifting a rock without hitting yourself in the foot
Chapter 1559 The feelings of the army reclaimer
Chapter 1560 War
Chapter 1561 Katyusha
Chapter 1562 Willful Commander
Chapter 1563 Ai Hong everywhere
Chapter 1564 The God of War was captured
Chapter 1565 National Hero
Chapter 1566 Blitz
Chapter 1567 Batu not enough to eat
Chapter 1568 Serious lack of meat
Chapter 1569 God of Cookery
Chapter 1570 The Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter 1571 Nightclub storm
Chapter 1572 Ye Feng and Yuanfang
Chapter 1573 Ye Feng's Thoughts
Chapter 1574 Instigate against the little aunt
Chapter 1575 Surprise of resignation
Chapter 1576 classmates are no longer teenagers
Chapter 1577 Change
Chapter 1578
Chapter 1579 More than 20 billion
Chapter 1580 There is a rich woman at home
Chapter 1581 Arrogant auction
Chapter 1582 Earth King
Chapter 1583 Look at Grandma
Chapter 1584 The realm of life
Chapter 1585 Military Reclamation International City
Chapter 1586 just makes you ticklish
Chapter 1587 Singer Competition
Chapter 1588 Ideal aunts
Chapter 1589 Grasp the Heart
Chapter 1590: Responding to Changes With Stillness
Chapter 1591 Wang Tie's End
Chapter 1592 Singer Final
Chapter 1593 Variables
Chapter 1594 The Charm of Folk Songs
Chapter 1595 Feelings are never static
Chapter 1596 The price of success
Chapter 1597 Resumption of work
Chapter 1598 Pre-sale
Chapter 1599 The Enemy Meets
Chapter 1560 Three old men
Chapter 1561 Your uncle is your uncle
Chapter 1562
Chapter 1563 fight again
Chapter 1564 Huge commission
Chapter 1565 Strange Dumplings
Chapter 1566 Aunt Police
Chapter 1567 Debt is risky
Chapter 1568 Back to Moscow
Chapter 1569 The heroic Ye Yuze
Chapter 1570 Unpredictable Disaster
Chapter 1571 Yang Geyong who is about to go to jail
Chapter 1572 Just a Gang
Chapter 1573 Rebellion
Chapter 1574 The feelings of the fighting nation
Chapter 1575 The return is twilight
Chapter 1576 Insurance for acclimatization
Chapter 1577 Savings Insurance
Chapter 1578 We are military reclaimers
Chapter 1579 Madman, Idiot
Chapter 1580 Qiu Hope's Life Experience
Chapter 1581 Selfless Sister
Chapter 1582 do a good job in logistical support
Chapter 1583 Yuanfang's fighting spirit
Chapter 1584 The concept of love
Chapter 1585 There are many trumpets
Chapter 1586 find a daughter-in-law for his son
Chapter 1587 Yang Wei and Zhang Jianjiang
Chapter 1588 A world of difference
Chapter 1589 Yang Geyong was beaten
Chapter 1590 Old comrades who are struggling
Chapter 1591 Two little beauties
Chapter 1592 I'm not a scumbag
Chapter 1593 Status of ASML Corporation
Chapter 1594 Asmar Corporation
Chapter 1595 The chip company in a dilemma
Chapter 1596 Two-pronged approach
Chapter 1597 Become a shareholder
Chapter 1598 father and son fight
Chapter 1599
Chapter 1600 Victim
Chapter 1601 Married
Chapter 1602 promises women need
Chapter 1603 Wang Shuqin is leaving
1604 Big Plan 1
1605 Big Plan 2
Chapter 1606 The fourth elder is an official
Chapter 1607 Another world
Chapter 1608 The fourth child who does good deeds
Chapter 1609 I'm not a scumbag
Chapter 1610 Homecoming Charity Fund
Chapter 1611 Emotional fourth child
Chapter 1612 Fame and fortune
Chapter 1613 Yuanfang's Success
Chapter 1614 was bullied
Chapter 1615 rage
Chapter 1616 You are dead or alive
Chapter 1617 The inside should be combined with the outside
Chapter 1618 The dust settles
Chapter 1619 Junken International City Handover
Chapter 1620 The tireless Han Xiaojing
Chapter 1621 There is one more zone E
Chapter 1622 Patrol the site
Chapter 1623 see Wang Chunsheng again
Chapter 1624 Dafa Automobile Factory
Chapter 1625 Wang Lina's package is round
Chapter 1626 Pick up a big bargain
Chapter 1627 Tool Man Ye Yuze
Chapter 1628 The heroic Ye Fei
Chapter 1629 Ivanovic's request
Chapter 1630 More Sons
Chapter 1631 father is not so easy to be
Chapter 1632 Ye Yuze's Bad Move
Chapter 1683 The Children of the Ye Family
Chapter 1684 Men and Women
Chapter 1685 Rebellious Ye Yuji
Chapter 1686 Yang Wei's Ideal
Chapter 1687 Forced away by a woman
Chapter 1688 A Unique Intimacy Method
Chapter 1689 There are robbers
Chapter 1690 all the way to the south
Chapter 1691 Staying at Xima's house
Chapter 1692 A close call
Chapter 1693 The first battle
Chapter 1694 tacit understanding
Chapter 1695 Remaining life after catastrophe
Chapter 1696 The Blessing of Qi People
Chapter 1697 Yang Geyong, who can't tell his wife apart
Chapter 1698 The family has a virtuous wife and a lady
Chapter 1699
Chapter 1700 Yang Geyong lying flat
Chapter 1701 Zhao Linger becomes gentler
Chapter 1702 This country is too small
Chapter 1703 Yang Wei's ambition
Chapter 1605 is married
Chapter 1606 Love similar to maternal love
Chapter 1607 Chinese New Year
Chapter 1608 about to have a second child
Chapter 1609 something big happened
Chapter 1610 Happy daughter
Chapter 1611 The new captain of the bayonet mercenary
Chapter 1612 Assassination
Chapter 1613 Escape from the sewer
Chapter 1614 Lewis wagging his tail
Chapter 1615
Chapter 1616 Night Attack
1617 The original is to surrender
Chapter 1618 End of the road
Chapter 1619 President's Rights
Chapter 1620 State University or National University
Chapter 1621 The promotion of the official is a bit big
Chapter 1622
Chapter 1623 Yang Wei's Aunt
Chapter 1624 Am I the one taking advantage?
Chapter 1625 Ice Grapes
Chapter 1626 National Poverty Group
Chapter 1627 Rude Commander
Chapter 1628 People in the military reclamation city can't let money be stumped
Chapter 1629 The arrogant old head
Chapter 1630 The future of the eight regiments
Chapter 1631 Evil does not overwhelm the righteous
Chapter 1632 Grandma's Wish
Chapter 1633 Grandma is gone
Chapter 1634: Soaring Value
Chapter 1635 Make a fortune
Chapter 1636 If you like memories, you are old
Chapter 1637: Alumni Association
Chapter 1638 would rather be scum than live up to
Chapter 1639 Harvest Season
Chapter 1640 The future can be expected
Chapter 1641 Natural Selection
Chapter 1642 Started to make a profit
Chapter 1643 Global Competition
Chapter 1644 Expert's Conscience
Chapter 1645 Another Internationally Famous Trademark
Chapter 1646 Graduated
Chapter 1647 Lost Ye Yuji
Chapter 1648 plastic sister flower
Chapter 1649 Fire, theft, and girlfriends
Chapter 1650 The fourth child photographed by bricks
Chapter 1651 Is this marriage still married?
Chapter 1652 The key question has to listen to the old man
Chapter 1653 Draw lots to decide who to marry
Chapter 1654 cheating
Chapter 1655 The battle between the two queen mothers
Chapter 1656 Wedding Banquet
Chapter 1657 old friend
Chapter 1658 Sister Gu Li
Chapter 1659 money can only be willful
Chapter 1660 Two Secretaries
Chapter 1661 Overtaking Distress
Chapter 1662 Wang Shuqin's Plan
Chapter 1663 Simple old soldiers
Chapter 1664 Ye Yuji's Order
Chapter 1665 Where is Han Xiaojing?
Chapter 1666 Rescue
Chapter 1667 Pirate City
Chapter 1668 Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 1669 Earn a cruise ship without losing money
Chapter 1670 Beating Brother-in-Law
Chapter 1671 Twins
Chapter 1672 Where there are people, there must be a Junken supermarket
Chapter 1673 Master's later life
Chapter 1674 Ye Mao
Chapter 1675 kissing is unhygienic
Chapter 1676 Chinese Mom
Chapter 1677 The first date
Chapter 1678 Furious little lion
Chapter 1679 Almost went to prison
Chapter 1680 Lao Mo’s dinner party
Chapter 1681 Inadvertently planting willows and willows
Chapter 1682 Ye Yuji and Ayijiang's work
Chapter 1683 Don’t start
Chapter 1684 The capital man
Chapter 1685 Man's Dignity
Chapter 1686 In the end, it’s the tigress
Chapter 1687 The Gambling Agreement Won
Chapter 1688 Take Asmail's Nest
Chapter 1689 Confinement is right, right?
Chapter 1690 Ability to follow the right person
Chapter 1691 Red and white are a brand
Chapter 1692 go home
Chapter 1693 calm days
Chapter 1694 Unique Press Conference
Chapter 1695 Number One in the World
Chapter 1696 The Congressional System of the United States
Chapter 1697 Ye Feng's Ideal
Chapter 1698 Capable Susie
Chapter 1699 The growth of the fourth child
Chapter 1700 eat everything
Chapter 1701 A car accident with a bite
Chapter 1702 The first dumpling
Chapter 1703 Little Housewife
Chapter 1704 Hiring a nanny
Chapter 1705 Berg's Facebook
Chapter 1706 Ten million to buy a company
Chapter 1707 Ye Feng also has a temper
Chapter 1708 Choice of Begonia Fruit
Chapter 1709 Diligent subordinates
Chapter 1710 There is an extra bodyguard
Chapter 1711 Hollywood Film Festival
Chapter 1712 Yuanfang’s trip to Boston
Chapter 1713 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 1714 Love rivals meet
Chapter 1715: The muzzle is open to the outside world
Chapter 1716 What is pain?
Chapter 1717 The three old men receive the award
Chapter 1718 Lost money
Chapter 1719 Jin Sisters
Chapter 1720 The three fools of the army reclamation city
Chapter 1721 Ye Mao who does good deeds
Chapter 1722 It’s the New Year again
Chapter 1723 The girl is not easy to manage
Chapter 1724 The wicked complain first
Chapter 1725 Military Reclamation Characteristics
Chapter 1726 Quiet decision
Chapter 1727 Another year
Chapter 1728 The fireworks library is finished
Chapter 1729 Shameful Han Xiaofeng
Chapter 1730 Eat and watch son fight
Chapter 1731 The Loneliness of the Rich
Chapter 1732 Getting involved in the oil field
Chapter 1733 Oil Exploration
Chapter 1734 Exploration is a manual job
Chapter 1735 Chapter 1834 Financial Incentives
Chapter 1736 Paying wages is also a technical job
Chapter 1737 Young people’s ideals
Chapter 1738 Blow everything up
Chapter 1739 Equity Determination
Chapter 1740 A disputed land
Chapter 1741 License obtained
Chapter 1742 The one with the highest price gets it
Chapter 1743 Done
Chapter 1744 The ambition of military reclamation children
Chapter 1745 Detained
Chapter 1746: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 1747 Ye Yuze takes action
Chapter 1748 Master Jiejie
Chapter 1749 Earth Chapter 1848 Drilling Man
Chapter 1750 Oil is out
Chapter 1751 A bundle of fifty cents and two bundles will not be sold for one piece
Chapter 1752 Jiangbul’s new position
Chapter 1753 The old man who won’t go home
Chapter 1754 If it doesn’t work, it won’t work.
Chapter 1755 Even good girls will grow up
Chapter 1756 Circle
Chapter 1757 Eighteen thousand meals
Chapter 1758 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 1759 Batu’s Charm
Chapter 1760 Brother, here I come
Chapter 1761 The proprietress of Fontainebleau Bar
Chapter 1762 Brothers Real Estate Company
Chapter 1763 Brothers Bar
Chapter 1764 Lafite in 1982
Chapter 1765 The fight started again
Chapter 1766 The miserable rich second generation
Chapter 1767: Revenge immediately
Chapter 1768 The life experience of the landlady
Chapter 1769 A piece of land
Chapter 1770 Finally achieved success
Chapter 1771 Steve Jobs’ Troubles
Chapter 1772 People with the same disease
Chapter 1773 Cupertino
Chapter 1774 American Fruit Farmers
Chapter 1775 Magnificent Days
Chapter 1776 Perfect Control of Begonia Fruit
Chapter 1777 Yifei ran away
Chapter 1778 The restless foreigner
Chapter 1779 Hongxing is cheating
Chapter 1780 Experts move bricks
Chapter 1781 Being beaten again
Chapter 1782 Ye Yuze’s attitude
Chapter 1783 Oil Well Disturbance
Chapter 1784 God Reversal
Chapter 1785 People’s hearts are made of flesh
Chapter 1786 The person who works for the nephew
Chapter 1787 Two Bears Fighting
Chapter 1788 The bear who refuses to rest in peace
Chapter 1789 Maternal love has no boundaries
Chapter 1790 The third-rate enterprise
Chapter 1791 European Air Show
Chapter 1792 Aviation Engine
Chapter 1793 Returning home in glory
Chapter 1794 Ye Feng’s layout
Chapter 1795 Let’s see who is arrogant
Chapter 1796 Yang Wei's Means
Chapter 1797 Yang Wei, who became the chairman
Chapter 1798 Capable Berg
Chapter 1799 Unconvinced Boss Lady
Chapter 1800 Fire in the backyard
Chapter 1801 Wrigley Secretary
Chapter 1802 Tigress Fighting
Chapter 1803 Are men afraid of women?
Chapter 1804 Han Xiaofeng's Mission
Chapter 1805 Hunted and Counterattacked
Chapter 1806 Go deep into the tiger's den
Chapter 1807 Ye Yuji's Choice
Chapter 1808 Gu Li, who loves acting
Chapter 1809 Han Xiaofeng's Home
Chapter 1810 Ye Fang wants to start a company
Chapter 1811 Life and the Distance
Chapter 1812 Two obscure wealthy businessmen
Chapter 1813 Meet Netizens
Chapter 1814 Two obscure rich men
Chapter 1815 Sound can also be deceiving
Chapter 1816 Yang Geyong was drunk
Chapter 1817 Ye Feng’s plan
Chapter 1818 Soros’s plan
Chapter 1819 All it takes is a moment of passion to change destiny
Chapter 1820: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 1821 Brothers Investment Company
Chapter 1822 Buy a company to play games
Chapter 1823 Ulan has a daughter
Chapter 1824: Entrusted to an Inhumane Person
Chapter 1825 Batu’s tangle
Chapter 1826 Love and marriage are two different things
Chapter 1827 Ordinary is life
Chapter 1828 Army Ken Garment Factory
Chapter 1829 It's time for a holiday
Chapter 1830 Unequal Contest
Chapter 1831
Chapter 1832 Reyi Khan Calls for Help
Chapter 1833 Pay back the money
Chapter 1834 Going to the Capital
Chapter 1835 Preparing for opening
Chapter 1836 Kill KFC
Chapter 1837 Wang Shuqin's New Position
Chapter 1838 The two brothers who became followers
Chapter 1839 About Lili
Chapter 1840 Women's Means
Chapter 1841 Building a family building
Chapter 1842 Opportunity
Chapter 1843 Women's Careful Thoughts
Chapter 1844 Planning
Chapter 1845 No father and son in the mall
Chapter 1846 Two Old Children
Chapter 1847 wine quality is character
Chapter 1848 Automobile Factory Split
Chapter 1849 One thought becomes a devil, one thought becomes a Buddha
Chapter 1850 Meet Netizens Meet Niece
Chapter 1851 Meet Netizens
Chapter 1852 Wei Yuxiang Will Enjoy
Chapter 1853 Katyusha was bombed
Chapter 1854 Fall of Marseille
Chapter 1855 Fall of Marseille
Chapter 1856 Resistance
Chapter 1857 All People Are Soldiers
Chapter 1858 Hiding merit and fame
Chapter 1859 Planning
Chapter 1860 Stubborn Crooked Nuts
Chapter 1861 Kevin's Tangle
Chapter 1862 Tragic experience
Chapter 1863 It turns out they are a family
Chapter 1864 Recognition of relatives
Chapter 1865 The Domineering Plum Blossom
Chapter 1866 help people to the end
Chapter 1867 Grandpa’s hometown
Chapter 1868 Earth Chapter 1965 One Million Disputes
Chapter 1869 Genealogy
Chapter 1870 The cunning of the villagers
Chapter 1871 Money can make people push the envelope
Chapter 1872 The perfect end
Chapter 1873: You rush, I cover
Chapter 1874
Chapter 1875 Hans retires
Chapter 1876 Acupuncture
Chapter 1877 Beautiful Patient
Chapter 1878 Head of the Wharton Family
Chapter 1879 Showing off unique skills
Chapter 1880 Queuing up for acupuncture
Chapter 1881 Finally cupping
Chapter 1882 The doctor making a phone call during the operation
Chapter 1883 Remuneration of 100 million US dollars
Chapter 1884 Ye Yuze has no food to eat
Chapter 1885 Ye Feng’s decision
Chapter 1886 Original Enemies
Chapter 1887 Working mothers
Chapter 1888 New Year's Eve
Chapter 1889 Two Witches
Chapter 1890 Kidnapped
Chapter 1891 Acting Alone
Chapter 1892
Chapter 1893 Growth
Chapter 1894 Sacrificing Together
Chapter 1895 Revenge
Chapter 1896 Heartbroken
Chapter 1897 Crazy Kelly
Chapter 1898 Do something for my sister
Chapter 1899 Let go
Chapter 1900
Chapter 1901 A strange couple
Chapter 1902 The man who gave his ex-wife a dowry
Chapter 1903 Simple Old Man
Chapter 1904 Wang Lina's plan
Chapter 1905 The Tsundere Ye Mao
Chapter 1906 father and son with personality
Chapter 1907 everything is ready
Chapter 1908 Ye Yuji's Son
Chapter 1909 Became a Tool Man Again
Chapter 1910 President of the Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1911 offended someone
Chapter 1912 The Sad Whistleblower
Chapter 1913 Super Dad
Chapter 1914 Maternal love is also as mountainous
Chapter 1915 Election Problem
Chapter 1916 Ye Feng's Ultimate Move
Chapter 1917 Sister and Brother Concentric
Chapter 1918 Two sisters accept disciples
Chapter 1919 Driver Yang Geyong
Chapter 1920 Competent Lawn Mower
Chapter 1921 Ye Yufan who went to school again
Chapter 1922 Encounter by chance
Chapter 1923 Empress Dowager Shows Her Power
Chapter 1924 The Reunited Family
Chapter 1925 Love is so deep that it’s hard to recover
Chapter 1926 Brother and Woman
Chapter 1927 Looking for a Wife
Chapter 1928 The choice that must be made
Chapter 1929 Old Men on Patrol
Chapter 1930 Left-behind old people
Chapter 1931 Herdsmen's way of hospitality
Chapter 1932 John who is looking for his mother
Chapter 1933 Chapter 2030 half-brother and sister
Chapter 1934 Ye Wancheng was arrested
Chapter 1935 Aimai proposed to make a move
Chapter 1936 The Dust Settled
Chapter 1937 The Old Comrade Who Never Changes His Infatuation
Chapter 1938 The Missing Queen Mother
Chapter 1939 I have a home again
Chapter 1940 Revisiting the old place
Chapter 1941 Koala's natal family
Chapter 1942 Make decisions for women
Chapter 1943 Plum Blossom's Wrath
Chapter 1944 Despised
Chapter 1945
Chapter 1946 Fire the first shot
Chapter 1947 The strength of character of the Ye family
Chapter 1948
Chapter 1949 Mutual Aid Association Established
Chapter 1950 poor cousin
Chapter 1951 Grow only through suffering
Chapter 1952 The Cousin's Comprehension
Chapter 1953 Ye Yuze, who dumped the pot
Chapter 1954 The Capable Nurjiang
Chapter 1955 Lion King Fighting for Hegemony
Chapter 1956 The winner is king
Chapter 1957 listen to mother
Chapter 1958 Divorce
Chapter 1959 A company without a designer
Chapter 1960 Lavender Company
Chapter 1961 Sudden extra shops
Chapter 1962 Family
Chapter 1963 Fighting openly and secretly
Chapter 1964 The betrayed private detective
Chapter 1965 Councilor Suzie
Chapter 1966 The sea is also a pasture
Chapter 1967 Bottom Line
Chapter 1968 Life requires choices
Chapter 1969 Chinese New Year
Chapter 1970 The City That Never Sleeps
Chapter 1971 Three generations
Chapter 1972 Bet
Chapter 1973 Ye Feng's Marriage
Chapter 1974 Calm
Chapter 1975 Harvest Faraway
Chapter 1976 The Rescue Brought by the Monkey
Chapter 1977
Chapter 1978 Song Danning's Struggle
Chapter 1979 Development
Chapter 1980 Personnel Change
Chapter 1981 Love between husband and wife
Chapter 1982 The Immersive Three Old Men
Chapter 1983 Housing Reform
Chapter 1984 There is a long way to go
Chapter 1985 The theory of roundness
Chapter 1986 Life Needs Continuation
Chapter 1987 Perfect Couple
Chapter 1988 The Meaning of Marriage
Chapter 1989 is going to give birth to a monkey
Chapter 1990 Live broadcast
Chapter 1991 Playing out of common sense
Chapter 1992 Zhao Linger's Calculation
Chapter 1993 Old Ai who corrects his mistakes
Chapter 1994 Expansion
Chapter 1995 Sun Dazhuang
Chapter 1996 Change of concept
Chapter 1997 everything goes well
Chapter 1998 Domineering Ye Wancheng
Chapter 1999 The Persevering Veteran
Chapter 2000 The green hill above the head is green
Chapter 2001 Married Life
Chapter 2002 Lighter's plan
Chapter 2003 Yang San's thoughts
Chapter 2004 Graduation Season
Chapter 2005
Chapter 2006 Honeymoon Trip
Chapter 2007 Dead Man's Ditch
Chapter 2008 Time of Crisis
Chapter 2009 Adopting a Baby Bear
Chapter 2010 Yang Geyong who can't rest
Chapter 2011 Wei Yuxiang's New Home
Chapter 2012 A Night of Fun and Songs
Chapter 2013 Hormone Excess
Chapter 2014 You are not doing well, why do I want a career
Chapter 2110 Little Anu
Chapter 2111 chaste man
Chapter 2112 Building a Factory
Chapter 2113 Unreliable Partner
Chapter 2114 hardworking old men
Chapter 2115 snatching dog food
Chapter 2116 Married to a Landlord
Chapter 2217 The rich man’s wedding
Chapter 2218 Liu Qingshan
Chapter 2219 It’s better to leave
Chapter 2220 reserve force
Chapter 2221 Qianqian and Yifei's plan
Chapter 2222
Chapter 2223 the wronged Ye Yuze
Chapter 2224 Good men and scumbags
Chapter 2225 Roast Chicken Na’s conspiracy
Chapter 2226
Chapter 2227: Willingness
Chapter 2228: Learn from Wei Yuxiang in life
Chapter 2229 Big Trouble
Chapter 2230 A friend in adversity
Chapter 2231 Ye Yuze’s plan
Chapter 2232 amazing plan
Chapter 2233 layout and waiting
Chapter 2234 Homan disappears and only his brothers remain
Chapter 2235 has a bank
Chapter 2236 cooperation
Chapter 2237 kindness is not necessarily a good thing
Chapter 2238
Chapter 2239 The recruited Zhao Xin
Chapter 2240 new mobile phone
Chapter 2241 the elated old Ni
Chapter 2242 the difference between human nature
Chapter 2243
Chapter 2244 Ye Yufan's Family
Chapter 2245 First Mission
Chapter 2246 complex world
Chapter 2247 Feelings cannot bear parting
Chapter 2248
Chapter 2249 Educating the Little Devil
Chapter 2250 transformation
Chapter 2251 Bayonet Security
Chapter 2252 irrational jackal
Chapter 2253 two hundred against three thousand
Chapter 2254 Conquering the Tuva Tribe
Chapter 2255 Unexpected Joy
Chapter 2256 Open Oil Field
Chapter 2257 was discovered
Chapter 2258 the means of Meihu Group
Chapter 2259
Chapter 2260
Chapter 2261 successful raid
Chapter 2262 Majestic Yang Geyong
Chapter 2263 I will accompany you
Chapter 2264 There are many kinds of love
Chapter 2265 low profile is sometimes a crime
Chapter 2266 Wrestling
Chapter 2267
Chapter 2268 woman who loves to drink
Chapter 2269 picked up two girls
Chapter 2270 Homeless Ye Shan
Chapter 2271 become a father
Chapter 2272 female detective
Chapter 2273 Lili who fulfilled her wish
Chapter 2274 Carnival
Chapter 2275 The Transformed Ye Shan
Chapter 2276 Ye's No. 1 Tanker
Chapter 2277 Ten minutes to win
Chapter 2278 evil in human nature
Chapter 2279 Outperforming others
Chapter 2280 The big family’s troubles
Chapter 2281 Tracking
Chapter 2282 Arrogant Kobe
Chapter 2283 Arrogant Wal-Mart Director
Chapter 2284 The insidious Ye Yuze
Chapter 2285 The Queen Mother Arrives
Chapter 2286 Poor MPs
Chapter 2287 Airborne Ye Yuji
Chapter 2288 Underwater World
Earth Chapter 2289 Warriors
Chapter 2290 beat yourself
Chapter 2291 New Job
Chapter 2292 The ideals of three generations
Chapter 2293 Two young men
Chapter 2294 Can be taken down
Chapter 2295 Evil Aunt
Chapter 2296 Chi Naer has nowhere to redress her grievances
Chapter 2297 Unexpected
Chapter 2298 Curve to save the country
Chapter 2299 Military Reclamation Pharmaceutical Boss
Chapter 2300
Chapter 2301 Disagreement
Chapter 2302 leaves come home in the rainy season
Chapter 2303 The first high-speed rail
Chapter 2304 old comrades who refuse to accept the old
Chapter 2305 rush now
Chapter 2306 Miss with Rubber Belly
Chapter 2307 Construction begins
Chapter 2308 Internal strife
Chapter 2309 Wang Yifan’s anxiety
Chapter 2310 Little Fox and Old Fox
Chapter 2311 Old Zhao’s grandson was beaten
Chapter 2312 Lawless Ye Mao
Chapter 2313 abilities are forced out
Chapter 2314 The game in Shanghai stock market
Chapter 2315 Great Victory
Chapter 2316 pick up Anu
Chapter 2317 Animal World
Chapter 2318 Touring Marseilles
Chapter 2319 Bayonet Guard
Chapter 2320 Three Hundred Vs Fifteen
Chapter 2321 the saddest pirate in history
Chapter 2322 tactics
Chapter 2323 Human Nature
Chapter 2324
Chapter 2325 pirates also have ideals
Chapter 2326 Princess Arrives
Chapter 2327 Desperate Strike
Chapter 2328 two sisters living on a deserted island
Chapter 2329 finally found
Chapter 2330 Goddess of Feather Clothes
Chapter 2331 escort home
Chapter 2332 Chinese Martial Arts Seminar
Chapter 2333
Chapter 2334 qualified referee
Chapter 2335 Shocked Michael
Chapter 2336 The Daily Life of Sister Yemei
Chapter 2337 first time
Chapter 2338 Ye Feng returns home
Chapter 2339
Chapter 2340 life needs passion
Chapter 2341 Ye Feng's Pride
Chapter 2342 out of control Qianqian
Chapter 2343
Chapter 2344 traditional woman
Chapter 2345 Wang Xiaomeng's Brother
Chapter 2346 three women in one drama
Chapter 2347 the man who sits still
Chapter 2348 Divorce Ye Qianqian
Chapter 2349 the hardworking Wang Chedan
Chapter 2350 Let's see who can pretend
Chapter 2351 unexpectedly pregnant
Chapter 2352 there is no regret medicine in life
Chapter 2353 Some mistakes cannot be made
Chapter 2354 Poor Wang Yifan
Chapter 2355 love like glass
Chapter 2356
Chapter 2357 Domineering Ye Mao
Chapter 2358 lifted the ban
Chapter 2359 bystander
Chapter 2360 resident singer
Chapter 2391 Wang Che was beaten
Chapter 2167 stand up for my brother
Chapter 2168 Reversal of God
Chapter 2169
Chapter 2170 Snacks are better than payment slips
Chapter 2171 Ma Rong's Reflection
Chapter 2172 The result of applying for retirement has been promoted
Chapter 2173 Encountering an Old Comrade
Chapter 2174
Chapter 2175 Innocent Heart
Chapter 2176 the importance of sugar
Chapter 2177 Ye Qianqian is in danger
Chapter 2373 Iron Tree Blooming
Chapter 2374
Chapter 2375 history needs progress
Chapter 2376 Zhang Jinjin's new position
Chapter 2377 Three Fires
Chapter 2378 Ten Thousand Tourist Group
Chapter 2379
Chapter 2380 Yang Wei comes to help
Chapter 2381 Gathering Wool
Chapter 2382 Desperate Wang Chedan
Chapter 2383 Rescued
Chapter 2384 Wang Chedan’s Enlightenment
Chapter 2385 The Harvest of Kindness
Chapter 2396 Where can there be hatred without love?
Chapter 2397 A sudden rage
Chapter 2398 A super wedding banquet
Chapter 2194 Promoted again
Chapter 2400 Little Bee
Chapter 2401 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 2402 Just leave
Chapter 2403 Children of the Ye family
Chapter 2404 Private Visit on Weibo
Chapter 2405 It’s college entrance examination season again
Chapter 2406 Wedding Banquet
Chapter 2407: Born for you to see
Chapter 2408 Unprepared Dad
Chapter 2409 Yang Wei’s tangle
Chapter 2410 Mothers’ Actions
Chapter 2411 Dilemma
Chapter 2412 Yang Geyong’s simplicity and rudeness
Chapter 2413 Brother Company
Chapter 2414 Hangover
Chapter 2415 Weird Employee
Chapter 2416 God of War Team
Chapter 2417 Repentance
Chapter 2418 Batu has grown up
Chapter 2419 Good Student
Chapter 2420 Chapter 2439 Kind old father
Chapter 2421 Taking a seat
Chapter 2422 All children
Chapter 2423 Catching the Thief
Chapter 2424 Family
Chapter 2425 Not intentional
Chapter 2426 He went to find love
Chapter 2427 The hit Yang Geyong
Chapter 2428 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 2429 Arrogant Director
Chapter 2430: Moved by love