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Siheyuan: There are three little ones at home

Siheyuan: There are three little ones at home

author:Stealing small fish

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 366 Yanbu Guila English

The winter is very cold, supplies are scarce, and life is very difficult, but Xu Qing has three little ones, which makes his ordinary and ordinary life full of joy...

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《Siheyuan: There are three little ones at home》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 366 Yanbu Guila English
Chapter 365 The third brother’s partner comes to the courtyard
Chapter 364 An unexpected gain
Chapter 363 This is the one who does practical things!
Chapter 362 Asking the main factory for equipment
Chapter 361: The first spark of taking office
Chapter 360: Mother and daughter come to apologize
Chapter 359: Can you blame me for this?
Chapter 358 Jia Zhang is aggressive
《Siheyuan: There are three little ones at home》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Qin Huairu borrows money
Chapter 2 God rewards those who work hard
Chapter 3 There are three little ones at home
Chapter 4 Paying Back Money and Clearing Snow
Chapter 5 Supply and Marketing Cooperative Buys Meat
Chapter 6 The fragrance in the courtyard
Chapter 7 The courtyard is jealous
Chapter 8: I won’t consider teaming up anymore
Chapter 9 Drinking in the Snow
Chapter 10 Obtaining Twelve Tickets (Near Neighbors, Classmates)
Chapter 11: Say important things three times
Chapter 12: Exchange tickets for money (Xu Damao panicked)
Chapter Thirteen Qianlong Cabbage
Chapter 14 Five Phoenixes
Chapter 15 Buying water chestnut biscuits for the three little ones
Chapter 16 Butterfly Effect
Chapter 17 The people in our compound
Chapter 18 Looking for trouble
Chapter 19 The Sensible Second Brother
Chapter 20 Lao Zhang is happy
Chapter 21 ‘Chat’
Chapter 22 Efficiency
Chapter 23 Pulling
Chapter 24 Er Mazi is numb
Chapter 25 Delivering Medicine
Chapter 26 The kindness of the uncle in the courtyard
Chapter 27 It’s done
Chapter 28: He was blind and blind, and bumped into Qin Huairu
Chapter 29 The Jia family quarreled early in the morning
Chapter 30 Jia and Zhang are making trouble
Chapter 31 The three stewards are going to cause trouble
Chapter 32: With one sentence, three stewards were blocked
Chapter 33: Being Grudged
Chapter 34: Sending a letter, getting a haircut
Chapter 35: Eat Braised Pork
Chapter 36 On the Roof
Chapter 37 Jia Zhang wants to use people in vain
Chapter 38 Rage
Chapter 39: Reward the three little ones
Chapter 40: No oil or salt
Chapter 41 Something happened
Chapter 42: Falling
Chapter 43: Visiting to say thank you
Chapter 44 An Unquiet Night
Chapter 45 A visitor from the countryside
Chapter 46 Envy of the Eyes
Chapter 47 The man who brought briquettes came to the hospital
Chapter 48 Qin Huairu comes to visit
Chapter 49: The house was almost stolen
Chapter 50 Chaos (When robbed on the road, draw your sword to help!)
Chapter 51 Appreciation
Chapter 52: Gossip
Chapter 53 Xu Damao shows mercy
Chapter 54 Inspection
Chapter 55 Inspection (2)
Chapter 56 A lunch box of meat and vegetables
Chapter 57 The little girl is having trouble
Chapter 58 Looking for someone
Chapter 59 Master and disciple are like father and son
Chapter 60 A false alarm
Chapter 61 Factory Director’s Statement
Chapter 62: The incident in the factory cafeteria private room
Chapter 63 Envy of the Eyes
Chapter 64: Visiting
Chapter 65: The first person to raise objections
Chapter 66 Tooth powder and favors
Chapter 67: Treating injuries
Chapter 68 The third uncle’s advice
Chapter 69 Revenge
Chapter 70: Dealing with Lao Yang
Chapter 71 Treat
Chapter 72 Collecting Salary
Chapter 73 Rush Buying
Chapter 74 Who doesn’t want to eat something good?
Chapter 75 Borrowing Meat
Chapter 76: Being looked down upon
Chapter 77: It’s not a problem
Chapter 78: This is the only way I can help
Chapter 79 A day of near misses
Chapter 80 A ‘good intention’
Chapter 81 Hanamaki
Chapter 82 Thanks
Chapter 83 Angry
Chapter 84 A few things in the courtyard
Chapter 85 Watching a movie in the factory
Chapter 86 Returning the flashlight and another mission
Chapter 87 Fire Pit
Chapter 88: Street officials come to the courtyard
Chapter 89 Show your face
Chapter 90 Buying coal ash and rolling briquettes
Chapter 91 Dust Sweeping Day
Chapter 92 Visiting a state-owned store to buy cloth
Chapter 93 Tailor Shop
Chapter 94: Being punished by standing in the courtyard
Chapter 95: Helping Yuyu with his homework
Chapter 96 Rabbit Stew
Chapter 97 Kindness
Chapter 98 Visiting Master Lao Zhang
Chapter 99 Getting into trouble
Chapter 100 Return Gift
Chapter 101: Get clothes
Chapter 102 Writing Spring Festival Couplets
Chapter 103 New Year’s Eve Dinner
Chapter 104 Visiting the Temple Fair
Chapter 105 Entering the city overnight
Chapter 106: Delivering meals
Chapter 107 Grandma’s words
Chapter 108 Reply
Chapter 109: Adding a pair of chopsticks
Chapter 110 The first snow after the new year
Chapter 111 Reading Glasses Ticket
Chapter 112 Discharge
Chapter 113 Farewell
Chapter 114 Start of construction
Chapter 115: The drunkard’s intention is not to drink
Chapter 116 Teasing Xu Damao
Chapter 117: Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 118: Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 119: Criminal Photo
Chapter 120 The first time
Chapter 121 Silly Zhu’s Mouth
Chapter 122: Being targeted
Chapter 123: Catching a Turtle in a Jar
Chapter 124: Quarrel
Chapter 125: See the real chapter under the overpass
Chapter 126: It’s a joke
Chapter 127 Conversation
Chapter 128 The note given by the object
Chapter 129: Agreed
Chapter 130: Date in Beihai Park
Chapter 131: A good guy gets beaten
Chapter 132 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 133 Apology
Chapter 134 Qin Huairu’s Thoughts
Chapter 135 It’s in the newspaper
Chapter 136 Face
Chapter 137 He is better than you
Chapter 138 How could they not know what they were thinking?
Chapter 139 Assessment Registration
Chapter 140 Three Bowls of White Noodles
Chapter 141 The beginning of school season
Chapter 142 Lao Zhang is anxious
Chapter 143 Three little ones sign up
Chapter 144: You have to learn to use skill when working
Chapter 145: Brother, I want to marry her when I grow up
Chapter 146 Factory Assessment
Chapter 147 Assessment Notice
Chapter 148: Eating meat to celebrate
Chapter 149 Disciplining the Third Brother
Chapter 150 The first day of becoming a full-time employee
Chapter 151 Let the old lady come home for dinner
Chapter 152 Silly Zhu Silly Le
Chapter 153: Fell
Chapter 154: Everyone has his own way of living
Chapter 155 Heading to Shichahai with Shazhu
Chapter 156: Silly Zhu who cannot be supported
Chapter 157 Qin Huairu apologizes
Chapter 158 Consultation from Xu Damao
Chapter 159 The little girl goes to school on the third uncle’s bicycle
Chapter 160 Got it right
Chapter 161: Sticky Kite
Chapter 162: Xu Fengming’s tricks are stupid
Chapter 163 Outing
Chapter 164 Ma Jinghong is jealous
Chapter 165 I really can’t guess
Chapter 166 Little Master
Chapter 167 Er Mazi gets married
Chapter 168 Ma Jinghong meets three little ones for the first time
Chapter 169: ‘Sister-in-law’
Chapter 170 The old party secretary comes to the courtyard
Chapter 171 Grandma’s new shoes
Chapter 172 Jianghu rescues
Chapter 173 Awakening
Chapter 174 Conversation in the Factory Director’s Office
Chapter 175: Figure it out
Chapter 176: Deputy Director Li pretends to be confused, pretending to understand
Chapter 177 Who do you look down on when you use money to get things done?
Chapter 178 Contest
Chapter 179: Stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 180 The dust has settled
Chapter 181: Lifting the stem
Chapter 182: Show of Goodwill
Chapter 183 The three little ones’ academic problems
Chapter 184: We have big brother here, so what do we have to be afraid of?
Chapter 185 Female colleagues in the office
Chapter 186 The subject gets angry
Chapter 187: Face must be given
Chapter 188 Yanbu Guibai took a trip
Chapter 189 Xu Damao’s team-up
Chapter 190 Female junior, holding gold bricks
Chapter 191 The Agreement with Er Mazi
Chapter 192: Die while
Chapter 193: Weekends are very busy
Chapter 194 Uninvited people
Chapter 195 ‘Friendly communication’ between men
Chapter 196: Reasoning with fists
Chapter 197: We have some clues about the second brother’s matter
Chapter 198 Let go
Chapter 199 Suspension of classes
Chapter 200 The storm is coming
Chapter 201 General trend
Chapter 202 Silly Zhu’s Request
Chapter 203 The old lady speaks
Chapter 204 Jia Zhang cuts Banggeng’s hair
Chapter 205 Spring passes and autumn comes
Chapter 206 Lou Xiaoe comes to the hospital
Chapter 207 Lou Xiao'e spent the night in the courtyard
Chapter 208 Silly Zhu listens to the wall
Chapter 209 Proportion
Chapter 210 The third brother wants money
Chapter 211 Don’t be afraid of being late for a good meal
Chapter 212 Performance Accident
Chapter 213 An embarrassing incident at night
Chapter 214: Frightened
Chapter 215: Lie down together
Chapter 216 Return to Forty-Nine City
Chapter 217 The second uncle is angry
Chapter 218: The second uncle’s family ‘a loving father and a filial son’
Chapter 219 Silly Zhu borrows a pen on a blind date
Chapter 220 Liu Guangtian picks a fight with Xu Aiguo
Chapter 221: Beat it up with a rake
Chapter 222 Father and son quarrel
Chapter 223: The utmost benevolence and righteousness
Chapter 224 Reading and Writing Letters
Chapter 225 Yi Zhonghai comes forward
Chapter 226: Here we go, the sky is about to change
Chapter 227 Good things are coming for Xu Damao
Chapter 228 Lou Xiao’e comes through
Chapter 229: Jia Zhang eats and drinks
Chapter 230: Let the third brother have a long memory
Chapter 231 The curtain opens
Chapter 232: Tofu with brine
Chapter 233: Brothers in distress
Chapter 234: Can’t Stop
Chapter 235 Confrontation
Chapter 236: Factory shutdown
Chapter 237 A noisy family
Chapter 238 Late Winter
Chapter 239 The second brother enters the factory
Chapter 240: Keep up the pace
Chapter 241 The factory issues bicycle tickets
Chapter 242 Tickets and Coupons
Chapter 243: The troops are divided into four groups
Chapter 244 Yan Bugui has mixed feelings
Chapter 245 Brother and sister talk
Chapter 246: Tweaking
Chapter 247 It’s New Year’s Eve again
Chapter 248: Want to see grandson’s wife
Chapter 249 Grandparents celebrate the New Year in the city
Chapter 250 Grandma’s Thoughts
Chapter 251 Meeting Zhao Er Lunzi at Master’s House
Chapter 252 Qin Jingru comes to the hospital
Chapter 253 Silly Zhu, do you want a wife?
Chapter 254 Enmity
Chapter 255 Third Brother Graduation
Chapter 256 The wedding day
Chapter 257 The Ma family accepts the bride
Chapter 258 From now on, one family
Chapter 259 Wedding Night
Chapter 260 The third brother goes to the countryside
Chapter 261 Changing workshops
Chapter 262 Yan Bugui miscalculated
Chapter 263 The Second Brother Moves
Chapter 264 Tips
Chapter 265 Planning
Chapter 266: Establishing a new organization in the factory
Chapter 267 Liu Haizhong gains the upper hand
Chapter 268: Desire for profit
Chapter 269 Letter from Third Brother
Chapter 270 The little girl’s job
Chapter 271 Buying wine
Chapter 272: Drunk Brotherhood
Chapter 273 The little girl’s choice
Chapter 274 The battle between women
Chapter 275 Qin Jingru complained
Chapter 276 The little girl goes out to work early in the morning
Chapter 277 The third brother returns to the city to visit relatives
Chapter 278 The third brother gives money
Chapter 279: Helping the emergency but not the poor
Chapter 280 Who is the real brother?
Chapter 281 Brother-in-law is getting married
Chapter 282: Lard deceives the heart
Chapter 283 Director Li is looking for trouble
Chapter 284: Dealing with Zhao Erluzi
Chapter 285: Showing off at first sight
Chapter 286: Promotion to first-level clerk
Chapter 287 Xu Damao’s Thoughts
Chapter 288: Brother-in-law’s engagement wine
Chapter 289 Ma Jinghong goes into labor
Chapter 290 Double Happiness
Chapter 291 Hey, someone with a handle!
Chapter 292 The ambition of the swan
Chapter 293 Xu Damao cleans up Qin Jingru
Chapter 294 Sisterhood
Chapter 295: Worthy of being a family
Chapter 296: Being jealous
Chapter 297: Stinginess does not exist!
Chapter 298: Taking advantage of the slope to get off the donkey
Chapter 299 Picking up my sister from get off work
Chapter 300 Lao Zhang’s Regret
Chapter 301 Construction starts on the third day of the Lunar New Year
Chapter 302 Full Moon Wine
Chapter 303: Scare away Liu Guangtian
Chapter 304: Things are changing
Chapter 305 Yu Li complains about Yan Bugui
Chapter 306 Interlude
Chapter 307 Can crying solve the problem?
Chapter 308 Xu Damao is frightened
Chapter 309: One wave just subsides, and another wave arises
Chapter 310 It’s just different
Chapter 311 Going to the countryside to find my third brother
Chapter 312 People and Things in the Village
Chapter 313 The crisp autumn air
Chapter 314 Yu Yu gets married, younger siblings go to college
Chapter 315: Amazed
Chapter 316: Borrowing
Chapter 317: Stop meddling in my family’s affairs!
Chapter 318: Interrogation at the Street Office
Chapter 319 Cao Xiaojun and his son
Chapter 320: One son-in-law and half a son
Chapter 321: Keep silent
Chapter 322 Iron Roller
Chapter 323: Brother Silly Zhu, come to my house during the Chinese New Year
Chapter 324 Another top-notch place
Chapter 325: Good luck
Chapter 326: All masters are like this
Chapter 327: Ginger is still hotter than old!
Chapter 328 Meeting the Three Tigers
Chapter 329: Attending Sanhuzi’s wedding
Chapter 330: The three little ones carry the stem and celebrate in the courtyard
Chapter 331 It’s not necessary, right?
Chapter 332: Chatting in the Coolness
Chapter 333: Covering for brother-in-law
Chapter 334: Master scolds
Chapter 335: Love grows over time
Chapter 336: An account in my heart
Chapter 337: The first house in the compound to install a telephone
Chapter 338 The first phone call
Chapter 339: Old classmates come to the hospital
Chapter 340: Drinking with a close friend, a thousand cups are too little
Chapter 341 University Registration
Chapter 342 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 343 Interview with foreign guests
Chapter 344: My eldest brother is definitely better than me
Chapter 345: Report again after ten years
Chapter 346: Forced to accept donations
Chapter 347: Brothers and sisters give away clothes
Chapter 348: A fleeting moment
Chapter 349: What kind of wine should I drink this late at night?
Chapter 350 Don’t be afraid of being late for a good meal
Chapter 351: Promoted to Factory Director
Chapter 352: What’s wrong with him being your son-in-law? He is also my apprentice
Chapter 353 Taking office
Chapter 354: The thoughts of the people in the courtyard
Chapter 355 Heading to the main factory for a meeting
Chapter 356: Factory, courtyard
Chapter 357 Three Bicycles
Chapter 358 Jia Zhang is aggressive
Chapter 359: Can you blame me for this?
Chapter 360: Mother and daughter come to apologize
Chapter 361: The first spark of taking office
Chapter 362 Asking the main factory for equipment
Chapter 363 This is the one who does practical things!
Chapter 364 An unexpected gain
Chapter 365 The third brother’s partner comes to the courtyard
Chapter 366 Yanbu Guila English