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Mountain fairy doctor

Mountain fairy doctor

author:Poor kitten

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1727 Make do

Sun Dong, a small village doctor, thrives in Xiushui Village. He not only cures the physical diseases of left-behind women, but also helps them cure their mental illnesses. He occasionally goes to the city to help beautiful CEOs, beautiful policewomen, innocent students, and royal sisters. The female doctor...diagnoses pulses and provides physical therapy, talks about comfort, and lives a happier life than a god...

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《Mountain fairy doctor》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1727 Make do
Chapter 1726 Is he a man?
Chapter 1725 This girl misunderstood
Chapter 1724 I won’t forgive you
Chapter 1723 So scared
Chapter 1722 Are you a dog?
Chapter 1721 No one expected
Chapter 1720 Sister Feng was arrested
Chapter 1719 That scene
《Mountain fairy doctor》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Bad Guys Three Cannons
Chapter 2 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 3 Yu Linglong
Chapter 4 The Bleeding Coffin
Chapter 5 Opening the Coffin to Save People
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Mountain Cannon's Confidence
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 13 Li Yuqiu's Pregnancy
Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Aunt Yu Abortion
Chapter 16 Hot or Not
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Yang Shan's Visit
Chapter 19 Beautiful and cute
Chapter 20 It's Really Beautiful
Chapter 21 Birth of a Son
Chapter 22 It's a bit difficult to give birth to a son
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Yang Shan Visits Again
Chapter 25 Su Xiaoyu
Chapter 26 Su Xiaoyu's Mind
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 Be My Brother
Chapter 29 Meeting Your Ex-Girlfriend
Chapter 30
Chapter 31 Beauty Apprentice
Chapter 32 Different Beauty
Chapter 33 Want a Son
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 The lumbar disc is not the navel
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38 A Flower
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 Zhao Xiaomei's Betrayal
Chapter 41 Like a Flower
Chapter 42 All is well
Chapter 43 The woman who weighs 160
Chapter 44
Chapter 45 Mighty Yang Shan
Chapter 46
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50: If You Win, Be My Wife
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 Lost and shouted father (2)
Chapter 53 Height 150cm, weight 160cm
Chapter 54
Chapter 55 Someone is coming
Chapter 56 Uneasy
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59 Messy
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 The difference between men and women
Chapter 62 Beauty Embryo
Chapter 63: Just a Vixen
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 Take my sister away
Chapter 66 Lady VS Desire
Chapter 67 Jealous
Chapter 68
Chapter 69 Brother and Sister
Chapter 70 Love or Not
Chapter 71 Clean Your Mouth
Chapter 72 Is it a love sister?
Chapter 73
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 Calling Mom in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 76 Deficiency
Chapter 77 Crying in the middle of the night
Chapter 78 Yu Linglong Appears
Chapter 79 The little princess at night
Chapter 80 The girl I once loved
Chapter 81 The Realm of Pretending
Chapter 82
Chapter 83 I am not a woman in the night
Chapter 84 Mrs. Huang
Chapter 85
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Yu Qingrou's Sadness
Chapter 88
Chapter 89
Chapter 90
Chapter 91
Chapter 92
Chapter 93 A little embarrassed
Chapter 94 Passionate Mrs. Huang
Chapter 95 How old are you?
Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Chapter 98 The Emperor's Treatment
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 Xiaodie is not simple anymore
Chapter 101 Aunt Bigfoot's Goat Milk
Chapter 102 Fairy Sister
Chapter 103 A man's happiness
Chapter 104 Don't Drool
Chapter 105 You Dare to Take a Picture of Me
Chapter 106 You dare to take pictures of me secretly (2)
Chapter 107
Chapter 108
Chapter 109 Love to the depths
Chapter 110 Hurt each other
Chapter 111 Two hundred thousand
Chapter 112 Thinking Beautifully
Chapter 113 Don't Touch Me
Chapter 114 Lu Xueyan enters the pit
Chapter 115
Chapter 116 What did you do to me
Chapter 117 kiss me
Chapter 118 I Like Men
Chapter 119 With Body Fragrance
Chapter 120
Chapter 121 Xiaodie is jealous
Chapter 122: Either a Sister or a Younger Sister
Chapter 123
Chapter 124
Chapter 125 Do you like me like this?
Chapter 126 Maturity, elegance, charm, gentleness
Chapter 127 There are two rivals in love
Chapter 128 Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, African Native Medicine...
Chapter 129 Not like a man
Chapter 130 Give the bird artificial respiration
Chapter 131 If the chick doesn’t pee, everyone has his own way
Chapter 132 Fake Boyfriend
Chapter 133 Fake Boyfriend (2)
Chapter 134 Envy, Jealousy, and Hatred
Chapter 135 Losing is Losing
Chapter 136 Don't Take Advantage of Me
Chapter 137 Ning Dies Under Flowers
Chapter 138 The Peak of Life
Chapter 139
Chapter 140 People's Girl Summer Lotus
Chapter 141 Just touch it
Chapter 142 The lotus sister-in-law
Chapter 143 Sour and Astringent
Chapter 144
Chapter 145 My Heart Is Yours
Chapter 146: Brother and Sister-in-law Stand Up
Chapter 147 Develop into a little wolf dog
Chapter 148 Temptation and Lethality
Chapter 149
Chapter 150 The Princess's Sickness
Chapter 151 The Chief's Daughter
Chapter 152
Chapter 153 One Million
Chapter 154
Chapter 155
Chapter 156
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 Sister, does it hurt?
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 You Bad Boy
Chapter 161 We are innocent
Chapter 162: Can't Cuckold My Sister
Chapter 163 Soft, Soft
Chapter 164 I'm Not Pan Jinlian
Chapter 165 Don't Doubt Your Wife
Chapter 166: Old and strong, with a lovely wife at home
Chapter 167
Chapter 168 Don’t call me aunt, call me sister
Chapter 169 One Million Dollars
Chapter 170 Little villain, let me go
Chapter 171
Chapter 172 Xiaojiabiyu
Chapter 173 Package 18,988
Chapter 174 Under the Light
Chapter 175
Chapter 176
Chapter 177 The fickle woman
Chapter 178
Chapter 179 I'm Not That Kind of Person
Chapter 180 You are the elder sister and I am the younger sister
Chapter 181 You are the boss, I am the second child
Chapter 182 Calling Mom
Chapter 183 Bad guy, let me go
Chapter 184 Help me give birth to a son
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 Like a donkey
Chapter 187 Be careful of my brother-in-law
Chapter 188: Seeing a flower is a flower, seeing a Buddha is a Buddha
Chapter 189 Don’t watch, I don’t watch
Chapter 190 Take it easy
Chapter 191 Unusual Woman
Chapter 192 Yan Ruyu
Chapter 193 Two slaps
Chapter 194
Chapter 195
Chapter 196 Yan Ruyu (1)
Chapter 197 The Mud Can't Support the Wall
Chapter 198 Murder to pay for life, debt to pay for debt
Chapter 199
Chapter 200 is a torment
Chapter 201 The Needs of Nature
Chapter 202 You are awesome
Chapter 203 Crazy little security guard
Chapter 204: Like a Vixen
Chapter 205
Chapter 206 Dog bites dog
Chapter 207 I want to repay you
Chapter 208 Look down on the rural doctor
Chapter 209 The sense of superiority of the people in the city
Chapter 210 Money is something outside the body
Chapter 211 Little Beast
Chapter 212 Not an ordinary person
Chapter 213
Chapter 214 The feeling of flying to the clouds
Chapter 215 The Clinic Was Smashed
Chapter 216 Sister, don’t do this
Chapter 217
Chapter 218 Why did she do this
Chapter 219
Chapter 220 Thank you, brother-in-law
Chapter 221 Sister, Brother
Chapter 222
Chapter 223 Brother-in-law in front
Chapter 224 Huge water bed
Chapter 225 Sister's Arrangement
Chapter 226 Sister is so nice
Chapter 227 gentle and lovely
Chapter 228
Chapter 229: Three laps of streaking
Chapter 230 Fan Dudu
Chapter 231 The third of the seven beauties
Chapter 232 Encounter with the first beauty
Chapter 233: Director Zhao, the Beast
Chapter 234 The End of Bullying the Female Teacher
Chapter 235: The Female Teacher's Promise
Chapter 236
Chapter 237 Sister's Puppy
Chapter 238 The Heart of Misery
Chapter 239 The first and last time
Chapter 240 Little sister, are you convinced?
Chapter 241 I Have Perspective Eyes
Chapter 242 Bastard, don’t look
Chapter 243 Two Hillbilly
Chapter 244 One meal, three hundred thousand
Chapter 245
246 Not a Girlfriend
Chapter 247 I don't like being too violent
Chapter 248
Chapter 249 Be My Girlfriend
Chapter 250 Thinking Beautifully
Chapter 251 Waiting for you in the room
Chapter 252
Chapter 253
Chapter 254 Sorry, I'm not interested
Chapter 255 Tian Fangfang is coming
Chapter 256
Chapter 257
Chapter 258
Chapter 259 I'm Not Jealous
Chapter 260
Chapter 261 We Are Innocent
Chapter 262 Don't Touch Me
Chapter 263
264 Slightly Smaller
Chapter 265 Come, call me husband
Chapter 266 Two hundred million
Chapter 267 Country bumpkin, what are you thinking about?
Chapter 268 Mountain Cannon, Two Toads
Chapter 269 Be a Good Wife and Mother
Chapter 270 Chapter 270: Colorless and tasteless, ecstatic
Chapter 271 Colorless and tasteless
Chapter 272 Who Can Hold It Up?
Chapter 273 love or not
Chapter 274 Two billion for you
Chapter 275 Policewoman Yang Ying
Chapter 276: If You Have Money, You Can Be Arrogant
Chapter 277
Chapter 278 Surprise from Princess Zana
Chapter 279 Diamonds in a Garbage Bag
Chapter 280 African Consort
Chapter 281 Not pornographic, not a gentleman
Chapter 282 Close Your Eyes
Chapter 283
Chapter 284: Too Embarrassed
Chapter 285 Don't let people see
Chapter 286 You are so amazing
Chapter 287 Don't Force Me
第288章 兄弟爱揍了
Chapter 289 Angelic appearance, snake heart
Chapter 290 Don't tease me
Chapter 291 Force can solve all problems
Chapter 292 The woman in the cheongsam
Chapter 293: A Woman Wearing a Cheongsam (2)
Chapter 294 The Woman Wearing Cheongsam (3)
Chapter 295 The Woman Wearing Cheongsam (4)
Chapter 296 Special Care
Chapter 297: An Unknown Student Challenges a Doctoral Teacher
Chapter 298 Acupuncture for flies
Chapter 299 Why are you so loud?
Chapter 300 I Love You As Always
Chapter 301 Ten thousand yuan is really a lot
Chapter 302 The vinegar jar is smashed
Chapter 303 Be My Boyfriend Tonight
Chapter 304: Kowtow and Call Dad
Chapter 305: Snobbish, wallflower
Chapter 306 To prove innocence
Chapter 307 Five hundred an hour, one thousand for the night
Chapter 308 Both happy and excited
Chapter 309 Immortal Jump
Chapter 310
Chapter 311
Chapter 312 Sister, I was wrong
Chapter 313 Sister, don’t do this (2)
Chapter 314
Chapter 315 Close Your Eyes (1)
Chapter 316 They are teachers and students, and also siblings
Chapter 317 Soft Lighting
Chapter 318 Sample, what are you pretending to be?
Chapter 319 Sister, I can’t watch
Chapter 320 Yu Qingrou apologizes
Chapter 321 Qiao San's Toad Eyes
Chapter 322 There is a green bamboo leaf in the stomach
Chapter 323 Compensation of 100 million
Chapter 324
Chapter 325
Chapter 326 The relationship is very pure
Chapter 327 Let me make up for you
Chapter 328
Chapter 329 The consequences are very serious
Chapter 330 A bit innocent and a bit cute
Chapter 331 Ghost Head Toad Face
Chapter 332
Chapter 333
Chapter 334
Chapter 335 Sensitive Topics
Chapter 336 Brother-in-law, listen to me
Chapter 337 I'm optimistic about you
Chapter 338 Stunning Woman
Chapter 339
Chapter 340
Chapter 341 Goodbye Yang Shan
Chapter 342 Goodbye Yang Shan (2)
Chapter 343 There is a girl named An Qi
Chapter 344
Chapter 345
Chapter 346 I've Practiced Big Red Boxing
Chapter 347: Like a Satyr
Chapter 348 It's nothing to do with your cousin
Chapter 349 More than 30,000
Chapter 350 Disrespect for the old (1)
Chapter 351 Difference between a woman and a girl
Chapter 352
Chapter 353 Bad guy, don’t look at it
Chapter 354
Chapter 355 Let her take the initiative
Chapter 356
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 You can eat, but you can’t talk nonsense
Chapter 359: When the sky is crazy, it will rain, and when people are crazy, there will be disaster
Chapter 360 A Loving Sister
Chapter 361
Chapter 362
Chapter 363 I'm Not Your Husband
Chapter 364
Chapter 365
Chapter 366 I Like You Seriously
Chapter 367
Chapter 368 Translucent
Chapter 369 Miss, I’m sorry
Chapter 370 The voice is faint
Chapter 371
Chapter 372
Chapter 373 Because You Are My Woman
Chapter 374 Yan Danchen is leaving
Chapter 375 I Have a Chance
Chapter 376
Chapter 377 Li Feier digs a hole
Chapter 378 Sister Worries About You
Chapter 379 Mrs. Huang goes out
Chapter 380 Can't Offend (1)
Chapter 381 Sister-in-law, I’m sorry
Chapter 382 Money is something outside the body (1)
Chapter 383 Young Woman Lin Yin
Chapter 384
Chapter 385
Chapter 386
Chapter 387 Very happy, but also very helpless
Chapter 388 I Must Watch
Chapter 389 Call from a Strange Woman
Chapter 390 Goodbye Bai Jie
Chapter 391
Chapter 392
Chapter 393 Live broadcast
Chapter 394 Bai Jie took me to her house
Chapter 395
Chapter 396 Little sister, don’t be like this
Chapter 397 Yan Danchen leaves
Chapter 398 The man with the gun
Chapter 399
Chapter 400: A Beautiful Girl
Chapter 401 Female Students
Chapter 402 Uncle, don’t be afraid
Chapter 403 - Goblin Level
404 Very Feminine
Chapter 405 The rhythm of cutting off children and no grandchildren
Chapter 406 There is a girl named Yang Ying
Chapter 407
Chapter 408 Demo deserves it
409 Too Arrogant
Chapter 410
Chapter 411: Kong Dahu
Chapter 412 Who do you think you are
Chapter 413 Who am I afraid of. Who is afraid of me
Chapter 414
Chapter 415 see how I clean up you
Chapter 416
Chapter 417 Midnight Call
Chapter 418 Cover your eyes with a veil
Chapter 419
Chapter 420
421 Kneel down
Chapter 422 The Habits of Men
Chapter 423: Helpless in Life
Chapter 424
Chapter 425: Sister Can't Bear You
Chapter 426: Some Immoral
Chapter 427
Chapter 428
Chapter 429 Sissy
Chapter 430 Under the Moonlight
Chapter 431 The beauty of the sky
Chapter 432 Become a Little Fairy
Chapter 433 Love You With Your Heart
Chapter 434
Chapter 435
Chapter 436
Chapter 437: Some Shameless
Chapter 438 Take you to see my parents
Chapter 439
Chapter 440 20 Million
Chapter 441 Two million
Chapter 442 Who is He?
Chapter 443 Powerful fake mother-in-law
Chapter 444 Long Xiaoqi's Brother Long Xiaowu
Chapter 445
Chapter 446
Chapter 447
Chapter 448 The old toad kneels down
Chapter 449 Don't Dare Anymore
Chapter 450
Chapter 451
Chapter 452 Is this okay?
Chapter 453 The night is hazy
Chapter 454: Full of flexibility
Chapter 455 The distance of thirty centimeters
Chapter 456: Like a Little Fairy
Chapter 457
Chapter 458
Chapter 459 The Gu family loves his wife
Chapter 460
Chapter 461
Chapter 462
Chapter 463 Pear Blossom Brings Rain
Chapter 464 Tian Fangfang is seriously ill
Chapter 465
Chapter 466 Special Rewards
Chapter 467
Chapter 468 Three wives and four concubines
Chapter 469: Pure and Beautiful
Chapter 470 Ogura Yuko's Love
Chapter 471
Chapter 472 Black Dragon Club
Chapter 473 A little arrogant
Chapter 474: A Gentle Face (1)
Chapter 475
Chapter 476
Chapter 477 You are a donkey
Chapter 478 Double cultivation of men and women (2)
Chapter 479 The body and soul are yours
Chapter 480
Chapter 481 My Daughter Is Yours
Chapter 482 The Teacher's Promise
Chapter 483 Service from the teacher
Chapter 484: Entering the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 485 The most beautiful woman
Chapter 486
Chapter 487 Wan'er, Hu Baye
Chapter 488 Xiaoyue, Danchen
Chapter 489 Brother's Sister
Chapter 490 The owl is not called an owl
Chapter 491 The Tang Dynasty was quite open
Chapter 492
Chapter 493
Chapter 494
Chapter 495
Chapter 496
Chapter 497 The Emperor's Sister
Chapter 498 Let You Be a Eunuch
Chapter 499 Let You Be a Eunuch (2)
Chapter 500 Let You Be a Eunuch (3)
Chapter 501 Beautiful Butterfly Back
Chapter 502: Golden Words, Joy of Fish and Water
Chapter 503 The suffering of happiness
Chapter 504
Chapter 505 Ambiguous Signal
Chapter 506: Punishing the Nine Clan
Chapter 507
Chapter 508
Chapter 509 sleep
Chapter 510 Life is Beautiful
511 Get Out
Chapter 512 Want to be beautiful (2)
Chapter 513 Money and Beauty
Chapter 514 You are finished
Chapter 515 You Think I Was Scared
Chapter 516: Second in Kung Fu, First in Medical Skills
Chapter 517 The Emperor's Sister Likes You
Chapter 518 The emperor must kneel
Chapter 519 I want to be your woman
Chapter 520: Returning to Modern Society
Chapter 521 Zhu Dan was harassed
Chapter 522
Chapter 523
Chapter 524 I am your father
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Unknown Miss
Chapter 527 An Weiwei
Chapter 528
Chapter 529 tear your mouth apart
Chapter 530 Goodbye Yu Qingrou
Chapter 531 Fifty million
Chapter 532 Goodbye Yu Qingrou (2)
Chapter 533 Warmth Forever
Chapter 534
Chapter 535 Slow down
Chapter 536 Li Cannon
Chapter 537
Chapter 538
Chapter 539 Alian's Special Request
Chapter 540
Chapter 541 Green Tea on the Roof
Chapter 542: Being Fished
Chapter 543 one hundred and sixty thousand
Chapter 544 The person who bullied my sister died
Chapter 545
Chapter 546: For Big Brother
Chapter 547 Brother, I'm Not That Kind of Person
Chapter 548 Miss Li
Chapter 549: Sister is sister, sister is sister
Chapter 550: The Enemy's Road is Narrow (1)
Chapter 551 I'm Not Your Father
Chapter 552
Chapter 553 kiss you for Mao
Chapter 554
Chapter 555: Evil Smile
Chapter 556 Sorry, I didn’t pretend well
Chapter 557
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 A Little Light
Chapter 560 I love you, I just love you
Chapter 561 Don't do this
Chapter 562 Xiaoyun has an appointment
Chapter 563
Chapter 564
Chapter 565
Chapter 566
Chapter 567
Chapter 568
Chapter 569: Chapter 625: Royal Sister Fan Er
Chapter 570
Chapter 571 Promise my daughter to you
Chapter 572 What happened to my brother-in-law
Chapter 573 The snobbish little security guard
Chapter 574
Chapter 575
Chapter 576: Behind the Gorgeous Brightness
Chapter 577 Live broadcast (1)
Chapter 578
Chapter 579
Chapter 580 You are my sister-in-law
Chapter 581 Give Me A Woman
Chapter 582
Chapter 583
Chapter 584
Chapter 585: Chapter 585: Ye Zi
Chapter 586 One Billion
Chapter 587
Chapter 588 A look of arrogance
Chapter 589 You are my heroine
Chapter 590 Hot and Sexy
Chapter 591 I'm Your Sister
Chapter 592 Foreign devils look down on Chinese medicine
Chapter 593 Uneasy
Chapter 594
Chapter 595 hug me
Chapter 596 His Temporary Guardian
Chapter 597 Who Are You, Strange Woman
Chapter 598 10,000 yuan
Chapter 599 Don't bully him
Chapter 600 Don't be like this
Chapter 601
Chapter 602 Love and hate, love and hatred
Chapter 603 Kowtow and apologize
Chapter 604 Men and women don't kiss!
Chapter 605 White Chrysanthemum
Chapter 606 The man who gave the chrysanthemum
Chapter 607 Wretched eyes
Chapter 608 Silly girl, don’t be stupid
609 Elopement Together
Chapter 610 Stop dreaming
Chapter 611 One hundred million
Chapter 612: My Parents Discovered
Chapter 613 Bad guy, let me go (1)
Chapter 614 Wang Hao and Son Apologize
Chapter 615
Chapter 616 stay with me
Chapter 617
Chapter 618: It's Impolite
Chapter 619 Little Excitement
Chapter 620 Miss Huang Er
Chapter 621 Miss Huang Er (1)
Chapter 622 Miss Huang Er (2)
Chapter 623 The little brother is very strong
Chapter 624
Chapter 625
Chapter 626 Three Old Men
Chapter 627: Too Worshiping
Chapter 628 Second Miss Huang (3)
Chapter 629: Two Together
Chapter 630 The peak moment of life
Chapter 631: A Beautiful Night
Chapter 632 Tenderness Guo Furong
Chapter 633: A Woman's Mind
Chapter 634 First Love
Chapter 635 Xueer Bai
Chapter 636: Bai Xueer (2)
Chapter 637: Bai Xueer (3)
Chapter 638: Bai Xueer (4)
Chapter 639: Bai Xueer (5)
Chapter 640 Goodbye Yu Qingrou (1)
Chapter 641 Follow Yu Qingrou Home
Chapter 642
Chapter 643 Beautiful
Chapter 644 Second Miss Huang is here
Chapter 645 By the River
Chapter 646 Your Woman Was Stolen
Chapter 647 Three Women Earn Husbands (1)
Chapter 648 Three women earn husbands (2)
Chapter 649 Three women earn husbands (3)
Chapter 650 I’m not that kind of person (1)
Chapter 651 Guo Furong rebels
Chapter 652: Pour a basin of dirty water on your head
Chapter 653 I love you as before (1)
Chapter 654: Possessing evil intentions
Chapter 655 Fantasies
Chapter 656 Meng Lanshan
Chapter 657 Red and Black
Chapter 658 Just give it a try
Chapter 659 I’m really speechless
Chapter 660 You are not a good person
Chapter 661 I am a good person
Chapter 662 Super Master
Chapter 663 Guo Xiaohan
Chapter 664 The Boss’s Sister
Chapter 665 The relationship is unusual
Chapter 666 Perfect
Chapter 667 Let’s get started
Chapter 668 Revenge for killing father
Chapter 669 Disapproval
Chapter 670 A bit stubborn, a bit cute
Chapter 671 Gentle Countryside
Chapter 672 Dreaming of You
Chapter 673 I am yours tonight
Chapter 674 You smell like a woman’s perfume
Chapter 675 The ever-changing girl
Chapter 676 Who are you?
Chapter 677 If you don’t do one thing, you won’t stop.
Chapter 678 Too beautiful to be true
Chapter 679 Between men and women, outside of friends
Chapter 680 The Medicine King’s Legacy
Chapter 681 Shocking Secret
Chapter 682 Medical Competition
Chapter 683 Feeling sad
Chapter 684 The Grave of Hometown
Chapter 685 Is it a dream or not?
Chapter 686 Yan Danchen returns
Chapter 687 A little excitement, a little excitement
Chapter 688 The Ungrateful Person
Chapter 689 Don’t, don’t do this
Chapter 690 Not worthy of her
Chapter 691 Money and Power
Chapter 692 Crazy Yang Tianyi
Chapter 693 Tender Yan Danchen
Chapter 694 Mixed Flavors
Chapter 695 Arrogant
Chapter 696: Living without seeing anyone
Chapter 697 Dazed to move
Chapter 698 Gratitude and resentment
Chapter 699 Godfather shows off his power
Chapter 700 Floating
Chapter 701 Lovesickness
Chapter 702: Lovesickness (2)
Chapter 703 A shy smile
Chapter 704 I like you
Chapter 705 This man is difficult to deal with
Chapter 706 Three Wives and Four Concubines (1)
Chapter 707 There is no distinction between male and female cars
Chapter 708 Beautiful, so beautiful
Chapter 709 One hundred and twenty-eight thousand
Chapter 710 Judging people by their appearance
Chapter 711 Calling Brother
Chapter 712 Gentle and domineering
Chapter 713 One bald and one with yellow hair
Chapter 714 Mr. Zhao from Nancheng
Chapter 715 Take off your dog’s paws
Chapter 716 Flying to the Clouds (1)
Chapter 717 Perfect
Chapter 718 Hei Buliuqiu
Chapter 719: Colleagues are enemies
Chapter 720 Shangguan Yuqing
Chapter 721 Reward 10 million
Chapter 722 How to conquer a woman
Chapter 723 Everyone has their own temperament
Chapter 724 What a beautiful thought you have
Chapter 725 A gentle smile
Chapter 726 Incredible
Chapter 727 Pretending to be mysterious
Chapter 728: Retreating when faced with difficulties
Chapter 729 The bed leg is pregnant
Chapter 730 A shy look
Chapter 731 A silk scarf
Chapter 732 Blood Ganoderma
Chapter 733 Not a younger brother, but a younger brother
Chapter 734: You can meet but cannot ask for it
Chapter 735 He is my uncle
Chapter 736 Capital Girl
Chapter 737 Can’t sleep at night
Chapter 738 Who are you?
Chapter 739 The secret must not be revealed (1)
Chapter 740 President’s Secretary
Chapter 741 Zhao Silang
Chapter 742 A little sensitive
Chapter 743 The President’s Daughter
Chapter 744 It’s clear
Chapter 745 Bad guy, let me go.
Chapter 746 Is there still any justice?
Chapter 747 You are unkind and I am unjust
Chapter 748 Stinky man
Chapter 749 Give people a surprise
Chapter 750 Sister, this is not okay!
Chapter 751 Poor
Chapter 752 Give you 100 million
Chapter 753 I’m about to cry
Chapter 754 A burst of blushing
Chapter 755: One Step, Three Turns Back
Chapter 756 Revealing the Mountains and Dews
Chapter 757 Be your wife
Chapter 758 Liang Xiaoru
Chapter 759 Great disparity in status and status
Chapter 760 A beautiful woman and a talented man
Chapter 761 A wave of unrest
Chapter 762 Pure, simple
Chapter 763 Quite cheap
Chapter 764 Disgusting
Chapter 765: Falling together
Chapter 766 Somewhat Transparent
Chapter 767 There are small legs
Chapter 768 Beautiful Female Apprentice
Chapter 769 Getting better
Chapter 770 Fire and water are incompatible
Chapter 771 The grudge between two people
Chapter 772 The defeated rooster
Chapter 773 Lonely Smile
Chapter 774: Dragon and Phoenix among men
Chapter 775 Angel
Chapter 776 Female Star
Chapter 777 I’ll be with you tonight
Chapter 778 A rich man like a pig
Chapter 779: Get as far as you can
Chapter 780 Warmth
Chapter 781 The look of resentment
Chapter 782 Children’s affair
Chapter 783 I am an actor
Chapter 784: Jealous
Chapter 785 Only your people
Chapter 786 So fierce
Chapter 787 You are a big liar
Chapter 788 Flies are also meat
Chapter 789: Pay money or pay people?
Chapter 790 Ten million for a pair of pajamas
Chapter 791 What a shame
Chapter 792 Money may not solve the problem
Chapter 793 A lot of boos
Chapter 794 Miss Ye
Chapter 795 Secret Photography
Chapter 796 Playing hooligan
Chapter 797: Want to be unknown to others
Chapter 798 Poor woman
Chapter 799 A check worth tens of millions
Chapter 800 Protecting the Wife
Chapter 801 Xue Xiaorou is very injured
Chapter 802 Poor Woman (1)
Chapter 803 It makes people feel distressed (1)
Chapter 804 Peerless Beauty
Chapter 805 She is a teacher and a sister
Chapter 806 Both cold and handsome
Chapter 807 Gentle and Passionate
Chapter 808 The new head teacher
Chapter 809 Sex Reassignment Surgery
Chapter 810 Male to Female
Chapter 811 One hundred million US dollars
Chapter 812 Likes to find excitement
Chapter 813 Are you scared?
Chapter 814 Come! Continue
Chapter 815 Nothing
Chapter 816 Elegant and cute
Chapter 817 Unforgettable
Chapter 818 A bit of arrogance
Chapter 819 A faint fragrance
Chapter 820 Take the initiative to have sex with me
Chapter 821 A touch of red clouds
Chapter 822 Ogura-san
Chapter 823 Reincarnation is a technical job
Chapter 824 Consider yourself the best in the world
Chapter 825 The White Wolf with Empty Gloves
Chapter 826 Heart beating fast
Chapter 827 Stupidly confused
Chapter 828 Taste it
Chapter 829 You are bad
Chapter 830 That grandson
Chapter 831 Kill you
Chapter 832 Chen Susu
Chapter 833 Overnight
Chapter 834 As long as you are willing
Chapter 835 Warm, soft and moist
Chapter 836 Whispering softly
Chapter 837 Not that kind of person
Chapter 838 Is he dead?
Chapter 839 Playful and sexy
Chapter 840 Oops! It hurts so much
Chapter 841 I can’t see it anyway
Chapter 842 I don’t understand
Chapter 843 A woman is a woman
Chapter 844 The graceful back
Chapter 845 One billion!
Chapter 846 Fatal Temptation
Chapter 847 Fierce Woman
Chapter 848 Becoming fiery
Chapter 849 A little comfort
Chapter 850 Becoming my sister-in-law
Chapter 851 I’m not your sister-in-law
Chapter 852 Goodbye God Sister
Chapter 853 Big shot
Chapter 854 Big shot (1)
Chapter 855 Old Fox
Chapter 856 A dead end
Chapter 857 My dad won’t let you go
Chapter 858 I can’t control so much anymore
Chapter 859 Sister Yangmei
Chapter 860 Sister Yangmei (1)
Chapter 861 Sister-in-law and brother-in-law
Chapter 862 Bastard brother-in-law
Chapter 863 A weak woman
Chapter 864 Only fifty yuan
Chapter 865 Let her go
Chapter 866 Little Bastard
Chapter 867 Yu Linglong comes to the rescue
Chapter 868 Do you like it or not?
Chapter 869 Worries about the future
Chapter 870 I’m here
Chapter 871 There is sound through the wall
Chapter 872 The donkey is dead
Chapter 873 The donkey is dead (1)
Chapter 874 Eat whatever you want
Chapter 875 The Difference Between Humans and Animals
Chapter 876 Food and Sex
Chapter 877 Sheep entering tiger’s mouth
Chapter 878 A Dream
Chapter 879 The same thing
Chapter 880 Take me with you
Chapter 881 Don’t be polite to me
Chapter 882 Fifty-eight thousand and eight
Chapter 883 Spending money for fun
Chapter 884 Intoxicating
Chapter 885 Evil Spirit
Chapter 886 I am your ancestor
Chapter 887 Two beauties came to the door
Chapter 888 Big shot invites you to dinner
Chapter 889 The Dog Gou Fly Camp
Chapter 890 Three Hundred Million
Chapter 891 Playing with power
Chapter 892 Old pervert
Chapter 893 Half Dead
Chapter 894 Shake it
Chapter 895 Godson
Chapter 896 Feeling uneasy
Chapter 897 I want to be your girlfriend
Chapter 898 The Chief’s Daughter Calls
Chapter 899 Bragging has no bottom line
Chapter 900 Be kind and kind
Chapter 901 Not an ordinary person (1)
Chapter 902 Extremely Ridiculous
Chapter 903 The Chief’s Son-in-Law
Chapter 904 Mixed Race Woman
Chapter 905 Be your woman
Chapter 906 My boss, your second brother
Chapter 907 How did you do it?
Chapter 908 Normal physiological needs
Chapter 909: Crooked Ways (1)
Chapter 910 Give birth to a son for you
Chapter 911 Bastard, don’t look (1)
Chapter 912 Do you want money or people?
Chapter 913 Not a gentleman
Chapter 914 Everything is fine
Chapter 915 Fei Chaohao
Chapter 916 The Chief’s Son-in-law (1)
Chapter 917 The Chief’s Son-in-law (2)
Chapter 918 Hometown
Chapter 919 Camel Milk
Chapter 920 A group of liars
Chapter 921 A Classy Woman
Chapter 922 A glass of wine
Chapter 923 Truth or Dare
Chapter 924 A real man has a true temperament
Chapter 925 Shy look
Chapter 926 Take you to my house
Chapter 927 No one will dare to bully you in the future
Chapter 928 So mean
Chapter 929 Not upright
Chapter 930 Husband and wife relationship
Chapter 931 Gentle and wild woman
Chapter 932 Be more subtle
Chapter 933 Divorced women understand their style better
Chapter 934 Introducing a Girlfriend
Chapter 935 An evil spirit
Chapter 936 Soul Flying
Chapter 937 Gentle Countryside (1)
Chapter 938 Eighteen Beauties
Chapter 939 Third Miss
Chapter 940 Do you dare to steal my woman?
Chapter 941 Children’s affair (1)
Chapter 942 Give birth to a child for you
Chapter 943 Illusion
Chapter 944 Don’t use the village chief as a cadre
Chapter 945 The rise of the useless man
Chapter 946: You have a knife, I have a knife
Chapter 947 You have to pretend
Chapter 948 Although poor, but perfect
Chapter 949 Pretty and Cute
Chapter 950 A trace of evil thoughts
Chapter 951 A little embarrassment
Chapter 952 Incomparable Pain
Chapter 953 Be a real woman
Chapter 954 Expulsion Order
Chapter 955: Give yourself up by the way
Chapter 956 Faith is money
Chapter 957 The eldest lady of the rich family
Chapter 958 So embarrassed
Chapter 959 Woman in White
Chapter 960 Pleasing
Chapter 961 The Price of Arrogance
Chapter 962 You are not worthy to play with me
Chapter 963 Two million each, let me go
Chapter 964 The brother and sister are very affectionate
Chapter 965 Ninety-five and six pounds
Chapter 966 Through that button
Chapter 967 Are you afraid that I will pester you?
Chapter 968 Brother, you are so stupid
Chapter 969 Pure and lustful
Chapter 970 Throw it on the street and feed it to the dogs
Chapter 971 The trembling flowers (1)
Chapter 972 No way
Chapter 973 Crisp and pleasant
Chapter 974 Thank you, sister-in-law
Chapter 975 Poor and ugly
Chapter 976 Not ugly at all
Chapter 977 Make her beautiful
Chapter 978 Brother’s Girlfriend
Chapter 979 Shameless
Chapter 980 Take a few shots
Chapter 981 Hello sister-in-law
Chapter 982 The young woman from the mountain village
Chapter 983 Love Luck
Chapter 984 A miracle occurs
Chapter 985 Jealous (1)
Chapter 986 A special feeling
Chapter 987 Just apologize
Chapter 988 Butterfly behind the back
Chapter 989 I sleep on the floor and you sleep on the bed
Chapter 990 Enchanting, Cute, Sexy and Beautiful
Chapter 991 From the heart
Chapter 992 Almost vomiting blood
Chapter 993 Can’t wait
Chapter 994 Northeastern Style
Chapter 995: Long drought meets sweet rain
Chapter 996 Make him stink
Chapter 997 Don’t mess with her
Chapter 998 Extremely Annoyed
Chapter 999 Please
Chapter 1000 Two idiots
Chapter 1001 Not a Girlfriend (1)
Chapter 1002 Enchanting
Chapter 1003 Itchy
Chapter 1004 Diao Chan Competition
Chapter 1005: Roll as far as you go (1)
Chapter 1006 A woman with a story
Chapter 1007 Rich and powerful
Chapter 1008: Blind and blind
Chapter 1009 Worthless
Chapter 1010 Don’t forget your original intention
Chapter 1011 Warm as Spring
Chapter 1012 Hypocritical Gentleman
Chapter 1013 Not angry or angry
Chapter 1014 Not a Boyfriend
Chapter 1015 A great kindness
Chapter 1016 Happy Tears
Chapter 1017 Not Simple
Chapter 1018 We are not hooligans
Chapter 1019 The mayor invites you
Chapter 1020: Warmth (1)
Chapter 1021 Liar, get lost
Chapter 1022 Godbrother
Chapter 1023 The best sister
Chapter 1024 Don’t lose yourself
Chapter 1025 Face red
Chapter 1026: Powerless (1)
Chapter 1027 Not apologizing to the poor guy
Chapter 1028 Don’t look down on farmers
Chapter 1029 Goodbye Yangmei
Chapter 1030 Sister will give you 100 million
Chapter 1031 Thank you sister
Chapter 1032 The ugly girl really became beautiful
Chapter 1033 Sister Mei’s Birthday
Chapter 1034 A woman who values ??love and justice
Chapter 1035 A village woman becomes a supermodel
Chapter 1036 Sister Mei’s Birthday (1)
Chapter 1037 My brother is great
Chapter 1038 Entering the Immortal Realm
Chapter 1039 Three, six or nine
Chapter 1040 Luo Youyou
Chapter 1041 Being Bullied
Chapter 1042 Floating out of the dust
Chapter 1043 Shameless (1)
Chapter 1044 Male thieves and female prostitutes
Chapter 1045 It’s really beautiful
Chapter 1046 A bloody man
Chapter 1047 The most despicable
Chapter 1048 Yuping Lake
Chapter 1049 Demonic Saint
Chapter 1050 Xue Yaoyao
Chapter 1051 The gap is too big
Chapter 1052 Never expected
Chapter 1053: Stealing Love
Chapter 1054 Unlimited
Chapter 1055 Sand Sea Monster
Chapter 1056 Pixiu appears
Chapter 1057 Well-dressed
Chapter 1058 Shameless and Dirty
Chapter 1059: Dreamlike (2)
Chapter 1060 Rational and cold
Chapter 1061 Coward and coward
Chapter 1062: Little girl, she’s pretty awesome
Chapter 1063 True Love Luo Youyou
Chapter 1064 Full of Arrogance
Chapter 1065 Beautiful Shadow
Chapter 1066 Sapphire Jade Flute
Chapter 1067 Xue Yaoyao is in danger
Chapter 1068 Xue Yaoyao is in danger (1)
Chapter 1069 Grit your teeth and be cruel
Chapter 1070 One bite, two bites, three bites...
Chapter 1071 Random thoughts
Chapter 1072 A monster like a eunuch
Chapter 1073 Senior sister, you are so kind
Chapter 1074 Millennium Corpse Insect
Chapter 1075 Numbness and Pain
Chapter 1076 Just a stupid boy
Chapter 1077 Don’t allow random thoughts
Chapter 1078 Sleeping dishonestly
Chapter 1079 Don’t embarrass senior sister
Chapter 1080 The Power of Jade Pixiu
Chapter 1081: Attack in groups
Chapter 1082 Want to leave
Chapter 1083 A tender woman
Chapter 1084 Extremely Arrogant
Chapter 1085 Too despicable
Chapter 1086 One Immortal and One Demon
Chapter 1087 Responsible for You (1)
Chapter 1088 Shui Yunxi
Chapter 1089 Want to go home
Chapter 1090 Stay
Chapter 1091 Senior, you’re welcome
Chapter 1092 Internal Injury
Chapter 1093 My brain is broken
Chapter 1094 My sister gave me a gift
Chapter 1095 If you want it, have it
Chapter 1096 Back home
Chapter 1097 Beyond words
Chapter 1098 Don’t understand
Chapter 1099 Thank you, wife
Chapter 1100 Who do you think you are (1)
Chapter 1101 Super King
Chapter 1102 He is a big shot
Chapter 1103 More Dignity
Chapter 1104 You are my sister
Chapter 1105 I’m here, don’t be afraid
Chapter 1106 I am your sister (1)
Chapter 1107 Arrogant Child
Chapter 1108 Sister Feng
Chapter 1109 Scared me
Chapter 1110 Auntie
Chapter 1111 Very sad
Chapter 1112 Don’t pretend to be a big-tailed wolf
Chapter 1113 Five Villas
Chapter 1114 Stand up for my sister
Chapter 1115 Pig Brain
Chapter 1116 Take the money and leave
Chapter 1117: The little thing
Chapter 1118 Extremely gentle
Chapter 1119 Love is sacred
Chapter 1120: Fuck Sister
Chapter 1121 The eyes betray you
Chapter 1122 The appearance of lust and evil
Chapter 1123 Motives
Chapter 1124 I’ll die for you
Chapter 1125 Give me the knife
Chapter 1126 Goodbye Yang Ying
Chapter 1127 Reminiscing about old friendships
Chapter 1128 Disappearance from the world
Chapter 1129 All-powerful
Chapter 1130 There is a backer behind you
Chapter 1131 I can’t afford to offend the bad old man
Chapter 1132 Can’t afford to offend (1)
Chapter 1133 The money is in place
Chapter 1134 Long Xiaoyu
Chapter 1135 The beauty hidden in the golden house
Chapter 1136: Stop being narcissistic
Chapter 1137 Becoming mature
Chapter 1138: A yellow old dog
Chapter 1139 Unique in the world
Chapter 1140 Miss Feng’s little note
Chapter 1141 The number one killer in the provincial capital
Chapter 1142 No second thoughts
Chapter 1143 Marriage and Children
Chapter 1144 Don’t tease me (1)
Chapter 1145 Becoming dishonest
Chapter 1146 Some dark, some old
Chapter 1147 Sadness
Chapter 1148 Urban Management Apology
Chapter 1149 Sister’s Story
Chapter 1150: Highly respected, dressed like a beast
Chapter 1151 Please leave me alone
Chapter 1152 More than two thousand per month
Chapter 1153 Ten years ago
Chapter 1154 Same as a pig head (1)
Chapter 1155 Broken Hand Bone
Chapter 1156 Let me go
Chapter 1157 Open one eye, close one eye
Chapter 1158 Appear quietly
Chapter 1159 I thank you
Chapter 1160 More open
Chapter 1161 Big Man
Chapter 1162 It’s a bit difficult
Chapter 1163 Being Bullied (1)
Chapter 1164 Ill-gotten Gains
Chapter 1165 Money is innocent
Chapter 1166 Cunning and shrewdness
Chapter 1167 Antique Appreciation
Chapter 1168 Guaranteed profit without loss
Chapter 1169 Guaranteed Profit without Loss (1)
Chapter 1170 Spiritual Companion
Chapter 1171 Hug me if I want to
Chapter 1172 The situation is getting smaller
Chapter 1173 Very refreshing and not greasy
Chapter 1174 Thousands of Bacteria
Chapter 1175 It’s really the best
Chapter 1176 So natural
Chapter 1177 Inferior
Chapter 1178 Superficial People
Chapter 1179 Tang Bohu’s Authentic Works
Chapter 1180 A thorn in the flesh
Chapter 1181: Smiling but not smiling
Chapter 1182 Tadpoles can no longer be used
Chapter 1183 Nonsense
Chapter 1184: It’s three parts of medicine and poison
Chapter 1185 Sister-in-law, don’t do this
Chapter 1186 Love is getting further and further away from me
Chapter 1187 Eternal Love
Chapter 1188 The sorrow of marrying into a rich family
Chapter 1189 The closest partner
Chapter 1190 Master Class
Chapter 1191 Letting down too many women
Chapter 1192 Lin Yurou
Chapter 1193 Unusual
Chapter 1194 Sorry
Chapter 1195 A blast
Chapter 1196 Particularly charming (1)
Chapter 1197 Unbridled and bold
Chapter 1198 Lady, Female Apprentice
Chapter 1199 Hidden Man of the Golden House
Chapter 1200 A little embarrassing
Chapter 1201 If there is a first time, there will be a second time
Chapter 1202 Not serious at all
Chapter 1203 Enemies meet on a narrow road (2)
Chapter 1204 Heroes don’t ask where they come from
Chapter 1205 Digging someone’s grave
Chapter 1206 Where did the young master come from?
Chapter 1207 Du Liniang. Huang Yinger
Chapter 1208: Protect oneself like jade
Chapter 1209 Gentle Countryside (12)
Chapter 1210 Liniang
Chapter 1211 Who are you and who am I?
Chapter 1212 Crazy
Chapter 1213 The older you get, the more you become more demonic
Chapter 1214 This is not your home
Chapter 1215 Teacher, be careful
Chapter 1216 The teacher is handsome
Chapter 1217 Don’t think wildly
Chapter 1218 So, I’m sorry
Chapter 1219 Goodbye Long Xiaoqi
Chapter 1220 Uncle, don’t get excited
Chapter 1221 Su Wenwan
Chapter 1222 Little Seventh Sister
Chapter 1223 There’s a story tonight
Chapter 1224 Another plan
Chapter 1225 My sister-in-law is very good
Chapter 1226 A good wife and mother
Chapter 1227 Can you stop doing this?
Chapter 1228 Serious
Chapter 1229 Yu Linglong survives the tribulation
Chapter 1230 Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1231 Overcoming the Tribulation (2)
Chapter 1232 Still going to the mountain to feed the dogs
Chapter 1233 No. 2 Yu Linglong
Chapter 1234 Adds some sadness
Chapter 1235 Not an ordinary person (2)
Chapter 1236 Don’t, don’t do this (2)
Chapter 1237: Keep your mouth shut
Chapter 1238 Male Donkey and Female Donkey
Chapter 1239 The erotic dream is gone
Chapter 1240 Scared me (1)
Chapter 1241 Murder must be paid with life
Chapter 1242 Very romantic
Chapter 1243 Really?
Chapter 1244 Helpless@)
Chapter 1245 Life is impermanent
Chapter 1246 What sound?
Chapter 1247 Don’t get me wrong
Chapter 1248 Close at hand
Chapter 1249 Spiritual Harbor
Chapter 1250 Video is very important
Chapter 1251 Crazy
Chapter 1252 Cute
Chapter 1253 The master of masters
Chapter 1254 It’s so uncomfortable
Chapter 1255 Just do whatever you want
Chapter 1256 The little thief who steals underwear
Chapter 1257 Grievance
Chapter 1258 Bare Teeth
Chapter 1259 Not cuckolding
Chapter 1260 Looking for a toad from the stone at the bottom of the well
Chapter 1261 It’s getting dark
Chapter 1262 Believing it to be true
Chapter 1263 strangle you to death
Chapter 1264 Don’t, don’t, don’t
Chapter 1265 So arrogant
Chapter 1266 Thank you sister (1)
Chapter 1267 Midnight
Chapter 1268 Male and Female
Chapter 1269 I am a grown man
Chapter 1270 The Gift of Duke Zhou
Chapter 1271 The dreamy feeling
Chapter 1272 I didn’t see you
Chapter 1273 Other People’s Green Tea
Chapter 1274 Qualified People
Chapter 1275 The worst case scenario is sleeping together
Chapter 1276 A drop in the bucket
Chapter 1277 Kneel down and kowtow (1)
Chapter 1278 Purely self-defense
Chapter 1279 Confessing the Heart
Chapter 1280 Stop doing this
Chapter 1281 Let you be a eunuch (1)
Chapter 1282 Don’t harass me
Chapter 1283 Take a walk and have fun
Chapter 1284 The little mouth is quite sweet
Chapter 1285 Crazy for you
Chapter 1286 Sister Ping
Chapter 1287 Light Fragrance
Chapter 1288 Unkind (1)
Chapter 1289 Sunshine Youth
Chapter 1290 Hello brother-in-law
Chapter 1291 Dare to touch my woman
Chapter 1292 I’m not a drinking companion
Chapter 1293 I care about you
Chapter 1294 Let her go (1)
Chapter 1295 Kneel down (2)
Chapter 1296 No distinction between right and wrong
Chapter 1297 Can’t afford to offend
Chapter 1298 The dirty tricks
Chapter 1299 Birds of a feather
Chapter 1300 Sister, don’t be afraid
Chapter 1301 Bow and nod
Chapter 1302 Dare to bite me
Chapter 1303 I’ve convinced you
Chapter 1304 Baring teeth (1)
Chapter 1305 Let’s make arrangements
Chapter 1306 Godfather is not that kind of person
Chapter 1307 A wretched look
Chapter 1308 I don’t want it
Chapter 1309 Godfather is not that kind of person (1)
Chapter 1310 Scoff
Chapter 1311 Immediate Rejection
Chapter 1312 Huang Yongsheng
Chapter 1313 I am a wage earner
Chapter 1314 Sister, forget it
Chapter 1315 100%
Chapter 1316 Beautiful and charming
Chapter 1317 No, it can’t be like this
Chapter 1318 You are beautiful
Chapter 1319 More than plump
Chapter 1320 If there is no one else around
Chapter 1321 The feeling of an emperor
Chapter 1322 Someone is knocking on the door
Chapter 1323 Love and Being Loved
Chapter 1324 You said you are a dog
Chapter 1325 The eyes become gentle
Chapter 1326 Not ordinary tea
Chapter 1327 Real Milk Tea
Chapter 1328 Yang Xiaocui
Chapter 1329 A look of warmth
Chapter 1330 Willow’s Thin Waist
Chapter 1331 The flavor of milk tea
Chapter 1332 You are thinking too much
Chapter 1333 His face turned red
Chapter 1334 You must accompany me well
Chapter 1335 Godfather is unjust
Chapter 1336 Those fancy things
Chapter 1337 Sister, I have to leave tomorrow
Chapter 1338 Don’t like women
Chapter 1339 Gone, Gone
Chapter 1340 About to explode
Chapter 1341 As long as you are willing
Chapter 1342 Almost flying
Chapter 1343 A man is like a cat
Chapter 1344 I can see through
Chapter 1345 You are mine tonight
Chapter 1346: Surging Heart
Chapter 1347 Messy Video
Chapter 1348 Give Sister Ping an explanation
Chapter 1349 Reluctance
Chapter 1350 I’m almost suffocated to death
Chapter 1351 Date tonight
Chapter 1352 The past is like smoke
Chapter 1353 The Prince Consort (1)
Chapter 1354 Can’t be used anymore
Chapter 1355 Midnight
Chapter 1356 Faintly visible
Chapter 1357: Be a Widow for Life
Chapter 1358 A visit from younger siblings
Chapter 1359 The considerate younger siblings
Chapter 1360 Old friends meet
Chapter 1361 The ten years of disappearance
Chapter 1362 I am really a god
Chapter 1363 Seven Days
Chapter 1364 Real Boyfriend
Chapter 1365 If you want
Chapter 1366 Poor guy and bad guy
Chapter 1367 Stop bragging
Chapter 1368 The more beautiful a woman is, the stupider she is
Chapter 1369 It’s 100 million
Chapter 1370 Thirty seconds left
Chapter 1371 A cold and beautiful woman
Chapter 1372 A good dog doesn’t block the road
Chapter 1373 Father’s fault
Chapter 1374 Son, who is this girl?
Chapter 1375 Don’t look into her eyes
Chapter 1376 Crossing one’s legs
Chapter 1377 Drooling
Chapter 1378: Blind your eyes
Chapter 1379 Arrogant, Arrogant and Unreasonable
Chapter 1380 Atavism
Chapter 1381 I am not short of money
Chapter 1382 You are just an actor
Chapter 1383 My brother is not an ordinary person
Chapter 1384 Let’s play again
Chapter 1385 The rich lady (1)
Chapter 1386: Not as good as a pig or a dog
Chapter 1387: Being in a high position
Chapter 1388 I’m going crazy
Chapter 1389 I’m not that kind of woman
Chapter 1390: Sit through the prison
Chapter 1391 The little tail is removed
Chapter 1392 Brother, save me
Chapter 1393 Who beat my husband?
Chapter 1394 I was confused for a moment
Chapter 1395 Compatibility between siblings
Chapter 1396: Dragon and Phoenix among men (1)
Chapter 1397 Little things are disrespectful
Chapter 1398 Boiled Eggs in Boy Urine
Chapter 1399 Black Dog Whip
Chapter 1400 Super Liar
Chapter 1401 Little Taoist Sister Miaozhen
Chapter 1402 The woman outside the door
Chapter 1403 Not taking the right path
Chapter 1404 Elf-like woman
Chapter 1405 You don’t have to be afraid
Chapter 1406 Sorry (11)
Chapter 1407 Reborn Parents
Chapter 1408 Following the footsteps of your lover
Chapter 1409 Hired with money
Chapter 1410 Chinatown Tyrant
Chapter 1411 Jin Xiuzhu
Chapter 1412 Trembling
Chapter 1413 Do you dare to hit my woman?
Chapter 1414 Get out of here (1)
Chapter 1415 Staying Alone
Chapter 1416 Knocking on the mountain and shaking the tiger
Chapter 1417 A woman of the class
Chapter 1418 Very awesome
Chapter 1419 Stop doing this (!)
Chapter 1420 The oil is exhausted and the lamp is dry
Chapter 1421 He is indeed a liar
Chapter 1422 Ono Kuro
Chapter 1423 Keep your word
Chapter 1424 Boundless Charm
Chapter 1425: Beautiful people, but also willful
Chapter 1426 Not finished taking off
Chapter 1427 Tell the truth
Chapter 1428 Tremble
Chapter 1429 Will you be my boyfriend?
Chapter 1430 A flattering look
Chapter 1431 I want to see you
Chapter 1432 Knocking on the Mountain and Shocking the Tiger (1)
Chapter 1433 Establishing Rules
Chapter 1434 Five Billion
Chapter 1435 You won’t be polite
Chapter 1436 Stop doing this (2)
Chapter 1437 There is a camera in the bedroom
Chapter 1438 Missing each other
Chapter 1439 Extremely beautiful
Chapter 1440 I guess it’s him
Chapter 1441 I’ll accompany you
Chapter 1442 Hate
Chapter 1443 Little Girl
Chapter 1444 Gate of Life and Death
Chapter 1445 Disaster is Coming
Chapter 1446 One sister, one sister
Chapter 1447 Sister, I’m fine
Chapter 1448 Bronze Hands and Feet
Chapter 1449 Having a leg
Chapter 1450 Chun Chun Chun
Chapter 1451 A fool knows nothing
Chapter 1452: Attracting People
Chapter 1453 Zhu Ye
Chapter 1454: Contact feelings
Chapter 1455 I don’t want to go
Chapter 1456 Worse than a dog
Chapter 1457 It’s pitch black
Chapter 1458 Just die
Chapter 1459 Are you sick?
Chapter 1460 Subline Zhongshan Wolf
Chapter 1461 Pain all over the body
Chapter 1462 I don’t even recognize him anymore
Chapter 1463 Silly brother, I am your sister
Chapter 1464 Infinite Tenderness
Chapter 1465: An erotic picture
Chapter 1466 Feeling sour
Chapter 1467 I have to admit it
Chapter 1468 Acting like a baby in my arms
Chapter 1469 That sister
Chapter 1470 Little brother, listen up
Chapter 1471 Elegant and Beautiful
Chapter 1472 Disappeared into thin air
Chapter 1473 Go home together
Chapter 1474 Winter in the North
Chapter 1475 Let my dad go
Chapter 1476 Wu Qianqian
Chapter 1477 Reply a message
Chapter 1478 Qianqian
Chapter 1479 Let go of my sister
Chapter 1480 Your uncle’s
Chapter 1481 Don’t drive me away
Chapter 1482 It’s not necessary
Chapter 1483 Bullying others with power
Chapter 1484 You vixen
Chapter 1485 I can’t afford to lose this person
Chapter 1486 Comminuted Fracture
Chapter 1487 Bullying my second sister
Chapter 1488 I don’t want you to leave
Chapter 1489 I can’t help it
Chapter 1490 Listen to my explanation
Chapter 1491 One man and one woman
Chapter 1492 Ah! It hurts so much
Chapter 1493 Disappear slowly
Chapter 1494 I won’t hurt you
Chapter 1495 Same thing
Chapter 1496 A shy smile (1)
Chapter 1497: Can I let you soak?
Chapter 1498 My Silly Sister
Chapter 1499 Meeting an old friend
Chapter 1500 Excellent Medical Skills
Chapter 1501 Heart is melted
Chapter 1502 Smells like an old man
Chapter 1503 No, no, no
Chapter 1504 The road is too slippery
Chapter 1505 All gray
Chapter 1506 Very smart and clear
Chapter 1507 I’m not afraid
Chapter 1508 Meet again
Chapter 1509 Poor Woman (1)
Chapter 1510 Zhao Lanxiang
Chapter 1511 Green City Emperor
Chapter 1512 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 1513 You wait
Chapter 1514 Li Tianran
Chapter 1515 The Evil Gate
Chapter 1516 It’s all miserable anyway
Chapter 1517 Follow me
Chapter 1518 If you move, it will kill you
Chapter 1519 On the Sofa
Chapter 1520 Linger
Chapter 1521 No more
Chapter 1522 Throw it into the river to feed the fish
Chapter 1523 Crooked Ways (2)
Chapter 1524 Using dirty tricks
Chapter 1525 Deserve it
Chapter 1526 Three times five divided by two
Chapter 1527 One's own strength
Chapter 1528 Beautiful Woman
Chapter 1529 Miss, stop making trouble
Chapter 1530 It looks like an airport
Chapter 1531 It’s ugly to be around you
Chapter 1532 This person is quite cute
Chapter 1533 I won’t let go
Chapter 1534: Tearing up votes
Chapter 1535 Returning from the lost path
Chapter 1536 A moment of numbness
Chapter 1537 Demon Cult Cultist
Chapter 1538 Hurry up
Chapter 1539 Pale and Powerless
Chapter 1540 Relatives and Lovers
Chapter 1541 Black and white
Chapter 1542 Human life is insignificant
Chapter 1543 Intact
Chapter 1544 Domineering
Chapter 1545: Cutting and straightening out the chaos
Chapter 1546 Wandering on the Streets
Chapter 1547 The strange yin and yang (1)
Chapter 1548 Three men and three women
Chapter 1549 Differences Between Men and Women (1)
Chapter 1550 Just a burden
Chapter 1551 Making a living by selling
Chapter 1552 Like a couple
Chapter 1553 The secret is exposed
Chapter 1554 A kind of compensation
Chapter 1555 A pit
Chapter 1556 Extremely evil
Chapter 1557 Dirty Soul
Chapter 1558 A woman with financial strength
Chapter 1559 Mortal body
Chapter 1560 One man and two women
Chapter 1561 Pretty Boy
Chapter 1562 The eyes are so cold and scary
Chapter 1563 1.8 million
Chapter 1564 Pink Carving and Jade Carving
Chapter 1565 A dip in urine
Chapter 1566 Please let me go
Chapter 1567 Orphans and Widows
Chapter 1568 Don’t look at anything inappropriate (2)
Chapter 1569 Lady
Chapter 1570 Can’t see her face clearly
Chapter 1571: Carry me to bed
Chapter 1572 Very gentle and kind
Chapter 1573 I’ve seen it all
Chapter 1574 Lonely as Snow
Chapter 1575 Too Shameless
Chapter 1576 What did she call you for?
Chapter 1577 Lu Xue
Chapter 1578 Just this look
Chapter 1579 Excuse
Chapter 1580 Normal Operation
Chapter 1581 The strange yin and yang
Chapter 1582 Money is the touchstone
Chapter 1583 Risk it all
Chapter 1584 Willing to Accept Loss (2)
Chapter 1585 Brother, please
Chapter 1586 Blackmail
Chapter 1587 Public Figures
Chapter 1588 Learn to love yourself
Chapter 1589 Stop showing off
Chapter 1590 Who is he?
Chapter 1591 Risk it (2)
Chapter 1592 Grandpa’s father is an eunuch
Chapter 1593 Unabashed
Chapter 1594 No mercy (2)
Chapter 1595 Let’s watch together
Chapter 1596 Men and women watch together
Chapter 1597 Little Movie
Chapter 1598 Don’t offend
Chapter 1599 A country bumpkin
Chapter 1600 Apology, compensation
Chapter 1601 You are my father
Chapter 1602 The knife falls from the hand
Chapter 1603 A crime that does not lead to death
Chapter 1604 Watching a Little Movie
Chapter 1605 Still watching short movies?
Chapter 1606 Help me
Chapter 1607 My heart is beating fast
Chapter 1608 Widow Zhao
Chapter 1609 A womans happiness
Chapter 1610 Ill bite you
Chapter 1611 I love you so much
Chapter 1612 A ghost in the middle of the night
Chapter 1613 Tell the truth
Chapter 1614 Shy look
Chapter 1615: Saving people is important
Chapter 1616 You wait (1)
Chapter 1617 Let me go quickly
Chapter 1618 Just like a young couple
Chapter 1619 How difficult it is
Chapter 1620 Call me
Chapter 1621 A handsome and charming woman
Chapter 1622 Brothers and sisters of the opposite sex
Chapter 1623 Lin Yanqiu
Chapter 1624: To fuck my sister
Chapter 1625 Why do you have to die so tragically?
Chapter 1626: Sun, please accept the move
Chapter 1627 Brother, be careful
Chapter 1628 There is no door
Chapter 1629 Small and exquisite
Chapter 1630 The Difference Between Humans and Monsters
Chapter 1631 Am I afraid of you?
Chapter 1632 Kneel down and apologize
Chapter 1633: One breath of life
Chapter 1634 Lin Yanqiu (2)
Chapter 1635 Love but not getting it
Chapter 1636 Little Girl Movie
Chapter 1637 Lin Yanqiu invites you
Chapter 1638 The Rites of Duke Zhou (1)
Chapter 1639 A delicate red
Chapter 1640 Enemies meet
Chapter 1641 Bullshit Immortal Doctor
Chapter 1642 Nonsense (2)
Chapter 1643 Return to the Purple Bamboo Forest
Chapter 1644 Goodbye Xue Yaoyao
Chapter 1645 Good sister, please
Chapter 1646 A little trick
Chapter 1647 A huge net
Chapter 1648 Critical Moment
Chapter 1649 Don’t be angry
Chapter 1650 A Mortal
Chapter 1651 Forgive me
Chapter 1652: Cloudy and foggy
Chapter 1653 Make her happy and make him satisfied
Chapter 1654 Reunion
Chapter 1655 So excited
Chapter 1656 The big girl is getting married
Chapter 1657 Poor and tough
Chapter 1658 Helpless Life (1)
Chapter 1659 Have a nice sleep
Chapter 1660 Mr. Lu from Jiangcheng
Chapter 1661 Woman in Red
Chapter 1662 I’m afraid you’ll be tired
Chapter 1663: Be strong without desire
Chapter 1664 True Love
Chapter 1665 Sister Min is not that kind of person
Chapter 1666 The unscrupulous ex-husband
Chapter 1667 So soft and sweet
Chapter 1668 You are crazy
Chapter 1669 Sister, stop thinking so wildly
Chapter 1670 You sent the beggar away!
Chapter 1671 I am a good person (1)
Chapter 1672 It makes sense to be a mistress
Chapter 1673 Translucent (1)
Chapter 1674 Princess Hug
Chapter 1675 Jumping around
Chapter 1676 Do you dare to tease me?
Chapter 1677 Ashamed and Annoyed
Chapter 1678 Impeccable
Chapter 1679 Goodbye Xue Xiaorou
Chapter 1680 Goodbye Xue Xiaorou (2)
Chapter 1681 Goodbye Xue Xiaorou (3)
Chapter 1682 Goodbye Xue Xiaorou (4)
Chapter 1683 Goodbye Xue Xiaorou (5)
Chapter 1684 I am so arrogant
Chapter 1685 Provocative meaning
Chapter 1686 A pounce
Chapter 1687 Willing to cheat and eat
Chapter 1688: Stealing a man and a woman
Chapter 1689 Blow
Chapter 1690 AI Imaging
Chapter 1691 Violence solves problems
Chapter 1692 We’ll see
Chapter 1693 Stomping your feet
Chapter 1694 Is it a human or a ghost?
Chapter 1695 Passed out
Chapter 1696 So ugly
Chapter 1697 A hint of pleasure
Chapter 1698 Lang’s love and concubine’s love
Chapter 1699: Beating a dog depends on the owner
Chapter 1700: Spare your life
Chapter 1701 Up and down, left and right
Chapter 1702 Return
Chapter 1703 No hooliganism allowed
Chapter 1704 Little sister, worship me
Chapter 1705 Sister Feng is invincible
Chapter 1706 Bai Shanshan
Chapter 1707 Cannot exceed the standard
Chapter 1708 More exciting
Chapter 1709 Exquisite
Chapter 1710 Not that shallow
Chapter 1711 There is only one purpose
Chapter 1712 There is no justice anymore
Chapter 1713 Keeping the Green Mountains
Chapter 1714 Graceful and graceful
Chapter 1715 Sister, I understand
Chapter 1716 You bastard
Chapter 1717 You are so shameless
Chapter 1718 Passed out 1
Chapter 1719 That scene
Chapter 1720 Sister Feng was arrested
Chapter 1721 No one expected
Chapter 1722 Are you a dog?
Chapter 1723 So scared
Chapter 1724 I won’t forgive you
Chapter 1725 This girl misunderstood
Chapter 1726 Is he a man?
Chapter 1727 Make do