Chapter 2220 The sword cuts off the clone and the space rift opens again

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In the field, the avatar of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace no longer paid attention to the movements of Su Twelve and his party.

His eyes fell on Shao Ai and the flying sword in his hand, his face turned extremely ugly at this moment.

"Could this flying sword be... the treasure of Xuannvlou Zhenzong, the legendary 'time flies'?"

As the sound rang out, the true energy surged in the body of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace, and his Yuan Gong was continuously poured into the Nine Yang Divine Fire Mirror in his hand.

At this moment, his heart kept sinking until it hit the bottom.

There was no fighting spirit in my heart, and there was only one thought left. I just hoped that I could use my magic weapon to delay for a moment, so as to gain a chance for myself to escape.

"Hoho! You just recognized it now, don't you think it's a little too late?"

A sinister laughter sounded from Shao Ai's mouth.

Without any unnecessary movement, the already devastated land with a radius of hundreds of miles, countless sword energy suddenly jumped out from the ground.

The blade of the sword was sharp, and the sword energy crisscrossed and tumbled. Each stroke was almost as powerful as a full blow from a monk in the Bishen stage.

At this moment, all sword energy and invisible energy are pointing towards the clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace.

Being locked by so many swords and qi machines, the clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace suddenly had pores all over his body, and felt a chill on his back.

The majestic true energy in the body was first affected, and it turned out to be like a quagmire, making it difficult to move.


The clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace struggled to open his mouth, trying to say something to Shao Ai, the owner of Xuannv Tower.

However, Shao Ai was possessed and filled with murderous aura, and he was obviously not interested in hearing what he had to say.

The bare hand is waving, and the hand is concentrating on the sword.

The sword energy that fills the sky turns into a stream of light that fills the sky, and is shot out quickly.

The sword energy struck, and in front of the avatar of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace, the Nine Yang Divine Fire Mirror, a unique magic weapon, trembled violently and spewed out blazing fire.

With her hair braided in double ponytails and wearing a fiery red bellyband, a miniature figure like a porcelain doll emerged in the firelight.

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The miniature figure waved his hands, and the fire that enveloped the Jiuyang Divine Fire Mirror seemed to have become conscious, splitting into countless fire balls and facing the incoming sword energy.

However, there is undoubtedly a huge gap between the power that the Nine Yang Divine Fire Jian Protector can exert and Mantian Sword Qi.

The fireball scattered like stars in the sky with great momentum.

But under the impact of the sword energy, it collapsed at the first touch.

With just one encounter, the sky-wide fire mass dissipated, and the Jiuyang Divine Fire Mirror itself became dim.

In the weak firelight, the figure of the porcelain doll-like girl's weapon spirit became half virtual and half real.

As the power of the Nine Yang Divine Fire Mirror was exhausted, it had no choice but to turn into a wisp of fiery red aura and disappear into the firelight.


On the other hand, the clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace had no time to get rid of the Qi lock, and the impact it had on its own skills.

Countless sword energy has already arrived.

With fistfuls of blood splattered, the clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace was pierced through the body by ten thousand swords.

By the time the sword energy dissipated, his whole body was dripping with blood and covered with blood holes left by the sword energy.

All his Yuan Gong was exhausted, and the Yuan Ying and Yuan Shen in his body collapsed on the spot.

There was no life left in his body, he staggered and fell straight to the ground.

Only a wisp of dense Dao Qi that was not noticed by others rushed out from his body, rushed out of the sky, and flew towards the direction of Tiandao Palace in the vast void.

"The Holy Son of Tiandao Palace? What a's just a clone!"

"Next, it's time to settle accounts with those little guys!"

His tyrannical gaze glanced at the cloned body of the Holy Son of the Tiandao Palace on the ground, as well as the Jiuyang Divine Fire Mirror that fell to the side with almost no light at all.

Shao Ai's eyes showed a cold light, with a sinister expression on his face. His cold gaze turned to where Su Twelve and others were just now.

She just went crazy, not a fool without any thought.

Previously, he was trapped in the Jiuxiao Linglong Pagoda and trapped in the Buddhist formation. Suddenly, the power of the formation disappeared, which was strange.

As soon as he came out of the space, he saw the clone of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace appearing in front of him, and subconsciously thought that it was coming to target him.

It can be seen that after the avatar of the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace trapped himself with the formation, he turned to target Su Twelve and his party.

I don't know what's going on.

However, since she had already taken action, she didn't mind killing one more person.

Compared to the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace, Su Twelve used the Buddhist formation to trap Su Twelve in his previous sneak attack.

There was even more hatred in her heart.

"Little guy! Do you think that by using the secret method of space and hiding in a different space, I can't do anything to you?"

The corners of his mouth were raised slightly, forming a contemptuous smile.

In the sight, as Su Twelve disappeared, the space rift that was originally torn open by the space secret method has long been closed.

Others would never realize that there are others hidden outside this space.

Even if he knew, he would be helpless.

But Shao Ai had a smile on his face, and his eyes were filled with inexplicable confidence.

The murmur sounded, Shao Ai raised his hand gently, and "Time flies" suddenly turned into a stream of light and flew out.

On the sword body, the ancient font of the twelve hours glowed one after another.

The Xuanmen magic weapon, which originally contained abundant spiritual power, suddenly became filled with demonic aura and looked indescribably evil.

The demonic energy on the sword's edge was billowing, and the dissipated demonic energy enveloped the land in a radius of about ten feet.

In the strange and devilish aura, time flies like a streak of black light.

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> Wherever the black light went, a crack was slowly torn open in the originally intact space.

A crack emerged, and the space power in it fluctuated, creating a terrifying attraction that sucked in the surrounding demonic energy.

Shao Ai stood in the distance, with demonic energy surging around his body. Time flies under its urging, and he continuously sprayed out massive amounts of demonic energy, without fear of the devouring power of the space rift.

In a moment, the spatial rift expanded to the size of a person, which was no different from the spatial rift that Su Twelve had just torn open using the secret space technique.

Behind the space rift, Su Twelve held the Nine Heavens Exquisite Tower in his left hand and waved his right hand, slowly condensing the power of space.

In a different space, turbulent currents surge. Every step you take may span thousands of miles. If you are not careful, you may be swallowed by the turbulent currents of space.

Su Twelve naturally did not dare to move. He only wanted to reopen the space rift nearby. He only needed to distance himself from the two fighting men, take the opportunity to activate the 100,000 Mine Teleportation Array, and leave.

Unexpectedly, it only took a moment to enter the spatial rift.

The spatial rift was opened again.

Through the cracks in space, he could see the dense demonic energy outside, as well as the playful look on Shao Aixie's strange face behind the demonic aura.

Su Twelve's heart skipped a beat, and there was a look of astonishment on his face.

In his opinion, the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace had a good reputation, and even if he was not his opponent, he would still have to fight against the possessed Shao Ai.

But how long has passed, such a short period of time, I am afraid that if I don't meet him, I will be killed in Shao Ai's hands.

This... possessed owner of the Xuannv Building, coupled with the fact that "time flies by", is his strength so terrifying?

No, that's not right. According to what people in Quicksand Land said earlier, those who are walking outside should be clones cultivated by the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace.

After this body has fallen, the Holy Son of Tiandao Palace still wants to seize the furnace of heaven and earth. I am afraid that the main body will have to escape!

This chapter has been completed!
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