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I am not talented, but I am a famous general in the world.

I am not talented, but I am a famous general in the world.

author:Luohe Qingfeng

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-18 21:05

Latest chapter:The new book 'Spring and Autumn Strategy: Rising from the Disciple' has been released! Please support

There are many dynasties, many foreign races, constant killings, and wars have not stopped. Qin Yi traveled through this troubled times with the famous general system and became a strategist who was about to be eliminated. Then he rose step by step, killed the barbarians, expanded the territory, fought against the rebellious ministers, and created new things. Come and become the invincible God of War in this world!

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《I am not talented, but I am a famous general in the world.》The latest nine chapters
The new book 'Spring and Autumn Strategy: Rising from the Disciple' has been released! Please support
Chapter 678: Dominate the World
Chapter 677 Qin Yi has no regrets!
Chapter 676: Two women in hand!
Chapter 675: So tender!
Chapter 674 The beauty is under control!
Chapter 673 The crisis has arrived!
Chapter 672 Yulan wakes up!
Chapter 671: Playing with Beauty!
《I am not talented, but I am a famous general in the world.》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 At stake
Chapter 2 Exam Questions
Chapter 3 Don’t mess around
Chapter 4 A blockbuster
Chapter 5: Predicting things like a god
Chapter 6 I must let you reveal the truth!
Chapter 7 Isn’t this too crazy?
Chapter 8 The Iceberg Beauty Speaks
Chapter 9 Trivial Skills
Chapter 10 Heavy Casualties
Chapter 11 Hysteria
Chapter 12 Cruel and cruel
Chapter 13 Knock him out!
Chapter 14 Differential Treatment
Chapter 15 Charming Grace
Chapter 16 Asking for trouble
Chapter 17: Angry in the dead of night
Chapter 18 Gaining knowledge
Chapter 19: Charming
Chapter 20: So excited that my hands are shaking
Chapter 21 Beauty weeps
Chapter 22 Who is Mr. Qin Yi?
Chapter 23 Sitting in the Boudoir
Chapter 24: Desolate in the cold wind
Chapter 25 Send someone to destroy him!
Chapter 26 You have to control yourself even if you can’t control it
Chapter 27 A Mad Dog
Chapter 28 Boundless Beauty
Chapter 29 Beheading
Chapter 30 Who is the murderer?
Chapter 31 Pain Mask
Chapter 32 Bet
Chapter 33 His face turned dark!
Chapter 34 Sigh
Chapter 35 Daydreaming
Chapter 36 I'll accompany you
Chapter 37 A stumbling block
Chapter 38 What is the purpose?
Chapter 39: This round, we admit defeat
Chapter 40 Can’t bear to look directly
Chapter 41: Encircled
Chapter 42: One against ten
Chapter 43: The sparrow knows the ambition of the swan
Chapter 44: Poor Strategist
Chapter 45: Are you really attracted to Mr. Qin?
Chapter 46 The stars hold the moon
Chapter 47 Sex makes the mind faint
Chapter 48 Unexpected
Chapter 49 Beauty’s kindness
Chapter 50: Are you Qin Yi?
Chapter 51: Contemporary Music Star
Chapter 52 A chance meeting with a beautiful woman
Chapter 53: Fight for face
Chapter 54 Bringing humiliation to oneself?
Chapter 55 Tit for tat
Chapter 56: So heroic!
Chapter 57 God Favors
Chapter 58 The cunning man
Chapter 59: Donor Stays
Chapter 60: Evil intentions
Chapter 61 Suspect
Chapter 62 Late Night Prayer
Chapter 63: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 64: Flowers in front of the moon?
Chapter 65: Let it go
Chapter 66: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 67: Take strict precautions
Chapter 68: Cowardly People
Chapter 69 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 70 Absence from duty
Chapter 71 Strong soldiers and generals
Chapter 72: Keep away from idlers!
Chapter 73 Dilemma
Chapter 74: The canthus of the eyes is about to split
Chapter 75: Playing with the palm of your hand
Chapter 76: At a loss
Chapter 77 Hot Potato
Chapter 78 Without delay
Chapter 79 Extremely fierce
Chapter 80: Doubts in my heart
Chapter 81 Something unexpected happened
Chapter 82: Kill one person in ten steps
Chapter 83: No excuses
Chapter 84: The snipe and the clam fight, and the fisherman wins
Chapter 85 Sir, help!
Chapter 86 Volunteering
Chapter 87 Save everyone!
Chapter 88 Falling from the sky
Chapter 89 Who asked you to kill me?
Chapter 90 Unexpected
Chapter 91: Die young?
Chapter 92 Foolproof
Chapter 93 There is an ambush here!
Chapter 94 A little plan
Chapter 95 Those who surrender will not be killed!
Chapter 96: Heartbroken
Chapter 97 Fatal murderous intent!
Chapter 98: The strange yin and yang
Chapter Ninety-Nine: The next generation is to be feared
Chapter 100 The Infatuated Person
Chapter 101 Taking the Most Credit
Chapter 102 Someone comes late at night!
Chapter 103 No clue
Chapter 104: Thoughtful
Chapter 105 The Emperor is Furious
Chapter 106 Proud Work
Chapter 107: Sit back and relax
Chapter 108: Admired by Thousands of People
Chapter 109 Is she moved?
Chapter 110 The heavy past
Chapter 111 The storm is rising
Chapter 112 Black-faced Yama
Chapter 113: Acting vigorously and resolutely
Chapter 114 The right to kill first and report later
Chapter 115 Incompetent Person
Chapter 116: Lies
Chapter 117: Wolf Heart and Dog Lung
Chapter 118 Turbulence
Chapter 119 Getting to the bottom of things
Chapter 120 The nightmare strikes again
Chapter 121 The truth is revealed!
Chapter 122 Worry
Chapter 123 Life and death!
Chapter 124 The bloody nature of men!
Chapter 125: Delaying the Fighter Plane
Chapter 126 Horrifying murderous intention!
Chapter 127: The dog thief who deserves to be killed!
Chapter 128: Hidden Killing Move
Chapter 129 Late night talk
Chapter 130 Arrangements
Chapter 131: Secret Confrontation
Chapter 132 Questioning!
Chapter 133 The end of the road
Chapter 134 Risking Yourself
Chapter 135: Put an end to the chaos!
Chapter 136 The situation is over
Chapter 137: Surrender
Chapter 138 The golden bachelor!
Chapter 139 Unprecedented
Chapter 140: Return without success?
Chapter 141 How are you doing?
Chapter 142 Abnormal noise!
Chapter 143: The storm is about to come and the wind fills the building
Chapter 144: Quite a character
Chapter 145 Ambitious?
Chapter 146: Tacit understanding
Chapter 147: Looking Bad
Chapter 148 A sudden attack late at night!
Chapter 149: Conspiracy late at night!
Chapter 150: Hot pursuit
Chapter 151 Women are not inferior to men
Chapter 152: Playboy
Chapter 153 I beg you to
Chapter 154: Torture to Extract a Confession
Chapter 155 Shocking Discovery
Chapter 156 Emergency Evacuation
Chapter 157 A sinister plot!
Chapter 158 Sudden changes
Chapter 159: Split up
Chapter 160: Leaderless?
Chapter 161 No clue
Chapter 162 Chaos breaks out!
Chapter 163: That man is there, in a place where the war is raging
Chapter 164: We don’t owe each other anything
Chapter 165 A hero emerges from a young age
Chapter 166: Famous Generals from Dali
Chapter 167: Making meritorious deeds secretly
Chapter 168: Underestimating the heroes of the world?
Chapter 169: Qin Yi cannot be let go!
Chapter 170: Bullying others with power
Chapter 171: Bullying goes too far
Chapter 172 The Strongest Warrior
Chapter 173: Targeted by a poisonous snake!
Chapter 174: Framed
Chapter 175: Spewing blood!
Chapter 176: A lot of help
Chapter 177 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 178: Come, give me a seat!
Chapter 179: Facing the Difficulties
Chapter 180: Contempt of all living things
Chapter 181: Treat each other with cold eyes
Chapter 182: The target of public criticism
Chapter 183 Attack on the spot
Chapter 184: Strength can carry the cauldron
Chapter 185: Embarrassing
Chapter 186 If you want to fight, then fight!
Chapter 187 Shocked everyone!
Chapter 188: If you don’t make a sound, it will be a blockbuster!
Chapter 189 Hug the thigh?
Chapter 190 Assessment Day!
Chapter 191: Lack of Strength
Chapter 192 We are all cannon fodder
Chapter 193: Recorded in History
Chapter 194: In vain
Chapter 195: This beast must die!
Chapter 196 What a handsome man!
Chapter 197: Seeking Death
Chapter 198 A sudden crisis!
Chapter 199: Insidious and vicious
Chapter 200: Ruining one’s future!
Chapter 201: Appearing in front of others
Chapter 202: Learn from the strengths of others
Chapter 203: Unworthy of being a man!
Chapter 204 Unparalleled
Chapter 205 What a truly outstanding person!
Chapter 206 Good intentions
Chapter 207: Secret Operation
Chapter 208 Bloodthirsty Maniac
Chapter 209: Killing and Punishing the Heart
Chapter 210 Famous
Chapter 211 Mountain roar and tsunami
Chapter 212 This is what a man should do!
Chapter 213 Unexpected
Chapter 214: Falling into the sand?
Chapter 215: Is this guy beaten to death?
Chapter 216: Severely Injured
Chapter 217 A disastrous end?
Chapter 218 Above the Clouds
Chapter 219 Barbarian Land
Chapter 220: Disgraceful!
Chapter 221 Able to make good decisions
Chapter 222: Avenging shame?
Chapter 223: Heroic Qianyun
Chapter 224: Vicious Gaze
Chapter 225: The conspiracy succeeded?
Chapter 226: Take advantage of the situation!
Chapter 227: Worse than a beast
Chapter 228 Military Aircraft Event
Chapter 229: A single move affects the whole body
Chapter 230: The direction of the battle
Chapter 231: Chilling
Chapter 232 Shocking news of sudden change
Chapter 233 Not optimistic!
Chapter 234: Fighting on both sides!
Chapter 235 Times make heroes
Chapter 236 I am willing to assist you
Chapter 237: Obeying the rules and violating the rules
Chapter 238: Rebellious
Chapter 239 It should be beheaded!
Chapter 240: It’s hard to guard against hidden arrows
Chapter 241: Worried
Chapter 242: Turning the tables
Chapter 243 This boy has the demeanor of a god of war!
Chapter 244: All grass and trees are soldiers
Chapter 245 Supply Interruption
Chapter 246: Defeated!
Chapter 247 The “hero” falls!
Chapter 248 Let the king go quickly!
Chapter 249: A great victory in this battle!
Chapter 250: A genius!
Chapter 251: The number one scholar!
Chapter 252: Trap and kill the entire clan?
Chapter 253 Eternal infamy!
Chapter 254: With a clear conscience!
Chapter 255 The man who must be killed
Chapter 256: A meteoric rise!
Chapter 257: A thorn in the flesh
Chapter 258: A crushing defeat!
Chapter 259 The best candidate!
Chapter 260 I hope you will triumph!
Chapter 261: You can trample them to death if you step on them!
Chapter 262: Take your subordinates to die!
Chapter 263: No room for error!
Chapter 264: It’s like entering a deserted place!
Chapter 265: Kill without mercy!
Chapter 266: The final plan
Chapter 267: Different ways do not work together
Chapter 268: Siege and Attack
Chapter 269 Fatal Flaw!
Chapter 270 The entire army was defeated?
Chapter 271: Act according to plan!
Chapter 272: Defeat the enemy and win!
Chapter 273: Focus on the heart!
Chapter 274 People’s hearts are floating!
Chapter 275: Rewards based on merit!
Chapter 276: Hundreds of officials welcome you!
Chapter 277 Tell the world!
Chapter 278 Invitation from Marquis Dingjun
Chapter 279: Someone rebels?
Chapter 280 A catastrophic disaster!
Chapter 281 Nothing to hide
Chapter 282 It’s all trash!
Chapter 283: One glory and all glory!
Chapter 284 The latest clue!
Chapter 285: Kill and silence!
Chapter 286: The murderer behind the scenes appears?
Chapter 287 Tit for tat!
Chapter 288: Zhanjing, things are going to change
Chapter 289 An acquaintance committed the crime!
Chapter 290 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 291: Peeling off the cocoon!
Chapter 292 The real murderer reveals himself!
Chapter 293 Tell the whole story!
Chapter 294: Taking someone under orders!
Chapter 295 Top secret roster!
Chapter 296: Promotion!
Chapter 297 The story of master and apprentice!
Chapter 298: Fight to the death!
Chapter 299 An act of benevolence and justice!
Chapter 300 Shadows move in the dark night!
Chapter 301 A fatal situation!
Chapter 302: Heart ripples!
Chapter 303 Reveal your signs!
Chapter 304 The enemy is among us!
Chapter 305: A dead end!
Chapter 306: Death is inevitable!
Chapter 307 It’s getting worse!
Chapter 308 My name is Qin Yi!
Chapter 309 Shura Blood Prison!
Chapter 310: No return if not victorious!
Chapter 311 Seven consecutive defeats!
Chapter 312: Dead lips and cold teeth!
Chapter 313: I only owe the east wind!
Chapter 314 A stunning talent!
Chapter 315 Confrontation between the two armies!
Chapter 316 Unstoppable!
Chapter 317 No one survived!
Chapter 318: Only outsmart!
Chapter 319 Lost!
Chapter 320: Invincible!
Chapter 321: The Tiger and Wolf Master!
Chapter 322: Capture another city!
Chapter 323: Defend according to danger!
Chapter 324: Counterattack!
Chapter 325: Half of the Country!
Chapter 326: A plan to attack the heart!
Chapter 327: One man can’t stop ten thousand men!
Chapter 328: Dangerous moves for soldiers!
Chapter 329 Returning in defeat!
Chapter 330: The troops are approaching the city!
Chapter 331 Signs of national destruction!
Chapter 332: Dali reinforcements!
Chapter 333: Decisive victory thousands of miles away!
Chapter 334: Running out of ammunition and food!
Chapter 335 is just around the corner!
Chapter 336: It’s your turn!
Chapter 337 God’s will is on me!
Chapter 338: Attack the city with all your strength!
Chapter 339: Recorded in history!
Chapter 340: I would rather die than kneel!
Chapter 341: Falling to the ground!
Chapter 342: The power of the dragon!
Chapter 343 The situation is out of control!
Chapter 344 Stolen!
Chapter 345: Throwing away the armor!
Chapter 346: Nationwide conscription!
Chapter 347 Showing all the disadvantages!
Chapter 348: Retreat without a fight!
Chapter 349: You will be outside, and your orders will not be accepted!
Chapter 350: Three consecutive defeats!
Chapter 351 Ambush on all sides!
Chapter 352 Thank you, all people!
Chapter 353 The biggest winner!
Chapter 354: The Emperor welcomes you personally!
Chapter 355: Become a Marquis and a General!
Chapter 356: A vacant position is waiting for you!
Chapter 357 This beast must be eliminated!
Chapter 358 The crime of collaborating with the enemy!
Chapter 359: In one thought!
Chapter 360 Exposed!
Chapter 361 Act decisively!
Chapter 362 The smoke appears!
Chapter 363 Urgent report from the border!
Chapter 364 Powerful troops!
Chapter 365: All-out defense!
Chapter 366 Rebellion arises!
Chapter 367: Disaster is coming!
Chapter 368 The best time to send troops!
Chapter 369: Troubled times are coming!
Chapter 370: Great achievements shock the Lord!
Chapter 371: Involved in the war!
Chapter 372: Brave invasion!
Chapter 373: When in doubt, look for Qin Yi!
Chapter 374 Qin Yi goes to war!
Chapter 375: There are many enemies!
Chapter 376: Heavy double-teaming!
Chapter 377: It’s like entering a deserted place!
Chapter 378: Massacre in all directions!
Chapter 379: Fight to support war!
Chapter 380 The whole army charges!
Chapter 381: Kill three in and three out!
Chapter 382: Heavy casualties!
Chapter 383: Heading north!
Chapter 384: Strong walls and clear fields!
Chapter 385: Unstoppable!
Chapter 386: A clever plan to break the city
Chapter 387 Delaying the fighter plane!
Chapter 388: Never fall into the trap!
Chapter 389: Defeated step by step!
Chapter 390: Capture two more cities!
Chapter 391 Return quickly!
Chapter 392: All enemy soldiers are beheaded!
Chapter 393: Leave no trace behind!
Chapter 394: The Commander-in-Chief takes action!
Chapter 395: Fighting against each other!
Chapter 396: On the verge of breaking out!
Chapter 397 Signs of national subjugation!
Chapter 398: Ambush plan!
Chapter 399: Tens of thousands of corpses!
Chapter 400 The decline of national destiny!
Chapter 401: Devastated!
Chapter 402: Attack on Kangdu!
Chapter 403: Seeking Death!
Chapter 404: The fall of a famous general!
Chapter 405 A major incident!
Chapter 406: Send out heavy troops again!
Chapter 407 Return to Beijing quickly!
Chapter 408: Rebellion!
Chapter 409 Rebellion breaks out!
Chapter 410 The fall of Zhanjing!
Chapter 411 Miyagi is lost!
Chapter 412: You want to see people when you are alive, you want to see corpses when you die!
Chapter 413 A river of blood!
Chapter 414: A worthy death!
Chapter 415: Send out troops for conquest!
Chapter 416 Crazy plan!
Chapter 417 The situation has changed drastically!
Chapter 418 Bad news is coming!
Chapter 419 Return to support!
Chapter 420: The King of Diligence in Class!
Chapter 421 I am Qin Yi!
Chapter 422: Everyone’s hope!
Chapter 423: Continuous defeats!
Chapter 424: The troops are approaching the capital!
Chapter 425: Focus on the heart!
Chapter 426 When the war begins!
Chapter 427: A Last Stand!
Chapter 428 God of War Qin Yi!
Chapter 429: Immortal achievements!
Chapter 430 The whereabouts of the Empress!
Chapter 431 The throne belongs to you!
Chapter 432: A country cannot live without a king for a day!
Chapter 433: Ascend to the throne!
Chapter 434 Send troops to quell the rebellion!
Chapter 435: The lost dog!
Chapter 436: Running hundreds of miles!
Chapter 437: Pursue the victory!
Chapter 438 Spread the word to the world!
Chapter 439: Beheaded by the enemy!
Chapter 440: As powerful as a god!
Chapter 441: A talent of great talent!
Chapter 442: Times create heroes!
Chapter 443: Going north to conquer!
Chapter 444 The heroes rise together!
Chapter 445: Fight against King Mu!
Chapter 446 A battle of wits between two kings!
Chapter 447: Unpredictable!
Chapter 448: Bringing humiliation to oneself!
Chapter 449: Break the cup as a sign!
Chapter 450 A sudden change occurred!
Chapter 451: King Mu’s personal expedition!
Chapter 452: Shooting King Mu?
Chapter 453 A fight to the death!
Chapter 454: When we meet on a narrow road, the brave one wins!
Chapter 455 Revenge for the common people!
Chapter 456 The energy is exhausted!
Chapter 457 The defeat has appeared!
Chapter 458 King Mu died suddenly!
Chapter 459 The Savior!
Chapter 460: The situation is tense!
Chapter 461 Those who surrender will not be killed!
Chapter 462 A miserable end!
Chapter 463: Kneel down and surrender!
Chapter 464: Invincible!
Chapter 465 The rebellion was put down!
Chapter 466 The Reincarnation of the God of War!
Chapter 467: Lord of all peoples!
Chapter 468: The most important weapon of the country!
Chapter 469: With the world in mind!
Chapter 470: The spy comes to report!
Chapter 471 The military plane was stolen!
Chapter 472 The strange and powerful man!
Chapter 473 Fear comes from the unknown!
Chapter 474: Track all the way!
Chapter 475: Exchanging injury for injury!
Chapter 476: Weird and strange tribe!
Chapter 477 The war is about to begin!
Chapter 478 The way to death!
Chapter 479: Massacre in a city!
Chapter 480: The mantis stalks the cicada, with the oriole behind!
Chapter 481 The sword is approaching!
Chapter 482: No chance of winning!
Chapter 483 The war resumes!
Chapter 484 The troops are approaching the city!
Chapter 485: On the verge of breaking out!
Chapter 486: Emergency on the Western Front!
Chapter 487 The road ahead is dangerous!
Chapter 488: Hunt with all your strength!
Chapter 489: Follow me and charge!
Chapter 490: Attack the enemy and save him!
Chapter 491 Falling into the abyss step by step!
Chapter 492: Scare off the enemy!
Chapter 493 The whole city was buried with him!
Chapter 494 The enemy of life and death!
Chapter 495: Enemy soldiers attack!
Chapter 496: Suffering heavy injuries!
Chapter 497 A great shame and humiliation!
Chapter 498: Defeated!
Chapter 499 The catastrophe is coming!
Chapter 500: Soldiers are coming to stop us!
Chapter 501: Not far from death!
Chapter 502 A great victory!
Chapter 503: Escape!
Chapter 504: Frightened upon hearing the news!
Chapter 505 Highly anticipated!
Chapter 506: Fight to the death!
Chapter 507: A dangerous situation!
Chapter 508: Victory begins!
Chapter 509: Take advantage of King War’s illness and kill him!
Chapter 510: The King of War dies and Yulan is coming!
Chapter 511: Risking yourself!
Chapter 512: Execution on the spot!
Chapter 513: The situation is tense!
Chapter 514 The war is coming!
Chapter 515: Catastrophe comes to the world!
Chapter 516 A bloody battle by the river!
Chapter 517 Children of Troubled Times!
Chapter 518: A Thousand Miles of Collapse!
Chapter 519: Don’t seek prosperity, just seek not to starve to death!
Chapter 520 A surprising hint!
Chapter 521 Hundreds of officials persuade us to enter!
Chapter 522 Delay in ascending the throne!
Chapter 523 Great news!
Chapter 524: Killing each other!
Chapter 525: It’s dark at night, here comes the beauty!
Chapter 526 Confirm the relationship!
Chapter 527: Shocking Killing Weapon!
Chapter 528 The door rang late at night!
Chapter 529 A blood letter!
Chapter 530: Going deep into the tiger’s den!
Chapter 531 Game of life and death!
Chapter 532: Sword light and blood shadow!
Chapter 533 Conquer Liu Kang!
Chapter 534: Whoever wins the Linlong wins the world!
Chapter 535: Victory is guaranteed!
Chapter 536: This is a scam!
Chapter 537 Military emergency!
Chapter 538 Even better!
Chapter 539: Act according to circumstances!
Chapter 540: Mountain of Corpses and Sea of ??Blood!
Chapter 541 What a truly outstanding person!
Chapter 542: A famous general in the world!
Chapter 543: Coercion and inducement!
Chapter 544: God will help me!
Chapter 545: The entire army was wiped out!
Chapter 546: Ten deaths and no life!
Chapter 547: Surrender without a fight!
Chapter 548 The bloody battle is coming!
Chapter 549: Death has come!
Chapter 550: The dog’s brains are knocked out!
Chapter 551: Sign of defeat!
Chapter 552: Defeat is determined!
Chapter 553 The Power of the God of War!
Chapter 554 A heavy price!
Chapter 555: Defeat the enemy and win!
Chapter 556 Capture and kill Prince Gong!
Chapter 557: Conquer Nine Cities in a Row!
Chapter 558: Tragic ambush!
Chapter 559 Great news!
Chapter 560 The war resumes!
Chapter 561: Divine weapons descended from heaven!
Chapter 562 God of War Speed!
Chapter 563 Unstoppable!
Chapter 564 The final showdown!
Chapter 565: Comply with destiny!
Chapter 566: Qin Yi must perish!
Chapter 567: A fight to the death!
Chapter 568: A crushing defeat!
Chapter 569 The overall situation has been decided!
Chapter 570: Incomparable feats!
Chapter 571: Choose a day to ascend the throne!
Chapter 572: Will you be my queen?
Chapter 573 The whereabouts of the Empress!
Chapter 574: No regrets even if I die!
Chapter 575: Troubled times!
Chapter 576: Finding the Empress!
Chapter 577: Bringing America back to Beijing!
Chapter 578 The Empress abdicates!
Chapter 579: Queen, why don’t you thank me?
Chapter 580: Queen, you are very royal!
Chapter 581: When I triumph, I will marry you as my queen!
Chapter 582 Crossing the Sea Expedition!
Chapter 583: Xiang Rong sacrifices to heaven and invades the south with all his strength!
Chapter 584 Danger is coming!
Chapter 585: The city dies and everyone dies!
Chapter 586 Farewell to you!
Chapter 587 The bloody battle between Yinglan!
Chapter 588: Human life is as cheap as a dog!
Chapter 589: Send out troops at the last moment!
Chapter 590: Fate is inevitable!
Chapter 591: Seeking death!
Chapter 592: Success or failure depends on this!
Chapter 593 Yu Lanqi, dead!
Chapter 594: The following will kill you!
Chapter 595: In times of danger!
Chapter 596 The building will collapse!
Chapter 597 The Emperor fled south!
Chapter 598: The king and the country will be destroyed together!
Chapter 599 Critical moment!
Chapter 600: Defend Lijiang!
Chapter 601: Survival from desperate situation!
Chapter 602 The bloody battle is coming!
Chapter 603: Sacrifice yourself for your country!
Chapter 604 The situation is not good!
Chapter 605: A bloody battle in Luocheng!
Chapter 606: Luo City is in danger!
Chapter 607: Would rather die than retreat!
Chapter 608: A bloody battle to the end!
Chapter 609 A difficult decision!
Chapter 610: Kill those who are afraid of war!
Chapter 611: There is no way to escape death!
Chapter 612: The feet of the giant elephant, specially designed to step on the God of War!
Chapter 613: Turning danger into good fortune!
Chapter 614: All-out attack!
Chapter 615 A ??sudden crisis!
Chapter 616: One man is in charge, but ten thousand men are not allowed to open it!
Chapter 617: First victory!
Chapter 618: Danger!
Chapter 619 The decisive battle is coming!
Chapter 620: The imperial chariot’s personal expedition!
Chapter 621: Sudden bad news!
Chapter 622: Ask for a fight!
Chapter 623: Danger is coming!
Chapter 624 Four girls gather together!
Chapter 625: Battle of Zhanjing!
Chapter 626: Calling King Qin?
Chapter 627 Qin Yi returns!
Chapter 628 Highly anticipated!
Chapter 629: Attack Zhanjing!
Chapter 630: Shocking news!
Chapter 631 The speed of life and death!
Chapter 632 The city was destroyed and people died!
Chapter 633: Danger is imminent!
Chapter 634 The eve of the decisive battle!
Chapter 635: In times of danger!
Chapter 636: Defeated step by step!
Chapter 637 The King Returns!
Chapter 638 Invincible!
Chapter 639: Create peace for all generations!
Chapter 640: Reversing fate!
Chapter 641: When we meet on a narrow road, the brave one wins!
Chapter 642: Extremely urgent!
Chapter 643 A critical moment of life and death!
Chapter 644 Three Female Shura Field!
Chapter 645: Bless all people!
Chapter 646: I want to favor you!
Chapter 647: Deep love!
Chapter 648: A kiss of beauty!
Chapter 649 God’s favor!
Chapter 650 A stroke of genius!
Chapter 651 Dominate the battlefield!
Chapter 652 Two women meet!
Chapter 653 Stunning beauty!
Chapter 654: Invincible!
Chapter 655: Destroy the world!
Chapter 656: Charming!
Chapter 657 The only emperor!
Chapter 658: Fight to the death!
Chapter 659 Duel of Kings!
Chapter 660 Unparalleled in the world!
Chapter 661: Invincible!
Chapter 662 Unstoppable!
Chapter 663: The benefits lie in the future!
Chapter 664: Invincible!
Chapter 665: Co-Master of Cang Yuan!
Chapter 666: Eternal peace for generations to come!
Chapter 667 Let’s celebrate together!
Chapter 668 The Emperor Star is coming!
Chapter 669 Everyone is looking forward to it!
Chapter 670 Qin Yi returns to Beijing!
Chapter 671: Playing with Beauty!
Chapter 672 Yulan wakes up!
Chapter 673 The crisis has arrived!
Chapter 674 The beauty is under control!
Chapter 675: So tender!
Chapter 676: Two women in hand!
Chapter 677 Qin Yi has no regrets!
Chapter 678: Dominate the World
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