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You are as rustic as the wind and as beautiful as the flowers

You are as rustic as the wind and as beautiful as the flowers

author:King Mumu

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-23 17:31

Latest chapter:Chapter 303: The wind and beauty

Two women with very different personalities and backgrounds met during a real estate transaction and became best friends. One of them is a real estate agent whose store is facing bankruptcy, and the other is a stay-at-home mother who is faced with whether to have three children. Each has different life difficulties. In the process of breaking the situation, they experienced growth and transformation, revealing the style and value of women in the new era.

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《You are as rustic as the wind and as beautiful as the flowers》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 303: The wind and beauty
Chapter 302 It’s great to have you
Chapter 301 Still familiar
Chapter 300: Only self-crossing
Chapter 299: Being followed and photographed
Chapter 298 Dream Metaphor
Chapter 297: Acting and pretending to be true
Chapter 296 Returning to Hometown
Chapter 295 How clever
《You are as rustic as the wind and as beautiful as the flowers》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 On the blind date
Chapter 2 Another weird thing
Chapter 3 Fishing and Shopping
Chapter 4 Go back and grab the order
Chapter 5 Beauty Visits the Store
Chapter Six Top Atmosphere
Chapter 7 Full-time wife
Chapter 8 Seeing the big villa
Chapter 9 Something’s wrong with Amei
Chapter 10 No way to refuse
Chapter 11 Daughter’s Weakness
Chapter 12 Nightclub Lettuce
Chapter 13 As expected of you
Chapter 14 This makeup is so thick
Chapter 15 White Rose Boudoir
Chapter 16 Breakfast together
Chapter 17 The Moment of Empathy
Chapter 18 Enemies gather together
Chapter 19 Mother-in-law comes to visit
Chapter 20 The Dilemma of Three Pregnancies
Chapter 21 Conformity and Violation
【Single Chapter】Talking about Goddess’ Day
Chapter 22 The store manager takes office
Chapter 23: Drawing cakes to show goodwill
Chapter 24 Play a game
Chapter 25 Sheniu attacks
Chapter 26: Jianghu Woman
Chapter 27 Women’s Logic
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Chapter 28 Take the initiative (Silver League M Pig)
Chapter 29 Swimsuit Party (Silver Alliance M Pig)
Chapter 30 Two girls have a date
Chapter 31 Preparation for Double Beauty
Chapter 32 The wind blows when flowers gather
Chapter 33 Rehearsal Night
Chapter 34 Four Flower Languages
Chapter 35: Colorful Fallen Heroes
Chapter 36 Please have a midnight snack
Chapter 37 Another reversal
Chapter 38 Escape from the tiger’s mouth
Chapter 39 Swimsuit Moods
Chapter 40 Coming soon
Chapter 41 Senior Party
Chapter 42: Sharing beauty with each other
Chapter 43 Swimsuit Blind Box
Chapter 44: Hold it for me
Chapter 45 The highest ceiling
Chapter 46 Money is a knife-edge
Chapter 47: Confession
Chapter 48: Inquiring into secrets
Chapter 49 The scene is out of control
Chapter 50: Stay calm in times of crisis
Chapter 51 Healing Cake
Chapter 52: Giving Up Three Pregnancies
Chapter 53 Review Summary
Chapter 54 Preparing for Investigation
Chapter 55 The grace of not sleeping
Chapter 56 Wine Tasting on the Terrace
Chapter 57 Passionate
Chapter 58 Encounter again
Chapter 59: Not knowing what is good and what is evil
Chapter 60 The downtrodden director
Chapter 61: Sympathizing with each other
Chapter 62 Traffic Password
Chapter 63: Astrology Match
Chapter 64 Goal Orientation
Chapter 65: Monday War
Chapter 66: Disregarding causes and focusing on effects
Chapter 67 Writing a Check
Chapter 68: It’s hard to deal with broken things
Chapter 69: Refuse to Involve
Chapter 70 Beautiful Heartbeat
Chapter 71 The scumbag’s quick success
Chapter 72 Full of energy
Chapter 73: Follow the plan
Chapter 74 At Zhou Ya’s house
Chapter 75: Armpit
Chapter 76 Let’s have lunch first
Chapter 77 Confirmed
Chapter 78 Beauty out on the street
Chapter 79 Shuangmei and others
Chapter 80 The atmosphere is harmonious
Chapter 81 Reversal Design
Chapter 82 The best in literature and art
Chapter 83 Jiuqu Ileum
Chapter 84: Expectations
Chapter 85 Special thanks
Chapter 86 In return
Chapter 87 Eucalyptus leaves
Chapter 88 The three girls return home
Chapter 89 True feelings revealed
Chapter 90 There is a script
Chapter 91 Perfect Relationship
Chapter 92 Red Flowers and Green Leaves
Chapter 93 A brief taste of bird food
Chapter 94 The Essence of Pretending
Chapter 95 Desktop Yoga
Chapter 96: Following
Chapter 98 After the storm
Chapter 99: Forced Promise
Chapter 100 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 101 Tell a secret
Chapter 102 Just treat it like a melon
Chapter 103: Tips
Chapter 104: Counterinsurgency Plan
Chapter 105: Rejecting others thousands of miles away
Chapter 106: Snitching
Chapter 107: Do me a little favor
Chapter 108 Half a day and half a thousand
Chapter 109: Taking the blame
Chapter 110 Positive Meaning
Chapter 111 The most deadly
Chapter 112 A heart-warming dinner
Chapter 113 The girl group goes out on the street
Chapter 114 Like a nymphomaniac
Chapter 115: Call you brother-in-law
Chapter 116 Brother-in-law Tiancai
Chapter 117: Raising the price from the ground up
Chapter 118: Terror on the Road
Chapter 119 Bohemia
Chapter 120: Tips
Chapter 121 Lin Miao comes to visit
Chapter 122 Site Survey Night Chat
Chapter 123 Dream Library Elements
Chapter 124 Preparations
Chapter 125 Double the happiness
Chapter 126 Freedom
Chapter 127 Who goes to wash first?
Chapter 128: Consciously playing jungle
Chapter 129 Money Spends the Blade
Chapter 130: Turn on the terrace
Chapter 131 Symbolic Art
Chapter 132: Restless
Chapter 133 The express delivery is here
Chapter 134 Meeting again
Chapter 135 Identity Revealed
Chapter 136: Cooperation turns for the better
Chapter 137 The key rescue
Chapter 138 Free rent
Chapter 139 Dark and numb
Chapter 140 The box is exposed
Chapter 141: Hunting cattle across the mountain
Chapter 142 The Self-Trapped Man
Chapter 143: Shared interests
Chapter 144: Neptune’s Methods
Chapter 145 Emotional relief
Chapter 146 Business Minimalism
Chapter 147 Hiding in a dark room
Chapter 148 Lack of love backfires
Chapter 149 Live-in Doll
Chapter 150 Emerging Professions
Chapter 151 Private chat between two beauties
Chapter 152: Call for Reheat
Chapter 153: Discuss and start a business together
Chapter 154 Negotiating a name
Chapter 155 Beautiful, beautiful
Chapter 156 Departure from Simei
Chapter 157 Papaya Stewed Swallow
Chapter 158 The Du Family’s Purpose
Chapter 159 Executive Lounge
Chapter 160 Business Negotiation
Chapter 161: No distractions
Chapter 162 Final Decision
Chapter 163 Elegant Output
Chapter 164 Diamond-Encrusted Male Ticket
Chapter 165: Put yourself in someone else’s shoes
Chapter 166: Time to Resign
Chapter 167 The last day
Chapter 168 Welcome to the first order
Chapter 169: Come to work
Chapter 170: Looking, hearing and asking
Chapter 171 Self-learning ability
Chapter 172: Have a good vision
Chapter 173 Beautiful Moments
Chapter 174 The best boyfriend
Chapter 175 Professional Habits
Chapter 176: Entrepreneur Says
Chapter 177: Disagreement to see off guests
Chapter 178 Eat papaya again
Chapter 179: Best friend’s persuasion
Chapter 180 Delivery Plan
Chapter 181: Eye to eye
Chapter 182 Script Trap
Chapter 183 That’s right
Chapter 184 Motivating each other
Chapter 185 Details are fatal
Chapter 186: Having a plan in mind
Chapter 187 Enough is Enough
Chapter 188 Digital White Rose
Chapter 189 Virtuous Circle
Chapter 190 The turning point of the first single
Chapter 191: Stop loss immediately
Chapter 192 Still celebrating
Chapter 193: A sudden uproar
Chapter 194 The Whining of the Wind
Chapter 195 Major Decision
Chapter 196: Natural Luck
Chapter 197 Final Thoughts
Chapter 198 Gathering into Poetry
Chapter 199 Dandelion Flying
Chapter 200 Going to see the house
Chapter 201 Caught off guard
Chapter 202: Make a decision on the spot
Chapter 203 Closed-door meeting
Chapter 204 Top Canopy
Chapter 205 Signing the Contract
Chapter 206 Door-to-door business
Chapter 207 Tell Mom
Chapter 208: Joy falls from heaven
Chapter 209 A lot of trouble
Chapter 210 The future is promising
Chapter 211: Show off on the return trip
Chapter 212: Breasts are fierce and milk is fierce
Chapter 213 The mysterious man
Chapter 214 The Second Breakup
Chapter 215: Calm down the incident
Chapter 216 Don’t whip the corpse
Chapter 217 Daiyu buries flowers
Chapter 218 Heading east and west
Chapter 219 Creating Trends
Chapter 220: Enlightenment
Chapter 221: Go take photos of the sunrise
Chapter 222: Dealing with Love Rival
Chapter 223: Good Luck at the Head
Chapter 224: Don’t mean what you say
Chapter 225: Alliance of Scumbags
Chapter 226: Mutual output
Chapter 227 Three 'scum' in the same frame
Chapter 228: Complaint Conference
Chapter 229: Master of Strategy
Chapter 230 Outstanding
Chapter 231: Opening the Road to Hot Products
Chapter 232 Golden Bread
Chapter 233 Healing Output
Chapter 234 That Man
Chapter 235 The police are coming
Chapter 236 Deja Vu
Chapter 237 Found a treasure
Chapter 238 Award Speech
Chapter 239 Eating Crayfish
Chapter 240: Best friend is single
Chapter 241 Tiantuan leaked secrets
Chapter 242 Taking advantage of the opportunity
Chapter 243 Night Rain Watch
Chapter 244: Expert advice
Chapter 245 Living in the present
Chapter 246 Literary Gene
Chapter 247 Beautiful and scumbag alliance
Chapter 248: Taking it into consideration
Chapter 249 Mr. Movie King
Chapter 250 Double self-media
Chapter 251 No trace revealed
Chapter 252 The competition begins
Chapter 253 More and more elegant
Chapter 254 Pretending to be a pig and eating the tiger
Chapter 255 Second Growth
Chapter 256: Laughing and weeping
Chapter 257 Whispering
Chapter 258: Seen the World
Chapter 259 A new exploration of an old store
Chapter 260: Good Words
Chapter 261 River Walk
Chapter 262 A misunderstanding
Chapter 263 What the mother said
Chapter 264 Immediate reaction
Chapter 265: Night of Flowing
Chapter 266 Positive Empowerment
Chapter 267 This is not bad
Chapter 268 Talking about business
Chapter 269 Appetizer time
Chapter 270 Map Adventure
Chapter 271 Finally proposed marriage
Chapter 272: Being Recognized
Chapter 273 Ru Ru doesn’t move
Chapter 274 Reasonable
Chapter 275: Contentment
Chapter 276 God rewards rice
Chapter 277: Stay rational
Chapter 278 Grand Opening
Chapter 279 Looking forward to it
Chapter 280 Visible to the naked eye
Chapter 281 You are beautiful
Chapter 282: One-on-one confrontation
Chapter 283: Register to show off your power
Chapter 284 A stroke of genius
Chapter 285 The white rose disappears
Chapter 286 Why bother?
Chapter 287 Looking around
Chapter 288 Dancing in the Wind
Chapter 289: Heart as Rock
Chapter 290: Fragrance is hard to find
Chapter 291 New clues
Chapter 292: Looking for Mom
Chapter 293 Listen to her mother
Chapter 294: In awe
Chapter 295 How clever
Chapter 296 Returning to Hometown
Chapter 297: Acting and pretending to be true
Chapter 298 Dream Metaphor
Chapter 299: Being followed and photographed
Chapter 300: Only self-crossing
Chapter 301 Still familiar
Chapter 302 It’s great to have you
Chapter 303: The wind and beauty