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Choose a day to soar

Choose a day to soar

author:Home pig

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Latest chapter:Chapter 968: The Original Dow Jones Index

As a snake catcher, Xu Ying has been doing his job honestly and diligently, until one day, he caught a different snake...

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《Choose a day to soar》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 968: The Original Dow Jones Index
Chapter 967 Tianzun
Chapter 966: Brother Tao
Chapter 965: Old Friend of Yimeng
Chapter 964: Lord of the Sea of ??Chaos
Chapter 963 Yuxu Tianzun
Chapter 962 Strange Road
Chapter 961 The Sea of ??Chaos in Life
Chapter 960: Humanity
《Choose a day to soar》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 A new edition of 'The Snake Catcher'
Chapter 2 Anger against Heaven
Chapter 3 The God Killer, Xu Ying
Chapter 4 The Six Secrets of the Human Body
Chapter 5 The Art of Wu Nuo
Chapter 6 The Three Generations of Silly Practitioners
Chapter 7 The Nei River Diversion Incident
Chapter 8 The coffin in the well, the god outside the temple
Chapter 9: Demonic nature is difficult to tame, but human nature has not been lost
Chapter 10 Touching Porcelain
Chapter 11 The Realm of Xiyi
Chapter 12: Get rid of evil spirits and become the original element, the divine body of the Elephant King
Chapter Thirteen Huang Tianpu Conferred God
Chapter 14 Provocation of the government
Chapter 15 Xu Dashanren
Chapter 16 The Secret Realm of the Human Body, the Black Iron Entrance
Chapter 17 Invasion of the Underworld
Chapter 18 Looking Back at Xiangxiangtai
Chapter 19 Naihe Bridge, Meng Po Soup
Chapter 20 Immortal Immortals
Chapter 21 The Mysterious Source
Chapter 22 The Snake Catcher Three Hundred Years Ago
Chapter 23: Be unique and different from the world
Chapter 24 My Way is Not Alone
Chapter 25: Hidden scenes can be hidden for longevity
Chapter 26: Promise to Send the God of Plague
Chapter 27 A strong wind blew up one night, and fish and dragons danced
Chapter 28 The Seven Transformations of Anhui
Chapter 29 Sunrise in the temple from the fairy mountain
Chapter 30 The Universe in the Temple
Chapter 31 Breaking the World with a Sword
Chapter 32: Is this Meng Po soup watered down?
Chapter 33: This fairy world is ominous
Chapter 34 If you follow the rules, you will be ordinary; if you go against them, you will be immortal.
Chapter 35 Nuo Master's Mask
Chapter thirty-six ghosts and ghosts
Chapter 37 The highlight of the snake demon
Chapter 38: A series of ghost stories
Chapter Thirty-Nine Bone Beating God
Chapter 40 Xu Gongzi, please drink tea
Chapter 41: Light Field Planting Road
Chapter 42 The beginning of chaos, the opening of Niwan Tian
Chapter 43: There are things in the ground as big as mountains
Chapter 44 Nuo Technique: Sprinkle Beans and Become a Soldier
Chapter 45
Chapter 46: Willows and Dark Flowers explain the reason
Chapter 47: Behind the scenes, the hands are too fragrant
Chapter 48 The Book of Immortals
Chapter 49 Is he still saved?
Chapter 50 Yuanyu Bayin
Chapter 51: It only takes one step to learn bad things
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Chapter 52 The Girl in the Cage
Chapter 53 The Master of the Sophora Palace
Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter 55: How charming are the children of the rivers and lakes
Chapter 57: Cutting off the weed requires rooting out
Chapter 57 Take you to fly!
Chapter 58 The Temple of Heaven
Chapter 59: No background, never do evil
Chapter 60 The Son of Heaven
Chapter 61 Good news, bad news
Chapter 62 Impermanence
Chapter 63 True and false are impermanent
Chapter 64: The Abyss of Cangwu
Chapter 65 Wanshan Zun Jiuyi
Chapter 66: Jiuyi Mountain Enters the Road
Chapter 67 Once an old friend
Chapter 68: No coincidence is a book
Chapter 69 The Source of Evil
Chapter 70 The Body Without Leaks
Chapter seventy-one
Chapter 72 Xu Jiahao's Rooted Boy
Chapter 73 Little Phoenix Fairy (please subscribe!)
Chapter 74 Something big happened
Chapter 75 Invincible on earth
Chapter 76: Who wrote history in the past three thousand years?
Chapter 77 Practice makes perfect
Chapter 78 The peach is spoiled
Chapter 79 What is the price?
Chapter 80: Still a young man when he returns
Chapter 81: Bull Demons and Snake Gods
Chapter 82 Wuwu Mountain ascends to the ground
Chapter 84 Letter from Zhou Qiyun
Chapter 85 On the eve of the tribulation
Chapter 86 Kidnapping the God
Chapter 87: A thunder alarmed the calamity within the calamity
Chapter 88: Heavenly catastrophe can be overcome, but human catastrophe is difficult to prevent
Chapter 89 As expected of you
Chapter 90 The real secret to longevity
Chapter 91 Everyone has face
Chapter 92 The boundless undercurrent of the sea arises
Chapter 93: Not practicing good deeds in life
Chapter 94 I have a sister
Chapter 95 The Curse of Immortality
Chapter Ninety-Six The Yuan Family’s Gentle Hometown
Chapter 97 Are golden scales a thing in the pool?
Chapter 98 The temptation of the elixir of immortality
Chapter Ninety-Nine: The body dies and the soul perishes, but the Tao Qi remains forever
Chapter 100: Spying from the Second Divine City
Chapter 101: Night visit to the palace to see the secrets
Chapter 102 Where is the vitality?
Chapter 103: Beyond the Sea of ??Fire
Chapter 104 The Immortal Medicine
Chapter 105: Killing Shi Mansion
Chapter 106: Cutting off the grass must remove the roots
Chapter 108 Love Three Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 109 The Mystery of Wei Ruins
Chapter 110: The devil attacks at night and the Nine Heavens Bell falls
Chapter 111 The old man’s righteousness Bo Yuntian
Chapter 112 Invincible (please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 113 Wuling native Xu Ying
Chapter 114 I want this day, but I can’t hide it from my eyes
Chapter 115 Unraveling the Mystery of the Six Secrets
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Chapter 116: Qi Refiner Xu Fu (please vote for me on June 1st)
Chapter 117: Breaking the Road to Ascension
Chapter 118 The Restoration of the Qi Refiner
Chapter 119 Yin and Yang, Man and Shadow
Chapter 120 No, you came just in time
Chapter 121 The truth about Nuo method
Chapter 122: Ordained by Heaven, I will stay forever in this life (work hard to write a single chapter, wait for me!)
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Chapter 123: The Twelve Golden Men of Zulong
Chapter 124: Changes on the other side
Chapter 125 The Evil God Worm
Chapter 126 The decisive battle with the Jinren of Huangling (see on Weibo)
Chapter 127: Ancestral Dragon Resurrection Ceremony
Chapter 128: Just came out of the wolf's den and entered the tiger's mouth again
Chapter 129 Master Ying
Chapter 130: Sensing the Ruins
Chapter 131: Being a mother is strong
Chapter 132 A fork in the road in life
Chapter 133 Yunmengze, the hidden dragon appears
Chapter 134 The reclusive female Nuo fairy
Chapter 135 A promise worth a thousand gold
Chapter 136 The Furnace Plan
Chapter 137: Ready to come out
Chapter 138: Chiang Immortal Strange Plant
Chapter 139 The Essence of the Original Dao (this chapter says it has been released)
Chapter 140: Your master is not a good person
Chapter 141 The Unlucky Guy (First update, please order)
Chapter 142 The devil turns out to be me (second update)
Chapter 143: Alien Race from Beyond the World
Chapter 144: Son of Destiny
Chapter 145: Heaven’s Calling Order
Chapter 146 Restarting the Heavenly Road
Chapter 147: Heavenly Murderous Intent: Destruction of the World
Chapter 148 You are worthy
Chapter 149 Terror is coming
Chapter 150 You are the great terror
Chapter 151 The Emperor's Grand Master
Chapter 152 The True and False Way of Heaven
Chapter 153: Zhangnurturing Creation
Chapter 154 The Last Ascended One
Chapter 155 My heart is bright
Chapter 156 Mr. Ying
Chapter 157 No longer pure
Chapter 158: Suspected to be an old friend coming
Chapter 159 Never leave behind
Chapter 160 A black bird descends from the sky, and the years are like a song
Chapter 161 Boyhood
Chapter 162: Your Chives
Chapter 163: Leek Fu
Chapter 164: The Battle of Two Bells (Please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!)
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Chapter 165: Destroying the God in the Heart
Chapter 166: Birds of a feather
Chapter 167 Beyond the Way of Heaven
Chapter 168 Qingqi’s visit
Chapter 169 The Temptation of Heretic Evil Gods
Chapter 170 Invincible in the World: The Domain of the Six Immortals
Chapter 171 A belated reunion
Chapter 172 Jin Buyi’s Knife
Chapter 173: Everlasting Love
Chapter 174 God descends
Chapter 175: Starting from Martial Arts
Chapter 176 God’s Interference
Chapter 177: Innate Martial Arts
Chapter 178: The Other Side of Martial Arts
Chapter 180: The First Person in Martial Arts Yuan Shen
Chapter 181 If there is no light
Chapter 182: The Knife of God’s Will, the Body of Thousands of Life
Chapter 183: Defeating God’s will
Chapter 184 If there is light
Chapter 185 Five Color Fairy Mountain, Jiuyi Tomb
Chapter 186: Ninety thousand innate weight
Chapter 187 Martial arts defeating gods
Chapter 188: Double Pupils and Four Eyes, Immortal Immortal Plant
Chapter 189 If there is wine
Chapter 190: Number one in swordsmanship
Chapter 191 The Lord of the Underworld
Chapter 192 Death of Qashke
Chapter 193: Perseverance
Chapter 194 Number of Days
Chapter 195: Kill the God of Heaven and Sacrifice the Duke of Zhou
Chapter 196 Counterattack
Chapter 197: Overturn
Chapter 198: Ex’s Ascension
Chapter 199 Insect Swarm
Chapter 200: Sealed for Three Thousand Years
Chapter 201 The Domain of the Seven Immortals
Chapter 202 Then follow through to the end
Chapter 203: Will Become a Great Weapon
Chapter 204: Not very capable, but very arrogant
Chapter 205: Your Myth
Chapter 206 Go to Wangxiang Terrace again
Chapter 207 Shushan Sword Gate
Chapter 208 Immortal Dao Pollution
Chapter 209 The entire army was wiped out
Chapter 210 Using force to transform Tao
Chapter 211 The Jianmen Massacre
Chapter 212 Negotiating with Po Meng
Chapter 213: The Battle of Nuo Qi
Chapter 214: When I am here, you are all inferior
Chapter 215 Health Master
Chapter 216 Country Boy
Chapter 217 Sword Master
Chapter 218 Sword Gate Reaper
Chapter 219 The Supreme Swordsmanship
Chapter 220: The Way of Gou
Chapter 221: Fly, Jin Buyi
Chapter 222 The Great Sun Sutra
Chapter 223: Immortal Sword Killing Gods
Chapter 224: Native God
Chapter 225 Snow Mountain God
Chapter 226 The murderous intention gradually arises
Chapter 227: Both body and soul are destroyed
Chapter 228 Fairy Insect
Chapter 229: God Lu Wu
Chapter 230 The unreliable Lu Wu
Chapter 231 The Girl and Qingluan
Chapter 232 Under the Way of Heaven
Chapter 234: Kunlun Moon, tomb robbers and murderers
Chapter 235 Revealing the truth
Chapter 236 The Peak of Martial Arts
Chapter 237: Martial Arts Ascension Method
Chapter 238 Uncle
Chapter 239: People of the same mind
Chapter 240 The Divine Power of the Queen Mother of the West
Chapter 241 Yao Chi Fairy Water
Chapter 242: Qingluan pestle medicine, leaves fragrant lips and teeth
Chapter 243 Looking back after three thousand years
Chapter 244 Yuxu Palace Nuozu
Chapter 233 Revenge
Chapter 245: Zhu Tiangong’s Boat Passengers
Chapter 246: Ascension Pill
Chapter 247 Brother Ji, let’s talk
Chapter 248 The mob gathers (please vote for me in the middle of the month!)
Chapter 249 Yuxu Palace Opens
Chapter 250: Refining people and thinking they are great medicine
Chapter 251 Kunlun Xu Family
Chapter 252: Xu Fu’s Restoration (please vote for me!)
Chapter 253: Kill the Nuo Ancestor and cut off the cause and effect
Chapter 254: Respected as a God
Chapter 255 The Great Martial Arts Emperor
Chapter 256: Immortal blessing, one person ascends
Chapter 257: Xu Fu survives the tribulation, memories emerge
Chapter 258 The secret must not be revealed
Chapter 259 The right path in the heart
Chapter 260 Kunlun
Chapter 261 The Resurrection of the Mother of All Gods
Chapter 262 Fool Afu
Chapter 263 Kunlun Ancestral Land
Chapter 264 I am also extraordinary
Chapter 265: Supreme Mental Power, Iron Fist Strike
Chapter 266 Cleaning up the door
Chapter 267 Gu Feiyu, this is a bitch
Chapter 268 The Seventh Ascension
Chapter 269: Seizing the Chaos Mud Pill
Chapter 270: Don’t be afraid of breaking bones and raising ashes, but the true spirit will live another life
Chapter 271: Dare to ascend without fear of death, search for the fairy in the 12th floor
Chapter 272 Hunting Xu Ying
Chapter 273 The Original God
Chapter 274: Heaven’s Replacement Plan
Chapter 275: Fellow Taoist Xu, make a good relationship
Chapter 276: Emperor Beiyin
Chapter 277 Beiyin rotates the three life stones (please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 278 Wherever sincerity leads, gold and stone will open up
Chapter 279: Giveaway (asking for monthly tickets at the end of the month!)
Chapter 280 The Twelve Signs of the Soul
Chapter 281: The Death of Tianji (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket in September!)
Chapter 282 Give you a good time
Chapter 283: Murder should be punished (Third update!)
Chapter 284: Repay a hundredfold
Chapter 285: The God of Cangwu has a female Xiangxiang
Chapter 286: Who is the heart of the Xiang girl moved by?
Chapter 287 Confused and obsessed
Chapter 288 Seeing the future
Chapter 289: I take my time
Chapter 290 Controlling the Way of Heaven
Chapter 291: The power of the dojo master
Chapter 292 Locust God
Chapter 293: Outer God Chongxiao
Chapter 294 True God
Chapter 295 Master Ying’s Lower Realm
Chapter 296: God King of Heaven
Chapter 297 Imperial Power
Chapter 298 The four great god kings set up an ambush
Chapter 299 A fool solves his doubts
Chapter 300: Hold the thunder with your fingers and bring down three thousand heavenly ways; grab the sky with your hands and pull the cloak of the calamity cloud
Chapter 301: Senior sister, take your dog’s head (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)
Chapter 302 Revenge
Chapter 303: The heart of an inch of grass gives Chunhui
Chapter 304 Harvesting the whole world
Chapter 305 Everything is in my jar
Chapter 306: Evening Song of the Harvest Era
Chapter 307: Don’t worry about him
Chapter 308 The Ultimate Reaper
Chapter 309 The man with tears
Chapter 311 Tianjiao
Chapter 312 The God King imposes punishment
Chapter 313 Heaven’s Ascension
Chapter 314 Penglai Wonderland
Chapter 315 The Uncharted Sea
Chapter 316 Visitors from Wei Ruins
Chapter 317 The Ninth Immortal King
Chapter 318: Get on the boat, the boat capsizes
Chapter 319: The Burial Taoist Appears in the Dark
Chapter 321 The fairy ran away overnight
Chapter 322 The Source of False Immortals
Chapter 323 Penglai Goddess
Chapter 325 The Complete Way of Heaven
Chapter 327: Taiyin's Virtual Heavenly Skill
Chapter 328: My soul is not pure anymore
Chapter 329 Immortal Tomb
Chapter 330 God observes the sun and moon, Taoist mind asks the devil
Chapter 331: A fishy fish
Chapter 332: Be kind to others and never do the same next time
Chapter 333 The original Wuji of Dao, the soul of heaven and earth
Chapter 334 True and False Chu Tiandu
Chapter 335 Revenge of the Immortal Realm (please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 336 I won’t pretend anymore
Chapter 337 Immortals are not immortals, demons are not demons
Chapter 338 The Dao Heart is Bright
Chapter 339: The exquisite heavens are with my heart
Chapter 340: Demon Realm Demolition
Chapter 341: One day he ascends to kill the sky
Chapter 342: Lihentian Tushita Palace
Chapter 343: Buy a coffin and return a pearl (please vote for me)
Chapter 344: The Four Saints of the Ancestral Court
Chapter 345: Heart-killing
Chapter 346: Hunting for Little Tianzun
Chapter 367 The Seventh Transformation of Divine Skills
Chapter 348: Seizing the Little Heavenly Lord
Chapter 349 Tianzun
Chapter 350: Peak Armament (late update)
Chapter 351 The divine shadow is still there
Chapter 352: Authentic Taiyin Xutian Kung Fu
Chapter 353: One point difference in Tao, ten times difference in skill
Chapter 354 Yan Zhenjun
Chapter 355 Biyou Gongza Villain
Chapter 356: Supreme swordsmanship, killing immortals!
Chapter 357 Taoist Wuliu
Chapter 358: Friends in the First Life
Chapter 359: Ruining my good deeds
Chapter 360: The Ancestral Court’s Counterattack
Chapter 361 Little Tianzun Mask
Chapter 362: At a loss
Chapter 363: More blowing down, corpses like rain
Chapter 364: If I want to kill you, even Xu Ying can’t save you!
Chapter 365: Resurrection from the ashes, the fate remains intact
Chapter 366 Old Friend
Chapter 367: Insect Disaster
Chapter 368: The Great Terror in Wei Ruins
Chapter 369: Cut it off and grow another one
Chapter 370: The Emperor’s Star Swings High
Chapter 371: Hedao in the residual state, Xu Ergouzi
Chapter 372: Taoist Ancestral Court
Chapter 373: The Other Side of Martial Arts
Chapter 374: The Magical Use of Diamond Diamond
Chapter 375: Immortal World Cave Heaven
Chapter 376 The Fourth Realm
Chapter 377 Da Leiyin Temple
Chapter 378 Leiyin Temple is haunted
Chapter 379 Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Demon Breaking Technique
Chapter 380: Treasures of Heaven, plundered by clever means
Chapter 381 The strange reappearance
Chapter 382 The Ultimate Reaper
Chapter 383 The words are poisonous
Chapter 384: Always keep your word
Chapter 385 Ancient Buddha
Chapter 386: Martial Arts Killing Gods
Chapter 387: Compassion in the Same Suffering
Chapter 388 Mr. Yuxu Xu
Chapter 387 Crane Boy
Chapter 388: The dream of immortality ends, and endless disasters
Chapter 389 Return to Kunlun
Chapter 390 Fairy
Chapter 391 Do you want to overthrow the world?
Chapter 392: Suppress everything
Chapter 393: Never break a promise
Chapter 394 Kunlun Yuxu Palace
Chapter 394: It’s easy to ask God but hard to send him away
Chapter 395 Brings its own cause and effect
Chapter 396: Return to Yuanshou (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 397: Yu Hu Zhenren overturned (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket!)
Chapter 398 Visiting an old friend
Chapter 399 Farewell to childhood
Chapter 400: Broken Sword, Dark Sword
Chapter 401 The Void Emperor
Chapter 402 Tao Tree
Chapter 402: Demon Clan's Suppression of Demons
Chapter 403: Buddha’s Rosary
Chapter 404: Kill the God King with a punch
Chapter 405: I can’t learn to kill you
Chapter 406 The Emperor’s Son Jin Buyi
Chapter 407 Luofeng Liutian Palace
Chapter 408 The Ten God Emperors
Chapter 409: Rescue the Ku Tianzun
Chapter 410 The Jade Plate of Return
Chapter 411: Feelings fade away
Chapter 412 The true face of Wei Xu
Chapter 413 The Origin of Wei Xu
Chapter 414: Tide of Demons
Chapter 415 Goodness is also a sin
Chapter 416 Family Love
Chapter 417 Yes, I stole it
Chapter 418: Showdown between Immortals
Chapter 419 Cruel and ruthless
Chapter 420: The First Divine Calculation in the Immortal World
Chapter 421 The Qi of Creation
Chapter 422: The Divine Show of Creation, the Holy Body of Muscles
Chapter 423: It’s easy to invite God but hard to send away
Chapter 426: Buddha’s Son Ji Jue
Chapter 427 Returning to Yingzhou
Chapter 428: Eight-Character Curse
Chapter 429: The Nine Essentials of the Sword Lord
Chapter 430: Sky Sea, Boundary Monument
Chapter 432 A tragic day in Ning Qing
Chapter 433: Isn’t it more powerful?
Chapter 434 Kunlun Bridge
Chapter 435 The Realm of Taixu
Chapter 436: Innate Demonic Nature
Chapter 437 The Lord of Heaven
Chapter 438: No one can even think about ascending!
Chapter 439 Tianhe Smuggling
Chapter 440: Paradise, Pure Land of the West
Chapter 441 The Evil Buddha and the Buddha
Chapter 442: If I say I’ll beat you to death, I’ll beat you to death
Chapter 443: The dream of immortality ends, leaving endless disasters
Chapter 444: The Demon-Slaying Heavenly Lord
Chapter 445: The number one thug in Immortal Court
Chapter 446 I want to meet the bandit leader Xu Tianzun (third update)
Chapter 447 The Four Holy Lords
Chapter 448: Get away if you don’t want to die!
Chapter 449 Teasing the Emperor
Chapter 450 The Nine Treasures Gather
Chapter 451 Xu Laogou must die!
Chapter 452: The Ancestral Court of Heaven
Chapter 457: Usurping the Ancestral God
Chapter 460: Catch them all in one bucket (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 461: Swallowing the Heart Monkey with a Knife
Chapter 462 Running away with a bucket
Chapter 463 Doubu’s attack
Chapter 464 The hero promises
Chapter 465 The Ultimate Form
Chapter 466: The Tao is one foot higher, and the skill is ten times higher
Chapter 667 Hairpin
Chapter 468 The Secret of the Hairpin
Chapter 469 Old Father
Chapter 470 Xu Jinghui six yuan
Chapter 471: Supreme Transformation
Chapter 472: Wrong body, evil thoughts
Chapter 473: Breaking the Stubborn Su Wukong
Chapter 474 Breech child
Chapter 475: Demolition!
Chapter 476: The ancestral court establishes its power
Chapter 477 The Enlightenment Method of Ten Caves
Chapter 478 Reading on a stormy night
Chapter 479: A bucket of all the demonic atmosphere
Chapter 482 Jin Buyi, the great emperor of the demon clan (big boss reserves the place)
Chapter 483 Turn your arms outward
Chapter 484 Brothers (Back Home)
Chapter 485 Emerald Rock Carving
Chapter 486 People on the edge of the fairy world
Chapter 487 The divine fortune teller Tian Chou Chou
Chapter 488 Ruyi Daluo
Chapter 490 The arrival of the big shot
Chapter 491 Xu Ying’s great son
Chapter 492: The oars and oars disappeared into ashes
Chapter 493 I am not him, I am ruthless
Chapter 494 Kill them all
Chapter 495 Therefore I am not myself
Chapter 496 Emperor Ai
Chapter 497 The Disappearing Taiyi
Chapter 498: Xu Ying, still not showing up?
Chapter 499 Sneaking in with the wind, robbing the tomb silently
Chapter 500 The Queen’s Treasure
Chapter 501 The power of the treasure
Chapter 502 Xu Daxin
Chapter 503 The Sky Splits
Chapter 504: The Battle of Dao Ancestors (Updated!)
Chapter 505 It’s all fake!
Chapter 506 Huang Ting Enlightenment
Chapter 507 The Founder of the Six Secrets
Chapter 508 Taiyi Bridge
Chapter 509: Divine calculation takes action
Chapter 510 Dong Wang
Chapter 511 The old accounts of history
Chapter 512 Taoist Master Yuxu
Chapter 513 Meet Xu Tianzun
Chapter 514: Father inherits inheritance from son (please vote for me!)
Chapter 515 Wuzhuang Temple
Chapter 107 The Lost Ancient City
Chapter 516 The rebel’s method of repaying debts
Chapter 517 Cool Breeze, Bright Moon
Chapter 518 Senior Brother Save Me
Chapter 519 Cry
Chapter 520 Are your eyes dry?
Chapter 521 The enemy is destroyed and the world is reborn
Chapter 522 Lao Liu
Chapter 523 Kill to the Last Person
Chapter 524 Lao Liu’s silly son
Chapter 525 Tianjun’s benevolence
Chapter 526 The bright moon is drunk by the breeze
Chapter 527 Past and Future Eternal Light Sutra
Chapter 528 Supreme Means
Chapter 529 The abacus becomes perfect
Chapter 530 The so-called beauty is on the water side
Chapter 531 Let me control it
Chapter 532 Ergou’s uncle
Bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, happy New Year, immune to all poisons! (Written in the New Year to
Chapter 533 Above the Nine Heavens
Chapter 534 Dreaming Back to Erlang Temple
Chapter 535 The perfect golden body, the method of victory
Chapter 536 The treasure ruler is given to the hero
Chapter 537 Supreme? You deserve it too
Chapter 538 A sure hit
Chapter 539: betrayal and separation
Chapter 540 Hit me again
Chapter 541 The Second Monkey
Chapter 542 The Dragon Court Appears
Chapter 543 Mature and Steady
Chapter 544 Former Kari Five Princes
Chapter 545 King of Leeks (Happy New Year! Happy New Year to everyone)
Chapter 546 Xu Ying turns black
Chapter 547 The call of the distant ancestors
Chapter 548 Perfect Body Seizing
Chapter 549 Three Heroes Seize the Treasure
Chapter 550 Everyone is evil
Chapter 551 Sacrifice and Promise
Chapter 552 The Supreme Body vs. the Supreme Spirit
Chapter 553 The distant ancestor seizes the body
Chapter 554 The First Ancient Spirit
Chapter 555 The Death of the Distant Ancestor
Chapter 556 Above the Nine Heavens, Giants
Chapter 557 The Boss Long Zhong (please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 558 The unruly heart
Chapter 559: One statue falls, thousands of immortals ascend
Chapter 560 I’m not wrong!
Chapter 561 Death of Tianzun
Chapter 562 Father and Son (please vote for me!)
Chapter 563 Nine heavens force the palace to suppress the world (please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!
Chapter 564: Grow as Strong as a Weed
Chapter 565: Doing many evil things (please vote for me)
Chapter 566 The Way of Heaven on Earth
Chapter 567 The Dao Body is first formed and the Dao Body is destroyed
Chapter 568 Ten Waste Heavenly Lords
Chapter 569: People of the same mind (happy pigs)
Chapter 570 The Great Terror in the Human World
Chapter 571 The green rock arrives and the sky collapses
Chapter 572: Have your own sense of proportion (Third update!)
Chapter 573 Get together
Chapter 574 Prehistoric Strong Man
Chapter 575 If you can’t beat him, join him
Chapter 576 Peak Supreme
Chapter 577 Can’t Hold It
Chapter 578 Survive like Shu
Chapter 579 I am the master and establish a sect
Chapter 580 The Taoist protector sweeps across the world
Chapter 581 Qingxuan must die
Chapter 582 Dark Heaven
Chapter 583: Don’t Ascend (please vote for the big chapter)
Chapter 584 Prelude to Troubled Times: Underworld
Chapter 585 Weiyang’s Reincarnation Trap
Chapter 586 No One Survived
Chapter 587 Emperor
Chapter 588 Deep in Reincarnation
Chapter 589 The next sacrifice (please vote for this big chapter!)
Chapter 590 Sacrifice: King Dong (big chapter!)
Chapter 591 The Yellow Robe (6,000 words)
Chapter 592 My father Xu Jing has the appearance of an immortal emperor
Chapter 593 I want you to help me practice
Chapter 594: Abandoning evil and embracing good
Chapter 595 Visitors from the Other Side in the Cave Abyss
Chapter 596 Waste Qingxuan
Chapter 597 Swimming in a cesspit
Chapter 598 Snake Catcher Says
Chapter 599 Clearing the area (big chapter, thanks to the Five Hundred Alliance!)
Chapter 600 Beat the Emperor to Death (please vote for me)
Chapter 601 Xuantiandu is punished (please vote for the big chapter)
Chapter 602 The Way of Heaven on Earth, Recovery
Chapter 603 The loyal ministers and righteous men of the old Xu family
Chapter 604 Leeks are ripe and ready to be harvested
Chapter 605: As long as the saint does not die, there will be more thieves
Chapter 606 The Ninth Realm, the Ultimate Way
Chapter 607 Crying the truth
Chapter 608: New Dao Ancestor (Second update)
Chapter 609 The truth of the realm (third update)
Chapter 610 New road fourteen boundaries
Chapter 611 The Eleventh Scene
Chapter 612 Who dares to touch my crops? (Please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 489: Immortal Court Prince Consort (please ask for monthly tickets in the middle of the month!)
Chapter 613 Xu Ying’s rebel friends
Chapter 614 Ascension Again
Chapter 615 The third green rock (please vote for me)
Chapter 616: Rebellion in person (please vote for me at the end of the month)
Chapter 617 Theory Theory! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 615 The eve of the decisive battle
Chapter 616 After Qingxuan’s death
Chapter 617: Making a big rebellion
Chapter 619 Professor Qingxuan
Chapter 620: The Qingxuan lineage has the strongest combat power (first update)
Chapter 621: Counterattack (Second update!)
Chapter 622: A fierce look in his eyes! (Third update!)
Chapter 623: The Strongest Leek Reaper
Chapter 624: Unmatched in resourcefulness, but defeated by fate
Chapter 625: Hongmeng Ziqi, meritorious deeds
Chapter 626: I met the best you at the best time
Chapter 627 Death of Xu Ying
Chapter 629: My divine power is boundless, when will my wish be granted?
Chapter 630: The golden ship that crosses the world
Chapter 631: Huan turns into a stranger
Chapter 632: Huan Hua Invincible
Chapter 633: Hitting someone, hitting the remaining blood
Chapter 634: The Fourth Waste on the Ship (First Update)
Chapter 635: Who will compete with you? (Chapter 2)
Chapter 636: Give them a bit of human shock (third update)
Chapter 637: Violent Crush
Chapter 638: One Year Period
Chapter 639: Weakness is the original sin
Chapter 640: The power of the Holy Lord is enough to be unparalleled in the world
Chapter 641 The Golden Ship Soars
Chapter 642: Ascension to the Immortal Realm
Chapter 642: Suspicions in the Immortal Realm
Chapter 643: Replace the dragon with a handmaid
Chapter 644: Invincible
Chapter 645 Breaking the Stubbornness
Chapter 646: Three-legged Standing (Yang Realm)
Chapter 647: Across 600,000 Years of Time and Space
Chapter 648 The Five Emperors of the Human Race
Chapter 649: The First Battle in the Void
Chapter 650: Guardian
Chapter 651: Pointing through the Tao Fruit and sweeping across the Wonderful Realm (big chapter, first update)
Chapter 653: The Ten Wastes Attack (Third Update)
Chapter 654: I still miss Qingxuan
Chapter 655: Wu Ji’s Enlightenment
Chapter 656: Wei Xu’s Enlightenment
Chapter 657: The love of licking a calf
Chapter 658 My sword is here
Chapter 660 A Fu Lai Fu
Chapter 661: There is still pride in my heart, and the President Xiaofu groans deeply
Chapter 662: Deposed Emperor Qingxuan
Chapter 663: Inheritance (Third update)
Chapter 664 The Death of Creation (please vote for the big chapter!)
Chapter 665: Rebellion and separation
Chapter 666 Harvesting the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 667: The Immortal Emperor’s End
Chapter 668: The End of the Immortal Emperor and the Beginning of the Mountain Ming
Chapter 669: Ninth Realm, Immortal Mysterious Art
Chapter 670 Eight Methods of Immortality
Chapter 670 Huan Hua
Chapter 671 Return from the Other Shore
Chapter 676: I am a barbarian (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket!)
Chapter 678 Come and hit me!
Chapter 680 The Dragon Clan’s Heavenly Way Resurrects
Chapter 681 Suspected Immortality
Chapter 682 The Immortal True King
Chapter 683: Prison Visit
Chapter 684: Yuan Yu, no, Xu Ying, yes
Chapter 685 Undercurrent, Dao Chengxue
Chapter 686: Rebellion against Innateness
Chapter 687: Rebellion, starting from childhood
Chapter 688: Sending the Emperor to his funeral
Chapter 689: Little Barbarian Saint
Chapter 690: Temptation in bed
Chapter 691: Immaculate Golden Body, Making Trouble in Heaven
Chapter 692: Who is coming? Xu Daozu!
Chapter 693: Father and Son Double Fight
Chapter 694: Monstrous Combat Power
Chapter 695 Complete Destruction
Chapter 696 The coming of immortality from the other shore
Chapter 697: Enlightenment
Chapter 698 Yin Yuanzi and Lu Yiren
Chapter 699 Encirclement and Suppression of Lu Yiren
Chapter 702: Kill the True King and break the situation!
Chapter 703 Harvesting the Immortal Realm
Chapter 704 I’m not worthy
Chapter 705: The Tenth Level of the Avenue (please ask for monthly votes in the middle of the month)
Chapter 706: Rebelling against thieves and proclaiming themselves emperor
Chapter 707 Abyssal Sea, Ten Layers of Cave Abyss
Chapter 708 Prehistoric Civilization
Chapter 709: The flood source first opens, and the three realms begin to appear
Chapter 711: Immortal Killing Sword Formation
Chapter 712: The Great Source of Dao Power
Chapter 713 The Flood Source of the Three Realms
Chapter 714: Get my sword
Chapter 714: Strong on the outside but weak on the inside
Chapter 715: The Fall of the True King
Chapter 716
Chapter 717: Hairless mouth, weak work
Chapter 718: Intrigue and deception
Chapter 719: Chaos Oath of Immortality Scripture
Chapter 720 Goodbye Beauty
Chapter 721 The Avenue Lord Visits
Chapter 722 The Bells of the Sea of ??Chaos
Chapter 723: Seizing food from the tiger's mouth
Chapter 724 Meeting Wukong Again
Chapter 725 The Immortal Brand
Chapter 727 Chaos Spirit Lotus
Chapter 729: The Divine Power of the Sky (double at the end of the month, please vote for me)
Chapter 731 Loyalty and courage
Chapter 732: The Rise and Fall of the Avenue
Chapter 733 The Great Road Revives
Chapter 734 Heavenly Gratitude
Chapter 737 Blessing: Good times come
Chapter 738: Duel between Dao Lord
Chapter 739: Be your own Taoist master
Chapter 740: The Past of Emperor Haotian
Chapter 741: Taoist Master Xuanhuang
Chapter 742 Xuanhuang Tao Realm Secret
Chapter 743: Cause and effect obliteration
Chapter 744: Introducing a few gangsters
Chapter 753 Hunting Taiyi
Chapter 754 Shocking the World
Chapter 755 The Avenue Beyond Taiyi
Chapter 756 Complicity
Chapter 757 Discovery of a new universe
Chapter 758 New Era Dao Cries
Chapter 759 Old Immortal Xu
Chapter 760 The greater the cause and effect
Chapter 762 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 751 Forgetting is betrayal
Chapter 752 Xingxing cherishes Xingxing
Chapter 763 Ascended One, Death
Chapter 764 Dao Master Zuolian
Chapter 761 I can’t bear it anymore
Chapter 765 Great Opportunity
Chapter 766 Return to Hometown
Chapter 767 Yelang is arrogant
Chapter 768 The Rise of the Ancestral God
Chapter 769 Babel
Chapter 770 Killing and Sacrifice
Chapter 771 All kinds of avenues, the best in killing!
Chapter 772 Master Tongtian
Chapter 773 The Fourth Master
Chapter 769: Taiyi Style
Chapter 769: Taiyi Style
Chapter 770: Exiling the Good Man
Chapter 771: Sad for his misfortune, angry for his inability to fight
Chapter 772: Exile to Immortality
Chapter 773: A dead promise is the best promise
Chapter 774 The Open-minded True King
Chapter 775: The Power of Reincarnation
Chapter 776: Under reincarnation, all things will perish
Chapter 777 The prototype of the past and future
Chapter 778: Innate Power
Chapter 779: The beginning of disaster
Chapter 774 Don’t look back
Chapter 780 Taiyimen, the home of rebels
Chapter 781: Disaster strikes, Taoist master discusses
Chapter 782: Wuji’s enlightenment, taking the initiative to enter the disaster
Chapter 783: Underground sinkhole, innate spiritual treasure
Chapter 784: Both are guests in the coffin
Chapter 785: Saving Taoist Master Ji Cang
Chapter 786: Passing on the disaster
Chapter 793 The King of Destruction: Demolition
Chapter 794 Be open-minded when you need to be open-minded and be tough when you should be tough
Chapter 795: The fate is uncertain and the killing begins
Chapter 796 Repaying Heaven and Earth
Chapter 797 Only one of the nine innate ways is missing
Chapter 798 Does Taiyi know?
Chapter 799 Flag Sacrifice
Chapter 800 Jian Wushuang, the Master of Killing
Chapter 801 The calamity remains the same
Chapter 802 Nine Hatreds, keep the door open
Chapter 803 Return to Heaven
Chapter 804 Redemption
Chapter 805 Beyond the Nine Paths, where does the void come from?
Chapter 806 Don’t compete with perverts
Chapter 807 Hong Yuan’s Counterproof of the Great Path
Chapter 808 True Lord Daoji
Chapter 810 Taoist Alliance on the Other Side
Chapter 811 Xu Daozu passed into silence
Chapter 812 The three realms are exposed and the other side is coming
Chapter 813 The supreme body, counterattack and immortality
Chapter 809 Return of Light from the Imperial Realm
Chapter 814 Making a Game
Chapter 815 Harvesting Immortality
Chapter 816 Taoist Hunting Order
Chapter 817
Chapter 818 The Road to Taiyi, Restoration on the Other Side
Chapter 819 Ouroboros Snake
Chapter 820 Go back to the past and rebel
Chapter 821 Qionghua Island Massacre
Chapter 822 Time and Space Enlightenment
Chapter 823 Time and Space Error Correction
Chapter 824 Taoist Luo’s Legs
Chapter 825 Fellow Daoist Xu, get in the car
Chapter 826 The True Biography of Wuji
Chapter 827 The Avenue of Life and Death
Chapter 828 As long as you die, I will feel uneasy
Chapter 829 Kill Dao Lord
Chapter 830 There is a girl, Li Xiao, who is born rebellious
Chapter 831 Heaven Realm Counterattack
Chapter 832 Ask Tongtian to sacrifice the sword
Chapter 833 One sword reaches the sky
Chapter 834 Disciple
Chapter 835 Taiyi Sect, with the same origin
Chapter 836 In the Oneness, My Nature Is Self-Sufficient
Chapter 837 Taiyi Robbery
Chapter 838 Beyond the end of the road
Chapter 839 Your existence has no meaning
Chapter 840 Challenge Taiyi
Chapter 841 Abyss of Chaos, Taoism Conflict
Chapter 842 Inheritance
Chapter 843 The ferociousness is unleashed
Chapter 844 The old man and the evil disciple
Chapter 845 Chaos Creatures
Chapter 846 The magical power is broken
Chapter 847 A visitor from the Taoist Alliance
Chapter 848 Luo Shizong must die
Chapter 849 Past events on the other side, the ancient god king
Chapter 850 The Battle of the Taoist Master
Chapter 851 Hidden in the Heaven and Earth Net Ridge
Chapter 852 The Sword Binds the Canglong (Please ask for guaranteed monthly tickets on July 1st)
Chapter 853 The Evolution of Nine Paths
Chapter 854 Suicide
Chapter 855 God is coming
Chapter 856 The Sigh of Rise and Fall
Chapter 857 Nine Evidence-Based
Chapter 858 What is the price?
Chapter 859 A lot of help
Chapter 860 Back to six hundred years ago
Chapter 861: Decisive battle with Dao Zun, no regrets despite death
Chapter 862 Death of Luo Taizong
Chapter 863 The Immortal One
Chapter 864 Death of Master Hua
Chapter 865: The spiritual treasure has no owner, and the master is in charge
Chapter 866 The First Holy Land, Kaiyuan Divine Ax
Chapter 867 The other shore does not exist
Chapter 868 Unpredictable
Chapter 869: Inheritance is immortal, obsession is hard to eliminate
Chapter 870 The Ancestral God Opens the Sky
Chapter 871 Flying through time
Chapter 872 The number one on the other side, Taoist Hongmeng
Chapter 873 Hongmeng is the same
Chapter 874 Lin Luo eliminates bad luck
Chapter 875 Chicken Taoist Master
Chapter 876 Taoist Luo enters the disaster
Chapter 877 Nine Spirits Time and Space Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 878 Taiyi and Luo Shizong
Chapter 879 Running in both directions
Chapter 880 Jiuqiu Mountain closed the hills
Chapter 881: The Way to Heaven and Destruction
Chapter 882 You need to repay the cause and effect
Chapter 883 I want both
Chapter 884 The day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
Chapter 885 The magic weapon is in turmoil, Void asked
Chapter 886 Void
Chapter 887 Blinded by Cause and Effect
Chapter 888: The path of silence comes, and the disaster on the other side arises
Chapter 889 Dao broken
Chapter 890 Inheritance
Chapter 891 Dongxuan saves the world
Chapter 892 Nine innate ways, cause and effect come first
Chapter 893 Shattered Time and Space
Chapter 894 The decisive battle with Lin Chuanting
Chapter 895 Tao Li Void
Chapter 896: Chaos Cause and Effect, Broken Path
Chapter 897 Crying on the other side, seizing a glimmer of hope
Chapter 898 Amidst the misfortune
Chapter 899 Not for the common people
Chapter 900 Internal and external floods, three magical powers
Chapter 901 Monster
Chapter 902 Taoist Certification, Comprehension First
Chapter 903 The fall of Chuanting and the rise of Nirvana
Chapter 904 Dao Zun’s flaw
Chapter 905 The No. 1 Rogue in the Three Realms
Chapter 906 Seven births and seven annihilations, evidence-based annihilation
Chapter 907 Who decides between good and evil?
Chapter 908 The confusion of yin and yang
Chapter 909 The Silence of the Tao and the Tao (please vote for me at the end of the month))
Chapter 910: Taiyang is broken, Shenghai is looking for a wife (No. 1, please guarantee the end of the month)
Chapter 911 The name of the Tao is extinguished
Chapter 912 Reflection from the Other Side
Chapter 913: Human calamity, Taoism
Chapter 914 Sea of ??Chaos, no fairness
Chapter 915 New shore, new hope
Chapter 916 Zong Yuan enters Nirvana, Xu Ying plays the future
Chapter 917 The Infinite Jade Emperor and the True Saint Zhong Daozu in the Xuan Dome
Chapter 918 Chicken and Taoist Master
Chapter 919 There is a big shot in your palace!
Chapter 920 It should be so
Chapter 921 Mr. Zhong, Gou Fugui
Chapter 922 You are very powerful, but you are practicing wrongly
Chapter 923 Smashing the orthodoxy
Chapter 924 True Lord Yongle is ambitious
Chapter 925 The heroes fall into Mingque Mansion
Chapter 926 Chaos is ruthless, the purpose of the Tao Alliance
Chapter 927 The Nine Innate Paths, the First in Reincarnation!
Chapter 928 The future is dead
Chapter 929 Jinyu Temple, Evil Taoist
Chapter 930 The First Void in the Sea of ??Chaos Achieves the Dao
Chapter 931 Guardian
Chapter 932 Sea of ??Chaos, Battle of the Bell Seal
Chapter 933 Seeking Death
Chapter 934 Overseas Flying Coffin
Chapter 935 Yuanshi Daoqi
Chapter 936 Invincible Void
Chapter 937 Dao Ben is ruthless
Chapter 938 Hunyuan Immortal Emperor
Chapter 939 Hongmeng Sutra of Infinite Tribulations
Chapter 940 Yuan Ai Festival
Chapter 941 The Hunyuan emperors are nothing more than that
Chapter 942 The wishful man
Chapter 943 Nothing more than that
Chapter 944 Battle of Yuan Ai Festival
Chapter 945 It’s hard to get back
Chapter 946 It’s true
Chapter 947 Praise my name
Chapter 948 The Hunyuan Universe and the Grave
Chapter 949 Voices in the Coffin
Chapter 950 The battle between males and females
Chapter 951 Fighting for Big Figures
Chapter 952 Mr. Hongmeng
Chapter 953 The source of the cracks in the Chaos Sea
Chapter 954 The Lord of Chaos Appears
Chapter 955 Visitors from the Great Void
Chapter 956 Dao Name: Emperor Tai
Chapter 957 Chaos Lord Inheritance
Chapter 958 The Resurrection of Heavenly Lord
Chapter 959 Tao Alliance Leader
Chapter 960 Chao Wen Dao
Chapter 961 The Purpose of the Tao Alliance
Chapter 962 Countering the Dao Alliance
Chapter 963 I have attained enlightenment
Chapter 964 Nine reincarnations, a shocking slash
Chapter 965 The knife cuts the end of the road
Chapter 966 Humanity
Chapter 967 The Chaotic Sea of ??Life
Chapter 968 Strange Road
Chapter 969 Jade Xu Tianzun
Chapter 970 Lord of the Sea of ??Chaos
Chapter 971 Old Friend of Yimeng
Chapter 972 Brother Tao
Chapter 973 Tianzun
Chapter 974 The Original Dow Index
Chapter 975 Atrium Boundary Ruins
Chapter 976 A strike that opens the sky
Chapter 977 Death of Emperor Chen
Chapter 978 The Sea of ??Chaos Does Not Need Justice
Chapter 979 So what about sacrifice?
Chapter 980 Fooling the Sea of ??Chaos
Chapter 928 Flying coffins overseas
Chapter 929 Yuanshi Daoqi
Chapter 930: Invincible Void
Chapter 931 Dao is ruthless
Chapter 932 Hunyuan Immortal Emperor
Chapter 933 Hongmeng Sutra of Infinite Tribulations
Chapter 934 Yuan Ai Festival
Chapter 935: The Hunyuan emperors are nothing more than that
Chapter 936: The Ruyi Young Man
Chapter 937: Nothing more than that
Chapter 938 The Battle of Yuan Ai Festival
Chapter 939: It’s hard to get back
Chapter 940 It’s true
Chapter 941 Praise my name
Chapter 942 Hunyuan Universe and Grave
Chapter 943 Voices in the Coffin
Chapter 944 The battle between males and females
Chapter 945: Fighting for Big Shots
Chapter 946 Mr. Hongmeng
Chapter 947 The source of the rift in the Chaos Sea
Chapter 948 The Lord of Chaos Appears
Chapter 949 Visitors from the Great Void
Chapter 950 Dao Name: Emperor Tai
Chapter 951 The inheritance of the Chaos Lord
Chapter 952: The Resurrection of Heavenly Lord
Chapter 953 Tao Alliance Leader
Chapter 954 Chao Wen Dao
Chapter 955: The Purpose of the Tao Alliance
Chapter 956: Countering the Dao Alliance
Chapter 957 I have attained enlightenment
Chapter 958 Nine reincarnations, a shocking slash
Chapter 959 The knife cuts the end of the road
Chapter 960: Humanity
Chapter 961 The Sea of ??Chaos in Life
Chapter 962 Strange Road
Chapter 963 Yuxu Tianzun
Chapter 964: Lord of the Sea of ??Chaos
Chapter 965: Old Friend of Yimeng
Chapter 966: Brother Tao
Chapter 967 Tianzun
Chapter 968: The Original Dow Jones Index