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Saint Ancestor of Ten Thousand Demons

Saint Ancestor of Ten Thousand Demons

author:October passes

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 12:29

Latest chapter:Chapter 7017: Pretending again

A half-demon boy obtained the holy book of the demon clan, turned into a wolf that swallowed the moon and adopted a female ghost as his servant, turned into a red bird that burned the sky and boiled the sea, established a white tiger to kill all directions, cultivated a divine dragon to roam the sky and sea, became a Kunpeng and spread its wings for nine days, swallowing the heaven and earth, and transformed into ten thousand monsters. , unify three thousand worlds, fight against all the gods and ten thousand lords, open up the universe, establish the foundation of immortal Taoism, wake up to take control of the world, and lie drunk in the lap of a beautiful woman! Written by an experienced author with tens of millions of words of experience, he has polished the accumulated fantasy with two best-selling fantasy masterpieces. A magnificent work that will ignite your youthful blood. Is the monster more terrifying or the human heart? When weakness becomes the original sin, when justice is distorted, and when no one can judge justice, repair my demon sword and fight for a bright future! You can be kind, but You must have your own edge! If no one speaks for justice, if no one is willing to speak for justice, then I am willing to become a demon and fight my way through the world. This tangled heart in my left chest

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《Saint Ancestor of Ten Thousand Demons》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 7017: Pretending again
Chapter 7016 The First Battle
Chapter 7015 Gouzi takes action
Chapter 7014 Extreme Pressure
Chapter 7013 Fierce Battle
Chapter 7012: Extremely powerful
Chapter 7011 The protagonist appears
Chapter 7010 The Horror of Tianshang
Chapter 7009 Fairy Showdown
《Saint Ancestor of Ten Thousand Demons》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: The beast
Chapter 2: In this life, I am a demon!
Chapter 3: One step at a time
Chapter 4: Ye Rou's Sorrow
Chapter 5: Kill to the Wang Family
Chapter 6: Brother Xiahou
Chapter 7: Forcibly break into the palace
Chapter 8: Falling apart!!
Chapter 9: Those who stop me die!
Chapter 10: Domineering Fury
Chapter Eleven: Innate Master
Chapter 12: Together you go to Huangquan in vain!
Chapter Thirteen: Loyalty and Treacherous Evil
Chapter 14: Demonization!!
Chapter 15: Demon! Demon!
Chapter Sixteen: Is This Hell?
Chapter 17: Inheritance
Chapter Eighteen: I'm Your Father
Chapter Nineteen: Hungry Foodies
Chapter 20: The Dignity of Little People
Chapter 21: Contract of Selling Oneself
Chapter 22: Dragon Elephant Fist
Chapter 23: Bearing the burden silently
Chapter 24: Trouble again
Chapter 25: God of War again
Chapter 26: There are women in the city
Chapter 27: The scholar dies for the confidant
Chapter 28: Quark Doctor!
Chapter 29: Beidou Centering
Chapter 30: Apprenticeship
Chapter 31: This chapter is brutal
Chapter 32: The ox and fork are sweeping the floor
Chapter Thirty-Three: Demon Spider Poison
Chapter 34: Detoxification
Chapter 35: Tiger Demon Tempered Body
Chapter 36: Xia Family Birthday Banquet
Chapter 37: Xiang Chen attends the banquet
Chapter 38: Poisoning the old lady
Chapter 39: Pick it all up
Chapter Forty: My Disciple
Chapter 41: Teacher! (fourth update)
Chapter 42: The Enemy Meets
Chapter 43: Brothers are here
Chapter 44: Friendship
Chapter 45: The beauty of my family (fourth update)
Chapter 46: You are not worthy!
Chapter 47: Anger at the Prince
Chapter 48: Meet the Second Master
Chapter 49: Jinshan!!
Chapter 50: Youthful Character
Chapter 51: Xiang Family Challenge
Chapter 52: Come on, beat me to death!
Chapter 53: One punch!
Chapter Fifty-Four: Fighting Across Borders
Chapter 55: Do you regret it?
Chapter 56: Goodwill
Chapter fifty-seven: the wisdom of life of the old lady
Chapter 58: Lin Lian Stealing People
Chapter 59: Xiahou Spirit
Chapter 60: Compulsory Acceptance of Apprentices
Chapter 61: Divine Talent
Chapter 62: Twin Souls!
Chapter 63: The Heart of the Fallen City
Chapter 64: Gongsun Delivers the Sword
Chapter 65: The Demon Sword of Absolute Beginning!
Chapter 66: Feeding Knife
Chapter 67: Lanzhai
Chapter 68: Shots
Chapter 69: Iron-blooded!
Chapter 70: Invitation
Chapter 71: Dangerous Everywhere
Chapter 72: Anti-kill
Chapter 73: Seven Steps of Astonishment
Chapter 74: Dangerous rivers and lakes
Chapter 75: Between Brothers
Chapter 76: I'm a Shemale
Chapter 77: Really Not Human
Chapter 78: Don’t love me, there’s no result
Chapter 79: The Spirit of Two Dogs
Chapter 80: Heaven Defying Talent
Chapter 81: Ding!
Chapter 82: A pitiful fish?
Chapter 83: Looking for Xiang Chen
Chapter 84: Want to be a fisherman?
Chapter 85: Discovering the whereabouts
Chapter 86: Fighting Alone
Chapter 87: Chasing and Killing
Chapter 88: Voldemort
Chapter 89: Trapped
Chapter 90: Hunter Prey
Chapter 91: Defying the Sky Silly Fish
Chapter 92: Water Demon!
Chapter 93: Blood River
Chapter 94: Blue Jade Fruit
Chapter 95: Meeting an Acquaintance
Chapter 96: Wholeheartedly Seeking Abuse
Chapter 97: Abuse
Chapter 98: Pushed, pushed!
Chapter 99: Eat enough!
Chapter 100: Special Celestial Soul
Chapter 101: Despair and cherish dreams
Chapter 102: Anger in the Forest
Chapter 103: Kiss!
Chapter 104: The Fierce Battle
Chapter 105: Wolf Transformation
Chapter 106: Summoning!
Chapter 107: Big Demon!
Chapter 108: The Spotlight
Chapter 109: Dust Box
Chapter 110: Fart Collapsing Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 111: This is Rouer??
Chapter 112: A Treasure
Chapter 113: Ten Thousand Demons Blood Tempered
Chapter 114: Dragon Hunt!
Chapter 115 : A Great Killing Technique!
Chapter 116: Fighting with the King
Chapter 117: The Revenge Begins
Chapter 118: Mercenary Nightmare (Third update)
Chapter 119: Zhan Xiantian
Chapter 120: Conflict
Chapter 121: See you again
Chapter 122: I Want You
Chapter 123: Make friends again
Chapter 124: Angry at the Inn
Chapter 125: Monkey looking for a horse
Chapter 126: I Make You Kneel Down!
Chapter 127: Xia Family Big Competition
Chapter 128: Aura!
Chapter 129: I'm Coming to Steal You
Chapter 130: Kill the dog first!
Chapter 131: I want to fight nine!
Chapter 132: Killing Without Amnesty
Chapter 133: The Devil's Life
Chapter 134: A big breath
Chapter 135: A Slap!
Chapter 136: Beating!
Chapter 137: People are crazy to break the law?
Chapter 138: No place to take it?
Chapter 139: I support you, you can eat any spiritual wine or elixir you want!
Chapter 140: A knife?
Chapter 141: The Apocalypse
Chapter 142: Relieving Negative Violence!
Chapter 143: Seeing all the flowers in Chang'an in one day
Chapter 144: Into the public
Chapter 145: One-knife crit 999
Chapter 146 : Recreate a Divine Soul!
Chapter 147: Uncle Mu repairs the demon
Chapter 148: Specializing in Garbage
Chapter 149: Smells Congruent
Chapter 150: Unhappy!
Chapter 151: Uncle Mu becomes a demon
Chapter 152: Isn't this Wang Aixiang?
Chapter 153: Gongsun Qi Exhibition
Chapter 154: Gambler!
Chapter 155: Battle over Fighting Weapons (Fifth update)
Chapter 156: Knife competition! (sixth update)
157: Dragon Fault (Seven Explosion)
Chapter 158: You must stand upright when you are beaten
Chapter 159: Bullying My Brother No One?
Chapter 160: The Broken King Ying
Chapter 161: The Hidden Dragon in the Abyss
Chapter 162: The dove takes over the magpie's nest (fifth update)
Chapter 163: Too much kidney damage (sixth update)
Chapter 164: Natural Assassin (Seven Explosion Two Days)
Chapter 165: Is Alchemy Difficult?
Chapter 166: Angry Old Hua!
Chapter 167: Long-term vision
Chapter 168: Catch the Murderer!
Chapter 169: Night Market Killing (5th update)
Chapter 170: One wolf and one tiger (sixth update)
Chapter 171: It's My Instinct (Seven Explosion Three Days)
Chapter 172: Digging His Father's Grave
Chapter 173: Bone Piercing Pipa
Chapter 174: The Great Wall
Chapter 175: Brotherly Beauty
Chapter 176: From Hell
Chapter 177: Meeting an acquaintance in prison (fourth day of the sixth update)
Chapter 178: Rescue Xiao Bai
Chapter 179: Execution of Ling Chi
Chapter 180: The weakness of the heart
Chapter 181: Father and Son Meet
Chapter 182: Family Heirloom
Chapter 183: Xiahou’s righteousness (six updates and five days)
Chapter 184: Terrifying connections (seven explosions and four days)
Chapter 185: Distressed Wang Xiaoji
Chapter 186: The Dragon Comes Out of the Valley
Chapter 187: Toxic Enhancement
Chapter 188: Dirty Water
Chapter 189: The truth comes out (fifth update)
Chapter 190: Everyone is happy
Chapter 191: One Kiss Allure
Chapter 192: King Xiao's Allegiance
Chapter 193: The Ghosts of the Underworld
Chapter 194: Call me master (fifth update)
Chapter 195: I am a pervert (six updates and six days)
Chapter 196: Underground Creatures (The Fifth Day of Seven Explosion)
Chapter 197: Dragon Hunting Arc Kill
Chapter 198: The Strongest Fool
Chapter 199: The Great Team
Chapter 200: Returning to the Palace
Chapter 201: Fight in! (Fifth update)
Chapter 202: Above Yuanyang (sixth update and seven days)
Chapter 203: Condensed Potential
Chapter 204: Take away the worries
Chapter 205: Crazy Alchemy
Chapter 206: Cultivation of vine lotus
Chapter 207: Attacking the mother-in-law (5th update)
Chapter 208: Mmm, it smells so good! (Sixth update and eight days)
Chapter 209: The contract is in hand
Chapter 210: You Go Down
Chapter 211: The King of Strong Mouth
Chapter 212: Engraving a Boss
Chapter 213: You Are Deficient
Chapter 214: Called Sister Baoer (sixth update and nine days)
Chapter 215: Crazy Level Jumping
Chapter 216: You are the one who deserves it
Chapter 217: The World Makes Up the Numbers
Chapter 218: Hot
Chapter 219: No personal information (5th update)
Chapter 220: Slap in the face (sixth update and ten days)
Chapter 221: Engraving a Boss
Chapter 222: Leaving the Xia Family
Chapter 223: Future Plans
Chapter 224: Cultivation Formation
Chapter 225: Beast eggs hatch (fifth update)
Chapter 226: But a Lady
Chapter 227: Soft on the outside and charming on the inside
Chapter 228: The Change of Man Lotus
Chapter 229: Xiang Chen's People and Horses
Chapter 230: Temptation of strength (fifth update)
Chapter 231: Xisu Tiger Guard
Chapter 232: No Dogs and Dogs
Chapter 233: Against the Attack
Chapter 234: The end is coming!
Chapter 235: Super Overkill (Fifth Update)
Chapter 236: Deep Frustration (sixth update and eleventh day)
Chapter 237: Prepare to Shine the Sword (Seven Explosion Six Days)
Chapter 238: The Lost Land (eight bursts!)
Chapter 239: Poison covers the whole valley, nine consecutive updates!
Chapter 240: One person destroys the stronghold, ten updates in a row!
Chapter 241: Friends of Women
Chapter 242: Crazy Ascension
Chapter 243: Refining a Zombie
Chapter 244: The Frontier of the Earth
Chapter 245: Tianchen Dan Pavilion (fifth update)
Chapter 246: For the Lin Family
Chapter 247: Smashed the black shop
Chapter 248: Getting Notorious
Chapter 249: Resurrection
Chapter 250: Things are revealed (fifth update)
Chapter 251: The Rival is a Pig
Chapter 252: The Tragedy of the Red Dust
Chapter 253: Xiang Chen's Fury
Chapter 254: Make a big businessman
Chapter 255: Conquer Ai Xiang (5th update)
Chapter 256: The King of Germany Comes Again
Chapter 257: Leisurely
Chapter 258: A Sand Sculpture
Chapter 259: Entering the Palace
Chapter 260: If you don’t die, you won’t be happy (5th update)
Chapter 261: The Seed of Stealing
Chapter 262: A Song of Jianghong
Chapter 263: Literary Crush
Chapter 264: Hidden Danger
Chapter 265: Hunting Ground of Fierce Beasts (Fifth update)
Chapter 266: General Operations
Chapter 267: The Murder is Revealed
Chapter 268: So Perverted
Chapter 269: Learn foreign languages ??well
Chapter 270: Who is the hunter (5th update)
Chapter 271: Missing Retaliation
Chapter 272: Attracting Poisons
Chapter 273: Smash yourself in the foot
Chapter 274: Playing Snake Big
Chapter 275: Blood Tempering Again (Fifth update)
Chapter 276: The God of War
Chapter 277: Brother Chen
Chapter 278: Boil the oil
Chapter 279: The Apocalypse
Chapter 280: The best in history (fifth update)
Chapter 281: Killing!
Chapter 282: Peerless Genius
Chapter 283: Threats in the face
Chapter 284: There is a girl Xiao Tong
Chapter 285: The pattern of the deserted state (fifth update)
Chapter 286: Seven Nights Evil Box
Chapter 287: Swallowing the Evil Seed
Chapter 288: A Beautiful Man's Plan
Chapter 289: Call Me Master
Chapter 290: Emergencies (fifth update)
Chapter 291: Saving Scarlet Blood
Chapter 292: One Hundred Against One Hundred
Chapter 293: One person scared away
Chapter 294: The Heart of Scarlet Blood
Chapter 295: Bloody Surrender (Fifth update)
Chapter 296: Kneel down and talk
Chapter 297: The tyrannical wrist
Chapter 298: Brotherly Vengeance
Chapter 299: Suicide by Bite Tongue
Chapter 300: Xiang Chen’s pain (fifth update)
Chapter 301: The Fire of Will
Chapter 302: The Insidious Land
Chapter 303: Knife Tail Scorpio
Chapter 304: See Through Changes
Chapter 305: Demon-sucking body (fifth update)
Chapter 306: Yuanyang Scorpion
Chapter 307: Surprise the visitor
Chapter 308: Just Garbage
Chapter 309: Fighting the Fourth Heaven
Chapter 310: Suffering a Big Loss (5th update)
Chapter 311: Scorpion Cave Mansion
Chapter 312: Tempering the Innate
Chapter 313: Moon Swallowing Sirius
Chapter 314: The Moon God Heavenly Forbidden
Chapter 315: Breakthrough again (fifth update)
Chapter 316: Little Beauty
Chapter 317: The Power of the Tiger
Chapter 318: The meaning of the sword fist
Chapter 319: Killing for five days
Chapter 320: The prince of a country (fifth update)
Chapter 321: Angry Demon Concubine (sixth update and twelve days)
Chapter 322: Finally arrived
Chapter 323: The Power of the Soul Moon
Chapter 324: Unlucky Luck
Chapter 325: Strange Seal
Chapter 326: Brothers? (Fifth update)
Chapter 327: Two girls
Chapter 328: No one left
Chapter 329: Escape from Scorpio
Chapter 330: Making Public Opinions
Chapter 331: White Tiger Thousand Guards! (Fifth update)
Chapter 332: The Power of Xiang Chen
Chapter 333: Escorting the Imperial Army!
Chapter 334: Xiang Chen goes to court
Chapter 335: Twenty Years Off
Chapter 336: Escape safely (fifth update)
Announcement: This life will last until death, an announcement you must read
Chapter 338: Xiang Chen Guo Ben
Chapter 339: Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 340: One person destroys the group
Chapter 341: The meaning of the wind arrow
Chapter 342: Trance (╭(╯ε╰)╮)
Chapter 343: Take Nine in the World
Chapter 344: First Entering the Wasteland
Chapter 345: The Desolate State Academy
Chapter 3446: Troubled Characters
Chapter 347: My Woman (fifth update)
Chapter 348: The Dragon and Phoenix Among the People
Chapter 349: From Xiang Xiang
Chapter 350: It's all abolished
Chapter 351: Only I Can
Chapter 352: Overbearing Member (5th update)
Chapter 353: Fighting Yuanyang
Chapter 354: Three days of defeat
Chapter 355: It's Your Wife
Chapter 356: Just Kill It
Chapter 357: He is a monster (fifth update)
Chapter 358: The Pitfall
Chapter 359: The Battle of Ten Thousand People
Chapter 360: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 361: Cruel Hunting
Chapter 362: Wang Xiaoji Sudden (fifth update)
Chapter 363: Death Swamp
Chapter 364: Come to seek refuge
Chapter 365: What to say
Chapter 366: Exotic style
Chapter 367: Discovering clues (fifth update)
Chapter 368: Finally Appeared
Chapter 369: A group of staff making
Chapter 370: Cross the river and demolish the bridge
Chapter 371: Gather the crowd
Chapter 372: Ten Thousand People Battle (Fifth Update)
Chapter 373: Killing Xu Sen
Chapter 374: Angry Xiahou
Chapter 375: Crazy Killing
Chapter 376: Break the record
Chapter 377: Going to Hell (5th update)
Chapter 378: The King of Newcomers
Chapter 379: Multiple Backers
Chapter 380: His blood is yellow
Chapter 381: Retreat practice
Chapter 382: Are you looking for death?
Chapter 383: Old Song next door (sixth update)
Chapter 384: The Enemy
Chapter 385: The Spot
Chapter 386: Domineering Big Sister
Chapter 387: So Rich
Chapter 388: Defeating the Sex Demon (5th update)
Chapter 389: The Battle of the Eagles
Chapter 390: Earn Credits
Chapter 391: Cucumber Chill
Chapter 392: Huangquan Forbidden Code
Chapter 393: Crazy Thunder Breaks the Sky (Fifth update)
Chapter 394: Yang Yuan Returns Yin
Chapter 395: Killing decisively
Chapter 396: Come on!!
Chapter 397: Crazy Ascension
Chapter 398: Northeast Star Brother (fifth update)
Chapter 399: Strange Boy
Chapter 400: From the Abyss
Chapter 401: Battle of the Demons
Chapter 402: Completely demonized
Chapter 403: Immortal Jumping (Fifth update)
Chapter 404: Chuangtian Yehui
Chapter 405: One person stands alone
Chapter 406: Exploiting Rules
Chapter 407: His name is Chicken
Chapter 408: Complete Demonization (5th update)
Chapter 409: The Era of Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 410: Suona Together!
Chapter 411: Xiang Chen sells miserably
Chapter 412: Too shameless
Chapter 413: Dugu Piaoxue (fifth update)
Chapter 414: Chick Loading Fork
Chapter 415: I'm not taboo
Chapter 416: Instigating Discord
Chapter 417: Kill the King First
Chapter 418: Sky Moon Wolves (fifth update)
Chapter 419: Collectively become monsters, one
Chapter 420: Eternal Night Demon, 2
Chapter 421: Amazing Inside Story, Three
Chapter 422: The duel is coming, four!
Chapter 423: Xiang Chen’s right arm, (fifth update)
Chapter 424: Ten days of battle, six (14 explosions in six consecutive times)
Chapter 425: Combat Aesthetics, Seven
Chapter 426: Zhenggang Yuanyang, eight!
Chapter 427: Blow up the valley gate, nine!
Chapter 428: Peerless Yanhuang, ten consecutive explosions! (four times)
Chapter 429: A sword comes, eleven
Chapter 430: Righteous Love Rival, Twelve!
Chapter 431: Strong showdown, thirteen!
Chapter 432: Confrontation, Fourteen!
Chapter 433: Gunpowder Girl, fifteen consecutive explosions!
Chapter 434: World martial arts, sixteen!
Chapter 435: Ancient Wilderness Spiritual Realm, Seventeen
Chapter 436: Throwing myself into my arms, eighteen
Chapter 437: Angry Dean, Nineteen!
Chapter 438: In a bad mood, twenty consecutive explosions!
Announcement: About the plot
Chapter 439: Yan Huang grows stronger
Chapter 440: As expected
Chapter 441: Insidious Two Dogs
Chapter 442: Reaching the Ancient Wilderness
Chapter 443: A vicious monster suddenly appears (fifth update)
Chapter 444: Ancient Wilderness Spiritual Realm (6th update 15)
Chapter 445: The meal on the plate (seven explosions 8 times)
Chapter 446: Eating spicy rice noodles, eight consecutive explosions (five times)
Chapter 447: Want to kill, want to eat
Chapter 448: One Night's Gold
Chapter 449: Unpredictable People
Chapter 450: The Farmer and the Snake
Chapter 451: Wave after wave (fifth update)
Chapter 452: Archery vs Bomb
Chapter 453: Adversity Destroys Treasure
Chapter 454: Become a rake
Chapter 455: Bloody Poison
Chapter 456: One person takes the lead, fifth update
Chapter 457: Really changed
Chapter 458: The Great Harvest
Chapter 459: Body Transformation
Chapter 460: There are turtles to live in
Chapter 461: Weird Girl (5th update)
Chapter 462: I'm not full
Chapter 463: You are here
Chapter 464: Xenomorph Qingpeng
Chapter 465: The overlord is hard to bow
Chapter 466: Teasing Qingpeng (fifth update)
Chapter 467: The big one
Chapter 468: Different positions
Chapter 469: The small group broke out
Chapter 470: Come with me
Chapter 471: Make a fortune (5th update)
Chapter 472: No. 1 on the Tiger List
Chapter 473: Firestorm Valley
Chapter 474: The Wrath of Tian Yu
Chapter 475: Breaking the First Heavy Ban
Chapter 476: The fat queen presses the kang (fifth update)
Chapter 477: The Battle of the Dog and Monkey
Chapter 478: Exposing the bottom
Chapter 479: The Return of Tian Yu
Chapter 480: The Rivers and Lakes Are Sinister
Chapter 481: Evil is rewarded (fifth update)
Chapter 482: The Last Fire
Chapter 483: The Grand Plan
Chapter 484: The Battle of Soul Moon
Chapter 485: Take Advantage
Chapter 486: So bloody (already deleted)
Chapter 487: Breaking through Yuanyang
Chapter 488: Ten Thousand Dust Dogs
Chapter 489: Harvest Spirit Artifacts
Chapter 490: Refining the Demon Blood
Chapter 491: Two demons evolve (5th update)
Chapter 492: Dragon and Phoenix Stele Master
Chapter 493: The Chicken Stealing Brigade
Chapter 494: The plan to collect demons
Chapter 495: Apocalypse
Chapter 496: Conquering the Two Clans (Fifth Update)
Chapter 497: The First Establishment of Ten Thousand Demons (6th update 16)
Chapter 498: The ashes of heaven and earth, seven consecutive explosions 9
Chapter 499: Going to Yan Huang (eight bursts 6)
Chapter 500: The Backbone Returns (Nine Bursts)
Chapter 501: Revelation
Chapter 502 : A tooth for a tooth!
Chapter 503: Unexpected
Chapter 504: The Flame Giant
Chapter 505: The general trend (replenishment)
Chapter 506: Killing a Single Dog
Chapter 507: Confession and leniency
Chapter 508: The world is you
Chapter 508: Fallen Swordsman
Chapter 509: Steal your old sister (5th update)
Chapter 510: Heaven Slaying Giant Sword
Chapter 511: Conspiracy
Chapter 512: Set up a killing game
Chapter 513: Thunderbolt
Chapter 514: Go straight to the mourning hall (fifth update)
Chapter 515: The thief in the village
Chapter 516: Ancient Relics
Chapter 517 Huge Spy Network
Chapter 518: Under the Conspiracy
Chapter 520: The plan within the plan (fifth update╭(╯ε╰)╮)
Chapter 521: Under the Darkness
Chapter 522: Blood Slaughter Nanhong
Chapter 523: The Ruthless Royal Family
Chapter 524: This is the way of the wolf
Chapter 525: Roaring Palace (5th update)
Chapter 526: Xiang Chen blocks the palace (Update 6, 17)
Chapter 527: The Palace is beaten (seven explosions ten)
Chapter 528: Seeking Justice
Chapter 529: Disappointment
Chapter 530: Shadow Killer
Chapter 531: King Xiang seizes power
Chapter 532: The sky is about to change (fifth update)
Chapter 533: You are not worthy
Chapter 534: Despair
Chapter 535: The Death of Yin Tianhua
Chapter 536: Tie Ziliang Dog
Chapter 537: Enemies, father and son, fifth update
Chapter 538: Vertical and horizontal, six explosions (18)
Chapter 539: The Furious King, Seven Explosions (11)
Chapter 540: The battle of the imperial guards begins, eight explosions (7)
Chapter 541: Trap and Kill the Forbidden Army, Nine Explosions in a Row (6)
Chapter 542: Killing thousands of people as a hero, ten consecutive explosions! (5)
Chapter 543: Eat all over the world
Chapter 544: The beginning of the change
Chapter 545: Interlocking
Chapter 546: Big business situation
Chapter 547: Death today, fifth update
Chapter 548: Battle of Changing Heaven, Six Explosions (Nineteen)
Chapter 549: Fight between two dragons, seven explosions (twelve)
Chapter 550: Cheating, eight explosions (eight)
Chapter 551: The power of wolves, nine explosions (7)
Chapter 552: The Yin family is finished, ten consecutive explosions! (6)
Chapter 553: The Heaven-defying Regiment
Chapter 554: Jiu Ji Supreme
Chapter 555: Named Chu
Chapter 556: Gossip Master
Chapter 557: Prime Minister of a Country, Fifth Update
Chapter 558: The theory of governing the world, six explosions! (20)
Chapter 559: Strong return home, seven explosions (13)
Chapter 560: The great revenge is finally repaid, eight explosions (9)
Chapter 561: Heavy rain tonight, nine explosions (8)
Chapter 562: Grudges dissipated, ten consecutive explosions! (8)
Chapter 563: The True Biography of Myna
Chapter 564: The Great Chu Dynasty Meeting
Chapter 565: Self-directed and self-acted
Chapter 566: The top of the drama
Chapter 567: Legendary figure, fifth update
Chapter 568: All are passers-by, six updates (twenty-one)
Chapter 569: Too routine, seven explosions (fourteen)
Chapter 570: The King and the Brothers
Chapter 571: Respect My Frontier
Chapter 572: Transforming the Great Chu
Chapter 573: Xiang Chen's Reform
Chapter 574: I have become more capable, the fifth update
Chapter 575: Provoking the people and establishing their lives, six explosions (twenty-two)
Chapter 576 : Visitors from heaven!
Chapter 577: The Battle of Lingxiao!
Chapter 578: Shocking City Battle
Chapter 579: Chen Fengqingfeng
Chapter 580: The prince of Huangzhou, fifth update
Chapter 581: Brother’s Sorrow, Six Explosions (Twenty-three)
Chapter 582: Shura Sword Technique, Seven Explosions (Fourteen)
Chapter 583: Angry Daxia, eight explosions! (10)
Chapter 584: I am the Demon Emperor
Chapter 585: Parents Dog Food
Chapter 586: Ambition Kyushu
Chapter 587: The Battle of the Academy
Chapter 588: Yanhuang Dominance, fifth update
Chapter 589: Yanhuang towering, six explosions (twenty-four)
Chapter 590: Excessive edge, seven explosions (fifteen)
Chapter 591: Fighting for the Tigers
Chapter 592: Unexpectedly
Chapter 593: The Power of Fire and Cold
Chapter 594: Fierce Yan Huang
Chapter 595: Three main forces, fifth update
Chapter 596: Battle at the Nine Levels, Sixth Update (Twenty-Five)
Chapter 597: Unparalleled Combat Power, Seventh Update (Sixteen)
Chapter 598: Nothing!
Chapter 599: The Ninth Car Rear
Chapter 600: The Palace Master's Temptation
Chapter 601: The Thousand Year Spirit Demon
Chapter 602: A bit over the top, fifth update
Chapter 603: Got cleaned up, six updates (twenty-six)
Chapter 605: There is a sky beyond the sky
Chapter 606: There is a front to hide
Chapter 607: The world is worth it
Chapter 608: General Manager of All Medicines, fifth update
Chapter 609: Fate plays tricks on people, sixth update (twenty-seven)
Chapter 610: Going to the City to Find Ancestors
Chapter 611: New Ecology
Chapter 612: Conquering the Demon Mist
Chapter 613: Elemental Demon Race
Chapter 614: Ever-changing, fifth update
Chapter 615: Ecological Coexistence
Chapter 616: All People Raise Demons
Chapter 617: Pleasure Dream Request
Chapter 618: What a cheap request
Chapter 619: Demonic Disease, Fifth Update
Chapter 620: Sudden action
Chapter 621: Ferocious Conspiracy
Chapter 622: Counting the plan
Chapter 623: No Bilian
Chapter 624: Surprise or not, fifth update
Chapter 625: A good show
Chapter 626: Killing Ling Xiao
Chapter 627: Sending you to reincarnation
Chapter 628: The needle is coming!!!
Chapter 629: So exciting, fifth update
Chapter 630: Crazy High
Chapter 631: Old Moon's Enemy
Chapter 632: Getting caught
Chapter 633: Stepping on with you
Chapter 634: Will you beg me, fifth update
Chapter 635: Continue to shake people
Chapter 636 : You Rebel!
Chapter 637: Senior Sister is here
Chapter 638: Goodbye Huanghou
Chapter 639: Recognized, fifth update
Chapter 640: It sucks
Chapter 641: Confession
Chapter 642: Unwilling to accept the dictatorship
Chapter 643: Fate
Chapter 644: Sophisticated, fifth update
Chapter 645: The Undercurrent of Ten Thousand Medicines
Chapter 646: The Dark Net
Chapter 647: Senior Sister Charming
Chapter 648: The Wild Capital Rat Clan
Chapter 649: Golden Mouse King, fifth update
Chapter 650: The Pit Rat King, Sixth Update (Twenty-Eight)
Chapter 651: Space Talent, Seventh Update (Seventeen)
Chapter 652: Prince Daxia, eighth update (11)
Chapter 653: Ruthless and unjust, Nine Explosions (Nine)
Chapter 654: Alluring domineering, ten explosions! (10)
Chapter 655: Take off the mask
Chapter 656: Living in Fantasy
Chapter 657: Just around the corner
Chapter 658: Seeing Lin Kai Back
Chapter 659: The picture shows the dagger, the fifth update
Chapter 660: Who rules the ups and downs, six updates (twenty-nine)
Chapter 661: Several major problems, seventh update (18)
Chapter 662: Who is dissatisfied? Eight explosions (twelve)
Chapter 663: How Deep is the Water? Nine Explosions (10)
Chapter 664: Start expansion, ten explosions (11)
Chapter 665: Two Tigers Fighting for Land
Chapter 666: Occupy a District
Chapter 667: The Two Rogues
Chapter 668: You are the one
Chapter 669: Too thick-skinned, fifth update
Chapter 670: Three treasures, six updates (thirty)
Chapter 671: Coastal City, Seventh Update (Nineteen)
Chapter 672: Raising a Tiger as a Wife, Eighth Update (Thirteen)
Chapter 673: Half-demon family, nine explosions (11)
Chapter 674: Killing in the early morning, ten explosions! (11)
Chapter 675: Oh Huo Niu
Chapter 676: Battle Soul Moon Three
Chapter 677: The Third Master of the Zhang Family
Chapter 678: Tanggu Sea Area
Chapter 679: Capturing Two Dogs, Fifth Update
Chapter 680: Strange Girl
Chapter 681: The Two Miserable Dogs
Chapter 682: Set out information
Chapter 683: Uncle Dog
Chapter 684: Beating the dog to see its master, fifth update
Chapter 685: What a shame
Chapter 686: The Spur of Love
Chapter 687: Shameless Two Dogs
Chapter 688: Led the wolf out of the room
Chapter 689: Taiyin True Pill, fifth update
Chapter 690: Thirty-nine Heavenly Tribulations
Chapter 691: Stepping Stone
Chapter 692: Bah, scumbag
Chapter 693: The Iron Egg Killer
Chapter 694: East China Sea Pirate City (Fifth update)
Chapter 695: Matching Several Species
Chapter 696: Fighting against each other
Chapter 697: Make me stutter
Chapter 698: Exploring Tanggu at Night
Chapter 699: The Evil Crow (Friendly reminder, this chapter is brutal)
Chapter 700: Heavenly Wolf Armor
Chapter 701: Ancient Relics
Chapter 702: Holy Wolf Xiao Ha
Chapter 703: It is recommended to be castrated
Chapter 704: Two Dogs Conspiracy, fifth update
Chapter 705: Plan Zhaotian
Chapter 706: Two Black-bellied Dogs
Chapter 707: The Human Set Collapse
Chapter 708: The winner of life
Chapter 709: A group of female wolves (fifth update)
Chapter 710: Crazy Devouring
Chapter 711: Unknown Existence
Chapter 712: Open and aboveboard
Chapter 713: Sacrifice to the ancestors
Chapter 714: Ah Wei is invincible (fifth update)
Chapter 715: The attack is coming
Chapter 716: Whole Island Mobilization
Chapter 717: The arrival of the naval battle
Chapter 718: The Great Beast of the Sea
Chapter 719: Zhanan Neptune (fifth update)
Chapter 720: The Powerful Appears
Chapter 721: Chaos Battle
Chapter 722: Someone released water
Chapter 723: Conspiracy
Chapter 724: Repeating the Mistakes of the Past (Fifth Update)
Chapter 725: Ancient Ding Shenwei
Chapter 726: The Evil Crow Bereaved
Chapter 727: Summoning Natural Disaster
Chapter 728: Evolutionary Bird Egg
Chapter 729: Beast evolution! (Fifth update)
Chapter 730: Chicken Cub Wuchen
Chapter 731: Peerless Existence
Chapter 732: Jade Broken Heart
Chapter 733: Plastic Sisters
Chapter 734: What a shame (fifth update)
Chapter 735 : The blood is burning!
Chapter 736: The Golden Crow Burns the World
Chapter 737: Is Baby Hungry?
Chapter 738: Emma is really fragrant
Chapter 739: Famous Detective Chen (fifth update)
Chapter 740: Insight into people's hearts
Chapter 741: Little Demon Girl
Chapter 742: Sending You Around the World
Chapter 743: The Dark Pit Online
Chapter 744: Those who wish take the bait (fifth update)
Chapter 745: Xiaobai's Tribulation
Chapter 746: The Great Summer Navy
Chapter 747: One person and one tiger
Chapter 748: One Sword and One Ship
Chapter 749: New Dragon and Phoenix (fifth update)
Chapter 750: A Big Thing Happened
Chapter 751: Tai Chi blends
Chapter 752: Heavenly Eyes Open
Chapter 753: It’s okay to heal after being injured...
Chapter 754: Fighting Landlords (Fifth update)
Chapter 755: Yanzhou Academy
Chapter 756: The more you think, the more angry you are
Chapter 757: One Punch One
Chapter 758: Arrogant Zhongzhou
Chapter 759: Treasure Couple (5th update)
Chapter 760: Damn Uncle
Chapter 761: Nowhere to Live
Chapter 762: Shame and Brave
Chapter 763: The Demon's Oath
Chapter 764: Gathering Hearts to Fight (Chapter Five)
Chapter 765: Promise
Chapter 766: Beating the Black Stick
Chapter 767: Afraid of Breakthrough
Chapter 768: Pretending to be a Pig and Eating a Tiger
Chapter 769: Dragon Fault Transformation (Fifth update)
Chapter 770: Don't cut it
Chapter 771: Real Motivation
Chapter 772: Two-legged beast
Chapter 773: No coincidence
Chapter 774: Meeting by chance (fifth update)
Chapter 775: Zhongzhou Jianghu
Chapter 776: Provocation face to face
Chapter 777: Prediction List
Chapter 778: The Enchanting Troubled World
Chapter 779: So pitiful (5th update)
Chapter 780: Fairy Yunu
Chapter 781: Breakthrough to save people
Chapter 782: The Kun Yao Clan
Chapter 783: The Demon Race
Chapter 784: Two humble dogs (fifth update)
Chapter 785: Xuanji Linglong (sixth update, thirty-one)
Chapter 786: Earthshaking (Seven Explosion Twenty)
Chapter 787: The Font Size Is Too Black (Eight Explosion Fourteen)
Chapter 788: Peerless Yin Wall (Nine Explosion Twelve)
Chapter 789: Nine Palaces Opened (Ten Explosions in a Row, Eleven)
Chapter 790: The Battle of the Nine Palaces
Chapter 791: Rebirth Against Heaven
Chapter 792: Start and end
Chapter 793: One Slash and Two Breaks
Chapter 794: The mighty demon (fifth update)
Chapter 795: The Desolate Palace Opens
Chapter 796: Medieval Fierce Beast
Chapter 797: Daxia Bloodline
Chapter 798: On the Tiger List
Chapter 799: Let me teach you a lesson (5th update)
Chapter 800: True Strength
Chapter 801: The Evil Two Dogs
Chapter 802: Monkey Friends and Dog Friends
Chapter 803: God of War Xiahou
Chapter 804: Come and smash the list! (Fifth update)
Chapter 805: The Crazy Couple
Chapter 806: The Battle of Hope
Chapter 807: The Shocking Side
Chapter 808 : The blood is burning high!
Chapter 809: Thunder Covers the World (Fifth Update)
Chapter 810: Nansha Tongtian
Chapter 811: Taken as a hostage
Chapter 812: I'm Too Difficult
Chapter 813: The spy of the demon clan
Chapter 814: No spy dog ??(fifth update)
Chapter 815: You bite me
Chapter 816: The bigger the better
Chapter 817: The Great Xia Emperor
Chapter 818: Undersea Abyss
Chapter 819: Questioning Li Ge (fifth update)
Chapter 820: Li Ge identity
Chapter 821: Sea Dog Dust Cubs
Chapter 822: Qingyun Pirates Spirit
Chapter 823: Too big!
Chapter 824: Internal strife between Yan and Huang (fifth update)
Chapter 825: Sending a City
Chapter 826: The Aura of Soldiers Killing
Chapter 827: Head of the Three Kingdoms
Chapter 828: Layout in advance
Chapter 829: The demon concubine comes again (fifth update)
Chapter 830 : A wave of air bombing!
Chapter 831: Please enter the urn
Chapter 832: The Faithful Bone
Chapter 833: A Thousand Miles Attack
Chapter 834: Nanjiang Water Battle! (Fifth update)
Chapter 835: Tactical Interspersed
Chapter 836: My Country
Chapter 837: Fighting for help
Chapter 838: The King's Arrival
Chapter 839: The passion of the elderly (fifth update)
Chapter 840: One more vote
Chapter 841: The Hero Who Takes the Pot
Chapter 842: Unbelievable
Chapter 843: Top priority
Chapter 844: Xiang’s prodigal son (fifth update)
Chapter 845: The Dream is Surprised
Chapter 846: Ten thousand monster delicacies, Fuguitang locusts
Chapter 847: One Hundred Thousand Locusts
Chapter 848: Silly people have more money
Chapter 849: The Strongest Marketing (Fifth Update)
Chapter 850: Pity God
Chapter 851: Five billion!
Chapter 852: You are poisonous!
Chapter 853: Doing a Thousand Medicines
Chapter 854: A single family (fifth update)
Chapter 855: Daxia doubts
Chapter 856: The Prince Arrives
Chapter 857: A Cauldron
Chapter 858: You come here
Chapter 859: Heaven and Earth Thunder Method (Fifth update)
Chapter 860: Brother Chen is dead
Chapter 861: Want to add a crime
Chapter 862: Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 863: Breakthrough Battle
Chapter 864: Fighting and Killing the Grandmaster (Fifth Update)
Chapter 865: The Swordsman Troop
Chapter 866: Teacher’s death, King Xiaoyao
Chapter 867: The Love of the Nightingale
Chapter 868: One sword and a thousand slaughter
Chapter 869: Contempt of Royal Power (Fifth update)
Chapter 870: The Elegy of the Academy
Chapter 871: Going separate ways
Chapter 872: Conspiracy the Ancient Wilderness
Chapter 873: Manufacturing Problems
Chapter 874: Calculating step by step (fifth update)
Chapter 875: Catch all at once
Chapter 876: Give you a choice
Chapter 877: The Palace of Yanhuang
Chapter 878: Transforming the Desolation
Chapter 879: Blue Sky Poison (fifth update)
Chapter 880: Too cruel
Chapter 881: Sudden change
Chapter 882: The Light Recedes
Chapter 883: Shocking news of Dugu
Chapter 884: Kyushu Ban (5th update)
Chapter 885: Not grown up
Chapter 886: Kunfa Moves
Chapter 887: Killer Graveyard
Chapter 888: Xiang Chen's Headshot
Chapter 889: Going with the flow (fifth update)
Chapter 890: Yan Huang Gathering
Chapter 891: Special training for all staff
Chapter 892: Assassination of Houfu
Chapter 893: Getting caught
Chapter 894: Unfathomable (fifth update)
Chapter 895: Single robbery
Chapter 896: Unstoppable
Chapter 897: Dugu's Sword
Chapter 898: Anomaly in Gu Ding
Chapter 899: Such a Dad (5th update)
Chapter 900: The Dark God Beast
Chapter 901: Going to the Tiger's Mouth
Chapter 902: Killer Spider Hunting
Chapter 903: Bloody Rose
Chapter 904: Scheme against the Hunting Spider (5th update)
Chapter 905: Turning over the sky
Chapter 906: Entering the Imperial Capital
Chapter 907: Food is king
Chapter 908: The Grandmaster of Palm Explosion
Chapter 909: Goodbye Chen Ya (fifth update)
Chapter 910: News of Wang Yang
Chapter 911: They are all acquaintances
Chapter 912: What can you do to me?
Chapter 913: Familiar with the taste
Chapter 914: Competition (fifth update)
Chapter 915: Sell for a few bucks (6th update 32)
Chapter 916: The Beauty's Plan
Chapter 917: Terrible means
Chapter 918: It is extremely miserable
Chapter 919: Self-improvement
Chapter 920: Attacking the Grandmaster (Fifth update)
Chapter 921: Tiger Fighting Group Sect
Chapter 922: Reaching the Inverse Scale
Chapter 923: The Great Swordsmanship
Chapter 924: Nine days to eat fish
Chapter 925: The fish chases the bird and escapes (fifth update)
Chapter 926: Beast Control Heavenly Curse (6th update 33)
Chapter 927: Xiang Chen beautiful girl
Chapter 928: Bloodline Crushing
Chapter 929: Unlucky
Chapter 930: Meet the rich woman again
Chapter 931: Goodbye Senior Sister (5th update)
Chapter 932: Moon Charm's Death Enemy
Chapter 933: Facing the Wind
Chapter 934: Smuggling
Chapter 935: Take the blame alone
Chapter 936: Vertical and Horizontal (fifth update)
Chapter 937: The Legendary Demon King
Chapter 938: Attack on Tianwang
Chapter 939: Scraping the rich
Chapter 940: Finally Saved
Chapter 941: So angry that he vomited blood (fifth update)
Chapter 942: Mysterious Jade Egg
Chapter 943: The Heaven-defying Egg
Chapter 944: Silly people have more money
Chapter 945: The princess suspects
Chapter 946: Discovering Identity (5th update)
Chapter 947: Surrounded by me
Chapter 948: One person destroys the group
Chapter 949: Reshaping the Spirit Eye
Chapter 950: Summoning from Another World
Chapter 951: A trip to Prince Qing’s Mansion (fifth update)
Chapter 952: I passed it on
Chapter 953: Into the Core
Chapter 954: Into the Palace
Chapter 955: Flowers at both ends
Chapter 956: The show begins (fifth update)
Chapter 957: Be Compassionate
Chapter 958: The East Factory Trial
Chapter 959: Interlocking
Chapter 960: What do you want
Chapter 961: Got in (5th update)
Chapter 962: Contemplating the Emperor
Chapter 963: The Last Value
Chapter 964: Step by step for the game
Chapter 965: I can't go back
Chapter 966: The Miserable Wasteland (Fifth update)
Chapter 967: The sword points to King You
Chapter 968: You are too yin
Chapter 969: It's time to close the net
Chapter 970: Confrontation in the Imperial Court
Chapter 971: Careful overall situation (fifth update)
Chapter 972 : The sound of the pot is coming!
Chapter 973: Bringing partial children
Chapter 974: Two Worlds
Chapter 975: King You Defeated
Chapter 976: Thousand Flowers Castle is in Danger (Fifth Update)
Chapter 977: Soldier Fingers Thousand Flowers
Chapter 978: Live to learn and use
Chapter 979: Bloody Battle of Ten Thousand Flowers
Chapter 980: Eternal Sword Emperor
Chapter 981: The power of the demon body (fifth update)
Chapter 982: Disappearing suddenly
Chapter 983: Conquering the foreshadowing
Chapter 984: Retreat practice
Chapter 985: Sea Monster Mutation
Chapter 986: Laying out the future (fifth update)
Chapter 987: The Spirit of Tianjin
Chapter 988: Prepare for the Black Hand
Chapter 989: Reciprocity
Chapter 990: Return to Nancang
Chapter 991: The Light, Moon and Giant Sea (fifth update)
Chapter 992: The rush
Chapter 993: Fighting Seafood
Chapter 994: Eat Where You Go
Chapter 995: Kun is so big that it cannot be stewed in one pot
Chapter 996: Suffocating Me (Chapter Five)
Chapter 997: Sea Tribe Insect House
Chapter 998: Medicine in the sea
Chapter 999: Ten Thousand Flowers Return to Heart
Chapter 1000: Bloody Battle in the Sea
Chapter 1001: Six days of fierce killing (5th update)
Chapter 1002: A Blow Through the Ages
Chapter 1003: Legendary Pirates
Chapter 1004: Ten Thousand Flowers surrender
Chapter 1005: All-out sword
Chapter 1006: Passing on the Dharma to the Cold (Fifth update)
Chapter 1007: The Big Brother Is Hard to Be
Chapter 1008: Affectionate and Righteous
Chapter 1009: Your Master
Chapter 1010: The dream of marrying
Chapter 1011: The Seven Exquisite Orifices (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1012: Come to grab a relative
Chapter 1013: The Three Sects Arrive
Chapter 1014: I am serious
Chapter 1015: Assessment tasks
Chapter 1016: Identity exposed (fifth update)
Chapter 1017: Entering Space
Chapter 1018: Seven genus of Tianzong
Chapter 1019: The dog that kneels for a long time
Chapter 1020: Life and Death
Chapter 1021: Encounter battle (fifth update)
Chapter 1022: Dark Attributes
Chapter 1023: Each Shows His Magical Powers
Chapter 1024: Eternal Bite
Chapter 1025: Mysterious existence
Chapter 1026: First entry into the outer realm (fifth update)
Chapter 1027: The man behind the scenes (6th update 34)
Chapter 1028: Who is real and who is fake (seven more 21)
Chapter 1029: The Terrorist Jungle
Chapter 1030: Chaos War
Chapter 1031: A Touch of Fire
Chapter 1032: Six Paths Evil Vine
Chapter 1033: Eat it all yourself (fifth update)
Chapter 1034: The long bag on the head
Chapter 1035: Consecrated Mouth
Chapter 1036: The Heart of Defense
Chapter 1037: Husky Pig
Chapter 1038: The magic stick collides with the big deceiver (fifth update)
Chapter 1039: If you can fight in groups, why bother fighting alone?
Chapter 1040: The content is really fragrant
Chapter 1041: God of War Madness
Chapter 1042: Fairy Yanhuang
Chapter 1043: Seven Fairies (fifth update)
Chapter 1044: Baoer's home court
Chapter 1045: Challenge Baoer
Chapter 1046: What a show
Chapter 1047: Big fell off
Chapter 1048: Pricking people online (fifth update)
Chapter 1049: Stalling hard vegetables
Chapter 1050: Heaven and Earth Toilet
Chapter 1051: Fighting Yueying
Chapter 1052: Terrorist Defense
Chapter 1053: The most handsome guy (fifth update)
Chapter 1054: Two dogs slipped
Chapter 1055: Tenfold Vitality
Chapter 1056: Inheritance of Terror
Chapter 1057: One punch of mountains and rivers
Chapter 1058: The next step of evolution (fifth update)
Chapter 1059: Surrounding the Gun Door
Chapter 1060: Let me show
Chapter 1061: The prince is poisoned
Chapter 1062: Shameless
Chapter 1063: Poisoned by the Abyss (Fifth update)
Chapter 1064: Despicable Woman (6th update 35)
Chapter 1065: Happy Spirit Fruit (seven more 22)
Chapter 1066: The Stress of the Earth
Chapter 1067: The whole army was annihilated
Chapter 1068: Lingxiao Fruit Tree
Chapter 1069: Shocking the Demon King
Chapter 1070: Discovery of Fairy Mine (Fifth update)
Chapter 1071: Roosters and Pigs
Chapter 1072: Formation Power
Chapter 1073: Make a fortune
Chapter 1074: The Ancient Divine Beast
Chapter 1075: A lump of glutinous rice balls (fifth update)
Chapter 1076: One Prosperity
Chapter 1077: True Tigress
Chapter 1078: Sudden surprise attack
Chapter 1079: The Fall of Sirius
Chapter 1080: Two dogs run amok (fifth update)
Chapter 1081: Violent killing
Chapter 1082: Grim Monster
Chapter 1083: The escort is late
Chapter 1084: Battle Chief
Chapter 1085: Bright Moon Heavenly Wheel (fifth update)
Chapter 1086: One Sword Asura
Chapter 1087: A little embarrassing
Chapter 1088: Deliberately provocative
Chapter 1089: Destroy the tiger and swallow the wolf
Chapter 1090: Beating the drowned dog (fifth update)
Chapter 1091: Cut Weeds and Roots
Chapter 1092: All mining
Chapter 1093: Refining Tianlun
Chapter 1094: Planning outside the territory
Chapter 1095: Civilization Touch (Chapter Five)
Chapter 1096: Dragon Blood Descendants
Chapter 1097: Blood of the Canglong
Chapter 1098: The social dog brother is cruel and talkative.
Chapter 1099: Sudden acceleration
Chapter 1100: Underground Emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 1101: Brother Xiang Chen
Chapter 1102: Summoning the Old Ministry
Chapter 1103: The Hammer Expedition
Chapter 1104: Building a Base
Chapter 1105: Seize resources (fifth update)
Chapter 1106: Two-year expiration
Chapter 1107: Go to my room
Chapter 1108: Overlord Pattern
Chapter 1109: Chicken Hobbies
Chapter 1110: The Strongest Record (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1111: Entering cautiously
Chapter 1112: Fraudulent Defence
Chapter 1113: Kicked out of the sect
Chapter 1114: You are too yin
Chapter 1115: Can become a god (5th update)
Chapter 1116: The core of the war
Chapter 1117: The tyrannical child period
Chapter 1118: Inheritance of the Immortal Master
Chapter 1119: Luo Sheng's Sword Resentment
Chapter 1120: The soft rice is stable (5th update)
Chapter 1121: The Sovereign's Award
Chapter 1122: Three Cores
Chapter 1123: The Second Immortal Mountain
Chapter 1124: The Eternal Snake Emperor
Chapter 1125: Yin and Yang Steal the Sky (Fifth update)
Chapter 1126: Cultivating Gu Yuan
Chapter 1127: Identity Revealed
Chapter 1128: The Conqueror
Chapter 1129: You've been tricked
Chapter 1130: The fist reaches the sky (fifth update)
Chapter 1131: Mocking Senior Sister
Chapter 1132: Hidden Peak Mission
Chapter 1133: Wind and Thunder Sword
Chapter 1134: Too cheap to ask
Chapter 1135: Flowers bloom on the other side (fifth update)
Chapter 1136: Call your sister
Chapter 1137: Wheel Breaking King Kong
Chapter 1138: Broken again
Chapter 1139: Goodbye, Senior Sister
Chapter 1140: You scumbag (fifth update)
Chapter 1141: Luo Sheng Wraith
Chapter 1142: Zhuge Traitor
Chapter 1143: Doubtful Clouds
Chapter 1144: Kui Xi Yaoyao
Chapter 1145: Oh, it’s all over (fifth update)
Chapter 1146: The Golden Crow Chaos
Chapter 1147: Just One Punch
Chapter 1148: Picking up soap
Chapter 1149: Two dogs are furious
Chapter 1150: Battle through the ages (fifth update)
Chapter 1151: One-tailed spike
Chapter 1152: Multiple sisters
Chapter 1153: Nancang Strait
Chapter 1154: Besieging Batian
Chapter 1155: Luo Sheng’s sword (fifth update)
Chapter 1156: Refuse to waste
Chapter 1157: The Living Corpse
Chapter 1158: Find clues
Chapter 1159: Detecting the traitor
Chapter 1160: Scheme against each other (fifth update)
Chapter 1161: Steady as an old dog
Chapter 1162: The pot is thrown out
Chapter 1163: Calculating his family
Chapter 1164: The First Breakthrough
Chapter 1165: I call someone (fifth update)
Chapter 1166: One wrong move and everything is lost (6th update 36)
Chapter 1167: The thief is hard to guard against (seven more 23)
Chapter 1168: High-level gathering
Chapter 1169: Divide the Jiang Family
Chapter 1170: This seat is closed
Chapter 1171: Is it the devil?
Chapter 1172: The sky of the strait (fifth update)
Chapter 1173: A Nonsense
Chapter 1174: Angry Wang Qing
Chapter 1175: Refining Tiandan
Chapter 1176: Unexpected
Chapter 1177: Just do it (5th update)
Chapter 1178: Crying through the ages
Chapter 1179: If you are not in good health, drink more thunder syrup
Chapter 1180: Descendants of Thunder Dragon
Chapter 1181: Primitive confrontation
Chapter 1182: Becoming an emperor in the flesh (fifth update)
Chapter 1183: Ten Thousand Years Thunder Marrow
Chapter 1184: The Supreme Elder
Chapter 1185: Choose the strongest, there will be three updates recently
Chapter 1186: Awareness of the Sword Technique
Chapter 1187: Emergencies
Chapter 1188: Ming Conspiracy to provoke anger
Chapter 1189: Fighting Fang Lei
Chapter 1190: Furious and slashing (fifth update)
Chapter 1191: Knocked down with one brick (6th update 37)
Chapter 1192: Very spicy kill
Chapter 1193: Such a Master and Disciple
Chapter 1194: The Road to Yellow Springs
Chapter 1195: Starlings stay up late
Chapter 1196: A visit from the elders (fifth update)
Chapter 1197: Deploying mines
Chapter 1198: The Eternal Medicine Emperor
Chapter 1199: Laying the bait
Chapter 1200: The Battle of Earth Immortals
Chapter 1201: Named on the gold list, victory begins! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1202: The real fisherman
Chapter 1203: Removing the Tumor
Chapter 1204: Taiyin Ghost Emperor
Chapter 1205: Choose Immortal Art
Chapter 1206: The Art of the Void (5th update)
Chapter 1207: Stealing Incense and Jade
Chapter 1208: Two Ha turned the sky
Chapter 1209: Massacre Incident
Chapter 1210: Inhumane
Chapter 1211: On the verge of breaking out (fifth update)
Chapter 1212: Fighting Shura
Chapter 1213: His heart is immortal
Chapter 1214: Mysterious Jade Egg
Chapter 1215: Swearing to Destroy Eternal Night
Chapter 1216: Continue to deceive (fifth update)
Chapter 1217: Alligator Negotiations
Chapter 1218: Across the board
Chapter 1219: Challenge Batian
Chapter 1220: Complete torture
Chapter 1221: The unruly demon (fifth update)
Chapter 1222: Taking the Body
Chapter 1223: Two sleeves are clear... fart
Chapter 1224: In a Confusion
Chapter 1225: Xiahou Subduing Dragon
Chapter 1226: All parties move
Chapter 1227: Fighting handsome
Chapter 1228: Xianwu Secret Realm
Chapter 1229: Riding the Sect Master
Chapter 1230: All parties gather
Chapter 1231: Shocked on the spot (fifth update)
Chapter 1232: Fighting the Snake Emperor
Chapter 1233: Being handsome is a sin
Chapter 1234: Bring your own bowls and chopsticks
Chapter 1235: Ice Flood Dragon
Chapter 1236: Appearance Disaster (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1237: Terrifying Talent
Chapter 1238: Mantis Catching Cicadas
Chapter 1239: The Last Black Hand
Chapter 1240: Huge harvest
Chapter 1241: Encountering a surprise on the road (fifth update)
Chapter 1242: Dig a Pit
Chapter 1243: Xiahou is so angry
Chapter 1244: Familiar feeling
Chapter 1245: Shameless
Chapter 1246: Arrogant Flat Hair (fifth update)
Chapter 1247: Preparing the Grill
Chapter 1248: A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 1249: The land of public criticism
Chapter 1250: Domineering Houzi
Chapter 1251: Obtaining Essence and Blood (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1252: Crazy Road
Chapter 1253: Drive the rhythm
Chapter 1254: A Hard Time
Chapter 1255: Six days of blood killing
Chapter 1256: Entering the Fairy City (fifth update)
Chapter 1257: The Golden Body
Chapter 1258: Willing to Convert
Chapter 1259: King Kong's Demon
Chapter 1260: Six Visions of Mental Image
Chapter 1261: Force me to kill someone (fifth update)
Chapter 1262: A wave of unrest
Chapter 1263: Fighting the Peng Yao
Chapter 1264: Breaking into the battle area
Chapter 1265: The White Tiger Fights the Dragon
Chapter 1266: Playing with the palm of your hand (fifth update)
Chapter 1267: Practicing Pupil Technique
Chapter 1268: True Meaning Immortal Fruit
Chapter 1269: Another chick
Chapter 1270: Yan Huang and Four Blacks
Chapter 1271: Fighting together (fifth update)
Chapter 1272: Difficulties everywhere (6th update 38)
Chapter 1273: The Terrifying Nine Layers (Seven Explosion 24)
Chapter 1274: Dealing with the Green Ape
Chapter 1275: Gumen burst
Chapter 1276: Combining the elixir
Chapter 1277: The Pill of Extreme Numbers
Chapter 1278: Longtuo Immortal Palace (fifth update)
Chapter 1279: Admit it frankly
Chapter 1280: The Supreme Inheritance
Chapter 1281: Am I proud?
Chapter 1282: Discovering the Divine Beast
Chapter 1283: Breakthrough opportunity (fifth update)
Chapter 1284: The two sides again
Chapter 1285: Destroyed with a snap of a finger
Chapter 1286: Devouring Qilin
Chapter 1287: Zaan Baoer
Chapter 1288: The Essence of Immortal Energy (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1289: Holy Prison Kirin
Chapter 1290: God of War Xiahou
Chapter 1291: Another encounter with Jinghong
Chapter 1292: Sword Showdown
Chapter 1293: The peerless underworld (fifth update)
Chapter 1294: Despair (6th update 38)
Chapter 1295: Come again with the drama (seven explosions 25)
Chapter 1296: The Best Two Dogs (Eight Explosion 15)
Chapter 1297: Blood Corpse Demon Replacement
Chapter 1298: Folding Space
1299: Back to Before Liberation
Chapter 1300: Being arched by pigs
Chapter 1301: Human nature in desperate situation (fifth update)
Chapter 1302: Mysterious Awakening
Chapter 1303: Fighting in the flesh
Chapter 1304: Xiang Chen's Daughter
Chapter 1305: Only one left
Chapter 1306: Brothers killing each other (fifth update)
Chapter 1307: Who Lives and Who Dies
Chapter 1308: Take you home
Chapter 1309: Listen to the story
Chapter 1310: Qiankun Sanzang
Chapter 1311: Xuanhuang Tiantu (fifth update)
Chapter 1312: Saying Nine Heavens
Chapter 1313: Heavenly Demon Infighting
Chapter 1314: The Battle of the Birds and Bulls
Chapter 1315: The First Class Divine Beast
Chapter 1316: The Terrible Pengtian (fifth update)
Chapter 1317: Vulcan Showdown (6th update 39)
Chapter 1318: Hanging and Beating the Flame Sparrow (Seven Explosion 26)
Chapter 1319: Clean the pot (eight explosions 16)
Chapter 1320: Battle of the Beasts
Chapter 1321: Fighting with Dapeng
Chapter 1322: A mad meal
Chapter 1323: Killing all of them
Chapter 1324: The Sky-Breaking Monkey (fifth update)
Chapter 1325: The two dogs
Chapter 1326: The Road to Conquer
Chapter 1327: Domineering Demon
Chapter 1328: The leader of the magic stick
Chapter 1329: Support the bombing (fifth update)
Chapter 1330: Myna Reappears
Chapter 1331: Nonsense Master and Apprentice
Chapter 1332: Trying to figure out mynah
Chapter 1333: Cultivating the Three Treasures
Chapter 1334: Niwan Shenzang (fifth update)
Chapter 1335: Election of the Chief
Chapter 1336: Two Dog Analysis
Chapter 1337: Watching him rise from a tall building
Chapter 1338: Ji Wushuang's Momentum
Chapter 1339: The first person in the sect’s gun art (fifth update)
Chapter 1340: Dixian's most handsome shot
Chapter 1341: Unparalleled can seal the legend
Chapter 1342: Two dogs take advantage of the situation
Chapter 1343: A beating
Chapter 1344: Too Stealing the Spotlight (5th update)
Chapter 1345: Battle Unparalleled
Chapter 1346: Shocking explosion
Chapter 1347: The final winner
Chapter 1348: Collective chase
Chapter 1349: I serve as the Wolf Lord and all monsters (5th update)
Chapter 1350: Brothers work together to cut the earth immortal
Chapter 1351: All over the world
Chapter 1352: Loneliness is a firework
Chapter 1353: Dragon out of the sea
Chapter 1354: Bafang Bureau (5th update)
Chapter 1355: The Power of the World
Chapter 1356: Take precautions
Chapter 1357: Each has his own political views
Chapter 1358: The Holy Son Has Been Written
Chapter 1359: The ingenious Black Turtle Woman (fifth update)
Chapter 1360: The Guidance of Granny Xuangui
Chapter 1361: The old and residual fans of Ergou
Chapter 1362: Dixiao's win
Chapter 1363: True Tigress
Chapter 1364: The first seat of the meeting
Chapter 1365: Infernal Dogs
Chapter 1366: Smelled to death
Chapter 1367: Yin Yang Xuantian
Chapter 1368: Happy Tiger
Chapter 1369: Step by step (fifth update)
Chapter 1370: Allure is shocked out of the customs
Chapter 1371: Key Man, let's be a person
Chapter 1372: A shot of elegance
Chapter 1373: The Unparalleled Beauty
Chapter 1374: A fool finally becomes a wise man (5th update)
Chapter 1375: Domineering and Alluring
Chapter 1376: Just a Finger
Chapter 1377: Overwhelm the audience
Chapter 1378: Shuangjiao fighting for the front
Chapter 1379: No room for two tigers (fifth update)
Chapter 1380: Already banished to immortality (6th update 40)
Chapter 1381: One soup in the world (seven explosions 27)
Chapter 1382: Conquering Tiger Six
Chapter 1383: The old friend
Chapter 1384: Come to Tianyang again
Chapter 1385: Empress Xiaoyue
Chapter 1386: Marriage of the Sea Clan (fifth update)
Chapter 1387: The Spirit of the Sea
Chapter 1388: The Heart of the Sea Clan
Chapter 1389: Finding clues
Chapter 1390: Go back to Tianluo again
Chapter 1391: Night exploration of Tianluo (fifth update)
Chapter 1392: Professional black hand
Chapter 1393: Seeing Insect Control Again
Chapter 1394: Ruthless
Chapter 1395: The gangster
Chapter 1396: Battle with the Princess (5th update)
Chapter 1397: Zhenhai Tianbei
Chapter 1398: Playing with fire and setting yourself on fire
Chapter 1399: Not as good as beasts
Chapter 1400: Before the Great War
Chapter 1401: Caught in the Peng War (5th update)
Chapter 1402: Furious Emperor Xiao
Chapter 1403: Hanging the audience
Chapter 1404: The Battle of Huwu
Chapter 1405: Divine Beast confrontation
Chapter 1406: Helping the tiger (fifth update)
Chapter 1407: The Suppressing Weapon
Chapter 1408: As a Demon Emperor
Chapter 1409: Ten Thousand Years God Stick
Chapter 1410: I have a showdown
Chapter 1411: Xiang Chen proclaims himself emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 1412: Exhausting resources
Chapter 1413: Conspiracy
Chapter 1414: Finally exposed
Chapter 1415: Battle of Encounters
Chapter 1416: The ant king breaks through (fifth update)
Chapter 1417: The Two Miserable Dogs
Chapter 1418: Sister's Remains
Chapter 1419: Back to Gu Qiong
Chapter 1420: Millennium Immortal Brew
Chapter 1421: Lei Sui arrives
Chapter 1422: Lei Chi Incident
Chapter 1423: Conan in the Dog
Chapter 1424: Righteous Earth Immortal
Chapter 1425: Intense battle
Chapter 1426: A tough meal (fifth update)
Chapter 1427: Two dogs slipped
Chapter 1428: The strong come
Chapter 1429: Negotiation confrontation
Chapter 1430: Retreat
Chapter 1431: Preparing to burn the pot (fifth update)
Chapter 1432: Self-injection into the net
Chapter 1433: I am the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1434: Suppressing the Dragon Eel
Chapter 1435: The Sorrowful Dragon Eel
Chapter 1436: The Master of Millions
Chapter 1437: The Five Holy Legions
Chapter 1438: Reopening the world
Chapter 1439: Huang Quan Tian's Fury
Chapter 1440: Trance (fifth update)
Chapter 1441: Heaven and Earth Chess Game
Chapter 1442: Yin and Yang Gu Cheng
Chapter 1443: Moon Charm's Past
Chapter 1444: Shangguan Fengyun
Chapter 1445: Moving into Shangguan (fifth update)
Chapter 1446: Father and daughter meet
Chapter 1447: Another Immortal
Chapter 1448: Shaking people around
Chapter 1449: Just do it
Chapter 1450: Forced to release (fifth update)
Chapter 1451: Playing the Death Situation
Chapter 1452: tragic death
Chapter 1453: Yin-Yang Robbery
Chapter 1454: Immortal Archery
Chapter 1455: Counterattack (5th update)
Chapter 1456: The strongest dog blood
Chapter 1457: Betrayal Master
Chapter 1458: The Blood of the Greedy Wolf
Chapter 1459: Wear a green hat
Chapter 1460: Earth Vein Poison Dragon (fifth update)
Chapter 1461: Ji Lao hands-on
Chapter 1462: Killing Xiang Chen
Chapter 1463: Who Counts Who
Chapter 1464: Unparalleled Flying
Chapter 1465: Xia Huang Weiyang (fifth update)
Chapter 1466: Real Man Ziwei
Chapter 1467: The prince is saddened
Chapter 1468: It's time to change the sky
Chapter 1469: The Desolate State Changes Owners
Chapter 1470: Ba Tian Debate (Fifth update)
Chapter 1471: Break up
Chapter 1472: Leaving Batian
Chapter 1473: The origin of the dumpling
Chapter 1474: The Great Xia Soldiers Are Coming
Chapter 1475: Air battle between Dachu and Chu (fifth update)
Chapter 1476: The Great War
Chapter 1477: Defeating the Earth Immortal
Chapter 1478: Stimulate Xiaoyu
Chapter 1479: Tian Yu's runaway
Chapter 1480: Beat the Dragon Marquis to pieces (fifth update)
Chapter 1481: The Emperor's Domineering
Chapter 1482: Negotiation Daxia
Chapter 1483: Meet the Qing King again
Chapter 1484: Into the Tiger's Den
Chapter 1485: Rushing to the troll (fifth update)
Chapter 1486: Di Ziqi Camp
Chapter 1487: Beat the audience
Chapter 1488: The Eternal Destroyer
Chapter 1489: Entering the Trolls
Chapter 1490: Sudden encounter (fifth update)
Chapter 1491: Powerful Breaking the Army
Chapter 1492: The Power of Gu Technique
Chapter 1493: Assassination Command
Chapter 1494: Do you know him?
Chapter 1495: Forklift rollover (fifth update)
Chapter 1496: First encounter with Shan Kui
Chapter 1497: Lunar Sealing the Moon
Chapter 1498: Overlord
Chapter 1499: The Human Emperor’s murderous intention (fourth update)
Chapter 1500: The plan is fruitless
Chapter 1501: Wang Ying's dedication
Chapter 1502: Don't be blue-faced
Chapter 1503: Falling into a tight siege
Chapter 1504: Leading the team to behead (5th update)
Chapter 1505: A pot is served
Chapter 1506: Shameless Mo Yang
Chapter 1507: The two evil dogs
Chapter 1508: Huang Ling's Allegiance
Chapter 1509: Cutting the grass and eradicating the roots (fifth update)
Chapter 1510: Seven Tribulations Loose Immortals
Chapter 1511: Devil Xiuer
Chapter 1512: Huang Ling Gaoguang
Chapter 1513: Pretending to be a veteran
Chapter 1514: Acting in charge of the legion (fifth update)
Chapter 1515: Counterattack
Chapter 1516: The sound of the east and the west
Chapter 1517: Promoted to General
Chapter 1518: Dongcang hands-on
Chapter 1519: The layout has been planned for a long time (fifth update)
Chapter 1520: The opening of another world
Chapter 1521: Immortal Nirvana
Chapter 1522: Above the Moon
Chapter 1523: All parties
Chapter 1524: Difficulties on the road to hell (fifth update)
Chapter 1525: Nangong Rouer
Chapter 1526: Long hair all over the body
Chapter 1527: The Beast of Hell
Chapter 1528: Clank Iron Bone
Chapter 1529: Netherworld Thirteen (fifth update)
Chapter 1530: I hate you
Chapter 1531: The Prince of the Night Race
Chapter 1532: Red hair all over the body
Chapter 1533: The Body of Distress
Chapter 1534: Crow Dog Food (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1535: Fighting the Evil Crow
Chapter 1536 : Add more cumin!
Chapter 1537: Recognize me as a father
Chapter 1538: Condensing the body
Chapter 1539: The sudden change (fifth update)
Chapter 1540: God's Tomb
Chapter 1541: Killing the Bloodway
Chapter 1542: The quagmire ghost
Chapter 1543: Four Armed Mud Ghost
Chapter 1544: The Night Clan takes action (fifth update)
Chapter 1545: Taiyin Immortal Essence
Chapter 1546: Transcending the Immortal Tribulation
Chapter 1547: Implicated in the Tribulation
Chapter 1548: The robbery of the heart demon
Chapter 1549: Catching the Thief and the King
Chapter 1550: Being Forcibly Kissed
Chapter 1551: The last level
Chapter 1552: The Fountain of Youth
Chapter 1553: The layout of the evil god (fifth update)
Chapter 1554: Two Dogs Cool
Chapter 1555: Castration of the two dogs
Chapter 1556: Fool the gods
Chapter 1557: It's hard to be a good person
Chapter 1558: Xiang Chen’s adopted daughter (fifth update)
Chapter 1559: Unifying the Underworld
Chapter 1560: The General Attack Gale
Chapter 1561: Battle Commander
Chapter 1562: Capture the top alive
Chapter 1563: Flesh Immortal (Fifth update)
Chapter 1564: Invincible Loose Immortals
Chapter 1565: The Future Sect Master
Chapter 1566: Allegiance to Yu Yue
Chapter 1567: One-shot kill
Chapter 1568: Professional Killer
Chapter 1569: The Axe Draws Salary
Chapter 1570: Night Demon Star Realm
Chapter 1571: Important news
Chapter 1572: Two Dogs Dressing Ratio
Chapter 1573: Borrowing strength to fight (fifth update)
Chapter 1574: Swagger
Chapter 1575: The two dogs are floating
Chapter 1576: The General Assembly
Chapter 1577: Night Clan Demon Emperor
Chapter 1578: Active Expert (Fifth update)
Emperor 1579: Poison Power
Chapter 1580: Find the weirdness
Chapter 1581: Purple Electric Dragon Bat
Chapter 1582: Insidious and cunning
Chapter 1583: Conquering the dragon bat (fifth update)
Chapter 1584: A pot is served
Chapter 1585: Eternal Night Shura
Chapter 1586: Bloodthirsty Shura
Chapter 1587: Cruel and Ruthless
Chapter 1588: Demon Fights Shura (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1589: Tough Shura
Chapter 1590: Order Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 1591: The Evil Vine Grows
Chapter 1592: Shura Barrier
Chapter 1593: Suppressing the Night Clan (5th update)
Chapter 1594: Li Ge old watch
Chapter 1595: Senior Brother Soars
Chapter 1596: Gratitude and hatred
Chapter 1597: One Hundred Days Ascension
Chapter 1598: He is the Demon Emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 1599: Identity Exposure
Chapter 1600: What Thousands of People Say
Chapter 1601: Sirius Roaring World
Chapter 1602: Slap the Emperor
Chapter 1603: Treacherous and Noble Coexist
Chapter 1604: The Spirit Demon Attacks
Chapter 1605: The Power of Inner Demon
Chapter 1606: Yan Huang Concentric
Chapter 1607: Shocking breakthrough
Chapter 1608: Solar Storm (fifth update)
Chapter 1609: Two Dogs Cross the Tribulation
Chapter 1610: Earthfire Roaring
Chapter 1611: Earth Fire Tribulation Spirit
Chapter 1612: Colorful Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1613: The mighty Tianlong (fifth update)
Chapter 1614: The Fierce Tribulation
Chapter 1615: The essence of heaven and earth
Chapter 1616: Great opportunity
Chapter 1617: Kun Linghuan
Chapter 1618: Crushed and exploded into mud (fifth update)
Chapter 1619: Destruction
Chapter 1620: Defeating the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1621: Reverse Samsara
Chapter 1622: My ambition
Chapter 1623: Abducted directly (fifth update)
Chapter 1624: The new situation in the world
Chapter 1625: Empress Tianze
Chapter 1626: Incomprehensible style
Chapter 1627: Combining hardness and softness
Chapter 1628: The Feast of Hongmen
Chapter 1629: Grumpy Xiahou
Chapter 1630: The division of interests
Chapter 1631: The Transformation of Trolls (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1632: The Battle of Two Sects
Chapter 1633: The real magic power
Chapter 1634: Asura Swordsmanship
Chapter 1635: He is coming!!
Chapter 1636: Not enough people (fifth update)
Chapter 1637: Fighting Duan Feng Again
Chapter 1638: Eat the Devil Emperor
Chapter 1639 : Destroying the Emperor with One Arm!
Chapter 1640: Item Dust Conditions
Chapter 1641: Born to be rebellious (fifth update)
Chapter 1642: Danding Fighting For The Front
Chapter 1643: Identity exposure
Chapter 1644: The Emperor's View
Chapter 1645: Tripartite Talks
Chapter 1646: Devouring each other (fifth update)
Chapter 1647: Empress and Demon Empress
Chapter 1648: The Sea Clan Attacks
Chapter 1649: Dark Ages
Chapter 1650: Destroying the Spiritual Demon
Chapter 1651: I want it (fifth update)
Chapter 1652: Extraordinary means
Chapter 1653: Bewitching the crowd
Chapter 1654: Heart Magic Phase
Chapter 1655: The Emperor's Green
Chapter 1656: Facing Li Ge
Chapter 1657: Yang Conspiracy
Chapter 1658: The Children of the Xiang Family
Chapter 1659: The Demon Queen’s Tribulation (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1660: Going alone
Chapter 1661: The common people are poisoned
Chapter 1662: Tough Tianze
Chapter 1663: Sea God Spring Eye
Chapter 1664: Unity (5th update)
Chapter 1665: Abyss Civilization
Chapter 1666: Powerful Creatures
Chapter 1667: The Battle of the Two Women
Chapter 1668: Strange Space
Chapter 1669: Heart of Xuanwu (fifth update)
Chapter 1670: Sea Clan War
Chapter 1671: Land and Sea Mixed Fight
Chapter 1672: The group battles Tianze
Chapter 1673: Crazy Ascension
Chapter 1674: Unstoppable (fifth update)
Chapter 1675: Zhenhai Xuanwu (6th update 41)
Chapter 1676: Killing Evolution
Chapter 1677: Strength is the truth
Chapter 1678: I am the Emperor
Chapter 1679: Poseidon's Relic
Chapter 1680: The new situation of the Sea Clan (fifth update)
Chapter 1681: The Final Battle
Chapter 1682: Extremely insidious
Chapter 1683: Terrifying Eternal Night
Chapter 1684: Battle of the Immortals
Chapter 1685: Old friends fighting (fifth update)
Chapter 1686: The Buddha and the Devil
Chapter 1687: The Fall of the Couple
Chapter 1688: The Great War Leaving Song
Chapter 1689: Beyond the Peak
Chapter 1690: Die generously (fifth update)
Chapter 1691: Burn My Holy Blood
Chapter 1692: The source of good and evil
Chapter 1693: Layout after death
Chapter 1694: Live like fireworks
Chapter 1695: The Curse of Hidden Heaven (Fifth update)
Chapter 1696: I don't understand
Chapter 1697: Civilization Gap
Chapter 1698: Space Wormhole
Chapter 1699: Canglong Gene
Chapter 1670: Chasing the Green Dragon (Fifth update)
Chapter 1701: The Power of Destruction
Chapter 1702: Frightened
Chapter 1703: Come to touch porcelain
Chapter 1704: Professional Practice
Chapter 1705: Public feces
Chapter 1706: Adoptive Mother in Previous Life (6th update 42)
Chapter 1707: Perfection (Seven Explosion)
Chapter 1708: The mortal god
Chapter 1709: Guarding the Tomb Black Dragon
Chapter 1710: Then flicker
Chapter 1711: Refining the keel
Chapter 1712: Nine Heavens Arrive (Fifth update)
Chapter 1713: The Game of Leaving the Song
Chapter 1714: Attacking Tianmeng
Chapter 1715: The turmoil is uneven
Chapter 1716: Start with the family
Chapter 1717: Weird layout (fifth update)
Chapter 1718: One-hit kill (6th update 43)
Chapter 1719: Killing Heavenly Immortals (Seven Storms 29)
Chapter 1720: One person set the scene (eight explosions 18)
Chapter 1721: Make it clear
Chapter 1722: Mutual calculation
Chapter 1723: Destroy the Adversity
Chapter 1724: Rescue the Great Chu
Chapter 1725: The Emperor of Chu (fifth update)
Chapter 1726: Strategies
Chapter 1727: Take precautions
Chapter 1728: The Sealed Door
Chapter 1729: Conquering Immortals
Chapter 1730: Thank you Lao Tie (fifth update)
Chapter 1731: Distressed
Chapter 1732: Immortal Emperor Lower Realm
Chapter 1733: Unlocking the Seal
Chapter 1734: The most poisonous beating
Chapter 1735: Nine Heavens Thunder Body (fifth update)
Chapter 1736: Blackmail (6th update 44)
Chapter 1737: Online BBQ (Seven Explosion 30)
Chapter 1738: Fire
Chapter 1739: My Harem
Chapter 1740: Preparation for running a school
Chapter 1741: Sudden visitor
Chapter 1742: Invitation to tea (fifth update)
Chapter 1743: Fairyland
Chapter 1744: Zhou Tian
Chapter 1745: Super Giant Baby
Chapter 1746: A letter from a friend
Chapter 1747: Seeking advice from Emperor Longtuo
Chapter 1748: The Heavenly Mirror
Chapter 1749: Opening the Holy Court
Chapter 1750: Pattern
Chapter 1751: Gathering Clone
Chapter 1752: Ruffian Aotian
Chapter 1753: Before flying away
Chapter 1754: Three Small Ascension
Chapter 1755: Heavenly Dao strikes
Chapter 1756: Too unlucky
Chapter 1757: Wang Ba
Chapter 1758: Awakening
Chapter 1759: Not in the flow
Chapter 1760: Bilin Immortal Body
Chapter 1761: The dog ate the face
Chapter 1762: Easy
Chapter 1763: No way
Chapter 1764: Opportunity
Chapter 1765: Robbery
Chapter 1766: Make a fortune
Chapter 1767: Heads are valuable
Chapter 1768: A large number of pursuers
Chapter 1769: Abnormal normality
Chapter 1770: All is life
Chapter 1771: Acceleration
Chapter 1772: Surprise
Chapter 1773: Accidentally hit
Chapter 1774: Take you to the road
Chapter 1775: Start to pretend
Chapter 1776: Hanging and beating a group
Chapter 1777: Pretend to be mellow
Chapter 1778: Marry him
Chapter 1779: Embrace the report
Chapter 1780: Expel Gu with Gu
Chapter 1781: Domineering
Chapter 1782: Fight between Gu Masters (Fifth update)
Chapter 1783: Two Great Powers
Chapter 1784: A great deal
Chapter 1785: The Magic of Mouth Cannon
Chapter 1786: You are not qualified
Chapter 1787: Mistaken again (fifth update)
Chapter 1788: Masochistic Tendency
Chapter 1789: Painful practice
Chapter 1790: Internal and external training together
Chapter 1791: Lolita cultivation
Chapter 1792: Tomb of Da Luoxian
Chapter 1793: Gathering at the Immortal Tomb
Chapter 1794: Birth of the Demon Dragon
Chapter 1795: Fighting the Demon Dragon
Chapter 1796: The God of Fudge
Chapter 1797: The black heart remains
Chapter 1798: The Great Luo Corpse Demon
Chapter 1799: Add a friend
Chapter 1800: Goose Plucking
Chapter 1801: Two dogs are furious
Chapter 1802: If you are not ruthless, you will not stand up (fifth update)
Chapter 1803: Two Methods
Chapter 1804: Climbing
Chapter 1805: It's too ridiculous
Chapter 1806: Conversation
Chapter 1807: Refining the corpse again (fifth update)
Chapter 1808: Hometown Sounds
Chapter 1809: Accidents come flying
Chapter 1810: Kneeling directly
Chapter 1811: Staying in the Shepherd's House
Chapter 1812: Make a decision and then act (5th update)
Chapter 1813: The two dogs plan
Chapter 1814: The sturdy stall
Chapter 1815: Pharmacy Hanging
Chapter 1816: Self-poisoning and self-medicating
Chapter 1817: The whole play must be performed (fifth update)
Chapter 1818: Step by step
Chapter 1819: Breakthrough
Chapter 1820: Derived World
Chapter 1821: Two Animals
Chapter 1822: The best brothers and sisters (fifth update)
Chapter 1823: Very Nice
Chapter 1824: Fire all over the net
Chapter 1825: Brother and sister situation
Chapter 1826: Mutian Linhai
Chapter 1827: Two Dog Paradise (Fifth update)
Chapter 1828: A knife at the east gate
Chapter 1829: The real genius
Chapter 1830: Make a pair
Chapter 1831: On the Dragon Eagle Ridge
Chapter 1832: Lure the snake out of its hole (fifth update)
Chapter 1833: Is there a chance
Chapter 1834: The Black Hand Appears
Chapter 1835: The second dog
Chapter 1836: The harvest is big
Chapter 1837: Living (fifth update)
Chapter 1838: Two Dogs Epiphany
Chapter 1839: Daluo Immortal Pot
Chapter 1840: Time Argument
Chapter 1841: Chain layout
Chapter 1842: Got smashed (fifth update)
Chapter 1843: Don't die
Chapter 1844: Rotten breath
Chapter 1845: Before departure
Chapter 1846: Seven Immortal Swordsmen
Chapter 1847: Dog-Headed Military Advisor (fifth update)
Chapter 1848: The Greatest Plan
Chapter 1849: Shameless
Chapter 1850: Hit your clothes
Chapter 1851: Descendants of Mogu
Chapter 1852: Cheating and abduction (fifth update)
Chapter 1853: The Unknown Comes
Chapter 1854: Plastic Brothers
Chapter 1855: The Old Master's Bead
Chapter 1856: Hungry Two Dogs
Chapter 1857: Silver Moon Dragon Jiao (fifth update)
Chapter 1858: Negotiations
Chapter 1859: Killing Nine Heavens
Chapter 1860: Questioning the origin
Chapter 1861: Senior Brother News
Chapter 1862: Trouble has arisen (sorry, repeated chapter)
Chapter 1863: Little Turtle
Chapter 1864: Dig your corner
Chapter 1865: The best confrontation
Chapter 1866: Kill Daluo
Chapter 1867: Take away the ancient tripod (fifth update)
Chapter 1868: Humanity is thin and cool
Chapter 1869: Ginkgo Tree Demon
Chapter 1870: Behind the scenes
Chapter 1871: The Basics
Chapter 1872: Beat the two dogs
Chapter 1873: Thunderbolt
Chapter 1874: Xuantian's teaching
Chapter 1875: The Bloodline Treads Mysteriously
Chapter 1876: Little Leather Whip
Chapter 1877: Human Resilience
Chapter 1878: Sort out the source
Chapter 1879: Stunned
Chapter 1880: The God of Fudge
Chapter 1881: Identity Exposure
Chapter 1882: Tough opponent
Chapter 1883: The Old Master's Bead
Chapter 1884: Heavenly Fox Confused Heart
Chapter 1885: Two Ways
Chapter 1886: Still Two Dogs
Chapter 1887: Show me a face
Chapter 1888: Sturdy Junior Sister
Chapter 1889: Follow the law?
Chapter 1890: Inexplicably superior
Chapter 1891: Seeking Death (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1892: New supernatural powers
Chapter 1893: Sudden Tribulation
Chapter 1894: Climbing up the pole
Chapter 1895: The God of Desolation
Chapter 1896: Belief in Ling Jade (fifth update)
Chapter 1897: Eternal Night Blood Fire
Chapter 1898: Fengyun Gorge
Chapter 1899: Entering the situation
Chapter 1900: Distressed two dogs
Chapter 1901: Taking advantage of the situation (fifth update)
Chapter 1902: Deep Understanding of Space
Chapter 1903: Crazy looting
Chapter 1904: The Barbarian Strong
Chapter 1905: Killing the King in Retrograde
Chapter 1906: The power of the wild god (fifth update)
Chapter 1907: Eat goods into the soul
Chapter 1908: Wild God Body
Chapter 1909: Explosive Shot
Chapter 1910: Bite the Golden Immortal
Chapter 1911: Follow the guidance (fifth update)
Chapter 1912: Xiang Da Fudge
Chapter 1913: Playing Bad Old Watches
Chapter 1914: What is justice
Chapter 1915: Hengtian Conspiracy
Chapter 1916: Contact Batian
Chapter 1917: Infighting
Chapter 1918: There are traitors inside
Chapter 1919: Intense battle
Chapter 1920: Lien Zhan Jinxian (fifth update)
Chapter 1921: Capture the thief and capture the king
Chapter 1922: The Son of God's Scourge
Chapter 1923: Yama's death
Chapter 1924: The Poison Is Out
Chapter 1925: Two dogs disguised as women (fifth update)
Chapter 1926: A tooth for a tooth
Chapter 1927: Killing the Heaven-defying Pit
Chapter 1928: A game with you
Chapter 1929: Reopening Erzang
Chapter 1930: The Divine Treasure in the Physical Body (Fifth update)
Chapter 1931: Evil Demon Against Heaven (sixth update)
Chapter 1932: Dueling the Barbarian Village (seven more)
Chapter 1933: Fighting the Barbarian King (Eight Explosion)
Chapter 1934: Forbidden Evil Seed (Nine Explosion)
Chapter 1935: Tianpeng was born
Chapter 1936: Do you still want it?
Chapter 1937: Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
Chapter 1938: The best animal
Chapter 1939: Protection Mechanism (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1940: Strengthen the keel
Chapter 1941: Desolate Sea Star Realm
Chapter 1942: A Blow of Time
Chapter 1943: Show your hands in public
Chapter 1944: Killing people and punishing the heart (fifth update)
Chapter 1945: A small fist beats your chest
Chapter 1946: The Devil's Clan
Chapter 1947: Xiaoqiang's life is hard
Chapter 1948: Take a bite of meat
Chapter 1949: Bloodline exposed (fifth update)
Chapter 1950: Tyrannical Xuanyi
Chapter 1951: Genius Cloud Gathering
Chapter 1952: Brother Appears
Chapter 1953: The Injustice of Heaven
Chapter 1954: Killing Feast (5th update)
Chapter 1955: Cloud Road Fight
Chapter 1956: Realization Breakthrough
Chapter 1957: Immortal Golden Body
Chapter 1958: Desolate Sea Star Realm
Chapter 1959: The murderous intention of each other (fifth update)
Chapter 1960: Aotian clone
Chapter 1961: The Ancient Flame Sparrow
Chapter 1962: Hengtian Fangs
Chapter 1963: Halfway Out
Chapter 1964: Shameless to meet people (fifth update)
Chapter 1965: The Mermaid
Chapter 1966: Sea Spirit Awakens
Chapter 1967: Lei Hai Dapeng
Chapter 1968: The Vision Emerges
Chapter 1969: Brotherly support (fifth update)
Chapter 1970: Desolate Thunder Tempering
Chapter 1971: The Mountain of Ten Thousand Miles
Chapter 1972: Treasures are everywhere
Chapter 1973: Stop and rob
Chapter 1974: Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger (fifth update)
Chapter 1975: Snatching God Tea
Chapter 1976: Sudden Yin
Chapter 1977: Fighting the Ninth Grade
Chapter 1978: Daluo Bloodline
Chapter 1979: Capture the dragon alive (fifth update)
Chapter 1980: Robbery Log
Chapter 1981: Treasure Sensing
Chapter 1982: Extreme cold and Yang Yang
Chapter 1983: I want to die
Chapter 1984: The Will of the Wolf King (Fifth update)
Chapter 1985: Divine Fire Tempered Body
Chapter 1986: Powerful Organs
Chapter 1987: The Human Body Sacred Beast
Chapter 1988: Powerful Organs
Chapter 1989: Sincere Love
Chapter 1990: Betting on Thousands of Chances
Chapter 1991: A suit of equipment
Chapter 1992: See through the identity
Chapter 1993: An accident with Xuan Niu
Chapter 1994: Like a Tiger
Chapter 1995: Beating Mogu
Chapter 1996: Beating the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1997: It was you
Chapter 1998: Surprise or not
Chapter 1999: Make a fortune
Chapter 2000: Golden Zen Bitter Sea
Chapter 2001: Tianpeng's Nest
Chapter 2002: Phoenix Blood God Jade
Chapter 2003: Forcing Wang Suyan
Chapter 2004: The Plan of Combination
Chapter 2005: It's time for me
Chapter 2006: Get the Treasure
Chapter 2007: Entering the Nest
Chapter 2008: Wannian Lao Yin
Chapter 2009: Shocking Secrets
Chapter 2010: World God Tree
Chapter 2011: Powerful Tianpeng
Chapter 2012: Time and Space Double Cultivation
Chapter 2013: Battle with Tianpeng (fifth update)
Chapter 2014: I'm greedy for myself
Chapter 2015: I Stew My Body
Chapter 2016: Leverage Refining
Chapter 2017: Tianpeng God of War
Chapter 2018: God is angry (fifth update)
Chapter 2019: Heaven Fighting
Chapter 2020: Clearly
Chapter 2021: Making dumplings
Chapter 2022: The Battle of Shenshan
Chapter 2023: Confrontation with the Wild God (5th update)
Chapter 2024: The sky does not let go
Chapter 2025: Beating the Gods
Chapter 2026: Nine Dragons Soul Curse
Chapter 2027: God's Sacrifice
Chapter 2028: A big cleanup (fifth update)
Chapter 2029: Chu Yao throws the famine
Chapter 2030: Tianpeng Request
Chapter 2031: Arrange the funeral
Chapter 2032: Young Master Shenshan
Chapter 2033: Giving orders (fifth update)
Chapter 2034: Eightfold Heaven
Chapter 2035: The Fall of Tianpeng
Chapter 2036: Tianpeng Treasure House
Chapter 2037: Flame Tiger Beast Domain
Chapter 2038: Cosmic Cultivation Technique (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2039: Tianjiao Allure
Chapter 2040: Zijin Tianpeng
Chapter 2041: Resist the Thousand Machines
Chapter 2042: Planning ahead
Chapter 2043: Highest authority (fifth update)
Chapter 2044: Xiao Family Siege
Chapter 2045: Robbery of Xiao Family
Chapter 2046: Collective Debt Collection
Chapter 2047: Crazy to death
Chapter 2048: Chopping melons and vegetables (fifth update)
Chapter 2049: Please send imperial soldiers
Chapter 2050: The Sect Master Summons
Chapter 2051: The Heavenly Sword Emperor
Chapter 2052: Enlightenment God Tea
Chapter 2053: Brushing Mines for Lao Tie (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2054: Exchange Thunder Power
Chapter 2055: Will enter the tomb of the knife
Chapter 2056: Tomb of Xianmen Knife
Chapter 2057: The first generation of magic knife
Chapter 2058: Suppressing Thousand Demons (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2059: See the picture
Chapter 2060: Two dogs were slaughtered
Chapter 2061: Tai Chi Burning Sun
Chapter 2062: Touch Jin Captain
Chapter 2063: Dig them all (5th update)
Chapter 2064: Fighting Puppets
Chapter 2065: Wish Completed
Chapter 2066: Concealing the sky and crossing the sea
Chapter 2067: Immortal Emperor Chasing and Cutting
Chapter 2068: Ba Tian goes to war (fifth update)
Chapter 2069: The scumbag
Chapter 2070 : There is something!
Chapter 2071: Resource War
Chapter 2072: Poured blood mold
Chapter 2073: Score seven swords (fifth update)
Chapter 2074: Immortal Emperor Battle
Chapter 2075: Lost in Seven Swords
Chapter 2076: annexation of seven knives
Chapter 2077: Signs of Cooperation
Chapter 2078: Burning Thunder Prajna (fifth update)
Chapter 2079: Dragon Fault Swallowing Demons
Chapter 2080: Forging Ascension
Chapter 2081: Prepare to go home
Chapter 2082: Selected Base
Chapter 2083: Clearing up wasteland in the miasma area (fifth update)
Chapter 2084: Preparing for Immortal City
Chapter 2085: Hiring a Professional
Chapter 2086: Contact Qingcheng
Chapter 2087: Self-created sword technique
Chapter 2088: Conquer the Poison King (fifth update)
Chapter 2089: The King of Zhu Chan Poison
Chapter 2090: One Million Dollars
Chapter 2091: Crypt Spider King
Chapter 2092: Fighting the Spider King
Chapter 2093: Unifying the Poison Zone (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2094: Conversation Barrier
Chapter 2095: The Patriarch Arrives
Chapter 2096: Exploring Broken Sky
Chapter 2097: Another Li Song
Chapter 2098: Feeding Boss (5th update)
Chapter 2099: Super Rich
Chapter 2100: High up and low down
Chapter 2101: The Ice Phoenix Gets Out of Trouble
Chapter 2102: Then flicker
Chapter 2103: Explanation of the current situation (fifth update)
Chapter 2104: Nourish the blood
Chapter 2105: Suck adults dry
Chapter 2106: The raccoon dog on a hill
Chapter 2107: Financial Statements
Chapter 2108: Long-term investment (fifth update)
Chapter 2109: White Wasted Rich Woman
Chapter 2110: Kindness Auntie
Chapter 2111: Shameless old and young
Chapter 2112: Father Comes From Heaven
Chapter 2113: Realm Breakthrough (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2114: Sirius Fairy City (sixth update)
Chapter 2115: Prepare for the Lower Realm (seven more)
Chapter 2116: Powerful Nanman (Eight Explosion)
Chapter 2117: Invincible in the world (nine explosions)
Chapter 2118: Coming to the mortal world (ten bursts)
Chapter 2119: Reunion of old friends
Chapter 2120: Strategy Meeting
Chapter 2121: The Southern Barbarians Gather
Chapter 2122: Free choice
Chapter 2123: Yanhuang Sirius (fifth update)
Chapter 2124: Rarely warm
Chapter 2125: Preparations for Ascension
Chapter 2126: Settled in Nine Days
Chapter 2127: The first person
Chapter 2128: Collective Ascension (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2129: The general trend is beginning to gather
Chapter 2130: Sirius Operation
Chapter 2131: Defying the Heavens
Chapter 2132: Development plan
Chapter 2133: Crisis Risk (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2134: The most precious
Chapter 2135: Registered Shops
Chapter 2136: Cooperation Negotiation
Chapter 2137: The first pot of gold
Chapter 2138: Qingcheng returns (fifth update)
Chapter 2139: Love and kill each other
Chapter 2140: The First Lady
Chapter 2141: The King and Queen
Chapter 2142: A handful of dog food
Chapter 2143: Burning Heart (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2144: High-level meeting
Chapter 2145: Contact Xiaoxiao
Chapter 2146: Make an appointment with Xiaoxiao
Chapter 2147: Two dogs flirting with sisters
Chapter 2148: Tian Ni’s Army Training (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2149: Want to be a concubine
Chapter 2150: Sudden change
Chapter 2151: Sturdy White Phoenix
Chapter 2152: The old rogue
Chapter 2153: First understanding of music (fifth update)
Chapter 2154: A Talent
Chapter 2155: Two Dogs and Foxes
Chapter 2156: Emotional strategy
Chapter 2157: Crazy Show
Chapter 2158: Finally won (fifth update)
Chapter 2159: Philosophy
Chapter 2160: The Fox Falls
Chapter 2161: United Batian
Chapter 2162: Senior Sister Breakthrough
Chapter 2163: Nine-tailed Illusion (fifth update)
Chapter 2164: The Unification of Ancient Spirits
Chapter 2165: Catch one
Chapter 2166: Not enough to wear
Chapter 2167: Chaos Imperial Capital
Chapter 2168: Miracles spark war (fifth update)
Chapter 2169: Recruitment to join the army (47 updates)
Chapter 2170: Black Yan Army (33 Seventh)
Chapter 2171: Thousands of husbands struggle for unification (21 eight explosions)
Chapter 2172: Against Taiwan Meng Chang (15 nine explosions)
Chapter 2173: The first capital (14 ten explosions)
Chapter 2174: The worst group
Chapter 2175: The wolf travels thousands of miles
Chapter 2176: Suppressed everywhere
Chapter 2177: Mouth is full
Chapter 2178: The Lord of Baqi Palace (fifth update)
Chapter 2179: Talk about the rules
Chapter 2180: The big thing
Chapter 2181: Weak and Sad
Chapter 2182: Establish Prestige
Chapter 2183: The rich leader (fifth update)
Chapter 2184: Improve the battle formation
Chapter 2185: Be honest with each other
Chapter 2186: Two Dogs Preaching
Chapter 2187: The God of Heaven
Chapter 2188: Start robbing people (fifth update)
Chapter 2189: The most powerful soldier
Chapter 2190: God Level Puppet
Chapter 2191: Kick the iron plate
Chapter 2192: Scramble for talents
Chapter 2193: The peerless actor (fifth update)
Chapter 2194: Arranging the Great Array
Chapter 2195: Integration into the high-level
Chapter 2196: The First Hacker
Chapter 2197: The two dogs
Chapter 2198: Nine-day auction (fifth update)
Chapter 2199: Immortal Emperor Fox Slave
Chapter 2200: A trap
Chapter 2201: Xiang Chen shakes people
Chapter 2202: Use of contacts
Chapter 2203: Looking for trouble (fifth update)
Chapter 2204: Take advantage of strength
Chapter 2205: Being targeted
Chapter 2206: Primordial Spirit Seed Control
Chapter 2207: Fighting Drizzle
Chapter 2208: Tang Yu exposed (fifth update)
Chapter 2209: Play is like life
Chapter 2210: Life is like a play
Chapter 2211: Dating Xiaoxiao
Chapter 2212: Trouble in the restaurant
Chapter 2213: Provoking the Immortal Emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 2214: Smile into the pond
Chapter 2215: Dig a hole by yourself
Chapter 2216: Six years expired
Chapter 2217: All Routines
Chapter 2218: The Law of the Immortal Emperor (Fifth update)
Chapter 2219: Meng Chang breakthrough
Chapter 2220: Crazy promotion
Chapter 2221: The Power of the Statue
Chapter 2222: The Word of God
Chapter 2223: Sky Fox Illusion (Fifth update)
Chapter 2224: Recruits gather
Chapter 2225: Going to the War Zone
Chapter 2226: Only strong and harmonious
Chapter 2227: Perfect Battle Formation
Chapter 2228: Legion encounter (fifth update)
Chapter 2229: The eldest son of King Qi
Chapter 2230: The Battle of the Battle
Chapter 2231: Slaying the Emperor
Chapter 2232: Supporting the Change
Chapter 2233: Breakout and Evacuation (Fifth update)
Chapter 2234: Game of Thrones
Chapter 2235: Clarify the layout
Chapter 2236: Outrageous words
Chapter 2237: Mixed with red maple
Chapter 2238: Sexy Two Dogs (5)
Chapter 2239: Surprise or not
Chapter 2240: Noble Second Dog
Chapter 2241: The Golden Cicada Escapes the Shell
Chapter 2242: Xiang Chen plots
Chapter 2243: Afraid of Blue Dove (fifth update)
Chapter 2244: The whole city is hot
Chapter 2245: The gang fight
Chapter 2246: Shocking the World
Chapter 2247: Reversing the situation
Chapter 2248: Triumphant return (fifth update)
Chapter 2249: One step to the sky
Chapter 2250: Step by step seeking power
Chapter 2251: Fight for power
Chapter 2252: Competing for military power
Chapter 2253: Battle with the Immortal Emperor (Fifth update)
Chapter 2254: Assassination strikes
Chapter 2255: Anti-kill and annihilation
Chapter 2256: Launch the inner ghost
Chapter 2257: Find out the inner ghost
Chapter 2258: Alluring the city with one dance (fifth update)
Chapter 2259: Da Luo Extreme Realm
Chapter 2260: Three Souls and Seven Souls
Chapter 2261: Visit the Miracle
Chapter 2262: Confessions
Chapter 2263: Powerful reasoning (fifth update)
Chapter 2264: Mix with me
Chapter 2265: Meet the old part
Chapter 2266: Place the old department
Chapter 2267: Scratch the cocoon
Chapter 2268: Launching Nuolan (fifth update)
Chapter 2269: Ten Thousand Wolfs
Chapter 2270: Conquering White Velvet
Chapter 2271: The Miracle Opens
Chapter 2272: Dragon and snake mixed
Chapter 2273: It’s all mine (fifth update)
Chapter 2274: Titan Python
Chapter 2275: Miracle Continent
Chapter 2276: I lost my memory
Chapter 2277: Summoning the Wolf Servant
Chapter 2278: Immortal Emperor Zhenggang (fifth update)
Chapter 2279: Magic Shadow Thousand Blades
Chapter 2280: Check History
Chapter 2281: The Titan Emperor
Chapter 2282: Training plan
Chapter 2283: The weak and the strong (fifth update)
Chapter 2284: Instant Yin Kill
Chapter 2285: Fighting Shura Emperor
Chapter 2286: Black Egg Reappears
Chapter 2287: Suspected to be an elves
Chapter 2288: Holy Spirit Dynasty (fifth update)
Chapter 2289: Silly fool
Chapter 2290: Who can you be
Chapter 2291: Professional kidnapping
Chapter 2292: The old job is done
Chapter 2293: The most honest Xiang Ergou (fifth update)
Chapter 2294: Chicken Source Combination
Chapter 2295: Hedou Emperor Sculpture
Chapter 2296: Tianmen Detection
Chapter 2297: Poor Xiao Song
Chapter 2298: The treacherous son is presumptuous (fifth update)
Chapter 2299: This is a second dog
Chapter 3300: Nine Yin Shen Yun
Chapter 3301: The Holy Spirit Emperor
Chapter 3302: Concubine Tianfei
Chapter 3303: Surprised to see the Heavenly Concubine (fifth update)
Chapter 2304: Dirty Essence
Chapter 2305: My Girl
Chapter 2306: Ups and downs experience
Chapter 2307: Come from Situ
Chapter 2308: Return to Heaven Immortal Emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 2309: Love is a light
Chapter 2310: Go to Sand Sea
Chapter 2311: You pit me
Chapter 2312: Emperor Zi Ting
Chapter 2313: Method of repair (fifth update)
Chapter 2314: Swallowing Yuan Qixing
Chapter 2315: A group of wolves tearing a tiger
Chapter 2316: Purple Electric Sky Sable
Chapter 2317: Multiple sisters
Chapter 2318: Son of God’s Punishment (fifth update)
Chapter 2319: Nine Heavens of Heroes
Chapter 2320: Adding to the flames
Chapter 2321: Chisha Banquet
Chapter 2322: Flesh Bodhi
Chapter 2323: Hunting and killing dragon maggots (fifth update)
Chapter 2324: Another game
Chapter 2325: Destiny with Buddha
Chapter 2326: Killing Situ together
Chapter 2327: I'm careless
Chapter 2328: Emergencies (fifth update)
Chapter 2329: Chisha City Seal
Chapter 2330: See who is more yin
Chapter 2331: Copy the old book
Chapter 2332: Locust Transit
Chapter 2333: Killing two birds with one stone (fifth update)
Chapter 2334: Killing with a knife
Chapter 2335: Enlightenment Milk Tea
Chapter 2336: Listen to my orders
Chapter 2337: The army besieged and killed
Chapter 2338: Returning favors (fifth update)
Chapter 2339: Apocalypse
Chapter 2340: Apocalypse
Chapter 2341: Prepare to break through
Chapter 2342: Collective Retreat
Chapter 2343: Harmonious Life (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2344: My World
Chapter 2345: Wise Xiahou
Chapter 2346: Carrying and beating women
Chapter 2347: Love Saint Guidance
Chapter 2348: Ten thousand demons become emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 2349: Successful escape
Chapter 2350: It's all mine
Chapter 2351: Exploring the Criminal Trial
Chapter 2352: Found out
Chapter 2353: Successful escape (fifth update)
Chapter 2354: The Best Princess
Chapter 2355: Go to the Miracle
Chapter 2356: Sad reminder of Situ
Chapter 2357: Boyfriend blows up
Chapter 2358: Space Sandstorm (Fifth update)
Chapter 2359: Expose the War
Chapter 2360: Swinging the hoe
Chapter 2361: Xiahou doubts
Chapter 2362: Soul Eater Tree Demon
Chapter 2363: Bloody Battle with Dryad (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2364: God-given good luck
Chapter 2365: Arriving at the God Capital
Chapter 2366: Dragon Elephant Shrine
Chapter 2367: Legend of the Titans
Chapter 2368: Golden Crow Treasure (fifth update)
Chapter 2369: The system does not support
Chapter 2370: Dialogue with Gu Ding
Chapter 2371: Biography of Gods
Chapter 2372: Dialogue with Qiyang
Chapter 2373: Tree with broken roots (fifth update)
Chapter 2374: Some regrets
Chapter 2375: The First Generation Enemy
Chapter 2376: Inheritance of the Dragon God
Chapter 2377: Deception
Chapter 2378: Aotian takes action (fifth update)
Chapter 2379: Bold Ideas
Chapter 2380: Divine Blood Tempered Body
Chapter 2381: Aotian Good Fortune
Chapter 2382: Demolition Brigade
Chapter 2383: Chaos in the Capital of Gods (5th update)
Chapter 2384: Battle of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 2385: Powerful Xu Wu
Chapter 2386: I am the Wolf King
Chapter 2388: Situ's plan
Chapter 2388: Toothache after eating (fifth update)
Chapter 2389: The Lost Xiahou
Chapter 2390: Each has a plot
Chapter 2391: Rebirth of the White Phoenix
Chapter 2392: Retreat practice
Chapter 2393: Jiuyang Xiaocheng (fifth update)
Chapter 2394: Exit
Chapter 2395: Prince of Fortune
Chapter 2396: Guess the clue
Chapter 2397: Tianjiao was bullied
Chapter 2398: Scheme against the Queen (fifth update)
Chapter 2399: Achilles heel
Chapter 2400: Shocked
Chapter 2401: Two women meet
Chapter 2402: Toughness
Chapter 2403: The calculation begins (fifth update)
Chapter 2404: That Light
Chapter 2405: Bringing out Situ
Chapter 2406: Tribulation Field
Chapter 2407: To God
Chapter 2408: Piaosha escapes (fifth update)
Chapter 2409: Help to count the money
Chapter 2410: Born Supreme
Chapter 2411: Playing directly
Chapter 2412: Duel
Chapter 2413: Brutal slashing of blood sand (fifth update)
Chapter 2414: Conquering the Blood Sand
Chapter 2415: Tick the white phoenix
Chapter 2416: Son-in-law threatens
Chapter 2417: Catch the duck on the shelves
Chapter 2418: Shameless young and old (fifth update)
Chapter 2419: Prepare to rise
Chapter 2420: Why are you fighting
Chapter 2421: Assign tasks
Chapter 2422: President White Pheasant
Chapter 2423: Integrating forces (fifth update)
Chapter 2424: Then flicker
Chapter 2425: The Catastrophe
Chapter 2426: Teach you to be a man
Chapter 2427: Gu Ding Strike
Chapter 2428: Control of force (fifth update)
Chapter 2429: Control training
Chapter 2450: Precipitation of penance
Chapter 2451: Situ against the water
Chapter 2452: The Duke of Righteousness
Chapter 2453: Sad reminder to the emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 2434: Yuntao takes the blame
Chapter 2435: The Great War Begins
Chapter 2436: A similar scene
Chapter 2437: Attack it
Chapter 2438: Stealing the rear (fifth update)
Chapter 2439: Flesh magic medicine
Chapter 2440: The two armies confront each other
Chapter 2441: Blood Demon Sword Demon
Chapter 2442: Xiang Chen kills
Chapter 2443: Battle (fifth update)
Chapter 2444: Killing the Great Emperor
Chapter 2445: Soaring all the way
Chapter 2446: Hunting Moment
Chapter 2447: Beating the Emperor
Chapter 2448: Blood-stained (5th update)
Chapter 2449: Meeting with Titan
Chapter 2450: Start the group suddenly
Chapter 2451: The origin of the monkey
Chapter 2452: Situ Qianxiao
Chapter 2453: White Phoenix exposed (fifth update)
Chapter 2454: Torture the Primordial Spirit
Chapter 2455: Post-war disposal
Chapter 2456: Scorpion Queen
Chapter 2457: Come to play
Chapter 2458: Bloodline of Gods (Fifth update)
Chapter 2459: Conquering the Scorpion
Chapter 2460: Threatening the White Pheasant
Chapter 2461: Nine Heavens Formation God
Chapter 2462: The God of Array
Chapter 2463: Internal strife breaks out (fifth update)
Chapter 2464: Waiting for the Rabbit
Chapter 2465: Killing Millions
Chapter 2466: Ready to leave
Chapter 2467: The past of Baihuang
Chapter 2468: Bad news one after another (fifth update)
Chapter 2469: Item dust exposed
Chapter 2470: Your Pot
Chapter 2471: Give you a gift
Chapter 2472: Beating Lu Family
Chapter 2473: The destruction of the Lu family (fifth update)
Chapter 2474: Shura Lower Realm
Chapter 2475: There is a sword solitary
Chapter 2476: Practicing the Sword with Soul
Chapter 2477: Jiutian Shangdu
Chapter 2478: Connection code (fifth update)
Chapter 2479: No coincidence
Chapter 2480: White Feather Pavilion Gathering
Chapter 2481: Elite Troops
Chapter 2482: The Birth of the White Phoenix
Chapter 2483: The Battle between Black and White (Fifth update)
Chapter 2484: Sisters fight
Chapter 2485: Terrifying Swordsmanship
Chapter 2486: Evil Vine Evolution
Chapter 2487: Xuantian Divine Armor
Chapter 2488: Bai Jing appears (fifth update)
Chapter 2489: Dream Witch Protoss
Chapter 2490: The rules are transformed
Chapter 2491: Suddenly turning face
Chapter 2492: Fighting Brother-in-law
Chapter 2493: The sad old man (fifth update)
Chapter 2494: The fastest turning face
Chapter 2495: The White Phoenix Reappears
Chapter 2496: Means of restraint
Chapter 2497: One step to the sky
Chapter 2498: Xiang Chen’s betrothal gift (fifth update)
Chapter 2499: The most bottom line
Chapter 2500: Please join the game
Chapter 2501: Astral Evolution
Chapter 2502: Sadness reminds the old man
Chapter 2503: Situ Xilin (fifth update)
Chapter 2504: Reincarnated God and Buddha
Chapter 2505: Shameless
Chapter 2506: Two scourges
Chapter 2507: Eighteen Arhats
Chapter 2508: Demonic Bodhi (fifth update)
Chapter 2509: Weird Primordial Spirit
Chapter 2510: It's all your fault
Chapter 2511: Gods and Demons Fighting
Chapter 2512: Being targeted
Chapter 2513: Unlucky (fifth update)
Chapter 2514: The Road to Spirituality
Chapter 2515: The person who guards the seal
Chapter 2516: Unable to provoke
Chapter 2517: Check the body
Chapter 2518: Ability to bend and stretch (fifth update)
Chapter 2519: Seventh Heaven
Chapter 2520: Zi Ji Hui Zong
Chapter 2521: Breaking through the divide
Chapter 2522: Cultivation soars
Chapter 2523: Purple Smoke Persuasion (Fifth update)
Chapter 2524: Outbreak
Chapter 2525: All silver coins
Chapter 2526: Running away again
Chapter 2527: Misunderstanding
Chapter 2528: Rapid improvement (fifth update)
Chapter 2529: Tempering Yuanshen
Chapter 2530: Buddha and Demon Cultivators
Chapter 2531: The two sides talks
Chapter 2532: Queen Fan Er
Chapter 2533: Taiyin Emperor (fifth update)
Chapter 2534: Brother Ding can play
Chapter 2535: Wolf Scorpion Battle
Chapter 2536: Instant collapse
Chapter 2537: The King of Dogs Reappears
Chapter 2538: There is no best dog, only the best dog (fifth update)
Chapter 2538: There is no best dog, only the best dog (fifth update)
Chapter 2539: Crazy recruiting black
Chapter 2540: Leaving in style
Chapter 2541: The pot comes from the sky
Chapter 2542: The God of Carrying the Pot
Chapter 2543: Absorbing Demonic Poison (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2544: Yuer Zen Machine
Chapter 2545: The Golden Cicada Saint
Chapter 2546: Return to the Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2547: Old people from other places
Chapter 2548: Ignore everything (fifth update)
Chapter 2549: Ecological Cycle
Chapter 2550: Netherworld Killing God
Chapter 2551: Sun Sacred Bird
Chapter 2552: Heaven's Favorite
Chapter 2553: Thunder Shock Dharma (fifth update)
Announcement: Tomorrow’s update may be delayed
Chapter 25554: Heaven Defying Leiyi
Chapter 2555: Trouble is coming
Chapter 2556: Come a step late
Chapter 2557: Hands-on Mysterious Snake
Chapter 2558: Dogs all over the palace
Chapter 2559: Sacrifice
Chapter 2560: Magic Market
Chapter 2561: Open the hook and pick up the leak
Chapter 2562: Ion Excalibur
Chapter 2563: Despicable and shameless
Chapter 2564: Destruction
Chapter 2565: Confrontation
Chapter 2566: The ultimate artifact (fifth update)
Chapter 2567: The road is narrow
Chapter 2568: Sophisticated
Chapter 2569: Mysterious Array
Chapter 2570: Benefit Exchange
Chapter 2571: The God of Friendship
Chapter 2572: Dan Shen
Chapter 2573: The Origin Array
Chapter 2574: Conferred God Waves
Chapter 2575: Just one step away (fifth update)
Chapter 2576: Challenges from all sides
Chapter 2577: Investigate the internal situation
Chapter 2578: White Velvet Chasing Ghosts
Chapter 2579: All Routines
Chapter 2580: Dao Discussion Conference (Fifth update)
Chapter 2581: Stew sooner or later
Chapter 2582: alchemist on Taoism
Chapter 2583: The bottom line
Chapter 2584: Take out the grain bag
Chapter 2585: Reviewing the armed forces (fifth update)
Chapter 2586: Deploy the attack
Chapter 2587: Launch an attack
Chapter 2588: The outbreak of war
Chapter 2589: Locusts Transit
Chapter 2590: Return with a full load (fifth update)
Chapter 2591: Shrimp and Pig Heart
Chapter 2592: Embrace the mirror
Chapter 2593: Pretend to be a big match
Chapter 2594: Climbing the Alchemy God
Chapter 2595: Admired by thousands of people (fifth update)
Chapter 2596: Medical competition
Chapter 2597: Poor baby
Chapter 2598: Hematemesis
Chapter 2599: Angry Situ
Chapter 2600: Full of love (fifth update)
Chapter 2601: Mutual calculation
Chapter 2602: Public alienation
Chapter 2603: Burnt out
Chapter 2604: Diplomacy
Chapter 2605: Tranquility reaches far (fifth update)
Chapter 2606: Bloody Conspiracy
Chapter 2607: Situ's Counterattack
Chapter 2608: Research Breakthrough
Chapter 2609: Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 2610: Shocking impact (fifth update)
Chapter 2611: Terrifying Divine Mirror
Chapter 2612: Poor Sad Treasure
Chapter 2613: Confronting the God Realm
Chapter 2614: War God
Chapter 2615: Shura War Demon (Fifth update)
Chapter 2616: White-hot battle
Chapter 2617: Nether Killing God
Chapter 2618: Conquering the Magic Princess
Chapter 2619: Fighting the Killing God
Chapter 2620: The reversal begins (fifth update)
Chapter 2621: Shocking Battle
Chapter 2622: Peerless Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 2623: Killing God and Breaking Soul
Chapter 2624: Hundreds of millions of believers
Chapter 2625: Drain the sea of ??blood (fifth update)
Chapter 2626: Extremely Aggrieved
Chapter 2627: Ancestor Situ
Chapter 2628: The God of Shura
Chapter 2629: Goodbye Kwai Xi
Chapter 2630: Little Witch (fifth update)
Chapter 2631: Preaching Conference
Chapter 2632: Gathering Prestige
Chapter 2633: Merit and Virtue
Chapter 2634: Murder suddenly appeared
Chapter 2635: God-level bounty (fifth update)
Chapter 2636: Nether Countermeasures
Chapter 2637: Nether Xuanyi
Chapter 2638: Seeking skin with the tiger
Chapter 2639: Kind Son and Filial Father
Chapter 2640: Netherworld (Fifth update)
Chapter 2641: Please enter the urn
Chapter 2642: Still too tender
Chapter 2643: Xuan Yi is green
Chapter 2644: The filial piety
Chapter 2645: Falling into inner demons (fifth update)
Chapter 2646: Busy Dog
Chapter 2647: Smile
Chapter 2648: Back to Heaven Demon Sect
Chapter 2649: Hollowed out
Chapter 2650: It’s hard to guard against domestic thieves (fifth update)
Chapter 2651: The First God Disciple
Chapter 2652: Launching Purple Smoke
Chapter 2653: The Dragon's Tribulation
Chapter 2654: hit you two
Chapter 2655: Purple Demonic Skill (Fifth update)
Chapter 2656: The devil picks up the leak
Chapter 2657: Shocked Enemy
Chapter 2658: Black Ice God Box
Chapter 2659: Insanity
Chapter 2660: It’s a baby (fifth update)
Chapter 2661: Ten Eight
Chapter 2662: Fire Demon Coup
Chapter 2663: The outbreak of war
Chapter 2664: Divine Body Power
Chapter 2665: Rescue everywhere (fifth update)
Chapter 2666: The final word
Chapter 2667: Fall short
Chapter 2668: Find the God Realm
Chapter 2669: Ziyan ascends the throne
Chapter 2670: I have surrendered to the enemy
Chapter 2671: Invite a disaster
Chapter 2672: All are available
Chapter 2673: Great filial piety
Chapter 2674: Jiuyou falls into the water (fifth update)
Chapter 2675: Qimen Void
Chapter 2676: Step by step
Chapter 2677: Shocked Ouyang
Chapter 2678: Another move
Chapter 2679: Smiling Enlightenment (Fifth update)
Chapter 2680: Catch on the spot
Chapter 2681: Surrounded
Chapter 2682: Shenwei Mecha
Chapter 2683: The Mirror of Thousand Machines
Chapter 2684: Explosive anti-kill
Chapter 2685: The strongest ability
Chapter 2686: Qianji smiled
Chapter 2687: See the clue
Chapter 2688: All the way to black
Chapter 2689: Raising the Heavenly Fox
Chapter 2690: White Velvet Calculation
Chapter 2691: Arrange Remedy
Chapter 2692: Intelligence Strike
Chapter 2693: Another trick
Chapter 2694: The Feng family married a daughter
Chapter 2695: Start
Chapter 2696: Attack again
Chapter 2697: Another Situ
Chapter 2698: Destroy the gods
Chapter 2699: Complete Destruction
Chapter 2700: Joint Conference
Chapter 2701: Public decision
Chapter 2702: Assemble the army
Chapter 2703: Painted Leather Sky Clothes
Chapter 2704: Finally exposed
Chapter 2705: Strategic Direction
Chapter 2706: Heavenly Emperor starts broadcasting
Chapter 2707: The Big Brother Comes Out
Chapter 2708: Distinguishing between good and evil
Chapter 2709: Gathering people
Chapter 2710: Sword from the Nine Heavens
Chapter 2711: Hurt each other
Chapter 2712: Gu Master, Mu Huang
Chapter 2713: Shepherd's Desolate Formation
Chapter 2714: A Thousand Opportunities Fight
Chapter 2715: Beating the God Realm
Chapter 2716: Sudden attack
Chapter 2717: Coaxing
Chapter 2718: Nine Heavens Thunder Array
Chapter 2719: Heavenly Desolation Suppressing God
Chapter 2720: Beauty saves beauty
Chapter 2721: Terrifying Kendo
Chapter 2722: Heavenly Nets
Chapter 2723: The Great War
Chapter 2724: Bad plug-in
Chapter 2725: It's time to stand in line
Chapter 2726: Six nails fire
Chapter 2727: Heavenly Wolf Festival
Chapter 2728: Ten Thousand Demons Sleep Together
Chapter 2729: Combat Power Explosion
Chapter 2730: True Strength
Chapter 2731: Forbidden for many years
Chapter 2732: Item Chen Yang
Chapter 2733: Fighting from within
Chapter 2734: Contradictions
Chapter 2735: Destruction of the Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2736: God's Silence Conditions
Chapter 2737: Tianhua Weicai
Chapter 2738: The God of Array Gets Out of Trouble
Chapter 2739: Polarization
Chapter 2740: The Demon Ancestor
Chapter 2741: Shocking the God Realm
Chapter 2742: Attack on Jin Chan
Chapter 2743: Quarrel and Tears
Chapter 2744: Gou Dao becomes a god
Chapter 2745: A Mutation
Chapter 2746: Pay attention to moderation
Chapter 2747: Ancient Relics
Chapter 2748: The taste is beautiful
Chapter 2749: Rat tail juice
Chapter 2750: Raise your hand
Chapter 2751: Fiery eyes
Chapter 2752: I believe in myself
Chapter 2753: Another lame
Chapter 2754: Each has a calculation
Chapter 2755: Rapid mutation
Chapter 2756: I have a showdown
Chapter 2757: Falling leaves know autumn
Chapter 2758: Jump in the pot
Chapter 2759: Infernal Affairs
Chapter 2760: Counting the plan
Chapter 2761: False Believers
Chapter 2762: Can fry the furnace
Chapter 2763: Where to go
Chapter 2764: Really touching
Chapter 2765: My name is Jiubao
Chapter 2766: That's okay too
Chapter 2767: I'm sorry you
Chapter 2768: Beast War
Chapter 2769: All appeared
Chapter 2770: Very Versailles
Chapter 2771: Your position
Chapter 2772: Surely not dead
Chapter 2773: Step by step strong
Chapter 2774: It's Sudden
Chapter 2775: Ban Men get an axe
Chapter 2776: Good Brother
Chapter 2777: Bloodline Evolution
Chapter 2778: stand up
Chapter 2779: Water and fire are incompatible
Chapter 2780: Chicken and Wagyu
Chapter 2781: See Your Majesty
Chapter 2782: Ning me bear others
Chapter 2783: An amazing
Chapter 2784: Weird Pool
Chapter 2785: For the race
Chapter 2786: The real killer
Chapter 2787: Jiuyou Variation
Chapter 2788: A torrent
Chapter 2789: Life after death
Chapter 2790: Climbing to the top of the emperor
Chapter 2791: The cauldron is delicious
Chapter 2792: Dragon sucks tiger swallows
Chapter 2793: Descendants of the Desolate Heaven
Chapter 2794: The King of Words
Chapter 2795: Bad signal
Chapter 2796: Too arrogant
Chapter 2797: Rational indifference
Chapter 2798: True Tigress
Chapter 2799: Saponification
Chapter 2800: All talents
Chapter 2801: Nine Heavens of Turmoil
Chapter 2802: Group mode
Chapter 2803: Slap the face too fast
Chapter 2804: Order Nine Heavens
Chapter 2805: Nine days immortal
Chapter 2806: Peerless Lao Yin
Chapter 2807: Genocide
Chapter 2808: Xiaohuang opens a lesson
Chapter 2809: My brother
Chapter 2818: Capricorn guy
Chapter 2811: Attack the audience
Chapter 2812: Scapegoat
Chapter 2813: All erupted
Chapter 2814: Do not believe
Chapter 2815: Dig your corner
Chapter 2816: All calculations
Chapter 2817: Rolling Strike
Chapter 2818: Reckoning After Autumn
Chapter 2819: Crazy Evolution
Chapter 2820: Weird and bizarre
Chapter 2821: Prepare for chess waiting for you
Chapter 2822: Extinction
Chapter 2823: Seduced by beautiful men
Chapter 2824: Balance of Checks
Chapter 2825: The Tower of Fengtian
Chapter 2826: Heaven and Earth Demon
Chapter 2827: Come to the door
Chapter 2828: Pour foot wash
Chapter 2829: The road is narrow
Chapter 2830: Building the Temple
Chapter 2831: The Magical Use of Faith
Chapter 2832: Taikoo Overlord
Chapter 2833: Two boys
Chapter 2834: Small group mutation
Chapter 2835: Going to the Street
Chapter 2836: Nine Saint Emperor Robe
Chapter 2837: One Billion Golden Immortals
Chapter 2838: Abandon the car to protect the handsome
Chapter 2839: Causal Reincarnation
Chapter 2840: Selection of the gods
Chapter 2841: The King's Showdown
Chapter 2842: Cut out of the avenue
Chapter 2843: Eat the White Phoenix
Chapter 2844: Stewed Jiuyou
Chapter 2845: Start to die
Chapter 2846: As expected
Chapter 2847: Extreme Evolution
Chapter 2848: Divine Forbidden Weakening
Chapter 2849: Where am I
Chapter 2850: I don't want to
Chapter 2851: The Law of Hell
Chapter 2852: Profound years
Chapter 2853: Must burn
Chapter 2854: Countryside
Chapter 2855: The Destiny
Chapter 2856: Good luck
Chapter 2857: Rapid promotion
Chapter 2858: Something Unusual
Chapter 2859: Supreme Power
Chapter 2860: Get rid of hidden dangers
Chapter 2861: Scarlet Fire Fox
Chapter 2862: I joined
Chapter 2863: Two Dog Routines
Chapter 2864: Trapped
Chapter 2865: The Second Matchmaker
Chapter 2866: Strange
Chapter 2867: Soaring Strength
Chapter 2868: Roots Flat Head
Chapter 2869: King Chennai Gou
Chapter 2870: Flathead Fighting Dragon
Chapter 2871: It's all Yin hands
Chapter 2872: The knife is worn
Chapter 2873: Eat it in one bite
Chapter 2874: Fighting the snake seven inches
Chapter 2875: Counterattack
Chapter 2876: Fighting the Gods Alone
Chapter 2877: Force me to start
Chapter 2878: God of Cooking Cultivation
Chapter 2879: Daily Chase
Chapter 2880: Gold Auxiliary
Chapter 2881: Serving with both hands
Chapter 2882: Two Yuanshen
Chapter 2883: The Cheapest Kirin
Chapter 2884: Mixed in
Chapter 2885: This is heaven
Chapter 2886: Omnipotence
Chapter 2887: Life is better than death
Chapter 2888: I am very happy
Chapter 2889: Confessions
Chapter 2890: An Epiphany
Chapter 2891: Plane Approval
Chapter 2892: The King of Qilin
Chapter 2893: As expected
Chapter 2894: Important tasks
Chapter 2895: Become my foundation
Chapter 2896: Total War
Chapter 2897: Routine Pharaoh
Chapter 2898: Head Melon Seeds
Chapter 2899: Moment of Youth
Chapter 2900: Brothers Corner
Chapter 2901: Where do I go
Chapter 2902: Don't give a chance
Chapter 2903: Poor Old Wang
Chapter 2904: The Return of the Dragon King
Chapter 2905: Invincible Potential
Chapter 2906: Unstoppable
Chapter 2907: Layout planning
Chapter 2908: own way
Chapter 2909: Five-legged confrontation
Chapter 2910: The death knell echoes
Chapter 2911: Start to break out
Chapter 2912: Direct explosion
Chapter 2913: Supreme Shot
Chapter 2914: You are early
Chapter 2915: The real winner
Chapter 2916: Silly
Chapter 2917: Narrow the road
Chapter 2918: Huge Illusory Array
Chapter 2919: A bunch of strange flowers
Chapter 2920: A mess
Chapter 2921: Real flattery
Chapter 2922: The horse fights the sky
Chapter 2923: Cat and Mouse
Chapter 2924: Don't make mistakes
Chapter 2925: Calamity like wind
Chapter 2926: Fight to the end
Chapter 2927: The Great Confusion
Chapter 2928: Can't bear it
Chapter 2929: Battle of Tianjiao
Chapter 2930 : I am the Tao!
Chapter 2931: Xiang Xiaotudog
Chapter 2932: Recruitment of saints
Chapter 2933: Do it directly
Chapter 2934: The opportunity comes
Chapter 2935: Sour smell
Chapter 2936: Mysterious Realm Model
Chapter 2937: The villain is in danger
Chapter 2938: Reappearance of Virtue
Chapter 2939: The Realm of Tianyan
Chapter 2940: Full Level Novice
Chapter 2941 : Cooking is the way to go!
Chapter 2942: Doubt Dingsheng
Chapter 2943: The Sixth World War
Chapter 2944: The Way of the Thunder
Chapter 2945: The Great Sadness Collapsing Thunder
Chapter 2946: Come Again
Chapter 2947: Dog among dogs, king among kings
Chapter 2948: He is a good man
Chapter 2949: Another filial son
Chapter 2950: Stealing the beam and changing the column
Chapter 2951: The king is by his side
Chapter 2952: Under the black hand
Chapter 2953: The Emperor of the Dead Crotch
Chapter 2954: Brothers in Yan Prison
Chapter 2954: My Enemy
Chapter 2956: Eat myself
Chapter 2957: Fighting List Five Again
Chapter 2958: Haotian Sword
Chapter 2959: Make up shameless Xiang Tiandi
Chapter 2960: Who can beat
Chapter 2961: Lie down to win
Chapter 2962: Glorious Dog Legs
Chapter 2963: Nine days assembly
Chapter 2964: Collective seal
Chapter 2965: Broken Seal
Chapter 2966: Shen Yun Ocean
Chapter 2967: Nine days have me
Chapter 2968: Close the door and beat the dog
Chapter 2969: One hundred thousand gods
Chapter 2970: The Sun and the Stars
Chapter 2971: The sun goes out
Chapter 2972: Fight again
Chapter 2973: Grind yourself to death
Chapter 2974: Shine the Starry Sky
Chapter 2975: Became Light
Chapter 2976: Turn on Rolling
Chapter 2977: Out of the Nest
Chapter 2978: This is a conspiracy
Chapter 2979: Solar Nuclear Heat
Chapter 2980: Still not awake
Chapter 2981: Can't connect to the Internet
Chapter 2982: Ding Ersai
Chapter 2983: Allure Takes the Lead
Chapter 2984: Centralized Power
Chapter 2985: Nine Heavens Divine Court
Chapter 2986: Just take care of yourself
Chapter 2987: Appointment of various ministries
Chapter 2988: The most stubborn person
Chapter 2989: The Emperor of Fortune
Chapter 2990: The Eucharist
Chapter 2991: The Great War
Chapter 2992: Give you a lesson
Chapter 2993: My Generation Era
Chapter 2994: Reverse Chaos Heavenly Dao
Chapter 2995: Heartbroken Two Dogs
Chapter 2996: The direction of the sea
Chapter 2997: The life of the charcoal
Chapter 2998: Son of Mother God
Chapter 2999: Not very normal
Chapter 3000: Nine Heavens Mark
Chapter 3001: The treasure of making a fortune
Chapter 3002: Check it out
Chapter 3003: She is not
Chapter 3004: Put another one
Chapter 3005: The gang commits crimes
Chapter 3006: Poor cow
Chapter 3007: Dong Xuaner
Chapter 3008: Green Tea
Chapter 3009: Don't do anything
Chapter 3010: Mother Mountain
Chapter 3011: All appearances
Chapter 3012: Poor Tianpeng
Chapter 3013: Purgatory Reincarnation
Chapter 3014: The Plane of Purgatory
Chapter 3015: Believe in Ergou and go to purgatory!
Chapter 3016: Xiaokou always open
Chapter 3017: You destroy it
Chapter 3018: Tears of poverty
Chapter 3019: Sad reminder
Chapter 3020: Less than Sanmao
Chapter 3021: Fart collapse nine days
Chapter 3022: Sacred Monarch Wu Pilgrimage
Chapter 3023: Variables
Chapter 3024: Five Elements Zombie God
Chapter 3025: Su Niang's Sadness
Chapter 3026: Father's Kindness and Son's Filial Piety
Chapter 3027: Born to be Tao
Chapter 3028: Ready to go
Chapter 3029: Fishing
Chapter 3030: Nine days and four filial piety
Chapter 3031: Show presence
Chapter 3032: chasing after feeding
Chapter 3033: Shameless
Chapter 3034: Three Generations of Bandits
Chapter 3035: Good Brother
Chapter 3036: Good Sisters
Chapter 3037: Love Accident
Chapter 3038: The old master
Chapter 3039: Continue to paddle and continue to wave
Chapter 3040: The taste of money
Chapter 3041: The Legendary
Chapter 3042: Planning Gousheng
Chapter 3043: Slums
Chapter 3044: Do your best
Chapter 3045: Professional beat brother-in-law
Chapter 3046: Nine-day specialty
Chapter 3047: Playing stupid
Chapter 3048: All family members
Chapter 3049: The second dog
Chapter 3050: Tea is not good
Chapter 3051: Start Action
Chapter 3052: Move a little
Chapter 3053: Apocalypse
Chapter 3054: bluff
Chapter 3055: All Routines
Chapter 3056: The old show bones
Chapter 3057: Step by step
Chapter 3058: The mind is like the sea
Chapter 3059: Another order
Chapter 3060: Old Versailles
Chapter 3061: Go to the extreme
Chapter 3062: Nothing
Chapter 3063: The Ancient Thief
Chapter 3064: Shocked by the news
Chapter 3065: Rowing without paddles
Chapter 3066: Find out the calendar
Chapter 3067: Too Krypton Gold
Chapter 3068: Breakthrough God
Chapter 3069: Breaking News
Chapter 3070: Weird Fatty
Chapter 3071: Rolling Against the Sky
Chapter 3072: Immortal Insect Demon
Chapter 3073: Each has a ghost
Chapter 3074: Too young
Chapter 3075: The Fat Sheep Comes to the Door
Chapter 3076: God of War
Chapter 3077: Hammer God King
Chapter 3078: It's all business
Chapter 3079: A bit low
Chapter 3080: Professionalism
Chapter 3081: Find out the clue
Chapter 3082: Drive away tigers and swallow wolves
Chapter 3083: The Three Caves of Cunning Dogs
Chapter 3084: Slapped in the face
Chapter 3085: Chain calculation
Chapter 3086: Only countless times
Chapter 3087: Spitting fragrance
Chapter 3088: Meet the Difficulties
Chapter 3089: The Big Man
Chapter 3090: Learning is abolished
Chapter 3091: Black Market
Chapter 3092: Hugo Burning Incense
Chapter 3093: Reborn Clone
Chapter 3094: To play again
Chapter 3095: The opening of the drama
Chapter 3096: moved to cry
Chapter 3097: God Respect Puppet
Chapter 3098: The bottom line
Chapter 3099: Doppelganger Rebellion
Chapter 3100: Crazy Scattering Wealth
Chapter 3101: A little confused
Chapter 3102: Butterfly Effect
Chapter 3103: Flickering lame
Chapter 3104: Stealing the beam and changing the column
Chapter 315: Pity Dongdong
Chapter 3106: Turning hands into clouds
Chapter 3107: Cover your hands for rain
Chapter 3108: The real winner
Chapter 3109: One step at a time
Chapter 3110: Family portrait
Chapter 3111: Pinch to death
Chapter 3112: Prisoner Exchange
Chapter 3113: Planning a Bandit
Chapter 3114: Yin Yang Pirates the Sky
Chapter 3115: Zhengyang Shenzong
Chapter 3116: Tang Yu joins the sect and has a level of understanding
Chapter 3117: I'm not so defiant
Chapter 3118: Running out of robbery?
Chapter 3119: The Holy Body of the Sun
Chapter 3120: Almighty Two Dogs
Chapter 2121: Still bad
Chapter 3122: Moldy Cake
Chapter 3123: Hard to shake
Chapter 3124: Closed disciple
Chapter 3125: Mysterious Organization
Chapter 3126: Cultivation soars
Chapter 3127: Garbage Factory
Chapter 3128: Pick one for a while
Chapter 3129: Not enough stuffed teeth
Chapter 3130: People are cruel and poisonous
Chapter 3131: Chase and cut a group
Chapter 3132: Inner Sect of Zongmen
Chapter 3133: Key training
Chapter 3134: Green to Glow
Chapter 3135: True and False
Chapter 3136: Intertwined
Chapter 3137: Meeting
Chapter 3138: Fish
Chapter 3139: Senior Brother please
Chapter 3140: Bad water rolls
Chapter 3141: Yang Conspiracy
Chapter 3142: Sudden turning point
Chapter 3143: Not a good match
Chapter 3144: This is Allah
Chapter 3145: Purple Giant Baby
Chapter 3146: I am invincible
Chapter 3147: Evil thoughts come east
Chapter 3148: The cusp of the storm
Chapter 3149: Sorrow Haotian
Chapter 3150: Black Account
Chapter 3151: One Pick Five Peaks
Chapter 3152: All black
Chapter 3153: Chase and chop
Chapter 3154: Ten Thousand Enemies
Chapter 3155: Battle King List
Chapter 3156: Water Witch
Chapter 3157: Difficult to beat
Chapter 3158: Potential
Chapter 3159: Improve the exercises
Chapter 3160: The devil is blind
Chapter 3161: Dump the pot
Chapter 3162: Dutiful daughter
Chapter 3163: Yan Zhi Tu Bang
Chapter 3164: The peak of skill
Chapter 3165: Time Breaks the Way
Chapter 3166: Recruiting
Chapter 3167: Inseparable
Chapter 3168: Morocco output value
Chapter 3169: Three Clans
Chapter 3170: Eat some rebates
Chapter 3171: Fen Tianwei
Chapter 3172: Senior Sister Qiu Ci
Chapter 3173: The Beating of the Dog
Chapter 3174: Difficult to distinguish between true and false
Chapter 3175: The dog does not stand against the wall
Chapter 3176: Do not eat hard or soft
Chapter 3177: Mediation
Chapter 3178: Infinity
Chapter 3179: In the game
Chapter 3180: Do not avoid relatives
Chapter 3181: All Routines
Chapter 3182: It's good to be stupid
Chapter 3183: Shuffle
Chapter 3184: Troubled
Chapter 3185: The Demon Lord
Chapter 3186: Princess Scarlet Blood
Chapter 3187: Black Water Magic Luo
Chapter 3188: Origin Crystal
Chapter 3189: Whoever meets who is unlucky
Chapter 3190: The Wool
Chapter 3191: One encounter with two dogs by accident
Chapter 3192: Pleasure gives birth to sorrow
Chapter 3193: Take advantage of the fire
Chapter 3194: Uncontrollable
Chapter 3195: Unqualified
Chapter 3196: The peak is the opening
Chapter 3197: Star formation
Chapter 3198: Destruction Thunderstorm
Chapter 3199: Thunder Invasion
Chapter 3200: Destruction
Chapter 3201: Bandits
Chapter 3202: Do it yourself
Chapter 3203: Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 3204: Seed
Chapter 3205: Manifestation
Chapter 3206: The Battle of the Wolf Monkey
Chapter 3207: All installed
Chapter 3208: Unknown reason
Chapter 3209: Blowing to the sky
Chapter 3210: Familiar taste
Chapter 3211: Shocked
Chapter 3212: The calamity of the hit
Chapter 3213: Prosperity is over
Chapter 3214: Pretty Nice
Chapter 3215: Rectify
Chapter 3216: Clearly
Chapter 3217: Hype Popularity
Chapter 3218: Summoning the old department
Chapter 3219: The changing situation
Chapter 3220: Hearts
Chapter 3221: The platform collapsed
Chapter 3222: In the middle
Chapter 3223: White Eyed Wolf
Chapter 3224: Group Gain
Chapter 3225: The power of the actor
Chapter 3226: Retreat
Chapter 3227: Eternal Queen
Chapter 3228: The man is back
Chapter 3229: Gang fight
Chapter 3230: Hungry Ghost World
Chapter 3231: Windy
Chapter 3232: Kill the dog
Chapter 3233: looting again
Chapter 3234: The first match
Chapter 3235: Nine Flame Dragon Tide
Chapter 3236: Flame Witch Holy Body
Chapter 3237: The Holy Body of Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 3238: Slaughter List
Chapter 3239: People in the same way
Chapter 3240: Cousin reappears
Chapter 3241: Poor Zhou Wei
Chapter 3242: The most poisonous supernatural power
Chapter 3243: Shen Yuanhai
Chapter 3244: Yanhuang Mountains and Seas
Chapter 3245: Moro Development
Chapter 3246: Strengthen Haotian
Chapter 3247: A Blind Birdman
Chapter 3248: The Heat
Chapter 3249: Direct Popularity
Chapter 3250: Super Advertisement
Chapter 3251: All Routines
Chapter 3252: Promotion
Chapter 3253: Chance
Chapter 3254: Nursing
Chapter 3255: Infiltration
Chapter 3256: Eyeliner Candidates
Chapter 3257: Layout
Chapter 3258: It's all a group of beasts
Chapter 3259: Training
Chapter 3260: The best treatment
Chapter 3261: The Legend of the Witch God
Chapter 3262: Fatty
Chapter 3263: Business Conspiracy
Chapter 3264: Stunning
Chapter 3265: Negotiation
Chapter 3266: The Queen's Routines Are Deep
Chapter 3267: No Soul
Chapter 3268: Inner Thief
Chapter 3269: A group of bad silver
Chapter 3270: Combat Deployment
Chapter 3271: Siege
Chapter 3272: Daily pit teammates
Chapter 3273: The bottom line
Chapter 3274: Turn the tide
Chapter 3275: A rake
Chapter 3276: Discuss
Chapter 3277: North Cold Star Realm
Chapter 3278: The Strong
Chapter 3279: Take over
Chapter 3280: Ziyang Examination
Chapter 3281: Senior Workers
Chapter 3282: Evil rumors
Chapter 3283: Evil spirit
Chapter 3284: Strangely
Chapter 3285: Absorb consciousness
Chapter 3286: A top
Chapter 3287: The Ten Masters of Darkness
Chapter 3288: Courageous
Chapter 3289: Canteen
Chapter 3290: Blood Fusion
Chapter 3291: Confused
Chapter 3292: Weird Youth
Chapter 3293: Too Destined
Chapter 3294: Unlucky Brothers
Chapter 3295: Really not human
Chapter 3296: Dark Evil Seed
Chapter 3297: The God of Walnut
Chapter 3298: Breaking God's Forbidden
Chapter 3299: Two Fallen Gods
Chapter 3300: Destroy yourself
Chapter 3301: Reincarnation Vortex
Chapter 3302: The first seven generations
Chapter 3303: A little memory
Chapter 3304: Corpse Captain
Chapter 3305: The Sun Becomes Venerable
Chapter 3306: Reincarnation Experiment
Chapter 3307: Mixed in
Chapter 3308: Emergencies
Chapter 3309: So Suspicion Soldiers
Chapter 3310: The knife is the knife
Chapter 3311: The Great War
Chapter 3312: Technology Invasion
Chapter 3313: Destruction
Chapter 3314: Heavy losses
Chapter 3315: Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 3316: Misfortune
Chapter 3317: Poisonous Chicken Soup
Chapter 3318: A sword in hand
Chapter 3319: The slaughter of the gods
Chapter 3320: The real dutiful son
Chapter 3321: The world is like a pearl
Chapter 3322: Nine Heavens Will
Chapter 3323: The Awakened Dragon
Chapter 3324: Black Dragon Patriarch
Chapter 3325: A knife on the head
Chapter 3326: Assemble the whole sect
Chapter 3327: Do not attack yourself
Chapter 3328: Resurrection
Chapter 3329: Five Suns Great Array
Chapter 3330: Array Breaking Zong Danger
Chapter 3331: Infinite Lifeless
Chapter 3332: Crazy Giant Baby
Chapter 3333: finally arrived
Chapter 3334: It's you
Chapter 3335: Meat Grinder
Chapter 3336: Sharp Knife Out of Sheath
Chapter 3337: Elite Duel
Chapter 3338: Harmony the Heart
Chapter 3339: Unstoppable
Chapter 3340: Mysterious Ice Breaking
Chapter 3341: Sect Rewards
Chapter 3342: Disposal
Chapter 3343: Step by step
Chapter 3344: Bring bad atmosphere
Chapter 3345: Unfilial Dog
Chapter 3346: Good brother and filial brother
Chapter 3347: Three Fathers and Sons
Chapter 3348: Review
Chapter 3349: Mother God Preaching
Chapter 3350: A child with a mother is like a treasure
Chapter 3351: Secret
Chapter 3352: For eternity
Chapter 3353: Building Wood
Chapter 3354: The Inheritor of Cooking Dao
Chapter 3355: Beiwei Army
Chapter 3356: Refining and building wood
Chapter 3357: Envoy Xuanbing
Chapter 3358: Mysterious Ice God Domain
Chapter 3359: Old Fox
Chapter 3360: Master of Battle Array
Chapter 3361: The master
Chapter 3362: Arrogance
Chapter 3363: Master
Chapter 3364: Take advantage of strength
Chapter 3365: Negotiation
Chapter 3366: Step by step
Chapter 3367: Momentum
Chapter 3368: Prepare to practice
Chapter 3369: Said everything
Chapter 3370: Out of nothing
Chapter 3371: Fighting God
Chapter 3372: Unknown things
Chapter 3373: The pattern is too small
Chapter 3374: The Origin of Xuanbing
Chapter 3375: Taiyi True Water
Chapter 3376: Ant Battle Array
Chapter 3377: Disaster
Chapter 3378: Beaten by a dog
Chapter 3379: The gang reunites
Chapter 3380: The Worst Brother
Chapter 3381: Retribution
Chapter 3382: Often by the river
Chapter 3383: Sky Eye Yang Qi
Chapter 3384: Miserable item dragon set
Chapter 3385: Divine Might
Chapter 3386: God's Domain Blocked
Chapter 3387: Delivered to the door
Chapter 3388: Please leave
Chapter 3389: Palace Master Xuanyue
Chapter 3390: Distinguishing Medicine
Chapter 3391: Don't go in
Chapter 3392: Dog nose spirit
Chapter 3393: Test the poison
Chapter 3394: Inappropriate
Chapter 3395: Taiyin Source Poison
Chapter 3396: Research Serum
Chapter 3397: Variation of medicinal power
Chapter 3398: Taiyin Origin Mouse
Chapter 3399: Above the Sun
Chapter 3400: Scorching Sun Dragon Lizard
Chapter 3401: Hidden Yuanshen
Chapter 3402: Self-inflicted
Chapter 3403: Why is it me
Chapter 3404: The Palace Lord Summons
Chapter 3405: ??Marry you as a concubine
Chapter 3406: Carrying the Curse
Chapter 3407: Differential Treatment
Chapter 3408: Er Mao Evolution
Chapter 3409: The enemy of a thousand people
Chapter 3410: Break through a ball
Chapter 3411: Meet the Queen
Chapter 3412: The King and Queen
Chapter 3413: Planting the Source
Chapter 3414: Another miracle drug
Chapter 3415: The most pit brother
Chapter 3416: Reappearance of Divine Scourge
Chapter 3417: Serving 100,000
Chapter 3418: Where is the treasure house
Chapter 3419: Confessions
Chapter 3419: Confessions
Chapter 3420: The biggest pit
Chapter 3421: All are ruthless
Chapter 3422: A shot back
Chapter 3423: Unyielding
Chapter 3424: Planning to loot
Chapter 3425: Another show operation
Chapter 3426: Action begins
Chapter 3427: The Great Escape
Chapter 3428: Potential Soldiers
Chapter 3429: You are really sick
Chapter 3430: Never gossip
Chapter 3431: Reverse operation
Chapter 3432: All are drama
Chapter 3433: Digging the Prince's Corner
Chapter 3434: Heaven descends justice
Chapter 3435: God's Destiny
Chapter 3436: All are open
Chapter 3437: Simple old grandfather
Chapter 3438: Ye Chengtian
Chapter 3439: Wretched Development
Chapter 3440: Destiny to fight workers
Chapter 3441: King Gou's Chasing and Killing Daily
Chapter 3442: I believe in your evil
Chapter 3443: Carpet Bombing
Chapter 3444: Lei Baked Bastard
Chapter 3445: 100 million dots
Chapter 3445: Failed to open
Chapter 3446: I want to be a good person
Chapter 3448: Autumn famous mountain old car god
Chapter 3449: No matter to be courteous
Chapter 3450: The Second Junior
Chapter 3451: Shameless
Chapter 3452: See the picture
Chapter 3453: See you in the next life
Chapter 3454: Crying and fainting in the toilet
Chapter 3455: Qualifications
Chapter 3456: Planning Gousheng
Chapter 3457: eat it all
Chapter 3458: Thunder Sky Arena
Chapter 3459: Getting to Kindergarten
Chapter 3460: The battle of the bear children
Chapter 3461: I am also a baby
Chapter 3462: Shocking the top 100
Chapter 3463: It's spicy chicken
Chapter 3464: Sea King Showdown
Chapter 3465: Food of the Golden Crow
Chapter 3466: The Shura people are green
Chapter 3467: The shopkeeper is welcome
Chapter 3468: Taikoo Supervision
Chapter 3469: Little spy
Chapter 3470: Introducing the wolf into the room
Chapter 3471: The first bird with a gun
Chapter 3472: In vain attempt to kill two birds with one stone
Chapter 3473: Social Madness
Chapter 3474: Squad gossip
Chapter 3475: Jiaofang Division
Chapter 3476: Bodhi purifies the heart
Chapter 3477: Dao Xuanwei
Chapter 3478: I have a friend
Chapter 3479: Let's spend the night here
Chapter 3480: Preparing for Danby
Chapter 3481: Very skinny
Chapter 3482: Bad water again
Chapter 3483: I don't want to be proud of the day
Chapter 3484: The clone stood up
Chapter 3485: Beware of Internet Fraud
Chapter 3486: Bullying Xiao Yang
Chapter 3487: Fighting Zhu Yan
Chapter 3488: Still a supporting role
Chapter 3489: The trace of Kunpeng
Chapter 3490: The gossip of small dumplings
Chapter 3491: You are a real dog
Chapter 3492: Space Break
Chapter 3493: Silence of the Ten Directions
Chapter 3494: This scumbag
Chapter 3495: I want to give you a home
Chapter 3496: Ferocious Beast Market
Chapter 3497: Business Channels
Chapter 3498: King Luan in the Holy Land
Chapter 3499: Unprepared
Chapter 3500: Start the pot and burn the oil
Chapter 3501: Eat directly
Chapter 3502: Reincarnation Holy Water
Chapter 3503: No retreat
Chapter 3504: Improvement and Innovation
Chapter 3505: Shocked
Chapter 3506: Moment of Light
Chapter 3507: Expose Identity
Chapter 3508: Holy Pill Requirements
Chapter 3509: Glory to the family
Chapter 3510: Inheritance of Ye Clan
Chapter 3511: Private Configuration
Chapter 3512: Luxurious Two Dogs
Chapter 3513: The Green Mountains in the North
Chapter 3514: The unexpected person
Chapter 3515: Aunt Qingwu
Chapter 3516: Super Dragon Set
Chapter 3517: The body of the past life
Chapter 3518: Weird Ten Worlds
Chapter 3519: Kui Niu Open
Chapter 3520: Evil Alchemist
Chapter 3521: The Secret Realm of Kui Niu
Chapter 3522: God of God
Chapter 3523: Still here
Chapter 3524: Calamity like wind
Chapter 3525: The door to death is wide open
Chapter 3526: Unlucky child
Chapter 3527: Summoning yourself
Chapter 3528: Token Guidelines
Chapter 3529: The smell of witch
Chapter 3530: A big loss
Chapter 3531: pull pull pull
Chapter 3532: Killing with one palm
Chapter 3533: Shocking the Emperor
Chapter 3534: Retaliation
Chapter 3535: Rewriting Consciousness
Chapter 3536: The chasing troops arrive
Chapter 3537: I will dominate
Chapter 3538: Make up the body
Chapter 3539: Five Elements Tempering
Chapter 3540: Waiting for the Rabbit
Chapter 3541: Too fat
Chapter 3542: The only dragon set
Chapter 3543: Night Demon Thunder Bat
Chapter 3544: Fighting the Lord God
Chapter 3545: Soul BBQ
Chapter 3546: Reappearance of the old watch
Chapter 3547: The Second Dog Hair
Chapter 3548: Open a small hanging
Chapter 3549: Quietly open
Chapter 3550: Envy and jealousy
Chapter 3551: The power is like a broken bamboo
Chapter 3552: Fairy don't panic
Chapter 3553: The charm is too great
Chapter 3554: Sea King Party
Chapter 3555: Purple Ring Thunder Chapter
Chapter 3556: Fire Roasted Octopus
Chapter 3557: Weak Sorrow
Chapter 3558: The source of all evil
Chapter 3559: God Emperor Middle Stage
Chapter 3560: Bloody Thunder Sea
Chapter 3561: Killing
Chapter 3562: Breaking the Array
Chapter 3563: Public abuse
Chapter 3564: Tear up the rules
Chapter 3565: The head is here to worship
Chapter 3566: Self-casting thief ship
Chapter 3567: The Light of the Right Path
Chapter 3568: Another crooked one
Chapter 3569: I want it all
Chapter 3570: Is it a devil?
Chapter 3571: Hell is empty
Chapter 3572: Reincarnation Purgatory
Chapter 3573: Reshaping the body and soul
Chapter 3574: A Harmony
Chapter 3575: Mirage Attacks
Chapter 3476 Mirage
Chapter 3477 Too spicy chicken
Chapter 3478 Treasures everywhere
Chapter 3479 Devouring vitality
Chapter 3480 Thor's Seven Leaves
Chapter 3481 Misfortunes do not come singly
Chapter 3482 Yin to death you
Chapter 3483 Divine Thunder Bone Hardening
Chapter 3484 Lei Xiu Holy Land
Chapter 3485 Strange
Chapter 3486 death is imminent
Chapter 3487 Comprehension
Chapter 3488 not used anymore
Chapter 3489 A wave of looting
Chapter 3490 cattle get a horse
Chapter 3491 Thunder and Shake the Sky
Chapter 3492 Nine Heavens Dharma
Chapter 3493 test each other
Chapter 3494 Inheritance opens
Chapter 3495 Kui Niu Ancestor
Chapter 3496 Taikoo Kui Niu
Chapter 3497 Inheritance of Kui Niu
Chapter 3498 too realistic
Chapter 3499 torture and kneel
Chapter 3500 Borrowing a knife to kill
Chapter 3501 pinch to death
Chapter 3602: The Road to Strong Army
Chapter 3603: Not enough knowledge
Chapter 3604: Dividing people's hearts
Chapter 3605: Heifer Might
Chapter 3606: The Longest Road
Chapter 3607: Conquering the Mirage
Chapter 3608: The colorful world
Chapter 3609: Illusory Power
Chapter 3610: Pure chance
Chapter 3611: Inheritance candidates
Chapter 3612: Battle of the Legion
Chapter 3613: Fighting in the army
Chapter 3614: Crazy Flat Lord God
Chapter 3615: The gap widens
Chapter 3616: The end of the secret
Chapter 3617: Holy Blood Clone
Chapter 3618: Evaporation
Chapter 3619: The Emperor's tribute was robbed
Chapter 3620: Investigating the scene
Chapter 3621: How old are you?
Chapter 3622: The meaning of the drunkard
Chapter 3623: Directly raiding the house
Chapter 3624: Being robbed
Chapter 3625: Brilliant Sword
Chapter 3626: Heaven is ruthless
Chapter 3627: Love Snacks
Chapter 3628: Delegated tasks
Chapter 3629: Internal disadvantages
Chapter 3630: Ye Zu wants to see
Chapter 3631: True and False
Chapter 3632: Benefit Exchange
Chapter 3633: Thick Earth Tai Sui
Chapter 3634: Layer-by-layer analysis
Chapter 3635: Reappearance of Mengmeng
Chapter 3636: Charming bones
Chapter 3637: Which Road God
Chapter 3638: Fishing out the big guy
Chapter 3639: Three pits meeting
Chapter 3640: Don't be afraid of scalding
Chapter 3641: Xiang Er persuades filial piety
Chapter 3642: Immortal jumping
Chapter 3643: Catch all at once
Chapter 3644: Taking advantage of Ye Clan
Chapter 3645: Four filial piety reappears
Chapter 3646: The Feast of Collecting Corpse
Chapter 3647: Pull the wind into the water
Chapter 3648: Swallowing the Sky Breakthrough
Chapter 3649: Old friends
Chapter 3650: Nine Gods Source Fire
Chapter 3651: A fart
Chapter 3652: The thief shouts to catch the thief
Chapter 3653: The accident came
Chapter 3654: Fart collapse nine days
Chapter 3655: Nightingale shot
Chapter 3656: Emperor Beiming
Chapter 3657: Promoted to Star Envoy
Chapter 3658: Gou's Correct Solution
Chapter 3659: Lei Tian Auction
Chapter 3660: The sale of holy beasts
Chapter 3661: Caught
Chapter 3662: Super Plus Generation
Chapter 3663: Assemble the people
Chapter 3664: Meet Zong Qing
Chapter 3665: Can't bear it
Chapter 3666: Self-casting
Chapter 3667: Destruction
Chapter 3668: Do the same
Chapter 3669: The Great War
Chapter 3670: Zixiao Thunder Sword
Chapter 3671: Dao Leiyin
Chapter 3672: Tiansha Branch
Chapter 3673: The Central Domain wipes hands
Chapter 3674: Goodbye Palace Master
Chapter 3675: Shameless
Chapter 3676: Shortcuts to Life
Chapter 3677: Rivals in Love
Chapter 3678: Hit the middle
Chapter 3679 : Call me uncle!
Chapter 3680: Gou Style Romance
Chapter 3681: Treat the bad with the bad
Chapter 3682: The feeling of home
Chapter 3683: The king swallows his breath
Chapter 3684: Heavenly Rebellion Assemble
Chapter 3685: Dominant Thinking
Chapter 3686: Frost Moon War
Chapter 3687: One step late
Chapter 3688: The Power of Sirius
Chapter 3689: This is showing off wealth
Chapter 3690: bad teeth
Chapter 3691: God's Domain Dowry
Chapter 3692: Eat and Take
Chapter 3693: Please enter the urn
Chapter 3694: Absolute suppression
Chapter 3695: Fierce Battle
Chapter 3696: Rebuking Fang Qiu
Chapter 3697: Old Yin Ziyang
Chapter 3698: The dog flirts with the giant baby
Chapter 3699: Sharpening Stone
Chapter 3700: All Evolution
Chapter 3701: The old man in the dark pit
Chapter 3702: The ultimate winner
Chapter 3703: A pot is served
Chapter 3704: Beating and Pulling
Chapter 3705: Fox Fake Tiger Might
Chapter 3706: Step by step temptation
Chapter 3707: The old fox planted
Chapter 3708: Countless
Chapter 3709: Make extra money
Chapter 3710: Dimension Reduction Strike
Chapter 3711: Intimidation
Chapter 3712: Surrender
Chapter 3713: Several requirements
Chapter 3714: Agreement of the parties
Chapter 3715: The Giant Baby Returns
Chapter 3716: Super Giant Baby
Chapter 3717: Like bad guys
Chapter 3718: New Era
Chapter 3719: Purple Heaven God Territory
Chapter 3720: Goddess Summons
Chapter 3721: Back to Nine Heavens
Chapter 3722: The poor rich
Chapter 3723: Gou dream is broken
Chapter 3724: Busy dog
Chapter 3725: Vientiane Tai Chi
Chapter 3726: The Way of Plundering
Chapter 3727: The first generation version
Chapter 3728: Destroy Hope
Chapter 3729: The Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 3730: The Head Snake
Chapter 3731: Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 3732: Spend money to eliminate disasters
Chapter 3733: Meet the hard point
Chapter 3734: Domineering Giant Baby
Chapter 3735: What are you
Chapter 3736: Giant Baby Calculation
Chapter 3737: Two generations tear each other
Chapter 3738: Idea Planting
Chapter 3739: Establishing a System
Chapter 3740: Chicken Counterattack
Chapter 3741: The Black Market Again
Chapter 3742: Item shop second
Chapter 3743: A drink in the gap
Chapter 3744: The shopkeeper lures
Chapter 3745: Huge Profit
Chapter 3746: Technical Discussion
Chapter 3747: You are amazing
Chapter 3748: Make a fortune in silence
Chapter 3749: Strange meeting
Chapter 3750: The more you wash the more black
Chapter 3751: Into the enemy
Chapter 3752: Chief Divine Physician
Chapter 3753: The door is sad
Chapter 3754: Super Junior Sister
Chapter 3755: Soul Eater King
Chapter 3756: True Vixen
Chapter 3757: Tracking Workshop
Chapter 3758: The real villain
Chapter 3759: A bowl of chicken soup
Chapter 3760: Yu'er Counterattack
Chapter 3761: The Avenue of Life
Chapter 3762: Destiny Against Son
Chapter 3763: Meet the nemesis
Chapter 3764: See the picture
Chapter 3765: Calculating the Heavenly Evil
Chapter 3766: The gang commits crimes
Chapter 3767: The looting begins
Chapter 3768: The Great War broke out
Chapter 3769 : Will of Sirius!
Chapter 3770: Eternal God
Chapter 3771: Flowers everywhere
Chapter 3772: Catching the thief and the king
Chapter 3773: Puppet plan
Chapter 3774: The most powerful king
Chapter 3775: To make the princes
Chapter 3776: Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 3777: I feel it
Chapter 3778: Huge harvest
Chapter 3779: Another pit
Chapter 3780: Endless journey
Chapter 3781: Taikoo Holy Court
Chapter 3782: Nine turns back to the soul
Chapter 3783: Dog Leg Party
Chapter 3784: Invisible ratio
Chapter 3785: Huge temptation
Chapter 3786: Enhance Poison Skill
Chapter 3788: Windfall
Chapter 3789: A thousand eyes golden light
Chapter 3790: Valuable Experience
Chapter 3791: Human talent
Chapter 3792: ??The real meaning
Chapter 3793: Not My Way
Chapter 3794: My Way
Chapter 3795: The hardware is too bad
Chapter 3796: Ancestor Qingrong
Chapter 3797: Taoist world
Chapter 3798: Nine Heavens Earth Dog
Chapter 3799: Kill to the old nest
Chapter 3800: Shan Jun debuts
Chapter 3801: The Majesty of Mother Mountain
Chapter 3802: Gathering together
Chapter 3803: The Bandits Gather
Chapter 3804: Princess Yongle
Chapter 3805: Peerless Rich Woman
Chapter 3806: Enrollment means poverty
Chapter 3807: Cruel Law
Chapter 3808: Start operation
Chapter 3809: How dare you
Chapter 3810: Acid enters the soul
Chapter 3811: Asura Raid
Chapter 3812: Don't let it stop
Chapter 3813: Snatching Shura
Chapter 3814: Chaos War
Chapter 3815: Get rewards
Chapter 3816: See the clue
Chapter 3817: Investigating the city at night
Chapter 3818: Love each other
Chapter 3819: Not a good bird
Chapter 3820: Make Rules
Chapter 3821: Fighters
Chapter 3822: Victory in the first battle
Chapter 3823: Yin Sheng Yang decline
Chapter 3824: The Power of Thunder
Chapter 3825: The Dragon Fights in the Wild
Chapter 3826: Counterattack
Chapter 3827: Dissatisfaction with good things
Chapter 3828: Protector of the Earth Witch
Chapter 3829: Luck Koi
Chapter 3830: To fight two
Chapter 3831: Brothers Concentric
Chapter 3832: The God of Poetry
Chapter 3833: Enlightenment, enlighten me
Chapter 3834: Crossing the Avenue
Chapter 3835: Finally the decisive battle
Chapter 3836: Fighting the Earth Witch
Chapter 3837: Dou Kuntong
Chapter 3838: Breakthrough
Chapter 3839: Crazy Devour
Chapter 3840: Golden Light Divine Might
Chapter 3841: Stabilize the mining area
Chapter 3842: Di Xuan doubts
Chapter 3843: Yin Yang Dao Force
Chapter 3844: The beginning of ten thousand fists
Chapter 3845: Bagua Zen Boxing
Chapter 3846: Two childish
Chapter 3847: An embroidered shoe
Chapter 3848: Comeback
Chapter 3849: So gang fight
Chapter 3850: Perfect match
Chapter 3851: Joining forces for the first time
Chapter 3852: Three Corpse Gu
Chapter 3853: smear at will
Chapter 3854: Greedy Wolf News
Chapter 3855: Forming a group to play wild
Chapter 3856: It turned out to be my home
Chapter 3857: Murderer emerges
Chapter 3858: The back of the dog
Chapter 3859: Jiuyuan Huowei
Chapter 3860: Dafeng Bloodline
Chapter 3861: Lunar Wolf Girl
Chapter 3862: Abducted the wolf girl
Chapter 3863: Fighting the Greedy Wolf Again
Chapter 3864: Bloodline Mutation
Chapter 3865: The evolution of the whole family
Chapter 3866: This is heaven
Chapter 3867 : Start transshipment?
Chapter 3868: Power Showdown
Chapter 3869: Allure shot
Chapter 3870: Don't mess with Shanjun
Chapter 3871: Hundred Years Quiz
Chapter 3872: Gathering of old and new
Chapter 3873: Self-selling and boasting
Chapter 3874: There are pig teammates
Chapter 3875: Nine Lions
Chapter 3876: Husband and wife cooperation
Chapter 3877: One-knife slaying
Chapter 3878: The two dogs were overcast
Chapter 3879: The dog broke out
Chapter 3880: Full firepower
Chapter 3881: I missed
Chapter 3882: Refined Lou Qing
Chapter 3883: A ruthless man
Chapter 3884: Reincarnation of Mind
Chapter 3885: First grandson and later grandfather
Chapter 3886: Fried Erdog
Chapter 3887: Big Brother Snooping
Chapter 3888: You are not Ye Xiuchen
Chapter 3889: Chess Reincarnation
Chapter 3890: Accidental Sanctification
Chapter 3891: Sanctified Revenge
Chapter 3892: Nenggou Nenggang
Chapter 3893: The Blood of the Witch Race
Chapter 3894: Ugly people make trouble
Chapter 3895: Purple Sky Expansion
Chapter 3896: The Battle of the Golden Crow
Chapter 3897: Strong and domineering
Chapter 3898: Desperate Fengping
Chapter 3899: Abuse Wen Lou Qing
Chapter 3900: Fighting the Golden Witch Again
Chapter 3901 : Explode directly!
Chapter 3902: Grandmaster Secret
Chapter 3903: Can't make it through
Chapter 3904: Like my cousin
Chapter 3905: Ready to dismantle
Chapter 3906: To be dismantled
Chapter 3907: The method of breaking the illusion
Chapter 3908: Breaking the illusion
Chapter 3909: Fighting Wisdom and Bravery
Chapter 3910: White floating in the waves
Chapter 3911 : The introduction is love!
Chapter 3912: Delivered to the door
Chapter 3913: Summoning the Spirit of War
Chapter 3914: Shocking revelations
Chapter 3915: lingering fears
Chapter 3916: The Secret of Array Dao Zong
Chapter 3917: Top negotiation
Chapter 3918: Pill formation is complete
Chapter 3919: The Holy Court prepares for battle
Chapter 3920: It's finally here
Chapter 3921: Cousin leads the way
Chapter 3922: Cousin
Chapter 3923: Two Dogs Expedition
Chapter 3924: The sage shot
Chapter 3925: One Finger Desperate
Chapter 3926: There are traitors inside
Chapter 3927: Dedicated Film Emperor
Chapter 3928: Receiving the God of Cooking
Chapter 3929: Not afraid of bare feet
Chapter 3930: Senior sister turned out to be...
Chapter 3931: Dogs and Fish
Chapter 3932: Silence broke out
Chapter 3933: Three Corpse Incarnations
Chapter 3934: Nine Days Recruitment
Chapter 3935: Dragon Fault Evolution
Chapter 3936: Borrowing chickens to lay eggs
Chapter 3937: Negotiation accident
Chapter 3938: Game Emperor
Chapter 3939: Weight-bearing questioning
Chapter 3940: Beiming eats chicken
Chapter 3941: The Most Gou Lao Liu
Chapter 3942: Teaching the nephew
Chapter 3943: Uncle dog abuses nephew
Chapter 3944: Heavenly Emperor Zhu Sheng
Chapter 3945: Cold outside and hot inside
Chapter 3946: Talent Base
Chapter 3947: In Taiyi Lake
Chapter 3948: Playing bad nephew
Chapter 3949: With the biased universe
Chapter 3950: Discover novelty
Chapter 3951: Take you off
Chapter 3952: Six Uncle Rice Comes
Chapter 3953: Perfect blood
Chapter 3954: Take off
Chapter 3955: Challenge yourself
Chapter 3956: Insane
Chapter 3957: Obsessive Desire
Chapter 3958: The kang is broken
Chapter 3959: To exhaust the dog
Chapter 3960: Daoist Instructor
Chapter 3691: Battle Deduction
Chapter 3962: There is a problem
Chapter 3963: Why are you
Chapter 3964: I'm not convinced
Chapter 3965: Direct sisterhood
Chapter 3966: A ruthless man
Chapter 3967: The Curse of Heaven
Chapter 3968: Between a thought
Chapter 3969: The Daoist of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 3970: The Rule of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 3971: You are necrotic
Chapter 3972: Into the cycle
Chapter 3973: Return to the Holy Court
Chapter 3974: stand up
Chapter 3975: Shortcuts to Life
Chapter 3976: Really can fool
Chapter 3977: One tree and ten suns
Chapter 3978: Tai Chi Dingwei
Chapter 3979: Run after the fight
Chapter 3980: You are too vain
Chapter 3981: Dumpling her sister
Chapter 3982: Perfect Bloodline
Chapter 3983: Mysterious man
Chapter 3984: Rongdao Quansheng
Chapter 3985: I bought it
Chapter 3986: Going is the best plan
Chapter 3987: Ten Suns seal the sky
Chapter 3988: The society is sinister
Chapter 3989: Really good man
Chapter 3990: Accompanying Mrs.
Chapter 3991: Brother Zhendao
Chapter 3992: The Profound Girl
Chapter 3993: It's a matter of time
Chapter 3994: Escape from the Tiger's Mouth
Chapter 3995: I owe a billion
Chapter 3996: The two domains of life and death
Chapter 3997: The true meaning of reincarnation
Chapter 3998: Touch the Avenue
Chapter 3999: Inside the Exam
Chapter 4000: Bloodline Poison
Chapter 4001: The hidden price
Chapter 4002: No regrets in life
Chapter 4003: Distorted Facts
Chapter 4004: Where is the opportunity
Chapter 4005: The general trend of the universe
Chapter 4006: Supreme Gratitude
Chapter 4007: Congenital Chuanzi
Chapter 4008: Long time no see
Chapter 4009: The Scene of Destruction
Chapter 4010: Doomsday Race
Chapter 4011: Monsters appear frequently
Chapter 4012: Wonderful crossing
Chapter 4013: Serious Xiaobai
Chapter 4014: In case of hard ideas
Chapter 4015: Can Gou Can Fight
Chapter 4016: People of Heaven
Chapter 4017: Come to chase me
Chapter 4018: Picking up babies everyday
Chapter 4019: The nature is hard to change
Chapter 4020: Directly biased
Chapter 4021: Persevere
Chapter 4022: Slaughter City
Chapter 4023: Teaching
Chapter 4024: Fighting
Chapter 4025: Domineering
Chapter 4026: Reverse Charge
Chapter 4027: Who wouldn't
Chapter 4028: Two tigers meet
Chapter 4029: Reliable or not
Chapter 4030: I'm out of the first level
Chapter 4031: Shameless
Chapter 4032: Forever dog
Chapter 4033: All suffer
Chapter 4034: Horror woman
Chapter 4035: Heaven and Earth Fight
Chapter 4036: There are also means
Chapter 4037: Two Dog Tactics
Chapter 4038: Gradually become a dog
Chapter 4039: Meet Luo Tian
Chapter 4040: The Son of Prophecy
Chapter 4041: What is the emperor
Chapter 4042: The pit nephew is here
Chapter 4043: Self-casting
Chapter 4044: Miss Liu Shu
Chapter 4045: Adaptation to Evolution
Chapter 4046: Forced to save the world
Chapter 4047: Almighty Mage
Chapter 4048: Cosmic Consciousness
Chapter 4049: Behind the scenes
Chapter 4050: No way out
Chapter 4051: No choice
Chapter 4052: Tiger's Power
Chapter 4053: I seem to know
Chapter 4054: Fighting fire everywhere
Chapter 4055: The Emperor Gathers
Chapter 4056: It's him Xiang Chen
Chapter 4057: The Great Change of Luo Tian
Chapter 4058: Top filial son
Chapter 4059: Battle Emperor Fenglin
Chapter 4060: Nine Heavens Emperor
Chapter 4061: Hollowed out
Chapter 4062: From Fortune
Chapter 4063: I appreciate you
Chapter 4064: Give me a baby
Chapter 4065: Hunting the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 4066: Take the plan
Chapter 4067: Director Xiang Da
Chapter 4068: Nine Serenity Dragon Cricket
Chapter 4069: Shepherd's rations
Chapter 4070: Poor Wang Yan
Chapter 4071: Battle of Luo Bai
Chapter 4072: Mysterious and mysterious
Chapter 4073: Strange passage
Chapter 4074: The beginning of the collapse
Chapter 4075: Chaos Empress
Chapter 4076: Peerless Opportunity
Chapter 4077: Step into time and space
Chapter 4078: Time Travel
Chapter 4079: Overlapping encounter
Chapter 4080: Two Dogs and Monkeys
Chapter 4081: Weird mirror
Chapter 4082: Kill yourself
Chapter 4083: Battle Saints
Chapter 4084: Age of War
Chapter 4085: The second dog
Chapter 4086: Routine Saint
Chapter 4087: Sage Breaks Defense
Chapter 4088: Key Road Showdown
Chapter 4089: Panic Mirror
Chapter 4090: Three Evil Treasures
Chapter 4091: Devour yourself
Chapter 4092: Luotian Empire
Chapter 4093: Princess Yushan
Chapter 4094: Domineering President
Chapter 4095: It has to be you
Chapter 4096: Top God Stick
Chapter 4097: Professional touch porcelain
Chapter 4098: When begging
Chapter 4099: The Peak of Touching Porcelain
Chapter 4100: Seven Qin Tianshang
Chapter 4101: Three stages of receiving relatives
Chapter 4102: You are too fast
Chapter 4103: Wu Luo War
Chapter 4104: You passed
Chapter 4105: Playing on the scene
Chapter 4106: Refining Saints
Chapter 4107: Strength soars
Chapter 4108: Prepare to fuse
Chapter 4109: Kunpeng was born
Chapter 4110: I want you to take the initiative
Chapter 4111: Luo Tiandi Yang
Chapter 4112: Start and end
Chapter 4113: The Heart of Emperor Yang
Chapter 4114: Tianyang Shentie
Chapter 4115: Refining Emperor Fire
Chapter 4116: suddenly become a mother
Chapter 4117: Intentional training
Chapter 4118: Xiaozu was born
Chapter 4119: Xiaoxiao Yihuan
Chapter 4120: Destined
Chapter 4121: Attacking the Saint
Chapter 4122: Compromise
Chapter 4123: Evolving Nine Netherworld
Chapter 4124: Supreme Thought
Chapter 4125: Death Domain
Chapter 4126: Kill the door
Chapter 4127: Fighting the Underworld Saint
Chapter 4128: Jiuyou Slaying
Chapter 4129: Moon Charm Chance
Chapter 4130: Helping to Prove the Way
Chapter 4131: Consciousness Blending
Chapter 4132: Preaching and sanctification
Chapter 4133: All are the sixth
Chapter 4134: Shameless master and servant
Chapter 4135: Phantom
Chapter 4136: Heavenly Evil Conjuring Soul
Chapter 4137: Calculating Heaven
Chapter 4138: Fool magic weapon
Chapter 4139: Intrigue
Chapter 4140: All are ruthless
Chapter 4141: Fighting for Magical Weapons
Chapter 4142: Too real
Chapter 4143: The King of Karma Fire
Chapter 4144: Taiyin Dragon Vessel
Chapter 4145: Guerrilla Tactics
Chapter 4146: The success of stealing home
Chapter 4147: The family is ruined
Chapter 4148: It's none of your business
Chapter 4149: Attitude change
Chapter 4150: The bloodbath begins
Chapter 4151: Jagged means
Chapter 4152: Stir the situation
Chapter 4153: Tea Tree Consciousness
Chapter 4154: Wisdom Tree
Chapter 4155: Two wine Mengzi
Chapter 4156: Fire Wuzu
Chapter 4157: Wu Zu shot
Chapter 4158: Eleven-tailed fox
Chapter 4159: The Beginning of Destruction
Chapter 4160: Sharing weal and woe
Chapter 4161: Zhenggang Witch God
Chapter 4162: Great melee
Chapter 4163: The Golden House Cang Jiao
Chapter 4164: The Great Way
Chapter 4165: Bloody Battle
Chapter 4166: Princess Yushan
Chapter 4167: Big Awakening
Chapter 4168: Who has no regrets
Chapter 4169: Save the treasure house
Chapter 4170: Shocking Treasure House
Chapter 4171: The richest man in the universe
Chapter 4172: The ambition of the emperor
Chapter 4173: Save the Emperor
Chapter 4174: Deserter
Chapter 4175: Sun Entrustment
Chapter 4176: Emperor Hongwei
Chapter 4177: Wu's mother-in-law
Chapter 4178: I am old
Chapter 4179: Women's Army
Chapter 4180: New Luanfeng
Chapter 4181: Bad luck
Chapter 4182: Follow the right big brother
Chapter 4183: Master of Success
Chapter 4184: Time and space acquaintances
Chapter 4185: The Great War
Chapter 4186: Zhoutian Divine Tree
Chapter 4187 : You are not dead yet?
Chapter 4188: It's time to pretend
Chapter 4189: Tushan Demon Girl
Chapter 4190: The sky is full of cows flying
Chapter 4191: Mutual routines
Chapter 4192: Reunion of old and new
Chapter 4193: Time and space disorder
Chapter 4194: Time and Space Island
Chapter 4195: It turned out to be him
Chapter 4196: The First Sovereign
Chapter 4197: Being miserable
Chapter 4198: Gou Dao sanctified
Chapter 4199: The Kingdom of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 4200: Divine Country Killer
Chapter 4201: here we come
Chapter 4202: Gou Ancestor Open the Way
Chapter 4203: The Supreme Shot
Chapter 4204: Terror Supreme
Chapter 4205: Thunder King Comes Again
Chapter 4206: Siege of the Thunder King
Chapter 4207: Crazy Dog
Chapter 4208: Black Behemoth
Chapter 4209: Stepping into Chaos
Chapter 4210: Candle Dragon Force
Chapter 4211: Custom Recipes
Chapter 4212: Food Proof
Chapter 4213: Execution of Saint Heiwu
Chapter 4214: Need for beauty
Chapter 4215: Not threatened
Chapter 4216: Female Asura
Chapter 4217 : I want to recognize my relatives!
Chapter 4218: Gradually revealed
Chapter 4219: Mixing step by step
Chapter 4220: Dalang drinks soup
Chapter 4221: Misunderstanding
Chapter 4222: Mutual routines
Chapter 4223: Goodbye Starling
Chapter 4224: Seeing the original mother at last
Chapter 4225: Three thousand in the harem
Chapter 4226: Pick the Emperor
Chapter 4227: The beginning of the crooked wind
Chapter 4228: Nether old man
Chapter 4229: Vicious plan
Chapter 4230: Human Vulnerability
Chapter 4231: Nether Fighting Wisdom
Chapter 4232: Chess of Fortune
Chapter 4233: Visit the filial son
Chapter 4234: Race First
Chapter 4235: Saint Situ
Chapter 4236: Watch him rise from tall buildings
Chapter 4237: Taikoo Dragon Race
Chapter 4238: Jiutian Xiangchen
Chapter 4239: Beyond imagination
Chapter 4240: No eyesight to see
Chapter 4241: Situ exterminates the clan
Chapter 4242: Asura Body Form
Chapter 4243: Shameless
Chapter 4244: Pipeline
Chapter 4245: Luo Tian Beidou
Chapter 4246: Left and right separation
Chapter 4247: Poison
Chapter 4248: In troubled times
Chapter 4249: Another wave
Chapter 4250: Awakening Past Life
Chapter 4251: Ren is a teenager
Chapter 4252: Baoer's past life
Chapter 4253: Spiritual Mentor
Chapter 4254: The monkey can't
Chapter 4255: Intrigue
Chapter 4256: The real level
Chapter 4257: Lava Shampoo
Chapter 4258: He broke the defense
Chapter 4259: Reincarnation
Chapter 4260: Lead him out
Chapter 4261: Value squeeze dry
Chapter 4262: You want to live
Chapter 4263: Super bomb
Chapter 4264: Nine Heavens Love History
Chapter 4265: Building a new sky
Chapter 4266: Provoking war
Chapter 4267: Fire of War
Chapter 4268: The fangs unfold
Chapter 4269: Old Mo ambition
Chapter 4270: Talking
Chapter 4271: Threats at home
Chapter 4272: Depressed for too long
Chapter 4273: The head of the family
Chapter 4274: Pluck clear
Chapter 4275: Die again
Chapter 4276: Exclusive method
Chapter 4277: Xiang Chen's daily life
Chapter 4278: The Dark Horse of the Wine Road
Chapter 4279: Heaven and Earth
Chapter 4280: Hidden Great Filial Piety
Chapter 4281: Unpredictable People
Chapter 4282: Feeling too chaotic
Chapter 4283: Diverse Battlefields
Chapter 4284: Meat Grinder
Chapter 4285: Tactical Penetration
Chapter 4286: New gameplay
Chapter 4287: It's overcast
Chapter 4288: Master Dog
Chapter 4289: Heavenly Secret Battlefield
Chapter 4290: Strange piano sound
Chapter 4291: Nine days old love
Chapter 4292: Dangerous Nine Heavens
Chapter 4293: Southern Barbarian Star Spirit
Chapter 4294: I haven't been a big brother for many years
Chapter 4295: How do you stop
Chapter 4296: I'm going to start pretending
Chapter 4297: Accumulating grudges for too long
Chapter 4298 : Nine days key is coming!
Chapter 4299: Dao Patriarch
Chapter 4300: Nightmare
Chapter 4301: Dream Witch Nemesis
Chapter 4302: Guerrilla Tactics
Chapter 4303: Shocking catastrophe
Chapter 4304: Wu Yue Tian Yin
Chapter 4305: Heavy damage
Chapter 4306: The water is deep here
Chapter 4307: Hundred Dao Seals
Chapter 4308 : The Way of Heaven!
Chapter 4309: Dream witch tricks
Chapter 4310: Cut Hu Zhizun
Chapter 4311: Ten Thousand Tribulations Consummated
Chapter 4312: Doubt
Chapter 4313: The Great Sacrifice
Chapter 4314: Bad news
Chapter 4315: Fight to kill Heaven
Chapter 4316: tragic situation
Chapter 4317: You will die
Chapter 4318: The Gate of Hongmeng
Chapter 4319: Soul Eater Eternal Curse
Chapter 4320: Chaos Collusion
Chapter 4321: Splashing dirty water
Chapter 4322: The Holy Emperor personally investigates
Chapter 4323: The Holy Emperor of Terror
Chapter 4324: Indestructible
Chapter 4325: Ups and downs
Chapter 4326: Chaos situation
Chapter 4327: Return to Thunder Sea
Chapter 4328: Send Tianshang Qin
Chapter 4329: The Kui Niu Clan
Chapter 4330: Return to Ye Clan
Chapter 4331: I want to live with you
Chapter 4332: See the opportunity
Chapter 4333: Fox Fake Tiger Might
Chapter 4334: Deception
Chapter 4335: Intrigue
Chapter 4336: Direct revenge
Chapter 4337: Cloud Dragon Returns
Chapter 4338: Backdoor relationship
Chapter 4339: Direct air leakage
Chapter 4340: Bidding
Chapter 4341: This is to help you
Chapter 4342: Knife Rolling
Chapter 4343: Breakthrough conditions
Chapter 4344: Goodbye to the old man
Chapter 4345: Nightingale
Chapter 4346: Raccoon on a hill
Chapter 4347: Response
Chapter 4348: Nightingale hooked
Chapter 4349: Meet the Wuhuang
Chapter 4350: The old emperor
Chapter 4351: Idea Conflict
Chapter 4352: The Supreme Mind Seed
Chapter 4353: Time and Space Flying Blade
Chapter 4354: The right time and place
Chapter 4355: In the Town Demon Tower
Chapter 4356: The general trend
Chapter 4357: Return to the Holy Court
Chapter 4358: Conspiracy to talk about the emperor
Chapter 4359: Prince's staff
Chapter 4360: Dean's details
Chapter 4361: The big picture
Chapter 4362: Open chess and dark chess
Chapter 4363: Start the rescue
Chapter 4364: Counting one by one
Chapter 4365: All the pits
Chapter 4366: Against the Witch King
Chapter 4367: The fish is dead and the net is broken
Chapter 4368: Three Heavenly Paths
Chapter 4369: Who are you with?
Chapter 4370: Kneel down
Chapter 4371: Starling shot
Chapter 4372: Can't take care of it
Chapter 4373: too much
Chapter 4374: stern
Chapter 4375: Directly subdue
Chapter 4376: Little Crow
Chapter 4377: Little villain
Chapter 4378: Crazy crime
Chapter 4379: Being caught and appearing
Chapter 4380: Pirate Saint
Chapter 4381: Four Regions Holy War
Chapter 4382: Sad father
Chapter 4383: Pit the old man
Chapter 4384: Make a robbery
Chapter 4385: Wonderful Father and Daughter
Chapter 4386: I'm going to pretend
Chapter 4387: Pretend to be too big
Chapter 4388: Fox Fake Tiger Might
Chapter 4389: Emperor Wan'e
Chapter 4390: Backlash
Chapter 4391: The Great Way
Chapter 4392: Shameless
Chapter 4393: Provoking discord
Chapter 4394: Soft Rice Potential
Chapter 4395: Eight Gothic Products
Chapter 4396: Cross the river and demolish the bridge
Chapter 4397: I am your father
Chapter 4398: Eat melon masses
Chapter 4399: Restraint method
Chapter 4400: Apocalypse
Chapter 4401: Destiny to Return
Chapter 4402: The Great War
Chapter 4403: Poverty
Chapter 4404: Change the battle situation
Chapter 4405: The ancestor of evil thoughts
Chapter 4406: The evil family
Chapter 4407: Nine Infants Evil Emperor
Chapter 4408: Fighting Nine Infants
Chapter 4409: Swallowing Evil Girl
Chapter 4410: Ruthless way
Chapter 4411: Summoning Shi Niang
Chapter 4412: Evil Invasion
Chapter 4413: Evil Thought Control
Chapter 4414: The Emperor of Fortune
Chapter 4415: Battle of the Peak
Chapter 4416: The next curse
Chapter 4417: Convince people with virtue
Chapter 4418: I am very kind
Chapter 4418: Misfortune descends from heaven
Chapter 4420: Antidote
Chapter 4421: Good Person Card
Chapter 4422: Willows and Flowers Wither
Chapter 4423: Understanding each other
Chapter 4424: Travel together
Chapter 4425: See all beings
Chapter 4426: Uncle Runaway
Chapter 4427: The love of a lifetime
Chapter 4428: What is the teacher
Chapter 4429: Right or wrong position
Chapter 4430: Little Old Six
Chapter 4431: Tianlan Universe
Chapter 4432: Ten Thousand Tribulations Heavenly Hate
Chapter 4433: The Way of Heaven
Chapter 4434: Pipeline
Chapter 4435: win over
Chapter 4436: Coercion
Chapter 4437: Ye Ming Team
Chapter 4438: Swallowing the Heavenly Seed
Chapter 4439: Internal confrontation
Chapter 4440: Welfare
Chapter 4441: Rewards
Chapter 4442: Fangs exposed
Chapter 4443: Action Fang
Chapter 4444: One-knife spike
Chapter 4445: Self-cutting retreat
Chapter 4446: Fighting
Chapter 4447: Anti-investigation
Chapter 4448: Sky Eye Domain
Chapter 4449: eat you all
Chapter 4450: A joke
Chapter 4451: Evil Two Dogs
Chapter 4452: Conquering the Yang Family
Chapter 4453: Strategy
Chapter 4454: Demon Ancestor
Chapter 4455: Attack on the Golden Crow
Chapter 4456: Fighting Guerrilla Again
Chapter 4457: Step by step
Chapter 4458: Public opinion coerced
Chapter 4459: Infernal Affairs
Chapter 4460: Consuming Saints
Chapter 4461: The calculation begins
Chapter 4462: Step by step
Chapter 4463: Contradictory Inspiration
Chapter 4464: Outbreak
Chapter 4465: Two sides and three swords
Chapter 4466: Framing
Chapter 4467: Thoroughly intensified
Chapter 4468: Come with me
Chapter 4469: Emperor Wu characteristics
Chapter 4470: Supreme Girl Group
Chapter 4471: The strongest practice
Chapter 4472: The Battle for Inheritance
Chapter 4473: Brothers Cannibalism
Chapter 4474: Dream Witch Battle Puppet
Chapter 4475: Battlefield Sixth
Chapter 4476: The Fourth Chess Player
Chapter 4477: Six got a batch
Chapter 4478: Passive Group Six
Chapter 4479: A game in a game
Chapter 4480: Take the initiative to deliver meals
Chapter 4481: Buying people's hearts
Chapter 4482: Goodbye Wuhuang
Chapter 4483: Bai Piao Dharma Door
Chapter 4484: Two big earwax
Chapter 4485: Must kill
Chapter 4486: Sacrifice
Chapter 4487: Public Luck
Chapter 4488: Luck Thief
Chapter 4489: Ye Clan Relocation
Chapter 4490: Tomorrow at night
Chapter 4491: One bright and one dark
Chapter 4492: All suppression
Chapter 4493: Instigating the Prince
Chapter 4494: All routines
Chapter 4495: Layer upon layer control
Chapter 4496: Winning people's hearts
Chapter 4497: Fox Fake Tiger Might
Chapter 4498: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 4499: Take advantage of strength
Chapter 4500: Watching the Sky Breakthrough
Chapter 4501: Love and kill each other
Chapter 4502: You are dead
Chapter 4503: Murder and Punishment
Chapter 4504: Treasure boy
Chapter 4505: Blood Rain
Chapter 4506: Disaster relief everywhere
Chapter 4507: There should be a catastrophe
Chapter 4508: Insidious
Chapter 4509: Borrowing the land to cross the calamity
Chapter 4510: Borrowing the Nest to Lay Eggs
Chapter 4511: Expensive slap
4512. Chapter 4512 Zhu Hong is on top
Chapter 4513 Begin infighting
4514 Weakening the military
Chapter 4515 Mind like a demon
Chapter 4516 Inner Volume Ye Ming
4517 provoke infighting
Chapter 4518 Domineering dog
4519. Chapter 4519 Inauguration Director General
Chapter 4520 Reincarnation Origin Jade
Chapter 4521 The parties are secret
Chapter 4522: The wind is blowing
Chapter 4523: Violence all over the place
Chapter 4524: Fighting the tiger and pulling its teeth
Chapter 4525: Gouzhong Supreme
Chapter 4526: I am undercover
Chapter 4527: Top troops
Chapter 4528: Battle in the Imperial City
Chapter 4529: Bloody Zhu Hong
Chapter 4530: Extreme pull
Chapter 4531: Strong seal
Chapter 4532: Swallow
Chapter 4533: frequent backhands
Chapter 4534: Abandoned
Chapter 4535: Race against time
Chapter 4536: Depressed watching the sky
Chapter 4537: Asura Battle Road
Chapter 4538: Nightmare Divine Power
Chapter 4539: Water Witch King
Chapter 4540: Jiu Ji Fengtian
Chapter 4541: The arrival of support
Chapter 4542: very bald
Chapter 4543: Tianmen closed
Chapter 4544: The last chess
Chapter 4545: One-handed possession of the sky
Chapter 4546: True Strength
Chapter 4547: Explosive Reincarnation
Chapter 4548: Heaven and Earth Promise
Chapter 4549: The emperor is hot
Chapter 4550: Taikoo Heaven
Chapter 4551: Training
Chapter 4552: Minion War
Chapter 4553: Punishment Ye Ming
Chapter 4554: Times change
Chapter 4555: Rolling torrent
Chapter 4556: Removal of royal power
Chapter 4557: Taikoo Tianyi
Chapter 4558: Development plan
Chapter 4559: Ancient Five Emperors
Chapter 4560: Spiritual Dissipation
Chapter 4561: The mystery of the year
Chapter 4562: The hunt begins
Chapter 4563: Powerful combat power
Chapter 4564: Heaven and Earth Explosion
Chapter 4565: Eternal Queen
Chapter 4566: Seek truth from facts
Chapter 4567: New Ye Ming
Chapter 4568: Sequelae
Chapter 4569: Step by step
Chapter 4570: Flood and Yellow Springs
Chapter 4571: Occupation of Meng Po
Chapter 4572: Meng Po soup
Chapter 4573: Tongue hell
Chapter 4574: Working Soul
Chapter 4575: Solution
Chapter 4576: Murderer emerges
Chapter 4577: Dog abuse
Chapter 4578: See Hell Again
Chapter 4579: Fried again
Chapter 4580: Purgatory Reincarnation
Chapter 4581: Holy Communion
Chapter 4582: Havoc in hell
Chapter 4583: Mysterious existence
Chapter 4584: Angry and mysterious
Chapter 4585: The Book of Land Deeds
Chapter 4586: Performing Talent
Chapter 4587: Black directly
Chapter 4588: Ksitigarbha seals the door
Chapter 4589: Get a dog's leg
Chapter 4590: The scourge of hell
Chapter 4591: Break the door
Chapter 4592: All the best
Chapter 4593: The Great Desolate
Chapter 4594: Jairus must be reported
Chapter 4595: Ready to leave
Chapter 4596: Reincarnation and Rebirth
Chapter 4597: The King of Inner Volume
Chapter 4598: Take a shot by the body
Chapter 4599: Ten people and nine evils
Chapter 4600: Peerless Devil Child
Chapter 4601: Filial Piety
Chapter 4602: Call me Young Master
Chapter 4603: Times change
Chapter 4604: The Magical Use of Faith
Chapter 4605: Raiders
Chapter 4606: The big game
Chapter 4607: Flame Witch Battle Body
Chapter 4608: Monkey's career
Chapter 4609: Love each other
Chapter 4610: Nine days into the game
Chapter 4611: Purple Qi coming from east
Chapter 4612: Heaven and Earth Magic
Chapter 4613: Spying on the Chu Family
Chapter 4614: Flickering in
Chapter 4615: Space Wuzu
Chapter 4616: Murder is too heavy
Chapter 4617: Divine State
Chapter 4618: Attack the Chu family
Chapter 4619: Killing the beginning
Chapter 4620: Like a villain
Chapter 4621: Rectify
Chapter 4622: Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 4623: Stifling
Chapter 4624: The next step
Chapter 4625: Proposal
Chapter 4626: The plan of alienation
Chapter 4627: Turning hands into clouds
Chapter 4628: Parting ways
Chapter 4629: Cover your hands for rain
Chapter 4630: Asura breaks the sky
Chapter 4631: Conquering Qingyue
Chapter 4632: Difficult to be the suzerain
Chapter 4633: The Blood Moon Comes
Chapter 4634: Ji Shenyue
Chapter 4635: The wicked grind
Chapter 4636: Divine Moon Past
Chapter 4637: Jianzong
Chapter 4638: Heaven Defies Zongjian
Chapter 4639: A new journey
Chapter 4640: Dream Breaking Realm
Chapter 4641: Management talents
Chapter 4471 Eighth Prince
Chapter 4472 Who doesn't
Chapter 4473 The oriole is behind
Chapter 4475 Emperor Wu traitor
Chapter 4476 means frequently
4477--Andrew Tyrant auxiliary protection
Chapter 4478 Take care of Aoba
Chapter 4479 Humiliation and recognition of brother
4480 Join us
Chapter 4481 Not so good
Chapter 4482 Start committing crimes
Chapter 4483 looting the whole city
Chapter 4484 Soft rice is unpalatable
4485--Andrew Clearance in advance
Chapter 4486 Chaos Restricted Area
Chapter 4487 Lord of Chaos
Chapter 4488 Different Time and Space
Chapter 4489 The Holy Emperor in the beginning
Chapter 4661: The society is dead again
Chapter 4662: Rolling
Chapter 4663: Strong and domineering
Chapter 4664: Strong Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 4665: Kill the door
Chapter 4666: Immortal jumping
Chapter 4667: Hongmeng Purple Mine
Chapter 4668: Jin Chan Escapes
Chapter 4669: External force promotion
Chapter 4670: Supreme Birthday
Chapter 4671: Kneeling
Chapter 4672: It's coming, it's coming
Chapter 4673: Disciple Quota
Chapter 4674: Selection begins
Chapter 4675: Empty hand
Chapter 4676: Specialization
Chapter 4677: News leaked
Chapter 4678: Expose identity
Chapter 4679: Strength crush
Chapter 4680: The bottom line
Chapter 4681: Hard-to-Eat
Chapter 4682: Battle Supreme
Chapter 4683: The Great Master
Chapter 4684: Brothers, Brothers and Brothers
Chapter 4685: The Emperor Kills Supreme
Chapter 4686: Good harvest
Chapter 4687: Cultivation soars
Chapter 4688: Poor Taoist Soul
Chapter 4689: Remedy Shura
Chapter 4690: The whereabouts of Xuanwei
Chapter 4691: The Supreme Tomb is now
Chapter 4692: Pushing hands behind
Chapter 4693: The Great Tomb Opens
Chapter 4694: Looking for the Tomb
Chapter 4695: Battle Ice Dragon
Chapter 4696: Supreme Tomb
Chapter 4697: All are the sixth
Chapter 4698: Refine yourself
Chapter 4699: Heaven and Earth Holy Pill
Chapter 4700: Death Channel
Chapter 4701: Bloody Battle
Chapter 4702: The Power of the Sea King
Chapter 4703: Little Dan People
Chapter 4704: Contains terror
Chapter 4705: Abundant
Chapter 4706: Routine Supreme
Chapter 4707: Pinch to death
Chapter 4708: Dutian Island
Chapter 4709: But not much
Chapter 4710: He's not right
Chapter 4711: Nothing to be courteous
Chapter 4712: Beasts are not as good as
Chapter 4713: Space Hanging
Chapter 4714: Strange Eye Technique
Chapter 4715: He sucks
Chapter 4716: Hunting Wood Witch
Chapter 4717: Ranking of Shenzhi
Chapter 4718: A ruthless man
Chapter 4719: Being targeted
Chapter 4720: It has to be you
Chapter 4721: Wood Witch Skills
Chapter 4722: Shameless authority
Chapter 4723: You are wrong
Chapter 4724: Knife Fist Breaks Zun
Chapter 4725: Shocked
Chapter 4726: Fortune Conference
Chapter 4727: Only interests
Chapter 4728: Traffic accident
Chapter 4729: Blood Knife Group
Chapter 4730: Step back and let's start
Chapter 4731: Uncle serving the dog
Chapter 4732: Two Divine Techniques
Chapter 4733: The Great Desolate Demon Country
Chapter 4734: Shocked to fall
Chapter 4735: I can't accept it
Chapter 4736: Code Name Dragon Phoenix
Chapter 4737: Connector
Chapter 4738: Three pieces of honor
Chapter 4739: Connector informant
Chapter 4740: Voting
Chapter 4741: Metropolis
Chapter 4742: Emergencies
Chapter 4743: I can help you
Chapter 4744: Exchange of interests
Chapter 4745: Full of unknowns
Chapter 4746: The head of the villain
Chapter 4747: Mutual winners and losers
Chapter 4748: Conditions
Chapter 4749: Roaring Tian Erlang
Chapter 4750: Military chess deduction
Chapter 4751: Retreat the enemy with zero injuries
Chapter 4752: Technology Rolling
Chapter 4753: Low force vs technology
Chapter 4754: Bipolar Development
Chapter 4755: Hot Wu Home
Chapter 4756: I cracked
Chapter 4757: Mengmei No. 1
Chapter 4758: He appeared
Chapter 4759: Play to the height
Chapter 4760: What a big sound
Chapter 4761: Chinese Army Selection
Chapter 4762: Only fast is not broken
Chapter 4763: Control air transport
Chapter 4764: You old sixth
Chapter 4765: The old boxer
Chapter 4766: Swordsman Sword
Chapter 4767: Promoted to the Central Army
Chapter 4768: Beihai Tianyao
Chapter 4769: Basic training
Chapter 4770: Everyone is open
Chapter 4771: Immersion
Chapter 4772: Immersive experience
Chapter 4773: Behind the Light
Chapter 4774: Betrayed
Chapter 4775: The Great War
Chapter 4776: Go away
Chapter 4777: Throwing the pot at each other
Chapter 4778: Entering the wolf's den again
Chapter 4779: The first female general
Chapter 4780: Being corrupted
Chapter 4781: Arrest and go to jail
Chapter 4782: Mixed into the prison
Chapter 4783: Can't get out
Chapter 4784: Incomprehensible
Chapter 4785: Battle King Heroic Soul
Chapter 4786: Heavenly Demon Commander
Chapter 4787: Misfortunes occur frequently
Chapter 4788: Healing
Chapter 4789: Big Check
Chapter 4790: A bunch of old six
Chapter 4791: Convince people with virtue
Chapter 4792: Anti-routine use
Chapter 4793: Meet the Black Dragon
Chapter 4794: Thinking about it
Chapter 4795: The so-called care
Chapter 4796: Time and space world
Chapter 4797: Reappearance of the old friend
Chapter 4798: Emperor Wu genius
Chapter 4799: Two women duel
Chapter 4800: All Mage
Chapter 4801: Sweetheart baby
Chapter 4802: Battle Emperor Xuan
Chapter 4803: Li Jiang Shihui
Chapter 4804: Can be stronger
Chapter 4805: Playing with fire and setting yourself on fire
Chapter 4806: Mutual Conservation
Chapter 4807: Do you have the guts
Chapter 4808: Like a dog
Chapter 4809: Healing
Chapter 4810: The will of man prevails
Chapter 4811: Violent Resurrection
Chapter 4812: Go to the foundation
Chapter 4813: I have a showdown
Chapter 4814: Attack on Tiandao
Chapter 4815: Success
Chapter 4816: Clear the thief
Chapter 4817: Kill Without Amnesty
Chapter 4818: Extract Dao Fruit
Chapter 4819: Take it easy
Chapter 4820: Recruits Big Competition
Chapter 4821: The Battle of Guarding the Island
Chapter 4822: Strong crush
Chapter 4823: Break the two armies
Chapter 4824: Directly close the heart
Chapter 4825: North Sea Troops
Chapter 4826: The Great War Comes
Chapter 4827: Battle of the Scouts
Chapter 4828: The Great War
Chapter 4829: Feeling Despair
Chapter 4830: Push everything horizontally
Chapter 4831: Slaying the Supreme Being
Chapter 4832: Suppression Supreme
Chapter 4833: Active atmosphere
Chapter 4834: Calculating each other
Chapter 4835: Strong Bombing
Chapter 4836: Forever dog
Chapter 4837: Surrounding Wei to save Zhao
Chapter 4838: Demon Sea Crisis
Chapter 4839: Infiltrate Dragon Palace
Chapter 4840: The head of the dark front
Chapter 4841: Beihai Imperial Capital
Chapter 4842: The Sixth Assassin
Chapter 4843: Make History
Chapter 4844: Wu Zu's Battle Strength
Chapter 4845: King of Assassins
Chapter 4846: Home was stolen
Chapter 4847: Conspiracy to usurp the throne
Chapter 4848: Aojiao Yanfeng
Chapter 4849: Tail up
Chapter 4850: Want Kefu
Chapter 4851: Real thighs
Chapter 4852: The target demon ancestor
Chapter 4853: Meet the Demon Emperor
Chapter 4854: Demon Court
Chapter 4855: Sugar-coated cannonballs
Chapter 4856: Gongsun Changying
Chapter 4857: The arrival of the dutiful son
Chapter 4858: Emperor Luo Tian
Chapter 4859: Whipping two dogs
Chapter 4860: Monkey meets filial son
Chapter 4861: Captured
Chapter 4862: What a good brother
Chapter 4863: Collusion with Qingdai
Chapter 4864: The turbid world
Chapter 4865: The Blood Moon Again
Chapter 4866: One person destroys the temple
Chapter 4867: Victims
Chapter 4868: Home delivery
Chapter 4869: He is coming
Chapter 4870: Wan Ming cry
Chapter 4871: Top Leverage
Chapter 4872: Big ticket
Chapter 4873: Dark under the lights
Chapter 4874: Qingdai is afraid
Chapter 4875: Cailian goes home
Chapter 4876: Return to Good Fortune
Chapter 4877: An old friend
Chapter 4878: The real purpose
Chapter 4879: Underworld business
Chapter 4880: Shock Supreme
Chapter 4881: The strongest natural disaster
Chapter 4882: Catastrophe World
Chapter 4883: The Great Desolation
Chapter 4884: Chaos Comes
Chapter 4885: Devouring silence
Chapter 4886: Aspiration Faction
Chapter 4887: Tuoba Qinghai
Chapter 4888: Smooth Talking
Chapter 4889 Listen to the Dragon’s Roar
Chapter 4890 Everyone is united
Chapter 4891 Peak Showdown
4892--Andrew Daoist sacrifice to heaven
Chapter 4893 Your name is Tiezhu
Supplies sent
Strength pit baby
Chapter 4896 Brother Feng explodes
Chapter 4897 Natural disaster life
Chapter 4898 gang fight dogs
Chapter 4899 Destruction
Chapter 4900 Slaying Heaven's Wrath
Chapter 4901 Hongmeng is waiting for you
Chapter 4902 The story of Jun Yi
Chapter 4903 Thoughts unite 1
Chapter 4904 Cruel War
Chapter 4905 Repair my sword
4906 Collapse and reconstruction
Take off directly
Chapter 4908 War broke out
Chapter 4909 The power of Emperor Yu
Chapter 4910 Battle of Heaven
Chapter 4911 Battle of Heaven 2
Chapter 4912 Break the limit
Chapter 4913 The old guy is now
Chapter 4914 Completely messed up
4915--Andrew Silence front guard
Chapter 4916 Ten Thousand Swords Return 1
4917 Item dust exits the customs
Chapter 4918 Vientiane Tai Chi
4919 The purpose is achieved
Chapter 4921 Witch King Competition
Chapter 4922 I will solve it
Counterattack Alliance
Chapter 4924 Tianhu penetration
Beheading operation
4926 There are old 6
4927 Chapter 1 scattered sand
Chapter 4928 The edge is too prosperous
4929--Chapter 4929
4930 1 received
Chapter 4931 is the first one
Chapter 4932 Bad water tumbling
Chapter 4933 Gou to the extreme
Chapter 4934 Yue Ci's son-in-law filial piety
Self-directed and self-acted
Chapter 4936 Entering the wolf's den again
Chapter 4937 Conquer the capital
Chapter 4938 Meet the demon ancestor
Chapter 4939 is so excellent
Chapter 4940 The division of the universe
4941. Chapter 4941 Check past life
Chapter 4942 Really good job
Chapter 4943 Goodbye Yuner
Chapter 4944 Majestic merit
Direct breakthrough
Chapter 4946 Kill yourself
4947 2 dogs pick up the kiss
Chapter 4948 The table for children
4949 3 mosquitoes
Chapter 4950 Poor emperor kill
Chapter 4951 entrusted with important tasks
Chapter 4952 5 great formations
Chapter 4953: Not giving face
Chapter 4954 The Prince and Prince
Chapter 4955 Brother-in-law comes to visit
Chapter 4956 is so awesome
Chapter 4957: Choose a position
Chapter 4958: The peak of formation
Chapter 4959: Canglong Qisu
Chapter 4960: Consecutive Breakdown
Chapter 4961: Five elements upside down
Chapter 4962: Strong crushing
Conquer the audience
Chapter 4964: Research Center
Chapter 4965 : This is a career
Chapter 4966: Evil crisis
Chapter 4967: Take it easy
Chapter 4968: Xiaobie wins new
Chapter 4969 : This is outrageous
Chapter 4970: Xiang Chen's daily life
Chapter 4971: Meeting of the Three Emperors
Chapter 4972: Return of the filial son
Chapter 4973: I have a daughter
Chapter 4974: Layout for many years
Chapter 4795: Insidious capture
Chapter 4796 : The supreme also counsels
Chapter 4977: Supreme dogleg
Chapter 4978: Connecting to Taikoo
Chapter 4979: Inheritance dispute
Chapter 4980 : Long distance and close attack
Chapter 4981: Installed
Chapter 4982: Significant impact
Chapter 4983: Worthless
Chapter 4984: Crazy Copy
Chapter 4985 : I spelled him out
Chapter 4986: Tian Ji Horse Racing
Chapter 4987: Fighting the Prince
Chapter 4988: It's all calculations
Chapter 4989: Missed
Chapter 4990: Young people will meet
Chapter 4991: Barren State
Chapter 4992: Meeting old friends again
Chapter 4993: Aggrieved
Chapter 4994: I have a friend
Chapter 4995: Eat dumpling
Chapter 4996: Consciousness reintegrated
Chapter 4997: Squeeze the wool again
Chapter 4998: Galactic Universe
Chapter 4999: Feng Tian
Chapter 5000: Breaking the base
Chapter 5001: All are the Virgin
Chapter 5002: Mu Feng's happiness
Chapter 5003: See through at a glance
Chapter 5004: follow the right person
Chapter 5005: Unscrupulous Dust Lord
Chapter 5006: Grass beside the nest
Chapter 5007: Backstabbing Xiang Chen
Chapter 5008: help filial piety
Chapter 5009: On behalf of eight filial fathers
Chapter 5010: Filial piety for eight acts
Chapter 5011: The old eight backed the pot
Chapter 5012: Reverse black and white
Chapter 5013: Successful lame
Chapter 5014: Direct whitewashing
Chapter 5015: Gathering of Four Emperors
Chapter 5016: Half-truth, half-false
Chapter 5017: Seeing the poor dagger
Chapter 5018: The worst two dogs
Chapter 5019: Dragon Killer
Chapter 5020: Very unwise
Chapter 5021 : Emperor House Tree Ancestor
Chapter 5022: Talk about nature
Chapter 5023: Cultural Invasion
Chapter 5024: Guess
Chapter 5025: What is the face
Chapter 5026: It has to be you
Chapter 5027: They were all robbed
Chapter 5028: Petroleum Oil Factory
Chapter 5029: Crazy Research
Chapter 5030: Great Contribution
Chapter 5031: From Heaven
Chapter 5032: Research Exposure
Chapter 5033: Life Defense
Chapter 5034: Going to the underworld again
Chapter 5035: Death in vain
Chapter 5036: Must be strong
Chapter 5037: All come
Chapter 5038: Take it easy
Chapter 5039: Overwhelming vitality
Chapter 5040: Occupy the barren state
Chapter 5041: Mysterious purpose
Chapter 5042:Cross the sea
Chapter 5043: Union Assembly
Chapter 5044: Finally comprehend
Chapter 5045: The Werewolf Appears
Chapter 5046: Kill chickens and monkeys
Chapter 5047: The strongest magic weapon
Chapter 5048: Group performance
Chapter 5049: Co-starring
Chapter 5050: Exploring Xuanwei
Chapter 5051: Emperor Alliance Lord
Chapter 5052: The group is inseparable
Chapter 5053: Xuanwei turned his face
Chapter 5054: Extreme pull
Chapter 5055: Yaochuan worries
Chapter 5056: Touching Yanqing
Chapter 5057: Mixed into the witch court
Chapter 5058: The Story of Tianmen
Chapter 5059: Enemies have a narrow road
Chapter 5060: Able to sell baskets
Chapter 5061: Guide Emperor Xuan
Chapter 5062: What's the name of the child
Chapter 5063: Plastic Sisters
Chapter 5064: Abandoned by the times
Chapter 5065: Hidden strength
Chapter 5066: The Battle of Ancestor Wu
Chapter 5067: Zhu Rong ends
Chapter 5068: Gou Zu makes a move
Chapter 5069: The hen and the egg
Chapter 5070: Aggressive
Chapter 5071: Overbearing Six Desires
Chapter 5072: more six than anyone
Chapter 5073: Yanwu Charging Treasure
Chapter 5074: Great favor
Chapter 5075: Emperor Zu goes out
Chapter 5076: More perfect
Chapter 5077: Two Emperors Fighting For The Front
Chapter 5078: tear up
Chapter 5079: Exposure
Chapter 5080: Following the wrong person
Chapter 5081: False and real
Chapter 5082: Intrigue
Chapter 5083: No trust
Chapter 5084: Arrogance and prejudice
Chapter 5085 : Tianzu?
Chapter 5086: Ah Zhu exposed
Chapter 5087: Weird
Chapter 5088: Trust me very much
Brother's Knife
5090 - Brother Ding
Chapter 5091: Destruction
Chapter 5092: I'm not a pot
Chapter 5093: I am the master
Chapter 5094: The dog is dead
Chapter 5095: Brother Yu's blackening
Chapter 5096: Stop playing
Chapter 5097: Emperor Yu's wrist
Chapter 5098: Yehuo ATM
Chapter 5099: War Letter
Chapter 5100 : Of my Shura clan
Chapter 5101: Chaos Invasion
Chapter 5102: something is wrong
Chapter 5103: Suzaku Demon State
Chapter 5104: Hitting East and West
Chapter 5105: Pattern Open
Chapter 5106 Suzaku War
Suzaku Crisis
Just started
Battle Formation Breakthrough
Chapter 5110: Fusion of Will
Chapter 5111: Fighting the Six Desires Again
Chapter 5112: How is it possible
Chapter 5113: where are you
Chapter 5114: Very wrong
Chapter 5115: Horrible conspiracy
Chapter 5116: Coming in force!!
Chapter 5117 : Emperor's house shot
Chapter 5118: Absolute Domain
Chapter 5119: They are all bosses
Chapter 5120: Opening the Heavenly Gate
Chapter 5121: Nine days of suppression
Chapter 5122: Congratulations on sending tree ancestors
Chapter 5123: One more knife
Chapter 5124: Forest Story
Chapter 5125: Listen to my decree
Chapter 5126: Better than you
Chapter 5127: Let him go
Chapter 5128: When I play
Chapter 5129: Distressed Big Brother
Chapter 5130: Fighting the Six Desires Again
Chapter 5131: Promise Storm
Chapter 5132: Reopening the Heavenly Gate
Chapter 5133: Overturned
Chapter 5134: The strongest way out
5135 - Chapter 5135
With sincerity
Concentrate Strength
Tripartite meeting
5139 - Let me command
Society death scene
5141 - All Society Dead
Anti-routine utilization
Greater threat
Chapter 5145: Bully again
Chapter 5146: Too bullying
Chapter 5147: Don't cry, old man
Chapter 5148: Emperor Fengdu
5149 - Chapter collapsed
Chapter 5150 Emperor of the Underworld
Embarrassed to death
5153 - Chapter 5153
Waiting for a long time
Too scary
Chapter 5156: Together we can save the world, burning
Chapter 5157 Super War
Chapter 5158 Chaos
5159 - Witch Chaos War
Six Desires Exploded
Open the gate of heaven again
Overwhelming two people
5163 - All Suppression
Push everything horizontally
Chapter 5165
Watch you grow up
Back then secret
Chapter 5169 Promise Heavenly Venerable
Gouzi debuts
5171 - Frontal Strong Kill
Chapter 5172
Chapter 5173 An arm!
Chapter 5174
Horizontal push invincible
Chapter 5176
Chapter 5178
Chapter 5180 All suppression!
Chapter 5181
Strongest Armor
Chapter 5183 You know express delivery
5184 - Chapter 5184
Primordial Consciousness
Chapter 5186: Hero Ends
Full equipment
Hidden too deep
Conquering Chaos
Tell the truth
Chapter 5192 Twelve Coaches
5193 - Chapter 5193
5194 - Arrogance
5195 - Defeat with one finger
Chapter 5196 It's not fair
Sword repair world
Sword Dao Showdown
Chapter 5199 The horror is him
Chapter 5200 Peerless Sword Ancestor
Just a sword
Information sharing
Lost balance
Rule reversal
Different ideas
5206 - Female Version Two Dogs
Fifth and sixth aunts
Nine days and ten places
5210 - You have a baby
Change me to be the master
5213 - Youth Growth
5214 - It's nice to have a master
5215 - Injustice Master and Apprentice
Sowing dissension
5217 - Change
Improving supernatural powers
Lord of the Nine Directions
Chapter 5220
Halloween gathering
Covering Chaos
Chapter 5223 Tianzun preaching
Originated Tao
Chapter 5226 Three Thousand Dao Sutras
5227 - Crazy Seed
5228 - Crazy Reincarnation
The secret of time and space
Preaching heaven and earth
Slowly introduced
Three major conditions
Master of All Saints
Chapter 5234
Chapter 5235
Chapter 5236
Hongmeng Tianmen opens
First opening of the gate of heaven
Cosmic Race
5241 - So bold
Intervention in competition
Upgrade system
Item dust assessment
Hongmeng Comes
Lord of the Ruins
Empty glove white wolf
5248 - Void Ticket Resources
Interest binding
Secret of success
Space Squeeze
Sand of the times
Disaster creature
5255 - Strange boy
Died in emotion
Strong talent
Chapter 5258 Demon ancestor shot
Not much time
Plant fear
Self-defeating cultivation base
System Arrival
5263 - Chapter 5263
Chapter 5264
Tianzhao Ant King
There is a problem
Five thousand years
5268 - Family
Tian Yan War
Heaven and earth blessing
Dare to bully my fellow Taoist
Give you a lesson
Yin Yang Sacred Willow
Layout everywhere
Strategic shift
Concentrate Strength
Attacking the prehistoric
Remote Peak
Crazy Bombing
Excited prehistoric
National preparations for war
5283 - One Spray Nine
More wolves and less meat
Frontal battle
5286 - Commander makes a move
Ten thousand years second
Gouzi's terrifying strength
5289 - Destruction
5290 - Chapter 5290
Human resources
Meet again
Come to massacre the city
Daily temptation
Chapter 5295 It turned out to be Jiangzi
Familiar with business
5297 - It's you
5298 - Chapter 5298
5299 - I've been alone for too long
Chapter 5300 Extreme Bitterness
Backstabbing Senior Brother
It's a big fish
Rule Tianzhao
Anti-routine utilization
Not as good as my master
Imperial Graveyard
With sincerity
Chapter 5309
How lonely
Yuan Shi
Luo Ling Society died
5313 - Don't Pretend
Eternal law
Vientiane Promise
Lord of Planes 5316
Chapter 5317 This is the system?
System self-destruct
Sub-Mother System
Chapter 5320 Eternal Law
Chapter 5321 Entry Visa
5322 - Wild Goose Plucking
Ready to leave
Reunion Gang
Pit children
Murderous Intent Emerges
Youth crisis
Chapter 5328
White velvet interrogation
Chapter 5330
5331 - Killing and Killing
Stepping into Hongmeng
Fire first kill
Hongmeng first battle
5336 - Don't be purple
General Zhenhai
5338 - It's all sugar
5339 - So sweet
Chapter 5340
Painful Strike
5343 - The Son of Heaven Comes
5344 - Rebuild
5346 - All over the audience
5347 - Spirit of Primordial Mist
The prestige of destiny
5349 - Take away
Chapter 5350
Army infiltration
Chapter 5352
5354 - Acting Hurricane
5355 - Chapter 5355
Daily cupping
Dao Heart Demon Seed
Chapter 5358 Fault Era
Heart of Exploration
Chapter 5360 read Spring and Autumn
Fat task
5362 - Hand it over
Seven Evil Cursed Souls
Chapter 5364
5365 - Easy
5366 - Spirit of Cursed Soul
5367 - PUA Curse Spirit
Ancient legends 5368
Curse killing experiment
Humble as a dog
5373 - Who else
Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger
Pay back the money
5376 - Chapter 5376
Chapter 5377 Fate
5378 - Destruction
Chapter 5379 Tongtian Book
Above Nine Levels 5380
Chapter 5381
Xinghaitian magic power
5383 - Inflammation
The posture of the great emperor
Still the sixth
Chapter 5386 Xuanwu Battle Sky
Chapter 5387: Talking to Heaven
Chapter 5388 Teasing Changfeng
Chapter 5389: Cheating to Death
Chapter 5390 Routine
Chapter 5391 Xinghai Ancestor
Chapter 5392: Thinking about the treasure house
Chapter 5393 Rhetoric
Chapter 5394 Eternal Crown Prince
Chapter 5395: Inner Sect Senior Brother
Chapter 5396: Force Grave to Satisfaction
Chapter 5397 Battle
Chapter 5398 Language Talent
Chapter 5399 Chaotic Secrets
Chapter 5400: Lots of Talents
Chapter 5401 Forbidden Land
Chapter 5402 Shura King
Chapter 5403 Convocation
Chapter 5404 Under the Sea of ??Stars
Chapter 5405 In the ruins city
Chapter 5406 Exploded
Chapter 5407 Weird
Chapter 5408: Many Treasures
Chapter 5409 Childish Group
Chapter 5410 Catastrophe
Chapter 5411: Driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf
Chapter 5412 Purple Gold Treasure House
Chapter 5413 Don’t use this trick!
Chapter 5414: Trapping Lingfeng
Chapter 5415 Unity is strength
Chapter 5416 Resurrection of the Forbidden Corpse
Chapter 5417: The whole city transformed into corpses
Chapter 5418 The power of taboo
Chapter 5419 The physical body is disobedient
Chapter 5420 Weird
Chapter 5421 Get rich plan
Chapter 5422 Two Dogs Walking Dead
Chapter 5423: Conspiracy to seize the patriarchal order
Chapter 5424 Increased infection
Chapter 5425: Collective card dominance
Chapter 5426: Obscene Development
Chapter 5427: Forbidden Corpse Team
Chapter 5428 Central Array Pavilion
Chapter 5429: Dumbfounded
Chapter 5430 Entering the Array Pavilion
Chapter 5431 Great Heavenly Master
Chapter 5432 Race against time
Chapter 5433 Dream Witch Fights Puppet
Chapter 5434 Join forces to suppress the emperor
Chapter 5435 The last moment
Chapter 5436 The man carrying the coffin
Chapter 5437 Terrifying Giant
Chapter 5438: Pull away and run away
Chapter 5439 Kill him
Chapter 5440 Collecting the corpse into the coffin
Chapter 5441 Incomplete
Chapter 5442 Black Stone Tablet
Chapter 5443 You are a pig
Chapter 5444 Dangerous Temptation
Chapter 5445 Acting
Chapter 5446 The ancestor comes out in person
Chapter 5447 City War Ancestor
Chapter 5448 Ji Kun Battle Coffin
Chapter 5449 Extremely Rich
Chapter 5450: The Era of Involution
Chapter 5451 Five Hundred Year Plan
Chapter 5452: Bite directly
Chapter 5453 Seven Star Sword Technique
Chapter 5454 Seven Stars Killed in a Row
Chapter 5455 The bodyguard is here
Chapter 5456 The situation heats up
Chapter 5457 Intensifies Conflicts
Chapter 5458 Attack Tianxuan
Chapter 5459: Devastated
Chapter 5460: Unstoppable
Chapter 5461 Provocation
Chapter 5462 Seeing Opportunities
Chapter 5463: Not too much
Chapter 5464 Conspiracy
Chapter 5465 Prepare for a battle
Chapter 5466 The Gate of All Living Beings
Chapter 5467 The war breaks out
Chapter 5468 The Seven Star Sword Rises
Chapter 5469: Breaking through the King of Heaven
Chapter 5470: Bake it directly
Chapter 5471 Don’t hurt my senior brother
Chapter 5472 Kill the Peak Again
Chapter 5473 Little impact
Chapter 5474 This wave of fattening
Chapter 5475 Crazy looting
Chapter 5476 What do you think it is?
Chapter 5477 Talent Packaging
Chapter 5478 To bring peace
Chapter 5479 Empty
Chapter 5480 Dome
Chapter 5481 Perfecting Heaven and Man
Chapter 5482 Senior, please satisfy me
Chapter 5483 So angry
Chapter 5484 Triggering a great battle
Chapter 5485 Another bowl
Chapter 5486 Dog-licking Dragon
Chapter 5487 Establishing a Character
Chapter 5488 The sword rises!
Chapter 5489 You are an idiot
Chapter 5490 KTV Dragon Battle
Chapter 5491 Mysterious Blessing
Chapter 5492 You made a breakthrough
Chapter 5493 Master’s merits are immeasurable
Chapter 5494: Seeing the leopard through the pipe
Chapter 5495 Shocked the Palace Master
Chapter 4956 Crazy Princess
Chapter 5497 Millennium Promise
Chapter 5498 Inseparable
Chapter 5499: Deceiving the old profession
Chapter 5500 Corporal Li Xian
Chapter 5501 Another lame one
Chapter 5502 Terror Backlash
Chapter 5503 Devouring the Ancient City
Chapter 5504 Continuous Support
Chapter 5505 Amazing Power
Chapter 5506 Ball
Chapter 5507 The Ancestor of the Siren
Chapter 5508 Chicken Soup Again
Chapter 5509 The team grows
Chapter 5510 Hongmeng Divine Network
Chapter 5511 Eternal Sky Mirror
Chapter 5512 Found Li Wangchen
Chapter 5513: Detecting the Traitor
Chapter 5514: Soul is scattered
Chapter 5515 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 5516 Citywide Inspection
Chapter 5517: Taking the blame for no reason
Chapter 5518 Time and Space Break
Chapter 5519: Escorting felons
Chapter 5520 Eternal Star Territory
Chapter 5521 Interception
Chapter 5522: The clam can’t hold back anymore
Chapter 5523 The Eternal Lord
Chapter 5524: Heaven
Chapter 5525: Even a dog can’t beat it
Chapter 5526 Beidou Holy Court
Chapter 5527 Breaking into the sky again
Chapter 5528 The power of the ancestral dragon
Chapter 5529 You can’t do it
Chapter 5530 Ten years of fighting
Chapter 5531 Dao Soul Wheel
Chapter 5532 Ouyang Shengwu
Chapter 5533 Sudden acceleration
Chapter 5534 Give you a reward
Chapter 5535 Crazy Progress
Chapter 5536 Naturally made
Chapter 5537 Long bag again
Chapter 5538 Gathering of dignitaries
Chapter 5539 It’s your uncle
Chapter 5540 This thigh is thick
Chapter 5541: Temporary post in the Ministry of War
Chapter 5542 Crush the prince
Chapter 5543 Entrance Examination
Chapter 5544: Academic Dominance Controls Points
Chapter 5545: Two dogs open the court
Chapter 5546 Never get used to it
Chapter 5547 Yanhuang Class
Chapter 5548 You are too weak
Chapter 5549 Three friends beat the dog
Chapter 5550: Teaching Gossip
Chapter 5551 Dragon Slaying Technique
Chapter 5552: The Problem of Dao Heart
Chapter 5553 Today’s young man
Chapter 5554 You are falling behind
Chapter 5555 Anti-PUA
Chapter 5556 Conquest
Chapter 5557 Allegiance
Chapter 5558: Can you still pretend like this?
Chapter 5559 Betrayal
Chapter 5560 Handsome and warm
Chapter 5561: Fan Shuyuan never failed
Chapter 5562 The atmosphere is off
Chapter 5563 Two old guys
Chapter 5564: Gun comes out to subdue the dragon
Chapter 5565: Angry at Tianle
Chapter 5566 Killed Li Wangchen
Chapter 5567 Show strength
Chapter 5568 The King of Era
Chapter 5569: Crying Tianle in anger
Chapter 5570 Excellent Results
Chapter 5571 The battle to seize the dragon's body
Chapter 5572 Winning over Dragon Heart
Chapter 5573 Gu style training
Chapter 5574 The King’s Hunting Ground
Chapter 5575 Give you a group
Chapter 5576 Sharp Knife Brigade
Chapter 5577 Excitement
Chapter 5578 Battle
Chapter 5579 The entire army was wiped out
Chapter 5580 You misunderstood me
Chapter 5581: Unbelievable headache
Chapter 5582 Hidden Front
Chapter 5583 Graduation Party
Chapter 5584 Life Path
Chapter 5585 Travel
Chapter 5586 Encirclement and Killing
Chapter 5587: Exploring the bag to get something
Chapter 5588 Seizing the Netherworld
Chapter 5589: Poaching
Chapter 5590 Winning over
Chapter 5591 The formation reaches the sky
Chapter 5592 Guarding Heaven
Chapter 5593 Is there eternity?
Chapter 5594 is not a good thing
Chapter 5595 The Forbidden King
Chapter 5596 Follow the teacher
Chapter 5597 Yinghuo Star Territory
Chapter 5598: Consecration of Chicken Mouth
Chapter 5599 Crush
Chapter 5600 Breakout
Chapter 5601: Fighting the Late Stage of Emperor Zun
Chapter 5602 Take full action
Chapter 5603 The Peerless King
Chapter 5604: Mu Xiu Yu Lin
Chapter 5605: Sweet pastry
Chapter 5606: Strong Elite
Chapter 5607 Daily Hunting
Chapter 5608 Spiritual Imprint
Chapter 5609 Fierce Battle with the Emperor
Chapter 5610 The friendship between life and death
Chapter 5610 The friendship between life and death
Chapter 5611 Regardless of everything
Chapter 5612 Sad news for Haizu
Chapter 5611 Regardless of everything
Chapter 5612 Sad news for Haizu
Chapter 5613: Suffering from Haizu
Chapter 5614 Find the reason
Chapter 5615: Survival from desperate situation
Chapter 5616 Forbidden City
Chapter 5617 Trouble is coming
Chapter 5618 The city lord arrives in person
Chapter 5619 Tianbao Tower
Chapter 5620 What medicine is being sold?
Chapter 5621 Qingling Secret Realm
Chapter 5622 Benefits obtained
Chapter 5623 is a little different
Chapter 5624 Green Field Erosion
Chapter 5625 Appropriate exposure
Chapter 5626 Something is wrong
Chapter 5627 Soaring Snake
Chapter 5628 Only one lives
Chapter 5629 I am peerless
Chapter 5630: Fraud
Chapter 5631 Yaner is a bad dog
Chapter 5632 How disrespectful I am
Chapter 5633 It’s all fate
Chapter 5634 Layout Taboo
Chapter 5635 Long Zhan was eaten
Chapter 5636: Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures
Chapter 5637 The world in reincarnation
Chapter 5638: The blame falls on you
Chapter 5639 Identity exposed
Chapter 5640 Attack Formation
Chapter 5641 Eight Colorful Dragon
Chapter 5642 Amazing Improvement
Chapter 5643 The Supreme Taoist Foundation
Chapter 5644 Dragon Fights the Great Emperor
Chapter 5645: One punch to destroy the emperor
Chapter 5646 666
Chapter 5646 Explosion
Chapter 5647 Appearance
Chapter 5648 The attack is coming
Chapter 5649 Disaster
Chapter 5650 Spark Battleship
Chapter 5651 Rules Improvement
Chapter 5652 Shock
Chapter 5653 Return to the Army
Chapter 5654 Taking office at the division headquarters
Chapter 5655 Recruiting troops
Chapter 5656 Stealth Battleship
Chapter 5657 Counterattack
Chapter 5658 Contrast
Chapter 5659 Battle
Chapter 5660 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 5661 Mu Feng takes action
Chapter 5662 It all depends on acting
Chapter 5663: Lurking in
Chapter 5664 His Royal Highness
Chapter 5665 Jiuyou Xuantian
Chapter 5666 Swallowed it in one gulp
Chapter 5667 Calculation
Chapter 5668: Darkness and lightness
Chapter 5669 Exchange of Interests
Chapter 5670: Jumping two levels in a row
Chapter 5671: Praise and kill
Chapter 5672 Battleship Research
Chapter 5673 Propaganda
Chapter 5674 The Ninth Prince Returns
Chapter 5675 Blockbuster
Chapter 5676 More than halfway
Chapter 5677: Tear each other up
Chapter 5678: Old fool
Chapter 5679 I want to go to the battlefield
Chapter 5680 The King’s Hunting Ground
Chapter 5681 Awakening of Insects
Chapter 5682 War King’s Order
Chapter 5683 Kirin Blood
Chapter 5684: Essence and Blood Manifestation
Chapter 5685 Battle with Kirin
Chapter 5686: Strong forces join forces
Chapter 5687: A move against heaven
Chapter 5688 The inheritance of crape myrtle
Chapter 5689 Discovered
Chapter 5690: Clean up the princess
Chapter 5691 Refining the natal flying sword
Chapter 5692 Nine Swords of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 5693 Sinister Intentions
Chapter 5694 Deliberately Targeting
Chapter 5695 Pretending to be stupid
Chapter 5696 City Construction
Chapter 5697 Mo Nanbei
Chapter 5698: No waiting for a moment
Chapter 5699 Indifferent
Chapter 5700 Please enter the urn
Chapter 5701 Fierce Battle
Chapter 5702 Beacon Army
Chapter 5703 Each has its own plan
Chapter 5704 The end of the battle
Chapter 5705 They are all the sixth child
Chapter 5706 Tianhua’s Plan
Chapter 5707: Good news to the Holy Court
Chapter 5708 Questioning
Chapter 5709 He is not Li Wangchen
Chapter 5710 Traveling with the city
Chapter 5711 Wuji Tiandu
Chapter 5712 Guarding Tianbao
Chapter 5713 Female Hard Idea
Chapter 5714 Female Bandit
Chapter 5715 Hard Idea
Chapter 5716: Deceiving the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 5717 Return to the prehistoric times
Chapter 5718 Old Friend
Chapter 5719 New Training Base
Chapter 5720: Human Witch Murder Case
Chapter 5721 Dilemma
Chapter 5722 Di Jiang’s methods
Chapter 5723 Beating Dijiang
Chapter 5724 Dawn
Chapter 5725: A traitor but a loyal person
Chapter 5726 The villain leader
Chapter 5727: Abusing husband feels good for a while
Chapter 5728: As old as a tiger
Chapter 5729 Hongmeng Angel
Chapter 5730 Repeated Jumps
Chapter 5731 Cooperation
Chapter 5732 Kunpeng’s Incarnation
Chapter 5733 Tianle changes
Chapter 5734 Group Army Progress
Chapter 5735 Betrayal
Chapter 5736: Backstab
Chapter 5737 No one is responsible
Chapter 5738: Fishing for success
Chapter 5739: Catch the duck and put it on the shelves
Chapter 5740 Pity Tao Qi
Chapter 5741: A loving father and a filial son
Chapter 5742: Laying the Net
Chapter 5743 Whereabouts Exposed
Chapter 5744 Peerless Assassin
Chapter 5745 Internal turmoil
Chapter 5746: Scolding Fang Qiu
Chapter 5747 Take the initiative
Chapter 5748: Crash with the City
Chapter 5749 Exploded Appearance
Chapter 5750 The Heavenly Emperor’s Dragon-Slaying Technique
Chapter 5751 Intention to Kill the Dragon
Chapter 5752 Eight Formations Attack Commander
Chapter 5753 The First God of War
Chapter 5754 Tragic
Chapter 5755 Ambush
Chapter 5756 Public Opinion
Chapter 5757 Famous in Tiandu
Chapter 5758 Nether Empress
Chapter 5759 The last one
Chapter 5760 The teacher returns to the court
Chapter 5761: A show of force
Chapter 5762: Combination of kindness and power
Chapter 5763 Misleading Plan
Chapter 5764 Mutation
Chapter 5765 The birth of the ancient phoenix
Chapter 5766 Heading to Nanming
Chapter 5767 Fengxia Shenxi
Chapter 5768 Lord of the Ten Lands
Chapter 5769 On the cusp of the storm
Chapter 5770 The Ancient Phoenix Opens
Chapter 5771 Cutting down trees
Chapter 5772 Space Field
Chapter 5773: Fellow Taoist, please stay.
Chapter 5774: Cut off
Chapter 5775 God of Disaster
Chapter 5776 Sword Technique of the Great Way of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 5777: Mutual Traps
Chapter 5778 Mysterious Army
Chapter 5779 Food Temptation
Chapter 5780 The phoenix raises nine chicks
Chapter 5781 Valkyrie
Chapter 5782 Nirvana Grass
Chapter 5783 No warning
Chapter 5784: Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 5785 Double interception
Chapter 5786 Resurrection
Chapter 5787 Chase
Chapter 5788 Feather Power
Chapter 5789 Devil’s Whisper
Chapter 5790 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 5791 No eating allowed
Chapter 5792 It’s a trap
Chapter 5793 Waiting for you
Chapter 5794: Tragedy to death
Chapter 5795: It’s over
Chapter 5796 Mission
Chapter 5797 Amazing Secret
Chapter 5798 Ancient Six
Chapter 5799 Prince Zifeng
Chapter 5800 In Phoenix City
Chapter 5801 Emperor Phoenix Guard
Chapter 5802 Everything is weird
Chapter 5803 The third right of control
Chapter 5804 Nine Battlefields
Chapter 5805 Thunder Chong
Chapter 5806 Battle with Lei Chong
Chapter 5807 Forbidden Land
Chapter 5808 Drowning
Chapter 5809 Where
Chapter 5810 Fuxi Palace
Chapter 5811 Xuanhuang Yulongtai
Chapter 5812 Eternal Tianhao
Chapter 5813 Bai Feng Soup
Chapter 5814 Trigger
Chapter 5815 The final battlefield
Chapter 5816: Too many slanderous words
Chapter 5817 Surprise
Chapter 5818 Weird
Chapter 5819 Extremely Shameless
Chapter 5820 Despicable meets despicable
Chapter 5821 I am also a Phoenix
Chapter 5822 Breakthrough of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 5823 Sword Phoenix Surveying the Sky
Chapter 5824 Last resort
Chapter 5825 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 5826 Central Jade Plate
Chapter 5827 Successive breakthroughs
Chapter 5828 Nine Kings Meeting
Chapter 5829 Treasure of Knowledge
Chapter 5830 Amazing Reward
Chapter 5831 Awakening of Insects
Chapter 5832 Kill and silence
Chapter 5833: Laying out the overall situation
Chapter 5834 Controlling the Prodigy
Chapter 5835 Ginseng Fruit Tree
Chapter 5836 Dragon-shaped Shouwu
Chapter 5837: Here for wholesale
Chapter 5838 Abuse the younger brother
Chapter 5839 Intelligence Sharing
Chapter 5840 Monster in the Lake
Chapter 5841 is quite explosive
Chapter 5842 Red-armored King Sturgeon
Chapter 5843 Innate gossip
Chapter 5844 The birth of Tao Ancestor
Chapter 5845 Bagua Ancestral Plate
Chapter 5846: No one believes it
Chapter 5847 Dog teases Ling Xiao
Chapter 5848 This should be the case
Chapter 5849 Nether Ship
Chapter 5850 is born one after another
Chapter 5851 Leniency for confession
Chapter 5852 Forgetting Fuxi
Chapter 5853 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 5854: Ancient Zhongshan
Chapter 5855 Level 1 combat readiness
Chapter 5856 The gap is too big
Chapter 5857 Zhongshan Qinghui
Chapter 5858 Tianjiao Support
Chapter 5859 Bombing again
Chapter 5860: Must be recalled
Chapter 5861 Extreme Speed
Chapter 5862 Thousands of Sparks
Chapter 5863 I’m going
Chapter 5864 Two Kings
Chapter 5865 The real protagonist
Chapter 5866 A tough confrontation
Chapter 5867 Beating up Qing Hui
Chapter 5868 Come to help my king
Chapter 5869 Law of Confinement
Chapter 5870 The ancestor is born
Chapter 5871 Three masters fight together
Chapter 5872 The Horrible Zhuzu
Chapter 5873 Tears of the Killing God
Chapter 5874 Destroy the Zhongshan Clan
Chapter 5875 Shocked Hongmeng
Chapter 5876 Revealing Identity
Chapter 5877 Confession Bureau
Chapter 5878 One of the best
Chapter 5879 Surrounding Yaochi
Chapter 5880 Kunlun Slave
Chapter 5881 Escort Mission
Chapter 5882 Sudden Change
Chapter 5883 Encirclement and Suppression of Jingzhe
Chapter 5884 Assassin Figure
Chapter 5885 Jiuer’s methods
Chapter 5886 Three Thousand Places
Chapter 5887 Making a Game
Chapter 5888 Something’s not right
Chapter 5889 Patience
Chapter 5890 Destiny Enrollment Expansion
Chapter 5891 Fangs emerge
Chapter 5892 Anti-phishing
Chapter 5893 Eternal takes action
Chapter 5894 Fire Phoenix Ginseng King
Chapter 5895 Exam
Chapter 5896 Nanling Nanling
Chapter 5897 Sisters
Chapter 5898 Buried Valley Master
Chapter 5899 Princess Tea
Chapter 5900 Deep Talk
Chapter 5901 Yuchi Family
Chapter 5902 Re-entry Taboo
Chapter 5903 So handsome
Chapter 5904 He slandered me
Chapter 5905 Unavoidable
Chapter 5906 Surrounded
Chapter 5907 The most stubborn person in the world
Chapter 5908 Escape
Chapter 5909 Taboo against Kunlun
Chapter 5910 The fight between trapped beasts
Chapter 5911: Darkness and lightness
Chapter 5912 Tit for tat
Chapter 5913 Confiscated
Chapter 5914 Beating the Rat
Chapter 5915 Road Blocking Challenge
Chapter 5916 Fighting to the Imperial Palace
Chapter 5917 Palace Theory
Chapter 5918 Development of hidden lines
Chapter 5919 The Forbidden Stone
Chapter 5920 Palm
Chapter 5921 Unlock the individual
Chapter 5922 Ancient Woman
Chapter 5923 Zhantai Demon
Chapter 5924 The Horrible Witch
Chapter 5925: Stunned directly
Chapter 5926 Climbed in
Chapter 5927 Verification
Chapter 5928 Scared Xiang Chen to Death
Chapter 5929: Be my demon slave
Chapter 5930: Taboo of Soldier Finger
Chapter 5931: Are you qualified?
Chapter 5932 Mu Feng Negotiations
Chapter 5933 Joint Military Exercise
Chapter 5934 The secret that is not passed on
Chapter 5935: Fire decides the world
Chapter 5936: Eternal Winning
Chapter 5937 Prepare to counterattack
Chapter 5938 Buzhou Mountain
Chapter 5939 Zhou Shanfeng Sheng
Chapter 5940 Don’t get excited
Chapter 5941 Immortality of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 5942 Digging out the bones and digging into the heart, becoming an unparalleled evil
Chapter 5943 The arrival of Shura
Chapter 5944 The Hunting Begins
Chapter 5945: Borrowing
Chapter 5946: Kill you in three moves
Chapter 5947 Father and son in troubled times
Chapter 5948 Eternal Palace Discussion
Chapter 5949 Digging a hole
Chapter 5950 Brothers
Chapter 5951 Dongsu Dragon Envoy
Chapter 5952 Farewell to Dragon War
Chapter 5953 He runs away from her and chases her
Chapter 5954 Immortal Heart
Chapter 5955 Netherworld Tmall
Chapter 5956 Black Mountain Bandit
Chapter 5957 Robbing Xiang Chen
Chapter 5958 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 5959 Lu Yunying
Chapter 5960 Black Mountain Star Territory
Chapter 5961: Two boats with one foot on the other
Chapter 5961: Two boats with one foot on the other
Chapter 5962 Development Strategy
Chapter 5963 The Wrath of the Licking Dog
Chapter 5964 Defeating the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 5965 The Third Emperor
Chapter 5966 Attacking the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 5967 Plane Ascension
Chapter 5968 Su Wen
Chapter 5969: Calculating Xiang Chen
Chapter 5970 Finally Becomes the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 5971 Lien Chan Commander
Chapter 5972 Who else is dissatisfied?
Chapter 5973 Interest Disputes
Chapter 5974 Barren Star Realm
Chapter 5975 Development Plan
Chapter 5976 Begins to develop
Chapter 5977 A promise worth a thousand pieces of gold
Chapter 5978 I really gave it
Chapter 5979 Young Feng Xi
Chapter 5980 Arranging the Park
Chapter 5981 Recruit two more disciples
Chapter 5982 Chasing the Male God
Chapter 5983 The Knife on the Head
Chapter 5984 Fooling Eternity
Chapter 5985 King of Business
Chapter 5986 Promoting White Phoenix
Chapter 5987: Sharing money in public
Chapter 5988 I can’t support you
Chapter 5989 The crisis is coming
Chapter 5990 Montenegro War
Chapter 5991 Yuan Fei’s Rebellion
Chapter 5992 Air Defense War
Chapter 5993 Another fire
Chapter 5994 It’s too late
Chapter 5995 It’s hard to resist the siege
Chapter 5996 Montenegro is unfair
Chapter 5997 Best at going against the wind
Chapter 5998: Using all kinds of tricks to deceive the head
Chapter 5999: Survival by cutting off the tail
Chapter 6000 Unpacking Dumplings
Chapter 6001 Psychological Tactics
Chapter 6002 Extremely Shameless
Chapter 6003 One Sword Ten Thousand Willows
Chapter 6004 Battle with Wenren
Chapter 6005 A fierce battle
Chapter 6006 Scout Battle
Chapter 6007 The domineering father-in-law
Chapter 6008: Output relies on roaring
Chapter 6009 Millions of Shura
Chapter 6010 Kill Wenren
Chapter 6011 The tragedy of city destruction
Chapter 6012 Conquer Jing Liang
Chapter 6013: Open the champagne first
Chapter 6014: Be your minister
Chapter 6015 Decided to establish a dynasty
Chapter 6016 Cold Joke
Chapter 6017 I will bear the thunder
Chapter 6018 Spider-Destroyer No. 6
Chapter 6019 Controlling the Witch
Chapter 6020: Take it directly
Chapter 6021 Entering Red Wind
Chapter 6022: Borrow your head
Chapter 6023 Attack Thousand Islands Again
Chapter 6024 Another attack on Thousand Islands
Chapter 6025 Three bandits merge into one
Chapter 6026 Something big happened
Chapter 6027 The ruling and opposition parties were shocked
Chapter 6028 Battle for the Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 6029 Knife in the forehead
Chapter 6030 Wang Chen seizes the commander-in-chief
Chapter 6031 It’s all me
Chapter 6032 Everyone wants to be ignored
Chapter 6033: Recognize you as big brother
Chapter 6034 Negotiation
Chapter 6035 Reaching Consensus
Chapter 6036 Wen Ren’s Decline
Chapter 6037 Improving the system
Chapter 6038 The establishment of the Tianqin Dynasty
Chapter 6039 Heavenly Palace Control
Chapter 6040 White Phoenix Wrist
Chapter 6041 Going through the motions
Chapter 6042 Final Marriage
Chapter 6043 Eternal Yui
Chapter 6044 Confession directly
Chapter 6045: Women are afraid of stalking men
Chapter 6046: They are all actors
Chapter 6047 It’s all a routine
Chapter 6048: An epiphany
Chapter 6049 Complete Integration
Chapter 6050 Meeting of all parties
Chapter 6051 The Worst Result
Chapter 6052 The storm is coming
Chapter 6053 The real hero
Chapter 6054 Entering Yaochi
Chapter 6055: Winning over everywhere
Chapter 6056 Running around
Chapter 6057 Wuji Tiandu
Chapter 6058 Tiandu Function
Chapter 6059 Eight Generations of Divine Martial Arts
Chapter 6060 Terrifying Power
Chapter 6061 Six rounds of strikes
Chapter 6062 Fight to the End
Chapter 6063 Air Combat
Chapter 6064 Unable to return
Chapter 6065 Better than the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 6066 The biggest air battle
Chapter 6067 Complete outbreak
Chapter 6068 Tiandu Giant
Chapter 6069 Immortality of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 6070: No two tricks
Chapter 6071 The Undefeated God
Chapter 6072 Emperor Yan of the Heavens
Chapter 6073 The head of the family is wise
Chapter 6074: Being a wallflower
Chapter 6075 Ergou takes action
Chapter 6076 Uprightness and Immortality
Chapter 6077 Refining Immortality
Chapter 6078 Move forward courageously
Chapter 6079 The battle between the sharp dragons
Chapter 6080 The Eternal God
Chapter 6081 Burning Sky Sword Phoenix
Chapter 6082: Destroy the Headquarters
Chapter 6083 begins to collapse
Chapter 6084 triggers the situation
Chapter 6085: Survival by cutting off the tail
Chapter 6086: Remove the eyeliner
Chapter 6087 Unable to stop
Chapter 6088 Battle Report
Chapter 6089 Yuchi throws the blame
Chapter 6090 Forced to choose a team
Chapter 6091 The terrifying ancestor
Chapter 6092 Spy Infiltration
Chapter 6093 Spy War
Chapter 6094: Destroy Yuchi first
Chapter 6095 Dawn Development
Chapter 6096: Traps everywhere
Chapter 6097 The Strongest Scam
Chapter 6098 Goodbye Shaoqing
Chapter 6099 General Selection
Chapter 6100 Replay the Great War
Chapter 6101: Total Annihilation of the Wilderness
Chapter 6102 Quarter
Chapter 6103 Commander Hongmeng
Chapter 6104 Start digging a hole
Chapter 6105 The war resumes
Chapter 6106: Ancient times take action
Chapter 6107 All born
Chapter 6108 Big changes
Chapter 6109 Su Wen’s Rebellion
Chapter 6110: Middle-earth Changes Owners
Chapter 6111 The Peak of Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 6112: Falling into a trap
Chapter 6113 Fierce dragon battle
Chapter 6114: Mud
Chapter 6115: Dragon Dragon Don’t Cry
Chapter 6116 The sad reminder of the empress
Chapter 6117 The oriole is behind
Chapter 6118: Really not a human being
Chapter 6119 Someone from Tai Cang
Chapter 6120: Heart shaken
Chapter 6121: Dark Information Department
Chapter 6122: Dawn King Arrives
Chapter 6123 Hundred Thousand Fire Urgent Order
Chapter 6124 Testing attitude
Chapter 6125 Position Choice
Chapter 6126 Kill Xiang Chen
Chapter 6127 Alliance Leader Inspection
Chapter 6128 Confrontation and Testing
Chapter 6129 Fangs exposed
Chapter 6130 Blood Flags Fill the Sky
Chapter 6131 Complete disintegration
Chapter 6132 The situation ends
Chapter 6133 Lao Fans temptation
Chapter 6134 Era of Chaos
Chapter 6135 Fight with me
Chapter 6136 All broken
Chapter 6137: Pull out the nail
Chapter 6138: Laying out Billions
Chapter 6139 Horrible Old Fan
Chapter 6140 Rebellious ministers and traitors
Chapter 6141 Kill the Immortal
Chapter 6142 Terrifying Showdown
Chapter 6143 Zhong Xuans layout
Chapter 6144 Destined
Chapter 6145 Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 6146: Righteousness and Success
Chapter 6148 Impact on Immortality
Chapter 6149 Family Storm
Chapter 6150 Tianqin Opportunity
Chapter 6151 Xiang Chen comes out of seclusion
Chapter 6152: Killing indiscriminately
Chapter 6153 Swallowed it in one gulp
Chapter 6154 Suppressing Hengtian
Chapter 6155: I am a villain
Chapter 6156 Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 6157 I would rather be broken into pieces
Chapter 6158 The routine begins
Chapter 6159: Its a fools errand
Chapter 6160 All kinds of things
Chapter 6161: Feng Tiance King
Chapter 6162 Unavoidable
Chapter 6163: Meet the Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 6164 Annexation of the Border
Chapter 6165: Changing Fate Against Heaven
Chapter 6166 Step by Step Guidance
Chapter 6167 Face to Face
Chapter 6168 Battle with the Saint
Chapter 6169 The appearance of great power
Chapter 6170 Eternal Delegation of Power
Chapter 6171 Eternal Undercurrent
Chapter 6172 Taking advantage of weaknesses
Chapter 6173 Take the initiative to give in
Chapter 6174 fades out of sight
Chapter 6175 Veterans will not die
Chapter 6176 Tens of Millions of Shura
Chapter 6177 Red Qi Army
Chapter 6178 The sudden change of the stone tablet
Chapter 6179 See Dao Ancestor
Chapter 6180 All living beings are used as medicine
Chapter 6181 Gathering at Baihong
Chapter 6182 Taixu Space
Chapter 6183 Weird Trial
Chapter 6184 The Rise of Ants
Chapter 6185 Holy Son Tianju
Chapter 6186 Live Broadcast Ant
Chapter 6187 Ant Wedding Flying
Chapter 6188 was exposed
Chapter 6189 Battle Helicopter
Chapter 6190 The queen gives birth to cubs
Chapter 6191 The disaster of the wild python
Chapter 6192 Trouble everywhere
Chapter 6193 Ant Empire
Chapter 6194: Overcoming the Tribulation and Transforming into Form
Chapter 6195 The eve of the war
Chapter 6196: Human-Ant War
Chapter 6197: Making an attack in the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 6198: Surrounding the spot for reinforcements
Chapter 6199 Live broadcast battle
Chapter 6200 Discovering Xiang Chen
Chapter 6201 S-Class Alien
Chapter 6202 The world is boiling
Chapter 6203 Dragon! Dragon!
Chapter 6204 Continuous Fighting
Chapter 6205 The fierce battle
Chapter 6206 Ant King Dog Belt
Chapter 6207 Next Target
Chapter 6208 Attack on the County
Chapter 6209 Controlling the County
Chapter 6210 Haiyang Ninja
Chapter 6211 Ninja takes action
Chapter 6212 Killing the Shadow Ninja
Chapter 6213 Eternal Unparalleled
Chapter 6214 All-out bombing
Chapter 6215 Past and Present Life
Chapter 6216 Chasing the Dragon
Chapter 6217 Eating Long Ao alive
Chapter 6218 Discovering the nest
Chapter 6219 The Queen Ant is in Danger
Chapter 6220: Transform into a dragon
Chapter 6221 Launching Mushrooms
Chapter 6222 Attacking the Eastern Capital
Chapter 6223 Marching into the headquarters
Chapter 6224 Backstabbing the Black Eagle
Chapter 6225 The situation is chaotic
Chapter 6226 Tianyuan’s troubled times
Chapter 6227 Start building momentum
Chapter 6228 Battle against Tianju
Chapter 6229 Another deception
Chapter 6230 Shura Lingxiao
Chapter 6231 It’s all death
Chapter 6232 The magic box is opened
Chapter 6233 Haiyang was destroyed
Chapter 6234: Indoctrinating the Queen Ant
Chapter 6235 The tsunami is coming
Chapter 6236 Disaster relief everywhere
Chapter 6237: Not raising the leisure god
Chapter 6238: Retire after success
Chapter 6239 Preparing for Hunting
Chapter 6240 Looking for clues
Chapter 6241 Find the target
Chapter 6242 Castle Battle
Chapter 6243 Queen Ant Ration
Chapter 6244 Panacea
Chapter 6245 Laoliu World
Chapter 6246 Tiansi Silk Stockings
Chapter 6247: Free again
Chapter 6248 Inducing Yang Xi
Chapter 6249 Attacking the Black Eagle
Chapter 6250 Lunar Equipment
Chapter 6251 Alien Visitors
Chapter 6252 Birds and Bugs
Chapter 6253: Stepping on the Tianhu
Chapter 6254 Coming strong
Chapter 6255 Battle with Emperor Yan
Chapter 6256 first completed
Chapter 6257 Goodbye Daoxin
Chapter 6258 My Disciple
Chapter 6259 Wuxin Wuchen
Chapter 6260 Conflict of Ideas
Chapter 6261 Listen carefully to Bai Ze
Chapter 6262 Tao Ancestor Inheritance
Chapter 6263: Cultivation soars
Chapter 6264 All broken
Chapter 6265 Selecting Secrets
Chapter 6266: Full of Soft Equipment
Chapter 6267 announced to the world
Chapter 6268 Public Enemy of the World
Chapter 6269: Crush directly
Chapter 6270 It’s all cheating
Chapter 6271 True Dragon Belt
Chapter 6272 Law, Heaven and Earth
Chapter 6273 Come to the door
Chapter 6274 Emperor Flame Tianba
Chapter 6275 Waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 6276 Direct Suppression
Chapter 6277 The Final Sixth
Chapter 6278: Found the Origin Again
Chapter 6279 Blockade at the door
Chapter 6280: The more you fight, the stronger you become
Chapter 6281 He is here again
Chapter 6282 Battle of Fengze
Chapter 6283 Strong Suppression
Chapter 6284 Pity Luo Yu
Chapter 6285 Three Emperors’ Discussion
Chapter 6286 Inheritance Changes
Chapter 6287 Direct Attack
Chapter 6288 The physical body compares with the Dharma form
Chapter 6289: Strong body
Chapter 6290 Start the routine
Chapter 6291 New Recruits Gathering
Chapter 6292: Not dealing with each other
Chapter 459: Start refining the internal organs
Chapter 460 The tragic battlefield
Chapter 6293 Alternative Assessment
Chapter 6294: Keep reading files
Chapter 6295 Cultivating Bonds
Chapter 6296: Passed the Trial
Chapter 6297 is officially established
Chapter 6298 Control three people
Chapter 6299 Another bad leg
Chapter 6300 Enlightenment Research Institute
Chapter 6301 Avoiding the Forbidden Curse
Chapter 6302 The Three Ancient Pits
Chapter 6303 Selection of the Holy Son
Chapter 6304 Hidden Army
Chapter 6305 Red Flame Sixteen Generals
Chapter 6306: Come Doubled
Chapter 6307: Headshot with one palm
Chapter 6308: Tear apart directly
Chapter 6309 Red Flame Female General
Chapter 6310 Tianyan Soldier Push
Chapter 6311 Blitz of Destiny
Chapter 6312 Steal the house directly
Chapter 6313 Army Mutiny
Chapter 6314 Gathering grain and building walls
Chapter 6315 Rampage NPC
Chapter 6316 Three Kingdoms Struggle for Hegemony
Chapter 6317 Insidious moves
Chapter 6318 Burning Yun Gorge
Chapter 6319 Controlling the trump card
Chapter 6320: Sitting in chaos
Chapter 6321 Let’s break up
Chapter 6322 Three Major Elements
Chapter 6323: Medicine Pit Red Flame
Chapter 6324 The war breaks out
Chapter 6325 Eternal takes action
Chapter 6326 Eternal Artifact
Chapter 6327: Making trouble in secret
Chapter 6328 Tian Qin enters the game
Chapter 6329 Tian Qin Backstab
Chapter 6330 Attacking Tiandu
Chapter 6331 Kill the pig in advance
Chapter 6332: Killing each other
Chapter 6333 Hunting Lao Fan
Chapter 6334 Siege of Eternity
Chapter 6335 The Fall of Qingyun
Chapter 6336 Father and son work together
Chapter 6337 Fengzi is crazy
Chapter 6338: Bear it together
Chapter 6339: One person has multiple roles
Chapter 6340 Negotiating Yang Xi
Chapter 6341 Liu De takes off
Chapter 6342: Scared to Death
Chapter 6343 Qingyun Nanling
Chapter 6344 Should not be forgotten
Chapter 6345: The entire army expresses its stance
Chapter 6346 Eternal Unification
Chapter 6347 Is it serious?
Chapter 6348 Refining Zhong Xuan
Chapter 6349 Conquer Ouyang
Chapter 6350 Ancient Spirit Mountain
Chapter 6351 Dongsu Longchen
Chapter 6352 Destined
Chapter 6353: Deceived into the wild
Chapter 6354: Sincere Medicine
Chapter 6355 Selling the Dragon’s Heart
Chapter 6356: Devastated
Chapter 6357 Goodbye Long Ao
Chapter 6358 Selection Process
Chapter 6359: Evil to the wild
Chapter 6360 Zhoutian Sword Formation
Chapter 6361: Mouth blasting the dragons
Chapter 6362 Heading to the Dragon's Nest
Chapter 6363 Dragon’s Nest Secret Realm
Chapter 6364 Powerful Xiao Yun
Chapter 6365 Charcoal Grilled Flying Dragon
Chapter 6366 Temporary Cooperation
Chapter 6367 Refining evil medicine
Chapter 6368 Ancestral Blood Suanni
Chapter 6369: Not talking about martial ethics
Chapter 6370: Take it directly
Chapter 6371 Nine Dragon Pagoda
Chapter 6372 The Qi of the Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 6373: Understanding Martial Arts
Chapter 6374 Impact on the Holy Son
Chapter 6375: Wandering Dragon Spear Technique
Chapter 6376 Future Bet
Chapter 6377 Unfathomable
Chapter 6378 Double Sword Dragon Slayer
Chapter 6379 The New Holy Son
Chapter 6380 Several Evolutions
Chapter 6381 Dragon Soul Transformation
Chapter 6382 Long Yuan Battle Spear
Chapter 6383 Dragon Palace Reward
Chapter 6384 Four pure bloods
Chapter 6385 Contribution to Dragon Star
Chapter 6386: Looking for trouble
Chapter 6387 Test two people
Chapter 6388 You are dead
Chapter 6389 Dharma-Phase War
Chapter 6390 Battle with Ge Chao
Chapter 6391 Close Crush
Chapter 6392 One shot and the end
Chapter 6393 Selling the Dragon’s Heart
Chapter 6394 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 6395 Dongfang Family
Chapter 6396 Xiang Xiaochun
Chapter 6398 My cousin is here
Chapter 6399 It’s your cousin
Chapter 6400 Silky Performance
Chapter 6401 Ice Dragon Family
Chapter 6402 Two attacks and one assist
Chapter 6403 The Leng family’s power
Chapter 6404 Only one remains
Chapter 6405 Bet on the future
Chapter 6406: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 6407 Annihilation of All
Chapter 6408 Killing the Leng Family
Chapter 6409: One against ten
Chapter 6410 Leng Shan takes action
Chapter 6411 Ancestral Dragon Celestial Appearance
Chapter 6412 The power of heaven
Chapter 6413 Shenlong Jiyuan
Chapter 6414: The following offense
Chapter 6415 Xu Zhong’s routine
Chapter 6416: Improving Bloodline
Chapter 6417 Skyfire Flame Dragon
Chapter 6418 Cousin Yanjiao
Chapter 6419 Ancient Iron Whip
Chapter 6420 Middle-aged Taoist
Chapter 6421 PUA first
Chapter 6422: Take it and throw it away
Chapter 6423 His Majesty’s Calligraphy
Chapter 6424 Life is like a play
Chapter 6425 It all depends on acting skills
Chapter 6426 Grandson and Grandpa
Chapter 6427 Dark Luo Sheng
Chapter 6428 Luo Sheng’s plan
Chapter 6429 Finally pecked by geese
Chapter 6430 Kidnapped
Chapter 6431 The Five Decline of Heaven and Man
Chapter 6432: Weekly Teleportation
Chapter 6433 Taiyin Continent
Chapter 6434: Selling Cute Shamelessly
Chapter 6435: Having a Position
Chapter 6436 Negotiating Perilla
Chapter 6437 Substituting one thing for another
Chapter 6438: Kidnapping Chang Yue
Chapter 6439 Conquering Perilla
Chapter 6440 Origin Legend
Chapter 6441: Controlling Long Ming
Chapter 6442: Trapping Long Ming
Chapter 6443 Beating to appease
Chapter 6444: Rhetoric about Xiao Yun
Chapter 6445: Two dogs poaching people
Chapter 6446 Battle with Hongying
Chapter 6447: A shot of dawn
Chapter 6448: Dominate the Dragon Saint
Chapter 6449 Follow me home
Chapter 6450 Qiongyang Star State
Chapter 6451 The power of the divine whip
Chapter 6452 Countermeasures
Chapter 6453 Directed and acted by oneself
Chapter 6454 War-Inciting Report
Chapter 6455 is intended to start a war
Chapter 6456 Coordinated Attack
Chapter 6457 Five Beast Alliance
Chapter 6458: Soldiers Point to the Wilderness
Chapter 6459 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 6460 Jingrui Intelligence
Chapter 6461 Discuss and respond
Chapter 6462 Strategic Deployment
Chapter 6463: Prehistoric Robbers
Chapter 6464 Intelligence Support
Chapter 6465 Research on Divine Martial Arts
Chapter 6466 Before the war
Chapter 6467 Lure the enemy deeper
Chapter 6468 Unpacking Dumplings
Chapter 6469 Thunder Dragon Fighter
Chapter 6470 Hunting the Thunder Dragon
Chapter 6471 King of the Sky
Chapter 6472 Fighting in the battle formation
Chapter 6473 The God of Killing Appears
Chapter 6474: Frontal Battle with Yaizhen
Chapter 6475 Mother and daughter
Chapter 6476 Tianju Star Dou
Chapter 6477 Emperor Xuan fights against evil spirits
Chapter 6478 All starts
Chapter 6479 Spiritual communication
Chapter 6480 Ji Dao Battle Formation
Chapter 6481 Xiang Chen takes action
Chapter 6482 Battle against Emperor Rong
Chapter 6483 Dharma Prime Minister Siege
Chapter 6484: Suppressing Emperor Rong
Chapter 6485 The battle between Feng and Yai
Chapter 6486 The man in black robe appears
Chapter 6487 Battle against Tianju
Chapter 6488 Never met each other
Chapter 6489 The miracle of creation
Chapter 6490: Keep people’s hearts
Chapter 6491 Attack and Defense Battle
Chapter 6492 Battle of Bashen City
Chapter 6493 Inciting Public Opinion
Chapter 6494: Radiant Light
Chapter 6495 Battle of Eternity
Chapter 6496 Beat up Yuluan
Chapter 6497 The drama queen is online
Chapter 6498: Not following the script
Chapter 6499: Frontal Battle with Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 6500 Asura Heavenly Slaughter
Chapter 6501 There is a traitor inside
Chapter 6502 The war ends
Chapter 6503: Extremely urgent
Chapter 6504: Shock on all sides
Chapter 6505 Lei Yuluan
Chapter 6506 My Lord is in the East
Chapter 6507: Internal investigation
Chapter 6508 Internal Investigation
Chapter 6509 Long Ao exposed
Chapter 6510 Implicating the Nine Clans
Chapter 6511 Execution of Long Ao
Chapter 6512: Gambling
Chapter 6513: Madman’s style of play
Chapter 6514: Conquer Yajuan
Chapter 6515: Understanding Eternity
Chapter 6516 Daozu’s advice
Chapter 6517 Not Qualified
Chapter 6518 Poor Leopard
Chapter 6519 I won’t go back
Chapter 6520 Poor Yaizhen
Chapter 6521: No one can stand without faith
Chapter 6522 is finally here
Chapter 6523 Please enter the urn
Chapter 6524: Fighting against the declining gods
Chapter 6525: Five Taboos
Chapter 6526 The cause and effect is too big
Chapter 6527 Infinite God
Chapter 6528 Conquering Duke Shen
Chapter 6529 Han Yang Wen Ning
Chapter 6530 Mysterious Awakening
Chapter 6531 Amazing Poisonous Gas
Chapter 6532 Girl War
Chapter 6533 Conversation with Wen Ning
Chapter 6534 Harvesting the God of Plague
Chapter 6535: Too Annoying
Chapter 6536: Virtual and Real
Chapter 6537 Counter Annihilation
Chapter 6538 The situation changes suddenly
Chapter 6539 The Qilin King’s Struggle
Chapter 6540 Alliance intervenes
Chapter 6541 Winning over Ziwei
Chapter 6542 Five Open Eternity
Chapter 6543 Heaven withdraws its troops
Chapter 6544 Eternal Defeat
Chapter 6545 Youtian Treasure
Chapter 6546 Qingdai is very flattering
Chapter 6547 Qingdai’s strength
Chapter 6548 Wangchuan Tianhe
Chapter 6549 The tip of the tongue forgets the river
Chapter 6550 Food Journey
Chapter 6551 Navigation Log
Chapter 6552 The Forgotten Giant Demon
Chapter 6553: Devoured by all the deceptions
Chapter 6554 Crossing the River of Forgetfulness
Chapter 6555 Cultivating Skeletons
Chapter 6556 Crazy Evolution
Chapter 6557 Taking the initiative to seek death
Chapter 6558 Direct Seal
Chapter 6559 Fall into the Abyss
Chapter 6560 Weird and weird
Chapter 6561 Strange existence
Chapter 6562 Dark Rakshasa
Chapter 6563 Battle against Rakshasa
Chapter 6564 No intention and no appearance
Chapter 6565 Boundless Hell
Chapter 6566 Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 6567 Reincarnation Eternity
Chapter 6568 Immersive Experience
Chapter 6569 Qingcheng Script
Chapter 6570 Ninth Floor
Chapter 6571 Rebirth
Chapter 6572 Tempering by Heaven’s Punishment
Chapter 6573 Thousand Years of Waiting
Chapter 6574 Sword array kills cattle
Chapter 6575 Qingdai gets angry
Chapter 6576 Skeletons counterattack
Chapter 6577 Tian Ming’s Revenge
Chapter 6578: Surrounding Qingdai
Chapter 6579 Rushing to Death
Chapter 6580 Unstoppable
Chapter 6581 Natural Enemies
Chapter 6582 Weird Girl
Chapter 6583 The King of Resentful Spirits
Chapter 6584 Lord of Nine Netherworlds
Chapter 6585: Angry You Huan to death
Chapter 6586: Cause of Death of You Huan
Chapter 6587: Being chased
Chapter 6588 Battle against the Sect Master
Chapter 6589: Seed
Chapter 6590 Skeleton Raw Flesh
Chapter 6591: Flesh and flesh become stronger
Chapter 6592: Eternal Punishment from Heaven
Chapter 6593 Lotus grows in the divine sea
Chapter 6594: Start counterattack
Chapter 6595 Strong Suppression
Chapter 6596: Ridiculing Qingdai
Chapter 6597 Be my pet
Chapter 6598 Battle with Millions
Chapter 6599: Resentful Spirit Curse Seal
Chapter 6600 Eternal Alliance
Chapter 6601 You Huan takes action
Chapter 6602 Complete crushing
Chapter 6603 Brutal torture of two dogs
Chapter 6604 True Power
Chapter 6605 Mother died and the emperor was born
Chapter 6606: The King of Warlords
Chapter 6607 Escape from Youtian
Chapter 6608: Referendum on Su
Chapter 6609 The Destined Man
Chapter 6610: Chasing and intercepting
Chapter 6611 Delaying time
Chapter 6612 Scavengers
Chapter 6613 Resurrection Test
Chapter 6614 Dumb Little Ni
Chapter 6615 Resurrection and Rebirth
Chapter 6616 Deep in the Sky and Sea
Chapter 6617 Mysterious Creature
Chapter 6618: Strong Physical Body
Chapter 6619 The First Guard
Chapter 6620 Strong Suppression
Chapter 6621 Dimensional Zone
Chapter 6622: You lend money?
Chapter 6623 Infinite Support
Chapter 6624 The person in the stomach
Chapter 6625 Yuwen Chenguang
Chapter 6626 I am the devil
Chapter 6627 Apprentice Master
Chapter 6628 Goodbye Yaochuan
Chapter 6629 The birth of the mineral vein
Chapter 6630 Looking for Mineral Veins
Chapter 6631 Encountering Star Bandits
Chapter 6632 Polishing the Heavenly Cavalry
Chapter 6633 Attacking Kowloon
Chapter 6634 Strange Place
Chapter 6635 Ancient God
Chapter 6636: Attacking the Ancient God
Chapter 6637 Exchange of Interests
Chapter 6638 Discovery of Mineral Veins
Chapter 6639 Finally discovered
Chapter 6640: Give up decisively
Chapter 6641 Game between two sides
Chapter 6642 Meeting Planning
Chapter 6643 is actually a coward
Chapter 6644 Don’t listen to dogs
Chapter 6645 The situation changes suddenly
Chapter 6646: A worthy death
Chapter 6647: Forced into a desperate situation
Chapter 6648 Long Chen is here
Chapter 6649: Scared off directly
Chapter 6650 God’s Deception
Chapter 6651 Dispatching the Dragon Saint
Chapter 6652 Fa Tian breaks the pole
Chapter 6653 One Hundred and Eight
Chapter 6654 Stealing the opportunity secretly
Chapter 6655: Using external forces
Chapter 6656 Business Conference
Chapter 6657 Investment Promotion
Chapter 6658: Mutual revenge
Chapter 6659: Fight and steal at the same time
Chapter 6660 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 6661: The oriole is behind
Chapter 6662: Virtual and Real
Chapter 6663: Can’t keep him
Chapter 6664: Operation Dark Hunter
Chapter 6665 Caught off guard
Chapter 6666 I’m going fishing
Chapter 6667 Continuous Upgrading
Chapter 6668 Youtian Entrepreneurship
Chapter 6669 The Emperor of Ten Thousand Ghosts
Chapter 6670: The Emperor’s Counterattack
Chapter 6671: Suppressing the Wei Emperor
Chapter 6672 Kunlun Assassination
Chapter 6673: Broken
Chapter 6674 Breaking into Kunlun at Night
Chapter 6675 Two old men
Chapter 6676: Fight against Tiankui
Chapter 6677 The terrifying sky
Chapter 6678 The two blackest dogs
Chapter 6679 The Sword on the Pillow
Chapter 6680 Negotiating a truce
Chapter 6681 goes further
Chapter 6682 Above Ten Thousand Dragons
Chapter 6683: Prehistoric Mine Appears
Chapter 6684: Sneak and run first
Chapter 6685 Ten Mineral Veins
Chapter 6686 The Fall of the Ancient Tang Dynasty
Chapter 6687 The army enters the capital
Chapter 6688 Horror Su Wen
Chapter 6689 Allocating Resources
Chapter 6690 is under control
Chapter 6691 The hunt begins
Chapter 6692 Battle against Cang Lei
Chapter 6693 Three Battles with the King of Martial Arts
Chapter 6694: Suppressing the Two Commanders
Chapter 6695 Battle with Lei Yuan
Chapter 6696 A great victory
Chapter 6697 Morale Collapse
Chapter 6698 Shocked Cang Lei
Chapter 6699 Counterattack on Cang Lei
Chapter 6700 Lurking in
Chapter 6701 Terrifying Power
Chapter 6702 Sunflower Water Crystal
Chapter 6703: Weak and No Diplomacy
Chapter 6704 Alliance Conference
Chapter 6705 Great opportunity
Chapter 6706: Collective Retreat
Chapter 6707 Three-Party Conspiracy
Chapter 6708 Take action directly
Chapter 6709: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 6710: Frontal Battle with Tianqing
Chapter 6711 Explosions Continuously
Chapter 6712: Attack both inside and outside
Chapter 6713: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 6714 Ancestor Lei Ze
Chapter 6715: Internal collapse
Chapter 6716: Fighting for Eternity
Chapter 6717 Unstoppable
Chapter 6718 Continuous Suppression
Chapter 6718 Continuous Suppression
Chapter 6719 The madman is furious
Chapter 6720 The Heavenly Thorn
Chapter 6721 Eternal Two Dogs
Chapter 6722 Kui Niu Tian Gu
Chapter 6723: Trapping and Killing Lei Ze
Chapter 6724: Conquer Leize
Chapter 6725 Three Echelons
Chapter 6726: Game against each other
Chapter 6727 Long Chen supervises the country
Chapter 6728 The natural disaster star
Chapter 6729 Dongkun Allied Forces
Chapter 6730 Greater Purpose
Chapter 6731 Suan Ni Dragon Saint
Chapter 6732 Dragon Plays in Nine Heavens
Chapter 6733 The Nine Generations Sword Comes Out
Chapter 6734 The mission must be achieved
Chapter 6735: Bully Emperor Yu
Chapter 6736 Psychological Tactics
Chapter 6737 Prepare to take action
Chapter 6738 Vice General Zhao Qi
Chapter 6739 Imperial Race
Chapter 6740: The Alliance’s Trouble
Chapter 6741 Arrange manpower
Chapter 6742 No chance
Chapter 6743 Completely Crushed
Chapter 6744: Killing with a Quick Knife
Chapter 6745 Dragon Ancestor Cultivation
Chapter 6746 Amazing Combat Power
Chapter 6747: Crush and Beat
Chapter 6748: Needle-pointed wheat awn
Chapter 6749 Controlling the Imperial Capital
Chapter 6750 Actors Unveiled
Chapter 6751 Mental Strike
Chapter 6752: Upright and ferocious
Chapter 6753: Attacking the Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 6754 The whereabouts of the origin
Chapter 6755: Start refining
Chapter 6756: Bullish
Chapter 6757 Cow and Horse Life
Chapter 6758: Falling into a loop
Chapter 6759 It’s hard to resist the temptation
Chapter 6760 Xiao Lai’s knife
Chapter 6761 Various Reincarnations
Chapter 6762 Fighting Dragon Ancestor Again
Chapter 6763 Finally surrendered
Chapter 6764: Criticizing Biyan
Chapter 6765 Love Brain
Chapter 6766 Let’s drink milk tea
Chapter 6767 Plot Kunlun
Chapter 6768: Stealing Two Secrets from Home
Chapter 6769 Kidnapping Shaoqing
Chapter 6770 Accurate Intelligence
Chapter 6771: Middle-earth stirs up trouble
Chapter 6772: Game against each other
Chapter 6773 Jumping to Tianchi
Chapter 6774: Changing
Chapter 6775 Blooming everywhere
Chapter 6776 Strong Lei Ze
Chapter 6777: Being put on the spot
Chapter 6778 Kunlun Emperor
Chapter 6779 Sanctions on Prehistoric Times
Chapter 6780 Rewards and Punishments
Chapter 6781 Heaven punishes Mu Feng
Chapter 6782: Tracking down the traitor
Chapter 6783 Teenage Labor Pains
Chapter 6784: Beat the local snake
Chapter 6785 Unite the Family
Chapter 6786 Ming Xiu Plank Road
Chapter 6787 Expanding the chessboard
Chapter 6788: Peace in Zhoushan
Chapter 6789 Insidious Su Wen
Chapter 6790: What is the intention?
Chapter 6791: Intrigue and deceit
Chapter 6792 Catch you
Chapter 6793 Battle against Kunlun
Chapter 6794 Killing Xiang Chen
Chapter 6795: Undoubted Defeat
Chapter 6796 It’s all a calculation
Chapter 6797 Dragon Fights Kunlun
Chapter 6798 Empress Xiling
Chapter 6799 Battle against the Virgin
Chapter 6800: Suppressing Xiling
Chapter 6801 Eternal Realm
Chapter 6802 Battle against the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 6803 Conquering Kunlun
Chapter 6804 Insidious Su Wen
Chapter 6805: Braking with stillness
Chapter 6806 Chess Player Daozu
Chapter 6807: One move is missing
Chapter 6808: Expose the old dog
Chapter 6809 Racial Confidence
Chapter 6810 Death from Thunder
Chapter 6811 On Information Warfare
Chapter 6812 Reunited
Chapter 6813 True and False
Chapter 6814 Doomsday Plan
Chapter 6815 Countermeasures from all parties
Chapter 6816 What a big mosquito
Chapter 6817 Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 6818 Six-winged Mosquito Ancestor
Chapter 6819: Starting from Ten Million City
Chapter 6820 Ten Billion Army
Chapter 6821 The First Target
Chapter 6822 Tactical Discussion
Chapter 6823 Hide and Seek
Chapter 6824: All mobilized
Chapter 6825 He wants to steal the house
Chapter 6826 Carrying it alone
Chapter 6827 Fight for great freedom
Chapter 6828: Bi Fan is convinced
Chapter 6829 Ten Billion Army
Chapter 6830 Battle with Feng Huáng
Chapter 6831 Join forces to fight Huang
Chapter 6832 Sword kills Yuan Feng
Chapter 6833 Shameless
Chapter 6834 Attitude Transformation
Chapter 6835 Pulling and pulling
Chapter 6836 Blitzing the Sun
Chapter 6837 Oolong War
Chapter 6838 Direct Negotiation
Chapter 6839 Everyone is in danger
Chapter 6840 Guanxue Sword Village
Chapter 6841 She falls in love with me
Chapter 6842 Teach everything
Chapter 6843 Su Wen’s Bewitchment
Chapter 6844: Unite everywhere
Chapter 6845 Tiandao Alliance
Chapter 6846 Two Differences
Chapter 6847 Seven Realms Alliance
Chapter 6848 Dog and Sixth
Chapter 6849 Bad Old Six Things
Chapter 6850 Awesome
Chapter 6851 Ancient Origins
Chapter 6852 Jiuer’s method
Chapter 6853 Hongmeng Conference
Chapter 6854 Territorial Dispute
Chapter 6855 Exchange of Interests
Chapter 6856 Taikoo Fan
Chapter 6857: Scared away directly
Chapter 6858 The Will of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 6859 is all living beings
Chapter 6860: Understanding the world
Chapter 6861 The Unity of Heaven and Man
Chapter 6862 Creation of all things
Chapter 6863: Trying to figure out history
Chapter 6864 Goodbye Fuxi
Chapter 6865 The Method of Hunyuan
Chapter 6866 Go to plan
Chapter 6867 Ready to go
Chapter 6868 Frozen World
Chapter 6869 Primitive Ancients
Chapter 6870 No civilization
Chapter 6871 Original Monk
Chapter 6872 Icefield Guxia
Chapter 6873 Continuous Exploration
Chapter 6874 Missing God
Chapter 6875 Fengyun Empire
Chapter 6876 Mr. Big
Chapter 6877 Planning the situation
Chapter 6878 The time has come
Chapter 6879 Helping Development
Chapter 6880 Investment Promotion in Qin
Chapter 6881 Comprehensive Development
Chapter 6882 The storm is coming
Chapter 6883 Internal and external troubles
Chapter 6884 Absolute disadvantage
Chapter 6885 Playing House
Chapter 6886 Appearance in front of others
Chapter 6887 Fighting to Kill Tens of Millions
Chapter 6888 The Great Qin Army
Chapter 6889 One Leaf World
Chapter 6890 Continue the journey
Chapter 6891 Aging World
Chapter 6892 Incense Practice
Chapter 6893 Sun Devouring God Lord
Chapter 6894 The great disaster is coming
Chapter 6895 Sad Jiuzhou
Chapter 6896 Ragnarok
Chapter 6897 The cause and effect of planting
Chapter 6898 Leaf body
Chapter 6899: Only heads left
Chapter 6900 Hongmeng Tianwu
Chapter 6901 Eighty-nine Magical Skills
Chapter 6902: Start the layout
Chapter 6903 Twelve Scriptures
Chapter 6904: Tie the dog chain
Chapter 6905 The Road to the Future
Chapter 6906 Demonic Fetus Zhu Xi
Chapter 6907 Mercenary Leveling Up
Chapter 6908 Grandmaster Mission
Chapter 6909 Mo Hai Qilin
Chapter 6910 Raise your hand to suppress
Chapter 6911 A hand knife
Chapter 6912 Never cheat anyone
Chapter 6913 Applying for God Level
Chapter 6914 God Level Difficulty
Chapter 6915 Grandmaster List
Chapter 6916 Trade Negotiations
Chapter 6917 Huyan Zhuozhuo
Chapter 6918: Talking openly and covertly
Chapter 6919 Battle with Huyan
Chapter 6920 The King of Seasoning
Chapter 6921 Entering Food
Chapter 6922 New experience
Chapter 6923: Bringing up a baby like this
Chapter 6924 Business Negotiation
Chapter 6925 Development of Sirius
Chapter 6926 The mission is over
Chapter 6927 Mercenary Headquarters
Chapter 6928 God-level mission
Chapter 6929: The Theory of Insect Disaster
Chapter 6930 Autumn Maple Insect Disaster
Chapter 6931 Grandmaster Insect Demon
Chapter 6932 Killing Insects
Chapter 6933 Demon Cave World
Chapter 6934 War between Gods of War
Chapter 6935 Golden Eyed Thunder Cockroach
Chapter 6936 Strong Strength
Chapter 6937 Ergou takes action
Chapter 6938 True Strength
Chapter 6939 Crazy Manifestation
Chapter 6940 Abuse of the Demon God
Chapter 6941 Jumping from both ends
Chapter 6942 Hunting Couples
Chapter 6943 It’s all a routine
Chapter 6944 Directed and acted by oneself
Chapter 6945 A Bigger Demon Cave
Chapter 6946 Demonic Insect Strategy
Chapter 6947 Reverse Swallowing
Chapter 6948 Neighbor’s Murderous Intent
Chapter 6949 Divine weapon
Chapter 6950 The moon will come
Chapter 6951 Rumors spread
Chapter 6952 People’s hearts are unpredictable
Chapter 6953 Pretending
Chapter 6954 Battle of Tianlang City
Chapter 6955 Tai Chi defends the city
Chapter 6956 Street Fighting in the City
Chapter 6957 Battle at the foot of the mountain
Chapter 6958 Flame Thunder
Chapter 6959 All improved
Chapter 6960 Why do you need me?
Chapter 6961 Phantom Demon Heavenly Palm
Chapter 6962 A sword is inherently evil
Chapter 6963 Cut into pieces
Chapter 6964: Coercion and inducement
Chapter 6965 Internal betrayal
Chapter 6966: Kill with one sword
Chapter 6967 Battle with Yuehua
Chapter 6968 Really fast
Chapter 6969 Easily Killed
Chapter 6970 Dominate the whole scene
Chapter 6971 Beating
Chapter 6972 Delicious Beauty
Chapter 6973 Moonlight Tower
Chapter 6974 Moonlight Killing
Chapter 6975 The knife moves the moon
Chapter 6976 One-Man Fighting Sect
Chapter 6977 I’m in
Chapter 6978 Death Game
Chapter 6979 Brother, you smell so good
Chapter 6980 The Sky-Swallowing Sect
Chapter 6981 The difference between Hunyuan
Chapter 6982 Zhi Feng’s allegiance
Chapter 6983 Famous in the world
Chapter 6984 The God of Mercenaries
Chapter 6985 God-Level Mercenaries
Chapter 6986 Prince Jing
Chapter 6987 Famous and high-class
Chapter 6988 Become interested
Chapter 6989 Recruiting North and South
Chapter 6990: Letter to Tianyao
Chapter 6991 Top Three Grandmasters
Chapter 6992: Storms from all directions
Chapter 6993 Come and challenge
Chapter 6994: Guidance on Martial Arts
Chapter 6995 Shocked Countless
Chapter 6996 All methods are accessible
Chapter 6997 Battle against Fengyue
Chapter 6998 Heavenly Sword
Chapter 6999 Beauty comes to your door
Chapter 7000 A close friend from the end of the world
Chapter 7001 Martial Arts Conference
Chapter 7002 Sukhbalu
Chapter 7003 invisible pen
Chapter 7004 All parties appear on the stage
Chapter 7005 The conference begins
Chapter 7006: Hidden Strength and Hidden Edge
Chapter 7007 PUA Brothers
Chapter 7008 The Grandmaster is boiling
Chapter 7009 Fairy Showdown
Chapter 7010 The Horror of Tianshang
Chapter 7011 The protagonist appears
Chapter 7012: Extremely powerful
Chapter 7013 Fierce Battle
Chapter 7014 Extreme Pressure
Chapter 7015 Gouzi takes action
Chapter 7016 The First Battle
Chapter 7017: Pretending again