Chapter 807: Demons dancing wildly

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 "Tom, did you ask for these?"

Hotel banquet scene

Second floor.

Just like the duplex room type, the same is true for the banquet venues prepared by this hotel.

The first floor is where most people eat, drink, play and dance.

The second floor is many times smaller than the first floor. It is a place reserved for the banquet host to discuss matters with some important guests.

Qin Dong was standing at the railing on the second floor, looking down from above.

Seeing dozens of women and a dozen shabby-looking men, I had to look at Tom Cruise with admiration.

The party atmosphere is already in place at this moment, and there are really a lot of women here.

The key point is that there are actually many women that Qin Dong thinks are familiar, but he has never really interacted with them and can't remember their names for a while.

Women who make Qin Dong feel familiar must be women with a certain reputation.

"How is it? Qin"

"I'm quite a friend."

Tom Cruise, wearing a suit and holding a red wine glass, stood with Qin Dong, looking down at the dancing demons on the first floor.

His expression was a little proud, showing off.

"They are very good friends."

"You have a really wide network of contacts, Tom."

"But you didn't borrow my name, did you?"

Qin Dong continued to look at the dancing demons at the scene to see if there were any other women that he felt inexplicably familiar with.

Hearing this, he nodded first, and then asked a question in doubt.

Compared with the reputation of veteran superstar Tom Cruise, Qin Dong is more confident that as the youngest super director in the world, his reputation as a super rich man is more attractive to women from all walks of life in the entertainment industry.

"Xie Te, Qin, you are too sentimental."

"If I borrow your name"

Tom clutched his chest with a hurt expression and pointed at the venue:

"That's not what's coming, but the actresses who have starred in your movies and had scandals with you."

"It took me a lot of time, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of people to contact me."

Qin Dong was silent and smiled:

"Well, Tom, you're right."

There is really no need to doubt it.

Because none of the women he felt familiar with had ever slept with Qin Dong.

I haven't seen any of the actresses I've slept with, and it's true that their names have not been borrowed.

"Okay, I'll forgive you generously."

Tom also knew it was a joke. After joking for a while, he showed a manly smile and asked:

"Have you chosen any one?"

"Today, I called dozens of actresses from all walks of life who are good-looking and somewhat famous."

This sentence is what Tom meant.

As for the Warriors players, Tom didn't give a shit.

The two statuses are not on the same level.

The reason why Tom worked so hard to mobilize many contacts and contact so many actresses, female models, female hosts, female singers, and even female athletes in the industry

Just to see if there is any woman that Qin Dong can like again.

This will make the friendship between Tom and Qin Dong deeper.

"Tom, have you ever thought about everything that happened tonight?"

Upon hearing this, Qin Dong looked at the various expressions of the people lying down with a playful expression, and said casually:

"Tomorrow, not even tomorrow, it will be on the Internet tonight, in the newspaper tomorrow"

"Will these players, actresses from all walks of life who participated in the party, you and me be published?"

"How do you think I would answer you?"

When he said the last sentence, Qin Dong looked at Tom with a half-smile.


"Okay, it does suit your style, Qin."

"But you can go alone tonight."

"It's just that if you have something you like, you can tell me."

"I'll find time later."

Tom thought for a moment, and then he understood Qin Dong's style of doing things.

I just thought it was a great opportunity, and it would be a pity to give it up.

He, Tom, can't just ask women to come to Qin Dong's door for no reason. This is not in line with his character.

This time I took this opportunity to call so many actresses from all walks of life, so I must seize the opportunity.

"That makes sense."

"I'll take a look first and then talk."

Qin Dong didn't refuse. There was nothing that Tom didn't understand when he said this.

It's nothing more than wanting to get closer to each other.

It seems that the last time Tom held a banquet at his own Cruise Manor, he got the benefit of being the male protagonist of [Venom] from Qin Dong, so he naturally wanted to increase his investment and make the friendship between the two last long.

"I'll accompany you."

"If you see something you don't recognize, you can ask me."

"Well, it's just Tom. Why do some of the women here look so young?"

Qin Dong didn't care whether Tom really knew all these women. Instead, he nodded his chin in a certain direction in confusion.

After watching for a long time, Qin Dong looked at all these dozens of women.

Among them was a woman who looked quite young, and she stood out among them.

There are dozens of women, most of them are young and beautiful, mostly around 20 years old.

There are very few people over thirty years old, only one.


"Let me think about it"

Tom Cruise looked in the direction of Qin Dong's eyes and frowned slightly.

This woman seems not to be on his invitation list.

Where did it come from?

The woman being looked at on the second floor at the moment was holding a red wine glass and communicating with the Warriors' core player Stephen Curry and second-in-command Klay Thompson.

This woman is of average height, but has a round-shaped figure.

She has a convex front and a curvy back, and is wearing a yellow one-piece low-cut short skirt, which perfectly highlights her convex and concave figure.

The luxurious car lights were half exposed, and the short skirt that reached the upper edge of the thigh tightly wrapped the rear car lights, revealing a pair of plump thighs.


"Tom, don't say you didn't invite me? You don't even know the people you invited?"

Qin Dong waited for a long time and didn't hear Tom speak, so he couldn't help but make a joke.


"Okay, Qin, I admit that this woman is not on my invitation list."

"I don't remember ever inviting a woman of this age."


Tom Cruise showed a dumbfounded expression in the end, but he still confessed.

He racked his brains and thought for a long time, but he never figured out who this woman was.

I can't remember. He's very old, so he probably got in here.

This phenomenon is not uncommon.

Maybe there was more than one woman sneaking into the scene.

Even on the red carpet in front of the live camera, there are many female celebrities who want to shamelessly touch it, let alone this kind of partying.

"Actually, I think I know who she is."

Qin Dong looked at the woman downstairs for a long time and finally found some information in his mind.

"Oh, really? Who is that woman?"

"If I remember correctly, her name was Larsa Pippen."

"Larsa Pippen? Who is this? Actor? Singer? Model? Host?"

When Tom heard the name, he frowned and thought again, but still had no impression, so he asked several questions sincerely.

"What profession? I don't know."

"I just saw the news about her husband and thus the photo of this woman."

Qin shook his head and did not continue to pretend to be profound, but directly told the information he knew.

"Her husband is very famous? What is his name?"

"One of the top 50 superstars in NBA history. He was the second in command of Michael Jordan's Bulls during their six consecutive championships."

"Scottie Pippen."

"Scottie Pippen? Larsa Pippen?"

"I see. I said why don't I recognize him? It turns out he is someone from the NBA circle."

Tom suddenly realized that he himself was not interested in basketball.

He loves football more than basketball.

In other words, for people in this land, rugby is the most popular ball game. Basketball, if you sit in the back row, I don’t know where it ranks.

"However, I remember Jordan's Bulls period. It's been a long time, right?"

"These people have been retired for more than ten years. Qin, can you remember this?"

"you will not"

"have a thought?"

As Tom talked, he began to look at Larsa seriously.

Because although he doesn't like the NBA, the famous [Airman] Jordan still knows about it and has communicated with it.

But that was all in the last century. Jordan's generation has been out of the NBA for about ten years.

His Chinese friend could actually recognize the wife of the Bulls' second leader, which made Tom think more.


Qin Dong smiled and said nothing.

Larsa was still very beautiful before plastic surgery. A few years later, this woman divorced Pippen and started plastic surgery. After that, she became miserable.

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