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Aiming for the Immortal Path

Aiming for the Immortal Path

author:I'm going to cry

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 2266 The semi-immortal weapon was taken away, Su Twelve took chestnuts from the fire

[Mortals are expelled without a system] Su Twelve, a boy from a mountain village with mediocre qualifications, is forced to embark on an endless and long road to immortality and enlightenment, full of intrigues, intrigues, and ups and downs... The road ahead is long and full of obstacles. Even though it is difficult, this little mortal is determined to walk his own path of cultivating immortality even if he overcomes obstacles.

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《Aiming for the Immortal Path》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2266 The semi-immortal weapon was taken away, Su Twelve took chestnuts from the fire
Chapter 2265 The Nine Nether Blood Lotus appears, the Great Dao Oath is broken, and tit-for-tat people confront each other
Chapter 2264 Bailichen’s threat, Su Twelve’s doubts
Chapter 2263 The Nine Nether Blood Lotus Appears
Chapter 2262 Change your thinking, the best time to get the treasure
Chapter 2261 The body whose image has changed drastically
Chapter 2260: Everyone has their own plans, the quicksand land is full of dangers
Chapter 2259 The joining of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 2258 The people waiting in quicksand
《Aiming for the Immortal Path》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Su Twelve
Chapter 2 The Wrath of the Immortal Master
Chapter 3 Spirit Root Test
Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Spirit Roots
Chapter 5 Entering Yunge Sect
Chapter 6 Guarding the Waste Pill Room
Chapter 7 The Mysterious Pill Furnace That Turns Waste into Treasure
Chapter 8 Tiger Hunting
Chapter 9 The Man in Black Reappears
Chapter 10 Fundamental breathing exercises
Chapter 11 Fire Control and Exhalation
Chapter 12 Arrogant Handyman Disciple
Chapter 13 First Trial
Chapter 14 The First Transaction
Chapter 15 Eight-Level Eight Diagrams Fist and Shadowless Phantom Step
Chapter 16 Trouble at the door
Chapter 17 Tempering the Sword
Chapter 18 Trading Talismans
Chapter 19: Being Tracked
Chapter 20 A Fierce Battle
Chapter 21 Flip
Chapter 22 Trial Secrets
Chapter 23 Inventory of Harvests and Clues
Chapter 24 Practicing spells and practicing talismans
Chapter 25 Mobilization
Chapter 26 The Strange and Stunning Woman
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 The First Level 2 Spiritual Material
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 The Insidious Person
Chapter 31
Chapter 32 The Strongest Handyman
Chapter 33 The Female Cultivator Surnamed Chu
Chapter 34 Finding Treasures in the Cave Mansion
Chapter 35 The Mysterious Stunning Woman
Chapter 36 Infiltrating the Lingzhi Garden
Chapter 37 Shen Miaoyin, the Lord of Tianyin Peak
Chapter 38 Exposure
Chapter 39 Joint Cooperation
Chapter 40 Killing the Fire Cloud Python
Chapter 41: Just a Small Person
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Overcoming the Crisis
Chapter 44 Secrets of Qi Refining
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 The important thing is that you... are dead
Chapter 47 The trial is over
Chapter 48 Return one after another
Chapter 49 Taking stock of harvest
Chapter 50 Su Twelves Harvest
Chapter 51 A blockbuster
Chapter 52 The great elder wants to accept a disciple?
Chapter 53 The Great Elders Registered Disciple
Chapter 54 Treasure Pavilion Selection
Chapter 55 A shocking glimpse, the Rainbow Sword
Chapter 56 Five Elements Spirit Bead
Chapter 57 The mission of investigating Qixuanmen
Chapter 58 The strange seven mysterious gates
Chapter 59 Lin Qiaoer is charming and charming
Chapter 60 Digging a hole and waiting for others to jump
Chapter 61 Master White Bones
Chapter 62 Watching the battle secretly
Chapter 63 Save the Beautiful Senior Sister
Chapter 64 Plot against Master Bones
Chapter 65: Trapping people to death without paying for their lives
Chapter 66 Shocked Xiao Yue
Chapter 67 Taking stock of harvest, mysterious leaves
Chapter 68 Bloodthirsty Devouring Demons, Casting Sword Bones, Sword Bone Formation
Chapter 69 A world of the weak and the strong
Chapter 70 The ultimate trick, exploding sword bones
Chapter 71 Oh no! Come on, pick me up
Chapter 72 Make friends and no one will suffer
Chapter 73 Setting up a stall in Qianshanfang City
Chapter 74 Blackmailing someone?
Chapter 75 Jiang Feixues Background
Chapter 76 News about the Golden Holy Spring
Chapter 77 Pseudo Spiritual Weapon, Eyes of Deception
Chapter 78 The man in gray in the dirty pit
Chapter 79 Corpse Refining Ambush
Chapter 80 Jiang Feixues daughter
Chapter 81 Yunyang Spiritual Fire
Chapter 82 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight
Chapter 83 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 84 The Power of the Ten Thousand Soul Banners
Chapter 85 A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Chapter 86 Spiritual Fire Burns the Demon
Chapter 87: The oriole is behind, the evil soldiers defeat the enemy
Chapter 88 An existence that cannot be looked up to?
Chapter 89 Treasure! Hating Iron and the Sinister Ten Thousand Soul Banners
Chapter 90 Swallowing the Golden Holy Spirit Spring and being ambushed
Chapter 91 Are you going to kill me now?
Chapter 92 Xiao Yues invitation
Chapter 93 Reasons for Heartbeat
Chapter 94 Spiritual Beast Spirit-Eating Rat
Chapter 95 Refining the Five Elements Spiritual Beads and Sacrificing the Bone Sword
Chapter 96 Cloud Bone Sword, Eyes of Destruction
Chapter 97 Surprised Peak Master
Chapter 98 The familiar master of Luoyan Peak
Chapter 99: Playing tricks
Chapter 100 New techniques for matching talismans
Chapter 101 Fighting, Die Lianhua
Chapter 102 The great savior! Timely rain
Chapter 103 Glazed Gold, Introduction to Alchemy, Complete Collection of Five Elements Techniques
Chapter 104 Sacrifice and Refining Yuanyang Ruler, Invitation from the Great Elder
Chapter 105: Hiding evil intentions
Chapter 106 The Great Elders Plan
Chapter 107 Strange Canyon, Leopard Hidden in the Mist
Chapter 108 Meet the charming Lin Qiaoer again
Chapter 109 Strange Canyon, resisting monsters
Chapter 110 The thunder leads to half-step foundation building
Chapter 111 The Man in Black Arrives
Chapter 112 Killing
Chapter 113 The end of the road
Chapter 114 Escape from Death
Chapter 115 Heaven and Earth Furnace, Tempering Treasures
Chapter 116: Tempering the Spiritual Beast, There is No Hope of Building the Foundation
Chapter 117 The possibility of foundation building
Chapter 118 Communicated with Xiao Yue and decided to participate in the Seven Peaks Competition
Chapter 119 Rule changes, defense competition
Chapter 120 The white-haired boy, the master of Yunge
Chapter 121 Seven Peaks Competition, Four Powerful Men
Chapter 122 The Great Elders poisonous plan
Chapter 123 The Consciousness of Death
Chapter 124 Su Twelves true strength
Chapter 125 Surprised Shen Miaoyin
Chapter 126 The Seven Peaks Competition with a sudden change of painting style
Chapter 127 Weird Sword Gourd
Chapter 128 You actually poisoned me
Chapter 129 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 130 Shen Miaoyins Thoughts
Chapter 131 Han Yus tragic defeat, the power of Yan Guis sword
Chapter 132 The power dominates the country
Chapter 133: Taking advantage of the terrain, turning things around, shocking everyone with his skills
Chapter 134 Trump Card, Defeat the Enemy in One Move
Chapter 135 Great Elder: Come with me
Chapter 136 Shen Miaoyins unexpected move
Chapter 137 Difficult to build the foundation road
Chapter 138 Trading Foundation Establishment Pill
Chapter 139 The Great Elders Determination
Chapter 140 Foundation Building, Spiritual Weapon Creation
Chapter 141 Yunge Nine Swords Technique
Chapter 142 A powerful enemy attacks
Chapter 143: Defending the enemy, Yuanyang ruler moves, the way to defeat the enemy
Chapter 144 Spell Competition, Pine Waves and Wanderings
Chapter 145 Su Twelves trump card: Exploding Sword Bone
Chapter 146 Taking stock of harvest, strange disc
Chapter 147 Stonehenge Flag
Chapter 148 Rock, Alchemy
Chapter 149 Lingshi Mine, Ge Tianchuans Scheme, Dan Cheng
Chapter 150 Meeting old friends on the road
Chapter 151 Su Twelve Falling from the Sky
Chapter 152 Thunderous Means
Chapter 153 The news brought by Zhu Hanwei
Chapter 154 Strange token, meeting fellow disciples
Chapter 155 Qingfeng Mountain
Chapter 156 The Magical Use of the Soul-Eating Rat
Chapter 157 A fierce battle with the Ice Spider
Chapter 158 Searching for Qingyuan Grass
Chapter 159 Obtaining a treasure, a third-level spiritual plant
Chapter 160 News from the Sect
Chapter 161 Yunge Sect Conference
Chapter 162 News about the Lingshi Mine
Chapter 163 Ready to go
Chapter 164 Sensing the Crisis
Chapter 165 Blood Spirit Gate Ambush
Chapter 166 Tian Jue Cao
Chapter 167 Trapped
Chapter 168 All parties plot
Chapter 169 Breaking out of the formation
Chapter 170 Escape
Chapter 171 Beauty ceiling
Chapter 172 Groundless rumors
Chapter 173 Helping
Chapter 174 The wealthy Shen Miaoyin
Chapter 175 Refining the Earth Spirit Pill
Chapter 176 Five Elements Alchemy, Amazing
Chapter 177 Heading to Canglan Mountain
Chapter 178 Battle against the Blood Spirit Sect members
Chapter 179 Robbery of the Spiritual Stone Mine
Chapter 180 Mining, taking stock of harvest
Chapter 181 Obtaining the Spiritual Stone
Chapter 182: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 183 Materials for formation
Chapter 184 Yong'an City, buying a sword
Chapter 185 Spiritual Stone Cultivation
Chapter 186 Conjecture about tempering the spirit stone and returning to the sect
Chapter 187 Pushing Song Cliff
Chapter 188 Opening up caves and setting up formations
Chapter 189 Formation, chasing troops
Chapter 190 Su Twelves Cave
Chapter 191 Tempering Spiritual Stone
Chapter 192 A powerful enemy arrives
Chapter 193: Insidious to each other
Chapter 194 The Sword Formation Begins
Chapter 195 Ge Tianchuans methods
Chapter 196 Sneak Attack
Chapter 197 Thousands of souls move, using evil to control evil
Chapter 198 The sword formation finally uses the spirit-shattering weapon
Chapter 199 Spiritual Stone Synthesis
Chapter 200 Shen Miaoyins Visit
Chapter 201 News of the Dangerous Land
Chapter 202 Benefits
Chapter 203 Ge Tianchuan obtained the treasure; advanced to the middle stage of foundation building
Chapter 204 Studying Formations
Chapter 205 Returning Home, Attacked
Chapter 206 The Power of Evil
Chapter 207 Su Twelves plan
Chapter 208 Mutual Traps
Chapter 209: Plan within plan, destroy the enemy
Chapter 210 Harvest, Five Thunder Dharma
Chapter 211 Tianjue Secret Realm
Chapter 212 Many forces gather together
Chapter 213 Meeting Jiang Feixue Again
Chapter 214 The mysterious female cultivator of Wuyin Sect
Chapter 215 Xuanyin Sect launches an attack
Chapter 216 The real strong man
Chapter 217 Top Secret Volume
Chapter 218 The Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 219 Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 220 Many crises
Chapter 221 Treasure Hunting Attack
Chapter 222 Seizing the body, news of the heaven-defying elixir
Chapter 223 Thunder and Light Establish Power
Chapter 224 Undoubted eavesdropping conspiracy
Chapter 225 Running away
Chapter 226 Chasing Troops
Chapter 227 Entering the strange formation by mistake
Chapter 228 Powerful Formation
Chapter 229: Fiery Lion, Dangerous Land
Chapter 230 Spirit Feeding Pill
Chapter 231 Encountering fellow disciples by chance
Chapter 232 Spiritual Monument
Chapter 233 Mountain Fire Origin Array
Chapter 234 Middle Grade Spiritual Weapon, Borrowing Sword
Chapter 235 Breaking the Formation, Mutation of Rock Shield
Chapter 236 The formation is broken, the rock shield is repaired, and the Yunge Sects century-old plan
Chapter 237 Great Harvest, Half Mountain Spiritual Stone
Chapter 238 Identity was used, blame the monk
Chapter 239 News about the heaven-defying elixir and bodhi flower
Chapter 240 Cooperation and the Bodhi Tree
Chapter 241 Two-Headed Sunda Wind Viper
Chapter 242 Giving birth to the bodhi tree
Chapter 243 The Bodhi Flower Blooms
Chapter 244 Obtained the treasure, got the bodhi flower. Weird black mist
Chapter 245 Transformed into an alien demon! Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 246 Return to treasure hunting, Bodhi tree
Chapter 247 As cunning as Fox Su Twelve, White Jade Buddha Beads
Chapter 248 Encounter on the road, shock in the mountain col
Chapter 249 Save someone and run away
Chapter 250 Cangshan Executioner
Chapter 251 A must-have for Yin people, hidden tricks within tricks
Chapter 252 One is more sinister than the other
Chapter 253 The real killing move
Chapter 254: Soul Refining with Soul Flags, Amazing Skills
Chapter 255: A favor
Chapter 256 Inventory of treasures, butterfly knife and pardon order
Chapter 257 Three Shocking Swords, Heaven, Earth and People
Chapter 258 Wanzai Xuanbing Formation, entering the formation
Chapter 259 Monster, Snowy Ice Ape
Chapter 260 Ice Sculpture, Strange Phenomenon
Chapter 261 Rescue, the shocked Qi Ziran
Chapter 262 News about Beiming Xuanbing, Jibing Peak, the first of the five dangerous places
Chapter 263 Life is impermanent, the towering ice peaks, the thought of giving up
Chapter 264 Encountering a Strong Enemy
Chapter 265 The old devil is extremely sealed
Chapter 266 Encounter with the Kirigin Sect members
Chapter 267: Pulling people into trouble
Chapter 268 Yun Wuxias plan, the old demon Ji Feng died
Chapter 269 Cooperation to obtain the top secret volume
Chapter 270 Conditions for cooperation, entering the grand formation
Chapter 271 Tianjue Library, Talisman, Pill, Weapon, Formation, Technique, Method
Chapter 272 Obtained the Top Secret Volume
Chapter 273 The transformation of white jade beads, the second treasure
Chapter 274 Strong Yun Wuxia
Chapter 275: Top secret volume, three transformations for one person
Chapter 276 A month flies by
Chapter 277 Preparing to Enter the Extreme Ice Cave
Chapter 278 The spirit fire enters the body
Chapter 279 Potential Crisis, Entering the Extreme Ice Cave
Chapter 280 Fighting for Beiming Xuanbing
Chapter 281 Yun Wuxias proposal
Chapter 282 Making a Deal
Chapter 283 Trapped in the Extreme Ice Cave
Chapter 284 The secret realm is closed and undercurrents surge
Chapter 285 Storm in Cangshan Mountain
Chapter 286 Helpless retreat, tempering spiritual stones
Chapter 287 Jibing Cave Retreat, Three Shocking Swords
Chapter 288 The Five Qi Dynasty, Yun Wuxia's Golden Pill is Completed
Chapter 289 Escape and return to Cangshan
Chapter 290 Crisis suddenly appears, life hangs by a thread
Chapter 291 Spiritual Body Incarnation
Chapter 292 The Yunge Sect is in trouble
Chapter 293 Man in red, survivor
Chapter 294 A bird in a net or a bird in a cage?
Chapter 295 The eagle is not a bird in the net, and the dragon is not a thing in the pond.
Chapter 296 Su Twelves trump card
Chapter 297 Do you think there is still a chance?
Chapter 298 Kill with a snap of your fingers without mercy
Chapter 299 Incident in Cangshan Mountain
Chapter 300 Sects Love
Chapter 301 Inventory of Harvest: Wind and Wave Boots, Sun-Hanging Sword, Flowing Fire Sword, and Mask
Chapter 302 Tempering! The secret technique of blood light escape, neither a sword nor a sword
Chapter 303 The Secret of White Jade Buddha Beads
Chapter 304 Guessing and Going to Yunhan Qifeng Mountain
Chapter 305 Meeting the Sect Master
Chapter 306 You can call me senior brother
Chapter 307 Meeting the Three Rings Monk Again
Chapter 308 Revealing Identity
Chapter 309 Discussion and Dispute
Chapter 310 Meeting Xiao Yue again and reminiscing about the past
Chapter 311 Lu Mingshis life hangs on a thread
Chapter 312 Lu Mingshi turns into a golden elixir
Chapter 313 Promise, Trump Card
Chapter 314 Spirit Shaping Pill Recipe, News from the Fountain of Youth
Chapter 315 Climbing the Immortal Mountain and the whereabouts of the Fountain of Youth
Chapter 316 Conspiracy brewing
Chapter 317 A heartless invitation, the real fountain of youth
Chapter 318: Obtaining the Fountain of Youth, the Immortal Fate of Spring and Autumn, and the Changes of Climbing the Immortal Mountain
Chapter 319 Attack and Game
Chapter 320 One word breaks the situation
Chapter 321 Prison Lock Crazy Dragon Formation, both jade and stone are destroyed, the setting sun reflects the snow
Chapter 322 Fu Boren dies
Chapter 323 Escape, trump card exposed
Chapter 324 Like a tiger...with wings?
Chapter 325 Sudden attack, Jin Dan reveals himself
Chapter 326: Continuous accidents, dangerous situation
Chapter 327 The Four-Party Alliance
Chapter 328 The secret of the exotic treasure
Chapter 329 A treasure forged in a thousand years, a strike in a thousand years! Ren Yunzongs courage
Chapter 330 Preparation for Challenge
Chapter 331 Ren Yunzongs strength
Chapter 332 Su Twelves Thoughts, A Strong Enemy Attacks
Chapter 333 The decisive battle begins
Chapter 334 Enemies in the Dark
Chapter 335 Qi Ziran falls and Su Twelve is attacked
Chapter 336: A plan within a plan, destroying the old demon Ji Kang
Chapter 337 Rescue, fight against Madam Gui Qing
Chapter 338: Being ruthless, those who hurt others will not be spared.
Chapter 339 Battle against Zuo Jun
Chapter 340 Collecting Blood Spirit Insects
Chapter 341: Battle of Trump Cards, Tai Chi Black Shield, and the Demon of Lust Reappears
Chapter 342: The plan within the plan, the chess piece is just one step away
Chapter 343 Targeted by Jin Dan
Chapter 344: Thousand-Year Blow, Birth in Advance
Chapter 345 Countermeasures formulated by each
Chapter 346 The Thousand-Year Strike Is Born
Chapter 347: Obtaining the treasure, pulling chestnuts from the fire
Chapter 348 Shen Miaoyin takes action
Chapter 349 The Millennium Blow Activates
Chapter 350 The last move, half Buddha and half devil
Chapter 351 Falling short of success
Chapter 352 Ren Yunzongs determination to spontaneously burn the golden elixir
Chapter 353 At the cost of life, desperate situation
Chapter 354: The tiger fell to the ground and was bullied by the dog
Chapter 355 Yun Wuxias trump card
Chapter 356: Pretending to be a snake, delaying time
Chapter 357 The White Jade Buddha Bead Shows Its Power
Chapter 358 Buddhas light eliminates demons and transforms the demons from outside into death
Chapter 359 Ren Yunzongs explanation! Soul-nurturing wood, soul-sealing
Chapter 360 Su Twelves Change, Hope
Chapter 361 Shen Miaoyins decision
Chapter 362: Jin Dan reveals himself, and strikes again after a thousand years
Chapter 363 A thousand-year blow! A thousand-year sword
Chapter 364 The situation is reversed
Chapter 365 A difficult victory
Chapter 366: Someone comes from the Demonic Shadow Palace, the golden elixir is perfected
Chapter 367 The Power of the Great Perfection of the Golden Elixir
Chapter 368 Game, the courage to sacrifice
Chapter 369 Shen Miaoyins back-up plan to escape
Chapter 370 Angry You Ruo, White Flame Tracking Technique
Chapter 371 Zhu Hanwei appears, Donghua Yimu
Chapter 372 Leaving Cangshan
Chapter 373 Ren Yunzongs wisp of consciousness
Chapter 374 Luck in Cangshan Mountain
Chapter 375 Good guy or bad guy
Chapter 376 The Evil One Comes to the Door
Chapter 377 Su Twelve takes action
Chapter 378 Establish authority and retreat from the enemy
Chapter 379 Su Twelve, Wang Su
Chapter 380 Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda
Chapter 381 The Feng Familys Grudges
Chapter 382 Mortal Life
Chapter 383 Happy little girl
Chapter 384 Mortal Enlightenment, Strange Valley
Chapter 385 Song Mansion Monk
Chapter 386: Fierce battle, worldly skills establish prestige
Chapter 387 Sudden changes, thunder and lightning tempering
Chapter 388 Death of Feng Ruren
Chapter 389: Cleanse the marrow and lead to the elixir, sealing the old mans revenge
Chapter 390 A blessing in disguise, stronger meridians
Chapter 391 Restoration of Dantian Qi Sea
Chapter 392: Inventory of treasures: Tai Chi Black Shield, large space gold-edged Buddhist storage bag
Chapter 393 Inventory of treasures: Bodhi flower, magic pestle, mysterious tortoise shell
Chapter 394 Taking stock of treasures: Demonic Magic Skill
Chapter 395 Taking stock of treasures: untamable red worms, strange soil, Buddhist scriptures
Chapter 396 Two top-quality spiritual weapons, drastic changes in Xiaohe Village, Song Mingyang
Chapter 397 Qianxie Dual Swords
Chapter 398 Whats wrong with Uncle Ghost?
Chapter 399: Borrowing Your Head
Chapter 400 Kill two birds with one stone and start a war
Chapter 401 The Five Thunder Dharma Shows Its Power
Chapter 402 New Identity, Demonic Shadow PalaceLi Canghai
Chapter 403 The Mutation of the Ten Thousand Soul Banners
Chapter 404: Wrongful Ghost, Transcendence
Chapter 405 New Ten Thousand Soul Banners, Recovered in One Millennium Strike
Chapter 406: Pressure, information about thousand-year chalcedony liquid
Chapter 407 Destroy Song Mingyang
Chapter 408 Encounter in the forest, news from Yemoyun City
Chapter 409 The granddaughter of the head of the Duanmu family
Chapter 410 Embroidered pillow, easily crushed
Chapter 411 Stupid Woman
Chapter 412 Obtain the thousand-year chalcedony liquid and break into the formation
Chapter 413 Golden Statue, Mysterious Man
Chapter 414 The silent plan
Chapter 415 Deal with the mysterious man
Chapter 416 Clearing the Imprint of Divine Consciousness, Five Elements Puppet Technique
Chapter 417 The third-level top-notch puppet, which is comparable to the golden elixir, is making a lot of money
Chapter 418 The mysterious man was tricked
Chapter 419 The crisis in the dark alarms the Duanmu family
Chapter 420 Undercurrents surge in Qinghe City, Old Man Feng is about to expire
Chapter 421 Leave a hope for the little girl
Chapter 422: Frozen Old Man, West Pole Geng Metalized Bone Tempering Puppet
Chapter 423 Duanmu Family, Duanmu Burning Dragon
Chapter 424: Puppet Shaping Bones, Mysterious Man Reappears
Chapter 425 Level 3 Puppet Activation
Chapter 426: Trouble with the mysterious man, Qinghe City suffers
Chapter 427 Dramatic changes in Qinghe City, new deals
Chapter 428 The ancient evil skill Fen Ru Yao Technique, the Red Refining Golden Hand, Duanmu Burning Dragons strength
Chapter 429 Targeted by the Duanmu Family Monk
Chapter 430 Red quenched wooden palm! The strength of Duanmu Fenlong
Chapter 431 Hunyuan Gold and Silver Dual Palms? Jin seals the whole city
Chapter 432: Deceiving Duanmu Fenlong
Chapter 433 Su Twelve escapes, the new discovery of the long-faced monk
Chapter 434 Duanmu Fenlong and You Ruo meet
Chapter 435: Scheming against each other, Duanmu Fenlongs murderous intention returns
Chapter 436 Su Twelves character and temperament
Chapter 437: Opportunity to restore the sea of consciousness, nourishing the spirit pill
Chapter 438 The Secret of Yemoyun City
Chapter 439 Hou Sihai leaves
Chapter 440 Donghai Town, resettling the little girl, heading to Yemoyun City
Chapter 441 Yemoya, see Duanmu Fenlong and the Demonic Shadow Palace Maid Cultivator again
Chapter 442 Yemoyun City opens
Chapter 443 Ning Caiyun, the Guide
Chapter 444: A man is not rich without windfall, and a horse is not fat without night grass.
Chapter 445 Plan accomplished, meeting Hou Sihai again
Chapter 446 Hou Sihai borrows skills from Huomanhua
Chapter 447 News about Nanming Lihuo
Chapter 448 Arrogant Huanxing Sect Disciple Zhu Wensheng
Chapter 449 Trading Huomanhua, Hou Sihais unusual behavior
Chapter 450 The origin of the great master of the Nascent Soul Stage, Hou Sihai, and the Huanxing Sect
Chapter 451 How to Breed the Fire Flower Seeds
Chapter 452 The whereabouts of Liuqu Lingshen
Chapter 453 The female cultivator who took advantage of the situation
Chapter 354 The threat from the female nun
Chapter 455: Tit for tat, identity of a female cultivator, and her background
Chapter 456: The stall owners gratitude, the treasure obtained: spiritual enlightenment, Zhongyuan guarding the soil
Chapter 457 News about the Nourishing Pill, Upgrading the Night Mo Order
Chapter 458 Frequent Transactions and Harvests
Chapter 459 Prefecture-level Yemo Order, the secret of Yemoyun City
Chapter 460 Yemoyun Citys Plan
Chapter 461 Baodan Pavilion, Spirit-Refreshing Pill
Chapter 462: Nourishing Pill, Waste Pill, Pill Recipe
Chapter 463 Transaction, trouble comes
Chapter 464: No discussion, threatened
Chapter 465 Master Tianhong, who distinguishes between public and private affairs, borrows money from the slope to get off the donkey
Chapter 466 News about Millennium Zhi
Chapter 467 The whereabouts of Shen Miaoyin and the deal with Master Tianhong
Chapter 468 Preparation for the Auction
Chapter 469 Tears of joy and sorrow
Chapter 470 Secret Crisis, Magical Candle Dragon Bow
Chapter 471 Visitors from Yemoyun City
Chapter 472 The conspiracy in Yemoyun City, Su Twelves new discovery
Chapter 473: Leaving Seclusion, Heavenly Level Night Moling
Chapter 474 Hou Sihais request
Chapter 475 Her surname is Leng
Chapter 476 Xiao Zhou Tians Divine Condensation Technique
Chapter 477: Strong as Lin, Xiao Muzi, Zen Master Shanfa
Chapter 478 Auction of Tao Heart Planting Demonic Art
Chapter 479 Magical Weapon Embryon
Chapter 480 Millennium Zhi appears
Chapter 481 Bidding for Millennium Zhizhi
Chapter 482 The ownership of Millennium Zhi, the first-grade magic weapon Tianxin Ring
Chapter 483 Isnt this called ostentation?
Chapter 484 Exchange Meeting, Yuanyang Magic Gold
Chapter 485 Beast Control Sect Ten Thousand Beasts Technique
Chapter 486 Identity accidentally exposed
Chapter 487 The best Yuan Gathering Pill, the treasure is obtained
Chapter 488 Crisis Surrounded
Chapter 489 Cheating and being cheated! Su Twelves scheme
Chapter 490 The power of a first-grade magic weapon, endless opponents
Chapter 491: One wave comes after another
Chapter 492 The Power of the Candle Dragons Bow
Chapter 493: The oriole is behind, and the identity is exposed
Chapter 494 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 495 Breaking the Formation, Surprised Youruo
Chapter 496 Shocking Youruo and Master Tianhong, a sword from the sky
Chapter 497 Su Twelves Scheme
Chapter 498 Heading to Huanxing Sect
Chapter 499 The Duanmu Familys Plan
Chapter 500: The plan of the Demonic Shadow Palace, the Huanxing Sects meeting hall
Chapter 501: Tit-for-tat, Unfair Huanxing Sect
Chapter 502 Sect Rules, Where to Go
Chapter 503 Letter of Recommendation, Outer Disciple
Chapter 504: The outer deacon who adapts to the wind
Chapter 505: Baiyun Mountain Cave Mansion, the target of public criticism
Chapter 506: The Secret of Tianyan Order, Shen Miaoyins Amazing Talent
Chapter 507 Cave Arrangement
Chapter 508: Yuan-devouring bloodworms, the ten most ferocious insects in the world of immortality
Chapter 509: The Way to Control Beasts, Insights on Spiritual Planting
Chapter 510 Testing the spiritual field and cultivating Jiuqu spiritual ginseng
Chapter 511 The elixir furnace for refining the elixir
Chapter 512 Li Huo Furnace
Chapter 513 The Spirit-shaping Pill is Completed
Chapter 514: Swallowing Spiritual Shaping Pill, Spiritual Root Qualification Changes
Chapter 515 Erysipelas Outbreak
Chapter 516 Thousand Evil Sword restrains erysipelas, something unexpected happens during seclusion practice
Chapter 517: The person who arouses the five qi towards the Yuan Dynasty
Chapter 518 Bribing Peoples Hearts Cheng Jingfeng
Chapter 519: Ten Thousand Swordsman of the Punishment Hall
Chapter 520 The insidious Cheng Jingfeng and all the unlucky people
Chapter 521 Baiyun Mountain Su Twelve
Chapter 522 Everyone who repays kindness with revenge, Pingshan Tang Zhuying
Chapter 523 Senior management takes action
Chapter 524 Wan Jianyi was deposed and blamed Su Twelve
Chapter 525 Cheng Jingfeng harboring evil intentions
Chapter 526 Heading to the Weapon Formation Platform
Chapter 527 Refining Weapons with the Lihuo of Nanming and the Cold Qi of Beiming
Chapter 528 An accident occurred in the weapon refining
Chapter 529 Su Twelve takes action, shocking everyone with his skills
Chapter 530 The possibility of refining a magic weapon with the Thousand Evil Sword
Chapter 531 Turning into a puppet, Yu Jingchengs news
Chapter 532: The road is rough and the love between brother and sister is deep
Chapter 533 The Arrogant Young Lord of Cang Yue City
Chapter 534 The fourth-level spiritual material and Su Twelves spirit are all required.
Chapter 535 News from Tianyong City, the Five Tigers of Cangyue City
Chapter 536: Thunderous means alarm the City Lords Mansion
Chapter 537 Fu Borens Descendants
Chapter 538 Donghuang Village, Holy Spirit Cult
Chapter 539: Those who confuse the public with evil words, but those who act bravely when they see justice
Chapter 540 Angry Su Twelve
Chapter 541 Easily Defeat the Enemy and Question
Chapter 542 Weird blood cloud, trapped formation
Chapter 543: Be prepared for the coming of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 544 The formation shows its power
Chapter 545 The insidious tattooed female nun
Chapter 546 Three people with different agendas
Chapter 547 Killing Golden Pill
Chapter 549: Destroying the Golden Pill Again, the Hunchbacked Monks Last Move
Chapter 549 The thunder method breaks the formation and Fu Caiwei is captured
Chapter 550: Changes in Cangyue City and another encounter with Tang Zhuying
Chapter 551 Secret observation, Tang Zhuyings back-up plan
Chapter 552 Su Twelve helps and saves Fu Caiwei
Chapter 553 The Death of the Young City Lord, the Insidious Lord of Cangyue City
Chapter 554 Two against one, Tang Zhuyings killer move
Chapter 555 An unexpected visitor
Chapter 556 A desperate battle, spontaneous combustion elixir
Chapter 557 Unexpected Nascent Soul's helping hand
Chapter 558 The strength of Nascent Soul, destroying Duanmu Burning Dragon with one move
Chapter 559 The battle between Yuanying, Leizhou Yunyan
Chapter 560 Yuanyings invitation and Tang Zhuyings chance encounter
Chapter 561 Cheng Jingfengs plan
Chapter 562 Leizhou, Muyunzhou, Yunyan with extraordinary origins
Chapter 563: Instructions from Seniors in the Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 564 Nascent Soul Discussing the Tao
Chapter 565 Farewell and return to Baiyun Mountain
Chapter 566 Treasure Inventory, Four Treasures
Chapter 567 Go to the Weapon Formation Platform
Chapter 568 Tianshou Hall, the corrupt and chaotic Huanxing Sect
Chapter 569 Shocking Heavenly Works, Master Tianhongs Thoughts
Chapter 570 The generous Su Twelve and their respective Xiao Jiujiu
Chapter 571: Quiet Game, Return to Baiyun Mountain Cave Mansion
Chapter 572 Secret instigation, Xi Xiaoyuns poisonous plan
Chapter 573: The undercurrent is surging. If you dont get the golden elixir, you will never get out of seclusion.
Chapter 574: Hard training and contemplation of change, Feng Fei builds the foundation
Chapter 575 Mysterious Visitor, Bodhi Flower
Chapter 576 Jin Dancheng shocked everyone
Chapter 577 The plan of the inner sects deacons and elders
Chapter 578 The release of spiritual consciousness, Shen Miaoyins instructions
Chapter 579 The elder of the alchemy room comes to visit
Chapter 580 If you dont eat the toast, you will be punished by drinking wine
Chapter 581 The furious elder of the alchemy room
Chapter 582 Plot against the elder of the alchemy room
Chapter 583 The power of the formation shocked everyone
Chapter 584 Powerful treasure, red-skinned gourd
Chapter 585: Harvest of red-skinned gourds, death of the alchemy room elder
Chapter 586: The conspiracy on Qingfeng Mountain, Su Twelve got the treasure: Wuxie Sword, Qingyun Magic Cloak
Chapter 587: The first-grade magic weapon Wuxie Sword, the owner is recognized by dripping blood
Chapter 588: Attacked and Ambush in Stone Forest
Chapter 589 Seeing the Zhulong Bow again, Su Twelve breaks the formation
Chapter 590: Xi Xiaoyun and Zhu Wensheng were shocked when they broke the move in person
Chapter 591: Questioning, the weirdness of the Candle Dragon Bow
Chapter 592 Wuliuyuan, news about the little girl Feng Fei
Chapter 593: Kill Zhu Wensheng with ruthless means, and good luck to Xi Xiaoyun
Chapter 594 Unexpected help
Chapter 595 Su Twelves tangle
Chapter 596 Confusing right and wrong, the thoughtful Tang Zhuying
Chapter 597 Su Twelves back-up plan and identity in the torture hall
Chapter 598 Arrest Document, Annoyed Situ Zhen
Chapter 599 Heading to Wuliuyuan
Chapter 600: Plans against the Inner Sect Deacons and Elders
Chapter 601 Death of Xi Xiaoyun
Chapter 602 The destination of the Yuan-devouring Bloodworm, Su Twelve visits Wuliuyuan in person
Chapter 603 The monks outside Wuliuyuan
Chapter 604: People die for wealth and birds die for food
Chapter 605 Encountering other monks by chance
Chapter 606: Calculating and Being Calculated
Chapter 607 The reminder from the long-faced monk, Wuliu Town
Chapter 608 The Secret of Wuliuyuan, Wuliu Town Monk Yang Qianxi
Chapter 609 The plot in Wuliu Town
Chapter 610 The magical red-skinned gourd
Chapter 611 Meeting an old friend by chance
Chapter 612 The news brought by Yu Waner
Chapter 613 Su Twelves guess, invisible hand
Chapter 614 Strange formation, meeting the square-faced old man and the long-faced monk again
Chapter 615 The long-faced monk asks for help
Chapter 616 Conditions for rescuing people, five willow roots
Chapter 617 Thunder means destroying the giant hand
Chapter 618 Five Willow Roots Obtained
Chapter 619 Feng Fei with amazing willpower
Chapter 620 Going against the will of heaven and living towards death
Chapter 621 The Master Arrives
Chapter 622 The Incredible Three People
Chapter 623 Facing the giant hand, Su Twelves strength
Chapter 624 Join forces to break the formation
Chapter 625 The Incident in Wuliuyuan
Chapter 626 Giant Willow Dryad
Chapter 627 Two mid-level three-level tree demons
Chapter 628 The terrifying power of the humanoid tree demon
Chapter 629 There is no way to retreat, only a fight
Chapter 630 Su Twelve shows his trump card
Chapter 631 The third-level puppet appears again, shocking everyone with its skills
Chapter 632 The unbeatable tree demon? Flaw
Chapter 633 Formation Backlash
Chapter 634 The method of destroying evil
Chapter 635 The formation is broken, the demon is destroyed, Su Twelve is seriously injured
Chapter 636: People with evil intentions
Chapter 637: Stop evil with evil
Chapter 638 The man with a bun on his head
Chapter 639 Meeting Tang Zhuying again, modest Su Twelve
Chapter 640: Collecting interest, Shen Miaoyin asks someone to take the message
Chapter 641 Test outside Wuliu Town
Chapter 642 Unparalleled Young Master Wei Wushuang
Chapter 643 The power of one move, Su Twelve runs away
Chapter 644 Cheng Jingfengs speculation
Chapter 645 Framing Su Twelve
Chapter 646 Difficult Escape
Chapter 647 Taking advantage of the formation to escape, Wei Wushuangs plan
Chapter 648 Healing in the Cave
Chapter 649 Repairing the Level 3 Ultimate Puppet
Chapter 650 Wood Mandrill, Refining Wood Puppet
Chapter 651: Inventory of Harvest, Ancient Secret Scroll
Chapter 652 Secrets of Spells, Large Space Storage RingXuanji Ring
Chapter 653: Refining the Candle Dragons Bow, Eighth Grade Golden Pill Marquis Sihai
Chapter 654: Its a crime to keep the money hidden
Chapter 655 Seeing the Golden Statue Again
Chapter 656 The golden statue is broken and the Eight Diagrams chain appears
Chapter 657: The method of breaking the seal, Hou Sihais trump card
Chapter 658 Top Swordsmanship, The Swordsmanship of Heaven
Chapter 659 Gods will is unpredictable, Su Twelve enlightens the sword
Chapter 660: Gods will is unpredictable, Nan Ming Li Huo Cheng
Chapter 661 Nanming Lihuo obtained it and prepared to break the formation
Chapter 662 The real Swordsmanship from Heaven
Chapter 663: Gods will is unpredictable, the seal is broken, shocking the world
Chapter 664 Confronting Wei Wushuang again, the man in the hat
Chapter 665: The natural disaster is approaching, Hou Sihai runs away and is in danger again
Chapter 666: One sword is enough to defeat you.
Chapter 667 The Wuxie Sword comes out
Chapter 668 Reappearance of Heavens Sword Skills
Chapter 669 Wei Wushuang was brutally plotted
Chapter 670 Cheng Jingfeng, Zhao Jingfeng
Chapter 671 Lin Wuyou and Wei Wushuang, the Secret of Demonic Skills
Chapter 672 Lin Wuyou becomes a golden elixir
Chapter 673 The origin of the Lord and the crisis in front of the mountain gate
Chapter 674 I am here, who dares to touch him?
Chapter 675: Shocking Three Sword Moves, Certification of Physical Evidence?
Chapter 676: Master of Huanxing Sect
Chapter 677 The Power of the Sect Leader
Chapter 678 The battle between two lines, the end of the road
Chapter 679 The Swordsmanship of Heaven is broken, and the killing move comes
Chapter 680: Reinforce Shen Miaoyin, Lihuo Xuanbing Sword comes out
Chapter 681: The sects secret skill, Taixuan Fengyue Sword Technique
Chapter 682: Overpowering Everyone, Shen Miaoyin
Chapter 683 Shen Miaoyin protects the shortcomings
Chapter 684 The Dragon Lord of the Zhao Dynasty appears
Chapter 685 The trump card of the Zhao Dynasty
Chapter 686 The battle for quota in Tianyan Secret Realm
Chapter 687 The bottom line is meant to be broken
Chapter 688 Feng Feis psychological shadow
Chapter 689 Purple Yang Spirit Pill, looking for a solution to the foundation and ancient secret scrolls
Chapter 690 Blood Essence Pill, an opportunity to repair the foundation
Chapter 691 The Secret of Tianyan Secret Realm, Zhongzhou
Chapter 692 The Secret of the Tianyan Orders Inheritance
Chapter 693 Ancient Secret Scroll, Xuanji Sect
Chapter 694 Great Brahma Holy Palm
Chapter 695: Practicing the Holy Palm of Brahma
Chapter 696: Spell, Mountain Moving Technique
Chapter 697 Preparation before the start of the secret realm, tempering the magic weapon
Chapter 698 How to use Nanming Lihuo
Chapter 699 Yunheng Mountain
Chapter 700 Gathering in front of the mountain, Shen Miaoyin presents a jade-pupil slip and an invitation
Chapter 701 All forces gather together
Chapter 702 Level 4 Teleportation Array
Chapter 703 Level 4 Teleportation Array
Chapter 704 The Land of Demonic Qi
Chapter 705 The Demonic Sound
Chapter 706 Little Devil
Chapter 707: Secret attack, desperate battle
Chapter 708 Little Zhoutian Moving Talisman
Chapter 709 The storm is surging in the darkness
Chapter 710 Black Demon Jiao
Chapter 711 Refining the little devil and meeting the black devil again
Chapter 712 Three Black Demon Jiaos, Lin Qiaoer being hunted
Chapter 713 The Holy Palm of the Great Brahma Saves the Beauty
Chapter 714 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
Chapter 715 Demonic Sects Buddhist Skills
Chapter 716 Good Dharma to Conquer Demons
Chapter 717 Asura body, compassionate heart, my Buddha subdues demons
Chapter 718 Join forces to fight the demon dragon and defeat the Buddha with Buddha
Chapter 719 Three Black Demon Jiaos Holding Revenge
Chapter 720 The deal with Zen Master Shanfa
Chapter 721 The deal is reached and we join forces
Chapter 722 My Buddhas Mercy
Chapter 723: The cunning black dragon, refining cross bones and enlightening others
Chapter 724 The Wood Puppet Appears
Chapter 725: The Secret of the Remaining Buddha Beads, the Buddha’s Heavenly Time
Chapter 726 It’s better to come early than to come by chance
Chapter 727 The Duanmu Family’s Little Thoughts
Chapter 728 The prince of the Great Zhao Dynasty?
Chapter 729 Testing and response, Lin Wuyou’s plan
Chapter 730 The Influence of Bonds
Chapter 731 The conspiracy of the Shadow Palace
Chapter 732 The ruins of the unknown sect
Chapter 733 Taoist Pagoda, Buddhist Pagoda, Strange Mountains
Chapter 734 Millennium Blood Essence Ginseng
Chapter 735 Refining Blood Essence Pill
Chapter 736: Heaven and Earth Furnace Tempering Pill, formation changes
Chapter 737 Pseudo Heaven and Earth Furnace
Chapter 738 Meeting Situ Zhen again
Chapter 739 Battle against Situ Zhen, Situ Zhen’s true strength
Chapter 740 The limit of moves, the pinnacle of law
Chapter 741 The Limits of the Puppet Body
Chapter 742 An ordinary monk
Chapter 743 Miracles are created by people
Chapter 744 Blue Flying Boat
Chapter 745 Taoist Pagoda, Buddhist Pagoda, and Mysterious Man in Black Break the Seal
Chapter 746 Ancient Demonic Cultivator
Chapter 747 The magic bell, the man in black’s trump card
Chapter 748 Demon Shadow Palace Zonglu, cooperation reached
Chapter 749 Angry Cheng Jingfeng
Chapter 750 Cheng Jingfeng’s method, a deep pool in Fenglin Canyon
Chapter 751 The words of the land of inheritance
Chapter 752 Su Twelve is dead?
Chapter 753: Poison Scheme, Crisis Situation
Chapter 754 Su Twelve reappears and angrily attacks the Zhao Dynasty
Chapter 755: Lotus Su Twelve, the owner of the third Tianyan Token
Chapter 756 Lin Wuyou’s verbal battle with Duanmu Liuying
Chapter 757 If God doesn’t take it, you will be punished
Chapter 758 The inheritance of the Tianyan Order begins
Chapter 759 The inheritance stone statue appears
Chapter 760 The battle for inheritance begins
Chapter 761: Fallen into the trap! The majestic power, the inherited stone statue first shows its power
Chapter 762: All under the Nascent Soul are ants
Chapter 763 The preparations of the Zhao Dynasty, formation blockade
Chapter 764 The formation that is infinitely approaching the fourth level
Chapter 765 Shen Miaoyin’s real trump card
Chapter 766 The past thousands of years ago, the dispute resumes
Chapter 767 Inheritance Test
Chapter 768: Foundation test, Su Twelve is in trouble
Chapter 769 The Unpopular Su Twelve
Chapter 770 There are laws and there are breaks, Su Twelve’s discovery
Chapter 771 Shocked everyone in one fell swoop
Chapter 772: Three out of five, Demon Shadow Palace Zonglu
Chapter 773 The demonic shadow breaks the curtain, and the sword rises to the seventh level of the clouds
Chapter 774 The roar of the wind shocked the world, and a single sword shook the world
Chapter 775 Plot against Zong Lu, the master of Shadow Palace
Chapter 776 The dust falls to the ground, one person and two bodies are separated
Chapter 777 The Great Zhao Dynasty and the Demonic Shadow Palace depart
Chapter 778 Master Shanzai, Daozhang Zhang
Chapter 779 Demon Resistance Position, Countermeasures
Chapter 780 Verbal Confrontation, Shili Gallery and Jiuzhong Plank Road
Chapter 781 A battle of wits and courage, Su Twelve’s discovery
Chapter 782 Cheng Jingfeng’s plan?
Chapter 783 Cheng Jingfeng was so angry with Su Twelve that he vomited blood
Chapter 784 Tianmen Mountain! The whereabouts of Zen Master Shanfa and Xiao Muzi
Chapter 785 The secret of spiritual veins, Su Twelve’s thoughts
Chapter 786 The tyrannical Xuanji Sect
Chapter 787 Complete fourth-level formation, breaking through the formation
Chapter 788 Starlight protects the world, Tang Zhuying comes forward
Chapter 789 Fighting for the Star Stone
Chapter 790 Dou Zhuan Xing moves into Tianmen
Chapter 791 Millions of spiritual stones! Tianmen Baoshan
Chapter 792 Rare Kung Fu everywhere! Rules of Tianmen Mountain
Chapter 793 Treasure: Xiao Zhou Tian Bao Qigong
Chapter 794: Nine Transformations of Thousand Gold Prescriptions, Secret Technique of Four Symbols, Leave
Chapter 795 The new layout of the Zhao Dynasty and the Demonic Shadow Palace
Chapter 796 Lin Wuyou’s thoughts, Su Twelve’s plan
Chapter 797 She is saving your lives
Chapter 798 Anyone who crosses this line will die!
Chapter 799 Two tricks, two old foxes
Chapter 800 The Death of Three People
Chapter 801 The emergence of Taoist Zhang, the second person blocking the way
Chapter 802 Sword Intent Hidden Sword! Battle of the Strong
Chapter 803 The cruelty of the world of immortality, Zhang Daochang returns to the underworld
Chapter 804 Su’s life lies in Su’s hands
Chapter 805 Crisis is coming, trapped in a strange formation
Chapter 806 Conspiracy, conspiracy
Chapter 807 It only takes three moves to defeat you Su
Chapter 808 The Secret Technique of the Four Symbols breaks the formation, and Duanmu’s crazy dragon dies
Chapter 809 The enviable and jealous Su Twelve
Chapter 810 The formation of Shili Gallery is broken
Chapter 811: The dynasty’s poisonous scheme and the Huan Star Sect traitor
Chapter 812 Uneasy! A glimmer of hope
Chapter 813 Are you finally willing to take action?
Chapter 814: Sneak attack, Master Shanzai dies
Chapter 815 Faith! Delay! A stick of incense
Chapter 816 Xiao Muzi’s trump card, the power of the blood demon, and another plan
Chapter 817 Dragon Soul
Chapter 818: Mentality, Zhao Jingfeng falls
Chapter 819 Mutual trap, Shen Miaoyin’s terrifying strength
Chapter 820 Half-step Nascent Soul, Refining the Dragon Soul
Chapter 821 Take a gamble! One wave comes after another
Chapter 822 Xuanyin Gangfeng, array within array, teleportation array
Chapter 823 Escape! Fetching water from a bamboo basket is in vain
Chapter 824 Fiddle with each other and be suspicious of each other
Chapter 825: Magic Bell Suppression, Hundred Years of Blockade
Chapter 826 Trapped in an underground cave
Chapter 827 Senior Sister Shen actually asked me to join her in retreat?
Chapter 828 Half of the exercises, repairing basic injuries
Chapter 829 The Secret of Dual Cultivation, the Method of Fellow Cultivation, and the Miraculous Pulse Cleansing Technique
Chapter 830: Retreat and practice hard, Xiao Zhou Tianbao Qigong
Chapter 831 Refining the Power of Inheritance
Chapter 832 The new uses of three transformations for one person
Chapter 833: Understanding and Deducing the Ancient Teleportation Array
Chapter 834: Compliment each other and repair the ancient teleportation array
Chapter 835 The Importance of High-Grade Spiritual Stones and New Ideas for Making Wealth
Chapter 836 Cross-star teleportation array? News from Yunge Sect
Chapter 837 Mysterious Strong Man, Sinful Way
Chapter 838 The nameless shadow asks for the swastika Buddha seal
Chapter 839 A beacon of light for the world, the Eighteen Demon-Conquering Seals
Chapter 840 Crisis in the Path of Sin
Chapter 841 Battle in the Sea of ??Consciousness, the Price of Crossing the Path of Sin
Chapter 842 Existence in the evil path, escape from death
Chapter 843: Farewell, Shen Miaoyin’s Nascent Soul Heavenly Tribulation is Coming
Chapter 844: The hunted monk, the Huan Star Sect’s accident
Chapter 845 Dramatic changes in Jinchan Temple and Wuji Sect
Chapter 846 Six Ghosts of the South China Sea
Chapter 847 The Fearful Six Ghosts of the South China Sea
Chapter 848 The mediocre Su Twelve will not survive under the sword
Chapter 849 Yuanying takes action, the Phantom Star Sect is in crisis
Chapter 850 Huanxing Sect’s trump card, return to the sinful path
Chapter 851 A deal with the devil
Chapter 852 Evil Soldier Soul Chain
Chapter 853 Su Twelve’s heart, a cunning heart and a firm Taoist heart?
Chapter 854 Be Prepared
Chapter 855 Traitor of the Huanxing Sect
Chapter 856 The building will collapse
Chapter 857 The Huanxing Sect Building is about to collapse
Chapter 858 The Huanxing Sect’s mountain-protecting formation is broken
Chapter 859 The giant in the Nascent Soul stage has arrived, and the overall situation has been decided
Chapter 860 The sword comes out and Su Twelve is captured?
Chapter 861: Taking risks and luring the enemy
Chapter 862: Calculation! The restless Yuanying stage giant
Chapter 863 Nascent Soul is bound, Su Twelve takes action
Chapter 864 The Su Twelve is different now
Chapter 865: Losing people does not lose the formation, water dragon and dragon
Chapter 866 Shopping for the Yuanying Giant
Chapter 867: Heaven’s Swordsmanship comes out again with low damage
Chapter 868 The deceitful master of sin, Su Twelve realizes the sword in battle
Chapter 869 Witness from heaven! The best in all directions
Chapter 870 The Nascent Soul is separated from the body and the spiritual consciousness is at war
Chapter 871 Sun Wenyuan’s escape and Su Twelve’s gesture of salvation
Chapter 872 Zhao Jingfeng’s Threat
Chapter 873 Su Twelve’s back-up plan, the death of Zhao Jingfeng
Chapter 874: Ice Muscles and Jade Bones, the Elder of the Secret Pavilion Appears
Chapter 875 Nascent Soul's methods, thousands of miles to risk one's life
Chapter 876 Invitation from the elder of the Secret Pavilion, go to the Secret Pavilion
Chapter 877: He is cool and charming, and he gives the medicine Ice Lotus Pill and Pulse Replenishing Pill
Chapter 878 Compensation: Secret Treasure Pavilion Token, Secret Pavilion Elder’s Promise
Chapter 879 The mysterious man’s back-up plan and the issue of spiritual consciousness
Chapter 880 The sinister elder of the Secret Pavilion
Chapter 881 The mysterious man arrives
Chapter 882 The ghost cultivator from Wujian, Xi Longxuan dies
Chapter 883 Senior’s gift, Sky Fire
Chapter 884: Obtaining Sky Fire, Huge Pressure, and Su Twelve’s Resilience
Chapter 885 Return to Baiyun Mountain
Chapter 886 Meet the Soul-Eating Rat Again
Chapter 887 A mountain of treasures, a magical soul-eating rat
Chapter 888 The soul-eating rat who wants to change his destiny against the will of heaven, the cunning element-devouring blood worm
Chapter 889 The Soul-Eating Rat Condenses the Demonic Pill
Chapter 890 Responsibilities and Responsibilities of Being a Teacher
Chapter 891 Repairing the Cave
Chapter 892 The opportunity for body quenching in the Heaven and Earth Furnace
Chapter 893 Inventory: The net worth of the Six Ghosts of the South China Sea
Chapter 894 Treasures obtained: an astonishing number of spiritual stones, the wealthy inner sect deacons and elders
Chapter 895 Inventory: Storage bag of a giant in the Nascent Soul stage
Chapter 896 Treasure: Level 4 monster dragon body, lightning tempered body
Chapter 897 The mutation of the dragon’s body
Chapter 898 Treasure: Magical Fire Red Iron Stone
Chapter 899 Treasure: The Secret of the Weapon Spirit
Chapter 900 Heading to the Secret Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 901: Inquire about information and give pills
Chapter 902: Qualifications for friendship among peers
Chapter 903 News about the Mysterious Secret Treasure Pavilion, Shenzhu Villa and others
Chapter 904 Zen Master Shanfa’s Request for Buddhist Relics
Chapter 905 Kinzenji Secret Technique, Kosaya
Chapter 906 Three sects join forces, each with their own agenda
Chapter 907 The secret method of Buddhism, nine generations of reincarnation
Chapter 908 Su Twelve’s inquiry and verbal confrontation
Chapter 909 The mysterious teleportation array deep in the sea of ??clouds
Chapter 910 An unexpected encounter, the mysterious seven people
Chapter 911: Su Twelve deceives the world and steals his name?
Chapter 912 The sleeping old man in the Secret Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 913 Test? Scheming? That guy, what is he going to do?
Chapter 914 Bribery? Respect the old and love the young! Su Twelve’s careful tactics
Chapter 915: Secret Treasure Pavilion selects treasures, Su Twelve waits and sees what happens
Chapter 916 Chunjiang Moonless Umbrella, Golden Bell
Chapter 917 A whisk?
Chapter 918 The magic weapon that will give birth to the weapon spirit
Chapter 919 Su Twelve who overestimates his capabilities?
Chapter 920 Wuchen Sword! Su Twelve’s Persistence
Chapter 921 Obtain the treasure and get the Wuchen Sword
Chapter 922: Never return until you reach Nascent Soul
Chapter 923 Ouyang Yi emerges from the Weapon Formation Platform
Chapter 924 The purpose of the secret pavilion elder’s visit
Chapter 925: Dragon Slaying? Su Twelve’s Countermeasures
Chapter 926: Jade Marrow Pill, Candle Dragon Arrow
Chapter 927 The news about the Yingying Dan, the reason why you can’t refuse it
Chapter 928 Xu Santong’s plan
Chapter 929 True Disciple
Chapter 930 Information about the East China Sea Islands
Chapter 931 The Ningying Crisis, the Weapon Spirit Will Appear
Chapter 932 Bird Weapon Spirit, Wind Controlling Eagle
Chapter 933 The weapon spirit is targeted
Chapter 934 The test of the Nascent Soul Stage monk?
Chapter 935 The underestimated Su Twelve, ice magic, fire magic
Chapter 936 Killing the Wind Controlling Eagle
Chapter 937 Endless Sea, Sea Area, Thunderstorm Area
Chapter 938 East China Sea Islands
Chapter 939: Ambush, old man Kurong
Chapter 940 Insidious evil sneak attack
Chapter 941 The Dilemma of One Against Four
Chapter 942: Everyone flies when disaster strikes
Chapter 943 Repeated calculations
Chapter 944 Stand-in Talisman? No way to escape?
Chapter 945 Thousands of years of coldness, Leng Yan escapes
Chapter 946 The strange beast in the sea, the little turtle, disappeared Leng Yan
Chapter 947: Fire and rain from the sky, sea beasts in the water
Chapter 948 Casting spells in water
Chapter 949 The principles of Tai Chi, transfer of yin and yang
Chapter 950: There are pursuers behind and powerful enemies in front
Chapter 951 Provocation, the ability of true disciples
Chapter 952 Big Dipper Formation
Chapter 953 Internal strife? Scheming! Murderous intent
Chapter 954 Hidden formation within the formation, superior skills
Chapter 955 Everyone has their own agenda and escapes from death
Chapter 956 The Legend of the East China Sea The Sword Master of the East China Sea
Chapter 957 Proving the Sword with Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 958 Accident, Sword Island, People on the Island
Chapter 959 Landing on Sword Island
Chapter 960 Communicate through the Wind
Chapter 961: Calculation! Death of Xu Yang
Chapter 962: There will be no other reasons for death except for one’s own lack of strength.
Chapter 963 The six geniuses who suffered a huge blow
Chapter 964: Rescue people, ideas to break the situation
Chapter 965 The Seven Stars forgive life, the Sword of Heaven emerges, and the joy of meeting the opponent in chess
Chapter 966 Stop the war! Former old friend Jiang Xueyan
Chapter 967 Invitation from the Sword Master of the East China Sea
Chapter 968: The ultimate in swordsmanship, one sword can defeat all methods
Chapter 969 The Sword Master of the East China Sea who has overcome seven heavenly tribulations
Chapter 970 Three Nine Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 971 Su Twelve Enlightened the Sword, the Sword Master of the East China Sea transformed into a sword
Chapter 972 Su Twelve borrows the sword to strike for a thousand years
Chapter 973 Three Flowers Gather at the Top
Chapter 974 The Great Perfection of the Golden Elixir Stage
Chapter 975 The name of the owner of Sword Island
Chapter 976 Sword Island Token, Heading to Afterglow Island
Chapter 977 The secret of the Thirteenth Dock in the East China Sea, the Yuanying monks who blame each other
Chapter 978 A new round of calculations
Chapter 979 Afterglow Island, Sunset City
Chapter 980 Under the moonlight, the female cultivator was threatened by the evil cultivator
Chapter 981 The Heroic Monk with Different Eyes Saves the Beauty
Chapter 982 The woman who repays her kindness, Mu Feiyan
Chapter 983 Su Twelve’s beating, the aggrieved monk with different eyes
Chapter 984 The leader of the East China Sea Islands
Chapter 985 News about the black market auction
Chapter 986 News about the Divine Consciousness Kung Fu, Su Twelve’s heart is moved
Chapter 987 Conspiracy, conspiracy, Su Twelve’s thoughts
Chapter 988 Three Legends of the East China Sea
Chapter 989 Sunset City on Afterglow Island
Chapter 990 Entering Sunset City
Chapter 991 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land! Life is hard, but the world is worth it
Chapter 992: The value of Sunset City’s high-grade spiritual stones and the plan to increase wealth
Chapter 993: Exchange of spiritual stones for spiritual stones, the blessing of fate
Chapter 994 Reaching an Agreement, Cautious Su Twelve
Chapter 995 Prosperous Sunset City, heading to the cave
Chapter 996 The thoughtful Su Twelve
Chapter 997 Arrogant Female Nuns
Chapter 998 Dongfu Yaren, newcomer Mu Xiaobai
Chapter 999 Sunset City, Human Level Cave Mansion
Chapter 1000 Renting a Cave
Chapter 1001 Heavenly Cave Mansion, Yinfeng Mansion
Chapter 1002: The charming female cultivator, the decadent monk, the white-faced monk
Chapter 1003 Su Twelve’s discovery, everyone gets the deal they need
Chapter 1004 Strange Spirit Plant, Demon Spirit Flower
Chapter 1005 Demonic Flower King, the spiritual embryo of a natural spiritual creature
Chapter 1006 Bidding, everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 1007: Stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 1008 Su Twelve’s trump card, high-grade spiritual stone
Chapter 1009 Secret Agreement, the Best Spiritual Stone
Chapter 1010 Questioning, Small Punishment
Chapter 1011: Vicious thoughts, continue to increase prices
Chapter 1012: No one can stand without trust, Mu Xiaobai in the big picture
Chapter 1013: Reciprocating love, does Su Twelve have ulterior motives?
Chapter 1014 Women have to be like this one day
Chapter 1015 Mu Xiaobai’s Crisis
Chapter 1016 The identity of the white-faced monk and the hidden murderous intention
Chapter 1017 Heart of Agate, Heart of Sea Soul Agate
Chapter 1018 The Sunset City Lord’s poisonous plan
Chapter 1019 The spiritual embryo of a natural spiritual creature
Chapter 1020 Problems with spiritual embryos and how to repair them
Chapter 1021 Tempering Spirit Stone, Effect of Demon Spirit Flower
Chapter 1022: Practicing the Spiritual Turtle Technique, the Best Spiritual Stone
Chapter 1023 The spiritual embryo is repaired and rebirth is imminent
Chapter 1024: Earning blood, first-grade spiritual veins
Chapter 1025: The emotional crowd, Caiyun Grocery Store
Chapter 1026 You’re too late
Chapter 1027 Dark Sunset City, frame-up
Chapter 1028: Too much bullying, chance of survival
Chapter 1029 Life-saving straw, calculation
Chapter 1030 Su Twelve’s secret hand, the element-devouring blood worm
Chapter 1031 Sunset City Formation Flag
Chapter 1032 The savior arrives
Chapter 1033: Repaying others with their own methods, the scoundrel Su Twelve
Chapter 1034: Being targeted and breaking the situation
Chapter 1035: Reliance on walking in Sunset City
Chapter 1036 Mr. Huang, Chief of the Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 1037: Humans have weaknesses
Chapter 1038 The old man with fish pattern whose purpose is not simple
Chapter 1039 The conditions of the transaction, a powerful enemy comes to the door
Chapter 1040 Nanming Lihuo breaks the formation
Chapter 1041 The owner of Yaowang Island
Chapter 1042 A misunderstanding?
Chapter 1043: Even the words of the middle-level officials are not credible. A dead Taoist friend is not dead to a poor Taoist.
Chapter 1044 Big Deal, Thousand-Year-Old Stone, Ksitigarbha Spirit Sand Obtained
Chapter 1045 Heart of Agate, Secret of Sea Agate
Chapter 1046 Auction Information, Thunder Bell News
Chapter 1047 Sudden change, companion missing
Chapter 1048 Heading to the Lord’s Mansion of Sunset City
Chapter 1049 The opportunity to enter the city lord’s mansion and the mysterious visitor
Chapter 1050 Changes in the City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 1051 Turtle monster in the pot
Chapter 1052 Sincerity, the sincerity of the turtle monster
Chapter 1053 Seeing Leng Yan again, freezing herself
Chapter 1054 Five-hundred-year agreement to conquer the turtle spirit beast
Chapter 1055 A different cave, the underground space of the City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 1056 Dungeon, female cultivator in blue dress
Chapter 1057 The mystery of the water pool, the frightened bird
Chapter 1058 Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda
Chapter 1059 Female cultivator Mu Yingluo, transaction
Chapter 1060 Rescue Qin Chuan
Chapter 1061: Exploring the city lord’s cave, a strange fragrance hits your nose
Chapter 1062 Embarrassing situation, strange fragrance confusing
Chapter 1063 The treasury of the Lord of Sunset City
Chapter 1064 Strange Storage Bag
Chapter 1065 The power of faith, leaving soon
Chapter 1066: Being dragged into the water, the angry Su Twelve
Chapter 1067 Silent calculation, the sinister Su Twelve
Chapter 1068 The battle is not over yet, the identity remains a mystery
Chapter 1069 The price of calculation
Chapter 1070: Working together, the mysterious method urges the Buddha to move
Chapter 1071 A road of no return
Chapter 1072 Isn’t the opportunity coming now?
Chapter 1073 One sword determines victory or defeat
Chapter 1074: People’s hearts are unpredictable, people with intentions
Chapter 1075 Cangshan Su Twelve, the great disaster is coming
Chapter 1076: Considering the overall situation, return to the cave
Chapter 1077 Magical power, rapid healing
Chapter 1078 The sect’s magic weapon, the sun and moon seal
Chapter 1079 Follow-up Arrangements, Inventory of Harvests
Chapter 1080: Retreat, the undercurrent of Sunset City
Chapter 1081 Prelude to the auction, location of the black market auction
Chapter 1082 Auction rules, million deposit
Chapter 1083 Bearer Auction, Pay Deposit
Chapter 1084 The mystery of the black market auction
Chapter 1085 Bloody trolling, the secret plan of the black market auction
Chapter 1086 Identity confirmed, Su Twelve was secretly targeted
Chapter 1087 Hidden Crisis
Chapter 1088 Return of the Incarnation, Invitation from the Man in Black
Chapter 1089 Swapping Auction Tokens and Vouchers
Chapter 1090 The deal with the man in black
Chapter 1091 Obtain the treasure, Red Flame Black Jade, Emerald Spirit Sand
Chapter 1092 The first auction item
Chapter 1093 Auction of Yingying Dan
Chapter 1094 There is no upper limit and no lower limit.
Chapter 1095: Invasion of external evil, the auction house’s dirty trick
Chapter 1096 The secret of Yingying Dan
Chapter 1097: Obtaining the Yingying Dan
Chapter 1098 The highlight, the Eighteen Demon-Conquering Seals
Chapter 1099 Sea Soul Agate Appears
Chapter 1100 Su Twelve’s help, the evil cultivator and the good son
Chapter 1101 Angry Xu Shanzi
Chapter 1102 Awareness, the key auction item
Chapter 1103 Divine Consciousness Skills Filming Begins
Chapter 1104 Su Twelve Cuts Off the Hu
Chapter 1105 Leaving early
Chapter 1106 The pursuit of Xu Shanzi
Chapter 1107: Siege on Boxing Island, The King of Boxing
Chapter 1108: Blocked a disaster and was trapped
Chapter 1109 Lu Congrong was shocked one after another
Chapter 1110 The King of Fighters takes action, Su Twelve relies on him
Chapter 1111 Helping from the air
Chapter 1112 Xu Shanzi suffered a backlash
Chapter 1113: Defeat the enemy and have a bright future
Chapter 1114 Worried people reunited
Chapter 1115 Go to Fire Dragon Island and get the Thunder Bell
Chapter 1116 Divine Consciousness Technique, God Tempering Technique
Chapter 1117: Attempts at the God Tempering Technique, Encountering Formations on the Road
Chapter 1118 Arrogant Male Cultivator, People from Thousand Machine Island
Chapter 1119 Fire Dragon Red Fruit, endorsed by Jiang Xueyan
Chapter 1120 A compromise, Su Twelve’s thoughts
Chapter 1121 The Legend of Qianji Island, Taiyin Qimen Formation
Chapter 1122 Su Twelve is watching from the sidelines
Chapter 1123 Bagua Mirror, the Power of Taiyin Qimen Formation
Chapter 1124: Underestimation, unexpected events
Chapter 1125 Everyone running away
Chapter 1126 Leng Yan takes action, Tiangang Funiu Formation
Chapter 1127 Good opportunity to take action, fight again on Fire Dragon Island
Chapter 1128 Su Twelve’s reminder, the monsters on the island
Chapter 1129 Fire Dragon Island layout, two monks appear
Chapter 1130 Danger! Su Twelve’s strategy to deal with the enemy
Chapter 1131 Su Twelve shows his trump card and fights as a puppet
Chapter 1132 King Futian descends from the sky and unsheathes the secret technique of the Four Elephants and the Sword of Wisdom!
Chapter 1133 Endless trump cards, surprising everyone
Chapter 1134: Born as a water puppet, Su Twelve’s limit?
Chapter 1135 The real trump card, Heaven’s swordsmanship shocked everyone
Chapter 1136: A sword wields divine power, the fire dragon becomes a demon, and the crisis arises again
Chapter 1137: A little golden elixir, falsely saying that you can change your fate against the will of heaven, and fight against the heavens?
Chapter 1138 At the moment of life and death, everyone’s thoughts
Chapter 1139 God, if you have eyes, you can witness the will of mankind.
Chapter 1140 Thirty-nine heavenly tribulations, put to death and survive
Chapter 1141: Seizing the Heart, the Symbol of the Five Qi Chao Yuan
Chapter 1142 Condensation of Nascent Soul, Unexpected Changes
Chapter 1143 White-haired Su Twelve
Chapter 1144 White-haired Su Twelve, another plan
Chapter 1145 Invisible eyes, things that peek in the dark. Unexpected body changes
Chapter 1146 How to mend the heart
Chapter 1147: Mend your heart, new problems
Chapter 1148 Treatment method, the news brought by Jiang Xueyan
Chapter 1149 Disputes caused by Fire Dragon Red Fruit
Chapter 1150 Sharing Fire Dragon Red Fruit
Chapter 1151 What is the hardest thing in the world?
Chapter 1152: Heaven and God take the blame!
Chapter 1153 The murderous intention of Qianji Island and the mystery of Baihua Order
Chapter 1154 The secret of Baihua Island, arriving at Yaowang Island
Chapter 1155 Seeking medical treatment on Yaowang Island
Chapter 1156 The life that does not belong to Su Twelve
Chapter 1157 Leng Yan returns from serious injury
Chapter 1158 Rules of Yaowang Island
Chapter 1159 Taking advantage of the situation to rob Elder Qian
Chapter 1160 Asking for a high price, paying back the money on the ground
Chapter 1161: Open Robbery! Su Twelve’s Countermeasures
Chapter 1162. Elder Qian is unwilling to give up the recipe for the Liyu Dan.
Chapter 1163 Gambling, Crossing the Ejin Furnace
Chapter 1164 Nine Palaces Bagua Refining the Falling Pill, Crisis Hidden
Chapter 1165: Quenching Liquid, Condensing Pill, and Forming the Falling Pill
Chapter 1166 Leng Yan wakes up, Yaowang Island is full of dangers
Chapter 1167: Unkind invitation, cold kindness
Chapter 1168 Semi-finished Candle Dragon Arrow
Chapter 1169 Refining the Candle Dragon Arrow
Chapter 1170 Audacious? Take action!
Chapter 1171 Su Twelve’s alchemy attainments surprised everyone
Chapter 1172 A dispute breaks out in Yaowang Island
Chapter 1173 A corner of the power of the Candle Dragon’s Arrow
Chapter 1174 Mrs. Mei appears
Chapter 1175 Yaowang Island Law
Chapter 1176 The Secret of the Magical Spirit Embryo
Chapter 1177 The four major laws of Yaowang Island, the scheming Mrs. Mei
Chapter 1178 Elder Qian dies, taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1179 The Three Compromising Elders
Chapter 1180 Three Yuan Soul Transformation Pill, Nine Eyes Salivary Incense
Chapter 1181 Tiger Roar Bay, a dangerous place
Chapter 1182 The plan from Qianji Island
Chapter 1183: Evil spirit sword light, method of breaking the formation
Chapter 1184 Ice lotus and frost bring down the cold weather!
Chapter 1185 Sneak attack from the dark
Chapter 1186 Heavenly Swordsmanship vs. Natural Array
Chapter 1187 If one move is not enough, then try another one!
Chapter 1188 Reappearance of a shocking move, witnessed by heaven
Chapter 1189 The real drama
Chapter 1190 Who is plotting against whom?
Chapter 1191 Heart and blood, the final trump card
Chapter 1192 The Candle Dragon’s Bow Shows Its Power
Chapter 1193 Arrow breaks Nascent Soul
Chapter 1194 Real despair?
Chapter 1195: When geese pass by, they leave a sound; when people pass by, they pluck their hair.
Chapter 1196 Origin, collapsed teleportation array
Chapter 1197 Leng Yan’s Gift of Bow
Chapter 1198 Bonds and Choices
Chapter 1199 Special means, healing formation
Chapter 1200 Demonic Flower King
Chapter 1201 A moth flies into the flame, the hunted Huanxing Sect monk
Chapter 1202 On the road to immortality, everyone has his or her own destiny
Chapter 1203 The Fall of Chen San
Chapter 1204 Feng Fei Crisis, Su Twelve’s Name
Chapter 1205 Sacrifice your life for justice
Chapter 1206 Special Skills and Changes
Chapter 1207 The out-of-control spiritual beast
Chapter 1208 Ten miles of blood sea, critical moment
Chapter 1209 Betrayal
Chapter 1210 Hearing a familiar voice again
Chapter 1211 Su Twelve appears, an opportunity?
Chapter 1212 Thousand Sword Moves, Save People!
Chapter 1213 The Beast Control Sect’s trump card, the four-eyed demon ape
Chapter 1214: Scheming against each other, it’s all out of mind
Chapter 1215: Breaking the demon body, the last fight?
Chapter 1216 The situation is reversed, Su Twelve’s real back-up plan
Chapter 1217 The foundation of true inheritance, the fourth level evil formation
Chapter 1218 Leng Yan’s Choice
Chapter 1219 Ren Xiantao galloping through the eight fields
Chapter 1220 Lessons from this life, punishing traitors
Chapter 1221: Plan before taking action, Five Elements Puppet
Chapter 1222: Inventory of treasures, magical golden leaves, eight parts of Tianlong Jin!
Chapter 1223: Inventory of treasures, net worth of Nascent Soul monks
Chapter 1224: Treasure obtained, Taiyin Sun Qimen Formation, crisis reappears
Chapter 1225 Qianji Island’s secret move
Chapter 1226: Fortune and misfortune depend on each other, changes in the Huanxing Sect
Chapter 1227 The situation of the Huanxing Sect, the ambitions and trump cards of the Zhao Dynasty
Chapter 1228 The message of the mysterious Lord
Chapter 1229 A helping hand from the evil path
Chapter 1230 The past of Tianyan Huanxing Sect, Master Tianheng
Chapter 1231 The storm is coming, the victims
Chapter 1232 The helplessness of the weak, the disappointing sect
Chapter 1233 A Game of Chess for a Hundred Years
Chapter 1234 Su Twelve’s preparations and encounter midway
Chapter 1235 Everyone in the Fantasy World is in danger
Chapter 1236 The ancient evil power reappears, the trump card of the Zhao Dynasty
Chapter 1237 Ending the pride and inheritance of Huanxing Sect?
Chapter 1238 The not very alert Su Twelve
Chapter 1239 The beginning of the war, the Great Brahma Holy Palm versus the Great Brahma Holy Palm
Chapter 1240 The Five Elements Puppet is beginning to show its prowess
Chapter 1241 Everyone works together to head to the Huanxing Sect
Chapter 1242 The current situation of Huanxing Sect, each showing their own methods
Chapter 1243 A life-threatening battle, wind and rain blowing across the river
Chapter 1244 Fifth-grade magic weapon, blue waves listening to the waves and glass cover
Chapter 1245 Su Twelve, you have successfully aroused my anger!
Chapter 1246: The Mountain-Moving Technique first appears in style
Chapter 1247 Su Twelve’s Secret
Chapter 1248 Breaking the situation, back-up plan
Chapter 1249 The Big Dipper Formation, the Candle Dragon’s Arrow comes out again
Chapter 1250 Killing Two Babies with One Arrow
Chapter 1251: Make another move and make your own plans
Chapter 1252 Conspiracy, attack and defense
Chapter 1253 Zhulong changes the world with one arrow
Chapter 1254 The mysterious Lord takes action
Chapter 1255: Clearing the clouds and seeing the sun, a strong man far beyond the Nascent Soul stage
Chapter 1256 The Eighteen Demon-Conquering Seals Appear
Chapter 1257 Senior brother? Su Twelve’s careful layout?
Chapter 1258 Unexpected, the power of the Lord
Chapter 1259 The death of Zen Master Shanfa, Su Twelve’s last trump card
Chapter 1260 Delay and formation
Chapter 1261: All water appears in one month, and all water appears in one month.
Chapter 1262 Youruo Fairy dies, the Brahma Seal Formation is broken
Chapter 1263 Lunar Sun, accident versus accident
Chapter 1264 The Arrow of Ice and Fire
Chapter 1265 Huangfu Jingtao and the Lord
Chapter 1266 Su Twelve fakes death
Chapter 1267 Lin Wuyou is attacked, the demonic bell rings
Chapter 1268 Lin Wuyou’s plan, the Lord reappears
Chapter 1269 Lin Wuyou, the leader of the Shadow Palace
Chapter 1270 Lin Wuyou’s secret is exposed, his incarnation body?
Chapter 1271 Lin Wuyou’s choice, Xuan Lei Blood Seal
Chapter 1272: Invasion of remnant souls, unexpected changes in resurrection
Chapter 1273: Meeting by chance, practicing the God Tempering Technique
Chapter 1274 The God Tempering Technique is completed, but there is still a long way to go
Chapter 1275 Integration of body and mind, early stage of Nascent Soul stage
Chapter 1276 Gift of treasure, parting
Chapter 1277 The heart is like an ape, the mind is like a horse. Refining alchemy in seclusion
Chapter 1278 Thirty years of hard training
Chapter 1279 Final preparations, eight parts of Tianlong Jin, a thousand-year strike
Chapter 1280 Nanming Lihuo in mature stage
Chapter 1281 Li Piaoyue is missing, the mysterious strong man
Chapter 1282 Su Twelve’s kindness
Chapter 1283 Li Piaoyu’s reminder, Zhu Hanwei’s visit
Chapter 1284 Making friends?
Chapter 1285 The Theory of Reincarnation
Chapter 1286 Asking for spiritual stones, shocked!
Chapter 1287 Su Twelve’s request, the current situation of Muyun Prefecture
Chapter 1288 Ren Yunzong appears
Chapter 1289 The last resort
Chapter 1290 The secret of Tianjue Stone, the opportunity to find Shen Miaoyin
Chapter 1291 The secret must not be revealed
Chapter 1292 The Land of Flying Waterfalls and Flowing Clouds
Chapter 1293 Persecution from the Shadow Palace
Chapter 1294 Shen Yuluoyan, Shen Luoyan’s true appearance
Chapter 1295 Scholar with wonderful writing skills
Chapter 1296 Hunchbacked Monk, Secret Voice
Chapter 1297: Destroy the enemy with a snap of the finger and turn the crisis into safety
Chapter 1298 Su Twelve Appears
Chapter 1299: Inquiring, a lot of doubts
Chapter 1300 The sinister Chu Hongyue, the revenge of a broken arm
Chapter 1301 Testing each other
Chapter 1302 Shen Luoyan’s birth of a baby, unexpected events
Chapter 1303: Someone comes from high altitude, causing trouble to the east
Chapter 1304 The true cultivation of Miaobi Scholar and the true appearance of the visitor
Chapter 1305 The mysterious visitor covered in treasures
Chapter 1306 Divine consciousness attack, hidden move within the move, Su Twelve’s scheming
Chapter 1307: What is imaginary is what is real, what is real is what is imaginary.
Chapter 1308 Oolong Yunwu Tea
Chapter 1309 Discussion in the pavilion, the true purpose of the Miaobi scholar
Chapter 1310: Wandering around the world, realizing one’s own insignificance
Chapter 1311 Conspiracy and layout
Chapter 1312 Furnace explosion, incident in Demonic Shadow Palace
Chapter 1313 The Lord’s Arrangements
Chapter 1314 Messenger of Heaven
Chapter 1315 Return to Cangshan Mountain
Chapter 1316 Changes in Xiaoshi Village
Chapter 1317 The Legend of Xiaoshi Village
Chapter 1318 Found the Tianjue Stone, Granny Yun appears
Chapter 1319 Testing Granny Yun
Chapter 1320 Hiding the sword in the sound, the old man’s wish
Chapter 1321 Murderous Tenders
Chapter 1322 Pi Bian, a disciple of Yunge Sect?
Chapter 1323 Selling news, Su Twelve’s attention
Chapter 1324 Yi Chunqiu, Su Twelve takes action, everyone is envious
Chapter 1325 One hundred thousand spirit stones and one life?
Chapter 1326 Granny Yun takes action, the sound of the piano sounds like the flow of swords
Chapter 1327: Mountain Moving Technique, Killing the Hook-Nosed Monk
Chapter 1328 Meeting Granny Yun, Tian Jue Shi
Chapter 1329 Wish, the price of destroying the Lord
Chapter 1330: Lack of plan, agreement reached
Chapter 1331 You can call me Uncle Han
Chapter 1332 News about Hou Sihai
Chapter 1333: Bragging in Tianjue Peak
Chapter 1334 The sad news dealer, the arrival of Su Twelve
Chapter 1335 Three dangerous places in Tianjue Peak
Chapter 1336 Demonic Dragon Pond
Chapter 1337: Going deep into the Demon Dragon Pond, hiding the formation in the water
Chapter 1338 Night falls, Tianjue Peak is stained with blood
Chapter 1339 Desperate situation! Life! Lin Wuyou breaks through the situation
Chapter 1340 The Three Evils of the Demonic Shadow Palace, the Ice Cave Space Under the Demonic Dragon Pond
Chapter 1341 Underground Ice Cave, Ice Crisis
Chapter 1342 Nanming Lihuo's meritorious service, the statue in the devil's energy
Chapter 1343 Success, Harvest, and Leaving the Demon Dragon Pond
Chapter 1344 The dragon head appears and the changes in the underground ice cave
Chapter 1345 The surprised people in Xiaoshi Village
Chapter 1346 The Three Evils of the Shadow Palace are in crisis again
Chapter 1347 Su Twelve’s support, Granny Yun takes action
Chapter 1348 Granny Yun’s details, defeating the enemy with a snap of a finger
Chapter 1349 Su Twelve borrows strength and Lin Wuyou appears
Chapter 1350 True Strength, Goodbye Granny Yun
Chapter 1351 Complete the transaction, the secret of the Nine Transformations Golden Pill
Chapter 1352 The secret of the starry sky, Granny Yun’s physical body changes
Chapter 1353 Granny Yun’s obsession, Su Twelve’s speculation
Chapter 1354 The situation of Yunge Sect, resentful spirits and ghosts
Chapter 1355 Meet Wan Jianyi again
Chapter 1356: Gold and Silver Sources, Mediation
Chapter 1357 The two sources of gold and silver, the agreement with Wan Jianyi
Chapter 1358 Meeting with Hou Sihai
Chapter 1359 Hou Sihai and Leng Yan’s Secret
Chapter 1360 Hou Sihai’s Responsibility
Chapter 1361 The dual sources of gold and silver appear
Chapter 1362 Enter the game
Chapter 1363 Battle against the Wraith Spirit
Chapter 1364 The Power of God Tempering Technique
Chapter 1365 The resentful spirit’s back-up plan
Chapter 1366 Trouble in the Shadow Palace arises again
Chapter 1367 The plan leaked and the crisis fell
Chapter 1368 The scheming Lord, the Seven Shadows of Yun Shen
Chapter 1369: Unknown place in the clouds, simple storage bracelet
Chapter 1370: Knowing the ups and downs of the sea, taking inventory of harvests
Chapter 1371 Inventory of treasures, mysterious gold-patterned silver leaves
Chapter 1372 The Second Nascent Soul practices secret techniques
Chapter 1373: Cultivation of the Second Nascent Soul and Healing
Chapter 1374 The Second Nascent Soul Becomes, Changes in the Endless Sea
Chapter 1375 Only Lin Wuyou follows his lead
Chapter 1376 Buddha’s light destroys the demon and plots against the Nascent Soul of the Demonic Shadow Palace
Chapter 1377 Lin Wuyou’s plan, the fish that slipped through the net
Chapter 1378 The Lord of the Shadow Palace arrives in person
Chapter 1379 The shocking storm palm!
Chapter 1380 Leng Yan appears, Ren Yunzong appears
Chapter 1381: Scheme against each other and join the battle
Chapter 1382 A crucial blow, the Heavenly Stone appears
Chapter 1383 Identity exposed, killing in the formation
Chapter 1384: Another scheming, a scholar with wonderful writing who is hard to explain
Chapter 1385 The Death of the Miaobi Scholar, the Troublesome Lord of the Shadow Palace
Chapter 1386 Su Twelve’s backup, the Lord of the Shadow Palace’s trump card
Chapter 1387 The bald monk fell short of success
Chapter 1388 The Candle Dragon’s Bow moves again, the moment of decisive battle
Chapter 1389 Going to hell?
Chapter 1390 The last arrow!
Chapter 1391 Instant changes, instant life and death
Chapter 1392 The Lord of the Demonic Shadow Palace is destroyed, and the strange divine consciousness formation
Chapter 1393 Divine Consciousness Formation, the Being Behind the Scenes
Chapter 1394 The crisis in the sea of ????consciousness is resolved, a new crisis
Chapter 1395 Leng Yan’s death
Chapter 1396 The importance of life, Lin Wuyou’s crisis
Chapter 1397 A Thunder Crisis Comparable to Sixty-Nine Heavenly Tribulations
Chapter 1398 The conspiracy and calculation of the demon cultivator
Chapter 1399: Changes in the sky, dark world
Chapter 1400 Lin Wuyou turned the corner and how to deal with it
Chapter 1401 Su Twelve, who has little talent and little learning
Chapter 1402 The storage ring in the out-of-body period, ten years of healing
Chapter 1403 The darkness covering the entire star, the despairing darkness
Chapter 1404: Evil spirits and ghost cultivators come to the world, the confusing source of darkness,
Chapter 1405 Demonic energy, ghostly energy, disaster to the world, and suffering for the common people
Chapter 1406 New force, Holy Spirit Cult. Yunge Sect Reconstruction Plan
Chapter 1407 Task Arrangement, Exploring the Holy Spirit Cult
Chapter 1408 Cruel World, Ten Thousand Soul Flags Reappear
Chapter 1409 Holy Spirit Religion, Information on the Spiritual Prayer Conference
Chapter 1410 The Scholar and the Monk’s Plan
Chapter 1411 Familiar breath, ruins of Jinchan Temple
Chapter 1412 Spiritual Prayer Conference, the King of Birds Appears
Chapter 1413 The Saint of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 1414 The miraculous means of the Holy Spirit Cult
Chapter 1415 The Master of Yinfeng Mansion, Fengling You
Chapter 1416 The method of bringing the dead back to life
Chapter 1417 Sanskrit Sound, Sanskrit Seal, Buddha’s Light, Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 1418: Resurrection from the dead, stunning everyone
Chapter 1419 Tit for tat, the mystery of resurrection
Chapter 1420: Becoming a Nascent Soul in Four Days? Su Twelve’s Guess
Chapter 1421 Three-legged cauldron, in which the Nascent Soul is created
Chapter 1422 The Blue Monk’s Questions
Chapter 1423 The passive blue monk, Su Twelve’s secret strategy
Chapter 1424 The emergence of the Nine Transformations Pill shocked the world
Chapter 1425 The sycamore tree grows and the phoenix falls
Chapter 1426: The real way to break the darkness
Chapter 1427 Su Twelve’s old acquaintance
Chapter 1428 Mu Yingluo’s life hangs by a thread
Chapter 1429 The Second Nascent Soul Changes
Chapter 1430 Devouring the Fire of Hope
Chapter 1431 Forced to take action
Chapter 1432 Divine Consciousness Attack vs. Divine Consciousness Attack
Chapter 1433 Divine Consciousness Shocks Everyone with One Sword
Chapter 1434 Retreat calmly, the Holy Spirit Cult that confuses people
Chapter 1435 Holy Spirit Cult Protector, Conspiracy
Chapter 1436 Holy Spirit Cult Plan
Chapter 1437 The second Nascent Soul returns and meets Mu Yingluo again
Chapter 1438: Everyone has their own agenda, unexpected prying
Chapter 1439 Mu Yingluo’s Purpose
Chapter 1440 Nascent Soul Body, the Magical Use of the Second Nascent Soul
Chapter 1441 Tiandu’s Secret, Reaching Cooperation
Chapter 1442 The New Look of Holy Spirit Religion, Su Twelve’s Thoughts
Chapter 1443 Start from the Pill Hall
Chapter 1444 Fenglei Jingzhi, bribing the elders of the elixir hall
Chapter 1445 The upright Elder Chu?
Chapter 1446 There are skills in giving gifts!
Chapter 1447 Recruitment and School Examination
Chapter 1448 Four Symbols of Pills, Join the Pill Hall
Chapter 1449: Ranks of Alchemists
Chapter 1450 Mu Yingluo’s exclamation
Chapter 1451 Benefits of Core Alchemist
Chapter 1452 The possibility of contacting the Nine Transformations Pill
Chapter 1453 Make a decision and then act
Chapter 1454: Five years of hibernation, a new talent in the elixir hall
Chapter 1455 Special mission, opportunity comes, keep the clouds clear and see the moonlight
Chapter 1456 See the Nine Turns Pill Again
Chapter 1457 Yin Qingxue, the genius of alchemy, a man who has understood alchemy for hundreds of years
Chapter 1458 Two main herbs, deducing the Nine Turns Pill
Chapter 1459: Exploring the Nine Turns Pill, in the wrong direction?
Chapter 1460 A Millennium Dream, Yin Qingxue’s Discovery
Chapter 1461 Using the soul to make medicine, Su Twelve’s guess
Chapter 1462 Ancient Medicine King
Chapter 1463 Holy Spirit Token, Paper Kite Message
Chapter 1464 The truth about Nine Transformations Pill
Chapter 1465 Invited by Yin Qingxue, a former master of the Buddhist sect
Chapter 1466 The possibility of cooperation, meeting Lu Xiaosheng again
Chapter 1467: Another village has dark flowers and bright flowers, news about the Tianling Pill
Chapter 1468 The Origin of Yin Qingxue
Chapter 1469 Lu Xiaosheng’s reminder
Chapter 1470 Exploring the Peak of the Holy Spirit Cult at Night
Chapter 1471: Calculation, Yin Qingxue’s methods
Chapter 1472 The Nine Transformations Pill is Lost
Chapter 1473 The best time to take action
Chapter 1474 Testing each other and going deep into the main peak of the Holy Spirit Cult
Chapter 1475: Soldiers marching in danger, scalp numbing scene
Chapter 1476 Fifth Grade Magic Weapon, Fire Pearl
Chapter 1477 Fire Method Exploring the Sea of ??Blood
Chapter 1478 Blood Sea Stone Lotus
Chapter 1479 Sandalwood Buddha Beads, Buddhist Dharma
Chapter 1480 Buddhism talks about the sea of ??blood
Chapter 1481 The disillusionment of life and death, the method of breaking the formation
Chapter 1482: The method of breaking the formation, seeking the Tao in the mountains
Chapter 1483 The motivation for refining weapons, Nanming Lihuo
Chapter 1484 Testing each other, Nanming Lihuo’s method to advance
Chapter 1485 The test of strength
Chapter 1486 Another idea of ????the fire of hope
Chapter 1487 Falling out, the fire of hope suddenly changes
Chapter 1488 The twelve cold moons illuminate the cold pines!
Chapter 1489 Cruel Methods, Blood Sea Alchemy Furnace Soul Refining Array
Chapter 1490 Su Twelve is rescued and Yin Qingxue reveals his true form
Chapter 1491 Blood Sea Alchemy Furnace Soul Refining Array, Blood Stained the Vast Land
Chapter 1492 The true location of the flame of hope
Chapter 1493: Taking in the fire of hope, the demonic cultivator appears
Chapter 1494 Extradition of Bodhisattva Yin Cihang
Chapter 1495 The fire of hope is in hand
Chapter 1496 Crisis and resolving the crisis
Chapter 1497 Unexpectedly powerful enemy, killing disaster is coming
Chapter 1498: Escape, the Purpose of the Holy Spirit Cult
Chapter 1499 Blood Pearl, the Saint’s Worry
Chapter 1500 Donghai Mu Family
Chapter 1501: The Ying Yuan is exhausted, is there no end?
Chapter 1502 Lin Wuyou takes action
Chapter 1503 The Devil’s Move
Chapter 1504 Mu Yingluo dies
Chapter 1505 Lin Wuyou’s reminder, a strong Buddhist sect who is both good and evil?
Chapter 1506 Return to Yunge Sect
Chapter 1507 Star Flame Stone! Fifty avenues, forty-nine Tianyan, one of the human escapes
Chapter 1508 The method of refining the natal magic weapon
Chapter 1509: Taking Tianling Pill to heal wounds
Chapter 1510 Meeting an old friend again
Chapter 1511 Fire from heaven and earth temper the magic weapon of destiny
Chapter 1512 The Donghai Mu family comes to question the crime
Chapter 1513 Adding fuel to the flames, a powerful enemy attacks
Chapter 1514 This sect leader is here, no one can take a step beyond the realm today!
Chapter 1515 The Secret Technique of Yunge Sect
Chapter 1516: Halfway out of body after being trapped in the Five Elements Array
Chapter 1517 The crisis increases again, a matter of life and death
Chapter 1518 Su Twelve’s choice to preserve the second Nascent Soul
Chapter 1519 Take a strong shot to save people
Chapter 1520 Su Twelve Nascent Soul takes action
Chapter 1521 The truth, Mu Yingluo’s spirit body
Chapter 1522: The Way of Loose Immortal, Incident
Chapter 1523 Someone coming from Hidden Mist
Chapter 1524 The situation is reversed, Yun Wuxia’s strength
Chapter 1525: Retreat the enemy!
Chapter 1526 The natal magic weapon was successfully refined
Chapter 1527 The secret method of Yunge Sect, the way of life and death
Chapter 1528 The fog is hidden and traces are white like the wind
Chapter 1529 Bai Rufeng’s purpose is to target the Heaven and Earth Furnace
Chapter 1530 Wu Hidden Trace’s Plan
Chapter 1531 The lost heart
Chapter 1532 The scheming Ren Yunzong
Chapter 1533 Wu Hidden Trace’s Abacus
Chapter 1534 The heart returns to the body, the cultivation level improves, and the late Nascent Soul stage
Chapter 1535 The mystery of the Holy Spirit’s resurrection from the dead and exploring the way of the Sanxian
Chapter 1536 The Secret of the Loose Immortal, the Great Change
Chapter 1537: Outside the evil ways, Ren Yunzong’s back-up man
Chapter 1538 Fairy Yunhua’s murderous intention makes her inexplicably uneasy
Chapter 1539 Returning to the Evil Path, and Meeting the Lord of the Evil Path Again
Chapter 1540 My name is Yunhua!
Chapter 1541 Difficult opponents, join forces to fight against the enemy
Chapter 1542 Fairy Yunhua’s plan, Su Twelve’s danger
Chapter 1543: Turning danger into safety, Fu Xidang Demon makes a loud sound!
Chapter 1544: Change arose within the change, and the Lord of Evil was executed
Chapter 1545 Leaving the evil path and breaking through the formation to change
Chapter 1546: Changes in the land of Huanxing Sect, secret attack
Chapter 1547 The arrival of Lin Wuyou, the purpose of the Holy Spirit Cult
Chapter 1548 Exploring the Dark Evil Array
Chapter 1549 Yun Wuxia was surprised by Su Twelve’s methods
Chapter 1550 New plan, method of breaking the formation
Chapter 1551 The Incident of Cangshan Climbing the Immortal Mountain
Chapter 1552 Lin Wuyou’s method of turning himself into a demon
Chapter 1553 The Holy Spirit Religion’s Decision
Chapter 1554: Light reappears, Nirvana sword moves
Chapter 1555 The dark evil formation is broken, Su Twelve's Dantian changes
Chapter 1556 Lin Wuyou dies, Lin Qiaoer becomes possessed
Chapter 1557 The Demon Sealing Seal Formation is Broken
Chapter 1558 A visitor from the Buddhist Sect
Chapter 1559 Lin Wuyou enters Buddhism and is surrounded by demons
Chapter 1560 Recruiting Monk, Master Jiukong
Chapter 1561 Origin of evil mind, sin and Buddha, ten year period
Chapter 1562 News from Leizhou
Chapter 1563 Su Twelve wakes up and gathers three babies
Chapter 1564 Compliments to each other, the current situation of Yunge Sect
Chapter 1565 The Current Situation of Yunge Sect
Chapter 1566 The new pattern of Muyun Prefecture, Su Twelve’s considerations
Chapter 1567 Monk Alliance, News from Tiandu
Chapter 1568 Cangshan falls and demons emerge
Chapter 1569 The movements of demons
Chapter 1570 The cruelty of demons, the demons are in action
Chapter 1571 Return to Yemoyun City
Chapter 1572: Take action and defeat the demons with the sword
Chapter 1573 Together, the devil appears
Chapter 1574 A life of hard work, influence of demonic energy, and chaos
Chapter 1575 Plan, magic power appears
Chapter 1576 God has a moment of mercy!
Chapter 1577 Creative move, the third move of Heavenly Swordsmanship
Chapter 1578 The Sword Master of the East China Sea takes action
Chapter 1579 The demons retreat and the monks alliance conference
Chapter 1580 Arrangements before the Great Retreat
Chapter 1581 Malice from Bai Rufeng
Chapter 1582 Aggressive and helpless to compromise
Chapter 1583: Walking alone on the road, either you die or I die
Chapter 1584 Yun Wuxia’s discovery
Chapter 1585 The Sect Leader’s Reminder and Help
Chapter 1586 Eighteen Demon-Conquering Seals, Ren Yunzong’s Promise
Chapter 1587 Action starts, looking for the traces of the devil
Chapter 1588 Detecting the Demonic Traces
Chapter 1589 Mutation, trapped formation
Chapter 1590 Fairy Yunhua’s plan
Chapter 1591 Strong enemies join forces, an opportunity
Chapter 1592 Heaven’s Swordsmanship and Heaven’s Forgiveness
Chapter 1593 A group of monks with different agendas
Chapter 1594 Bai Rufeng’s speculation
Chapter 1595 The Danger of the Sword Master of the East China Sea
Chapter 1596 The existence of the out-of-body period, Taoist Xueyun
Chapter 1597 Help, Su Twelve arrives
Chapter 1598 Losing!
Chapter 1599 The Demonic Dragon Appears
Chapter 1600 Bodhisattva Seal
Chapter 1601 Delay and face the dragon
Chapter 1602: The Broken Queen? The Eighteen Demon-Subduing Seals
Chapter 1603 Focus on life
Chapter 1604 Internal strife in Wuyin Sect
Chapter 1605 Su Twelve’s trump card, spiritual attack
Chapter 1606 Words are louder than strength
Chapter 1607 Eight Tianlong Jin, the real trump card
Chapter 1608 Just out of the wolf's den, it's like a tiger's mouth
Chapter 1609: One knife, one sword, one punch, unexpected person coming
Chapter 1610 The Movement of the Sword Master of the East China Sea
Chapter 1611 Yin Qingxue’s Threat
Chapter 1612 Compromise, Deal
Chapter 1613 Su Twelve’s conditions were agreed upon
Chapter 1614 Secret: Holy Land of Immortal Cultivation, Tianyuan Star
Chapter 1615 Shuttle, heading to the Nine Heavens
Chapter 1616 Arriving at Tiandu
Chapter 1617 Miss Tiandu
Chapter 1618 Yin Qingxue’s Dilemma
Chapter 1619 Asking for benefits, the strong man in Tiandu
Chapter 1620 Unexpected Help
Chapter 1621 The Purpose of Senior Brother Tiandu
Chapter 1622 Su Twelve is missing?
Chapter 1623 Baili Frost, Su Twelve was secretly injured
Chapter 1624 Retreat, inventory of treasures, Xun Lingzhu
Chapter 1625 Getting rich
Chapter 1626 Strange Beast Armor
Chapter 1627: Spiritual turtle recognizes treasures, Xuanwu back armor fragments
Chapter 1628 The transformation of the spirit turtle, information about the heaven and earth furnace
Chapter 1629 The method of refining the heaven and earth furnace, changes
Chapter 1630 Tiandu monk comes again, dangerous situation
Chapter 1631 Showing the enemy weakness, the secret room was broken
Chapter 1632 Follow the trend and escape
Chapter 1633 The Forbidden Land of Tiandu, Senior Brother Tiandu
Chapter 1634 It’s not too late to leave now
Chapter 1635 Thunder Tribulation Breaks the Situation
Chapter 1636 Entering the Forbidden Land of Heaven
Chapter 1637 Lord of Tiandu Palace
Chapter 1638 Trapped in Liangyi Dust Array, Boundless Desert
Chapter 1639 Su Twelve’s firm belief
Chapter 1640: Formation within the formation, Su Twelve’s formation talent
Chapter 1641 Improvement of Formation Achievements
Chapter 1642 The secret of Liangyi dust formation
Chapter 1643: Formation Eye, Formation Hidden in the Formation
Chapter 1644 Former Lord of Tiandu Palace
Chapter 1645: Array within array, a way to break the situation
Chapter 1646 The key to the formation, the real formation eye
Chapter 1647 Using one’s body to form a formation?
Chapter 1648: The method of fellow practitioners, forgetting both things and myself
Chapter 1649: All injuries recovered, cultivation skyrocketed
Chapter 1650 The Liangyi dust formation is broken
Chapter 1651 Former Tiandu Palace Master Ye Tianling and Su Twelve’s Vigilance
Chapter 1652 The most precious treasure in Tiandu, the Soul-shaking Pearl
Chapter 1653 Tiandu Formation Hub
Chapter 1654 Heading to Tiandu Hall
Chapter 1655 The crisis outside Tiandu Hall
Chapter 1656: The Immortal Ways Confront each other, the Great Way Walks Alone
Chapter 1657 Tiandu Ghost Finger! The war begins
Chapter 1658 A mere monk from the lower realm?
Chapter 1659 The situation is reversed and the formation is set up
Chapter 1660: The Hub of Tiandu Formation, Nine Wheels Hidden Murderous Intent
Chapter 1661 The residual consciousness in the formation
Chapter 1662: Entrust me with something
Chapter 1663: Chasing and intercepting
Chapter 1664 Being caught up
Chapter 1665: Great changes in the world
Chapter 1666 Tiandu Conference
Chapter 1667 Tiandu’s secrets, sudden attack
Chapter 1668 Tiandu Policy
Chapter 1669 Su Twelve’s uneasiness
Chapter 1670 Groundless accusations, dilemma
Chapter 1671 The way to break the situation, Yin Qingxue’s goodwill
Chapter 1672 The cunning Ye Tianling
Chapter 1673 Capricious, Ye Tianling protects the matchmaker
Chapter 1674: Voidness and Submission
Chapter 1675 Ye Tianling’s new life
Chapter 1676 Inventory, Wei Ze’s treasures
Chapter 1677 Prepare to run away
Chapter 1678 Taoist couple
Chapter 1679 Something happened to Yin Qingxue, the teleportation array was activated
Chapter 1680 Entering the Holy Land of Cultivation for the First Time, Monk Biyunxuan
Chapter 1681 Mysterious Young Man, One Hundred Thousand Mines
Chapter 1682 Spirit Crystal Fragments
Chapter 1683 Robbery on the road?
Chapter 1684 The miserable old man
Chapter 1685 Innate Qi, Opportunity
Chapter 1686 Little Giant, rescue people
Chapter 1687 The old men wake up and test each other
Chapter 1688 The agreement is reached, the method of innate Qi
Chapter 1689 Coming to the Hundred Thousand Mines
Chapter 1690 Congenital Qi is established, the situation is difficult
Chapter 1691 The mine is under siege
Chapter 1692 Escape, strong enemy pursues
Chapter 1693 One thought leads to death
Chapter 1694 The old man’s choice, take action
Chapter 1695 Battle against the Little Giant
Chapter 1696 Cultivation restored?
Chapter 1697: Pressing for information
Chapter 1698 Joining forces, Ren Ze’s confidence
Chapter 1699 Barbarians, Secrets of the Night Clan
Chapter 1700 The Night Clan Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 1701 The mutated night tribe, saving people
Chapter 1702 Spirit Crystal, Three Villains
Chapter 1703 Accidental discovery, full view of the seal
Chapter 1704 The Endless Seal of the End of the World
Chapter 1705 Understanding the Seal
Chapter 1706 Surprised Ren Ze
Chapter 1707 Heading to the Night Clan’s Station
Chapter 1708 The Night Clan is blocked from the road
Chapter 1709 Agreement, Conflict
Chapter 1710 Promise, Dead People of the Night Clan
Chapter 1711 The Third Elder of the Night Clan
Chapter 1712 Recommending the Great Elder
Chapter 1713 The Great Elder’s Wrath
Chapter 1714 The Legend of the Night Clan
Chapter 1715 The Aggressive Elder, Su Twelve’s Helplessness
Chapter 1716 Buddhist power defeats the enemy
Chapter 1717 Death of the Great Elder of the Night Clan
Chapter 1718: Night Clan’s Attitude, Second Elder Helps
Chapter 1719 Other methods, Five Gods Thunder
Chapter 1720 The Secret of Earth God Thunder
Chapter 1721 Refining the Night Clan’s Treasure
Chapter 1722 Gift from the Night Clan
Chapter 1723 Ban Fenghe’s request
Chapter 1724 The Secret Words of the Night Clan
Chapter 1725 The strange power within the Night Clan
Chapter 1726 The strange monster occupying Niwan Palace
Chapter 1727 Suppressing the strange power and recruiting disciples
Chapter 1728 The Night Clan hopes to leave the Night Clan
Chapter 1729 Ren Ze’s proposal
Chapter 1730 Separate Actions
Chapter 1731: Net worth doubled, bad news came
Chapter 1732 Biyunxuan Trends
Chapter 1733 Biyunxuan secretly plots
Chapter 1734 Goodbye Yellow Fang Monk
Chapter 1735 My name is Lin Wuyou, the provocation of the square-faced monk
Chapter 1736 One-eyed dragon, bargaining
Chapter 1737 Space Rift
Chapter 1738 The one-eyed dragon's back stab against the monk Biyunxuan
Chapter 1739 The Demonic Infant Escapes
Chapter 1740 The Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1741: Secondary body, reconsider the method of leaving
Chapter 1742 Looking for the One-eyed Dragon Monk Again
Chapter 1743: Scheme against each other, fight against the one-eyed dragon monk
Chapter 1744 Space Attack Methods
Chapter 1745 The one-eyed dragon monk dies
Chapter 1746 Exploring the One-eyed Dragon Monk’s Treasure
Chapter 1747 Invisible and Invisible Formation
Chapter 1748 Special Technique, Deal with Hu Yijin
Chapter 1749 Return to the space rift and hunt for treasure
Chapter 1750 Massive Resources, Buddhist Industry Fire
Chapter 1751 Jiuxiao Exquisite Tower, Lingbao Information
Chapter 1752 Hu Yijin’s proposal, Baizhangfang City
Chapter 1753 The arrival of the main body
Chapter 1754 Great Harvest, Xingtian Xuan Gong, Five Elements Magic
Chapter 1755 New Ideas for the Second Nascent Soul, the Road to Loose Immortality
Chapter 1756 The discovery of Biyunxuan
Chapter 1757 The choice of the mine monk
Chapter 1758 Biyunxuan’s trends and countermeasures
Chapter 1759 The method of breaking the seal publicly
Chapter 1760: Arrangement and Waiting for the Enemy
Chapter 1761 Biyunxuan’s cruel methods
Chapter 1762 The monk in the out-of-body stage comes in person
Chapter 1763 The formation is broken? The real formation
Chapter 1764 Weird Blood Tree
Chapter 1765 Take action again to fight for the eighth-grade magic weapon Fixed Wind Flag
Chapter 1766 The Power of Dingfeng Flag
Chapter 1767 Backhand, Nanming Lihuo, Earth God Thunder
Chapter 1768 Exiling the Space Rift
Chapter 1769 Endless potential, current status of the teleportation array
Chapter 1770 Backhand, leaving Shiwan Mine
Chapter 1771 Biyunxuan’s layout and broken teleportation array
Chapter 1772 Repairing the Teleportation Array
Chapter 1773 The real departure from Miracle, Qi Yuanxiu’s choice
Chapter 1774 Open the teleportation array and escape from Biyunxuan’s sphere of influence
Chapter 1775 Fangshi, the Holy Land of Immortal Cultivation, was provoked
Chapter 1776 Unprovoked provocation, meeting an acquaintance at first sight
Chapter 1777 The rules of Baizhangfang City!
Chapter 1778 The Unlucky King of Fighters of the East China Sea
Chapter 1779 Baizhangfang City, plan
Chapter 1780 Support provided by Su Twelve
Chapter 1781 The discovery of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1782 The Demon Infant is Captured
Chapter 1783: Thunder Talisman, Thunder Stone, intercepted
Chapter 1784 The stall owner asked for the stone to overcome the difficulties
Chapter 1785 The game between Su Twelve and the stall owner
Chapter 1786 The deal is concluded, the weapon refining skills of the tiger-eyed monk
Chapter 1787: Feng Jian Xing, weapon refining agreement, blocked on the way
Chapter 1788 The Nine Major Forces in the Holy Land of Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 1789 Renting a Quiet Room
Chapter 1790 Xuan Level Quiet Room
Chapter 1791 Refining the Thunder Talisman
Chapter 1792 The thunder talisman was successful
Chapter 1793 Blood refining method, refining heaven and earth furnace
Chapter 1794 The furnace of heaven and earth enters Dantian
Chapter 1795 Surprised Hu Yijin, news about the out-of-body pill
Chapter 1796 The Tribulation Platform, Duobao Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1797 Message from Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1798 Bidding Fair
Chapter 1799 Bidding for a body-removing pill and being targeted
Chapter 1800: Being clever but being misled by cleverness
Chapter 1801 Obtaining the Out-of-body Pill
Chapter 1802 Level 4 Spirit Turtle, Heart-Thrilling Baili Lingquan
Chapter 1803 Seeing the Spirit Turtle Again
Chapter 1804 Bidding, Angry Baili Lingquan
Chapter 1805 Baili Lingquan’s Questions
Chapter 1806: Revealing financial resources, angering Baili Lingquan
Chapter 1807 Obtaining the Spirit Turtle
Chapter 1808 Xuantian’s Spirit-Inducing Technique
Chapter 1809 Baizhangfang City Tribulation Platform
Chapter 1810: What I experienced at the Tribulation Platform, the cruelty of the world of cultivating immortals
Chapter 1811 Meet Baili Lingquan again
Chapter 1812 Loose cultivator, Han Yu! Renting the tribulation platform
Chapter 1813 Betting on the Tribulation Platform, Su Twelve’s Odds
Chapter 1814 It’s rude to come back without reciprocating, Su Twelve’s counterattack
Chapter 1815 Thousands of top-quality spiritual stones, stunning everyone
Chapter 1816: Raising stakes, state of mind game
Chapter 1817 Boarding the Tribulation Platform
Chapter 1818 Sixty-nine Heavenly Tribulations Arrive
Chapter 1819 Thunder Method vs. Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1820: Shocking Heavenly Tribulation, Tribulation-Transcending Formation Appears
Chapter 1821 Extraordinarily Powerful Tribulation Thunder
Chapter 1822 Flying Sword Savior, Overcoming Tribulation and Danger
Chapter 1823: All means are used, life hangs on a thread
Chapter 1824: The furnace of heaven and earth transforms calamity, the effect is astonishing
Chapter 1825 Breaking the inner demon and successfully overcoming the tribulation
Chapter 1826 Condensing the soul, shocking everyone
Chapter 1827 Baili Lingquan, An Yue’s inner demon
Chapter 1828 Baili Lingquan and An Yue, who are extremely happy and sad, and Su Twelve Yuanshen condense
Chapter 1829 Mental warning, the risk of the soul leaving the body
Chapter 1830 Some people are happy and some are sad, Su Twelve makes a lot of money
Chapter 1831 Baizhangfang City Identity Token
Chapter 1832 Duobao Chamber of Commerce, Wanbao Building
Chapter 1833 Visiting Wanbao Tower
Chapter 1834 The Treasure of Wanbao Tower
Chapter 1835 The state of mind in early summer
Chapter 1836 Feng Huang Yu, Feng Huang Yuan Gong
Chapter 1837 Phoenix Grass, Resurrection Grass
Chapter 1838 Heavenly Scroll Secret Technique
Chapter 1839: Incarnate outside the body and inquire about information
Chapter 1840 Not disclosing the auction house’s connections
Chapter 1841: Cautious Su Twelve, source of quota
Chapter 1842: Ten thousand top-quality spiritual stones, a surprised Chu Xia
Chapter 1843 Obtained the Auction Token
Chapter 1844 The generous Su Twelve buys the treasure of town building
Chapter 1845 Practicing Fenghuang Yuan Gong
Chapter 1846: Ten years out of seclusion
Chapter 1847 Hanhai Auction House
Chapter 1848 The arrival of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1849 The clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace who was provoked
Chapter 1850 Angrily Killing the People of Baizhangfang City
Chapter 1851 Entering Baizhangfang City Auction House
Chapter 1852 Duobao Chamber of Commerce’s plan
Chapter 1853 Disputes in the Auction House Private Room
Chapter 1854 Su Twelve’s Alertness
Chapter 1855 Arrogant Fat Female Nun
Chapter 1856 Secret Test
Chapter 1857 Qilin Order of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1858 Su Twelve’s panic, the auction begins
Chapter 1859 Duobao Chamber of Commerce in Lingling, the ninth grade magic weapon
Chapter 1860 Purple Clouds and Waves, Taoist Qifeng
Chapter 1861 Bidding for Flying Swords, Purple Clouds and Waves
Chapter 1862 Acting in a high profile and getting the flying sword
Chapter 1863 The female cultivator who was auctioned, the Five Spirit Immortal Sword Art
Chapter 1864 Another bid, high-profile Su Twelve
Chapter 1865 The good man Su Twelve
Chapter 1866 Sending away the incarnation of Tianjuan
Chapter 1867 Su Twelve’s guesses and ideas
Chapter 1868 Yin Qingxue’s Nascent Soul Appears, and the Changes in Xuannv Tower
Chapter 1869 Xuannvlou’s unique heart
Chapter 1870 Bidding for Nascent Soul, Embarrassed An Yue
Chapter 1871 The thoughts of the three people in Xuannvlou
Chapter 1872 Hometown acquaintance, unexpected Su Twelve
Chapter 1873 When Nascent Soul arrives, the auction house’s grand finale
Chapter 1874 Yunlong Dragon Egg!
Chapter 1875 Dragon Egg, the Legend of the Strange Man from the Sea of Clouds
Chapter 1876 The grand finale auction begins
Chapter 1877 Joint Bidding
Chapter 1878 The heart-beating clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1879 Bidding for Dragon Eggs and 'The Holy Art of the Divine Emperor'
Chapter 1880 The clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace who is being targeted
Chapter 1881 Sky-high Price Dragon Egg
Chapter 1882 The auction ends and the crisis is approaching
Chapter 1883 The auction is over, leave
Chapter 1884 The Disappeared Su Twelve
Chapter 1885 The Holy Son of Tiandao Palace is being targeted
Chapter 1886: Sit back and wait, go to Baixiang Tea House
Chapter 1887 Countermeasures against the clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1888 Taiyi Glazed Bell
Chapter 1889 Spying from Xuannv Tower, the alert Su Twelve
Chapter 1890 Meeting with Shangguan Rong, the fourth floor owner of Xuannv Tower!
Chapter 1891 The Origin of the Heart Armor
Chapter 1892 Yin Qingxue’s Life Experience
Chapter 1893 Shangguan Rong’s reminder, Jiuyang Divine Fire Mirror
Chapter 1894: The Nine Yang Divine Fire Mirror, Surprised Su Twelve
Chapter 1895 Shangguan Rong’s kindness and Su Twelve’s choice
Chapter 1896 Old friends meet again, the situation in hometown is worrying
Chapter 1897 Six Gates of Azure Star
Chapter 1898 Demonic Movement
Chapter 1899 News about Shen Miaoyin
Chapter 1900 Li Piaoyue’s proposal, Su Twelve’s choice
Chapter 1901 Farewell again
Chapter 1902 Heavenly Scroll, Su Twelve’s Plan
Chapter 1903 The Confidence of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 1904 Su Twelve disappeared again
Chapter 1905 The Holy Son of Tiandao Palace arrives, Nangong Yi is dying
Chapter 1906 The clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace leaves, the scroll saves life
Chapter 1907 Su Twelve’s Gratitude
Chapter 1908 The clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace trapped in the formation
Chapter 1909: A dead Taoist friend is not a poor Taoist!
Chapter 1910 The clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace who was repeatedly provoked
Chapter 1911 The terrifying power of the distraction period
Chapter 1912 Conspiracy in the dark
Chapter 1913 The Death of the Three Lords of Blood Sea Palace
Chapter 1914 Saving the Weapon Spirit
Chapter 1915 Su versus Su
Chapter 1916 Arriving at Guihai City
Chapter 1917 The Current Situation of Guihai City
Chapter 1918 Keep your word, let the Taoist companion
Chapter 1919 Su Twelve’s kindness
Chapter 1920 The feeling of being seen through
Chapter 1921 The mysterious old man
Chapter 1922 Retaining Su Twelve
Chapter 1923 The mystery behind Ren Lingrong
Chapter 1924 The Ren family retreats
Chapter 1925 Studying dragon eggs, the treasure of the Ren family
Chapter 1926 The Ren family is in trouble, an acquaintance of Su Twelve
Chapter 1927 Tai Chi Yuan Jade was taken away
Chapter 1928 The formation is activated, Su Twelve takes action
Chapter 1929 Master Ren Lingrong’s Sect, Ancient Immortal Sect
Chapter 1930 The formation breaks and asks questions
Chapter 1931 Tong Chuan’s discovery and murderous intention
Chapter 1932 The sneak attack of Zixia Jingtao
Chapter 1933 Su Twelve’s dying struggle?
Chapter 1934 Earth God Lei Liwei
Chapter 1935 Tong Chuan died, the Ren family’s grandson was shocked
Chapter 1936 Interrogation, Demon Race Ji Changkong
Chapter 1937 Immortal Reincarnation Shen Miaoyin
Chapter 1938 Wu Hongfei died, Qinghe’s life was in danger
Chapter 1939 Qinghe’s Death
Chapter 1940 Ancient Immortal Sect
Chapter 1941 The vicissitudes of life of the old man
Chapter 1942 The inheritance of the ancient immortal sect
Chapter 1943 Ten Thousand Years of Inheritance, the Method of Conquering Demons
Chapter 1944 Meeting alone
Chapter 1945 The heritage of the Ancient Immortal Sect, invitation
Chapter 1946 Elder Ke Qing
Chapter 1947 Ancient Immortal Sect Library
Chapter 1948 Ten Thousand Volumes of Books, Ancient Immortal Sect Lin Hezhou
Chapter 1949 Ten Years of Change
Chapter 1950 Su Twelve’s gift of treasure
Chapter 1951 Su Twelve’s Guidance
Chapter 1952 The Sect Leader’s Awareness and Responsibility
Chapter 1953 Tianyu Peak
Chapter 1954 Preparation before retreat
Chapter 1955 Yunlong is born
Chapter 1956 Unruly Yunlong
Chapter 1957 Su Twelve comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1958 Deterring Yunlong
Chapter 1959 Yunlong bows his head
Chapter 1960 Su Twelve’s Wrist
Chapter 1961 The spirit turtle’s mind changes and Ren Lingrong arrives
Chapter 1962 Lin Hezhou is in danger, quicksand land
Chapter 1963 The Impostor
Chapter 1964 The figure outside the quicksand
Chapter 1965 Ye Qingxue was plotted
Chapter 1966 The horror of quicksand, the greedy heart
Chapter 1967 Head-on photo
Chapter 1968 Sensing clues, Su Twelve saves people
Chapter 1969 The power of Phoenix, bringing back the dead
Chapter 1970 Punishment, people from Xuannv Tower
Chapter 1971 The owner of Xuannv Tower
Chapter 1972 The second floor owner of Xuannv Building
Chapter 1973 Ruthless Tantai Qing
Chapter 1974: Settle the grudge with one sword
Chapter 1975 The Sword Master of the East China Sea reappears
Chapter 1976 Proving the Sword Agreement
Chapter 1977 A strange treasure is born in Quicksand?
Chapter 1978 Walking with the Sword Master
Chapter 1979 Xuanyuan Sword Sect Sword Cultivator
Chapter 1980 The sword’s mind penetrates the heart, and the one-armed monk realizes the sword
Chapter 1981 The Lurking Demon, the First Sword Master Xiao Wujian
Chapter 1982 The undercurrent surges and the demons plot
Chapter 1983 Going deep into the quicksand
Chapter 1984 Entering the Space Rift
Chapter 1985 Lin Hezhou’s communication talisman
Chapter 1986 Weird Quicksand Land
Chapter 1987 The search for Lei Fa
Chapter 1988 The stone statue under the quicksand
Chapter 1989 Rescue Lin Hezhou
Chapter 1990 The key to destroying demons, Xuantian Lingbao
Chapter 1991 Ancient secrets, the method of destroying demons
Chapter 1992 The contribution of the Ancient Immortal Sect and the origin of Xuantian Lingbao
Chapter 1993 Doubts disappear, evil spirit and evil spirit
Chapter 1994 Demon clan’s movement, emerging from the ground
Chapter 1995 Evil cultivator, demonic cultivator, meeting acquaintances again
Chapter 1996 An old friend is in danger
Chapter 1997: Fighting, the terror of Taoist Xueyun
Chapter 1998 Escape from battle, the friendship between Xuanyuan Sword Sect
Chapter 1999 Death of Fu Yan
Chapter 2000 The lucky Baili Lingquan, the targeted Sword Master of the East China Sea
Chapter 2001 Are you...really considered to be in the distraction period?
Chapter 2002 The Sword Master of the East China Sea takes action, and the calamity of heaven and earth begins to show its edge
Chapter 2003 Danger Surrounded by Sword Master’s Name
Chapter 2004 Borrowing the sword again, Su Twelve is targeted
Chapter 2005: Come forward, Su Twelve’s weight
Chapter 2006: Conflict of words, half-way distracted by the external strongman and the weak one
Chapter 2007: Half-step distraction
Chapter 2008: Death is not a pity, dying struggle?
Chapter 2009 Space Secret Technique, Divine Consciousness Attack
Chapter 2010 Death of Taoist Xueyun
Chapter 2011: Greedy, Baili Lingquan’s idea
Chapter 2012 Wishful thinking
Chapter 2013 You...insulted the sword!
Chapter 2014 Legendary Sword Cultivator Xiao Wujian
Chapter 2015 Resolving Conflicts
Chapter 2016 Recuperation from Injury, Invisible Pressure
Chapter 2017 Old friends meet but don’t recognize each other
Chapter 2018 The Purpose of Xuanyuan Sword Sect
Chapter 2019 Blood Sea Palace, someone from Zishuang Pavilion
Chapter 2020 Tension, Su Twelve is being watched
Chapter 2021 Why bother to accuse someone?
Chapter 2022 The arrogant words of Blood Sea Palace and Zishuang Pavilion
Chapter 2023 Nine Nether Ink Book, Spell Ban
Chapter 2024 The sword breaks the curse, Liu Hua’s skills are astounding
Chapter 2025 The Counterattack of the Distracted Monk
Chapter 2026 The host of Xuannv Building stands and the crisis is resolved
Chapter 2027 Su Twelve’s Discovery
Chapter 2028 The demons plot, each has his or her own agenda
Chapter 2029 The Attentioned Sword Master of the East China Sea
Chapter 2030 The trace of the devil, strong men from all sides appear
Chapter 2031 Tiangang Sect, visitors from Bitao Villa
Chapter 2032: The old friend Feng Jianxing, the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace reappears
Chapter 2033 The Targeted Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 2034 Su Twelve’s speculation and loss
Chapter 2035 The eloquent Cui Shaolin
Chapter 2036 Su Twelve Demon Infant Demon Cultivator
Chapter 2037 Li Daitao’s stiffness, Xiao Yue’s judgment
Chapter 2038 Touched by an old friend
Chapter 2039: The Tao is one foot high, the devil is one foot high
Chapter 2040 Xuantian Lingbao is born
Chapter 2041 The fight for spiritual treasures, the winner
Chapter 2042 Proposal from the owner of Xuannv Tower
Chapter 2043 Civil War and Military Struggle
Chapter 2044 Requests from All Parties
Chapter 2045 The devil appears and makes a sneak attack
Chapter 2046 Su Twelve is targeted, the demon’s methods
Chapter 2047 The demonic sound penetrates the ears
Chapter 2048 The monk is possessed by the devil, Haoran’s Righteousness Technique
Chapter 2049: The disaster is diverted to the east, and the plan fails
Chapter 2050 Backhand, Fire Phoenix Body
Chapter 2051 Nine Yang Divine Fire Mirror, the method of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 2052 Change of situation, Xuantian Lingbao changes
Chapter 2053 Fight to the death and enter the alchemy furnace with your body
Chapter 2054 The Xuantian Spiritual Treasure’s Changes
Chapter 2055 The advanced Xuantian Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 2056 The cruelty of the devil, the self-destructed devil dragon
Chapter 2057 Su Twelve’s physical transformation, the manifestation of the loose immortal
Chapter 2058 The semi-immortal weapon appears and fire falls from the sky
Chapter 2059: Seizing the treasure, the powerful combination comes
Chapter 2060 The Lord of the Lantern Cave
Chapter 2061 Death of the Lord of Lantern Cave
Chapter 2062 The semi-immortal weapon that cannot be collected
Chapter 2063 Master Jiukong’s explanation, Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect
Chapter 2064 Helpless Su Twelve went to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect
Chapter 2065 The Demonic Trace Reappears
Chapter 2066 Conspiracy, Tantai Zhi’s plan
Chapter 2067 Borrowing people, the strength of the demon cultivator’s body skyrockets
Chapter 2068 Surprised Tantai Zhi, the eyes and ears of the demon clan
Chapter 2069: The Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect’s territory, the King of Fighters blocks the way
Chapter 2070 The Tao no longer exists
Chapter 2071 Death of the East China Sea Boxing King
Chapter 2072 The Demonic Cultivation Body Appears
Chapter 2073 Angry Xiao Yue
Chapter 2074 Lin Hezhou’s awakening and despair!
Chapter 2075: Demon Reaching for Stars, Holy Palm of Brahma
Chapter 2076 The body of the loose immortal, the body of the demonic cultivator
Chapter 2077 The Origin of the Demonic Infant and the Confusion of the Demonic Cultivating Body
Chapter 2078 Looking at the world, who is not a devil? Who is plotting against himself?
Chapter 2079: Dissuading the body of demonic cultivator
Chapter 2080 The discovery of the elder Liu Hua of the Ancient Immortal Sect
Chapter 2081 Purple Bamboo Forest
Chapter 2082 Unusual Natural Formation
Chapter 2083 The first person under the distraction period
Chapter 2084 How to walk through the purple bamboo forest
Chapter 2085 The shocked people
Chapter 2086 Deep in the Purple Bamboo Forest, Xuanqi Temple
Chapter 2087 Grinding Bricks, Paintings
Chapter 2088 This mirror is not a mirror
Chapter 2089 The Writing Monk
Chapter 2090 The Reversed Monk
Chapter 2091 Breaking Three Levels
Chapter 2092 Master of the Zen Monastery
Chapter 2093 The method of collecting half-immortal weapons
Chapter 2094 Measuring the weight of life?
Chapter 2095 Nine Nether Blood Lotus
Chapter 2096 Wonderful Dharma Tathagata presents golden lotus
Chapter 2097 Revealing the news
Chapter 2098 Eagle Eyed Monk, Everyone Suspicious
Chapter 2099 Testing each other and leaving
Chapter 2100 Revealing the truth
Chapter 2101 Discuss and act separately
Chapter 2102 Changes in Baibaozhai
Chapter 2103 Butler Jin, the Dilemma of Baibaozhai
Chapter 2104 Making things difficult, the arrogant Butler Jin
Chapter 2105 Nangong Yi’s back-up plan
Chapter 2106 Angry Yu Lingling, Helpless Nangong Yi
Chapter 2107 Su Twelve takes action, Butler Jin’s test
Chapter 2108 Master Jin appears
Chapter 2109 Master Jin’s murderous intention
Chapter 2110: The formation begins, Master Jin is trapped
Chapter 2111 Baizhangfang City Senior Executives
Chapter 2112 Questioning during the distraction period
Chapter 2113 The Unbreakable Seal
Chapter 2114 Feng Jianxing’s Rejection
Chapter 2115 Feng Jianxing intervenes and Baizhangfang City changes
Chapter 2116 Baibaozhai Crisis Resolved
Chapter 2117 Things in the world are like chess, and everything is unpredictable!
Chapter 2118 The news brought by Nangong Yi, Nine Yang Blood Lotus, Nine Yin Soul Lotus
Chapter 2119 Immortal Flower, Su Twelve’s Guess
Chapter 2120 Special space magic weapon, an opportunity to refine the Jiuxiao Exquisite Tower
Chapter 2121 Yu Lingling’s Thoughts
Chapter 2122 Looking for Feng Jianxing Again
Chapter 2123 Baizhangfang City Shenbingfang
Chapter 2124 Elder Situ of Shen Weapang
Chapter 2125 Violent sky fire and earth fire
Chapter 2126 Elder Situ’s evil thoughts
Chapter 2127 Taming the Spiritual Fire of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2128: Deceiving the world, stealing fame and sealing the sword?
Chapter 2129: Refining spiritual materials, amazing skills
Chapter 2130 Seizing the opportunity, Su Twelve’s methods
Chapter 2131 Lingbao Heavenly Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 2132 Feng Jianxing’s clone appears, the tiger soul roars with thunder!
Chapter 2133 The Heavenly Tribulation of Loose Immortals
Chapter 2134 Su Twelve enters concentration, forgetting both things and myself
Chapter 2135 Lin Hezhou’s determination
Chapter 2136 Tao follows nature, Su Twelve’s insights
Chapter 2137 Mortal Little Leaf
Chapter 2138 Lin Hezhou’s murderous intention
Chapter 2139 Lin Hezhou’s choice
Chapter 2140 Records of the Ancient Immortal Sect
Chapter 2141 Information about the battle between immortals, the teleportation array was destroyed
Chapter 2142 The second owner of Xuannv Building who was hunted down
Chapter 2143 When the snow comes, thousands of plum blossoms shine in red
Chapter 2144 The obsessed owner of Xuannv Building
Chapter 2145: Fighting during the distraction period in Xuannvlou
Chapter 2146 Heavenly Swordsmanship, Xiao Wujian Appears
Chapter 2147 The Treasure of Xuannv Tower, Time flies by
Chapter 2148 The power of time flies by
Chapter 2149 Jiuxiao Exquisite Tower Moves
Chapter 2150: Confused and distracted by the secret method of Buddhism
Chapter 2151 Tantai Qing’s invitation
Chapter 2152 Time flies, spiritual treasures, magic weapons
Chapter 2153 Time flies
Chapter 2154 Continue to act, Baizhangfang City changes
Chapter 2155 The Young Master of Bitao Villa
Chapter 2156 Clouds are moving in all directions and undercurrents are surging
Chapter 2157 Immortal, a person who has attained the Tao
Chapter 2158 Return to the Night Clan
Chapter 2159 Encounter with the Night Clan, looking in the mirror
Chapter 2160 Appearance, Bai Wantong’s Eye Technique
Chapter 2161 Sachet, news about Bai Zhuling
Chapter 2162 Things have changed and people have changed, the dilemma of the Night Clan
Chapter 2163 Xiao Wujian takes action, does the Night Clan hope?
Chapter 2164 Su Twelve takes action, strange spiritual insects
Chapter 2165 The strange insect in the world of immortality, the soul-eating insect
Chapter 2166: Separating the essence and spirit, using one’s body as bait
Chapter 2167 Destroying the Soul-Eating Insects
Chapter 2168 Soul-eating insects enter the body, grateful people of the Night Clan
Chapter 2169 Freedom of the Night Clan
Chapter 2170 The method of opening the Immortal Tomb, the relics of Immortal Qionghua
Chapter 2171 Divine Thunder Source
Chapter 2172 Heading to the Immortal Tomb
Chapter 2173 Immortal Tomb, Conspiracy
Chapter 2174 The Provocation of the Master of Xuanjing Cave
Chapter 2175 The Master of Mysterious Scripture Cave in Dilemma
Chapter 2176: Mysterious female magic sword, stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 2177 The source of divine thunder appears, and the gate of the Immortal Tomb opens
Chapter 2178 Immortal Handwriting
Chapter 2179 Immortal Tomb Spirit Mist
Chapter 2180 Immortal Qionghua, Senior Sister Miaoyin?
Chapter 2181 Opportunities against heaven, everyone has their own plans
Chapter 2182 The protective aura is broken
Chapter 2183 Immortal methods, one sword shocks the world
Chapter 2184 The death of the master of Xuanjing Cave
Chapter 2185 A spiritual object that cannot be collected?
Chapter 2186 Su Twelve’s back-up plan, Lotus Brilliance
Chapter 2187 The spiritual object is obtained, and the one who takes the chestnuts from the fire
Chapter 2188 Xiao Wujian kills with one sword.
Chapter 2189: Seizing the Nascent Soul and resurrecting the evil spirit
Chapter 2190 Soul-Eating Insect Swarm
Chapter 2191 Revenge but not kindness
Chapter 2192 Unite everyone and advance and retreat together
Chapter 2193: Su Twelve is questioned in a turmoil
Chapter 2194 The way to break the situation, everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 2195 Aunt Shenwei’s plan
Chapter 2196 Su Twelve swears an oath
Chapter 2197 The Evil Resurrection
Chapter 2198 Heavenly Swordsmanship·Heavenly Sword Returns to the Heart!
Chapter 2199 Heavy losses
Chapter 2200 Fighting for one’s life, the light in the darkness
Chapter 2201 Xiao Wu’s Sword Soldier Solution
Chapter 2202 Moment of life and death, new hope
Chapter 2203 Unique Heavenly Sword Skills
Chapter 2204 The ultimate sword move, the second move of Heaven and Earth Tribulation
Chapter 2205 The Sword of the Immortal, the sword moves to shock the world
Chapter 2206 Fighting with one’s own body, Su Twelve’s awakening
Chapter 2207 Fairy Sword Wangshu, Sword Spirit Girl
Chapter 2208 The Origin of Immortals
Chapter 2209 Wang Shujian’s past
Chapter 2210 Leaving the Immortal Tomb
Chapter 2211 Sword Spirit’s Thoughts
Chapter 2212 Wang Shujian follows
Chapter 2213 Rhetoric, plan
Chapter 2214 No guilt, no regrets, no life in vain, no death in vain
Chapter 2215 Su Twelve’s decision and Liu Hua’s failure in epiphany
Chapter 2216 Crisis! The Holy Son of Tiandao Palace Appears
Chapter 2217: Understanding people? Hypocrisy and compromise
Chapter 2218: Calculation, the owner of Xuannv Tower appears
Chapter 2219 The plot succeeds, the crisis of the clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 2220 The sword cuts off the clone and the space rift opens again
Chapter 2221 Wangshu Jian changes
Chapter 2222 The evil spirit appears again? A ray of remnant soul
Chapter 2223 He is not a demon!
Chapter 2224 Secrets of the Past, Immortal Realm
Chapter 2225 The secret method of space fails, and the Tathagata Nascent Soul appears
Chapter 2226 Man’s calculation is not as good as God’s calculation, Su Twelve’s hesitation
Chapter 2227: Relax your mind, the past of Wonderful Dharma Tathagata
Chapter 2228 Join forces to fight the devil
Chapter 2229 Heavenly Demon, Heavenly Buddha
Chapter 2230 The demon invites the moon!
Chapter 2231 The last resort
Chapter 2232 Demon God Test
Chapter 2233 Smart Child
Chapter 2234 Wonderful Dharma Tathagata, the Buddha Sea is Boundless
Chapter 2235 Changes in Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect
Chapter 2236 The main soldier of Xuannvlou Building is released
Chapter 2237 Leaving the Space Rift
Chapter 2238 The Unborrowable Wangshu Sword, Su Twelve’s Gains
Chapter 2239 Harvest, a calamity
Chapter 2240 The Magical Use of Divine Thunder Source
Chapter 2241 The Extraordinary Foundation of the Immortal Body
Chapter 2242 The cautious Su Twelve
Chapter 2243 Nine Yang Divine Fire Appraisal Spirit
Chapter 2244 Jiuxiao Linglong Tower merges with the weapon spirit, and returns to Xuannv Tower
Chapter 2245 Explanation! The second floor owner of Xuannv Building is relieved
Chapter 2246 Sand Puppet
Chapter 2267 Placement of the East China Sea Sword Master
Chapter 2268 Demonic traces found in Shiwan Mine
Chapter 2249 The Demon Lord of Pardon
Chapter 2250 Demon God Appears, Demon Clan’s Plan
Chapter 2251 Crazy plan
Chapter 2252 The Demonic God explains that Su Twelve’s demonic cultivation body was betrayed
Chapter 2253 Spirit Fetus of Gods and Demons
Chapter 2254 The person the devil pays attention to
Chapter 2255 Return to Quicksand Land
Chapter 2256 The Magical Use of Sandman Puppet
Chapter 2257 New Plan
Chapter 2258 The people waiting in quicksand
Chapter 2259 The joining of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace
Chapter 2260: Everyone has their own plans, the quicksand land is full of dangers
Chapter 2261 The body whose image has changed drastically
Chapter 2262 Change your thinking, the best time to get the treasure
Chapter 2263 The Nine Nether Blood Lotus Appears
Chapter 2264 Bailichen’s threat, Su Twelve’s doubts
Chapter 2265 The Nine Nether Blood Lotus appears, the Great Dao Oath is broken, and tit-for-tat people confront each other
Chapter 2266 The semi-immortal weapon was taken away, Su Twelve took chestnuts from the fire