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Natural Disaster: After stockpiling hundreds of millions of supplies, I lay down and won

Natural Disaster: After stockpiling hundreds of millions of supplies, I lay down and won

author:There are fish and flowers

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-03 02:05

Latest chapter:Chapter 223 Who has the final say who has the stronger fist?

(Apocalyptic natural disasters and extremely cold spaces reborn to stockpile pets) Natural disasters fell suddenly, heavy rains, extreme cold suddenly came, and the ice age came. In the last life, Nanci took four cats and moved them to the gymnasium with the rescue team. The four cats were skinned Cramping and eating meat, Nanci himself was frozen to death in the heavy snow. One month before rebirth and the end of the world, Nanci opened the jade bracelet space. Hoarding supplies, selling villas, buying high-rise buildings, building safe houses, Nanci decided to take Keeping the four cats to the end. Canned cat food, cat litter, grain, oil, fruit, meat and eggs are all packed into the space! Others are shivering from being frozen in the extreme cold, but Nanci is warm as spring in the safe house. I meet again in the gymnasium Killing the Cat Man, Nan Ci closed the door with a knife and let the cats go: Revenge, cats!

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《Natural Disaster: After stockpiling hundreds of millions of supplies, I lay down and won》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 223 Who has the final say who has the stronger fist?
Chapter 222 I underestimate you
Chapter 221 Mouse, have you changed your temper?
Chapter 220 Clothes made of new materials
Chapter 219 Strange Clothes
Chapter 218 Let them have no return
Chapter 217 The old Taoist priest and Sun Hao fell in love at first sight
Chapter 216: Don’t you know the real names registered?
Chapter 215 Human-faced fish in exchange for supplies
《Natural Disaster: After stockpiling hundreds of millions of supplies, I lay down and won》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Rebirth after death
Chapter 2 Jade Bracelet Space
Chapter 3 Cleanse the essence and modify the RV
Chapter 4 Start stockpiling
Chapter 5 Sell the villa and buy a high-rise
Chapter 6 Building an Absolutely Safe House
Chapter 7 Accepting RVs and Safe Houses
Chapter 8 Neighbors in the new home
Chapter 9 Purchasing a Mobile Factory
Chapter 10 It’s raining! The end of the world begins!
Chapter 11 Knocking on the door in the middle of the night
Chapter 12 It’s not my child, why can’t I bear it?
Chapter 13 Never have to go to work again
Chapter 14 Don’t you know that the thinner a big eater is, the more he eats?
Chapter 15 Three hundred yuan per box of instant noodles
Chapter 16 Water, electricity, and gas outages
Chapter 17 Nan Ci was kicked out
Chapter 18 The better you do it, the more she likes it
Chapter 19 Give it a try and turn your bicycle into a motorcycle
Chapter 20 Don’t let the tiger eat me
Chapter 21 If you rush in front, will I still get hurt?
Chapter 22: Evil people will have their own trials and tribulations
Chapter 23 The cats are all awake
Chapter 24 The neighbor is an old Taoist priest
Chapter 25 Are you that Nan Ci?
Chapter 26 Smash the wall and set sail
Chapter 27 The cat I raise, I pet it
Chapter 28 Collecting pet supplies
Chapter 29 Treasure hunting is a happy thing
Chapter 30: Collecting three floors in a row, full of gains
Chapter 31 Nan Ci, how dare you come back!
Chapter 32 Do you think you are beautiful just because you are ugly?
Chapter 33 I have no morals, you can’t kidnap me
Chapter 34 We will be neighbors from now on
Chapter 35 If you eat it, your heart will be broken and your lungs will be broken! You will not die a good death!
Chapter 36 It’s going to rain. The mother wants to get married.
Chapter 37 Taoist Priest, what do you think?
Chapter 38 Just jump, don’t worry, you can’t turn over
Chapter 39 Nan Ci, what do you think we should do?
Chapter 40 The worse the curse, the faster you will die.
Chapter 41 Want to seize food from the tiger's mouth? You are so courageous!
Chapter 42 They just want food
Chapter 43 Who can resist the charm of zero-yuan purchases!
Chapter 44 Sweeping the Snack Factory
Chapter 45 Finally no longer have to live in primitive society!
Chapter 46 This old Taoist priest has something
Chapter 47 You have so many supplies, can’t you share some with me?
Chapter 48 A ship came
Chapter 49 I raised a turtle
Chapter 50 This turtle...could it have evolved too?
Chapter 51 Walkie-Talkie
Chapter 52 Liu Chunhua’s house was flooded
Chapter 53 This is a cat, not a tiger!
Chapter 54 Don’t delay Maomao’s postgraduate entrance examination
Chapter 55 You are such a bastard, you are so old and you still compete with kittens for favors
Chapter 56 If it’s not a fight, what are the people above doing?
Chapter 57 Why are you so angry?
Chapter 58 Have you noticed that the weather has suddenly become colder?
Chapter 59 Is this the end of the world?
Chapter 60 This fishing net is too good for holding
Chapter 61 Official Salvage Team
Chapter 62 The courier was taken away
Chapter 63 Nan Ci, wake up quickly
Chapter 64 It’s Snowing
Chapter 65 Cat’s Curiosity
Chapter 66 Indoor temperature, minus ten degrees
Chapter 67 The man knocking on the door
Chapter 68 The cat that covets her will die without a complete body
Chapter 69 Shoot if you can
Chapter 70 Nan Ci, your marksmanship is really accurate. Did you practice it in the game?
Chapter 70 Cats evolve again
Chapter 72 The majestic and domineering Zaizai
Chapter 73 A huge parrot flew away with its owner
Chapter 74 Mutated Samoyed
Chapter 75 Because a piece of paper can be typed
Chapter 76 What is there in an entertainment company?
Chapter 77 Nan Ci, what was your job before the end of the world?
Chapter 78 Will the official establish a base?
Chapter 79 Taoist Priest should take care of himself!
Chapter 80 The space has become larger
Chapter 81 We are partners
Chapter 82 I am the neighbor who lives next door
Chapter 83 Leave your unlocking hands behind
Chapter 84 You shouldn’t use knives in your own home
Chapter 85 It’s such a cold day, let’s make hot pot together!
Chapter 86 Let’s grow some vegetables ourselves?
Chapter 87 Dig the soil as early as possible
Chapter 88 Growing Vegetables
Chapter 89 News from the official base
Chapter 90 Growing vegetables is more than enough
Chapter 91 Why don’t you thank Nan Ci quickly?
Chapter 92 If you still don’t get out of the way, I will drive right past you.
Chapter 93 You actually have sweet potatoes, that’s awesome.
Chapter 94 I also want to be as handsome as you
Chapter 95 Do you take yourself too seriously?
Chapter 96 Huge Chicken
Chapter 97 Put down the chicken
Chapter 98 You have so much, why don’t you give me a little?
Chapter 99 I don’t really want such praise
Chapter 100 As long as you are willing to sell, anything you want can be discussed
Chapter 101 Give you three hours
Chapter 102 I’m attracted to your cat
Chapter 103 Hongda Base Pei Chengguang
Chapter 104 We won’t leave
Chapter 105 Earthquake
Chapter 106: Turtle son, we are so blessed and blessed
Chapter 107 Ruins
Chapter 108 Incorporate the safe house into space
Chapter 109 Another aftershock
Chapter 110 Setting up a tent in the wind and snow
Chapter 111 Chop a chicken drumstick for extra dinner tonight
Chapter 112 You came up with such a good idea
Chapter 113 I guess I can survive being so angry
Chapter 114 Nan Ci is treated as a soft persimmon
Chapter 115 Chicken that tastes the same
Chapter 116 A few more graves
Chapter 117 What should I do if I can’t find my way back?
Chapter 118 Can you take me with you?
Chapter 119 Nan Ci is like a god of death
Chapter 120 How big of an iron pot is needed to stew this big goose?
Chapter 121 Egg Stealer
Chapter 122 Real-life Minesweeper
Chapter 123 A great harvest!
Chapter 124 Nan Ci, you are too smart!
Chapter 125 Everyone, please introduce yourself
Chapter 126 Eat three in one go
Chapter 127 Don’t be a burden
Chapter 128 The long-lost space
Chapter 129 Am I that stupid?
Chapter 130 The First Base in City X
Chapter 131 Chen Guoping paints a pie
Chapter 132 I wholesaled a box
Chapter 133 It would be nice if I could eat goose eggs more often
Chapter 134 Is the warmth effect really that good?
Chapter 135 No one says you can’t be selfish, right?
Chapter 136 Because you are not their master
Chapter 137 They deserve to be beaten by us
Chapter 138 There is an ambush, retreat quickly!
Chapter 139 It’s okay to keep a whole body
Chapter 140 Milk Beer Canned Hot Pot
Chapter 141 Destroy the camp and set off towards the first base
Chapter 142 The base in the air raid shelter
Chapter 143 I can only share a few more pieces of meat
Chapter 144 Are you here to save us?
Chapter 145 Who told you that I only have one magazine?
Chapter 146 Finally took out the RV
Chapter 147 Are all snakes, insects, rats and ants extinct?
Chapter 148 Encountering a Rat Tide on the Road
Chapter 149: Massacre in all directions, rat corpses everywhere
Chapter 150 Arrive at the base
Chapter 151 Above ground city and underground city
Chapter 152 Renting a House
Chapter 153 Get in the car, you can show the way
Chapter 154 Rent two pounds of millet for twenty days
Chapter 155 The little girl borrowing hot water
Chapter 156 Taoist Priest, look, is the snow much lighter?
Chapter 157 Wang Miaomiao
Chapter 158 Borrowing Tongue
Chapter 159 Meeting Li Chuang again
Chapter 160 The base is not a paradise
Chapter 161 Go to the base home again
Chapter 162 A job suitable for you
Chapter 163 It’s easy to live in but hard to come out.
Chapter 164 Is there a difference?
Chapter 165 Then abandon the car and run away
Chapter 166 The base after the war
Chapter 167 Thank you for still being so bad
Chapter 168 Being chased by mutated animals and running for their lives like crazy
Chapter 169 I am free to eat meat in this life
Chapter 170 Three days feel like a lifetime ago
Chapter 171 A person’s life
Chapter 172 The food and warm rooms are all ours
Chapter 173 Taoist Priest, where are you going?
Chapter 174 Taoist Priest, what did you throw?
Chapter 175 Those four cats and their owners cannot die
Chapter 176 There are fewer corpses
Chapter 177 There are neighbors
Chapter 178 Wangcai and Baifu
Chapter 179 The base can’t be found
Chapter 180 Who can refuse the joy of free prostitution?
Chapter 181 Then you are very lucky
Chapter 182 Not exactly the same
Chapter 183 The snow melts!
Chapter 184 Nan Ci, I never want to go to any base again
Chapter 185 Go to higher ground
Chapter 186 A mouthful of water sprayed on Mu Qianqian’s face
Chapter 187 Heading to the northwest!
Chapter 188 Huge strange fish
Chapter 189 Polluted sea water
Chapter 190 Taoist Priest, have you ever opened your mouth before?
Chapter 191 A strange fish with a mouth full of teeth
Chapter 192 Mu Qianqian fainted
Chapter 193 It’s not that she doesn’t want to say it
Chapter 194 Mu Qianqian has fish scales
Chapter 195 Silver Scales
Chapter 196 Nan Ci, don’t be jealous!
Chapter 197 Mu Qianqian is short of water
Chapter 198 It’s an easy turtle to take care of
Chapter 199 Luxury Yacht
Chapter 200 I can breathe underwater
Chapter 201 Mu Qianqian praises people, but not completely
Chapter 202 Taoist Priest, can Taoist priests get married?
Chapter 203 Do you want to become a mermaid prince?
Chapter 204 A Taoist priest should look like a Taoist priest
Chapter 205 Land is seen
Chapter 206 Not many people enter the city
Chapter 207 Two worlds inside and outside the city
Chapter 208 Back to the era of barter
Chapter 209 Food is hard currency
Chapter 210 Superpowers
Chapter 211 A base where people often disappear
Chapter 212 The dilapidated building materials market
Chapter 213 It’s not safe after dark
Chapter 214 Darkness is dangerous
Chapter 215 Human-faced fish in exchange for supplies
Chapter 216: Don’t you know the real names registered?
Chapter 217 The old Taoist priest and Sun Hao fell in love at first sight
Chapter 218 Let them have no return
Chapter 219 Strange Clothes
Chapter 220 Clothes made of new materials
Chapter 221 Mouse, have you changed your temper?
Chapter 222 I underestimate you
Chapter 223 Who has the final say who has the stronger fist?