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World-class director in the entertainment industry

World-class director in the entertainment industry

author:Noxus Garen

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-01 19:02

Latest chapter:Chapter 824: Going out together on ten days

A story of a traveler crossing the entertainment circle. Movies are the main focus, songs are supplementary, leftovers: female stars, business, technology. Heroines, are they there or not? Ruoxi, Girls' Generation, Black Widow, Little Dragon Girl, Scarlet Witch, big Mimi, big cousin... Old book: [Marvel's Runaways] [Being the master from the mysterious world].

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《World-class director in the entertainment industry》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 824: Going out together on ten days
Chapter 823 The final wave
Chapter 822: No longer a human being
Chapter 821 The Pyramid of the Vampire Pharaoh
Chapter 820 The beauty of the longest love
Chapter 819 A small test of means
Chapter 818 A storm breaks out behind the scenes
Chapter 817 Hey Diana and Clark
Chapter 816 Wonder Woman Diana
《World-class director in the entertainment industry》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The old-fashioned opening
Chapter 2 Water Blue Star's Earth Visitor
Chapter 3 System?
Chapter 4 The First Pot of Gold
Chapter 5 It's Time for the Wind
Chapter 6 The day to go home
Chapter 7 Looking for a mentor for help
Chapter VIII Daqin Empire Entertainment Company
Chapter 9 The first protagonist
Chapter 10 Fudge starring
Chapter 11 Capture Xu Shan
Chapter 12 On Issuing Companies
Chapter 13 Identity is bottomed out
Chapter 14 Sitting and watching the situation
Chapter 15 [People are on the way] to finish
Chapter 16 First Response
Chapter 17 The Big Guys Come to the Premiere
Chapter 18 Movie Easter Eggs
Chapter 19 A Small Goal
Chapter 20 First Day Box Office
Chapter 21 Rejected by a woman
Chapter 22 Change a heroine
Chapter 23 New Year's Call
Chapter 24 Box Office Breaks 100 Million
Chapter 25 First Meeting Liu Sisi
Chapter 26 The Pear Blossom Brings Rain
Chapter 27 Poaching
Chapter 28 Celebration Banquet
Chapter 29 Issuing Qualifications
Chapter 30 Banquet Focus
Chapter 31 Tear Green Tea
Chapter 32 Two Announcements
Chapter 33 Literary Films
Chapter 34 The Three Little Flowers
Chapter 35 Talking about Qin Dong
Chapter 36 Digging the Wall
Chapter Thirty-Seven Little Flowers Remember
Chapter 38: A cautious character
Chapter 39: Trivial Matters of Returning to China
Chapter 40 The Beauty Meets
Chapter 41 The Newcomer With High Self-esteem
Chapter 42 Signing a second artist
Chapter 43 The Unexpected Woman
Chapter 44: The Light Bulb
Chapter 45: Dinner with the two beauties
Chapter 46 New scandal
Chapter 47: 1.5 billion contracts
Chapter 48 Kiss
Chapter forty-ninth love words
Chapter 50: Wangmei Quench Your Thirst
Chapter 51 New Film Cost
Chapter 52 The tangled woman
Chapter 53 Wedding
Chapter 54 The couple under the sunset
Chapter 55 Buying a House
Chapter 56 Songs of Those Years
Chapter 57: The Premiere Once Again
Chapter 58: Lian Jue debuts
Chapter fifty-ninth
Chapter 60: Be Careful
Chapter 61 Goodbye to my youth
Chapter 62 Box Office Data on the First Day
Chapter 63 Future Planning
Chapter 64 Company Meeting
Chapter 65 Establishment of the Distribution Department
Chapter 66 Youth Movies
Chapter 67 Sesame is growing steadily
Chapter 68 Bickering
Chapter 69 Walking the Red Carpet
Chapter 70 Teasing Beauty
Chapter 71 Tucao face to face
Chapter 72 I'm waiting for you
Chapter 73 Abnormal
Chapter 74 Box Office Suspension
Chapter 75: Producer Liu
Chapter 76: Niu Hulu
Chapter 77 Immortal SMS
Chapter 78 There is no herb in the end of the world
Chapter 79 The First Agent
Chapter 80 Whimsy
Chapter 81 Calculating Box Office Profits
Chapter 82 Shares Eighteen
Chapter 83 Beauty Visiting Class
Chapter 84: Discussing the Script
Chapter 85 Farewell
Chapter 86 Life is like a play
Chapter 88 Finally waiting for you
Chapter 89 Cherish【Fourth update】
Chapter 90: I don't know what it is
Chapter 91 Sadness flows against the river
Chapter 92: Small days at home
Chapter 93 The hero of the movie [eighth more]
Chapter 94 Scarlett [Ninth]
Chapter 95 Drinking Bath Water [Tenth More]
Chapter 86 Life is like a play
Chapter 96 Blackwater Dragon Flag [First update]
Chapter 97 CAA [Second update]
Chapter 98 Secret Discussion [Third update]
Chapter Ninety-Nine Beauty Invitation [Fourth update]
Chapter 100 Scandal [fifth update]
Chapter 101 You love me [sixth update]
Chapter 102 Private Banquet [Seventh More]
One hundred and three chapters dream [eighth more]
Chapter 104 Formal Signing [Ninth More]
Chapter 105 Divergent Novels [Tenth More]
Chapter 106 Eating [11th update]
Chapter 107 Plan [12th update]
Chapter 108: Deception [Thirteenth update]
Chapter 109: 600 million cost [Fourteenth update]
Chapter 110 Two Giants [Fifteenth Update]
Chapter 111 Hong Kong Island [16th update]
One hundred and twelfth chapter human feelings [seventeenth more]
The one hundred and thirteenth chapter [the eighteenth more]
Chapter 114 Special Effects Company 【Ninth More】
Chapter 115 The Premiere of Thai Embarrassment 【Twenty More】
Chapter 116 Fairy Mother and Daughter [First update]
Chapter 117 I want to give him a hand [Second update]
Chapter 118 Abnormal Sisi [Third update]
Chapter 119 Silent Conversation [Fourth update]
Chapter 120 The man being watched [fifth update]
Chapter 121 First visit [sixth update]
Chapter 122 Lao Zhangren [seventh more]
One hundred and twentieth chapters mother-in-law [eighth]
Chapter 124 Brother Phone [Ninth]
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five Internal Viewing Movie [Tenth More]
Chapter 126 Thanks to [Mao Yue 88888888] for the reward of 5000
Chapter 127 Quota [Thanks to Black Knife Angel for the reward of 1500]
Chapter 128 Departure to Bangzi Country [First update]
Chapter 129 Girls’ Generation [Second update]
Chapter 130: Do you have the courage to commit suicide [Third update]
Chapter 131 Choice [Fourth update]
Chapter 132: Human Heart [Fifth Update]
Chapter 133 Lin Yuner [sixth update]
Chapter 134 Writing the script [seventh more]
Chapter 135: Representative Lin [Eighth More]
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Sixth Yuner's Home [Ninth]
Chapter 137 Raid rounds [tenth more]
Chapter 138: 950 million box office [Thanks for the reward]
Chapter 139 The confrontation between two women [First update]
Chapter 140 Pani [Second update]
Chapter 141 Determine the schedule [Third update]
Chapter 142 Sending a Check [Fourth Update]
Chapter 143 [Source Code] Trailer [Fifth update]
Chapter 144 Propaganda and Public Opinion
Chapter 145: CAA Artist Banquet [Second Update]
Chapter 146: Mission: Impossible [Third update]
Chapter 147 World Premiere [Fourth update]
Chapter 148: 20 million on the first day [Fifth update]
Chapter 149: Two scripts in two days [Thanks for the tip]
Chapter 150 Fair reward [First update]
Chapter 151 Jennifer [Second update]
Chapter 152 Packaging Contract [Third update]
Chapter 153 Smart Girl [Fourth update]
Chapter 154 Elizabeth [Fifth update thanks for the reward]
Chapter 155 TV Series Revenue [First Update]
Chapter 156 Metaphor [Second update]
Chapter 157 Big-name stars arrive [Third update]
Chapter 158 Acting School [Fourth update]
Chapter 159 Paramount [Fifth update thanks for the reward]
Chapter 160 Poor Ghost [First update]
Chapter 161 Inviting people [Second update]
Chapter 162 Party [Third update]
Chapter 163 Promised Role [Fourth update]
Chapter 164 Discussing having a baby [Fifth update]
Chapter 165: Watching a movie in a private room [First update]
Chapter 166 The four reunited [Second update]
Chapter 167: Persuasion [Third update]
Chapter 168 Wayne Company [Fourth update]
Chapter 169: Blocking【Fifth update】
Chapter 170: Drawing firepower from the bottom of the cauldron [First update]
Chapter 171 1.16 billion [Second update]
Chapter 172: Ban [Third update]
Chapter 173: Display to the outside world [Fourth update]
Chapter 174 Celebration Banquet [Fifth update]
Chapter 175: Appearances one after another [First update]
Chapter 176 Signing a New Person [Second Update]
Chapter 177 Media Interview [Third update]
Chapter 178: Hating Married Women [Fourth update]
Chapter 179 Burj Khalifa [fifth update]
Chapter 180 Envy [First update]
Chapter 181 1.4 billion box office [Second update]
Chapter 182 1.3 billion in 13 days [Third update]
Chapter 183 Divergent Movie [Fourth update]
Chapter 184 Hometown【Fifth update】
Chapter 185 Swimming is good [First update]
Chapter 186 Faith [Second update]
Chapter 187 Discussing Supermodels [Third Update]
Chapter 188 Casa Film and Television [Fourth update]
Chapter 189 Investigation [Fifth update]
Chapter 190 Max’s Copyright [First Update]
Chapter 191 Visiting Team [Second Update]
Chapter 192 Hammer God Brothers [Third update]
Chapter 193 Cruise Manor [Fourth update]
Chapter 194 Global President [Fifth update]
Chapter 195 Kim Kardashian [First update]
Chapter 196 Kendall Jenner [Second update]
Chapter 197 Gisele Bundchen [Third update]
Chapter 198 Talking about cooperation [Fourth update]
Chapter 199 Dinosaurs [Fifth update]
Chapter 200: Someone suddenly appears [First update]
Chapter 201 Falling out [Second update]
Chapter 202 Slap [Third update]
Chapter 203 Alexandra [Fourth update]
Chapter 204 Mad Dog admits defeat [fifth update]
Chapter 205 Tit for tat [First update]
Chapter 206 Farewell [Second update]
Chapter 207 The company’s profit status [Third update]
Chapter 208 Actor Selection [Fourth update]
Chapter 209 You who come from the stars [fifth update]
Chapter 210: Shooting Trivia [First update]
Chapter 211 Tongtong [Second update]
Chapter 212 30-year contract [Third update]
Chapter 213: Complaining about the film and television industry [Fourth update]
Chapter 214 Three people eating [fifth update]
Chapter 215 Daily Life [First update]
Chapter 216 The Emperor [Second update]
Chapter 217 Three people who took the lead [Third update]
Chapter 218: Thoughts and Strikes [Fourth Update]
Chapter 219: Feminist Rights Representative [Fifth update]
Chapter 220: Scare Lin Yuner [First update]
Chapter 221 Three people walk on the red carpet [Second update]
Chapter 222 The Thirteen Beauties of Qinhuai River [Third update]
Chapter 223 Manchester by the Sea [Fourth update]
Chapter 224 King Kong [Fifth update]
Chapter 225: I am sick [first update]
Chapter 226 The Big Villain [Second Update]
Chapter 227 The final deadline [Third update]
Chapter 228: Mission: Impossible Premiere [Fourth update]
Chapter 229 Michael Ovitz [Fifth update]
Chapter 230: Three Fights in the Movie [First Update]
Chapter 231 Emma Roberts [Second update]
Chapter 232 Refuse to interview [Third update]
Chapter 233: Reception [Fourth update]
Chapter 234: Stay one more day [Fifth update]
Chapter 235 Two Characters [First Update]
Chapter 236: First Day Box Office in North America [Second Update]
Chapter 237: Negotiating the follow-up script [Third update]
Chapter 238 [Uncle] Profit [Fourth update]
Chapter 239 Tom’s Chinese [Fifth update]
Chapter 240 Obligation [First update]
Chapter 241 Wolf Warrior [Second update]
Chapter 242 Brother Qin Long [Third update]
Chapter 243 The contract is reached [Fourth update]
Chapter 244: 500 million land [fifth update]
Chapter 245: A billion-dollar movie [First update]
Chapter 246 Finale Banquet [Second update]
Chapter 247 Signing Guan Xiaotong [Third update]
Chapter 248 Older Son-in-law [Fourth update]
Chapter 249 Mr. Dong is very angry [Fifth update]
Chapter 250: The whole company is united [First update]
Chapter 251 The consequences are very serious [Second update]
Chapter 252 Parents call [Third update]
Chapter 253: Humility [Fourth update]
Chapter 254 No need [fifth update]
Chapter 255 Zhongshan Villa [First update]
Chapter 256: Bringing Girlfriend Home [Second Update]
Chapter 257 Media Interview [Third update]
Chapter 258: Secret plot [Fourth update]
Chapter 259 007 Bond Crisis [Fifth update]
Chapter 260: Get up and eat [First update]
Chapter 261: Both sides suffer [Second update]
Chapter 262 New Year’s Eve [Third update]
Chapter 263 New Year’s Eve Dinner [Fourth update]
Chapter 264 Top Ten Super Lawyers [Fifth update]
Chapter 265 Charitable Foundation [First update]
Chapter 266 New Year’s greetings on New Year’s Day [Second update]
Chapter 267 One hundred and twenty-eight million [Third update]
Chapter 268: 1.2 billion charity [Fourth update]
Chapter 269 Formal Prosecution [Fifth Update]
Chapter 270 One billion compensation [first update]
Chapter 271 Questioning [Second update]
Chapter 272 The ultimate move is launched [Third update]
Chapter 273 Lantern Festival [Fourth update]
Chapter 274 Qinhuai Lantern Festival [Fifth update]
Summary and testimonials on the shelves in October
Chapter 275 Return to Beijing
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six shares negotiation
Chapter 277 Retaining the holding
Chapter 278 Admission Ticket
Chapter 279 Liu Xianxian reappears [300 monthly tickets plus an additional chapter]
Chapter 280 Former Broker
Chapter 281 The heroine Liu Xianxian
Chapter 282: Catching the Demon
Chapter 283 SMS
Chapter 284 Green Screen Shooting
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth storm
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth morning fun
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh telephone
Chapter two hundred and eighty eight about a meal
Chapter 289: The Immortal in Private
Chapter 290 Hard-to-Eat
Chapter 291 Chat SMS
Chapter 292 Di Renjie is possessed
Chapter 293 Drinking
Chapter 294 Drone Company
Chapter 295 Congratulations to EDG for winning the S11 championship
Chapter 296 Walking in the Park
Chapter 297 Reminder
Chapter 298 Internal company meeting
Chapter 299 The Douglas Family
Chapter 300 The Jewish Family
Chapter 301 Mistakes
Chapter 302 The audition failed
Chapter 303 Director Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 304 Ninety-five similar scripts
Chapter 305 Four-eyed frog
Chapter 306 promise to meet
Chapter 307 Formal Signing of the Shareholding Agreement
Chapter 308 The topic between men
Chapter 309 Supercomputer
Chapter 310 Company Relocation
Chapter 311 The New Headquarters Building
Chapter 312 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 313 See Director Zhou on Hong Kong Island
Chapter 314: 800 million guarantee
Chapter 315 Once upon a time when the sea was difficult for the water
Chapter 316 SMS and audition
Chapter 317 After the audition
Chapter 318 Leaving Hong Kong Island
Chapter 319 Group member chat
Chapter 320: Exploring the Class
Chapter 321 The Heirs
Chapter 322 Take away Lin Yuner
Chapter 323 Kim Taeyeon
Chapter 324: Beating [600 monthly tickets for additional updates]
Chapter 325: The studio arrests people
Chapter 326 Familiar Scenes
Chapter three hundred and twentieth seventh broken arm
Chapter 328: Another Choice
Chapter three hundred and twentieth nine people who stayed by accident
Chapter 330 Xu Zhuxian Screenwriter
Chapter 331 Cutting the grass and eradicating the roots
Chapter 332 Immigration
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters two women fighting
Chapter 334 Questioning
Chapter 335 Interpretation
Chapter 336 The Lakers
Chapter 337 Leonardo
Chapter 338 Kobe Bryant
Chapter 339 Taylor Swift
Chapter 340 Welcome To BeiJing
Chapter 341 Sending Songs
Chapter 342 News
Chapter 343: Go to Warner
Chapter 344: The Explosive Manga Movie
Chapter 345: Take over the Cinematic Universe Project
Chapter 346 Superhero Copyright
Chapter 347 DC and Marvel
Chapter 348 A woman with a net worth of 3 billion
Chapter 349 Lovely woman
Chapter 350 Twenty Million Club
Chapter 351 Divergent crew
Chapter 352 The Crew
Chapter 353 Discord Rumors
Chapter 354 Audition
Chapter 355 Dinner Invitation
Chapter 356 South African Silmarillion
Chapter 357: Charlize Theron
Chapter 358 pick up
Chapter 359 Jealousy
Chapter 360 Playboy
Chapter three hundred and sixty first life
Chapter three hundred and sixty second shopping encounter
Chapter 363 Victoria Beckham
Chapter 364 Beckham Manor
Chapter 365 The taste of small plums
Chapter 366 Rugby Legendary Superstar
Chapter 367 You know
Chapter 368 Madonna and Rodman
Chapter 369 Artificial Intelligence Wants a Body
Chapter 370 Obligations and Responsibilities
Chapter 371: The ceremony is light and affectionate
Chapter 372 The twists and turns of the new movie
Chapter 373 Don't forget your roots wherever you go
Chapter three hundred and seventy-fourth from the Jingnan Military Region
Chapter 375 Guo Da
Chapter 376 Statham
Chapter 377 Familiar Patterns
Chapter three hundred and seventy-eight the reality of wrangling
Chapter 379 The fifth generation of fighters
Chapter 380 send the house
Chapter three hundred and eighty first morning
Chapter 382 Security Department
Chapter 383: A woman is careful
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth TV series premiere
Chapter 385 ratings explosion
Chapter 386: Opening the King Fried
Chapter 387 The nature is hard to change
Chapter 388 Move out of the mountain
Three hundred and eighty-ninth chapter will be heart-to-heart
Chapter 390 Transfer
Chapter 391 Mother and daughter talk
Chapter three hundred and ninety second news leak
Chapter 394: Director Zhou calls
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters delay into the group
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters jealous woman
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh children's discussion
Chapter 398 Qin Dong's Phone
Chapter 399 housing prices soar
Chapter 400 Reba
Chapter 401 Butterfly Buttocks
Chapter 402: All beings in the circle
Chapter 403 High-tech basement floor
Chapter 404: The Film Directors Association
Chapter 405 Hundred Birds Chaofeng
Chapter 406: Theatrical Films and Commercial Films
Chapter 407: The Love of the Hawthorn Tree
Chapter 408 Decision
Chapter 409 The city with the most homeless
Chapter 410 tearing the face
Chapter 411 Follow the bad habits
Chapter 412 The moral character of the older generation
Chapter 413 Box Office Profit Sharing Model
Chapter 414 Private Invitation
Chapter 415 Get Director Zhang
Chapter four hundred and sixteen happy twist
Chapter 417: Daqin Shen Teng
Chapter 418 Conspiracy
Chapter 419: The national teacher enters the urn
Chapter 420 Zhou Dongyu Ni Ni
Chapter 421 Each has its own calculations
Chapter 422 The Little White Rabbit Delivered to the Door
Four hundred and twentieth chapters get what they want
Chapter 424 Black Widow Arrives
Chapter 425 Scarlett's Care
Chapter 426 [Super Body] China Premiere
Chapter 427 Supergirl
Four hundred and twentieth eight chapters husband present
Four hundred and twentieth IX raw monkeys
Chapter 430 Looking down
Chapter 431: Sisters
Chapter 432 Sisters Flowers
Chapter 433 Hey, girl
Chapter 434: Come home with me
Chapter 435 China Box Office on the First Day
Chapter 436 Sonora Desert
Chapter 437 Modified Vehicles
Chapter 438 Sheriff OR tricky
Chapter 439 Diplomatic Events
Chapter 440 My Destiny
Chapter 441 Box Office Dark Horse
Chapter 442 Lin Yuner's Careful Thoughts
Chapter 443 Thieves Alliance
Four hundred and fortieth chapters sentient beings
Chapter 445 2012 Doomsday
Chapter 446 President of Colombia
Chapter four hundred and forty seventh special effects film director
Four hundred and fortieth eight chapters wolf ambition
Chapter four hundred and forty-ninth bald speaker
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth vent anger
Chapter 451 involves the shadow of the White House
Chapter 452 The Kardashian Family Woman
Chapter 453 Pregnant women
Chapter 454 Karolina Korkova
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters five vases
Chapter 456: Exploring the script late at night
Chapter 457 Demacia
Chapter 458 Megan Fox
Chapter 459 Super Face Hacker
Chapter 460: The True Color of a Man
Chapter 461 Four million salary
Chapter 462 Director Zhou Shan
Chapter 463 will give you a bath today
Chapter 464 Hailey Baldwin O Larsa Pippen
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters kill the banquet
Chapter 467 Hollywood Unspoken Rules
Chapter 468 The Coppola Family
Chapter 469 Buy Two Get More
Chapter 470 Night Vampire
Chapter 471 Kate Beckinsale
Chapter 472 Acting Online
Chapter four hundred and seventy third coming to Japan
Chapter 474 Dinosaur Movie
Chapter 475 Taylor's Call
Chapter 476 The ex-boyfriend who wrote the lyrics
Chapter 477 Necessary conditions for bad men
Chapter 478: Ionia's War
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth human exchanges
Chapter 480 Let Taylor give the soundtrack to the movie
Chapter 481 Fire and theft
Chapter 482: Preventing girlfriends
Chapter 483 California Highway Killer
Chapter 484: 800 million box office
Chapter 485 Human Removal Plan
Chapter four hundred and eighty sixth jealous
Chapter 487 Post-production of opening
Chapter 488 I'm back
Chapter 489: Women are like tigers
Chapter 490: Journey to the West to Conquer the Demons
Four hundred and ninety-first chapter grounding gas
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters 800 million package
Chapter 493 Arrangement
Chapter 494 The beauty of Wuzhen
Chapter 495: Visiting the crew
Chapter four hundred and ninety-six travel with beauty
Chapter 497 [The Thieves Alliance] Killing Banquet
Chapter 498 Ren Dahua starred in Hollywood movies
Chapter 499 Xiaoxian
Chapter 500 Universal Adam
Chapter 501 Bryce Dallas Howard
Chapter 502 The Howard Family
Chapter 503 Pride and Prejudice
Chapter 504 Discrimination and anger
Chapter 505 party time
Chapter five hundred and sixth jealous morning
Chapter 507 Noon of many people
Chapter 508: The Night of Darius
Chapter 509 A good card is smashed
Chapter 510 Inner Volume. Actor Confirmed
Chapter 511 Introduction to the Movie
Chapter 512 The teacher who is only eight years old
Chapter five hundred and thirteenth overwhelmed phone calls
Five hundred and fourteenth chapters Jewish land
Chapter 515 Natalie Portman
Chapter five hundred and sixteen superheroes and villains
Chapter 517 Queen Galadriel and Wolverine
The five hundred and eighteenth chapter understands all
Chapter 519 The style of dozens of bodyguards
Chapter five hundred and twentieth appeared in major tourist attractions
Chapter five hundred and twenty first milk is mother
Chapter 522 Come to China to settle down
Chapter 523 The long legs of a billion dollar knife
Chapter 524 Premiere and People
Chapter 525: Fighting the ring
Chapter five hundred and twenty sixth golden cicada escape
Chapter 527 Traffic
Chapter 528 Gravity Premiere
Chapter 529 Midnight Box Office
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Women's Mind
Chapter 531 Everything is for the movie
Chapter five hundred and thirty second crazy announcement
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Three Global First Day Box Office
Chapter 534 Bruce Lee
Chapter five hundred and thirty fifth aging action stars
Chapter 536 Box Office of the Second Week
Chapter 537: 8.97 million
Chapter 538 30 Days Movie Released
Chapter 539 Beyonce and JAY-Z
Chapter 540 Modeling Service Company
Chapter 541 The Blonde Woman
Chapter 542 Paris Hilton
The five hundred and fortieth chapters have a calculating woman
Chapter five hundred and forty fifth tacit understanding and accident
Five hundred and fortieth chapters marry a few more
Chapter 547 The Master of Horror Movies
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight Wen Ziren
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth five giants in the same field
Chapter 550 The Complexity of Superhero Copyright
Chapter five hundred and fifty first scheming
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters plan ahead
Five hundred and fiftieth chapters full of confidence
Five hundred and fiftieth chapters hold back the fire
Chapter 555 Hype
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters question the power of some aspects
Chapter 557 Scarlett Jennifer Elizabeth
Chapter 558 Return of the main palace
Five hundred and fiftieth IX love forever
Chapter 560 Emma and the supermodel
Chapter 561 Consider Taylor's
Chapter 562 Taylor's Future
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters domestic glory
Chapter 564 Taylor's Demonstration
Chapter five hundred and sixty fifth pregnancy
Chapter 566 Before returning home
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh confidence
Five hundred and sixtieth eight chapters real strength
Chapter five hundred and sixty ninth nagging
Chapter five hundred and seventieth forced marriage
Chapter five hundred and seventy-one flip the table and cut people
Five hundred and seventieth chapters do not go home late at night
Chapter five hundred and seventy third ugly daughter-in-law
Five hundred and seventieth chapters several daughters-in-law
Chapter 575 2013
Chapter 576 Spring Festival File
Chapter 577 The highly competitive schedule [Modified after 24 hours]
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eighth both broke one billion
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth New Year's Day
Chapter five hundred and eighty the way to cheat
Chapter five hundred and eighty first
Chapter 582 The Wachowskis
Chapter 583: Dad Liu wants to beat Qin Dong
Chapter five hundred and eighty fourth star boy
Chapter 585 Big Machine Records
Chapter 586: Threats and Routines
Chapter 587: Shepherd’s Purse [Additional update]
Chapter 588 The world's five largest music companies
Chapter five hundred and eighty nine suddenly reach out
Five hundred and ninetieth chapter Zhu Zhu
Chapter five hundred and ninety first to our youth that will eventually pass away
Chapter five hundred and ninety second crew dinner
Chapter 593 Jiang Shuying
Chapter five hundred and ninety fourth campus first love
Chapter five hundred and ninety fifth Wen Qing's love
Chapter 596: Every family has a book that is hard to read
Chapter five hundred and ninety seventh alone
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight children and the future
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth was caught by the parents
Chapter 600 Zhen Huan Love
Chapter 601 Late marriage
Chapter 602 Debate
Chapter 603 Oscar Eve
Chapter six hundred and fourth career termination
Chapter 605: Take down the big machine
Chapter 606 Vice President of Warner Music
Chapter 607 Shares at the press conference
Chapter 608 Celebration Banquet
Chapter 609 Industry Shady
Chapter 610 Dolby Theater
Chapter 611: The person who should appear in the future
Chapter six hundred and twelve stars
Chapter six hundred and thirteenth bright
Chapter six hundred and fourteenth envy
Six hundred and fifteenth chapter jealous haters
Chapter 616 President of Disney
Chapter 617 Robert Iger's Plan
Chapter 618: The Analysis Behind
Chapter 619: The Harm of Dominance
Chapter six hundred and twentieth three phone calls and the red carpet
Chapter 621 Zhang Liangji followed the ladder
Chapter six hundred and twenty second fox eyes
Chapter 623 Ready to go
Six hundred and twentieth chapters heart has a thousand knots
Chapter six hundred and twenty fifth ominous taste
Chapter 626 The boring Oscar scene
Chapter 627 Best Foreign Language Film Award
Chapter six hundred and twentieth eighth chapter behind the fight
Chapter 629 The influence of the award
Chapter 630 Again...and...Award
Chapter 631 The dust has settled
Chapter 632 The Youngest Actress
Chapter six hundred and thirty third classic fall
Chapter 634 The Hobbit
Chapter 635 Evangeline Lilly
Chapter 636 Female star who loves to exercise
Chapter 637 It's going to rain
Chapter 638: Upright Return
Chapter 639 Series Movie [Human Removal Project]
Chapter 640 Warning
Chapter 641 Celebration Banquet of 780 Million Box Office
Chapter 642 Beauty one by one
Chapter 643 Beyonce North
Chapter 644 The woman with thick thighs
Chapter 645 The San Francisco Warriors
Chapter 646 2013 summer vacation file
Chapter 647: Inventory of movies to be released
Chapter 648 Eva Daddario
Chapter 649 Blocking Matt Damon's Movie
Chapter 650 Purchase team qualifications
Chapter 651 This woman is very suitable for my movie
Chapter 652 Sophie Marceau
Chapter 653 David Stern
Chapter 654 The King of Revelations
Chapter 655 Focus Interview
Chapter 656 Movies of major directors
Chapter 657 Zhangjiajie
Chapter 658 New Movie
Chapter 659 Douyin Shared Bike
Chapter 660 Blonde beauty and acquisition progress
Chapter 661 Supermodel endorsement
Chapter six hundred and sixty second world number one
Chapter 663 The woman who wants benefits
Chapter 664 Qin Dong's net worth
Chapter 665 Two beautiful flowers
Chapter 666 The Dark Wasteland of Heresy
Chapter 667 f(x) Song Qian
Chapter 668 The bully is staring at Zheng Xiujing
Chapter 669 Zheng's Sisters Flower
Chapter 670 Miranda Kerr
Chapter 671 [Mad Max] World Premiere
Chapter 672 Universal and the 2013 Draft
Chapter 673: Confirmation of New Movie Actors
Chapter 674 Kiss Boom Clap
Chapter six hundred and seventy-fifth woman's mind
Chapter 676 Anne Hathaway
Chapter 677 Alexandra Daddario
Chapter six hundred and seventy-eight two women meet
Chapter 679 [Batman] The Dark Side of the Trilogy
Chapter 680 Planning for the next ten years
Chapter 681 Hollywood Dynamics
Chapter six hundred and eighty second
Chapter 683 President of Warner for help
Chapter 684 The Difference Between 33-Year-Old Actors and Actors
Chapter 685 300 Superheroes
Chapter six hundred and eighty sixth happiness and anger
Chapter 687: Thirty-six conspiracies
Chapter 688 Batman vs Superman
Chapter 689 Time Warner
Chapter 690 Secretary Jiang Shuying
Chapter 692 Bruce Vs Tony
Chapter six hundred and ninety-third trivia in peace
Chapter 694 Emma Producer
Chapter 695 Iron Man's Remuneration
Chapter 696 [Catwoman] Anne Hathaway
Chapter six hundred and ninety seventh trivia before childbirth
Chapter 698 Son Qin Yu
Chapter 699 Mackenzie Foy
Chapter 700 The Wind Rises
Chapter 701 Cloud Movement
Chapter 702 The Oscar-winning actor evaluates the young actor
Chapter 703 Home Alone and the Aircraft Carrier
Chapter 704 What do you think you think is what you think?
Chapter 705 James Wen
Chapter 706 The operation that the infrastructure maniac should have
Chapter 707 Is it him
Chapter 708: Actors and Rules
Chapter 709: Dismounting
Chapter 710 Slowly tuned
Chapter 711: Jason and Megan
Chapter 712 The new movie starts shooting
Chapter 713 Distraction
Chapter 714: 2014 New Year
Chapter 715: Hathaway's Initiative
Chapter 716: Heidi Klum
Chapter 717 Terrible Guess
Chapter 718 Special effects children's masterpiece
Chapter 719 Eva Naomi Eighty Million
Chapter 720 The woman's voice becomes hoarse
Chapter 722: The Altar Falls
Chapter 723 Love and Goodbye
Chapter 724: Eva Green's Outlook on Life
Seven hundred and twenty fifth chapter black material
Chapter 726 Gal Gadot
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters keep clean
Chapter 728 Ruthless
Chapter 729: Life is Complicated
Chapter 730: Swift
Chapter 731: Love
Chapter 732 Human nature and clothing
Chapter 733 [Big Rock] Dwayne Johnson
Chapter 734: Wicked
Chapter 735: The Unexpected Old Fox
Chapter 736: A Woman
Chapter 737: Xu Qing
Chapter 738: A Woman with a Face Smaller than Her Age
Chapter 739: Reba and [Hundred Birds Facing Phoenix]
Chapter 740: Beyoncé Visits
Chapter 741: The Most Commercial Superstar Couple
Chapter 742 Three songs plus roles
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters girl young woman
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters tacit understanding
Chapter 745: Evil
Chapter 746: Determination
Chapter 747: The Compassionate Eva
Chapter 748: The red carpet and 1.712 billion
Chapter 749 Divorce and Divide Property
Chapter 750: Taylor's Strange Behavior
Chapter 751 [Wonder Woman] [Superman]
Chapter 752 Gail's Transformation
Chapter 753: The Zheng Sisters
Chapter 87 The final plot [Second update]
Chapter 754 Thirteen thousand times
Chapter 755 The small crystal enters the urn
Chapter 756 The conspiracy continues
Chapter 757 Elizabeth Olsen
Chapter 758: The Kardashians
Chapter 759: The Kardashian sisters raid
Chapter 760: Loyalty and Revenge
Chapter 761: Counterattack
Chapter 763 Xiujing Xiuyan
Chapter 764 Romanee Conti
Chapter 765: Serving the Devil
Chapter 766 [King of Cards] Jessica Jung
Chapter 767 Phoenix Man
Chapter 768 Moral Issues
Chapter 769 Reciprocal Sanctions
Chapter 770: The Royal Concubine Arrives
Chapter 771 Amazon Female Warrior
Chapter 772 World of Warcraft
Chapter 773 [Spring Man] Christian Bale
Chapter 774: Julia and TV series production
Chapter 775 Gale and Annie
Chapter 776: The attraction of identity bonus halo
Chapter 777 Ikara
Chapter 778: A smart woman
Chapter 779 Three Flowers and the Brave Man
Chapter 780 Dwayne Johnson Reba
Chapter 781: WWE Monolith
Chapter 782 Four Women Compete for Beauty Amy Adams
Chapter 783 [Wizard] Emma Watson
Chapter 784: The Little Wizard’s Initiative
Chapter 785: The aggressive Twilight girl
Chapter 786 Melee and Compromise
Chapter 786: Emotional Intelligence in the Entertainment Industry
Chapter 787 Swimming Pool [Venom]
Chapter 788: Nine women fighting for each other
Chapter 789: Quirks and Super Low Movie Dates
Chapter 790 Reba and Tongtong
Chapter 791: The little girl doesn’t understand the world of adults
Chapter 792 [Venom] The heroine and the villain
Chapter 793 Exposure
Chapter 794: Sexy news breaks out completely
Chapter 795: The Embarrassed President of Disney
Chapter 796: Disney officially fired
Chapter 797 Unstoppable
Chapter 798: Prehistoric and LPL Teams
Chapter 799 Malibu
Chapter 800: Kill them all
Chapter 801 Kendall and Devin Booker
Chapter 802 Interesting Rewards
Chapter 803: Possibility of Transaction
Chapter 804 International Reba sisters are united
Chapter 805 Your girlfriend is in my room
Chapter 807: Demons dancing wildly
Chapter 808: Women’s Control
Chapter 809: Lao Qin next door
Chapter 810: Cao Thief’s Attribute Awakens
Chapter 811: Friend’s Wife?
Chapter 812 Union
Chapter 813 A global sensation
Chapter 815 Money Transaction
Chapter 816 Wonder Woman Diana
Chapter 817 Hey Diana and Clark
Chapter 818 A storm breaks out behind the scenes
Chapter 819 A small test of means
Chapter 820 The beauty of the longest love
Chapter 821 The Pyramid of the Vampire Pharaoh
Chapter 822: No longer a human being
Chapter 823 The final wave
Chapter 824: Going out together on ten days