Chapter 1085: Back and forth (Part 2)

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Yingzhou, Changshi County, Yuqian County.

In that small teahouse, the old man opened his cloudy eyes and rummaged for something on the counter. However, the small counter over there seemed to have a lot of things piled up. After searching for a long time but not finding what he wanted,

The whole person was already a little irritable.

After that, piles of things were pushed under the cabinet. Suddenly, smoke and dust were everywhere in a small teahouse, and the sound of rumbling could not be heard.

A middle-aged man dressed as a scholar stood in the distance, stretched out his hand to fan his nose, squatted down and picked up a porcelain jar that rolled to his feet.

After opening it and smelling it, the scholar joked and said: "Just this can of tea, if we push it forward two hundred years, it can be exchanged for a big house in the most prosperous place in the capital of the gods. It is still expensive but not marketable."

I know how many people who love tea would feel that they would have no regrets in their life if they could only drink a cup of it. Why have you abandoned it now?"

The gray-haired old man was rummaging for something by himself without raising his head, but he still responded: "This tea is just average. It can only be regarded as second-class. It was so expensive back then just because the little girl named Su liked it.

There was a trend all of a sudden, and the output was not large, so the price naturally went up."

Mentioning the little girl named Su, the scholar also laughed, "She was the number one courtesan in Shendu back then, and she was also the one who was haunted by countless people. I still remember that time in Shendu, downstairs in the Spring Courtyard, there was a lot of gold and silver.

There are scraps of paper and gold fans all over the place."

"It's because there are people in power like this that they are defeated at the first moment. Facing the demon clan in the north, besides suing for peace and ceding territory, is there any other way?"

The old man snorted coldly, as if the scholar's words made him extremely annoyed.

The scholar smiled slightly and said without further ado, there are many things that have long since passed and happened hundreds of years ago in the blink of an eye.

He just looked at the bottles and cans on the floor and sighed.

The jars here, including porcelain jars and iron jars, all look inconspicuous, but in fact every jar of tea inside is extremely precious. Most of the tea leaves in them are not only included in the tea book written by the old man himself, but have even disappeared long ago.

, is truly a unique product.

Every jar of tea here, as long as it is taken out, will definitely attract the looting of tea lovers in the world, but now that it is full of tea, it is really abandoned like worn out shoes.

This is not the most strange thing, but the most strange thing is that he did not take these teas seriously. He was the first person to love tea that no one would question in the entire history.

"What exactly are you looking for?"

The scholar rubbed his forehead helplessly and said, "After all these years, is there really any tea that still makes you dream about it?"

I love tea, I know how to drink tea, and I have drunk countless teas. The old man in front of me probably won't be excited about tea anymore.

The old man muttered: "You know nothing. If you talk about studying and learning, I won't say a word, but if you talk about drinking tea, just shut your mouth!"

The scholar found a place to put down the tea can in his hand, sat down at the table, and said with a smile: "Then let's see what kind of tea you can find for me to drink."

The old man didn't pay any attention to him this time. He just kept rummaging in the cabinet.

I don't know how long it took.

When even the big iron kettle boiling hot water started to whistle, the old man finally cheered: "Found it!"

The scholar raised his eyebrows and glanced at the old man, only to see him standing in the middle of a field of tea pots, holding a small red clay pot in his hand, with a happy face.

After that, the old man took out the best tea set and started making tea.

After a long while, the tea was finally placed in front of the scholar.

The scholar looked at the teacup in front of him and the tea soup in the teacup. He was silent for a while, then raised his head and looked at the old man, but hesitated to speak.

Although he is not a master of tea ceremony, but since he has been an old friend with this master of tea ceremony for many years, he has been influenced by him. In fact, he is better than many tea ceremony masters in tea ceremony. At this moment, he took a look at the turbid tea soup.

, and the faint aroma of tea are enough to indicate that the tea must be bad.

But since it was cooked by the old man himself, scholars do not dare to jump to conclusions too early. After all, the old friend in front of him is too authoritative in the tea ceremony.

So the scholar just picked up the tea cup and took a sip.

Just a sip of tea went down the throat, and the scholar couldn't taste it even after careful reflection.

I only feel that the tea is bitter, with a slight sweetness, but it is fleeting. In short, this is extremely bad tea!

At least among the many teas I've had at this old friend's place, this is the worst.

"Lu Ji, what kind of medicine are you selling in your gourd, you old boy?"

The scholar put the tea cup on the table and raised his eyebrows to look at his old friend in front of him.

Lu Ji took a sip of tea by himself and said with emotion: "Sure enough, no matter how skillful you are at brewing some tea leaves, the final brew will be just like that and there is no way to change it."

"Dong, do you know how much this tea costs?"

Lu Ji glanced at the scholar in front of him, quickly shook his head and said, "You probably don't even know what this tea is called, let alone how much it costs."

The scholar was not angry, but asked: "How much does it cost?"

Lu Ji smiled and said: "In the Yongqing Dynasty, one or two tea leaves only cost one copper plate."

The scholar smiled bitterly and said, "Will that taste good?"

Yongqing was one of the reigns of Dajin. At that time, prices skyrocketed. Even if you wanted to buy a stone of rice, it would cost dozens of coins. At that time, you could not even buy a bunch of candied haws.

And this tea only requires one copper plate, so you can imagine how much it costs...

Lu Ji drank the tea and said with a smile: "It's such a cheap tea. At that time, Lao Yue bought a couple of tea leaves and gave them to me. He also said something seriously, saying that if I had known that Mr. Lu was a master of tea ceremony, I would love it."

The person who loves tea, I give him tea leaves to satisfy his taste."

Mentioning Lao Yue, the scholar also laughed and said: "Lao Yue has always been stubborn. He knows that you love tea, so he gave you tea. However, his salary at that time was not much, and he had to support his family, so he could afford to buy something like this."

There are tea leaves, but Lao Yue definitely doesn’t take it seriously. He is a drinker, so of course all the tea in the world is the same thing.”

"That's not what happened. After I accepted the tea leaves, this old boy drank the tea I brewed several times. Every time, he didn't have a good expression. What else did he say after that? Since I gave you the tea leaves, you can do it yourself.

Just keep it and drink it, there is no need to take it out again."

Lu Ji laughed angrily and said, "But every time I made tea for him, I always used real high-quality tea leaves. The emperor couldn't even drink it, and he even disliked it."

"For this reason, I was angry with him for several years, but later I thought about it and let it go. Lao Yue is just such a person. He is very strict and has no other thoughts."

When Lu Ji said this, he rubbed his brows. He had lived for so many years, but in fact he only had two real friends, the one in front of him and the one in front of him.

The person in his mouth has been dead for so long that his memory is actually starting to become a little blurry.

When the scholar heard this, he picked up the tea cup again and took a sip. After thinking about it carefully, he shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Even the atmosphere has set off the atmosphere, and I have said what I need to say, but the tea has this taste, this taste, really

It doesn’t taste good.”

Lu Ji drank the tea and sighed: "Do you think I think it tastes good?"

The scholar smiled.

Lu Ji thought for a moment and said, "But think about it, Lao Yue is such a person. No matter how delicious the tea is, he will only drink his wine. No matter what you tell him, it doesn't make any sense."

...He has to do it all.”

The scholar stopped talking.

Lu Ji thought to himself and said: "That year, I knew he was going north, so I went to ask him to have tea with him, but he ended up drinking. While I was drinking tea, I persuaded him not to do this. The situation was difficult. He was alone.

He can't do anything... Since he has that talent and can reach the Fuyun Realm, why should he throw his life away to the north? I persuaded him while drinking tea that night, and finally drank a big vat of tea, but still

I felt thirsty, but still couldn't persuade him."

The scholar said: "If you could persuade him, he would no longer be Lao Yue."

Lu Ji suddenly cursed loudly: "Damn, he's not a general, he's just a guy with ten or twenty thousand troops under his command. What's the use of going to the north? Will there be even half a person in the court to help him?"

He took those 10,000 to 20,000 people to the north. What ended up happening, didn't you see? But he was satisfied and really died on the battlefield, really died in the hands of those monsters. Now there are

Can half of the people remember him? Apart from us two old guys, will half of the people know who he is?!"

"Does it make sense for him to do this?!"

Lu Ji held the teacup and looked at the turbid tea soup in the teacup, but his eyes were already full of mist.

The scholars were speechless, because at that time, they were all extremely disappointed with the court and the world, but they did not expect that this friend of theirs was trying to do something even in the face of such a bad world.

They didn't understand it at that time, and they don't really understand it now.

Lu Ji frowned and said, "You didn't see the look on his face when he left the capital of the gods. He looked happy and didn't feel at all that he was just going to die this time in the north. People like him, even more so, do things that are obvious

It's meaningless, you know it, and he knows it, but you have no chance of getting any happiness from him as a winner, because even though he lost, even though he didn't succeed, he will keep doing it, again and again, and never regret it.


The scholar took a deep breath and said, "In some aspects, all of us together are not as good as him."

Lu Ji murmured: "Live in vain for hundreds of years."

The scholar looked at Lu Ji and said with a smile: "Stop laying the groundwork, just say what you have to say?"

"You have also seen that young man. Don't you see the shadow of Lao Yue in him?"

Lu Ji sighed with emotion: "I have never seen Lao Yue when he was so young, but if you think about it, it should be like this, right?"

The scholar smiled and said: "It is indeed similar. The energy is so similar."

"I have already watched Lao Yue die, and now I don't want to watch him die anymore."

"In the last war, he fought three people alone, and the situation was already very difficult. But he is only a young man. He has only lived for thirty years, so he has to carry all the burdens on his shoulders. We old guys

, you should really feel ashamed to hide behind you."

Lu Ji finished his cup of tea and said calmly: "I can watch Lao Yue die, but I can no longer see this young man die before me. If he is going to die, I should die first."

The scholar looked at his old friend and asked, "Is this the decision?"

Lu Ji did not answer the question, but asked: "Are you going?"

The scholar laughed and said, "Why should I risk my life in the north like this?"

Lu Ji said nothing.

Being reasonable has never been something he is good at.

He just put away the can of tea and turned to go out.

The scholar sat there and smiled softly and said: "Mr. Zhang's four sentences are to cultivate oneself, manage one's family, govern the country, and bring peace to the world. I have done the first three things in my life, but I have not done it well. The fourth thing, if I do it as a scholar, I will not do it well."

Eighty percent of it is out of the question."

Lu Ji stood where he was, not in a hurry to leave.

The scholar continued to think about himself and said: "I have had a somewhat obscure reputation in my life, but I have left my name in the annals of history, and my life has been pretty good."

Lu Ji frowned and said, "What exactly are you going to say? Don't beat around the bush."

The scholar laughed and said: "When Yuan Sheng was on a study tour, not everyone agreed with his reasoning, but why no one refuted it? It's because Yuan Sheng was ten feet tall and very powerful."

"I heard that Yuan Sheng also had a mantra at that time, which is, if you don't understand the truth, I also know a little bit about fists and kicks."

The scholar stood up, took a deep breath, and said: "To bring peace to the world, if we destroy the demon clan, it will be considered peace."

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