Chapter 1571 The First Divine Calculation Yi Tianji

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"What happened!?"

The smile on Madonna Lingxiao's face disappeared, and she had a bad premonition in her heart.

She quickly rushed into Long Aotian's treasure house, and saw no treasures shining with fairy light. There were only rows of empty shelves and empty boxes, which made her feel dizzy immediately.

"Madam, be careful!"

Miss Dongfang also followed, and with quick eyesight and hands, she quickly caught the person.

"Who? Who did it?!"

Our Lady of Lingxiao didn't appreciate it at all. She pushed Miss Dongfang away and rushed into the treasure house like a shrew, roaring loudly.

You know, in order to successfully attack Long Aotian's base camp this time, she took out all her family wealth.

In order to successfully break through the War Temple just now, she completely used the lives of the disciples of Lingxiao Palace to clear the way. At least nearly 20,000 to 30,000 elite disciples died, and the three Immortal Kings were also seriously injured, so she had to use tragic and tragic methods.

Describe this battle.

I thought that breaking through the Temple of War would bring back blood, put Long Aotian in a dilemma, and regain the initiative in the war, but who knew that the treasure house was in a mess and there was nothing, so she immediately broke through the defense.

"It's my turn to perform!"

Following Director Qin's prompts, Miss Dongfang successfully found the fairy who answered the question correctly, and then shouted: "Holy Mother, there is still a living person here..."


The Virgin Mother of Lingxiao trembled and immediately ran over to check.

After confirming that the other party indeed still had a trace of breath, he immediately sent a trace of immortal energy to the other party and asked loudly: "What happened here? Where is the treasure in the treasure house?!"

"Tian, ​​Tianyan, Yi, Yi Tianji..."

The Answer Fairy still took his last breath and struggled to announce Yi Tianji's crime.

"Yi Tianji? Yi from Tianjimen

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The Holy Mother of Lingxiao immediately said with a gloomy expression: "Okay, okay, Yi Tianji, the number one god in the immortal world, not only reaps the benefits and steals food from my Lingxiao Palace, he actually wants my Lingxiao Palace to take the blame for him."


Having said that...

The face of Our Lady of Lingxiao was so gloomy that water could drip from her face, and she even raised her hand angrily towards the Answering Fairy Lord.

"Holy Mother, no!"

Miss Dongfang quickly stopped and said, "This man is the only witness who witnessed Yi Tianji's murder. If he dies, we will be like yellow mud on our pants. If it's not shit, it's shit!"

"Damn Yi Tianji!"

Holy Mother Lingxiao's chest heaved with anger, feeling like her chest was about to explode.

But he also knew that Miss Dongfang was right, so he could only suppress the anger in his heart and slowly lowered his hand. In order not to take the blame for Yi Tianji, he even had to feed the Answer Fairy Lord a pill to extend his life.

"Holy Mother!"

Miss Dongfang started to perform again, and said with a worried look on her face: "Yi Tianji is known as the best calculator in the immortal world, and he has not missed anything since his debut. Since he can predict us to attack the Temple of War, and take advantage of the opportunity, will he also count us?

The guards at Lingxiao Palace are empty!?”

"not good!!"

The face of Our Lady of Lingxiao changed, and she felt that this was very possible.

Although her precious son is not as powerful as Long Aotian, the foundation of their Lingxiao Palace is stronger than that of the War Temple. Now that Yi Tianji can take the opportunity to loot the War Temple, how can he let their Lingxiao Palace go?

"Holy Mother!"

Miss Dongfang continued her analysis: "Although we were tricked by Yi Tianji this time, we

By defeating the Temple of War, we have achieved our set goal..."

"Now there are only two ways before Long Aotian, either to attack the Immortal Alliance with all his strength, or to withdraw his troops and return to the Temple of War..."

"For the former, you can watch him fight to the death with the Immortal Alliance, and we in Lingxiao Palace will benefit from it..."

"The latter can tell the Immortal Alliance about this. It was us who broke through the War Temple and forced Long Aotian to withdraw his troops. This way we have the opportunity to re-align with the Immortal Alliance and occupy the dominant position again according to the Holy Mother's original plan.


"you're right!"

After listening to Miss Dongfang's analysis, Our Lady of Lingxiao finally felt relieved from her anger.

Although they did not get the treasures that Long Aotian had accumulated over the years, they could still be considered to have accomplished the goal set at the beginning and wiped the butt of her love-minded son.

"Holy Mother!"

Miss Dongfang spoke again: "Now the news of our attack on the War Temple has probably reached Long Aotian's ears, and the Southern Territory is Long Aotian's territory. If he really chooses to withdraw his troops and return to the base camp, we will be in danger.

If I catch you again and threaten the emperor, the situation will be overturned in a matter of minutes. I suggest that it is safest to retreat to the Northern Territory quickly."

"You are right!"

Our Lady of Lingxiao showed a satisfied smile, and the more she looked at Miss Dongfang, the more she liked her.

Not only can he take personal care of your own life, but he can also consider the problem in an all-round way, point out the key points to the point, and finally provide a satisfactory solution.

Let alone her, I believe there is no boss in the world who can refuse such a personal, sensible and capable little secretary!

"Thank you, Holy Mother, for the compliment!"

Miss Dongfang hurriedly tried to be modest, but she was contacting other people in her heart.

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According to the script formulated by Director Qin, Long Aotian can withdraw his troops and come back, but he must not be allowed to capture the Holy Mother of Lingxiao.

Because both Long Aotian and Ling Xiao Immortal Emperor are at their peak, they are obviously stronger than the old and weak combination. Once they join forces, they will definitely pose a threat to the safety of the Immortal Alliance.

Moreover, the battle between the immortal emperors will not do Qin Feng any good. They must shift their focus to the Nantianmen plan. Only in this way can he continue to make money.

The scene changes...

Master No. 3 and others received a message from Miss Dongfang, asking them to cooperate with them to safely withdraw to the northern realm of the fairy world.

"Isn't this a bit overwhelming!?"

Tan Li immediately frowned and said: "There are only four of us, and we are still on Long Aotian's territory. Now we are busy making money, how can we have time to help them evacuate!?"

"that is!"

Ren Huan was also dissatisfied and said: "I just found out that Fairy Xinyu of the Su family thought that this was Long Aotian's battle to reach the top. She brought all the masters in the family to the battlefield to gain military exploits. As a result, the Su family now has no

What a powerful expert to protect you."

"This is difficult to do!!"

Mu Xiu said helplessly: "Your Majesty's general direction cannot go wrong, but the Su family is also an attractive piece of fat!"


Master No. 3 clasped his hands together and said: "Since we are short of manpower, why can't we recruit more people?!"

"That makes sense!"

Mu Xiu immediately nodded in agreement and asked, "Then who do you think we should recruit?!"

"Do you even need to ask? We will understand it ourselves!"

Master No. 3 replied: "When a group of older single men get together, it's either a criminal gang or an entrepreneurial team..."

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