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Human Guardian Envoy

Human Guardian Envoy

author:The white horse is gone

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 02:03

Latest chapter:Chapter 1592 Another breakthrough in cultivation

After resurrecting his life, Shen Changqing became a member of the Great Qin Town Demon Division. At this time, it coincided with the troubled times of monsters and monsters. Killing the ghost-level monsters, the Thirteen Taibao practiced their skills to perfection! Killing the resentment-level monsters, pure Raise Yang Gong to perfection! Kill powerful monsters and break the limits of martial arts! Kill——A few years later, Shen Changqing transformed into a human race guardian, and all kinds of monsters and monsters bowed their heads! With me, the human race will never be destroyed!

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《Human Guardian Envoy》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1592 Another breakthrough in cultivation
Chapter 1591: Tongyou
Chapter 1590: Mottled Bloodstains
Chapter 1,589 Obtaining the Zhongzhou Cauldron
Chapter 1,588 Whoever moves will die!
Chapter 1,587 The whereabouts of the Heavenly Sacrifice Cauldron
Chapter 1586: Innate Qi Watching Technique
Chapter 1585: Luck
Chapter 1584: The First Person in the Formation
《Human Guardian Envoy》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Daqin Town Magic Division
Chapter 2 Thirteen Taibao Crossing Practice
Chapter 3 Weird (please collect and vote)
Chapter 4 The Remnant of the Demon
Chapter 5 Breaking the Limit, Generating True Qi (please collect and vote)
Chapter 6 Tongmai (please collect and vote)
Chapter 7 Internal and external cultivation
Chapter 8: The Thirty-One Years of Daqin
Chapter 9: Once you enter the Demon-Suppressing Division, you have no choice but to live or die.
Chapter 10 The One Year Is About To Expiry
Chapter 11 Assessment Tasks
Chapter 12 Lin'an City
Chapter Thirteen Gu Yue Village
Chapter 14 Fantasyland
Chapter 15 You're too impatient
Chapter 16 Confrontation
Something to say!
Chapter 17 A familiar feeling (Thanks to the leader 'Zhuang Shu' for the reward)
Chapter 18 Eleventh Floor Pure Yang Gong
Chapter 19: Complicity (Thanks to the leader of 'Qing Shi Don't Change the Flow' for the reward)
Chapter 20 You are—Sir Shen!
A small summary and special instructions for February
Chapter 21 Body Protection Astral Qi
Chapter 22 I'm waiting for him here
Chapter 23 Monster
Chapter 24 You Damn
Chapter 25 Eternal Life Alliance
Chapter 26 Handling
Chapter 27 Tianchawei
Chapter 28 Emergency medical treatment
Chapter 29 The Situation
Chapter 30 The nine clans should be punished
Chapter 31 Five Powers
Chapter 32: Punishment for absconding in fear of crime
Chapter 33 Killing the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 34: Huangjie Eliminates Demons
Chapter 35 Lin'an City Magistrate
Chapter Thirty-six Tianwu Gangqi
Chapter 37 The first ray of true energy
Chapter 38 Judgment
Chapter 39 Take it all away
Chapter 40: Beheading in the street at noon tomorrow
Chapter 41: An Unknown Premonition
Chapter 42: Sneak Attack
Chapter 43 Possession
Chapter 44: Two Deaths (First update, please pre-order)
Chapter 45: The Executioner With Bloody Hands
Chapter 47 Collusion with evil spirits will never be tolerated (Third update)
Chapter 47 Anger (fourth update)
Chapter 48 You can’t afford what I want (fifth update)
Chapter 49 The Eternal Life Alliance Stronghold (Additional update for the leader 'Zhuang Shu')
Chapter 50: Zhang Family Corpse Puppet (Additional update for the leader of the 'Green Shirt Will Not Change the Flow' alliance)
Chapter 51 The Monster of the Eternal Life Alliance (Eighth)
Chapter 52 Intimidation (Ninth)
Chapter 53 Cannot Coexist (Tenth)
Chapter 54 Crazy Ascension
Chapter 55 Promotion or not is a question
Chapter 56 The earth dragon turns over (2,300 additional updates after ordering)
Chapter 57 The number is a bit large
Chapter 58 Too Quiet
Chapter fifty-ninth is destined to be a bloody night
Chapter 60: The Difficulties of Suppressing Demons
Chapter 61 Extermination
Chapter 62: The fire soars into the sky
Chapter 63 Not Worth the Investment
Chapter 64: Tianchawei Comes
Chapter 65 The new official takes office
Chapter 66: Layman Luotan
Chapter 67 Plague
Chapter 68 Homecoming
Chapter 69 Don't worry too much
Chapter 70 Merit
Chapter 71 Hundred Battles Sword Technique
Chapter 72 Martial arts fusion
Chapter 73 Alchemy Sect
Chapter 74 Cant find it
Chapter 75 Natural Disaster
Chapter 77 This medicinal soup is poisonous!
Chapter 78 Im here to give you a ride
Chapter 79 The Iron Sand Palm is completed!
Chapter 80 Are there any more difficult tasks?
Chapter 81 Are you injured?
Chapter 82 Jincheng
Chapter 83: Young Master, dont leave!
Chapter 84: Extraordinarily clean
Chapter 85 Strange
Chapter 86 Zhou Qin
Chapter 87: Weakening Strength
Chapter 88 I hope you can work harder
Chapter 89 Burning the Zhou Familys Ancestral House
Chapter 90: A wave of trouble
Chapter 91: Extermination of the Family
Chapter 92 Nie Xu
Chapter 93: The energy of life
Chapter 94 You are the master!!
Chapter 95: I want you to be the bottom of the corpse
Chapter 96: Fifteenth level of Tianwu Gangqi
Chapter 97 Camp
Chapter 98 Black Tiger Army
Chapter Ninety-Nine: DemonEvil
Chapter 100 Several mummies
Chapter 101 Well
Chapter 102 Return
Chapter 103 Harvest
Chapter 104 The three major towns
Chapter 105 All Qin people are slaves
Chapter 106 True Qi is overflowing
Chapter 107 fundamental
Chapter 108 Myself
Chapter 109 Get ready!
Chapter 110 Demon Attack
Chapter 111 The demon is causing trouble and deserves to be killed!
Chapter 112 Haoran Righteousness
Chapter one hundred and thirteenth experience
Chapter 114: No Thousand Days to Prevent Thieves
Chapter 115 Attractive Rewards
Chapter 116 Qianshan Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 117 Want to search my Qianshan Martial Arts Hall?
Chapter 118 The middle stage of the master
Chapter 119: To Yin Sword Body
Chapter 120 Rolling
Chapter 121 Goodbye Hongyi
Chapter 122 People from Danzong
Chapter 123: No matter how small a mosquitos legs are, they are still meat.
Chapter 124: Rich Harvest
Chapter 125: Organizing Evacuation
Chapter 126 Barbarians Attack
Chapter 127 Barbarians siege the city
Chapter 128: Battle to defend the city
Chapter 129 The Power of the Grandmaster
Chapter 130 Consumption
Chapter 131 Heavy Casualties
Chapter 132 Its about to collapse
Chapter 133 The city is broken
Chapter 134 Peak Strength
Chapter 135 Do you want to go to support?
Chapter 136 Divination
Chapter 137 Breakout
Chapter 138 Tiger and Leopard Thunder Sound
Chapter 139 A handsome young man
Chapter 140: Survive in a hundred battles
Chapter 141 Battle with Melba
Chapter 142 Coveting the physical body
Chapter 143 Bloody Battle
Chapter 144 A sneak attack
Chapter 145: Survival in a Hundred Battles
Chapter 146 Breaking out of the siege
Chapter 147 Good News
Chapter 148 Nangong Yu
Chapter 149: Who are you? (Additional update for the leader 'Yu Luo Hong Chen ~ Yun Gui Chu')
Chapter 150 Suppression (Additional update for the leader 'Human World 007')
Chapter 151 In troubled times, strength is the most important
Chapter 152: An eye-catching opportunity
Chapter 153: Earth Level Demon Slayer
Chapter 154 I am indeed a poor man
Chapter 155 Not as strong as you think
Chapter 156 The Limit of a Warrior
Chapter 157 He is Shen Changqing!
Chapter 158 Blood Lotus
Chapter 159 Regular Patron (Additional update for the leader 'Pianpian_Gongzi')
Chapter 160: Cultivate the spirit (666 monthly votes plus more updates)
Chapter 161: Someone coming (666*2=1332 monthly tickets plus updates)
Chapter 162: Backing the Imperial City
Chapter 163: A good seedling
Chapter 164: Holy Land of Martial Arts
Chapter 165 Its easy to say
Chapter 166 One Hundred and Fifty Grandmasters
Chapter 167: Destroy all armies with one thought
Chapter 168 Rushing to Rescue
Chapter 169: Treasured Land for Cultivation
Chapter 170 Something happened
Chapter 171 Urgent
Chapter 172 Spiritual Strength
Chapter 173 The True Meaning of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 174 Basics
Chapter 175 The Great Sun Sutra
Chapter 176 Transformation
Chapter 177: Have you made a breakthrough?
Chapter 178: Evil-killing Crossbow
Chapter 179: Didnt it scare you?
Chapter 180: Demon Sealing Nail
Chapter 181 Acquisition
Chapter 182 Two Thousand Merits
Chapter 183 Deduction
Chapter 184 Black Market
Chapter 185: Smashing the pot and selling the iron
Chapter 186 Forbidden Land
Chapter 187 Lets go!
Chapter 188 The more the better
Chapter 189 Amazing Wealth
Chapter 190: People are stupid and have too much money
Chapter 191 Dare to sell anything
Chapter 192 Fierce Competition
Chapter 193: This wave is not a loss
Chapter 194 A sudden awakening
Chapter 195 Unexpected
Chapter 196: The Guiyuan Sword Sect that uses swords?
Chapter 197 You still have to exercise hard
Chapter 198 Are you crazy?
Chapter 199 Two Martial Arts
Chapter 200: Master Shen is serious?
Chapter 201: Retreat
Chapter 202 The Yi Tribe
Chapter 1 Beating drums to complain
Chapter 2 Shangqing Palace
Chapter 3 Suppressing Rumors
Chapter 4 There is a problem
Chapter 5 Amazing Genius
Chapter 6 The Demon Slayer has not returned yet
Chapter 7 Rescue
Chapter 8 Escape separately
Chapter 9 Bad Luck
Chapter 10 Unilateral Beating
Chapter 11 The righteousness of heaven and earth will last forever!
Chapter 12 Differences
Chapter Thirteen Enlightenment
Chapter 14 Where is the demon?
Chapter 15 Its not dead yet!
Chapter 16 Monster, monster! (Thanks to the leader of the '82-year old driver' for the reward)
Chapter 17 Opportunity
Chapter 18 There is some friendship
Chapter 19 Heading to Xiaoqiu Mountain
Chapter 20 Dont do it if you cant do it
Chapter 21: Fall out of love
Chapter 22 Alive or dead
Chapter 23 Crazy
Chapter 24 Dont advise others to be kind without doing their job
Chapter 25 Turnaround
Chapter 26 Give up the plan
Chapter 27: Demon Sealing Tower
Chapter 28 Wang Mubai
Chapter 29 The Origin of the Guardian Envoy
Chapter 30 Defects
Chapter 31 Fire Brigade
Chapter 32 Which Lord Shen?
Chapter 33 There are people like you
Chapter 34 Cleaning
Chapter 35 Complaint
Chapter 36 A sudden whim
Chapter 37 Great Harvest
Chapter 38 The sword comes
Chapter 39 Four Demons
Chapter 40 The Great Sun Oven
Chapter 41: Sacrifice yourself for righteousness
Chapter 42 The Eternal Alliance Leader
Chapter 43 Rebellion
Chapter 44 Attack
Chapter 45 Qianxin Pavilion comes to help
Chapter 46 Why
Chapter 47 I dont want to die
Chapter 48 I remember you
Chapter 49 So rude
Chapter 50: Head of the Interior Cabinet
Chapter 51 Can I have sex for free?
Chapter 52 Comfort
Chapter 53: The Great Sun Golden Pill
Chapter 54 What a coincidence?
Chapter 55 Do you know someone?
Chapter 56 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 57 Decide for yourself
Chapter 58: Second watch
Chapter 59 Nanyou Mansion
Chapter 60 Ji Tianlu
Chapter 61 The Pillar of the Country
Chapter 62 Whereabouts Unknown
Chapter 63 Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 64 Luyang City
Chapter 65 Unknown attack
Chapter 66 Is it a battle or a breakthrough?
Chapter 67: If you are an enemy, you must die!
Chapter 68: Restraint
Chapter 69: Exorbitant Charges
Chapter 70 Asura Hell
Chapter 71: Reaping the benefits
Chapter 72 A palm falling from the sky
Chapter 73 Great Harvest
Chapter 74 Burning Luyang City
Chapter 75 Shen Changqing is very strong
Chapter 76 Tiger Tooth Knife
Chapter 77 Heaven Realm
Chapter 78 Invitation
Chapter 79: Sir and I are quite fond of each other
Chapter 80: Loot all
Chapter 81 Opening (fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 82 The Shen Family of Nanyou Mansion (fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 83 Transaction (fourth update, please give me monthly votes)
Chapter 84 The powerful beast (please vote for the fourth update)
Chapter 85 Red Phosphorus (please vote for me)
Chapter 86 Finally found it (please vote for me)
Chapter 87 Spiritual energy rising into the sky (please vote for me)
Chapter 88 Transaction (please vote)
Chapter 89 Everyone depends on their ability (please vote for me)
Chapter 90 The default rules (asking for monthly votes)
Chapter 91: Its hard to enter the elegant hall (please vote for me)
Chapter 92: An earth-shattering sword (please vote for me)
Chapter 93 The time has come for prosperity (please vote for me)
Chapter 94: Just you? (please vote)
Chapter 95: Increase in longevity (17,800 monthly votes plus update)
Chapter 96: Grand Master (please vote for me)
Chapter 97 Are you(please vote)
Chapter 98 Tiankui (monthly ticket 18,300 plus updates)
Chapter 99 Extra Harvest (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 100: Heaven closes (seeking monthly pass)
Chapter 101 Your eyes are annoying (1/10)
Chapter 102 Familiar Words (10/2)
Chapter 103 Must Break Through (10/3)
Chapter 104 Absolute Peak (10/4)
Chapter 105 Feed the wrong thing? (10/5)
Chapter 106 Gongyeheng (10/6)
Chapter 107: The Beast Who Chooses to Eat (10/7)
Chapter 108 Qutai County (10/8)
Chapter 109 Fengqiu Mountain (10/9)
Chapter 110 A Punch In The Air (10/10)
Chapter 111 Thinking about countermeasures (monthly ticket 18800 plus updates)
Chapter 112 Direction (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 113 Try (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 114 Really Useful (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 115 What is the blood that exists (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 116: Your Highness may spare my life? (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 117 Spirit Monster (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 118: Unlock new functions of the panel (monthly pass 19,300 plus updates)
Chapter 119 Message (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 120: Vibration (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 121: The Response of the Town Demon Division (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 122 The Hope of Eternal Life (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 123 Attack (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 124 Are you getting old? (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 125 Difficulties (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 126 You are really ruthless (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 127 The style of the town magician (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 128 I'm waiting for you (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine to Thirty Strong Suppression
Chapters 131 to 32: The sound of hundreds of miles (two-in-one monthly pass 19800 and 20300 plus updates)
Chapter 133 - Are you okay? (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 134: The deity underestimated you (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 135 Sudden news (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 136 Strength determines vision (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 137 to 38 Needless to say the scene (two-in-one asking for a monthly pass)
Chapter 139 New Martial Arts (monthly ticket 20,800 plus updates)
Chapter 140 Don't make a bigger noise (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 141 New Transformation (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapters 142 to 43 Start again (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 144-45 I’m careless! (2-in-1, 21,300 monthly tickets for additional updates)
Chapter 146 It's time to contribute (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 147 Chaos Initial (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 148-49 As long as I am here, it cannot be broken (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 150 to 51: Birth (monthly ticket 21800-22300 plus updates, two-in-one, please give me a monthly ticket)
Chapter 152 to 53 Preventive measures (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 154: Broken Mountain City will be destroyed today (monthly ticket 22,800 plus more updates, please vote monthly)
Chapter 155-56 Execution of the evil spirit is at this moment
Chapter 157: The long sword is unsheathed, and thunder suddenly rises
Chapter 158-59 It's him (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapters 160 to 61: Great Harvest
Chapter 162 to 63: The True Identity of the Eternal Alliance Leader
Chapter 164 to 65 Urgent Report (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 166: Canonization (monthly ticket 24,800 plus updates)
Chapter 167-68 Return
Chapters 169 to 70: Thunder in the Day (Thanks to the leader of the 'Zhaosha Guaizi' for the reward, two chapters in one)
Chapter 171 to 73: The Guardian Envoy of Nanyou Mansion (three-in-one thanks to the leader of 'No thanks for passing by' for the reward)
Chapters 174 to 75: Strong outsiders and cadres in the middle (two-in-one chapters ask for a monthly
Chapters 176 to 77: One Finger of the Stars (monthly ticket 28,300-9,300 plus updates, two-in-one)
Chapter 178 to 80 Human race disputes should not allow demons to interfere (three-in-one chapters as
Chapter 181-82 The Great Wilderness Ghost Hand
Chapter 183 Master Shen is here! (Monthly ticket is 33300 plus more updates, please vote for me)
Chapter 184-85 Because you are strong enough (two-in-one chapter ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 186-87 Do You Say You Are Shen Changqing? (Chapter Two in One Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 188 There is nothing false (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 189 It's Really Possible (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 190: Secret to do (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 191: Elder Jiang? (Ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapters 192 to 94 I can also give (Thanks to the leader of 'Listening to Qiuhuang' for the three-in-one chapter)
Chapters 195 to 97 Seeking Death (Three-in-One Chapters)
Chapter 198 Mountain Spirit (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 199 It's Not That Simple (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 200 to 201: Heaven's Secret Disorder (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 202: If you don't complain, it's over (Thanks to the 'Drunken Cow' leader for the reward)
Chapter 203 Daytime Thunder Reappearance (Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 204 Beimingwang (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 205: The Great Mudra of Punishing Evil (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 206: Pay the money with one hand and deliver the goods with the other hand (please give me monthly votes)
Chapter 207 Enhance feelings (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 208 About to be promoted (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 209 Lord Shen has a heart (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 210: The Road Is Wider (Seeking a Monthly Pass)
Chapter 211 Li Wei (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 212 I will come (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 213 Worthy of being the great master of the world (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 214 I really can't open the pot (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 215: The Great Master Martial Arts
Chapter 216 Demonstration in person (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 217 Got it (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 218 Large-scale acquisitions (seeking monthly tickets)
Chapter 219 One-finger suppression (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 220 Ambush (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 221 This is what you forced me to (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 222 You are very good——(please vote)
Chapter 223 Terrible guess (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 224 The Chi Xiao Clan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 225 Bloodline Inheritance (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 226: Leader, something bad has happened (please vote for me)
Chapter 227: Resisting stubbornly, everyone in the family will be killed (please vote for me)
Chapter 228 Too weak (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 229 The Zhenyue faction is over (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 230: Taking the initiative to show goodwill (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 231 Strength Improvement
Chapter 232 Almost there (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 233 Completion (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 234: The Arrival of Qingyu Sect (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 235: Change of Thinking (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 236 Support from all aspects (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 237 Vision Reappearance (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 238: Fire falling from the sky, there must be something unknown (please vote)
Chapter 239 is here (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 240: Killing High-Order Demons
Chapter 241 Seventh-Order Divine Soul (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 242 Consummation (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 243 Shrinking the ground into an inch (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 244 Small tricks (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 245 Eve (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 246 The Hundred Sects Association (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 247 Time is running out (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 248 Breakthrough (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 249 What is the ancestral vein (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 250: The Truth About Natural Disasters (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 251 Invitation to Battle (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 252 Hard to say (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 253-54 You are finally here
Chapters 255 to 56: Strong Repression
Chapter 257-58 Reconstruction of the Town Demon Division (two-in-one chapters ask for a monthly tick
Chapters 259 to 60: Unbreakable and Standing
Chapters 261 to 62: The Big Demon Mixed In (2-in-1 Chapter Ask for a Monthly Pass)
Chapter 263: As long as I am here, there will be no chaos in Nanyou Mansion (Thanks to the leader of 'Hua Xuejian' for the reward)
Chapter 264 This is the Evil-Destroying Nirvana Finger! (Twelfth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 265 Drive away (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 266 Fame (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 267: You really want to fight me to the death! (Thanks to the leader of 'I will not save you even if I die' for the reward)
Chapter 268 The war begins (Thanks to the leader of 'No thanks for passing by' for the reward)
Chapter 269: Massive Dispatch (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 270 Execution (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 271 The altar (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 272 Backlash (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapters 273 to 74: Cultivation of exercises (two-in-one chapters ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 275 to 76: Check it out two or three hundred years ago (two-in-one chapter, ask for a monthl
Chapters 277 to 78: Those who achieve great things are not concerned with the small details (two-in-
Chapter 279 to 80 Daliang Guarding Ambassador (two-in-one chapters ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 281-82 Chen Changqing was ordered to come (two-in-one chapter asks for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 283: Zhou Yuguan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 284: The Great Demon Reappears (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 285: Strong Crush (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 286 Shooting from the air (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 287-88 There is a problem (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapters 289 to 290 are all fake (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 291 to 292 Blood Seal (two chapters in one with monthly tickets and best-selling updates)
Chapter 293 The Ninth Level of Soul (monthly ticket 24,300 plus update)
Chapter 294 How dare you lie to me! (Monthly ticket 24,800 additional updates)
Chapter 295: Conferred God by Fortune Is Not the Right Way (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 296: No Longevity (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 297: He will do it (top ten best-sellers plus more, please vote for me)
Chapter 298: Collecting Martial Arts (monthly ticket 25,300 plus updates)
Chapter 299-300 Breakthrough Successful?
Chapter 301 to 04: First-grade magical power, demon saint attacks (four-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 305-08 The Demon-Slaying Saint, the bells are ringing (four-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 1 to 4: The new emperor ascends the throne and the rules of destruction (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 5 to 8: A strong swordsman, the true form of all calamities (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 9 to 12 Demons attack the city and the sound of dogs barking (four in one, please give me your monthly vote)
Chapters 13 to 16: Entering the Demonic Pavilion, the heroism of the guardian (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 17 to 18: Inquire about information, the ghost saint’s remnant soul (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 19 to 22: The Sixth Level of the True Body of Ten Thousand Tribulations, the Resurrection of the Barbarian God (Four-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 23-24 Crushing to death with bare hands, fighting the barbarian god (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 25-26 Taoist Soldiers, Spiritual Warriors (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 27 to 28: Divine Weapon Beheads Saint, Taoist Weapon Ninth Grade (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 29 to 30: General outline of martial arts, division of realms (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 31 to 34: Great Qin’s concerns, refining the blood of the gods (four-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 35 to 38: Holy Guardian Envoys, Natural Disasters Reappear (Four-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 39 to 40: Destroy the city with one sword, will the natural disaster be indestructible? (Two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 41 to 44 You are here, the Yuanhuang Era (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 45-46 I am a human race, but I am definitely not a Qin person (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 47 to 50: Spirituality and resentment, new rules (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 51 to 52: Return to the Immortal Valley, the ancient ruins (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 53 to 57: The Decay of Time, Scroll of Divine Power (Four-in-One Thanks to the 'Colorless' Silver Alliance)
Chapters 57 to 60: Rich Harvest, Void Heart Sutra (Four in One, please vote for me)
Chapter 61 to 64: The third level of supernatural power, returns to the capital of the Zhou Dynasty (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 65 to 68: Difficult choices, the opportunity for the rise of Daliang (four-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 69 to 72: Eight million troops, the war begins (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 73 to 76: Kill the Holy Level and Defeat the Emperor (four in one, please give me your monthly vote)
Chapters 77 to 80: The True Dragon of Humanity and the Five Demon Gods (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 81 to 84 The perfection of the immortal golden body, the follow-up of the human race (four in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 85 to 88 Heaven and Earth Mysterious Skills, they are coming! (Four-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 89-90 Is this the so-called holy realm? (Two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 91 to 92: Opening up a secret treasure, one person is as good as a country (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 93 to 94: The seal of the bloodline, one more saint (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter Ninety-Five to Ninety-Six: Prepare to Leave, Thousands of Ferocious Beasts (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapters 97 to 98: Transform into shape and call upon the mountain spirits (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 99 to 100: The demon god is furious and the world reacts (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 101 to 02: Perfection of supernatural powers, a single thought can lead to the end of the world (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 103-04 Ask for advice, magical brand (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 105 to 06: Martial Arts Academy, Exclusion (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 107-08 The power of faith and the role of the book spirit (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 109 to 10: The title of the Martial Saint, pointing directly to the inheritance of the gods (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 111-12 Ancestral Veins, the Power of the God King (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 113 to 14 Leave! (2 in 1 asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapters 1 to 2: The Demonic God Appears, the Phantom of the Kingdom of God (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapters 3 to 4: Heavy damage to the demon god, the Zhongshan clan (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 5 to 6: The Heel Clan and the God King’s Bloodbath (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 7-8 New changes, is Zhong Shan Qiu dead? (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 9 to 10: Eternal Continent, Exploration (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 11 to 12 Compensation, a large amount of spiritual veins (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 13-14: The Domination of the Candle Sect, and the Fragments of the Kingdom of God (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 15-16 The rules of destruction reappear, the importance of vests (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 17 to 18: Wanted by various tribes, fighting for faith (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 19 to 20: The Heavens in the Palm
Chapters 21 to 22: The technique has been enlightened (two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 23 to 24: Sixth-Rank Taoist Soldier Fragments
Chapter 25-26 Now that you’re here, don’t leave! (2-in-1)
Chapters 27-28 The Seal of Fortune (2 in 1)
Chapters 29-30 Shinto Breakthrough (2 in 1)
Chapters 31 to 32: The Origin of Supernatural Powers (2 in 1)
Chapters 33-34 Yunhai Clan
Chapters 35 to 36 Breakthroughs in Martial Arts
Chapters 37-38 Human Bloodline
Chapters 39 to 40: Military exploits (two in one, ask for a monthly pass)
Chapters 41 to 42 The sky is falling
Chapter 43-44 Zhongshan Clan, Damn! (Two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 45-46 The Fall of the Emperor
Chapter 47-48 Void Battlefield
Chapters 49 to 50: Branches of the Mountain God Clan
Chapters 51 to 52: The God of Evil
Chapter 53-54 Instant Kill! (Two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters fifty-fifth to fifty-six, kill this creature with all my strength! (two in one ask for a mo
Chapters 57 to 58: Golden Long Bridge, Boundless Void (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 59 to 60: The fall of the Kingdom of God, the power of Tianmen Secret (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 61 to 62 God-level innate magical power, protector (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 63 to 64 Getting Out of the Misunderstanding
Chapter 65-66: Battle Merit Exchange (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 67-68 This is crazy! (2-in-1 asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapters 69 to 70: Luck screams and the God King is furious (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 71-72 Declaration of War, Celestial Realm (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 73 to 74 One-shot kill
Chapter 75-76: Broken City, Thousands of Zhu Yan (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 77-78: God Slaying Realm Nine Layers
Chapters 79 to 80 Cooperation (two in one ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 81 to 82 Beiyan Clan, Bearer (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 83-84 Eighth-Rank Taoist Soldiers (two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 85-86 Possessing Millions of Divine Crystals
Chapters 87 to 88: Expensive Carrying Objects, Ten Thousand Eternal Continents (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 89-90 The Unparalleled God King
Chapters 91 to 92 The Nether Pavilion with a Comprehensive Business
Chapters 91 to 92 The Nether Pavilion with a Comprehensive Business
Chapters 93 to 94: Tenfold increase, the fifth level of the cave is complete! (Two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 95-96 Zhutian Pavilion, the power of the Death Forbidden Zone (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapters 97 to 98: The Conferred God Platform is born, a time of great strife (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 99 to 100: Arena Battle
Chapter 101-02 Competition for places (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 103-04 Powerful Physical Body
Chapter 105-06 The increase in supernatural power and fusion again (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapters 107 to 08: All the stars, magical laws (the leader also updates, two in one)
Chapter 109 to 10 The head of the demon clan (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 111-12 The Complete Sun and Moon Divine Kingdom (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 113-14 Youlao, Tianyu (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 115-16 Climbing the Sky Tower, Generous Rewards (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 117 to 18: Insights on the Master's Way, Ranking of the Climbing Tower (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 119 to 20 The sixth level of the divine realm, the sixth level of the cave sky (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 121-22 Half-step God King (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 123 to 24: The Law of the Galaxy, the Blood of the Divine Lord (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 125-26 You lose, take a photo of yourself (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 127-28 Why is he so strong! (2-in-1 ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine to Thirty First (Two in One Ask for a Monthly Pass)
Chapters 131 to 32 Open once in fifty years (two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 133 to 34: The Land of the Fall of the Lord
Chapter 135-36 Come and save me! (2 in 1 asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 137-38 Is it so lively? (2-in-1 asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 139 to 40 The key to luck (two in one ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 141-42 Are you not afraid of me? (2 in 1 asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 143 to 44 Purple Qi Mighty Million Miles (two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 145-46 Why is there no name for him? (2 in 1 asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 147-48 Chaos Dao Body, Chaos Evil Spirit (two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 149-50 Are You Zhong Shan Chou?
Chapter 151-52 Tianjiao is nothing more than this (two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 153-54 The God King Ambushes (Thanks to 'Lan Xue Bingxin' for drawing 6666 monthly votes)
Chapter 155-56 Bombing the God King
Chapter 157-58 Lei Ze Protoss (two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 159 to 60: The Fall of Tianjiao (two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 161 to 62 Netherworld (Thanks to ‘Oli for giving’ the reward to the leader, two in one)
Chapter 163 to 64: Extermination of the Clan (Thanks to Alliance Leader ‘Yu Tian’ for the reward, two in one)
Chapter 165-66 Exposed (1,000 monthly tickets and 2,000 monthly tickets plus updates, two-in-one)
Chapter 167 Chaotic Restricted Area (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 168: Among the human race, who is in charge of the imperial court now? (Please vote for me)
Chapter 169: There is the realm of gods and the realm of killing gods, and there is the king of gods and the king of gods (please vote for me)
Chapter 170: Twelve Ranks of Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 171: Besieged by Ten Thousand Clans
Chapter 172: Breaking the Heavenly Eye (3000 monthly pass and 4000 monthly pass plus more updates, please give me a monthly pass)
Chapter 173 Even if I die, I will be buried with you (2-in-1, please vote for me)
Chapter 174: Discovered (5,000 monthly tickets and 6,000 monthly tickets plus updates, two in one)
Chapter 175: Two layers of seals (Thanks to the '' leader for the reward, 7000 monthly votes for additional updates)
Chapter 176 Kendo Unparalleled (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 177: Calculate again (two-in-one asking for a monthly pass)
Chapter 178: Leaving the chaotic restricted area (two in one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 179 Find another way out (two-in-one seeking monthly pass)
Chapter 180 Immortal Dao (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 181 Golden light soars into the sky, the skeleton of a strong man (two-in-one, please vote for me)
Chapter 182 The swarming chaotic gods (two-in-one asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 183 Save me! (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 184: The formation is broken and the God Lord is killed? (Two in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 185 Do it! (Two in one ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 186: Void Blood Rain (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 187 Corpse Demon (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 188 Remember, I am Shen Changqing of the human race (please vote)
Chapter 189 Hui Human Race (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 190: Wu Ming’s uneasiness, tens of billions of evil spirits (please vote for me)
Chapter 191 The decisive battle may be ahead of schedule (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 192: The Lord of Jincheng, the Ghost of the Great Zhou Dynasty (please vote for me)
Chapter 193: Born with a vision, they are coming (please vote)
Chapter 194: The Demon Army (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 195 Suppression with bare hands, this wave of bloodshed (please vote for me)
Chapter 196 Void Realm (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 197: The sealed immortal holy soldier cleans the battlefield (please vote for me)
Chapter 198 God Lord enters the forbidden area of ??death (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 201: Inherited Taoist Soldiers (Additional update during Spring Festival, please vote for me)
Chapter 202 Senior Tsing Yi (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 203 Peerless Taoist Soldier (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 204: The Way of Longevity (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 205: Opening up the Cave (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 206: Panel updated, strength greatly increased (please vote for me)
Chapter 207 Taishan, Taoist Tianji (please vote for me)
Chapter 208: Bad Barbarians (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 209 Suppressing the Barbarian God and Seeing the Ancestral Spirits Again (please vote for me)
Chapter 210 Purification of the Great Week (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 211 The Formation Falling From The Sky (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 212 Revisiting the Old Place (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 113 Teacher (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 214 The True Role of Inheriting the Taoist Soldiers (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 215 Longshou Mountain (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 216 May Humanity Evergreen (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 117 Where are you from? (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 118: Five Zongs and Twelve Palaces (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 219 Go and bring the Son back (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 220: Emperor Zhongxuan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 221 Dongzhou God General (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 222: Disband the imperial court and plead guilty? (Please vote for me)
Chapter 223 I must have admitted the wrong person (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 224: The Method of Killing the God King
Chapter 226 Gong Xuantian (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 227 Dao soldiers autumn water (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 228 It's you again! (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 229: The visitor is not good (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 230 You are cultivating the ancient immortal way! (Ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 231 The Seal of Heaven (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 232 The Holy Son of Kunlun Sect (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 233 Falling into a Misunderstanding (Seeking a Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 234 Extra Laws (Seeking Monthly Tickets)
Chapter 235: Enlightenment of the magical powers of all races (Third update, please vote for me)
Chapter 236: I have no ill intentions (Fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 237: Can’t agree (fifth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 238: The Determination of the Imperial Court (Sixth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 239 Boundary Talisman
Chapter 240 As long as you can live
Chapter 241: The Destruction of the Clan
Chapter 242 Wuzhangdongtian
Chapter 243: Help (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 244 News (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 245 It seems that I am overthinking (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 246 surrender (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 247 Re-entering the Zhongxuan Realm (First update, please vote for me)
Chapter 248: Tiandao City (Second update, please vote for me)
Chapter 249: Prodigies from all sides (Third update, please vote for me)
Chapter 250: Time in the world of mortals (fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 251: The incomplete twelfth-grade Taoist soldier (fifth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 252 Dragon City (sixth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 253 Saha World
Chapter 254: Demon Gate, Shen Town (eighth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 255: Extinguishing God Blade Art
Chapter 256 The power of deja vu (the tenth more monthly ticket)
Chapter 257: Can’t afford to lose (Eleventh update, please vote for me)
Chapter 258 You are not affected! (Twelfth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 259 It's him! (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 260: Are they all here? (Thanks to the leader of 'No Thanks for Passing by' for the reward)
Chapter 261 Become Immortal Sect Killing Immortal God (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 262 You can't bear it anymore (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 263: Five pieces of Zong Dao soldiers (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 264 Conditions (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 265 Trading (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 266 You dare to betray the Zhongxuan Realm! (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 267 The biggest drawback of Shinto (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 268 The new policy of the imperial court (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 269: Rooting in the Ground (Seeking a Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 270 The Mountain Gate Opens (Seeking a Monthly Pass)
Chapter 272 Ideas (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 273 Breaking the Cause and Effect (Seeking a Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 274: The Law of Cause and Effect (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 275: Tsing Yi's Shock (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 276 No regrets (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 277: Shielding Cause and Effect (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 278 The heritage of the Protoss (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 279 Self-destruction (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 280 Overcrowded (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 281 I have seen Shen Zhenshou (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 282 Preaching for three years (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 283 End (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 284: Bold Idea (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 285: Three Doors and One Grade Magical Powers (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 286 Do not stick to cause and effect (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 287 Promise (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 288: A strong enemy is coming (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 289 Find out the secret of Dao (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 290 I am from the Wraith Clan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 291 Brother Ziyun (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 292 Mang Emperor (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 293 I am the Ziyun Saint of the Ziyun Clan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 294: Make enemies everywhere (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 295 Shanggong Clan (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 296 The Ancient Road (seeking a monthly pass)
Chapter 297: The Battle for Supremeness (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 298 Divine Liquid (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 299: The Core of Perfect Cave (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 300: Batian Divine Sovereign (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 301: The Origin of the Divine Sovereign (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 302 Amazing harvest (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 303: The Miserable Shanggong Clan
Chapter 304 Backhand (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 305 Death Tide Reappears (Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 306 The New God Lord (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 307: Scarlet Eyes (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 308: Unparalleled Tianjiao (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 309 Purple Cloud Holy Land (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 310 Bad intentions (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 311 Doubt (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter Three Hundred and Twelfth God Lord Triple (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 313 Prepare (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 314 Invitation to Fight the Son of Thirteen Peaks (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 315 A little different (seeking a monthly pass)
Chapter 316 The strength is called self-confidence (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 317 Spike (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 318 Not an opponent of the same level (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 319 The First Son (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 320 There is definitely a problem (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 321 The New World (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-two Yu Tianzhou (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 323 The Secret Behind the Void Beast
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Four Six Fang Clan
Chapter 325: Birth (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 326 Innate Reiki (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 327 The new role of the cave (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 328 Invisible Power (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 329 The road without end (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 330 Innate Spirit Embryo (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 331 Do you have a problem with your brain? (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 332: The King of God Appears (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 333 Buying time (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 334 The Emperor's Shot (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty-Five Quickly Leave
Chapter 336: Emperor Yu (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 337: The Powerful Void Demon (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 338 The role of the bloodline pool (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 339 Nine-Rank Taoist Soldiers (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 340 Attack (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 341 The situation is a bit wrong (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 342: The Ancient Human Race Powerhouse? (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 343 Inner Response (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 344 Eighteen God Kings (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 345 Lock the target (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 346: The Strongest Sect in the World (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 764 Half-step God Lord (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 765 That place (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 766 Strengthen Yourself (Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 767 This is the blessing of the Ziyun clan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 768 Unparalleled Tianjiao (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 769: Righteousness is awe-inspiring (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 770 Returning to the death penalty area again (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 771 Trading (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 772 Someone invaded? (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 773 Mysterious Powerhouse
Chapter 774 Ideas (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 775: Star Map of the Heavens (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 776 Shrine
Chapter 777 There are no rules (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 778 Solve the trouble (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 779 Shot (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 780 Could it be that you want to die wholeheartedly? (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 781: Destined to Fall
Chapter 782 Too late (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 783 Tiger Emperor
Chapter 784 The Emperor underestimated you (seeking monthly pass)
Chapter 785 He Escaped? (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 786 Three Rules
Chapter 787: A Sword Comes to the West (Seeking a Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 788 Don't get in the way (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 789 Burial Ground
Chapter 790 Strong Suppression, Domain of Laws (First update, please vote for me)
Chapter 791 Soul-shattering sound, the Kingdom of God is incomplete (Second update, please vote for me)
Chapter 792 Nine Holy Spirits, Sky-reaching Long Sword (Third update, please vote for me)
Chapter 793: Killing Rules, Three Breathing Time (Fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 794 My name is Shen Qingyi, the ancient human emperor (fifth update, please give me a message)
Chapter 795: Void God Clan, Eyes of Chaos (sixth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 796 The descendant of Qinglian, who calls himself Qie Kong (please vote for me)
Chapter 797: Resurrection from the dead without practicing the law (please vote for me)
Chapter 798 The soul lamp goes out and the emperor goes crazy (please vote for me)
Chapter 799: Sword kills the Kingdom of God, the Lord of God is furious (please vote for me)
Chapter 800 Bei Li Tian Di, the unparalleled genius (first update, please vote for me)
Chapter 801 Beili Dynasty, a large number of supernatural powers (Second update, please vote for me)
Chapter 802 Terrifying Backlash, Void Cage (Third update, please vote for me)
Chapter 803 Ziyun is furious and attacks the target (Fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 804 Intention to form an alliance, the final outcome (please vote)
Chapter 805 Seeking help, the limit of the cave (asking for monthly votes)
Chapter 806: No origin, the foundation of the imperial court (please vote for me)
Chapter 807 The secret of Wuji, the peak of the divine king (please vote for me)
Chapter 808 Destroy the world with one glance, twenty-six sects! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 809 The Imperial Army, Ancestor Lei Yin (please vote for me)
Chapter 810 The visitor stops (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 811 Divine Thunder Golden Bell (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 812 Waiting for the change (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 813
Chapter 814 Block it! (Ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 815 Conquering thirteen cases (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 816 The smoke of gunpowder rises again (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 817
Chapter 401: Three Bearings (seeking a monthly pass)
Chapter 402 The strong man from that place (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 403: Extreme Swordsmanship (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 404 The Emperor wants you to die! (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 405 You can also call me Ziyun Sheng (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 406 King's Landing in the Heavens (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 407 The truth of the matter (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 408: Calling the Name (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 409 You also deserve to know the shrine (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 410 I didn't disappoint the emperor (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 411 Escape (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 412 We meet again (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 413: Game (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 414 The visitor stops (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 415 Beating (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 416: Congenital Qi (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 417 Houtian Gangsha (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 418: The Lord of the Ming River (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 419: Ancient Kamikaze Chariot (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 420 Ten Thousand Gu Sect (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 421 The Black Sea Clan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 422: Breaking the Three Realms in January (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 423 Public insult (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 424 Extraordinary (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 425: I am Ming River (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 426: Beware of the Zhongshan Clan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 427 Rule Seeds (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 428: Yellow Sand World (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 429: Spirit Formation (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 430 The real life (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 431 Eight-clawed beast (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 432: The Top Great Thousand Heaven and Earth (seeking a monthly ticket)
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters swallowed
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters giant tortoise
Chapter 435 Refining flesh and blood
Chapter 436 Wilderness
Chapter 437 Lei Hai
Chapter 438 Lei Huang Appears
Four hundred and thirtieth IX fate is not shallow
Chapter 440 Your Beili clan can't do it by yourself!
Chapter 441: The silent sword light
Chapter 442: Wan Dao Stele
Chapter 443 Goodbye Chaos Stele
Four hundred and fortieth chapters too much
Chapter 445 The place of inheritance
Chapter 446 Tianxin
Chapter 447: The Origin of the Shrine
Chapter 448: The Ruler of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 449: Heaven and Earth Suppression
Chapter 450 Almost Forgot You
Chapter 451: Divine Sovereign Power Remains
Chapter 452: Fortune God Lotus
Chapter 453: Divine Sovereign Remnants
Chapter 454: Taking God Lotus Seeds
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth chapters who should not have appeared
Chapter 456 The new role of the universe in the palm
Chapter 457 The power of life and death
Four hundred and fifty-eight chapters forge good luck god lotus
The four hundred and fiftieth IX fetish was born
Chapter 460 Mature
Chapter four hundred and sixty first no blood
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters Shenlian promotion
Chapter 463 Preparation for the next step
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters attribution of fetish
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters God Lord fight
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters God Lord more than six
Chapter 467 The powerful heritage of the Holy Spirit Race
Chapter 468 My name is Luo Zhou
Chapter 469: The Vision Reappears
Four hundred and seventieth chapter snatch
Four hundred and seventieth chapters give you a try
Chapter 472 Breaking the cauldron and sinking the boat
Chapter 473: Welcome Your Majesty's Return
Chapter 474 Then let's go away together!
Chapter 475 Where is the army of the centipede clan?
Chapter 476: Half-Step God King, So Terrifying
Chapter 477 Too late
Chapter 478 Breaking the barrier of heaven and earth
Chapter 479: Conquering the Giant Insect Clan
Chapter 480 Xiaoqiantiandi
Chapter 481: Huanshan Protoss with the biggest loss
Chapter 482: Revisiting the Minghe Hall
Chapter 484: Wan Dao has seen your honor
Chapter 485 Twelve Rank Road Soldiers
Chapter 486 Unfathomable
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh prohibiting the appearance of immortals
Chapter 488 Thor Compass
Chapter 489 Follow-up of Minghe Mountains
Chapter 490 We were deceived
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters take the blame
Chapter 492: The Response of the Cloud Sea Clan
Chapter 494 God King Blood Pave the Way
Chapter 495 Is there a last word to explain?
Chapter 496 Heaven and Earth Promotion
The four hundred and ninetieth chapters are powerful
Chapter 498: The Centipede Clan Will Be Exterminated
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth world destroying red lotus
Chapter 500: Prepare to Breakthrough
Chapter 501: Allowing this God King to break through is the biggest mistake of your life!
Chapter 502 Kaiyang God King
Chapter 503 Taikoo League
Chapter Five Hundred and Four Retreat
Chapter 505 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter five hundred and six preaching
Chapter 507 Racial promotion
Chapter 508: Turning into a Sword
Chapter 509 Sword Emperor
Chapter 510 The strong man who can stop me is Fu Yang!
Chapter 511 Aoki Clan
Chapter five hundred and twelfth refuge
Chapter five hundred and thirteenth kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 514 The Nanyang clan is the most suitable
Chapter five hundred and fifteen speak with fists
Chapter 516 Attacking Nanyang Sect
Chapter 517 Flying Swordsmen
Chapter 518: The outcome has been doomed from the beginning!
Chapter 519: Void Hurricane
Chapter 520: Nanyang Clan, destroyed!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-One The God Lord of Qingxiang
Chapter 522 Tianzong
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three Twelve Capitals Heavenly Conferred God Array
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Fourth The Gap Between God Lord and God Lord
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five Come to Collect Debt
The five hundred and twentieth chapters are the benefits of white giving
Chapter 527 The Dushan Clan is over!
Five hundred and twentieth eight chapters karma descended from heaven
Chapter five hundred and twentieth nine knots in my heart
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty It's You
Chapter 531 Perfect Tianzong
Chapter 532: Ancient God Refining Technique
Chapter 533 Heavenly Code
Five hundred and thirtieth chapters open the mountain gate
Five hundred and thirtieth chapters rather lack rather than abuse
Chapter 536 Almost forgot it
Chapter 537 Peak God Lord
Five hundred and thirtieth eight chapters Lu Cun
Chapter 539: The idea of ??stripping away the kingdom of God
Chapter 540 Han Yan
Chapter five hundred and forty first eternal realm
Chapter five hundred and forty-two first arrival at Taikoo Shing
Chapter 544 Two Conditions
Chapter Five Hundred and Forty-Five The Merely Lei Ze Protoss Does Not Matter
Chapter 546: The Lord of the Pill Palace
Chapter 547 Protoss is soft
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight the boundless realm
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth there is a problem
Chapter 550 God Lord Fierce Beast
Chapter 551: The Second God Lord Fierce Beast
Chapter five hundred and fifty second secret
Chapter 553: Beast Tide
Chapter 554 This is what a dangerous place should look like
Chapter 555 Dragon Sparrow
Chapter 556: The Bloodline of the Superior Divine Sovereign
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth seventh God's coercion
Chapter 558: Inheritance and Birth
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth IX into the infinite sea
Chapter 560 Collect Lei Ze
Chapter 561 Attack
Chapter 562: This hatred is written down
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-Three Collecting Ferocious Beasts
Chapter 564: The Depths of the Promise Sea
Chapter 565 Intercepting the Lord of the Gods
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters were played
Chapter 567 Intelligence
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight unimaginable benefits
Chapter 569 Protoss Intercept
Chapter five hundred and seventieth God Lord in person
Chapter five hundred and seventy-first powerful flesh
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two seems to have run away
Chapter 573: The Greatest Chance
Chapter five hundred and seventy-four the furious Lei Huang
Chapter five hundred and seventy-six refining requirements of the law divine pill
Chapter five hundred and seventy seventh sacrifice to heaven
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight the god-lord beast of gratitude
Chapter 579 The biggest winner
Chapter 580: The Origin of Ten Thousand Races
Chapter 581
Chapter five hundred and eighty second departure
Chapter 583: Who, the monk, dares to act recklessly in the Leize God Clan?
Chapter five hundred and eighty fourth go to your uncle's statement
Chapter 585 Where is it?
Chapter 586 Qinglian Emperor!
Chapter 587 The chaotic restricted area is alive!
Chapter 588: Qinglian Sword Intent
Chapter 589: Reincarnation Hall
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth supreme power
Chapter 591: Reincarnation God Venerable
The five hundred and ninetieth chapters are the top ten products
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters greed for life and fear of death
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters Saint Lotus Sect
Chapter five hundred and ninety fifth corpse demon attack
Chapter five hundred and ninety sixth battle
Chapter 597 Heavenly Tribulation
Five hundred and ninetieth eight chapters Dan was born
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth cloud and rain
Chapter 600 Changes in the Demon Clan
Chapter 601 Demonic Road
Chapter 602 Return to the Human Race
Chapter 603 Different
Chapter 604 In the next Ming River
Chapter 605 It's really him
Chapter 606: A first-class scholar, his pen is written down in the mountains and rivers
Chapter six hundred and seventh bold guess
Chapter 608 A hundred flowers bloom
Chapter 609 Just waiting for you to return from the heavens
Chapter 610 Long time no see
Chapter 611 Fifty or sixty ancient ruins
Chapter 612 Shen Zhenshou is really incomprehensible
Chapter 613 Dao Soldiers Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 614 Seventh Grade Inheritance of Dao Soldiers
Chapter 615 Weird Power
Chapter 616 Unfathomable
Chapter 617 A new attempt
Chapter six hundred and eighteen there is indeed a problem
Chapter 619 The problem is very serious
Chapter 620 Gathering at Longshou Mountain again
Chapter 621: The Quartet Boundary Monument
Chapter 622: Entering the Heavens
Chapter 1040: Meeting the Hunxi Clan Again
Chapter 1041 The Law of Power
Chapter 1042 This road is blocked, the God King stops!
Chapter 1043 The Despair of the God King Confused
Chapter 1044 Rules are mutually generated
Chapter 1045 Why is your body so powerful?
Chapter 1046 This Emperor is not finished with you
Chapter 1047 Comparable to the master of three rules
Chapter 1048: A Powerhouse Comparable to the Immortal Slaughtering God
Chapter 1049 Came for Natural Disaster
Chapter 1050 The tide of death is coming again
Chapter 1051 The Decree of the Divine Sovereign
Chapter 1052 Angry Roar
Chapter 1053 disaster is coming
#1054 war
Chapter 1055 Changes in the strength of the human race
Chapter 1056 Qing Emperor Yang Yi
Chapter 1057 Blood Transformation
Chapter 1058 Brother Cang, let me help you!
Chapter 1059 The strength of the blood crocodile emperor
Chapter 1060 share a piece of the pie
Chapter 1061
Chapter 1062 Heaven and Earth Changes
Chapter 1063 Crazy
Chapter 1064 The Fallen Lord's Corpse
Chapter 1065: The Root of Recovery
Chapter 1066 The Supreme Powerhouse
Chapter 1067 Pseudo Gorefiend Rules
Chapter 1068 Blood Devil Valley
Chapter 1069 God Transformation Sect
Chapter 1070 The aura is gone
Chapter 1071 Suppressing the Ancestral Veins of the Blood Crocodile
Chapter 1072 God City
Chapter 1073 Insufficient Faith
Chapter 1074 Eat the rice one bite at a time
Chapter 1075 The world is boundless and the rules are vast
Chapter 1076 The Dark Demon Race was born
Chapter 1077 A corner of darkness
Chapter 1078 The Black Demon Clan Strikes
Chapter 1079 The Terrible Strength of the Holy Master
#1080 outbreak of war
Chapter 1081 Protoss Order
Chapter 1082 What did you just say?
Chapter 1083 Pole Dao Rules
Chapter 1084 True Dragon Seal
Chapter 1085 God King is like an ant
Chapter 1086 Enchanted
Chapter 1087 Half-step immortality
Chapter 1088 All things are empty, eternal life!
Chapter 1089 All heavens and ten thousand paths lead to the same destination through different paths!
Chapter 1090 Tongtian Pavilion
Chapter 1091 Divine Bow of Time, Divine Arrow of Time and Space!
Chapter 1092: Refining the Law Divine Pill
Chapter 1093 Great Wilderness Sword Gang
Chapter 1094 Divine Pill Birth
Chapter 1095 Killing the king is like killing ants!
Chapter 1096 Unscrupulous
Chapter 1097: Enlightenment, the long river of rules reappears!
Chapter 1098: Take the magic pill and rule the world!
Chapter 1099 The correct path to the extreme cave
Chapter 1100 Breaking into the rules, immortal creatures!
Chapter 1101 The Seven-Star God Lord, the powerful Divine Bow of Time!
Chapter 1102 An Arrow Across Time
Chapter 686 Shrine News
Chapter 1104 Nine feet of cave sky, four feet of life source!
Chapter 1105 The disappeared secret of Tianmen
Chapter 1106 Three Law Pills a Year
Chapter 1107 The driving force behind the scenes, the arrival of the God Lord!
Chapter 1108 Blood Compass, Ancient Image
Chapter 1109 Let them find it themselves
Chapter 1110 Black Demon Sect Changes
Chapter 1111 The battle of genocide, clouds move in all directions!
Chapter 1112: Counting Classics and Forgetting Ancestors
Chapter 1113 This is the power of the God Lord!
Chapter 1114 Sanctimonious
Chapter 1115 Three rules to fight against the God Lord!
Chapter 1116 Chapter 699: Have you ever killed the God Lord?
Chapter 1117 Huangji Swordsmanship, attack and kill in secret!
Chapter 1118 The Nine Star Envoys, the Order of the Zhufeng Divine Clan!
Chapter 1119 I think your Excellency is very talented and is willing to join the Tianzong
Chapter 1120 Huanshan Divine Clan Treasure House
Chapter 1121 The pressure of the Ancient Wasteland Saint
Chapter 1122 Divine Crystal Treasure Mountain
Chapter 1123 Bixuan God Clan, killed with two swords!
Chapter 1124 The corpse of ancient Bai Ze, the powerful son of the Holy God!
Chapter 1125 Bai Ze’s rumors, the interests of the Gods!
Chapter 1126 If Fuhuang doesn’t take action yet, when will he wait?
Chapter 1127 The fake half-step god lord, the real half-step god lord!
Chapter 1128 The Madness of the Zhufeng Divine Clan
Chapter 1129 The corpse of ancient Bai Ze is revealed
Chapter 1130 The corpse revives and the long river of rules appears!
Chapter 1131 The heaven and earth collapse, seven-color catastrophe!
Chapter 1132 Flesh and weathering, white jade horn!
Chapter 1133 The Immortal Armor of the God of War, the Lord God is here in person!
Chapter 1134 The God-Slaying Sword, the powerful Taoist God Lord!
Chapter 1135 Encirclement and suppression of the God Lord, rain of blood from the sky!
Chapter 1136 The hidden danger of the ancient gods, the arrival of the Holy Emperor!
Chapter 1137 The second god lord falls, and the kingdom of god comes!
Chapter 1138 The fall of the divine king brings sorrow to all the heavens!
Chapter 1139: The Lord of the Wild Gods, the wise ancient tribe of gods!
Chapter 1140 Join Tianzong, Qingmu lineage!
Chapter 1141 The heavens collapse, the supreme divine dynasty!
Chapter 1142. Make a choice and set foot on Qingmu Peak!
Chapter 1143 Li Kaiyang’s new goal, counting the harvest!
Chapter 1144 The wonderful use of fragments to peek into the future!
Chapter 1145 The purpose of the gods in the heavens, the destruction of the divine kingdom of the Taoist God
Chapter 1146 The new emperor has no corpse demon behind him!
Chapter 1147 Strength increases, and the God-Slaying Sword belongs!
Chapter 1148 Resources doubled, Lord Bai Jue!
Chapter 1149 The unfathomable old man Wandao, the strength of Tianzong!
Chapter 1150 White jade spear, the power of the god reappears!
Chapter 1151: Hand-to-hand combat brings disaster to Chiyu!
Chapter 1152 The divine body is annihilated and a sneak attack is launched!
Chapter 1153 The belated invitation from Lord Qingxiang!
Chapter 1154: Divide the Hunxi Sect, and pluck the geese's feathers!
Chapter 1155 Li Kaiyang’s request is famous throughout the world!
Chapter 1156: Exterminate Tianzong and Netherworld Pavilion’s great initiative!
Chapter 1157 The Thunder Emperor’s confidence needs to be bigger!
Chapter 1158 The news comes, the Yunhai clan’s decision!
Chapter 1159 Angry Bai Jue, happy cooperation!
Chapter 1160 The Yunhai clan came to visit
Chapter 1161 Re-enter the long river of rules, Galaxy Kendo!
Chapter 1162 The mysterious sword master, the mysterious search!
Chapter 1163 Divine thoughts sweep across, and the ancient gods come to visit!
Chapter 1164: Deal, the lion opens his mouth!
Chapter 1165: The Secret Realm Coffin, the Confidence of the Savage God Lord!
Chapter 1166: Show off your power and raise the price!
Chapter 1167 Sudden attack, sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight!
Chapter 1168 The Holy Emperor takes action and takes advantage of the situation!
Chapter 1169: Knocked back with one punch, the gap in strength!
Chapter 1170 Another interception, the fall of the God King!
Chapter 1171 The God Lord is chasing the next buyer!
Chapter 1172 The realm of the absolute sword, shocking the world!
Chapter 1173 The past of the Ancient God Clan and the hidden dangers of the ancient God Lord!
Chapter 1174 The importance of ancient Taoist soldiers, establishing three more branches!
Chapter 1175: Shock on all sides, test of three peaks!
Chapter 1176 Bloody murder of the God Lord, a last-ditch battle!
Chapter 1177 Give it a try, the ancient God Lord has arrived!
Chapter 1178 No room for maneuver, ultimate sublimation!
Chapter 1179: Suppressing the genius of an era and sublimating it again
Chapter 1180 The Kingdom of God’s Suppression, Four Rules!
Chapter 1181 Fingertips turn into stars, and the God Lord falls!
Chapter 1182: In the fallen Kingdom of God, who dares to say that the Tianzong is inferior to the Divine Clan?
Chapter 1183 Yu Yourong, the bad news about the ancient desolate gods!
Chapter 1184 The dilemma of the gods, seeking skin from a tiger!
Chapter 1185 The price of carelessness, the power of five swords!
Chapter 1186 Massive source points, the origin of the God Lord!
Chapter 1187 The Zhufeng Divine Clan speculates that the comer is evil!
Chapter 1188 The five-foot source of life, the first god king!
Chapter 1189 Meeting the God Lord, the Zhufeng God Clan’s wooing!
Chapter 1190: Tear off the skin, terrible strength!
Chapter 1191 The Ten Thousand Dao Monument appears, the mighty power of the twelfth-grade Taoist soldiers!
Chapter 1192 The six God Lords are ready to make a move!
Chapter 1193: Has Holy Lord Tianlei fallen?
Chapter 1194 The God Lord is completely destroyed, Shen Changqing’s confidence!
Chapter 1195 The emperor is coming, you won’t give me face?
Chapter 1196 The fight between the top gods, it’s you again!
Chapter 1197 Qing Xiang falls and the God-Slaying Sword comes out!
Chapter 1198 Chi Xiao Chengying, the terrifying strength of the Sword God Clan!
Chapter 1199 Nine God Lords, Tianzong’s Death!
Chapter 1200 The eight venerables, the decision of the Heavenly Thunder Holy Land!
Chapter 1201 Destroy the Divine Sword Sect, the five major forces!
Chapter 1202 Your Majesty, please save me and be peaceful!
Chapter 1203 The fall of the second God Lord is finally here!
Chapter 1204 A life and death fight, the gap between the top gods!
Chapter 1205 Locking the target, the ancient star god was shocked!
Chapter 1206 Another suppression, the Lord of God is scared!
Chapter 1207 Blackmail threat, the biggest winner!
Chapter 1208: Dark Abyss’s solicitation to join the Divine Alliance!
Chapter 1209 The ambition of the veteran protoss, a glimmer of hope!
Chapter 1210 Stay in Tianzong and hope to revitalize the human race!
Chapter 1211 News spreads, Netherworld Pavilion’s plan!
Chapter 1212 Seal the world and let the tiger fall!
Chapter 1213 Three Thousand Rules, Shen Changqing’s choice!
Chapter 1214 Three months of seclusion, identity confession!
Chapter 1215 The end of cause and effect, the end of the Ancient Wild Sect!
Chapter 1216 The reputation of the First God King can be easily crushed!
Chapter 1217 Dongsheng falls, a blow across the void on both sides!
Chapter 1218 Sixty thousand years of hard work, creating an ancient lineage!
Chapter 1219 Invite all parties to auction the Ancient Desolate Sect!
Chapter 1220 Thirty-three thousand five hundred magical powers, belongs to the Ancient Desolate Sect!
Chapter 1221 The Emperor is hungry and establishes a sect!
Chapter 1222 The strength of the Mastiff Emperor, the Tianluo clan!
Chapter 1223 Emperor Tianluo, Yuxu Ancient Mirror!
Chapter 1224: We will be liquidated in the future and devote all our efforts to cultivating the God King!
Chapter 1225 The old man Wandao was shocked and went to Tianzong!
Chapter 1226 The Phantom Emperor arrives, and the Ancient God Lord takes the back-up plan!
Chapter 1227 Re-entering the long river of time, changing the future!
Chapter 1228 The pros and cons of variables, changes in the human race in Minghe Realm!
Chapter 1229 The four-sided sea area, the deal with the God Lord!
Chapter 1230 Power ban, Shen Changqing’s conditions!
Chapter 1231 The Four Holy Lands, the God Lord is Concerned!
Chapter 1232 The imperial court is weak, cultivation is the foundation of everything!
Chapter 1233 The current situation of Ziyun Sect, a powerful enemy is attacking!
Chapter 1234 The gods intervene and offer 70% of the sacrifice!
Chapter 1235 After not seeing each other for a while, the Lord of God is even more majestic than before!
Chapter 1236: I am here, when will it be the turn of the mere god king to fuck?
Chapter 1237 The body is sanctified and the emperor comes in person!
Chapter 1238 Escape in embarrassment and relocate the whole family!
Chapter 1239: Soldiers from the Immortal Feather Sect, Bihuang’s plan!
Chapter 1240 Spiritual Kite Divine Bird, Sky-Bearing Purple Python!
Chapter 1241 This person is not to be messed with. I cannot agree to this!
Chapter 1242 Such a monster will never survive!
Chapter 1243 The genius of this world should support the emperor the most!
Chapter 1244 The Immortal Feather Sect is destroyed, the Ziyun Clan’s next plan!
Chapter 1245 The Supreme Prodigy, the secret of the Proven God!
Chapter 1246 The Seven Stars Venerable’s proposal and the division of the times!
Chapter 1247 The real genius of the shrine, the army sets off!
Chapter 1248 Descendants of the Xianyu clan, please meet the God Kings!
Chapter 1249 The ancient god king is born, and the two armies confront each other!
Chapter 1250 There is no right or wrong in racial wars!
Chapter 1251 The Seven-Star Venerable is surprised and fights to the death!
Chapter 1252 Soul-shattering sound, the intuition of the Seven-Star Venerable!
Chapter 1253 Sudden changes, the situation reversed!
Chapter 1254: God Lord’s Heavenly Tribulation, I will die in the morning if I hear the truth!
Chapter 1255 Three Divine Lords, the end of the heavens!
Chapter 1256 A desperate fight, the emperor falls!
Chapter 1257 The Xianyu clan is destroyed, the karma of the heavens!
Chapter 1258: Killing creatures, destroying luck!
Chapter 1259 Rumors from all over the world, undercurrents are surging!
Chapter 1260: After a month of seclusion, the two miserable gods!
Chapter 1261 Ziyunluo arrives and the sect moves!
Chapter 1262 The surrender of the two races, the vast faith!
Chapter 1263 Everything is difficult at the beginning, the opportunity to kill Fuyang!
Chapter 1264 Rich luck, this is a powerful enemy!
Chapter 1265 Soul-Calming Bell, Spirit God Three-piece Set!
Chapter 1266 Ten Thousand Years of Spring, trampled to death!
Chapter 1267: There is a long way to go to cultivate the divine object, the thoughts of the Phoenix Emperor!
Chapter 1268 The purpose of Holy Lord Jiufeng is to play with fire and burn yourself!
Chapter 1269: 852 Shocking Killing, Blood Spirit Formation
Chapter 1270 Give it a try, what will happen if you lose!
Chapter 1271 The supreme genius, Ling Daoqi!
Chapter 1272: Exploring opportunities, the lineage of spiritual gods!
Chapter 1273: A reminder from the past, a clear understanding of the ancient punishment!
Chapter 1274: With hatred in mind, you will kill for your own sake!
Chapter 1275 The perfect law of cause and effect, the protection mechanism of the heavens!
Chapter 1276 Underestimating Tianzong and the Divine Clan’s Order!
Chapter 1277 The origin of the demon, Taixu Realm!
Chapter 1279 The circle of God Lords teaches you a lesson!
Chapter 1280 Collusion with the demons, proposed by the gods!
Chapter 1281 Terrifying strength, massacre without resistance!
Chapter 1282: Escape from the desert, the God Lord enters the world!
Chapter 1283 The terrifying body, Shen Changqing’s guess!
Chapter 1284 Just wait and see, it’s over!
Chapter 1285 The rules of the great road, a gift from the heavens!
Chapter 1286: Falling into enlightenment, giant tree in the sky!
Chapter 1287 The world-destroying magical power, the hidden light!
Chapter 1288 The innate power, Tianzong’s Sea-Dinging Needle!
Chapter 1289 The magic weapon is born, using the hand as a pen!
Chapter 1290 God Lord Dao Yun, steals power!
Chapter 1291 The devil is born, and everyone is furious!
Chapter 1292 There is no regret medicine in the world, the mysterious strong man attacks!
Chapter 1293 The situation has changed and he is murderous!
Chapter 1294: Seclusion and cultivation, constant testing!
Chapter 1295 In three years, the catastrophe will come!
Chapter 1296 The enlightenment was successful, is Fuhuang here?
Chapter 1297 Heavenly Eye Cultivation, Little Gray Sword!
Chapter 1298 The innate evil spirit devours!
Chapter 1299 The purpose of the demon, invisible eyes!
Chapter 1300: Divided forces, who fights in the chaotic restricted area?
Chapter 1301 Rules riot, chaos in the forbidden area!
Chapter 1302 The will awakens and changes abound!
Chapter 1303 The source of the great catastrophe, the destruction of all spirits!
Chapter 1304 Law superposition, the ancient brand of the strong!
Chapter 1305 Emperor Xuan’s brand has a special meaning!
Chapter 1306 The Will of Rules, the Thunder Emperor’s Guess!
Chapter 1307 Human race potential, stripped of rules!
Chapter 1308 Tao Yun Infection, the Divine Beast of Luck!
Chapter 1309 The formation is completed and luck increases!
Chapter 1310 Change of emperor and separation from the clan
Chapter 1311 Changes in luck, make a solid guess!
Chapter 1312 The divine king is reborn, adding fuel to the fire!
Chapter 1313 Qiao Ming Mountain, your name is Ho Luo!
Chapter 1314 New news about the Heavenly Sacrifice Cauldron, Emperor Tianluo has arrived!
Chapter 1315 Transaction and cooperation, the power of familiarity!
Chapter 1316: Diverting trouble to the east, chaos and order!
Chapter 1317 Two ways, Soaring Snake God Clan!
Chapter 1318 Reach an agreement and kill them all!
Chapter 1319 Tianluo Capital, the corpse of the God Lord!
Chapter 1320 Ancient Kyushu, Dongzhou Ding!
Chapter 1321 Qi is the guide, the familiar gray color!
Chapter 1322 Nanzhou Ding, transaction!
Chapter 1323 Transformation Pill, two extremes!
Chapter 1324 The three tribes are invading, there is no way to retreat!
Chapter 1325 The powerful Qianye God King destroyed the Kingdom of God with a single sword!
Chapter 1326 The God King is like an ant, wantonly
Chapter 1327: Millions of corpses, bleeding and floating in the oars!
Chapter 1328 The request of the Tianluo clan, the Dairi clan!
Chapter 1329 The Great Sun and Golden Crow, bloodthirsty impulse!
Chapter 1330 Not even one out of ten
Chapter 1331 The disaster is coming
Chapter 1332 Enlightenment
Chapter 1333 The Crying Soul Lord
Chapter 1334 Fair Transaction
Chapter 1335 Tyrannical strength
Chapter 1336 Your strength is too weak!
Chapter 1337 All things in heaven
Chapter 1338 The corpse of the God Lord
Chapter 1339 Fuyang, your death has come!
Chapter 1340 Heavenly Magic
Chapter 1341 What are you going to do with this ultimate sublimation?
Chapter 1342 Unwilling Roar
Chapter 1343: 50/50
Chapter 1344 The Origin of Jida
Chapter 1345 Choice
Chapter 1346 The power of the ultimate source
Chapter 1347 Fall
Chapter 1348 Son of Destiny
Chapter 1349 I am Shen Changqing of the human race
Chapter 1350 Insights from Yuxu Ancient Mirror
Chapter 1351 The dust has settled
Chapter 1352 Gu Luo
Chapter 1353 Watching with eager eyes
Chapter 1354 Establish two more peaks
Chapter 1355 The terrifying rules of the avenue
Chapter 1356 Time flies
Chapter 1357 Relaxation
Chapter 1358 The Ancestor of the Shrine
Chapter 1359 The fight between geniuses
Chapter 1360 Breaking the Face
Chapter 1361 Jiyuan Bow (Thanks to the leader of ‘Book Friends 20230105’
Chapter 1362 The fall of the genius
Chapter 1363 War Letter
Chapter 1364 The pressure of sword intent
Chapter 1365 Visit
Chapter 1366 Sitting and discussing
Chapter 1367 Winding Mountain Chain Veins
Chapter 1368 First-order Grandmaster
Chapter 1369 Thriving
Chapter 1370 Enlightenment
Chapter 1371 Blocking the Road
Chapter 1372: Settlement of Cause and Effect
Chapter 1373 Proving the Divine Lord
Chapter 1374 Invite Thunder Emperor to go to the Netherworld (lead update 1/5
Chapter 1375 Interception (lead update 2/5)
Chapter 1376 Mutation
Chapter 1377 Set off to fight against the Leize Protoss!
Chapter 1378 Kill with one blow
Chapter 1379 Breaking through the Lei Ze Realm
Chapter 1380 The heritage of the Gods (lead update 3/5)
Chapter 1381 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 1382 Unstoppable Killing
Chapter 1383 Mysterious Mural
Chapter 1384 Thor
Chapter 1385 Thunder Giant Gate
Chapter 1386 The void on the other side
Chapter 1387 Lei Ze Fusion
Chapter 1388 Lei Zhong
Chapter 1389 Ambush (lead update 4/5)
Chapter 1390 So cool! (Leader adds 5/5)
Chapter 1391 The real disaster
Chapter 1392 Leaving
Chapter 1393 Imperial Guards
Chapter 1394 True Immortal
Chapter 1395 Stabilizing People’s Heart
Chapter 1396 Ambush
Chapter 1397 The Power of Confucianism
Chapter 1398 A one-sided situation (Thanks to the ‘Book Friends 2817’ alliance
Chapter 1399 It’s time for the four sects of the Twelve Palaces to come to an end! (Additional update from the leader 1
Chapter 1400 Splitting the two worlds (Thanks to ‘rice cake fat paper’ for being promoted to the alliance
Chapter 1401 You are really in the cave heaven realm!
Chapter 1402 God Killing Sword
Chapter 1403 Humanity flourishes (league leader adds 3/4 updates)
Chapter 1404: Nine Hundred and Eighty-Seven The Five Sects and Twelve Palaces Surrender
Chapter 1405 Zhongxuankai secret
Chapter 1406 A knife across a hundred miles (lead update 4/4)
Chapter 1407 Shen Changqing, the best in the world
Chapter 1408 Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1409 Another True Immortal
Chapter 1410 Immortal Sect
Chapter 1411 The Sky Corridor
Chapter 1412 Prophecy of Emperor Xuan
Chapter 1413 Even in the same situation, the devil is no match for me!
Chapter 1414 Free Disciple
Chapter 1415: Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 1416 I’m not negotiating with you
Chapter 1000 Shock
Chapter 1001 Hypocrite
Chapter 1002 God General
Chapter 1003: The founder of the ancient human royal court
Chapter 1004: Five Thousand Rules (Leader adds 1/2 update)
Chapter 1005 The Heart of Killing
Chapter 1006 Taoist Code
Chapter 1007: Nine thousand and nine immortal roads, don’t look back even one step! (Leader’s additional update 2/2)
Chapter 1008 The Spirit of the Boundary Monument
Chapter 1009 Everyone’s Hope
Chapter 1010 The Broken Chaos Monument (extra update to make an even number)
Chapter 1011 Breakthrough!
Chapter 1012: Nine thousand and nine immortal roads, I am an immortal at the end!
Chapter 1013 Tao Seed
Chapter 1014 The Indescribable Existence
Chapter 1015 Thousand-foot Cave Sky
Chapter 1016 Panel Changes
Chapter 1017: Changes in the Shrine
Chapter 1018: The Avenue Sacred Tree
Chapter 1019 Ten Thousand Daos Realm
Chapter 1020: Refining Tianxin
Chapter 1021 Who am I?
Chapter 1,022 The Fusion of Two Worlds
Chapter 1023: Spiritual energy pouring back
Chapter 1,024 Anyone who messes up our Nanzhou territory should be punished!
Chapter 1025 Reinforcements
Chapter 1026 Evergreen Realm
Chapter 1027 Three Years
Chapter 1028: Cage
Chapter 1,029 Reshuffle the cards
Chapter 1030 The Confident Lord Kunwu
Chapter 1031: The Wrath of Lord Kunwu
Chapter 1032 Melee
Chapter 1033 Leaving
Chapter 1034: Preparing for a Breakthrough
Chapter 1,035 Ten Years of Change
Chapter 1,036 The Shock in the Great Region of Zhongzhou
Chapter 1,037 The Conferred God Platform is Opened
Chapter 1,038 Heading to Zhongzhou Territory
Chapter 1,039 The unfathomable treasure!
Chapter 1040: The Heavens Ambush
Chapter 1041 Cooperation
Chapter 1042: Ten thousand years is too long, seize the day!
Chapter 1043 Be stronger!
Chapter 1044: You God Lords are all courageous people!
Chapter 1,045 The Third Level of Divine Lord
Chapter 1046: Unless you die, I will feel uneasy after all!
Chapter 1047: Tricked the Jiyuan Protoss
Chapter 1,048 Born in the wrong era
Chapter 1,049 Shen Kong
Chapter 1050 Fire Domain
Chapter 1051 Undead
Chapter 1,052 The Emperor of the Ancient Gods
Chapter 1053: Ranking on the God List
Chapter 1054: Number One on the God Lord List
Chapter 1055 I am not convinced
Chapter 1056: The Lord of God is unfair, so why should we respect him?
Chapter 1,057 The Gods Surrender
Chapter 1,058 God in the true sense
Chapter 1,059 The Holy Lotus Sect Attacks
Chapter 1060: Riding a Tiger and Being Difficult to Dismount
Chapter 1061: Defeat the Corpse Demon
Chapter 1062 Bone Palace
Chapter 1063 The battle between the geniuses
Chapter 1,064 The Sword God Clan’s Request
Chapter 1065 Madman
Chapter 1066: Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 1067: Refining the Essence and Blood of the God Lord
Chapter 1,068 A big gamble
Chapter 1,069 The Supreme Lord of the Way
Chapter 1070 Things are different now
Chapter 1071 Sword Body
Chapter 1,072 Darkness Comes
Chapter 1,073 The Power of Time
Chapter 1,074 The Divine Eye of Time
Chapter 1075: Perception in the dark
Chapter 1076 Something is wrong
Chapter 1,077 Killing Fist
Chapter 1,078 Death
Chapter 1,079: Order of the Gods (Leader adds 1/3 more updates)
Chapter 1080: Stepping into the Conferred God Platform (Leaders additional update 2/3)
Chapter 1081: Fifth on the God Lord List
Chapter 1082 Changes
Chapter 1,083 The Tyrant God with Improved Strength
Chapter 1,084 Hearing the Evil Spirit of Chaos Again
Chapter 1085 Inspiration
Chapter 1086 Visit
Chapter 1,087 Ambush
Chapter 1088: Second on the Rule God King List
Chapter 1089: Siege and Killing
Chapter 1090: Killing the God King Like an Ant
Chapter 1091 Give it a try
Chapter 1,092 The Power of the Divine Eye of Time
Chapter 1093: Upgrading of Tribulation Qi
Chapter 1,094 The Ultimate Spirit Formation
Chapter 1095 Ghost Ze
Chapter 1096: Attacking the White Bone Sect
Chapter 1,097 Bone God Scepter
Chapter 1098: Attack
Chapter 1,099 The Origin of Onizawa
Chapter 1,100 The Resurrected Ancient God General
Chapter 1101: Plot to seize the Scepter of the Bone God
Chapter 1,102 You are old
Chapter 1,103 The God Lord Explodes
Chapter 1,104 The Fall of the Emperor
Chapter 1,105 Tianzong has done many unjust things and should be destroyed today
Chapter 1106: Bihuang feels a lot louder after not seeing him for several years.
Chapter 1,107 The Divine Lord Appears
Chapter 1,108 Will the Lord God Die?
Chapter 1,109 Full-fledged Wings
Chapter 1,110 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 1,111 A Promotion that Isn’t Completely Successful
Chapter 1,112 The Function of the Bone God’s Scepter
Chapter 1,113 Weapon Pattern
Chapter 1,114 Above the Divine Lord
Chapter 1,116 Biyuan Shenjun was defeated again
Chapter 1,117 Chaos Spirit Embryo Fragments
Chapter 1,118 It’s time for reckoning
Chapter 1,119 Traitor
Chapter 1,120 Elders of Heavenly Thunder Holy Land
Chapter 1121: I, Fuyang, make an oath to rule here!
Chapter 1122: Three years of listening to the sermon
Chapter 1,123 Two formations
Chapter 1,124 Attacking the Bixuan God Clan
Chapter 1,125 Gengjin Sword Qi
Chapter 1,126 Tiangang Xuansha Formation
Chapter 1,127 The war begins
Chapter 1,128 The Remnants of the God Clan
Chapter 1,129 Ancient Form Breaking Talisman
Chapter 1130: Instant Killing
Chapter 1131 Imperial Road Inkyu
Chapter 1,132 Blood Sacrifice Formation
Chapter 1,133 All trump cards revealed (league leader adds 3/3 updates)
Chapter 1,134 The Fall of Biyuan Shenjun (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 1,135: Capture of the Bixuan God Clan
Chapter 1,136 The New Emperor
Chapter 1,137 Hidden Danger
Chapter 1,138 Iron-Blooded Means
Chapter 1,139 The Profit from Killing the God King
Chapter 1,140 The First Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 1,141 The situation changes
Chapter 1,142 The Essence and Blood of the God King
Chapter 1,143 The secret has changed
Chapter 1,144 The war breaks out
Chapter 1,145 The Nether Gate Out of Control
Chapter 1,146 The Breath of the Law of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,147 Lei Ze is born
Chapter 1,148 Ambush in the Void
Chapter 1,149 The God King’s Handwriting
Chapter 1150: Breeding Life
Chapter 1,151 The fall of Tianjiao
Chapter 1,152 Muddy Waters
Chapter 1,153 Detecting whereabouts
Chapter 1,154 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 1,155 The Great Sage Tongtian
Chapter 1,156 Destruction of the World
Chapter 1,157: Solving the Trouble
Chapter 1,158: Fighting for Opportunities
Chapter 1,159 The Lord Biyuan reappears (additional update with 1,000 monthly votes)
Chapter 1,160 The Ultimate Tribulation
Chapter 1,161 The Power of God (Thanks to the leader of ‘Book Friends Ea’)
Chapter 1,162 The terrifying existence within the death tide
Chapter 1,163 The Second Ultimate Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1,164 The Holy Lord of Heavenly Thunder Overcomes Tribulation
Chapter 1,165 The World-Destroying Torrent
Chapter 1,166 Duel between the Prodigies
Chapter 1,167 The Divine King is born, and all the heavens celebrate together
Chapter 1,168 The Incarnation of the God King (Thanks to the leader of ‘Book Friends_Ea’, updated on 1/24)
Chapter 1,169 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1,170: God’s Palace Examination
Chapter 1,171 Taoist Immortal Realm
Chapter 1,172 The power of transformation
Chapter 1,173 The Great Road Collapses
Chapter 1,174 Farewell
Chapter 1,175 Changes in the Divine City
Chapter 1,176: Number One on the God Lord List
Chapter 1,177 Preaching in Minghe Realm
Chapter 1,178 Conquest of the Sword God Clan
Chapter 1,179 Holy Emperor Boat
Chapter 1,180 The strength of the first genius
Chapter 1,181 A strong man who can survive the ultimate tribulation
Chapter 1,182 Take the initiative
Chapter 1,183 One-sided Massacre
Chapter 1,184 The Rules of Killing
Chapter 1,185 The Suppression of the Rules of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,186 Bloody Battle in the Sword World
Chapter 1,187 Spiritual Pill
Chapter 1,188 Things are different now
Chapter 1,189 Showing Strength
Chapter 1,190 The Fall of the Sword Emperor
Chapter 1191: Divide the Sword World
Chapter 1,192 The Unparalleled Divine Sword
Chapter 1,193 The Treasured Embryo
Chapter 1,194 Great Harvest
Chapter 1,195 The Sky Eye is strengthened again (monthly ticket 2000 for additional updates)
Chapter 1196: Falling from the position of the gods (lead update 2/24)
Chapter 1,197 Half-Step God Emperor
Chapter 1,198 Return to the Evergreen World
Chapter 1,199 Changes in the Human Race
Chapter 1,200 Visions soar into the sky
Chapter 1,201 The Ancient Soldier Emperor
Chapter 1,202 Dragon and Elephant Battle Blood
Chapter 1,203 Ancient Imperial Tower
Chapter 1204: Chasing and intercepting
Chapter 1,205 Ancient Dragon Elephant
Chapter 1,206 The Shadow of the Famous Tree
Chapter 1,207 Ancient Beast Control Technique (Additional Update from Alliance Leader 3/24)
Chapter 1,208 Face to face with the Emperor of War (lead update 4/24)
Chapter 1,209 The shock of the remnant soul of the Soldier Emperor
Chapter 1,210 Conquering the Ancient Emperor Tower
Chapter 1,211 Suppressing the Ancient Dragon Elephant
Chapter 1,212 The Zongzong Divine Beast
Chapter 1,214 Return to the Wuji Realm
Chapter 1,215 Breakthrough to the Divine Lord
Chapter 1,216 Contracted Dragon Bird
Chapter 1,217 The changing world of Minghe Realm
Chapter 1,218 Emperor Fire
Chapter 1,219 The Extinction of All Creatures
Chapter 1,220 Jade Divine Fire
Chapter 1,221 Bijiang Divine Lord
Chapter 1,222 The Power of Dragon and Elephant
Chapter 1,223 The aftermath of the war
Chapter 1,224 The Ancient Emperor’s Methods
Chapter 1,225 The birth of the divine weapon
Chapter 1,226: One hundred years old, kill a god to celebrate!
Chapter 1,227 This is the Jade Divine Fire!
Chapter 1228: Out of Control
Chapter 1,229 Looking for the target
Chapter 1,230 The physical body is complete
Chapter 1,231 Attacking the Soaring Snake God Clan
Chapter 1,232 Breaking through the Taoist Immortal
Chapter 1,233 The Great Avenue Sacred Tree Reflects the Nine Provinces (Additional Update from Alliance Leader 5/24)
Chapter 1,234 Alarming the Taixu Realm (Additional update from the leader 6/24)
Chapter 1,235 The Strength of Taoist Immortal
Chapter 1,236 Imperial Edict
Chapter 1,237 Discussing the Tao
Chapter 1,238 Murderous Intent
Chapter 1,239 Thirteen Divine Lords
Chapter 1,240 They are coming
Chapter 1,241 The war begins
Chapter 1,242: Destroy the twelfth-grade treasure with one punch
Chapter 1,243 Please ask the ancestor to take action
Chapter 1,244 The power of the incarnation of the god
Chapter 1,245 The Palace of Taixu Realm was defeated
Chapter 1,246 The future is full of variables
Chapter 1,247 The Premonition of the Ancient Star God
Chapter 1,248 Fruitful results
Chapter 1,249 Nine years of seclusion
Chapter 1,250 The power of transformation
Chapter 1,251 The Second Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 1,252 Who is overcoming the tribulation?
Chapter 1,253 The Great Sage of Confucianism and Taoism
Chapter 1,254 Suppressing Confucian Luck
Chapter 1255: Now there is a special method that is passed down to all living beings in the Nine Provinces
Chapter 1,256 Sect Competition
Chapter 1,257 Ninth Grade Divine Body Technique
Chapter 1,258 Yuyu Shenjun
Chapter 1,259 The monks from Tianzong are here
Chapter 1,260 Invitation to War God Emperor
Chapter 1,261 Invincible Reputation
Chapter 1,262 I surrender!
Chapter 1,263 Gathering the Genius Token
Chapter 1,264 There are changes in the future again!
Chapter 1,265 The Ambition of the Zhongshan God Clan
Chapter 1,266 A bad situation
Chapter 1,267 The Fourth God Lord
Chapter 1,268 Returning to Homeland
Chapter 1,269 Ninth Grade Holy Body Technique
Chapter 1,270 Preaching to Kyushu (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket at the beginning of the month)
Chapter 1,271 Promotion of Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 1,272 My sword can only kill demons!
Chapter 1,273 Three great tribulations
Chapter 1,274 The Human Race is Destroyed
Chapter 1,275 Let the human race deal with the human race
Chapter 1,276 The First Son of the Five Sects
Chapter 1,277 Shen Changqing’s Purpose
Chapter 1,278 Goodbye Lord Yuyu
Chapter 1,279 Tiangang Ming Jade Body
Chapter 1,280 God Lord
Chapter 1,281 The Pressure of the Taixu Realm
Chapter 1,282 Killing the Fifth Level Divine Lord
Chapter 1,283 The nine-year agreement has arrived
Chapter 1,284 The Battle of the East China Sea
Chapter 1,285 The God King is just an ant
Chapter 1286 He is coming
Chapter 1,287 The terrifying restricted area will
Chapter 1,288 Entering the Imperial Mausoleum Again
Chapter 1,289 The Imperial Way
Chapter 1,290 The Breath of Human Race
Chapter 1,291 The will of the restricted area awakens
Chapter 1292: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 1,293 The Great War
Chapter 1,294 You are a human race!
Chapter 1,295 A familiar scene
Chapter 1,296 Siege and Killing
Chapter 1,297 Assassination in the restricted area
Chapter 1,298 The backhand of the shrine
Chapter 1,299 The power of two treasures (lead update 7/24)
Chapter 1,300 Gray Lotus (lead update 8/24)
Chapter 1,301 The God Emperor fell, and the great road collapsed! (Additional update from the leader, 9/24)
Chapter 1,302 The God is furious and attacks on a large scale! (Additional update from the leader, 10/24)
Chapter 1,303 The decision to kill the immortal god
Chapter 1,304 The Fall of the Ten Thousand Dragon King
Chapter 1,306 The True Strength of the God Emperor
Chapter 1,307 Fifty years!
Chapter 1,308 The New Elder
Chapter 1,309 Is Fuyang about to become enlightened?
Chapter 1,310 Bewitched
Chapter 1,311 Breakthrough in Cultivation
Chapter 1,312 Weird Darkness
Chapter 1313: Joint Derivation
Chapter 1,314 Twilight of the Gods
Chapter 1315 A Thousand Cave Heavens
Chapter 1,316 Breakthrough Opportunity
Chapter 1,317 The invasion of ferocious beasts
Chapter 1,318 The Eighth-Rank Great Sage, one man becomes an army!
Chapter 1319 I finally realized it!
Chapter 1,320 Sea of ??Chaos
Chapter 1321 Obliteration
Chapter 1,322 The birth of the treasure
Chapter 1740 The Holy Emperor’s Ambition
Chapter 1741 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 1742 Thirty-Six Divine Lords
Chapter 1743 Killing the Sixth Level Divine Lord
Chapter 1744 Bronze Portal
Chapter 1745 The uneasiness that envelopes the heavens
Chapter 1746: Massive acquisition of Chaos Monuments
Chapter 1747 A blow across time and space
Chapter 1748 Trillions of Divine Crystals
Chapter 1749 The situation worsens
Chapter 1750 Blinding Perception
Chapter 1751 The source of the mutation
Chapter 1752 Yin and Yang Reverse Chaos
Chapter 1753 Kyushu Opportunity
Chapter 1754 Eighty-one Visions
Chapter 1755 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 1756 Instant Suppression
Chapter 1757 Unparalleled Sword Master
Chapter 1758 Divine Sword Sect
Chapter 1759 Immortal Tomb
Chapter 1760 Ancient Bloodline, Gravekeeper!
Chapter 1761 The Fury of God
Chapter 1,345 I’m just an ordinary tombkeeper
Chapter 1346: Innate Vision
Chapter 1,347 They are coming (lead update 1124)
Chapter 1,348 The Lord of Darkness (Leader’s update 1224)
Chapter 1,349 Sword Intention Hangs Over the Top
Chapter 1,350 Massive Invasion
Chapter 1351 Black rain falls from the sky
Chapter 1,352 Shen Changqing’s Strength
Chapter 1,353 Falling one after another
Chapter 1,354 Great Victory
Chapter 1,355 The God Hiding in the Dark
Chapter 1,356 The Origin of the Shrine
Chapter 1,357 Gifts from the Heavens
Chapter 1,358 Mountain and River Piano
Chapter 1,359 Comeback
Chapter 1,360 A sword spanning two realms
Chapter 1,361 The Sixth Level of Taoist Immortal
Chapter 1,362 Taishan Enlightenment
Chapter 1,363 The Second God Lord Falls
Chapter 1364: Changes in the depths of the death zone
Chapter 1,365 When something goes wrong, there must be a demon
Chapter 1,366 Strength Improvement
Chapter 1,367 A Hundred Years
Chapter 1,368 Generous Remuneration
Chapter 1369: Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1,370 The Powerful Ultimate Tribulation
Chapter 1,371 This is really the ultimate catastrophe
Chapter 1,372 The Transformed Lei Ze
Chapter 1,373 Changes in the Netherworld
Chapter 1,374 Physical Transformation
Chapter 1,375 Born into the Seventh Level of Divine Lord
Chapter 1,376 The Overloaded Evergreen World
Chapter 1,377 The Third Heavenly Sacrifice Cauldron
Chapter 1,378 The Formation in the Heaven Sacrifice Cauldron
Chapter 1,379 The Breathing Method of Ancient Fierce Beasts
Chapter 1,380 Enlightenment
Chapter 1,381 The strength of Taoist Tianji
Chapter 1,382 The Ambition of the Inner Demon Emperor
Chapter 1,383 Comeback
Chapter 1,384 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 1,385 Suppression with bare hands
Chapter 1,386 You are Shen Changqing
Chapter 1,387: The Demon Clan is Destroyed
Chapter 1,388 The Existence Beyond the Immortal God
Chapter 1,389 Enlightenment
Chapter 1,390 Power Shelter
Chapter 1,391 Four Sacrificial Cauldrons to Heaven
Chapter 1392 Blood Nerve
Chapter 1,393 This is the era of Fu Yang
Chapter 1,394 The Terror of the Real God-Emperor
Chapter 1395 The weak follow the rules and the strong make the rules
Chapter 1,396 Suppressing the Hundred-Year Promise with One Hand
Chapter 1,397 Breakthrough of Eight Million Chaos Evil Spirits
Chapter 1,398 The reaction of the Black Demon Clan: Dragon Elephant Shadow
Chapter 1,399: Changing Road to the Sifang Tianjun
Chapter 1,400 The Divine Lord Preaches
Chapter 1,401 The Killing Sword Code
Chapter 1,402 The Power of the Demonic Sword
Chapter 1,403 The Arrival of the Sifang Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1,404 You are a human race
Chapter 1405: Identity exposed, kill the Sifang Tianjun!
Chapter 1,406 The Immortal-killing God whose strength has transformed
Chapter 1,407 The Demon Lord’s Wrath
Chapter 1,408: The Chaos Restricted Area of ??Order, Rules and Riots
Chapter 1,409 The depressing atmosphere of the sword fight
Chapter 1,410 I am Shen Changqing
Chapter 1,411 The Divine Palace ordered the Divine Lord to bleed
Chapter 1,412 The Ambition of All Races
Chapter 1,413: Surrounded by the Gods
Chapter 1,414: Attack from the air
Chapter 1,415 Could Tianzong really be able to defeat the Divine Palace?
Chapter 1,416 Promotion to the Gods
Chapter 1,417 Delaying time
Chapter 1,418 You really don’t take my Tianzong seriously
Chapter 1419: Emperor Chenling
Chapter 1420: Breakthrough in Cultivation
Chapter 1,421 The Subtle Changes in the Heavens and the Human Race
Chapter 1,422: Bloodline restricts the actions of the imperial court
Chapter 1,423: Treasure House of Eight-Rank Heavenly Tribulation Secret Skills
Chapter 1,424: Transformation of the Guardian Seal of the Humanity Book
Chapter 1,425: The tenth-level inheritance Taoist soldier suppressed him with a slap
Chapter 1,426: God’s false expectations shook Kyushu with a sword
Chapter 1,427 Transformation into Extraordinary Preaching Again
Chapter 1,428 A blow from the chaotic void across time and space
Chapter 1,429 The timing of birth
Chapter 1,430 The leader of the sect
Chapter 1,431 The destined battle in the future
Chapter 1,432 An irresistible reward
Chapter 1433: Incarnate into Heaven and Manipulate Thunder
Chapter 1,434 The opportunity to prove the divine king
Chapter 1,435 The Paradise of Ferocious Beasts
Chapter 1,436 Purpose
Chapter 1,437 Savage Elephant
Chapter 1438: Different Thoughts
Chapter 1,439 Mysterious Power
Chapter 1,440 The Black-armored Guards of the Taichu Emperor Dynasty
Chapter 1,441 The Gap in the Barriers of the Four Imperial Dynasties
Chapter 1,442 Chaos
Chapter 1,443 The Chaos Emperor is furious at Emperor Zun
Chapter 1,444: Defeat and defeat the army with a snap of the fingers
Chapter 1445: Go to Tianzong and invite Sect Leader Shen to come
Chapter 1,446 Why is Taoist Immortal so powerful?
Chapter 1,447 Heavy losses
Chapter 1,448 The Strong Buddhist Man
Chapter 1,449 The army is attacking and refuses to give in
Chapter 1,450 The Strength of the Candle Emperor
Chapter 1,451 The heavens are in chaos and the Netherworld monks are surrounded and suppressed
Chapter 1,452 Ancestors
Chapter 1,453 The Transformation of the Ancient Gods
Chapter 1,454 The opportunity has come
Chapter 1,455 The Power of Deja Vu
Chapter 1,456 The Shock of Yin Sha Immortal Lord (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival)
Chapter 1,457 Breakthrough in Battle
Chapter 1,458 Immortal King Xuantian
Chapter 1,459 Pollution
Chapter 1,460 Faith (please vote)
Chapter 1,461: One person attains enlightenment, a chicken and a dog ascend to heaven
Chapter 1,462 The idea of ??mass-producing divine kings
Chapter 1,463 Can’t delay any longer
Chapter 1,464: Nine Death Nirvana Technique
Chapter 1,465: Suppressing the Unrest
Chapter 1,466 The strongest men in the world gather together
Chapter 1,467 The Avenue of True Immortals
Chapter 1,468 Mountain God
Chapter 1,469 Timing
Chapter 1,470 Ancient Zhu Yan
Chapter 1,471 Suppressing Zhu Yan
Chapter 1,472 The Fifth Level Body of the God King
Chapter 1,473 The winner is the king and the loser is the bandit (lead update 13/24)
Chapter 1,474 The Emperors Shock (Additional Update from Alliance Leader 14/24)
Chapter 1,475 This battle is for nothing but the immortal inheritance of the human race!
Chapter 1,476 The Two Realms Formation is Opened
Chapter 1,477 The Birth of the Human Race
Chapter 1,478: If you want to destroy the human race, lets see how capable your shrine is.
Chapter 1,479: One against six
Chapter 1,480 The battle begins
Chapter 1,481 What kind of magic is this?
Chapter 1,482 Destroy the Tianluo God Clan
Chapter 1,483 Counterattack
Chapter 1,484 The Ambition of the Zhongshan God Clan
Chapter 1,485 Nanming Lihuo
Chapter 1,486 The Ancient Soldier Talisman Shows Its Power
Chapter 1,487 The Flood of the Dead
Chapter 1,488 Promotion
Chapter 1,489 Self-destruction at the slightest disagreement
Chapter 1,490 Great changes in the void
Chapter 1,491 The Emperors Anger
Chapter 1,492 Generous Conditions
Chapter 1,493 The King of War
Chapter 1,494 The Tenth Level of Taoist Immortal
Chapter 1,495 Retreat
Chapter 1,496 Occupying a Domain
Chapter 1,497 Post-war Liquidation
Chapter 1,498 The Gate to the Dao Fruit
Chapter 1,499 The killing begins again
Chapter 1,500 Instant Kill
Chapter 1501: Strength Distinction
Chapter 1502 Trillions of Immortal Monks
Chapter 1503 Broken Stone Stele
Chapter 1,504 Channels to Make Money
Chapter 1505 It’s getting dark
Chapter 1506 The inevitable battle
Chapter 1507: An Army of Billions of Heavenly Demons
Chapter 1,508 You broke through
Chapter 1509: One after another visions
Chapter 1,510: Eternal Town Barrier to the Heavens
Chapter 1511 The idea of killing the god
Chapter 1512: Detachment
Chapter 1513 Backlash
Chapter 1514: Panel Reappearance
Chapter 1,515 The backhand of the shrine
Chapter 1516 The road is broken!
Chapter 1517 Half-Step God
Chapter 1518 The Three Emperors
Chapter 1,519 The Sword Master’s Preparations
Chapter 1,520 The most powerful genius of the Black Demon Clan: Taishan!
Chapter 1521 Sure enough, you are related to the human race!
Chapter 1,522 The Lord Taihe who wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 1523: Come to the door
Chapter 1,524 The Demon Lord’s Plan
Chapter 1525: Enlightenment
Chapter 1526: Return to the Barrier of the Heavens.
Chapter 1527: The helplessness of the Zhufeng God Clan
Chapter 1,528 The Heritage of the Human Race
Chapter 1529: The Kingdom of Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand
Chapter 1,530 The true strength of the God Lord
Chapter 1531: Entering the Netherworld
Chapter 1532: Treasured Land for Cultivation
Chapter 1533: Destruction of the Ancestral Court
Chapter 1534 The time has come
Chapter 1535 The arrival of the army
Chapter 1536 Battle!
Chapter 1,537: A God-Emperor in seconds at the start
Chapter 1,538 The God-Emperor is Terrified
Chapter 1539 The Desperate Blood Ancestor
Chapter 1540 Domain Suppression
Chapter 1541: Killing the Fallen Star Lord
Chapter 1542: Deja vu words
Chapter 1543: Like entering a deserted place
Chapter 1544: Target, the capital of the Chaos Empire!
Chapter 1,545 The Nineth Level of the God Emperor
Chapter 1,546 The Encirclement and Suppression of the Chaos Empire
Chapter 1547 The Unexpected Strong Man
Chapter 1,548 The emperor is in the sky, please give me some advice from the Thunder Flame God!
Chapter 1549 All the trump cards revealed
Chapter 1550 Imperial Beast
Chapter 1,551 The god is born, the god is killed!
Chapter 1552 Won
Chapter 1,553: Breaking Through the Dao Fruit
Chapter 1554 Celebration of Immortal Rules
Chapter 1555 Dao Fruit Realm
Chapter 1,556 The Chaos Empire suffered heavy losses
Chapter 1557 It’s time to end
Chapter 1558 Nine Transformations Immortal Soul
Chapter 1559 The situation is reversed
Chapter 1560: Ten Thousand Mountains Demon Subduing Formation
Chapter 1561 Immortality Flower
Chapter 1,562 Fighting the God Emperor Again
Chapter 1563: Cultivating the Tao
Chapter 1,564 The Despair of the Monks in the Heavens
Chapter 1565 Void Vortex
Chapter 1566 Familiar Breath
Chapter 1567 The word 'end' is just a joke
Chapter 1,568 The sense of security from Shen Changqing
Chapter 1569 The real sword emperor!
Chapter 1570 I have a sword, please taste it!
Chapter 1571: The army was defeated like a mountain
Chapter 1572: If you don’t become a god, you are just an ant after all!
Chapter 1,573 The Immortal Sword Intent Remains
Chapter 1574 God Seed
Chapter 1575 Backlash
Chapter 1576 The Red Owl Lineage
Chapter 1577 The Sky-Swallowing Beast Reappears
Chapter 1578 The Bloodline of the God
Chapter 1579 Another God Seed
Chapter 1580 The seal is broken, the most peak sword in history
Chapter 1,581: A huge start but a tail end
Chapter 1582 Swallowing Divine Fire
Chapter 1583 Divine Fire Seed
Chapter 1584: The First Person in the Formation
Chapter 1585: Luck
Chapter 1586: Innate Qi Watching Technique
Chapter 1,587 The whereabouts of the Heavenly Sacrifice Cauldron
Chapter 1,588 Whoever moves will die!
Chapter 1,589 Obtaining the Zhongzhou Cauldron
Chapter 1590: Mottled Bloodstains
Chapter 1591: Tongyou
Chapter 1592 Another breakthrough in cultivation