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Siheyuan: Take the initiative

Siheyuan: Take the initiative

author:Erythrina 2016

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-19 01:09

Latest chapter:Chapter 351 Yi Zhonghai: Surprise or not, unexpected or not, their respective endings

Soul Penetrating the Siheyuan, without a system, I can only take the initiative. Defense and counterattack are not my strong point. Taking the initiative is my specialty.

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《Siheyuan: Take the initiative》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 351 Yi Zhonghai: Surprise or not, unexpected or not, their respective endings
Chapter 350 It’s all acting
Chapter 349 Yi Zhonghai: Am I mentally ill?
Chapter 348: Creating The Truman Show for All Birds
Chapter 347 Mother and son break up and send Bangge back to his hometown
Chapter 346: Bang Gang beats Qin Huairu violently, Qin Huairu awakens from darkness
Chapter 345 Shazhu’s analysis and Banggeng’s persistence
Chapter 344 Qin Huairu: My heart is too tired
Chapter 343: Fire breaks out in Qin’s backyard and Banggeng steals all the money
《Siheyuan: Take the initiative》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Silly Zhu is a thief!
Chapter 2 Let’s collect the money together
Chapter 3 Who is the real nemesis? Jia Zhang’s family only defeats Jia
Chapter 4: Life is all about grudges and grudges
Chapter 5 Taking the initiative to dig holes
Chapter 6: Sticky hook, Yi Zhonghai falls into the trap
Chapter 7 I will make it easy for anyone who wants to make it difficult for me
Chapter 8: A Feast of One Hundred Chickens to Catch All the Beasts
Chapter 9: Stick Stealing Saint is in front, Yang Zhe is behind
Chapter 10 Singing a Popular Song The so-called accident is just a long-planned necessity
Chapter 11: Pull Lou Xiao’e
Chapter 12: Taking advantage of the old man while talking and laughing
Chapter 13 The big man shows off a horse
Chapter 14 Return to the Security Office
Chapter 15 Ask for benefits and then give inventions
Chapter 16 Recognition Meeting Yu Li by chance
Chapter 17 Hiring Yu Li The Return of the Jia Zhang Family
Chapter 18 My uncle is the director
Chapter 19 Beating up Jia and Zhang
Chapter 20: Yi Zhonghai beats up Jia Zhang and Yang Zhe intercepts Silly Zhu’s lunch box
Chapter 21 The lunch box throughout the play
Chapter 22 The Rise of Bangge
Chapter 23 The calm before the storm
Chapter 24 The drama begins
Chapter 25: Jia Zhang, why are you rich?
Chapter 26 Jia Zhang stabbed Yi Zhonghai in the back
Chapter 27: Divide Yi Zhonghai’s wages among the birds
Chapter 28 In the face of interests, everything is fake
Chapter 29: Jia Zhang enters the trap
Chapter 30 Provoking civil strife in the Jia family
Chapter 31: Wrath of Banggen: Backstabbing Jia Zhang
Chapter 32: Arresting Jia Zhang
Chapter 33: Awesome joke: Why is my money missing?
Chapter 34: Fiery Eyes and Golden Eyes Fiery Eyes and Golden Eyes...
Chapter 35 A woman who is easily injured
Chapter 36 It’s in the newspapers
Chapter 37 Silly Zhu, please accept the move!
Chapter 38 Director Yang: Silly Zhu, you bastard
Chapter 39: Furious Silly Zhu beats up Director Yang
Chapter 40 Liu Haizhong Do you know why you couldn't pass the eighth-level engineering examination?
Chapter 41 Liu Haizhong violently hammers Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 42 Suggestions on Punishment of Yi Zhonghai and Liu Haizhong
Chapter 43 This is the ultimate plan
Chapter 44 Qin Huairu cannot live without a lunch box, just like the West cannot live without Jerusalem
Chapter 45: Proud Xu Damao
Chapter 46 Xu Damao designs Qi Silly Pillar
Chapter 47: The deaf old lady relies on her old age to sell her old age, Factory Director Yang facilitates the situation
Chapter 48 If you don’t let me say it, I have to say it.
Chapter 49: The stickman strikes again and paints a bigger picture for Yu Li
Chapter 50 Yi Zhonghai Even this can’t kill you
Chapter 51 Survival is not a shame
Chapter 52: Destroy people and make the fool vomit blood
Chapter 53 Qin Huairu used Xu Damao’s ticket to buy food for Sha Zhu
Chapter 54 He Yuyu’s question
Chapter 55 The letter worked
Chapter 56: Only talk about evidence, not opinions
Chapter 57: Opportunity arises
Chapter 58 Yi Zhonghai was so angry that he vomited blood
Chapter 59: Master, I am doing this for your own good
Chapter 60 Liu Haizhong held a meeting
Chapter 61 Yi Zhonghai reported
Chapter 62: Four famous arrests shocked the capital
Chapter 63: Making matters worse
Chapter 64 Frank confession
Chapter 65: Ruining Yi Zhonghai’s reputation
Chapter 66 Tit for tat
Chapter 67: Go find He Yuyu
Chapter 68 Looking for He Yuyu
Chapter 69: Invitation from Above
Chapter 70 Promotion: The aunt is coming
Chapter 71 The three biggest enemies in the chef world meet in the capital
Chapter 72 Angry Silly Pillar
Chapter 73 Silly Zhu was caught
Chapter 74 The deaf old lady lectures Qin Huairu
Chapter 75 The deaf old lady comes to kill
Chapter 76 Persuasion and Counter-persuasion
Chapter 77 Let’s wait until tomorrow
Chapter 78 Yu Li enters the factory Director Li’s simple aesthetics
Chapter 79: Pulling the fire under the cauldron and blood test
Chapter 80 The Deaf Old Lady’s Plot
Chapter 81: Using Yi Zhonghai’s money to fill Silly Pillar’s ??trap
Chapter 82 The Deaf Old Lady’s Wang Zha
Chapter 83: Let the aunt recognize the true face of the deaf old lady
Chapter 84: The cruelest revenge: give hope first and then despair
Chapter 85 Silly Zhu beats up Xu Damao
Chapter 86 Silly Zhu was caught again
Chapter 87 Qin Huairu attacks
Chapter 88 Yu Li’s grievance
Chapter 89 Silly Zhu appears in the newspaper and Director Yang complains
Chapter 90 Xu Damao’s request for help
Chapter 91: Ongoing
Chapter 92 Xu Damao’s brave heart
Chapter Ninety-Three The hospital-wide meeting ended in vain
Chapter 94: Let the deaf old lady pay money. We are professionals (Part 1)
Chapter 95: Let the deaf old lady pay money. We are professionals (Part 2)
Chapter 96: Everyone knows the cruelty of the deaf old lady
Chapter Ninety Seven Everything is ready
Chapter Ninety-Eight He Yuyu comes to the post office again
Chapter Ninety-nine: Fight Brother to the End
Chapter 100 You know what a hammer is
Chapter 101 Xu Damao: My disease is cured
Chapter 102 Reward
Chapter 103: If you don’t want to jump into this pit, you have to jump out of it
Chapter 104 The Wrath of the Great Leader
Chapter 105 You and I agree~
Chapter 106: The Envy-inducing Gift (Part 1)
Chapter 107: The Envy-inducing Gift (Part 2)
Chapter 108 Seven Weapons
Chapter 109 He Yuyu: From today on, I will sever all ties with you.
Chapter 110: He Yuyu’s despair. If you want to divide it, divide it completely.
Chapter 111: Pushing Xu Damao out to be a knife but also blocking the knife
Chapter 112: When people are not around, officials descend from the sky
Chapter 113: Revealing Silly Zhu’s old background
Chapter 114: Desperate Chef Silly Zhu
Chapter 115: A brief verbal dispute with the deaf old lady on the line
Chapter 116: We will oppose what Silly Zhu insists on.
Chapter 117 Yu Li’s discovery
Chapter 118 Deaf old lady meets Yi Zhonghai at night
Chapter 119 Let Liu Haizhong and Yi Zhonghai go to the third line
Chapter 120: When it comes to tricking stupid people, Xu Damao is good at it.
Chapter 121 Deliberately spreading news to stir up the storm
Chapter 122 Returning the Gift with Skills
One hundred and twenty-three: Hit the bangs to remind Yu Li to be careful about Yan Bugui
Chapter 124: Silly Zhu has learned a lesson and doesn’t play according to the routine.
One hundred and twenty-five Adding another fire in the dark
One hundred and twenty-six The Second Aunt vs. Yi Zhonghai Xu Damao confuses right and wrong
One hundred and twenty-seven Yi Zhonghai Don’t you feel like being kidnapped by morality?
One hundred and twenty-eight Qin Huairu becomes a melon instead of eating it
One hundred and twenty-nine Qin Huairu lost money and Liu Hai got the trick
Chapter 130 Yu Li cleverly governs Yan Bugui
One hundred and thirty-one Lou Xiaoe suddenly appeared
One hundred and thirty-two The frightened Lou Bancheng
One hundred and thirty-three: Prepare for a rainy day. The deal with Lou Bancheng
One Hundred and Thirty Four Yang Zhe’s Plan Meeting Chen Xueru for the First Time
One hundred and thirty-five Sister, please move forward boldly
One hundred and thirty-six: How can we talk about rent when you already have me?
One hundred and thirty-seven money-making plans
One hundred and thirty-eight Crazy Yan Jiecheng
One hundred and thirty-nine The entire Yan family fell
Chapter 140 Lou Xiaoe’s shock
One hundred and forty-one: To prevent long nights and many dreams, it’s better to send Yi Zhonghai away.
One hundred and forty-two: The Wrath in the Bangs, the sudden rise of the second aunt
One hundred and forty-three: Bangs slapped the second aunt wildly
One hundred and forty-four The Liu family and his son turned against each other
Chapter 145: The war between Liu and Liu resumes
Chapter 146 Yi Zhonghai surrenders
Chapter 147 This yard is rich in wealth
Chapter 148 The deaf old lady Yi Zhonghai turns against her
Chapter 149: Are you stupid? I have already seen through everything about you.
Chapter 150: Put Yi Zhonghai on the stove
Chapter 151 Xu Damao takes revenge on Yi Zhonghai
One hundred and fifty-two Yi Zhonghai fell into the trap and asked Yi Zhonghai to sue the deaf old lady
One hundred and fifty-three Xu Damao found the person who was blowing lies
One Hundred and Fifty Four Silly Zhu was arrested, Xu Damao teased the deaf old lady
One hundred and fifty-five Qin Huairu tricked Jia Zhang into stealing money
One hundred and fifty-six Qin Huairu fights against Jia and Zhang
One hundred and fifty-seven Jia Zhang was captured again
Chapter 158 The deaf old lady asked Qin Huairu to seduce Xu Damao
One hundred and fifty-nine Yang Zhe cheats the deaf old lady again
Chapter 160 Qin Huairu’s conduct Xu Damao writes a letter of understanding
Chapter 161: The deaf old lady cannot keep her title as a five-guarantee householder.
One hundred and sixty-two: The deaf old lady appeared in the newspaper, Xu Damao was angry with Silly Zhu again
One hundred and sixty-three Qin Huairu’s decision
Chapter 164: Survival is not a shame
Chapter 165 The deal with Ding Qiunan
Chapter 166 Ding Qiunan is moved, moved
Chapter 167
Chapter 168: Conquer Father Ding and Mother Ding and Beat Cui Dake
Chapter 169 Ding Qiunan: I understand everything
Chapter 170 Tenderness under the Light
Chapter 171 He Yuyu’s intuition
Chapter 172 The cry of the deaf old lady: My money is missing
Chapter 173 The deaf old lady’s divorce plan
Chapter 174: You can’t just hold a hospital meeting if you want to
Chapter 175 Crying Silly Zhu Why am I crying so embarrassingly?
Chapter 176: Xu Damao’s silly attack, silly Zhu eats daddy
Chapter 177 Yang Zhe takes action to deal with Cui Dake, Silly Zhu ambush Xu Damao
Chapter 178 Xu Damao sets up a trap to beat up Silly Zhu.
Chapter 179 Qin Huairu: Silly Zhu is dead. That’s great.
Chapter 180 The tortured Xu Damao
Chapter 181 Xu Damao passes the test and the angry Silly Zhu
Chapter 182 Silly Zhu was fired from the steel rolling mill
Chapter 183 Qin Huairu: Silly Zhu, you can never escape from my grasp in this life.
Chapter 184 Xu Damao: Add some spices to Silly Zhu’s food
Chapter 185 He ate, he ate, he really ate
Chapter 186 Silly Zhu fell into the manure pit
Chapter 187 Silly Zhu was beaten violently by MCA
Chapter 188 Qin Huairu Come with us
Chapter 189 The deaf old lady broke her leg and everyone was afraid of blackmail.
Chapter 190 Qin Huairu’s vigilance and the deaf old lady’s plan
191 Qin Huairu returns to the village
Chapter 192 Qin Jingru comes to Beijing and Xu Damao’s plan
Chapter 193 Qin Jingru enters the courtyard for the first time
Chapter 194 Qin Jingru’s thoughts and Yang Zhe’s strategy
Chapter 195 Xu Damao sabotages
Chapter 196 What bad intentions could Qin Jingru have?
Chapter 197 The deaf old lady takes action against Xu Damao
Chapter 198 Qin Jingru returns to the village to be sought after and the temptation to enter the city
Chapter 199 Xu Damao specializes in beating the old, weak, sick and disabled, and beats stupid pillars violently
Chapter 200 Xu Damao holds a hospital-wide meeting to confuse right and wrong
Chapter 201 The Three Qin Dynasties fight against the Jia and Zhang clan
Chapter 202 Disposal of Jia and Zhang
Chapter 203: Showdown with Zhongmei, meeting Lou Bancheng at night
Chapter 204 Xu Damao: I will go to all lengths for my brother
Chapter 205 Xu Damao confuses right and wrong and the deaf old lady asks Qin to sell it
Chapter 206 The idiot who can’t blow shit up
Chapter 207 The Qin Dynasties violently beat Jia and Zhang
Chapter 208 Another fight against Jia and Zhang. Jia and Zhang robbed the stick.
Chapter 209 Recovering the Sticky Sticker
Chapter 210 Xu Damao: Hahaha, Silly Pillar is dead.
Chapter 211 Silly Zhu, the biggest toilet in the factory is yours to take charge of
Chapter 212 Silly Zhu’s compromise and Qin Huairu’s suspicion
Chapter 213 He Yuyu’s outburst and violent beating
Chapter 214 Qin Huairu’s ambition
Chapter 215 Qin Huairu catches up with Director Li and Liu Lan secretly fights Qin Huairu
Chapter 216 Qin Huairu: I won’t be willing to drain the silly old lady and the deaf old lady
Chapter 217 Xu Damao beats the stupid pillar and the deaf old lady is thrown again
Chapter 218: I just wronged you. What can you do?
Chapter 219 There is no evidence. What can you do to me?
Chapter 220 The Beginning of He Yuyu’s Revenge
Chapter 221 This is not a beast. This is clearly a great benefactor.
Chapter 222 Three women fight Qin Huairu
Chapter 223: Silly Zhu’s Wrath and Xu Damao’s Reluctance
Chapter 224 Xu Damao got divorced and was beaten into a disability
Chapter 225 Silly Zhu, you can’t sleep.
Chapter 226 Xu Damao: Silly Zhu, what can I do to save you?
Chapter 227 Silly Zhu wants to take revenge on Yang Zhe and the deaf old lady’s conspiracy
Chapter 228 The man in the world that Silly Zhu is looking for - the little bastard
Chapter 229 Shoot at the first sign of trouble
Chapter 230 He Yuyu violently beats Silly Pillar and a big brawl in the courtyard
Chapter 231 Beat the Qin family again
Chapter 232 Yang Zhe’s version of the funeral group’s transaction with Yang Zhe
Chapter 233 The Deaf Old Lady Afraid of Death and Silly Zhu’s Lifestyle
Chapter 234 The deaf old lady gives up the silly pillar
Chapter 235 Silly Zhu, you have to get married whether you get married or not.
Chapter 236 Qin Huairu
Chapter 237 The Battle between Two Rus
Chapter 238 Qin Huairu sows discord and He Yuyu beats Qin Huairu again
Chapter 239 Qin Huairu: I just won’t pay back the money
Chapter 240 The king of the Jia Zhang family returns to steal Qin Huairu, Yang Zhe is secretly behind
Chapter 241 The battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Qin Huairu angrily beats Jia Zhang
Chapter 242 Qin Huairu kills Jia and Zhang family
Chapter 243 Qin Huairu If you don’t pay back the money, I will kill Bangge
Chapter 244 Qin Huairu: He really dared to shoot. How dare he shoot?
Chapter 245 Qin Huairu wants to marry Xu Damao
Chapter 246 Xu Damao wakes up in the world
Chapter 247 Qin Huairu wants to take revenge on Yang Zhe and helps Jia Zhang
Chapter 248 Jia Zhang was beaten
Chapter 249 Jia Zhang was beaten again
Chapter 250 He Yuyu violently beats the Jia family and Qin Huairu violently tortures the Jia and Zhang family
Chapter 251 Qin Huairu turns over and sings
Chapter 252 Yang Zhe makes Jia and Zhang angry
Chapter 253 Jia Zhangshi Why is it always me who gets hurt?
Chapter 254 Banggeng pricked Jia Zhang with a needle
Chapter 255 The light of righteousness shines on Jia Zhang’s big ass
Chapter 256 Qin Huairu’s discovery
Chapter 257 Qin Huairu is about to become the scapegoat
Chapter 258 Qin Huairu’s joy and the return of the king of Silly Pillar
Chapter 259 Xu Damao: Silly Zhu can’t even hope to find a job as long as I’m here
Chapter 260 Let’s see who can outlast whom
Chapter 261 Silly Zhu sets up a trap and Xu Damao is jumped by the immortal
Chapter 262 Xu Damao easily breaks the situation and threatens Silly Zhu instead
Chapter 263 Silly Zhu is extremely frustrated. Silly Zhu is completely defeated!
Chapter 264 Silly Zhu was retaliated against before his revenge was even half over
Chapter 265 The fool who was ruined
Chapter 266 Xu Damao wants to pry silly Zhu’s wife
Chapter 267 Xu Damao: Sleeping with Silly Zhu’s wife and beating Silly Zhu’s baby
Chapter 268 Xu Damao wants to drive Silly Zhu out of the courtyard
Chapter 269 Stupid boy who picks up shit
Chapter 270 Yan Bugui: Your uncle is still your uncle
Chapter 271 Xu Damao forcibly expels Silly Zhu and Yan Bugui sacrifices his life but not his wealth
Chapter 272 Yang Zhe’s super training and Qin Huairu working alone
Chapter 273 Yang Zhe’s Decision Yu Li’s Decision
Chapter 274 This courtyard is rich in wealth and wealth.
Chapter 275 I am blatantly partial, so what can you do?
Chapter 276 Yi Zhonghai Do you think you can escape if you hide far away?
Chapter 277 Xu Damao: There is always a way to deal with Silly Pillar
Chapter 278 Xu Damao: Specializing in treating all kinds of dissatisfaction of Silly Zhu
Chapter 279 Xu Damao: Although I earn less, I don’t suffer.
Chapter 280 Qin Huairu abandons Silly Pillar and Silly Pillar is tricked one after another
Chapter 281 Xu Damao’s evil revenge
Chapter 282 Silly Zhu was hit hard by the Millennium Killing
Chapter 283 He Daqing completely gave up on Silly Pillar
Chapter 284 Victory Escape
Chapter 285 I was tested when I first arrived in Hong Kong City
Chapter 286 The skill of gun fighting shows its power
Chapter 287 Kill through the Kowloon Walled City
Chapter 288 Become famous
Chapter 289 The intrusive Yu Zecheng
Chapter 290 Xu Zhongyi Yu Zecheng classmates reunite
Chapter 291 Rescue at Sea My name is Ye Wenjie
Chapter 292 Silly Zhu, I am doing this for your own good.
Chapter 293 We are all called Qin Huairu
Chapter 294 You can be tricked even though you are thousands of miles away
Chapter 295 Yan Jiecheng’s revenge is a matter of life and death.
Chapter 296 Why should the bullied person be generous?
Chapter 297 Spring Story I will take you home
Chapter 298 Break Banggan’s legs as soon as he comes back
Chapter 299 Yang Zhe holds a hospital-wide meeting to train birds
Chapter 300 Desperate Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 301 Whose sorrow is it?
Chapter 302 Yan Jiecheng’s Versailles
Chapter 303 I shed blood for the factory
Chapter 304 Returning to the old business, storms from all directions come together
Chapter 305 Taking control of the steel rolling mill?
Chapter 306: The due reward for forgetting
Chapter 307: Employers’ Strengths, Director Liu, Yan Shuangji is online
Chapter 308 The animals change in an instant
Chapter 309 Director Li intends to make a comeback, but Qin Huairu is brutally dumped with feces
Chapter 310 Yi Zhonghai has ulterior motives and gathers hundreds of people
Chapter 311 A world where only Yi Zhonghai is injured
Chapter 312: The Helplessness of Beasts: Steel Rolling Mill Version City Gate Standing Timber
Chapter 313: A beast that seems to be incompatible with the spirit
Chapter 314 The secret fight between animals
Chapter 315 Yi Zhonghai and Qin Huairu abandoned Silly Zhu
Chapter 316: Awaken! Silly Zhu! Silly Zhu’s self-awakening
Chapter 317 Qin Huairu: I finally lost you...
Chapter 318 Final Advice and Silly Zhu’s Decision
Chapter 319 Silly Zhu makes a bet with Liu Lan, Yi Zhonghai has another idea
Chapter 320 Yi Zhonghai vomited blood
Chapter 321 Yi Zhonghai is retired
Chapter 322 Yi Zhonghai’s arm was broken by a stick
Chapter 323 Yi Zhonghai and Silly Zhu join forces again
Chapter 324 Yi Zhonghai passes the throne and Shazhu is getting married
Chapter 325 Yi Zhonghai dug a hole and Bangge was caught
Chapter 326 Yi Zhonghai bows his head and admits defeat
Chapter 327 Qin Huairu: It turns out that I am the one who suffers
Chapter 328 Qin Huairu is at his wits’ end
Chapter 329 Yang Zhe leaves and Xu Damao’s revenge
Chapter 330 Life and Survival The battle continues in the courtyard
Chapter 331 The most poisonous thing is a widow
Chapter 332 Yi Zhonghai: I would rather die than be sucked blood
Chapter 333 Qin Huairu’s decision
Chapter 334 Qin Huairu finally arrives in Hong Kong City and the roar of the Sophora japonica flower
Chapter 335 Qin Huairu enters Kowloon Walled City
Chapter 336 Qin Huairu is messy in the wind
Chapter 337 Qin Huairu’s Exclamation
Chapter 338 The White Lotus Blooms Again This is the Kowloon Walled City
Chapter 340 Qin Huairu: I want to change positions
Chapter 341 Qin Huairu’s Transformation: Taking advantage of the fool again?
Chapter 342 One wrong step leads to a lifelong mistake
Chapter 343: Fire breaks out in Qin’s backyard and Banggeng steals all the money
Chapter 344 Qin Huairu: My heart is too tired
Chapter 345 Shazhu’s analysis and Banggeng’s persistence
Chapter 346: Bang Gang beats Qin Huairu violently, Qin Huairu awakens from darkness
Chapter 347 Mother and son break up and send Bangge back to his hometown
Chapter 348: Creating The Truman Show for All Birds
Chapter 349 Yi Zhonghai: Am I mentally ill?
Chapter 350 It’s all acting
Chapter 351 Yi Zhonghai: Surprise or not, unexpected or not, their respective endings