Chapter 507: Purchasing Oil and Water

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 No one knows what happened. They only know that the guest house is closed and is expected to reopen in a month.

Everyone is very curious, who is responsible for this closure and rectification? Has Tan Tian, ​​who is not intolerant of meat and vegetables, changed his character?

No, it should be the work of the young deputy minister, otherwise how could Tan Tian think about making positive progress?

They guessed correctly. It was indeed Gao Bin's work. He used a certificate and a gun to subdue Tan Tian.

It's a good thing that he gave in quickly, otherwise Gao Bin would still have subsequent means to deal with him, ensuring that his life would be worse than death.

The reason why we use our weapons is to avoid future troubles.

It is also because gun control is not strict in this era. Many school principals in remote areas still carry guns to work. This is no joke.

However, the so-called laxity is also aimed at special people. It is more difficult for ordinary people to touch a gun, except for shotguns in rural areas.

Closer to home, although Gao Bin took care of Tan Hai, the impact of firing ten people at once was really not small.

But he cleverly hid behind the scenes and let Tan Hai be the bad guy.

It’s not that no one came to him to complain, but the result was that he was confused and fooled.

I sympathize with your experience and current situation, but being fired is already an established fact, and there is nothing he can do about it.

If these 10 people knew that what happened to them was because of this smiling man in front of them, I don’t know what they would think.

During the period when the guest house is closed for rectification, in addition to recruiting new employees for training, the internal facilities also need to be renovated.

For example, adding kitchens and dining rooms, adding collective shower facilities, and completely replacing carpets.

This project is not small, but Gao Bin wrote down a few figures on the desks of Deputy Factory Director Li, who was in charge of the logistics department, and Hao Jianshe, the director of the logistics department, and the rectification plan was approved.

The rectification cost 2,000 yuan. After the rectification is completed, the guest house will be fully opened to the public. Of course, only the tasks within the factory must be given priority.

The budget was 2,000 yuan, but only 1,000 was actually used. Of the remaining 1,000, deputy director Li took 500, Hao Jianshe took 300, and Gao Bin only took 200. The three of them were full.

At the same time, Deputy Factory Director Li mentioned Gao Bin many times at the meeting, calling him a hero and an ambitious young man with ideals, ambitions, and principles. He hoped that the factory would designate him as an outstanding young cadre.

In order to be included in the support list.

Once you are on this list, you will have certain priority when you are promoted in the future.

Of course, this step is still far away, but Deputy Director Li doesn't mind using this matter to daunt Gao Bin, so take your time.

In this way, Gao Bin initially established a foothold in the Red Star Rolling Mill. At this time, it was already more than 20 days after he traveled through time.


When it was time to get off work that day, Gao Bin did not leave directly, but took a detour to the cafeteria and the kitchen.

At this time, Sha Zhu and his apprentice Ma Hua were cleaning up and getting ready to get off work. When they saw Gao Bin coming in, they quickly stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

Although the whereabouts of the 10 people in the guest house are unknown, everyone has a clear understanding and basically concluded that it was Gao Bin who did it.

Especially the people in the cafeteria, they have experienced Gao Bin's cruelty, and they can guess with their toes that the expulsion was Gao Bin's handiwork.

It’s so cruel, 10 people’s financial opportunities were cut off at once.

With this threat, the guys in the cafeteria who usually showed off their power became completely honest, and they even learned to behave with their tails between their legs and their heads down in front of Gao Bin.

Of course, Shazhu is still not convinced in his heart, but on the surface he will not target Gao Bin, nor does he have the strength to target others.

"Vice Minister Gao!" the two shouted.

"Well, what are you busy with? That MCA, right? You go first, I'll talk to your master."

Ma Hua glanced at Silly Zhu subconsciously, and when he saw that the other person nodded to him, he put down his tools, took off his apron and left.

After finding a chair and dragging it over to sit down, Gao Bin asked:

"How is it? Do you still hate me?"

He Yuzhu was stunned for a moment, then responded quickly and shook his head:

"Don't hate!"

"Haha, you don't dare, right?" Gao Bin crossed his legs.

"No, no~" Of course Shazhu couldn't admit it.

"Okay, I won't talk nonsense to you. There is such a thing. The guest house is planning to reopen the kitchen. Are you interested in working part-time?"

Silly Zhu was stunned again:

"Part-time job?"

"Yes, you can still stay in the workers' canteen during the day, and at night you can go to the small kitchen of the guest house. The meals there are all reserved in advance, so you won't be too busy, but you can earn more."

Silly Zhu's eyes lit up, and he couldn't care less about the hatred between the two at this moment:

"How much more can it be?"

"Haha, let's go to 23. If you do well in the future, I'll mention it to you."

"Hey! Thank you, thank you, it's a great thing that you can think of me. I was so narrow-minded before, and I would like to formally apologize to you!"

Silly Zhu is like this. He doesn't actually have bad intentions, but he is not too big-minded. Sometimes he is stubborn, but as long as he smoothes his hair, he is actually a very easy to get along with.

"Haha, so the previous apology was fake?" Gao Bin asked with a half-smile.

"No, no, hey~ I won't mention it anymore. I admit my mistakes in what happened before. If there are good things to come in the future, please think of me. Thank you!"

He Yuzhu cupped his fists and raised his hands to express his gratitude.

"Don't worry, thank you. You also know that anyone can do the work in this small kitchen, and your skills are not unique in the capital. As long as I am willing to pay, I can get any kind of chef!"

He Yuzhu nodded sharply, admitting that Gao Bin was right.

"But why are we looking for you? Do you want to guess?"

Gao Bin gave him a chance to see if he was the right guy.

Don't tell me, as long as this stupid Zhu doesn't get confused and doesn't get involved with Qin Huairu, his IQ is still online.

"If I guessed correctly, you hope to have someone by yourself in the small kitchen so that you can manipulate the prices of ingredients?"

Silly Zhu tried to finish, and when he saw Gao Bin's smile, he knew that he had guessed correctly.

"It's not bad, it's not useless. How about it, can you do this job?"

Silly Zhu sucked his teeth:

"The more money, the better. But how can you ensure that no one will find out about this?"

Gao Bin casually took a cucumber, let go of his hand, and dropped it to the ground, breaking into pieces. He looked at Silly Zhu with a smile:

"How do you calculate this situation?"

"Of course I'm reporting the loss..." Before he finished speaking, Shazhu suddenly realized:

"I understand."

"Well, the guest house has independent accounts, separate purchases, and separate accounts. As long as you don't go too far, no one will check!"

Silly Zhu stopped standing there and pulled up a chair to sit on:

"Then I can't be the only one working in the kitchen, right? The one who cuts the meat, the one who washes the vegetables..."

"They can't touch these things, mainly you!" Gao Bin interrupted.

Silly Zhu was still not sure. This was different from the time he brought two steamed buns or cut half a chicken. In the worst case, it was a sin of beheading.

Gao Bin stood up and pretended to be disappointed:

"Okay, just pretend I didn't say anything. You have to keep your mouth shut. If I hear about this and spread it, whether it's you or not, I will have to pin the leak on you. When the time comes.


Silly Zhu was frightened by him. He shrunk his neck and said quickly:

"Don't worry, I promise not to tell you. Can you let me go back and think about this other matter?"

"No, you are a big man after all. Do you have the courage to think about such a trivial thing?"

"No, I..."

"I'll give you one last chance. Do you want to do it or not? Think about your age. Do you want your wife and children to endure hardships with you in the future?"

Gao Bin's last moment of excitement completely touched Sha Zhu's heart.

He gritted his teeth and said:

"Stop talking, I'll do it!"

"That's right. The guest house will open in 10 days. The factory leaders will be present at that time. Work hard and make something good. List all the ingredients you need. Get what you can get. If you can't get it, tell me.

, I’ll find a way.”

Now that Shazhu has decided to do it, he will definitely not hesitate and slaps his chest:

"It's done! Leave it to me."

"Well, by the way, Yan Jiecheng will also join the guest house and work as a waiter. You'd better not get too close to him!"

Silly Zhu didn't know why, and he didn't dare to ask, so he just nodded silently.

Gao Bin stood up and patted his butt:

"Let's go~ By the way, I can't even tell the uncle about this, do you understand?"

"I know it well!"

"Sure, let's do it."

Gao Bin probably made some calculations. If the operation is good and the business is up, the guesthouse's purchase can contribute more than 100 yuan in income to him every month. This excludes the pure profit after paying tribute to the superiors.

Therefore, if you want to get rich, you cannot follow the rules.


Gao Bin was pushing the cart out. As soon as he arrived at the factory gate, he saw the Qin sisters walking into the factory against the flow of people.

"Hey, isn't this Vice Minister Gao?"

As early as the day when Qin Huairu met Gao Bin for the first time, he knew almost everything about him.

The monthly salary for such a young deputy cadre is 90 yuan. How much is that? It is almost as much as Qin Huairu’s salary in half a year.

If she could build a relationship, Qin Huairu would be able to eat just a little bit of her fingertips.

However, she was very smart and did not choose to rush. Instead, she chose another way. During this period, Qin Huairu did not deliberately contact Gao Bin, but whenever they met by chance, they would definitely joke around and treat each other like friends.


"Haha, sister-in-law, are you kidding me?"

Gao Bin pretended to be helpless.

"I didn't. Don't accuse me wrongly. You are indeed the deputy minister."

"Okay, what are you doing?"

"Oh, there is a movie playing in the factory today. Jingru and I are thinking of coming early to get a seat."

"Play a movie?"

"Yes, Ashima, I heard she is very beautiful."

"Oh, I've seen it, you go ahead."

"Ah? How did you see it?"

Gao Bin almost blurted out that he had seen "In the World" in his life, but luckily he changed his words in time:

"Watched it in the cinema."

"Oh, well, as expected of a deputy minister, he has money and leisure. Unlike us ordinary people, we are not willing to spend money to buy movie tickets."

If this were to be replaced by another man, I would definitely say this right now:

"Shall I invite you later?"

Gao Bin did the opposite and said:

"I'm not willing to give it up either. Isn't this just to get a wife? I'm willing to risk everything."

Qin Huairu was stunned for a moment:

"Do you have a partner?"

"No, my colleague introduced me to one, but I didn't get along."

Qin Huairu was dumbfounded:

"No way, the other party doesn't appreciate your excellent conditions?"

"Well~ I didn't like him."

Qin Huairu suddenly realized:

"That's no wonder. What's the reason? It doesn't look good?"

"Well, I didn't like it."

"Haha, that's because you are very demanding. Tell me, what do you want? My sister-in-law will find it for you!"

"As for your appearance, you must be at least as beautiful as you, sister-in-law. As for your figure, don't be too thin or too fat, just moderate. Then it's best to have a stable job. Of course, if you are a good person, it doesn't matter whether you have a job or not."

Qin Huairu rolled his eyes and pushed the shy Qin Jingru out:

"What do you think of my girl? Originally, I wanted to introduce her to Shazhu. If you like her, then I'll stick with you first!"

Qin Jingru wanted to say: What kind of cargo am I? I need you first!

But she couldn't care about this at the moment, her eyes were full of Gao Bin, her face was full of peach blossoms, and she was so shy that she wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

Gao Bin has no interest in this little nymphomaniac, and his pure brain is not enough.

Of course, if you just like this kind of clingy style, you can get it, it is definitely the best of the best!

In the original play, Qin Huairu was originally going to introduce Qin Jingru to Shazhu, but she was intercepted by Xu Damao. Qin Jingru and Xu Damao got married, and they spent a lifetime together.

Silly Zhu has a city registered permanent residence, lives in a big house by himself, and earns a monthly salary of 37.5 yuan. He is a chef in a state-owned factory, which is equivalent to an iron rice bowl. He can bring back meals from the workplace canteen after get off work every day, and can also do some private work.

When Qin Jingru heard this condition, she immediately felt happy and would not marry anyone other than a fool.

In fact, Qin Jingru’s dream is to find someone with a city registered permanent residence and have a house in the city like her cousin Qin Huairu.

At that time, there was a huge difference between urban household registration and rural household registration, so Qin Jingru was very satisfied with Shazhu at that time.

The first time I saw Sha Zhu, I immediately made him a quilt and cleaned him.

Although Qin Jingru is a rural girl, she is good-looking. Xu Damao was attracted by this pretty girl at first sight. How could he tolerate such a beautiful woman marrying his arch-enemy Silly Zhu?

So, he started brainwashing Qin Jingru while she was in the toilet. Qin Jingru was simple and had never seen the world.

So Xu Damao took Qin Jingru, a rural girl who had never been to shopping malls, to Xidan, bought her a set of clothes and shoes, and was willing to spend money for her. Qin Jingru's heart was shaken, and she slowly fell in love with Xu Damao.

Xu Damao is a projectionist in the factory and often does private work. He goes to the countryside to show movies several times a month and earns more than his salary.

When she saw a mature man who was richer and handsome than the cook and who promised to divorce her, Qin Jingru fell in love.

Qin Jingru is a rural girl with a straightforward personality, good looks, and is very simple, but short-sighted and a bit dissatisfied with the poor and loves the rich. She is very realistic, so when she meets a mature man like Xu Damao who talks sweet words and is willing to spend money on her, she resists

I can’t resist the temptation.

Both cousin Qin Huairu and Qin Huairu's mother-in-law have told Qin Jingru more than once: Xu Damao is not a good person.

But Qin Jingru was dazzled by love and blinded her eyes. She felt that Xu Damao was right, much better than that stupid stupid Zhu.

Qin Jingru is simple. She can't see that Xu Damao's character is really bad, and she can't listen to other people's advice.

Xu Damao is a selfish person who will retaliate for his anger. He bullies others with power, looks down on others, is lecherous, and cheats during marriage. In short, he has countless shortcomings.

Xu Damao was dissatisfied with Lou Xiao'e's strict discipline on him and became tired of it. He also reported Lou Xiao'e's natal family, so that Lou Xiao'e's family had to escape overnight.

Xu Damao took revenge on Lou Xiao'e without caring about the relationship between husband and wife, let alone Qin Jingru.

Xu Damao cheated on Qin Jingru during their marriage, causing Qin Jingru to lose her virginity and then drove her away. It was because he fell in love with Yu Haitang, the factory broadcaster. In his words, he could not leave the factory beauty and not pursue her, but choose a

Village girl.

Regarding Qin Jingru, Xu Damao wanted to have fun from the beginning and teach his old enemy Silly Zhu a lesson.

Qin Jingru lost her virginity and had no idea.

Cousin Qin Huairu had no choice but to come up with a way to fake her pregnancy, and finally forced Xu Damao to marry her unwillingly.

Gao Bin is stupid enough to want such a girl, and he doesn't even want to play with her. Don't forget, there is a family of vampires standing behind her.

So, he casually said:

"Forget it about Jingru, I think she and Shazhu are a good match. You can match them up well, and I will give you a big red envelope when we get married!"

After saying that, he pushed the cart home.

If you don’t leave, you’ll get caught easily.

He didn't know that as soon as he left, Qin Jingru looked at him with resentful eyes. She didn't know that she thought he was a heartless person.

Qin Huairu pulled her cousin in annoyance:

"Don't look, everyone is gone, look at your worthless look."

"Sister, does he dislike me for coming from the countryside?" Qin Jingru was about to cry as she spoke, her face full of grievances.

Qin Huairu was not polite to her either, hoping she could recognize the reality:

"It's normal to dislike him. He is a deputy section chief, a serious leader, and he is still so young.

I heard from people in the factory that this person is very skillful. How could such a person fall in love with a girl with no education or background like you?"

Qin Jingru was still unwilling to give in. After seeing Gao Bin, he completely lost interest in Silly Zhu.

37.5 and 87.5, cook and assistant subject, any fool knows how to choose, right?

"Sister, can you help me think of a solution?"

Qin Huairu pushed her angrily:

"Hurry up and grab a seat. What can I do? I can't get him drunk and send him to your bed, right?"

She was just saying it casually, but Qin Jingru’s eyes lit up:

"I think it's okay!"

Qin Huairu almost spurted blood, and now she regrets it. Bringing this cousin here will definitely not lead a good life in the future.

"Okay, okay, hurry up and watch a movie, they're all gone."


Not to mention the Qin sisters, as soon as Gao Bin returned to the courtyard on his bicycle, he was blocked by the third uncle at the door.

"Binzi Binzi, hehe, come with me!"

As soon as he saw the little old man's posture, Gao Bin knew that something was up.

No, I dragged him under the toilet wall. I don’t know why this little old man likes to talk here.

"Binzi, don't you agree with Jie Cheng's job? When can you go to work?"

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