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Return to the past: my portable little manor

Return to the past: my portable little manor

author:six bowls of fungi

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-18 23:40

Latest chapter:Final Thoughts and New Book

It’s not scary to go back to a difficult period of life. What’s scary is to meet a great family, with a father who doesn’t care for you, a mother who doesn’t love you, and a useless older brother who works hard. Fortunately, Chen Zixuan has a small manor with space and can store a lot of things. Grow fruits and vegetables, raise livestock, start to make a fortune by slowly dumping supplies, and gradually become prosperous, creating a secret small manor that you can take with you. (Return to the past/down to earth/space farming)

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《Return to the past: my portable little manor》The latest nine chapters
Final Thoughts and New Book
Chapter 730 Gathering
Chapter 729 Zhang Wanqing is pregnant
Chapter 728 Intention to get him drunk
Chapter 727 Family eating hot pot
Chapter 726 Promise to the future
Chapter 725 Encounter in the Cinema
Chapter 724 The second day of wedding
Chapter 723 Recommended by Grandpa Lin
《Return to the past: my portable little manor》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Small Space Manor
Chapter 2 Return to 1975
Chapter 3 The best of the family
Chapter 4 Jumping in line and going to the countryside
Chapter 5 Educated Youth in Lianshui Village
Chapter 6 I am a straight man
Chapter 7 Placement of Residence
Chapter 8 Can’t carry myself clearly
Chapter 9 The room where others have died
Chapter 10 Become a favorite
Chapter 11 Leng vs. Love Luck
Chapter 12 Secretly growing cotton
Chapter 13 The first day of work
Chapter 14 Exposing true temperament
Chapter 15 Good times
Chapter 16 Come to give gifts
Chapter 17 Miraculous Well Water
Chapter 18 The chick breaks out of its shell
Chapter 19 Free Pig Blood
Chapter 20 Selling the best apples
Chapter 21 First Cooperation
Chapter 22 Factory employee squatting
Chapter 23 Supply and Marketing Cooperative Shopping
Chapter 24 The lazy guy who plays hard
Chapter 25 It’s hard to break up the trouble
Chapter 26: Standing on the ground and strengthening oneself
Chapter 27 Space is busy farming
Chapter 28 Making Chives and Pork Red
Chapter 29 There are many people and sophistication
Chapter 30 Prepare building materials
Chapter 31 Reclaiming Private Land
Chapter 32 Steamed Buns and Rumors
Chapter 33 The Second Transaction
Chapter 34 Apple’s Big Price Increase
Chapter 35 Shipments are tracked
Chapter 36: Stir-fried Pig in Water
Chapter 37 Completion of Private Land
Chapter 38 Planting Red Date Trees
Chapter 39 Broken down Jeep
Chapter 40 Considering changing jobs
Chapter 41 Cotton Mill Quota
Chapter 42 A confused future
Chapter 43 New Partners
Chapter 44 Experimenting with Selling Fish and Shrimp
Chapter 45 Picking Mutated Ganoderma Lucidum
Chapter 46 Made a huge sum of money
Chapter 47 Buying a Bicycle
Chapter 48 A random bit of mandarin duck music
Chapter 49 Autumn harvest before heavy rain
Chapter 50 Intentionally or unintentionally
Chapter 51 Who is more thoughtful than anyone else?
Chapter 52 Don’t be afraid to fight to the end
Chapter 53 Stealing the chicken but losing the rice
Chapter 54 Open your eyes and tell lies
Chapter 55 Fearless deduction of work points
Chapter 56 Borrowing and exchanging old grain
Chapter 57 The situation of educated youth
Chapter 58 The captain supports him
Chapter 59 Just give in
Chapter 60 Fried fish to save winter food
Chapter 61 Li Jie fell ill
Chapter 62 Super bad riding skills
Chapter 63 Pharmacies sell Ganoderma lucidum
Chapter 64 Unexpected Price
Chapter 65 Stewing soup to replenish the body
Chapter 66 Leeks turn yellow
Chapter 67 Buy stamps casually
Chapter 68 Ganoderma spore powder
Chapter 69 Help send letters
Chapter 70 Scrapyard Scraping
Chapter 71 Mechanical Book Inspiration
Chapter 72 The county has a relationship
Chapter 73 Auto Repair Room
Chapter 74 Backward Technology
Chapter 75 Secondment to a new job
Chapter 76 Developing Engines
Chapter 77 Return at night
Chapter 78 Go to the county town for development
Chapter 79 Inexplicable feelings
Chapter 80 Taking care of a small estate
Chapter 81 Phone call at night
Chapter 82 Investment Potential Stocks
Chapter 83 Fighting for the Leek Root
Chapter 84 Confession and Advice
Chapter 85 Discussing Chen Zixuan
Chapter 86 Exploring the forest for the first time
Chapter 87 Chicken Stewed with Mushrooms
Chapter 88 Driving a Dongfeng Truck
Chapter 89 Reporting to the Factory Director
Chapter 90 Repairing the Tractor
Chapter 91 Shanghai brand watches
Chapter 92 The jealous party secretary
Chapter 93 Niu coaxes him back to the village
Chapter 94 The Captain Praises
Chapter 95 Choosing a Tractor Driver
Chapter 96 Install the insert
Chapter 97 Shocking Speed
Chapter 98 Opinions cleverly resolved
Chapter 99 Cured Fish and Fish Roes
Chapter 100 Large Volume Transactions
Chapter 101 Two Ten Thousand Yuan Households
Chapter 102 Old Motorcycle
Chapter 103 Skills dominate the entire workshop
Chapter 104 Cold Pig Ears
Chapter 105 The gap for reorganization
Chapter 106 Renting a house alone
Chapter 107: Reap the consequences
Chapter 108 The driving force behind it
Chapter 109 Teaching Tractor
Chapter 110 Talent and Clumsiness
Chapter 111 The smoked rabbit comes out of the nest
Chapter 112 The Importance of Honor
Chapter 113 Three people start a small stove
Chapter 114 Borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha
Chapter 115 Don’t eat grass from the nest
Chapter 116 A sudden appearance of a food thief
Chapter 117 Black Beauty Watermelon
Chapter 118 Food Stealing Incident
Chapter 119 Customized Clay Jar
Chapter 120 Boiled Pickled Fish
Chapter 121 Obtaining a Recruitment Quota
Chapter 122 Refuse to Accept a Disciple
Chapter 123 Familiar Gangster
Chapter 124 It turned out to be them
Chapter 125 Each choice
Chapter 126 Negotiating Niu Dali
Chapter 127 Returning to the village to allocate places
Chapter 128 Intertwined misunderstandings
Chapter 129 The key is to lose the chain
Chapter 130 The thief appears again
Chapter 131 Befriending Professor Pan
Chapter 132 Heartwarming Help
Chapter 133 It’s hard to start in cold weather
Chapter 134 The town pays public food
Chapter 135 A word from Grandpa
Chapter 136 Lianshui Village Class A
Chapter 137 Getting ready for winter
Chapter 138 Raising seedlings and planting sweet potatoes
Chapter 139 Li Mu’s jealousy
Chapter 140 Villagers come to make trouble
Chapter 141 Proving Evidence
Chapter 142 Li Mu was exposed
Chapter 143 Tasting tea and then entertaining
Chapter 144 Zhang Yunxi was kidnapped
Chapter 145 Secret Discovery
Chapter 146 Workshop Director Chen
Chapter 147 Report again
Chapter 148 One becomes multiple
Chapter 149 Large Agricultural Factory
Chapter 150 One week deadline
Chapter 151 Xie Yang’s provocation
Chapter 152 Chili Sauce as a Gift
Chapter 153 Director Chen’s trick
Chapter 154 Ignored details
Chapter 155 Cleaning the New House
Chapter 156 Fruit Boiled in Red Wine
Chapter 157 Stir-fried chili sauce
Chapter 158 Being tampered with
Chapter 159 Darkening and Confrontation
Chapter 160 The dust has settled
Chapter 161 Help for the last time
Chapter 162 Being Poached
Chapter 163 Wu Zhiguo’s Test
Chapter 164 County Scrap Depot
Chapter 165 Money counts too much
Chapter 166 The owner of the big yellow croaker
Chapter 167 Coming without an invitation
Chapter 168 Give me a week off
Chapter 169 Planning and Shopping
Chapter 170 Building a small manor
Chapter 171 Taking action on the radio
Chapter 172 Breeding Ducklings
Chapter 173 Two kids want candy
Chapter 174 The Picked-up Wife
Chapter 175 Encounter with Sika Deer
Chapter 176 Yun Li trains his son
Chapter 177 Sika Deer Bleeding
Chapter 178 Going to town together
Chapter 179 Li Cai’s scheming
Chapter 180 Keep the good stuff
Chapter 181 Get another radio
Chapter 182 The truth is revealed
Chapter 183 A pair of wild mandarin ducks
Chapter 184 It finally happened
Chapter 185 Want to put things to rest
Chapter 186 Planting Coffee Beans
Chapter 187 Meeting Xie Yang again
Chapter 188 Finally divided the food
Chapter 189 Build a house again
Chapter 190 Entering the Overseas Chinese Store
Chapter 191 Lai Zi looks for a matchmaker
Chapter 192 The Girl in Suffering
Chapter 193 Color Camera
Chapter 194 Underestimating Attraction
Chapter 195 Filial Xiaosi
Chapter 196 The whole nest is finished
Chapter 197 Digging a well in the yard
Chapter 198 Crooked Rumors
Chapter 199 I want to take a group photo
Chapter 200 A big girl can’t help herself
Chapter 201 You can’t afford it with just one punch
Chapter 202 Dinner with Xiao Si
Chapter 203 Contents of High School
Chapter 204 Chinese cabbage and radish
Chapter 205 Wanqing was framed
Chapter 206 Two willful slaps
Chapter 207 Sudden affection
Chapter 208 Everyone is happy
Chapter 209 Li Jie’s opportunity
Chapter 210 Enthusiastic about helping others
Chapter 211 Promoted to Workshop Director
Chapter 212 The Flower of Unrequited Love
Chapter 213 Expulsion and Compensation
Chapter 214 Live your life
Chapter 215 Out-of-Season Watermelon
Chapter 216 Fried dough sticks with soy milk
Chapter 217 Order of Appearance
Chapter 218 The rag-picking kid
Chapter 219 Hidden old things
Chapter 220 Exchange for food and money
Chapter 221 Acting as a consultant in name
Chapter 222 Did something stupid
Chapter 223 Leaving the Repair Shop
Chapter 224 Telling a Big Lie
Chapter 225 Advance to the new house
Chapter 226 The well is dug
Chapter 227 Let’s go to the city together
Chapter 228 Want to buy it
Chapter 229 Planting Ginseng Seedlings
Chapter 230 Strange Nightmare
Chapter 231 Playing chess is like life
Chapter 232 Hiring people makes more money
Chapter 233 Roast Duck in Beijing
Chapter 234 Black and White TV
Chapter 235 Take action with local eggs
Chapter 236 Orange Seedlings and Flowers
Chapter 237 Divide the dried seafood
Chapter 238 It’s cold and I want hot pot
Chapter 239 Take the train back
Chapter 240 Bad Guess
Chapter 241 Cunning Human Trafficker
Chapter 242 Well water has miraculous effects
Chapter 243 Coming to the door
Chapter 244 Encountered a fight scene
Chapter 245 Beautiful Misunderstanding
Chapter 246 Small Garden
Chapter 247 Opening a Processing Factory
Chapter 248 Lianshui Village Meeting
Chapter 249: Tie up and become the factory director
Chapter 250 Applying for Funds
Chapter 251 The plan is written
Chapter 252 Lin Jun in Beijing
Chapter 253 Getting Clothes and Quilts
Chapter 254 Approved by the Mayor
Chapter 255 Ordinary Friends
Chapter 256 Zhang Yunxi confesses his love
Chapter 257 Construction will begin
Chapter 258 Let’s entertain together
Chapter 259 Village Gathering Announcement
Chapter 260 Leaders support
Chapter 261 Convince and inducement
Chapter 262 Xushui Chili Sauce
Chapter 263 Glass Factory Cooperation
Chapter 264 Printing Factory Negotiated
Chapter 265 Old Straight Grandpa
Chapter 266 Management Position
Chapter 267 Lin Jun comes to the countryside
Chapter 268 Earn extra profit difference
Chapter 269 Workers, Peasants and Soldiers University
Chapter 270 Winter Soybean Sprouts
Chapter 271 The factory is excellent
Chapter 272 Recruitment in progress
Chapter 273 Educated Youth Interview
Chapter 274 Purchasing Wang Zhihao
Chapter 275 Show off color photos
Chapter 276 Lin Chunhua’s request
Chapter 277 Going to Lai’s house alone
Chapter 278 Favors are the hardest to return
Chapter 279 Able to become a regular employee in advance
Chapter 280 Let’s grow together
Chapter 281 The unexpected wild boar
Chapter 282 Dealing with it all alone
Chapter 283 Want to buy a copy machine
Chapter 284 Avoid being misunderstood
Chapter 285 Salary split in half
Chapter 286 The reporter is here
Chapter 287 Uniform Work Clothes
Chapter 288 Rescheduling
Chapter 289 Conflict between father and son
Chapter 290 First time cooking
Chapter 291 Meet the big benefactor
Chapter 292 Processed Canned Fish
Chapter 293 Set the purchase price
Chapter 294 Blueberry Jam Cake
Chapter 295 Lin Jun’s Parents
Chapter 296 Recruiting Temporary Workers
Chapter 297 Directly Next
Chapter 298 Exploding Green Flowers
Chapter 299 The farce is over
Chapter 300 Zanthoxylum bungeanum and peppercorns
Chapter 301 Selective Concealment
Chapter 302 Tell the good news
Chapter 303 Cotton Rabbit Nest
Chapter 304 Lotus Village next door
Chapter 305 Establishing a Business Department
Chapter 306 Pepper Harvest Year
Chapter 307 To expand the scale
Chapter 308 Things turn out differently
Chapter 309 Finished Hairy Fish
Chapter 310 Snail Tasting
Chapter 311 Chatting at dinner parties
Chapter 312 Picking Ganoderma Lucidum and Selling It Again
Chapter 313 The Forgotten Person
Chapter 314 Too shameless
Chapter 315 Good and bad peach blossoms
Chapter 316 Find orders yourself
Chapter 317 Director of Supply and Marketing Cooperative
Chapter 318 What’s the New Year’s Gift?
Chapter 319 Passing by to buy pears
Chapter 320 Tips Business Department
Chapter 321 A big order is coming
Chapter 322 Lin Jun’s Peach Blossom
Chapter 323 Private transactions
Chapter 324 Pear paste and garlic sprouts
Chapter 325 Something happened to the old lady
Chapter 326 Li Jie was humiliated
Chapter 327 Selling jobs directly
Chapter 328 Preferring Grandma Lin
Chapter 329 Demolition and construction of cabins
Chapter 330 Painting missing boards
Chapter 331 Building an adobe oven
Chapter 332 Li’s Rotten Chili Peppers
Chapter 333 Let the captain take charge
Chapter 334 Quarrel among children
Chapter 335 Help build the earthen kiln
Chapter 336 The Wang family comes to visit
Chapter 337 Eating kiln chicken leisurely
Chapter 338 Prepare to go up the mountain again
Chapter 339 Picking Hazelnuts Together
Chapter 340 Sweet and Sour Wild Grapes
Chapter 341 The wolf is really coming
Chapter 342 Carrying the wolf corpse down the mountain
Chapter 343 Wolfskin Coat
Chapter 344: Divide the meat and fry the hazelnuts
Chapter 345: Making hot tea in Wodong
Chapter 346 Pay back the money to the commune
Chapter 347 Li Cai was fired
Chapter 348 The Li family collapsed
Chapter 349 Simple Milk Tea
Chapter 350 Building a chicken, duck and rabbit shed
Chapter 351 Buying a bed partition
Chapter 352 Initiative and Frankness
Chapter 353 Stupid Zhang Yunli
Chapter 354 Reply to home
Chapter 355 Adopt a white cat
Chapter 356 Cat Food Dried Fish
Chapter 357 Xie Yang wants a flash marriage
Chapter 358 Looking for someone to have a snowball fight with
Chapter 359 The Final Choice
Chapter 360 Come and borrow a bicycle
Chapter 361 Winter plums send a beautiful lady away
Chapter 362 Gardenia Flower Language
Chapter 363 Invitation to Hot Pot
Chapter 364 Unchanging Friendship
Chapter 365 Business Department Talents
Chapter 366 Worrying about the wedding room
Chapter 367 A thief is visiting
Chapter 368: Tofu with brine
Chapter 369: Cooking donkey meat and burning it
Chapter 370 Lamb Full Wrapped
Chapter 371 Being followed
Chapter 372 Order exchange for help
Chapter 373 Reply and continue to be angry
Chapter 374 Making hot pot base
Chapter 375 Embarrassing Scene
Chapter 376 Lin Jun is attentive
Chapter 377 This is really stupid
Chapter 378 Free Wire Pulling
Chapter 379 Bold Confession
Chapter 380 Depressed Li Jie
Chapter 381 Little thoughts keep coming
Chapter 382 The bumpy road to marriage
Chapter 383 Two people fight drunkenly
Chapter 384 The last day of work
Chapter 385 Workers, Peasants and Soldiers University
Chapter 386 Happiness is the Most Important
Chapter 387 Rent a house and serve wine
Chapter 388 Half out on one side
Chapter 389 Let’s go hunting together
Chapter 390 Rabbit and Mouse
Chapter 391 Get another pet
Chapter 392: Wild Boar Interlude
Chapter 393 Pig Killing and Processing
Chapter 394 Come to visit
Chapter 395 My father-in-law looks like a wolf
Chapter 396 Meet up to go fishing
Chapter 397 Breaking the Ice and Fishing
Chapter 398 No intention to show affection
Chapter 399 Women’s Jealousy
Chapter 400 Friends last forever
Chapter 401 The factory pays wages
Chapter 402 Planning to build a primary school
Chapter 403: Surprise Inspection
Chapter 404 Under the nose
Chapter 405 Cating in a small manor
Chapter 406 Let’s study together
Chapter 407 Fighting with thieves at night
Chapter 408 The Pressure of Life
Chapter 409 Despair and Hope
Chapter 410 The day of the wedding
Chapter 411 Becoming a temporary chef
Chapter 412 Undoubted Love
Chapter 413 Lin Jun wants to buy a house
Chapter 414 Missing each other
Chapter 415 Taking Pictures of Each Other
Chapter 416 Learning to make dumplings
Chapter 417 Kill the pig and share the pork
Chapter 418 Captain’s Care
Chapter 419 The price of fish and shrimp will increase
Chapter 420 Report to the Commune
Chapter 421 Cuihua seeks justice
Chapter 422 Li Shan admitted his mistake
Chapter 423 Meeting the Slender Man Again
Chapter 424: Entering the Den of Thieves and Exploring
Chapter 425 Two aunts argue
Chapter 426 Life and Destiny
Chapter 427 The last moments
Chapter 428 Food chain conflict
Chapter 429 Watching people on the chessboard
Chapter 430 Laba porridge comes to your door
Chapter 431 Disguising as an old man
Chapter 432 Temptation and calculation
Chapter 433 Drunk or not?
Chapter 434 Turns out to be an acquaintance
Chapter 435 The lurking poisonous snake
Chapter 436 Coming to 1976
Chapter 437 Discuss countermeasures
Chapter 438 The choice is surprising
Chapter 439 Laying a Trap
Chapter 440 Commune leaders arrive
Chapter 441: The person and the person got the stolen goods together
Chapter 442 Both are strangers
Chapter 443 Developing new products
Chapter 444 Spring Wild Vegetables
Chapter 445 Working together to make money
Chapter 446 Xie Yang becomes a father
Chapter 447 Sudden Arrival
Chapter 448 How to deal with it
Chapter 449 Thinking about dividing the family
Chapter 450 Disaster Diversion Technique
Chapter 451 Taking the radio by force
Chapter 452 Magic Defeats Magic
Chapter 453 Let’s pretend to be poor together
Chapter 454 The two people who were frozen
Chapter 455 Finally sent away
Chapter 456 Red envelopes are given out at the start of work
Chapter 457: Routines set prices
Chapter 458 Stealing Eye Drops
Chapter 459 All the wild goods are lost
Chapter 460 The radio is missing
Chapter 461 A mistake between Yin and Yang
Chapter 462 Fence and Turf
Chapter 463 Zhihao was urged to marry
Chapter 464: Stones for Candies
Chapter 465 Black Sesame Stewed Chicken
Chapter 466 The scent is tempting
Chapter 467 The combat effectiveness is too weak
Chapter 468 The future of the two
Chapter 469 Looking for Podocarpus
Chapter 470 Raising pigs with dregs of tofu
Chapter 471: Auntie the Pig King
Chapter 472 My father-in-law is worried
Chapter 473: Catch vegetable worms and feed them to chickens
Chapter 474 Obtaining industrial votes
Chapter 475 See Xiaonian again
Chapter 476 Taking Xiaonian home
Chapter 477 They all have the same idea
Chapter 478 Teaching children to read
Chapter 479 Proposal to build a school
Chapter 480 The mayor’s optimism
Chapter 481 A new batch of educated youth
Chapter 482 Test to Recruit Teachers
Chapter 483 Li Xiaoxiao is expecting to give birth
Chapter 484 Wire Copier
Chapter 485: Powerful Year of Good Harvest
Chapter 486 to 1977
Chapter 487 Let’s study together
Chapter 488 The college entrance examination resumes
Chapter 489 The general trend is the trend
Chapter 490 The guessed test point
Chapter 491 It ended successfully
Chapter 492 Assigning a new factory director
Chapter 493: Hesitant to apply for a major
Chapter 494 Fill out the volunteer form
Chapter 495 Education Subsidy
Chapter 496 Admission Notice
Chapter 497 The big leader is coming
Chapter 498 Entertaining Wu Zhiguo
Chapter 499 Inspecting Factory Benefits
Chapter 500 Taking the opportunity to advertise
Chapter 501 Support education
Chapter 502 Advice before leaving
Chapter 503 Get Together
Chapter 504 The apple tree returns to bad condition
Chapter 505 Xiaobai catches mice
Chapter 506 Li Mu refuses to give up
Chapter 507 A couple shows off
Chapter 508 Going to Zhang’s house for dinner
Chapter 509 Letter of Introduction Home
Chapter 510 Simple Tea Eggs
Chapter 511 A Thrilling Journey
Chapter 512 Chen Dashan’s good deeds
Chapter 513 Asking Uncle for Help
Chapter 514 Reasons for not being favored
Chapter 515 Ten RMB Pensions
Chapter 516 Severed Relationship
Chapter 517 Gifts to Uncle Dong
Chapter 518 Rushing back to celebrate the New Year
Chapter 519 Coming 1978
Chapter 520 Let’s go together to pay New Year’s greetings
Chapter 521 Giving each other red envelopes
Chapter 522 The bait is too powerful
Chapter 523 Asking Linjun to buy tickets
Chapter 524 Grandpa Lin helps
Chapter 525 Asking for advice and borrowing books
Chapter 526 Explain before leaving
Chapter 527 A big dinner before departure
Chapter 528 Ready to go
Chapter 529 Arriving at Beijing City
Chapter 530 Lin Jun’s house is a guest
Chapter 531 Ending with a draw
Chapter 532 Taking commemorative photos
Chapter 533 Mr. Lin’s opinion
Chapter 534 Walking the Great Wall
Chapter 535 Competition between schools
Chapter 536 Treating guests in the cafeteria
Chapter 537 Roommate Min Yoongi
Chapter 538 Here comes a baby boy
Chapter 539 Huaqing’s Meals
Chapter 540 Classroom and Introduction
Chapter 541 Running for Class Cadres
Chapter 542: Becoming a Freshman Representative
Chapter 543 Group Bathhouse
Chapter 544 Going on stage to give a speech
Chapter 545: English Test
Chapter 546 Running to Yangcheng to purchase goods
Chapter 547 Twenty Thousand Yuan Empty
Chapter 548 Funds to be doubled
Chapter 549 The overwhelming sweetness
Chapter 550 Competition between schools
Chapter 551 Encounter in the Library
Chapter 552 Misunderstanding and Explanation
Chapter 553 Take her to a feast
Chapter 554 Competing for the top three in the written examination
Chapter 555 Submitted the paper in advance
Chapter 556 Old friends reunited
Chapter 557 Awkward atmosphere
Chapter 558 The first quarrel
Chapter 559 Renting a courtyard house
Chapter 560 Be obedient and admit your mistake
Chapter 561 Reconciliation
Chapter 562 Rabbits are overrun
Chapter 563 Beijing Waste Depot
Chapter 564 Assembling a Bicycle
Chapter 565 The fun of making money
Chapter 566 Getting ready to go back to the countryside
Chapter 567 Planning new projects
Chapter 568 Visiting Director Ye
Chapter 569 The love at home becomes stronger
Chapter 570 Hard-working young man
Chapter 571 New Problems in the Factory
Chapter 572 Determining the Betrothal Gift
Chapter 573 New Product Crisis
Chapter 574 Find Aunt Zhang as a matchmaker
Chapter 575: Marrying with a Certificate
Chapter 576 Party Secretary Zhang is distressed
Chapter 577 Pan-fried Steak Western Food
Chapter 578 Son-in-law’s new job
Chapter 579 Packing up and returning to Beijing
Chapter 580 A Medicinal Flower
Chapter 581 Take Xiaonian away
Chapter 582 Moving to the Siheyuan
Chapter 583 Discussing about starting a business
Chapter 584 Jointly establishing a furniture factory
Chapter 585 Six hundred square meters factory building
Chapter 586 Junxuan Store
Chapter 587 The maximum signing period is ten years
Chapter 588 Developing the Garment Industry
Chapter 589 Excellent Decoration
Chapter 590: Lucky Draw at Opening of Business
Chapter 591 Go to Yangcheng to choose goods
Chapter 592 Clothing store opens
Chapter 593 Not a fuel-saving lamp
Chapter 594 Visiting Shanghai Shopping Mall
Chapter 595 Interview Competition
Chapter 596 Changes in exchange students
Chapter 597 Being able to stand alone
Chapter 598 Multi-store Management
Chapter 599 Theft from the Chili Pepper Factory
Chapter 600 Letter from Little Sister
Chapter 601 Zhang Yunli enters the city
Chapter 602 Cleanse Jie Feng
Chapter 603 Want to retire early
Chapter 604 Buying a courtyard house
Chapter 605 A stack of real estate certificates
Chapter 606 High Quality Logs
Chapter 607 Teaching Big Brother to Open a Store
Chapter 608 Go to Nanluoguxiang
Chapter 609 Planning a Hot Pot Restaurant
Chapter 610 Let sister-in-law come over
Chapter 611 Xiaonian had a fight
Chapter 612 Beer and BBQ
Chapter 613 I got my wish
Chapter 614 Another competition
Chapter 615 Accident and Critical Illness
Chapter 616 Collect eight thousand yuan
Chapter 617 Time is not forgiving
Chapter 618 The Effect of Polygonatum
Chapter 619 Building Railways and Highways
Chapter 620 Thirty years old
Chapter 621 Expected to go to Mongolia
Chapter 622 Strange Sugar Water
Chapter 623: Not fluent in Mongolian
Chapter 624 The deal is concluded
Chapter 625: Becoming a melon-eater
Chapter 626 Xu Lei’s Scandal
Chapter 627 The school came forward
Chapter 628 Plowing and Mowing Grass
Chapter 629 Shopping to buy a refrigerator
Chapter 630 Recruiting a butcher to help
Chapter 631 Installing an Electric Fan
Chapter 632 You will regret it
Chapter 633 Mother-in-law has arrived
Chapter 634 Cold Beer
Chapter 635 You guys are on different paths
Chapter 636 Good luck with the opening
Chapter 637 The house is packed with guests
Chapter 638 Blackmail exposed
Chapter 639 Decided to go south again
Chapter 640: Stock up on tape recorders
Chapter 641 Buying Seafood at the Beach
Chapter 642 Rushing to buy homestead
Chapter 643 Auntie’s Delusion
Chapter 644 Regret and Leaving
Chapter 645 Build your own house
Chapter 646 Ask someone to guard you
Chapter 647 Going to visit Aunt Dong
Chapter 648 Building Materials Business
Chapter 649 Let them take care of themselves
Chapter 650 Becoming a Special Economic Zone
Chapter 651 Another temperament
Chapter 652 The tape recorder attracts visitors
Chapter 653 Want to graduate early
Chapter 654 Brothers cooperate again
Chapter 655: Trust relationship and affiliation
Chapter 656 Ask Li Jie to manage
Chapter 657 Signature Braised Beef
Chapter 658 The final indulgence
Chapter 659 To the second home
Chapter 660: Secret Researchers
Chapter 661 An encounter at the airport
Chapter 662 Want to meet again
Chapter 663 Dating Zhang Wanqing
Chapter 664 Not willing to take a step
Chapter 665 First place in the competition
Chapter 666 Land prices have skyrocketed
Chapter 667 Building a large shopping mall
Chapter 668 Buy your own car
Chapter 669 Rescue someone from an accident
Chapter 670 Finally woke up
Chapter 671 One sentence misunderstanding
Chapter 672 The arrival of the folks
Chapter 673 Second Sister-in-law Zhang’s Thoughts
Chapter 674 Formal Wedding
Chapter 675 Lin Jun’s Admirer
Chapter 676 My father-in-law stays in Beijing
Chapter 677 A special surprise
Chapter 678 Zhang Yunxi is pregnant
Chapter 679 Meticulous Care
Chapter 680 Insisting on Massage
Chapter 681 Tea House in Yangcheng
Chapter 682 Misunderstanding and Speculation
Chapter 683 Parking space problem
Chapter 684 Franchise Advertisement
Chapter 685 A large amount of funds
Chapter 686 Targeting Hong Kong City
Chapter 687 A pair of twins
Chapter 688 An accident occurred in Pengcheng
Chapter 689 Dad raises a family
Chapter 690 It turns out it’s him Jing
Chapter 691 Give a chance to assistant
Chapter 692 Differences due to work
Chapter 693 Being noticed
Chapter 694 The love rival is very powerful
Chapter 695 An independent winery
Chapter 696 Dinner in the courtyard
Chapter 697 She was kidnapped
Chapter 698 The incident of withdrawing money
Chapter 699 Former friends
Chapter 700 Try dating
Chapter 701 Informing Xu Sile
Chapter 702 Two people go shopping together
Chapter 703 Bringing the Girl Home
Chapter 704 Successful Sales
Chapter 705: Visiting parents to meet them
Chapter 706: Real estate is very easy to sell
Chapter 707 There is development in Qiongdao
Chapter 708 Crazy grab for land
Chapter 709 Returning to Beijing to Propose
Chapter 710 Parents meeting
Chapter 711 Conversation between father and son
Chapter 712 When discussing marriage
Chapter 713 Resource Conversion
Chapter 714: More than ten times
Chapter 715 Good brothers help each other
Chapter 716 Don’t be sloppy
Chapter 717 Xiaonian’s plan
Chapter 718 The State Banquet Chef
Chapter 719 Little Fatty’s Changes
Chapter 720 I want to drink soup with you
Chapter 721 Notes to answer questions
Chapter 722 Successfully taken out the door
Chapter 723 Recommended by Grandpa Lin
Chapter 724 The second day of wedding
Chapter 725 Encounter in the Cinema
Chapter 726 Promise to the future
Chapter 727 Family eating hot pot
Chapter 728 Intention to get him drunk
Chapter 729 Zhang Wanqing is pregnant
Chapter 730 Gathering
Final Thoughts and New Book