Chapter 617: Shocking

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Time went slowly, and the whole world seemed to stop. Hu Qing counted in her heart in a panic, but when she reached ten, she forgot whether she was counting nine or eight. Was she counting too fast? Or was it too slow?

It would be nice to have a watch, but she can't see it...

have a bee in one's bonnet.

As his eyesight gradually returned, the pressure on his body suddenly relaxed, and Hu Qing instantly inflated and bounced up. His eyes flashed from the air to the ground. He ran over and lay down in the big pit to look down, while his spiritual consciousness spilled out.

At the bottom of the pit dozens of meters deep, Hu Huahua and Hu Caicai were covered in mud and unconscious, but they were alive.

Hu Qing breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed on the ground.

Chong Minghe was the second one to rush over. His eyes were as red as glass beads. He found that both of them were angry and instantly became soft. He smiled lightly at Hu, his eyes were so sore that he squeezed hard a few times.

This is more frightening than going through the tribulation on your own.

Fortunately, I got over it.

Others came but didn't come close.

After waiting for a long time, Hu Qing asked: "Why is there no spiritual rain falling?"

Chong Minghe almost laughed: "It's good to be alive. The power of the new bloodline is no worse than Lingyu."

He glanced at her and said, "Oh, your human blood is useless. It's normal that you don't know."

Hu Qing: "..."

She said softly: "We humans have brains."

"That's true." Chong Minghe admitted this without any grudges and praised without hesitation: "The technique was created by your human race for yourself, and the alchemy weapon array was also spread by the human race. The Creator gave you fragile bodies.

The short lifespan also gave you the smartest brains. All the weird, good and bad things were thought up by your human brains."

Hu Qing was in a better mood: "Why don't you go down and take a look?"

"No need. They are recovering on their own and cannot be interrupted at this time."

Hu Nuan and Xuan Yao Tang Yuzi came over and sobered up completely. This thunder catastrophe was so loud that it didn't last long. Tianlei was really rushing to get off work.

Hu Nuan and Xuan Yao were fine, but Tang Yuzi was still trembling. He was really scared to the core of his being that thunder specialized in slashing monsters.

When Hu Huahua and Hu Caicai regained consciousness, they flew up after repairing their injuries, and they no longer showed any signs of weakness.

"Cai Cai, does it still hurt?" Chong Minghe circled Hu Caicai.

Hu Caicai smiled, the precious light flowing in his eyes, and for a moment he was unable to control the powerful demonic power freely.

Hu Huahua restrained himself very well and did not leak any of his demonic power. He stood in front of Hu Qing, looking down at her with a smile.

Hu Qing was shocked: "I've grown taller again."

Very good, he is already one head taller than her. It turns out that he is only one head taller than her. You know, she has also grown taller.

Hu Huahua laughed out loud.

Hu Nuan saw a whole family and was extremely disappointed. She was the shortest one.

"It doesn't matter, your beautiful masters have a secret recipe." Hu Qing comforted her.

Hu Nuan said stiffly: "I think I'm good this way."

The family returned to Shuangyang Sect happily.

The second patriarch was very disappointed. Why didn't she mention the little tiger? Didn't she develop feelings? She winked at Yang Tianxiao.

Yang Tianxiao nodded.

So after returning to the clan, I had a secret talk with Hu Qing. As soon as Hu Qing came home, he called his children for a meeting. First, he told Chong Minghe about Hu Caicai.

Hu Caicai was very disdainful at first, but now that she is stronger, she is even more disdainful: "The old man is too worried, he just feels sorry for those few people, just feel sorry for them. I don't care at all."

He added: "As long as they don't mess with me, I won't bother to deal with them. But if they mess with me, I won't give the old man face."

Hu Qing asked her: "You don't want to return to the Chongming clan?"

Hu Caicai: "Didn't I already——"

"You don't want to be recognized by your tribe? Now it's just your father who recognizes you."

Hu Caicai was stunned, she had never thought about this before.

Seeing that she couldn't figure it out for a while, Hu Qing told Hu Huahua that the meaning conveyed by the second clan leader was actually the meaning of the nine clans. He emphatically told Hu Huahua about this matter.

"Mom doesn't understand the internal rules of your demon clan. From what the second clan leader says, there seem to be many things you can't hide from."

She didn't understand, but Hu Huahua did. He thought for a moment and said that he would go talk to the second clan leader.

Hu Qing looked at Tang Yuzi, the matter of the demon clan also concerns you.

Tang Yuzi was simply at a loss.

Hu Huahua said: "Yuzi just follow me."

His combat power and physical energy scum cannot be stained with dirt, so he can just stay back and find herbs to make elixirs.

Tang Yuzi breathed a sigh of relief.

Hu Qing looked at Xuan Yao again, and Xuan Yao immediately said: "I will not return to the Demon Clan. Demon spirits have no place in the Demon Clan."

Hu Qing was happy: "I didn't let you come back."

I have to ask Silenbu for some demon spirit training techniques.

Silk cloth immediately sensed her thoughts and started to read it.

Hu Qing told them his next plan: "I will go out after a while. My cultivation has been stuck for too long, and there is only one opportunity to break through. I want to go out and look for opportunities. When I come back, we will go back to the small school.


Everyone has no objection.

The children were all around, and the house suddenly became lively. Hu Nuan simply asked Hu Guigui, Hu Bobo, and Hu Qiqi to come out. Bai Qi and Lei Long followed the princes and princesses and did not return to the space, and Gou Qi officially appeared in front of people. In addition, each of them raised

Other small pets were also running around. When Han Li and Yuan Zuishan came to see her, they both said that her yard was too small and should be enlarged.

Huang Jiao'er heard the news and came over to listen to the two of them talking to Hu Qing about how they were cultivating their minds in the illusion. For a long time, she held her chin and said, "Why are you so troublesome? I'm not affected at all."

Yuan Zuishan: "..." Although she is also a girl, I don't like her.

Han Li said seriously: "I think it's because your cultivation base is shallow and you piled it up with elixirs. You don't have the strength, state of mind, or understanding you should have. In short, it's because you are too shallow, so you weren't affected.


A hurricane can stir up huge waves on the sea, but what can it stir up in a small puddle? Not even a speck of mud can splash high.

Hu Qing was so impressed by this answer.

Han Li hadn't finished yet, and sincerely warned: "The journey of cultivation requires one step at a time. I suggest you practice it from the beginning. Oh, you don't need to relax, just strengthen it. Our Shuangyang Sect has methods in this regard, you just need to work hard.

That’s fine.”

Huang Jiaoer held her breath and looked at him deeply: "I remember you."

Han Li: "You want me to supervise you? You can also wait until I see my next schedule, and then take it out every day -"

Huh, Huang Jiaoer stood up and turned around to leave.

Han Li: "You can just go find me."

Hu Qing and Yuan Zuishan laughed so hard that they hit the table, and a group of children also laughed so hard in the yard that they couldn't stand up straight.

Hu Qing said: "Senior brother, sincerity is always the ultimate skill."

Han Li: "I really want to help her."

Hu Qing laughed, Huang Jiaoer also kicked this iron plate.

A few days later, Zhuji also came to her, her round eyes shining brightly.

"Hu Qing, my uncle's face has healed! The Ghost Queen is so capable!"

Without waiting for Hu Qing to speak, she said hurriedly: "Did you know? My uncle's face has improved, and he seems to have changed. He is forcing the sect leader to send someone to catch the traitor for her.


Hu Qing: "...What you want to say is an adulterer and an adulteress."

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