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Recruit black physique and practice in the wasteland at the beginning

Recruit black physique and practice in the wasteland at the beginning

author:Chen Fengxiao

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 21:59

Latest chapter:Chapter 1132 Unwilling

After traveling to the wasteland, you are usually an orphan, what should you do? First of all, you have to survive, but it is not easy to do this. After you are full and warm, it is time to think about... ahem, it is time to think about how to become stronger, not to mention this Easy. When Qu Jianlei began to gradually become stronger, he unexpectedly discovered that this wasteland... was not the wasteland he imagined!

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《Recruit black physique and practice in the wasteland at the beginning》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1132 Unwilling
Chapter 1131 Great Harvest
Chapter 1130 Accidents one after another
Chapter 1129 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1128 Anatomy
Chapter 1127: Survival from a narrow escape
Chapter 1126 Mutation (please ask for guaranteed monthly tickets for the third update)
Chapter 1125 Found it (Second update)
Chapter 1124 The first pair (1st update, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket this month)
《Recruit black physique and practice in the wasteland at the beginning》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Arrested
Chapter 2 Save Me
Chapter 3 I'm Afraid of Death
Chapter 4 Nutrients
Chapter 5 Cold-blooded and hot-blooded
Chapter 6 Useless
Chapter 7 Injections
Chapter 8 Silly songs are too deceiving!
Chapter 9 Genetically Modified Agents
Chapter 10 Serious?
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14 Life-saving grace, repaying it with a gun
Chapter 15 Tolerating Being Considered Weakness
Chapter 16 Robbery
Chapter 17 You Are Not Authentic
Chapter 18 It's Time
Chapter 19 Antidote
Chapter 20 Anti-addiction
Chapter 21 Running very fast
Chapter 22 Surprise too big
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Disappearance
Chapter 25 Sand Scorpion
Chapter 26 Chasing and fleeing
Chapter 27 Rapidly improving strength
Chapter 28
Chapter 29 I'm Poor!
Chapter 30
Chapter 31 Child Labour
Chapter 32 I Don't Want To Do Too Much
Chapter 33 Bah
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 Treasure Chest?
Chapter 36 Blocking
Chapter 37 The opponent suddenly changed
Chapter 38
Chapter 39 Entering the settlement
Chapter 40: Opening the Treasure Chest
Chapter 41 What About Compensation?
Chapter 42
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 Snake's Nest
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 Tai Chi Essentials
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 Another one
Chapter 49 The Famine in Early Spring
Chapter 50
Chapter 51 New Home
Chapter 52 Prey
Chapter 53 Mecha News
Chapter 54 Jetpack
Chapter 55 The Big Deal
Chapter 56
Chapter 57 Mutation
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 Night Attack
Chapter 62 Offense and Defense Conversion
Chapter 63 This Is Life
Chapter 64 News
Chapter 65 Geothermal
Chapter 66 Giant Beast
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 Where did the fierce people come from?
Chapter 69 Wolves
Chapter 70
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
73 Sniping Conditions - 74 Two Wolf Kings (2 in 1)
The 75th harvest-76th master's treatment and monthly pass)
Chapter 77 There are rules in the sixth chapter - 78 This is it? (Chapter 2 in 1)
The 79th Domineering Claire-80 The Wicked Grind (Eighth Update Completed)
81 Heart is so black-82 Looking for the account (two-in-one pursuit and monthly ticket)
Chapter 83 - 84 Looking for talent (two in one chapter)
Chapter 85 Hunting-86 Hongyuan
87 Encounter - 88 Awake (two in one chapter)
The 89th Ultimate Soldier-90 escaped the catastrophe (two in one)
91 found -92 to start first (two in one)
92 Black Wind - 94 Destruction
No. 95 master - 96 immediate results
97 Little Lake Upgrade - 98 Anatomy? (2 in 1)
Chapter 99 I meet Pengci again - 100 is coming (two in one)
How about the 101st mecha - 102 Counterattack (two-in-one He Heitian)
Chapter 103 - Chapter 104 Mysterious Visitor
105 The Secret of the Ultimate Warrior - 106 Top Secret
No. 107 Nominations - 108 Invisible Rich Completed)
Chapter 109 This experience is difficult to generalize-110 Tentative
111 Hard Journey
113 - 114 The Way of the Old Ben
115 is a little weird - 116's fame is over)
117 Fame and fortune - 118 Anger
119 Still have to do it - 120 Then come on
Chapter 121 True Memories-122 Biased to Tiger Mountain
The 123rd UAV-124 The marksmanship is smelly
125 Ultimate Warrior-126 You can't kill me!
Chapter 127 - Run or not? - 128 I am the owner of the mountain (End)
129th exposure - 130 new financial road
131 New idea - 132 Favorite end)
133rd concern - 134th snatch
135. Dirty - 136. After hitting the big board)
The 137th wave of hype - 138 The rise and fall
The 139th Night Uninvited Guest - 140 preset a lonely end)
141 I have something to say - 142 My knife exploded
143 Eat and wipe clean - 144 The promise of looking around the cottage is over)
145th Floor Guards - 146 Private Orders
Chapter 147 Respect for knowledge - 148 Not eligible for evaluation)
Chapter 149 - 150 The Ghosts Haunt
151 You are still lame - 152 False report (End)
153 Retribution-154 Retribution
Chapter 155 I also became a protective umbrella - 156 is broken)
157 I Can't Hide - 158
159 Repaired a lonely - 160 The price should be cut)
161 Unknown people - 162 Wanted criminals get together
163 Rainy Night Killing Day - 164 The Hand Knife End)
165 Good and bad news - 166 Jamali's knife
Chapter 167 Forgotten Harvest-168 Mantis and Oriole End)
169 Qingfeng Shadowless Blade - 170 wounded
Chapter 171 I can't go back - 172 The truth is finished)
173 The Three Caves of the Cunning Rabbit-174 A Family Reunion
Chapter 175 I have crystals - 176 I can catch it alive)
Chapter 177 I'm Not Worth It
Chapter 178: The Maximum Death Penalty
179 My Rules - 180 Unsatisfactory Completion)
Chapter 181 - 182 Day Luodi Net
The 183rd battle A-level-184 has an ambush? End)
185 Anger - 186 Another Misunderstanding (2 in 1)
Chapter 187 Big trouble - 188 Spiritual attributes end)
No. 189 into the canyon-190 high-tech (two in one)
191st Outbreak - 192nd Crash End)
The 193rd Pair of Code Words-194 The Night Uneasy (2 in 1)
195th melee - 196th Item Talisman? End)
Chapter 197
Chapter 198 Dispute
Chapter 199 Going out is already a guaranteed monthly ticket for all corners of the country)
Chapter 200
Chapter 201 Acquaintance Guarantee Monthly Pass in August)
Chapter 202 Unhappy Retribution
Chapter 203
Chapter 204 Zheng Weifang saves himself
Chapter 205
Chapter 206 Weird Manor
Chapter 207
Chapter 208 Righteousness First
Chapter 209
Chapter 210 Silence
Chapter 211: Supreme Statement
Chapter 212 The Kind Boss Wei
Chapter 213 The secret of the base
Chapter 214
Chapter 215 Do I not want face?
Chapter 216
Chapter 217 Sudden change
Chapter 218 Business Value
Chapter 219
220 Only You Are Asking
Chapter 221 Formation?
Chapter 222 Do you want a trumpet?
Chapter 223 Reverse Magic
Chapter 224 Good Luck and Bad Luck
Chapter 225 Escape Plan
Chapter 226 Secret Structure
Chapter 227 Liaison Office
Chapter 228
Chapter 229
Chapter 230 Spaceship Landing
171 Deja Vu
Chapter 172 Insider
Chapter 173
Chapter 174 The Supreme Endorsement
Chapter 175
Chapter 176 Crazy
Chapter 177 Landing
Chapter 178
Chapter 179 Breakthrough
Chapter 180 Who is the second one?
Chapter 181 Encounter
Chapter 182
Chapter 183 Invitation
Chapter 184 Like Wasteland?
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 Improvement
Chapter 187 Diffusion
Chapter 188 Surrounding
Chapter 189 Harvest
Chapter 190
Chapter 191
Chapter 192 Bottom Line
Chapter 193
Chapter 194 Information difference (He Mengzhu Lao Mu)
Chapter 195
Chapter 196
Chapter 197
Chapter 198
Chapter 199 The hurtful truth
Chapter 200
Chapter 201 Goodbye Youyou (Scheduled September Guaranteed Monthly Pass)
Chapter 202 Death to the September Guaranteed Monthly Pass)
Chapter 203 The indifference of the strong
Chapter 204: Fishing in Troubled Waters Guaranteed Monthly Pass)
Chapter 205
Chapter 206: Targeted
Chapter 207 I'm Pretending To Be Myself
Chapter 208
Chapter 209 This warehouse is not serious
Chapter 210
Chapter 211
Chapter 212 Who else can I trust?
Chapter 213 Long time no see
Chapter 214
Chapter 215 Cooperation?
Chapter 216
Chapter 217 Shameless Conspiracy
Chapter 218 Don't Want to Humiliate Me
Chapter 219
Chapter 220
Chapter 221 Supplementary Supplements
Chapter 222
Chapter 223
Chapter 224 I have a friend
Chapter 225: Covering the Monthly Pass)
Chapter 226 Chapter 287 Covering the lid -288 Turtle Breath Technique (two in one chapter)
Chapter 289 Only children make choices
Chapter 228 290 News about the potion - 291 Being unable to do anything (two combinations)
Chapter 229: Run, He Mengzhu wdz)
Chapter 230 293 Cheating to eat and drink - 294 The three giants (two in one chapter
Chapter 231 Lao Pan attacks
Chapter 232 Electromagnetic Storm
Chapter 233 Fire Rain
Chapter 234 Harvest
Chapter 235 Lao Pan’s kindness
Chapter 236 This is sincerity
Chapter 237 Linghu’s doubts
Chapter 238 Why
Chapter 239 The reason for seeking death
Chapter 240 Shockingly Ugly
Chapter 241 Disgusting people
Chapter 242 Another one
Chapter 243 Simple Mystery
Chapter 244 Go My Own Way
Chapter 245: A fishy fish
Chapter 246 Don’t come out
Chapter 247 Huh?
Chapter 248 Octopus Vine
Chapter 249 Fire, Trees and Silver Flowers
Chapter 250 Strange Attack
Chapter 251 The Dog of the Empire
Chapter 252 Krishna, do me a favor
Chapter 253 Ambushes everywhere
Chapter 254 Execution
Chapter 255 Damn it
Chapter 256 The road to heaven is endless
Chapter 257 Exhausted
Chapter 258 The collapse of the relay tower
Chapter 259 Sunk Costs
Chapter 260 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers
Chapter 261 What a coincidence
Chapter 262 Friend and Enemy
Chapter 263 Unprovoked October Guaranteed Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 264 A crushing defeat
Chapter 265 It’s my turn (double period guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 266 Screening
Chapter 267 True and False Identity
Chapter 268 Where are the reinforcements?
Chapter 269 Powerful reinforcements (asking for double monthly votes)
Chapter 270 Desire for profit
Chapter 271 Leaving
Chapter 272 The lingering ghost
Chapter 273 Endless
Chapter 274 Don’t I want to lose face?
Chapter 275 The villain dies because he talks too much
Chapter 276 Human Nature
Chapter 277 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 278 Leaving
Chapter 279 Rich Brother
Chapter 280 A brief exchange of words
Chapter 281 Different
Chapter 282 Threshold
Chapter 283 I also robbed
Chapter 284 Became a decoration
Chapter 285 Black Market Meeting Gift
Chapter 286 Everything is strange
Chapter 287 Want to pick up the leaks
Chapter 288 The worries of being particular
Chapter 289 Turning Back
Chapter 290 Awesome Career
Chapter 291 Role Change
Chapter 292 This road is blocked
Chapter 293 Bragging
Chapter 294 A salary
Chapter 295 The visitor is evil
Chapter 296 Act seriously
Chapter 297: City sneak attack
Chapter 298 The willfulness of the wind
Chapter 299 I have nothing to do with the rain
Chapter 300 Weird old lady Jia
Chapter 301 My family is not supreme
Chapter 302 Covenant Book
Chapter 303 Divine Writings
Chapter 304 Tufuzi
Chapter 305 Goods sold to two families
Chapter 306 Attribute Selection
Chapter 307 Divine Message
Chapter 308 Repaying kindness with hatred
Chapter 309 Girl Star Territory
Chapter 310 News
Chapter 311 Seen Through
Chapter 312 The former supreme
Chapter 313: People become better with age
Chapter 314 Accidentally discovering He Meng’s main class)
Chapter 315 379 Returning the favor-380 was targeted (two-in-one
Chapter 316 Targeting Everywhere
Chapter 317 I saved you
Chapter 318 The Supreme Curiosity
Chapter 319 It’s not easy to move lightly
Chapter 320 Get Out
Chapter 321 Let me go
Chapter 322 Doing the opposite
Chapter 323 Hunting
Chapter 324 No choice
Chapter 325: Confused (book a guaranteed monthly pass next month)
Chapter 326: So tough (guaranteed monthly pass in November)
Chapter 327 Too much is not enough
Chapter 328 Rushing to the venue (guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 329 Comprehensive Assessment
Chapter 330 Different opinions (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 331 Changes in Xiaohu
Chapter 332 Still a child
Chapter 333 Other Civilizations
Chapter 334 Supreme
Chapter 335 Increase the intensity
Chapter 336 Avoid it
Chapter 337 Volunteering
Chapter 338 The Dignity of the Teacher
Chapter 339 Immunity
Chapter 340 No Resistance
Chapter 341 The killer is not too cold
Chapter 342 If you can beat me, then tell me
Chapter 343 Evidence
Chapter 344 The discovery of the patrol
Chapter 345 Taking turns
Chapter 346 Fuck Him
Chapter 347 Coming to the Door
Chapter 348 No good fault
Chapter 349 Concerns
Chapter 350 The tree wants to be calm and the wind doesn’t stop
Chapter 351 Declaration of War
Chapter 352 Fishing Failed
Chapter 353 Whale Falling
Chapter 354 I don’t deserve it
Chapter 355 Crazy
Chapter 356 Mastermind
Chapter 357 Intrusion
Chapter 358 Greedy
Chapter 359 Docking
Chapter 360 Launch
Chapter 361 Sequence
Chapter 362 Gerati
Chapter 363 Switching
Chapter 364 The killer’s shock
Chapter 365 Respect for Professionalism
Chapter 366 Still waters run deep
Chapter 367 Falling apart
Chapter 368 Transformation
Chapter 369 Raising the Flag
Chapter 370 Not breaking the defense
Chapter 371 Crush
Chapter 372 Amazing
Chapter 373 Unfriendly
Chapter 374 You can’t afford to offend me
Chapter 375 Coming one after another
Chapter 376 Mutual Check
Chapter 377 The Prodigy and the Market
Chapter 378 Companion
Chapter 379 Falling into a trap
Chapter 380 The effect is too good
Chapter 381 Willful
Chapter 382 Leave it to me
Chapter 383 To kill or not
Chapter 384 True or false is not important
Chapter 385 I understand
Chapter 386 Transformation (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for next month)
Chapter 387: Ruffian (please ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket for December)
Chapter 388 Not Strong
Chapter 389 Something bad happens (Guaranteed Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 390 The water is too muddy
Chapter 391 Half guess half job
Chapter 392 Fighting wolves with hemp poles
Chapter 393 Ups and downs
Chapter 394 Pursuit
Chapter 395 Personality
Chapter 396 Brilliant Fireworks
Chapter 397 What about the sixth type?
Chapter 398 Stacking
Chapter 399 Winning the jackpot
Chapter 400 Can’t do it
Chapter 401 Extreme Training Room
Chapter 402 Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 403 Restraining Order
Chapter 404 Red List
Chapter 405 A caring person
Chapter 406 Calming Incense
Chapter 407 Powerful Central Control
Chapter 408 Sure enough, he is rich
Chapter 409 The heroic sister
Chapter 410 Strong and Weak
Chapter 411 Community
Chapter 412 The lingering ghost
Chapter 413 Breakup?
Chapter 414 Passive Suicide
Chapter 415 Strange Death
Chapter 416 I’m speechless
Chapter 417 Compensation is not important
Chapter 418 The house leaks by chance
Chapter 419 Those who are turbulent will become turbid themselves.
Chapter 420 The pace is a bit big
Chapter 421 Disgusting thing
Chapter 422 Reversal
Chapter 423 Logic Bomb
Chapter 424 Feasting and feasting
Chapter 425 Skill
Chapter 426 Asking for it
Chapter 427 Unable to be willful
Chapter 428 Indecision
Chapter 429 Visiting
Chapter 430 Guest appearance
Chapter 431 Pressure
Chapter 432 Super Cooperation
Chapter 433 So powerful that it’s hopeless
Chapter 434 Move together
Chapter 435 One after another
Chapter 436 Shock
Chapter 437 It’s not over yet
Chapter 438 Horror
Chapter 439 Desperate
Chapter 440 That’s it?
Chapter 441: Raising the Price from the Ground
Chapter 442 Adventurer
Chapter 443 Infernal Affairs
Chapter 444 Trap
Chapter 445: Massacre
Chapter 446 Tips
Chapter 447 Pulling someone into trouble
Chapter 448 Cover
Chapter 449 Seeking Death
Chapter 450: So Wicked Happy New Year)
Chapter 451 Really Unfavorable
Chapter 452 Facing double monthly tickets)
Chapter 453 Sinner
Chapter 454 Not used to it
Chapter 455 Pragmatism
Chapter 456: Which one is intolerable?
Chapter 457 Fire, Trees and Silver Flowers
Chapter 458 Upgrade
Chapter 459 Differentiation and Imbalance
Chapter 460 Never stop
Chapter 461 Suspicion
Chapter 462 Sick
Chapter 463 Ridiculous Trap
Chapter 464 The loneliness of the small lake
Chapter 465 Sit back and wait.
Chapter 466 What a fast knife
Chapter 467 The Supreme Dignity
Chapter 468 It’s all rumors
Chapter 469 Xiaohu’s Revenge
Chapter 470 The final stubbornness
Chapter 471 Don’t care about jokes
Chapter 472 The killing doesn’t stop
Chapter 473 Mugi
Chapter 474 Look-alike
Chapter 475 Normal and Abnormal
Chapter 476: Run away after hearing the news
Chapter 477 Academic Exchange
Chapter 478 Old Dean
Chapter 479 Identity Change
Chapter 480 Different styles
Chapter 481 Entrapment
Chapter 482 Fulfilling the Promise
Chapter 483 Dragnet
Chapter 484 It’s hard to argue
Chapter 485 Years of hard work
Chapter 486 Tiles from Xiaohu
Chapter 487 Deck
Chapter 488 Taking risks
Chapter 489 Miscalculation
Chapter 490 Meet the Special Appointment Again
Chapter 491 Kill List
Chapter 492 Fiery Fire Cooking Oil
Chapter 493 The battle wishes everyone a happy Year of the Rabbit)
Chapter 494 Two News
Chapter 495: A little bit floating (Happy Year of the Rabbit)
Chapter 496 What a coincidence
Chapter 497 Deja Vu
Chapter 498 Sense of Deja vu
Chapter 499 Testing
Chapter 500 Death Trap
Chapter 501 Rich Man and Three Eyes
Chapter 502 Protect our A-level
Chapter 503: Being polite to others
Chapter 504 Tiangou Mansion
Chapter 505 He is indeed a strange person
Chapter 506 It’s just pretentious
Chapter 507 Impure Thoughts
Chapter 508 None of your business
Chapter 509 The Divine Wen Family
Chapter 510 Foodie
Chapter 511 Chubby
Chapter 512 Return to nature
Chapter 513 Opportunity (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for next month)
Chapter 514 (Secret Topic Guaranteed Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 515 Guardian Badge
Chapter 516 The End of Science (Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 517 Trap
Chapter 518 Harvests and hidden worries
Chapter 519 It’s a real deal
Chapter 520 Can it be kept secret?
Chapter 521 Breakup
Chapter 522 Alien Divine Writings
Chapter 523 Destined Person
Chapter 524: Too much is not enough
Chapter 525 Snatching
Chapter 526 What are you trying to do?
Chapter 527 Cannon fodder?
Chapter 528 Arrogant at the front and respectful at the back
Chapter 529 Fortunately
Chapter 530 Another double blow
Chapter 531 It’s you!
Chapter 532 It’s hard to explain in one word
Chapter 533 Refining?
Chapter 534 Society
Chapter 535 Rules are useless
Chapter 536 Is it appropriate?
Chapter 537 Look how big your face is
Chapter 538 The Confidence of Chinese People
Chapter 539 Abnormal Celestial Phenomenon
Chapter 540 Crazy
Chapter 541 Blitz
Chapter 542 Rushing to the scene
Chapter 543 So bold
Chapter 544 Pride and Prejudice
Chapter 545 Chain of Discrimination
Chapter 546 So Dirty
Chapter 547 Dilemma
Chapter 548 Quality
Chapter 549 I don’t want to hear it
Chapter 550 I’m coming!
Chapter 551 Forced to stay
Chapter 552 Air Combat
Chapter 553 No taboos
Chapter 554 Qingtian
Chapter 555 Rigid Dogma
Chapter 556 Self-defeat
Chapter 557 Supreme helplessness
Chapter 558 Different excitement
Chapter 559 Half Star
Chapter 560 Personality Charm
Chapter 626 Ordinary Supreme
Chapter 627 Meeting
Chapter 628 There is a bottom line
Chapter 629 Treasure Boy
Chapter 630: Like a person drinking water
Chapter 631 I can’t hide it anymore
Chapter 632 Ready-made ingredients
Chapter 633 Just ignore it
Chapter 634: Bring in the battleships
Chapter 635 Failure to cooperate (book a guaranteed monthly pass next month)
Chapter 636 Let’s see who dares
Chapter 637 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers
Chapter 638 Fellow Taoist Guaranteed Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 639 Too weak
Chapter 640 The truth
Chapter 641 Can’t go back
Chapter 642 Phoenix Nirvana
Chapter 643 Finally here
Chapter 644 Can’t lie
Chapter 645 Women’s Logic
Chapter 646 Supreme
Chapter 647 Rare Peace
Chapter 648 Cheap
Chapter 649 How dark does it have to be?
Chapter 650 Act according to circumstances
Chapter 651 Lightning Strikes
Chapter 652 Killing in Xiaohu
Chapter 653 Getting rich
Chapter 654 The plan cannot keep up with the changes
Chapter 655 Robbery
Chapter 656 Dear Robber
Chapter 657 Weird Robber
Chapter 658 I don’t want to be arrogant
Chapter 659: Get rich instantly
Chapter 660 The insidious guy
Chapter 661 Overspending
Chapter 662 Fishing
Chapter 663 Be more confident
Chapter 664 What the hell?
Chapter 665 A Star Wars that is not like Star Wars
Chapter 666 Eat it all and wipe it clean
Chapter 667 Something happened again
Chapter 668 Complaint
Chapter 669 Coincidence
Chapter 670 Ansoku
Chapter 671 Haiyin Family
Chapter 672 Rhine’s kindness
Chapter 673 The road ahead
Chapter 674 Delay
Chapter 675 Who is not a Supreme Being?
Chapter 676 That’s it?
Chapter 677 The intensity is not high
Chapter 678 A powerful trump card
Chapter 679 A little skillful
Chapter 680 Imitation
Chapter 681 Risk Management and Control
Chapter 682 Anxiety
Chapter 683 Smurf
Chapter 684 The purge of the government
Chapter 685 It’s not the same
Chapter 686 Surrender
Chapter 687 Taiko
Chapter 688 Innocence
Chapter 689 The wise boss
Chapter 690 Labor Dispatch
Chapter 691 Beaten
Chapter 692 Who is worse?
Chapter 693 Reaction
Chapter 694 The warship is coming
Chapter 695: A rat-throwing weapon
Chapter 696 Reality
Chapter 697 Combat Qualities
Chapter 698 The Master-Apprentice System (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for April)
Chapter 699 Encounter, leaving the April guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 700 Gravity Technique
Chapter 701 Those who wish to take the bait will be guaranteed a monthly pass)
Chapter 702: Kill people and set fire
Chapter 703 Arson and Killing
Chapter 704 Good News
Chapter 705 The past reappears
Chapter 706 Things are different now
Chapter 707 Survival from desperate situation
Chapter 708 Just kill him
Chapter 709 Reunion
Chapter 710 Accident
Chapter 711 Spark
Chapter 712 Things are about to change
Chapter 713 The Night of Killing
Chapter 714 Variables
Chapter 715 Preemptive Strike
Chapter 716 Great Victory
Chapter 717 Shock
Chapter 718 Resistance
Chapter 719 The Supreme Wrath
Chapter 720 Doubts
Chapter 721 Weird Materials
Chapter 722 Clues
Chapter 723 Parting ways
Chapter 724 New Life
Chapter 725 A few rookies
Chapter 726 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 727 Come out and talk
Chapter 728 Seize the body?
Chapter 729 Real Treasure
Chapter 730 You are right
Chapter 731 Extreme Madness
Chapter 732 Three Days of Farewell
Chapter 733: Robbery
Chapter 734 Do me a favor
Chapter 735 New Situation
Chapter 736 Enemy Attack
Chapter 737 Cooperation
Chapter 738 Being picky
Chapter 739 Wanted List
Chapter 740 Head and Neck
Chapter 741 Seeking Death
Chapter 742: Shooting Rabbits in the Grass
Chapter 743 I have a bottom line
Chapter 744 Ancient Oath
Chapter 745 Return
Chapter 746 Paranoid and Arrogant
Chapter 747 Cognitive Bias
Chapter 748 It’s not one plus one
Chapter 749 Refuse to take the blame
Chapter 750 Hindsight
Chapter 751 Are you kidding me?
Chapter 752 Rhine takes over
Chapter 753 The wind direction has changed
Chapter 754 Rhine’s face
Chapter 755 The Middle Zone
Chapter 756 Air leakage
Chapter 757 Reunion
Chapter 758 The Price of Growth
Chapter 759: The limelight that cannot be avoided (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for May)
Chapter 760: Being Hated (Guaranteed Monthly Pass for May)
Chapter 761 The confidence of the system
Chapter 762: The Massacre of the Family (Double Guaranteed Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 763 Mutual Containment
Chapter 764 Bad Guest
Chapter 765 Fortunately, he lived up to his fate
Chapter 766 Repeater
Chapter 767 Golf congratulations to the cute master I love rice)
768 Get away - 69 Speechless (Two in one chapter, please double the monthly ticket)
Chapter 770 The price has increased
Chapter 771 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 772 Sit back and watch
Chapter 773 Rushing to the scene
Chapter 774: More Flowers
Chapter 775 Smoke Bomb
Chapter 776 It’s better to seek help from others than from yourself
Chapter 777 Insidious
Chapter 778 Be careful and you won’t make a big mistake
Chapter 779 Rookie sets sail
Chapter 780 Observation Fees
Chapter 781 Draw a card
Chapter 782: Stupid people have too much money
Chapter 783 Shocking News
Chapter 784 Be more confident
Chapter 785 Just basic skills
Chapter 786 Don’t buy each other’s opinions
Chapter 787 Exposed
Chapter 788 The World of Genius
Chapter 789 Deposit
Chapter 790 The bottom falls
Chapter 791 The ups and downs
Chapter 792 Be Prepared
Chapter 793 Confused
Chapter 794 Trap
Chapter 795 Suffering, Enemy Attack
Chapter 796 Accidents one after another
Chapter 797: Give leniency to the enemy
Chapter 798 The magical effect of spiritual energy
Chapter 799 Who to look for?
Chapter 800 Claims and Evidence
Chapter 801 No wonder
Chapter 802 Three Supreme Formations
Chapter 803 Easy Rescue
Chapter 804 Be Prepared
Chapter 805 Still water and gentle waves
Chapter 806 Bloody Millstone
Chapter 807 Do you have a certificate of surrender?
Chapter 808 Crush casually
Chapter 809 Extremely Insulting
Chapter 810 Confusion
Chapter 811 People’s hearts are broken
Chapter 812 Seeking Death
Chapter 813 Escape
Chapter 814 Integration
Chapter 815 Chain of Discrimination
Chapter 816 Whose fault is it?
Chapter 817 Inversion of Cause and Effect
Chapter 818 Braking with stillness
Chapter 819 How much hatred
Chapter 820 Caught off guard
Chapter 821 The storm is coming
Chapter 822 It’s not a flaw
Chapter 823 Refuse to give in (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for next month)
Chapter 824 Predicting the guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 825 Warning Sign
Chapter 826: Man’s calculation is not as good as God’s calculation (guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 827 Glory
Chapter 828 Here we go again!
Chapter 829 It turns out to be you
Chapter 830 Smart Man’s Game
Chapter 831 Skilled Cooperation
Chapter 832 Is it embarrassing?
Chapter 833 Big Surprise Congratulations to Lord Meng, Lord Scorpio)
834 Too Poor Cultivation - 835 Never Leave and Never Give Up (two chapters in one, please vote for me)
Chapter 836 Man’s calculation is not as good as God’s calculation
Chapter 837 I’m coming
Chapter 838 Tough
Chapter 839 Drinking Too Much
Chapter 840 Tough
Chapter 841 Bearish
Chapter 842 Digital Battleship
Chapter 843 Double-edged Sword
Chapter 844 Suicide and Murder
Chapter 845 Death of Balon
Chapter 846 The days ahead are long
Chapter 847 The tree wants to be calm and the wind doesn’t stop
Chapter 848 Clues
Chapter 849 Wonderful Thoughts
Chapter 850 Home
Chapter 851 Differential Treatment
Chapter 852 The Big Net
Chapter 853 That’s it?
Chapter 854 Eat more
Chapter 788 Remote Control
Chapter 789 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 790 What attributes
Chapter 791 Dilemma
Chapter 792 Lost Contact
Chapter 793 Not fresh
Chapter 794 Suspicion
Chapter 795 Letting go
Chapter 796 Financial Crisis
Chapter 797 Uneasy
Chapter 798 So brave
Chapter 799 Arrogant at the front and respectful at the back
Chapter 800 Things change and people change
Chapter 801 Poverty
Chapter 802 The boss of the boss
Chapter 803 Get Out
Chapter 804 Menacing
Chapter 805 Obsession
Chapter 806 The highest price
Chapter 807 Soul Nourishing Pill
Chapter 808 Ancient Tomb
Chapter 809 Gearing up
Chapter 810 How dare?
Chapter 811 Spread
Chapter 812: Facing the Difficulties
Chapter 813 Rush in
Chapter 814 Time difference
Chapter 815 Epoch-making
Chapter 816 Seeking the Way
Chapter 817 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 818 I tried my best (book a guaranteed monthly ticket for July)
Chapter 819: Choose July Guaranteed Monthly Pass)
Chapter 820 Self-destruction
Chapter 821 Fierce Guaranteed Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 822 Where to go?
Chapter 823: Matching shirts
Chapter 824 Return to the top
Chapter 825 Reward
Chapter 826 Invasion
Chapter 827: Restrained
Chapter 828 Don’t want to see blood
Chapter 829 Too fast
Chapter 830 The Legend of the Secret Door
Chapter 831 A little nostalgic
Chapter 832 A full-scale attack
Chapter 833 I heard you miss me
Chapter 834 Can’t afford to offend
Chapter 835 Figure
Chapter 836 Taking risks
Chapter 837 Don’t test human nature
Chapter 838 Correct Attitude
Chapter 839: Vengeance must be retaliated
Chapter 840 You ask and I answer
Chapter 841 Rolling around
Chapter 842 Are you cheating on your teammates?
Chapter 843 Empire Storm
Chapter 844 Binding
Chapter 845 Insidious
Chapter 846 It smells so good
Chapter 847 Taking the initiative to attack
Chapter 848 Strikes hard
Chapter 849 Loneliness
Chapter 850 Missed
Chapter 851 That little thing
Chapter 852 Who gave you confidence?
Chapter 853 I live up to others
Chapter 854 Talking
Chapter 855 Cartilage
Chapter 856 I heard about you
Chapter 857 Trek
Chapter 858 Gathering
Chapter 859 Forced Killing
Chapter 860 The injustice ends
Chapter 861 Debts belong to their owners
Chapter 862 Old Fox and Little Fox
Chapter 863 This is a trap
Chapter 864 The thunder is loud and the rain is small
Chapter 865 The Night of Killing
Chapter 866 Liveliness and alienation
Chapter 867 Hot Search
Chapter 868 I really want to capture myself alive
Chapter 869 If you don’t commit suicide, you will die.
Chapter 870 Successor after another
Chapter 871 Witness History
Chapter 872 Sitting in rows
Chapter 873 Who is more hateful?
Chapter 874 The banquet was not coincidental
Chapter 875 The Sixth Person
Chapter 876 Refusing to Lead the Rhythm
Chapter 877 Why
Chapter 878 Supreme
Chapter 879 Three and a half
Chapter 880 Are you worthy?
Chapter 881 Everyone is terrified (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for next month)
Chapter 882: Don’t be fooled by the guaranteed monthly ticket for August.)
Chapter 883 Another Mine
Chapter 884 Academy Guaranteed Monthly Pass for August)
Chapter 885 No intention of being reasonable
Chapter 886 Who is good and who is evil
Chapter 887 Not convinced
Chapter 888 Without You
Chapter 889 The ultimate benevolence
Chapter 890 Space Fluctuation
Chapter 891 You can go ahead
Chapter 892 Little Trouble
Chapter 893 Can you respect me?
Chapter 894 All means are used
Chapter 895 Positioning
Chapter 896 Beat to death directly
Chapter 897 Passive Soul Search
Chapter 898 Victory is certain
Chapter 899 It’s a Trap
Chapter 900 Are you stupid?
Chapter 901 Snake Swallows Elephant
Chapter 902 Huge Harvest
Chapter 903 Mismatch
Chapter 904 No Privacy
Chapter 905 The Clown
Chapter 906 Appearance Fee
Chapter 907 Undercurrent
Chapter 908 Thinking too much
Chapter 909 They are all ruthless people
Chapter 910 Fermentation
Chapter 911 Outrageous Wanted
Chapter 912 The Archon asks for help
Chapter 913 Toothpaste
Chapter 914 Fighting wolves with hemp poles
Chapter 915 Hard to leave
Chapter 916 Difficult
Chapter 917 Not used to mistakes
Chapter 918 Come to the door
Chapter 919 Black Zone
Chapter 920 Sudden Attack
Chapter 921: High morale
Chapter 922 The Second Channel
Chapter 923 Old grudge
Chapter 924 Public Trial
Chapter 925 Chaos arises
Chapter 926 They are all talents
Chapter 927 Blood River Butcher
Chapter 928: The truth is also false when it is fake
Chapter 929 The countdown expires
Chapter 930 The Mysterious Legend
Chapter 931 Focusing on fairness
Chapter 932 Deja Vu
Chapter 933 Internal strife breaks out
Chapter 934 Missing
Chapter 935 Huge Harvest
Chapter 936 The storm is coming
Chapter 937 Overfulfilled
Chapter 938 Being taught a lesson
Chapter 939 So that’s it
Chapter 940 Bottleneck
Chapter 941 Limited
Chapter 942 No One Knows
Chapter 943 Don’t kill anyone on the spot
Chapter 944 Unfriendly (book a guaranteed monthly ticket for September)
Chapter 945: Bad Temper (Guaranteed Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 946 Bad Temper
Chapter 947: Remember to hide the guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 948 The difference between inside and outside
Chapter 949 Deprivation of sight
Chapter 950: Powerful miracles
Chapter 951 An endless stream of people
Chapter 952: Horizontal penetration
Chapter 953 The Importance of Assistance
Chapter 954 Sneaking into the night with the wind
Chapter 955 Moisturizing things silently
Chapter 956 Partnership
Chapter 957 Delivered to your door
Chapter 958 A bit tasteless
Chapter 959 The Heaven-defying Treasure
Chapter 960: Troubleshooting
Chapter 961 A bit interesting
Chapter 962 Succeed
Chapter 963 I have
Chapter 964 New Skills
Chapter 965 Sudden
Chapter 966: Resentment
Chapter 967 Familiar Memories
Chapter 968 Who will win the flower?
Chapter 969 Teaching
Chapter 970 The Way to Make Money
Chapter 971 Request to join
Chapter 972 Ambush
Chapter 973 Style changes
Chapter 974 Controlling the Field
Chapter 975: Virtual and Real
Chapter 976 As you wish
Chapter 977 Hidden Danger
Chapter 978 There is a situation
Chapter 979 No need to discuss
Chapter 980 Reinforcements?
Chapter 981 Tyranny
Chapter 982 Digital Battleship?
Chapter 983 Death of Genius
Chapter 984 Unexpected
Chapter 985 Assault
Chapter 986 The shocked crowd
Chapter 987 Doubts
Chapter 988 Understanding Current Affairs
Chapter 989 Two years
Chapter 990 Lost in Sangyu
Chapter 991: Harvest from the East
Chapter 992 Are you interested?
Chapter 993 Guessed
Chapter 994 Wealthy Star
Chapter 995 Omission
Chapter 996 Strive for excellence
Chapter 997 The Supreme Battle Formation
Chapter 998 Trump Card
Chapter 999 The Law of Extension
Chapter 1000 What a big appetite
Chapter 1001 Being underestimated again and again
Chapter 1002 Sky-high Price
Chapter 1003: Want to advance to the next level?
Chapter 1004 Borrowing a Formation
Chapter 1005: Extraordinary Talent (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for next month)
Chapter 1006 The military is dispatched (first update, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket for October)
Chapter 1007 Too anxious (second update)
Chapter 1008 It has nothing to do with me (Third update, please double the guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 1009 Not scratching your head
Chapter 1010 Storm
Chapter 1011 1078 Another mistake 1079 Exploration (two-in-one)
Chapter 1012 Encounter (Third update, please double monthly ticket)
Chapter 1013 Unbearable
Chapter 1014 The situation is tense
Chapter 1015 Sudden
Chapter 1016 The way of heaven brings reincarnation
Chapter 1017 1085 Confronting 1086 Black Humor (two in one chapter
Chapter 1018: Nip in the bud (please vote for the third update)
Chapter 1019 The old horse knows the way
Chapter 1020 Gathering
Chapter 1021 The inheritance is interrupted
Chapter 1022 Differences in Electromagnetism
Chapter 1023 Rejection
Chapter 1024: Burnt on the outside and tender on the inside
Chapter 1025 Special Treatment
Chapter 1026 Picking up the leak?
Chapter 1027 Encapsulation
Chapter 1028 What is it?
Chapter 1029 Little has a bad temper
Chapter 1030 Senior knows how to play
Chapter 1031 New Dimension
Chapter 1032 Greed of money and fear of death
Chapter 1033 Transformation
Chapter 1034 Yinshan Travel
Chapter 1035 Is it floating?
Chapter 1036 Professional Killing
Chapter 1037 Everyone shows off
Chapter 1038 Business?
Chapter 1039 1108 Business 1109 Ignore it (two chapters in one
Chapter 1040 I want to go see it (please vote for the third update)
Chapter 1041 Can’t handle it
Chapter 1042 Why practice hard?
Chapter 1043 A big fight
Chapter 1044 I don’t covet
Chapter 1045 Can handle everything
Chapter 1046: Addicted to Pretending
Chapter 1047 Military Secrets
Chapter 1048 A useful identity
Chapter 1049 Old Dean
Chapter 1050 Escape
Chapter 1051 A hundred secrets and one sparse
Chapter 1052: Shoddy
Chapter 1053 It’s easy to find faults
Chapter 1054 Questioning
Chapter 1055 It smells so good
Chapter 1056 It’s hard for anyone to learn from me
Chapter 1057 Wholeness and Individuality
Chapter 1058 Numb negligence
Chapter 1059: Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 1060 Blocked News
Chapter 1061 Is this also about family background?
Chapter 1062: Different ways of doing things (book a guaranteed monthly pass next month)
Chapter 1063 Observation (first update, asking for guaranteed monthly tickets in November)
Chapter 1064 Defense Change (Second Update)
Chapter 1065: Falling out (third update, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 1066 Dare you fight back?
Chapter 1067 Don’t hold back!
Chapter 1068 Can’t hold back anymore
Chapter 1069 A Shocking Blow
Chapter 1070 Say your last words
Chapter 1071 Simulation Shadowing
Chapter 1072 The last one
Chapter 1073 Fire Dragon Cover
Chapter 1074 It’s our turn
Chapter 1075 Reliance
Chapter 1076 How could you
Chapter 1077 Who hasn’t had an adventure yet?
Chapter 1078 Historical Ranking
Chapter 1079 Personality Charm
Chapter 1080 Image is not important
Chapter 1081 No choice
Chapter 1082 Impure motives
Chapter 1083 It’s too late to regret
Chapter 1084 Different Servers
Chapter 1085 Formal Wear
Chapter 1086 Confusing
Chapter 1087 Intensification
Chapter 1088 Stirring
Chapter 1089 Infiltration
Chapter 1090 A headache
Chapter 1091 Careful
Chapter 1092 Immortal Operation
Chapter 1093 Follow your words
Chapter 1094 Finding Wealth in Danger
Chapter 1095 Leaving
Chapter 1096 Exposed
Chapter 1097 Good words are hard to persuade
Chapter 1098 That’s it?
Chapter 1099 Mistake and luck
Chapter 1100 A hundred secrets and one sparse
Chapter 1101 March
Chapter 1102 Clues
Chapter 1103 Cold Joke
Chapter 1104 Teaching how to be a good person?
Chapter 1105 Who teaches whom to be a good person?
Chapter 1106 Caught off guard
Chapter 1107 Inhumane
Chapter 1108. There are mistakes.
Chapter 1109 Occupying the Highlands
Chapter 1110 Derailment
Chapter 1111 Special Talisman
Chapter 1112 Critical State
Chapter 1113 Long awaited
Chapter 1114 This is easy to say
Chapter 1115 A fight?
Chapter 1116 The storm is rising
Chapter 1117 Nascent Soul?
Chapter 1118 Nascent Soul Tribulation Thunder
Chapter 1119 Where’s the promised joy?
Chapter 1120 Looming
Chapter 1121 A vision from heaven
Chapter 1122 Continuous Shooting Down
Chapter 1123 Phantom (Guaranteed monthly pass scheduled for next month)
Chapter 1124 The first pair (1st update, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket this month)
Chapter 1125 Found it (Second update)
Chapter 1126 Mutation (please ask for guaranteed monthly tickets for the third update)
Chapter 1127: Survival from a narrow escape
Chapter 1128 Anatomy
Chapter 1129 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1130 Accidents one after another
Chapter 1131 Great Harvest
Chapter 1132 Unwilling