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After the divorce, the wife became prosperous

After the divorce, the wife became prosperous


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Latest chapter:623. Finale

His wife and Bai Yueguang were kidnapped at the same time. He chose to save the weak Bai Yueguang, but left his ruined wife to the kidnappers. In his words: 'Qiao An, you have always been smart. Even if you stay with the kidnappers, you will definitely be able to save yourself. But Wei Xin can't.' Qiao An finally saw clearly the sincerity of Mr. Zha. She chose to jump off the high-rise building in the ruins. He didn't expect that his wife, who had always been submissive, seemed to have been raped by Niu Hu after she came out of the hospital. As if possessed by Queen Lu, she launched a series of revenge on him and Bai Yueguang, which made him completely overwhelmed. With nothing left, he finally realized that a smart woman cannot be bullied. He decided to seek revenge from his wife.

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《After the divorce, the wife became prosperous》The latest nine chapters
623. Finale
622. Lu Yu trains his wife and sends away his adopted daughter
621. The villa was demolished and the Li family was scattered
620. The Li family has withered, and its glory is clouded.
619. Mr. Li was mourned and his death was miserable.
618. The situation in the big house, the wife’s reversal
617. The meeting between father and son was touching.
616. The Lu family’s wife, little chicken belly
615. Sisi was pregnant and cried with joy
《After the divorce, the wife became prosperous》Chapter Contents
1. Jump off a building with hatred and live in humiliation
2. Angel in white, gentle scum
3. Best friends go out to investigate the scumbag
4. Husband and brother-in-law, choose one of the two.
5. Frequent feces and urine, committed by family members
6. Failing to give birth to any fruit, leave angrily
7. Experimental rat, Qiao An protests
8. Zecheng complained, Xiaoran suffered disaster
9. Work hard and endure hardships, and seek perfection through humiliation
10. Wedding rings, genuine gifts
11. Keeping a mistress, Qiao Anhanhan
12. Standards for choosing a mate, like you
13. Forced to buy a house, the flaws are exposed
14. Uninhibited and indulgent, a doctor has a chivalrous heart
15. A star man has an ocean in his heart
16. An An’s jumping off the building has nothing to do with me
17. Sneak out of the hospital and come to the door to hack three people
18. The husband protects the three, and the wife presses hard
19. Reporters are dispatched, and the scumbag is frightened
20. Beautiful encounter, deep love
21. Hot search controversy, scumbag collapses
22. Infatuated with senior brother, Lu Mo chased after him
23. Senior brothers and sisters, visit the ward
24. Three shows of affection, beautiful counterattack
25. If you dislike the poor and love the rich, you won’t be able to express your adversity.
26. Qiao’s father is Xiaoran and has similar smells.
27. Three thousand weak water, how many scoops do you take?
28. Clear the photos and start again
29. When mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fight, do your part.
30. The plan fails and turns into a licking dog
31. If the mistress provokes you, fight back quickly
32. Introducing your girlfriend and getting tricked instead
33. The grace of saving my life will end my life for you
34. Farmers and snakes are not allowed to accompany you.
35. Angel in white, human face and animal heart
36. The truth comes to light, love is misplaced
38. Beat up the scumbag and cut off all kindness.
39. For the sake of Xiaoran, endure the humiliation and bear the heavy burden
40. Qiao An was discharged from the hospital and returned to his hometown
41. Niu Huluan, the scumbag repented
42. Beautiful first love, lost to reality
43. First girlfriend, dislikes poverty and loves wealth
44. Mother Qiao has an accident, Xiaoran helps
45. Mother Qiao fights and the building collapses
46. ??Mother Qiao passed away, and conflicts deepened
47. Qiao An is pregnant, the scumbag husband asks for peace
48. The crystallization of love, Qiao An stays
49. The king with a strong mouth, angrily criticizes the scumbag
50. Mother is more valuable than son, so you can join the board of directors.
51. Love vanity and seek peace for money
52. Niu Huluan, alienating scumbag lovers
53. Return to your hometown and reminisce about the past
54. Xiaoran is nostalgic, the devil enters the village
55. Spit out everything that belongs to me
56. Mother-in-law attacks, daughter-in-law strikes cleverly
57. I asked you to enter the urn, and your mother-in-law was punished
58. Xiaoran is sick, Qiao An has the medicine
59. You are number one, Gao is not happy
60.Either pay back the money or sue
61. Wei Xin sells her house, Xiao Ran waits hard
62. The scumbag’s domestic violence, Qiao An calls the police
63. Zayn was humiliated and the scumbag regretted it
64. Double standards for scumbags, Qiao An’s punishment
65. Prove your innocence, have brass teeth and iron teeth
66. Sincerely seeking reconciliation, Lu Mo makes trouble
67. The scumbag fights back and Qiao An is trapped
68. The scumbag’s counterattack is a joke
69. Slap your mother-in-law angrily and retaliate in kind.
70. No way to divorce, green tea is disappointing
71. Green tea is too stupid to be allowed in the door
72. At a gathering of nobles, the third wife replaces the main wife
73. Qiao An was miserable and the scumbag was embarrassed
74. The brother-in-law is prominent, but the nephew is shocked
75. Approaching Qiao An just for revenge
76. Lu Mo comes to visit and the whole family mobilizes
77.Who is the biological father of the child?
78. She doesn’t love him and he is very hurt
79. The kiss experiment is wonderful.
80. Court leaflet, kidnapping husband with son
81. False love for revenge, true love revealed
82. Learn to pick up girls with the same old tricks
83. Transfer property and return all property to its proper place
84. You can be provocative, and your moral integrity is off the line.
85. Outsmart the scumbag and make him angry to death
86. The scumbag who plots lies behind.
87. I’m chasing you, but you can’t tell
88. Dominate Wei Xin and plot against the scumbag
89. Drive away the mother-in-law, and the scumbag will starve.
90. We all share the same fate, but my brother-in-law is partial.
91. Domestic violence and scumbag husband, pregnant wife is very tough
92. The couple fights and the uncle is busy
93. Vain girl, Xiaoran lectures
94. Use force after marriage, Qiao An is mighty
95. I want a great-grandson, but Qiao An refuses
96. Qiao An concealed the time of pregnancy
97. Expose the lie and run away in embarrassment
98. Love is revenge, Qiao An is heartbroken
99. The pain of revenge, Xiaoran’s regret
100. Interviewing an old love, Qiao Anxin is stuck
101. Xiaoran apologizes, Qiao An insults him
102. The hidden plot was exposed
103. Step on her pain and climb up
104. Grandpa’s visit, paternity test
105. Publications are banned, love and hate are not distinguished
106. Acquire Tingting and transfer equity
107. Xiaoran’s loyal advice, abnormality examination
108. If the child is normal, keep the child
109. Wei Xin is pregnant, and she got the evidence by chance
110. Move away from Xingyue, do it for the best
111. Xiaoran’s hands are shaking, and she is drunk and chasing people away
112. The emotional mysophobia is Qiao An
113. When the truth comes out, I feel extremely guilty.
114. Interview with the boss, Xiaoran comes forward
115. A promise of a thousand gold, marry me again
116. Suing for divorce, Li family takes revenge
117. Want to withdraw the lawsuit, wishful thinking
118. Splashing dirty water on her makes Qiao An angry
119. With a strong backstage, the Li family makes enemies
120. I can wear you a lot, but you can’t wear flattery.
121. Ask for help from others and keep your posture low
122. A son inherits his father’s virtues and has strong genes
123. Interview with Xiaoran, Wei Xin is pregnant
124. The identity of the child’s father is in doubt
125. Catching a snake within seven inches will make the scumbag angry
126. The child belongs, Xiaoran wants it
127. With grandpa’s support, Xiaoran counterattacks
128. The scumbag is suspicious, whose child is it?
129. Interview with Huo Zhou, job well done
130. Birthday party, making a shining debut
131. A good show, cut off the relationship
132. Wei Xin came to power but ended in failure
133. Thousands of choices, what the hell?
134. To take revenge on him, no fear of going to jail
135. The Li family is on fire, the Li family is in panic
136. He is evil and strategizing
137. Overbearing father, refined and self-interested
138.Father and son duel, verbal confrontation
139. Father and son break up, everyone betrays relatives and leaves
140. Please enter the urn, my brother-in-law is evil
141. Xiaoran takes action, the three-bedroom dilemma
142. The Li family dispatched to encircle and suppress Xiaoran
143. Mrs. Huo is eager to protect her grandson.
144. Grandfather and grandson meet each other and have deep affection.
145. Everyone betrays relatives and signs an agreement
146. The scumbag wakes up and registers for divorce
147. The whole network is ridiculing, the mother-in-law is choked
148. A divorced woman is not worthy of Xiaoran
149. Sow discord and take advantage of the opportunity
150. Huge breakup, Qiao Anxin is in trouble
151. Lu Mo is suffering from cancer, Xiao Ran asks for marriage
152. Proud and cut off from love
153. Qiao An resigned and got a new boyfriend
154. Get married, arrogant boyfriend
155. Xiaoran misunderstood, Qiao An got married
156. Lu Mo was jealous and took action to break up the relationship
157. His gift, Joan’s home
158. Working together to trick the son-in-law
159. Acting, acting, French kiss
160. They are twins, and their minds are wavering.
161. The secret was revealed, Lu Mo was terrified
162. Fraudulent donation, no one can argue
163. Airport car accident, complete breakup
164. The Li family trembles when they recognize their ancestors and return to their clan.
165. The Li family is trampled, Xiaoran takes revenge
166. Qiao An returns and revenge spreads
167. Qiao An interviews and meets Lu Mo by chance
168. An old friend repeats himself and becomes his assistant
169. Cute baby, looks like dad and mom
170. Qiao An was helpless to stop him from drinking.
171. You must be filial to your parents for food and clothing
172. She looks like Qiao An, Lu Mo is scared
173. Encountered ex-husband by chance, gained notoriety
174. Encountering Qiao He, the deep love between brother and sister
175. The scheming wolf almost fell into the trap
176. Stamped and certified, it’s the stupid uncle
177. Food poisoning, Qiao An was wronged
178. Favoring Lu Mo, Qiao An was injured
179. Sleeping poorly, Xiaoran becomes suspicious
180. Foolish CEO, Qiao An
181. Betray the CEO and be wanted in anger
182. The child is sick and Qiao An returns
183. Makeup is gone, recognize Qiao An
184. Deep love, gentle pain
185. I bumped into my daughter and was made cute by her
186. His mood, hell and heaven
187. Give you hair. Paternity test
188. Visiting a love rival and meeting a murderer by chance
189. Qiao An was beaten and Xiao Ran rescued him
190. Qiao An’s daughter, Xiao Ran likes it
191. Xiao Ran makes a wish, Qiao An blossoms
192. The oath comes true, things change and people change
193. Infatuated with Qiao An, Lu is unfamiliar with jealousy
194. Delicate body, temptation of wolf
195. Xiaoran won’t let you hurt Qiao An
196. Qiao An is so good that no one can compare with her.
197. Lu Mo was acting and hit a snag
198. Harassing Qiao An, Lu Mo supports him
199. Rage against the Lu family, Xiaoran is deeply affectionate
200. Ex-husband regrets, Wei Xin takes retribution
201. Encounter with ex-husband, the king of strong talk
202. Questioning the child, the scumbag is lost
203. Buying a pair of rings and meeting Qiao An by chance
204. Xiaoran was drunk and Qiao An tortured her
205. Qiao An was assassinated, Xiao Ran blocked the knife
206. Get closer to the truth and forgive Xiaoran
207. Xiaoran is heartless, Qiao An is sick
208. Qiao An is sick, Xiao Ran is secretly worried
209. The truth is revealed and Qiao An collapses
210. Fulfill the promise, young and frivolous
211. Encounter with Xiaoran by chance, Sanbao escapes
212. The loving father and cute daughter, Qiao An was shocked
213. When love rivals meet, it is exceptionally harmonious.
214. Lu Mo acts as a monster and is a master of anti-correction
215. Xiaoran withdrew his capital, Qiao An was angry
216. Lu Mo alienates, Xiaoran feels guilty
217. Qiao He was scummed, Shuanghuo beat him up
218. Calling brother-in-law brings joy
219. Please enter the urn and trick Qiao He
220. Qiao An is home, Xiaoran is happy
221. Lu Mo arrives, Qiao Anxin feels guilty
222. Fine green tea, Qiao An was frustrated
223. Several brothers, expose the lies
224. If someone harms me, you are a suspect
225. Xiaoran knew it and became furious
226. Threatening Xiaoran and having no choice but to compromise
227. Xiaoran gets engaged, Qiao An offers incense
228. If you don’t change your original intention, bury Qiao An alive
229. Domineering Xiaoran, don’t allow Qiao to die
230. Qiao An wakes up and loves him well
231. Stolen love returns to its original owner
232. Losing you is my misfortune
233. Sharp-edged and merciless
234. Show great courtesy, but feel disgusted
235. Xiao Yue came to visit and the child was surprised to see
236. Reveal secrets and seek help
237. Xiaoran’s double standard, Qiao An was moved
238. The house is too expensive, so I have to sell my body to pay for it.
239. The words of tiger and wolf make the heart flutter
240. Caring about Qiao An, Lu Mo is jealous
241. Forced marriage under the pretext of illness, revealing one’s flaws
242. Attend the dance, your marriage is destined.
243. My wife never changes her dance partner.
244. Questioning Lu Mo, Qiao An is domineering
245. Qiao An is sick and Xiaoran comes in
246. Resist Beijing Airlines and question Mother China
247. Suspecting Lu Mo and hurting Qiao An
248.Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you.
249. The devil takes action, despicable and shameless
250. Marry Li Zecheng, the truth comes out
251. Returning to the Li family after many years
252. Marry your nephew, the reason is revealed
253. Xiaoran fell ill and Qiao An took care of her
254.Soulmate, Xiaoran Qiao An
255. Xiaoran is indifferent, everything happens for a reason
256. Father Lu takes action and has countermeasures
257. Sowing discord and misunderstanding Qiao An
258. Forced to leave cruelly, Qiao An wakes up
259. Driving Qiao An away, Xiaoran was furious
260. Love is higher than the mountains, but grandma is deflated
261.KIKI’s identity cannot be exposed
262. You are daddy, drinking is not enough
263. There is no reason to like angels
264. A pair of daughters, surnamed Huo and Li
265. The scumbag appears and begs for the child
266. The child is not close, the scumbag husband is lost
267. Love is deep on the Internet, but the relationship is shallow
268. Xiaoran’s plan almost succeeded
269. Xiaoran is sad if she doesn’t trust him
270. Family love, I want to love you
271. Unable to control myself, monitor the Lu family
272. The murderer was caught, Xiaoran’s handiwork
273. Favoring Lu Mo, Qiao An leaves
274. Unable to get love, full of pride
275. He is a bit of a scumbag, be honest with him
276. The wedding is as usual, Qiao An is missing
277. Please enter the urn, black-bellied squid
278. Qiao An is heartbroken and the tiger mother is cruel
279. Being treated as a mistress, the male god comes from heaven
280. Xiao Ming’s confession caused misunderstanding
281. Huge betrothal gift, burying the Lu family
282. Baby daddy, jealous
283. Business genius, strong-mouthed king
284. Two heroes fight for the baby, Qiao An goes on a blind date
285. The fresh meat is very good, and the aunt is tempted
286. The scumbag comes over and asks for help
287. Wei Xin’s regret, being brutally abused at home
288. Love rivals are extremely jealous when they meet.
289. Lu Mo provokes, Qiao An feels sad
290. Qiao An leaves and Xiaoran visits the prison
291. The truth about miscarriage, Xiaoran’s heartache
292. Punish the devil, the end is coming
293. Each child has his own father.
294. Dislike wigs, Xiaoran PUAs her
295. Mother Lu was frightened when she was refused help.
296. I don’t love you anymore, I’m too tired
297. Imprisoned for love, Qiao An resists
298. He is very happy that she is his daughter
299. Acting coquettishly and cutely, hard to resist
300. Lu Mo came to visit and was humiliated
301. Favoring Qiao An, Lu Mo is jealous
302. Pamper Qiao An and won’t let you lose
303. Slug Ann, he doesn’t dislike it
304. Anti-correction expert, tea talk
305.Tease her, tease her, tease her hard
306. Two women and one man living in the same room
307. Hook up with Xiaoran and stimulate Lu Mo
308. Embroidery gift, Xiaoran is furious
309. Dual showdown, IQ contest
310. He is the biological father, Lu Mo collapsed
311. The Dongchuang Incident happened, and Mother Lu was terrified.
312. If I had known today, why bother?
313. The wedding begins, happiness ends
314. A grand wedding, a flower in the mirror and a moon in the mirror
315. The end of Lu Mo, everyone rebels and abandons their relatives
316. Wholeheartedly, whole life
317. My ex-husband was cheated on me and I was left helpless.
318. Finally got back together, and the flowers blossomed
319. Alienate KIKI, Qiao An sets up a trap
320. Despise KIKI, your intestines will regret it
321. It’s fun when you torture your child, but it’s miserable when you chase your child.
322. Father and son hugged each other, crying with joy
323. My father was seriously ill and returned to the Li family
324. The uncle is happy, the nephew is heartbroken
325. The little bird clings to the human, and he protects her
326. An unlucky home, an unlucky daughter
327. Loving couple, children strive for success
328. Lu Mo jumped off the building, Qiao An tried to stop him
329. Xiaoran advised her to just live.
330. Rats crossing the street, living in fear
331. Lu Mo returns home and his status declines
332. The secret is in the heart, but there is a long way to go
333. Uncle-nephew duel, Qiao An is in trouble
334. God’s law is clear, retribution will not be happy
335. The higher you lift, the more painful you fall.
336. Things are different and people are different, we should be equal
337. The mistress comes to the door, karma is retribution
338. When the mistress comes in, the first wife is heartbroken
339. Property disputes, under dangerous walls
340. Inheritance disputes, favoring four houses
341. Marry a wife and marry a virtuous person, and the four families will rise.
342. Academic tyrant Qiao An resolves the conspiracy
343. When you meet true love, Qiao An is bold and bold
344. The cycle of cause and effect, retribution
345. Xiaoran becomes his wife and beats the third brother angrily
346. Qiao An takes action, the devil is ten feet high
347. The past goes with the wind and cannot be looked back on
348. Xiaoran’s mother, legendary woman
349. Divorce of three-bedroom apartment, everything goes crazy
350. Xiaoran’s father is irresponsible
351. Mother’s belongings, biological father is in doubt
352. Regardless of past grievances, brothers reconcile
353. The third sister-in-law apologizes and Qiao An feels relieved
354. Lu Mo’s entanglement, dimensionality reduction attack
355. Mother jumped off the building, Zecheng confessed
356. Brazen teeth and iron teeth, scolding the mistress angrily
357. Father-daughter antagonism, Zain’s hatred
358. It’s self-evident who the murderer is.
359. If the beam is not upright, future generations will suffer.
360. The father is partial and the daughter is angry
361. Fighting, Qiao An resolved
362. Because of love, sadness and hatred are scabbed
363. My ex-husband was humble and fell into the dust.
364. With all hope lost, pull him back
365. Her son has very upright views.
366. The most powerful person, humble Qiao An
367. Lu Mo’s stepmother is in trouble
368. Qiao An plotted and Lu Mo was abandoned
369. Cuttlefish Xiaoran, plotting against Qiao An
370. Met him by chance, a familiar person
371. Dark memories, swarming in
372. Thrilling, narrow escape from death
373. A promise worth a thousand pieces of gold, inheriting the mission
374. Forced marriage at home, Qiao An found out
375. Memories are like water, the truth emerges
376. Seeing Qianqian, I feel suspicious
378. Xiaoran protects his wife and is extremely domineering
379. Xiaoran holds a grudge, Huo Zhou apologizes
380. Brothers and sisters respect each other, wife assists
381. Huo Zhou has a secret love, but he can’t love it
382.Hunter and Wolf, Qianqian Xiao Ming
383.Mocha code, Xiaoran’s biological father
384. Great love knows no bounds, but looks down upon life and death.
385. The rise of Sanfang, everything is going crazy
386. Sanfang gains power and makes a fortune
387. Repaying evil with kindness, Xiaoran promises
388. Upright, search list
389. Xiao Ming was poisoned and Xiao Ran treated him
390. Mr. Xiao became suspicious and Zecheng returned home.
391.Father and son break up, the building collapses
392. Wei Xinze is successful, the marriage is in vain
393. Xiao Ming’s death, loneliness and loneliness
394. The golden cicada escapes from its shell and Xiao Ming is resurrected
395. The marriage came to nothing and the ex-husband collapsed
396. Joey disappears and Joan goes crazy
397. Xiaoran’s revenge, Qianqian’s suspension
398. Sweet receipt of certificate, witnessed by children
399. Happy to receive certificate, ex-husband regrets
400. Life is like a dream, Zecheng wakes up
400 (Part 2) His honey, my arsenic
401. Qiao An is the tactic, and Zen is the sword.
402. Don’t be too proud, the crown will fall off
403. Excellent acting skills, difficult for stepmother
404. Cholera is her heart, her father is her husband
405. A maniac who dotes on his wife, his moral integrity is gone
406. The stepmother is poisonous and drives her stepdaughter away
407. Zeyu returns, Zeen falls out of favor
408. The original wife is a loser to wealth, and the current wife is a loser to fate.
409. People die for money and birds die for food.
410. Zeen Zeyu, patriarchal
411. Treat others in their own way.
412. Tigers eat their children with poison, and fathers eat their children with evil
413. Beat his father angrily and disown his relatives
414. My wife drank medicine and died to apologize.
415. My wife is gone and it will be difficult for future generations.
416. Dutiful sons and virtuous grandchildren are all ironic
417. If you don’t teach your children well, you will end up doing your own misfortune.
418. A arrogant and arrogant person, a scumbag and a scumbag
419. Funeral ceremony, another dispute
420. Qiao An comes up with a plan and cleverly solves the problem
421. The mistress wakes up and the scumbag gets angry
422. Qiao An disappeared, her ex-husband repented
423. Qiao An was beaten, Zecheng protected her
424. Do you remember, my first love Xinping
425. Xiaoran’s father’s identity is revealed
426. The scumbag’s atonement, the uncle’s double standard
427. Life-saving grace, reconciliation between uncle and nephew
428. Xiaoran’s father, a heroic life
429. Some people enjoy peace, while others lick the tip of a knife.
430. In the battle between good and evil, who is the winner?
431. Whether it is a human being or not remains to be determined.
432. The scumbag begs for peace, and the scumbag scolds him angrily
433. Zecheng awakens and his career rises
434. Zecheng Wei Xin, hospital encounter
435. Don’t blush when you say goodbye
436. The beauty of the original wife, the fall of the scumbag husband
437. A piece of cake and a misfortune in remarriage
438. Living without nourishment is the same crime as buying and selling
439. Preferring boys over girls is a big mistake
440.Conquer them all and treat them equally
441. Being pregnant out of wedlock, Qiao He deserves a beating
442. The cute baby protected his uncle and moved Father Xiao
443. Your sister loves you more than anything else
444.The relationship between father and son has been exposed
445. Selling children, abandoning children
446. Xiaoran’s father descended from the sky
447. When father and son meet, they are extremely jealous.
448. Wisdom and wisdom, discovering clues
449. Qiao An is estranged, and the three houses are at odds with each other.
450. The scumbag father suddenly got rich, and the daughter is flattering
451. The ex-wife is very nice, but the scumbag father is heartbroken
452. Xiaoran’s mother, how great she is
453. Zeen fights for favor, but the scumbag father is in trouble
454. Why are the palms and backs of the hands eccentric?
455. Zeen takes revenge and uses retreat to advance
456. Qiao An is very good, but you are not worthy of her
457. Rise up to resist, family bondage
458. Jealous maniac, well deserved
459. Huo Zhou's blind date, the whole process is soy sauce
460. When a woman sings and her husband follows her, Zhouzhou is sold
461. Humble prayer, fatherly love is indifferent
462. Moral kidnapping, Zain refuses
463. Daughter takes revenge, scumbag father is angry
464. The child takes revenge and the father is desperate
465. The last day of the scumbag father, endless repentance
466. A great revenge has been avenged, and I feel sad
467. The wife gets divorced and the scumbag collapses
468. Sweet wife, fiercely flirting with the jealous king
469. Qiao An coaxes her husband, and Xiao Ran becomes angry
470. When father and son met, they looked at each other speechlessly.
471. Contact the informant, Xiaoran takes action
472. Tiger mother forces marriage, Zhouzhou avoids it
473. Harmony between sisters-in-law and husband-by-father
474. Dog skin plaster, Zhouzhou has a headache
475. Tragic childhood, Qianyu commits suicide
476. In hell and on earth, where is the light?
477. Xiaoran takes action and conducts field exercises
478. Set up a game within a game and advance into the storm
479. Lu’s mother died tragically, and the cause of death remains a secret
480. Trouble in the mourning hall is just an illusion.
481. Cruel father, murdering his wife
482. A gentle scum, worse than an animal
483. Sad farewell, happy events at home
484. Motive for murder, impulsive or deliberate
485. Having a family outside the home is a polite scum
486. It’s obvious who the undercover is.
487. They are two different people, he is not him
488. Qianyu’s biological father was transferred to someone else
489. Pay tribute to father and sister, drink bullet and commit suicide
490. There is a fire in the backyard, and the women are not allowed to show mercy to the men.
491. The cute baby is out and the gangster is arrested
492. Suspicion makes the nighthawk difficult to serve.
493. Xiao Ming reappears, sharp gun sniper
494. Change evil and return to righteousness, be brave and loyal
495. Xiaoran disappears and Qiao An goes crazy
496. The falcon returns home, and the grandfather and grandson recognize each other
497. His ex-wife turned back, but Zecheng refused.
498. The devil is in the world, and all suffering comes with joy.
499. It’s a real retribution.
500. Evil will be punished, the Lu family will be exterminated
501.Death of the devil, dawn comes
502. Time flies, time flies
503. Reunion after a long absence, love at first sight
504. Wishful thinking, secret love addiction
505. Indirect kiss, I like you
506.Married people, game love
507. The stars are indifferent and Qiao An is sad
508. Qiao An is sick and Xingchen feels guilty
509. She likes him and becomes a burden
510. Try to love him and take him home
511. Heaven and earth, two worlds
512. Play with you, the stars will shrink
513. Qiao An chases her husband, the road of thorns
514. She doesn’t mind it, injuries are medals
515. Love each other, bandit logic
516. Past marriage history is too painful to look back on
517. Tell Xingchen her past
518. The past can be traced, but the stars are sour.
519. Destined, can’t escape
520. Busy at work, lack of trust
521. Moral kidnapping, very shameless
Chapter 522 Sublimation of love, lifelong love
523. Fighting in public, Qiao An is fierce
524. Rich dude, Qiao An angrily refuses
525. Never give in, love is the only one
526. Real suffering, heartbreaking pain
527. Villagers are missing, everyone is dispatched
528. A eloquent tongue to resolve troubles
529. Visit the village secretary and save the weak
530. The strong dragon comes out of the cave and the local snake escapes
531+Who is Xiao Ming? Xingchen is jealous
532. Alliance of villains, fire occurs
533. Qiao An passed away, and the stars went crazy
534.You are Xiaoran, you know your identity
535. When father and daughter meet, they have a deep love for each other.
536. Father and daughter have deep love, but love is too bitter
537. Restore memory and the world collapses
538. Derogatory sister-in-law, Xiaoran is domineering
539. Xiaoran moves the grave, the secret of the cemetery
540. Interrogating Wang Ning, Xiaoya was frightened
541. Compared with being rich, who is Xingchen afraid of?
542. The moral kidnapping ends here
543. Found Qiao An, the couple became deeply in love
544. My adopted sister was beaten, I arranged it
545. Xiaoran returns and dotes on his wife domineeringly
546. Recognize the reality, the cute baby is angry with his father
547. Xiaoya was beaten, the village beauty helped
548. Speak uprightly, but your intestines will regret it.
549. She is the traitor, and it’s hard for Chen Jing to live
550. When parents are absent, children become kings
551. When it comes to eloquence, Xiaoran can be crushed
552. Punish the Wang family, they deserve it
553. Being jealous and overestimating one’s abilities
554. The end is coming, prepare to return to Beijing
555. Return to Kyoto, Falcon’s Regret
556. Father and son reunited and had a pleasant conversation
557. Loving couple vs. masked couple
558. Love breeds discord, and time flies by.
559. Loveless marriage, choose divorce
560. Put yourself to death and emerge from the cocoon into a butterfly
561. Fate ends, how to redeem it
562. Sisi leaves, Zhouzhou is lost
563. Excited Huo Zhou, happy breakup
564. Self-directed and self-acted, frightening Zhouzhou
565. Overcome obstacles and repay kindness with evil
566. There is no end to retribution.
567. Father-in-law is angry, Qiao An protects her husband
568. It only makes sense to go in both directions
569. The husband sings and the wife follows, and the old ways return to cuteness
570. Self-awareness is being fed to dogs
571. Rebellious mother and daughter, Xiaoran flirts with his wife
572. Met my father-in-law and resolved the conflict
573. In the name of love, a happy home
574. Returning to the Li family, the adoptive father wavered
575. Adoptive father and biological father finally meet each other
576. Selfishness, human nature
577. People die for wealth, and birds die for food.
578. The company changes owners, uncle and nephew fight
579. Reality repays you, it’s too late to regret
580. Ungrateful, uncle and nephew break up
581. Qiao An was pregnant and the doctor misdiagnosed her
582. The old couple turned against each other and became enemies.
583. Without the throne, the child will be aborted
584. Make up for regrets, break up with each other
585. Qiao An takes revenge and Zaien is terrified
586. Hatred arises out of love, and you can’t get what you ask for.
587. Sow discord, the plan succeeds
588. On-the-spot investigation, inner turmoil
589. Love the new and hate the old, and will remain loyal until death.
590. The adoptive father is on the verge of death, and Xiaoran’s love is broken.
591. Xiaoran is domineering and merciless
592. In the end, mercy disappeared.
593. Qiao An’s revenge is never too late in ten years
594. His defeated general is extremely arrogant.
595. Backer retreats, girlfriend breaks up
596. When death is imminent, all mechanisms will be exhausted
597. Because of love, do whatever it takes
598. A graceful lady and a gentleman are fond of each other.
599. A graceful lady and a gentleman are fond of each other.
600. The hero saves the beauty, Qiao An is furious
601. Loving couple, no longer trust
602. The husband and wife are having a cold war and the spoiled wife is depressed.
603. Child miscarriage, genetic testing
604. Malicious slander, prodigal son
605. Grandfather and grandson meet for the first time, and they meet each other in battle
606. Different genes, she is happier
607. Good intentions, save the company
608. I haven’t seen you for a few days, and my uncle is looking haggard.
609. Zeen’s advice, be prepared for danger in times of peace
610. Depressed pregnant women are much loved
611. Granddaughter-in-law arrived and met Mr. Lu
612. Wise Qiao An, wise meeting Mr. Lu
613. Mr. Lu is happy and his family is full of children and grandchildren.
614. Sowing discord, not of bloodline
615. Sisi was pregnant and cried with joy
616. The Lu family’s wife, little chicken belly
617. The meeting between father and son was touching.
618. The situation in the big house, the wife’s reversal
619. Mr. Li was mourned and his death was miserable.
620. The Li family has withered, and its glory is clouded.
621. The villa was demolished and the Li family was scattered
622. Lu Yu trains his wife and sends away his adopted daughter
623. Finale