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Hey, Yao Dao

Hey, Yao Dao

author:I was fooling around

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 03:13

Latest chapter:Chapter 2001 Entering the Customs

There are spiritual machines in the world, and all living things feed on spiritual machines and grow. All species can become monsters, extend their lifespans, and gain magical powers, with the exception of humans. The human body is deficient and cannot accommodate spiritual machines, but human souls are light and agile, and they are born short-term, so they have Great wisdom found another way to cultivate immortality through demons and harvest the fruit of immortality.

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《Hey, Yao Dao》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2001 Entering the Customs
Chapter 2000 Taixuan
Chapter 1999 Dream Lord
Chapter 1998 The Supreme Refiner
Chapter 1997: Body and Spirit
Chapter 1996 Escape
Chapter 1995 The Fruit of Immortality
Chapter 1994 Planting Green Lotus
Chapter 1993 Temperature
《Hey, Yao Dao》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 I come from the end of Dharma
Chapter 2 Strange Disease
Chapter 3 Tiger and Leopard Thunder Sound
Chapter 4 The Dragon and Tiger Heavenly Book
Chapter 5 Chenyue Lake
Chapter 6 Dragon Transformation
Chapter 7 Red Cloud
Chapter 8 Dining and drinking dew
Chapter 9 Pebbles
Chapter 10 Bone Erosion Rain
Chapter 11 Ten Years of Cultivation
Chapter 12 Fire Poison
Chapter 13 Jade Mother
Chapter 14 Red Stove
Chapter 15 Breathing the Wind
Chapter 16 Fisherman
Chapter 17 Spring Breeze
Chapter 18 The wind blows
Chapter 19: Casting Furnace
Chapter 20 Refining the Way
Chapter 21 Green-backed Bear
Chapter 22: Cut into pieces by a thousand cuts
Chapter 23 Qiu Yi
Chapter 24 Golden ginseng
Chapter 25 Red-Crowned Basilisk
Chapter 26 Spiritual Origin Bead
Chapter 27 Tongue Sword
Chapter 28
Chapter 29 Thunder Sea
Chapter 30 Purple Electric Bamboo
Chapter 31 Silence
Chapter 32 Fellow Taoist
Chapter 33 Cloud and Mist Fairy Mountain
Chapter 34: Putting Love in Things
Chapter 35: The Order to Eliminate Demons
Chapter 36 The Immortal Comes
Chapter 37 Dragon Horse
Chapter 38 Alien Beasts
Chapter 39 Thunder Ape
Chapter 40 The former demon
Chapter 41 Yaowu
Chapter 42 The Second Soul Seal
Chapter 43: Supplementing
Chapter 44 Copper Skin and Iron Bone
Chapter 45 Red Pink Bone Beads
Chapter 46: Magical martial arts performance
Chapter 47 Bijunmi
Chapter 48 Disappeared Memories
Chapter 49 Murderous Intention
Chapter 50 Blood Transfusion
Chapter 51 Seed
Chapter 52 Cold Iron Mine
Chapter 53: Golden-whiskered Silver-skinned Rat
Chapter 54: Love
Chapter 55 Listening
Chapter 56: Calling Rain
Chapter 57 Beheading Knife
Chapter 58 Rats
Chapter 59: Taking Bones
Chapter 60 Elephant Belly
Chapter 61 Bundling of Interests
Chapter 62 Longhu Mountain
Chapter 63 The Man-Bear Descends from the Mountain
Chapter 64 Four Seasons of Rain
Chapter 65 The Price
Chapter 66 Blacksmithing
Chapter 67 Iron Cavalry
Chapter 68 Black Dog
Chapter 69 Topping
Chapter 70 Opening the Mountain Gate
Chapter 71 The earth dragon turns over
Chapter 72 Bearded Dragon Carp
Chapter 73: Pack of Wolves
Chapter 74: Handling the pen like a knife
Chapter 75 Pond Overlord
Chapter 76 Sea of ??Fog
Chapter 77 Murder in the Fog
Chapter 78 Butterfly wearing flowers
Chapter 79 Returning
Chapter 80: Locking Three Spirits
Chapter 81 The bow is like a thunderbolt
Chapter 82 Wolf Traces
Chapter 83 Thoughts
Chapter 84 The Heavenly Infant Seizes the Soul
Chapter 85 Kill
Chapter 86 Man and Ghost
Chapter 87 Nine Sons of Rakshasa
Chapter 88: Blood Fiend Flame
Chapter 89 Reappearance
Chapter 90 Listening to the Wind
Chapter 91: Bow and shoot the big wolf
Chapter 92 Fox Dog
Chapter 93 Arrows like meteors
Chapter 94 True King
Chapter 95 Darkening
Chapter 96 Worshiping the Mountain
Chapter 97: Grand Formation
Chapter 98 Ascension to Immortality
Chapter 99 Panacea
Chapter 100 The Immortal Sky
Chapter 101 Inexplicable
Chapter 102 Weird evil spirit
Chapter 103 The power of stealing demons
Chapter 104 A great event
Chapter 105: There is God in the Heart
Chapter 106 Demon Sword
Chapter 107 The Man in the Cave
Chapter 108 Master Tianying
Chapter 109: Iron Eating
Chapter 110 Vision
Chapter 111: Lan Yue Peak
Chapter 112: The True Body of Hundred Refinements
Chapter 113 Eighteen Sons Flowing Spring
Chapter 114 Jin Yang
Chapter 115 The Fish King
Chapter 116 Breakthrough
Chapter 117: Becoming a law
Chapter 118 Trap
Chapter 119 Regret
Chapter 120 White Tiger Kills
Chapter 121 Things have changed
Chapter 122 Dragon Lord
Chapter 123 Flame Mountain
Chapter 124 Boiling the River
Chapter 125: Dragon’s Relic
Chapter 126 Seven Birds Mysterious Fire Fan
Chapter 127: Jiao Fu Tu
Chapter 128 Seven Kills
Chapter 129: Stability takes the lead
Chapter 130: Dark Fire Crow
Chapter 131 Run?
Chapter 132: Immortality is hard to achieve
Chapter 133 Fire crow worships the sun
Chapter 134 Unable and Unwilling
Chapter 135 The sun and the moon shine together
Chapter 136 Red Smoke
Chapter 137 Recruitment
Chapter 138 Binghuo Divine Thunder
Chapter 139 Departure
Chapter 140: Establishing Prestige
Chapter 141 Invite God into your body
Chapter 142: Teach me how to do things?
Chapter 143: Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 144 Incense
Chapter 145: Alchemy King
Chapter 146: Borrowing a Knife
Chapter 147 Locking the Five Souls
Chapter 148 Provocation
Chapter 149 Gang Jin
Chapter 150: Killing relatives for justice
Chapter 151 An old actor
Chapter 152: Thousands of Miles to Lock the Soul
Chapter 153 Falling from the sky
Chapter 154 Flower in the Mirror
Chapter 155: The world of mortals
Chapter 156: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 157: Stealing a Home
Chapter 158: Geopneumonia
Chapter 159 Protecting the Mountain
Chapter 160 Flame Breath
Chapter 161: Vermillion Bird Flame Flag
Chapter 162: One month does not burn out
Chapter 163 Horses trampling on the long river
Chapter 164: Immortality Pill
Chapter 165: Re-establishing Lingshan
Chapter 166 Words are like swords
Chapter 167 There is a dragon
Chapter 168: Blood-Winged Demon Mosquito
Chapter 169 Dragon Meteor
Chapter 170 Scared
Chapter 171 Door-to-door delivery
Chapter 172: The Art of Nourishing Words
Chapter 173 Vajra Body
Chapter 174 Poisonous Jiao
Chapter 175 Fangshi
Chapter 176: Chalcedony Bone Replacement Pill
Chapter 177 Queen Bee
Chapter 178 Turtle Egg
Chapter 179: The Twenty-Five Mysterious Yin Killing Sword
Chapter 180 Point the demon finger
Chapter 181 Viewing the Landscape
Chapter 182 Chalcedony Mushroom
Chapter 183 Madness
Chapter 184 Reincarnation
Chapter 185: Good Luck
Chapter 186: Blood River Secret Realm
Chapter 187 Blood Lotus
Chapter 188 Demon Slayer List
Chapter 189 Equivalents
Chapter 190: Divine Fetus Achievements
Chapter 191 Ingenuity
Chapter 192 Fire Silk
Chapter 193 Jade Eyed Demon
Chapter 194 Chess Pieces
Chapter 195 Thunderclouds
Chapter 196: Take refuge
Chapter 197 Bingxin Stone
Chapter 198 Happy Wind
Chapter 199 Thunder Tribulation Rain
Chapter 200: Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 201 The treasure is born
Chapter 202: Grandmaster’s Atmosphere
Chapter 203 Five Thunders
Chapter 204 Road Signs
Chapter 205: Fire Crow Secret Realm
Chapter 206: Huomulberry Forest
Chapter 207 Haoyang Bell
Chapter 208: Seizing the Body
Chapter 209 Bloodline
Chapter 210 Treasure Pond
Chapter 211 Immortal Treasure Picture
Chapter 212 The Thought of Eternal Life
Chapter 213: Refining Demons
Chapter 214 Innate Murderous Aura
Chapter 215 He Yumen
Chapter 216 So brave
Chapter 217 Mianyun
Chapter 218 Sword Escape
Chapter 219 Pressure
Chapter 220 Feihe
Chapter 221 Moving Mountains
Chapter 222: Throwing mountains as arrows
Chapter 223 Yin Feng Becomes a Demon
Chapter 224 The Yin Shen comes out of the body
Chapter 225 The dragon enters the sea
Chapter 226 The Second Refining of Yin Shen
Chapter 227 Wusheng Killing Sword
Chapter 228: Condensing Yuan Fruit
Chapter 229 Nine Turns Mysterious Technique
Chapter 230: King Kong is indestructible
Chapter 231 Enlightenment
Chapter 232 Qianqiu Jiao
Chapter 233 Landowners and Tenant Farmers
Chapter 234: Rebellion
Chapter 235: One Pot
Chapter 236 Suspicion arises
Chapter 237 Bewitched
Chapter 238: One step at a time
Chapter 239 The Dragon Emerges
Chapter 240: Zhan Nian
Chapter 241: Inverse Pill Technique
Chapter 242 Purple Lightning
Chapter 243 The Way of the Yang God
Chapter 244: Inviting the Moon
Chapter 245 Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 246 Danxia Lake
Chapter 247 Rich and Rich
Chapter 248 Feilai Peak
Chapter 249 Thousand Hammers
Chapter 250 Silver Light Arowana
Chapter 251 The Secret Realm of Seven Kills
Chapter 252 There is evil spirit
Chapter 253 White Tiger Evil
Chapter 254 Silver Corpse
Chapter 255 Earth Evil Technique
Chapter 256: Dead but not stiff
Chapter 257: Prison Suppressing Tiger
Chapter 258 Immortality
Chapter 259 Sky Eye
Chapter 260: Banished to Immortal
Chapter 261: Ghost Road is on the rise
Chapter 262: Drink blood when the sword comes out
Chapter 263 Ghost Lord
Chapter 264 Nine Fire Mysterious Spirit
Chapter 265: Inner Demon
Chapter 266: Resolving the Roughness
Chapter 267 Treasure Map
Chapter 268 Liyang Secret Realm
Chapter 269 Four Symbols Order
Chapter 270 Abandoned Son
Chapter 271 Baihui River
Chapter 272 Faceless Ghost General
Chapter 273 Ghost Lord
Chapter 274: Earth Fire Yin Evil
Chapter 275 Breaking through the sky
Chapter 276 Summoning Demon Pill
Chapter 277 Want to travel far away
Chapter 278: Human Heart
Chapter 279: Hundred Boats Meeting
Chapter 280 Tingchao Pavilion
Chapter 281: Precious Moon Light Flame
Chapter 282 Lengxiang Pills
Chapter 283: Sow melons and reap beans
Chapter 284: Taiyin saves trouble
Chapter 285 Nine Fire Dragon
Chapter 286: Nirvana in the Cold Moon
Chapter 287 The River-Changing Stick
Chapter 288 Purple Moon Stone
Chapter 289 Taiyin Moon Soul
Chapter 290 Taiyin Refining
Chapter 300 Green Imperial Dove
Chapter 301 Slaying a group of monsters with the sword
Chapter 302: Refining the Great Pill
Chapter 303 Eight Formations
Chapter 304: Xun Wind Evil
Chapter 305 Zhu Guo
Chapter 306: Boiling oil
Chapter 307: Don’t know whether to live or die
Chapter 308: Fixed Wind Bead
Chapter 309: Obsessed
Chapter 310 Cause and Effect
Chapter 311: Zen Heart Shame
Chapter 312 Return of the Wind
Chapter 313 The Moon in the Water
Chapter 314: Retreat
Chapter 315: Summoning Demons
Chapter 316 Black Tiger
Chapter 317 Alive
Chapter 318: Fight to the death
Chapter 319 Five Refinements
Chapter 320 Confrontation
Chapter 321 The Thought of Inheritance
Chapter 322: Prolonging Life
Chapter 323 White Tiger Burial Ground
Chapter 324 Taibai Silver Jiao
Chapter 325: Murderous Heartbeat
Chapter 326: Blind Fire
Chapter 327: Bloodbath in the Sky
Chapter 328 Sword Breath
Chapter 329 Blessed Land
Chapter 330 Death Struggle
Chapter 331 Bloodbath in the empty mountain
Chapter 332 Five Elements Pine
Chapter 333 Aoki Changsheng
Chapter 334 Listening to Daoquan
Chapter 335: The Magnificent Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 336 Sword Soul
Chapter 337 Five Colored Thunder Clouds
Chapter 338: Rest with the country
Chapter 339 Flying Bear
Chapter 340 Gifts
Chapter 341 Doubts arise
Chapter 342 Eagle Bone and Tiger Heart
Chapter 343: Medicine King Flower
Chapter 344: Stepping on the Jiao
Chapter 345 Zhenhai
Chapter 346: Using strength to defeat cleverness
Chapter 347: A flash in the pan
Chapter 348 Yin Juehun
Chapter 349 Dragon and Tiger Golden Summit
Chapter 350: There is hope for my way
Chapter 351: Heavenly Thunder True Seal Script
Chapter 352: Blind and blind
Chapter 353 Damn it
Chapter 354 Five Ghosts Moving
Chapter 355 People in the Underworld
Chapter 356: Appearance
Chapter 357 Punishment on behalf of Heaven
Chapter 358 Soul Search
Chapter 359: Blind and blind
Chapter 360 Red Sleeve Tower
Chapter 361: Map of the Red Dust
Chapter 362 Deduction
Chapter 363: Breaking the Void
Chapter 364 Eight Dragon Mansion
Chapter 365: Han Cicada King
Chapter 366 Instant Kill
Chapter 367 Tiandu Fulong
Chapter 368: Chase
Chapter 369: Catch the Mountain Whip
Chapter 370: Three Thousand Blood Phantom Bodies
Chapter 371 Taoyuan
Chapter 372 Becoming King
Chapter 373 Renshui
Chapter 374: Peach blossoms in the old days
Chapter 375: Taiyin Star Destiny
Chapter 376 Yueyin
Chapter 377: Disaster
Chapter 378 Good weather
Chapter 379: Disaster Elimination
Chapter 380 The oven of heaven and earth
Chapter 381 Dan Valley
Chapter 382 Montenegro Jun
Chapter 383 Huang Ting
Chapter 384 Locking Longjing
Chapter 385: Trouble Begins
Chapter 386 Battle Front
Chapter 387 Tianshuang City
Chapter 388 Resolution
Chapter 389 Black Wind
Chapter 390 I’m injured
Chapter 391 Situation
Chapter 392 Support
Chapter 393: Come out and die
Chapter 394 Three-inch Sword Breath
Chapter 395: Dragon Prison Lock
Chapter 396 The Roar of the Dragon
Chapter 397 Under the Earth
Chapter 398 Boiling the Sea
Chapter 399 Divine Will Like the Sun
Chapter 400 Burning the sky and boiling the sea
Chapter 401: Life hangs by a thread
Chapter 402: Burning Cause and Effect
Chapter 403: Refining rare treasures
Chapter 404 Whipping mountains and moving rocks
Chapter 405 Blood sucking reappears
Chapter 406: Duobao and Suishou
Chapter 407: Growing up
Chapter 408 Snake Shadow
Chapter 409 Golden Lotus Seeds
Chapter 410 Mount Sumeru
Chapter 411: Breaking and then building up
Chapter 412 Death is coming
Chapter 413: Three Minor Disasters
Chapter 414: Preventing Disasters
Chapter 415: Luck comes and goes
Chapter 416 Li Yang is about to open
Chapter 417 Yang Soul Pearl
Chapter 418 Open the door
Chapter 419 Arrest
Chapter 420 Yang Qi is born
Chapter 421 Backlash
Chapter 422 Join forces
Chapter 423 Traceability
Chapter 424 Dream Road
Chapter 425 Please stay
Chapter 426 Head in Hand
Chapter 427: Righteousness Belongs to Me
Chapter 428 White Bone Snake Spirit
Chapter 429 Destruction
Chapter 430: Snake King Bone
Chapter 431 Baoguang
Chapter 432 A succession of happy events
Chapter 433 Transformation
Chapter 434: Attacking Yangshen
Chapter 435: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 436 Dragon Mother
Chapter 437: The sect is destroyed
Chapter 438 Falling apart
Chapter 439 Transformation
Chapter 440 Baoguang
Chapter 441 Pure Yin
Chapter 442 The Autumn Wind Rises
Chapter 443 The sun and moon shine together
Chapter 444: Death by my hands
Chapter 445 Golden Crow Blood
Chapter 446: Letter of Surrender
Chapter 447 Dao Alliance
Chapter 448 Wanfa Pavilion
Chapter 449 Anode Pill
Chapter 450: Nine Turns of Returning Pills
Chapter 451 Yang Shen Achievements
Chapter 452 Five Colored Soil
Chapter 453 Taiyin, Sun
Chapter 454 The furnace hides the sun and the moon
Chapter 455: Knocking down the stars
Chapter 456 The Sun Refines God
Chapter 457 War Department
Chapter 458: Baoding Sutra
Chapter 459: Continuous Blessings
Chapter 460 Wedding Dress
Chapter 461 Nine Heavens
Chapter 462: Unparalleled Might
Chapter 463: Heaven and Earth are Silent
Chapter 464 Immortality
Chapter 465 The Infinite Yin and Yang
Chapter 466: Man can conquer nature
Chapter 467: Cut off the dawn
Chapter 468: Killing
Chapter 469: Ghost Immortal Way
Chapter 470: Crowded Building
Chapter 471: Human Fireworks
Chapter 472: Opening up territories
Chapter 473: First meeting in Middle-earth
Chapter 474: The Demon Clan is Destroyed
Chapter 475: The Boat on the Other Shore
Chapter 476: The Nirvana of the Cold Moon
Chapter 477: Cage
Chapter 478 True Dragon
Chapter 479 Thunder Bead
Chapter 480 Time Illusion
Chapter 481 The Centenarian Child
Chapter 482 Long live the old man
Chapter 483: Upheaval
Chapter 484 Starry Sky Chessboard
Chapter 485 Nanshan
Chapter 486 The Heavenly Book of Everything
Chapter 487 Telling Thunder
Chapter 488: Unification of the South China Sea
Chapter 489 The Royal Lotus Blooms
Chapter 490 Fu Guo
Chapter 491 The Eye of Heaven
Chapter 492: Miracles arise spontaneously
Chapter 493 Nine withered and Nine Glorious
Chapter 494 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 495: Dragon Hunting Plate
Chapter 496 Shoubinan Mountain
Chapter 497: Losing to the Numbers of Heaven
Chapter 498: Well Lock True Dragon
Chapter 499: Walking Dragon
Chapter 500 Shen Haizhu
Chapter 501 Moon Essence Wheel
Chapter 502: The Power of Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 503 Ice Soul
Chapter 504: Immortality
Chapter 505: Demon Transformation
Chapter 506: Time flies
Chapter 507: Killing in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 508 Mizuze
Chapter 509 Double List
Chapter 510: The treasure of luck
Chapter 511: Spreading force all over the world
Chapter 512: Seed Tribulation
Chapter 513 Peeping into the secrets
Chapter 514: Robbery
Chapter 515 Black and Yellow Blood
Chapter 516 Family Heirloom
Chapter 517 The King of the World
Chapter 518: Treat yourself as a god
Chapter 519: No Paradise
Chapter 520: Three Heads and Six Arms
Chapter 521 Ghost Hero
Chapter 522: Light Phoenix
Chapter 523 The power of returning wind
Chapter 524 Dragon Man
Chapter 525: Floating Corpse
Chapter 526: Refining the Void
Chapter 527 Ice Soul Cold Light
Chapter 528 Tian Er
Chapter 529: Locking the True Dragon Again
Chapter 530: The accompanying water spirit
Chapter 531: Seizing the Heart
Chapter 532: Qingtian
Chapter 533: Instant Divine Fist
Chapter 534 Regret
Chapter 535: Seizing the Body
Chapter 536 Xuanyuan Water Control Flag
Chapter 537: Mirror of Ten Thousand Beasts
Chapter 538: Hundreds of Ghosts Walking at Night
Chapter 539: Bearing the Mountain Turtle
Chapter 540 Return to Fire
Chapter 541 Monkey Monkey Grandson
Chapter 542 Returning to the Wind and Fire
Chapter 543: Demon-Slaying Immortal Lord
Chapter 544 Cockscomb Snake
Chapter 545: Tao Enemy
Chapter 546: Innate Gods and Demons
Chapter 547: Heavenly Works
Chapter 548 Star Stone
Chapter 549 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 550 Tianji Star
Chapter 551 Calling Name
Chapter 552 Pure Land
Chapter 553: Going to Qingyun
Chapter 554 Yin Mingtian
Chapter 555 Fire Domain
Chapter 556 Pattern
Chapter 557: Underground Demon Realm
Chapter 558: Like a Phoenix Bird
Chapter 559 Die Lianhua
Chapter 560: Living up to the Taoist Alliance
Chapter 561 Twenty-Four Sea Eyes
Chapter 562 Nightmare
Chapter 563 A new era
Chapter 564 The time has come
Chapter 565: Millions of ghosts and gods move mountains
Chapter 566: United as One
Chapter 567: United as one
Chapter 568: A light bump
Chapter 569 Sleepless
Chapter 570: Invincible
Chapter 571: False Immortal
Chapter 572 The final struggle
Chapter 573: Everyone is in disaster
Chapter 574: Wisdom Sword
Chapter 575: Sleep Sutra
Chapter 576: The Appearance of the Demon Saint
Chapter 577: Picture of Hundred Ghosts
Chapter 578: Plum blossoms are easy to count
Chapter 579 Backlash
Chapter 580 No way to escape
Chapter 581 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 582: Hand-tearing Taoist tools
Chapter 583: Devastated
Chapter 584 Yin Soldiers
Chapter 585 Black Jade Unicorn
Chapter 586 Fire Lin Sword
Chapter 587: Humanity should stand
Chapter 588: Yin-Yang Sophora japonica
Chapter 589 Alliance
Chapter 590 Five Tribulations
Chapter 591: Dominate Yin Ming
Chapter 592: Ghost Hero
Chapter 593: Patriarch
Chapter 594 Turtle Shell
Chapter 595 It’s different
Chapter 596: Gathering of Yin Earth
Chapter 597: Penetrating Yin and Yang
Chapter 598: The Gate of Hell
Chapter 599: Innate Soul Qi
Chapter 600: The River of Wasted Death
Chapter 601 Colosseum
Chapter 602 The Wedding Girl
Chapter 603: Magical Use
Chapter 604 Treasure
Chapter 605 Celebration
Chapter 606: Lord Yan
Chapter 607: The Way of Annihilation
Chapter 608: See through
Chapter 609: Ghost Cave
Chapter 610 Calling his name
Chapter 611 Cannibalism
Chapter 612: Wallpaper
Chapter 613 White Lotus Demon
Chapter 614: On the Human Emperor
Chapter 615: Bright Mirror Heart
Chapter 616: Ghost Willow Demon
Chapter 617: Tongue Pulling Prison
Chapter 618: Trouble arises
Chapter 619: A prairie fire
Chapter 620 Destiny
Chapter 621: The Essence of the Plague
Chapter 622 The Fire of Earthly Turbidity
Chapter 623: The Bereaved Dog
Chapter 624 Punishment
Chapter 625 The Plate of Sinking
Chapter 626: Xuanyuan returns to unity
Chapter 627 Miaojun
Chapter 628 Divine Blood
Chapter 629 Tianyi
Chapter 630: Dream Ring
Chapter 631 Brahma Pure Heaven
Chapter 632 Burning Luck
Chapter 633: Sleepwalking in the Palace
Chapter 634 Big Dream True Butterfly
Chapter 635: New and Old Yuanchen
Chapter 636 Dream Oath
Chapter 637 Return to Fire
Chapter 638: Mending the Sky
Chapter 639 Yuanshen Armor
Chapter 640: Not turning into bones
Chapter 641 Black Dragon Scale
Chapter 642 Qian Yulin
Chapter 643: Wooden Sword Master
Chapter 644: Body Protecting Immortal Light
Chapter 645 Immortal Death
Chapter 646 Immortal Spring
Chapter 647 Sword Heart
Chapter 648 Immortal Divine Sense
Chapter 649: Linxue Bodhi
Chapter 650: Evil Heart Bead
Chapter 651: Master and Disciple
Chapter 652 Script
Chapter 653 Pure Yang
Chapter 654: Taiyin corpse dissolution
Chapter 655 Laurel
Chapter 656 Preaching
Chapter 657: Worshiping the Moon
Chapter 658 Abandoned Son
Chapter 659 Jiulongzi
Chapter 660: Thousands of Changes
Chapter 661: Fate-Defying Pill
Chapter 662 Fulong
Chapter 663 Nioh Sword
Chapter 664: Turn over the clouds
Chapter 665 The End
Chapter 666: Attack and Kill
Chapter 667: Shadow Change
Chapter 668: Angry Bullfighting
Chapter 669: The Realm of Sleep
Chapter 670: Hundreds of birds paying homage to the phoenix
Chapter 671: Five Colors of Black Light
Chapter 672 Transformation into Immortal
Chapter 673 Square-inch chessboard
Chapter 674 The Second Me
Chapter 675 Five in One
Chapter 676 Four Spirits
Chapter 677 The Eye of Punishment
Chapter 678: Overlapping Words
Chapter 679: Casting Dragon Court
Chapter 680 Arrogance
Chapter 681 Big Brother
Chapter 682 Bull Head
Chapter 683: Obscene Talk
Chapter 684: Lovesickness
Chapter 685 Underworld
Chapter 686 Harvest
Chapter 687 Laws
Chapter 688 Netherworld
Chapter 689: Soul Prison Chain
Chapter 690: Holding the Sky
Chapter 691: Shattered into Thousands of Pieces
Chapter 692 Thoughts of corpse dismemberment
Chapter 693 Nether Body
Chapter 694 Yama
Chapter 695 The Way of the World
Chapter 696: Saving People
Chapter 697: The Way of Heaven
Chapter 698 Calabash Sword Sect
Chapter 699: Desire to enter reincarnation
Chapter 700: Soldiers Disbanded
Chapter 701 Feng Qiwu
Chapter 702: The Path of Animals
Chapter 703: Autopsy
Chapter 704 What can I do?
Chapter 705 The Underworld Emperor
Chapter 706 The Ghost Comes
Chapter 707: Rush for help
Chapter 708: One Punch
Chapter 709 Yin and Yang Qi Scissors
Chapter 710 Group of Sharks
Chapter 711: Drop of water penetrates stone
Chapter 712: The situation is complete
Chapter 713: Prison Suppressing Monument
Chapter 714 The Heart-Seizing Fox
Chapter 715: Change of destiny
Chapter 716 Dream
Chapter 717 Editing Life and Death
Chapter 718: Heavenly Favorite
Chapter 719 Harvest
Chapter 720: A Blessed Land with Many Fishes
Chapter 721: Cutting off the Hu
Chapter 722: False Immortal
Chapter 723 Change
Chapter 724 Dream Return
Chapter 725 Reincarnation
Chapter 726: Controlling Long Bintian
Chapter 727 Astrology
Chapter 728: Yingxing
Chapter 729 The dragon raises its head
Chapter 730: The sun throws itself into its arms
Chapter 731: Destiny is mine
Chapter 732 Elephant Land
Chapter 733: Submission and reversal
Chapter 734 Buried Tianxu
Chapter 735 Nan Huazi
Chapter 736 Big Dream
Chapter 737 The Road to Immortality
Chapter 738 Seamless Clothes
Chapter 739 Jellyfish Yuan Jing
Chapter 740: Far worse
Chapter 741: The Knowledge of People
Chapter 742: The Human Emperor Shocks the World
Chapter 743 Gourd Fairy
Chapter 744: Word Seizing Technique
Chapter 745 Whale Falling
Chapter 746: Death Talisman
Chapter 747: Goddess
Chapter 748 Zima
Chapter 749: Establishing Prestige
Chapter 750: Present World
Chapter 751 Burial Day
Chapter 752 Great weapon
Chapter 753: Killing the Immortal
Chapter 754 Fierce
Chapter 755 Phoenix Tribulation
Chapter 756 Flying Wings
Chapter 757: Banishing the Immortal
Chapter 758 Taiyin shines on the world
Chapter 759: Nothing but helplessness
Chapter 760: Suppressing the Enemies
Chapter 761: Mountain closure
Chapter 762 Reversal
Chapter 763 Yan De
Chapter 764 The Emperor Star Descends
Chapter 765: Borrowing Strength to Fight
Chapter 766 Heavenly Rules
Chapter 767: Change of Heaven
Chapter 768 Golden Crow
Chapter 769 Entering the Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 770 Jade Spirit Body
Chapter 771 The red dragon emerges
Chapter 772 Tianjiao
Chapter 773 The Supreme Emperor Lotus
Chapter 774 Transformation into a Dragon
Chapter 775 Xuan Mi
Chapter 776 Three Life Stones
Chapter 777 Reversing Yin and Yang
Chapter 778 Planting the Moon
Chapter 779 Taiyin Jade Seal
Chapter 780: Discussing Etiquette
Chapter 781 Chi Xiao
Chapter 782: Death of illness
Chapter 783 Entering the Game
Chapter 784: A prairie fire
Chapter 785 Phoenix Egg
Chapter 786 Sacrifice
Chapter 787 A clever plan
Chapter 788 The battle begins
Chapter 789 Tarsal Bones
Chapter 790 Xia Yan
Chapter 791 Escape shuttle
Chapter 792 Confrontation
Chapter 793 The Sword of the End
Chapter 794: Fire Wutong
Chapter 795: Destiny
Chapter 796: Demon Buddha
Chapter 797: Cutting Luck
Chapter 798 The Theory of Supernatural Powers
Chapter 799: Lobbying
Chapter 800 Disciple Road
Chapter 801 Divide the treasure
Chapter 802 Nightmare
Chapter 803: Blue Falls and Yellow Spring
Chapter 804 Two Worlds Spectroscope
Chapter 805 Dragon Slaying Technique
Chapter 806: All Living Beings
Chapter 807 Big Star
Chapter 808: Chao Feng
Chapter 809: Peach and Plum Ruler
Chapter 810 Returning to the Mountain
Chapter 811: Mission: Impossible
Chapter 812: Not up to anyone
Chapter 813 Death date
Chapter 814 Evergreen
Chapter 815 Songhe Sword Formation
Chapter 816 Inviting people to tea
Chapter 817 Distinguished guests are coming
Chapter 818 Yunwu Fairy Tea
Chapter 819: Hateful Land Without Huan
Chapter 820: Comeback
Chapter 821 The smell of tea
Chapter 822 Crossroads
Chapter 823: Bewitched
Chapter 824 Human Massacre
Chapter 825 Black Hand
Chapter 826: My Way is Prosperous
Chapter 827 Asura
Chapter 828: Yin and Yang Creation
Chapter 829: Innately Angry
Chapter 830: A plan within a plan
Chapter 831 The root of the problem
Chapter 832 Commoner Sword
Chapter 833 Chivalry
Chapter 834 The Seal of the Human Emperor
Chapter 835 Tuoba Wushang
Chapter 836 Destiny is in the North
Chapter 837: Taoyuan Golden Pill
Chapter 838: Yin virtue is soil
Chapter 839: A narrow escape from death
Chapter 840: Gods and Ghosts Used as Medicine
Chapter 841: Soaring in the Day
Chapter 842 Bad Yufeng
Chapter 843: Filling up the sky
Chapter 844: Go to Immortality
Chapter 845 The True Immortal Comes to the World
Chapter 846: Slashing the future
Chapter 847 Five Elements Escape
Chapter 848 Dragon Struggle
Chapter 849 Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 850: Dividing Middle-Earth
Chapter 851 Greedy Wolf Blade
Chapter 852 True Lord Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 853 Pure Yang Sky
Chapter 854 Fu Ze
Chapter 855 Mother Earth Pearl
Chapter 856: Celebrating Merits
Chapter 857 Above Special Class
Chapter 858 The Seal of the Underworld Emperor
Chapter 859: Enfeoffment
Chapter 860: Earth Yuan Great Pill
Chapter 861 The heart of Tao is dusty
Chapter 862 The Immortal Meeting
Chapter 963: Man-made disasters must be stopped
Chapter 864 Four Spirits Open the Sky
Chapter 865 A big dream
Chapter 866 Dream Network
Chapter 867 The Great Pill of Renyuan
Chapter 868 Transformation
Chapter 869 Corpse Ancestor
Chapter 870 No Way to Enter the Earth
Chapter 871 Aquarius Seal
Chapter 872 Lunar Sun
Chapter 873 The blue sky
Chapter 874: The True God Patrolling the Sun
Chapter 875 Transaction
Chapter 876: Shura Dao
Chapter 877: Turning harm into benefit
Chapter 878 Immortals and gods enter the world
Chapter 879 Void White Lotus
Chapter 880: Fierce Sun Whip
Chapter 881 The sun shines across the sky
Chapter 882 The End
Chapter 883 Wang Zhengchuan
Chapter 884: Relying on the True Spirit
Chapter 885 Enlightenment in a Dream
Chapter 886 The Sea of ??Qi
Chapter 887: Valley of Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 888 The Boundless Sea of ??Suffering
Chapter 889 Oven body
Chapter 890: Driving the Sun
Chapter 891 Tian Ting
Chapter 892: Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 893 Nine Heavens Lord
Chapter 894 Breaking the Vacuum
Chapter 895: Forging a rare treasure
Chapter 896 Dream-Eating Moth
Chapter 897: This road is blocked
Chapter 898 Three Questions
Chapter 899 Love Gu
Chapter 900: Free Sword Intent
Chapter 901 Regret
Chapter 902: Going out to meet an immortal
Chapter 903 All Five Poisons
Chapter 904: Love-forgetting Water
Chapter 905 Tianmen Ruins
Chapter 906 Daolong Stone
Chapter 907: Trapped in a cocoon
Chapter 908 Clay Bodhisattva
Chapter 909: Male and Female Evil-Slaying Swords
Chapter 910 The Immortal Tree
Chapter 911 Blood Nerves
Chapter 912: Resurrection Grass
Chapter 913 Calling
Chapter 914 Sky Blue Dragon
Chapter 915 Swallowing the Sky
Chapter 916: Great Thousand Mirrors
Chapter 917 The Beginning
Chapter 918: The Gate of Mysterious Women
Chapter 919: Attacking the Pass
Chapter 920: Kaitian Divine Thunder
Chapter 921 Return
Chapter 922 Fa Tian
Chapter 923: Spreading beans and forming an army
Chapter 924 Thunder Seal
Chapter 925 Sharing
Chapter 926: Map of Mountains and Seas
Chapter 927: Qingtian Hercules
Chapter 928 The Heavenly Gate Opens
Chapter 929: Dharma, Heaven and Earth
Chapter 930 Five Thunder Palm Seal
Chapter 931 Immortal Lord Xuankui
Chapter 932: Wanting to conquer the East China Sea
Chapter 933 The storm is coming
Chapter 934: Undercurrent
Chapter 935: Must Kill
Chapter 936 Good Luck
Chapter 937 The treasure comes to throw
Chapter 938: Robbery
Chapter 939 The storm arises
Chapter 940 Bait
Chapter 941: Small-minded
Chapter 942 Decline
Chapter 943: Fierce Power
Chapter 944: Bagua Mirror
Chapter 945: Golden Lotus Planted in the Fire
Chapter 946 Benefiting oneself at the expense of others
Chapter 947: Breaking out of the furnace
Chapter 948 Add me
Chapter 949 Yes
Chapter 950 Fate
Chapter 951 Kowloon
Chapter 952 Covering the Clouds
Chapter 953 Cumulus Pillar
Chapter 954 Soaring in the clouds and riding in the fog
Chapter 955 Unparalleled Thunder Method
Chapter 956 Breaking out of the formation
Chapter 957 The storm is like darkness
Chapter 958: Controlling the Ten Thousand Juns
Chapter 959 Congratulations to the human race
Chapter 960 Bloody Drifting Oar
Chapter 961: Wrong Soul Wine
Chapter 962: Take refuge
Chapter 963 Hollow
Chapter 964: His heart is like mine
Chapter 965 Jin Ao
Chapter 966: An Inch of Time
Chapter 967: Coexisting with the Island
Chapter 968: Like a boat on water
Chapter 969 Di Lao
Chapter 970 Two points of true spirit
Chapter 971 Ice Soul Cold Dragon
Chapter 972: Fighting Fish
Chapter 973: Attack and Kill
Chapter 974 Ground Network
Chapter 975 Xuan Mutiny
Chapter 976: Blinded by a Leaf
Chapter 977 Leiyou elixir
Chapter 978: The Power of the Demon Saint
Chapter 979: Trophies
Chapter 980 Treasure House
Chapter 981: The Order of Wind and Rain
Chapter 982 The origin of wind and rain
Chapter 983 Gentle breeze and drizzle
Chapter 984 Returning to the Wind and Fire
Chapter 985 Dan Alliance
Chapter 986: Accumulation over time
Chapter 987 Eclipse of the Sun
Chapter 988: Esophageal Dragon
Chapter 989 Wanhua
Chapter 990 Loyalty
Chapter 991 Host and Guest
Chapter 992: Creation Dan Qi
Chapter 993 Heaven and Earth are ovens
Chapter 994: One pill opens the sky
Chapter 995 Life and Death
Chapter 996: Gift Pill
Chapter 997 Eating dirt
Chapter 998 Not a human being
Chapter 999: Bad luck shines brightly
Chapter 1000 Golden Cudgel
Chapter 1001: What’s the Use of Keeping You?
Chapter 1002: Dirty Star
Chapter 1003 Tai Sui Xingjun
Chapter 1004 Inner Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1005 The Empty Gate
Chapter 1006 Returning
Chapter 1007 Deterrence
Chapter 1008 Opportunity
Chapter 1009 White Tiger
Chapter 1010 Dragnet
Chapter 1011: Relief from Disaster
Chapter 1012 The First Era
Chapter 1013 Fish in the Net
Chapter 1014: Creating an Immortal
Chapter 1015 Resolution
Chapter 1016 Martial Arts Golden Pill
Chapter 1017 Tianyu Demon Saint
Chapter 1018 Soul-shattering Roar
Chapter 1019 Bloodbath
Chapter 1020 Abi Hell
Chapter 1021 The Demon Emperor’s Dharmakaya
Chapter 1022 What is empty
Chapter 1,023 Dark Son
Chapter 1024: Defending the Country
Chapter 1025: The dove takes over the magpie's nest
Chapter 1,026 The Son of Emperor Tian
Chapter 1027: Passing on the torch from generation to generation
Chapter 1,028 Chain Golden Armor
Chapter 1,029 The God of Thunder Exorcism
Chapter 1030 Repeating the same old tricks
Chapter 1031: Born as a lotus
Chapter 1032: White Lotus Purifying the World
Chapter 1,033 The Impure Heaven
Chapter 1034: Conferred God
Chapter 1,035 Incense is poisonous
Chapter 1,036 The Book of the Underworld
Chapter 1037: Luck in life and death in hand
Chapter 1,038 Hungry Ghosts and Hell
Chapter 1,039 Netherworld Golden Pill
Chapter 1040 Eighteen Levels of Hell
Chapter 1041 Three Generations
Chapter 1042: A fight between life and death
Chapter 1043 Taoyao
Chapter 1044: Borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha
Chapter 1,045 Death Tribulation
Chapter 1046: Great Seal of the Great Dryness
Chapter 1,047 Nine Dragons Mending the Sky
Chapter 1048: Cursed Killing
Chapter 1049: Change of Life and Death
Chapter 1050 Time
Chapter 1051: Golden Pill of Martial Arts
Chapter 1052 Main Course
Chapter 1,053 Coming Now
Chapter 1054 Jianmu
Chapter 1055 Ancient Meerkat
Chapter 1056 River Map
Chapter 1,057 Calculating the Future
Chapter 1058 Kind Eyes and Eyes
Chapter 1059: Calling Friends
Chapter 1060: Zhuanyinlian
Chapter 1061 Eight Wastelands
Chapter 1062 Immortal Yunmiao
Chapter 1,063 The Nightmare Is Born
Chapter 1064: Fighting for the day and night
Chapter 1,065 Condensing Beads
Chapter 1,066 The First Great Divine Power
Chapter 1,067 Slaying the Dragon in a Dream
Chapter 1068: All-powerful Thunder
Chapter 1,069 Cooperation
Chapter 1,070 Entering the Urn
Chapter 1071 Confucian Sage
Chapter 1072 Immortality
Chapter 1073 Haoran
Chapter 1,074 Fisherman
Chapter 1075: Confusing the real with the fake
Chapter 1076: Dragon Cutting
Chapter 1,077 Drawing the ground as a prison
Chapter 1078 Moth Sword
Chapter 1079 Samadhi True Fire
Chapter 1080 Taiping Jing
Chapter 1081 Return to the Southern Wilderness
Chapter 1082 Accident
Chapter 1083: Bingxin of Nirvana
Chapter 1084: Sky Demon Killer God
Chapter 1085: Siege and Killing
Chapter 1086: Exhausted
Chapter 1087 I am heaven and earth
Chapter 1088: Blood debt paid with blood
Chapter 1,089 Massacre
Chapter 1,090 Holy Meteor
Chapter 1091 Whale Falling
Chapter 1092 Taomu Mountain
Chapter 1093 Entering the Furnace
Chapter 1094 Three Meridians
Chapter 1095: Refining God
Chapter 1096: Golden Nature
Chapter 1097 Nagarjuna King Buddha
Chapter 1098: Heaven in Heaven
Chapter 1099 Divine Fire
Chapter 1,100 The Pure Land of the World
Chapter 1101 Who are you?
Chapter 1,102 Drunken Hongyun
Chapter 1103: Ripe Peach
Chapter 1,104 Yuantian Dharma Assembly
Chapter 1,105 Nine Deities
Chapter 1,106 Nine Heavenly Gates
Chapter 1,107 Innate Thunder Spirit
Chapter 1,108 The Demonic Rise and the Dao Disappear
Chapter 1,109 Xuanyuan Tianxin Lock
Chapter 1110: Loved by Heaven
Chapter 1,111 The Book of Demon Refining
Chapter 1,112 Preaching
Chapter 1,113 The Mystery of Invasion of the Sun and Moon
Chapter 1,114 Carrying the yin and embracing the yang
Chapter 1,115 Seeing Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,116 Drunken Sword
Chapter 1,117 The Change of Era
Chapter 1,118 Future Body
Chapter 1,119 The Original Heavenly Demon Dharmakaya
Chapter 1,120 The Fall of Immortality
Chapter 1,121 Opening the Sky
Chapter 1,122 Establishing the Way
Chapter 1,123 Locking the Golden Crow
Chapter 1,124 The Yellow Spring Emerges from the Earth
Chapter 1,125 The Disaster of Underworld
Chapter 1,126: Don’t miss the opportunity
Chapter 1,127 Good Fortune
Chapter 1,128 Stepping into the Netherworld
Chapter 1,129 Black and White Impermanence
Chapter 1,130 The war begins
Chapter 1,131 The Emperor's Prime Minister
Chapter 1,132: Devouring Hundreds of Ghosts
Chapter 1,133 The bloody storm
Chapter 1,134 The Heaven of Six Ancients
Chapter 1,135 Weird Things
Chapter 1,136 Puppet
Chapter 1,137 Yin Tianzi
Chapter 1,138 Performing Divine Responsibilities
Chapter 1,139 Incredible Craftsmanship
Chapter 1,140 Fuso Sacred Tree
Chapter 1,141 Ghost Mother Palace
Chapter 1,142 Joining forces to bully the weak
Chapter 1,143 Abandoned Son
Chapter 1,144 Shattering Oneself
Chapter 1,145 Yin and Yang complement each other
Chapter 1,146 Lunar Sun
Chapter 1,147 Seizing the Way
Chapter 1,148 Invisible Sword
Chapter 1,149 Lord Huangquan
Chapter 1,150: Mediating Fortune
Chapter 1,151 Immortal Golden Body
Chapter 1,152 Demon Locking Tower
Chapter 1,153 Changes in Luck
Chapter 1,154 Lei Zun
Chapter 1155: Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,156 God’s Will
Chapter 1,157 Taoist Huang Ting
Chapter 1158: Low-key
Chapter 1,159 The Immeasurable Man
Chapter 1,160 Rebuilding the Underworld
Chapter 1,161 Destiny
Chapter 1,162 Trap
Chapter 1163: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 1,164 Po Meng
Chapter 1,165 The Elixir of Due
Chapter 1,166 Great Wisdom Sword
Chapter 1,167 The Innate Killing Sword
Chapter 1168: Thousands of families are born Buddhas
Chapter 1,169 Ksitigarbha
Chapter 1,170 World Honored One
Chapter 1,171 Long Xiang
Chapter 1,172 Water Dividing Sword
Chapter 1,173 The Long River of Sword Qi
Chapter 1,174 Invitation
Chapter 1,175 Horse Face
Chapter 1,176 Tianhong Pearl
Chapter 1,177 Eating and Being Eaten
Chapter 1,178 White Phoenix and Black Phoenix
Chapter 1,179 Returning Home Rich and Rich
Chapter 1,180: Robbery of the Gold Plate
Chapter 1,181 A little bit
Chapter 1,182 Determined Plan
Chapter 1,183 The robbery begins
Chapter 1184: Not knowing the number of days
Chapter 1,185 Good luck to the sky
Chapter 1,186 Hedao Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,187 Being rich and noble
Chapter 1,188 Clearing the Place
Chapter 1,189 Luck is booming
Chapter 1,190 Changes in Taiyin
Chapter 1,191 Taiyin Spirit Treasure Body
Chapter 1,192 Hunting in the Northern Wilderness
Chapter 1,193 Fatal Weakness
Chapter 1,194 The Immortal descends to the Northern Wilderness
Chapter 1,195 Jade Faced Demon
Chapter 1,196 Sword Fighting
Chapter 1,197: No one can stand without faith
Chapter 1,198 Reaching for the Stars
Chapter 1,199 Insect Nest
Chapter 1,200 The Supreme Killing Sword
Chapter 1,201 Goodbye in the world of mortals
Chapter 1,202 Three Bodies
Chapter 1,203: Close the door and beat the dog
Chapter 1204: Luck Gold List
Chapter 1,205 Everyone is here
Chapter 1,206 The opportunity for enlightenment
Chapter 1,207 Escape
Chapter 1,208 The Seventh Golden Pill
Chapter 1,209 Good Fruit
Chapter 1,210 Turning reality into fiction
Chapter 1,211 Change of Destiny
Chapter 1,212 Is it delicious?
Chapter 1,213 Digging Bones
Chapter 1214: Bone Seizing
Chapter 1,215 Four Magical Powers
Chapter 1,216: Dominate all laws
Chapter 1,217 God helps me
Chapter 1,218 Huang Quanxiang
Chapter 1,219 Fishing
Chapter 1,220 Star Reaching Order
Chapter 1,221 Greedy Wolf
Chapter 1,222 Be careful with your budget
Chapter 1223: Growing old with the earth
Chapter 1,224 The robbery begins
Chapter 1,225 Determination
Chapter 1,226 Goodbye Nanshan
Chapter 1,227 More
Chapter 1,228 Crazy
Chapter 1,229 Accusations
Chapter 1,230 Internal strife
Chapter 1,231 I can’t help myself
Chapter 1,232 Heavenly Punishment Thunder Lord
Chapter 1,233 Refining the Demon
Chapter 1,234 Transformation into God
Chapter 1,235 Crying Blood
Chapter 1,236 No Demons in the Northern Wilderness
Chapter 1,237: Be patient and give in
Chapter 1,238: Transcendence into Sainthood
Chapter 1,239 God will help me
Chapter 1240: Immediate Sainthood
Chapter 1,241 The Great Sun Is Virtual
Chapter 1,242 God-killing Spear
Chapter 1,243 The Eye of the Sky
Chapter 1,244 The Suspended Life Tower
Chapter 1,245 Heavenly Lord’s Decree
Chapter 1,246 Tianxin Divine Thunder
Chapter 1,247 Past and Present Life
Chapter 1,248 The End of Fate
Chapter 1,249 The sky changes
Chapter 1,250 Entering the Realm
Chapter 1,251 See you again
Chapter 1,252 An old friend comes
Chapter 1,253 Nirvana and Immortality
Chapter 1,254 Darkness extinguishes light
Chapter 1,255 Blood Moon
Chapter 1,256 The Lunar Era
Chapter 1,257 Chaos Qinglian
Chapter 1,258 Fire Qilin
Chapter 1,259 Yuanjun Jiuxiao
Chapter 1,260 Six Ways Come Out
Chapter 1,261 Earthshaking
Chapter 1,262 Phoenix Ancestor
Chapter 1,263 The establishment of reincarnation
Chapter 1,264 The Emperor of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,265 The Divine Whip
Chapter 1,266: Knocked Down from the Mortal World
Chapter 1,267 Establishing Rules
Chapter 1,268 The Four Gods
Chapter 1,269 Innate Sacredness
Chapter 1,270 Meeting old friends
Chapter 1,271 Life or death
Chapter 1,272 The alternation of old and new
Chapter 1,273 The Divine Light of Destroying Laws
Chapter 1,274 Return to Nature
Chapter 1,275 Zhoutian Tide
Chapter 1,276 Three Heavenly Immortals
Chapter 1,277 The Golden Sun Demon Emperor
Chapter 1,278 Zhou Tianxingdou
Chapter 1,279 A different ghost
Chapter 1,280: Captured in one fell swoop
Chapter 1,281 Old Ghost
Chapter 1,282 Star Refining
Chapter 1,283 Sun Star Stone
Chapter 1,284 Half a Great Sage
Chapter 1,285 Why?
Chapter 1,286 Martial Saint
Chapter 1,287 Pilgrimage
Chapter 1,288 Opening the Heavenly Gate
Chapter 1,289 Reciting his name
Chapter 1,290 White Lotus Transformation
Chapter 1,291 Fire Lamp
Chapter 1,292 White Lotus Purifies the World
Chapter 1,293 Beaten to death
Chapter 1,294 Sanctification
Chapter 1295: Falling Name
Chapter 1,296 Awakening
Chapter 1,297 Muddy Waters
Chapter 1,298 Opportunity
Chapter 1,299 Refining Heaven and Transforming Earth
Chapter 1,300 Samadhi Yanjun
Chapter 1301 Ruins
Chapter 1,302 The Second Destiny
Chapter 1,303 Stars enter destiny
Chapter 1,304: Eat the past and never change
Chapter 1,305 The True Spirit Is Deficient
Chapter 1,306 The Boundless Sea of ??Suffering
Chapter 1307 Dragon Man
Chapter 1308: Luring the wolf into the house
Chapter 1,309 The Corner of the Sea
Chapter 1,310 Light of Hope
Chapter 1311 Rare treasures everywhere
Chapter 1,312 Star of Hope
Chapter 1,313 Slavery
Chapter 1,314 The Infinite River
Chapter 1,315 The Heart of a Wish
Chapter 1,316 Praying Jellyfish
Chapter 1317 Mirror Lake
Chapter 1318 Lies
Chapter 1,319 The Imperial Soldiers Resurrection
Chapter 1,320 Transformed into an Ancestor
Chapter 1321 The Second Ao Quan
Chapter 1,322 Its getting dark
Chapter 1,323 The Confusing Demon God
Chapter 1324: Fate is precious
Chapter 1,325 Light Comes to the World
Chapter 1326: Time is also destiny
Chapter 1,327: Turn around and find the shore
Chapter 1,328 The Other Shore
Chapter 1,329 Dirty Blood
Chapter 1,330 Tianying Pill
Chapter 1331 Heaven and earth are mother
Chapter 1332: Forging oneself into enlightenment
Chapter 1,333 Yin and Yang Separation
Chapter 1,334 Entering the Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 1,335 The Achievements of the Two Saints
Chapter 1,336 The road is one foot higher
Chapter 1,337 Three Saints Glow Together
Chapter 1,338: Good luck
Chapter 1,339 The First Five Decline
Chapter 1340 Three Flowers Bloom Again
Chapter 1,341 The Foundation of the Great Way
Chapter 1342: Restoring the country
Chapter 1,343 Mysteries of the Sun and Moon
Chapter 1,344 White Jade Flawless
Chapter 1,345 Chengtianyi
Chapter 1346: In charge of the sun and moon
Chapter 1,347 Mountains and Rivers Map
Chapter 1,348 Reflection Mountain
Chapter 1,349 Yin and Yang combine
Chapter 1,350 The sword light is invisible
Chapter 1351 Departure
Chapter 1,352 Dark Sun
Chapter 1,353 The possibility of breaking the limit
Chapter 1,354 The Extinguished Sun
Chapter 1,355 Yin and Yang Mother Qi
Chapter 1,356 Destined Person
Chapter 1,357 Wanhua Immortal Lord
Chapter 1,358 He transforms into heaven and earth
Chapter 1,359 Entering the Urn
Chapter 1,360 Beast God Claws
Chapter 1,361 Its rare to be confused
Chapter 1,362 The Catalog of the Beast God
Chapter 1,363 The most stalwart in the world
Chapter 1364: Sending Dreams
Chapter 1,365 Taixu Illusion
Chapter 1,366 Turning imaginary into reality
Chapter 1367: Opening up wasteland
Chapter 1,368 Taixu Mirror
Chapter 1,369 The Iron Calculator
Chapter 1,370 The dove takes over the magpie's nest
Chapter 1,371 The Conferred God General Qi
Chapter 1,372 Discussing the Conferment of Gods
Chapter 1,373 Blood-stained Middle Earth
Chapter 1,374 Huang Shigong
Chapter 1,375 Conferred God
Chapter 1,376 Merits Appear
Chapter 1,377 Change the world
Chapter 1,378 Its like Im here in person
Chapter 1,379 The First Immortal Lord
Chapter 1,380 Bai Yujing
Chapter 1,381 Change of Owners
Chapter 1,382 A bright future
Chapter 1,383: The Spring and Autumn Period
Chapter 1,384 Heaven and Earth Bridge
Chapter 1,385 The New Miaoshui
Chapter 1,386 Good Fortune, Longevity and Longevity
Chapter 1,387 Outstanding People
Chapter 1,388 A Spark
Chapter 1,389 The Twelfth Grade Divine Fire
Chapter 1,390 Double Happiness
Chapter 1391 Dark Web
Chapter 1,392 Xuanjian Mountain
Chapter 1393: Life should not be cut off
Chapter 1,394 The Future Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1,395 The plan is far-reaching
Chapter 1396: Chance
Chapter 1,397: Insights from Middle-earth
Chapter 1,398 Ill teach you
Chapter 1,399 General Cleaning
Chapter 1,400 Little Insect
Chapter 1401 Opportunity
Chapter 1,402 The backer falls
Chapter 1,403 The Old Man in the Coffin
Chapter 1,404 The Uncrowned Heavenly Book
Chapter 1,405 The True Meaning of Dark Sun
Chapter 1,406 I have it too
Chapter 1,407 Reincarnation
Chapter 1,408 Outline of Life and Death
Chapter 1,409 From birth to death
Chapter 1,410 Hunyuan Avenue
Chapter 1,411 Huangquan Dao Body
Chapter 1,412 Two Rare Treasures
Chapter 1,413 Star Destiny
Chapter 1,414 Yin and Yang Refining Fate
Chapter 1415: Dao Cheng
Chapter 1416: Glimpse of Life
Chapter 1,417 Giving birth to Jianmu
Chapter 1,418 A strange treasure emerges
Chapter 1,419 Worshiping the Immortal Lord
Chapter 1,420 My Way Will Be Completed
Chapter 1,421 Double Happiness
Chapter 1,422 The Wordless Heavenly Book
Chapter 1,423 Ten Thousand Peoples Bell
Chapter 1,424 Substitute Death
Chapter 1,425 Three Flowers Gather at the Top
Chapter 1,426 Can be used
Chapter 1,427 The sun and moon are eyes
Chapter 1,428 The Treasure of Enlightenment
Chapter 1,429 Xuantian Spiritual Treasure Body
Chapter 1,430 The opportunity arrives
Chapter 1,431 Stealing the Treasure
Chapter 1,432 Yuanjun Divine Seal
Chapter 1,433 Puppet Bailian
Chapter 1,434: Demonic words confuse the public
Chapter 1435: Evil Son
Chapter 1,436 The Perfect Treasure
Chapter 1,437 Countless Counts
Chapter 1,438 The sea is in ruins
Chapter 1,439 Broken Treasure
Chapter 1,440 The wave is born
Chapter 1,441 The rise of Shinto
Chapter 1,442 The Stealing God
Chapter 1,443 Do your best
Chapter 1,444 Good Results
Chapter 1,445 Prayer
Chapter 1,446 No Regrets
Chapter 1,447 Crowd of People
Chapter 1,448 I hope the Immortal Lord will succeed
Chapter 1,449 Asking Yu Tian
Chapter 1,450 Shadow
Chapter 1,451 Stairway to Heaven
Chapter 1,452 The Supreme Whisk
Chapter 1,453 Taishang Wuji
Chapter 1,454 The laurel blooms again
Chapter 1,455 There is a way between heaven and earth
Chapter 1,456 The greatest fairness
Chapter 1,457 The Infinite Yin and Yang
Chapter 1458: Gathering of Heavenly Lords
Chapter 1,459 The Tenth Sect
Chapter 1,460 Treasures of Chaos
Chapter 1,461 The Thirty-three Heavenly Lotus
Chapter 1,462 Finger Bones of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,463 The God of Painting
Chapter 1464: Killing the Heart
Chapter 1,465 Drinking water and returning to the ruins
Chapter 1,466 The Twenty-Four Saints
Chapter 1,467 Omniscient
Chapter 1,468 Not Enough
Chapter 1,469 My will is God’s will
Chapter 1,470 Responsibility and Opportunity
Chapter 1,471 Break it
Chapter 1,472 Asking for God’s Dharma
Chapter 1,473 Chaos Behemoth
Chapter 1,474 Wanting to enter the furnace
Chapter 1,475 Nine Apertures Golden Pill
Chapter 1,476 Tianshi Mansion
Chapter 1,477 The Sacred Tree Grows
Chapter 1,478 The traitor will never die
Chapter 1,479 There will eventually be great prosperity
Chapter 1480: Like a God
Chapter 1,481 Tai Chi Golden Bridge
Chapter 1,482 Times have changed
Chapter 1,483 Iron Head
Chapter 1,484 Beat you to death
Chapter 1,485 Zhuyin Xuanzhou Dharmakaya
Chapter 1,486 Dusk Drum
Chapter 1,487 Divine State
Chapter 1,488 The Thunder of God
Chapter 1,489 Container
Chapter 1,490: Independence from the World
Chapter 1,491 Group fight
Chapter 1,492 All dead
Chapter 1,493 God of War
Chapter 1,494 Exile
Chapter 1,495: Defying the Sky
Chapter 1,496 Live Refining
Chapter 1,497 Great Sword of Light
Chapter 1,498 Seven Arrows on the Head
Chapter 1,499 The Divine Witch Array
Chapter 1500 Dark Side
Chapter 1501 Past
Chapter 1502 Rise
Chapter 1503: Timeless Waterfall
Chapter 1504: Number one in the world
Chapter 1505 Morning Bell
Chapter 1506 Germination
Chapter 1507: Eating Longevity
Chapter 1508: Lucky Stars Shine
Chapter 1509 Blood of Heaven
Chapter 1510 Blood is thicker than water
Chapter 1511 Pluto
Chapter 1512 Canglong Immortal Army
Chapter 1,513 The Seal of the God Emperor
Chapter 1514 The Seven Saints
Chapter 1515: Everyone makes the best use of their talents
Chapter 1516 Gods and Earth
Chapter 1517 Pure Yang no longer exists
Chapter 1518: Dividing Treasures
Chapter 1519 Great Compass
Chapter 1520: Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 1521 The Extreme Number
Chapter 1522 The Third Heavenly Change
Chapter 1,523 The Way of the Immortals
Chapter 1524 The war begins
Chapter 1,525 Chaos in all directions
Chapter 1526: The Power of the Eyes of Heaven
Chapter 1527: Heaven-shaking Seal
Chapter 1528 Arrogance
Chapter 1529: Overturning the world with one hand
Chapter 1,530 The three corpses’ filthy divine light
Chapter 1531 The End
Chapter 1532: Obedience or disobedience depends on the heart
Chapter 1533: Reincarnation is Eternal
Chapter 1534 I have become immortal
Chapter 1535: Yinghuo enters fate
Chapter 1536 Dojo
Chapter 1537 The Secret of the True Spirit
Chapter 1538 Spring and Autumn Period
Chapter 1539 Danxia Sky
Chapter 1540: The Virtuous
Chapter 1541: Earth Longevity Immortal Clothes
Chapter 1,542 Good fortune is about to appear
Chapter 1,543 Awesomeness
Chapter 1544 Tangquan
Chapter 1,545 The Source of Life
Chapter 1546: Alliance
Chapter 1547: Overturning the Sea Mountain King
Chapter 1548 The Mountain King Sitting on the Sea
Chapter 1,549 Forming an array with one’s body
Chapter 1550 Fire Feather Emperor Dragon
Chapter 1551 The final madness
Chapter 1552 The Sea of Souls
Chapter 1,553 The Heaven-shaking Seal Falls
Chapter 1554 Jian Muguo
Chapter 1555 Xuanwu Appears
Chapter 1556 The ghost appears again
Chapter 1557 Immortal Metal Nature
Chapter 1558 Three Hearts
Chapter 1559: Metal Nature
Chapter 1,560 Demon Seed World
Chapter 1561: Wonderful Merit and True Merit
Chapter 1562: Integration of man and machine
Chapter 1,563 The Sky-Swallowing Gourd
Chapter 1564: Transform yourself into heaven
Chapter 1565 One Small Step
Chapter 1,566 Demonic dye
Chapter 1567 Purple Gold Gourd
Chapter 1568: The Great Supernatural Power
Chapter 1569 Sanyang Mountain
Chapter 1,570 The opportunity for enlightenment
Chapter 1571 Tongxuan Lingbao
Chapter 1572 Taotie
Chapter 1573 Blood God
Chapter 1574 Five Emperors Thunder Dragon
Chapter 1575 The sea of blood is overwhelming
Chapter 1576: Cutting Luck
Chapter 1,577 The Four Symbols of God’s Will
Chapter 1578 Ancestor save me
Chapter 1,579 The Two Demon Lords
Chapter 1580: Killing the Heaven and Seeing the Way
Chapter 1581 Sky-Opening Ax
Chapter 1,582 The Supreme Being Is Respected
Chapter 1583 Heng'e
Chapter 1584: The Great Disaster Is About to Begin
Chapter 1585 Ying Yuan Tianzun
Chapter 1586 The World of Elysium
Chapter 1587 The road of success and adversity
Chapter 1588 Destined Taiyin
Chapter 1589: Fighting for Light
Chapter 1590: Don’t move in the past
Chapter 1591 Shilong
Chapter 1592 Vicissitudes of Life
Chapter 1593: Refining the Way
Chapter 1594 Dragon and Tiger Weather
Chapter 1,595 Ten thousand clans come to court
Chapter 1596 Innate Yin and Yang Mother Qi
Chapter 1597: Blockers
Chapter 1598 The Way of Spring and Autumn
Chapter 1,599 The Nine-Nine Supreme Destiny
Chapter 1,600 The Yinming Dynasty
Chapter 1601 The Origin of Wind and Rain
Chapter 1,602 The Four Little Celestial Masters
Chapter 1,603 Ancestral Lineage Regeneration
Chapter 1,604 Four Ranks
Chapter 1,605 The Immortal Picture Appears
Chapter 1,606 Sitting on the Lotus Platform
Chapter 1,607 Motherly anger comes out
Chapter 1,608 Murderous Intent Appears
Chapter 1,609 The demon is bleeding
Chapter 1610: Illusion of one’s own body
Chapter 1,611 The Ruthless Way
Chapter 1,612 Using Heaven as a Weapon
Chapter 1,613 The Taoist Mother of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1614 Heavenly Sword
Chapter 1615: The First of Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter 1,616 The Sea of Laws
Chapter 1,617 Immortality
Chapter 1,618 The Empty Gate
Chapter 1619: Get the Moon
Chapter 1,620 The Source of All Qi
Chapter 1,621 There is no way for good fortune or misfortune
Chapter 1,622 The Way of the Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 1,623 Destiny
Chapter 1,624 Famous Teacher
Chapter 1,625 Preaching
Chapter 1626: Turning stone into gold
Chapter 1,627: Lost Treasure
Chapter 1,628: Helping the Tyrant
Chapter 1,629 Zi Wei
Chapter 1,630 Peace and Joy
Chapter 1631 Dragon and Tiger Heavenly Book
Chapter 1,632 Transformation into Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,633 The Way of the Golden Immortal
Chapter 1,634 Ziwei Dou Shu
Chapter 1,635 Immortal Huang
Chapter 1,636 Bull Head
Chapter 1,637 Original Dragon Qi
Chapter 1,638 Lotus Body
Chapter 1639: Can’t grasp it
Chapter 1,640 Seeking Truth
Chapter 1,641 A Big Dream
Chapter 1642: False confession
Chapter 1,643: Refining Taoism
Chapter 1,644 Change
Chapter 1,645 The Wave of Vitality
Chapter 1,646 Hunyuan Golden Fight
Chapter 1,647 Swallowing mountains and rivers with anger
Chapter 1648: Hum and anger
Chapter 1,649 Five Colored Stones
Chapter 1,650 The God of Blue Water
Chapter 1651: Bujin Mountain
Chapter 1,652 Immortal Ember Flame
Chapter 1,653 Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,654: Wangyou Spring
Chapter 1655 World Seed
Chapter 1,656 Asking for Help
Chapter 1,657 Observing Luck
Chapter 1,658: Flame Flag Lifting from the Ground
Chapter 1,659 Clay Sculpture Flying Knife
Chapter 1,660 The Witch God
Chapter 1,661 Madness
Chapter 1,662 Black Annihilation Bird
Chapter 1,663 The Rising Tide of Chaos
Chapter 1,664 Xuanwu Arrival
Chapter 1665 Feng Huang Ming
Chapter 1,666 Xuanwu takes his life
Chapter 1,667 The Turtle
Chapter 1,668 Emperor Soul
Chapter 1669: Taking sides
Chapter 1,670 The Devil Returns
Chapter 1671: Born from Blood
Chapter 1,672 The inner demon arises
Chapter 1,673 The Sky-Building Pill
Chapter 1,674 Heart Disease
Chapter 1675: Refining Qi
Chapter 1676: There is a deficiency in the alchemy path
Chapter 1,677 Demon God Way
Chapter 1,678: Martial Arts Demonstrates Sainthood
Chapter 1,679 Immortal Nirvana
Chapter 1,680 White Lotus Appears
Chapter 1,681 Defeating the Underworld
Chapter 1,682 Let them come
Chapter 1,683 The war begins
Chapter 1,684: The Demon Locking Tower Fell
Chapter 1,685 Beidou Kills the Demon
Chapter 1,686 The Demon Seizes the Way
Chapter 1687: One for one
Chapter 1688: Extremely Evil in the World
Chapter 1,689 Immortal Becomes a God
Chapter 1,690 Persistence and Expertise
Chapter 1691: Sovereign Yin Ming
Chapter 1692 Thief
Chapter 1,693 The Unity of Heaven and Man
Chapter 1,694 The Infinite Realm
Chapter 1695 Haotian Mirror
Chapter 1,696 Ancestral Dragon Pearl
Chapter 1697: Dragon Gate Exit
Chapter 1,698 Great Cause and Effect
Chapter 1,699 Infinite Lanlian
Chapter 1,700 Death of body and life of Taoism
Chapter 1,701 The idea of spreading the Dharma
Chapter 1,702 Demon Sword Apprenticeship
Chapter 1,703 Heavenly Demon Strategy
Chapter 1,704 The Queen of the Underworld
Chapter 1,705 Qilin General
Chapter 1,706 Zhong Shan
Chapter 1,707 The Death of God
Chapter 1,708 Curse
Chapter 1,709 Five Colors and Five Square Flags
Chapter 1,710: Ten Days in the Red Sky
Chapter 1,711 Burning the sky and boiling the sea
Chapter 1,712 Tang Gu
Chapter 1,713 Son of the Sun
Chapter 1,714 Raising Ten Crows in the Furnace
Chapter 1,715 Viewing the World
Chapter 1,716 Lingbao
Chapter 1,717 The Destiny is Unified
Chapter 1,718 The Book of the Underworld Recognizes its Master
Chapter 1,719 The End of Destiny
Chapter 1,720 Taixu Dao
Chapter 1,721: Sacrifice yourself and follow the path
Chapter 1,722 Directly Pointing to Detachment
Chapter 1,723 The World in the Mirror
Chapter 1,724 The Eye of the Inner Demon
Chapter 1,725: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1,726 The Golden Nature is Perfect
Chapter 1,727 True Fire Refines the Heart
Chapter 1728: Reincarnation Taoist Master
Chapter 1,729 Renshui Flat Peach
Chapter 1,730 Living Sacred
Chapter 1,731 God’s Will Destroys God
Chapter 1,732 Fengdu
Chapter 1,733 Grand Reward
Chapter 1734: In vain
Chapter 1,735 Lingbao Dao
Chapter 1,736 Transplantation
Chapter 1,737 Means
Chapter 1,738 Peach Garden
Chapter 1,739 Green Lotus Colored Flag
Chapter 1,740 Wutian
Chapter 1,741 The Tao of the Supreme Golden Elixir
Chapter 1,742 Merit
Chapter 1,743 Bewitchment
Chapter 1,744 New Era
Chapter 1,745 The Peach Club
Chapter 1,746 Holy King
Chapter 1,747 Earth Spirit
Chapter 1,748 The World-Destroying Serpent
Chapter 1,749 The Immortal Beast that Protects the Mountain
Chapter 1,750 The Great Acquisition of Qi Refining
Chapter 1751: Golden Rope
Chapter 1,752 Return to the furnace
Chapter 1,753 Cornucopia
Chapter 1,754 Please kill me
Chapter 1,755 Five Ghost Emperors
Chapter 1,756 The Ultimate Tao
Chapter 1,757 The Return of the Emperor
Chapter 1,758 Taking Heaven as Body
Chapter 1,759 Killing the Sky
Chapter 1,760 Blood Oath
Chapter 1,761 The Lord of Earth
Chapter 1,762: Self-centered
Chapter 1,763 Madness
Chapter 1,764 The Decline of the Demon Sect
Chapter 1,765 The Demonic Tribulation Comes Out
Chapter 1766: Introduction
Chapter 1,767 The Golden Body of the Human Emperor
Chapter 1,768 Bai Yujing comes out
Chapter 1,769 The Dragon of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,770 Under the Overlord
Chapter 1,771 Gathering in Kowloon
Chapter 1,772 Boatman
Chapter 1,773 The Extinction of the Universe
Chapter 1,774 Shattered Mountain
Chapter 1,775 The God-nurturing Whip
Chapter 1,776 Human Emperor Fruit
Chapter 1,777 Tomb of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,778 The World-Destroying Fruit
Chapter 1,779 All is a paradise
Chapter 1,780 Redefining Humanity
Chapter 1,781 The Ancestor of Humanity
Chapter 1,782 The Eternity of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,783 The phase between heaven and man
Chapter 1,784 Eighty-one Transformation
Chapter 1,785 All spirits are like humans
Chapter 1,786 The Wisdom of All Living Beings
Chapter 1,787: Shou Zhuo
Chapter 1,788 The treasure appears
Chapter 1,789 The world is shocked
Chapter 1,790 Flower Appreciation Banquet
Chapter 1,791: Cooperation brings benefits
Chapter 1,792 Tathagata
Chapter 1,793 Listen
Chapter 1,794 The Gate of Hell Opens
Chapter 1,795 Limited Resistance
Chapter 1,796 Blood Origin Immortal Mansion
Chapter 1,797 Must Die
Chapter 1,798: Blood debt paid with blood
Chapter 1799: Ending the Quietness
Chapter 1800: Heavenly Oath
Chapter 1801 Two Gods
Chapter 1802 Fish in the Net
Chapter 1803 Running the Sun and Moon
Chapter 1804 The Immortal King
Chapter 1805: Self-sufficient magical powers
Chapter 1806: Suppressing the Enemy
Chapter 1807 Star Refining
Chapter 1808 Win Gou Awakening
Chapter 1809 Out now
Chapter 1810 Eternal Cage
Chapter 1811: Moment of Eternity
Chapter 1812 The dark moon shines on the world
Chapter 1813 The Rebirth of the Human Emperor
Chapter 1814 Harvest
Chapter 1815 Time Law
Chapter 1816 Pearl falls in the South China Sea
Chapter 1817 Immortal Sword Embryo
Chapter 1818 Expedition
Chapter 1819 Return
Chapter 1820 The True Demon
Chapter 1821 Taotie
Chapter 1822 The Change of True Spirit
Chapter 1823 Escape
Chapter 1824 What is detachment?
Chapter 1825 Son of Chaos
Chapter 1826 The Demon of Freedom
Chapter 1827 The Devil Escapes
Chapter 1828 Fate plays tricks on people
Chapter 1829 The Unbreakable Formation
Chapter 1830 What do I fear?
Chapter 1831 The Five Emperors
Chapter 1832 Entering the Urn
Chapter 1833: Destruction from heaven and earth
Chapter 1834 Secret
Chapter 1835: Reaching the Other Shore
Chapter 1836: Hard to come by in this world
Chapter 1837 The Way of Gold and Stone
Chapter 1838: Lost Treasure
Chapter 1839 Tao Fei
Chapter 1840: Heavenly Creation
Chapter 1841 It’s done
Chapter 1842 The Original Star Sea
Chapter 1843 Taoist Xuantian
Chapter 1844 Destroying the Xuan Alliance
Chapter 1845 Square-inch chessboard
Chapter 1846 What a joy
Chapter 1847: Turning the Tide
Chapter 1848 The Infinite Universe
Chapter 1849 The Caged Bird
Chapter 1850: Dissociation from Immortal Mansion
Chapter 1851: Destruction of Enlightenment
Chapter 1852: Mountain King Seal
Chapter 1853 Tathagata Seal
Chapter 1854: Guixu is dead
Chapter 1855 The Supreme Being Holds the Ax
Chapter 1856 Chaos Tribulation Network
Chapter 1857 Replacement
Chapter 1858 Despair
Chapter 1859: Eat enough
Chapter 1860: The Fall
Chapter 1861 Old Man Karma
Chapter 1862 The Cause of the Past
Chapter 1863 Today’s Fruit
Chapter 1864 Cleansing up the clouds
Chapter 1865: Intervening
Chapter 1866 It’s good
Chapter 1867 Change of Destiny
Chapter 1868: Transporting Books
Chapter 1869: Meeting by Destiny
Chapter 1870 Crushed to Death
Chapter 1871 My way will last forever
Chapter 1872 Heaven and Earth Favor
Chapter 1873: Things are booming
Chapter 1874: Stability and Change
Chapter 1875 The opportunity arrives
Chapter 1876 Immortality
Chapter 1877: Book from the Ground
Chapter 1878 The Spirit of Chaos
Chapter 1879 The Plate of Sinking
Chapter 1880 Qiongqi
Chapter 1881 The lotus falls
Chapter 1882 Bad Luck
Chapter 1883 Ten thousand roars
Chapter 1884 Chaos Catastrophe
Chapter 1885 The Supreme Taoist Master
Chapter 1886 The Head of the Era
Chapter 1887: Wonderful in form and spirit
Chapter 1888: They are all elixirs
Chapter 1889 Reincarnation of the Earth
Chapter 1890 Feng Shui Avenue
Chapter 1891 The Wonder of Heaven’s Heart
Chapter 1892 The sign of death has appeared
Chapter 1893 Preaching to the Heavens
Chapter 1894 The Frozen Demon from Ten Directions
Chapter 1895: The Supreme Being Appears to the World
Chapter 1896 Three Thousand Lotus Platforms
Chapter 1897 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers
Chapter 1898: Incarnation of God and Demon
Chapter 1899 The King of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1900 How to be innocent
Chapter 1901: Those who learn from me will survive
Chapter 1902 Dao Ran
Chapter 1903 Gatekeeper
Chapter 1904: Transformation of Heaven and Man
Chapter 1905: Ascension
Chapter 1906: Sacrifice to the Alchemy Valley
Chapter 1907 Bright Future
Chapter 1908 Three Wheels
Chapter 1909: Taoist Creation
Chapter 1910 Lord of the World
Chapter 1911: Human form resembles the shape of heaven
Chapter 1912 Five Qi Chaoyuan
Chapter 1913: Lead out
Chapter 1914 Shocking God
Chapter 1915: The Kingdom of Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand
Chapter 1916 Twilight
Chapter 1917 Heavenly Demon Palace
Chapter 1918 Six-pole Hunyuan
Chapter 1919 Banana Fan
Chapter 1920: Three Hundred Births and Deaths
Chapter 1921 Bai Chan
Chapter 1922: Digging Roots
Chapter 1923: Far-reaching plans
Chapter 1924 The momentum is rising
Chapter 1925 Tongxuan Lingbao
Chapter 1926: Rebirth from the Fire
Chapter 1927: Too much is not enough
Chapter 1928 Ninety-Nine Returns to One
Chapter 1929: Immortal Light
Chapter 1930: Doomed
Chapter 1931 The Demon's Nest
Chapter 1932 Bone Relics
Chapter 1933: Heaven Collapse
Chapter 1934: Disaster
Chapter 1935 I am the only one who can do it
Chapter 1936 Virtue is not worthy of its place
Chapter 1937: Walking through Time
Chapter 1938 Bigger Trouble
Chapter 1939 The Dark Side
Chapter 1940 Re-entering Reincarnation
Chapter 1941 Chaos Fairy City
Chapter 1942: Heaven bestows seal script
Chapter 1943: Borrowing chickens to lay eggs
Chapter 1944: Lord of Destiny
Chapter 1945 Time moves
Chapter 1946: Shocking Background
Chapter 1947: Taoist Master Zhouji
Chapter 1948: Ready to come out
Chapter 1949: Immediately Become a Buddha
Chapter 1950 Perfection
Chapter 1951: Willing to Give Up
Chapter 1952 The Four Demons
Chapter 1953: The Demon Lord of Freedom
Chapter 1954: Changes in the Five Qi
Chapter 1955 Two Immortals
Chapter 1956 The Dao Code of the Era
Chapter 1957 Changes in Chaos
Chapter 1958 Hunting
Chapter 1959 The Lord of Dissociation
Chapter 1960: Awakening from Destruction
Chapter 1961 Fellow Taoist Stays
Chapter 1962 Everything in one breath
Chapter 1963 Entering the Furnace
Chapter 1964 Erosion
Chapter 1965: Seizing the Way
Chapter 1966: Development
Chapter 1967: Drive it for profit
Chapter 1968 ZTE
Chapter 1969 Nineteen Changes
Chapter 1970 Immortal Golden Pill
Chapter 1971: Coming out of nowhere
Chapter 1972 Shackles of Fate
Chapter 1973 Seeking for Nothing
Chapter 1974: Cultivation of Life
Chapter 1975 Ascension
Chapter 1976 Fairy World
Chapter 1977: Comparison
Chapter 1978 Boundary Map
Chapter 1979: Number One in the Heavens
Chapter 1980 The Embryo of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1981 Lord of the Stars
Chapter 1982: Covering the Star Sea
Chapter 1983 Four Spiritual Gods
Chapter 1984 The Return of the Three Buddhas
Chapter 1985 The Change of Water and Fire
Chapter 1986 Respectfully Invite Taiyin
Chapter 1987 The Moon Rising from the East China Sea
Chapter 1988 Black and White Fairy
Chapter 1989 Six Demons Combined
Chapter 1990 The finishing touch
Chapter 1991: Refining Qi and Becoming God
Chapter 1992: Dragon and tiger perch
Chapter 1993 Temperature
Chapter 1994 Planting Green Lotus
Chapter 1995 The Fruit of Immortality
Chapter 1996 Escape
Chapter 1997: Body and Spirit
Chapter 1998 The Supreme Refiner
Chapter 1999 Dream Lord
Chapter 2000 Taixuan
Chapter 2001 Entering the Customs