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Peerless Holy Doctor

Peerless Holy Doctor

author:Why bother sister

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 08:36

Latest chapter:Chapter 2490 Do you think it will still be a trivial matter?

A little man who inherited a legacy. For the glory of his father, he stepped on his enemies and reached the top step by step!

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《Peerless Holy Doctor》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2490 Do you think it will still be a trivial matter?
Chapter 2489 What’s the use of him?
Chapter 2488 Who are you?
Chapter 2487 Did you send it out?
Chapter 2486 I will risk my life to protect you.
Chapter 2485 Traitor
Chapter 2484 The breath of the superior!
Chapter 2483 Long Family Jade Pendant
Chapter 2482 The biggest trouble
《Peerless Holy Doctor》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 For Sister
Chapter 2 I should be able to save him
Chapter 3 He Must Be a Liar
Chapter 4 Sister Is Saved
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Formal Acquaintance
Chapter 7 Are you a warrior too?
Chapter 8 Divorce
Chapter 9 You'll Regret
Chapter 10 I Can Cure My Sister
Chapter 11 Come on, sister believes in you
Chapter 12 Is it really trash?
Chapter 13 Sister's Reminder
Chapter 14 The First Step in Cultivating Immortals
Chapter 15 The Song Family's Life
Chapter 16 The genius of immortal cultivation?
Chapter 17 Flying leaves and crossing mountains
Chapter 18 Exhale to Kill
Chapter 19 The Big Boss Is You
Chapter 20 What a coincidence
Chapter 21 Lend me four more
Chapter 22 It's Not Luck
Chapter 23 Spirit Stone
Chapter 24 Does it look good?
Chapter 25 Beauty Reminder
Chapter 26 Save the Beauty
Chapter 27 Qin Chuan, you bastard
Chapter 28 Cultivation Costs
Chapter 29 Alchemy
Chapter 30 Which brat will be cheap?
Chapter 31 Do you drink this wine?
Chapter 32 Kill him
Chapter 33 I will fuck whoever forces you to drink!
Chapter 34 I see who the hell dares to do something to Mr. Qin!
Chapter 35 I kowtow to you
Chapter 36 Zhang Yao's Request
Chapter 37 Waste boy?
Chapter 38 What's wrong with you?
Chapter 39 Why is this happening?
Chapter 40 What's the matter?
Chapter 41 What did you say?
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Thank you for your grandson-in-law
Chapter 44 Who Are You?
Chapter 45 Miss, I finally found you
Chapter 46 I Can't Do It
Chapter 47 I remember it!
Chapter 48 You eat this first
Chapter 49 Good luck
Chapter 50 Song Family Plan
Chapter 51 I Can't Blame Me
Chapter 52 Who Can Help You Avenge?
Chapter 53 You Can't Kill
Chapter 54 You Can Die
Chapter 55 The Grandmaster's Demeanor
Chapter 56 I Really Live Here
Chapter 57 You are so brave
Chapter 58 So, I want to kill you
Chapter 59 Longya Club
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 What are you pretending to be?
Chapter 62 Five of them are not enough for me
Chapter 63 I Was Unintentional
Chapter 64 What's Your Suggestion?
Chapter 65 Are You Worth It?
Chapter 66 Then I have to prove it to you
Chapter 67 That's it?
Chapter 68 Who invited you?
Chapter 69 Qin Chuan, open your mouth
Chapter 70 I'm going to be pissed
Chapter 71 You talk to me about the rules?
Chapter 72
Chapter 73 He said yes, that is?
Chapter 74 So Capable?
Chapter 75 Is it okay to slap you?
Chapter 76
Chapter 77 It's His Background Now
Chapter 78 The Chamber of Commerce Begins
Chapter 79 I tell you, no way
Chapter 80: Three days apart, you should treat each other with admiration
Chapter 81 But I like it!
Chapter 82 You must always remember
Chapter 83 However, it’s not suitable
Chapter 84 Miss Zeng, why is this?
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 Is it the basis?
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 When you want it, you can get it when you want it
Chapter 89 Master Qin
Chapter 90 Foundation Establishment Great Perfection
Chapter 91 Am I so honored?
Chapter 92
Chapter 93 Elixir
Chapter 94
Chapter 95 No one, no connections?
Chapter 96 Blood Fir
Chapter 97
Chapter 98 Hidden Mysteries
Chapter 99 A True Master
Chapter 100 This is too scary, isn't it?
Chapter 101 Look at Mr. Qin's Brush
Chapter 102
Chapter 103 What?
Chapter 104 You must die today
Chapter 105 Are You Afraid of Death?
Chapter 106 Let's Hit the Road
Chapter 107 This is the real master
Chapter 108 To cut the grass, we must remove the roots
Chapter 109 What's the matter?
Chapter 110 Yu Luo Lingxian
Chapter 111 This is a good thing
Chapter 112: Supernatural Realm
Chapter 113 How Could It Be?
Chapter 114 The weapon is completed!
Chapter 115 I want to be your wife
Chapter 116 Don't Apologize?
Chapter 117 He's in Big Trouble
Chapter 118 Open your eyes and see
Chapter 119 Am I bragging?
Chapter 120 Your name is Chen Wei, right?
Chapter 121: It Looks Like Qin Chuan
Chapter 122 Is it just a sister?
Chapter 123 You are talking
Chapter 124 It's not shameful to be a dog
Chapter 125 This is not like you
Chapter 126 Long time no see
Chapter 127 It's really a god
Chapter 128 Breakthrough
Chapter 129
Chapter 130 Are you confident when facing the Grandmaster?
Chapter 131 Earth List
Chapter 132 Arrogance?
Chapter 133 The Boss of the Pinghe Hotel
Chapter 134 Pupil Confrontation
Chapter 135 Who else?
Chapter 136 Aoye Takes Action
Chapter 137 Who Can Fight?
Chapter 138 What are you?
Chapter 139 A Breathing Time
Chapter 140 Tang Family Olive Branch
Chapter 141 You are not worthy
Chapter 142 Master Qin Xianwei!
Chapter 143 Wish to respect Master Qin
Chapter 144: No Interest
Chapter 145 Any Conditions
Chapter 146 Fire Charm
Chapter 147 You bastard
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 Take you to hell
Chapter 150: You have your life, but you have no money to spend it
Chapter 151 Verification
Chapter 152 Do You Dare?
Chapter 153 Of course I know
Chapter 154 Blue Gold Tongtian Ju
Chapter 155 Ghost Field
Chapter 156 look over there
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 Ghost Immortal
Chapter 159 Does it count?
Chapter 160 Come to my house after get off work
Chapter 161 The Power of the Fahai Territory
Chapter 162 Invincible in the same realm
Chapter 163 Auxiliary Technique
Chapter 164 Spiritual Power
Chapter 165 Taishan talks about boxing
Chapter 166 Master Qin, are you free tonight?
Chapter 167 Why?
Chapter 168 Big Ghost
Chapter 169 What conditions do you want?
Chapter 170 Classmates Reunion
Chapter 171 Not a person from the world
Chapter 172
Chapter 173: Too Much Flattery
Chapter 174 Is it awesome?
Chapter 175
Chapter 176 Qin Chuan is Master Qin?
Chapter 177 Brother Xing, you are finally here
Chapter 178 Does he dare to accept it?
Chapter 179 Regret
Chapter 180 Are you worthy of being my woman?
Chapter 181 News of King Kong Wood
Chapter 182
Chapter 183
Chapter 184 The king of special
Chapter 185 Thank you Master Qin for your mercy
Chapter 186 God's Handsome Daughter
Chapter 187 Spirit Vessel
Chapter 188
Chapter 189: The Sad Wang Hao
Chapter 190 Do You Know Him?
Chapter 191 Is It Wrong?
Chapter 192 Qin Chuan's Motivation
Chapter 193 Beautiful Teacher
Chapter 194 What do you think?
Chapter 195 Dare to bet with us?
Chapter 196 You can add a chip
Chapter 197
Chapter 198 Real or fake, your surname is Qin?
Chapter 199 What does the school think?
Chapter 200 Sending the beggars?
Chapter 201 There really is something
Chapter 202 Then I will say a few words
Chapter 203 The First Betrayal
Chapter 204 The Second Betrayal
Chapter 205 Wang Hao's Ideal
Chapter 206 An Zhihonghu's ambition?
Chapter 207 Liu Yexiu
208 The Goddess's Past 1
209 The Goddess's Past 2
Chapter 210 What Can You Do?
Chapter 211 Wang Hao and others plan
Chapter 212 Is there any movement?
Chapter 213 The hypocritical pockmark
Chapter 214 Cohabitation Begins
Chapter 215: The God of a Country
Chapter 216 You are being followed
Chapter 217 Don’t give up an inch of the country’s territory
Chapter 218 I want to join you too
Chapter 219 Juntian
Chapter 220 You Say It Again
Chapter 221: You Said to be Huo?
Chapter 222 Eliminate unknown risks
Chapter 223 Do You Understand?
Chapter 224
Chapter 225 Are you going to hit me?
Chapter 226: Qin Chuan's Order
Chapter 227 Don't You Believe?
Chapter 228 Is This Still Human?
Chapter 229 How did this happen?
Chapter 230 I agree too
Chapter 231 You are finished
Chapter 232 Let him go
Chapter 233: Very Simple Reason
Chapter 234 Would you mind adding another one?
Chapter 235 The Song Family's Separate Project
Chapter 236 Hope to Reappear
Chapter 237 The realm above the master
Chapter 238 Realm Transformation Grandmaster Logo
Chapter 239
Chapter 240 Always panicked
Chapter 241 Repair
Chapter 242 Cut it by yourself?
Chapter 243 Curse again?
Chapter 244 Don't come here
Chapter 245 Are you so arrogant?
Chapter 246 Can You Be Faster?
Chapter 247 Entering a ktv and wearing a helmet?
Chapter 248 It's Good To Live
Chapter 249 I Want To See Brother Hao Nan
Chapter 250 What's His Name?
Chapter 251 What is the surname Qin?
Chapter 252 Who is Qin Chuan?
Chapter 253 Whose Horse's Son?
Chapter 254 What Background?
Chapter 255
Chapter 256 What to do then
Chapter 257 Golden Horn and Silver Horn
Chapter 258 You Are Right
Chapter 259 Are You Worth It?
Chapter 260
Chapter 261 How Much Money?
Chapter 262 Did You Win Again?
Chapter 263: A Few Maggots
Chapter 264
Chapter 265 Am I alone?
Chapter 266 Divine Eye Evolution
Chapter 267 What did you put?
Chapter 268 Is this threatening me?
Chapter 269: Crushing You!
Chapter 270
Chapter 271 That's it?
Chapter 272
Chapter 273 Ask them, can they bear it?
Chapter 274: Brother Chuan
Chapter 275 What do you mean?
Chapter 276: As expected of Brother Chuan
Chapter 277 I will kill you directly
Chapter 278
Chapter 279
Chapter 280 Who to look for
Chapter 281 Spirit Dragon
Chapter 282 What trouble?
Chapter 283 Are you sure?
Chapter 284 A Little Trouble
Chapter 285
Chapter 286 You Are Dead
Chapter 287 Fear
Chapter 288 I'm Not Bad
Chapter 289 An accident at the beautiful teacher's house
Chapter 290 Robber
Chapter 291 Don't you dare?
Chapter 292 I Killed
Chapter 293 How many people are there?
Chapter 294 Misunderstanding?
Chapter 295
Chapter 296 What's the point?
Chapter 297
Chapter 298 It's them
Chapter 299 It's Really Awesome
Chapter 300 Do You Want To Die?
Chapter 301 You Devils
Chapter 302 That is Master Qin
Chapter 303 Liang Bufan
Chapter 304 What About the Grandmaster?
Chapter 305 Let him know what a master is
Chapter 306 Are you busy now?
Chapter 307 The end of the road of martial arts
Chapter 308 Bottomless Pit
Chapter 309
Chapter 310 Justifiable Defense
Chapter 311
Chapter 312: Different Fire List
Chapter 313 The Broken World
Chapter 314 Weird
Chapter 315 Another bet?
Chapter 316 So Powerful
Chapter 317 Anyone?
Chapter 318 Are You Saying It Again?
Chapter 319: Himself
Chapter 320 The sudden change
321 Insight 1
322 Insight 2
Chapter 323: Not Qualified
Chapter 324
Chapter 325 Black Heart Flame
Chapter 326: The Parents Meeting is Coming Soon
Chapter 327 Why?
Chapter 328
Chapter 329 Master Qin? (Fourth update)
Chapter 330 Are You Qin Chuan?
Chapter 331 Do you understand now?
Chapter 332: Is what I said wrong?
Chapter 333 Just Don't Kill It
Chapter 334
Chapter 335: Show up, Demon General (Fourth update!)
Chapter 336 Life and death struggle
Chapter 337 The Power of the Soul Killing Needle
Chapter 338 Harvest
Chapter 339: Cultivation Occupation
Chapter 340 Bloodline Problem
Chapter 341 Do You Think It's Simple?
Chapter 342 What a big chance
Chapter 343 Four Orifices Flood Dragon Pill
Chapter 344 The second way?
Chapter 345
Chapter 346 Refining the Black Heart Flame
347 Refining the Black Heart Flame 2
Chapter 348 What did you see?
Chapter 349 Dantian Huahai
Chapter 350 Power
Chapter 351
Chapter 352 Do you really want me to tell you?
Chapter 353 I will tell you now
Chapter 354
Chapter 355
Chapter 356 I know
Chapter 357 'Friends'
Chapter 358 Isn't it unbearable?
Chapter 359 Battle
Chapter 360 You are not worthy
Chapter 361 Kill
Chapter 362
Chapter 363 Derivation, Improvement
Chapter 364
Chapter 365 Welcome to Master Qin
Chapter 366 Find someone to deliver the letter
Chapter 367 Going to Beijiang to Find Your Dad
Chapter 368 Qin, please come and die
369 Kneeling
Chapter 370
Chapter 371 Is there anything to go?
Chapter 372 We Can't Gamble
Chapter 373 Is Your Shot Over?
Chapter 374 Defeat
Chapter 375 Counterattack
Chapter 376 You Dare
Chapter 377 Why stop?
Chapter 378
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 Go to Qingyunguan to kill
Chapter 381 You Can't Kill Him
Chapter 382
Chapter 383 You are going to die
Chapter 384 Ten Thousand Ghosts Devouring Heart Formation
Chapter 385 Ten Thousand Ghosts Devouring Heart Formation 2
Chapter 386
Chapter 387
Chapter 388
Chapter 389
Chapter 390 The biggest gain
Chapter 391
Chapter 392 Golden Circle
Chapter 393 Spirit Tool
Chapter 394
Chapter 395
Chapter 396 Confident Woman
Chapter 397
Chapter 398 Add another cream
Chapter 399
Chapter 400 Sad Times
Chapter 401 Why should I die?
Chapter 402 He is not an outsider
Chapter 403 Are You Threatening Me?
Chapter 404: Remember
Chapter 405
Chapter 406 Is it yours to make up your mind?
Chapter 407 Are you single now?
Chapter 408: Battle Monument
Chapter 409
Chapter 410
Chapter 411
Chapter 412
Chapter 413
414 Second Response
Chapter 415: Zeng Yulin's Expectation
416 One person is enough
Chapter 417
Chapter 418 If it’s an insect, if it’s a dragon
Chapter 419
Chapter 420
Chapter 421
Chapter 422 Tang Xueqing's Physique
Chapter 423 Taiyin Technique
Chapter 424 Technical Activities
Chapter 425 Dissatisfaction
Chapter 426
Chapter 427
Chapter 428
Chapter 429
430 Kill him
Chapter 431 Werewolf
Chapter 432 Tiger Roar Battle Group
Chapter 433 Battle Formation
Chapter 434
Chapter 435 The person Liu Tiannan wants to protect
Chapter 436 I'll Bear It For You
437 I agree
Chapter 438: Qi Refining Technique
439 Questioning
Chapter 440 Five-clawed Golden Dragon Clothes
Chapter 441 I am here, the mountains and rivers are here, and you will always be there
Chapter 442 How am I?
Chapter 443
Chapter 444: Spirit Crystal
Chapter 445 I Believe This Child
Chapter 446 Royal Family
Chapter 447 Fierce Battle
Chapter 448
Chapter 449 Who do you look down on?
Chapter 450: The cause sown, the fruit produced
Chapter 451
Chapter 452 And You
Chapter 453: Paper Figure Refining
Chapter 454 Blood Elixir
Chapter 455 Do You Mind
Chapter 456
Chapter 457 What to do next?
Chapter 458
Chapter 459 Magical Treasure Has Spirit
Chapter 460 Monster
Chapter 461 Water Flood Dragon Beast
Chapter 462
Chapter 463
Chapter 464 Surrender or die
Chapter 465
Chapter 466: Harvest
Chapter 467
Chapter 468 Wait for me to go to the north to find you
Chapter 469 You should regret it
Chapter 470: Qingyun Sect
Chapter 471 Mountain Fire Town
Chapter 472 Peeking
Chapter 473 Curse
Chapter 474 What do you mean?
Chapter 475 You teach them a lesson
Chapter 476
Chapter 477
Chapter 478 Sea Blue Flame
Chapter 479 I am Master Qin
Chapter 480
Chapter 481 Cooperation
Chapter 482
Chapter 483 Thunder Tribulation Liquid
Chapter 484 Artifact Spirit
Chapter 485
Chapter 486 Are You Still Single?
Chapter 487 The old man's sigh
Chapter 488
Chapter 489 Who are they?
Chapter 490 Why is this happening?
Chapter 491
Chapter 492 I'm Not Crazy
Chapter 493 If you give it to a dog, the dog won’t drive it away
Chapter 494 I Am
Chapter 495: The Birthday Banquet Begins (1)
Chapter 496: The Birthday Banquet Begins (2)
Chapter 497 One after another (1)
Chapter 498 One after another (2)
Chapter 499 One after another (3)
Chapter 500 Uncle Nan Arrives (1)
Chapter 501 Uncle Nan Arrives (2)
Chapter 502
Chapter 503
Chapter 504 The old man's decision
Chapter 505: Vibration
Chapter 506 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 507
Chapter 508 Damn, it’s so annoying
Chapter 509 Spirit Mine
Chapter 510 Trouble is coming
Chapter 511 Lost
Chapter 512 Warning
Chapter 513 Water Avoidance Pill
Chapter 514: Acquaintances
Chapter 515 Talisman
Chapter 516 Lieyang Physique
Chapter 517 He can't see it anyway
Chapter 518 Blood Contract
Chapter 519 Yu Family's Past
Chapter 520
Chapter 521 Help With Anything?
Chapter 522
Chapter 523 The truth
Chapter 524
Chapter 525 Is it very powerful?
Chapter 526
Chapter 527 Goddess Scripture
Chapter 528
Chapter 529 Yu Yao was arrested
530 Can or Can't
Chapter 531
Chapter 532 Seven-star sword beam formation
Chapter 533 Golden Tower
Chapter 534 What can I do?
Chapter 535 Is it?
Chapter 536 You Can Only Die
Chapter 537
Chapter 538 Blood Sect
Chapter 539 Fierce Battle!
Chapter 540 Blood Armor
Chapter 541
Chapter 542 You can pull it down
543 The trouble is a bit big
Chapter 544
Chapter 545
Chapter 546
Chapter 547 Don't be too arrogant
Chapter 548 What are you doing?
Chapter 549 Is it true?
Chapter 550 What do you know?
Chapter 551
552 The first to kill him
Chapter 553 Kowloon Auction
Chapter 554 Replacement Studio
Chapter 555 How?
Chapter 556: Chief Elixir Expert
Chapter 557 Still this treatment?
Chapter 558 Is this the VIP treatment?
Chapter 559
Chapter 560 The auction starts
Chapter 561 Snake Man
Chapter 562 What is the starting price?
Chapter 563
Chapter 564 Fireball Technique
Chapter 565
Chapter 566 Rags
Chapter 567
Chapter 568 Temporary Bank
Chapter 569 Ice Blue Yin Wood
Chapter 570 Sixth-Order Treasure Technique
Chapter 571 Dragon Snake House
Chapter 572 A tree
Chapter 573 Rules
Chapter 574 Kunlun World
Chapter 575 What's wrong?
Chapter 576 Surrounding 1
577 Surrounding 2
578 Surrounding 3
Chapter 579
Chapter 580 Mutation
Chapter 581
Chapter 582
Chapter 583
Chapter 584 Make You Arrogant
Chapter 585 Hundred Ghosts Yinshan Formation
Chapter 586
Chapter 587
588 Harvest
Chapter 589
590 Cultivation of Treasures 2
Chapter 591 Is this OK?
Chapter 592
Chapter 593 Fire of God
Chapter 594 Do you still look down on me?
Chapter 595 It's Simple
Chapter 596 Tempering the Flesh
Chapter 597
Chapter 598: The Price of Jiangling Snow
Chapter 599
Chapter 600 The matter is not over yet
Chapter 601 I just want to kill you
Chapter 602 Say it
Chapter 603 Who Said First?
Chapter 604 Jiangbei King
Chapter 605: Courting Death
Chapter 606 Rescue
Chapter 607 Opportunity
Chapter 608 Jiang Tianhua's Collection
Chapter 609 get another one
Chapter 610 Fusion
Chapter 611: The Power of Vitality
Chapter 612 Crisis
Chapter 613 I'm Lying Down
Chapter 614 Second Treatment
Chapter 615: The Difficulty of Jiangfu
Chapter 616 Black Wing Gate
617 A Dog
Chapter 618 What is it?
Chapter 619 Who is this?
Chapter 620 Oh?
Chapter 621: Battle Half-step Golden Elixir
622 Then let you die first
623 Come on then
Chapter 624
Chapter 625 Must die
Chapter 626 One turn and half a step
Chapter 627: Fight Again, Half a Step
Chapter 628 Beheading 1
Chapter 629 I think I’ll kill you first
Chapter 630 Abandoned
Chapter 631 I don’t think so
Chapter 632 Give it a try
Chapter 633 Don’t come over
Chapter 634 Could it be that the sky is falling?
Chapter 635 A bunch of trash
Chapter 636 Wait a minute
Chapter 637 Second Level Advanced
Chapter 638 Condensing Blood Pill
Chapter 639 Success
Chapter 640 Who is it?
Chapter 641 Jiang Family, Yu Family Crisis
Chapter 642 Oh, really?
Chapter 643 Not to mention you
Chapter 644 Trump Card
Chapter 645: Just Three Wastes
Chapter 646 Blood Kung Fu
Chapter 647 Threat
Chapter 648 If you want to fight, fight
Chapter 649 Blood Spirit Cover
Chapter 650 Sleeping Spirit Tower
Chapter 651 Trapped
Chapter 652 Trapped 2
Chapter 653 Don’t worry
Chapter 654 No way either
Chapter 655 There is only one ending
Chapter 656 Broken Tower
Chapter 657 Fierce Battle with Huachou 1
Chapter 658 Fierce Battle with Huachou 2
Chapter 659 Fierce Battle with Huachou 3
Chapter 660 Fierce Battle with Huachou 4
Chapter 661 Escape
Chapter 662: Typed
Chapter 663 The threat is coming
Chapter 664 Swallowing the Soul
Chapter 665 Chai Yuanlong’s meaning
Chapter 666 Fantasy
Chapter 667 This is the human heart
Chapter 668 Leave no one behind
Chapter 669 Meeting again
Chapter 670 Chen Family Rules
Chapter 671 Relics
Chapter 672 Cage
Chapter 673 No one is innocent
Chapter 674 Who is he?
Chapter 675 Blood Sword Technique
Chapter 676 Three Killing Moves
Chapter 677 Nothing more than that
Chapter 678 The person who beats you up
Chapter 679 My little brother
Chapter 680 Blood Puppet
Chapter 681 It seems you don’t want to die.
Chapter 682 Blood Ancestor
Chapter 683 Dreaming
Chapter 684 What’s the use?
Chapter 685 Blood Sect Ancestor, Die!
Chapter 686 Blood Sect, destroyed
Chapter 687 The Terrifying Black Hammer
Chapter 688 Did you kill him?
Chapter 689 At least the top grade
Chapter 690 Black Wing Technique
Chapter 691 Ancestor save me
Chapter 692 A matter of hands
Chapter 693 Suppression
Chapter 694 Middle Grade Spiritual Weapon
Chapter 695 I’m going to beat you to death
Chapter 696 How about leaving it to you to handle?
Chapter 697 That must be done
Chapter 698 Who did it?
Chapter 699 Shouldn’t you object?
Chapter 700 Immortal Master Qin
Chapter 701 Is it over?
Chapter 702 How does it feel down there?
Chapter 703 Purple Divine Light
Chapter 704: Separation between immortals and mortals
Chapter 705 Can you still do it?
Chapter 706: Eat soft food, not shabby
Chapter 707 Refining Blood Pill and Golden Pill
Chapter 708 Enlightenment
Chapter 709 Differentiation Technique
Chapter 710 Force Field Suppression
Chapter 711 Impact of the Sixth Transformation Blood Pill
Chapter 712 Sixth Turn
Chapter 713 The current situation of the Song family
Chapter 714 Everyone regrets
Chapter 715 Despair
Chapter 716 Successful Refining
Chapter 717 Accident
Chapter 718 Ironwood
Chapter 719 Go to Kowloon City again
Chapter 720 Come for nothing?
Chapter 721 Unnecessary Relationship
Chapter 722 The limelight is very strong
Chapter 723 I don’t feel anything
Chapter 724 You are not an ordinary person, right?
Chapter 725 Are we still going to compete?
Chapter 726 Really?
Chapter 727 Fiery Apricot Flower
Chapter 728 Red-trained King Snake
Chapter 729 Make a Deal
Chapter 730 Inside?
Chapter 731 Cause and Effect
Chapter 732 Martial arts field
Chapter 733 Will there be trouble?
Chapter 734 Licking the Dog
Chapter 735 My friend wants to fight you?
Chapter 736 Is this enough strength?
Chapter 737 So fierce
Chapter 738 Beat you to death
Chapter 739 Give it to yourself
Chapter 740 Come prepared
Chapter 741 Let me go
Chapter 742 It’s tonight
Chapter 743 What did I say?
Chapter 744 What is this?
Chapter 745 Shocked Hua Yun
Chapter 746 Do you want to feel it?
Chapter 747 Yes
Chapter 748 Bloody Hands
Chapter 749 Is this all you have?
Chapter 750 It’s your own fault
Chapter 751 Brother-in-law Qin Chuan
Chapter 752 Is it convenient to come down and talk?
Chapter 753 You are so awesome
Chapter 754 Use
Chapter 755 Get rid of them
Chapter 756 Who am I?
Chapter 757 You die first!
Chapter 758 What’s this?
Chapter 759 Don’t come over!
Chapter 760 Waste!
Chapter 761 I’m not qualified to take action
Chapter 762 Zhou Family’s Opportunity
Chapter 763 Even if I kill you, I can go
Chapter 764 Strange
Chapter 765 Too low cognition
Chapter 766 Frog in the Well
Chapter 767 You are not worthy yet
Chapter 768 Zhou Family Ruins
Chapter 769 Why should I let you go?
Chapter 770 Green Snake Technique
Chapter 771 Like trampling an ant to death
Chapter 772 Meteor Armor
Chapter 773 The power of counterattack
Chapter 774 How?
Chapter 775 Purple Spirit Skill
Chapter 776 Periphery
Chapter 777 The Sixth Evolution
Chapter 778 Fifth Level Treasure Technique
Chapter 779 The First Family in Nancheng
Chapter 780 He is not worthy yet
Chapter 781 Of course I have no objection
Chapter 782 Do you have any opinions?
Chapter 783 Not so good
Chapter 784 You can’t
Chapter 785 The Secret Technique of the Dead Soldier
Chapter 786 Kill if you want
Chapter 787 Can you last this long?
Chapter 788 The decision of King Zengren
Chapter 789 Just click it
Chapter 790 You have to figure it out
Chapter 791 Isn’t it?
Chapter 792 Do you still want to continue?
Chapter 793 Leaving
Chapter 794 Of course it’s convenient
Chapter 795 Where can I find it?
Chapter 796 Seventh Transformation Blood Pill
Chapter 797 Nothing fancy at all
Chapter 798 It doesn’t feel too good
Chapter 799 It’s true
Chapter 800 What are you looking at?
Chapter 801 Is this so?
Chapter 802 I can’t protect you
Chapter 803 Qualified
Chapter 804 Overseas Baihua Palace
Chapter 805 Let me ask you something
Chapter 806 How can you leave?
Chapter 807 Let’s hit the road
Chapter 808 Underground Fighting
Chapter 809 No problem
Chapter 810 Don’t hesitate
Chapter 811 Just use both hands?
Chapter 812 Choice
Chapter 813 Successfully refining?
Chapter 814 Eighth Revolution Blood Pill
Chapter 815 Surrender
Chapter 816 The method of concealment
Chapter 817 Is this looking down on people?
Chapter 818 Always low-key
Chapter 819 Confident
Chapter 820 Ninety percent
Chapter 821 Go ahead
Chapter 822 Are they gone?
Chapter 823 Not interested
Chapter 824 Jinling Tang Family
Chapter 825 Anyway, I quit!
Chapter 826 After the Sinner
Chapter 827 Baptism
Chapter 828 Doubts
Chapter 829 Hazy, can’t see through
Chapter 830 Special Blood
Chapter 831 How do you feel?
Chapter 832 How will you know if you don’t try?
Chapter 833 I also want to invest in you
Chapter 834 Ants Shake the Immortal
Chapter 835 Sealing the cylinder
Chapter 836 So scary
Chapter 837 Amazing improvement
Chapter 838 Amazing Improvement 2
Chapter 839 Astromancer
Chapter 840 Reappearance of Fragments
Chapter 841 Can you take it out?
Chapter 842 Happy Lin Tian
Chapter 843 Are you funny?
Chapter 844 Bring it
Chapter 845 Chang Fei’s plan
Chapter 846 Done
Chapter 847 Searching Technique
Chapter 848 Absolutely no one
Chapter 849 Go kill someone
Chapter 850 You and I have no hatred at all
Chapter 851 Let you go?
Chapter 852 Take care of yourself
Chapter 853 It will be over now
Chapter 854 Did I frame someone?
Chapter 855 Why do you do this?
Chapter 856 I’m in a hurry
Chapter 857 What’s so difficult about this?
Chapter 858 This is such a loss
Chapter 859: Wrong person?
Chapter 860 Do you think you want to die?
Chapter 861 What are you thinking about?
Chapter 862 Entering Immortality through Martial Arts
Chapter 863 Extraordinary Origin
Chapter 864 You really deserve to die
Chapter 865 Fortune Telling
Chapter 866 Precarious!
Chapter 867 A visitor from the Zeng family in the north
Chapter 868 Born to be an ant
Chapter 869 Demon Sea City Law Enforcement Hall
Chapter 870 Do you also want to take care of me?
Chapter 871 The ambition is not here
Chapter 872 I tell you
Chapter 873 It’s too empty
Chapter 874 Do you want to try?
Chapter 875 Deepen the impression
Chapter 876 Return to Demon Sea City
Chapter 877 How does it compare to the royal family?
Chapter 878 The shocked King Zeng Ren
Chapter 879 Jinhai Arena
Chapter 880 Poisoning
Chapter 881 The bet with Lin Ziqi
Chapter 882 One move
Chapter 883 Where is he?
Chapter 884 Little Follower
Chapter 885 Didn’t hurt him!
Chapter 886 Three Conditions
Chapter 887 Demon Sea Phantom Moon
Chapter 888 Arrogant!
Chapter 889 Where did the people go?
Chapter 890: Know yourself and your enemy and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles
Chapter 891 What did you just say?
Chapter 892 It’s not worth it yet
Chapter 893 I don’t care who he is
Chapter 894 Kneel down
Chapter 895 You are a dragon
Chapter 896 Mr. Watanabe
Chapter 897 Going to the Island
Chapter 898 Gold-Eating Insect Venom
Chapter 899 I am the person you want to kill
Chapter 900 Can’t I kill you?
Chapter 901 Helper?
Chapter 902 Antidote
Chapter 903 No Complaints
Chapter 904 Fighting Golden Pill
Chapter 905 Fighting Golden Pill 2
Chapter 906 Fighting Golden Pill 3
Chapter 907 Soul-Eating Beast
Chapter 908 Method
Chapter 909 Kill Watanabe
Chapter 910 Entrance
Chapter 911 Empty
Chapter 912 Black Qi
Chapter 913 Magical Circle?
Chapter 914 Moving forward with difficulty
Chapter 915 Illusion
Chapter 916 Spirit Gathering Flower
Chapter 917 Stone Boy
Chapter 918 If you break into the restricted area of ??my ancient tomb, you will die!
Chapter 919 You dare!
Chapter 920 It doesn’t belong to you
Chapter 921 Nine Guardians
Chapter 922 Spirit Pearl
Chapter 923 Submit to you?
Chapter 924 Kill me!
Chapter 925 Nine Revolutions Blood Pill
Chapter 926 Thunder Sea
Chapter 927 The Early Stage of Golden Elixir
Chapter 928 Testing Combat Power
Chapter 929 Beginning of Fusion
Chapter 930 World Tree Seedlings
Chapter 931 Hope
Chapter 932 Come back
Chapter 933 Ghost Sword
Chapter 934 Chen Family Competition
Chapter 935 Lin Fengyun’s reminder
Chapter 936 The eldest son of the Chen family
Chapter 937 Different identities
Chapter 938 Conflict
Chapter 939 The Great Protector of the Chen Family
Chapter 940 The bloody hand with improved strength
Chapter 941 The Ghost Sword in the Middle Stage of Golden Elixir
Chapter 942 Raising the stakes
Chapter 943 Competition Contents
Chapter 944 Spirit Enhancement Pill
Chapter 945 Poison Pill
Chapter 946 I will definitely win today
Chapter 947 Hallucination
Chapter 948 Danyun
Chapter 949 The Unconvinced Ghost Sword
Chapter 950 Ecstasy Pill
Chapter 951 Punch
Chapter 952 Fierce Competition
Chapter 953 Are you the only one who will disappear?
Chapter 954 Still want to come?
Chapter 955: Die with me
Chapter 956 Ghost Sword, die!
Chapter 957 People from the Southwest
Chapter 958 Ecstasy Pill Antidote
Chapter 959 Trouble is coming
Chapter 960 Tragic
Chapter 961 Counterattack
Chapter 962 Don’t like to be attached
Chapter 963 Dangerous Breath
Chapter 964 Accompanying a woman to the mall
Chapter 965 You can’t beat him
Chapter 966 An existence that no one dares to mess with
Chapter 967 The old man’s banquet
Chapter 968 Spirit Gathering Pill
Chapter 969: Whatever you want
Chapter 970 Xiaohong
Chapter 971 The Bold Lin Ziqi
Chapter 972 How is she different from other women?
Chapter 973 People who look the same
Chapter 974 Are you a fool?
Chapter 975 Exactly the same
Chapter 976 Ambiguous Relationship
Chapter 977 Life Experience 1
Chapter 978 Life Experience 2
Chapter 979 Will there be any return?
Chapter 980 Go
Chapter 981 Go to 2
Chapter 982 Arrival
Chapter 983 Infiltration
Chapter 984 Just brought one person?
Chapter 985 Blue Fruit
Chapter 986 Zhao Feng’s Thoughts
Chapter 987 Excellent Resources
Chapter 988 Wearing a mask for more than ten years
Chapter 989 Just because I gave it...
Chapter 990 Black Bone Insect
Chapter 991 I still know
Chapter 992 Backing up
Chapter 993 Nothing to be afraid of
Chapter 994 I can’t hurt you even a little bit
Chapter 995 Holy Spirit Fruit
Chapter 996 Unicorn
Chapter 997 What solution?
Chapter 998 Dilemma
Chapter 999 Want to leave?
Chapter 1000 Are you just leaving like this?
Chapter 1001 Is it okay?
Chapter 1002 I won’t tell you until you die
Chapter 1003 Did I say I was leaving?
Chapter 1004 Let you go?
Chapter 1005 If you want to say more...
Chapter 1006 Didn’t something happen?
Chapter 1007: Such a firm attitude?
Chapter 1008 A rare encounter in a century
Chapter 1009. Can you stop me?
Chapter 1010 Come and save me!
Chapter 1011 I’ve already provoked
Chapter 1012 Mr. Zeng’s plan
Chapter 1013 Glowing Moon Armor
Chapter 1014 Wasted
Chapter 1015 Troublesome
Chapter 1016 Give you a long memory
Chapter 1017 It’s a lot of trouble
Chapter 1018 Why is he doing this?
Chapter 1019 Ghost Town Wang Family
Chapter 1020 Take action
Chapter 1021 Asking for advice
Chapter 1022 Tell the truth
Chapter 1023 Seeking a glimmer of hope
Chapter 1024 I am enough alone
Chapter 1025 Kill
Chapter 1026 What does it matter?
Chapter 1027 Apologize for what you just said!
Chapter 1028. What opportunity?
Chapter 1029 Tell me honestly
Chapter 1030 Young people
Chapter 1031 There is a condition
Chapter 1032 Inspection
Chapter 1033 I’m warning you
Chapter 1034 Do you know me?
Chapter 1035 I just don’t want to sell
Chapter 1036 What do you know?
Chapter 1037. Can you maintain a certain amount of patience?
Chapter 1038 You are cruel
Chapter 1039 Who is he?
Chapter 1040 It should be possible
Chapter 1041 What a good thing!
Chapter 1042 Who would believe it?
Chapter 1043 Did you make a mistake?
Chapter 1044 Big Beard
Chapter 1045: Taking people’s money to eliminate disasters for them
Chapter 1046 Adding insult to injury
Chapter 1047 Qingzhou Chu Family
Chapter 1048 He didn’t cherish it
Chapter 1049 The ghostly couple
Chapter 1050 Am I wrong?
Chapter 1051 Deliberately
Chapter 1052 During work
Chapter 1053 What do you think?
Chapter 1054 I only have one condition
Chapter 1055 The Ten Thousand Years Medicine King
Chapter 1056 My identity is not worthy
Chapter 1057 Can you still go back?
Chapter 1058 Zhao Zhen asks for a fight!
Chapter 1059 What else?
Chapter 1060 Rushing to reincarnate?
Chapter 1061 The eldest son of the Feng family
Chapter 1062 Breaking through the late stage of Golden Elixir!
Chapter 1063 I kill him like a cow or a sheep
Chapter 1064 The duel begins!
Chapter 1065 Not worth mentioning
Chapter 1066 Being Punished
Chapter 1067 Am I not late?
Chapter 1068 Reject me?
Chapter 1069 Should it be fulfilled?
Chapter 1070 What do you think?
Chapter 1071 I miss you
Chapter 1072 Believe it or not
Chapter 1073 A little impression
Chapter 1074 What’s the difference?
Chapter 1075 Kneel down!
Chapter 1076 You are wrong
Chapter 1077 Not worth mentioning
Chapter 1078 What’s this…
Chapter 1079 Why don’t I go?
Chapter 1080 Holy Light Fist
Chapter 1081 Otherwise...
Chapter 1082 Stepping on Thunder
Chapter 1083 What do you think?
Chapter 1084 Natural Spirit Lake
Chapter 1085 You take his place
Chapter 1086 I hope so
Chapter 1087 A worthy death
Chapter 1088 I can’t help it
Chapter 1089 Breakthrough!
Chapter 1090 The Killer King of the Northwest
Chapter 1091 You are a genius
Chapter 1092 Get Out
Chapter 1093 Old Beast
Chapter 1094 Armor Breaking
Chapter 1095 That’s pretty much it
Chapter 1096 Do you dare to kill me too?
Chapter 1097 She is my friend
Chapter 1098 Can you afford to pay?
Chapter 1099 Bearing the Rage
Chapter 1100 Expulsion
Chapter 1101 What else?
Chapter 1102 Not worthy of my eyes
Chapter 1103 I will only punch you once
Chapter 1104 Do you want to stop me?
Chapter 1105 I must kill you
Chapter 1106 He is so powerful
Chapter 1107 Is this okay?
Chapter 1108: Consider it?
Chapter 1109: Steal my things?
Chapter 1110 Help me kill Qin Chuan
Chapter 1111 The price is too attractive
Chapter 1112 What do you mean?
Chapter 1113 Are you looking for trouble?
Chapter 1114 In this case
Chapter 1115 Why don’t you run away?
Chapter 1116 Aren’t you going to take action yet?
Chapter 1117 Why aren’t you leaving yet?
Chapter 1118 Then it’s my turn
Chapter 1119 Can’t I come?
Chapter 1120 What state are you in?
Chapter 1121 Continue on the road
Chapter 1122 Attitude
Chapter 1123 What do you want to eat?
Chapter 1124. What does it have to do with me?
Chapter 1125 No need to look for you
Chapter 1126 What’s a pity?
Chapter 1127 So what?
Chapter 1128: Listed
Chapter 1129 Listen to me
Chapter 1130 What do you mean?
Chapter 1131 An opportunity
Chapter 1132 Are you the only one who still wants to kill me?
Chapter 1133 Who are you?
Chapter 1134 Not Simple
Chapter 1135 The next road
Chapter 1136 Are you okay?
Chapter 1137 What do you think?
Chapter 1138 Financially Difficult Households
Chapter 1139 It doesn’t matter
Chapter 1140 What exactly is the penalty drink?
Chapter 1141 It’s a fake
Chapter 1142 It’s all useless…
Chapter 1143 Boyfriend
Chapter 1144 Unkind Invitation
Chapter 1145 How do you feel now?
Chapter 1146 Regret
Chapter 1147 You’d better be nice to me
Chapter 1148 Death!
Chapter 1149 I’ll kill you
Chapter 1150 Give it a try
Chapter 1151 I asked for it
Chapter 1152 Don’t get excited
Chapter 1153 Honorary Consultant
Chapter 1154 Is there any relationship?
Chapter 1155 What about you?
Chapter 1156 Excellent Opportunity
Chapter 1157 Nothing is known
Chapter 1158 Crazy poor
Chapter 1159 Play hard to get
Chapter 1160 So what?
Chapter 1161 Don’t worry
Chapter 1162 Precious
Chapter 1163 Unforgettable
Chapter 1164 Want to meet?
Chapter 1165 Can’t speak
Chapter 1166 Account?
Chapter 1167 Myself
Chapter 1168 Enough
Chapter 1169 I am Qinchuan’s woman
Chapter 1170 Enough
Chapter 1171 Can’t afford to offend?
Chapter 1172 Don’t you even want to live?
Chapter 1173 I hope so
Chapter 1174 Any questions?
Chapter 1175 Real crushing
Chapter 1176 The person who killed you
Chapter 1177 Going with the flow
Chapter 1178 Strange and Doubtful
Chapter 1179 Familiar Voice
Chapter 1180 Come with me first
Chapter 1181 Just like it
Chapter 1182 Wild Flowers and Wild Grasses
Chapter 1183 Can’t see clearly
Chapter 1184 Success
Chapter 1185 Not trustworthy
Chapter 1186 Physical Reconstruction
Chapter 1187 Don’t worry!
Chapter 1188 Not enough
Chapter 1189 Enough
Chapter 1190 No one gets their wish
Chapter 1191 The person who killed you
Chapter 1192 Do you admit defeat?
Chapter 1193 The person behind the scenes
Chapter 1194 Sit back and relax
Chapter 1195 Do you know me?
Chapter 1196 Being Deceived
Chapter 1197 Smart Man
Chapter 1198 Do you still like him?
Chapter 1199 Don’t get me wrong
Chapter 1200 How is Master?
Chapter 1201 A trivial matter
Chapter 1202 I’m fast!
Chapter 1203 He is
Chapter 1204 Just you
Chapter 1205: Comparing fists with me?
Chapter 1206 So what?
Chapter 1207 Do you still want to come?
Chapter 1208 Have everything been done?
Chapter 1209 Don’t bring anything?
Chapter 1210 It’s really you
Chapter 1211 Are you sure?
Chapter 1212 Benefits
Chapter 1213 You still know how to play
Chapter 1214 Am I still qualified now?
Chapter 1215 The head of the Chen family in Jiangnan
Chapter 1216. Who are you?
Chapter 1217 Goodbye, old guy!
Chapter 1218 Are you worthy?
Chapter 1219 Accepting fate?
Chapter 1220 Why are you still standing there?
Chapter 1221 Who are you?
Chapter 1222 Just an apology!
Chapter 1223 Must kill!
Chapter 1224 How can it be done?
Chapter 1225 Do you understand what I mean?
Chapter 1226 The conference begins
Chapter 1227 His Son
Chapter 1228 How can this be done?
Chapter 1229 Who is afraid of whom?
Chapter 1230 Didn’t you hear me clearly?
Chapter 1231 Winning over
Chapter 1232 It’s all for you
Chapter 1233 Breakthrough
Chapter 1234 Valuable?
Chapter 1235 Do you know?
Chapter 1236. What project?
Chapter 1237 So strong
Chapter 1238 Pine Bone Pill
Chapter 1239 Kneel down
Chapter 1240 A small punishment but a big warning
Chapter 1241 Aren’t you quite tempered?
Chapter 1242 Training opponents?
Chapter 1243 So beautiful!
Chapter 1244 Why did you wake up?
Chapter 1245 Double return
Chapter 1246 What did you say?
Chapter 1247 Starting from Today
Chapter 1248 Just watch it
Chapter 1249 Farewell?
Chapter 1250 I’m here!
Chapter 1251 You are finally here
Chapter 1252 Yinhu
Chapter 1253 Shu City
Chapter 1254 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 1255: Did I give you face?
Chapter 1256 Going to Kyoto?
Chapter 1257 People from the Martial Alliance?
Chapter 1258 I still want to hit you!
Chapter 1259 Want to leave now?
Chapter 1260 Qin Chuan’s Guarantee
Chapter 1261 Transaction
Chapter 1262 I’m waiting for him
Chapter 1263 So smooth!
Chapter 1264 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 1265 Do I know you?
Chapter 1266 So what if you have strength?
Chapter 1267 The feeling of soft rice
Chapter 1268 This doesn’t look like you
Chapter 1269 Crazy
Chapter 1270 Foolproof?
Chapter 1271 Powerful Power
Chapter 1272 Evil Cultivator?
Chapter 1273 So what?
Chapter 1274 Seeking Money
Chapter 1275 Send you back to the west?
Chapter 1276 Dreaming!
Chapter 1277 Silver and Green Spirit Snake
Chapter 1278 I’ll give it to you now!
Chapter 1279 Fracture
Chapter 1280 More than enough
Chapter 1281 Trembling
Chapter 1282 Greedy
Chapter 1283 Upper and Lower Bounds
Chapter 1284 Refining Seedlings
Chapter 1285 Bloodline... really strong
Chapter 1286: winning?
Chapter 1287 The safest way
Chapter 1288 Success?
Chapter 1289 Incomplete
Chapter 1290 Lie!
Chapter 1291 Just in case
Chapter 1292 Nonsense!
Chapter 1293 Yulin is in danger!
Chapter 1294 Deep hatred!
Chapter 1295 Kill Qin Chuan!
Chapter 1296: Suicide?
Chapter 1297 My own thoughts
Chapter 1298 But what?
Chapter 1299 Do you understand?
Chapter 1300 Xiao Ya’s Matter
Chapter 1301 Gift
Chapter 1302 Are you worried about coming back suddenly?
Chapter 1303 Want to give it a try
Chapter 1304 Breakthrough!!!
Chapter 1305 Do you know this person?
Chapter 1306 Does it have anything to do with you?
Chapter 1307 Make up your mind
Chapter 1308 Don’t think too much
Chapter 1309 It makes sense
Chapter 1310: Backbone
Chapter 1311 Slap
Chapter 1312 Physical resistance?
Chapter 1313 Not a big problem
Chapter 1314 Attention
Chapter 1315 What else?
Chapter 1316 What else?
Chapter 1317 What can we do?
Chapter 1318 I don’t know something
Chapter 1319 You absolutely can’t leave?
Chapter 1320 Whoever doubts it has no doubts!
Chapter 1321 What? Is there a problem?
Chapter 1322 The relationship between the Zeng family
Chapter 1323 Just him, does he dare?
Chapter 1324 Xuanhuang Holy Body
Chapter 1325 Thoughts
Chapter 1326 A spiritual lake
Chapter 1327 Why is this?
Chapter 1328 Essence Condensation Array!
Chapter 1329 Killing Formation
Chapter 1330 The lingering ghost
Chapter 1331 Haven’t you thought about it yet?
Chapter 1332 Surrounded?
Chapter 1333 Aren’t you worthy?
Chapter 1334 You and I are destined
Chapter 1335 Of course not!
Chapter 1336 Everything is ruined
Chapter 1337 It has nothing to do with you!
Chapter 1338 I can’t do it!
Chapter 1339 You are Qin Chuan
Chapter 1340 Flame Technique
Chapter 1341: You can’t change your name when you work, you can’t change your surname when you sit down
Chapter 1342 I’m sure!
Chapter 1343 Or leave it to him?
Chapter 1344 A thin line separates
Chapter 1345 Spiritual Body Technique
Chapter 1346 A thorn
Chapter 1347 What do I want to do?
Chapter 1348 Aren’t you afraid of retaliation?
Chapter 1349 What’s going on?
Chapter 1350 Giant Flame Ring
Chapter 1351 Two choices
Chapter 1352 Return to Dragon City
Chapter 1353 Situation
Chapter 1354 You still care about it
Chapter 1355 Think clearly
Chapter 1356 Are you looking for me?
Chapter 1357 Where are you going?
Chapter 1358 The person taking revenge
Chapter 1359 Fallen here
Chapter 1360 Giving away resources
Chapter 1361 Is it useful?
Chapter 1362 Killing Formation
Chapter 1363 Desire
Chapter 1364 Give up?
Chapter 1365 I want to run away now
Chapter 1366 Back!
Chapter 1367 Introduction
Chapter 1368 Doesn’t it look like it?
Chapter 1369 Who are you?
Chapter 1370 Are you worthy?
Chapter 1371 Do you need to borrow it?
Chapter 1372 What’s going on?
Chapter 1373 How sure are you?
Chapter 1374: Using wine to strengthen your courage?
Chapter 1375 Powerful!
Chapter 1376 Who sent him?
Chapter 1377 Who is this woman?
Chapter 1378 Remember!
Chapter 1379 I have plenty of time
Chapter 1380 Be honest
Chapter 1381 I don’t know whether to say it or not
Chapter 1382 So far the words
Chapter 1383 Related Households
Chapter 1384 For all to see
Chapter 1385 How many benefits?
Chapter 1386 Everyone has a steelyard?
Chapter 1387 Competition
Chapter 1388 What are you afraid of?
Chapter 1389 Pay attention to propriety
Chapter 1390. Is this the end?
Chapter 1391 The terrifying power
Chapter 1392 Bet with Lin Ziqi
Chapter 1393 Are you going to send it or not?
Chapter 1394 You fight!
Chapter 1395 What did you call me?
Chapter 1396 Born to be rebellious
Chapter 1397 Don’t be afraid of anything!
Chapter 1398 How could it be like this?
Chapter 1399 Guardian Spirit Beast
Chapter 1400 Is this...complete?
Chapter 1401: Get out of the way or not?
Chapter 1402: Netizen, right?
Chapter 1403 Innocence
Chapter 1404 Who the hell is this?
Chapter 1405 Little Darling
Chapter 1406 Does he dare to take my life?
Chapter 1407 How awesome!
Chapter 1408 Very simple
Chapter 1409 Punctuality
Chapter 1410 Who is pathetic now?
Chapter 1411 I still have some energy
Chapter 1412 This hatred
Chapter 1413 Half a month
Chapter 1414 Isn’t this nonsense?
Chapter 1415 Participate!
Chapter 1416 Why can’t I come?
Chapter 1417 Genius Disciple
Chapter 1418 I misunderstood him
Chapter 1419 Do you believe it or not?
Chapter 1420 Disqualification
Chapter 1421 The ruins of the ancient sect
Chapter 1422 Influence
Chapter 1423 Calculate it first
Chapter 1424 I remember you
Chapter 1425 Public revenge and private revenge
Chapter 1426 Get out of here
Chapter 1427 You are looking for death
Chapter 1428 What to do?
Chapter 1429 No need to feel guilty
Chapter 1430 Huge
Chapter 1431 Three seconds
Chapter 1432 You’re not coming up, are you?
Chapter 1433 Kneel down!
Chapter 1434 Don’t know me very well
Chapter 1435 What does it matter?
Chapter 1436 Discussion
Chapter 1437 Missing
Chapter 1438 Is that wrong?
Chapter 1439 Ye Ming’s Ancestor
Chapter 1440 June Fourth
Chapter 1441 My armor!
Chapter 1442 The younger generation is number one
Chapter 1443 Someone is waiting for you
Chapter 1444 They are all trash
Chapter 1445 Seconds!
Chapter 1446 Never possible
Chapter 1447 A Map of Ten Thousand Miles of Country
Chapter 1448 Reshaping the body
Chapter 1449 As expected
Chapter 1450 Trouble coming?
Chapter 1451 Come on!
Chapter 1452 What a gap!
Chapter 1453 Where are the people?
Chapter 1454 Will you forgive me?
Chapter 1455 Eyes in the Dark
Chapter 1456 Impacting the Realm
Chapter 1457 Promise
Chapter 1458 Don’t you believe me?
Chapter 1459: Split up
Chapter 1460 Just you?
Chapter 1461 Still coming?
Chapter 1462 The pinnacle of the Golden Elixir’s Little Perfection!
Chapter 1463 It’s inevitable to die
Chapter 1464 Extraordinary
Chapter 1465: Can you still leave?
Chapter 1466 Trapped
Chapter 1467 Idea
Chapter 1468 Does this have anything to do with you?
Chapter 1469 It’s so tough!
Chapter 1470 Is this called heavy?
Chapter 1471: Be careful when sailing the ship of ten thousand years
Chapter 1472 Ma Family
Chapter 1473 Seven Guardians
Chapter 1474 I am not someone else
Chapter 1475 Zeng Yulin’s Secret
Chapter 1476 Are they all trash?
Chapter 1477 So brave
Chapter 1478 Another bet
Chapter 1479 Begin to enter
Chapter 1480 The bronze sword is broken!
Chapter 1481 He’s not dead yet?
Chapter 1482 That’s not necessarily the case
Chapter 1483 The real show
Chapter 1484 The power of gossip
Chapter 1485 Do you have any questions?
Chapter 1486 What a decent person you are
Chapter 1487 Isn’t it?
Chapter 1488 Family Heirloom
Chapter 1489 The tenth knife!
Chapter 1490 The Twelfth Knife
Chapter 1491: Cut into pieces by a thousand cuts?
Chapter 1492 Is there something wrong with your brain?
Chapter 1493 Regret?
Chapter 1494: More danger than good
Chapter 1495 Hijacking
Chapter 1496 It’s over
Chapter 1497 Stop
Chapter 1498 Enmity
Chapter 1499 Fight to the death
Chapter 1500 A piece of trash!
Chapter 1501 Unexpected!
Chapter 1502 Are you ready to die?
Chapter 1503 Anti-Injury Technique!
Chapter 1504 Only recognize the strong
Chapter 1505 Breaking the Dantian
Chapter 1506 Let you go? Impossible!
Chapter 1507 Mr. Michelle has arrived
Chapter 1508 My gift to you
Chapter 1509 Whose head?
Chapter 1510 Jiang
Chapter 1511 My sister
Chapter 1512 His name is Qin Chuan
Chapter 1513 Too anxious
Chapter 1514 Qin Chuan’s doubts
Chapter 1515 Bah, who cares about you?
Chapter 1516 You are wrong!
Chapter 1517 Big Liar
Chapter 1518 Do you want the entire Chen family?
Chapter 1519 Taking charge of the Chen family
Chapter 1520 Northwest Jin Family
Chapter 1521 Forced
Chapter 1522 The last person who said this to me
Chapter 1523 Any objections?
Chapter 1524 Definitely not a thing in the pool
Chapter 1525 Looking for help
Chapter 1526 Who died?
Chapter 1527 Wait a few days
Chapter 1528 A mysterious man comes to the door
Chapter 1529 Do you believe it now?
Chapter 1530 Rejection
Chapter 1531 Investigating a Person
Chapter 1532 Why do you want to kill me?
Chapter 1533 Overestimating one’s capabilities
Chapter 1534 I can do whatever I want
Chapter 1535 Lack of people
Chapter 1536 The Walking Dead
Chapter 1537 I don’t understand
Chapter 1538 Do you agree or not?
Chapter 1539 His name is Luo Cheng
Chapter 1540 What do I want to do?
Chapter 1541 The road has been paved
Chapter 1542 Marriage
Chapter 1543 You don’t deserve it!
Chapter 1544 Kneel down!!
Chapter 1545 Is there a little wife outside?
Chapter 1546 How am I now?
Chapter 1547 A fluke?
Chapter 1548 Is there someone to help?
Chapter 1549 One word difference
Chapter 1550 What? Genius?
Chapter 1551 Be careful
Chapter 1552 It’s you!
Chapter 1553 Are you a fool?
Chapter 1554 How about making a deal?
Chapter 1555 The killer move!
Chapter 1556 Must die??
Chapter 1557 Die together?
Chapter 1558 Do you want to ask for mercy now?
Chapter 1559 Demon
Chapter 1560 Worrying too much
Chapter 1561 Pretending
Chapter 1562 Just got the news
Chapter 1563 Royal Family and Royal Family
Chapter 1564 All over the world
Chapter 1565 Ghost Gate
Chapter 1566 But I don’t want to leave!!
Chapter 1567 That’s possible
Chapter 1568 Do you want me to be careful?
Chapter 1569 Don’t worry
Chapter 1570 I want it!
Chapter 1571 The fight is over?
Chapter 1572 Two choices!!
Chapter 1573 Use the Wind Condensing Disk?
Chapter 1574 I’m sure
Chapter 1575 Will you give it to me or not?
Chapter 1576 What if I don’t?
Chapter 1577 Just yesterday
Chapter 1578 Now I’m here
Chapter 1579 Are you worthy of talking to me?
Chapter 1580 You don’t deserve to know
Chapter 1581 No chance
Chapter 1582 You can’t kill me at all!
Chapter 1583 I promise you
Chapter 1584 Did you think of something?
Chapter 1585 As expected of the Zeng family
Chapter 1586 To go or not to go?
Chapter 1587 Dilemma
Chapter 1588 What conditions?
Chapter 1589 Documents
Chapter 1590 Don’t want it anymore?
Chapter 1591 I can do it
Chapter 1592 What do you regret?
Chapter 1593 Overseas cultivators?
Chapter 1594 A quick meal?
Chapter 1595 Risking your life
Chapter 1596 Departure
Chapter 1597 The bed is made for you
Chapter 1598 My dad is Zhang Xiaolong
Chapter 1599 My sister Zhang Chen
Chapter 1600 Thanks to the relationship
Chapter 1601 The recipe has been lost for a long time
Chapter 1602 Attracting Thunder
Chapter 1603 The Golden Phoenix is ??born
Chapter 1604 Comparing Quantity
Chapter 1605 Give him an hour first
Chapter 1606 Useless Waste
Chapter 1607 There are still things to be busy with
Chapter 1608 Working together to capture the beast
Chapter 1609 They are not worthy yet
Chapter 1610: Broken Copper and Iron
Chapter 1611 Fusion
Chapter 1612 Going against the official?
Chapter 1613: One more friend, more protection
Chapter 1614 Lend me your treasure
Chapter 1615 Wait until dark
Chapter 1616 The person taking the blame is here
Chapter 1617 We help you
Chapter 1618 It’s better not to go
Chapter 1619 Scapegoat
Chapter 1620 Collusion with Qinchuan
Chapter 1621 There is a ghost in the room
Chapter 1622 Patience is limited
Chapter 1623 What shouldn’t be said?
Chapter 1624 Of course I’m going home
Chapter 1625 Let me ask you
Chapter 1626 It’s absolutely true
Chapter 1627 The Unique Candidate
Chapter 1628 Qinchuan’s choice
Chapter 1629 Private property?
Chapter 1630 Go and cheer up
Chapter 1631 Invite you to the canteen
Chapter 1632 Just brag
Chapter 1633 Ideal Boyfriend
Chapter 1634 Come to school to teach
Chapter 1635 Why do you want to kill me?
Chapter 1636 Head explosion
Chapter 1637 Suppressing Qinchuan
Chapter 1638 There is no return
Chapter 1639 Big Lie
Chapter 1640 Ten Guardians
Chapter 1641 How to explain to the old man?
Chapter 1642 I can’t listen to you
Chapter 1643 Your kid is finally back
Chapter 1644 It’s up to you
Chapter 1645 It was indeed intentional
Chapter 1646 Inconvenient
Chapter 1647 Two billion
Chapter 1648 Still mine
Chapter 1649 of no use
Chapter 1650 Become the master of this world
Chapter 1651 Speeding up the process
Chapter 1652 Weak evil spirit
Chapter 1653 Suck it dry
Chapter 1654 Who is it?
Chapter 1655 Are you looking down on me?
Chapter 1656 Waste Spell
Chapter 1657 Physical Competition
Chapter 1658 Dare to do it or not?
Chapter 1659 The Grassroots
Chapter 1660 disheveled hair
Chapter 1661 Well-deserved reputation!
Chapter 1662 I’m leaving first!
Chapter 1663 Can you kill me?
Chapter 1664 A powerful female strongman
Chapter 1665 Tell me again!
Chapter 1666 Questions
Chapter 1667 Is there something wrong?
Chapter 1668 I think you don’t look good
Chapter 1669 It’s none of your business!
Chapter 1670 Blood Spirit Whip (Updated Chapter 1)
Chapter 1671 Familiarity
Chapter 1672 You really worry too much!
Chapter 1673 what?
Chapter 1674 Too Young
Chapter 1675 Execution of Death Penalty (Updated Chapter 1)
Chapter 1676 Going to Kyoto
Chapter 1677 Even I can’t!
Chapter 1678 Replace Ye Tao?
Chapter 1679 I’ll give it to you now!
Chapter 1680 One day (Updated Chapter 1)
Chapter 1681 You won’t take me with you, right?
Chapter 1682 Are you really sure you want to do this?
Chapter 1683 What to do next?
Chapter 1684: 80% related
Chapter 1685 It makes some sense (Updated Chapter 1)
Chapter 1686 What are you sorry for?
Chapter 1687 Is it possible?
Chapter 1688 Mr. Hu is dead?
Chapter 1689 The Li Family’s Ambition
Chapter 1690 Decision made
Chapter 1691 You don’t have to read it
Chapter 1692 I don’t see anyone
Chapter 1693 Old Friend
Chapter 1694 Tianshan Ancestor
Chapter 1695 An idea
Chapter 1696 Only by kneeling can one be in awe?
Chapter 1697 Dare you call me a waste?
Chapter 1698 I’ll fight you
Chapter 1699 Provoking public outrage
Chapter 1700 Are you allowed to come?
Chapter 1701 Are you really not working together to trick me?
Chapter 1702 Do you still know my Su family?
Chapter 1703 It must be mine!
Chapter 1704 I have made up my mind
Chapter 1705 There is no opponent in this world
Chapter 1706 Wait a few more days
Chapter 1707 Who are you?
Chapter 1708 Giving Pills
Chapter 1709 Who is she?
Chapter 1710 It’s done
Chapter 1711 Leaving the Su Family
Chapter 1712 He is still alive
Chapter 1713 Eyes in the Deep Alley
Chapter 1714 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 1715 Are you scared?
Chapter 1716 Aren’t you already a useless person?
Chapter 1717 Exchange
Chapter 1718 For her
Chapter 1719 Just want to kill Qin Chuan
Chapter 1720 Do you understand now?
Chapter 1721 Pay someone to help you
Chapter 1722 How can such a good thing happen?
Chapter 1723 I believe you
Chapter 1724: The soldiers came to cover up the water and the earth
Chapter 1725 Your family lives by the sea
Chapter 1726 If you want to be a bitch, don’t build an archway
Chapter 1727 Do you know me, Uncle Nan?
Chapter 1728 Do you admire him so much?
Chapter 1729 Why?
Chapter 1730 No way to know
Chapter 1731: Because of Qin Chuan?
Chapter 1732 A friend
Chapter 1733 Threaten me
Chapter 1734 No one objects
Chapter 1735 Ogawa is late
Chapter 1736 Please give me a favor
Chapter 1737 Change of Appearance
Chapter 1738 I want this villa
Chapter 1739 Why does the cultivation speed slow down?
Chapter 1740 Find a place to break through
Chapter 1741 What happened?
Chapter 1742 Only has a life span of eighty years?
Chapter 1743 Leave him a small life
Chapter 1744 Because of physical constitution?
Chapter 1745: Oil and salt are not allowed to enter
Chapter 1746 Answer honestly?
Chapter 1747 Senior?
Chapter 1748 What exactly is it?
Chapter 1749 Is this it?
Chapter 1750 There is more than imagined...
Chapter 1751 Aren’t you going to kneel down?
Chapter 1752 Damn it
Chapter 1753 How could this happen?
Chapter 1754 Who are you?
Chapter 1755 The Power of the Fire Rat
Chapter 1756 That seems to be a sword
Chapter 1757 Who is that?
Chapter 1758 Am I wrong?
Chapter 1759 As long as you swear
Chapter 1760 Fear will make you die faster
Chapter 1761 Is this guy Qin Chuan?
Chapter 1762 I don’t want to be a slave even if I die
Chapter 1763 You have no chance
Chapter 1764 Su Wangjian recognizes its master
Chapter 1765 Are ants still ants after all?
Chapter 1766 A request
Chapter 1767: Dilemma
Chapter 1768 What else can you say?
Chapter 1769 Congratulations in advance
Chapter 1770 Don’t want to hear the explanation
Chapter 1771 The disciples of the ghost sect reappear in the world
Chapter 1772 This is all your fault!
Chapter 1773 The true appearance of the black cloak
Chapter 1774 A condition
Chapter 1775 Where is he chasing me?
Chapter 1776 A reminder
Chapter 1777 I like to hear this
Chapter 1778 What are you afraid of?
Chapter 1779 I am the leader of the Ghost Sect
Chapter 1780 You are just a wild dog
Chapter 1781 Baby
Chapter 1782 Just let him go?
Chapter 1783: Abandon me?
Chapter 1784 You bastard
Chapter 1785 Maybe it’s not a bad thing
Chapter 1786 The trump card
Chapter 1787 I am your only apprentice
Chapter 1788 What about me?
Chapter 1789 I advise you to be aware of current affairs
Chapter 1790 That’s almost it
Chapter 1791 Setting up a red line
Chapter 1792 There is still a trace of soul
Chapter 1793 What am I afraid of?
Chapter 1794 Why?
Chapter 1795 Do you have any opinions?
Chapter 1796 I will take you there
Chapter 1797 You won’t ignore death, right?
Chapter 1798 Who dares not to go?
Chapter 1799 I’m in a good mood and don’t want to kill you
Chapter 1800 Make me kneel down?
Chapter 1801 Killed by Qin Chuan
Chapter 1802: Be my apprentice?
Chapter 1803 Are you going to change your name?
Chapter 1804 Where is Qin Chuan?
Chapter 1805 That’s it??
Chapter 1806 So that’s it
Chapter 1807 Why??
Chapter 1808 Are you still handing over?
Chapter 1809 Why not do it all in one go?
Chapter 1810 I know it well
Chapter 1811 War Letter
Chapter 1812 Message
Chapter 1813 More important things
Chapter 1814 Please Mr. Qin accept me as a disciple
Chapter 1815 Then Qin Chuan is here
Chapter 1816 Acting for Heaven
Chapter 1817 It will still be!
Chapter 1818 Can you actually see me?
Chapter 1819 It’s my turn now
Chapter 1820 You still want to kill me?
Chapter 1821 The Soul-Breaking Technique
Chapter 1822 Just die like this?
Chapter 1823 Bury her with her!
Chapter 1824 I must kill!
Chapter 1825 Knowing it well
Chapter 1826 Soul-catching smoke
Chapter 1827 But so what?
Chapter 1828 Zeng Yan, die!
Chapter 1829 Choose another host
Chapter 1830 Ranking First
Chapter 1831 All gone
Chapter 1832 The first person among the younger generation
Chapter 1833 Are you going to the Jiang family now?
Chapter 1834 The best choice
Chapter 1835 What do you want to talk about?
Chapter 1836 Still pretending?
Chapter 1837 Are any conditions acceptable?
Chapter 1838 I am very satisfied
Chapter 1839 Don’t go too far
Chapter 1840 Postponement
Chapter 1841 How much do you know about the Hong family?
Chapter 1842 As long as you don’t kill me, I’m willing
Chapter 1843 Why was it destroyed?
Chapter 1844 A sect specializing in sculpting talisman formations
Chapter 1845 Predicting the future
Chapter 1846 It’s not impossible
Chapter 1847 Cheated?
Chapter 1848 You must kill Cao Shang with your own hands
Chapter 1849 Xuan Ming Sect
Chapter 1850 Do you really want to die?
Chapter 1851 Are you worried about me?
Chapter 1852 Do you know this person?
Chapter 1853 Guan Tingting’s Hometown
Chapter 1854 No one wants to go
Chapter 1855 Some kind of connection
Chapter 1856 Inquiring about Liuli Island
Chapter 1857 Tell the truth
Chapter 1858 Do you know the elder brother?
Chapter 1859 One of the reasons
Chapter 1860 No one doesn’t know
Chapter 1861 One more thing
Chapter 1862 It doesn’t matter who I am
Chapter 1863 I didn’t want to kill anyone originally
Chapter 1864 Is this still the weakest?
Chapter 1865 Are you talking about him?
Chapter 1866 Do you understand?
Chapter 1867 Can’t see through
Chapter 1868 What a pity
Chapter 1869 I understand
Chapter 1870 Female Evil Cultivator
Chapter 1871 Twenty years ago
Chapter 1872 Understanding the Su Family
Chapter 1873 You guessed it right
Chapter 1874 What are you talking about?
Chapter 1875 The same strain
Chapter 1876 Go out and be awesome!
Chapter 1877 Awakening
Chapter 1878 The seventh day of the Lunar New Year
Chapter 1879 Are you still planning to hide it from me?
Chapter 1880 Find yourself a new master?
Chapter 1881 Extraordinary!
Chapter 1882 Guess
Chapter 1883 What do I have to be afraid of?
Chapter 1884 Why do you want that waste to do this?
Chapter 1885 Where did everyone die?
Chapter 1886 I will fight with you!
Chapter 1887 How is it? Is it uncomfortable?
Chapter 1888 You won’t be able to see me even if you go
Chapter 1889 Tsk, so what?
Chapter 1890 Can I go in now?
Chapter 1891 I know it in my heart
Chapter 1892 Go quickly!
Chapter 1893 Do you have a guilty conscience?
Chapter 1894 We can do it anytime
Chapter 1895 What big deal is this?
Chapter 1896 The murderous intention is quite strong!
Chapter 1897 Self-destruction
Chapter 1898 Something worse than a pig or a dog
Chapter 1899 Don’t you really understand?
Chapter 1900 Explain what you said!
Chapter 1901 A martial artist
Chapter 1902 Ten Thousand Ways
Chapter 1903 There is something better for you
Chapter 1904 I will fulfill you
Chapter 1905 The real battle
Chapter 1906 Uncle Tai
Chapter 1907 What does Master Zeng want to say?
Chapter 1908 Promise you one more thing
Chapter 1909 Why don’t you speak?
Chapter 1910 Who did it?
Chapter 1911 I won’t kill you
Chapter 1912 Are you really not afraid of death?
Chapter 1913 Do you want to come with me?
Chapter 1914 Who else can come here to save you?
Chapter 1915 Still alive?
Chapter 1916 As long as I am here, nothing can change the world
Chapter 1917 Two important things
Chapter 1918 Raise your head
Chapter 1919 One End
Chapter 1920 Are you interested?
Chapter 1921 Mr. Qin please accept it
Chapter 1922 So what if I hit you?
Chapter 1923 It’s none of my business!
Chapter 1924 Mr. Qin is invincible
Chapter 1925 Looking for me?
Chapter 1926 How to talk to mother?
Chapter 1927 Death of illness
Chapter 1928 Follow till death
Chapter 1929 The Hidden Family
Chapter 1930 The news is true
Chapter 1931 The Island Nation’s War Letter
Chapter 1932 Unacceptable
Chapter 1933 How to talk about becoming the king of the world?
Chapter 1934 The traitor!
Chapter 1935 Isn’t this just an illusion?
Chapter 1936 Getting the Promise
Chapter 1937 Want to take advantage of me again?
Chapter 1938 Something happened to Lin Ziqi
Chapter 1939 No news
Chapter 1940 Someone responded
Chapter 1941 Where is the person?
Chapter 1942 Did you all hear it?
Chapter 1943 Are you really Qin Chuan?
Chapter 1944 Not interested in you
Chapter 1945 Do you think you are worthy?
Chapter 1946 What do you want?
Chapter 1947 Soul Extraction Gate
Chapter 1948 This guy has talent!
Chapter 1949 Let him come out and see me
Chapter 1950 I’ll give you a chance today
Chapter 1951 What does it mean to me?
Chapter 1952 I don’t think so
Chapter 1953 Kill them!
Chapter 1954 Do you still want to continue?
Chapter 1955 Xuanling Body Technique!
Chapter 1956 Aren’t you ready to talk yet?
Chapter 1957 If I had known this
Chapter 1958 I volunteer!
Chapter 1959 You will definitely regret it!
Chapter 1960 Will you never come back?
Chapter 1961 Found
Chapter 1962 Remuneration
Chapter 1963 Will-o'-the-wisp
Chapter 1964 I have liked you for a long time!
Chapter 1965 Soul Absorbing Technique
Chapter 1966 Give you a chance
Chapter 1967 Soul Gathering Bead
Chapter 1968 The determined will-o'-the-wisp
Chapter 1969 He is definitely not alone!
Chapter 1970 Master, it’s absolutely true!
Chapter 1971 Just in case
Chapter 1972 How much longer do you need?
Chapter 1973 Have you seen him?
Chapter 1974 Let your bones be wiped out!
Chapter 1975 How to do it?
Chapter 1976 Where do you want to go?
Chapter 1977 How long will I have to sleep?
Chapter 1978 Resurrection at any time?
Chapter 1979 The last trump card
Chapter 1980 Remind me?
Chapter 1981 Waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 1982 Not alone!
Chapter 1983 I’m afraid it’s just you Qin Chuan
Chapter 1984 Can I stop this stupid dog’s mouth?
Chapter 1985 Golden Elixir Dzogchen Guard
Chapter 1986 Teaching
Chapter 1987 Keeping Whereabouts Secret
Chapter 1988 Don’t read what you shouldn’t see
Chapter 1989 A bit interesting
Chapter 1990 Can’t agree
Chapter 1991 Breakthrough, Blood Infant Realm
Chapter 1992 Encounter by chance
Chapter 1993 It’s really extraordinary
Chapter 1994 Are you not Qin Chuan?
Chapter 1995 How dare you scold me!
Chapter 1996 It concerns the six major families
Chapter 1997 You are such a straight man!
Chapter 1998 Why are you laughing?
Chapter 1999 What is this?
Chapter 2000 Dare to be presumptuous in front of me?
Chapter 2001 Experimental Products
Chapter 2002 The Weakest One
Chapter 2003 Keeping it a secret for you?
Chapter 2004 Borrow a treasure
Chapter 2005 Not worthy of fighting with me
Chapter 2006 What can I do for you?
Chapter 2007 At least four
Chapter 2008 The Biggest Concession
Chapter 2009 Change of Mind
Chapter 2010 I’m so angry!
Chapter 2011 As expected of that person’s son
Chapter 2012 Do you have it now?
Chapter 2013 Are you afraid?
Chapter 2014 The Realm of Kunlun
Chapter 2015 More than two hours?
Chapter 2016 Rent 50 million
Chapter 2017 It makes sense
Chapter 2018 The most important thing is character
Chapter 2019 Qin Chuan’s Questions
Chapter 2020 The Su family is the strongest?
Chapter 2021 The Su family came to invite
Chapter 2022 Do you understand what I mean?
Chapter 2023 Lieyang Pill
Chapter 2024 Not as powerful as said
Chapter 2025 No need to worry
Chapter 2026 Seven levels of strength
Chapter 2027 Qian Luo Bingsi
Chapter 2028 Do you think I’m easy to cheat?
Chapter 2029 No other ideas!
Chapter 2030 Influx into the secular world
Chapter 2031 Ranking
Chapter 2032 Borrowing Tool
Chapter 2033 Ten minutes
Chapter 2034 Giving Gifts
Chapter 2035 Margin
Chapter 2036 Very good
Chapter 2037 Revenge for my friend
Chapter 2038 Who are they?
Chapter 2039 Are you talking about this trash?
Chapter 2040 Find the next one
Chapter 2041 Could it be just to provoke?
Chapter 2042 Soul-Sucking Blade
Chapter 2043 Mr. Qin, why is this?
Chapter 2044 Chu Tianyou
Chapter 2045 Li Wen’s Mother
Chapter 2046 Pushing Mr. Qin into the fire pit?
Chapter 2047 Are you kidding me?
Chapter 2048 Very cute
Chapter 2049 No one can escape
Chapter 2050 Traitor?
Chapter 2051 He said it himself
Chapter 2052: Just destroy him to avoid future troubles!
Chapter 2053 Is everything he said true?
Chapter 2054: Cut me!
Chapter 2055 So sure?
Chapter 2056 Change of plan
Chapter 2057 Something to discuss
Chapter 2058 Too weak
Chapter 2059 What is your posture?
Chapter 2060 What do you think Mr. Qin said?
Chapter 2061 Change of plan?
Chapter 2062 Whose order was it?
Chapter 2063 Yulin seeks treasure
Chapter 2064 You are not worthy yet!
Chapter 2065 You are indispensable
Chapter 2066 Are you looking at tricks?
Chapter 2067 Take advantage of it
Chapter 2068 Qin Chuan still has helpers?
Chapter 2069 What are your plans?
Chapter 2070 Still not coming out?
Chapter 2071 You can give it a try
Chapter 2072 Then let you see!
Chapter 2073 Lost because of lack of brains?
Chapter 2074 What does this smell like?
Chapter 2075: How can trash be his opponent?
Chapter 2076 You underestimate Qin Chuan too much
Chapter 2077 I don’t know about you yet?
Chapter 2078 Is it still important?
Chapter 2079 Watch and read
Chapter 2080 Beautiful thought!
Chapter 2081 Qi refining technique that has been passed down for thousands of years!
Chapter 2082 The Art of Flowing Flame!
Chapter 2083 You must wait for me!
Chapter 2084 Don’t you dare to kill me?
Chapter 2085 You must win!
Chapter 2086 Why bother?
Chapter 2087 I must kill him with my own hands
Chapter 2088: Won’t the master find out?
Chapter 2089 I’ll let you go
Chapter 2090 Only now do you know?
Chapter 2091 Okay, old guy!
Chapter 2092 Does it matter whose meaning it is?
Chapter 2093 Are you scared?
Chapter 2094 One less person?
Chapter 2095 My dear son
Chapter 2096 Fourth-level Blood Infant Realm
Chapter 2097 What do you understand?
Chapter 2098 Which old man?
Chapter 2099 I have to admit it
Chapter 2100 This guy is too arrogant
Chapter 2101 Fierce battle!!
Chapter 2102 So handsome!
Chapter 2103 Using the Nascent Soul Weapon
Chapter 2104 Let’s take a look at the situation again
Chapter 2105 Give it to you too
Chapter 2106 It’s time for us to take action
Chapter 2107 Melee
Chapter 2108 The evil method
Chapter 2109 We bear witness!
Chapter 2110 Fighting
Chapter 2111 Method of breaking the formation
Chapter 2112 Don’t refuse help
Chapter 2113 Killing you like a dog
Chapter 2114 No other way
Chapter 2115 Then take a look!
Chapter 2116 Didn’t you expect that?
Chapter 2117 Then why are you still standing there?
Chapter 2118 What is your relationship with them?
Chapter 2119 You are just looking for death!
Chapter 2120 Do you dare to offend?
Chapter 2121 Let’s all come together!
Chapter 2122 Twist it down... come down
Chapter 2123 Abandoned Cultivation
Chapter 2124 Is that guy dead?
Chapter 2125 Ye Ming’s request
Chapter 2126 Rules and Principles
Chapter 2127: An outsider after all?
Chapter 2128 So strong!
Chapter 2129 I don’t believe I can’t kill you!
Chapter 2130 Everyone in the Martial Alliance deserves death!
Chapter 2131 Give him the thing!
Chapter 2132 What do you want to ask?
Chapter 2133 Ye Tao’s request
Chapter 2134 There is no way
Chapter 2135 Powerless
Chapter 2136 Spirit Locking Formation
Chapter 2137 Brother, I really didn’t lie to you!
Chapter 2138 Who is locked up?
Chapter 2139 One of the thousands of guardian swords?
Chapter 2140 Using Qi to nourish the weapon
Chapter 2141 Did you do something yesterday?
Chapter 2142 Let you go
Chapter 2143 Are you waiting for me?
Chapter 2144 Want to learn from each other
Chapter 2145 Appointment Letter
Chapter 2146 Thank you
Chapter 2147 Ready
Chapter 2148 Why are you talking so much nonsense?
Chapter 2149 This is too fierce...
Chapter 2150 Fulfill you!
Chapter 2151 Don’t be arrogant!
Chapter 2152 People from the Fan family?
Chapter 2153 Idiot
Chapter 2154 Spare you?
Chapter 2155 Special circumstances
Chapter 2156 Want to support me?
Chapter 2157 Do you think this is okay?
Chapter 2158 Do you dare to offend me?
Chapter 2159 Why are you stopping me?
Chapter 2160 Are you afraid now?
Chapter 2161 Do you understand?
Chapter 2162 Big Pervert…
Chapter 2163 I don’t seem to be familiar with you
Chapter 2164 Red Flame Spirit Rat
Chapter 2165 The deal with the spirit rat
Chapter 2166 Remind Qin Chuan
Chapter 2167 What should I compensate you for?
Chapter 2168 Turn around!
Chapter 2169 Is this okay?
Chapter 2170 Very good at lowering prices
Chapter 2171 Changed my mind
Chapter 2172 Destined
Chapter 2173 Shut up!
Chapter 2174 Are you still tired?
Chapter 2175 Should I be on guard against him?
Chapter 2176 A visitor from the Hong family
Chapter 2177 prophecy, choice, correct
Chapter 2178 Wuyun Gate
Chapter 2179 Dare you call me crazy?
Chapter 2180 No lie
Chapter 2181 What do you think that is?
Chapter 2182 So beautiful!
Chapter 2183 Who stole it?
Chapter 2184 Did you see it too?
Chapter 2185 Not an ordinary person
Chapter 2186 The ruins of the ancient sect appear
Chapter 2187 The wise old man
Chapter 2188 Is there still humanity?
Chapter 2189 Consider it?
Chapter 2190 It must be him!
Chapter 2191 Is there something wrong with your brain?
Chapter 2192 What’s there to fear?
Chapter 2193 Should I go first?
Chapter 2194 Don’t you admit it yet?
Chapter 2195 This is a big formation!
Chapter 2196 Conflict breaks out
Chapter 2197 The inheritance of Wuyun Sect?
Chapter 2198 Nothing left?
Chapter 2199 Can you leave?
Chapter 2200 What do you want to do?
Chapter 2201 Can you still run?
Chapter 2202 Give this back to you
Chapter 2203 God helps me
Chapter 2204 Come if you are not afraid of death
Chapter 2205 Boy, how dare you!
Chapter 2206 The Inherited Boy
Chapter 2207 I'm waiting for you to kill me!
Chapter 2208 Spirit Forging Technique
Chapter 2209 The assessment begins
Chapter 2210 The assessment begins 2
Chapter 2211 Fifth-turn Blood Infant
Chapter 2212 Sixth Turn Blood Infant
Chapter 2213 No sincerity at all
Chapter 2214 You should think clearly!
Chapter 2215 Inheritance Qualification Disqualified
Chapter 2216 Is it really coming out?
Chapter 2217 The Man of God
Chapter 2218 You really treat yourself as a person
Chapter 2219 Wake up
Chapter 2220 Defects
Chapter 2221 Auxiliary objects
Chapter 2222 Dragon Suppressing Sword
Chapter 2223 Then you still want to go in?
Chapter 2224 Nine-turn ferocious beast
Chapter 2225: Admit defeat?
Chapter 2226 The inheritance can be saved
Chapter 2227 Do you regret it?
Chapter 2228 Two brothers forging...
Chapter 2229 Refuse to borrow the sword
Chapter 2230 Yin and Yang Two Hammers
Chapter 2231 Let me help you change it again!
Chapter 2232 Protecting Lin Ziqi
Chapter 2233 Trouble is coming
Chapter 2234 Get out of here!
Chapter 2235 Do you want to live?
Chapter 2236 I owe you something?
Chapter 2237 Then you try it
Chapter 2238 Look at the results
Chapter 2239 This is too strong
Chapter 2240 Where are you going?
Chapter 2241 Open it for me!
Chapter 2242 I want to kill you
Chapter 2243 Take care of it for you?
Chapter 2244 No need to see you again
Chapter 2245 I miss you
Chapter 2246: Disgrace my Ren family
Chapter 2247 Who knows?
Chapter 2248 Weigh it yourself
Chapter 2249 Qin Chuan comes out!
Chapter 2250: Make it clear?
Chapter 2251 Rusty Broadsword
Chapter 2252 Volley Knife
Chapter 2253 There is no door!
Chapter 2254 Good days, we wont cry!
Chapter 2255 Even more undesirable
Chapter 2256 Let them in!
Chapter 2257 Something big happened...
Chapter 2258 Head of Huanluo Sect
Chapter 2259 Lets come together!
Chapter 2260 Xiao Fei, see off guests!
Chapter 2261 Talisman of Bliss
Chapter 2262 Talisman Genius?
Chapter 2263 Damage move
Chapter 2264 Who among us comes first?
Chapter 2265 What about the end?
Chapter 2266 I thought you forgot?
Chapter 2267 What are you looking at?
Chapter 2268 What did you do to me?
Chapter 2269 Let’s see!
Chapter 2270 Who else?
Chapter 2271 Solve our troubles
Chapter 2272 Thank you all seniors
Chapter 2273 An old friend is here
Chapter 2274 Im afraid its not simple
Chapter 2275 Not well informed
Chapter 2276 Do you have to intervene?
Chapter 2277 The teacher of Julongmen
Chapter 2278 A group of old men
Chapter 2279 I wont join
Chapter 2280 There is no way back
Chapter 2281 Whats your idea?
Chapter 2282 Do you want to come in person?
Chapter 2283 My acquaintance?
Chapter 2284 Is she gone?
Chapter 2285 Disastrous defeat
Chapter 2286 As long as he takes action!
Chapter 2287 How to compare?
Chapter 2288 Don’t expect me to help you next time
Chapter 2289 Help me show the way
Chapter 2290 Don’t worry, you can’t lose
Chapter 2291 Losing to him is not unfair
Chapter 2292 Something is wrong
Chapter 2293 Revenge
Chapter 2294 Surprisingly alive
Chapter 2295 He can’t die yet!
Chapter 2296 Not only is he handsome...
Chapter 2297 The First Level of Spirit Forging Technique
Chapter 2298 Is this all?
Chapter 2299 I’m not interested in this
Chapter 2300 A good name!
Chapter 2301 Get out of here!
Chapter 2302 Hijacking
Chapter 2303 Must be a gentleman
Chapter 2304 Are you provoking me?
Chapter 2305 A word of advice to you
Chapter 2306 Don’t block my way
Chapter 2307 Why are you late again?
Chapter 2308 The biggest beneficiary is you
Chapter 2309 You are such a traitor
Chapter 2310 Ten heads are not enough!
Chapter 2311 Is this...Chinese medical skill?
Chapter 2312 Shut up first!
Chapter 2313 I don’t understand something
Chapter 2314 A heartfelt wish
Chapter 2315 Trouble is coming
Chapter 2316 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 2318 I finally found you!
Chapter 2319 Kill him!
Chapter 2320 Can you help me?
Chapter 2321 Ten Thousand Years Ice Lotus
Chapter 2322 Let him repay the debt with blood!
Chapter 2323: Bought them all?
Chapter 2324 Blood Spirit Whip
Chapter 2325 Where are the people??
Chapter 2326: Kick on the nose and hit the face!
Chapter 2327 What are you still doing?
Chapter 2328 You all deserve to die!
Chapter 2329. What does Mr. Tang think?
Chapter 2330 What happened?
Chapter 2331 No one is allowed to change!
Chapter 2332 You traitor!
Chapter 2333 Are you afraid that I will learn from it?
Chapter 2334 Come on!
Chapter 2335 I’m here!
Chapter 2336 Please speak clearly!
Chapter 2337 Still no match for him
Chapter 2338 Just him?
Chapter 2339 Then let’s give it a try!
Chapter 2340 I have plenty of ideas!
Chapter 2341 Colorful Medicine Cauldron!
Chapter 2342 You are so crazy!
Chapter 2343 I must kill you with my own hands!
Chapter 2344 You are cruel!
Chapter 2345 Dual Weapon Spirit
Chapter 2346 Accident
Chapter 2347 Are you so confident?
Chapter 2348 Why shouldn’t I come?
Chapter 2349 Come and save me quickly!
Chapter 2350 Integration?
Chapter 2351 I don’t believe it!
Chapter 2352 So comfortable!
Chapter 2353 The Huang family is not simple
Chapter 2354 Give you a chance
Chapter 2355 My surname is Feng
Chapter 2356 This is Mr. Qin
Chapter 2357 How can I refuse?
Chapter 2358 Why are you looking at me like that?
Chapter 2359 Just double?
Chapter 2360 More than people, right?
Chapter 2361 Who stops me?
Chapter 2362 Who is afraid of whom? Just come!
Chapter 2363 I want to bet big!
Chapter 2364 What do you mean?
Chapter 2365 What kind of medicine king has it?
Chapter 2366 This time, you are still not!
Chapter 2367 Do you blame my Huang family?
Chapter 2368 As long as I am here, the Lin family will not lose!
Chapter 2369 Show your face!
Chapter 2370 Are you afraid?
Chapter 2371 Isn’t it a bit too childish?
Chapter 2372 Must be defeated!
Chapter 2373 Comparison
Chapter 2374 Why are you so happy?
Chapter 2375 Did you give it to Qin Chuan?
Chapter 2376 He won!
Chapter 2377 Qin Keqing is invincible!
Chapter 2378 I don’t believe it!
Chapter 2379 Enough is enough!
Chapter 2380 Half of the assets?
Chapter 2381: Bargain with me?
Chapter 2382 I am willing too!
Chapter 2383 There are guests coming
Chapter 2384 Show it off
Chapter 2385 The disfigurement is ugly
Chapter 2386 Sure enough, he has some ability
Chapter 2387 Go and help quickly
Chapter 2388 What do you understand?
Chapter 2389 Dare you talk to me like this?
Chapter 2390 Extreme Water Storm!
Chapter 2391 Do you still hesitate?
Chapter 2392 So strong?
Chapter 2393 Do you rely on gambling?
Chapter 2394 Fragmented World
Chapter 2395 So panicked?
Chapter 2396 Wang Yue’s call
Chapter 2397 I have only one request
Chapter 2398 Everything must be destroyed
Chapter 2399 I will try to persuade you again
Chapter 2400 Go and have a look
Chapter 2401 Do you know her?
Chapter 2402 All requests will be agreed!
Chapter 2403 What is this method?
Chapter 2404 Old acquaintance
Chapter 2405 A distinguished guest
Chapter 2406 Who means that?
Chapter 2407 Don’t accept it and hold it back
Chapter 2408: Don’t fight head-on
Chapter 2409 This is so enviable
Chapter 2410 What gift?
Chapter 2411 What does the old lady think?
Chapter 2412 Genuine goods
Chapter 2413 Strange words
Chapter 2414 The elixir is released
Chapter 2415 Is this a success?
Chapter 2416 The will-o'-the-wisp method
Chapter 2417 Get back!
Chapter 2418 Absolutely not
Chapter 2419 Come out to me!
Chapter 2420 Nine-turn Blood Infant
Chapter 2421: Are you... willing to accept me as your disciple?
Chapter 2422 I’ll handle it for you
Chapter 2423 Who is the only one?
Chapter 2424: Set up a trap
Chapter 2425 Who else wants to try?
Chapter 2426 Have you seen it?
Chapter 2427 I can’t drag you down!
Chapter 2428 You deserve to die!
Chapter 2429 You are crazy!
Chapter 2430 It’s our turn
Chapter 2431 Impossible
Chapter 2432 Li Ting wakes up
Chapter 2433 Why are you filming me?
Chapter 2434: Is the person really lost?
Chapter 2435 Aren’t I impatient?
Chapter 2436 Borrow... Borrow something
Chapter 2437 Laying out a killing array
Chapter 2438 Did I bring you here?
Chapter 2439 Don’t know whether to live or die
Chapter 2440 You don’t want to?
Chapter 2441 Who are you?
Chapter 2442 Is he really the law enforcement elder?
Chapter 2443 Take me to the warehouse to have a look!
Chapter 2444 I advise you not to go too far
Chapter 2445 Cut off the limbs as a warning to others!
Chapter 2446 If you die a hundred times, I can’t die even once.
Chapter 2447 Don’t even think about running away!
Chapter 2448 Give me an explanation?
Chapter 2449 Ten Thousand Beast Formation, Start!
Chapter 2450 It’s my turn next!
Chapter 2451 I seem to have seen it somewhere?
Chapter 2452 Where to escape?
Chapter 2453 Are you willing to be humble?
Chapter 2454 Reward for Will-o'-the-Wisp
Chapter 2455 You are deliberately looking for trouble, right?
Chapter 2456 Qin Chuan is here?
Chapter 2457 What does this mean?
Chapter 2458 Something else?
Chapter 2459 To become stronger
Chapter 2460 I want to give it a try!
Chapter 2461 Do you understand what I mean?
Chapter 2462 Answer my son’s question honestly!
Chapter 2463 Slave Seal
Chapter 2464 Qinchuan’s old friend
Chapter 2465 People from Linglong Sect
Chapter 2466: So where do I rank?
Chapter 2467 Who lives? Who dies?
Chapter 2468 Do you believe it now?
Chapter 2469 The highlight
Chapter 2470 You guessed it right
Chapter 2471 You are too scheming
Chapter 2472 Raise the price
Chapter 2473 I can’t bear the pain!
Chapter 2474 I must cut you into pieces!
Chapter 2475 You are no match for me!
Chapter 2476 You must not mess around
Chapter 2477 Mr. Qin is unwilling?
Chapter 2478 What does Mr. Qin think?
Chapter 2479 We must repay the favor
Chapter 2480 You can’t kill him!
Chapter 2481 Danfang
Chapter 2482 The biggest trouble
Chapter 2483 Long Family Jade Pendant
Chapter 2484 The breath of the superior!
Chapter 2485 Traitor
Chapter 2486 I will risk my life to protect you.
Chapter 2487 Did you send it out?
Chapter 2488 Who are you?
Chapter 2489 What’s the use of him?
Chapter 2490 Do you think it will still be a trivial matter?