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Catch the Mountain 1985

Catch the Mountain 1985

author:Idle people under the tree

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 403 Excavation

Reborn in 1985, the northeastern land, with white mountains and black waters, is vast and rich in resources, and the mountains and rivers are magnificent. The most famous ones are the three treasures of the Northeast, ginseng, mink skin, and urala grass. They have been treasures since ancient times. See how Zhang Peng can make up for the regrets in his previous life and how to master his future life. Grasp the pulse of the times...

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《Catch the Mountain 1985》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 403 Excavation
Chapter 402 Story
Chapter 401 New Discovery
Chapter 401 New Discovery
Chapter 400 Injured
Chapter 399 Injured
Chapter 398: Blind Bear’s Night Attack
Chapter 397: Hungry Blind Bear
Chapter 396: Arrangements
《Catch the Mountain 1985》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Rebirth in danger
Chapter 2 Is this rebirth?
Chapter 3 Going down the mountain and going home
Chapter 4 Neighbor Zhao Da understands
Chapter 5 Accident
Chapter 6: Teach Pan a lesson
Chapter 7 Greyhound
Chapter 8 Getting Bullets
Chapter 9 Killing the Silly Roe Deer
Chapter 10 Zhang Peng is in danger, Zhao Chunming kills the wild boar with force
Chapter 11 Treating guests to dinner
Chapter 12 Encountering the Dog Gang
Chapter Thirteen: Lifting the Stick
Chapter 14: State-owned stores sell mallets
Chapter 15: Divide Money
Chapter 16 Zhao Laowen
Chapter 17 The Mountain King Patrols the Mountain
Chapter 18 Do you think I'm afraid?
Chapter 19 Booking a Mastiff
Chapter 20 If you believe it, you will have it; if you don’t believe it, you will have nothing.
Chapter 21 Meeting Pan Dashin again
Chapter 22 Encountering Jackals on the Mountain
Chapter 23: Get the bear meat, go and come back again
Chapter 24 Giving Bear Meat
Chapter 25 Pan’s nose is injured
Chapter 26 The matchmaker comes to visit
Chapter 27 Looking for a place to stay
Chapter 28 SKS semi-automatic
Chapter 29 Blind Date
Chapter 30 The blind date is in progress
Chapter 31 The Earthly Cultivated Son
Chapter 32 Huang Maozi
Chapter 33: Full of Harvests
Chapter 34 Return to the Village
Chapter 35: Divide the Meat
Chapter 36 I want an explanation
Chapter 37: Are you qualified to play with me?
Chapter 38 Pan Li fell into the trap
Chapter 39 Pan Li goes up the mountain
Chapter 40 Wolves
Chapter 41: Attack by wolves
Chapter 42 Do you still dare to come back?
Chapter 43 I want this litter of bastards
Chapter 44: Got the dog, looking for the bear
Chapter 45 Tuqiuzi
Chapter 46 Come here
Chapter 47 Come here, come here, I'm afraid of you
Chapter 48 Join the hunting team
Chapter 49 The End of the Hunt
Chapter 50 Autumn Harvest
Chapter 51 Discussing the winter siege
Chapter 52: Good news in the delivery room, Black Tiger is born
Chapter 53 Meeting my brother-in-law for the first time
Chapter 54 Eat, drink, and chat with you
Chapter 55 Winter is coming
Chapter 56: Big smoke bubble, winter siege begins
Chapter 57: Rounding up the Roe Deer Group
Chapter 58: Discovering a herd of wild boars
Chapter 59: The mantis stalks the cicada, but what about the oriole?
Chapter 60 Wild boar and wild wolf can’t tell the difference
Chapter 61 The roe deer is really stupid
Chapter 62 Zhao Laowen hunts mountain raccoons
Chapter 63 Hunting Wild Boar with Knife
Chapter 64 It’s just so realistic
Chapter 65 Killing Dicangzi
Chapter 66: Got the bear, let’s go home
Chapter 67 Buying a gun
Chapter 68: Teach Zhou Jie a lesson
Chapter 69 Wang Xiaoli comes to visit
Chapter 70 Wang Xiaoli joins the gang
Chapter 71 Zhao Decai’s Ability
Chapter 72: Alkali Field Hunting in Progress
Chapter 73 Red Deer
Chapter 74 They look down on me
Chapter 75: Wild Boar Harvest
Chapter 76 The Great War Between Man and Jackal
Chapter 77 The Great War Between Man and Jackal (2)
Chapter 78 The Great War Between Man and Jackal (3)
It’s finally on the shelves
Chapter 79 The Great War Between Man and Jackal (End)
Chapter 80 I’ll call you Xiaohong
Chapter 81: Becoming famous in the village
Chapter 82 Shocked one after another
Chapter 83 Drinking and Dining
Chapter 84 Becoming famous
Chapter 85: Reappearing the traces of Shanlizi
Chapter 86: A kiss as a reward
Chapter 87 What else do I want to do?
Chapter 88 Looking for Shanlizi (1)
Chapter 89 Looking for Shanlizi (2)
Chapter 90 Looking for Shanlizi (3)
Chapter 91 Looking for Shanlizi (End)
Chapter 92: Prey discovered one after another
Chapter 93 Zhao Chunming hunts wild boars with a knife
Chapter 94 It’s really not normal
Chapter 95 Rescue the Trapped Sun Gunner
Chapter 96 Things are getting serious
Chapter 97 Night Terror
Chapter 98: Night Terror (2)
Chapter 99: Night Terror (3)
Chapter 100 Reporting Findings
Chapter 101 Village Headquarters Meeting
Chapter 102 Issues
Chapter 103 Xiaopeng, I am optimistic about you
Chapter 104 You asked for it
Chapter 105 Don’t force me
Chapter 106 Sun Jiancheng’s visit
Chapter 106 Let’s go to the market
Chapter 107: Catch the big gathering
Chapter 108 Buying a Bicycle
Chapter 109 There’s news
Chapter 110: Eight Hundred Minds
Chapter 111 Zhao Laowen goes up the mountain
Chapter 112 The Revenge of the Wild Wolf
Chapter 113 One Dog Fights Two Wolves
Chapter 114: Sneak attack, Zhao Laowen was injured
Chapter 115: Don’t shoot, it’s Black Tiger
Chapter 116: Big Yellow Confronts Black Tiger
Chapter 117 Oh, the boat capsized in the gutter
Chapter 118: Recuperate and learn unique skills
Chapter 119 The first signs of the wolf appear
Chapter 120 A false alarm
Chapter 121 Drilling an Ice Hole
Chapter 122 Zhang Chengcheng is back
Chapter 123 Yaro
Chapter 124 Second brother, you have changed
Chapter 125 Night Talk Work
Chapter 126 Xiao Hong is getting fat
Chapter 127 Da Mao joins
Chapter 128 Sneaking up the mountain
Chapter 129 This tiger thing
Chapter 130: The spectacle of rime and hidden murderous intent
Chapter 131: Mountain King vs. Cannon Egg
Chapter 132 I’d better go
Chapter 133 Hou Damao admits his mistake
Chapter 134 This was called a scout in ancient times, right?
Chapter 135 Preparation
Chapter 136 Going down the mountain
Chapter 137: Attacking Wild Wolves and Jackals (1)
Chapter 138: Attacking Wild Wolves and Jackals (2)
Chapter 139: Attacking Wild Wolves and Jackals (3)
Chapter 140: Attacking Wild Wolves and Jackals (4)
Chapter 141 Pan Xiangqian was defeated
Chapter 142 Xiaohong has a baby
Chapter 143: Go to Li Chunmei’s house
Chapter 144 Let’s go and watch the fun
Chapter 145: Brother, you talk too much
Chapter 146: A slap in the face? Does it hurt?
Chapter 147: Little Huarong is in trouble
Chapter 148 I’ve finally caught up with you
Chapter 149 Water Dogs and Water Rats
Chapter 150 Fighting
Chapter 151 Do you still dare to swish now?
Chapter 152: Go and fix things
Chapter 153 It looks like the footprints of a blind bear
Chapter 154: It’s too miserable to be a hunchback
Chapter 155 Another moth arises
Chapter 156 Li Chunmei meets her parents
Chapter 157 Sending Li Chunmei home
Chapter 158 Sun Jiancheng’s request for help
Chapter 159 Too cunning
Chapter 160 Bayan Village
Chapter 161: Determined Plan
Chapter 162: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 163 See where you run
Chapter 164 Good harvest
Chapter 165 I heard you shot a leopard
Chapter 166 Xiao Zhang Gunner
Chapter 167: All the leathers are ordered
Chapter 168 The value of leather
Chapter 169 Shocked Wang Xiufen
Chapter 170 Xiaobao doesn’t look like a cat
Chapter 171 Dinner Party at Night
Chapter 172 The money finally arrived
Chapter 173 Zhao Erqiang is here
Chapter 174 Borrowing Money
Chapter 175: Deceiving Zhao Erqiang
Chapter 176: Showing off each other’s acting skills
Chapter 177 Beat up Zhao Erqiang
Chapter 178 Zhao Erqiang is desperate
Chapter 179: Going up the mountain to kill Cangzi
Chapter 180 Danger, another blind bear
Chapter 181 This little Zhang Pao is really good at it
Chapter 182: Go to Li Chunmei’s house
Chapter 183: Asking for help
Chapter 184 Outlook for next year
Chapter 185: Going to Second Uncle’s House
Chapter 186 The shocked second uncle’s family
Chapter 187 Thank you, brother
Chapter 188 Emergency
Chapter 189 Old Sun is injured
Chapter 190 This is fate
Chapter 191 Wang Heqing gets married
Chapter 192 Going Home
Chapter 193 Going up the mountain
Chapter 194 The correct way to kill a roe deer
Chapter 195: Fishing for mountain raccoons
Chapter 196 Cui Weixing’s troubles
Chapter 197 Cui Weixing comes to visit
Chapter 198 Cui Weixing’s request
Chapter 199: Negotiating Building a House
Chapter 200: Going to Zhao Laowen’s House
Chapter 201 Wang Xiaoli was urged to marry
Chapter 202 Xiaohong is about to give birth
Chapter 203 A litter of little jackals
Chapter 204: Gathering at Zhao Laowen’s House
Chapter 205: Small talk
Chapter 206: Getting ready to enter the city
Chapter 207 Big shopping in the city
Chapter 208 Returning from the market
Chapter 209: Going to the Village Headquarters for a Meeting
Chapter 210 Zhang Peng, how did you fight?
Chapter 211: Go home and share the money
Chapter 212 Discussing to buy firecrackers
Chapter 213: Going to Wife’s House
Chapter 214 Brother-in-law, I also want to go up the mountain
Chapter 215 Heart-to-heart talk
Chapter 216 Li Chaoyang admits his mistake
Chapter 217 Three Rings and One Boom
Chapter 218 Returning with a Full Load
Chapter 219 'Cannon Drop' Incident
Chapter 220 Let’s set off some firecrackers
Chapter 221 Xiaopeng, Chunming, you two are promising.
Chapter 222: Preparing to Kill the New Year Pig
Chapter 223: Captain selection
Chapter 224 Inviting people
Chapter 225 Pig Killing Feast
Chapter 226: Pork-killing Vegetables
Chapter 227 It’s Chinese New Year
Chapter 228: Chinese New Year (1)
Chapter 229: Chinese New Year (2)
Chapter 230: Chinese New Year (3)
Chapter 231 It’s Chinese New Year (4)
Chapter 232 New Year’s greetings
Chapter 233 Everyone pays New Year greetings and prepares to go up the mountain
Chapter 234: Something got into the cellar
Chapter 235 The Fiery Red Fox
Chapter 236 Red Fox Appears Again
Chapter 237: Squatting in the alkali field
Chapter 238 Zhao Chunming is a little embarrassed
Chapter 239: Prepare to drag the dog
Chapter 240: Dog dragging in progress
Chapter 241 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 242: This guy wants to haha
Chapter 243: Discovering new targets
Chapter 244: Getting ready to return to the village
Chapter 245 Return to the village to discuss
Chapter 246 Reporting Notice
Chapter 247 Zhao Laowen’s Suggestion
Chapter 248: Hunting in the Mountains
Chapter 249: Field Survey and Plan Making
Chapter 250 Start taking action
Chapter 251 Huge Harvest
Chapter 252 The Villagers’ Amazement
Chapter 253 Everyone’s Harvest
Chapter 254 Li Chunmei’s request
Chapter 255 Going up the mountain again
Chapter 256 Son, how much will be divided this time?
Chapter 257 Liu Zhiyong invites you
Chapter 258 Jin Manshan
Chapter 259: Being Grudged
Chapter 260 Silent Attack
Chapter 261 Revenge is coming
Chapter 262 Jin Manshan is injured
Chapter 263 Captain Li’s visit
Chapter 264 Tracking
Chapter 265: Finally found traces
Chapter 266 Danger is approaching
Chapter 267 Sneak Attack
Chapter 268: Pack up and go back to the village
Chapter 269 Departing for home
Chapter 270: Go to Zhao Laowen’s House
Chapter 271 Reminiscing about the past
Chapter 272 Everyone goes up the mountain
Chapter 273 Looking for the Mountain King
Chapter 274: Squatting
Chapter 275 Failed Hunting
Chapter 276 The King of the Mountain Returns
Chapter 277 Hou Damao is injured
Chapter 278 What happened
Chapter 279: Cut off the beard
Chapter 280 Want to buy a TV
Chapter 281: Let go
Chapter 282 An unexpected gain
Chapter 283 Obtaining the Sable Skin
Chapter 284: Taking out the house bird
Chapter 285 Xiaobao’s Harvest
Chapter 286 Wang Xiaoli comes to visit
Chapter 287 Let’s go and pick a dog
Chapter 288 The puppy is obtained
Chapter 289 Zhang Tiejun’s worries
Chapter 290 The way out in the future
Chapter 291 Going to the city
Chapter 292 Communication
Chapter 293: Asking for help
Chapter 294 Cui Weixing asks Xuan Yang
Chapter 295: There is really no other way, go and ask Zhao Laowen
Chapter 296: Zhao Laowen knows very well
Chapter 297 Make up your mind
Chapter 298 Zhao Decai is not convinced
Chapter 299 The Zhang family prepares to collect the spoils
Chapter 300 Zhang Peng goes to the market
Chapter 301 Buying Hanging Yang Wine
Chapter 302 Zhangjiapizi Station opens
Chapter 303: Prepare to go up the mountain with Zhao Laowen
Chapter 304 Going up the mountain
Chapter 305 Looking for the Hanging Sheep
Chapter 306: The hanging sheep almost ran away
Chapter 307 The Wild Wolf Attacks
Chapter 308 Patience
Chapter 309: Picking the weak persimmon
Chapter 310 Fierce Battle
Chapter 311 Thrilling
Chapter 312: Secretly return to the village, no one wants to shoot
Chapter 313 How to deal with hanging sheep
Chapter 314 Zhao Laowen stays overnight
Chapter 315 Zhao Chunming has a situation
Chapter 316 Traces of Zhao Chunming
Chapter 317 Going to the city
Chapter 318 Du Jian
Chapter 319 Complicated
Chapter 320 Industrial Ticket
Chapter 321 Buying a TV
Chapter 322: Get it right in one step
Chapter 323: The first time to take advantage of others
Chapter 324 The influence of television
Chapter 325 Continue to drag the dog up the mountain
Chapter 326: Seeing the Red Fox Again
Chapter 327 Cleaning up the cellar
Chapter 328: Clear division of labor
Chapter 329: Chance Encounter
Chapter 330 Puppy Gang
Chapter 331 Transformation
Chapter 332 White Leopard
Chapter 333 Leopard Tracks
Chapter 334 Wise
Chapter 335 The Red Fox Leads the Way
Chapter 336 Dahuang is injured
Chapter 337 Reporting the situation
Chapter 338: Negotiating Methods
Chapter 339: Catching Leopards
Chapter 340 The cunning leopard
Chapter 341: Squatting
Chapter 342 Leopard Shadow
Chapter 343 Harvest
Chapter 344: Shabu-Shabu Pork
Chapter 345: Tracking
Chapter 346 Bad Luck
Chapter 347 Hou Damao vs. Badger with Human Feet
Chapter 348 Complete Victory
Chapter 349 Bad Luck
Chapter 350: Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes
Chapter 351: Chance Encounter
Chapter 352 Fan Haiyi’s helplessness
Chapter 353 Decision
Chapter 354 Fan Haiyi goes up the mountain
Chapter 355 Danger is approaching
Chapter 356 Fan Ming is injured
Chapter 357 Crisis
Chapter 358: In time
Chapter 359 Help
Chapter 360 Promise
Chapter 361 Returning home
Chapter 362 Rest
Chapter 363 Yishun Township
Chapter 364: Heart to Heart
Chapter 365 Excitement
Chapter 366 Quotation
Chapter 366 Sky-high Price
Chapter 367 Transaction
Chapter 368 Going home
Chapter 369: Divide Money
Chapter 370 Emergency Situation
Chapter 371 Jiang Bajia
Chapter 372: Group fight
Chapter 373: I won’t bully you
Chapter 374 Pan Li’s Jealousy
Chapter 375 Determination
Chapter 376 Telephone
Chapter 377 Baldy Li is drunk
Chapter 378: Pan Xiangqian treats guests
Chapter 379 Li Baldy goes up the mountain
Chapter 380 Success
Chapter 381 The Mountain King
Chapter 382 Going down the mountain
Chapter 383 Fury
Chapter 384 Lively
Chapter 385 Poor
Chapter 386 Decision
Chapter 387 Worry
Chapter 388 Report
Chapter 389 Convocation
Chapter 390 Registration
Chapter 391 Leather Jacket
Chapter 392 The Beginning of Spring
Chapter 393: Catching Deer
Chapter 394 Leadership
Chapter 395: Discovering Danger
Chapter 396: Arrangements
Chapter 397: Hungry Blind Bear
Chapter 398: Blind Bear’s Night Attack
Chapter 399 Injured
Chapter 400 Injured
Chapter 401 New Discovery
Chapter 401 New Discovery
Chapter 402 Story
Chapter 403 Excavation