Chapter 6966: Kill with one sword

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Ma Yuangu's sword energy penetrated into Gong Yangzheng's body and suddenly exploded.

I saw Gong Yangzheng's entire body exploded instantly and turned into minced meat on the ground. His soul was forced out, and Ma Yuangu grabbed the soul.

Gongyang was shocked and angry, looking at Ma Yuangu in disbelief. He didn't expect that the other party would take action so decisively.

Li Qingshan next to him was stunned for a moment, and looked at Ma Yuangu in surprise, surprised by the other party's decisiveness.

The leader of the Yuehua Sect looked at this scene and nodded with satisfaction: "Yes, he is a person who can do things."

Gong Yangzheng's soul roared angrily: "Ma Yuangu, you traitor!!"

Ma Yuangu sighed slightly, looked at Gong Yangzheng's soul and said with regret: "Fellow Taoist Gongyang, I'm sorry, I don't want to do this to you, but those who know the current affairs are heroes, and even the Lord God cannot come in such a critical moment.

, which means that Lord Shenjun has either given up on us, or he really can’t come back.”

"I have to be responsible for my family and the many people in Jiuzhou. The people of Jiuzhou cannot be exterminated like this. I will try my best to prevent the people of the Gongyang family from suffering pain and torture."

Gongyang was scolding angrily: "Despicable villain, traitor, spineless coward, even if Lord Shenjun cannot come back, there is absolutely no possibility for the people of Kyushu to rise under your leadership!"

Facing Gong Yangzheng's curse, Ma Yuangu didn't refute anything. The other party was about to die. He was a dead man. He could scold him how he wanted.

The leader of the Yuehua Sect said indifferently: "Stop talking nonsense and send him on his way."

Ma Yuangu nodded and looked at Gongyang Zhengdao: "Friends, let's go!"

He condensed his sword intention, which formed a golden spiritual sword, and directly stabbed Gong Yangzheng's soul, trying to kill Gong Yangzheng's soul.


Suddenly, Ma Yuangu's whole body let out a shrill scream, and the spiritual sword condensed by his sword intent instantly shattered and shattered.

The other person held his head with both hands, and there was an unbearable pain in his head. He was wailing in pain and screaming repeatedly.

This sudden change shocked everyone around.

Yuehua Sect Master, Elder Zhao and others all looked surprised.

"What's wrong with him?" Elder Zhao asked in shock.

Li Qingshan thought of something, and his expression suddenly changed: "It's Lord Shenjun, Lord Shenjun's poison!"

"What? A poison from Sun Swallowing God?" Elder Zhao quickly released a ray of spiritual energy to check.

Ma Yuangu held his head and howled, and everyone fell to the ground and rolled around, banging his head against his head.

"Lord God, have mercy on me, Lord God, have mercy on me!" Ma Yuangu kept wailing and begging for mercy.

A ray of Elder Zhao's spiritual thoughts entered his mind, and he saw a huge golden worm rolling in the opponent's spiritual sea, eating the entire space of the spiritual sea, swallowing up a large amount of divine soul power one bite at a time.

Ma Yuangu's soul had been swallowed up by the Gu worm and entered his stomach, where it slowly corroded and dissolved.

"Ah!!!" Ma Yuangu's screams were heartbreaking, and the people around him were extremely shocked. The Yuehua Sect Master's face was gloomy, and he burst into powerful spiritual power and poured into the opponent's divine sea, trying to

Suppress the bug.

However, the power of his spiritual thoughts poured into Ma Yuangu's divine sea, and a sneer appeared in the eyes of the golden Gu insect. When he opened his mouth, a large mouthful of mist suddenly spurted out.


In an instant, the suppressed mental power was like snow meeting a soldering iron, melting and evaporating instantly.

"Hiss—" Yuehua Sect Master felt a stinging pain in his soul and his head twitched. He quickly cut off this spiritual thought.


Li Qingshan's face turned pale with fright when he saw this scene. He quickly knelt down, looked at the world around him and said: "Master Shenjun, my subordinates have no intention of betrayal and surrender. I just want to compromise and delay time to wait for your arrival."

Gongyang Zhenghun looked at this scene and laughed loudly: "Master Shenjun is here, Master Shenjun is here, Ma Yuangu, you traitor is dead!"

Ma Yuangu was wailing, and saw black blood slowly flowing out from all his seven orifices. His screams became weaker and weaker, and gradually disappeared, without any fluctuations in his mental power.

I saw that his divine sea space was completely shattered, with no mental power remaining, and no soul. There was only a golden silkworm squirming in his brain, devouring the brain, as if it was sucking tofu.

The Yuehua Sect Master’s spiritual thoughts spread in all directions, and he burst out with powerful spiritual thoughts: “Mu Chen, Sun-Eating Divine Lord, get out!!”

In Tianlang City, the iceberg beauty Elder Qin, who was dressed in white and had a cold demeanor, continuously condensed ice arrows and dropped them. Each ice arrow was guided by his spiritual thoughts and accurately struck at those who were resisting in Tianlang City.

Mercenaries, militia.

The mercenaries were hiding in houses and bunkers. When they were discovered, an ice arrow fell, directly penetrating the person and freezing their souls.

She has killed 40,000 to 50,000 militiamen and mercenaries by herself.

For a grandmaster who took action like her, there were two other grandmasters working together at the moment. With enough time, the three grandmasters would be able to destroy the mercenary group and all the militiamen.


Suddenly, a loud sword sound echoed between heaven and earth.

I saw a sword light flying from the sky at an incredible speed, bringing out a rainbow of sword energy that was thousands of miles long.

It was a pitch black divine sword, pure black, simple in shape, without any bells and whistles.

The sword light emitted was gray. The gray sword light cut through the heaven and earth and came to kill, locking Elder Qin.

Elder Qin's pretty face changed with surprise, and he immediately activated his protective magic weapon, and at the same time, he burst out with protective energy.

The jade ring on her wrist and the hairpin in her hair are all eternal protective magic weapons in heaven and earth!

The defensive divine light released enveloped as many as seven layers.

But the sword passed by instantly, and the defensive lights were shattered, as if they were thin films lightly scratched by the sword.


Her eyes suddenly flashed, and the black divine sword instantly appeared in her beautiful pupils, and the tip of the sword pierced her eyes.


In an instant, the sword struck her forehead between her eyebrows, and the peerless divine sword intent erupted from the sword, and the sword energy exploded instantly.

Her beautiful head exploded instantly, and the exploding sword intent impacted her soul and consciousness. Her soul was instantly shattered by the sword intent that was countless times stronger than her, and her consciousness collapsed.

The headless body suddenly fell from mid-air, and landed in the ruins below with a crash. Blood spattered on many rubbles and bricks. A beautiful, cold-hearted goddess-like grandmaster was instantly swept away.

Instant kill with sword!

This burst of sword energy and sword intent instantly frightened the other six masters present!

Including the Yuehua Sect Leader, nine masters originally came.

However, Xiang Chen's clone killed one, Shan Yimu also killed a grandmaster before he was suppressed, and now he killed another one, leaving only six grandmasters present.

"Elder Qin!!"

"Elder Qin Feng!"

The spiritual thoughts of several other great masters spread over and their expressions changed in horror!

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