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scarlet fall

scarlet fall

author:Montenegro old ghost

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-26 21:43

Latest chapter:A New Year’s letter to book friends

Life Demon, Law Demon, Knowledge Demon, Destiny Demon, War Demon...

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《scarlet fall》The latest nine chapters
A New Year’s letter to book friends
Chapter 311 The most perfect thing
Chapter 310 Talk to this world
Chapter 309 The Lamb Wins
Chapter 308 The perfect answer
Chapter 307
Chapter 306: Faceless Man Plan
Chapter 305 The biggest protective shield
Chapter 304 The Arrival of the Eleven Gods
《scarlet fall》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Type 1 Danger
Chapter 2 The Devil of Life
Chapter 3 Instructors
Chapter 4 Scrap Iron City
Chapter 5 Wild Abilities
Chapter 6 The core is luck
Chapter 7 The Three Taboos
Chapter 8 Abandoned Small Building
Chapter 9 The Extermination Massacre
Chapter 10 Methods of Self-Protection
Chapter 11 Bloody Memory
Chapter Twelve Three Years Experience
Chapter 13 Death Specimen
Chapter 14 Demon Infection and Pleasure Ritual
Chapter 15 The pattern of being a subordinate
Chapter 16 Intelligence Brokers
Chapter 17 Friendly Consultation
Chapter 18 Wedding Dress Female Corpse
Chapter 19 Summoning Ritual
Chapter 20: The One Who Loves Death
Chapter 21 Evil spirits come
Chapter 22 The Scarlet Scythe
Chapter 23 Everything is under control
Chapter 24 Really lucky
Chapter 25 The Black Goat Family
Chapter 26 Preying on Demons
Chapter 27 Death Totem
Chapter 28 Harvest Time
Chapter 29 The Black Goat Arrives
Chapter 30 The Legacy of God
Chapter 31 Demon Activity Level
Chapter 32 Happy Ending
Chapter 33 Model Employees
Chapter 34 Luck Goddess
Chapter 35 Life Goals
Chapter 36 Good things always happen
Chapter 37 Fallen Monster
Chapter 38 Soul Eater Banshee
Chapter 39 Mysterious Bullet
Chapter 40 The little girl with the jack-o-lantern
Chapter 41 Demon Force Field
Chapter 42 Only Violence Can Create Miracles
Chapter 43 The Transcendent Squad
Chapter 44 The White Ghost Knights
Chapter 45 Big-brained girl
Chapter 46 Demon Command
Chapter 47 The hardworking child
Chapter 48: Bringing Justice
Chapter 49: The Messenger of Justice
Chapter 50 The Demon of Knowledge
Chapter 51 Devil Believers
Chapter 52 Frogmouth Knight
Chapter Fifty-Three Twenty-One Bullets
Chapter 54 Knowledge Injection
Chapter 55 The Scarlet Ritual
Chapter 56 Devil Taboo
Chapter 57 Model Team Members
Chapter 58 The Existence of God
Chapter 59 The Second Secret War
Chapter 60: Come Back to Visit Relatives
Chapter 61: Rose of Flesh and Blood
Chapter 62 My life is for him
Chapter 63 The Bloom of Roses
Chapter 64 The Disappearing Demon of Life
Chapter 65 Feifei is the real god
Chapter 66 The Black Collar
Chapter 67 The Devil of Love
Chapter 68: Pure Offerings
Chapter 69 Rose Organization
Chapter 70 The Lamb
Chapter 71 Professional Skills
Chapter 72 Scarlet Death
Chapter 73 My camp
Chapter 74 The missing touch
Chapter 75 Scarlet Instructor
Chapter 76 The True Devil Believer
Chapter 77 Scarlet Upgrade
Chapter 78 The instructor forced me
Chapter 79: You Can't Only Be Afraid of the Lamb
Chapter 80: The Value of Art
Chapter 81 Shadow of Scrap Iron City
Chapter 82 The Devil's Exchange
Chapter 83 The Devil's Big Collection
Chapter 84 Time is quiet
Chapter 85 Heartbeat
Chapter 86 Scarlet Theocracy
Chapter 87 More Heartbeats
Chapter 88 A good man full of justice
Chapter 89 The Sheep Face Demon
Chapter 90 The sacrifice of flesh and blood
Chapter 91 Captain's Order
Chapter 92 Ghost Lady
Chapter 93 The Rose Sect
Chapter 94 Funeral with Guns
Chapter 95 Dark Knight
Chapter 96 The Demon of War
Chapter 97 It's getting dark
Chapter 98 The second type of danger
Chapter 99 The little girl in the white dress
Chapter 100 The Seventh Missionary Order (4,500 words)
Chapter 101 This is a good captain
Chapter 102 The most efficient method
Chapter 103 The sheep-faced devil is here
Chapter 104 Order Knight
Chapter 105 War Demon
Chapter 106 Ten-second charging (4,000 words)
Chapter 107 The Strongest Devil (2 in 1)
Chapter 108 The Disease Box
Chapter 109 Blooming Flesh Rose
Chapter 110 The most important thing (4,000 words)
Chapter 111 Its not fair if youre not afraid
Chapter 112 Totem Appears
Chapter 113 Blue Bird Team
Chapter 114 The Death Knell of the God is Born
Chapter 115 The heaviness of life
Chapter 116: My child, go kill the gods.
Chapter 117 My Team
Chapter 118: Peace in Scrap Iron City
Chapter 119: Instructor Teng She
Chapter 120 After the mission
Chapter 121 Scarlet Will
Chapter 122 Disaster Demon
Chapter 123 Humanoid Natural Disaster
Chapter 124 Jinshan City
Chapter 125 Ye's Consortium
Chapter 126 Cursed Demon
Chapter 127 It is not illegal to kill someone
Chapter 128: Top Students in the Training Camp
Chapter 129: Those who are silent late at night
Chapter 130 One Person, Two Abilities
Chapter 131: I like this feeling
Chapter 132 Scarlet Chariot
Chapter 133: Dare you scold my captain?
Chapter 134 Bullets are free
Chapter 135 Gods Logic
Chapter 136 The Emperor of Jinshan City
Chapter 137: Scrap Iron City Slutty Goat
Chapter 138 It should be enough
Chapter 139 Scarlet Chainsaw
Chapter 140: Really touching the soul
Chapter 141 Who dares to bully my team members?
Chapter 142 The captain is angry
Chapter 143 bius shot
Chapter 144 True Principles
Chapter 145 Gods Dump Truck
Chapter 146 This is unreasonable
Chapter 147 I just like you like this
Chapter 148 Facing the Dawn
Chapter 149 The Hanged Cursed Demon
Chapter 150 Special Investigator
Chapter 151 Black Gloves
Chapter 152 The Backstage of Scrap Iron City
Chapter 153 The test is too great
Chapter 154 Private Arms
Chapter 155 Official Channels
Chapter 156 Scarlet Sacrifice
Chapter 157 Wedding Gift
Chapter 158 The intense training
Chapter 159 Scarlet Sect
Chapter 160 Betrayal of Scarlet
Chapter 161 Good Citizen
Chapter 162 Assassination Plan
Chapter 163 Steps omitted
Chapter 164 Scrap Iron City is very angry
Chapter 165 Professional Knights
Chapter 166 Devil Little Pumpkin
Chapter 167 The best witness
Chapter 168: Love Demon Slutty Goat
Chapter 169 The Strongest Love Demon
Chapter 170 Death Agent
Chapter 171 Scarlet Agent
Chapter 172 The Scarlet God
Chapter 173 Scarlet Sacrifice
Chapter 174 Official Agent
Chapter 175 Demon Gene
Chapter 176 The second step of the Rose Plan
Chapter 177 Occult Expert
Chapter 178 Things are getting serious
Chapter 179: All hope is lost
Chapter 180 The Devil of Destiny
Chapter 181 The Pivot of Destiny
Chapter 182 Harvesting Destiny
Chapter 183 Intertwined Destinies
Chapter 184 Training Camp Professional Skills
Chapter 185 The battle for the future
Chapter 186: Demonic Bastards
Chapter 187 The Monster of Destiny
Chapter 188 Destiny vs. War
Chapter 189: A Trick of Fate
Chapter 190 Twin Demons
Chapter 191 Destiny Twins
Chapter 192 Destiny Review
Chapter 193 Scarlet Scalpel
Chapter 194 Disaster Blessing
Chapter 195 Son of Disaster
Chapter 196 Scarlet Operating Table
Chapter 197: Gambling the future
Chapter 198 Demon Doctor
Chapter 199: On how to effectively eliminate fear
Chapter 200 Blood Sea Party
Chapter 201 Wei Wei who doesnt know how to be ruthless
Chapter 202 Pink Handcuffs
Chapter 203: Combat Meeting
Chapter 204 Scarlet Arena
Chapter 205 The meaning of teammates
Chapter 206: A fool died in this village
Chapter 207 The Name of White Ghost
Chapter 208: Betrayer of Order
Chapter 209 Sculpture of Despair
Chapter 210 The cruelest cub
Chapter 211 Noahs Gift
Chapter 212 Weird Village
Chapter 213 Just a fool
Chapter 214 Scarlet Competition
Chapter 215 The Wrath of the Lamb
Chapter 216 Infinite Domain
Chapter 217 Scarlet Bible
Chapter 218: Some people always need to sacrifice
Chapter 219 Why lock the door?
Chapter 220 The New God Awakens
Chapter 221 Reclaiming Noah
Chapter 222 The Sinister Goat
Chapter 223 White Ghost Ouyang
Chapter 224: Sensible Team Members
Chapter 225 Demonic Defense Line
Chapter 226 The White Ghost Leaving the City
Chapter 227 The Birth of the True God
Chapter 228 The Cry of the Lamb
Chapter 229: Peeling off the skin of this god
Chapter 230 The Fifth Promotion Ceremony
Chapter 230 was transmitted incorrectly and needs to be refreshed.
Chapter 231: God is falsified
Chapter 232: The most terrifying person in Scrap Iron City
Chapter 233: A simple child
Chapter 234 One or zero
Chapter 235 Scarlet Prayer
Chapter 236 Application for the establishment of a mysterious organization
Chapter 237: Lord of the Black Abyss
Chapter 238 The Gods Throne is the Cage
Chapter 239 The simplest method of transportation (six thousand five)
Chapter 240 The first person to enter the abyss
Chapter 241 The most devout believer
Chapter 242 Training Camp Professional Plan
Chapter 243: The Captains Correct Application Method
Chapter 244 Beautiful garbage mountain
Chapter 245 The First Scarlet Knight
Chapter 246 I am who I am
Chapter 247 The Amazing Captain Ouyang
Chapter 248 The terrifying white ghost
Chapter 249 The biggest joke ever
Chapter 250 The two ultimate troubles in life
Chapter 251 Scarlet Attitude
Chapter 252 The Three Scarlet Cores
Chapter 253 The Strongest Intelligence Agent
Chapter 254 Scarlet Natural Enemy!!
Chapter 255 Shared Memory Pool
Chapter 256 The deep authority of the spiritual barrier (five thousand five)
Chapter 257 The reason for killing (six thousand five)
Chapter 258 The ultimate conjecture
Chapter 259 The most serious situation (five thousand five)
Chapter 260 Loyal Believer
Chapter 266 The three biggest fools in the world, six thousand words
Chapter 261 Where the master should be
Chapter 262: The God with a Chain Around His Neck
Chapter 263 My Scepter
Chapter 264 I choose the garbage mountain
Chapter 265 The decision of a wise man
Chapter 266 The three biggest fools in the world
Chapter 267 Scarlet Judgment
Chapter 268 No compromise at all
Chapter 269 Really, its no big deal
Chapter 270 The best captain and the best team members
Chapter 271: Become a god first
Chapter 272 The Third Secret War
Chapter 273 The man who committed suicide
Chapter 274 The Perfect Miss Lily
Chapter 275 Beautiful Miss Lily
Chapter 276 The Seventh Rank Promotion Ceremony
Chapter 277 The three most terrifying sheep
Chapter 278 Spear of Truth
Chapter 279 The Weakest Scarlet
Chapter 280 The Birth of the Blood Symbol
Chapter 281: Promotion in Hell's Hymn
Chapter 282: Provocation from the Garbage Mountain
Chapter 283: This was your original order
Chapter 284 Father Ans Question
Chapter 285 God of Disaster
Chapter 286 Immortal Contract
Chapter 287 A young man named Wei Wei
Chapter 288 The most vicious assassination in history
Chapter 289 The direction of disaster is wrong
Chapter 290 Demon Scythe
Chapter 291 Disaster and Scarlet
Chapter 292 Scarlets Answer
Chapter 293 Its time for you to learn to be afraid
Chapter 294: Being chained
Chapter 295 The Mother of Thirteen Gods
Chapter 296 Mom is about to wake up
Chapter 297 Its interesting to be a human being
Chapter 298 The Mission of the Twelve Gods
Chapter 299: The Eighth Level Promotion Sacrifice
Chapter 300: Give the world some humor
Chapter 301: The Largest Summoning Altar
Chapter 302 Kill him or be killed by him
Chapter 303: There are cages on both sides
Chapter 304 The Arrival of the Eleven Gods
Chapter 305 The biggest protective shield
Chapter 306: Faceless Man Plan
Chapter 307
Chapter 308 The perfect answer
Chapter 309 The Lamb Wins
Chapter 310 Talk to this world
Chapter 311 The most perfect thing
A New Year’s letter to book friends