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Covering the sky starts from the mortal body

Covering the sky starts from the mortal body

author:Lazy Mountain

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-19 04:52

Latest chapter:Chapter 717 Ancient Tree of Life Sap, Chuan Ying Lives a Second Life

I traveled through time and became Zhang Wenchang, a loser in cultivation in Zhetian. I have no plug-ins and no talent. What should I do?

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《Covering the sky starts from the mortal body》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 717 Ancient Tree of Life Sap, Chuan Ying Lives a Second Life
Chapter 716: Transformation and Transformation of the Overlord Ancestral Star
Chapter 715: Completely destroy the three great hegemons
Chapter 714 Plan to resurrect the Holy Body of the Precious Wheel
Chapter 713: Questioning the Ancestral Star of the Tyrant Body
Chapter 712 Sichuan Ying Battlefield
Chapter 711 The fight caused Canglan to disintegrate
Chapter 710 Holy Body Ancestor Body
Chapter 709 The birth of Dacheng Hegemony
《Covering the sky starts from the mortal body》Chapter Contents
Chapter 01 Traveling to the world of Zhetian
Chapter 02 Escape from Mars
Chapter 03 The Divine Sound of the Great Way
Chapter 04 Eating magic fruit improves physical fitness
Chapter 05 Leaving the Forbidden Land
Chapter 06 Joining the Jade Cauldron
Chapter 07 Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 08 Success in opening up the sea of ??suffering
Chapter 09 Asking Elder Ma for Baicao Liquid
Chapter 10 The instrument of enlightenment
Chapter 11 The First Battle
Chapter 12 The Taoist scriptures are obtained
Chapter 13 The Heart of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 14 Collecting Jade Snake Orchid
Chapter 15 Breakthrough to Life Spring
Chapter 16 The weapon is completed
Chapter 17 Meeting the little girl for the first time
Chapter 18 Harvesting the Purple Gold Pagoda with Divine Marks
Chapter 19 Refining the Holy Fruit
Chapter 20 Scripture and Secret Techniques
Chapter 21 Chaos Green Lotus Step
Chapter 22 Go to Xuanyuan Sect
Chapter 23 The Sacred Heart of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 24 Demon Emperor Blood Essence
Chapter 25 God King Body Ji Haoyue
Chapter 26 Escape
Chapter 27 Bronze Immortal Palace
Chapter 28 Collecting the Immortal Heavenly Art
Chapter 29 Stealing the Blood Essence of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 30 Asking for Xuanhuang Essence
Chapter 31 Entering the Other Shore
Chapter 32 Li Xiaoman
Chapter 33 Clumsy Peak
Chapter 34 Beating someone
Chapter 35 Named Disciple
Chapter 36 The Heaven-Swallowing Demonic Gong Lun Hai Chapter
Chapter 37 Clumsy Bow
Chapter 38 The inheritance begins
Chapter 39 Recruiting Disciples
Chapter 40 Disciple
Chapter 41 The Secret Technique of Transformation
Chapter 42 Learning piano from Hua Yunfei
Chapter 43 The rising moon on the sea
Chapter 44 Escape
Chapter 45 Three Prototypes of Visions
Chapter 46 Generator simulates thunder disaster
Chapter 47 Taixuan Sect Competition
Chapter 48 Dao Palace First Level
Chapter 49 Collection of the Sun Scripture
Chapter 50 Practicing the Sun Scripture
Chapter 51 Eating Bird Eggs
Chapter 52 Xiaoyaomen
Chapter 53 Taking advantage of the Purple Mansion Holy Land
Chapter 54 The Divine Mark Purple Gold Pagoda Exposed
Chapter 55 Northern Territory
Chapter 56 Killing the Bandits
Chapter 57 Purple Mountain
Chapter 58 Ancient Jade
Chapter 59 Borrowing Stone Clothes
Chapter 60 Entering the Purple Mountain
Chapter 61 God King Jiang Taixu
Chapter 62 Dou Zi Mi
Chapter 63 Ancient Creatures
Chapter 64 Source Heavenly Book
Chapter 65 Collection of 'The No Beginning Sutra'
Chapter 66 Recasting the body
Chapter 67 Chaotic Ancient Laws, Thunder Emperor’s Treasure Technique
Chapter 68 120,000 Jin Extreme Realm
Chapter 69 Opening up the cave
Chapter 70 Seven Caves
Chapter 71 Defrauding the little phoenix of fruit
Chapter 72 Divine Phoenix Medicine Body Refining
Chapter 73 Obtaining the word secret
Chapter 74 Leaving Zishan
Chapter 75 Robber Logic
Chapter 76 Thunder and Lightning Sun
Chapter 77 Sun and Moon Divine Wheel
Chapter 78 Obtaining the Lihuo Furnace
Chapter 79 Destruction of Xuanyue Cave
Chapter 80 Cutting off the Celestial Master’s Divine Treasure
Chapter 81 Refining Pills
Chapter 82 The Secret Words Before Enlightenment
Chapter 83 Comprehensive Word Secret
Chapter 84: Learn and apply word secrets flexibly
Chapter 85 Hua Yunfei
Chapter 86 Understanding the Way of Guqin
Chapter 87 Guqin destroys bandits
Chapter 88 Destroy the disciples of Zifu
Chapter 89 Destroying Yaoguang Disciples
Chapter 90 Remarks on the launch
Chapter 91 Killing Ji Family Disciples
Chapter 92 Opening up the Tenth Cave
Chapter 93 Extreme Sublimation
Chapter 94 Mother Qi of All Things
Chapter 95 Refining the mobile phone magic weapon
Chapter 96 Source City
Chapter 97 A little test
Chapter 98 Changing Settings
Chapter 99 Destroy the Five Elements Palace Disciples
Chapter 100 Cultivation of Yuantian Divine Eye
Chapter 101 Yaochi Immortal Stone Square
Chapter 102: Playing the piano with the Yaochi Saint
Chapter 103 Prince Devouring Heaven is happy to help others!
Chapter 104 Flame Tempered Body
Chapter 105 Meeting the Holy Son of Fluctuating Light for the First Time
Chapter 106 Arrogant Ji Family Disciples
Chapter 107 Going to the Taichu Ancient Mine
Chapter 108 Black Cyclone
Chapter 109 Fire Dragon Grave
Chapter 110 Mobile phone app for finding a way out
Chapter 111 Escape
Chapter 112 Absorbing the mysterious runes from the Taichu ancient mine
Chapter 113 White Bone Taoist Priest
Chapter 114 Obtaining the inheritance of the fourth generation Patriarch Yuantian
Chapter 115 Obtaining a Piece of Immortal Tears Green Gold
Chapter 116 Avenue of Stars
Chapter 117 Cross Stars Destroy the Enemy
Chapter 118 The Holy Son of Fluctuating Light Invites to Join the Holy Land
Chapter 119 Red Moon Tide
Chapter 120 Obtaining Phoenix Blood Red Gold
Chapter 121 You should learn from Jiang Hengyu
Chapter 122 The bone sword and stick turn into the crude embryo of the holy weapon
Chapter 123 The crude embryo of the holy soldier touches people’s hearts
Chapter 124 The Sky Mending Sutra is inscribed into the cave sky
Chapter 125 The Black Sun and the Spirit of Fire
Chapter 126 Devouring the Spirit of Fire and the Black Sun
Chapter 127 Escape from the restricted area
Chapter 128 Plot against the Holy Son of Fluttering Light
Chapter 129 Successfully opened up the sea of ??suffering
Chapter 130 Am I a thunder spirit?
Chapter 131 The Cave Heaven Sublimates the Sun Flower Cave Heaven
Chapter 132 Obtaining the Source of the Mother of All Things
Chapter 133 Refining the weapon into a divine bell!
Chapter 134 Mother Qi Clock of All Things
Chapter 135 The Great Perfection in the Realm of the Other Side
Chapter 136 The mysterious door inside the body
Chapter 137 Phoenix Egg
Chapter 138 Refining the Colorful Giant Snake
Chapter 139 Big supplement of snake meat
Chapter 140 The hard days thought of by mutton
Chapter 141 Being a behind-the-scenes investor
Chapter 142 The Qing Emperor’s Wheel of the Sea Chapter Replaces the Western Emperor Sutra
Chapter 143 Another conjecture about the immortal power
Chapter 144 The old place of Yaochi
Chapter 145 Can Yang’s Holy Body match Zixia?
Chapter 146 The female college student holds a gold brick
Chapter 147 The Curse of the Holy Body
Chapter 148: Deceive Ye Fan to become your son-in-law
Chapter 149 How did the ancient well that entered Yaochi come from?
Chapter 150 Zhang Wenchang’s speculation about Emperor Wu Shi
Chapter 151 Yaochi
Chapter 152 Collecting the Holy Water from Yaochi
Chapter 153 Female Corpse
Chapter 154 Three Ancient Medicine Kings
Chapter 155 Asking the Black Emperor for the Earth of All Things
Chapter 156 Understanding the Natural Way of the Yaochi Female Saint
Chapter 157: Collecting Emperor’s scriptures as a hobby
Chapter 158 Baoshan Seal Inheritance
Chapter 159 Deduction of Baoshan Seal
Chapter 160 Thunder Mountain Seal
Chapter 161 Re-deduction of Douzi Mi
Chapter 162 Dao Palace First Level
Chapter 163 Trying to start the inheritance of the Western Emperor Sutra
Chapter 164 Obtaining the Complete Western Emperor Sutra
Chapter 165 The low-key little black dog
Chapter 166 Going to the Southern Region
Chapter 167 Golden-winged Xiaopeng Wang’s Family’s Stone Workshop
Chapter 168 Human Yuan Fruit
Chapter 169 Obtaining Void Immortal Gold
Chapter 170 The Void Immortal Gold is Born
Chapter 171 Little Green Scale King
Chapter 172 Racial Talent, Sword Art Online
Chapter 173 Breaking through the Sword God Realm
Chapter 174 The combination of Nine-leaf Sword Grass and Natural Avenue
Chapter 175 Understanding the Nine-Leaf Sword Grass Sword Intent
Chapter 176 The plot against the powerful master of the Green Scale Feather Tribe
Chapter 177 Killing the Half-Step Mighty
Chapter 178 Go to the Fire Domain to Smelt Void Immortal Gold
Chapter 179 Taoist Huo Ya is here
Chapter 180 Imitation Void Mirror
Chapter 181 Making Guqin
Chapter 182: Collecting the nine-color flame as a trump card
Chapter 183 Xuanhuang Bell and Purple Gold Tower Resonate
Chapter 184 Hatching Phoenix Eggs
Chapter 185 Erasing the Green Emperor’s Mark in Xiao Qinglian
Chapter 186 The Saint Tribulation of Phoenix True Spirit
Chapter 187 The Second Heaven of Dao Palace
Chapter 188 The elder who plotted against the Purple Mansion Holy Land
Chapter 189 The plot against the elders of Shaking Light Holy Land
Chapter 190 The plot against Taoist Huo Yao
Chapter 191 The plot against the elders of the Qinglin Feather Tribe
Chapter 192 Harvest the Living Holy Soldiers Turtle Snake Lotus Lantern
Chapter 193 Harvesting the inheritance of the first generation Patriarch Yuantian
Chapter 194 Collection of complete Qingdi scriptures
Chapter 195 Understanding the Way of the Qing Emperor
Chapter 196 Teaching Zhang Ning the Flying Turtle and Snake Scripture
Chapter 197 Help Zhang Ningfei break through the Divine Bridge
Chapter 198 Chasing the Treasure Rat
Chapter 199 Chasing the Third Prince of the White Elephant Tribe
Chapter 200 Breaking the True Spirit Knife
Chapter 201 Breaking the Dark Blood Demon Box
Chapter 202 Killing the Third Prince of the White Elephant Tribe
Chapter 203 Harvesting Two Jade Medicine King Plants
Chapter 204 Harvesting palm-sized black gold with dragon patterns
Chapter 205 Shell City
Chapter 206 Bull’s Eye Lake
Chapter 207 Harvesting Silver Moon Stone
Chapter 208 The King’s Divine Weapon Seal of Hades
Chapter 209 Selling the Immortal Emperor’s Scriptures
Chapter 210 The elders of the Ji family
Chapter 211 Arriving at Yunduan Mountain
Chapter 212 includes the complete Heaven-Swallowing Demon Technique
Chapter 213 Pretending to be a member of the Fire Crow Tribe
Chapter 214 Impersonating the Little Prince of the Fire Crow Clan
Chapter 215 Suppressing and Killing the Ji Family’s Children
Chapter 216 Using Dou Zi Mi to simulate the Golden Crow’s claws
Chapter 217 Killing the female disciples of the Holy Land of Light
Chapter 218 Harvesting the Dark Blood Demon Box
Chapter 219 The Divine Sword Refined from Fire Crow Feathers
Chapter 220 Kill everyone
Chapter 221 Treating guests to meat
Chapter 222 The Bandit’s Green Lion
Chapter 223 Defeating the Green-haired Lion
Chapter 224 Going to the Small World of the Green Dragon King
Chapter 225 Upgrading your mobile phone
Chapter 226 Yunzezhou
Chapter 227 Little Jiao King in Tsing Yi
Chapter 228 The Golden Winged Peng King is coming
Chapter 229 The trapped golden-winged Xiaopeng King
Chapter 230 Destroying the Origin of the Golden Winged Peng King
Chapter 231 Yan Ruyu is here
Chapter 232 The Golden-winged Xiaopeng King fell into the Secret Realm of the Four Pole
Chapter 233 The Courage of the Golden Winged Peng King
Chapter 234 Om Mantra
Chapter 235 The power of stars plus the magic of nine-leaf sword and grass
Chapter 236: Crush the Golden Winged Peng King
Chapter 237 The Golden Winged Peng King cried angrily and left!
Chapter 238 Asking to see Yan Ruyu alone
Chapter 239 That little green lotus
Chapter 240 Zhang Wenchang’s request
Chapter 241 Qin Yao
Chapter 242 Visiting the Demon City
Chapter 243 Harvesting the Demonic Blood Stone
Chapter 244 Give Yan Ruyu Demonic Blood Stone
Chapter 245 The Remains of the Ancient Holy Body
Chapter 246: Collection of ancient powerful single secret realm methods
Chapter 247 The relationship between Yan Ruyu and King Qinglian is not good
Chapter 248 The Temple of Immortality
Chapter 249 Tomb of Huangquan
Chapter 250 Goodbye Pangbo
Chapter 251 Lihuo Divine Furnace
Chapter 252: Leaving the Fire Furnace and Trapping the Qinglian King
Chapter 253 The Demon Emperor’s Nine Slashes Destroy His Form
Chapter 254 Green Lotus and Bell
Chapter 255 Defeating the Qinglian King
Chapter 256 Rescue Pang Bo
Chapter 257 Zhang Wenchang is targeted by the banshee
Chapter 258 A female demon came to my door?
Chapter 259 Fengxiangzhai
Chapter 260 Harvesting a Piece of Immortal Tears Green Gold
Chapter 261 Zhang Wenchang plays Guqin to show off
Chapter 262 Eating the female goblin that came to my door
Chapter 263 Conspiracy against the demon clan
Chapter 264 Destroy the demon clan
Chapter 265: Snatching the remains of the ancient holy body
Chapter 266 The ancient holy body corpse is obtained
Chapter 267 The Secret of the Remains of the Ancient Holy Body
Chapter 268 Devouring the Origin of the Holy Body
Chapter 269 The conjecture of synthesizing the innate holy body and Tao embryo
Chapter 270 The Fourth Heaven of the Dao Palace Secret Realm
Chapter 271 Harvesting the Goddess Furnace, Six Desires Heavenly Power
Chapter 272 The Nine Secrets of Belvedere
Chapter 273 Understanding the charm of Belvedere
Chapter 274 Some speculations about Duan De
Chapter 275 Gathering of Prodigies
Chapter 276 Mother was buried in the Silver Tornado Tianbao Land
Chapter 277 Opening the Ancient Tomb
Chapter 278 Entering the Underground Palace
Chapter 279 Thunder destroys enemies
Chapter 280 Killing the Giant Snake
Chapter 281 Golden and Jade Palace
Chapter 282 Destroy the Feathered Taoist
Chapter 283 Using the Qinglian Emperor’s Soldiers
Chapter 284 The owner of the ancient pagoda
Chapter 285 Suppression
Chapter 286 Ye Fan takes action
Chapter 287 Ye Fan is already in the fourth level of Tao Palace
Chapter 288 Taking away the seven-story ancient pagoda
Chapter 289 Stealing the Ancient Animal Skin Scroll
Chapter 290 The genius of the previous generation
Chapter 291 Taking away the Chaos Stone
Chapter 292 Taking away the Temple of Light
Chapter 293 The Fifth Heaven of Tao Palace
Chapter 294 Coming to the Holy City
Chapter 295 Go to Tianxuan Holy Land Shifang first
Chapter 296 Obtaining the Human Yuan Fruit
Chapter 297 Go to Daoyi Holy Land Shifang
Chapter 298 Harvesting the Source of God the Size of a Human Head
Chapter 299 Harvesting the Humanoid Immortal Medicine
Chapter 300 Harvesting the Dragon Marked Black Gold Sword
Chapter 301: Li Huo Shen Furnace, eradicate resentment
Chapter 302 I won’t sell it, I won’t sell it.
Chapter 303 Murder and Silence
Chapter 304 Ji Biyue personally received
Chapter 305 Harvesting Dragon Energy and Immortal Exquisiteness
Chapter 306 Collect the Divine Source, Don’t Want the Little Divine Silkworm
Chapter 307: Turning the four great source arts families into red-haired monsters?
Chapter 308 Gambling
Chapter 309 Stealing the Divine Origin of the Divine Silkworm Princess
Chapter 310 Obtaining the Kirin Seed
Chapter 311 Escape from the Holy City
Chapter 312 Ye Fan takes the blame for Zhang Wenchang
Chapter 313 Kirin seeds take root and sprout
Chapter 314 Preparations before the Tribulation
Chapter 315 Zhang Wenchang’s Vision
Chapter 316 Lightning Tempered Body
Chapter 317 Thunder Bell, the Treasure of the Thunder Emperor
Chapter 318 Breaking the Nine-Level Thunder Tower
Chapter 319 The thunder and lightning monster is helping him improve his physique?!
Chapter 320 How to open the 'immortal door' in the body?
Chapter 321 Countless golden particles
Chapter 322 What is 'Tao'?
Chapter 323 Opening more doors in the body
Chapter 324 Completely open the closed door
Chapter 325 New special and powerful physique
Chapter 326 Thunder Spirit Holy Body or Thunder God Body!
Chapter 327 The Second Heaven of the Four Extremes Secret Realm
Chapter 328 Resurrection of the Humanoid Immortal Medicine
Chapter 329 Obtaining the Divine Whip
Chapter 330 Harvesting Imperial Weapon Fragments
Chapter 331 Killing the Bandits
Chapter 332 The Green Magic Sword Destroys the Enemy
Chapter 333 Refining the Dragon Marked Black Gold Sword
Chapter 334 Trying to cultivate Immortal Tears Green Gold
Chapter 335 Refining the Immortal Tears Green Golden Guqin
Chapter 336 Repairing the Incomplete Seven-story Ancient Tower of Saint Soldiers
Chapter 337 Repairing the Golden Divine Bell
Chapter 338 Repairing the Green Gold War Spear
Chapter 339 Battle with Supreme Cannian
Chapter 340 Completely destroy the supreme residual thoughts
Chapter 341 Refining the Night Scepter
Chapter 342: Capture those group of female disciples of Zi Mansion
Chapter 343 Looking for the Saint of Purple Mansion
Chapter 344 Recruiting the Saint of Purple Mansion
Chapter 345: Into the Goddess Furnace
Chapter 346 The Great Way Refines the Human Heart
Chapter 347 Zixia practices the Western Emperor Sutra
Chapter 348: Stop the mouths of the elders of Zifu Holy Land
Chapter 349 Containing Ji Haiyue
Chapter 350 Ice and Snow Vs Thunder Hell
Chapter 351 Looting and Suppressing Ji Haiyue
Chapter 352 Fairy Eyes Weiwei
Chapter 353 Accepting Weiwei
Chapter 354 His name is God Guli
Chapter 355 The Nine Transformations of the Dragon and the Soul-Destroying Nail
Chapter 356 Candidate Holy Son Li Rui
Chapter 357 Killing Li Rui
Chapter 358 One Hundred and Eight Thousand Swords as Black as Ink
Chapter 359 Harvesting golden gourds and five-color feather fans
Chapter 360 Brother, do you need help?
Chapter 361 Ye Fan is very hesitant
Chapter 362 Accepting Yao Xi as someone’s favorite
Chapter 363: Bullshit against chickens
Chapter 364 Plot of 'Moon Palace'
Chapter 365 'You can't ride if you tear it apart' Saintess's battle suit
Chapter 366 'Hengyu Jing' passed to Ye Fan
Chapter 367 Destroy the enemy with one move
Chapter 368 Made a million steamed buns for my daughter
Chapter 369 Adopt a little girl
Chapter 370 Come out, my big steamed bun!
Chapter 371 Ye Fan’s preparations before the disaster
Chapter 372 Refining Stone Clothes
Chapter 373 Ye Fan enters the Four Extremes Secret Realm
Chapter 374 Zhang Wenchang enters the ancient forbidden land
Chapter 375 Zhang Wenchang slaps Saint Tianxuan
Chapter 376: Choking the War Armor Monkey King by the neck
Chapter 377 Harvesting the body of the little overlord Zhou Tong
Chapter 378 Collecting Holy Fruit
Chapter 379 Refining the Holy Fruit
Chapter 380 Breaking through the fourth-level secret realm and the third level of heaven
Chapter 381 The new generation of overlord Zhou Kun
Chapter 382 Ye Fan explores the secret of Ba Ti
Chapter 383 The Secret Technique of Thunder Emperor Refining Divine Weapons
Chapter 384 The little shrimp of Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 385 Sweeping the Yin Yang Residence
Chapter 386 Absorbing Nine Colors of Flame
Chapter 387 Refining the Eternal Blue Gold Divine Sword
Chapter 388 Collecting the Life Essence of Bodhi Seed
Chapter 389 Let Yao Xi go and lay out the Holy Land of Shaking Light
Chapter 390 Killing the old woman Ji Hui
Chapter 391 Elder Hualong who suppressed the Ji family
Chapter 392 Chasing Ji Biyue
Chapter 393 A blue moon grows on the sea
Chapter 394 Bean sprouts in the greenhouse
Chapter 395 The Nine Turns of the Bright Moon vs The Thunderous Moon
Chapter 396 Accepting Ji Biyue as a favor
Chapter 397 Can you let me see your true appearance?
Chapter 398 Teaching Six Desires to Ye Fan
Chapter 399 Old Man Jiang? No, it’s Brother Jiang now!
Chapter 400 Refining the divine fruit into Xiao Tingting’s body
Chapter 401 Save God King Jiang Taixu
Chapter 402 The Saint’s Strike from the Turtle Snake Lotus Lamp
Chapter 403 Soak Jiang Taixu in the colorful spring pool in the Purple Mountain
Chapter 404 The God King is Resurrected
Chapter 405 Returning to Peak
Chapter 406 Exploring Purple Mountain
Chapter 408 Divine Phoenix Elixir
Chapter 409: Another Divine Phoenix elixir was defrauded
Chapter 410 Collecting the Essence of Chaos
Chapter 411 Refining the Three-legged Chaos Cauldron
Chapter 412 Refining the Chaos Bell
Chapter 413 Accepting Jiang Caixuan as someone’s favorite
Chapter 414 Jiang Caixuan displays the brutal power of the eight gods
Chapter 415 Achieving Good Things
Chapter 416 Understanding the Phoenix Rebirth Technique
Chapter 417 Flesh and Blood Medicine
Chapter 418 Planning the True Dragon Elixir
Chapter 419 Picking the Origin Dragon Fruit
Chapter 420 The mobile phone breaks the formation, and the cave sky swallows the dragon energy
Chapter 421 Collecting Divine Sources
Chapter 422 The heroine of Hades Palace is a hybrid dragon girl?!
Chapter 423 The True Dragon Magic Medicine rushed over on its own
Chapter 424 Collecting the True Dragon Elixir
Chapter 425 The God King and Fairy Caiyun met four thousand years later
Chapter 426 The refining dragon ball is reborn
Chapter 427 The Supreme Soldier Soul is Obtained
Chapter 428 Repairing the Yakuza Weapon
Chapter 429 Thunder God Chaos Cauldron absorbs fairy fire
Chapter 430: Refining Weapons with the Thunder Emperor’s Method
Chapter 431 Chaos Sword Qi
Chapter 432 Seizing the Great Wild Halberd
Chapter 433 Three-person Football
Chapter 434 Refining a bunch of king’s magic weapons
Chapter 435 Thunder Kills the Golden Winged Old Peng King
Chapter 436 Destroy the Golden Winged Tianpeng Clan
Chapter 437 Harvesting a fist-sized black gold cauldron with dragon patterns
Chapter 438 Thunder Ball vs Huang Ni Hand
Chapter 439 Chaos Sword Qi vs Hunyuan Holy Light
Chapter 440 Flower of Thunder vs. Holy Secret of Ten Thousand Transformations
Chapter 441: Turning the Holy Son of Fluttering Light into a Slave
Chapter 442 Looking for an old friend
Chapter 443: Reward the Jade Cauldron Cave
Chapter 444 Confident Pluto Body
Chapter 445 Wall of Hades vs Children of the Night
Chapter 446 Hell Cage Vs Cross
Chapter 447 Ye Huiling: Gai Jiuyou is my aunt’s man
Chapter 448 Nine Nether Immortal Song Vs Thunder God Sword
Chapter 449 Recruiting Ye Huiling
Chapter 450: Teaching the Sun Scripture to Li Ruoyu
Chapter 451 Senior Sister Hua looks at me strangely
Chapter 452: Defeat the Yin Yang Son
Chapter 453 Help Li Xiaoman expel the devil fetus
Chapter 454 Li Xiaoman is dead
Chapter 455 Senior Sister Hua pushed me down
Chapter 456 Extracting Hua Yunfei’s Origin
Chapter 457 Accepting the Saint Li Xiang of the Palace of Disillusionment
Chapter 458: Break through the barrier and enter the Dragon Transformation Secret Realm
Chapter 459 Tempering the Great Dragon with the Blood of the Heavenly Dragon
Chapter 460 Conquering the Heavenly Dragon in the Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 461 Turtle, snake, lotus lantern protects the holy city
Chapter 462 Killing Four Ancient Ancestor Kings
Chapter 463 Collecting Flying Saucers
Chapter 464 Conquering the Wind Phoenix
Chapter 465 Collecting Ancient Tea Leaves of Enlightenment
Chapter 466 Harvesting the branches of the ancient tea tree, the art of killing in heaven
Chapter 467 Looking for the old madman
Chapter 468 The killer in the world is coming
Chapter 469 Kill a group of killers
Chapter 470: Doctor Wang has a small world dedicated to cultivating herbal medicine?
Chapter 471 The old madman appears
Chapter 472: Killing the Immortal Killer
Chapter 473 Divine Source Like Stars
Chapter 474 Chaos Stone evolves and kills the Golden Crow Saint
Chapter 475 Reincarnation Lake, the blood that plots to become a holy body
Chapter 476 Seizing the Origin of the Lord of Heaven
Chapter 477 The Temple of Light exudes the power of the extreme
Chapter 478 Understanding the Secret of Xingzi
Chapter 479 Chaos Stone collects holy blood and refines blood essence
Chapter 480 Zhang Wenchang’s idea of ??establishing a fairy court
Chapter 481: Get the secret of calligraphy and leave
Chapter 482 Three bottles of blood essence are extracted from the blood of Dacheng Holy Body
Chapter 483 The Mistress of Hades Palace, Long Luo
Chapter 484 The Strongest Bloodline Evolution Fluid
Chapter 485 Conquering Ziyao
Chapter 486 Taking the Strongest Bloodline Evolution Fluid
Chapter 487 Refining the Origin of the True Dragon
Chapter 488 A new generation of Holy Body Ye Tian is born
Chapter 489 Taking the First Bottle of Golden Blood Essence
Chapter 490 Recasting the Foundation of the Avenue
Chapter 491 The Fifth Transformation of Dragon
Chapter 492 Founding the country and proclaiming himself emperor
Chapter 493 Establishing a Sacrificial Temple
Chapter 494 Yin Yang Saint Cao Fang
Chapter 495 Long experience
Chapter 496 Harvesting the Yin-Yang Saint
Chapter 497 The Yin Yang Saint is a good girl
Chapter 498 Going to the Holy City
Chapter 499 Asking to see An Miaoyi
Chapter 500 Beat up the descendants of the Twin Kings
Chapter 501 The Emerging King Xu Zixuan
Chapter 502 Conflict with the Sun King
Chapter 503 Accepting a Saint
Chapter 504 Enlightenment in the Dragon Pond
Chapter 505 The Sixth Transformation of Dragon Transformation
Chapter 506 Recruiting Xia Jiuyou
Chapter 507 Give the Dragon Ball to Gai Jiuyou
Chapter 508 Recruiting the Holy Maiden of Wanchu
Chapter 509 Accepting the Saint of Yaochi
Chapter 510 Harvesting the Copper Spirit
Chapter 511 The Dao Mark left by the Queen Mother of the West
Chapter 512 Holy Prince
Chapter 513 Exchange of magical medicine and emperor scriptures
Chapter 514 Ancient Universal Language and Divine Marks
Chapter 515 The Female Holy Spirit of Yaochi
Chapter 516 Invitation from Qishi Mansion
Chapter 517: Collecting the charm of the avenue of Yaochi Holy Land
Chapter 518 Killing the Liu Yunzhi Trio
Chapter 519 Conquering Nangong Zheng
Chapter 520 Yao Chi Grand Meeting
Chapter 521 An ancient creature is about to be born
Chapter 522 Immortal Flower
Chapter 523 The Emperor’s Forbidden Weapon
Chapter 524 Phoenix Blood Red Gold Book and Bright Heavenly Sword
Chapter 525 Searching for the treasure in the Emperor’s body
Chapter 526 Swallowing the Emperor
Chapter 527 The Origin of the Refining Emperor
Chapter 528 Immortal Treasure Picture
Chapter 529 Dongfang Taiyi
Chapter 530 The Seventh Transformation of Dragon Transformation
Chapter 531 The little demon Bai Miao laid four eggs
Chapter 532 Yuantian Divine Technique Shows Its Power
Chapter 533 Destroy the White Elephant Clan
Chapter 534 Destruction of the Green Scale Feather Tribe
Chapter 535: People from the Killer Dynasty cannot be left idle
Chapter 536 Five Silver Swords
Chapter 537 Collecting Princess Yudie
Chapter 538 Dragon marrow that can extend life for hundreds of years
Chapter 539 Visiting the Deserted House
Chapter 540 Entering Qishi Mansion
Chapter 541 Practicing hard work in Qishi Mansion
Chapter 542 Longyue Immortal Platform
Chapter 543 The First Secret Realm of Sendai, First Level
Chapter 544 Condensing the Divine Consciousness of the Sun
Chapter 545 Practicing the Kunpeng Art
Chapter 546 Refining Kunpeng’s Divine Form and Vision
Chapter 547 Condensing Taiyin
Chapter 548: Snatching the Holy Light Mirror
Chapter 549 Zhang Wenchang is the number one master of the younger generation in Donghuang
Chapter 550 Five Divine Weapons of the King
Chapter 551 Obtained one hundred thousand-year-old elixir
Chapter 552 Harvesting the Demon King and Holy Soldiers
Chapter 553 Thoughts of Gods and the Sutra of Delivering People
Chapter 554: Refining the Human Skin of the Immortal Emperor into a Formation Plan
Chapter 555 The First Secret Realm of Sendai, Sixth Heaven
Chapter 556: Cultivation in the ancient small world
Chapter 557 Pang Bo Ye Fan comes to visit
Chapter 558 The Little Demon King is coming
Chapter 559 Breaking Wang Chong
Chapter 560: Killing Wang Teng’s Divine Mind
Chapter 561: Snatching the Nine-turn Talisman
Chapter 562 Looking for the Secret of Soldiers
Chapter 563 Reverse Degree
Chapter 564 Stepping into the Second Immortal Power
Chapter 565 Killing the Holy Son of Fluttering Light
Chapter 566 Quasi-Emperor’s Forbidden Weapon Ghost Stone Statue
Chapter 567 The Small World of Feathered Immortal Valley
Chapter 568 Eight Demon King Bloodlines
Chapter 569 Kill Dao and Become the King
Chapter 570 Ascension to Immortal Land
Chapter 571 Suppressing the Northern Emperor with one hand
Chapter 572 Searching for Souls and Chaosing Ancient Scriptures
Chapter 573 The Scarlet Jade King
Chapter 574 Divine Jade and Divine Gold
Chapter 575 Destroy the Jade Holy Spirit
Chapter 576: Stealing the Essence of Dreams
Chapter 577 The King of Three Heavens, Killing Zhang Wenchang
Chapter 578 God King Jiang Taixu is getting married!
Chapter 579 Jiang Caixuan gave birth to a son and a daughter
Chapter 580 Becoming the Godmother of the Western Emperor of Yaochi
Chapter 581 Kowloon pulls the coffin and sets sail again
Chapter 582 The Old Crane of the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 583 Obtaining the Extreme Weapon Chaos Ancient Ax
Chapter 584 Stepping into Sainthood
Chapter 585: Looting Beiyuan’s Jin Family and Wang Family
Chapter 586 Unicorn Hidden in the Fields
Chapter 587 'Thunder Tribulation Alchemy Sutra'
Chapter 588: Ancient Star Transformation, Sixth Heaven of Saints
Chapter 589 Breaking into the Feathering Temple
Chapter 590 Extermination of the God-eating Insect
Chapter 591: Transforming the Taoist Boy
Chapter 592 Refining thirty-six small worlds into one furnace
Chapter 593 Land of Creation, Saint King
Chapter 594 Gai Jiuyou lives a second life
Chapter 595 Collect five-color jade and destroy the ancient ancestor king
Chapter 596 The special thunder disaster after devouring the origin of a shipload of ancestor kings
Chapter 597 The Extreme Weapon Sun God Tower
Chapter 598 Harvesting the Secret Technique of One Qi Transformation into Three Purities
Chapter 599 Destroy the Son of Taiyin God
Chapter 600 Accepting a Disciple Named 'Taiyin'
Chapter 601 Taiyin opens up the sea of ??suffering, and the Duanmu clan is robbed
Chapter 602 The Arrangements of the Golden Crow Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 603: Killing the Great Sage Golden Crow and smashing the Golden Crow Sacred Mountain
Chapter 604 Discussion with Quasi-Emperor Cangwu
Chapter 605: Collecting the Fusang Sacred Tree
Chapter 606: Faxing scriptures, returning the God Tower, and revitalizing the Sun God Religion
Chapter 607: Becoming the leader of the Sun God Cult?
Chapter 608 Visits from the Religion Leaders
Chapter 609 Obtaining the Complete Zizi Secret
Chapter 610 The Holy Spaceship from Xiao Country
Chapter 611 Summoning the Seal of the Human Emperor
Chapter 612 The Human Emperor Seal Resurrects
Chapter 613 Zhang Wenchang and Zhang Dasheng?!
Chapter 614 Crocodile-Eating Ancestor
Chapter 615 Occupy Changbai Mountain and destroy Tianlin
Chapter 616: Refinement by the Fire of Faith
Chapter 617 Traveling through famous mountains and rivers
Chapter 618 Obtained the Divine Mark Purple Gold Tower!
Chapter 619 Harvesting the White Tiger Magic Medicine
Chapter 620 Transforming the Immortal Fetus into the Immortal Immortal Pond
Chapter 621 Enlightenment through the Immortal Cauldron, the Great Sage’s Fifth Level of Heaven
Chapter 622: Destroying the Silver-Horned Snake and Red-Scale Snake Clan
Chapter 623 The ancestor king is like an ox and a horse, full of treasures
Chapter 624: Old thief, give me another blow
Chapter 625 Killing the Great Sage of Kunzhou
Chapter 626: Feeling the Charm of the Emperor, the Sixth Heaven of the Great Sage
Chapter 627: Duel with the Golden King
Chapter 628 Killing the Golden King
Chapter 629 Killing the Golden Goddess
Chapter 630: The Beidou Human Race is much better than the original text
Chapter 631 Purple Mountain, the tomb of the great human race emperor cannot be insulted!
Chapter 632 Transformed into the innate holy body
Chapter 633 Yaoguang moves, Protector Zhang Wenchang
Chapter 634: The Eighth Level of the Great Sage, Conquering Ten Thousand Dragons’ Nest
Chapter 635 Trying to collect the Chaos Immortal Land
Chapter 636 Harvesting the Chaos Immortal Land
Chapter 637: Refining the Chaos Immortal Land, the Nine Heavens of the Great Sage
Chapter 638: Attacking the Killer Dynasty
Chapter 639 The Headquarters of the Hell-Destroying Dynasty
Chapter 640 The Ten Killers are Born
Chapter 641 Immigration to the Eternal Kingdom
Chapter 642 Beidou Sun Star
Chapter 643 Enlightenment in the Big Dipper Sun
Chapter 644 Breaking the shackles and being promoted to quasi-emperor
Chapter 645: Saving the Female Great Sage
Chapter 646 Refining the Arctic Fairy Light
Chapter 647 Refining the Northern Fairy Light, Quasi-Emperor Second Heaven
Chapter 648: Stepping into the ancient road in the starry sky, the first level of the human race
Chapter 649 Collecting the Source of Tao
Chapter 650: Slap the Holy Spirit to death with one palm and destroy millions of coalition troops
Chapter 651 Bloodbath of the alien coalition forces
Chapter 652: Stealing the God Refining Pot
Chapter 653: Destroy Cangyan with one punch
Chapter 654: The Great Sage of Fire Extinguisher, Collecting God Flowers
Chapter 655: Paying a lot of money for a son, collecting blood at a high price
Chapter 656 The mastermind behind the scenes is actually my grandson?!
Chapter 657: Understanding the Void Avenue, Quasi-Emperor Third Heaven
Chapter 658 Quasi-Emperor Fourth Level, Slap the Overlord in the Face
Chapter 659 Obtain the peach seeds and go to the Heavenly Soldier Star
Chapter 660 The Golden Crow Dog Emperor escaped
Chapter 661: Steal the Sendai Divine Liquid and Create the Thunder Emperor Method
Chapter 662: Refining Tianzun Divine Liquid, Quasi-Emperor Fifth Level
Chapter 663 Traveling around the earth with Wang Ziwen and his family
Chapter 664 Becoming a son and daughter with Wang Ziwen
Chapter 665: Golden Chanzi saves the Huaxi Bodhisattva, Zhang Wenchang comes to Xingxu
Chapter 666 The children also came to practice on the Starry Sky Ancient Road
Chapter 667 Destroy the Great Sage of the Underworld
Chapter 668 Rescue Zhang Lei and Zhang Zier
Chapter 669 Zhang Wenchang’s Four Charming Daughters
Chapter 670 Zhang Wenchang, do you know how cruel your daughter is?
Chapter 671 The vicious daughters
Chapter 672 Every compliment contains dopamine
Chapter 673 I’ll count to three, everyone who stays will die.
Chapter 674 Hire the Black Emperor to teach the children black tricks
Chapter 675 Pang Bo was eaten by Zhang Wenchang’s son
Chapter 676 Entering the Tomb of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 677 Imperial Soldier Mountain
Chapter 678: Forcibly Collecting the Demon King Ruler
Chapter 679 The goddess in Zhang Wenchang’s heart has long been lying on someone else’s bed
Chapter 680 Quasi-Emperor Sixth Heaven, Nuclear Pollution
Chapter 681 The Daughter-in-Law of the Human King Body
Chapter 682 The leader of Taiyin also became his daughter-in-law
Chapter 683 The Purple Gold Pagoda that can travel through time and space
Chapter 684 The human race is so lucky to have Zhang Wenchang!
Chapter 685 Newborn Children
Chapter 686 Refining the Northern Fairy Light, Quasi-Emperor Seventh Heaven
Chapter 687 Returning to the ancient road of the starry sky
Chapter 688 Comprehension of Lingbao scriptures and secret word formation
Chapter 689 Purple Gold Pagoda collects the Four Swords of Zhuxian
Chapter 690
Chapter 691 Kill the old god with one axe
Chapter 692 Transforming the Elder God and Cleansing the Divine Realm
Chapter 693 Extracting the Divine Liquid from the Ancient Tree of Life
Chapter 694 Dao Yi and his guardian are angry
Chapter 695 Conquering Yan Chongtian
Chapter 696: Transform Qingyutian and collect the divine and demon liquid
Chapter 697 Thirty Years of Enlightenment
Chapter 698 Quasi-Emperor Eighth Heaven
Chapter 699 I want to protect Gai Jiuyou
Chapter 700 Zhang Wenchang became three gods in one day
Chapter 701: Zhang Wenchang is serious about suppressing the dark unrest
Chapter 702: Deducing the Thunder Emperor’s Law
Chapter 703 Attacking Shenting Headquarters
Chapter 704 Wave your hand and it’s thunder
Chapter 705: Fighting against the Emperor
Chapter 706: When a whale falls, all things come to life!
Chapter 707 The five major forces in the universe
Chapter 708 Awakening the Dark Supreme
Chapter 709 The birth of Dacheng Hegemony
Chapter 710 Holy Body Ancestor Body
Chapter 711 The fight caused Canglan to disintegrate
Chapter 712 Sichuan Ying Battlefield
Chapter 713: Questioning the Ancestral Star of the Tyrant Body
Chapter 714 Plan to resurrect the Holy Body of the Precious Wheel
Chapter 715: Completely destroy the three great hegemons
Chapter 716: Transformation and Transformation of the Overlord Ancestral Star
Chapter 717 Ancient Tree of Life Sap, Chuan Ying Lives a Second Life