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Crazy Owl No. 1

Crazy Owl No. 1

author:Time is eternal

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 12:22

Latest chapter:Chapter 2650 Hand over your Najie

The King of the West, the Lord of the Shadow Sect! A unicorn descended from the sky, a great blessing for the country! A generation of war god, Ling Hao! Five years ago, his adoptive father's family was exterminated. He narrowly escaped death and was saved by Qin Yuxin, but was then taken away by a mysterious man. Five years later, a text message from his daughter brought him back to the world of mortals from the battlefield of swords and swords. He protected his family, fought against nobles, and drove away foreign enemies... The dragon entered the sea, and the storm surged...

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《Crazy Owl No. 1》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2650 Hand over your Najie
Chapter 2649 What is that?!
Chapter 2648 The entrance is sealed!
Chapter 2647 Brother, I’m joking!
Chapter 2646 It is indeed related to the Chaos Compass
Chapter 2645 Joining the Imperial Guard
Chapter 2644 Chaos world is a bit exaggerated
Chapter 2643 Imperial City
Chapter 2642 Entering the World of Chaos
《Crazy Owl No. 1》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 She's Really My Daughter
Chapter 2 One step late
Chapter 3 The wrath of the Eastern District
Chapter 4 Endless grievances
Chapter 5 Martial Law in the City
Chapter 6 Sorry!
Chapter 7 Infinite Guilt
Chapter 8 News from the Daughter
Chapter 9 Cloud City Underground Emperor
Chapter 10 Killing Intent
Chapter 11 How Is It Possible
Chapter 12 She's My Daughter
Chapter 13 The Lei Family Comes
Chapter 14 The Assembly
Chapter 15 Lei Family Courtyard
Chapter 16 Ask the Superintendent for Instructions
Chapter 17 Long time no see
Chapter 18 Slash
Chapter 19 Let me take care of you
Chapter 20
Chapter 21 I'm not even an ant
Chapter 22 Collecting Interest
Chapter 23 You decide for yourself
Chapter 24
Chapter 25 Calls from the capital
Chapter 26 The Developer's Trick
Chapter 27 He's My Fiance
Chapter 28 The Qin Family
Chapter 29 Daddy Won't Lie
Chapter 30 Cao Dongquan and his people
Chapter 31 The Eighth Master of Dongzhou
Chapter 32 Is it a general level?
Chapter 33 Resignation Report
Chapter 34 Disapproval
Chapter 35 The Neighbor's Gratitude
Chapter 36 Zhao Family Finds Clues
Chapter 37 The Great Deed
Chapter 38
Chapter 39 Qin Ming Comes to the Door
Chapter 40
Chapter 41 Lu Jun and his people
Chapter 42 Lu Jun's Fear
Chapter 43 Qin Yuxin's Doubt
Chapter 44 Mido Garbage
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47 Please forgive Ling Shao
Chapter 48 I Killed!
Chapter 49 Taoist Medical Skills
Chapter 50 Its him!
Chapter 51 Burning the bridge across the river
Chapter 52 Crazy Qin Ming
Chapter 53 You will be unemployed soon
Chapter 54 Master Jians despair
Chapter 55 Liu Jiayao is proud of the spring breeze
Chapter 56 Liu Jiayaos fear
Chapter 57 You wont be alone for long
Chapter 58 Zhao Family Courtyard
Chapter 59 Just one move
Chapter 60 The eldest young master of the Zhao family arrives
Chapter 61 Tell him who I am!
Chapter 62 Another secret
Chapter 63 The three major families come to an end
Chapter 64 I believe you
Chapter 65 Midang comes to visit
Chapter 66 Cut off an arm
Chapter 67 Rented, right?
Chapter 68 I paid the money
Chapter 69 We are a family
Chapter 70 Clues
Chapter 71 Playing tricks
Chapter 72 Black Mountain Eagle
Chapter 73 Important clues
Chapter 74 Buying clothes with Yuxin
Chapter 75 The eldest son of the Zhou family
Chapter 76 You are fired
Chapter 77 The fear of the head of the Zhou family
Chapter 78 The breath of blood alcoholism
Chapter 79 Big move
Chapter 80 What the other party wants
Chapter 81 You have crossed the line
Chapter 82 Blood Rakshasa
Chapter 83 One month
Chapter 84 Qin Yuxins Changes
Chapter 85 Frog in the Well
Chapter 86 Overseas Xiaoxiao
Chapter 87 Living impatiently
Chapter 88 Are you very proud?
Chapter 89 As you wish
Chapter 90 Mr. Yuans identity
Chapter 91 The news came back
Chapter 92 The Judges Confusion
Chapter 93 Jianghai Dandy
Chapter 94 Heart of the Universe
Chapter 95 Emergency Situation
Chapter 96 Its you
Chapter 97 Special Mission
Chapter 98 Qin Yuxins Interview
Chapter 99 People do evil
Chapter 100 Cant Live
Chapter 101 The Head of the Huang Family
Chapter 102 Highly anticipated
Chapter 103 Qin Yuxins Thoughts
Chapter 104 What a coincidence
Chapter 105 Poetry and Picturesque
Chapter 106 Everyones Attention
Chapter 107 Silence is better than sound at this time
Chapter 108 Two Gods of War
Chapter 109 Thank you for not killing me
Chapter 110 News about Mrs. Peony
Chapter 111 Very Arrogant
Chapter 112 Never heard of it
Chapter 113 Someone comes from the dark world
Chapter 114: Blood Demon Hall Fire Mei
Chapter 115 Huo Meis Fear
Chapter 116 Are you really the God of War?
Chapter 117 Blood Shadow Crazy Sword
Chapter 118 Departure to the Dark World
Chapter 119 Ghost Blood Demon King
Chapter 120 Dark Domain Messenger
Chapter 121 A Map
Chapter 122 Laying out the Dark World
Chapter 123 A Little Goodbye is Better than a New Marriage
Chapter 124 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 125 Take them all away
Chapter 126 The Second Master of the Ma Family
Chapter 127 Ma Hongchangs Reliance
Chapter 128 S-Class Wanted Criminal
Chapter 129 Mo Xiangchun
Chapter 130 Face Full of Horror
Chapter 131 Mrs. Peony
Chapter 132 Flower Protector
Chapter 133 The truth is cruel
Chapter 134 Endless Hatred
Chapter 135 Who and Tit-for-Tat
Chapter 136 He is indeed excellent
Chapter 137 Office Politics
Chapter 138 Just dont do it
Chapter 139 You two were fired
Chapter 140 The major case three years ago
Chapter 141 Confusing
Chapter 142 Butcher Li
Chapter 143 The God of War is Consummated
Chapter 144 Please come back, you three.
Chapter 145 There is a mole in the shadow gate
Chapter 146 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 147 The last chance
Chapter 148 Wu Jianqiangs Reliance
Chapter 149 Murder in the Parking Lot
Chapter 150 Five sharp knives
Chapter 151 The Marquis of Zhongzhou
Chapter 152 You are cheating on me!
Chapter 153 Something happened to the Li family
Chapter 154 Shadow Gate Worm
Chapter 155 Zhang Family Courtyard
Chapter 156 The Worm Appears
Chapter 157 The Stubborn Disease of the Shadow Sect
Chapter 158 Something happened to Qin Yufei
Chapter 159 Wu Family Courtyard
Chapter 160 Despair
Chapter 161 Arriving in time
Chapter 162 Death of Wu Tianquan
Chapter 163 Meeting the Black Lord Again
Chapter 164 The truth three years ago
Chapter 165 Qin Yuxin gets promoted
Chapter 166 Dandy looking for trouble
Chapter 167 The Young Master of a Rich Family
Chapter 168 Meet Xiaoxiao again
Chapter 169 The Special Patrol Division wants to appoint someone
Chapter 170 Dont understand the rules
Chapter 171 Another person comes to the dark world
Chapter 172 The person who killed you
Chapter 173 Lengyue Sword Technique
Chapter 174 Governor of the Shadow Gate
Chapter 175 Born to be charming
Chapter 176 My eldest brother is a doctor
Chapter 177 The Nether Sect Master Arrives
Chapter 178 The tip of the iceberg
Chapter 179 Just one knife
Chapter 180 Five sharp knives
Chapter 181 A beautiful woman is looking for you
Chapter 182 Departing from the Capital
Chapter 183 Interception halfway
Chapter 184 Is this okay?
Chapter 185 What crime was committed?
Chapter 186 The first bird, beheaded
Chapter 187 Supreme Commander of the War Department
Chapter 188 The battle is not small
Chapter 189 No need to give me face
Chapter 190 Leng Yuezhan
Chapter 191 Really Dare to Kill
Chapter 192 Subjugation
Chapter 193 I wont do it
Chapter 194 You need to lose weight
Chapter 195 Something happened in the East District
Chapter 196 Holy Light Sect
Chapter 197 Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 198 A fair fight
Chapter 199 The old man is crazy
Chapter 200 Stationed in the East for Three Months
Chapter 201 Everything is up to the big brother
Chapter 202 The general manager resigned
Chapter 203 Attending the reception
Chapter 204 The background seems to be quite big
Chapter 205 Scared to Pee
Chapter 206 New President
Chapter 207 Someone recognized Qin Yuxin
Chapter 208 Late Night Killing Bureau
Chapter 209 There is no cure
Chapter 210 Wanting to subjugate the country
Chapter 211 Return to the West
Chapter 212 Anyone who stands in the way will be killed!
Chapter 213 I will fight with you
Chapter 214 The Master of the Voodoo Sect
Chapter 215 Those who plot chaos
Chapter 216 Blood Shadow Imperial Guard
Chapter 217 Whether to release
Chapter 218 Return to the Chu Family
Chapter 219 The background of the clan
Chapter 220 The Combat Power of the Blood Guards
Chapter 221 Four dead and one injured
Chapter 222 The old monster takes action
Chapter 223 Want to see Xi Wangs trump card
Chapter 224 The Chu family is destroyed
Chapter 225 Something happened to the company
Chapter 226 The situation is serious
Chapter 227 Who instigated you?
Chapter 228 The body was stolen
Chapter 229 The culprit
Chapter 230 A visitor from the Yan family
Chapter 231 Can sin not lead to death?
Chapter 232 Something happened again
Chapter 233 The First Sister Jiang Hai
Chapter 234 The person who takes action
Chapter 235 Jade-Faced Scholar
Chapter 236 Roses Choice
Chapter 237 Lord Buddha
Chapter 238 Wushan Old Monster
Chapter 239 The End of the Hero
Chapter 240 The Pan familys reaction
Chapter 241 Another one who is not afraid of death
Chapter 242 Qiangweis explanation
Chapter 243 Am I right?
Chapter 244: Having an affair with my brother-in-law?
Chapter 245 Thunder Attacks
Chapter 246 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 247 Cant get out of this door
Chapter 248 Xue Zhongrui appears
Chapter 249 Murderous intent permeates the air
Chapter 250 Are you Ling Shuai!?
Chapter 251 There are still trump cards
Chapter 252 Exiting the Gate Queue
Chapter 253 The culprit is destroyed!
Chapter 254 The Straight Man
Chapter 255 Rogue Husband
Chapter 256 Yin evil magic
Chapter 257 Come to the door
Chapter 258 True Strength
Chapter 259 The Three Dangyi Tribes
Chapter 260 The Yuan familys helper
Chapter 261 Sin does not lead to death
Chapter 262 Fatty is not short of money
Chapter 263 Something happened in Midang
Chapter 264 The situation is unknown
Chapter 265 There is indeed an ambush
Chapter 266 The situation is worrying
Chapter 267 In Danger Again
Chapter 268 Just one knife
Chapter 269 Military Judgment
Chapter 270 All parties gather together
Chapter 271 Clean up a batch first
Chapter 272 Burning Heaven Clan Appears
Chapter 273: The Death of the Burning Sky Demon
Chapter 274 Relics of the Strong
Chapter 275 Theres Something Else
Chapter 276 The strong warrior king, die!
Chapter 277 Something seems to have happened again
Chapter 278 The Fang Family Dandy
Chapter 279 At least hundreds of thousands
Chapter 280 Someone from the Fang family comes
Chapter 281 Stop them
Chapter 282 The evil sect makes trouble
Chapter 283 Begging for a bowl of water
Chapter 284 The Yinxu Sects Lair
Chapter 285 Weird Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 286 Yinxu Sect, destroyed!
Chapter 287 The end of the Fang family
Chapter 288 Her name is Xiao Lingwei
Chapter 289: Trapping people to death without paying for their lives
Chapter 290 Some things should be dealt with
Chapter 291 Return to the capital
Chapter 292 Drive in directly
Chapter 293 Whose Slippers
Chapter 294 The background of the Xiao family
Chapter 295 Four War Sects
Chapter 296 Murong Zhenxius Strength
Chapter 297 Everything is retribution
Chapter 298 You really dont know me anymore?
Chapter 299 Recognition of old friends
Chapter 300 Someone coming from the Yamen
Chapter 301 Then behead him
Chapter 302 People from Dongyuan Kingdom
Chapter 303 Brother, do you want to kill him?
Chapter 304 Da Xia is not afraid of anyone
Chapter 305 Conditions of Dongyuan Kingdom
Chapter 306 How can I allow you to be so presumptuous?
Chapter 307 Final Answer
Chapter 308 Intention to assassinate important ministers of Great Xia
Chapter 309 Half-Year Period
Chapter 310 The eternal pain in Ling Shuais heart
Chapter 311 Someone is making trouble
Chapter 312 The backstage is very hard
Chapter 313 The journey of life ends here
Chapter 314 Something happened to Mr. Hei
Chapter 315 Meeting Mo Ge again
Chapter 316: Not eating the fireworks of the world
Chapter 317 Miss Fan Family
Chapter 318 Poor wanted criminal
Chapter 319 The killer appears
Chapter 320 Whereabouts were leaked
Chapter 321 It was indeed the mole who did it
Chapter 322 The Fan family is in trouble
Chapter 323 Eat inside and outside
Chapter 324 Wang Biqins despair
Chapter 325 The Zou familys recipe
Chapter 326 Ling Shuai wants to fish
Chapter 327 The fish is coming
Chapter 328: Standing out
Chapter 329 Who gave you the right?
Chapter 330 The Wang Familys Choice
Chapter 331 Endless Regret
Chapter 332 The End of the Wang Family
Chapter 333 You are too much of a beast
Chapter 334 Broken Heart
Chapter 335 Robbery of civilian girls
Chapter 336 My surname is Ling, from the Western Region
Chapter 337 The leader of Mo Pavilion
Chapter 338 Murderous intent fills the sky
Chapter 339 Half-step War Emperor
Chapter 340 The dragon is in the sky
Chapter 341 Mars hits the Earth
Chapter 342 Qinglong lying on the gun
Chapter 343 Transforming the Eight Extraordinary Meridians
Chapter 344 Crisis in Rakshasa Hall
Chapter 345 Great Disparity in Strength
Chapter 346 Fight to the Death
Chapter 347 In a desperate situation
Chapter 348 Mysterious Man Helps
Chapter 349: Born to practice martial arts
Chapter 350: Hiding dirt and evil
Chapter 351 No wonder you are so domineering
Chapter 352: He is harboring a key criminal and deserves to be killed!
Chapter 353 Everything is ruined
Chapter 354 Then Ill kill you first
Chapter 355 Something happened to Ye Ji
Chapter 356 Ye Jis Death
Chapter 357 Taken away by Zhongtiansi
Chapter 358 Clues to Lengyue Scimitar
Chapter 359 Crazy Sword Sect
Chapter 360 The knife madman wants to cry
Chapter 361 The three-day deadline has expired
Chapter 362 Chu Jiayi appears
Chapter 363 Want to see the blood shadow sword technique
Chapter 364 Public trial of Ye Ji
Chapter 365 King Xi, wait!
Chapter 366 Brother, long time no see!
Chapter 367 The whole city was shocked
Chapter 368: Soldiers Arrive at Tan’s Manor
Chapter 369 The visitor is evil!
Chapter 370 The background of the Tan family
Chapter 371 Enough for the Yi tribe!
Chapter 372 The Origin of the Western King
Chapter 373 Tan Mingjun’s decision
Chapter 374 I will destroy his whole family directly
Chapter 375 Help Qinglong come to propose marriage
Chapter 376 Sounds like a lot of background
Chapter 377 Qinglong’s Apology
Chapter 378 I’m coming to see my big brother
Chapter 379 What is despair?
Chapter 380 Shadow Gate Base was attacked
Chapter 381 Half-step War Emperor!
Chapter 382 A strong man from the imperial realm enters the capital
Chapter 383 Kill the War Emperor with one sword?
Chapter 384 Forced by Situation
Chapter 385 Grow old slowly with you
Chapter 386 Something strange happens in the East District
Chapter 387 Sure enough
Chapter 388 Imperial Realm Inheritance
Chapter 389 New Year’s Eve
Chapter 390 Qin Yuxin’s shock
Chapter 391 Someone is setting up a trap
Chapter 392 Shocking Killing
Chapter 393 Miss Ouyang
Chapter 394 Gathering at the top of the mountain
Chapter 395 You underestimate Ling Shuai too much!
Chapter 396 Four powerful men join forces to attack
Chapter 397 Princess Xuanmen
Chapter 398 The strong warrior emperor dies!
Chapter 399 God’s will cannot be violated
Chapter 400 The Imperial Realm inheritance is real!
Chapter 401 Gang Qi Killing Formation
Chapter 402 Join forces to break the formation
Chapter 403 Finally Seeing the Inheritance
Chapter 404: Heavenly Evil Song
Chapter 405 His crime should be to destroy the sect!
Chapter 406 The three major sects are destroyed!
Chapter 407 Things happen everywhere
Chapter 408 Extremely Arrogant
Chapter 409 Things are not simple
Chapter 410 Involved in a major case
Chapter 411 You will definitely regret it!
Chapter 412 Big trouble!
Chapter 413 Ling Shuai, spare your life!
Chapter 414 The major case ten years ago
Chapter 415 White Tiger Emergency
Chapter 416 The Dark Territory Temple takes action
Chapter 417 Outrageous
Chapter 418 Don’t abandon or give up
Chapter 419 When to take action?
Chapter 420 Denial in every possible way
Chapter 421 The Wrath of Death
Chapter 422 The strength of the first branch hall
Chapter 423 Overturn!
Chapter 424 The Power of the Imperial Realm
Chapter 425 The anger of the Feng clan
Chapter 426 Neither of them is simple
Chapter 427 Automatically delivered to your door
Chapter 428 Ready to take action
Chapter 429 Mr. Wu wants to vent his anger
Chapter 430 The official is too young!
Chapter 431 Finally taking action
Chapter 432 Be prepared to catch sharks
Chapter 433 Wu Yali kills two birds with one stone
Chapter 434 Heavy troops suppress the situation
Chapter 435 Xuanwu, beheaded!
Chapter 436 The war breaks out
Chapter 437 Let’s set you back twenty years
Chapter 438 Leave half of their troops behind
Chapter 439 Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 440 Let the capital of Nanchi Kingdom disappear
Chapter 441 A strong man in the imperial realm dies and becomes crippled
Chapter 442 Losing the Car to Save the Commander
Chapter 443 Denounce the King of the West
Chapter 444: The clown who eats nothing with corpses
Chapter 445 There is only one word, get out!
Chapter 446 Qin Yuxin’s worries
Chapter 447 Murder in the Park
Chapter 448 Qin Yuxin is poisoned
Chapter 449 People from Beijian Kingdom
Chapter 450 Arrogant
Chapter 451: Driving the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 452 Xiaotian, all beheaded!
Chapter 453 A strong man from the Imperial Realm enters Dongzhou
Chapter 454 Kill with one sword
Chapter 455 Brother, I miss you so much!
Chapter 456 Weird Knife Coolness
Chapter 457 Departure from Tianzhou
Chapter 458 Wu Yali’s panic
Chapter 459 Cang Lang, kill him!
Chapter 460 The Wu Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 461 Anyone who obstructs him will be killed!
Chapter 462 Who is this idiot?
Chapter 463 The crime is extremely heinous, behead him!
Chapter 464 The case is transferred to the Central District War Department
Chapter 465 Something happened to another brother
Chapter 466 Cang Lang, cut off one of his arms
Chapter 467 Ten Thousand Yuan Returns to the Clan
Chapter 468 Things may not be simple
Chapter 469 Old Man Wang
Chapter 470 Just kill him
Chapter 471 What are the two powerful men planning?
Chapter 472 Cang Lang was severely injured
Chapter 473 Being rejected from the sect
Chapter 474 Another Killing Game
Chapter 475 The situation is worrying
Chapter 476 Xuan Pang’s Poison Technique
Chapter 477 Are you having fun chasing?
Chapter 478 The Legend of Green Shirt
Chapter 479 Chiyang Sect, destroyed!
Chapter 480 The boundless sea of suffering turns back to shore
Chapter 481 War Emperor Xiaocheng dies!
Chapter 482 The time has not yet come for this matter!
Chapter 483 Something happened to He Yunbo
Chapter 484 SSS Special Service Team
Chapter 485 The room smells of blood
Chapter 486 It’s really a scam
Chapter 487 Dao Yunfei’s Crisis
Chapter 488 Confusing
Chapter 489 Surfaced
Chapter 490 Traces of the Fourth Jade Pendant
Chapter 491 Something strange happens in Dongzhou
Chapter 492 The Qin family’s banquet
Chapter 493: Brother, do you want to kill him directly?
Chapter 494 Meet the big shots in Dongzhou
Chapter 495 The other party takes action
Chapter 496 The visitor is evil
Chapter 497 Fighting against Two Emperor Realm Powerful Men
Chapter 498 Since you are here, please stay
Chapter 499 The melee in the banquet hall
Chapter 500 Soldiers Arrive at Kunlun Town
Chapter 501 Mo Huang, the Master of Mo Pavilion
Chapter 502 Ni Xin’s combat power
Chapter 503 The sword light from the sky
Chapter 504: Why use a knife to defeat you!
Chapter 505 A strong man in the middle stage of the Imperial Realm
Chapter 506: Hand over the jade pendant in exchange for a life
Chapter 507 Mo Pavilion is in danger!
Chapter 508 The catastrophe a hundred years ago
Chapter 509 The truth about the jade pendant
Chapter 510 Born for Daxia!
Chapter 511 Daxia is nothing to worry about?!
Chapter 512 I’m afraid it’s not that simple
Chapter 513: Will my sister-in-law be in danger?
Chapter 514 Remove the word “possible”
Chapter 515 People from the Metropolitan Health Department
Chapter 516 Sure enough, it was done by a wealthy family
Chapter 517 The Genius Hidden by the Family
Chapter 518 How about killing them all?
Chapter 519 The Eight Prides of Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 520 Tianshan Sword Technique
Chapter 521: The newly formed War Emperor, is he very strong?
Chapter 522 Does she like you very much?
Chapter 523 The ruthless young master’s drunken intentions
Chapter 524 Ling Shuai accepted the challenge
Chapter 525 The day of the battle
Chapter 526 Something happened to Mourinho.
Chapter 527 Is this the end?!
Chapter 528 Border Situation
Chapter 529 Then die!
Chapter 530 Anvic’s despair
Chapter 531 The situation is a bit out of control
Chapter 532 The end of King Xi?
Chapter 533 Liang Shuai, kill another hundred people!
Chapter 534 Xi Wang’s trump card!
Chapter 535: Once you become emperor, you will at least achieve great success
Chapter 536: What will Snow Eagle Country do to deal with the aftermath?
Chapter 537 The palace of Snow Eagle Kingdom was shocked
Chapter 538 Can Snow Eagle Kingdom dare to fight?
Chapter 539 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 540 News about the fifth jade pendant
Chapter 541 Give me some advice
Chapter 542 A critical moment
Chapter 543 Miss, leave quickly!
Chapter 544 Locking in Mo Pavilion’s Lair
Chapter 545 I got used to it after vomiting.
Chapter 546 The first murder!
Chapter 547 The Sinner of Mo Pavilion
Chapter 548 Black Blood Sword Formation
Chapter 549 Breaking the Formation with One Sword
Chapter 550 Mo Ming sacrifices to heaven!
Chapter 551 Mo Pavilion’s treasure
Chapter 552 Miss Mo’s fate
Chapter 553: Rich as a Country
Chapter 554 Invisible Killing Formation
Chapter 555 The Magical Ink Pond
Chapter 556 Something happened to Dao Yunfei
Chapter 557 Xuan Chenxi comes to the capital
Chapter 558 You only have one chance to take action
Chapter 559 Qingqiong Sword
Chapter 560: Kill the late stage of Dacheng with one sword
Chapter 561 Die! Or surrender!
Chapter 562 The task assigned to Lian Haoxi
Chapter 563 The Prime Minister’s Visit
Chapter 564 Xuan Chenxi’s position
Chapter 565 Return to the Dark World
Chapter 566 Target, Dark Territory Temple!
Chapter 567 I will tell you before you die
Chapter 568 The war breaks out
Chapter 569: A near miss
Chapter 570 Fierce and hearty battle!
Chapter 571 Sorry, you are the one who died
Chapter 572 Fighting the God of Death
Chapter 573 Death’s trump card
Chapter 574 A step too late
Chapter 575 Death of the God of Death!
Chapter 576 Someone coming from the guardian world
Chapter 577 The benefactor appears again
Chapter 578 There’s a long way to go
Chapter 579 Let me see your sincerity
Chapter 580 Target, First Branch Hall
Chapter 581 Suzaku, kill a hundred people first
Chapter 582 Easily control the situation
Chapter 583 Restarting the Dragon and Phoenix List
Chapter 584 Qin Yuxin is going to Tianshan
Chapter 585 Clues to the Jade Pendant
Chapter 586 Mr. Wuying
Chapter 587: Brother, should I kill or not?
Chapter 588: Brother, should you accept her?
Chapter 589 The bones are very hard
Chapter 590 The playboy of the eight arrogant ancient martial arts
Chapter 591: Adjusting the 500,000 Blood Shadow Team
Chapter 592 The Qiu family belongs to the Yi clan
Chapter 593 The Death of Young Master Wuying
Chapter 594 The Valley of Broken Love Emerges
Chapter 595 Su Fang comes from the Valley of Broken Love
Chapter 596 Coming to the Valley of Broken Love
Chapter 597 This place that harbors filth and evil must be destroyed!
Chapter 598 Kill the Crazy Wolf with a Knife
Chapter 599 People from two major sects arrive
Chapter 600 Menacing
Chapter 601 You have no chance anymore
Chapter 602 Battle against two peak war emperors
Chapter 603 Two old antiques died!
Chapter 604 The people from Broken Love Valley appear
Chapter 605 Big brother is helping you clean up the mole
Chapter 606: The Destruction of the Divine Monk
Chapter 607 The owner of the Valley of Broken Love appears
Chapter 608 Fake Valley Owner
Chapter 609 The real owner appears
Chapter 610 Zen Void Forbidden Technique
Chapter 611 Xi Wang’s trump card
Chapter 612 The fifth jade pendant
Chapter 613 Qian Qing’s identity
Chapter 614 The world is full of wonders
Chapter 615 The treasure of the Valley of Broken Love
Chapter 616 It’s really a good thing
Chapter 617 The Crisis of the Sword Sect
Chapter 618 Cleaning the Valley of Broken Love
Chapter 619 Baptism in the spiritual spring, talent surges
Chapter 620 More beautiful than mother
Chapter 621 Departure from Knife Town
Chapter 622 Gathering in the Sword Sect
Chapter 623 Anjia’s drunkard intentions
Chapter 624 It’s just a matter of one knife anyway
Chapter 625 Dao Lao appears
Chapter 626 Are you going to kill the Dao Sect?
Chapter 627 Die without regrets!
Chapter 628 The Death of the Slender Hand Goddess
Chapter 629 Cangxu Academy will be expelled
Chapter 630 Give you a chance to commit suicide
Chapter 631 This matter is settled
Chapter 632 The Sword Sect’s secret technique to suppress the sect
Chapter 633 Dao Lao teaches the sword art
Chapter 634 The Dragon and Phoenix Ranking Competition is about to be held
Chapter 635 Miss Xuan is jealous?
Chapter 636 Beijian Kingdom has other plans
Chapter 637 Can’t take a single move
Chapter 638 Half-step to the Supreme Power
Chapter 639 The First Trial of the Overlord Sword Judgment
Chapter 640 The Eternal Heroes of Daxia Kingdom
Chapter 641 White Tiger’s Arrangement
Chapter 642 Arriving at the ancient city
Chapter 643 Of course it’s demolishing the house!
Chapter 644 Where are the monsters causing trouble?
Chapter 645 The genius of the super sect
Chapter 646: Murder an important war official, die!
Chapter 647 Planning to use a honey trap?
Chapter 648 Cang Lang’s Family Feud
Chapter 649 Xiaoxiao from Beijian Kingdom, kill!
Chapter 650 Foreign warriors will be executed
Chapter 651: It’s full of people and lively
Chapter 652 Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 653 The competition begins
Chapter 654 Han Yue’s opponent
Chapter 655 I’ll try not to hurt your face
Chapter 656 My mother called me home!
Chapter 657 Killing in the middle of the night
Chapter 658: Battle against a powerful person in the Supreme Realm
Chapter 659 Five Elements Secret Technique, Water Technique
Chapter 660 The King of the West is injured
Chapter 661 Rumors are flying everywhere
Chapter 662: Everyone is useless!
Chapter 663 His surname is Ling and he comes from the Western Region!
Chapter 664 Ask the King of the West for advice!
Chapter 665 The top 100 qualifying competition begins
Chapter 666 Tan Mingjun’s Danger
Chapter 667 Pull out his beard one by one
Chapter 668 He comes from Wuhen Villa
Chapter 669 Let him apologize in person!
Chapter 670 Don’t leave yourself too many regrets
Chapter 671 Miss Qingtian Dao Sect
Chapter 672 Want to fall out? I’m always with you!
Chapter 673 Brother Ling Hao, do you want to kill him or not?
Chapter 674 A big white fish
Chapter 675 You really can’t offend a woman!
Chapter 676: Concealing the truth, a good trick!
Chapter 677 Kill everyone without mercy!
Chapter 678 Killing the Half-Step Supreme
Chapter 679 Millennium Genius, well-deserved!
Chapter 680 The Supreme Heart Sutra
Chapter 681 The last day of the competition
Chapter 682 Tiansha Qu reappears in the world
Chapter 683 Young Pavilion Master, surrender quickly!
Chapter 684 Battle against the genius Gu Yihan
Chapter 685 Signing a life and death certificate!
Chapter 686 Gu Yihan’s trump card!
Chapter 687 Finally shows up!
Chapter 688 King Xi, are you serious?
Chapter 689 The ultimate path of Tianjiao
Chapter 690 The Nine Yi Clans
Chapter 691 Some accounts should be settled!
Chapter 692 Everyone enters the realm of war emperor
Chapter 693 Arrival at Qingtian Dao Sect
Chapter 694: Leader, something big happened!
Chapter 695 Anyone who dares to be disrespectful to elder brother shall be killed!
Chapter 696 Is this a fight for the number of people?
Chapter 697 Fierce battle breaks out!
Chapter 698 You are the one who died!
Chapter 699 The Meng family’s unique skill, Badie Quan!
Chapter 700 The foundation of the super sect
Chapter 701 The young master of Tianshan is so terrifying!
Chapter 702 The old antique from Qingtian Dao Sect
Chapter 703 A visitor from Tianshan Mountain
Chapter 704 Hidden deep enough!
Chapter 705 News about Qin Yuxin
Chapter 706 Cangxu College, destroyed!
Chapter 707 A little more fairy spirit
Chapter 708: A Little Goodbye Is Better than a New Marriage
Chapter 709 Another murderous intention!
Chapter 710 Qin Yuxin’s Strength
Chapter 711 Do they want to be exterminated?
Chapter 712 Undercurrent
Chapter 713 Lian Haoxi commits suicide
Chapter 714 The Crisis of the Lian Family
Chapter 715: The Peak of the War Emperor, Killed with One Sword
Chapter 716 Go down and accompany your companions!
Chapter 717 One day is too long!
Chapter 718 You underestimate the Prime Minister!
Chapter 719 Cleanup Operation
Chapter 720 Any obstruction is treated as an ally!
Chapter 721 Read out the evidence of guilt!
Chapter 722 Kill Shaoqing with a knife!
Chapter 723 Someone from the Cabinet
Chapter 724 Are you here on behalf of the cabinet?
Chapter 725 Really kill!
Chapter 726 Brother, you can’t die!
Chapter 727 King Xi, life or death unknown!
Chapter 728 It’s scary to think about it!
Chapter 729 Desperate Cheng Yu
Chapter 730 Are you qualified to fight with me?
Chapter 731 The biggest crisis
Chapter 732 Transfer of personnel from the four war departments
Chapter 733 A brand new world
Chapter 734 Gathering in the Capital
Chapter 735 The first wave of impact is coming
Chapter 736 What kind of cultivation level does the Prime Minister have?
Chapter 737 Departure from Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 738 Arriving in Kunlun, Xiaoxiao appears
Chapter 739 Wishful thinking in the ancient martial arts world
Chapter 740: The sect will be expelled within one month!
Chapter 741 Crisis in Dongzhou
Chapter 742 I’ll give you a ride first
Chapter 743 Working for the King of the West is a blessing in life
Chapter 744 The strongest man in Dongyuan Kingdom
Chapter 745 The most powerful man dies!
Chapter 746 Border crisis?
Chapter 747 The Price of Provocation
Chapter 748 Climbing to the top of Kunlun
Chapter 749 Ninety-Five Supreme
Chapter 750 The most humble person is invincible
Chapter 751 The Dragon Lord of the Country
Chapter 752 Protect me, Daxia, and prosper with the trend
Chapter 753: Baptism of National Destiny, Nirvana and Rebirth
Chapter 754: Create a prosperous world in your lifetime
Chapter 755 Xiaoxiao makes trouble
Chapter 756 A critical moment
Chapter 757 The rise of Daxia, God’s will is inevitable
Chapter 758: Overseas Xiaoxiao, one after another
Chapter 759 Daxia, not afraid of anyone!
Chapter 760 Is the legend true?!
Chapter 761 Half the success
Chapter 762 Creating a Millennium of Prosperity
Chapter 763 Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 764 The rise of Daxia is unstoppable
Chapter 765 Have you ever thought about the consequences?
Chapter 766 A real breakthrough!
Chapter 767 Sister Yun, let me tell you something
Chapter 768 Dragon-shaped mark, bloodline origin
Chapter 769 Departing from the Eastern Bee Kingdom
Chapter 770: Kill anyone you encounter, never show mercy!
Chapter 771 It’s your own fault and you’ll reap the consequences
Chapter 772 The Crazy Lord of Dongfeng Kingdom
Chapter 773 What explanation do you want?
Chapter 774 What if I kill you with one knife?
Chapter 775 The most powerful man dies!
Chapter 776: Brother, why don’t you just kill me?
Chapter 777 A tender moment
Chapter 778 Some accounts should be settled!
Chapter 779 Those who abandon their cultivation will live!
Chapter 780 Just one knife!
Chapter 781 Reappearance of the Five Elements Secret Technique
Chapter 782 Lu Yue, kill him!
Chapter 783 Waste Utilization
Chapter 784 Departure for the Murong Family
Chapter 785 Past Events
Chapter 786: Fear of being close to home
Chapter 787 Murong Yuanqing’s face
Chapter 788 The background is indeed not small!
Chapter 789 Are you brother Ling Yi?!
Chapter 790 Shuffling the Murong Family
Chapter 791 Are you really the young master?!
Chapter 792 Grandpa is still alive?
Chapter 793 This news is so shocking!
Chapter 794 Two beauties were blocked
Chapter 795 Thousand Shadows Illusion
Chapter 796 Don’t kill the unknown people
Chapter 797 Let the war begin!
Chapter 798 The Prizes of the Warrior Competition
Chapter 799 The championship is decided in Daxia!
Chapter 800 If anyone stands in the way, kill him!
Chapter 801 Something happened to Lu Yue and Xiao Fei
Chapter 802 The man from Guling
Chapter 803 He left it to you, do you have confidence?
Chapter 804 The great revenge is avenged!
Chapter 805 The injury is serious
Chapter 806 The whole story
Chapter 807 The Feng clan’s drunken intentions
Chapter 808: Be more low-key in your next life!
Chapter 809 The power of mental attacks
Chapter 810 Preparing for the Warrior Competition
Chapter 811 The eighth-level strongman invades
Chapter 812 Fairy Sister
Chapter 813 Disgraced Tianshan
Chapter 814 Because you are handsome?
Chapter 815 Daxia does not need to form an alliance
Chapter 816: If you persist for one round, you win.
Chapter 817 Husband, did you just kill him?
Chapter 818 Departing for Xidian Country
Chapter 819 They are all acquaintances
Chapter 820 Another princess comes
Chapter 821 The competition begins
Chapter 822 Ling Shuai’s strategy
Chapter 823 The hunting is in progress
Chapter 824: Trapping people to death without paying for their lives
Chapter 825 The Black Whistle Reappears
Chapter 826 Believe it or not, I will kill you too
Chapter 827 The organizing committee publicly apologizes
Chapter 828 Some debts must be paid!
Chapter 829 The Despair of the Yade Family
Chapter 830: Sinking your Xidian country
Chapter 831 The Yade family is destroyed!
Chapter 832 Killing the Princess of Beijian Kingdom
Chapter 833 You can’t wait for that day
Chapter 834 Where is the promised sky and darkness?
Chapter 835 The Last Day
Chapter 836 One-time solution
Chapter 837 The Last Battle
Chapter 838 Let me show you what despair is
Chapter 839 You all must die!
Chapter 840 The people of Daxia are surrounded
Chapter 841 Please calm down the fairy
Chapter 842 The combat power of the Xidian Palace
Chapter 843 No One Survived
Chapter 844 Let your king come out to see me
Chapter 845 Facing the east and bowing three times
Chapter 846 Temporary Tranquility
Chapter 847 You call this a house?
Chapter 848 Mr. Tang, narrow escape from death
Chapter 849 The ancient martial arts world wants to form an alliance
Chapter 850 Miss Fengyun Holy Sect
Chapter 851 Yunfei, break one of her arms
Chapter 852 It’s a big deal
Chapter 853 The naive Fengyun Holy Sect
Chapter 854 There will be no Yin Yang Temple after today
Chapter 855 Dragon Lord’s true combat power
Chapter 856 Yin Yang Temple, surrender!
Chapter 857 Finally willing to show up
Chapter 858 Extremely Crazy
Chapter 859 Fengyun Holy Sect Old Antique
Chapter 860 Bloodline Power
Chapter 861 A visitor from the Xuanyuan family
Chapter 862 Meet the Young Patriarch
Chapter 863 Fengyun Holy Sect, surrender!
Chapter 864 Young Patriarch, come back to the clan with me
Chapter 865 If you commit the following crimes, do you know the crime?
Chapter 866 Lord Long, please take off your clothes
Chapter 867: Once in a Thousand Years, Golden Bloodline
Chapter 868 Xuanyuan Family
Chapter 869 Abnormalities in the Bloodline Pool
Chapter 870 A rare meeting in a thousand years
Chapter 871 The most humble person is invincible
Chapter 872 Qin Yuxin’s trump card
Chapter 873 I really look down on you!
Chapter 874 Three days and three nights
Chapter 875 The dragon appears and the Holy Son awakens!
Chapter 876: Combat Power after Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 877 A new journey
Chapter 878 Chaotic City
Chapter 879 The residual blood gate seeking death
Chapter 880 Bloodbath at the Residual Blood Gate
Chapter 881 We are a member of Daxia Kingdom!
Chapter 882 The life-saving bargaining chip of the leader of the Residual Blood Sect
Chapter 883 Xiao Xiao is seeking death again
Chapter 884: Kill one when you see one!
Chapter 885 You will not survive if you commit your own sin!
Chapter 886 The last pure land of mankind
Chapter 887 Daxia City City
Chapter 888 Conflict on the street
Chapter 889 Do you want to be the feudal king?
Chapter 890 Is the King of the West sixty years old?
Chapter 891 Harvesting a small cart of spirit stone mine
Chapter 892 The eldest young master of the Guo family who seeks death
Chapter 893 Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 894 Really beheaded?!
Chapter 895: Battle against the strongest in the Holy Realm
Chapter 896 Important clues
Chapter 897 It was indeed Xiao Xiao’s fault
Chapter 898 Shameless Scum
Chapter 899 Arriving at Lingquan
Chapter 900 Lingquan is well-deserved!
Chapter 901 Returning with a Full Load
Chapter 902 News from the Ice Palace
Chapter 903 A knife on the head of the word sex
Chapter 904 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 905 I am saving you!
Chapter 906 Love Hotel on a Snowy Night
Chapter 907 If you dare to kill my compatriots from Daxia, die!
Chapter 908 The master of love on a snowy night
Chapter 909 Something happened to Yuan Yijie
Chapter 910 The extremely arrogant Tao family
Chapter 911: Rebellion and injustice, the three Yi tribes
Chapter 912 Tao Qing, do you know your guilt?
Chapter 913: Clear up the source and rectify the city
Chapter 914 Departing from the Ice Palace
Chapter 915 Do you only have this strength?
Chapter 916 Battle against the Lord of the Ice Palace
Chapter 917 Let me show you what a miracle is!
Chapter 918 Big brother is going fishing again
Chapter 919 Departing for Adventure
Chapter 920 I really treat myself like an onion!
Chapter 921 The first wave of attacks
Chapter 922 She won’t like you anymore, right?
Chapter 923 The second level
Chapter 924 Iregina’s Crisis
Chapter 925 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 926 The Face of the Guardian World
Chapter 927 The end of the ice cave
Chapter 928 Fourth level monster
Chapter 929 Black Ice Snow Spirit Fruit
Chapter 930 Mr. Xuanyuan’s gift
Chapter 931 Half-Step to Sainthood
Chapter 932 It’s time to settle Dongfeng Nation’s debt!
Chapter 933 Mercenaries invited by Dongfeng Kingdom
Chapter 934 The deputy commander-in-chief of Beijian Kingdom appears
Chapter 935 The Eastern Bee Kingdom exits the polar snowy areas
Chapter 936 The situation is not optimistic
Chapter 937 Iregina’s Dilemma
Chapter 938 Snow Killing Bureau
Chapter 939 A group of sparring partners came
Chapter 940 Something happened again
Chapter 941 The situation is worrying
Chapter 942 Let’s see how many lives you have left to live!
Chapter 943 Beijian people take action
Chapter 944 The Crisis of Lu Yue and Everyone
Chapter 945 Breaking the mirror and becoming a saint
Chapter 946 If you want to fight, be thorough!
Chapter 947 Destination, Fengxue Hall!
Chapter 948 The road is rough
Chapter 949 There are people outside the world, and there is a sky outside the world.
Chapter 950 From the Central Domain
Chapter 951 Encountering Formation Again
Chapter 952 The combat power of Fengxuetang
Chapter 953 Only one chance
Chapter 954 The war is victorious
Chapter 955 The monster appears
Chapter 956 Miss Leng Xuemen
Chapter 957 Killing the ninth-level monster
Chapter 958 Choose one of the two, you decide
Chapter 959 The task assigned to Leng Xuemen
Chapter 960 Reappearance of the Killing Game
Chapter 961 I said I would kill you first!
Chapter 962: It’s time for reform in the guardian world
Chapter 963 Total Destruction
Chapter 964 Something happened to another compatriot
Chapter 965 The Chaotic Southern Territory
Chapter 966 Things are not that simple
Chapter 967 The sky is full of ice and snow
Chapter 968 The situation is not optimistic
Chapter 969 Battle against the Fifth Grade Holy Saint
Chapter 970 The Fairy Arrives
Chapter 971 The eldest lady of the Feng family is looking for you
Chapter 972 Snow Eagle Kingdom City Princess
Chapter 973 I have a little plan
Chapter 974 The chief of Snow Eagle City is going crazy
Chapter 975 Intercepted
Chapter 976 In a desperate situation
Chapter 977 Prepare to take action against Snow Eagle Country
Chapter 978 Troops Arrive at Snow Eagle Country
Chapter 979 Sorry, time is up!
Chapter 980 You are really ignorant!
Chapter 981 Gered’s Despair
Chapter 982 Ruins in the Southern Territory
Chapter 983 Entrance to the Ruins
Chapter 984 There is something more powerful
Chapter 985 The combat power of third-level spiritual beasts
Chapter 986 Under the sky, this is the only knife
Chapter 987 Second Grade Holy Saint
Chapter 988 Arriving at Western Union City
Chapter 989 From the Central Domain
Chapter 990 The big fish is coming
Chapter 991: Brother, when will we do it?
Chapter 992 The conference officially begins
Chapter 993 Unacceptable Result
Chapter 994 Give you a chance for revenge
Chapter 995 You have no chance anymore
Chapter 996 Meeting an acquaintance again
Chapter 997 The highlight begins
Chapter 998 The fierce battle begins
Chapter 999 Let me show you what despair is
Chapter 1000 Battle against the Fifth Grade Holy Saint
Chapter 1001 A hundred years of blood debt must be repaid
Chapter 1002 The war breaks out!
Chapter 1003 Miller’s trump card
Chapter 1004 Ling Hao’s Crisis
Chapter 1005 Finally meet!
Chapter 1006 The city of Beijian Kingdom overturned!
Chapter 1007 Recalling the Past
Chapter 1008 News about Father and Grandpa
Chapter 1009 Go to Lingquan again
Chapter 1010 The universe at the bottom of the spiritual spring
Chapter 1011 The team’s combat effectiveness increases again
Chapter 1012 Domestic News
Chapter 1013 Entering the Central Territory
Chapter 1014 Jiyu Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1015: Abandon your cultivation and drive him out!
Chapter 1016 City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 1017 The Situation in Tianlong City
Chapter 1018 Conflict Begins
Chapter 1019 Don’t plan to apologize?
Chapter 1020 As expected
Chapter 1021 Helping Mother Heal Her Injury
Chapter 1022 News about the Ice Mysterious Spirit Fruit
Chapter 1023 Aren’t you from Baicao Valley?
Chapter 1024 Changes in Baicao Valley
Chapter 1025 Help
Chapter 1026 The reason for the incident
Chapter 1027 Hell Flower
Chapter 1028 News about the Ice Mysterious Spirit Fruit
Chapter 1029 Herb Pill
Chapter 1030 The top of the snow mountain
Chapter 1031 Wasn’t it already extinct?
Chapter 1032 Ice Mysterious Spirit Fruit
Chapter 1033 Something really happened
Chapter 1034 The Crisis of Tianlong City
Chapter 1035 Everyone has their own ambitions, don’t force yourself!
Chapter 1036 The situation is not optimistic
Chapter 1037 This level is really difficult!
Chapter 1038 Stop being arrogant and accept your fate!
Chapter 1039 Cause and effect pay off
Chapter 1040 The war ends
Chapter 1041 Helping mother refine elixirs
Chapter 1042 Something might have happened
Chapter 1043 The situation in Demon City
Chapter 1044 Conflict begins!
Chapter 1045 Rushing to Demon City
Chapter 1046 You will definitely regret it!
Chapter 1047 Arriving in time
Chapter 1048 Ai Zhe’s Identity
Chapter 1049 Target, Extreme Cold Fort!
Chapter 1050 Lord Onaburg, long time no see!
Chapter 1051 Ona’s despair
Chapter 1052 Demonic City Changes Owners
Chapter 1053 The Most Holy One is Called God Emperor
Chapter 1054 Practicing sword skills
Chapter 1055 Heavenly Sword Jue, behead!
Chapter 1056 The Inheritance of the Strong God Emperor Realm
Chapter 1057 There may be something fishy about this matter
Chapter 1058 The Black Shark Gang’s Lair
Chapter 1059 I killed him with my own hands
Chapter 1060 Battle against the Eighth Grade Saint
Chapter 1061 Lei Te’s plan
Chapter 1062 Endless Panic
Chapter 1063 He must be stopped
Chapter 1064 Battle against the Half-Step God Emperor
Chapter 1065: Surrounding Wei and rescuing Zhao
Chapter 1066 Next stop, Xuantian City!
Chapter 1067 The war breaks out
Chapter 1068 Kill!
Chapter 1069 Thousand Shadows Illusion
Chapter 1070 Success or failure depends on this!
Chapter 1071 Under the sky, this is the only knife
Chapter 1072 The hero comes to an end
Chapter 1073 The Four Polar Heroes
Chapter 1074 Follow-up Arrangements
Chapter 1075 Return to the ruins
Chapter 1076 Entering the ruins
Chapter 1077 It’s her?!
Chapter 1078 Is the polar region in danger?
Chapter 1079 Finally inherited
Chapter 1080 Something happened in the country
Chapter 1081 Killing!
Chapter 1082 How do you want to settle the score?
Chapter 1083 Desperate Strength
Chapter 1084 You overestimate yourself too much
Chapter 1085 Return to the capital
Chapter 1086 The Peak Master invites you
Chapter 1087 Departure from Tianshan Mountain
Chapter 1088 Visitors from three ancient families
Chapter 1089 Ji Xuan’s tricks
Chapter 1090 No matter life or death!
Chapter 1091 The heritage of the ancient family
Chapter 1092 Is there no one in Tianshan?!
Chapter 1093 This matter cannot be forced!
Chapter 1094 The Master of Misty Peak
Chapter 1095 The identity of the unfeeling lady
Chapter 1096 Long Ao Jiutian
Chapter 1097 The Second Awakening of Bloodline
Chapter 1098 Everyone gathers at Tianshan Mountain
Chapter 1099 It was once difficult to overcome the difficulties
Chapter 1100: Brother, do you want to kill or not?
Chapter 1101 Do you want to stop us?
Chapter 1102 Dragon Pond and Tiger Den
Chapter 1103 Kill all resisters!
Chapter 1104 The Ji family’s true support
Chapter 1105 Dragon Lord’s combat power
Chapter 1106 Ji Family Ancestor
Chapter 1107 Battle against the Second Grade God Emperor
Chapter 1108 Heavy News
Chapter 1109 From Phoenix Palace
Chapter 1110 This is too tough
Chapter 1111 Leniency for confession!
Chapter 1112: Challenge the Empress of the Palace
Chapter 1113 A fair fight
Chapter 1114. With one move, the judgment is made
Chapter 1115 Return to Central Territory
Chapter 1116 If something goes wrong, there must be a monster
Chapter 1117 City of Angels
Chapter 1118 Emergency
Chapter 1119 The whereabouts of the fisherman with ghost hands
Chapter 1120 There should be someone behind the scenes
Chapter 1121 The deputy master of the Holy Blood Sect dies!
Chapter 1122 Forbidden Ruins Space
Chapter 1123 The ancestral family is in danger
Chapter 1124 The eldest young master of the Wei family
Chapter 1125 Long time no see
Chapter 1126 Ancestral Family Courtyard
Chapter 1127 News about the Nine-fingered Scholar
Chapter 1128 A visitor from the Wei family
Chapter 1129 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1130 The war breaks out
Chapter 1131 Your opponent is me
Chapter 1132 Wei Zhixiang’s despair
Chapter 1133 There is only one chance
Chapter 1134 From the Forbidden Ruins Space
Chapter 1135 Reaching the Potential
Chapter 1136 Battle against the Third Grade God Emperor
Chapter 1137 The war subsides
Chapter 1138 The whereabouts of Sister Xuan
Chapter 1139 There is still a long way to go
Chapter 1140 Departure
Chapter 1141 Is this the Forbidden Ruins Space?
Chapter 1142 What happened?
Chapter 1143 Learned from my elder brother
Chapter 1144 You are really insidious
Chapter 1145 The first wave of explorers is coming
Chapter 1146 Arrive as scheduled
Chapter 1147 Arriving at Xingyue Sect
Chapter 1148 Substitution
Chapter 1149 Xingyue Sect Old Antique
Chapter 1150 The sword that kills you
Chapter 1151 A visitor from the Fengchi royal family
Chapter 1152 You are ignorant!
Chapter 1153 The Third Prince’s Despair
Chapter 1154 Xingyue Sect, Expelled
Chapter 1155 Breaking the mirror and entering the God Emperor
Chapter 1156 Yunzhou Mansion
Chapter 1157 Is it so exciting?
Chapter 1158 Then kill him!
Chapter 1159 It’s just a matter of one knife
Chapter 1160 The Princess’ Unkind Invitation
Chapter 1161 Do you want to do it or not?
Chapter 1162 Done!
Chapter 1163 Breaking into the Heavenly Prison
Chapter 1164 Sure enough, it won’t go well
Chapter 1165 The situation is not optimistic
Chapter 1166 You actually used poison?
Chapter 1167 Serious Injury
Chapter 1168: Passed by luck
Chapter 1169 One person is enough to kill you!
Chapter 1170 The situation is over
Chapter 1171 The power structure of the Forbidden Ruins Space
Chapter 1172 The first person to make alchemy?
Chapter 1174 Re-entering the Royal City
Chapter 1175 Iron Hand Fu Qiren
Chapter 1176 Three-nothing zone
Chapter 1177 I don’t know what Young Master Ling wants.
Chapter 1178: The utmost benevolence?
Chapter 1179 The Second Prince of Fengchi Kingdom
Chapter 1180 A fierce battle
Chapter 1181 Qinglong, beheaded!
Chapter 1182 Goodbye by fate
Chapter 1183 Next stop, Jicheng
Chapter 1184 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 1185 Go to the Kuanghu Gang
Chapter 1186 Your favor is worthless
Chapter 1187 Short-term plan
Chapter 1188 Nine Dragons Unified
Chapter 1189 Someone comes to collect protection money
Chapter 1190 There are people seeking death everywhere
Chapter 1191 Visitors from Feilong Castle
Chapter 1192 Take action within three days
Chapter 1193: Brother, do you care?
Chapter 1194 Misty Jungle
Chapter 1195 The rumors are indeed unbelievable
Chapter 1196 There is a mystery in the misty jungle
Chapter 1197 Qinglong was severely injured
Chapter 1198 Something happened
Chapter 1199 After today, Feilong Castle will be destroyed
Chapter 1200 If you want to play with fire, I will accompany you!
Chapter 1201 The Lord of Feilong Castle dies!
Chapter 1202 You two go down and keep company.
Chapter 1203 Improving team combat effectiveness
Chapter 1204 There is no way to avoid this battle!
Chapter 1205 Let’s fight!
Chapter 1206 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1207 Nursing Formation
Chapter 1208 A narrow escape from death
Chapter 1209 Healing
Chapter 1210 The magical golden bloodline
Chapter 1211 Jicheng wants to change its name
Chapter 1212 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1213: Go down and accompany your castle master
Chapter 1214 It’s time to end it
Chapter 1215 Soldiers Arrive at Tianfeng Royal City
Chapter 1216 Long time no see!
Chapter 1217 You can’t take her away as long as I’m here
Chapter 1218 If I had known this, why bother?
Chapter 1219 Next stop, Fengchi King City
Chapter 1220 King Fengchi
Chapter 1221 Go down and accompany your three sons
Chapter 1222: Is the first-class sect very powerful?
Chapter 1223 The plan of Jicheng
Chapter 1224: Forbidden Ruins Barrier, Death!
Chapter 1225 Four Forbidden Lands
Chapter 1226 Jicheng Dan Society
Chapter 1227 Elixir Level
Chapter 1228 A trip to Xuan Dan Sect
Chapter 1229 Arrival at Xuan Dan Sect
Chapter 1230 Want to silence?
Chapter 1231 How did you do it?
Chapter 1232 Holy Alchemy Furnace
Chapter 1233 Still not quite as good
Chapter 1234 Hongyue Imperial City
Chapter 1235 Imperial City Princess
Chapter 1236 The Master of Junyue Villa
Chapter 1237 A kind reminder
Chapter 1238 Risks and opportunities coexist
Chapter 1239 Are you sure you want to fight me?
Chapter 1240 The strength of the man in gray robe
Chapter 1241 Five Elements Formation
Chapter 1242 Imperial Princess
Chapter 1243 Be honest, what do you want to do?
Chapter 1244 Next stop, Forbidden Valley
Chapter 1245 The Geniuses Gather
Chapter 1246 The entrance is opened
Chapter 1247 Entering the Forbidden Valley
Chapter 1248 The first wave of attacks
Chapter 1249 Is it a monster?
Chapter 1250 The monster appears
Chapter 1251 Many crises
Chapter 1252 With ulterior motives
Chapter 1253: The human heart is not enough and the snake swallows the elephant.
Chapter 1254 Extreme Environment
Chapter 1255 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 1256 The big deal is to fight
Chapter 1257 Give me a good time!
Chapter 1258 Thank you, Master, for saving me.
Chapter 1259 Just one knife
Chapter 1260 Conflict begins!
Chapter 1261 Ruan Hongyuan wants to scold his mother
Chapter 1262 The situation is serious
Chapter 1263 Long Zhipeng’s despair
Chapter 1264 Did you really kill him?
Chapter 1265 The crisis of Qinglong and others
Chapter 1266 Core Area
Chapter 1267 The weak and the strong
Chapter 1268 Forbidden Netherworld Temple
Chapter 1269 The Legend of the Temple
Chapter 1270 Difficulty every step of the way
Chapter 1271 Ruan Hongyuan wants to watch a show
Chapter 1272 It doesn’t matter if I take you ten times
Chapter 1273 Zhuo Yixuan appears
Chapter 1274 The rhythm of seeking death
Chapter 1275 Aren’t you planning to climb to the top?
Chapter 1276 Taking the last step
Chapter 1277 The dust has not yet settled
Chapter 1278 The dust has settled
Chapter 1279 Are you here to relax?
Chapter 1280 There is something extra in the body
Chapter 1281 This level is a bit difficult!
Chapter 1282 A fierce battle
Chapter 1283 This guy is very evil!
Chapter 1284 The situation is worrying
Chapter 1285 A narrow escape from death
Chapter 1286 Like a God
Chapter 1287 What’s in Ling Shuai’s body
Chapter 1288 Sword breaks the sky
Chapter 1289 Appearing in Hongyue Imperial City
Chapter 1290 Call Qiangwei!
Chapter 1291 Rose appears
Chapter 1292 You are very smart
Chapter 1293 Junyue Village is surrounded
Chapter 1294 Let’s see if you have that ability
Chapter 1295 The arrival of the powerful Saint King Realm
Chapter 1296: Brother, are you really going to do something?
Chapter 1297 Battle against a strong man in the Holy Emperor realm
Chapter 1298 Do you like her too?
Chapter 1299 Five Elements Spirit Gathering Array
Chapter 1300 Raising troops to attack
Chapter 1301 The Feng Shui here is good
Chapter 1302 The Desperate Formation
Chapter 1303 The group is destroyed
Chapter 1304 The incident five years ago
Chapter 1305 Jicheng officially changed its name
Chapter 1306 Evil Youth
Chapter 1307 Take the next move and you win.
Chapter 1308 Convinced
Chapter 1309 Feng Yi’s request
Chapter 1310 There will be a battle sooner or later
Chapter 1311 Take action in three days
Chapter 1312 Next stop, Qingyuan Empire
Chapter 1313 Just because you want to kill me, it’s a little bit worse
Chapter 1314 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1315 The most fragile nerve in the heart
Chapter 1316 Ling Shuai’s shock
Chapter 1317 Death of Wu Qi
Chapter 1318 Making wedding clothes for others
Chapter 1319 Battle against the Third Grade Holy Emperor
Chapter 1320 It’s not a loss to be buried with you
Chapter 1321 What, are you scared?
Chapter 1322 The war ends
Chapter 1323 Tianlong Secret Guard
Chapter 1324 Let yourself survive
Chapter 1325 News about Sister Xuan and the other three
Chapter 1326 Something happened
Chapter 1327 There is indeed a problem
Chapter 1328 Brother, do you want to kill him or not?
Chapter 1329 The Marquis
Chapter 1330 I met the princess!
Chapter 1331 The person who takes action
Chapter 1332 Next stop, Dragon Slaying Sect
Chapter 1333 Could it be Xiao Lingzi here?
Chapter 1334 The opportunity has been given to you
Chapter 1335 Accident
Chapter 1336 Not normal
Chapter 1337 You got the wrong person
Chapter 1338 Is the third-grade Holy Emperor very strong?
Chapter 1339 Feng Shihan’s Family Matters
Chapter 1340 The former largest sect
Chapter 1341 Increased Combat Power
Chapter 1342 Are you here to make fun of me?
Chapter 1343 The real owner appears
Chapter 1344 Instant Kill
Chapter 1345 The conspiracy behind the scenes
Chapter 1346 Imperial City Event
Chapter 1347 Today is the best time
Chapter 1348 The most beautiful woman in the Bingyun Empire
Chapter 1349 The background of Bingyun Empire
Chapter 1350 Princess, wait a minute
Chapter 1351 Luo Qianling’s crisis
Chapter 1352 The war breaks out
Chapter 1353 A moment of life and death
Chapter 1354 Give you a chance
Chapter 1355 Luo Yunfeng’s despair
Chapter 1356 What, are you scared?
Chapter 1357 You actually broke through?!
Chapter 1358 I have one more thing to ask for
Chapter 1359 Ghost Death Soldier
Chapter 1360 Emperor Luo, give up!
Chapter 1361 Even if I die, I will hold you back
Chapter 1362 Killing the Fifth-Rank Holy Emperor
Chapter 1363 The war ends
Chapter 1364 Worthy of Everyone’s Respect
Chapter 1365 Since ancient times, beauties have loved heroes
Chapter 1366 Something big happened in Tianlong City
Chapter 1367 Soldiers Arrive at Tianlong City
Chapter 1368 The bloody battle begins
Chapter 1369 Fighting to the Death
Chapter 1370 Success after succession
Chapter 1371 Heavy casualties
Chapter 1372 Leave no one alive, kill!
Chapter 1373 Han Yue’s situation is very serious
Chapter 1374 Waiting for the country’s subjugation!
Chapter 1375 Strengthening the Essence and Condensing Yuan Dan
Chapter 1376 Divine Pill
Chapter 1377 Refining him a thousand and eight hundred pills
Chapter 1378 Is it really you?!
Chapter 1379 Are you sure you are not joking?
Chapter 1380 It’s time to pay back the two hundred lives!
Chapter 1381 Young Master of Five Elements Sect
Chapter 1382 Arrival at Hongyue Palace
Chapter 1383 Kill!
Chapter 1384 Give him a breath
Chapter 1385 Wu Jingwei’s despair
Chapter 1386 Ruan Hongyu’s trump card
Chapter 1387 A heavy blow
Chapter 1388 Let you suck my blood
Chapter 1389 Fall!
Chapter 1390 Learn to bow your head
Chapter 1391 Aren’t you going to kill me in public?
Chapter 1392 What does Xiaoxiao want to do again?
Chapter 1393 Can I call you Brother Ling?
Chapter 1394 Next stop, City of Desire
Chapter 1395 Forced to join the club
Chapter 1396 It might be a bit troublesome
Chapter 1397: Seeking death by yourself, no one can stop you
Chapter 1398 Let you take action first
Chapter 1399 A life-saving bargaining chip
Chapter 1400 Auction Hall
Chapter 1401: Harmless to humans and animals?
Chapter 1402 Tier 3 Divine Beast
Chapter 1403 Get out of here before I get angry!
Chapter 1404 How many days will you play with me?
Chapter 1405 Are you planning to rob instead?
Chapter 1406 Is the Holy Emperor Realm very strong?
Chapter 1407 The helplessness of the Medicine Palace
Chapter 1408 We will meet again
Chapter 1409 Kill everyone on sight!
Chapter 1410: Is the Red Flame Empire really that strong?
Chapter 1411 Help Han Yue heal his injuries
Chapter 1412 Sky Dragon Shadow
Chapter 1413 Wife, let me massage you
Chapter 1414 Next stop, Star Luo Secret Realm
Chapter 1415 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 1416 Do you think you are cheap?
Chapter 1417 Star Labyrinth
Chapter 1418 No way out?!
Chapter 1419 Heaven is Qian and Earth is Kun
Chapter 1420 Second Level
Chapter 1421 The Way of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1422 Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 1423 The world is so big, there are no wonders
Chapter 1424 The unbeatable Xiaoqiang
Chapter 1425 Refining on the spot
Chapter 1426 Breaking into the second floor
Chapter 1427 The treasure on the second floor
Chapter 1428 Artifact Level
Chapter 1429 Breaking into the third floor
Chapter 1430 The Second Blood Demon Sect
Chapter 1431 The treasure on the third floor
Chapter 1432 The building is about to collapse
Chapter 1433 Crisis
Chapter 1434 Kill!
Chapter 1435 Dominate the Battle Situation
Chapter 1436 Dead End Reappears
Chapter 1437 Battle against the Eighth Grade Holy Emperor
Chapter 1438 Old guy, it’s time to get to work
Chapter 1439 This kind of skill is unheard of
Chapter 1440 Need a reason
Chapter 1441 Dao Protector's Alliance
Chapter 1442 I feel very heavy
Chapter 1443 Engraving Martial Skills
Chapter 1444 The occasion of parting
Chapter 1445 Next stop, Scarlet Flame Empire
Chapter 1446 Five Elements Sect Headquarters
Chapter 1447 There is a circle of green on your head
Chapter 1448: Really cheated
Chapter 1449 Make a deal
Chapter 1450 Battle against the Eighth Grade Holy Emperor
Chapter 1451 The situation in the Scarlet Flame Palace
Chapter 1452 We are not in a hurry!
Chapter 1453 Something happened to Shengxiao Pavilion
Chapter 1454 Like purgatory
Chapter 1455 The first confrontation
Chapter 1456 Don’t worry!
Chapter 1457: Brother, why don’t we all move out?
Chapter 1458 Next stop, Scarlet Flame Imperial City
Chapter 1459 Xuanling Holy Body
Chapter 1460 Tianxiang Pavilion
Chapter 1461 Who made you like this?
Chapter 1462 The fuse has been lit
Chapter 1463 Need to add more fire
Chapter 1464 Chaos
Chapter 1465 War breaks out
Chapter 1466 Raising tigers will eventually lead to trouble
Chapter 1467 The human heart can never be satisfied
Chapter 1468 Cause and effect cycle
Chapter 1469: Careless!
Chapter 1470 Something happened!
Chapter 1471 Another life and death battle
Chapter 1472 War begins
Chapter 1473 Arrive
Chapter 1474 Kill!
Chapter 1475 The strong man arrives!
Chapter 1476 Meet!
Chapter 1477 So terrifying!
Chapter 1478 Undercurrent of crisis
Chapter 1479 The joke is too big
Chapter 1480 Exit of the Forbidden Ruins
Chapter 1481 Crisis in the City of Angels
Chapter 1482 Not on the same level
Chapter 1483: Brother, do you want to kill me?
Chapter 1484 Long time no see
Chapter 1485 Return to China!
Chapter 1486 Rebellion!
Chapter 1487 Lord Long?!
Chapter 1488 The Beijian Kingdom’s envoy came to the capital
Chapter 1489 Is there something wrong with your brain?
Chapter 1490 Seeking death!
Chapter 1491 King Qiandi
Chapter 1492 The half-step Holy Emperor dies!
Chapter 1493 The Crisis of Tianshan Mountain
Chapter 1494 They are all idiots
Chapter 1495 War begins!
Chapter 1496: Self-inflicted misfortune
Chapter 1497 Young Master?!
Chapter 1498 Go down and ask the Lord of Hell!
Chapter 1499 Is this all you have?
Chapter 1500 The war ends
Chapter 1501 The theory of spiritual veins
Chapter 1502 The Origin of Spiritual Vein
Chapter 1503 Next stop, Beijian Country!
Chapter 1504 The true heritage of Beijian Country
Chapter 1505 I just bullied you, what can you do!
Chapter 1506 Is this your logic?
Chapter 1507 Beijian Country is completely out of business!
Chapter 1508 Go Home
Chapter 1509 Family Happiness
Chapter 1510 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1511 The hinterland of Tianshan Mountain
Chapter 1512 Grandmaster?!
Chapter 1513 What?!
Chapter 1514 Controlling the Seal
Chapter 1515 The old man’s true intention
Chapter 1516 The Responsibility of the Young Master of Tianshan
Chapter 1517 A battle a thousand years ago
Chapter 1518 Something really happened in the Forbidden Ruins Space
Chapter 1519 The Danger of the City of Desire
Chapter 1520 The Current Situation of the Forbidden Ruins Space
Chapter 1521 Return to Tianlong City
Chapter 1522 The opponent is very strong and the pressure is great
Chapter 1523 The First ‘Robot’
Chapter 1524 The growth rate is incredible
Chapter 1525 The big move of the Second Blood Demon Sect
Chapter 1526 The war is about to begin
Chapter 1527 Shocking
Chapter 1528 Kill!
Chapter 1529 The camp sent to Tianlong City
Chapter 1530 Unstoppable
Chapter 1531 What kind of trick is that?
Chapter 1532 Brother, are you sure there is nothing wrong?
Chapter 1533 Where are you playing?!
Chapter 1534 Battle!
Chapter 1535 It’s too late!
Chapter 1536 Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 1537 He plans to burn the entire imperial city?
Chapter 1538 The last protector died!
Chapter 1539 The war subsided
Chapter 1540 A Shocking News
Chapter 1541 The calm before the storm
Chapter 1542 Entering the Misty Jungle Again
Chapter 1543: Brother, do you want to destroy us together?
Chapter 1544 This bird is not simple
Chapter 1545 Saved
Chapter 1546 Extraordinary
Chapter 1547 Abnormal defense ability
Chapter 1548 The old man is coming out
Chapter 1549 It’s best not to touch this barrier
Chapter 1550 Heavy troops suppress the situation
Chapter 1551 How to fight this battle?
Chapter 1552 The war is about to break out
Chapter 1553 The beginning
Chapter 1554 Stimulating potential
Chapter 1555 Bloody battle!
Chapter 1556 Long time no see!
Chapter 1557 It’s a bit difficult!
Chapter 1558 Devastated
Chapter 1559 The Curtain Comes to an End
Chapter 1560 The strong man arrives
Chapter 1561 The Origin of Leng Po
Chapter 1562 The forces behind the Second Blood Demon Sect
Chapter 1563: No need to carry cloth bags anymore
Chapter 1564 Crisis Escalation
Chapter 1565 Crazy practice
Chapter 1566 The Origin of Spiritual Veins
Chapter 1567 The formation is shocking
Chapter 1568 War begins!
Chapter 1569 You are the one who should go on the road
Chapter 1570 One move!
Chapter 1571 Man and Sword Unity
Chapter 1572 Please come back, both of you!
Chapter 1573 Lingxu Taoist Sect
Chapter 1574 Xin Cheng’s shock
Chapter 1575 Someone comes from the City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 1576 Xin Cheng’s toughness
Chapter 1577 A powerful enemy presses the situation
Chapter 1578 A formation that defies the heavens
Chapter 1579 Battle!
Chapter 1580 Purple Spirit Appears
Chapter 1581 The strong one takes action
Chapter 1582 Fierce battle!
Chapter 1583 Come for the treasure
Chapter 1584 The old man takes action
Chapter 1585 There is no strongest, only stronger
Chapter 1586 Battle against the Five Powerful Ones
Chapter 1587 You Hao’s plan
Chapter 1588 Critical situation
Chapter 1589 Horror!
Chapter 1590 Has the dust settled?
Chapter 1591 Confusing
Chapter 1592 Next stop, City in the Sky
Chapter 1593 The eldest lady of the sect
Chapter 1594 Insufficient people
Chapter 1595 Entering the City
Chapter 1596 Come to visit if something happens
Chapter 1597: Take the next stab and let you go
Chapter 1598: Big trouble?
Chapter 1599 The strong man arrives
Chapter 1600 The background is not small
Chapter 1601 Brother Bai Ling, kill him!
Chapter 1602 Above the Holy Emperor
Chapter 1603 How did you cripple him?
Chapter 1604 Academy Enrollment
Chapter 1605 Where can there be so much fairness in the world?
Chapter 1606 Domineering
Chapter 1607 Qin Yuxin’s potential
Chapter 1608 Black, black again!
Chapter 1609 Jingyun Dao Sect
Chapter 1610 On the eve of the war
Chapter 1611 Yuan Han’s conditions
Chapter 1612 War begins
Chapter 1613 Someone is here again!
Chapter 1614 The Envoy of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1615 Zi Ling’s combat power
Chapter 1616 The situation is over
Chapter 1617 There is no master, but there are trump cards
Chapter 1618 Tianyuan Drug Store
Chapter 1619 Not simple!
Chapter 1620 Do you still want to call someone?
Chapter 1621 What the other party wants
Chapter 1622 Digging one’s own grave
Chapter 1623 Terrifying Strength
Chapter 1624 The war a hundred years ago
Chapter 1625 A guest is coming
Chapter 1626: Hit me again
Chapter 1627 Unfortunately, you made the wrong choice!
Chapter 1628 Jiang Xinqi’s plan
Chapter 1629 Yuhong Academy
Chapter 1630 With ulterior motives
Chapter 1631: Too heavy a blow?
Chapter 1632 Clever means
Chapter 1633 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 1634: Man’s calculation is not as good as God’s calculation
Chapter 1635 The Envoy of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1636 Luring the wolf into the house
Chapter 1637 Jingyun Dao Sect’s trump card
Chapter 1638 Join forces to defend against the enemy
Chapter 1639: Battle against Half-Step Extraordinary
Chapter 1640 I just want to run away now, it’s too late!
Chapter 1641 It can’t be him?!
Chapter 1642 A lot of pressure
Chapter 1643 Imperial Grade Pill
Chapter 1644 Heavy rain is coming
Chapter 1645 Your cultivation level is too low
Chapter 1646 Where is the promised miracle?
Chapter 1647 Heavy troops suppress the situation
Chapter 1648 The war breaks out
Chapter 1649 The situation is worrying
Chapter 1650 Heavy casualties!
Chapter 1651 It only means that your cultivation level is too low
Chapter 1652 Mo Xu’s shock
Chapter 1653 Above the extraordinary, fall!
Chapter 1654 Is it over yet?
Chapter 1655 Can be called a monster
Chapter 1656 Brother, it’s urgent!
Chapter 1657 Is this all you have?
Chapter 1658 The war ends
Chapter 1659 Ancestor’s Meeting Gift
Chapter 1660 Withering Palm
Chapter 1661 Next Plan
Chapter 1662 Star Territory, Civilization
Chapter 1663 Make yourself stronger as soon as possible
Chapter 1664 Next stop, Yuhong Academy
Chapter 1665 Robbery!
Chapter 1666 Big Trouble
Chapter 1667 So strong!
Chapter 1668: Killed!
Chapter 1669 Yu Hongcheng
Chapter 1670 Fourth Young Master Yu Hong
Chapter 1671 Are you sure you want to protect him?
Chapter 1672 A fair fight, life or death depends on fate
Chapter 1673 It’s not certain who will die
Chapter 1674 I brought Mr. Ling here
Chapter 1675 Isn’t this appropriate?
Chapter 1676 I mainly want to learn some clever tricks
Chapter 1677 Are you interested in joining the academy?
Chapter 1678 Take you through the back door
Chapter 1679 Testing Potential
Chapter 1680 The test column is broken?
Chapter 1681 Heart Overload
Chapter 1682 If you want to fight, I will fight with you
Chapter 1683 Something happened!
Chapter 1684 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 1685 Zi Ling becomes stronger again
Chapter 1686 Someone wants to die
Chapter 1687 Get someone to check immediately
Chapter 1688 Mr. Sun has made some noise
Chapter 1689 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 1690 Do you want to survive?
Chapter 1691 The Forbidden Area of the Academy
Chapter 1692 Tomb of Swords
Chapter 1693 The meaning of the sword
Chapter 1694 The Academy’s Choice
Chapter 1695 Above the Extraordinary
Chapter 1696 Split the Sky
Chapter 1697 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1698 Monster List
Chapter 1699 Healing people to death!
Chapter 1700 Mr. Xiao
Chapter 1701 Choose one of the two!
Chapter 1702 No matter life or death
Chapter 1703 He must be the one who deserves death
Chapter 1704 The rhythm of seeking death
Chapter 1705: Give up the position of vice president
Chapter 1706 Coming to the door
Chapter 1707 War begins
Chapter 1708: Take the next palm and save your life
Chapter 1709 Terrifying Combat Power
Chapter 1710 It’s rude to come and not return.
Chapter 1711 The Xiao family’s anger
Chapter 1712 Finally sensed it
Chapter 1713 Next stop, Holy Sky City
Chapter 1714 Entering the City
Chapter 1715: Kill the people in the City Lord’s Mansion!
Chapter 1716 Target City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 1717 City Lord’s Mansion, destroyed!
Chapter 1718 Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 1719 If you take this move, you will survive!
Chapter 1720 Battle against Mo Tian
Chapter 1721 No more Holy Heaven Gate
Chapter 1722 This knife is an extraordinary thing!
Chapter 1723 Something happened again!
Chapter 1724 The person who takes action
Chapter 1725 What about sneaking in secretly as promised?
Chapter 1726 Too naive?
Chapter 1727 Leader of the Black Territory Alliance
Chapter 1728 The real owner appears
Chapter 1729 It’s too late!
Chapter 1730 The person who responded
Chapter 1731 Something happened to Mr. Xi
Chapter 1732 Very strong!
Chapter 1733 Surfaced
Chapter 1734 Let your shopkeeper come out to see me
Chapter 1735 Are you willing to come out?
Chapter 1736 Help her clear some obstacles
Chapter 1737 Chiyuan Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1738 Pushing into the fire pit
Chapter 1739 Something happened in Shengtian City
Chapter 1740 The rhythm of seeking death
Chapter 1741 The God of Death’s Reliance
Chapter 1742 Death, the God of Death!
Chapter 1743 The danger of Yuhong City!
Chapter 1744 The Shengyou Tribe’s Plan
Chapter 1745 Great Disparity in Strength
Chapter 1746: Win the game
Chapter 1747 Very crazy!
Chapter 1748 If you want to fight, I will accompany you
Chapter 1749 Let’s go together
Chapter 1750 Willing to bet but not admit defeat
Chapter 1751 War begins!
Chapter 1752 The situation is worrying
Chapter 1753 Not optimistic
Chapter 1754 Mr. Ling is my friend
Chapter 1755 What’s going on?
Chapter 1756 Something happened
Chapter 1757 Accidentally overslept
Chapter 1758 Waiting for you in Chiyuan City
Chapter 1759 Next stop, Desolate Demon City
Chapter 1760 Kill!
Chapter 1761 Are they okay?
Chapter 1762 No more deserted demon city
Chapter 1763 You are so bad!
Chapter 1764 The Xiao family is over!
Chapter 1765 The Xiao family’s trump card
Chapter 1766 I am enough to kill you
Chapter 1767 The Xiao family is finished!
Chapter 1768 A step too late
Chapter 1769 The storm and undercurrent
Chapter 1770 There is news
Chapter 1771 The Crisis of Two Women
Chapter 1772 Seizing the Body
Chapter 1773 Brother, how to deal with it
Chapter 1774: Surrender or destroy the sect?
Chapter 1775 A little troublesome
Chapter 1776 Brother, can you keep a low profile?
Chapter 1777 We agreed to join forces together
Chapter 1778 Devouring Spiritual Energy
Chapter 1779 The war ends
Chapter 1780 What do you think about Sister Xi?
Chapter 1781 Don’t provoke him
Chapter 1782 Just kill him
Chapter 1783 Something happened to Xuan Pang
Chapter 1784 Nameless
Chapter 1785 Xuan Pang’s opportunity
Chapter 1786 Chiyang Sanren
Chapter 1787 Cleansing the essence and cutting the marrow, reborn
Chapter 1788 Nirvana and Rebirth
Chapter 1789 Monster List Changing Contest
Chapter 1790 The start of the game
Chapter 1791 I own this arena!
Chapter 1792 Top 15 Qualifying Tournament
Chapter 1793 Are you interested in a fight?
Chapter 1794 The person who ruined the scene
Chapter 1795 You have made the biggest mistake in your life
Chapter 1796 The magic knife comes out!
Chapter 1797 Dare to kill!
Chapter 1798 Brother, what is your current level of cultivation?
Chapter 1799 The strength of the Shengyou clan
Chapter 1800 The Shengyou Clan takes action
Chapter 1801 What a huge battle
Chapter 1802: A near miss
Chapter 1803 The Shengyou Clan has offended the wrong person
Chapter 1804 Return to the Tomb of Swords
Chapter 1805 There is no way to escape this battle
Chapter 1806 The strong man arrives
Chapter 1807 The academy’s trump card
Chapter 1808 The Shengyou Clan is doomed
Chapter 1809 The next dean
Chapter 1810 A great harvest
Chapter 1811 Something happened to Chiyuan Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1812 The strength of Chiyuan Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1813 The eldest lady wants to eat fruit
Chapter 1814 Are you Mr. Ling?
Chapter 1815 Miss, are you sure?!
Chapter 1816 Mr. Ling, you can do whatever you want
Chapter 1817 Bai Ling, kill!
Chapter 1818 You are pathetic
Chapter 1819 Then kill him
Chapter 1820 Is it just a coincidence?
Chapter 1821 Jiang Hui’s plan
Chapter 1822 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 1823 Still too weak
Chapter 1824 Is this your trump card?
Chapter 1825 Is it you again?
Chapter 1826 You are too violent
Chapter 1827 Meet the person seeking death again
Chapter 1828 A chair can be removed
Chapter 1829 The situation is worrying
Chapter 1830 Let me go!
Chapter 1831 I heard that you have a treasure in your body
Chapter 1832 Something’s not right!
Chapter 1833 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 1834 What did you say?!
Chapter 1835 As you wish
Chapter 1836 Kill him and you will live
Chapter 1837 Kill the young one and come out with the old one
Chapter 1838 The reliance of Broken Star View
Chapter 1839 There is only one battle!
Chapter 1840 Terrifying combat power!
Chapter 1841 Is this all you have?
Chapter 1842 Zhuge Jinghan’s Unkind Invitation
Chapter 1843 Next stop, Mecca City
Chapter 1844 Something happened in Mecca City
Chapter 1845 Heavenly Fury Slash
Chapter 1846 Killing Sword Skills
Chapter 1847 I’ve never seen anyone so crazy
Chapter 1848 Fame
Chapter 1849 The Legend of the Dead City
Chapter 1850 The Secret Realm of the Ancient Tomb
Chapter 1851 Breakthrough
Chapter 1852 A helpful senior
Chapter 1853 The strong man comes to Chiyuan City
Chapter 1854 Heavenly Realm
Chapter 1855 Some people are restless
Chapter 1856 Dark Night Murder
Chapter 1857 The Heaven-Splitting Five Elements Art
Chapter 1858 How is it possible?
Chapter 1859 He must die!
Chapter 1860 Qu Family Courtyard
Chapter 1861 Kill!
Chapter 1862 What other trump cards do you have?
Chapter 1863 Came here to wait for her!
Chapter 1864 The end of the Qu family
Chapter 1865 Civil strife subsides
Chapter 1866 Missing Home
Chapter 1867 Can you keep a low profile?
Chapter 1868 You overestimate yourself too much
Chapter 1869 Congratulations, you guessed it right
Chapter 1870 The calm before the storm
Chapter 1871 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 1872 Battle against the Second Grade Tiandao
Chapter 1873 Fatty comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1874 Xuan Pang’s combat power
Chapter 1875 King of the Western Regions
Chapter 1876 The situation is worrying
Chapter 1877 Bloody Battle!
Chapter 1878 The King of the Western Regions dies!
Chapter 1879 What?
Chapter 1880 Next stop, Honglan Western Region
Chapter 1881 The Current Situation of Honglan Western Region
Chapter 1882 The face of the nouveau riche
Chapter 1883 Another World
Chapter 1884 The Legend of Another World
Chapter 1885 It’s over before it even begins
Chapter 1886 Bai Ling, that bird has taken a liking to you
Chapter 1887 It’s not simple
Chapter 1888 Beast Tide
Chapter 1889 Beasts in the Heavenly Realm!
Chapter 1890 Everything is strange
Chapter 1891 I've been waiting for you
Chapter 1892 Knowledge limits imagination
Chapter 1893 Stepping into Tianyao City
Chapter 1894 The bustle of Tianyao City
Chapter 1895 You can’t take the position of city lord
Chapter 1896 What trump cards do you have?
Chapter 1897 The first foothold
Chapter 1898 Make a deal with Mr. Ling
Chapter 1899 Extremely terrifying
Chapter 1900 Battle against Gu Mo
Chapter 1901 The mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows behind
Chapter 1902 Breaking the news
Chapter 1903 As poor as a dog
Chapter 1904 Someone may know
Chapter 1905 Can we still chat?
Chapter 1906 The Crisis in Tianji Pavilion
Chapter 1907 Five Elements Sword Formation
Chapter 1908 I don’t like you guys
Chapter 1909 His time is running out
Chapter 1910 Arrival at Beiming City
Chapter 1911 A strong general has no weak soldiers
Chapter 1912 Battle against the King of the Northern Territory
Chapter 1913 The King of the Northern Territory dies!
Chapter 1914 Star Territory Moat
Chapter 1915 Something happened in Tianyao City
Chapter 1916 Keep your life
Chapter 1917 People from the East Region
Chapter 1918 King of the Eastern Region
Chapter 1919 There is a possibility of a battle!
Chapter 1920 Five Elements Magic Stone
Chapter 1921 You want to kill me, but you are too weak!
Chapter 1922 Departure in three days
Chapter 1923 Next stop, Domain Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 1924 War begins
Chapter 1925 I’m sorry, you made the wrong choice
Chapter 1926 Destruction of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1927 People must know how to be satisfied
Chapter 1928 The bloody battle resumes
Chapter 1929 Long time no see
Chapter 1930 No One Survived
Chapter 1931 Xuan Pang is a little swollen
Chapter 1932 Rectifying Honglan City
Chapter 1933: That’s all I have to say, so I can do what I want
Chapter 1934: Driving the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 1935 I will take your life
Chapter 1936 No mention of massage
Chapter 1937 The real owner appears
Chapter 1938 The strong man in the temple
Chapter 1939 The Heaven-Splitting Five Elements Art
Chapter 1940 The Southern Territory King’s Shock
Chapter 1941 Half step into the void
Chapter 1942 Join forces to fight
Chapter 1943 Something happened
Chapter 1944 Someone may know
Chapter 1945 Knowing too much
Chapter 1946 Half the formula
Chapter 1947 The crisis between siblings
Chapter 1948 Pluto appears
Chapter 1949: Fighting against a first-grade person
Chapter 1950 Pluto’s Despair
Chapter 1951 Refining the Heaven-Breaking Pill
Chapter 1952 Heavenly Realm!
Chapter 1953 Someone comes from Xuan Palace
Chapter 1954 Departing from the Temple
Chapter 1955 War begins!
Chapter 1956 He’s dead, I killed him!
Chapter 1957 The Lord of the Temple dies!
Chapter 1958 Honglan City’s Plan
Chapter 1959 Departure from the Dead City
Chapter 1960: Remaining Fear
Chapter 1960 Entering the Dead City
Chapter 1961 The ruins of the dead city
Chapter 1962 Entrance to the Netherland
Chapter 1963 It’s better to give up your thoughts
Chapter 1964 Are you from the Chiyuan Star Territory?
Chapter 1965 The opportunity left by the ancestors
Chapter 1966 Sword Realm
Chapter 1967 Another wave
Chapter 1968 Success after succession
Chapter 1969 From the Cang Realm
Chapter 1970 Shi Yaying’s Crisis
Chapter 1971 You are thinking too much
Chapter 1972 Star Territory Moat
Chapter 1973 The sword has no eyes, life and death depend on fate
Chapter 1974 The tranquility before the war
Chapter 1975 Tempering the Bloodline
Chapter 1976 Brother Shenlong, a large number of adults
Chapter 1977 It’s really too perverted
Chapter 1978 Someone from Cangjie
Chapter 1979 The person who hides the deepest
Chapter 1980 Something happened
Chapter 1981 Set foot in the Cang Realm
Chapter 1982 The Realm Lord Appears
Chapter 1983 Battle against the Seventh Grade Entering the Void
Chapter 1984 Abnormal Combat Power
Chapter 1985 Cangjie, the situation is over
Chapter 1986 Amazing
Chapter 1987 There is something strange at the entrance to the chasm
Chapter 1988: Death of a sinner will not be rewarded with his life
Chapter 1989 Who did it?
Chapter 1990 Xuan Pang, pry open his mouth
Chapter 1991 A strong man in the Void Realm
Chapter 1992 Not on the same level
Chapter 1993 The Holy Object Appears
Chapter 1994 Can I throw it away?
Chapter 1995 Such a technique is unheard of
Chapter 1996 Repairing the Formation
Chapter 1997 Return to Daxia
Chapter 1998 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 1999 Talking about the past
Chapter 2000 Long time no see
Chapter 2001 Relatives meet
Chapter 2002 Gathering in the Capital
Chapter 2003 The Dragon Lord Arrives
Chapter 2004 Collective Petrification
Chapter 2005 Surrender!
Chapter 2006 Set off early
Chapter 2007 Sima Family
Chapter 2008 It’s hard to make the trip
Chapter 2009 The First Tribulation
Chapter 2010 Breaking the Mirror and Entering the Void
Chapter 2011 As expected
Chapter 2012 It’s just a matter of sword
Chapter 2013 Are you attracted to my elder brother?
Chapter 2014 Yunyucheng
Chapter 2015 Distribution of forces in Hongcang Star Territory
Chapter 2016 Someone coming from the academy
Chapter 2017 From the Sword Sect!
Chapter 2018 Do you know the Void Sword Technique?
Chapter 2019 Sword City
Chapter 2020 Lingxu Pill
Chapter 2021 Make a Deal
Chapter 2022 Impossible!!!
Chapter 2023 Miss Xiahou seeking death
Chapter 2024 Leaving the city
Chapter 2025 Return to Sword City
Chapter 2026 You won’t drive us away, right?
Chapter 2027 Sword Realm
Chapter 2028 The strong man in the academy
Chapter 2029 Sixth Grade Transformation into Void, Death!
Chapter 2030 Do you want to protect him?
Chapter 2031 The past of Sword Sect
Chapter 2032 Let him take a stab at you
Chapter 2033 The Sword Sect’s Choice
Chapter 2034 Entering the Forbidden Land
Chapter 2035 Heavy troops suppress the situation
Chapter 2036 The war begins!
Chapter 2037 Mr. Ling is my friend
Chapter 2038 Leaving the Forbidden Area
Chapter 2039 Are you almost done?
Chapter 2040 Is this your trump card?
Chapter 2041 The Sword Sect Master
Chapter 2042 You can make whatever price you want
Chapter 2043 Something happened in Yunyucheng
Chapter 2044 Killing invisible
Chapter 2045 From the fifth level star field
Chapter 2046 Entering Hongcang City
Chapter 2047 Kill it, kill it
Chapter 2048 The head of the Xiahou family died!
Chapter 2049 Formation Alliance!
Chapter 2050 The choice of alliance
Chapter 2051 Mysterious Beast!
Chapter 2052 People from the Beast Alliance?
Chapter 2053 Academy Crisis
Chapter 2054 What?
Chapter 2055 The current situation of the academy
Chapter 2056 Undercurrent of crisis
Chapter 2057 The first wave of people arriving
Chapter 2058 The second wave of people
Chapter 2059 No more fighting!!
Chapter 2060 The background is not small
Chapter 2061 Someone from the formation alliance is coming!
Chapter 2062 The Alliance’s Plan
Chapter 2063 One of the ten sacred objects!
Chapter 2064 Set foot in the fifth level star field
Chapter 2065 The background is not small
Chapter 2066 They all have the same virtues
Chapter 2067 I killed him!
Chapter 2068 The bloody battle ten years ago
Chapter 2069 Entering the Ice Cave
Chapter 2070 You’d better not break your promise
Chapter 2071 Pick it up ready-made!
Chapter 2072 Do you want to take it back?
Chapter 2073 Three Formation Talismans
Chapter 2074 Overcoming the tribulation!
Chapter 2075 Mutation!
Chapter 2076 Escape!
Chapter 2077 Settlement of accounts!
Chapter 2078 Someone is coming from Ice Castle
Chapter 2079 The Lordless City
Chapter 2080 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 2081 Come to the door
Chapter 2082 One knife thing
Chapter 2083 The Legend of the Nether Clan
Chapter 2084 Come and get it if you want it!
Chapter 2085 Someone comes from Tianxiang Pavilion
Chapter 2086 Tianxiang Pavilion’s Intention
Chapter 2087 Brother, he is interested in your bloodline
Chapter 2088 The soul is destroyed
Chapter 2089 Opportunity at the bottom of the cliff
Chapter 2090 Something happened in the Lordless City
Chapter 2091 Ice City
Chapter 2092 Yin Han’s trump card
Chapter 2093 Eighth Grade Breaking the Void, Falling!
Chapter 2094 Ice Castle, destroyed!
Chapter 2095 Set foot in Phoenix City
Chapter 2096 From Black Dragon City
Chapter 2097 Lingxu Pill Formula
Chapter 2098 Crisis in Phoenix City
Chapter 2099 Scholar of Beasts
Chapter 2100 Amazing!
Chapter 2101 Strike while the iron is hot
Chapter 2102 Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 2103 Ninth Grade Breaking the Void!
Chapter 2104 Black Dragon City’s trump card
Chapter 2105 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 2106 Something happened in Yutian City
Chapter 2107 Shura Iron Clothes
Chapter 2108 Heavy troops suppress the situation
Chapter 2109 Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 2110 It’s your turn to run away
Chapter 2111 Ancient Phoenix Body
Chapter 2112 Something happened
Chapter 2113 Something happened in the sixth-order star field
Chapter 2114 Set foot in the sixth level star field
Chapter 2115 Shura City’s recent actions
Chapter 2116 Entering Dan City
Chapter 2117 Dan Alliance Courtyard
Chapter 2118 Everyone dies except him!
Chapter 2119 Just kill him!
Chapter 2120 King of Hell in the North of Shura City
Chapter 2121 Miss Shen, long time no see!
Chapter 2122 What secrets are hidden in Shura City?
Chapter 2123 News about the Changsun family
Chapter 2124 A step too late
Chapter 2125 No matter how strong you are, it’s only a matter of one sword
Chapter 2126 It’s still a matter of one knife
Chapter 2127 Bai Ling’s combat power
Chapter 2128 Forgot to stay alive
Chapter 2129 What is the purpose?
Chapter 2130 Shura City Base Camp
Chapter 2131 Let’s study the Nine Dragon Cauldron first
Chapter 2132 Entering the Nine Dragon Cauldron
Chapter 2133 We meet again!
Chapter 2134 Brother, something’s not right
Chapter 2135 A person who has lived for a thousand years
Chapter 2136 Could it be her?
Chapter 2137 Confucian scholar!
Chapter 2138 Is the senior Confucian scholar here?
Chapter 2139 Who gave you this?!
Chapter 2140 The grudges from thousands of years ago
Chapter 2141 Is this a small festival?
Chapter 2142 The combat power of Confucian scholars
Chapter 2143 Sword Realm
Chapter 2144 Do you want to avenge your sect?
Chapter 2145 Enlightenment
Chapter 2146 Crisis in Huihe City
Chapter 2147 Zi Ling has been a little moody lately
Chapter 2148 You are really surprising
Chapter 2149 Being ravaged
Chapter 2150 The calm before the storm
Chapter 2151 Lord of Shura City
Chapter 2152 I have a headache
Chapter 2153 Ruan Huang wants to be violent
Chapter 2154 People from the Charming Domain come to Huihe City
Chapter 2155 Came very quickly
Chapter 2156 Mei Niang’s plan
Chapter 2157 You did something very stupid
Chapter 2158 Qin Yuxin’s trump card
Chapter 2159 Guests are arriving
Chapter 2160 We are friends
Chapter 2161 Night Fury’s trump card
Chapter 2162 Mei Niang died!
Chapter 2163 Asking the Formation Alliance for an explanation
Chapter 2164 Making Array Talismans
Chapter 2165 People from Xiaojie appear
Chapter 2166 The Power of the Green Level Talisman
Chapter 2167 Departing from the Land of Silent Ruins
Chapter 2168 Big trouble
Chapter 2169 Black Hole
Chapter 2170 Are you sure he is your friend?
Chapter 2171 There is a situation!
Chapter 2172 This city is not simple
Chapter 2173 What is this?
Chapter 2174 Disaster in the Sixth-Level Star Territory
Chapter 2175 You are not welcome here
Chapter 2176 You are still too weak
Chapter 2177 Enlightenment
Chapter 2178 The war breaks out!
Chapter 2179 Is there anyone else?
Chapter 2180 Just in time to practice sword practice
Chapter 2181 Something happened in Jixu City
Chapter 2182 Departure from Charming City
Chapter 2183 An almost perfect woman
Chapter 2184 The more beautiful you are, the less trustworthy you are
Chapter 2185 Agree to cooperate
Chapter 2186 A strong man in the ancestral realm
Chapter 2187 Departure to the Sky of Silent Ruins
Chapter 2188 Grabbing the Yuan Stone
Chapter 2189 Stepping into the Sky of Silent Ruins
Chapter 2190 When something goes wrong, there must be a monster
Chapter 2191 Behemoth!
Chapter 2192 Return to Kowloon Space
Chapter 2193 Caused a little trouble
Chapter 2194 Give each of us one
Chapter 2195 Small Town
Chapter 2196 I wish you good luck
Chapter 2197 Nether Clan
Chapter 2198 Little Girl with Ponytail
Chapter 2199 Zhong Banxian
Chapter 2200 The strength is terrifying
Chapter 2201 Instant Kill!
Chapter 2202 The strength is still too weak
Chapter 2203 Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 2204 Nether Palace Shows Goodwill
Chapter 2205 What the Nether Palace Wants
Chapter 2206 Opportunity and danger coexist
Chapter 2207 Do you want it?
Chapter 2208 Don’t be too immature in your next life
Chapter 2209 Do you believe it now?
Chapter 2210 From the wilderness
Chapter 2211 Underworld
Chapter 2212 As you wish
Chapter 2213 Battle against the Seventh-Rank Returning Ancestor
Chapter 2214 The treasure of the underworld
Chapter 2215 Someone from Tianyang City
Chapter 2216 You can ask three questions
Chapter 2217 Coming down from the wilderness?
Chapter 2218 Zhong Banxian’s combat power
Chapter 2219 How strong is that woman?
Chapter 2220 True Combat Power
Chapter 2221 Blood Spirit
Chapter 2222 Evil Spirit
Chapter 2223 What’s going on?
Chapter 2224 The Nine Dragon Cauldron is not with you?
Chapter 2225 Too much bullying
Chapter 2226 We meet again!
Chapter 2227 Prepare early
Chapter 2228 The war is about to begin
Chapter 2229 Tianyang City’s trump card
Chapter 2230 Tianyang City is besieged
Chapter 2231 Ning Mei’s shock
Chapter 2232 Death of Ning Mei
Chapter 2233 The treasures of Tianyang City
Chapter 2234 Opportunities and risks coexist
Chapter 2235 Looking for the Origin of Spiritual Veins
Chapter 2236: I promised to convince people with virtue
Chapter 2237 It’s the right time
Chapter 2238 Isn’t it good to stay in the wilderness?
Chapter 2239 Broken Mirror
Chapter 2240 Preparations before departure
Chapter 2241 Something happened in the wilderness
Chapter 2242 Cosmic Barrier
Chapter 2243 Space Turbulence
Chapter 2244 Next stop, the wilderness
Chapter 2245 Desolate World
Chapter 2246 The situation in the wilderness
Chapter 2247: Do you want to fight with him first?
Chapter 2248 Senior, do you want to save me?
Chapter 2249 King You, dies!
Chapter 2250 Ancient Wordless Heavenly Book
Chapter 2251 Ask them directly
Chapter 2252 Pretend I don’t exist!
Chapter 2253 Looking for Zhong Banxian
Chapter 2254 Demon Clan
Chapter 2255 Invite Miss Zhong to be a guest
Chapter 2256 Sister, you won’t take action?
Chapter 2257 The Sealed Land of the Demon Clan
Chapter 2258 Po She’s Identity
Chapter 2259 She Po’s combat power
Chapter 2260 Breaking the seal!
Chapter 2261 Are you really the eldest lady?!
Chapter 2262 Magic Pond
Chapter 2263 Someone from Tianmeng comes
Chapter 2264 The Yinyou Clan wants to form an alliance
Chapter 2265 Something happened in Mocheng
Chapter 2266 Rescue
Chapter 2267 The whereabouts of the Book of Heaven
Chapter 2268 If you want to take action, hurry up
Chapter 2269 People who talk too much are prone to death
Chapter 2270 You Puppet is full
Chapter 2271 Who hurt you?
Chapter 2272 Master Yunshan
Chapter 2273 Deserted City
Chapter 2274 Ghost Guard
Chapter 2275 Are there any last words?
Chapter 2276 Something happened
Chapter 2277 Coming out of the wild world
Chapter 2278 Robbery
Chapter 2279 Arriving at Baiyun City
Chapter 2280 Can it be killed?
Chapter 2281 Playing with fire and burning yourself
Chapter 2282 What is that?
Chapter 2283 Xiaoxi’er, here are the guests
Chapter 2284 Jinghong Villa
Chapter 2285 Do you want to make friends with others?
Chapter 2286 A step too late
Chapter 2287 Is this your strongest move?
Chapter 2288 Why are you here?
Chapter 2289 The strength is still too low
Chapter 2290 Then I’ll be relieved
Chapter 2291 Sealed a demon
Chapter 2292 The devil escapes from trouble
Chapter 2293: Scare him first
Chapter 2294 Sword Master, spare your life!
Chapter 2295 Prepare to leave for Yunyuxuan
Chapter 2296 Are you willing to show up?
Chapter 2297 Making a feint to the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 2298 Battle against Dong Guoyu
Chapter 2299 Wordless Heavenly Book
Chapter 2300 Understanding the Heavenly Book
Chapter 2301 Trouble is coming
Chapter 2302 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 2303 If you don’t commit suicide, you will die.
Chapter 2304 Looking for help
Chapter 2305 Tell us about Tianmeng
Chapter 2306 Situation Changes
Chapter 2307 Return to Baiyun Villa
Chapter 2308 Baiyun Villa’s trump card
Chapter 2309 Miss Xi’er was caught
Chapter 2310 The Dongguo family should be exterminated!
Chapter 2311 Kill!
Chapter 2312 Bai Ling appears
Chapter 2313 Bai Ling’s combat power
Chapter 2314 From the upper world?
Chapter 2315 Demonic Tribulation
Chapter 2316 What is this place?
Chapter 2317 Do you think I can do it?
Chapter 2318 Ice and Fire
Chapter 2319 A little abnormal
Chapter 2320 From the upper world?
Chapter 2321 The current situation of Yudian
Chapter 2322 Next stop, Mi City
Chapter 2323 Tianming Tower
Chapter 2324 Big Brother is trying to trick someone again
Chapter 2325 Only believe in dead people
Chapter 2326 Tianmeng is indeed in trouble
Chapter 2327 The Situation in the Upper Realm
Chapter 2328 Are you Ling Hao?!
Chapter 2329 Too weak, call someone
Chapter 2330 Make friends!
Chapter 2331 Chaos descends
Chapter 2332 Someone from the Zhong family is coming
Chapter 2333 The Arrogant Zhong Family
Chapter 2334 Tianming Tower Betting
Chapter 2335 The Demon Tribe’s Headquarters
Chapter 2336 Demon controls the sky, well-deserved reputation
Chapter 2337 Are you the eldest lady?!
Chapter 2338 Demon Wall
Chapter 2339 Success
Chapter 2340 Chaos arises
Chapter 2341 Next stop, Yudian
Chapter 2342 The Danger of the Temple
Chapter 2343 Let me tell you if you can kill me
Chapter 2344: Putting an end to chaos
Chapter 2345 Visitors from the Holy Court
Chapter 2346 Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 2347 The war begins
Chapter 2348 Leader of Tianmeng
Chapter 2349 Fight again!
Chapter 2350 Above the Yuan Realm
Chapter 2351 Battle against Canggu
Chapter 2352 reaping the benefits
Chapter 2353 The war ends
Chapter 2354 The Holy Court’s Ambition
Chapter 2355 Are you willing to show up?
Chapter 2356 Where is Sister Qing?
Chapter 2357 Do you think he needs my support?
Chapter 2358 Alliance Conference
Chapter 2359 This situation is difficult to break
Chapter 2360 The war is about to break out
Chapter 2361 Jiulong Cauldron recognizes its new owner
Chapter 2362 Breaking the situation
Chapter 2363 It’s over before it even begins
Chapter 2364 I let Gu Huang come back
Chapter 2365 What do you want to say?
Chapter 2366 The Supreme Sect
Chapter 2367 You lose
Chapter 2368 Nothing will happen, right?
Chapter 2369 Arriving at Yutian City
Chapter 2370 Going to the eighth level star field
Chapter 2371 Is there a scam?
Chapter 2372: Trapping people to death will not pay for their lives
Chapter 2373 Young Master of Yan Palace
Chapter 2374 The fisherman’s advantage
Chapter 2375 Mr. Ling, you are very humorous
Chapter 2376 Qiao Ying’s shock
Chapter 2377 Farewell
Chapter 2378 Eighth-Level Star Territory
Chapter 2379 People from Tianmeng
Chapter 2380 Robbery on the Road
Chapter 2381 It’s your own fault.
Chapter 2382 Then die!
Chapter 2383 Kill until they come!
Chapter 2384 The Second Volume of the Heavenly Book
Chapter 2385 Kill until you are willing to let people go
Chapter 2386 The eldest lady of the Supreme Sect
Chapter 2387 I knew you would definitely come
Chapter 2388 Master!
Chapter 2389 Cut me with a knife
Chapter 2390 Someone left something for you
Chapter 2391 A terrifying knife!
Chapter 2392 Funeral Heaven
Chapter 2393 The Supreme Sect
Chapter 2394 A fair fight
Chapter 2395 What did she steal from you?
Chapter 2396 How long will you continue to pretend?
Chapter 2397 Lingxiao Peak
Chapter 2398 Master Lingxiao
Chapter 2399 I know where it really is
Chapter 2400 The Intention of a Drunkard
Chapter 2401 What a failure!
Chapter 2402 You are a little weak!
Chapter 2403 Ninth-grade Ningkun, dies!
Chapter 2404 It has been ineffective for a long time, how about playing?
Chapter 2405 Xiaomo’s strength
Chapter 2406 Sooner or later you will kill yourself
Chapter 2407 People from the Borderless Country
Chapter 2408 Just try it and you will know
Chapter 2409 You are not ashamed!
Chapter 2410 Savage Demonic Realm
Chapter 2411 Cang Yuan Clan
Chapter 2412 Can I kill him?
Chapter 2413 Is this okay?!
Chapter 2414 Civil strife breaks out
Chapter 2415 Battle with Hou Lin
Chapter 2416 Who else?
Chapter 2417 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 2418 Babel Tower
Chapter 2419 Hitting the top again!
Chapter 2420 Comeback
Chapter 2421: Refinement, support and death!
Chapter 2422: Capture his woman
Chapter 2423 Good luck to your people
Chapter 2424 The whereabouts of the Heavenly Book
Chapter 2425 So powerful that it makes people despair
Chapter 2426 Base Camp
Chapter 2427 Asking the girl for advice
Chapter 2428 Crisis in the Wild Demon Realm
Chapter 2429 The Evil God with Residual Blood
Chapter 2430 The body was taken away
Chapter 2431 Burning the bridge across the river
Chapter 2432 Use you to practice my skills
Chapter 2433 Mr. Ling, show mercy
Chapter 2434 Together we can overcome the catastrophe
Chapter 2435 Someone wants Bai Ling to be a mount
Chapter 2436 Not optimistic
Chapter 2437 Giving away heads
Chapter 2438 One sword kills him instantly
Chapter 2439 Dishonest little reptile
Chapter 2440 Are you sure he can bear it?
Chapter 2441 Let’s take you somewhere first
Chapter 2442 He can go to death
Chapter 2443 The formation is very strong
Chapter 2444 The master wants to skin you
Chapter 2445 Then there’s no need to talk about it
Chapter 2446 You can try
Chapter 2447 The choice of the ancient dojo
Chapter 2448 Departure to Death
Chapter 2449 Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Chapter 2450 I know where they are
Chapter 2451 Do you want to be free?
Chapter 2452 The treasure in the dead place
Chapter 2453 How many do you have?
Chapter 2454 Finding Wealth in Danger
Chapter 2455 Death Zone
Chapter 2456 Something happened
Chapter 2457 It seems a bit difficult
Chapter 2458 A volume of heavenly book exchanges for one person
Chapter 2459 Good calculation
Chapter 2460 Unexpected
Chapter 2461 People imprisoned on the fifth floor
Chapter 2462 Let’s fight
Chapter 2463 You have no chance
Chapter 2464 The Master of Feng Palace
Chapter 2465 Return to One City
Chapter 2466 Something big happened
Chapter 2467 A bit scary
Chapter 2468 Someone is coming again
Chapter 2469 News about Zhong Banxian
Chapter 2470 Revealing wealth
Chapter 2471 Seeking Death
Chapter 2472 Zuiwang Tower
Chapter 2473 Come to the door
Chapter 2474 If you don’t want to leave, then die
Chapter 2475 Next stop, Youyuan City
Chapter 2476 Miss Zhong was caught
Chapter 2477 You Lost
Chapter 2478 The Secret Court
Chapter 2479 It came quite quickly
Chapter 2480 The secret card of the secret court
Chapter 2481 Give me your knife
Chapter 2482 The secret court, the situation is over
Chapter 2483 How do you want to intervene?
Chapter 2484 The token was robbed
Chapter 2485 Gravekeeper
Chapter 2486 Entering the Abyss
Chapter 2487 You can’t stop us
Chapter 2488 Earth Demon
Chapter 2489 Battlefield Demon
Chapter 2490 High Priest of Tianyuan Clan
Chapter 2491 The most annoying person who has no faith in his words
Chapter 2492: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 2493 Just kill them all
Chapter 2494 Do you regret it now?
Chapter 2495 He is indeed not dead!
Chapter 2496 Long time no see!
Chapter 2497 So strong!
Chapter 2498 It really only takes one move
Chapter 2499 Talisman of Babel
Chapter 2500 Next stop, ladder to heaven
Chapter 2501 Tianti City
Chapter 2502 Is the Babel Talisman fake?
Chapter 2503 Who else?
Chapter 2504 Ninth-Level Star Territory
Chapter 2505 Monster Mountain
Chapter 2506 Mermaid
Chapter 2507 Amethyst Mineral Veins
Chapter 2508 The Yun Family of Tianyun City
Chapter 2509 He wants to call someone, stop him quickly
Chapter 2510 The people behind the He family
Chapter 2511 Seeking Death
Chapter 2512 Tianyun City
Chapter 2513 A bargaining chip for life
Chapter 2514 The Sixth Volume of Heavenly Book
Chapter 2515 Departure to the Ghost Market
Chapter 2516 Jing Yuan Dan
Chapter 2517 Senluomen
Chapter 2518 Is there a scam?
Chapter 2519 Not pricing according to amethyst
Chapter 2520 There is really a problem!
Chapter 2521 The Intention of a Drunkard
Chapter 2522 The only way to survive is to fight
Chapter 2523 The Master of Wanxiang Pavilion
Chapter 2524 So awesome?!
Chapter 2525 The master of Wanxiang Pavilion died!
Chapter 2526 Now I’m willing to give it away for free
Chapter 2527 Ranking Seventh among the Ten Sacred Relics
Chapter 2528 Senluo Sect Master
Chapter 2529 The Legend of the Chaos World
Chapter 2530 Changing Equipment
Chapter 2531: Brother, should I just kill him?
Chapter 2532 Demon Sect massacres the city
Chapter 2533 Resentful Spirit
Chapter 2534 The Heaven-Suppressing Seal is very good
Chapter 2535: Do justice for heaven and eliminate harm for the people
Chapter 2536: Should we run?
Chapter 2537 Make a deal
Chapter 2538 Your surname is not Murong
Chapter 2539 Another fight?
Chapter 2540 Girl, are you okay?
Chapter 2541 Yin Yang Scholar
Chapter 2542 Bai Ling’s combat power
Chapter 2543 It’s too shocking
Chapter 2544 Heavenly Book Mind Method
Chapter 2545 Such a coincidence?
Chapter 2546 Old guy, hand over the ring
Chapter 2547 Where is Hanling?
Chapter 2548 Are you also involved in the Demon Sect’s affairs?
Chapter 2549 I’m looking for two people
Chapter 2550 Is this an exaggeration?
Chapter 2551 Zi Ling is very excited
Chapter 2552 There are other reasons
Chapter 2553 Are you sure you are helping her heal?
Chapter 2554 I really didn’t devour her!
Chapter 2555 Next stop, the unbounded city
Chapter 2556 Dao Alliance, endless
Chapter 2557 It’s really unbounded!
Chapter 2558 Yin Huan Sect
Chapter 2559 I want to borrow something from Mr. Ling
Chapter 2560 Does Yinhuan Sect have any treasures?
Chapter 2561 Mystery
Chapter 2562 Did you kill his daughter?
Chapter 2563 Deal!
Chapter 2564 Looking for the old man
Chapter 2565 Whereabouts Half a Year Ago
Chapter 2566 Don’t underestimate the remnant sect
Chapter 2567 Something happened to Xiaoting
Chapter 2568 Deputy Envoy of Tianmeng
Chapter 2569 Battle against the Deputy Envoy of Tianmeng
Chapter 2570 The Seventh Book of Heaven
Chapter 2571 Something is not normal
Chapter 2572 The seventh level of skills
Chapter 2573 Xiao Ting’s plan
Chapter 2574 Do you have a bargaining chip to buy your life?
Chapter 2575 The whereabouts of the eighth volume of the Heavenly Book
Chapter 2576 Let’s exchange it for the Heavenly Book!
Chapter 2577 Hand over the soul seal and you will live!
Chapter 2578 Girl, we meet again
Chapter 2579 Beautiful Deputy Envoy
Chapter 2580 She called someone!
Chapter 2581 Above the divine realm, it’s so terrifying!
Chapter 2582 Kill instantly with one sword
Chapter 2583 Above the Divine Realm
Chapter 2584 If you don’t want to kill anyone, don’t force me to do it
Chapter 2585 Mantian Blood Formation
Chapter 2586 The trump card of the barbarians
Chapter 2587 The eighth volume of the Book of Heaven is obtained
Chapter 2588 Tianmeng Legion
Chapter 2589 Do you know the old man?
Chapter 2590 The Realm of Nothingness
Chapter 2593 The Liao family
Chapter 2593 A question and a mysterious crystal
Chapter 2594 Miss Liao Family
Chapter 2595 What a good plan!
Chapter 2596 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 2597 Something went wrong
Chapter 2598 The evil spirit appears
Chapter 2599 How do you survive until now?
Chapter 2600 Do you believe my words now?
Chapter 2601 Isn’t it better to just stay here?
Chapter 2602 This seems to be a scam!
Chapter 2603 This trip was not in vain!
Chapter 2604 Someone comes from Yunxiao Palace
Chapter 2605 Brother, do you want to break through?
Chapter 2606 This breakthrough is a bit exaggerated
Chapter 2607 The method of breaking the formation
Chapter 2608 The whereabouts of the ninth volume of the Heavenly Book
Chapter 2609 Infinite Purgatory
Chapter 2610 I am your sister’s friend
Chapter 2611 There is no smoke without smoke.
Chapter 2612 The crisis of the Lian clan
Chapter 2613 Can she still give birth to a child?
Chapter 2614 Have you sent people to join the clan?
Chapter 2615 Visiting the Nirvana Tribe
Chapter 2616 Let’s take a gamble?
Chapter 2617 A fair fight
Chapter 2618 Fifth-grade Wuqian, died!
Chapter 2619 Don’t you still have me?
Chapter 2620 Why are you being hunted every day?
Chapter 2621 Is there really a fountain of eternal life?
Chapter 2622 The Four Great Venerables
Chapter 2623 Fountain of Eternal Life
Chapter 2624 Summoning Demons
Chapter 2625: Young lady, are you sure you are not joking?
Chapter 2626 is a bit exaggerated!
Chapter 2627 Want the Fountain of Eternal Life?
Chapter 2628 Someone comes from Yunxiao Palace
Chapter 2629 Yunxiao Palace, the situation is over
Chapter 2630 The ninth floor of Tongtian Book Tower
Chapter 2631 Good stuff!
Chapter 2632 The Mysteries in Ancient Books
Chapter 2633 Next stop, the world of chaos
Chapter 2634: Brother, should I kill him directly?
Chapter 2635 The entrance will appear soon
Chapter 2636 Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 2637 Sure enough, he has other plans
Chapter 2638 You have a better choice
Chapter 2639 Just try this ancient book
Chapter 2640 What kind of sword technique is this?
Chapter 2641 Does Mr. Ling know Miss Xianer?
Chapter 2642 Entering the World of Chaos
Chapter 2643 Imperial City
Chapter 2644 Chaos world is a bit exaggerated
Chapter 2645 Joining the Imperial Guard
Chapter 2646 It is indeed related to the Chaos Compass
Chapter 2647 Brother, I’m joking!
Chapter 2648 The entrance is sealed!
Chapter 2649 What is that?!
Chapter 2650 Hand over your Najie