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The Heavens: Aqing, the Yue Girl at the beginning

The Heavens: Aqing, the Yue Girl at the beginning

author:stargazing dream

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-12 04:01

Latest chapter:Chapter 471 Fire Support, Knight Squire (4k)

God and Demon Zhou, in the late Spring and Autumn Period, crossed over to become a thirteen-year-old shepherd girl, accompanied by her sick mother, until she met a white ape in the mountains... Two years later, Zhao Qing accidentally discovered that she could dream Gods. Relying on this ability, she tried the hands of the powerhouses of the heavens, explored ancient myths, and walked step by step on the road of practice, forging the supreme sword. This book is also called 'I Became a Sword Immortal in the Pre-Qin'. (No CP) tentative world: Liancheng Jue, Lu Xiaofeng, Divine Condor, Peerless Twins...

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《The Heavens: Aqing, the Yue Girl at the beginning》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 471 Fire Support, Knight Squire (4k)
Chapter 470: Encounter, promotion, infiltration (4k)
Chapter 469: Mirror image, discussion, surgery (7k)
Chapter 468: Transplantation and Chess Pieces, Frozen City (4k)
Chapter 467: Cooperate inside and outside, waste files (4k)
Chapter 466: Development restrictions, investment (5.5k)
Chapter 465 Information Simulation, History of Civilization (4k)
Chapter 464: Countdown, Dinner, Geology (5k)
Chapter 463: Dream Interpretation, Lion Heart, Dead Person (4k)
《The Heavens: Aqing, the Yue Girl at the beginning》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The White Ape teaches martial arts
Chapter 2 Harvest
Chapter 3 The Way of Cultivation
Chapter 4 Magical Soldiers
Chapter 5 Test
Chapter 6 Apprenticeship (Part 1)
Chapter 7 Apprenticeship (Part 2)
Chapter 8 Citations on Dreaming
Chapter 9 Wanjia Wedding Banquet
Chapter 10 Expose
Chapter 11 Evidence
Chapter Twelve Completely Panic
Chapter Thirteen: Unnecessary Struggle (4k)
Chapter Fourteen: Liancheng Treasure
Chapter 15 New Swordsmanship
Chapter 16 Thoughts on Saving People
Chapter 17 Ling Tuisi's Plan
Chapter 18 Jingzhou Prison
Chapter 19 Prison Robbery
Chapter 20 Shadowless Fist
Chapter 21 Cooperate to take action
Chapter 22 Annihilating the Enemy
Chapter 23 Explanation and Relief
Chapter 24 Prison Break
Chapter 25 Conversation at Tianning Temple
Chapter 26 Divine Photo Skill
Chapter 27 Rain War (Part 1)
Chapter 28 Rain War (Part 2)
Chapter 29 Medical Clinic
Chapter 30 Five Bloody Sword Monks
Chapter 31 Blood Knife Secret Book (4k)
Chapter 32 Weaponry (Part 1)
Chapter 33 Weaponry (Part 2)
Chapter 34 Weaponry (Part 2)
Chapter 35 Slander
Chapter 36: Sealing the Throat
Chapter 37 Medical Treatment
Chapter 38: People are as pale as chrysanthemums
Chapter 39: Using Poison
Chapter 40 Controlling Ling Tuisi
Chapter 41 The Death of Ling Tuisi (4k)
Chapter 42: Temporary Residence in Ling Mansion
Chapter 43 The Divine Illumination is Successful
Chapter 44 The Blood Knife Ancestor and Qi Changfa
Chapter 45 Falling Flowers and Flowing Water
Chapter 46: Set fire to the city (4k)
Chapter 47 Blood Knife
Chapter 48 Collusion
Chapter 50 Qi Changfa’s plan
Chapter 51 Master and Disciple Father and Daughter
Chapter 52 Controlling the Sword with Thread
Chapter 53 The destination of Nansiqi
Chapter 54 Entering the palace alone
Chapter 55 Negotiating conditions
Chapter 56: Taking over the world
Chapter 57: Browsing through the collection, the conference begins
Chapter 58: Sword energy splitting, leaving
Chapter 59 Relocation and Farewell
Chapter 60 The Experience of the Monkey King
Chapter 61 Duanmu’s Caravan
Chapter 62: Melon Vendor
Chapter 63 Buying and selling conflict
Chapter 64 Treasures in the Car
Chapter 65 Wu’s Secret Guard
Chapter 66 The Sword of Zheng Dan (4k)
Chapter 67: Situation in various countries (Part 1)
Chapter 68: Situation in various countries (Part 2)
Chapter 69: Riding on the Heavenly Technique of Controlling the Stars
Chapter 70 Special Bamboo Slips
Chapter 71 Zheng Dan’s Past
Chapter 72 The Collection of King Mu of Zhou
Chapter 73 Xin Wenzi
Chapter 74 Monitoring the Sword Formation
Chapter 75 The Peng family’s plan
Chapter 76 Apology
Chapter 77 Support and Concealment
Chapter 78 Treasure Rumors
Chapter 79: Dreaming Again, Tianqinmen
Chapter 80 Lu Xiaofeng with Two Eyebrows
Chapter 81 The Caught Lingxi Finger
Chapter 82 The result of the fight
Chapter 83 Shanxi Wild Geese
Chapter 84 Cancel the Agreement
Chapter 86 Sikong Reaching for the Stars
Chapter 87 The Qingyi Tower Killer
Chapter 88 The Four Shows of Emei
Chapter 89 Dugu Yihe takes action
Chapter 90 A sudden hidden weapon
Chapter 91 An attack that suddenly changes direction
Chapter 92: Bitter Scheme and Suspicion
Chapter 93 Ximen Chuixue and the Duel
Chapter 94 Competition
Chapter 95 After the Sword Competition
Chapter 96: Move Limits and Breakthroughs
Chapter 97 Fake Princess, True Identity
Chapter 98: Exposing Shangguan Feiyan
Chapter 99 Let’s call it Qinglong Club
Chapter 100 Huo Tianqing’s decision
Chapter 101 Huo Xiu’s small building
Chapter 102 Huo Xiu’s fight
Chapter 103 Grave(4k)
Chapter 104: Iron Cage and Ecstasy
Chapter 105 Defeat Huo Xiu
Chapter 106 Harvest
Chapter 107 Great Wisdom and Great Passage
Chapter 108 Blue Sky Hammer, Digging Earthworms
Chapter 109: The Embroidery Thief, Mu Taoist
Chapter 110 Lord Baiyun City
Chapter 111: Flying Fairy from Heaven
Chapter 112 Incomplete Sword Technique
Chapter 113: The Assassinated Prince Nan
Chapter 114 Hainan Faction, Yangcheng
Chapter 115 Death of the Snake King
Chapter 116 The Invisible Man
Chapter 117 Xue Bing’s Suspicion
Chapter 118 Grandma Bear and Red Shoes
Chapter 119 Gong Jiu, Jin Jiuling is targeted
Chapter 120 Punishment
Chapter 121 The Four Masters
Chapter 122 The Still Sword
Chapter 123 Sharman
Chapter 124: Soul Seducer, Lao Daozi
Chapter 125: Dividing the spoils with old knives
Chapter 126: Lao Daozi’s Weapon
Chapter 127 Underwater Sword Fight
Chapter 128 Dive, ascend, sword light
Chapter 129 Lu Xiaofeng’s question
Chapter 130 Mu Taoist’s excuse
Chapter 131 Jin Jiuling’s statement
Chapter 132 Yu Xuan returns to his true form
Chapter 133 Tianwu Nerve
Chapter 134: Detecting the conspiracy
Chapter 135: Jin Jiuling’s despair, Mu Taoist’s hope
Chapter 136 Wedding Dress Secrets
Chapter 137: Fake Crown Prince
Chapter 138 Wu Ming’s Appreciation
Chapter 139 Two Suspects
Chapter 140 Ghost Villa
Chapter 141 Falling off the cliff and entering the village
Chapter 142: Starting a War
Chapter 143: Destroying the Ghosts
Chapter 144 Four Brothers Without Tigers and Leopards
Chapter 145 Shaolin Divine Fist
Chapter 146 Killing the Evil Beast
Chapter 147: Buying a coffin for a pearl?
Chapter 148: The sword is thundering
Chapter 149: Sky Thunder, Dingguang
Chapter 150: Seeking death on your own?
Chapter 151: Passing on the Kung Fu? Rejection
Chapter 152 A dream within a dream?
Chapter 153 Sword Marks on the Stone
Chapter 154: Bai Skeleton is entranced
Chapter 155 Zhong Wu Gu’s murderous intention
Chapter 156: Breakthrough, Treatment
Chapter 157: Dreams, Heart Obstacles, Restrictions
Chapter 158 The World Sword Club
Chapter 159: Finding opponents for Sui Han’s three friends
Chapter 160 The controlled Lu Xiaofeng
Chapter 161 Five Killers, Meet Sharman Again (4k)
Chapter 162: June Hall
Chapter 163: Lao Du in the south of the city, Prince's Mansion in the west city (4k)
Chapter 164 The History of the Qinglong Society
Chapter 165 Controlling the Sword with Qi?
Chapter 166 Flying Sword and Opponent
Chapter 167 Ximen Chuixue and the Sword Competition, the Honest Monk and the Ambush (4k)
Chapter 168: The Fifteenth Life-Destroying Sword, Death of Gong Jiu
Chapter 169 Sword and Void Spirit
Chapter 170 Yoga, an unexpected ambush method
Chapter 171 The origin of Wu Ming’s martial arts
Chapter 172 Five Qi, Three Chakras and Seven Wheels
Chapter 173 Divine Aura, Eighty Thousand Corpse Insects
Chapter 174: Divine Sword Villa, Tang Clan, and Three Friends of Suihan
Chapter 175: The method of guidance
Chapter 176: The Meeting at the Tiancantan Altar
Chapter 177: Corpse-killing Insect Experiment, Meeting the Jade Rakshasa
Chapter 178 Three Competitions: Qinggong, Eating, and Staring (5k)
Chapter 179: Blood condenses into mist, indestructible body (4k)
Chapter 180 New clues, being a referee
Chapter 181: Refining God and Cultivating Sword Skills
Chapter 182 Wu Ming’s War Letter: Stones and Leaves (4k)
Chapter 163: Found traces
Chapter 184 Wu Ming’s Self-Report and Breakthrough (4k)
Chapter 185: Heaven and man are one, man and man are one
Chapter 186 Mingyu succeeds, one month later, the top of the Forbidden City (4k)
Chapter 187 Yin and Yang Qi, invisible aura (4k)
Chapter 188: The Entrance and Last Words (4k)
Chapter 189: After the war, cold pulse, end (4k)
Chapter 190: Return, go out of the city to practice martial arts
Chapter 191: Sword Wire Connection
Chapter 192 The six elders of the Peng family, a scuffle outside the city (4k)
Chapter 193: The Spiritual Transformation of the Sky Sword of Light, Five-Colored Purgatory and Backstab (4k)
Chapter 194: Behind the Scenes Conspiracy, Mind, Body and God (4k)
Chapter 195: Divine Weapons Show Their Power, Recast in Flesh and Blood (4k)
Chapter 196 Breaking through the Hell, Sword Grinding Stone (4k)
Chapter 197: Determination, Divine Will, Harvest (4k)
Chapter 198: Sword Master Order, Void Way, Kunwu Sword (4k)
Chapter 199: Bandit’s Plot, Ruoxie Creek (4k)
Chapter 200: No involvement in Xiaoyi, fish market conflict (4k)
Chapter 201: Real and fake swordfish, descendants of the state (4k)
Chapter 202: The Swordfish King, the Curse of Zou Ge (4k)
Chapter 203: Life-saving props, watching sword-making (4k)
Chapter 204 Five Elements and Four Symbols, Meaning Yin and Yang (4k)
Chapter 205: Go to Kuaiji City and visit the Martial Arts Academy (4k)
Chapter 206: Sun Tzu's Art of War, See Wen Zhong, Xi Shi (4k)
Chapter 207 Wen Zhong’s plan, Zhao Qing’s goal (4k)
Chapter 208: The Dao Heart is weak and falls into a dream again (4k)
Chapter 209: Mental Suggestion, Subduing King Ming (4k)
Chapter 210: Empty and half-glorious (4k)
Chapter 211: Defuse the evil poison and trap the true energy (4k)
Chapter 212 The Mystery of Kuchan, to Leigu Mountain (4k)
Chapter 213: Chess game and Yi, meeting Wu Yazi (4k)
Chapter 214 Xiaoyao’s Secret Skill (4k)
Chapter 215: Look at the beginning but there is no life at all, God-man (4k)
Chapter 216 The Secret of the Ring, Listening to the Piano by the Lake (4k)
Chapter 217 The best is like water, pure and flawless (4k)
Chapter 218 A'Zhu's life experience, including different debates
Chapter 219 Divine Will of Life and Death (4k)
Chapter 220: Everything is vast, growing flowers and serving grass (4k)
Chapter 221 Murong Longcheng, acupuncture points exert force (4k)
Chapter 222: The Eighth Immovable Land, the old lady saw a ghost
Chapter 223: How to Act, Chaos in the Villa (4k)
Chapter 224: The magic of the old monster, backfires on the corpse (4k)
Chapter 225: The Way of Catalysis, the Sword of Destroying the Heart (4k)
Chapter 226: Remove the suspicion and go to the apricot forest (4k)
Chapter 227: Yipintang, eliminate evil (4k)
Chapter 228 Ye Erniang’s past (4k)
Chapter 229 Dealing with Kang Min, poison gas attack (4k)
Chapter 230: Tai Chi Clutch, Murong Fu Appears (4k)
Chapter 231 The Defeat of Murong Fu, Yi Jin Jing (4k)
Chapter 232: Meeting the Sweeping Monk, the realm of Buddhist practice (4k)
Chapter 233 Seal of Liberation from Troubles (4k)
Chapter 234 Ice Soul Cold Light, Wuji Conjecture (4k)
Chapter 235: Wiping away the past, Arhat conquers the demon (4k)
Chapter 236: God’s Foot in Past Life, Scene of Void (4k)
Chapter 237 Xiao Yuanshan’s Revenge (4k)
Chapter 238 Buddha and Demon coexist and harmonize (4k)
Chapter 239: Storm is coming, Shaolin will gather (4k)
Chapter 240: Shaoshi Mountain Conference (4k)
Chapter 241 Shaoshi Mountain Conference (2) (4k)
Chapter 242: Fighting in the Temple (4k)
Chapter 243 Use the harp to control the wind and forget about me (4k)
Chapter 244 The first battle with Xiaoyaozi (4k)
Chapter 245: Pure and turbid air, all things are united (4k)
Chapter 246: The same as all mysteries, the ultimate in refining the void (4k)
Chapter 247: Theory of Form, Spirit, Sitting and Forgetting, Meridian Transplantation (4k)
Chapter 248 The flowers bloom and see me, it comes to an end (4k)
Chapter 249: The Poison of the Clam, Heart-broken Cliff Carving (4k)
Chapter 250: The intersection of Yin and Yang, the secret of crape myrtle (4k)
Chapter 251: From existence to non-existence, Taiyin True Water (4k)
Chapter 252: Earthquake and sky split, sword art left behind (4k)
Chapter 253: Eternal Spring Valley, Yuanqi Network (4k)
Chapter 254: The sky is clear and the earth is peaceful, and virtue is the way (4k)
Chapter 255: Engraving Internal Skill, Sword Demon Power (4k)
Chapter 256: Asking the Meaning of the Sword, Wuji Essence (4k)
Chapter 257: Infinite Division, Breaking the Mountains of Meaning (4k)
Chapter 258: Cultivating the Divine Eagle, Misty Tianshan (4k)
Chapter 259: History of the Vulture, Underground Grotto (4k)
Chapter 260 Spiritual Essence, Taiyin Transformation (4k)
Chapter 261 Yin Yang Ming Xuan, Top of Snow Peak (4k)
Chapter 262 Between the clouds and mist, the cold front blows (4k)
Chapter 263 Water transforms everything, a fierce battle in the sky (4k)
Chapter 264 Flying hundreds of miles, surrounded by thousands of troops (4k)
Chapter 265: Qiushui's plan, Hanri Volley (4k)
Chapter 266 Fire, Trees and Silver Flowers (4k)
Chapter 267: As fast as a thunderbolt (4k)
Chapter 268: The Evil Spirit Forms (4k)
Chapter 269: Derivation and Practice, Levels of Gangjin (6k)
Chapter 270 Broken Enlightenment, Return and Conjecture (4k)
Chapter 271 The effect of the jade card, the descendant of the sharpshooter (4k)
Chapter 272: The history of witchcraft, the beginning of the story (4k)
Chapter 273: Abnormality in the Shop, Lanfeng Pavilion (4k)
Chapter 274: Secret Road, Ge Ship (4k)
Chapter 275 The collection in the pavilion, the bamboo slips reappear (4k)
Chapter 276: Human figurines devour spirits and catch arrows (4k)
Chapter 277 Blood Cauldron Witchcraft, Jiuxia Chess Lord (4k)
234 Chapter 4K
Chapter 278: Vitality Lens, The Secret of the Bamboo Slips (4k)
Chapter 279 Zhu Gong Chiya, Maps and Yi (4k)
Chapter 280: The Joy of Chime Bells, Secrets of Jin State (4k)
Chapter 281 The remnants of the Shang Dynasty, the talents of Wu and Yue (4k)
Chapter 282: Void Refining Bag, Eastern Suburb Altar (4k)
Chapter 283: Sacrifice and divination, distribution of sacrifices (4k)
Chapter 284 Yun Shens distance, powerful conception (4k)
Chapter 285: The bright moon shines on the heart, weird invitation (4k)
Chapter 286: Dreaming Again, Strange Restriction (4k)
Chapter 287: The original source is clear, breaking into the Rong Mansion (4k)
Chapter 288: Miao Feng Mingzi, History of the Demon Sect, Descendants of Flowers, Messenger of Light (8k)
Chapter 289 Laojun observes and eliminates demons, the Four Right Tiangang (4k)
Chapter 290: A historic scene, Heshi Bi appears (4k)
Chapter 291 Young Xuanzang, Jing Nian Zen Monastery (4k)
Chapter 292: Revealing the truth and being angered (4k)
Chapter 293: Mindless Zen Technique, The Sword Technique of the Other Shore (4k)
Chapter 294: The Secret of He's Jade, the Creation and Destruction of Illusions (4k)
Chapter 295: Seeing Ning Daoqi, turning enemies into friends (4k)
Chapter 296: The Battle of Taoism, Lingnan Ancient Tombs (4k)
Chapter 297: Transforming the Zen Temple and Enlightenment of Consciousness Only (4k)
Chapter 298: The Art of Immortality, to Danyang City (4k)
Chapter 299: Considering Song Shidao, finally meeting the two dragons (4k)
Chapter 300: Seven Colors of the Secret of Immortality, Yuwen Valve (4k)
Chapter 301 The sound of green flute, thunderstorm in the mountains (4k)
Chapter 302: The Essence of Light, Star Sword Embryo (4k)
Chapter 303: Effect of Immortality, Seal of Immortality (4k)
Chapter 304: Immortality, Evil Emperor and Evil Spirit (8k)
Update later
Chapter 305: Demon Blood Media, Sun Changing Technique (5k)
Chapter 306: Everything is perfect, the essence of the Heavenly Sword (7k)
Chapter 307: Guarding ones life, the difference between Tao (4k)
Chapter 308 Authority and Challenge (4k)
Chapter 309: The clan system, the sword comes out with the aurora (4k)
Chapter 310: Water Moon Mirror Flower (4k)
Update later
Chapter 311: Success and adversity are of the same substance, becoming the world (4k)
Chapter 312: Everything returns to ruins, catching people with a lasso (4k)
Chapter 313: Backstabbing Tiele, Roots of Knowledge Sutra (5k)
Chapter 314 Wang Shichongs declaration, holding a bow and setting up an arrow (5k)
Chapter 315: Thunder Arrow and Heavenly Punishment, Cultivation (4k)
Chapter 316: Life and Death of Light and Darkness, Gang Qi Node (4k)
Chapter 317 Shang Xiufang, 'Wen Dou' (6k)
Chapter 318 Ten Ancient Jade, Daxing City (5k)
Chapter 319 Encountering enemies in Wuluo Temple, magnetic field (4k)
Chapter 320 Dark Energy Effect, Covering Strike (4k)
Chapter 272: The History of Witchcraft (4k)
Chapter 321 Black Dragon Conquers Water, Yang Guang (5k)
Chapter 322: The Shari Buddha Bead, the Great Demon (4k)
Chapter 323: Vitality Resistance, Sincerity (4k)
Chapter 324: Form and spirit turn into emptiness, give up (4k)
Chapter 325: Nishijoren Research Institute, abnormal noise underground (4k)
Chapter 326 Anguo Daily, Doubt (4k)
Chapter 327: Vitality Key, Heshi Bi Prize (4k)
Chapter 328: Vitality, life, cultivation of demonic energy (4k)
Chapter 329: Shared ecology, virtual space (4k)
Chapter 330: The Mystery of Jingyan Palace, Sigu Sword (4k)
Chapter 331: Underground River, Steam Explosion (4k)
Chapter 333: Fengze Dongxu, Sword Making Plan (4k)
Chapter 335: Physical Improvement, Black Iron Refining Technology (6k)
Chapter 335 Mushroom Cloud Over the Grassland (4k)
Chapter 336: Strange perspective and new clues (4k)
Chapter 337 Heat Engine Chariot (4k)
Chapter 338: Flying Blade Arrow, Foaming Technology (4k)
Chapter 339: Gold, Stone, and Pills, Tomb of Shabolue (4k)
Chapter 340: Paper review, new application of black iron (4k)
Chapter 341: The elixir is proven effective, a grand expo (4k)
Chapter 342: The scenery of blue sky and floating sky is amazing
Chapter 343 Rose Nebula, reaction (4k)
Chapter 344: Tianxintong, a great weapon is exempted from success (5k)
Chapter 345 Neural Transformation, Cathay Cambrian (4k)
Chapter 346: Testing the Sword, Layering the World, and the Great Exploration Plan (6k)
Chapter 347 Fairy Shadows, Time and Destiny (4k)
Chapter 348: Reform the old and reform, government affairs helper (4k)
Chapter 349: Golden light fills the sky, fishing on a solitary rock (4k)
Chapter 350: Spiritual Root Design, Qin, Sword and Thunder (4k)
Chapter 351 Silent Spirit Sword Formation, Split the Earth Thousands of Feet (4k)
Chapter 352: Random Thoughts, Outer Space Chapter, Catastrophe (4k)
Chapter 353: Kuisu Nebula, Divination Culture (4k)
Chapter 354: Heavenly Demons Refining Gods, Discussing the Legal System (5k)
Chapter 355: Breaking into God, Monetary Economy (4k)
Chapter 356: Surprise change in Langshan, deep lurking (4k)
Chapter 357: Shuo Fang controls ten thousand people, offensive and defensive tactics (4k)
Chapter 358: The city is cracked and the walls are crumbling, the question of longevity (6k)
Chapter 359: On the Laws of Immortality, the Transformation of the Yuan Shen (4k)
Chapter 360: Forbidden Area of Erosion, Megacomputing Project (4k)
Chapter 361 Bones by the Wuding River (5k)
Chapter 362: Manifestation Conjecture, Rushing into Formation (4k)
Chapter 363: Brilliant Results, Fu Cailins Questions (4k)
Chapter 364 Persuasion and counter-persuasion, clone sneaking in (4k)
Chapter 365: Three Immortals, Quest and Price (4k)
Chapter 366: Sea of Chaos, Reincarnation Showdown (4k)
Chapter 367: In the past, my heart was sincere, and the road was not far away (4k)
Chapter 368: Hun Ming explains the way, retreats and returns (6k)
Chapter 369: The Migrant People, Anecdotes of the Canoe (6k)
Chapter 370: A clever fight on the boat, the fisherman first appears (4k)
Chapter 371 The envoy sent to Vietnam, the beauty of burning eyes
Chapter 372: Independent Team, Provocation (4k)
Chapter 373: Value-preserving resources, evaluation by the old man (4k)
Chapter 374: Outside the rules, challenge with one sword (4k)
Chapter 375 God-killing Cannon, future plans (4k)
Chapter 376 Imitation bronze porcelain, image endorsement (4k)
Chapter 377 Cooperation Ideas, Flaws, Opportunities (6k)
Chapter 378: Information pollution, taking advantage of the opportunity (4k)
Chapter 379: Negotiation, Culture, Chessboard (5k)
Chapter 380 The resurrection of the divine weapon, the plague of erosion (6k)
Chapter 381 Bian Ques secret recipe, hundreds of rivers return to the sea (4k)
Chapter 382: The Tenth Day of Hanchuan, the Golden Carp Summons (5k)
Chapter 383: Reward plan, food for thousands of households (4k)
Chapter 384: Strange power and chaos, abnormal changes (4k)
Chapter 385: Lingrui Feixue, the True Talisman of the Holy King of Fire Virtue (4k)
Chapter 386: Seeing Through Coincidences, Stealing Accounts, and the Shapeless Dragon (4k)
Chapter 387 Mimicry Structure, Star Structure (5k)
Chapter 388 Tunzhihuan Gua, Yangziju (4k)
Chapter 389: Zhao Qing teaches the sword, error correction plan (6k)
Chapter 390 Returning to hometown for an outing, Shenyang Ridge (4k)
Chapter 391: The old businessman gave orders and compared them to fishing (6k)
Chapter 392: Heaven is the king, and Coix is given the surname (5k)
Chapter 393: Nine Treasures of the Country, Ten Thousand Gui of Heaven (4k)
Chapter 394: The so-called cooperation, the eye that surveys the sky (4k)
Chapter 395: Cave Sky Sacred Tree, Bizarre Message (4k)
Chapter 396 Chaojun Gambling, Du Kangshan Lei (4k)
Chapter 397 Two major directions, each showing its magical powers (4k)
Chapter 398: A feathered man controls a dragon, making top and bottom decisions (4k)
Chapter 399: Picture Scroll of Four Seasons, Yizipi (4k)
Chapter 400 Debate, Refining (4k)
Chapter 401 Daitian Xinglu, Overseas Ancestral Continent (4k)
Chapter 402: Xu Ren, Wu Xian, and the Immortal Medicine (4k)
Chapter 403: Bold Investment, Good Omen for Wen Ray (5k)
Chapter 404: Traveling overseas, the art of induction (4k)
Chapter 405: The Origin of Totem, Weaving the Way with Dreams (4k)
Chapter 406 Baiyang Cave, Jian Xue, Misunderstanding (5k)
Chapter 407: Resistance, Plan, Simulation (4k)
Chapter 408: Cashmere covered with snow, a single family (4k)
Chapter 409: Memories of the Glacier, Stability and Hidden Danger (4k)
Chapter 410: Jingshi Cave, Overview of World Situation (4k)
Chapter 411 Gushan Jianzang, Nine Dead Silkworms (4k)
Chapter 412: Nangong Picking Beans, Missionary Plan (4k)
Chapter 413 Teaching, Remote Control (6k)
Chapter 414 Conspiracy, Transformation, Destiny (6k)
Chapter 415: Daojuan Liuyun (6k)
Chapter 416: Splashing blood on a rainy night (5k)
Chapter 417 The Dead, Gods (5k)
Chapter 418: Rescue, Ghost Dragon, Plan (5k)
Chapter 419: Hunter, Capture, Mission (6k)
Chapter 420: Deploying troops and generals, the Salvation Society (6k)
Chapter 421 The Dark Side Monarch, Awakening and Situation (5k)
Chapter 422: Water exploration, file decryption (7k)
Chapter 423: Chen family reinforcements, hunter gathering (5k)
Chapter 424: The scapegoat, crisis (6k)
Chapter 425: Counterattack, Reversal (4k)
Chapter 426: Framing, Confrontation (5k)
Chapter 427 Maze, Servants (4k)
Chapter 428: Spiritual Rune Theory, Battle (5k)
Chapter 429: Fighting without martial ethics (6k)
Chapter 430: Alchemical Life, Reinforcements, Artifacts (5k)
Chapter 431: Elder Family, Kidnapping (5k)
Chapter 432: Torture, City in the Sky (4k)
Chapter 433: Quota for becoming a god, blood source seal (5k)
Chapter 434: Golden Crow, Murder (4k)
Chapter 435: Coal seam blockade, series of weapons (4k)
Chapter 436: Fire expulsion, formation formation, three options (7k)
Chapter 437 The Flame of the Heart, Taiyilu (4k)
Chapter 438 Yu Wen, multi-party talks, air crash (8k)
Chapter 439: Waves, Past, Copy (5k)
Chapter 440 Verification, Bashan, vest (6k)
Chapter 441: Mountains and mountains, cherishing talents (6k)
Chapter 442: Fusion of Soldiers and Gang Sword, Strength Confrontation (4k)
Chapter 443: Disintegration of concepts, breaking away from restraint (4k)
Chapter 444 A small border county, a shocking case (4k)
Chapter 445 Arsenal, Lingxu, Clues (4k)
Chapter 446: Flying Needles, Flying Swords, True Essence Heavy Armor (4k)
Chapter 447 Talisman Tactics, Element Conversion (4k)
Chapter 448: Magical opportunity for grain production, hidden risks (4k)
Chapter 449 Activities, Dreaming Space (6k)
Chapter 450: New method of entering dreams, copy (4k)
Chapter 451: Assassination Plan, Glazed Sword (4k)
Chapter 452 Initial base, skill loading (4k)
Chapter 453: Mechanism Test, Dogland Island (5k)
Chapter 454: The Eve of War, Dwarf, Infiltration (8k)
Chapter 455: Retreat, Temple (4k)
Chapter 456: Battle for theocracy, cycle, parallel (4k)
Chapter 457: Lingxu, Jiuyou, Pure Land (5k)
Chapter 458: Oak Creek, Visit, Gift (4k)
Chapter 459: Cooperation and painting, prosperity and decline (4k)
Chapter 460: Detoxification, Recommendation, Shinjuku (5k)
Chapter 461: Guidance, silence, vampire (5.5k)
Chapter 462 Strange stories, strange cases, synchronicity (4k)
Chapter 463: Dream Interpretation, Lion Heart, Dead Person (4k)
Chapter 464: Countdown, Dinner, Geology (5k)
Chapter 465 Information Simulation, History of Civilization (4k)
Chapter 466: Development restrictions, investment (5.5k)
Chapter 467: Cooperate inside and outside, waste files (4k)
Chapter 468: Transplantation and Chess Pieces, Frozen City (4k)
Chapter 469: Mirror image, discussion, surgery (7k)
Chapter 470: Encounter, promotion, infiltration (4k)
Chapter 471 Fire Support, Knight Squire (4k)