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Going night and night

Going night and night

author:Very leisurely and fishing

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-19 01:10

Latest chapter:88 Escape

Eternal night is coming. This night is not an ordinary night, but an eternal night. Everyone is afraid of the darkness. People are escaping from the darkness. Only one person walks in the night.

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《Going night and night》The latest nine chapters
88 Escape
87 Life and death? Only in a moment
86 Hero?
85 A sword in hand
84 If you kill one person, you are a murderer; if you kill tens of thousands of people, you are a hero.
83 ruthless
82 Monster, watch the beating
81 departure
80 Guangming Great Priest Succession System
《Going night and night》Chapter Contents
1 The child beside the Master
2 Xiling
3 Do you mind if I move a peach tree for my apprentice?
4 Kneeling, but alive
5 The fisherman at the gate of Chang’an
6 Minshan Beishan Road (Transition)
7 eavesdropping
8 More than ten years of Dongxuan
9. Writing is worse than Tang Huang
10 What does my beating up Li Zhongyi have to do with the King of Tang?
11 changes
12 wretched old man
13 I suddenly wanted to punch him
14 Saving one life is better than building a seven-level pagoda
15 chill
16 Prince, he is nothing
17 Humanity, this is the secular world, this is the Tang Dynasty
18 Chang'an City Demolition Office
19 Tonight, go home
20 Pretend first
21 The One-Sword Immortal of the Tang Dynasty Kneels
22 waterspout
23 One sword breaks the thought
24 Entering into knowledge
25 Missed 100 million (hey, signed a contract)
26 College exams start
27 The most difficult math subject in history
28 spiritual path
29 choice
30 The first lesson of school
31 My rules are rules
32 give it a try
33 Help you
34 value
35 I refuse
36 tangerine peel
37 flower blossom stickers
38 missed
39 Half a day of leisure in floating life
40 no distance
41 Suzaku wakes up
42 finally completed
43 new year
44 Preparation for mountain climbing
45 Too boring
46 What a beautiful thought
47 Preparation for climbing stairs
48 Climbing the stairs begins
49 mountain climbing
50 Sword Intent
51 mountain road
52 Lao Lai
53 results
54 announced
55 Travel
56 Lost again
57 Jiange
58 Rinkang City
59 River Sword
60 Showdown
61 draw sword
62 The so-called eternal night
63 The deserted man goes south
64 Coalition
65 surprised
66 Walking around the world
67 Thirty men with one sword
68 Mochi Court
69 A chance encounter by the river
70 communication
71 The so-called heavenly book
72 Solve the doubts
73 Special Summon - Senior Brother
74 massacre
75 Return to Chang'an
76 Wei Guangming
77 Shadow of Chang'an
78 Pure Light
79 Return to the Wasteland
80 Guangming Great Priest Succession System
81 departure
82 Monster, watch the beating
83 ruthless
84 If you kill one person, you are a murderer; if you kill tens of thousands of people, you are a hero.
85 A sword in hand
86 Hero?
87 Life and death? Only in a moment
88 Escape