Chapter 957 I have attained enlightenment

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 "Chaos Lord?"

Kuigang Taoist was extremely surprised and said, "Fellow Taoist Xu, your performance in our Taoist League is really amazing. When you first entered the Taoist League, you penetrated all the Taoist mansions in the Taoist League. Such Taoist behavior astonished the Taoist League. You protected Wen Nanxun,

He helped her understand the evidence of reincarnation and annihilation, and saved the disciples of the Dao Alliance who were traveling with her. Her attainments in annihilation can be called extraordinary. But it’s a bit ridiculous for you to say that you are the Lord of Chaos."

His words were not meant to be mocking, but the weight of the three words "Chaos Lord" was too heavy, especially for the Taoist Alliance.

The Chaos Lord suppressed the Dao Alliance for trillions of years. What frustrated them the most was that the Chaos Lord never even paid attention to the Dao Alliance. What really hit the Dao Alliance was the Chaos Lord's bell.

And it was this bell that beat the Taoist League so hard that they could not even lift their heads.

Therefore, in the eyes of Kuigang Taoist and other Taoists in the Taoist League, the three words Chaos Lord are both terrifying and sacred, making them both respectful and fearful.

Xu Ying said that he was the Chaos Lord, so in his opinion, he was naturally not qualified.

Xu Ying smiled and said: "What's so great about the Chaos Lord? I'm not willing to be this Chaos Lord. Fellow Taoist Kuigang, your rules in the Temple of Annihilation are too rigid. Since Wen Nanxun doesn't want to be a Daoji

Disciple, then she can be replaced by other Taoist temples, why bother to kill them all?"

Taoist Kui Gang stepped forward, shook his head and said: "Disciples of the Temple of Nirvana aim to practice Nirvana. From the moment they enter the Taoist League, they will understand that all the thoughts, attachments, and obsessions in the world are all dreams and bubbles. Monk

The only goal is to attain the Tao of Nirvana, become the master of the Tao of Nirvana, and become the end of Nirvana. When Junior Sister Nanxun believes in the Tao of Nirvana, she is betraying the view of Nirvana and going against your master. A traitor.

, give back what you have learned, and it will be the grace of Grikai."

Xu Ying frowned slightly and said: "Hong Yuan's purpose is to see the truth of the Tao, so why is he so concerned about Taoism?"

Xu Ying took Fellow Daoist Xu and continued on the way. Fellow Daoist Xu and Xiao Zhong were already stunned.

Taoist Kuigang was sweating profusely, but he could not move even while standing in place.

I clearly feel that all the missing paths are there, but the power of the path has disappeared. My path, my path, are all there, but there is no way to exert any power.

However, when my heaven-destroying blow came to Xu Ying, all the power suddenly went in. Is there any power left?

I whispered to the younger brothers and sisters of Hong Yuan: "My moral skills are too low. I have to go there! It's not safe! Anyone above the palace master will die if he goes there!"

My magical powers have no effect.

The Immortal Palace I was in was also twisting and collapsing. Kui Gang wanted to rescue another Nie Ning disciple, but saw the Immortal Palace collapse, pressing this person on top, and then the sea of ​​chaos poured in, swallowing him up.

"Gong Daochuan once told a story about a farmer who raised a group of chickens and fed them at midnight every day. One of the chickens was relatively stupid, so when he discovered that food fell from the sky at midnight, he thought he had discovered the way to the universe."

Gradually, Kui Gang felt that his Dao power was rapidly recovering, and he felt relieved: "Xu Ying did not kill them all, but also left you a glimmer of hope!"

"Promise him to do that, even worse than the Chaos Lord! Is he just afraid of offending you, Nie Ning?"

My pupils trembled greatly, I lost all my strength, and I sat up against the balled up fairy palace.

That scene was really shocking.

The Immortal Palace was crushed and twisted by the power of the Sea of ​​Chaos, like paper that had been crumpled into a ball. The Immortal Ship curled up like a twist, and then became full again, and each of these extremely powerful magic weapons was also lost at this moment.

All powers are twisted and deformed!

Kuigang Taoist looked at that scene in horror, struggled hard, and flew towards those immortal temples and ships. However, the pressure of the Chaos Sea was so terrifying that I moved like an ant, and there was no way I could catch up with those immortal temples and ships.
The bad thing is that my body is weak, even the Sea of ​​Chaos can't melt me ​​in a moment, but if it were someone else with less strength, they would be crushed and assimilated by the Sea of ​​Chaos in an instant!

Do I have any strength? If I take action now, I am seeking death.

Xu Ying didn’t even take action, did he see me channeling my mana, and the seven-week sea of ​​chaos crushed these Hongyuan weaklings to death!

But in front of me, hundreds of Hongyuan disciples were chasing me, overtaking me one after another, chasing in the direction where Xu Ying and fellow Taoist Xu left.

Kuigang Taoist took a step back, and as I took that step out, the annihilating sky fire in the seven-week sea of ​​chaos suddenly burned, and in an instant, a annihilating cosmic light was formed!

"Hong Yuan seems to be diligently pursuing the Tao, but it is extremely unlikely that you are just a bunch of chickens who will never see the truth of the Tao!"

Xu Ying stood behind Nie Ningmao, Kui Gang raised his hand and landed on it. The power from Nie Ning's destruction suddenly burst out, and the sea of ​​chaos shook violently!

We are chasing fewer and fewer Hongyuan disciples. Kuigang Xiaoxi muttered: "If you can't save us yet, you might as well save us..."

There is no killing energy in the starry sky, gathering in the galaxy, like the divine being who created the world, wielding a long whip, swinging up billions of stars, whipping them back and forth!

Kui Gang said slowly: "Hon! I will take you to chase down the Hong Yuan disciples behind me. Tell us that Xu Ying is a small person and is protecting fellow Taoist Xu. He will definitely be able to pass! My Taoism is a thousand times better than yours, and a single thought can determine life or death."


Xu Ying shook his head and said: "Kui Gang, when you didn't attain enlightenment, he had no chance to defeat you. Now that you haven't attained enlightenment, does he have any chance?"

Hong Yuan has suffered losses since then, but never such a small one.

My cultivation level recovered a little, my movement speed became slower and slower, and I hurriedly chased after those people.

Taoist Kui Gang looked up and saw that the person who came was a young woman with a gentle complexion. She was well-dressed and every hair was combed to perfection.

At that time, a tall figure walked up to me.

The energy of chaos is corroding me, corroding my paths, and wants to turn me into chaos.

Xu Ying nodded heavily and said: "In this case, Hong Yuan's actions are understandable. Now that you are leaving Hong Yuan to become the Chaos Lord, do you also want to return what you have learned in Hong Yuan?"

However, after that move reached Xu Ying's face, all the power was still used, leaving no trace of power left.

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My voice suddenly weakened, and it was said that I was swallowed up by the energy of chaos after leaving the Immortal Palace.

And the proof is the Chaos Dao Light. The power of Chaos Dao is unparalleled. It contains chaotic and majestic power. It is the cemetery and birthplace of countless paths!

Even those with weaker strength will have all the bones in their bodies broken by the terrifying pressure, but they will still die, eroded by the energy of chaos, their skin will fester, their blood will evaporate, and their flesh will melt away!

Kui Gang worked hard to regain his power, and his heart became more and more relieved.

Xu Ying's heart suddenly moved. He turned back to look at the Chaos Sea and said, "Nie Ning is indeed willing to give up. The pursuers are coming."

Kui Gang was shocked. Nie Ning, the Nie Ning in front of him, was still there. The path of Nirvana was also there. The two innate paths of chaos and killing that were evidenced by Nirvana were also there. But they didn't have any power!<


Suddenly, Kui Gang felt that his Tao power was coming in rapidly, and his face changed drastically, and he whispered: "Nie Ningmao, please be merciful! He is a small person, why should he care about the younger generation?"

I have not yet reached the point where I can combine the four paths, but being able to display the four evidence-based Dao Lights is still a small achievement!

True Lord Yongle's face showed no signs of sadness or joy, but he paused for a moment before continuing to walk back.

Kuigang Taoist suddenly became frightened. The so-called heart of annihilation and the so-called eternal movement all turned into fear at this moment.

Kui Gang felt sad and looked towards the front of the Immortal Palace. He saw the Immortal Palaces in front of him. The ships and magic weapons were also twisting, collapsing, and folding. One after another, the disciples of Hongyuan exploded and were annihilated.

The light shines, as if the energy of chaos is the way to exist. Every immortal palace, every immortal ship, every magic weapon, and even the people in those immortal palaces, immortal ships and magic weapons are all turbid and visible, as if the white scroll is particularly full.

The artistic conception.

"We have to go there!" Kuigang whispered to dissuade us.

My voice was swallowed up by the energy of chaos and turned into a blur of noise.

But the bad thing is that my Dao power has been restored a lot, helping to activate the Immortal Palace, and the Immortal Palace moves slower in the sea of ​​chaos.

Kuigang Taoist said: "Back then, Wen Nanxun showed extraordinary strength, but Wen Nanxun had not yet become a Taoist master. It was originally agreed that Wen Nanxun would have another Taoist discussion before he became a Taoist master. Today, it happens to be the meeting. Nie Ningmao, please!

"Xu Ying, he got your Nie Ning Order and was supposed to become a disciple of your Daomeng Palace. However, he is too capable of causing trouble, so you have to expel him from Daomeng Palace."

"Getting rid of Hong Yuan's abandoned disciples is a service to Hong Yuan!"

Taoist Kui Gang watched groups of Hong Yuan's disciples rushing over. Hundreds of Hong Yuan's disciples, including some of the disciples from the Fourth Hall who were inferior to him, felt cold in their hearts.

"Hong Yuan's abandoned son Xu Daoyou will definitely be given the head!"

Changsun Shenghai looked with deep eyes in the direction where Xu Ying left. Suddenly, another figure came towards him. The sea of ​​chaos that had originally dissipated Dao power in Qi Zhou suddenly became alive, and all kinds of Dao power came one after another.
The Immortal Palace was made by Hongyuan and was specially used for traveling. There is no intrusion from the Qi of Chaos in the palace, and there is no resistance at all when retreating in the Sea of ​​Chaos.

"Changsun Shenghai!"

Kuigang Taoist said: "Hongyuan is an alliance of people with the same Taoism. Since we are the same Taoism, we naturally want to recover what we have learned."

"Fellow Taoist Xu killed his fellow disciples, and he was very vicious. I must be careful!"

The only colors in the chaotic sea were Xu Ying, fellow Taoist Xu, and a small bell.

I learned a lot less than the next time I saw him, and understood the easiest evidence of chaos and Hongmeng. I made up for my missing link, and I am not very close to my master Daoji.

I saw light flashing, and a figure walked out of the light, gradually becoming turbid.

This man quickly invited me to the Immortal Palace and took me to gallop backwards. However, because I, a disciple of Hong Yuan, wanted to make a small contribution, my speed was not very fast.

I just thought about it, and suddenly I saw fairy temples, ships, and magic weapons in the chaotic sea, flying out of the small sky and bright realm, flying towards that side.

Xu Ying looked apologetically and said, "In other words, you and everyone above Daojin are all on the same level. Your attainment is really not attainment."

Such scenes made me panic and overwhelmed me.


Kui Gang looked dull and saw the immortal temples, ships, and magic weapons, all of which suddenly lost all their power.

Taoist Kuigang was finally able to catch his breath and quickly looked around, but it was Zhenjun Yongle of Daomeng Palace.

Kui Gang's face suddenly changed, and for the first time he didn't feel a deep sense of power.

My Taoist power gradually recovered, but I became more and more frightened. For the first time, I had faith in the Nirvana Trail and Hongyuan.

Kuigang Taoist hurriedly stopped his hand and immediately changed his moves. My Nie Ning is still in operation, but the light is divided into four, starting from the innate paths of Nirvana, Chaos, Hongmeng, etc., and use this as evidence!
His face was distorted, his mouth was open, and his face was ferocious. Although he heard the sound, Kui Gang seemed to hear the sound.

"Nie Ning will definitely give up this time!" Fellow Taoist Xu said worriedly.

But then, the blood color returned to chaos.

Xu Ying told Taoist Master Kuigang's story about the Chicken Taoist Master, saying, "Hong Yuan is pregnant with the four ways and is stuck in his ways. There is no difference between this chicken whose food fell from the sky when he found his son. There is no small way among the four ways.

"Kui Gang wants to be a chicken master."

Suddenly, the thick Nie Ning from behind pierced through the sea of ​​chaos and shone under my face. The smile on Kui Gang's face froze. This was the brilliant Hongwu formed by Nie Ning's disciples' promise to Xu and fellow Taoist Xu who used their magical powers.

Fellow Daoist Xu's red dress looks normal and eye-catching in the white scroll.

When the light of the universe is reversed, it will turn into a universe in the midst of a killing spree. The planet is covered with scars from swords, and it is terrifying!

I led fellow Taoist Xu past Kuigang and said, "You are not Taoist, and if you spare him, you will die."

There are not many existences as weak as mine in the Chaos Sea that are still alive, but there are not many such existences in the Flood Source.

Kui Gang was shocked and thought, "To deal with a Taoist master, do you need to dispatch the end of the trail?"

"Zhenjun Yongle, at the end of the trail, is finally ready to take action!"

Whether there were our screams in the sea of ​​chaos, everything was silent. Only the noise from the paths that filled the entire sea of ​​chaos sounded in Kui Gang's ears.

"Kui Gang, you are no longer on the same level as you."

My four innate paths have not yet been cultivated to the level of forward and backward movement, but the changes are so subtle that it is breathtaking. This level of cultivation can be said to be second only to the palace master in Hongyuan!

Not many Hongyuan disciples knew Kuigang, so they speeded up and said, "Senior Brother Kuigang from the Temple of Annihilation? It's really you! What's wrong?"

At that moment, a powerful force illuminated the sea of ​​chaos, and a road composed of pure paths suddenly spread out, extending to the feet of Xu Ying and Nie Ningmao.

These Hongyuan disciples suddenly exploded one by one, like paint exploding in the sea water, dyeing the seven-week sea of ​​chaos red.

The ones in the Immortal Palace, the ships, and the magic weapons were Nie Ning’s disciples, who later hunted down fellow Daoist Xu!

That is the most complicated four-path evidence. When the power of the four paths is combined into one, you can see the end of the trail.

Before Xu Ying left, the seven-week sea of ​​chaos came over me. I still had no strength to resist the pressure, so I could only let the sea of ​​chaos come.

True Lord Yongle looked at the bones of these dead Hongyuan disciples and said loudly, "They came to Hongyuan because of your Hongyuan order. That cause and effect must be cut off by you yourself."

"It's time to pass!"

"The end of the trail!" Xu Ying raised his eyebrows and looked at the hazy light at the end of the trail.

"The bad young man died, the bad young man died..."

Taoist Kui Gang was shocked, "How can I walk in the sea of ​​chaos?"

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