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part-time artist

part-time artist

author:I am the fairest

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 00:01

Latest chapter:Chapter 526 The sword is like a dream!

Three years ago, he suffered a head injury, and he was always on drugs. Three years later, the system fell from the sky, and the youngest son of the chaebol family sat up from his deathbed. He also wanted to fight for the inheritance of the family's entertainment empire - gentlemen, and Listen to the dragon's roar!

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《part-time artist》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 526 The sword is like a dream!
Chapter 525 The script is released!
Chapter 524 Baduanjin!
Chapter 523 Urgent, urgent, urgent!
Chapter 522 Bai Di wants to wear women’s clothes?
Chapter 521 Please close your eyes when it’s dark!
Chapter 520 Oppa just killed him!
Chapter 519 Second stop, South Korea!
Chapter 518 Lin Zhibai ends up playing games!
《part-time artist》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Crimson is at your service wholeheartedly
Chapter 2 The youngest son of the chaebol family
Chapter 3 Xicheng Manor
Chapter 4 Father Qu
Chapter 5 Season Standings
Chapter 6 Thirteen Music Parts
Chapter 7 Relieve sorrow
Chapter 8 Bai Di
Chapter 9: Raise a glass to relieve sorrow and make it worse
Chapter 10 Newcomer and New Song
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 The little flying stick is here
Chapter 13 Ten Days of Cry
Chapter 14 Dark belly
Chapter 15 Brother Du's Destined Person
Chapter 16 Zhang Xiyang
Chapter 17 Deletion Dynamics
Chapter 18 Polarization
Chapter 19 Custom Songs
Chapter 20 Cyclonus
Chapter 21 God-level scene
Chapter 22 How many wives did he run away with?
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Small Harvest
Chapter 25 Water Cloud Residence
Chapter 26 School Starts
Chapter 27
Chapter 28: Being both a father and a mother
Chapter 29 The Human Chair
Chapter 30 The Propaganda Song of the Martial Arts Drama
Chapter 31 Moonlight
Chapter 32 Small Goals
Chapter 33 Shock
Chapter 34 Test
Chapter 35 If you don't give up, I will worship you as my uncle
Chapter 36 Publishing the Novel
Chapter 37 The Hidden Third Reversal
Chapter 38 Three Lottery Draws
Chapter 39 Arrangements
Chapter 40 The Personable Zhou Hanjin
Chapter 41 Revenge?
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Strategizing
Chapter 44 The Writing Genius
Chapter 45 Trinket and Yoko
Chapter 46 God's Spell
Chapter 47 Zhou Hanjin: Baidi and I have a 50-50 split
Chapter 48 Jiangcheng: Baidi has the appearance of a father
Chapter 49 I am the White Emperor
Chapter 50 Dominated by the Lord of the Night
Chapter 51 The Script I Can't Refuse
Chapter 52 Prepare to go crazy
Chapter 54 An Xin and Gao Qiqiang
Chapter 55 The Power of Nightless Marquis
Chapter 56 I am a singer
Chapter 57 Chu Ci
Chapter 58 The boss knows everything
Chapter 59 Is this Chu Ci here to fry fish?
Chapter 60 The Transformation Opportunity of Evernight Hou
Chapter 61 Poem of Xiangyang (Little Dinosaur Loves Fish Alliance Leader)
Chapter 62 Nightless Hou Tu Edition
Chapter 63 Neighbors
Chapter 64 Best Friend
Chapter 65 Kunpeng Plan (Leader of the Feiyu Alliance)
Chapter 66: Broken Bridge with Remaining Snow (Leader of Tu Er Alliance)
Chapter 67 This song is a hit
Chapter 68 Zhou Hanjin: Not everyone is worthy to compare with Bai Di
Chapter 69 Arrogant Newcomer (Haixi Alliance Leader)
Chapter 70 It’s Snowing (The Unyielding Salted Fish Leader
Chapter 71 Son of Destiny
Chapter 72 Uncovering the tiles on the houses of the three major universities
Chapter 73: Changing Face (Always walking with sprained feet, leader
Chapter 74 Kunpeng’s first battle
Chapter 75 A program with constant surprises
Chapter 76 The enamored audience (leader of Yanzi 523)
Chapter 77 Confused (Leader of the Dark Star Alliance)
Chapter 78 Lin Zhibai: The bigger the storm, the more expensive the fish.
Chapter 79 I am a singer explodes
Chapter 80 The Tiger and Leopard Brothers (Leader of the Bamboo Basket Cabbage Alliance)
Chapter 81 Happiness Lin Shengtian (Leader of Ryan Fang Alliance)
Chapter 82 Hot item (My big tree has an endless alliance leader)
Chapter 83 Variety Show Popularity Ranking
Chapter 84 Kunpeng spreads his wings
Chapter 85 Ancient Style Season (Vera 0205 Silver League
Chapter 86 Li Xiao: Chu Ci will definitely win
Chapter 87 Forced Suppression
Chapter 88 Three major concerns about Kunpeng (Silver 2/10)
Chapter 89 I Love Memorizing Lyrics (Silver 3/10)
Chapter 90 The mysterious master planner
Chapter 91 Is Nathan going to overturn?
Chapter 92 Broadcast Date (Silver 4/10)
Chapter 93 How strange (Silver 5/10)
Chapter 94 Rave reviews
Chapter 95 One of the top variety show planners in Qinzhou
Chapter 96 Entering the fifth tier (Silver 6/10)
Chapter 97 Consideration (Silver 7/10)
Chapter 98 Zhang Xiyang attacks the King of Singers
Chapter 99: Style not suitable for competition?
Chapter 100 Wanting to Wear a Crown (Silver 8/10)
Chapter 101 Where Dreams Begin (Silver 9/10)
Chapter 102 Win the championship?
Chapter 103 Fireworks
Chapter 104 Winning the Championship (Silver 10/10)
Chapter 105 The true appearance of Emperor Bai is exposed?
Chapter 106 This is a horror grocery store!
Chapter 107 Continuous Lottery and Novel Release
Chapter 108 Shocking! Looping Timeline
Chapter 109 The Writer in Black and White
Chapter 110 'Hurricane' is coming
Chapter 111 Emergency Meeting (Shan Jing Haijuan Leader)
Chapter 112 Future sister-in-law? Su Chan
Chapter 113 Kuangbiao is officially broadcast
Chapter 114 Expectations are full (Leader of the Drunken Wine Cellar)
Chapter 115 The ratings for the first day of the surge are out!
Chapter 116 Tianguang’s Nightmare: Cyclonus
Chapter 117 The annual drama king is born ahead of schedule!
Chapter 118 Whoever wins Kunpeng wins the world?
Chapter 119 The finale of Cyclonus is here!
Chapter 120 Custom orders are pouring in!
Chapter 121 Song of the Emperor (300
Chapter 122 Borrowing Another Five Hundred Years from Heaven
Chapter 123 The bad relationship between Bai Emperor and Zhou Hanjin
Chapter 124 Classic(600
Chapter 125 Chu Ci also has a custom order!
Chapter 126 What suits you is the best
Chapter 127 You really took it (900 months
Chapter 128 Bai Di’s contract is about to be upgraded!
Chapter 129 Two ancient songs by Bai Emperor!
Chapter 130 Mortals suffer disaster (1200 months
Chapter 131 Jiang Cheng’s status within the circle
Chapter 132 Su Chan’s brainstorming
Chapter 133 Advertising Planning(1500
Chapter 134 Enjoy Silky Smoothness
Chapter 135 Is it really so smooth?
Chapter 136 Information (1800
Chapter 137 Lin Liu’s attack
Chapter 138 I won’t let you get second place
Chapter 139 Two Love Songs (2100
Chapter 140 Group ridicule
Chapter 141 The first TV dating show in history?
Chapter 142 Lin Bao: This show is so exciting
Chapter 143 If You Are the One broadcast
Chapter 144 The ratings exploded (2400
Chapter 145 Isolated (2700
Chapter 146 Kunpeng 3C
Chapter 147 The Return of the Night Lord
Chapter 148 I want to sign her (3000
Chapter 149 Han Yueshuang joins Kunpeng
Chapter 150 Bai Di enters the fourth line!
Chapter 151 Shake before drinking (Tang Bin 0630 Leader
Chapter 152 Advertising is a great success
Chapter 153 It doesn’t matter, I will take action
Chapter 154: Use small things to make big things happen (3300
Chapter 155 Kunpeng Film and Television was established
Chapter 156 Poor crew
Chapter 157 Taking Advantage of the Moment for Publicity (The Cat Leader Who Wanders in Dubai
Chapter 158 Hilarious Broadcast
Chapter 159 Lord Marquis
Chapter 160 Never expected (3600
Chapter 161 No one understands the second dimension better than me
Chapter 162 The First Generation Divine Comedy
Chapter 163 The White Emperor created the Willow Forest (3900
Chapter 164
Chapter 165 Su Chan: Marry Bai Di?
Chapter 166 The Grandmaster of Divine Comedy
Chapter 167 Popular in the playground
Chapter 168 Live broadcast (Brother Xia 112233 leader
Chapter 169 On-site Creation(4200
Chapter 170 Happy Breakup Song
Chapter 171 Million
Chapter 172 The live broadcast ends (4500
Chapter 173 Chu Ci’s popularity surges
Chapter 174 Clean up one by one
Chapter 175 Arrogance(4800
Chapter 176 Lin Zhaomu
Chapter 177 Childish Revenge
Chapter 178 Rage(5100
Chapter 179 The old man’s decision
Chapter 180 Lin Liu was dismissed
Chapter 182 Congratulations on getting rich
Chapter 183 Spring Festival Gala Divine Comedy
Chapter 184 Temporary popularity? (5600
Chapter 185 Zhang Xiyang aspires to be the king of singers
Chapter 186 Chu Ci’s second live broadcast
Chapter 187 I, Chu Ci, am not cheating (5900
Chapter 188 Pig Song
Chapter 189 Counterattack
Chapter 190 Adding money to lay people (6200
Chapter 191 Little Apple
Chapter 192 Listen to me and thank you
Chapter 193 Square Dance(6500
Chapter 194 Divine Comedy Rules Qinzhou Music Scene
Chapter 195 A companion piece to 'Hurry Up'?
Chapter 196 The Battle between Brother Qiang (6800
Chapter 197: Will your melon stay ripe?
Chapter 198 Kunpeng’s hot style
Chapter 199 Explosive Manufacturing Machine (7100
Chapter 200 Zhou Han is the second best
Chapter 201 Three new variety shows
Chapter 202 Divide the family property?
Chapter 203 Changes in the Mythical Pattern
Chapter 204 No one can dig out the Night Hou (7400
Chapter 205 The bloody drama is coming (7700
Chapter 206 Mythical Double Sniper Kunpeng
Chapter 207 War Song! Unforgiven
Chapter 208 Waterloo (8000
Chapter 209 I promised not to read it
Chapter 210 You are so coquettish, the famous scene is born!
Chapter 211 Clearly understand Hong Shixian
Chapter 212 Becoming the real boss of Shinhwa Publishing House?
Chapter 213 The Nightless Hou is coming
Chapter 214 Narrative trick is born
Chapter 215 It’s the fourth line of sleepless nights
Chapter 216 The most handsome chaebol prince in history!
Chapter 217 Exposed to the entire Internet! Emperor Bai is Lin Zhibai!
Chapter 218 Lin Zhibai: I am Bai Di!
Chapter 219 Is this the third line?
Chapter 220 Publisher’s plan to double profits!
Chapter 221 This way I can hold you in the palm of my hand
Chapter 222 The sales of scented milk tea are booming
Chapter 223 It’s your Yida!
Chapter 224 Three Kills of Lin Gong
Chapter 225 Chu Ci 1v5
Chapter 226 Various types of live broadcasts
Chapter 227 For You
Chapter 228 Another wedding song!
Chapter 229 You will marry me today!
Chapter 230 The Patriarch of the Wedding Celebration is here!
Chapter 231 Chu Ci enters the third line!
Chapter 232 Whampoa Military Academy written by Blue Star Online!
Chapter 233 The Patriarch of Internet Literature! The Nightless Marquis teaches his skills!
Chapter 234 Blue Star Chinese website will be launched soon!
Chapter 235 Those weird online book titles!
Chapter 236 The door to a new world was opened by online novels!
Chapter 237 The Silver Alliance’s Red Slaughter Edition!
Chapter 238 Hundred Alliances on the First Day! The Shock of Shinhwa Publishing House
Chapter 239 The source of the Internet article is Hou Yehou!
Chapter 240 The Famous Death of Baguio
Chapter 241 Money Tree, Money Printing Press
Chapter 242 Lin Zhaomu’s shock
Chapter 243 The sister who rides the wind and waves
Chapter 244 This show can be a hit
Chapter 245 The first recording of 'Sister Lang' is completed
Chapter 246 Entertainment family? Bai Di’s family exposed
Chapter 247 'Sister Lang' is broadcast, my youth is back!
Chapter 248 Stage of 'Pure Land'!
Chapter 249 Women are like dreams
Chapter 250 Chu Ci also wants to participate in 'Sister Lang'!
Chapter 251 The Sweetheart Leader becomes famous, and the Pure Land of Paradise explodes
Chapter 252 Superstar and 'Sea of ??Flowers'
Chapter 253 Night Hou enters the third line!
Chapter 254 The tomb robbing notes are coming
Chapter 255 Lanxing Tingshu is popular!
Chapter 256 Bai Di, a business wizard!
Chapter 257 Lin Zhaomu: This guy is like me!
Chapter 258 Hou Yehou: Did I kill me?
Chapter 259 Shinhwa TV doesn’t want to shoot the vulture?
Chapter 260 The Condor Trilogy Plan!
Chapter 261 The Condor Broadcast, Iron-blooded Heart
Chapter 262 Jin Yong’s martial arts debut!
Chapter 263 The ratings broke five!
Chapter 264 Martial Arts Savior!
Chapter 265 The Condor Heroes
Chapter 266 The Divine Eagle is released
Chapter 267 Run! This book was written by Hou Heiye!
Chapter 268 Nightless Pill?
Chapter 269 The market is picking up! Public opinion reverses!
Chapter 270: Sales Counterattack, Storm Stops
Chapter 271 Qin Yi Couplet Competition!
Chapter 272 The preliminary round begins!
Chapter 273 Appear as a saint in front of others! Dimensionality reduction strike!
Chapter 274 Learn to control points! Absolute through the ages!
Chapter 275 Become famous in one battle!
Chapter 276 Becoming the boss of Shinhwa Publishing House!
Chapter 277 Canon is about to appear, and the beginning is coming!
Chapter 278 The broadcast begins, God unfolds!
Chapter 279 The best online drama of the year is born!
Chapter 280 The beginning and ending are terrifying if you think about it carefully
Chapter 281 Aunts Pleading
Chapter 282 Pure grudge and father-son game
Chapter 283 Lin Zhaomu: Is Lin Zhibai Chu Ci?
Chapter 284 Lin Gong and Lin Feng fight against Lin Zhibai
Chapter 285 Sorry, I have already paid back my money.
Chapter 286 This chapter writes about the auditions and Bai Dis pretense
Chapter 287 Bai Di: So angry
Chapter 288 The first fourth-level student! Its a pleasure to read 10,000 words!
Chapter 289 The mentors are about to fight!
Chapter 290 Siren! Luo Yan!
Chapter 291 The Voice is officially broadcast!
Chapter 292 Kunpengs best variety show ever!
Chapter 293 A program that can change your destiny!
Chapter 294 Good Voice breaks all major records!
Chapter 295 The most popular variety show in the history of Qinzhou!
Chapter 296 Are you in the wrong place?
Chapter 297 Take down the Shinhwa Entertainment Music Department!
Chapter 298 Zhou Hanjin: If you cant beat him, then join him
Chapter 299 The Gemini Music Stars Reunite at the Spring Festival Gala
Chapter 300 The smell of the New Year comes up after being scratched
Chapter 301 Good luck comes with the Spring Festival Gala Divine Comedy
Chapter 302 Chu Ci is on the second line!
Chapter 303 Bai Di can also create on-site?
Chapter 304 Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!
Chapter 305 A wave of flow!
Chapter 306 The Patriarch of New Year Songs!
Chapter 307 Bai Di is in charge of the Shinhwa Music Department, and Tianguang Chairman Su
Chapter 308 Investing in Tianguang TV Station
Chapter 309 Exploring overseas markets?
Chapter 310 Qinzhou Poetry Club
Chapter 311 Ji Quantai: White Emperor, just green leaves!
Chapter 312 Bai Dis verbal battle with the Confucians!
Chapter 313 The poetry meeting officially begins!
Chapter 314 You are rude, I will teach you
Chapter 315 This White Emperor really knows how to write poetry!
Chapter 316 Unrivaled Talent!
Chapter 317 Bai Dis calligraphy is not good?
Chapter 318 The sage of calligraphy? The best running script in the world!
Chapter 319 How often have I set my sights on the prince?
Chapter 320 Bai Dis farewell poem!
Chapter 321 He is qualified to inherit Shinhwa Group!
Chapter 322 Transition
Chapter 323 The grandson of the emperor in the Qinzhou entertainment industry?
Chapter 324 Red carpet photos of Bai Di and Lin Zhaomu!
Chapter 325 It doesnt matter, I will take action!
Chapter 326 Crimson, add more! Let me see your limit!
Chapter 327 The Lanting Preface is shockingly revealed!
Chapter 328 The best calligrapher in Blue Star!
Chapter 329 Opening up the Qizhou market
Chapter 330 The King of Masked Singer is born!
Chapter 331 A new variety show that surpasses 'The Voice'?
Chapter 332 The Variety Star King? The soul of mischief!
Chapter 333 Brother Frog, you imitate very much!
Chapter 334 Crimson adds another touch, the king of singers Lin Zhibai!
Chapter 335 Zhou Hanjin Imitation Contest?
Chapter 336 The recording of 'The King of Masked Singer' begins!
Chapter 337 The real and fake Zhou Han is gone!
Chapter 338 The real Zhou Hanjin!
Chapter 339 Variety Star Lord: Yes, I am Zhang Xiyang!
Chapter 340 Zhang Xiyang: This black pot is big and round!
Chapter 341 The first recording period is over!
Chapter 342 The King of Masked Singer is officially broadcast!
Chapter 343 The Masked Singer is a big hit!
Chapter 344 A bigger and rounder black pot!
Chapter 345 Baibianxingjun is a swindler!
Chapter 346 The second line can only be used as cannon fodder in this show?
Chapter 347 You are so poisonous!
Chapter 348 The number one trap in the Blue Star music world!
Chapter 349: There will be no business war if you cheat!
Chapter 350 Real and fake Lin Shouzhuo!
Chapter 351 The devil fish reveals its face!
Chapter 352: Dont tell the difference between male and female, the perfume is poisonous!
Chapter 353 Luo Yan: Can this also hit me?
Chapter 354 The story of the boy who cried wolf!
Chapter 355 Lin Zhaomu: He is indeed my good grandson!
Chapter 356 Songs of Chu, lyrics by Bai Di, music by Lin Zhibai, singing
Chapter 357 Variety Star Lord: I am a girl!
Chapter 358 The Fatal Flaw of Variety Star Lord!
Chapter 359 Why do you care who I am?
Chapter 360: Harmful and deceptive!
Chapter 361 The Frog Prince fell off his horse!
Chapter 362 Painting Master!
Chapter 363 The Nightless Hou enters comics!
Chapter 364 Weird comics!
Chapter 365: Pirates become famous, and Hou Yehou breaks the circle of influence!
Chapter 366 Lin Zhibai: I am determined to be an intercontinental superstar!
Chapter 367 Variety Star Lord Multiplayer Sports?
Chapter 368 Arrogant Exploding Durian!
Chapter 369 Darabeng!
Chapter 370 One person plays the role of Hexagon!
Chapter 371 Upset!
Chapter 372 The cunning and ever-changing Star Lord!
Chapter 373 I asked you to imitate, but I didnt ask you to surpass!
Chapter 374 Its over with two issues left!
Chapter 375 Father and Mothers Day!
Chapter 376 The Night Hou is on the front line!
Chapter 377 Thanks for having you along the way!
Chapter 378 Variety Star Lords perfect plan!
Chapter 379 The killer move of exploding durian: Qi Yuge!
Chapter 380 I really love you!
Chapter 381 Lin Zhibai: Just the second oldest in ten thousand years!
Chapter 382 Eiichiros doubts!
Chapter 383 The greatest program effect is achieved!
Chapter 384 The finals are coming!
Chapter 385 The terrifying number of votes!
Chapter 386 Variety Star Lord vs. Overlord Flower
Chapter 387 Fake Monk
Chapter 388 Semifinals!
Chapter 389 The castrato!
Chapter 390 Opera 2!
Chapter 391 Exploding durian, eliminated!
Chapter 392 Listen to mother!
Chapter 393 Glory Revealed (Two in One)!
Chapter 394 Lin Zhaomu: What a decent person!
Chapter 395 Shocking Qinzhou!
Chapter 396 The Qizhou music circles surname is Qi!
Chapter 397 Qizhou, here I come!
Chapter 398 Trip to Lishan!
Chapter 399 Variety Show Battle!
Chapter 400 Recording begins, Peach Blossom Coins!
Chapter 401 You have to earn all the money from the program team!
Chapter 402 Profiteer!
Chapter 403 Chef Lin is online!
Chapter 404 Hide and seek?
Chapter 405 The Variety Star King returns to the world!
Chapter 406 Lin Zhibai’s cool moves!
Chapter 407 Common routines in variety shows!
Chapter 408 The richest man in Lishan Bai!
Chapter 409 The scenery on the mountain!
Chapter 410 The first issue is broadcast!
Chapter 411 How do you know I caught a fish weighing fifty pounds?
Chapter 412 The veritable richest man in Lishan!
Chapter 413 Botany expert Lin Zhibai!
Chapter 414 Give Qi people a little musical shock!
Chapter 415 Bankrupt Sisters!
Chapter 416 Sheep!
Chapter 417 The Last Supper!
Chapter 418 Kill by touching the head!
Chapter 419 Everyone stand up!
Chapter 420 Truth or Dare!
Chapter 421 I am the one licking the dog?
Chapter 422 I seem to have fallen in love with you!
Chapter 423 Modern Poetry!
Chapter 424 Poetry shocks Qizhou!
Chapter 425 I, Qi Jianjia, shouldn’t lick a dog!
Chapter 426: Live streaming room for streaming!
Chapter 427 Lin Zhibai’s crazy solo show!
Chapter 428 In ten minutes, he made five million!
Chapter 429 Green Live Broadcast Room!
Chapter 430 Attacking Qizhou’s front line?
Chapter 431 Who made me the Nightless Marquis!
Chapter 432 Qizhou’s season rankings!
Chapter 433 Representative Lin is about to take off!
Chapter 434 Big! Four! Hi!
Chapter 435 Five! Son! Admission to the Department!
Chapter 436 The number one talent in Blue Star?
Chapter 437 The rhythm of becoming popular!
Chapter 438 Become one of the first-tier Qizhou!
Chapter 439 Word guessing puzzle!
Chapter 440 The Emperor cannot get on board the ship!
Chapter 441 A ship full of clear dreams fills the galaxy!
Chapter 442 Ink painting!
Chapter 443: Cook like a master!
Chapter 444 Qizhou’s poetry meeting!
Chapter 445 Come out, water tune singer!
Chapter 446 It’s cold at high places!
Chapter 447 Tongtian Dai!
Chapter 448 Grab!
Chapter 449 Reach the top of Qinzhou Super Line!
Chapter 450 Children’s Literature?
Chapter 451 Winning six yuan!
Chapter 452 Seventh Master!
Chapter 453: It’s not scary to wear matching clothes, whoever is ugly will be embarrassed!
Chapter 454 Higher pursuit!
Chapter 455 The Eight Immortals Cross the Sea!
Chapter 456 Lin Zhibai: I’m drained!
Chapter 457 The Nine-Rank Sesame Official is released!
Chapter 458 The Song of the Sunset and the Song of Thousands of Ques!
Chapter 459 Far ahead!
Chapter 460 Even the tail of the crane is not allowed to be used!
Chapter 461 Mr. Lin’s talent is exhausted!
Chapter 462 Master Duanshui!
Chapter 463 Master Jiu, everyone outside is Lin Zhibai!
Chapter 464 Classic reappears!
Chapter 465 Master Ten?
Chapter 466 Intercontinental superstar Lin Zhibai!
Chapter 467 Night Hou is on top of the list!
Chapter 468 Qi Chuwen’s fight is about to begin!
Chapter 469 Who is the peak at the end of calligraphy!
Chapter 470 Writing like a god!
Chapter 471 Ye Caier!
Chapter 472 Questions and Answers about Fishermen and Woodcutter!
Chapter 473 The wild geese fall on the sand!
Chapter 474 I really dont want to become a god!
Chapter 475 I am God!
Chapter 476 Qizhous first gold!
Chapter 477 I cried so much!
Chapter 478: Kill the opponent with a blast!
Chapter 479 Jun Matsumoto!
Chapter 480 The top ten Go players in the world?
Chapter 481 Liu Ji admits defeat!
Chapter 482 The second gold medal!
Chapter 483 Yan Zhenqing!
Chapter 484 Ouyang Xun and the best regular script in the world!
Chapter 485 When I see Bai Di, Dao becomes empty!
Chapter 486 The God of Calligraphy!
Chapter 487 Chuzhou is directly on the second line?
Chapter 488 Lin Zhibai, Lishan Picture!
Chapter 489 Bloody Cruelty!
Chapter 490 Altar!
Chapter 491 Pretending to be a master without saying anything!
Chapter 492 I’m going to fight against the king of kings!
Chapter 493 King Chen and Emperor Bai!
Chapter 494 Five consecutive championships!
Chapter 495 Please ask God Li Qingzhao!
Chapter 496: It’s just a frown, but it’s in your heart!
Chapter 497 Ten years of life and death!
Chapter 498 Bold and bold!
Chapter 499 The Chuzhou people are anxious!
Chapter 500 The last day!
Chapter 501 A glance at all the small mountains!
Chapter 502 A group photo together!
Chapter 503 Welcome the White Emperor!
Chapter 504 Lin Zhaomu’s promise!
Chapter 505 Bai Di and Kunpeng’s boss!
Chapter 506 Next stop: Central Continent!
Chapter 507 Another year of charity dinner!
Chapter 508 The authentic work of King Chen!
Chapter 509 Sky-high price!
Chapter 510 Charity Live Series!
Chapter 511 Invite the whole village to a feast!
Chapter 512 Goal 6 billion!
Chapter 513 Both civil and military!
Chapter 514 Sweet!
Chapter 515 Crazy fundraising ability!
Chapter 516 Lin Zhibai’s new plan!
Chapter 517 Amazing the world at any time!
Chapter 518 Lin Zhibai ends up playing games!
Chapter 519 Second stop, South Korea!
Chapter 520 Oppa just killed him!
Chapter 521 Please close your eyes when it’s dark!
Chapter 522 Bai Di wants to wear women’s clothes?
Chapter 523 Urgent, urgent, urgent!
Chapter 524 Baduanjin!
Chapter 525 The script is released!
Chapter 526 The sword is like a dream!