Chapter 957 957: The wedding of 'Additional Head' [Please vote for me]

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The moonlight is hazy and light.

Today I drank too much to bring down Gong Xiqiu.

At this moment, not only were her cheeks hot and red, but her head was also dizzy. She raised her hand to rest her forehead and closed her eyes to relieve the dryness in her eyes.

He murmured: "Yuehua has become a spirit..."

She shook her head hard and regained some consciousness. As her eyes gradually focused, she finally saw the person coming clearly. She turned to look at the source of another alcoholic smell next to her: "Are you here to see Gong Xiqiu?"

Shen Tang said and moved to one side.

A big man was revealed who was sleeping soundly with a wine jar in his arms. It was this scene that made the visitor's eyes full of surprise. The young man leaned down, and Shen Tang's eyes followed his hanging braids. He carefully Looking at Gong Xiqiu, his eyebrows widened: "I haven't seen him back for a long time. I was worried that he would get lost, so I went out to look for him. It is strange to say that I have known him for so many years, and this is the first time I have seen him really sleep. From this It can be seen that he has a very good relationship with the king, and A Nian trusts you very much."

A brave warrior is very vigilant.

Not to mention that there is someone around you, even when no one is around in private, you will rarely fall into deep sleep unprepared, and most of them will be in light sleep. It may seem that your sleeping posture is relaxed and lazy, but in fact you are in a state of readiness. Once you notice it, Awakened by the slightest disturbance.

Gong Xiqiu was also in this state when he walked with them.

It's not that Gong Xiqiu suspected that a few people might be plotting against him, but because of years of habit, he was very wary of the outside world. Entering deep sleep meant that Gong Xiqiu judged that the surrounding environment was safe, and he could rest assured and sleep soundly.

However, the king of the country was at hand.

Shen Tang looked at this scene and felt a little inconsistent.

In terms of appearance alone, Gong Xiqiu looks more like an eldest brother.

"A Nian is Gong Xiqiu's nickname?"

"should be."

Shen Tang found this statement new.

If it is, it is not, and if it is not, it is not. What does it mean to be? Could it be that he is not sure about Gong Xiqiu’s nickname?

Jimo Qiudao: "I lived abroad many years ago, and I carry a token with my name written on it. A few years ago, I followed my teacher back to the clan area, and unexpectedly discovered that there are rules for naming children in the clan. If there are brothers , that’s A Nian.”

Shen Tang: "...We will know when he wakes up and asks."

Jimo Qiu took a look at the surrounding environment and realized that he could not let Gong Xiqiu sleep on someone else's roof all night. Tomorrow was Gong Xi's wedding, and Gong Xiqiu, as a member of his family, had to dress up in advance: "It's not easy to sleep here. I’ll send him back first.”

Shen Tang straightened up: "I'll see you off."

Jimo Qiu looked at Shen Tang who was smelling of alcohol in embarrassment.

Shen Tang patted the hem of his clothes: "I just drank a lot, and I'm not drunk. This drunkenness will disappear quickly."

Although Gong Xiqiu believed that this man was his biological brother who had been "looking for a brother" for many years, Shen Tang and Jimo Qiu were not familiar with each other, and it was not uncommon for brothers to kill each other in this world. Just in case, she still killed him personally. It feels safer to send it back.

Jimo Qiu didn't know her caution.

He bent down and lifted Gong Xiqiu up on his back easily. He didn't know how much wine he drank, but the smell of alcohol made his nose uncomfortable.

Shen Tang followed him and jumped off the roof.

In the dead of night, there were only patrolling soldiers and watchmen passing by on the street. The moonlight stretched Shen Tang's shadow.

Jimo Qiu looked at this figure.

Holding the wine jar, there were only two or three steps away from his own shadow.

Jimo Qiu didn't know what to say, while Shen Tang looked around, observing the buildings, silently calculating whether she had slacked off in patrolling. Just as she was counting the time with her fingers, she heard what sounded like brother Gongxi Qiu's voice. The voice, I don’t know if it was an illusion, but there was a slight nervousness and tremor in this voice.

"The deeds of the country's leader are praised a lot by the people of Kang."

Shen Tang didn't know what he wanted to say, so he just responded casually: "Though I have been in office for four or five years, thousands of days and nights, I have worked diligently and diligently. No matter how much praise I deserve, I deserve it."

She wakes up earlier than a chicken, goes to bed later than a dog, and works more than a donkey. If she still gets scolded by the movie, she will go on strike!

The life of the workers and the leader of the country is also life.

He was not a good talker to begin with, and Shen Tang's response was obviously beyond Jimo Qiu's expectations, and he was immediately put off.

After a long time, he said softly: "The king still remembers..."

The voice after that was really too soft.

Maybe he didn't say it at all.

Shen Tang waited for a while but didn't see the following.

"Remember what?"

Jimo Qiu stopped, and Shen Tang actually saw a bit of uneasiness on the face that looked exactly like Gong Xiqiu: "The king once gave me candy before, but that was many years ago, and you may not remember those days. The candy tastes very special.”

Shen Tang scratched the tip of his nose and tried to remember.

Even though she has an excellent memory, she really has no memory.

Because she has given birth to too many children over the years, no matter how noisy they are, they can't resist the temptation of sweets. If you take one, they will reveal a sweet smile. How can you remember why you cry? With this trick, she There is no success in the field of children.

There are so many children, I really can’t remember which one is Jimo Qiu.

Shen Tang was startled for a moment and felt something was wrong.

She is more than a year younger than Gong Xiqiu, and Gong Xiqiu is definitely older. How could she send candy to Jimo Qiu, who is still a child? This person looks tender in face, but his stature is still normal, not as long as Little dwarf: "Oh, you like it?"

Shen Tang touched his sleeve: "Want to try it?"

There wasn't much else, but she had plenty of candy.

Jimo Qiu actually took it.

“The taste is always the same.”

But I felt a little disappointed in my heart.

Judging from the reaction of the king, it was obvious that he did not remember himself.

For the rest of the journey, the two of them were speechless.

Shen Tang sent the two brothers to Gongxi Lai's residence. The two brothers were Gongxi Lai's natal brothers and they definitely couldn't live anywhere else tonight. Watching Jimo Qiu carefully lay Gongxi Qiu on the bed, She noticed a momentary change in Gong Xiqiu's breath, and knew that he was awake, so she immediately left with peace of mind: "There are still some unfinished memorials in the palace, I will withdraw first."

Jimo Qiu sent her to the door.

Shen Tang didn't go through the gate, but jumped over the wall to get out of the way.

Jimo Qiu did not leave immediately, but stood there and stared at the direction in which she disappeared for a while. At this time, Gong Xiqiu's head stretched out from the window, and most of his body fell outside the window: "What are you looking at? ?Do you know Mama?"

Jimo Qiu withdrew his gaze and the two looked at each other.

The tacit understanding ignored the second uncle's eldest nephew's ulterior motives.

"I saw it when I was young."

Gong Xiqiu turned over from lying on the window to lying down, leaning on the edge of the window with his elbows: "Have you met her when you were a child? Mama and I have known each other for so many years, and I have been looking for you for so many years. I didn't expect that we have known each other for so long. There is a connection...good fortune plays tricks on people."

Jimo Qiu's eyes were calm: "Are you sober?"

Gong Xiqiu said: "You woke up when you came."

Jimo Qiu thought about it silently for a second.

Gong Xiqiu realized that he had said the wrong thing and clapped his mouth.

Didn't he just admit that he trusted Shen Tang more than his own brother? Alas, but he couldn't blame himself.

Even if they are connected by blood, it still takes time to develop feelings.

Gong Xiqiu scratched the pigtails on his head. He and Shen Tang could still make jokes, but facing his brother who was younger than Shen Tang, there was nothing to talk about. He even looked anxious.

Jimo Qiu lowered his eyes: "You should rest early."

Gong Xiqiu said subconsciously: "Wait a minute

Jimo Qiu stopped and looked at him.

Gong Xiqiu opened his mouth, but the title was stuck in his throat and he couldn't spit it out. Jimo Qiu somehow understood what he was struggling with. After all, he was scratching his head over the title "Second Uncle" at that time. He had a long Sigh.

"Let's put it aside until it's really determined. If something else happens..." From the relationship between uncle and nephew to the relationship between brothers, it would be too embarrassing if it is still a misunderstanding.

Gong Xiqiu waved his hand: "No way." Jimo Qiu asked with his eyes why.

Gong Xiqiu said: "My nickname is A Nian. I have a brother. His nickname should be 'Yan', A Yan."

If I had known that I would use my nickname for verification, why would I go around in such a big circle?

Jimo Qiu's expression softened visibly like ice and snow melting: "Okay, rest early, A-Nian."

When Gong Xiqiu heard this reply, he was overjoyed.

If I was nine points certain before, now I am very sure that I have really found my real brother!

In excitement, he stood up suddenly.

Jimo Qiu couldn't stop him: "You——"


Gong Xiqiu covered his forehead: "Well 1

The window that was smashed by his head was cracked and scrapped.

Jimo Qiu quietly retracted his hand.

I felt a little worried in my heart.

Teacher, my brother doesn’t seem very smart.

Not long after his wisdom aperture was unsealed, Gong Xiqiu fell into debt again, and Jimo Qiu inexplicably became worried about his family.

Fortunately, Gong Xilai is reliable.

Before dawn, the servants in the mansion were already busy.

The maid took Gong Xilai out of bed, who was catching up on her sleep. She washed her face and put on makeup. Because she was a pregnant woman, her makeup was very light. Fortunately, her skin was white and flawless. A little makeup was enough to make her look stunning. Under the service of the maid, she put on the Gong Xilai.

Put on the beautiful clothes of the Western tribe.

In addition to this complicated and gorgeous outfit, there are also a number of accessories.

Gongxi came and tried to move a step.

He sighed sincerely: "My mother had such good physical strength back then."

The accessories and costumes add up to nearly twenty pounds!

Just when she was hesitating whether to discuss with Gong Xiqiu about reducing her accessories, she saw Gong Xiqiu in a full dress, followed by a young man who looked very similar to him. Although she had never seen Gong Xiqiu before,

, but guessed the identity of this person.

Unlike Gong Xiqiu, who wore exquisite and luxurious clothes, the young man wore a wide robe. The patterns on the long robe were all made of gold and silver threads, which were completely natural and had the meaning of floating gold, changing with the pace of the young man.

Gong Xilai called softly: "Brother."

I wanted to salute but I couldn't bend down very well and I looked embarrassed.

Jimo Qiu responded shyly: "No need to be polite."

Yang Ying and a group of close friends came to support Gong Xi. As the bride's guests, she entertained Xun Ding and his entourage: "When Xun Yong'an comes, we must take this opportunity to make things difficult for him."

The enmity between her and Xun Ding was accumulated in the early years.

At that time, she was taught by Gong Xiqiu himself, but Gong Xiqiu didn't have that much time to take care of his apprentices, so he spent a lot of time with Xun Ding giving extra lessons.

Yang Ying often stayed by Gong Xilai's side to thwart Xun Ding, and they often became enemies.

Seeing Yang Ying gearing up, Gongxi couldn't help laughing.

"I'm afraid it won't be that easy..."

Xun Ding also hired a lot of helpers.

Yang Yingdao: "There are quite a few of us. Besides, who can compete with him in martial arts on a big day? Let's compete in literature."

Xun Ding's brain is not much bigger than Gong Xiqiu's.

While he was talking, the street outside the mansion was already lively.

Yang Ying suddenly became excited: "Xun Yongan is here 1

Before going to the front yard, she looked back at Gong Xi Lai, who always had a gentle smile on his face. She could no longer remember the dancing girl who was embarrassed and helpless, holding her clothes and begging when the noble lady and her servants made things difficult for her in the street.

.Her life is at its brightest.

In the front yard, Xun Ding, who was dressed like a red envelope, looked at Lin Feng who was holding a sword and blocking the way, with a bit of bitterness on his face - it would be fine if it were someone else, he could use force to break through, but Lin Feng, himself

If you dare to do this, you won't be dismantled by Chu Xiang.

He clasped his fists respectfully and begged for mercy in a low voice.

"Nvjun Lin, please show mercy."

Lin Feng smiled and said: "When someone entrusts you, you must do your best."

Xun Ding's eyes turned black.

There are all the female officials in the imperial court who can be counted!

This, this, this, isn't this sincerely trying to kill yourself?

Gong Xilai was sitting in the backyard eating snacks to replenish his energy. He didn't know what the eldest brother had done. The wedding clothes and accessories that were originally very heavy suddenly became as light as nothing, and he didn't feel the slightest pressure. From time to time, there was a burst of noise from the front yard.

There was a lot of noise.

She sighed: "Oh, it's a pity to miss the excitement."

The melons you can't eat are the most fragrant.

Gong Xiqiu and Jimo Qiu were sitting on the left and right in the hall.

One of them crossed his chest with his hands, closed his eyes and rested his mind.

One of them held a wooden stick in his arms and looked at the beams in trance.

Gongxi came and waited, but Xun Ding couldn't wait. She watched the sun above her head tilted to a large angle. She was almost full from eating snacks, and she felt a little irritated in her heart: "Why hasn't Xun Yong'an come yet? Why don't you come again?"

Come here, the auspicious time is about to pass."

Gong Xiqiu said quietly: "It's okay. Our clan always starts the wedding ceremony when the moon is at its peak. It's still early."

He didn't want to see that cheap addition at all.

Gong Xilai was curious: "So late?"

Gong Xiqiu said: "The scenery is beautiful only when it is dark."

Gong Xilai didn't understand what it meant.

Gong Xiqiu was not in a hurry to explain. He just glanced at Jimo Qiu and said, "Don't worry, we will know when the time comes."

He is not in a hurry, but people outside are worried.

Lin Feng and the others did not make things too difficult.

Finally, when the auspicious time was approaching, Xun Ding was released with a handful of sea water, allowing him to successfully reach the backyard where Gong Xilai was.

Looking at the big red envelope surrounded by people, Gong Xiqiu couldn't bear to look at it and closed his eyes: "The aesthetics of the secular world are really vulgar."

Not only is it vulgar, it's also eye-catching.

Gong Xiqiu waved his hand: "Brother, let them open their eyes."

Xun Ding, however, seemed to be in a state of stress. He instantly raised his vigilance and changed his strides into small steps, fearing that there would be a big hole under any brick waiting for him to fall into. Obviously, he was overthinking.

Jimo Qiu stood up, the wooden stick in his hand blooming with brilliance.

With a buzzing sound, invisible waves spread across the royal capital.

"Bai Hui contains Ying, open formation 1


Shen Tang, who was sitting in the main seat of Xun Mansion, suddenly straightened up.

Xun Zhen noticed her movements and looked worried.

"My lord?"

Before Shen Tang could speak, there was already a commotion outside the house.

"Flowers! So many flowers1"

"The flowers are blooming 1


Ah, I want to buy clothes now that I'm a little thinner. I've been shopping for clothes for two weeks in a row. There are so many beautiful clothes. It feels so good, but my wallet feels a little sore.


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