Chapter 717 Ancient Tree of Life Sap, Chuan Ying Lives a Second Life

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 This guy is the Prison King, and the real Hades King has already left here.

The real Emperor of the Underworld is also called the Lord of the Underworld, that is, Duan De. He has been reincarnated.

Back then, it was this prison-suppressing emperor who, holding the Tongtian Mingbao left by Duan De, together with the Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Emperor and others, secretly attacked the Emperor.

Today’s supreme underworld is withered.

The Immortal Lord hid in the Immortal Tomb and never came back.

Emperor Yama died in the underworld and died naturally.

There is another Supreme Being who felt uneasy when the Tongtian Mingbao flew away tens of thousands of years ago. He entered the Taichu Ancient Mine and refused to come back.

Currently, only the Prison Emperor, a master of the Imperial Way, remains here.

Because millions of years ago, the Dark Lord of the Underworld sensed Duan De's resurgence, and they were worried that Duan De would turn them all into puppets after he came back.

In the past tens of thousands of years, the reason why the underworld has been active frequently, searching for the major planets, is to find the spiritual treasure that reaches the sky, and at the same time, find out the real Hades Emperor Duande.

We must take advantage of Duan De's transformation and kill him before he awakens.

Zhang Wenchang looked at Chuanying, who was seriously injured, and said: "Senior, thank you for blocking the Dark Lord of the Underworld for me!"

"Haha, it seems that my efforts have not been in vain! You have completed the Holy Body. After consolidating it for a while, you can move forward again! Ahem..." Chuanying looked at Zhang Wenchang and laughed.

Smiling very happily.

But in the blink of an eye, he was seriously injured and coughed up blood.

"Senior, your body..." Zhang Wenchang hurriedly stepped forward to support his body.

"It's okay, I'm already old, but it's worth it to be able to take the Prison Emperor, a true master of the imperial way, to be buried with him." Chuanying wiped the blood he coughed up and laughed again.

Hearing what Chuanying said, the Prison Emperor suddenly raised his head, his eyes like blades, looking at Zhang Wenchang and Chuanying coldly.

His entire head was wrapped in black armor of Pluto, and only his eyes and mouth could be seen.

"You are all too late and can't save him!" His tone was cold and simple, and his meaning was very clear.

He felt that Chuanying had suffered such serious injuries, and even if they came, they would not be able to save Chuanying, and he would definitely die.

Zhang Wenchang looked at the bright red blood and dark blood on the ground. It was obvious that the red blood belonged to Chuanying, and the black blood belonged to the Prison Emperor.

Look at his broken stone stick and broken hard bow on the ground. Those are Chuanying's weapons.

Zhang Wenchang still remembers that when he first started to practice, he thought the stone stick of Chuanying in the original text was very cool. He made a white bone stick by himself, imitating the imaginary stone stick of Chuanying.

Zhang Wenchang looked at the Prison Suppressing Emperor who was obviously seriously injured and had little hope of survival. He looked like he was trying hard to maintain his supreme status as the emperor, and he suddenly felt very angry.

Who is a dying monster to show off to?

"Prison King!" Zhang Wenchang shouted angrily and scolded him directly.

"You're such a spicy chicken, but you're still pretending to be stupid!"

Zhang Wenchang scolded angrily and slapped him.

Although the palm is slow, it is strong and powerful. The wind and thunder are strong, the sky and the earth are dimmed, and the sun and the moon have no light.

With a bang, the Dark Supreme held a black war weapon and blocked Zhang Wenchang's killing blow.

But he didn't feel good either. He flew away from the high platform and vomited blood. He smashed a huge pit on the ground and a large part of the ancient palace was shattered.

Now the nominal owner of the underworld was knocked to the ground in a state of disgrace.

The Yin soldiers and generals in the distance did not dare to say a word, lying on the ground shivering.

This Dark Supreme, this old guy is very resistant to beatings. Although he has been seriously injured, his body did not break even after being slapped by Zhang Wenchang. This shows that his fighting power is also quite strong, higher than the average Dark Supreme.

"You old fool, you talk too much!" Zhang Wenchang said coldly.

"Yes, I am old. Even if you don't come to attack the underworld, I don't have that much time." The Dark Lord started to do it again with difficulty.

"There are many secrets in the underworld. You all want to know them. If you are not bored, just listen to me tell them!" This Dark Lord knew that he was about to die, and his mentality seemed to be relaxed. He said with a smile.
He vomited blood profusely from his mouth, and a terrifying wound was opened between his eyebrows. It was obvious that both Sendai and Yuanshen were torn apart, and black blood was flowing out all over his body.

"Then just say it, let's listen!" Zhang Wenchang waved his hand, and three seats appeared on the high platform.

Zhang Wenchang, Gai Jiuyou, and Chuan Ying sat on the seats on the high platform, looking down at the Dark Lord who was beaten in the pit.

Seeing Zhang Wenchang being so despised, this old guy snorted coldly.

With a wave of his hand, he used his remaining strength to turn the deep pit into a high platform. He then refined a throne and sat on it.

He is about to start telling the story of the underworld.

Zhang Wenchang is full of blood and vitality, and he can easily kill the Dark Lord who has seriously injured his hammer.

Seeing him still pretending, Zhang Wenchang felt unhappy again.

"Don't talk yet, wait for us for a while!" Zhang Wenchang interrupted the Dark Lord who was full of emotions and was about to speak.

This Dark Supreme looked at Zhang Wenchang's little movements and looked at Zhang Wenchang coldly, without any affectionate emotion on his face.

"Senior Chuanying, I wonder if you have ever taken the elixir of immortality before?" Zhang Wenchang turned around and asked.

"When I followed Emperor Zun before, Emperor Zun had the elixir of immortality in human form. At the same time, he also asked other supremes for other elixirs of immortality and refined it into a nine-turn elixir, which could allow the Dark Supreme to maintain the peak of the emperor for two thousand years.


"I was once lucky enough to receive a Nine-Revolution Elixir, which is equivalent to taking less than half of the elixir of immortality." Chuanying said.

"That's good! It seems that senior can still be saved!" Zhang Wenchang said as he took out half of the life juice extracted from the ancient tree of life and injected it into Chuanying's body.

"This is the sap of the ancient tree of life?!" Sichuan Yin was surprised and happy.

The prison-suppressing emperor on the opposite side shrank his pupils and forcibly suppressed the urge to rush over and snatch it.

"My little friend is really amazing. Back then, I used half a true dragon's elixir of immortality to help me repair the wounds of the great avenue and live a second life."

"Now that my little friend has obtained so much sap from the ancient tree of life, it seems that Daoist Sichuan Ying's life is worry-free!" Gai Jiuyou said with a smile.

Today's Gai Jiuyou, after living his second life, is also a handsome young man who looks to be in his twenties, full of vitality.

"Haha, there is no end to the road! Are you envious of the Prison Suppressing Emperor? Do you regret it?" Chuanying taunted the Prison Suppressing Emperor while refining this rich liquid of life.

Chuanying's body is recovering rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The Prison Emperor’s eyes will pop out of his head with anger.

This chapter has been completed!
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