Chapter 218: Fighting rabbits with straw, killing the second child (additional update 45)

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Faced with the urging of the master of the Mingxin Pavilion of the Soul Controlling Domain, Meng Zhou's first reply to him was rather vague in meaning, but his attitude was sincere, and the purpose was just to temporarily stabilize the other party.

Because he was trying to digest Yan Zhuang's memory at that time, and his cultivation had reached a very critical period, which was still the critical threshold from the early to the middle stage of forming pills, he really didn't have the time to pay attention to Yu Qiao's affairs at that time.


But since the other party took the initiative to get involved, he had no reason to push the person away, so he replied with a sincere but vague reply, leaving the other party hanging for the time being.

Later, two new Dan-Jie practitioners appeared in Sanchuan Plain. After receiving an invitation to the Double-Jie Dan Festival, Meng Zhou remembered old things.

And as this matter spread rapidly within the Qingxuan Territory, Meng Zhou believed that Yu Qiao, who had been paying attention to the changes in the Sanchuan Plain, must have known about it immediately.

So, he took the opportunity to send a more clear reply.

The general idea is that the task I have done has been completed, but considering that the Double Knot Dan Festival is about to be held again in Sanchuanyuan, it is the time when the limelight is at its peak and attracts the attention of the entire Qingxuan Domain, including the Qingxuan Sect.

In order not to be involved, he decided to wait until the wind passed before transferring the results of the mission.

The reason was given clearly.

After receiving the message from the Master of the Mingxin Pavilion of the Soul Controlling Domain, Meng Zhou already understood that the person who actually issued this task had almost lost his patience, so he sent a message to the Master of the Mingxin Pavilion of the Soul Controlling Domain to urge him.


But Meng Zhou didn't expect that the other party would be so eager.

In this case, there is no reason to keep guests waiting for a long time.

However, neither Meng Zhou nor "Song Yang" showed any abnormality and continued to return to their respective caves.

Returning to the cave was not entirely to deceive others, but there was indeed one thing to do.

A dark-colored spiritual lotus seed appeared in Meng Zhou's hand, which was one of the dozens of third-level, middle and lower-grade spiritual seeds collected by the Blue Blood Army for him.

After about a cup of tea, and after consuming a total of seventeen drops of the third-level low-grade Green Lotus Sword Marrow, this spiritual lotus completed the accumulation of the third-level low-grade, advanced to the third-order mid-grade, and was completely mature.

Lotus seeds, lotus pods, lotus leaves, stems, poles...

Everything you see is inky black, purer than the black of this night.

Third-level middle-grade spiritual lotus, Qi-transforming black lotus.

After transforming this spiritual lotus into the body of a spiritual lotus, the two clones of the Ice Heart Blood Lotus "Song Yang" and the Earth Spirit Lotus "Zhuang Sheng" quietly emerged from the ground beside them.

Meng Zhou took out the divine soul clones that were integrated into the two spiritual lotus bodies, scattered their internal thoughts, and then reassembled them into a ball of divine soul clones.

Meng Zhou injected various thoughts related to "Song Yang" into this newly made soul clone.

After accomplishing all this, Meng Zhou injected the avatar of the divine soul into the spirit body of the transformed Qi Black Lotus.

Soon, a "Song Yang" with a third-level mid-level quality and a mid-level pill-forming strength appeared in front of Meng Zhou.

Looking at "Song Yang" standing in front of him with a smile, Meng Zhou shot out an extremely cold ray with a flick of his finger.

When a line of white extreme cold rays hit "Song Yang", a circle of extremely cold freezing power quickly spread to its entire body with its contact surface as the center.

Just when his entire body was about to be frozen, layers of strange power spread out from "Song Yang"'s body.

Soon, the freezing power brought by this extremely cold ray quickly dissipated until there was no trace left.

Then, Meng Zhou tried a variety of magic methods, including thunder and fire spells, which are good at attacking and killing. After hitting "Song Yang"'s body, the power was reduced by at least 70% to 80%.

This magical effect comes from the characteristics of the "Qi Transformation Black Lotus" itself.

For most monks, the Qi Black Lotus clone with such characteristics is far more difficult to control than the Earth Spirit Golden Lotus clone.

After some testing, Meng Zhou nodded with satisfaction.

"Set off."

Soon, "Song Yang" who had transformed into a black lotus, and Meng Zhou escaped together and left the cave, sneaking out of the core inner city area.

Although, after the collision with Yanzhuang, Yulingzong Yuqiao could no longer make him feel the pressure.

But Meng Zhou would not take this contact lightly because of this.

Strategically, despise the enemy, and tactically, attach importance to the enemy.

Arrogance is the greatest enemy.

Therefore, even though Meng Zhou didn't feel that Yu Qiao could pose much of a threat to him, he still dealt with it with the most serious and rigorous attitude.

Meng Zhou and "Song Yang" sneaked out of the core area of ​​Sanchuan Plain and arrived at a remote place nearly a thousand miles away from Sanchuan City.

Here, the spiritual energy is very thin, and it is no longer evenly spread on the earth.

The spiritual lands are like those ultra-small and miniature spiritual lands on the banks of the Baijiang River, distributed in a dotted pattern.

Meng Zhou used Five Elements Escape to hide on the side and never showed up.

At this time, "Song Yang" had randomly changed into a completely unfamiliar appearance, appeared far away, and walked towards this side unhurriedly.

After arriving at this location, "Song Yang" looked around and found no one in sight.

After waiting, "Song Yang" sent a message.

After this mana message left "Song Yang", it strangely circled around "Song Yang" twice, as if trying to identify its direction.

Then, it aimed in a certain direction and shot out.

After sending the magic message, "Song Yang" continued to wait quietly.

And Meng Zhou, who used Five Elements Escape to lurk far away, discovered something strange.

Shortly after "Song Yang" sent the message, in "Song Yang's" field of vision, the surrounding wilderness was still empty, but in Meng Zhou's perception, which was integrated with the earth, he discovered that there was a strange aura coming from somewhere.

came from deep within the strata in the direction.

After the strange aura approached "Song Yang", it didn't rush to show up. Instead, it circled around him twice, seeming to be investigating, analyzing, and making judgments.

Meng Zhou's mood immediately rose, and he also had a guess in his mind: "Escape?"

Meng Zhou watched coldly as the other party quietly circled in the ground under "Song Yang"'s feet, but "Song Yang" was ignorant of this and was still waiting, and as time passed, his patience gradually faded away.

"Fuck, are you kidding me?!"

"Song Yang" spit on the open ground, turned around and left.

Suddenly, "Song Yang" who was about to leave froze in place.

Because right in front of his sight, an khaki-colored mouse that was more than ten meters tall quietly "floated" up from the ground.

"Earth-walking rat." "Song Yang"'s eyes narrowed.

At this moment, a human head poked out between the head and neck of the ground rat.

This person is none other than Yu Qiao.

The next moment, Yu Qiao jumped down from the rat seat, and the earth-walking rat disappeared on the spot and was put into the animal bag by him.

When he landed lightly, he had already appeared in front of "Song Yang". He grinned and said:

"Where's the stuff?"

"Song Yang" was silent for a moment, then he had an extra jade slip in his hand and said in a deep voice:

"All the information you need is in there."

With that said, "he" threw the jade slip towards Yuqiao.

Yu Qiao stretched out his hand to catch the jade slip, and was about to scan it with his consciousness to investigate. He saw that the other party had turned around and was about to leave. His eyes moved, and his attention temporarily shifted from the jade slip in his hand to the man in front of him, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

With a joking smile, "Wait."

His shout not only stopped "Song Yang" in his tracks, but also stopped Meng Zhou who was secretly preparing to take action.

"Song Yang" heard this, turned to look at Yu Qiao, and asked in a lukewarm tone: "What's the matter?"

Yu Qiao looked at him, took two steps forward with interest, stood not far in front of "Song Yang" again, and said softly:

"Are you the master of Mingxin Pavilion here?"

"Song Yang" heard this, his eyes narrowed, he took two steps back and said in a deep voice:

"If you request to see our Pavilion Master, I can arrange it on your behalf, but please don't make such a joke."

Yu Qiao smiled and shook his head:

"Don't make excuses. Although you disguised yourself so cleverly that I didn't see any flaws for a while, I don't believe you dare to let others do this for you!"

"Song Yang" was silent.

"It seems that my guess was correct."

"Song Yang" was stunned for a moment, then suddenly raised his head and looked at Yu Qiao, "Are you deceiving me?"

Seeing his expression, Yu Qiao smiled even more proudly.

"I heard that Qingxuanyu Mingxin Pavilion has developed very well in recent years, so you should have caught up with this opportunity and achieved elixir formation, right?" Yu Qiao continued.

"What exactly do you want to do?" "Song Yang" asked in a deep voice.

Yu Qiao did not answer, but continued:

"The fact that you can come here so quickly means that you live in Sanchuanyuan. So, who are you? Cao Lie? Song Yang?"

"Song Yang" stopped talking, his eyes were gloomy but seemed to be dripping with water.

"Of course, it could also be someone from Jade Lake who came to participate in the Dan Dan Festival... But it doesn't matter. How many casual cultivators are there in the Qingxuan Domain?

As long as you use your mind a little bit, are you afraid that you won't show your true colors?

The disguise you think you’re hiding is actually of little use!”

"Song Yang" stared at him and said slowly:

"If you don't explain yourself, I won't accompany you anymore!"

As he said that, he looked at the other party warily, as if he was afraid that the other party would get violent and take action.

Although, this possibility is not high.

Because what happened in the Gray Mist Mountains has proven that the Qingxuan Sect will respond immediately to the outbreak of a battle at the level of pill formation in the Qingxuan Domain.

Even if Yu Qiao's cultivation level exceeds "him", it is impossible for Yu Qiao to suddenly succeed when "he" is on guard.

Not only that, this will also attract the attention of Qingxuan Sect.

And "he" knew very well that Yu Qiao had another target for sneaking into Sanchuan Yuan this time.

With only one chance to take action, this person cannot be so unwise as to waste the opportunity on himself.

Everything can be done once or twice, and if Yu Qiao can't succeed this time, then he really won't have another chance.

This is something both parties know very well, and it is precisely because of this that "Song Yang" dares to meet Yu Qiao, whose cultivation level far exceeds his own.

"Okay, then I'll explain it."

Yu Qiao really had no intention of taking action. He just stared at "Song Yang" and said in an unquestionable tone:

"From now on, you do things for me."

The two of them are of the same height, so logically speaking, his eyes should be at eye level.

But at this moment, his eyes, combined with his tone and demeanor, gave people the feeling of looking down.

It was as if he was telling a servant, "Come, kneel down and lick my toes."

It's just so natural and bossy.

"Song Yang" was obviously also very angry at his words.

"You, why?

Is it because of your big face?!"

There was no trace of politeness in "Song Yang's" words.

Being spit on in person, Yu Qiao was not annoyed, but smiled instead.

"I rely on this."

As he spoke, he held a jade slip in his hand and waved it in front of "Song Yang".

And this jade slip was the one "Song Yang" threw to him just now.

When "Song Yang" saw this, his eyes suddenly froze and his pupils shrank uncontrollably.

Yu Qiao said slowly:

"Tell me, if the Qingxuan Sect, or even other casual cultivators in the Qingxuan Region, knew that you, the master of the Mingxin Pavilion, was cheating on others, colluding with outsiders, peeking into the secrets of the Qingxuan Sect, and plotting to form the elixir of the Qingxuan Region, would they?

Tore you alive?"

Saying that, Yu Qiao clicked his tongue and shook his head:

"Eating from the pot and smashing the pot at the same time, this kind of person is always the most hateful."

"Song Yang's" expression changed drastically, as if he had knocked over a dye vat, and all kinds of colors were turned over for a while.

" were setting a trap on me from the beginning?

Your target is not ‘Ge Ping’, but me?”

Having said this, "Song Yang" narrowed his eyes and seemed to think of more things.

"So, the master of the Mingxin Pavilion of the Soul Controlling Domain has long been your vassal puppet. This time, he is cooperating with you to set a trap on me?!"

Yu Qiao looked at the wonderful changes in his expression and smiled reservedly, but his expression could not hide his pride.

He also very considerately explained "Song Yang"'s doubts:

"You can't say that, 'Ge Ping' is also my goal, there is no conflict, right?

It’s rare for me to spend so much time on one thing. If I don’t take the opportunity to make more money, wouldn’t I have been working in vain these past few years?”

As he said that, he looked at the Master of Mingxin Pavilion who had his head drooped and was silent, looking "downcast", and said with relief:

"Don't feel like you're at a disadvantage, I promise, with my support, Mingxin Pavilion will only develop better and better.

Don't worry that I will use you and Mingxinge as cannon fodder.

To be honest, with the little combat power you have now, you are still not qualified to be cannon fodder."

These few words of relief are so thoughtful and thoughtful.

If the master of Mingxin Pavilion is really here, it will be enough to dispel many of his worries.

At this moment, Yu Qiao saw that the Mingxin Pavilion Master, who was "downcast" and silent, suddenly raised his head, looked at him calmly, shook his head and sighed:

"You really can't underestimate anyone."

Yu Qiao smiled softly and subconsciously regarded these words as a compliment to himself.

But the next moment, his smile that just appeared was sluggish, because the expression of the master of Mingxin Pavilion was too calm, which was not in line with the behavior he should perform at this moment.


The next moment, he saw the Master of Mingxin Pavilion striding towards him, reaching out to half embrace and half hold him under his arms.

Yu Qiao subconsciously wanted to scold and break away, but then he realized that his soul seemed to be sealed in amber condensed like moonlight.

The connection between consciousness and body is completely cut off.

He can see everything outside, but he is completely powerless about it all. He can only be a spectator who has nothing to do with himself.

He clearly saw that the Master of Mingxin Pavilion was holding him and sinking into the ground.

His mastery of earth escape is actually more proficient than the spiritual beast he controls, the "Earth Walking Rat".

Seeing his body being wrapped and submerged by the boundless earth, Yu Qiao felt unprecedented panic in his heart.

"This is not the Master of Mingxin Pavilion!"

"The person who can subdue me so quietly must not be the Master of Mingxin Pavilion!"

"Who is this person?"

In fear and despair, Yu Qiao finally remembered that he was now standing on the land of Qingxuan Domain.

At this moment, he had an unprecedented desire for Qingxuan Sect to fulfill his duties as the master of Qingxuan Domain.

"Come and save me, who can come... Gududu..."

The world became silent and dark, as if there was nothing else but myself.

When light appeared in front of his eyes again, Yu Qiao found that he was already in a quiet room. The "Master of the Mingxin Pavilion" who had brought him all the way here threw him casually on the stone couch in the quiet room.

At this moment, Yu Qiao discovered that the moonlight that sealed his soul like amber suddenly loosened a little.

Although he was unable to regain contact with his body, he could barely convey his thoughts.

"Senior, I am blind and blind, and I bumped into you. We can discuss everything easily...ah..."

Yu Qiao, who was begging for mercy, let out a scream, and he felt like his soul was being sucked away.

That kind of pain cannot be truly understood unless you feel it yourself.

This pain is like an inverted beard on a nail. It looks like an inconspicuous strand, but if it is torn off, it can bring intense pain to the person.

The situation of the thread-pulling in the soul is similar, but the pain is hundreds of times more than the physical pain.

"Ah...hiss~~Senior, senior, you are the senior of the Lihen Divine Sect? We are our own people, senior..."

From the other party's methods, he discovered that the other party's true identity was a member of the Lihen Demon Sect, and he was still using the soul-pulling technique on him. Yu Qiao, who originally had a strong desire to survive, suddenly became conflicted.

On the one hand, he wants to live.

Nonsense, as a true successor of the Ling Yu Sect who still has a bright future, who would want to die if nothing happens.

But on the other hand, he hoped that he would die quickly.

Because the Lihen Cult's ability to manipulate people's souls is really well-known.

Suddenly falling into such a situation, the rational Yu Qiao actually knew that his final outcome would probably be death.

With his thoughts racing, he had already guessed a possibility.

"Just like the Mingxin Pavilion in the Yuling Domain has actually become a puppet of the Yuling Sect, the Mingxin Pavilion in the Qingxuan Domain has probably been parasitized by the Lihen Sect."

"I thought I was smart, so I hugged the grass and hit the rabbit, but I kicked the snake in the mouth."

For the first time, Yu Qiao felt regret for his "smartness".

At this moment, Yu Qiao was surprised to find that the movement of taking away his soul suddenly stopped.

Immediately afterwards, a strange power covered the painful and unbearable soul trauma.

Then, as this strange power spread, the excruciating pain in his soul gradually eased and got better.

"This is... the soul healing technique?"

Yu Qiao was shocked and couldn't understand what was happening.

But this did not hinder the ecstasy in his heart. He was saved? Can he not die?

"Senior, senior, I have many secrets, I will tell you now, I will tell you all..."

Yu Qiao couldn't wait to seize this opportunity that was likely to be fleeting. He didn't dare to hesitate at all and wanted to immediately dig out his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys to show his honesty and selflessness.

But just when he was about to show his sincerity and treat others with sincerity, suddenly, he was once again overwhelmed by the severe pain like the boundless waves.

Leave no gaps.

His soul was once again extracted using the soul-pulling technique.


The next moment, another strange force covered the soul, the pain slowly eased, and the pain in the soul was healed.

"Why... why..."

At this moment, Yu Qiao no longer had any joy, only confusion.

But soon, this unnecessary emotion was completely submerged by another sea of ​​pain.

When his consciousness returned to clarity after another spiritual healing, Yu Qiao no longer had joy or confusion, only endless fear.

He thought of a possibility.

Subsequent changes also confirmed his guess.

His soul, which seemed to be sealed in the moonlight like amber, was extracted over and over again, and then healed over and over again.

No matter what he said, begging, cursing, begging for a quick death...

All attempts were made in vain, and no response was obtained.

The person behind it seemed to be so cold that he had no emotion at all. From the beginning to the end, there was not even a slight change in the rhythm.

It cannot be said that there are no changes at all. The method of treating the soul will become more skillful every once in a while.

"This...could it be that you are trying out a new method with me?"

"So... such cruel thoughts..."

And this was Yu Qiao's last clear thought before his self-consciousness was completely confused.

At this moment, even though Yu Qiao's soul has been pulled back in time by the Soul Resurrection Technique after being "pulled to the soul", it looks like cracked porcelain that has been repaired over and over again.

But Meng Zhou discovered that this kind of healing could not continue indefinitely.

The trauma to his soul has been cured, but the damage caused by the extreme pain to Yu Qiao cannot really be written off and treated as if it never happened.

His self-awareness and self-understanding slowly and gradually collapsed and disintegrated under this repetition over and over again.

In the beginning, this speed was very slow.

But later on, the speed becomes faster.

Moreover, the Soul Drawing Technique is different from ordinary soul attacks. Each time the soul is drawn, it not only brings trauma on the level of the soul, but also forcibly takes away part of the memory, causing permanent loss.

These deficiencies will make Yu Qiao's self-perception gradually become incomplete and increasingly incomplete.

Eventually, I completely forget who I am.

And during this process, Yu Qiao's soul became more and more illusory, more and more ethereal, and increasingly unable to match the soul of a monk at the fifth level of pill formation.

Yes, Yu Qiao has the cultivation level of the fifth level of pill formation.

Back then, when he rode a giant bird spirit puppet to attack his and Ding Ning's pill-forming celebration, his cultivation was still at the peak of the fourth-level pill-forming. The fifth-level pill-forming step had only been taken in the past two years.

As a third-generation disciple who is on par with the Yuan generation monks of the Qingxuan Sect, with such achievements, he is the best among his peers and the most respected by the sect.

However, Meng Zhou was more concerned about the changes in Yu Qiao's soul at this moment.

Seeing that as Yu Qiao's self-perception became more and more confusing, and the quality of his soul became worse and worse, Meng Zhou naturally came to an inference:

"Will the strength of the soul be affected by self-awareness?"

"Could it be that the same cultivation strength, self-perception as an invincible strongman, and self-perception as a loser, will ultimately lead to obvious differences in the strength of the soul?"

At first, Meng Zhou felt it was a bit outrageous.

Although he is also cultivating immortality, his thinking is more materialistic.

Even if you are cultivating immortality, you must abide by the conservation of energy, right?

There is no power that comes out of thin air, it always comes from somewhere.

But behind this inference is that when all external conditions are completely consistent (not only the external resources and environment, but also talent, understanding, effort level, etc.), some people will have more power than others.

Some people have more.

The reason is simply that they have a stronger and clearer understanding of themselves, while other people are more hazy and vague.

To simplify it a bit, isn't this just "I'm thinking, I can be stronger", then, I am really stronger.

This has broken away from the category of energy conservation as understood by Meng Zhou.

This is even more outrageous than being able to lift off the ground and fly into the sky by kicking off the left foot with the right foot.

"However, this is very cultivating."

Meng Zhou reflected on whether he believed in the concepts of his previous life too much.

In fact, in the final analysis, isn’t it just that “thoughts affect matter”?

Isn't it a basic operation for those legendary people with great supernatural powers to think of the sky full of snow and then the city of beacon fire?

To put it broadly, even Bai Zhi’s music and painting method is deeply involved in this aspect.

“There is a kind of person that the spiritual world holds in high esteem and does not hesitate to use many flattering words. The most commonly used words are ‘the heart of a pure child’ and ‘the son of destiny’.

In fact, to put it another way, these people are all patients with severe chuunibyou, and they all have a self-awareness that is so strong that they are not disturbed by the outside world at all.

They stubbornly believe that they are the protagonists of the world. If something goes wrong, their first reaction is never self-reflection, but a firm belief that 'I am not wrong, it is the world that is wrong'.

This mentality, which is completely incomprehensible and unreasonable to normal people, fits exactly this point.

Therefore, they often have small universe explosions, often explode seeds, break through desperate situations, and can often do things that other normal people cannot do.

Because in the face of a desperate situation, normal people know rationally that they can't do it.

But they still firmly believe that they can do it, and this is the difference."

Of course, not all middle school students can escape from despair. Compared with those who escape from despair again and again, more people will be buried.

But who pays attention to losers.

Of course, what everyone sees is the one who has gone the farthest and reached the end.

With this thought in his mind, he watched Yu Qiao's self-consciousness completely collapse, and his soul, so weak that it was like a bubble, could break at any time.

Meng Zhou's heart moved, and "Song Yang" who was sitting on the stone couch decisively stretched out a finger and pointed it at the center of Yu Qiao's eyebrows.

A force seeped in.

In an instant, the sea of ​​consciousness collapsed and the soul was shattered.

At the same time, a black mark appeared deep inside "Song Yang"'s body.

Different from the bloody mark in the Constellation Palace, this black mark is only limited to the level of the flesh and blood body, and does not show any abnormality at the level of the soul.

Seeing this, Meng Zhou couldn't help but shook his head in disappointment.

"Thankfully I made such sufficient preparations."

"Song Yang" stretched out his hands and pressed them on Yu Qiao's body. As the power of the Qi Transformation Black Lotus seeped in continuously, Yu Qiao's body began to dissolve rapidly, and finally returned to pure spiritual energy essence.

After doing all this, "Song Yang"'s figure flickered and seemed to disappear for a moment, but soon reappeared.

And in just this flash, "Song Yang" had already finished changing his clothes.

The "Song Yang" of the Qi Black Lotus transformed back into the "Song Yang" of the Ice Heart Blood Lotus.

As for the Qi-Transforming Black Lotus spirit body that had been stained with black marks, it was stored in the Five Yun Spirit Gourd by Meng Zhou.

Meng Zhou had no intention of destroying this "polluted" spiritual body. The third-level sect hundreds of thousands of miles away could no longer allow him to make such a sacrifice.

However, Meng Zhou was not arrogant enough to directly use this spiritual body to fish, and temporarily stored it in the Five Yun Spiritual Gourd.

As a third-level top-grade space equipment, its most basic function is to seal all the auras of stored items.

Even if the Spirit Controlling Sect monks were close at hand, as long as he didn't take out this spiritual body, they wouldn't have the slightest reaction.

Then, Meng Zhou divided the soul clone in Bingxin Blood Lotus into two again, letting "them" continue to be "Song Yang" and the other "Zhuang Sheng".

After doing all this, Meng Zhou returned to his cave.

Meng Zhou first checked the gains gained from brushing skills and experience this time.

Although this "one chaos, one rule" model cannot be repeated forever, it will collapse with the complete collapse of Yu Qiao's self-awareness.

But its effect exceeds the benefits that can be brought by the soul-pulling technique alone.

Although Yu Qiao's cultivation has reached the fifth level of Dan Jie, he is closer to the real Song Yang who has just entered Dan Jie and is closer than Yan Zhuang who is at the peak of the sixth level of Dan Jie.

But Meng Zhou discovered that in terms of soul quality alone, Yu Qiao was closer to Song Yang, but the gap between Yu Qiao and Yan Zhuang was actually wider.

"It is said that the Spirit Controlling Sect puts too much effort into controlling beasts and spirit puppets, but lacks highlights in the cultivation of spirit, energy and spirit. This is indeed true."

Under normal circumstances, Meng Zhou estimated that Yu Qiao could be knocked out of his soul seven hundred times by himself.

And because of the cooperation of the Soul Healing Technique, he was forced to extract the soul from Yuqiao's soul a thousand times.

And every time you draw the soul, you can gain one hundred experience points, and finally gained more than ninety thousand experience points.

The reason why it is not 100,000 points of experience is, of course, because with these experiences, the Soul Drawing Technique (Grandmaster 143,500/240,000) has successfully completed the accumulation of the Grandmaster level and advanced to the Perfection level.

However, the Soul Healing Technique did indeed gain a full 100,000 experience points.

Such a rich harvest allowed the Soul Healing Technique, which had just started, to directly complete the entry, first attainment, and three stages of minor attainment, and directly advance to the state of great attainment.

"The Soul Healing Technique is Completed 47,600/60,000"

"I really didn't expect that there would be such complicated involvement behind Yu Qiao."

All Yu Qiao's memories that were imported into the "Deduction World" have almost been archived at this moment.

Some important information has appeared in Meng Zhou's mind regularly.

Meng Zhou also understood that Yu Qiao also had a name, Qiao Yu.

"I wonder why he is so obsessed with Mikawahara."

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