Chapter 333 He Wenyuan

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 Nan Yi asked her to buy a house first. He Wenhui hesitated and agreed, and would go out to look for a house in the afternoon.

She is now made uncomfortable by He Wenyuan. Whenever she thinks of the last time she ran away from home, she can't help but get angry, for fear of causing problems again.

For this reason, she must leave as soon as possible to find a house and move out first.

The reasons are all ready-made. I worked hard for my family and finally achieved some results, which gradually improved my family's life.

As a result, you shameless neighbors are talking nonsense behind the scenes, thinking that she relied on her body to gain power and caused disharmony in the family.

For the sake of my family, I must leave here and find a house to live in to avoid people talking nonsense.

My mother-in-law will not object to this matter. How can she object if her family is like this?

Since she has acquiesced, she must support silently from behind to prevent things from happening.

Liang Ladi looked at it with envy on her face.

"Okay, Nanyi, look at how much you care about others. You have the money and the strength to contribute. Why was it not like this when I asked you for help? Instead, you wanted to throw me aside.

We have been neighbors for 20 or 30 years, so is there any need for this?"

"What do you mean, look at others and see what's different about you."

"What's the difference?"

Liang Ladi looked at it and felt that there was no difference.

"She is a beautiful girl who is gentle, kind, and pitiful, but you... you are a mother of four children, and you still don't have a husband."

Yes, I am a mother who has given birth to four children. I am indeed four widows. What you said is all right, but why am I so angry and want to bite you to death?

Liang Ladi gritted her teeth angrily, "Sir, how can you say something so hurtful?"

If she hadn't been under Nan Yi, I would have had to deal with her no matter what.

As for now, what can she do to her boss? She doesn't have to say anything, just turns around and leaves angrily.

Nan Yi shrugged and apologized for this. Who told you to keep asking about this?

Even if there was only a slight possibility, he had to divert the question and never let others know about it.

We are helping He Wenhui, but we must never let others know their true relationship.

It didn't take long for He Wenhui to move out and live outside, and she directly bought a suite.

I bought four rooms, enough for a family of five to live together.

People can't help but be surprised, I didn't expect this to happen.

Who is not surprised to see that people can actually buy a house? You must know that the reason why He Wenhui does not go to school is because her family has no money and she really does not have the conditions to go to school, so she has to come down.

It’s only been a while now that I bought a suite and lived in a big house with my family in style.

No one has this ability.

They couldn't help but talk about how much money she had embezzled. Some people even secretly wrote him a report letter, thinking that He Wenhui had embezzled a lot behind the scenes and the company could not continue like this.

Nanyi ignored this at all. What do you know? This is the boss's wife. She has to be rich even if others don't have money.

Fortunately, He Wenhui explained the reason when chatting with people, letting people know why she is rich.

Whether you believe it or not is one thing. Anyway, they only have doubts about this matter and have no way to prove it.

But He Wenhui was still angry and felt uncomfortable. She came over to complain and disliked them for talking nonsense one by one, which led to this situation.

"Are you saying that they are all idle? You must be talking nonsense."

"Don't worry, it's just that people don't talk nonsense. If you don't make people jealous, you are mediocre. Since they want to talk nonsense, let them talk nonsense without losing a piece of flesh. Are you so angry?"

It sounds like that, but they are not talking about you. You can face it calmly. When it comes to me, they are talking about myself. Thinking about it makes people grit their teeth.

Nan Yi told her not to say anything more and coaxed her for a long time before finishing it. Of course, she would play with it for a while before talking.

Since you are here at my house, we have to have a good time.

The two of them were secretive, for fear of being discovered by others. When walking outside, they would pretend to be ordinary colleagues.

If you don’t play now, where else will you have time?

After playing for a long time and talking on the bed for a long time, I took her away to the cafeteria.

As soon as he opened the door, He Wenhui was stunned and stared blankly outside the house, as if something terrible was happening outside.

Nan Yi wondered what happened to make her behave like this, so she quickly put on her clothes and went over. She was surprised to find He Wenyuan standing outside with tears streaming down his face.

If I go, why would she come here?

Nan Yi was surprised, wondering why she appeared outside and blocked him and He Wenhui inside.

This matter is difficult to explain.

He Wenyuan's eyes were filled with tears. He stared at the two of them closely and yelled with hatred in his eyes, "Didn't you say that you are not together? What's going on? I hate you and will never care about you in the future."

After saying that, she was about to leave and tell her family what happened, so that her family and even the neighbors would know about it.

He Wenhui quickly grabbed her and tried to persuade her, but she threw her away and rushed outside.

She couldn't help but feel anxious and didn't know what to do. If this kind of thing was known to others, once word spread, how would she be able to gain a foothold in this city in the future?

I couldn't help but look at Nan Yi, wanting him to think of a way quickly to prevent anything from happening.

Nan Yi pulled He Wenyuan in, closed the door, and refused to let her leave no matter how hard she struggled.

He Wenyuan was helpless and stared at the two men fiercely to see how they would explain.

"Now that you know, I won't hide it from you. The two of us really want to be together."

"It's just you. You know what you are doing. He Wenhui, I hate you. Never appear in front of me again. I don't have a sister like you."


There is really no way to say this.

Nan Yi thought for a moment, then changed the topic and decided to let her accept this fact from another aspect.

"What's wrong with me being with your sister? I can still help your family.

Now your family is in need of money and no one, so Wen Hui alone is not capable of supporting the family. I have been silently helping behind the scenes to support the family.

Without my help, can you make money to support your family?"

"I earn what I earn."

He Wenyuan yelled loudly, not taking the matter seriously. He was just trying to raise the family. How big of a problem could it be? As for asking his sister to sell himself, how could he do anything like this?

Just thinking about it made her feel angry and uncomfortable. No, this must not happen.

Sure enough, he is still a child and does not know how difficult life is. If he is a little provoked, he will fall into the trap.

"How much daily expenses does your family have now? As long as it covers daily expenses."

Nan Yi turned around to ask, and as he spoke, he winked at her quietly and asked her to figure it out.

He Wenhui nodded, and then started to calculate the daily expenses of the family, and finally concluded that the family now needs eighty-six yuan a month.

You need to earn at least 86 yuan a month to cover your family's daily expenses.

"Isn't it just eighty-six yuan, I earn it."

"Remember it's monthly."

He Wenyuan waved his hand to show that he knew and did not take the money seriously.

But Nan Yi can't. It's impossible for her to earn so much money. It won't take long for her to realize that she will pull her sister along and let her help share the pressure.

I really can't make that much money, so I have to think of a way.

He directly proposed, "How can you, a junior high school student, earn so much money? You and your sister support the family. As long as you can earn half of that and forty-three yuan a month, I will consider you capable."

I will never harass your sister again, and your sister’s position as deputy general manager will not change."

He Wenyuan glared at him angrily, then nodded in agreement and dragged He Wenhui away.

Obviously, I want to go back and educate this shameless sister. How could you do such a thing? Once word gets out, what kind of face will the He family have?

How could He Wenhui agree? He asked her to go back first on the pretext that she would have to go to work later.

Angry, He Wenyuan yelled, "You still have the nerve to go to work."

However, after hesitating for a moment, he didn’t say anything more and returned home angrily.

Nan Yi looked at her retreating back and asked curiously, "Is your family really that good at spending money?"

"I still have to buy shoes and clothes for my brother, and I have to supplement his nutrition. All kinds of miscellaneous expenses, it almost adds up to this."

Regarding this, Nan Yi just wants to say that it is very cruel. How can such a lot of money be spent by a poor family? It is very cruel.

Ordinary workers can now support a family with only thirty or forty dollars a month, and even poor relatives often come to borrow money.

It can be said that for a worker, the thirty or forty yuan is not spent by one person, but by four, five or even eight or nine people.

As for whether He Wenyuan could get so much money, the two of them didn't believe it at all.

Not to mention that she is a student, even if she is a strong laborer, she still cannot earn much money.

Many people are still earning a salary of twenty or thirty, struggling on the poverty line. Is it possible for you to earn more than eighty just casually?

Find a dirty job, work hard every day, and earn more than one yuan is a good thing.

It’s more likely that you won’t earn much even if you work hard for a long time.

However, Nan Yi Xiaoxiao didn’t say much. Let’s wait and see what happens.

"My daughter-in-law, there is no one anyway, let's play some more?"

"You are talking nonsense and having fun, how can you be like this?"

He Wenhui immediately rolled her eyes in anger and told him to go away quickly. Now that her sister knew about her affairs, she was very upset and had no time to care about these messy things.

She hurried to the canteen to work. She was so worried now that she had to get busy quickly. When she was busy, she didn't want to worry about messy things, so she could go back and have a good rest.

For several days, Nan Yi felt a little absent-minded when he saw He Wenhui.

Nan Yi saw it and tried to persuade him, but He Wenhui ignored it. Now that she was so worried about her family affairs, she had no time to take care of these messy things.

Soon another month passed, and Nanyi saw He Wenyuan again.

At this time, He Wenyuan's face was full of fatigue, but his eyes still looked at him with anger, and he wanted to eat his flesh and gnaw his bones.

Nan Yi called He Wenhui over, took the two of them away, and found a quiet place to ask her about her results.

"How is Wenyuan? Have you calculated clearly how much money you earned this month?"

He Wenyuan proudly took out more than 40 yuan and slapped it on the table.

"Making money is not easy. I made more than 40 yuan in the first month, which is a full 46 yuan. If I want to, it won't take long to make enough money to let my family live a happy life."
That’s not right!

Nan Yi looked at He Wenhui, who also shook his head and said he didn't know.

He heard He Wenhui say that He Wenyuan was really trying to make money this month. His sister sold herself for the sake of the family, and just thinking about it made her angry.

I hate her for not fighting, and I am sad for her misfortune. If this spreads out, how can she go out to meet people in the future?

In order to get rid of this situation and prevent people from speaking ill of her, she tried her best to make money. She must support the family's burden and let him know that she can do it.

But I'm sorry, I really think that money comes from the strong wind, and you can earn whatever you want. He Wenyuan failed to succeed even though he spent a lot of effort, and only found a few odd jobs.

Logically speaking, it is not easy to make more than ten yuan.

Where did she get her ability to make more than forty dollars in one fell swoop?

He Wenhui also shook his head, saying he didn't know, and there was something wrong with this.

Nan Yi pondered for a moment, and soon thought of the situation. This guy didn't do it himself, but cobbled together the money from his classmates or someone else.

As a result of this, you are trying to pretend to be fat. Unfortunately, he wondered how a middle school student like He Wenyuan could have such abilities. Now look, you are trying your best to pretend to be fat.

"You are very capable."

"Of course, my sister and I will be able to support our family. Let my sister leave with me quickly. If you dare to harass her in the future, I will definitely send you in."

"No, it doesn't matter if you make so much money in the first month. The most important thing is to hold on for a few months. If you can bear it for a month, we have to see if you can bear it for a few months."


One month is easy, but if you try it for a few months, few people can sustain the business. It is limited to three months, as long as you have the ability, I promise to leave your sister without saying anything, and wish her happiness.<


And her current situation here remains unchanged.

But if you can’t hold on and can’t support your family, we’ll have to wait until later.”

He Wenyuan was dumbfounded and wanted to say no, but He Wenhui had already agreed for her.

"Wenyuan, you don't have this ability, do you?"

"How come? It's just three months' worth of money, it's nothing."

Even though she felt it was not possible, she gritted her teeth and agreed, saying that she would definitely get it done.

I was thinking about how to deal with it in the future, and who I should go to borrow the money on the appointed day, and then I was ready to take the money and leave.

She borrowed this from her classmates and must return it to them as soon as possible.

At that time, we had already agreed that we would only borrow it for one day, so that we could not offend all our classmates.

Unexpectedly, when she was about to get the money, Nan Yi had already taught He Wenhui the money and gave it to her for safekeeping.

"You keep this money first."

"Why, that's the money I earn, and this is the money you use to support your family. Why don't you keep this money to support your family? If your sister is allowed to support her family by herself, she can't bear it.

Besides, this is not the purpose of our bet, so why is there something wrong with it?"

"No, no."

He Wenyuan wanted to disagree, but didn't know how to say it. He could only watch Nan Yi hand the money to her sister, feeling helpless. This was the money she borrowed and she agreed to pay it back later. What should she do now?


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