Chapter 4845 Appearance

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Qi Guan began to spread the news.

This will inevitably detonate the entire First Era. How many years has it been?

Since the Queen became the Human Emperor, there has been no such thing as the Human Emperor!

And in terms of strength, Luo Chen is indeed far behind.

In addition, Luo Chen wants to inherit the position of the first human emperor and the old emperor!

Also, Luo Chen has a special status. He is the fifth prince of the Eternal Family and the ancestor of the Imperial Clan.

In addition, this trip to the extraterrestrial demon, if nothing unexpected happens, he will definitely become the young demon master of the extraterrestrial demon!

Sooner or later these identities cannot be concealed.

In other words, ordinary people and small forces in the First Era may not know this.

But what about the senior executives of the Immortal Lineage and the Heavenly Human Dao Palace?

These people must know all this.

Can such a person inherit the position of the Old Man Emperor?

No matter how you look at it, this seems a bit ridiculous and outrageous!

This matter will definitely not be that easy!

Luo Chen, on the other hand, started to rush to the demon outside the territory.

That afternoon, Luo Chen set out.

Going to the demon outside the territory, the demon king arranged a flying boat to greet him!

The flying boat is huge, filled with purple energy and overwhelming demonic energy. It is very huge. There are not only pavilions and pavilions on the boat, but also a large mountain. Huge lakes surround the mountain. It looks very spectacular!

The spaceship sailed through the dark and cold universe.

This time, Luo Chen no longer went alone, but went with the prince and Xiao Yan.

Over in the Fifth Era, Luo Chen was not worried because the Queen went over and helped him keep an eye on and take care of it.

With the Queen here, the Immortal Lineage will not be able to survive unless they send out the main army or increase their strength again.

Otherwise, there shouldn't be much of a problem.

The place where the extraterrestrial demons are located is really far away. Fortunately, the flying boat is very special and can travel through space!

Therefore, in just half a day, Feizhou arrived outside the territory!

"Ahead is the outer territory!" the Demon King stood proudly on the bow of the boat and said.

It's pitch black ahead. It's very desolate here. The avenue is not visible, there are no stars, and the space seems to have disappeared.

The flying boat headed towards the darkness, walking in the darkness and chaos. Light curtains lit up around the flying boat to protect the chaos so that the chaos could not destroy the flying boat.

After a while, the darkness finally stopped, and the surrounding area suddenly lit up.

The sky ahead was filled with clouds, covering most of the sky, and some of the white clouds were dyed fiery red.

At the same time, the sky is partially broken, as if it is incomplete.

But looking up, the mountains below are full of green, lush and vibrant.

There are cranes flying and tumbling in the sea of ​​clouds, apes climbing on strange rocks, and orioles flying in the pasture!

How does this place look like a demonic land?

Rather, it is an unparalleled pure land, incomparably quiet and holy!

The prince stretched out his hand, and a colorful butterfly landed on him.

At the same time, his whole body was filled with Buddha light, as if he was about to awaken from his previous life.

And at this moment, his soul was no longer dark, his face was as white as jade, and he looked very cute!

Of course he noticed it!

Immediately he burst into tears with excitement, he finally regained his true self here!

Even Luo Chen's body was roaring, the aura in his body was condensing, and the aura seemed to be rising.

And Wahuang Chenchen’s body emits a very peaceful and bright light!

Even the flame creatures have grown up at this moment and are restoring their previous holiness!

"There is no avenue of suppression here, and there is no power of rules, so your suppression will disappear!" the devil said.


"This place is also called the Paradise of Paradise!" the Demon King said again.

He has also changed, he no longer looks hateful, and he no longer has a demonic aura.

There was an aura of divine peace about him, and the golden light was brilliant and very soft.

There are even some treasures that are solemn!

It was as if he had achieved great enlightenment and possessed supreme wisdom and endless light.

"Is this the truth about the demon outside the territory?" The flame creature was very surprised and surprised at this moment.

It turns out that the so-called demons are all such peaceful creatures?

He saw a huge golden-winged roc, sitting cross-legged on the top of the mountain, with a majestic appearance, reciting scriptures, very auspicious, and exuding the aura of great enlightenment.

On the other side, a giant beetle was practicing quietly at the moment. When it saw Luo Chen and the others, it just smiled and nodded, and then continued practicing.

There are many people here, some of them have happy smiles on their faces, while others are very peaceful.

They are either sitting cross-legged, or they are practicing and comprehending themselves.

Here, it seems, it is not like what the outside world says.

"Great enlightenment, great light, great brightness, great joy!" The devil's eyes are gentle and accommodate the world!

"But aren't you demons?" the flame creature asked.

"This is the appearance!"

"If you have demons in your heart, what you see will naturally be demons. If your heart is pure, everything you see will naturally be pure!"

"If you have evil thoughts in your heart, you can see them!" At this moment, a man walked out, his eyes were soft and gentle.

As soon as he raised his hand, the surrounding scenery completely changed.

It is no longer peaceful, there is a fierce atmosphere here, the sky is no longer peaceful, but dark red, the earth is no longer vibrant, but withered, with rotten trees and leaves everywhere.

The golden-winged roc is no longer sacred and peaceful, but has a fierce look in its eyes, a demonic aura rising to the sky, and an evil aura blowing towards its face.

At the same time, the beetle is no longer gentle, its eyes are scarlet and terrifying, and it keeps roaring!

The people here are no longer happy, but screaming!

"One thought of hell, one thought of bliss!" Luo Chen said slowly.


"We all think that this world is very complicated, full of joys and sorrows, and in constant pain!"

"But in fact, this is all caused by self-conception!" the man said.

"I seem to understand!" the prince said.

"What do you know?" the flame creature asked doubtfully.

"Look!" the prince said seriously.

"What's the meaning?"

"Let me give you an example, what would you think if I peed here?"

"It's immoral, you're such a bad person!" the flame creature said.

"But where are the animals peeing here?"

"That's normal!" The flame creature was confused.

"Look, you think it's abnormal for me to pee here, but when the beetle looks at it, it definitely doesn't think so!"

"So my words and deeds will be judged as right or wrong, and it actually has nothing to do with me!"

"You peeed, so why doesn't it matter?"

"It is your concept of right and wrong that affects you. I am myself. If you think I am right, then it is right. If I am wrong, then it is wrong!"

"So, when we look at the world throughout our lives, we are actually looking at our concepts of right and wrong!"

"The world is like a mirror, and everything is like a mirror. It reflects my heart. Only when I understand my heart clearly can I achieve great enlightenment!" The Buddha's light on the prince's body becomes more and more blazing!

This chapter has been completed!
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