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Mysterious end

Mysterious end

author:Montenegro old ghost

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-24 01:29

Latest chapter:Chapter 294 In front of the gate of hell (finale)

I'm pretty sure that my mind is normal. It's just that the people around me have turned into monsters in human skin. It's just that the city I'm in has turned into a living, crawling body of flesh and blood. But I can't When I faced my girlfriend asking for a kiss again, I saw the tentacles extending from her mouth. But I couldn't keep calm because crazy gibbering was flooding into my mind.

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《Mysterious end》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 294 In front of the gate of hell (finale)
Chapter 293 Awakening the true will of the world (4,000 words)
Chapter 292 What it represents is fate after all (5,000 words
Chapter 291 Come to see your master (5,000 words)
Chapter 290 The Most Innocent Person (7,000 words)
Chapter 289 Broken Water Drop Necklace (4,000 words)
Chapter 288 The Compass of Destiny and the Whispering Snake (7,000 words)
Chapter 287 The glass crown that rules the mysterious source (5,000 words)
Chapter 286 Twelve Mysterious Guides (6,000 words)
《Mysterious end》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Class Reunion
Chapter 2 The First Commandment of the Stranger
Chapter 3 You and I Are Different
Chapter Four Strange World
Chapter 5 The work of catching mice
Chapter 6 Abnormal Creatures
Chapter 7 ‘He’ is coming
Chapter 8 Creepy City
Chapter 9 The Mysterious Source
Chapter 10 Strengthening Elements (Please collect and vote)
Chapter 11: Dog Gambling Route
Chapter 12 Special Dangerous Things
Chapter Thirteen I'm Not a Betting Dog
Chapter 14: Power is an instinct
Chapter Fifteen Mother's Care
Chapter 16 Suffocation Doll
Chapter Seventeen I'm Just a Newcomer
Chapter Eighteen I'm Really Scared
Chapter 19 The Nest of Suffocation
Chapter 20: The Man Drowned by Life
Chapter 21: This is probably called reality?
Chapter 22 300 Points
Chapter 23 Dad's Birthday
Chapter 24: It's False
Chapter 25 The Girl Next Door
Chapter 26 The sense of world collapse
Chapter 27: A World Full of Monsters
Chapter 28: The Swamp of Despair
Chapter 29 Dark Red Tentacles
Chapter 30: Drug Tester No. 0
Chapter 31 Pain Diluted
Chapter 32 Special Dangerous Things—Dogs of Pain
Chapter 33 Key Elements
Chapter 34
Chapter 35: Herding is miserable, breeding is painful
Chapter 36 The most suitable route
Chapter 37 Unprovoked Malice
Chapter 38 Blackhand Yang Jia
Chapter 39 Extremely Sensitive—The Insight
Chapter 40 The Singularity Appears
Chapter 41 Old Record Player
Chapter 42: Collective skin peeling
Chapter 43 Monsters can be killed
Chapter 44 Red Eyes
Chapter 45 Hunter Route (1st update)
Chapter 46 Asking for BGM (Second update)
Chapter 47: There is poison in the dog (third update)
Chapter 48 I’m so scared
Chapter 49: Black Gate Fog Incident
Chapter 50 The Principle of the Weak
Chapter 51 Red Eyes Bar
Chapter 52: I killed the person
Chapter 53 Yang Jia’s Principle
Chapter 54 A sincere man
Chapter 55 A naturally powerful man
Chapter 56: Insight Route
Chapter 57 The countdown begins
Chapter 58 Three Eyes
Chapter 59 The Painful Butcher
Chapter 60 Distorted Memory
Chapter 61 Seeing the truth
Chapter 62 Pink Girl Gang
Chapter 63 The Peak of Life
Chapter 64 The man in black hat who seduces girls
Chapter 65: The hard-working record player
Chapter 66 Black Hat Man
Chapter 67 Friendly Stranger
Chapter 68 The terrifying newcomer
Chapter 69 He really took the initiative to confess
Chapter 70 Class B Distortion Incident
Chapter 71 Dog Licking Boss
Chapter 72: Alienated Mother (listed for votes)
Chapter 73 Where are they?
Chapter 74: Toys for older children
Chapter 76 Symbiosis Hallucination (fourth update)
Chapter 77 Hallucination, all hallucination
Chapter 78 Back to reality
Chapter 79 This is real
Chapter 80 100% original solution tester
Chapter 81 The Edge of the City
Chapter 82 The contents of the safe
Chapter 83 Direction determines will
Chapter 84 The Butcher in Hell
Chapter 85 Enhanced Design
Chapter 86 Guarantee
Chapter 87 Rotten Woman
Chapter 88 On the verge of distortion
Chapter 89 Devil Worshipers
Chapter 90 Aberration Seed
Chapter 91 Painful Substance Transfer
Chapter 92 A little bit of gambling
Chapter 93 Bewitching the record player
Chapter 94 Road to Hometown
Chapter 95 B-level mission: The Decaying Kingdom (first update)
Chapter 96 A hot man with three dogs (second update)
Chapter 97 Strategists, Careers and Yang Jia (third update)
Chapter 98 The Dancer of Black Gate City (4,000 words)
Chapter 99 The Psychic Anatomy Table (4,252 words)
Chapter 100 A Bullet
Chapter 101 Rotten Girl (2-in-1)
Chapter 102 You are the cleanest girl
Chapter 103 Kill all these things
Chapter 104 Forbidden Museum
Chapter 105 The Strongest Weapon Sequence
Chapter 106 Real Performance
Chapter 107 Bloody Butcher
Chapter 108 The more pink you wear, the harder you beat someone.
Chapter 109 The boy who kills people with a chainsaw
Chapter 110 The No. 1 Killer of the Pink Girl Gang
Chapter 111 3911 Points
Chapter 112 Friendly Senior
Chapter 113 Dante Organization
Chapter 114 The person who bullied Yang Jia
Chapter 115 Lord Contract Competitors
Chapter 116 The biggest joke
Chapter 117 Special Training
Chapter 118 Unfathomable
Chapter 119 Principles of Cross-Level Challenge
Chapter 120 Please respect me
Chapter 121 Dancing on the tip of the knife
Chapter 122 Double Intelligence Aura
Chapter 123 I am also very powerful
Chapter 124 Shadow Contract
Chapter 125 Terrifying Temperament
Chapter 126 Silver Bullet (Additional update)
Chapter 127 Emotional Bomb
Chapter 128 The Second Cleansing of Black Gate City
Chapter 129 Second Strengthening
Chapter 130 The nightmare is coming
Chapter 131 Putting Down the Rebellion
Chapter 132 Living with the Devil
Chapter 133 Yang Jia’s Dog
Chapter 134 Elegant Performance
Chapter 135 The night is over
Chapter 136 Yang Jia’s smile
Chapter 137 Special Training Lesson 2
Chapter 138 The tempered silver pistol
Chapter 139 Violence Factor Element
Chapter 140 Dark Forest
Chapter 141 Hungry Fingers
Chapter 142 Panacea and Ring
Chapter 143 Man-Eating Monster
Chapter 144 You are finally here
Chapter 145 The Shepherd’s Visit
Chapter 146 The Strongest Abnormal Creature
Chapter 147 Black Goat Club
Chapter 148 The Third Stage of Insight
Chapter 149 The Drug Tester Plan
Chapter 150 Lord Contract Heir
Chapter 151 Xiao Xiao’s Principles (4,000 words)
Chapter 152
Chapter 153 Ten Commandments for Strangers (4,000 words)
Chapter 154 The new president takes office
Chapter 155 The answer to the end (5,000 words)
Chapter 156 Noah’s Plan
Chapter 157 Find someone
Chapter 158 Puppet on Strings
Chapter 159 Lord’s Authority
Chapter 160 The society is afraid of the mistress
Chapter 161 The Mysterious Boundary (6,000 words)
Chapter 162 The man with the note on his face (4,000 words)
Chapter 163 Art Puzzle
Chapter 164 The Price of Losing the Landlord (4,500 words)
Chapter 165 Eternal Hell (5,000 words)
Chapter 166 Go through the procedure
Chapter 167 The highest level invitation
Chapter 168 The End of the Corridor (4,000 words)
Chapter 169 Little Black Skirt (4,000 words)
Chapter 170 I want to explode him
Chapter 171 The Butcher’s Late Night Snack
Chapter 172 The Hardworking President (5,000 words)
Chapter 173 Dante’s Organization (6,000 words)
Chapter 174 We are the crazy ones (4,500 words)
Chapter 175 Core
Chapter 176 Dante’s Deal
Chapter 177 A shocking gamble
Chapter 178 The big gamble begins (4,000 words)
Chapter 179 The Hell Organization’s Bet (4,000 words)
Chapter 180 Take Your Heart (5,308 words)
Chapter 181 Lord’s Instructions
Chapter 182 Pandora’s Box (4,500 words)
Chapter 183 The most terrifying strengthening element (5,000 words)
Chapter 184: People with Hatred (4,000 words)
Chapter 185 You can win, but you can’t win like this (4,000 words)
Chapter 186 President Xiao’s appearance (4,000 words)
Chapter 187 The most cruel person in Black Gate City (4,000 words)
Chapter 188 The Three Captains (6,000 words)
Chapter 189 Crazy Black Gate City (6,000 words)
Chapter 190 I will kill myself (5,000 words)
Chapter 191 Black Gate City Hell Restricted Area (6,000 words)
Chapter 192 One Hundred Thousand Points (4,000 words)
Chapter 193 The Missing Link (4,000 words)
Chapter 194 Visiting his father
Chapter 195 Pioneer Plan
Chapter 196 The person in the cracks (4,600 words)
Chapter 197 Maybe I’m really a monster (6,000 words)
Chapter 198 The Core of the City (5,500 words)
Chapter 199 The Fourth Element (5,500 words)
Chapter 200 Questioning the School’s Ideas (5,300 words)
Chapter 201 Matrix Research Report (4,000 words)
Chapter 202 The Fourth Element: The Unquenchable Heart (6,000 words)
Chapter 203: President Xiao’s Fame (5,000 words)
Chapter 204 Aboriginal Perspective (5,500 words)
Chapter 205 The monster that swallowed the train (5,000 words)
Chapter 206 Spirit covers reality (5,500 words)
Chapter 207 The man who lost his heart (5,000 words)
Chapter 208 Peaceful Transaction (5,000 words)
Chapter 209 The Perfect Villain (6,000 words)
Chapter 210 Black Forest Special Investigator (6,000 words)
Chapter 211 How to Kill a City (6,000 words)
Chapter 212 Go and beg him for mercy (6,000 words)
Chapter 213 Ultimate Verification: Mysterious Source (5,000 words)
Chapter 214 The City Appears (5,500 words)
Chapter 215 The mysterious source of the invitation (5,200 words)
Chapter 216 The Gift of the City (5,000 words)
Chapter 217 Shepherds’ Meeting (5,500 words)
Chapter 218 The first step into the fog (5,500 words)
Chapter 219 Collaborators in the Normal World (5,500 words difference
Chapter 220 Million-Level Artifact (5,500 words)
Chapter 221 The Curse of the Branded One (5,000 words)
Chapter 222 The invitation of the 200th Black Goat (5,000 words)
Chapter 223 The Shepherd’s Confession (5,700 words)
Chapter 224 Urban Parasites (6,000 words)
Chapter 225 Slave Mark (5,000 words)
Chapter 226 Mr. Du’s invitation (6,000 words)
Chapter 227 The Awakening of the World (6,000 words)
Chapter 228 All-round upgrade (6,000 words)
Chapter 229 Big losses this time (5,500 words)
Chapter 230 SS-level mysterious source (6,000 words)
Chapter 231 The hunting plan begins (5,000 words)
Chapter 232 Yang Jia’s Confession (5,200 words)
Chapter 233 The Three-Headed Dog of Hell (7,000 words)
Chapter 234 Cerberus Harem (6,000 words and more)
Chapter 235 The arrival of the mysterious source (4,500 words)
Chapter 236 Breeding Farm Plan (7,000 words)
Chapter 237 Luxury Package of Abnormal Creatures (6,500 words)
Chapter 238 The Legion of Abnormal Creatures (5,000 words)
Chapter 239 The Fifth Wish (5,000 words)
Chapter 240 The Appearance of the Artifact (6,000 words)
Chapter 241 The Strongest Offensive and Restraining Weapons (6,000 words)
Chapter 242 I really can’t hold it back (4,000 words)
Chapter 243 The power of the parasitic city (4,000 words)
Chapter 244 Hide behind me
Chapter 245 Yang Jia’s Fear
Chapter 246 Survival of the World’s Will (4,000 words)
Chapter 247 Pass to Hell (rounded to 10,000 words)
Chapter 248 Spiritual Ocean (6,000 words)
Chapter 249 People who stay in the depths of the ocean (1099 words
Chapter 250 The second step of Noah’s plan (7,500 words)
Chapter 251 The Shadow Behind the Curtain (4,000 words)
Chapter 252 Reverse Invasion of Black Gate City (7,000 words)
Chapter 253 Invitation from the City of Rest (10,081 words)
Chapter 254 God’s Shepherd (8,500 words)
Chapter 255 The Dominance of Xi'an City (7,000 words)
Chapter 256 The Undecent Knight of Black Gate City (7,000 words)
Chapter 257 Red Eyes and Scavengers (8,000 words)
Chapter 258 The second taboo in Black Gate City (8,000 words)
Chapter 259 Princess Mononoke’s Castle (8,000 words)
Chapter 260 Kuromon City Sightseeing Tour Group (7,000 words)
Chapter 261 Parasite Progress 10
Chapter 262 Who dares to provoke such a person (5,000 words)
Chapter 263 Humans don’t need God (5,000 words)
Chapter 264 Dismembering a City (6,000 words)
Chapter 265 President Xiao’s special message (6,300 words)
Chapter 266 He became it (6,000 words)
Chapter 267 The First Person to Confront the Mysterious Source (6,000 words)
Chapter 268 The seven major components are assembled (6,000 words)
Chapter 269 The feeling of becoming a god (5,000 words)
Chapter 270 Things Hidden in Black Gate City (5,000 words)
Chapter 271 Struggle is the core of life (6,500 words)
Chapter 272 The Upgrading of the World and One Person’s Pain (6,000 words
Chapter 273 The woman who imprisoned herself in hell (6,000 words)
Chapter 274 The Woman Behind the Curtain (6,000 words)
Chapter 275: Rebuilding a World (6,000 words)
Chapter 276 The choice of normal people (4,000 words)
Chapter 277 The third step of Noah’s plan (6,000 words)
Chapter 278 World Upgrade Plan (6,500 words)
Chapter 279 President Xiao’s Honeymoon Trip (6,000 words)
Chapter 280 Experimental Subject Recycling (5,000 words)
Chapter 281 Recovery Plan for Drug Tester No. 0 (5,000 words)
Chapter 282 Brain Remote Control System (5,000 words)
Chapter 283 I don’t like this world (9,000 words)
Chapter 284 The real Noah plan (6,000 words)
Chapter 285 Flood submerges the world (6,000 words)
Chapter 286 Twelve Mysterious Guides (6,000 words)
Chapter 287 The glass crown that rules the mysterious source (5,000 words)
Chapter 288 The Compass of Destiny and the Whispering Snake (7,000 words)
Chapter 289 Broken Water Drop Necklace (4,000 words)
Chapter 290 The Most Innocent Person (7,000 words)
Chapter 291 Come to see your master (5,000 words)
Chapter 292 What it represents is fate after all (5,000 words
Chapter 293 Awakening the true will of the world (4,000 words)
Chapter 294 In front of the gate of hell (finale)