Chapter 1,103 How many people are behind you?

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Yingzhou, Suining Mountain.

A Chaolu Sect, the mountain is almost empty now. Most of the monks who have achieved good practice in the mountain have left Suining Mountain and have gone to the north. Now there is a bloody battle in the north. Many news will not be leaked, so the specific casualties

The number is not yet known, but the Chaolu Sect actually knows how many monks died in the north.

Regardless of whether the Taoist sect is the Tao of Taiping or the Tao of Immortality, one custom is the same, that is, when the disciples go up the mountain, they take a drop of their heart's blood, build an Eternal Life Hall in the mountain, and use the heart's blood as lamp oil to light a longevity lamp.

After that, the monk from that sect had a connection with his longevity lamp. The higher his realm and the more powerful he became, the brighter the longevity lamp would be. Once the owner of the longevity lamp was injured and his vitality became weak, then

The light will naturally become weak.

As for if the owner dies, the longevity lamp will naturally be extinguished.

This kind of method is not unique to Taoism, but it is rarely used by other sects. Although Xu Fuchen is a casual cultivator, he has dabbled in a lot, so he also built such a hall in Chaolu Sect. In the hall, there are also

Such long-lasting lamps.

Send someone to guard it. If a light goes out, it is best to notify the deputy sect master in time.

But now, about one-third of the longevity lamps in a large hall have been extinguished.

What this means is self-evident.

The cold wind blew, and in addition to the sound of the wind, there were also some sobbing sounds.

A half-grown boy sat beside a stone platform with many longevity lamps, wiping tears.

There were some footsteps, and then a gentle voice sounded in the hall, "What are you crying for?"

The half-grown boy suddenly heard this voice and was not afraid. Perhaps because he was too sad and needed someone to talk to him, he just wiped his tears and said: "Senior Brother Li...Senior Brother Li is dead."

The man listened to Senior Brother Li and raised his head to see that there were actually many people named Li in those lamps.

"When I went up the mountain, my master had been in retreat. My senior brother taught me. Now he has gone to the north, and he...died there..."

"I don't want Senior Brother Li to die..."

While talking, the half-grown boy kept sobbing and spoke intermittently.

The man looked at the young man in front of him and said, "In this world, someone is always going to die."

"What's more... he chose it himself."

After hearing this, the half-grown boy raised his head and saw the person coming. He was wearing a red robe and had a very handsome face.

"Zong...sect leader?"

When he went up the mountain, he asked who was the most powerful on the mountain. The master said it was the sect master, so he asked what the sect master looked like. When he saw him, he recognized him easily. The master told him that the sect master liked to wear red robes.

Very good-looking.

Very beautiful, how beautiful is it?

There is often no answer to such questions, but when you see the answer, you will completely understand why it is like this.

Feng Liu, the leader of the Chaolu Sect who had just come out of seclusion for a long time, reached out and rubbed the young man's head, and then said warmly: "Senior Brother Li is dead. His death was to enable you to live better, so you have to live well.

, otherwise his death would have been in vain.”

The young man raised his head, looked at the sect leader whom they regarded as a god, and said with confusion: "How many people have to die?"

Senior Brother Li, who had the best relationship with him, died, of course he was very sad, but besides that, many other senior brothers also died, so he was actually very sad too.

Feng Liu looked at the longevity lamp that had extinguished one third of it, shook his head and smiled bitterly: "I don't know either."

"Maybe they are all dead, but that won't work."

Regarding this war, not only he, Feng Liu, but no one in the world would have much confidence.

No matter who wrote the history, there is no record of the human race completely defeating the monster race. In the past two hundred years of the Liang Dynasty, there were several positive results, which was already a very rare result.

But everyone knew that at that time, the demon clan didn't pay much attention to it.

It's like an adult strong man fighting against an ordinary thin man, he can always gain the upper hand without any care.

"If we can't win, then why go?"

The half-grown boy looked at the sect leader in confusion.

Feng Liu smiled and said: "Because if you don't go, you will definitely lose. Some things may not be done, but if you don't do them, you will definitely not succeed."

After saying this, Feng Liu stood up and said: "This is not about liking a girl. If you don't say you like her, you will miss her if you miss her. In short, you can still survive. But if you don't do it, you may never do it again.

From now on there will be no trace of us, and no trace of our existence can be found in anyone’s books.”

The half-grown boy was stunned, "Sect master, which girl do you like?"

Feng Liu was not angry at the young man who only understood the first half of his words. He just laughed at himself: "It's an old story."

Then the leader of the Chaolu Sect, the number one casual cultivator, came to the main hall, and it started to snow in the sky.

It has started snowing in the north, and Xinliuzhou has been covered in snow for a long time. Yingzhou probably doesn't snow much in winter because it is close to the sea.

Feng Liu reached out to catch a piece of snowflake, glanced at it, and then walked forward.

The young man quickly stood up, looked at his sect master and asked: "Sect master...where are you going?"

"Go to the north. If you can't bring them back, you will die there with them."

There are a lot of monks going to the north these days, but looking at this side, there are actually not many people leaving.

This Taoist temple of the leader of the Taoist sect, which stands quietly behind a certain Daliang town, is still very quiet, as if the battles in the world have nothing to do with them.

Throughout the days of Chixin Kuan, I have actually been waiting for a very important moment, that is, when my Kuan Master will reach the Fuyun Realm.

That legendary realm is no longer so mysterious. Not to mention the Sword Sect leader and the young guard of the Liang Dynasty, there are also some sayings that Houshan has always had such a realm.

The presence.

It's just that the so-called seniors in the back mountain cannot see that neither the guardian envoy nor the master of the Sword Sect are members of his family.

Therefore, all Taoists who are obsessed with contemplation place their hopes on the young contemplative master.

They don't have to worry about missing that moment. After all, their own temple master has experienced strange phenomena when he broke through the realm several times before. If he were to set foot in Fuyun now, it would definitely be a vision that could be seen clearly by the entire Taoist temple.

But when that moment will come, no one can tell.

But in fact, just a quarter of an hour ago, the young master of Chixin Temple had already walked out and sat on the edge of the cliff.

Ye Zhihua arrived soon.

This former Taoist double-walled man's belly was slightly bulging at the moment, and the little guy in his belly was about to be born.

She looked at Yun Jianyue, but couldn't feel any breath on him, so she frowned and said, "Return to nature?"


Yun Jianyue glanced at Ye Zhihua's belly, then smiled and joked: "Sister, don't you think it's because I failed to break through the realm, and now my cultivation is gone and I have become a useless person?"

"Anyone in the world can be like this, but how can it be possible for Ah Yue?"

Ye Zhihua smiled slightly, with a kind of self-confidence on his face without any reason.

Yun Jianyue smiled and turned to ask: "Senior sister, have you finished cleaning up those monster spies?"

"About 70% to 80%. The rest can be cleaned slowly, but it seems to have no effect now. After the full-scale war over there, these things are better than nothing."

Ye Zhihua has been doing this these days, which consumes a lot of energy.

"These things always have to be done. They may seem small, but if you don't do them, you may get a fatal blow at some point."

Yun Jianyue smiled and said: "Now everyone is betting on something insignificant, so naturally they all take it seriously."

Ye Zhihua didn't say anything, but stretched out his hand to touch his lower abdomen.

Yun Jianyue also reached out and touched her, and said, "I don't know if I can see her."

After hearing this, Ye Zhihua stopped moving her hands. She looked at Yun Jianyue and said firmly: "I will accompany you."

Yun Jianyue frowned, "How can you go there when you look like this?"

"If you die over there, I will die over here. Children can't restrain me. If we want to live, we must live together."

Ye Zhihua was more determined than ever at this moment.

This woman who has always been indifferent to Taoism cannot refuse at this moment.

Yun Jianyue looked at Ye Zhihua and was speechless. In the past, she often didn't understand why she did what she did, but now, she may still not understand, but she is willing to accompany her to do it.

"I figured it out."

Ye Zhihua looked at Yun Jianyue's eyes and said with a smile: "Don't think that I am that stubborn fool."

Yun Jianyue smiled, but before he could speak, a stream of light suddenly flashed across the sky and fell into his hand.

Yun Jianyue took it and looked at it, and said helplessly: "Why do some people always like to gamble on their lives, but they are very lucky?"

Ye Zhihua didn't need to read it to know that it was a letter from Chen Chao. She just asked, "What is he doing?"

"He threw himself into the frying pan and wanted to see how long he could last."

Yun Jianyue stood up with a smile, her expression gradually becoming serious.

"No matter how long you last, you will eventually die."

Ye Zhihua glanced at Yun Jianyue, "Does he want you to dance in the frying pan with him?"

Yun Jianyue turned to look at Ye Zhihua and said, "No, he wants me to pull him up."

"I'll take the first step, senior sister...take your time."

After Yun Jianyue said these words, his figure suddenly disappeared, but the next moment, his figure reappeared in the sky.

Because in the sky at this moment, there is a large criss-crossing net, which is golden.

That big net exuded a strong Taoist energy, sealing up the entire Infatuation Temple.

Yun Jianyue frowned slightly, and then became a little angry.

"That's none of your business. As the master of the infatuated temple, don't act out of emotion."

An old voice sounded from the back mountain.

The voice was not loud, but the whole Chixin Temple could hear it. There was no emotion in the voice, only a hint of old age.

Yun Jianyue looked at the back mountain, was silent for a moment, shook her head and said: "Since I am the master of Chixin Temple, then everyone in Chixin Temple should listen to me."

This sentence is very interesting. It is true many times, but it is wrong many times.

"You can't leave."

Another old voice sounded. It was another old Taoist. There was no doubt that the two people speaking were both in the Fuyun realm.

Under the premise that there are only two Fuyun realms in the entire world, there are two Fuyun realms on a mountain behind Chixin Temple. What this means is probably self-evident.

This sect, which is the leader of the Taoist sect, still has a lot of foundation.

In Yun Jianyue's eyes, all the anger disappeared at this moment, "Then give it a try."

"But I have something to tell my seniors in advance. If any Taoist fruit or cultivation level is destroyed, it will be on purpose by me."

Yun Jianyue also knew very well that time was running out now, so she didn't say any more nonsense. Her aura continued to overflow at this moment, and the extremely mysterious Tao Qi began to compete with the big net in an instant.

This young temple leader, who was perhaps the youngest Master Fuyun in the Taoist sect in a thousand years, began to see the sun and moon appear on his side, and was already spinning continuously.

Over at the General's Mansion, the war was the most intense. The demon tribe had planned to crush the General's Mansion after Chen Chao left.

The leader of the Fuyun Great Demon was none other than Zhuori, who had fought against Chen Chao before.

After the rest of the Fuyun Great Demons faced off against the Taoist named Tongxuan, he approached the top of the city and wanted to be the first to board the top of the General's Mansion.

According to what the woman said, as long as the General's Mansion is captured today, the human race will almost be completely defeated, and this war will come to an end.

But now that the General Mansion does not have that young man, it can be said to be the best opportunity.

Zhuori looked at the city that was not very high in his eyes, and a trace of excitement flashed in his eyes. He was not interested in annihilating the human race, but he was interested in the magic medicine that the Demon Emperor mentioned.

But very rich.

But before he reached the top of the city, a flash of red appeared in front of him.

A man who even he had to admit was very handsome appeared here.

The leader of the casual cultivators in the world, the leader of Chaolu Sect, Feng Liu.

This monk Fuyun, who had just broken through, stood at the top of the city, narrowed his eyes and said with a smile: "It's just right to encounter the most difficult situation right away."

Over there at Gufengkou.

A figure suddenly appeared beside Chen Chao.

A young Taoist priest wearing dark red robes came here and gave Chen Chao a rare glance.

Chen Chao smiled weakly and said: "I thought you couldn't come. After all, compared to me, you are not even a little bit worse."

Yun Jianyue got straight to the point and asked: "Is it just me?"

There are quite a few Fuyun demons around here. This is a dead end that their demon clan has laid out for Chen Chao. If Yun Jian Yue doesn't come, Chen Chao will die. If only Yun Jian Yue comes, the chances of winning don't seem to be very good.


"Has Yu Xiyi broken through?"

Perhaps thinking of those times when they worked together, he probably felt that there was hope with Yu Xiyi.


Chen Chao took a deep breath and said uncertainly: "There should probably be a helper."

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