Chapter 5326: Independent Action

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Zuo Feng's clone seemed to be in a state of letting go of himself, but Huan Kong and Blizzard did not urge him because they knew that Zuo Feng's clone was also waiting.

In order not to waste any time, he kept himself in this state of close contact with the main body to ensure that when any message was delivered, the clone could receive it as soon as possible.

The clone, which was like a wood carving and clay sculpture, finally reacted after being quiet for a while. He seemed to have just come back to his senses, and then told Huan Kong immediately.

"There is no problem. The formation can be operated with confidence. Pay attention to the reaction and effect of the formation."

Huan Kong, who had been prepared for a long time, quickly activated the formation without any hesitation after hearing Zuo Feng's message.

It's just that he activated the formation very slowly and very carefully. This wasn't because he didn't trust Zuo Feng enough, but because he didn't have enough confidence in himself. You must know that the formation in front of him was completely composed of ancient runes.

Combined, most of the illusions in the formation structure have not been touched.

Now that we have to control the operation of such a large formation, if we say that Huan Kong is not nervous at all, or that he is not worried at all, it would definitely be a lie. It is not easy for such an formation to operate smoothly, and whether

There are unknown problems that he cannot know about in advance.

As for Tu Xi and Yan You, although they can operate formations, their situation is different. The formations are completely engraved in their bodies. Whether it is the part of the two of them that was engraved in comparison with the formations in the sky, or

Or according to the formation engraved in the opponent's body, it is all completed through re-engraving.

The ability of the orcs to engrave flesh and blood runes does have some flaws and disadvantages, but one of the important benefits is that it can ensure that the engraving is exactly according to what you see or sense. If there are problems with the engraving formation, it can only mean that they are

The formations I saw had their own problems.

For this reason, even if they do not understand the properties of those runes and the secrets of the formation structure, Yanyou and Tuxi can still successfully engrave the formations without affecting their operation and use.

Although Huan Kong has an ability that far exceeds that of the master of formations, he still cannot achieve it. This kind of complete comparison can construct the formation without any mistakes. Therefore, even if the formation has been completed, for Huan Kong,

He still couldn't guarantee that there would be no problems with the formation.

As Huan Kong began to focus on energy, the formation began to slowly move, and the ripples that were still rippling suddenly shrank inward at this moment.

That feeling is very strange. If it seems that there is an invisible force that is constantly pushing out, causing the overlapping space to produce ripples. Then at this moment, there seems to be a collapse with the formation as the center, and then the surrounding areas

Everything rushed towards the formation.

Faced with this sudden change, Huan Kong was caught off guard for a while. He had already made various preparations to deal with possible changes. The worst case scenario was that the formation itself had huge problems and could not function properly.

Then it just collapsed and disintegrated.

But no matter how Huan Kong predicted, he never expected that this formation would undergo such strange changes, which made him confused for a moment what was going on.

Fortunately, Huan Kong has a lot of experience. Although this change was very shocking, he did not see any panic or make random adjustments.

The changes in the formation seem to be due to the special abilities of the formation itself, which means that this is not the result of a problem or error. If adjustments and interference are made indiscriminately, it may be self-defeating and cause problems.

As the formation undergoes a collapse-like change, all kinds of energy around it, whether it is the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, the power of rules, or the power of space, are pouring into the interior.

Under this situation, Huan Kong had to restrain his telepathy, because he could feel that if he brought his telekinesis closer and tried to explore, he would most likely be sucked directly into the formation by the collapsing force.


Although he cannot sense it, this does not prevent Huan Kong from observing with his eyes. With his level of rune formation, even if he only observes with his eyes, he can still see the problems in various details.

So much energy poured into it, but the formation was running very slowly. Huan Kong even had a feeling that the formation had never really started to operate until this moment. Because he could only observe it with his eyes, Huan Kong could only roughly observe it.

It is speculated that this formation may be in the preparation stage before operation.

After observing for a while, Huan Kong felt that the energy flow around him began to slow down. However, in just such a moment, Huan Kong could no longer even feel that there were energy fluctuations or the power of rules around him. It seemed that everything was gone.

It was like pouring into the formation.

Faced with such an astonishing change, Huan Kong couldn't help but sigh in his heart, knowing that the space he was in now was not an easy one.

Although it seems to be a closed space, it is actually in the overlapping of the main and auxiliary spaces. More importantly, this overlapping space itself is located in the center of the entire space group, and has subtle differences with this space group.



In other words, the energy and the power of rules in this space are not only very abundant, but also extracting energy from the space group all the time.

In such a space, a void of energy and rule power would suddenly appear in a local area. This is simply unimaginable.

But such an unimaginable thing is now happening in front of everyone's eyes. But what most people care about is the battlefield and the enemies in front of them, as well as the essence of the origin that is in their hearts.

As for the formation above Huan Kong's head, it absorbed so much energy and the power of rules in a short period of time, only creating a short blank within a certain range. When the terrifying collapse state disappeared, there was no more energy

The power of rules and rules continued to pour in, and the surrounding environment quickly returned to its original state.

Huan Kong began to try to release his telekinesis and approached the formation. If he noticed that his telekinesis was being actively sucked by the formation, he would immediately cut off part of his telekinesis. Otherwise, with the terrifying suction force just now, he would

A lot of mental energy will be lost.

However, as Huan Kong's mental power came closer, he never saw any changes in the formation. It seemed that the changes just now were just his own illusions.

Just when Huan Kong's thought power was getting closer and was about to come into contact with the formation, the formation trembled violently. Not only did a strange phenomenon come out, but there were also waves of fluctuations, which were released from around the formation.


Huan Kong still remained calm, and his telepathy retreated slightly protectively. After not seeing his telepathy being sucked into the formation, he felt a little more relieved, and then controlled his telekinesis and continued to approach.

If you just observe with your eyes, there are still some limitations after all. Only the method of telekinesis can ensure that the situation of the battle formation is fully understood.

As the power of thought penetrated into the formation, Huan Kong soon felt the abnormality of the formation itself. His brows furrowed slightly, but they slowly relaxed after a moment.

Because Huan Kong has already figured it out, the current changes come from the formation itself, and there is a problem with the formation. Fortunately, the problem is not serious, especially the runes that build the formation, and they still seem to be correct.

The problem lies in the structure of the formation.

Now that he figured out where the problem with the formation was, Huan Kong did not hesitate and immediately started to solve it. If it was a problem with the runes, it would be very troublesome to repair and adjust, and it would even cause serious damage to the entire formation.


After all, this formation is not constructed by refining various physical materials, but by blending together with the power of spiritual energy and rules, and then condensing it. Although this saves the trouble of refining and constructing the formation, it may cause problems if there is any problem.

It will directly destroy the formation.

Nowadays, there are no problems with the ancient runes, but there are problems with the formation structure. Huan Kong patiently observes them, and compares the details with the details from the previous drawings by Niefeng.

I have to say that Huan Kong's memory is really strong. Even if Niefeng had described so much content before, Huan Kong could still recall all the details when he recalled it.

Using the pictures in his memory and combining them with the situation in the formation, it only took Huan Kong a moment to find the problem. The problem with the formation was not just in one place, but appeared continuously around a certain position.

Got three errors.

Fortunately, the problems are concentrated in this place, and there are only three. If there are problems in multiple positions, or four to five errors occur in one position, then the formation that is trying to operate at this time may have been broken, and it will be more serious.

If it does, it will directly collapse and shatter.

Fortunately, there are no major problems with the formation itself. After adjusting several positions in the structure, Huan Kong does not even need to inject more energy or deliberately activate it, and the formation has begun to accelerate.

At this time, Huan Kong also discovered that the energy, the power of rules and the power of space that the formation had previously used to extract from the surroundings had all now become the driving force for the formation's operation.

This is the first time that Huan Kong has experienced that such a complex and huge formation can be activated so easily. However, although the formation does not require Huan Kong to expend a lot of energy to activate, after releasing his telekinesis, the control is difficult.

There are quite a few difficulties.

Although it was only a brief contact before, Huan Kong could clearly feel that the power released by this formation at this time was essentially different from the previous sudden power.

Although their general attributes are very similar, as a rune formation mage who surpasses the level of a grandmaster, Huan Kong knows that the difference between the two is not as simple as the strength of the formation.

The formation force was released, Huan Kong was not in a hurry to control what the formation force did, but carefully observed the surroundings. The formation force seemed to have some intention and wanted to act on its own, but Huan Kong did not dare to let it go on its own.


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