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Rebirth and Flying Era

Rebirth and Flying Era

author:Ancestor of the Golden Toad

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 22:19

Latest chapter:Chapter 1378 It looks beautiful, but it hides arsenic

Du Fei was reborn, and in this difficult era when supplies were scarce, he started his wonderful cheating life...

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《Rebirth and Flying Era》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1378 It looks beautiful, but it hides arsenic
Chapter 1377 A power vacuum that lasted for several months
Chapter 1376 The beginning of the new year
Chapter 1375 Too slow
Chapter 1374 Domestic and foreign countries
Chapter 1373 Talent
Chapter 1372 Good news comes from the delivery room that someone has given birth to a baby
Chapter 1371 Read more books
Chapter 1370 One Billion Dollars
《Rebirth and Flying Era》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Naturally charming
Chapter 2 Uncle, Director Sun
Chapter 3 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 4 Xu Damao Lou Xiaoe
Chapter 5 Classmates
Chapter 6 Calling the Pretty Widow
Chapter 7 The New Dilemma
Chapter 8 Darkness Comes to the Door
Chapter 9 Breaking Through the Door
Chapter 10 Sub-district Office
Chapter 11 Office
Chapter 12 Canteen Bicycles
Chapter 13 Getting off work
Chapter 14 Accidental Discovery
Chapter 15 Qin Huairu's Determination
Chapter 16 Qin Huairu vs. Jia Zhang
Chapter 17 Fool Xu Damao
Chapter 18 Maotai
Chapter 19 First Meeting Chu Cheng
Chapter 20 Dark Clouds Covering Snow
Chapter 21 Women's Federation
Chapter 22 Radio
Chapter 23 The cat ran away
Chapter 24 The Wall
Chapter 25 Pistols
Chapter twenty-six large yellow croaker small yellow croaker
Chapter 27 Lei Lao Liu
Chapter 28 Style Thunder
Chapter 29 Getting ready to start work
Chapter 30 Zhu Ting's Cat
Chapter 31 BRICS
Chapter 32 Chu Cheng's Blue First Love
Chapter 33 Two hundred yuan and twenty yuan
Chapter 34 The Deaf Old Lady
Chapter 35 The Three and the Bricks
Chapter 36 Lost something
Chapter 37 Underestimate Zhu Ting
Chapter 38: Close the door and let him go
Chapter 39 The Cellar
Chapter 40 The Widow and Cao Thief
Chapter 41 Two Children
Chapter 42 Quanjude and Lao Mo
Chapter 43 Persuading Big Mom
Chapter 44: A Big Mom's Happy Life
Chapter 45: I miss a woman
Chapter 46 The stick is beaten
Chapter 47: The twisted melon is not sweet, but it quenches your thirst
Chapter 48 Send Zhu Ting
Chapter 49 Aunt Li sells the house
Chapter 50 Again
Chapter 51 Two little things, one big thing
Chapter 52: Chen Zhongyuan's Choice
Chapter 53 Uncle Feng
Chapter 54: Visiting Jiang Donglai at Night
Chapter 55: Over Sunday
Chapter 56 Omega and Breguet
Chapter 57: Chu Cheng's Sister-in-law
Chapter 58: The ability to carry the tripod
Chapter 59 Barbecue Season
Chapter 60 The next set
Chapter 61 Returning to the courtyard with a full meal
Chapter 62 Wei Sanye
Chapter 63 Pretty Widow Borrowing Money
Chapter 64 Du Fei Casts the Net
Chapter 65 Live Animal World
Chapter 66: Section Chief Qian's Suggestion
Chapter 67 The Li family's predicament
Chapter 68 The Story of Uncle Feng
Chapter 69 Uninvited guests
Chapter 70: Knife and Gun
Chapter 71 The house is completed
Chapter 72 Delivered to your door
Chapter 73 Flocking Hat
Chapter 74 Winter Vegetables
Chapter 75: Niu Wentao Neatly
Chapter 76 The Li family is in action
Chapter 77 Taking a Bath (please subscribe)
Chapter 78: Don’t ask for a thorough explanation (Twenty updates, please subscribe)
Chapter 79 Zhu’s Dad and Zhu’s Mom (20th update please subscribe)
Chapter 80 Return to the courtyard (20th update, please subscribe)
Chapter 81: Training the Pretty Widow (20th update, please subscribe)
Chapter 82 Moutai Liquor Laboratory Test Sheet (20th update please subscribe)
Chapter 83 Yu Li is here (Twenty updates, please subscribe)
Chapter 84: Mystery Novels (Twenty updates, please subscribe)
Chapter 85 Banggeng finally stole the chicken (Twenty updates, please subscribe)
Chapter 86: Stop Xu Damao (20th update, please subscribe)
Chapter 87 Growth and Change (Twenty updates please subscribe)
Chapter 88 The Pretty Widow Comes to the Door (20th update, please subscribe)
Chapter 89 He Yuyu (20th update please subscribe)
Chapter 90 Jiang Donglai’s invitation (20th update, please subscribe)
Chapter 91 Li Guoqiang’s good plan (Twenty updates please subscribe)
Chapter 92 Qin Jingru (20th update please subscribe)
Chapter 93 Raising chickens is not easy (20th update, please subscribe)
Chapter 94: Night visit to Wei Duzi (20th update, please subscribe)
Chapter Ninety-Five Silly Zhu Tears Xu Damao (Twenty Updates Please Subscribe)
Chapter 96 The Smell of Blood (20th update please subscribe)
Chapter 97 The rat has become a sperm?
Chapter 98 Yang Weiguo
Chapter 99 Buying Furniture
Chapter 100 Home
Chapter 101 Money is easy to borrow, but words are hard to speak
Chapter 102 The man
Chapter 103 Yu Li comes to the door
Chapter 104 Malt Milk
Chapter 105 My man... is dead! (Update 1 for all orders)
Chapter 106: Let Banggeng pick up rotten vegetable leaves (Update 2 for both orders)
Chapter 107: Basement (Update 3 for all orders)
Chapter 108: Ten Thousand Yuan Households (all ordered plus 4 updates)
Chapter 109: Losing the Wheel of the Car (Update 5 for all orders)
Chapter 110 Begonia Flower (6 more chapters for all orders)
Chapter 111 Changyu in 1949 (Update 7 for all orders)
Chapter 112 Deputy Director Li
Chapter 113 Eating Roast Duck
Chapter 114: Traitors, Bad Gentry
Chapter 115 Zhang Qiwen (both priced at 8)
Chapter 116: The Year of the Monkey
Chapter 117: Using Lei Laoliu (both orders add 10 updates)
Chapter 118 Lei Laoliu is in action (Update 11 for both orders)
Chapter 119 There is something wrong with the photo (all orders will be updated 12 times)
Chapter 120: Yi Bo Yuntian and Wu Laoer (both orders plus update 13)
Chapter 121: Repaying the Third Master Wei in this World (all subscribed with an additional update of 14)
Chapter 122 Murder and silence
Chapter 123 Du Fei's Plan
Chapter 124 Tongrentang
Chapter 125 Grey Fairy
Chapter 126 Eating cats and mice
Chapter 127: Treasure Location
One hundred and twentieth eight chapters bragging before get off work
Chapter 129 Tomato Sauce
Chapter 130 Gold bars! Gold bars!
Chapter 131 Serial Sets
Chapter 132 Cents
Chapter 133: Chen Zhongyuan, My Uncle
Chapter 134 Director Chen vs. Section Chief Qin (please subscribe)
Chapter 135: A ‘pervert’ worthy of admiration (please subscribe)
Chapter 136 Movie King Wang Dacheng (please subscribe)
Chapter 137 Gay Marriage (please subscribe)
Chapter 138 The stick comes to the door
Chapter 139 Xiaowu's Resentment
Chapter 140 The Evolution of Jiang Donglai
Chapter 141 What the Jiang Family Wants
Chapter 142: The wily section chief
Chapter 143 The Lighthouse Murder
Chapter 144: Golden Vase and Journey to the West
Chapter 145 Yan's ambition to liberate
Chapter 146: The Three Lords of the Attack
Chapter 147: Iron Rooster Pulling Hair
Chapter 148: After your business is done
Chapter 149: Five years of Bai Ganyan's liberation
Chapter 150 Unwilling Roar
Chapter 151: Sending Yan Jiefang Off Next Year
Chapter 152 childhood sweethearts
Chapter 153 Toilet Phantom
Chapter 154 Uncle will bring you a drink
Chapter 155: Why Can't Silly Zhu Marry a Daughter-in-law
Chapter 156 Fish find fish, shrimp find shrimp, potatoes find sweet potatoes
Chapter 157 Golden Treasure Box
Chapter 158 Raven! Raven!
Chapter 159: Little Injury, Strong Insult
Chapter 160 The Phantom of the Toilet Arrested
Chapter 161 Wei Sanye treats guests
Chapter 162 The request of the third master Wei
Chapter 163 Don't forget to learn when making dung
Chapter 164 Old sow with green onion in nose
Chapter 165 Zhang Yun was arrested
Chapter 166 Superstar in troubled times
Chapter 167: The Phantom Reappears
Chapter 168 Yang Weiguo's Electric Fan
Chapter 169: Go to District Women's Federation
Chapter 170 The Great Leader and Lover
Chapter 171 Northeast comrades
Chapter 172 Let Xu Damao do it
Chapter 173 Art of War
Chapter 174 Outer House
Chapter 175 Qianjin buys horse bones
Chapter 176: Yan Xie is put into the pit
Chapter 177: Retreat as advance
Chapter 178 Resentment
Chapter 179 Qin Huai Ru reported the letter
Chapter 180 Chastity Arch
Chapter 181 Rewards for meritorious deeds
Chapter 182: Chess, Yuxi
Chapter 183: Uncle Gu, Director Lou
Chapter 184 The treasure of the old devil
Chapter 185 Twenty years old
Chapter 186 Lou Family Talk
Chapter 187: Three Big Boxes
Chapter 188 Silly column carrying the box
Chapter 189: The Hidden Talent of Stick Terrier
Chapter 190 I said I was constipated (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 191 Why is it difficult for the widow to embarrass the widow (please subscribe)
Chapter 192: Crayon Shin-chan
Chapter 193 Let Qin Jingru come
Chapter 194 There is a conspiracy
Chapter 195 Deputy Director Xiang
Chapter 197 Call
Chapter 198 This is the legendary rolling mill
Chapter 199: Deputy Director Li
Chapter 200 Aura of Power
Chapter 201 Substitute tea for wine
Chapter 202 This gift must be given!
Chapter 203 The scared Director Sun (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 204: Doctrine
Chapter 205 The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fight against each other
Chapter 206 The house is in hand
Chapter 207 Qin Huairu Arranges Qin Jingru
Chapter 208: Fighting
Chapter 209 Qin Huairu suffers by herself
Chapter 210: Joining the party and turning positive
Chapter 211 Wang Dongming's hostility
Chapter 212: Waist Saozi
Chapter 213: Weighing Du Fei
Chapter 214 The second problem
Chapter 215 Huskies and Wolves
Chapter 216 Can be an ally, not a subordinate
Chapter 217 Egg pain
Chapter 218 No name and no points, are you happy?
Chapter 219 Strong x criminal
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty One Thing Falls One Thing
Chapter 221 Shocked Du Fei's thank you gift
Chapter 222 The old company commander
Chapter 223: The little demon in the temple, the water is shallow, the king is eight
Chapter 224 The might of the God of War
Chapter 225 Siheyuan zheng governance
Chapter 226 Do you know how Xu You died?
Chapter 227: Who are you giving New Year greetings to?
Chapter 228 Qin Jingru's red long pants
Chapter 229 Mother and Daughter
Chapter 230 Big ears scratching you
Chapter 231: Being beaten is not wrong
Chapter 232 The old concierge
Chapter 233 The Bathhouse and the Silly Pillar
Chapter 234 Give the silly column blood
Chapter 235 Someone is eyeing Qin Jingru
Chapter 236: I’ll call Jingru here, and you’ll torment her
Chapter 237 Break through adultery
Chapter 238: Down, cheap
Chapter 239 The Donkey Match of the Production Team*
Chapter 240 What is revenge not overnight
Chapter 241: You are really short-sighted, or you have eaten too many brain fragments.
Chapter 242: Bricks Violent Head
Chapter 243 I hate him
Chapter 244 Be confused when you should be confused
Chapter 245 The real killer move
Chapter 246 Combat Power Explosion Table
The 247th chapter is a coincidence
Chapter 248 Qin Jingru has been upgraded
Chapter 249 Widow Ma was forced to be humiliated, Qin Jingru’s Distressed Women’s Alliance
Chapter 250: Twelfth lunar month twenty-seventh
Chapter 251 The strange experience brought by tiger skin
Chapter 252 Chinese New Year
Chapter 253: Lou Xiao'e's Attack
Chapter 254 Whose unlucky child
Chapter 255 Spring breeze is proud of horseshoe disease, and I can see all Chang'an flowers in one day
Chapter 256 New Year's Eve Dinner and Big Brother
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh high cadre children
Chapter 258: Normalization and Joining the Army
Chapter 259 Director Sun's sister-in-law
Chapter 260 Emergency
The 261st chapter sticks something big
Chapter 262: Xiaowu’s revenge, Banggeng loses his soul
Chapter 263 Atomic Bomb and Nian Beast
Chapter 264: One pill, full of oil
Chapter 265: Yu Li, Yu Xinxin
Chapter 266 That's not easy to handle
Chapter 267 Afraid of wearing a cuckold
Chapter 268 face changing scene
Chapter 269 Maotai is still Fenjiu
Chapter 270 Marry a fat wife
Chapter two hundred and seventy first dumplings on wine
Chapter 272 State Banquet Master
Chapter 273 The second day of the new year
Chapter 274 Du Fei, what the hell are you...
Chapter 275 Uncle Feng is really hard
Chapter 276 Du Fei's New Year's Eve
Chapter 277 Eat noodles without garlic, half the taste
Chapter 278 Either the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the west wind overwhelms the east wind.
Chapter 279 The female version of Guan Gong
Chapter 280 With the middle-aged woman with a big bag
Chapter two hundred and eighty first stumbling block
Chapter 282 Three Trials
Chapter 283 Director Yang wants to move
Chapter 284 Feng Shui takes turns
Chapter 285 Can aphrodisiac
Chapter 286 Four Famous Chickens
Chapter 287: Pretending to be Forced Actually Failed
Chapter 288 Meat buns beat dogs
Chapter 289 is disrespect for it
Chapter 290 Qinjiatun in North Beijing
Chapter 291 Three Women
Chapter 292 Washing and sleeping and pursuing the dark night
Chapter 293 Emergency situation on the third day of the new year
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters heaven and earth net
Chapter 295 Lost a meal of mutton
Chapter 296 Heroes in Women's High School
Chapter 297: My love for you has nothing to do with you (fourth update added)
The two hundred and ninetieth eight chapters give up halfway and return in triumph
Chapter 299 You let me go through the back door!
Chapter 300 Raven Black
Chapter 301 Yan Jiefang’s separation of plasmoids and Xiaobanggen’s first love affair
Chapter 302 Jia Zhang's Crisis
Chapter 303 Showdown with Du Fei
Chapter 304 Shuangru vs Xinxin
Chapter 305 Transfer and buff effect
Chapter 306 Eighteen touch
Chapter 307 Someone next door
Chapter 308: The Power of the Human Pillar
Chapter 309 Must be black and white
Chapter 310 Dare to call the sun and the moon a new day for the sake of sacrifice
Chapter 311 New clues
Chapter 312 Nanshuiguan Hutong
Chapter 313 How does he compare with you?
Chapter 314 Qin Huairu Miscalculated
Chapter 315 Qin Jingru blind date
Chapter three hundred and sixteen delivered to the door
Chapter 317 Women~have to accept their fate!
Chapter three hundred and eighteen marry two wives
Chapter 319 Marlboro
Chapter 320 Return of Victory
Chapter 321 I can still live
Chapter 322 How hard is it to have a child
Chapter 323: Lord Rabbit
Chapter 324 Du Fei's blind date
Three hundred and twentieth chapters fed a mouthful of shit
Chapter 326 Kissing is a little dangerous
Three hundred and twentieth chapters go crazy
Chapter 328 Diary and Treasure
Chapter 329 Sister invites you to drink
Chapter 330 Can he marry me?
Chapter 331 Left-handed knife, right-handed crossbow
Chapter 332 Find my uncle
Chapter 333 Buy One Get One Free
Chapter 334: Biological (chemical) attack
Chapter 335 Logistics Department Qin Huairu
Chapter 336: Section Chief Jiang, save me
Chapter 337 You can't tear my clothes
Chapter 338: Chongguan is angry
Chapter 339 Havana Cigars
Chapter Three Hundred and Fortieth 'Gu (Official) Theory'
Chapter 341: Spare~ Spare my life!
Chapter 342 Find an excuse for cowardice
Chapter 343: Going home in the middle of the night
The three hundred and fortieth chapters carry the flag and the filial son
Chapter 345 Something happened again
Chapter 346 Zhu Ting Invitation
Chapter 347 The murderer, the deceased, or the insider
Chapter 348 Li Shengli died and was strangled
Chapter 349 This woman has a problem
Chapter 350 Actually solved the case
Chapter 351: Aunt asks you to smoke less
Chapter 352 Yan Jiefang gets off work
Chapter 353: One step to the sky
Chapter 354, you kid, take it easy
Chapter 355 Liu Guangfu was arrested
Chapter 356 It is not easy to ask for help
Chapter 357 Open and see
Chapter 358 All guessed wrong
Chapter 359: A rat works as an escort for a cat, earning money at the risk of his life
Chapter 360 Qin Jingru steals the tower in the middle of the night
Chapter 361 Plop! Ouch~
Chapter 362 Zhao Yutian's Real Purpose
Chapter 363 I may be pregnant
Chapter 364 Vice Chairman of the Trade Union
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five jujube red one foot long
Chapter 366 A middle-aged man with suffocation
Chapter 367 Aunt Sun introduces the object
Chapter 368: Chess meets opponents, will meet talents
Chapter 369 Mysterious Man
Chapter 370 The teacher's surname is Wei
Chapter 371: Silly Column's Sense of Crisis
Chapter 372: Silly Zhu, you goddammit
Chapter 373: Accidental Encounter in the Public Security Building
Chapter 374 You are willing to use this ivory pawn
Chapter 375 Golden Leaf Buddhist Sutra
Chapter 376: Jia Zhang's Resolute Action
Chapter 377: Silly column bitch is hypocritical
Chapter 378 The strong enemy in Zhu Ting's eyes
Chapter 379: Going home from get off work
Chapter 380 Qin Jingru drives
Chapter 381 Your uncle is still your uncle
Chapter 382 Standing tall against the wall, being strong without desire
Chapter three hundred and eighty third ten acres of land
Chapter 384 Come to my house
Chapter 385: People who have no long-term worries must have immediate worries
Chapter three hundred and eighty sixth viewing
Chapter 387: $20,000
Three hundred and eighty-eighth chapter Wang Ba Lao Hen
Chapter 389 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 390: High ~ You are still the best!
Chapter 391 The old lady should have an extra son
Chapter 392: If you don’t do anything wrong, you are still afraid of being called by ghosts.
Chapter 393 Qin Jingru has fallen
Chapter 394: It’s not what you want, you can have it if you want it
Chapter 395: Give this opportunity to me
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters smelly and hard
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh help to find people
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters see the money eyes open
Chapter 399 Send Wang Dacheng a great gift
Chapter 400 Campus
Chapter 401 The humiliation of the crotch
Chapter 402 Teacher Wei is dispatched
Chapter 403 Ruthless Teacher Wei
Chapter 404 This is a big fish
Chapter 405 It's getting harder
Chapter 406: Three years of bottoming, no upper limit
Chapter 407 The Sunday of the Siheyuan
Chapter 408 Zhu Ting's hesitation
Chapter 409 Red Luan Chongsha
Chapter 410 I have never acted openly and aboveboard in my life.
The four hundred and eleventh chapter is old and the bones are brittle
Chapter 412: Victory over Heaven with Humanity
Chapter 413 Send Zhu Ting home
Chapter 414 Lao Yang is missing
Chapter 415 Lao Yang's Discovery
Chapter 416 Liu Guangtian wants to dig a foot
Chapter four hundred and seventeen, the real leader Du
The four hundred and eighteenth chapter actually became a sweet pastry
Chapter 419 What a good bird
Chapter 420 Mysterious Badge
Chapter 421: Inner Ghost or Dark Whistle?
Chapter 422 Anting has a style
Four hundred and twentieth chapters move the knife
Chapter 424 Dress up the girl beautifully
Chapter 425 Borrowing a knife to kill
Chapter four hundred and twentieth long-distance calls
Chapter 427 Diary Madman
Chapter 428 Four Liu Guangbei
Chapter 429 Your sister is quite a lot!
Chapter 430: Staying in the temple for two days
Chapter 431: Apprentice Lei Laoliu
Chapter 432: My faith is always with you
Chapter 433 There is no need to pay for no growth
Chapter 434 As long as the ‘yellow croaker’ is in place
Chapter 435 Where is the fat hiding?
Chapter 436: It’s still hot, eat it quickly
Chapter 437 Lao Mo and the Near East
Chapter 438 The first confrontation
Four hundred and thirtieth IX tall and straight to understand
The four hundred and fortieth chapter was scared to pee
Chapter 441: Let go, let people see it!
Chapter 442 Huge Impact
The four hundred and fortieth chapter is actually an old slick
Chapter 444: More Dogs Than Dogs
Chapter 445 live broadcast
Chapter 446 Gold and Corpse
Chapter four hundred and forty seventh good tea good smoke
Chapter four hundred and forty-eight eating fun
Chapter 449: One hehehe, the other hahaha
Chapter 450: Sister Ting, let me show you your palm
Chapter 451 Watching a movie and eating rouge
Chapter 452: Lunge and punch
Chapter 453: The reporter is here
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters have to find a good health
Chapter 455: Water Plum Blossoms
Chapter 456 Bathing, pedicure, shaving, loosening bones
Chapter 457: BangGeng vs. Fighting Chicken (5,000 chapters, please vote for me)
Chapter 458 Tianning Temple in the west of the city
Chapter 459: The best in old fried dough sticks
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters dog head military division
Chapter 461: Holding the sun and moon in hand and picking stars (please subscribe)
Chapter 462: Upright and clean
Chapter 463 Lumi Cang Zhihua Temple
Chapter 464 I have changed, you have changed, we have all changed
Chapter 465 Capital Primary School
Chapter 466 Water tower! Water tower!
Chapter four hundred and sixty seventh moving like thunder
Chapter 468: It's really just three steps
Chapter 469: Standing in the ‘c’ position
Chapter 470 The night lake light presses the road
Chapter 471 A chess piece
Chapter 472 Xiao Wu is in danger
Chapter 473: Ruti Jurisdiction Boxing Town Kansai
Chapter 474: Little Red Runs, Liberates Wisdom
Chapter 475 Coffin Room Tin Box
Chapter 476: If you are wrong, you must admit it. If you are beaten, you must stand at attention.
Chapter 477 The heart is so cheap (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter four hundred and seventy-eight there are experts
Chapter 479 Decades later
Chapter 480 Shabu-shabu and baby
Chapter four hundred and eighty first scolding the strong, so terrifying
Chapter 482: The winner is not blamed, but must pay the price
Chapter 483 Marriage
Chapter 484: Qing Palace
Chapter 485 You beat me to death
Chapter 486: Gentle breeze, willows hanging down the embankment
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh iron cock plucking
Chapter 488 The best ingredients in Shanghai
Chapter 489 May
Chapter 490 Heroes Save Beauty
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters wipe the body
Chapter four hundred and ninety second show you the big tiger
Chapter 493 A bowl of water is flat
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters poke the skylight
Chapter 495 Courage
Chapter four hundred and ninety-six Cole duck hard to fill the white swan
The four hundred and ninetieth chapters are contradictory to each other
Chapter 498 Kebabs
Chapter 499 Clues of the Third Master Wei
Chapter 500 Zhu Ting vs Pretty Widow
Chapter Five Hundred and First Omen of Ominous
Chapter 502: Retreat is the way to cure all diseases
Chapter 503 Du Fei, just wait for me!
Chapter 504 Now there is a good chance
Chapter 505: Young Cadre Du Fei
Chapter five hundred and six turned out to be good friends
Chapter 507: Assault and Counter-Encirclement
Chapter 508: I am kind-hearted
Chapter 509: Unrivaled Benevolence and Righteousness
Chapter 510: There is conspiracy, there is conspiracy, there is force, there is prestige
Chapter 511 Xiaohong’s new discovery
Chapter 512: Old Cucumber Painted Green
Chapter 513: Don’t be afraid of not doing good things, just be afraid of not having good people
Chapter 514: Like a little fool
Chapter 515: Why didn’t you strike first?
Chapter 516 Thank you~
Chapter 517: Yellow mud fell into the crotch. It’s either shit or shit.
Chapter 518: What does Li Zhiming want to do?
Chapter 519: That scene is so eye-catching
Chapter 520: Who do you look down on?
Chapter 521: Draw a sword to help
Chapter 522: Drink two sips of cat urine and use any place as a toilet
Chapter 523 Hey~ You are back!
Chapter 524: Can I be as ‘big’ as her?
Chapter 525: Operation Rainy Night
Chapter 526: Hidden Death Talisman
Chapter 527: It’s time to catch up with Liu Erluzi
Chapter 528: Extreme joy leads to sorrow
Chapter 529: Things are unpredictable and people’s hearts are unpredictable
Chapter 530: Fifty large yellow croakers
Chapter 531 Why are you bankrupt~
Chapter 532: Phoenix Seeking Phoenix
Chapter 533 It’s too early
Chapter 534: Set the house on fire
Chapter 535 Oh no, my mother is coming
Chapter 536: Gain Sympathy
Chapter 537 The fat bitch takes action
Chapter 538: A plan to drive away tigers and swallow wolves
Chapter 539: This time I will see whether you die or not
Chapter 540 Charming and enchanting
Chapter 541: Killing someone with a borrowed knife, driving a tiger to devour a wolf, you are not qualified
Chapter 542: Seize the current situation
Chapter 543: Guess who I saw today?
Chapter 544: 'Empty City Strategy'
Chapter 545: My name is Du Fei, I am a street cadre
Chapter 546: Still too thin-skinned
Chapter 547 Did he beat someone to death?
Chapter 548: What a coincidence, Brother Du~
Chapter 549 He actually died!
Chapter 550 Secretary Q
Chapter 551: This case is not ordinary
Chapter 552 Is there another hidden secret?
Chapter 553: What does Li Zhiming want to do?
Chapter 554 The whereabouts of Wang Wenming
Chapter 555 Two bombs and one star
Chapter 556 Something happened so quickly
Chapter 557: The Evil Capitalist
Chapter 558: Capturing the Black-hearted Capitalist
Chapter 559: A sword hidden in a smile, a sword hidden in a smile
Chapter 560: A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye
Chapter 561: Definitely Losing
Chapter 562: Shabi, master, don’t move!
Chapter 563: Master in the Army
Chapter 564 Two Ends
Chapter 565: Prince Qing’s Treasure
Chapter 566: Snakes have their own ways, rats have their own ways.
Chapter 567: No more
Chapter 568 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 569 Three grenades
Chapter 570: A man is not rich without windfall, and a horse is not fat without night grass.
Chapter 571: Great Contribution
Chapter 571: The ‘Standing Man’ of Qinjiatun
Chapter 572: The end of a long journey
Chapter 573: The point of a needle versus the awn of wheat
Chapter 574: What a pity, old fox~
Chapter 575: How to Add Money
Chapter 576: Going bankrupt
Chapter 577 Uniform Temptation
Chapter 578: Beat him with a big ear scraper
Chapter 579: Four Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars
Chapter 580 I love my motherland and am willing to give everything for her
Chapter 581: A man’s head hits a dog’s head
Chapter 582: One killed and two injured, you have to pay more
Chapter 583: Who is the Holy Spirit?
Chapter 584: Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda
Chapter 585: Contact person on snowy night
Chapter 586: Find someone who can get into the water
Chapter 587: As usual, let’s call him Xiaobai
Chapter 588: Underwater Diving
Chapter 589 One-third of an acre of land
Chapter 590 Two Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand
Chapter 591 Someone is causing trouble
Chapter 592: A ‘male’ on one side and a ‘female’ on the other
Chapter 593: This person... is not simple!
Chapter 594 Do you dare?
Chapter 595: A murder caused by three thousand yuan
Chapter 596 Letter from the Northeast
Chapter 597: The wall fell and everyone pushed it
Chapter 598: What do you want to do?
Chapter 599: Compassionate Monk
Chapter 600: Master
Chapter 601 I’m afraid your old waist won’t be able to bear it.
Chapter 602: Sir, please stay.
Chapter 603: Bloody Disaster
Chapter 604: There is a way but no way, there is no morality but no virtue
Chapter 605: Giving in the Body
Chapter 606: Brother Du Fei, don’t scream, it’s me!
Chapter 607: Captain of the 24th School
Chapter 608: Going the wrong way
Chapter 609: He is a liar!
Chapter 610 Why is it this place again?
Chapter 611: I just have so many people
Chapter 612: High Paraplegia
Chapter 613: Killing can only be done with a nod of the head
Chapter 614 Drinking tea and smoking
Chapter 615: Certificate of Surrender
Chapter 616 Sunflower Collection
Chapter 617 Red Dragon Relics
Chapter 618: Even the people and the yard
Chapter 619 Mysterious Ex-husband
Chapter 620 Cousin
Chapter 621: 1967...getting better and better
Chapter 622 Kun Opera and Errenzhuan
Chapter 623: Paying a murderer to kill someone
Chapter 624: Whoever you love, quit!
Chapter 625: Some people...must die!
Chapter 626: Not every piece of ice cream is Zhong Xuegao
Chapter 627: Obtaining the certificate and digging three feet into the ground
Chapter 628: Brothers are fighting against each other
Chapter 629 Guo Baozhu... is dead!
Chapter 630 Who is the murderer?
Chapter 631: One wave has not subsided, but another wave arises
Chapter 632 The lingering ghost
Chapter 633 Diary
Chapter 634: The Perfect Gentleman of Ancient and Modern Times
Chapter 635: An excellent person like me
Chapter 636 Idiot, leave quickly
Chapter 637: A bolt from the blue
Chapter 638: Du Fei’s Treatment
Chapter 639 The eyes behind
Chapter 640 It’s you!
Chapter 641: He actually held it in his mouth!
Chapter 642: Self-taught and vocational training
Chapter 643: Prostitution for free~ It’s not that easy!
Chapter 644: Degeneration of Personality
Chapter 645: Someone is coming from above
Chapter 646: Temporary Task Force
Chapter 647: Invincible
Chapter 648 Sender
Chapter 649: Are you still a human being?
Chapter 650: Interrogation of Zhang Ye
Chapter 651: Lard blinded the heart
Chapter 652 What a talent
Chapter 653: Smuggling across Hong Kong
Chapter 654: He is a master
Chapter 655: A gunshot
Chapter 656: This person is not Mr. Luo
Chapter 657 List
Chapter 658 Pretty Boy
Chapter 659: Made a great contribution
Chapter 660: Confusing Mr. Luo
Chapter 661 Unexpected changes
Chapter 662: Stay alive! Don’t waste time!
Chapter 663: If you have a mother, you have a family
Chapter 664 Big fish or shrimp
Chapter 665: To Catch or Not (Thanks to Mo Nai Blind Path Alliance Leader)
Chapter 666: Celebrating the New Year
Chapter 667: Fighting for reputation without steaming steamed buns
Chapter 668: This bitch is extraordinary
Chapter 669: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 670 The non-existent Mr. ‘x’
Chapter 671 Professor Ma
Chapter 672: Li Mingfei is in trouble
Chapter 673: Not good enough
Chapter 674: Palace Secret Recipe
Chapter 675 Before the New Year
Chapter 676: Shen Nong tastes hundreds of herbs
Chapter 677: It’s not easy to be a stepmother
Chapter 678: The pretty boy seduces the young wife
Chapter 679 Old Versailles
Chapter 680: White Lotus or Green Tea Bitch
Chapter 681: No victory does not require sacrifice
Chapter 682 Something happened
Chapter 683: Surrendering Wife and Son
Chapter 684 Searching the Mountain
Chapter 685 Kidnapping
Chapter 686: Grave Robbers
Chapter 687: Comrade Chen Sikui, do you dare to go down?
Chapter 688: Pure Gold Waist Card
Chapter 689 The power of collective
Chapter 690 Telephone Report
Chapter 691: Artificial Breeding
Chapter 692 Second Floor
Chapter 693 Black Water
Chapter 694: My brother-in-law’s cousin
Chapter 695 You damn fat man
Chapter 696: Rules are rules
Chapter 697 Something happened to Chen Sikui!
Chapter 698: Is it compassion?
Chapter 699: Give Xiaowu a midnight snack
Chapter 700: The older you get, the more fun you have
Chapter 701: Extremely smelly and poisonous
Chapter 702 First Blood
Chapter 703 double kill
Chapter 704: Rebirth of a younger brother and younger sister
Chapter 705: I really think I am a talented man
Chapter 706: Destroying the House with a Sledgehammer
Chapter 707: A slap in the face is not like this!
Chapter 708 Yuan Qinghua
Chapter 709 Where did the body go?
Chapter 710: All found
Chapter 711 My mother died unjustly!
Chapter 712: Rules of Survival
Chapter 713: Changing Rooms
Chapter 714: The deputy director of the company comes to visit
Chapter 715 Change of mind
Chapter 716: Did you kill Miss Huang?
Chapter 717: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 718: A man hides a sword in his mouth, and a man hides a sword in his smile
Chapter 719: Play hard to get
Chapter 720: Set a trap
Chapter 721 The first time
Chapter 722 Six dishes and one soup
Chapter 723 Change
Chapter 724 Xiaowu upgrades
Chapter 725 Control
Chapter 726 Lieutenant Colonel
Chapter 727: The woman who doesn’t interrupt the door
Chapter 728 Late Stage of Second Disease
Chapter 729 Cixi Yin Pearl
Chapter 730: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 731 What kind of hidden weapon!
Chapter 732 The Second Bronze Key
Chapter 733 New Residents
Chapter 734: The case must be solved within ten days!
Chapter 735 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 736 The scapegoat
Chapter 737: Prince Gong’s Mansion Again
Chapter 738: Uncovering the Tile
Chapter 739: In order to achieve the goal, human life is disregarded
Chapter 740 Hero
Chapter 741: Lao Lei, let him understand
Chapter 742 The unknown special value
Chapter 743 Xiaohong made a discovery
Chapter 744: Wrong direction
Chapter 745 I love you
Chapter 746: Underwater (monthly tickets add more updates)
Chapter 747: There is a situation in the neighborhood committee
Chapter 748: Still not letting people sleep
Chapter 749 Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, Zhang Xianzhong, Li Zicheng
Chapter 750: Just kill them all and die without evidence!
Chapter 751: Referring to a deer as a horse
Chapter 752: Four pillars trapped dragon
Chapter 753: Having an old man in the family is like having a treasure
Chapter 754: One General’s Success and Ten Thousand Bones Withered
Chapter 755 Xiaowu is a mythical beast
Chapter 756 God’s will plays tricks on people!
Chapter 757 The Big Dog
Chapter 758 Regent Pearl
Chapter 759: Midnight interception
Chapter 760 Sorry, father!
Chapter 761 Whose sister-in-law?
Chapter 762: Stand alone
Chapter 763 Lilac Begonia
Chapter 764: Silencing
Chapter 765: Oriental
Chapter 766 Money and Explosives
Chapter 767 Five people in total
Chapter 768: Windfall from Heaven
Chapter 769: The oriole is behind
Chapter 770: Arbitrary when the opportunity arises, no bottom line
Chapter 771 Living Bandits
Chapter 772: Soft Sleeper
Chapter 773: They are actually acquaintances
Chapter 774 An even more shocking secret
Chapter 775 Microfilm
Chapter 776 Lao Lin, Lao Du
Chapter 777: The most important affairs of the country are sacrifice and military affairs
Chapter 778 The situation is complicated
Chapter 779: A person who fights desperately
Chapter 780 Mongolian Doctor
Chapter 781 Opponent
Chapter 782: Ambition and Gangs
Chapter 783: Killing requires a sense of ritual
Chapter 784 Zhou Peng’s information
Chapter 785: If I sacrifice myself, I would like to be the first!
Chapter 786 Reserve Warehouse
Chapter 787 Thunder Tiger
Chapter 788: Actually, I am nothing!
Chapter 789 What bullshit reason
Chapter 790 Du Fei’s conspiracy
Chapter 791 Survival or death, you need to choose
Chapter 792 VIP Service
Chapter 793: You will definitely make a profit, but I will definitely not lose.
Chapter 794: Out
Chapter 795 One Billion Dollars
Chapter 796 Undersea Tunnel
Chapter 797: Hard to describe in one word
Chapter 798 Knights of the Round Table
Chapter 799 Li Yuanchao, Lard Boy
Chapter 800 Teacher Ran, run quickly
Chapter 801 People from Yizhou
Chapter 802 Emei Thorn
Chapter 803 Low-profile version of Liu Bei
Chapter 804 Return to Beijing
Chapter 805 Return to the courtyard
Chapter 806: Work Stoppage
Chapter 807 Enemies and in-laws
Chapter 808: Every Household
Chapter 809 Combat Power
Chapter 810 Grain Station and Steel Rolling Mill
Chapter 811: Get a piece of the pie
Chapter 812 Something happened to Ci Xin
Chapter 813: Go to Ningcui Nunnery
Chapter 814: Driving the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 815: Expired and void
Chapter 816 New Unit
Chapter 817 Foreign Trade Department
Chapter 818: Little, Big, Old
Chapter 819: Quit
Chapter 820: They are all smart people
Chapter 821 Viewing the building and eating
Chapter 822 Unfathomable
Chapter 823: Pawn
Chapter 824 Lao Zhang walks slowly
Chapter 825: The little demon in the temple is so powerful
Chapter 826 Borrowing money and withdrawing money
Chapter 827 An unexpected person
Chapter 828: What if I die young one day?
Chapter 829 You did it, right?
Chapter 830 Do you know?
Chapter 831: He actually became an idol
Chapter 832: The person who owes a hand
Chapter 833 Protagonist and Supporting Role
Chapter 834: If you don’t listen to the old man, you will suffer the consequences.
Chapter 835 It’s endless
Chapter 836: Smart for a time but confused for a while
Chapter 837: Wait ten years first
Chapter 838: Far and wide
Chapter 839: Finally married~
Chapter 840 Megatron——Stop
Chapter 841 Shixiang Ruanjin Powder
Chapter 842: Oriental Visiting Delegation
Chapter 843 Lift high~
Chapter 844 There is a kind of victory called retreat
Chapter 845 Loves gambling and talks too much
Chapter 846: Do you think our family has any shortcomings?
Chapter 846 Please Dusan teach me!
Chapter 847: This era...does not belong to us after all
Chapter 848 We killed people together!
Chapter 849 Why is it him?
Chapter 850 I want to wait for you
Chapter 851: Going completely opposite directions
Chapter 852 Big Cousin
Chapter 853 Peeping
Chapter 854 Blue File
Chapter 855: Furious
Chapter 856: Be calm in every big event
Chapter 857 Bada Shanren
Chapter 858: Someone was killed
Chapter 859 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 860 Divorce
Chapter 861: Worse than a beast
Chapter 862: Draw a pie
Chapter 863 White Tiger
Chapter 864 January 1, 1968
Chapter 865 Return to the Siheyuan
Chapter 866 Until bedtime
Chapter 867: If you win, you will make a comeback; if you lose, it will be over!
Chapter 868 Three women and one drama
Chapter 869 Uncle Du sees a doctor
Chapter 870 It’s fatal!
Chapter 871: Lao Zhang, thank you~
Chapter 872: Rejuvenate the brain, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis
Chapter 873 The ultimate romance of the 1960s
Chapter 874: Plastic-coated doll
Chapter 875: If there are no conditions, you have to create conditions
Chapter 876: Qin Huairou is considerate
Chapter 877 Brother-in-law
Chapter 878 Not every man is so cowardly
Chapter 879 You call this a tie
Chapter 880 Little Carrot Head
Chapter 881 One person in the world
Chapter 882: The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 883: Someone is thinking about Du Fei
Chapter 884 Iron Sand Palm vs Nine Yin White Bone Claw
Chapter 885 Surrender
Chapter 886 Shaolin lay disciples
Chapter 887: A letter from home is worth ten thousand dollars
Chapter 888: Hug the Thigh
Chapter 889: Don’t be afraid of smiling, just be afraid of looking down.
Chapter 890 White Tiger Comes to the Door
Chapter 891 This bitch is really full of energy
Chapter 892 New Director
Chapter 893: Someone is checking you
Chapter 894 Daughter King
Chapter 895 Beauty brings disaster
Chapter 896: Solve it completely for me
Chapter 897 Something happened to Zhang Fakui
Chapter 898: It was in 1840, and it is now
Chapter 899: It’s hard to be a smart person
Chapter 900 Overnight
Chapter 901: Only... promise with my body
Chapter 902: A man who has a good wife at home will not be mistreated
Chapter 903 Not overnight
Chapter 904 The second trip south
Chapter 905 Rejection
Chapter 906 The Key Person
Chapter 907: Easily change the heart of an old friend
Chapter 908 A clumsy assassination
Chapter 909 Dear, we will definitely win
Chapter 910 Thirty Silver Coins
Chapter 911: Comeback
Chapter 912 Business
Chapter 913 Shooting
Chapter 914: Destroying Flowers with Dangerous Hands
Chapter 915 Revenge does not last overnight
Chapter 916 Buddha Bone Relics
Chapter 917 Dalsim
Chapter 918 Too much trouble
Chapter 919: Save her from falling on the ground in the middle of the night
Chapter 920 New Director
Chapter 921 I am not your mother, you are my mother
Chapter 922 Do you want to lose it?
Chapter 923: Don’t understand men at all
Chapter 924 Zhongxin Fangzi
Chapter 925 Brothers are fighting against each other
Chapter 926: Shiny
Chapter 927 The Yin Fire is Too Strong
Chapter 928 Compassion Runs Quickly
Chapter 929: Delivered to your door
Chapter 930 Kenjiro
Chapter 931 One-stop service
Chapter 932: You spend, I make money
Chapter 933: Kowtow to the Lord
Chapter 934: Harm for Thousand Years
Chapter 935 Missing
Chapter 936: Attack from both sides
Chapter 937 Bloody Toilet Paper
Chapter 938 One-Eyed Dragon
Chapter 939: Thousands of miles to give away someone’s head
Chapter 940: A Gamble
Chapter 941: China is not a place for you to run wild
Chapter 942 Empty the Magazine
Chapter 943: Virtual reality, golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 944: Making a fortune silently
Chapter 945: I wish we could meet each other before we were married
Chapter 946 He is so annoying at night
Chapter 947: Fuck your brother-in-law
Chapter 948: Made a great contribution
Chapter 949: I’m talking about being a teenager
Chapter 950 Resources and Connections
Chapter 951: Catch the toad and urinate
Chapter 952: Suffocate the bold to death, starve to death the timid
Chapter 953: You really want good things
Chapter 953 Pineapple
Chapter 954: Iron Palm Invincible
Chapter 955: Nine Admirals
Chapter 956: Casting stones to ask for directions
Chapter 957: They are actually neighbors
Chapter 958 Hidden Treasure
Chapter 959: This is missing
Chapter 960 Killing the Chicken
Chapter 961: Bring her back
Chapter 962: As long as you don’t raise your head, there will be thatched houses everywhere
Chapter 963 The Fourth Prince Flag
Chapter 964: Plans fail to keep up with changes
Chapter 965: Approaching is unscientific
Chapter 966: More ruthless than the Desert Butcher
Chapter 967: Avenue
Chapter 968: Cheating and Abnormality
Chapter 969 Going Home
Chapter 970 The Resentment of a Scumbag
Chapter 971 Heroine
Chapter 972 Backdoor
Chapter 973: Armed Confrontation
Chapter 974 Equipment Trading Company
Chapter 975 Bad news that is not particularly bad
Chapter 976: The Great Master
Chapter 977: Act as planned
Chapter 978 Red Star Fire Equipment Trading Company
Chapter 979: Old Enemy
Chapter 980 You are bigger
Chapter 981 Cannonballs
Chapter 982: Plans don’t change quickly
Chapter 983: Loyalty and wealth
Chapter 984 You are a man
Chapter 985 Test Gun
Chapter 986 The fat sheep comes to the door
Chapter 987 Fire Fighting Equipment
Chapter 988: Give to God what is God’s and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s
Chapter 989: Transactions Under the Water
Chapter 990: Abandoned People
Chapter 991: Brothers, settle accounts clearly
Chapter 992 It’s time to make a decision
Chapter 993: The reputation gained
Chapter 994: There must be a brave man under the heavy reward
Chapter 995 The defeated dog
Chapter 996 Upgrade to become a father
Chapter 997: An old enemy comes to visit
Chapter 998: Add some milk
Chapter 999 Three Defense Manual
Chapter 1000 Subtle changes
Chapter 1001 Conflict, Result
Chapter 1002 Unprecedented
Chapter 1003 Super Pie
Chapter 1004 The tank is lost
Chapter 1005: Ka Dazuo is a man who can make friends
Chapter 1006: Dismantled
Chapter 1007: Thorn Head
Chapter 1008 You want my interest, I want your principal
Chapter 1009: Net Profit of Two Million
Chapter 1010: A scumbag man and a scumbag girl
Chapter 1011 Tank
Chapter 1012 Jade Market
Chapter 1013: He wants money
Chapter 1014 The Forbidden City and Library
Chapter 1015 The whereabouts of gun steel
Chapter 1016: Troublesome West German Machine Tools
Chapter 1017: You can only rely on golden fingers
Chapter 1018: Master, you are so kind~
Chapter 1019: A Single Country
Chapter 1020 The final arrangement
Chapter 1021 Low-Intensity Confrontation
Chapter 1022: They are all ordinary second-hand machine tools
Chapter 1023 Funeral
Chapter 1,024 The real hope is not to see with your eyes
Chapter 1025: Attending the Banquet
Chapter 1,026 The Center of the Historical Stage
Chapter 1,027 The money was not wasted
Chapter 1028: It is absolutely impossible to refund tuition fees
Chapter 1029 Flooded Seventh Army
Chapter 1030: Godfather, Brother-in-law
Chapter 1031 Ding Sitian’s Secret
Chapter 1032: Spicy Claws Destroy Flowers
Chapter 1,033 A little fun
Chapter 1034 Backstab
Chapter 1035: Lardboy... is dead!
Chapter 1036 Pirate Family
Chapter 1037 Dragnet
Chapter 1038: Do something big
Chapter 1039 Namo Amitabha
Chapter 1040: These are all heretics and evil spirits
Chapter 1041: All the evil spirits here have been slain
Chapter 1042: Stay safe
Chapter 1043 Rapid Fall
Chapter 1044: I have made meritorious service to my master
Chapter 1045 It’s not over yet
Chapter 1046 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1047 Master
Chapter 1,048 Backlash
Chapter 1,049 Right and wrong
Chapter 1050: No way to heaven, no way to earth
Chapter 1051: With your eyes and hands, hit wherever you point
Chapter 1052: Fellow Taoist, please stay~
Chapter 1053 Heart, Lungs, Kidneys
Chapter 1054: New Discovery of Portable Space
Chapter 1,055 Julie’s Cross-Examination
Chapter 1056 I want a child
Chapter 1057 Twenty-five Days
Chapter 1,058 Digging a Big Hole
Chapter 1,059 ‘Desire’ makes the mind faint
Chapter 1060: Divorced or Widowed
Chapter 1061 What Parts
Chapter 1,062 There is an ambush
Chapter 1,063 Well done
Chapter 1,064 The First Potential Customer
Chapter 1065 Today is different from the past
Chapter 1,066 Fire No. 1
Chapter 1,067 Foolproof
Chapter 1,068: Overflowing with Customers
Chapter 1,069 Motives do not exist
Chapter 1,070 Rich and powerful Li aids Korea
Chapter 1,071 170,000 years
Chapter 1072: Old Friend’s Place
Chapter 1,073 Dongfeng Express, find out more
Chapter 1,074 Missile! Missile!
Chapter 1075: An ideal fire fighting equipment company
Chapter 1076: Do all the good things and do all the bad things
Chapter 1,077 One hundred and sixty million
Chapter 1078 The expected visitor
Chapter 1,079 Uprising
Chapter 1,080 This is no small trick
Chapter 1081 New Oriental
Chapter 1082 This is planting flowers
Chapter 1,083 Suspicious Woman
Chapter 1084: Not very smart
Chapter 1085: What did you say? People... are dead!
Chapter 1,086 Breast Pump
Chapter 1087: Intern, Beretta
Chapter 1088: Force the dog to jump over the wall
Chapter 1089 Never expected
Chapter 1,090 The Thirty-six Strategies are the Best Strategies
Chapter 1091 48 hours
Chapter 1,092 36 hours and 50 minutes
Chapter 1092: People’s hearts are unpredictable.
Chapter 1093: Cherish the beauty? That doesn’t exist
Chapter 1,094 Stop the car!
Chapter 1,095 Acupuncture to Stop Bleeding
Chapter 1096: Second Light Bureau, Mailroom
Chapter 1097: Not in the temple, but in the world
Chapter 1098: Demonic and Martial Arts Dual Cultivation
Chapter 1099: How dare you plot against me?
Chapter 1,100 Someone surfaced
Chapter 1,101 Absolutely no loss
Chapter 1,102 Three...Third Uncle!
Chapter 1,103: Tell the truth
Chapter 1,104 My name is not Ma Dongmei
Chapter 1,105 Commonwealth
Chapter 1106: In the way
Chapter 1,107 No life is without bloodshed
Chapter 1,108 Crying in the Wind
Chapter 1,109 A Thousand Miles Overnight
Chapter 1,110 The whereabouts of Wang Xuan
Chapter 1,111 Immediate results
Chapter 1,112 Flowers and hair or salt-baked peanuts
Chapter 1,113 Ten thousand years is too long, seize the day
Chapter 1,114 Only bleeding can wake them up
Chapter 1115 Vasily
Chapter 1,116 Talent!
Chapter 1,117 Two plans
Chapter 1,118 Freighter! Freighter!
Chapter 1,119 Just go on a killing spree
Chapter 1,120 Let’s start a killing spree from now on
Chapter 1121 Smile is the language spoken all over the world
Chapter 1,122 Hong Xing Jiang Zhen
Chapter 1,123 Feitouman, Baojiaxian
Chapter 1,124 Benevolence and Righteousness
Chapter 1,125 Du Fei arrives at the battlefield
Chapter 1,126 Metal Storm
Chapter 1,127 Life Money
Chapter 1,128 An unexpected person
Chapter 1,129 Three stars are in place, seven kills are in the south
Chapter 1,130 The Arrangement of Fate
Chapter 1,131 Submarine-launched missiles
Chapter 1,132 Vulture
Chapter 1,133 Self-destruction of the Great Wall
Chapter 1,134 Give them a push
Chapter 1,135 The sky is three feet high
Chapter 1,136 The Man Who Takes the Pot
Chapter 1,137 Seizing Power
Chapter 1,138 Approaching Lockdown
Chapter 1139: Troops on the border
Chapter 1,140 Use me
Chapter 1141: Pursue the victory
Chapter 1,142 Missile launch!
Chapter 1,143 Golden Dollar
Chapter 1,144 Involving all parties
Chapter 1,145 Black Snake
Chapter 1,146 Chen Zhengweis decision
Chapter 1,147 Voldemort vs. Lao Yinbi
Chapter 1,148 Breakup
Chapter 1,149 Return to Beijing
Chapter 1,150 A Ship of Goods
Chapter 1151 Three Major Events
Chapter 1,152 Borrowing Troops
Chapter 1,153 747 and f14
Chapter 1154 Hot Spring
Chapter 1,155 Choice
Chapter 1,156 A mess of many things
Chapter 1,157 Shot down
Chapter 1,158 Fourteen Thousand Kilometers
Chapter 1,159 The shit stirrer
Chapter 1,160 Bushs bombshell
Chapter 1,161 Du, you are such a bastard!
Chapter 1,162: A dead horse becomes a living horse doctor
Chapter 1,163 Winnie Slater
Chapter 1,164 Black Reef Mercenary Group
Chapter 1,164 True Ambition
Chapter 1,165: Destroy Guo in a false way
Chapter 1,166 One Month
Chapter 1,167 Winnie’s trump card
Chapter 1,168 The Showdown of Betrayal
Chapter 1,169 Both ends
Chapter 1170 Julie, Winnie
Chapter 1,171 The uninvited guest who comes to your door
Chapter 1,172 Bandar Seri Bega Petroleum Company
Chapter 1,173 Wei Chenggong’s request
Chapter 1,174 Visitors from the West
Chapter 1,175: Carbine and Barbara
Chapter 1,176 Start must die
Chapter 1,177 Type 66 Anti-Infantry Mine
Chapter 1,178: Murder and Silence
Chapter 1,179 Beauty Trap
Chapter 1,180 Du Fei’s own people
Chapter 1,181 Trampling on the Trap
Chapter 1,182 Secretary Xiao Shen
Chapter 1,183 If I give you a chance, will you succeed?
Chapter 1184: Fighting wolves with hemp poles
Chapter 1,185 A man can bend and stretch
Chapter 1,186: I have bad teeth and can’t eat this piece of meat
Chapter 1,187 I don’t like to take the blame for others.
Chapter 1,188 Give you two ways
Chapter 1,189 There is a new situation
Chapter 1,190 Complexity
Chapter 1,191 Xiaoyi Black Sanniang
Chapter 1,192 One Night
Chapter 1,193 Arrest
Chapter 1,194 Twenty Kilograms of Explosives
Chapter 1,195 Hey bitch
Chapter 1,196 Return a hundredfold
Chapter 1,197 You might as well bet bigger
Chapter 1,198 Building a Building
Chapter 1,199 Appetizers
Chapter 1,200 A perfect match
Chapter 1,201 We all long for peace
Chapter 1,202 Your uncle is fine everywhere
Chapter 1,203 'Journey to the West'
Chapter 1204: Confused
Chapter 1,205: How to get rid of the hatred in your heart if you don’t take revenge yourself?
Chapter 1,206 Gold and Silver Combination
Chapter 1,207 The Second Battle of Zhahuang
Chapter 1,208 Visitors from Japan
Chapter 1,209 I’ll give you a big ass bag
Chapter 1,210 A country truly paved with gold
Chapter 1,211: Condemning the people and punishing them
Chapter 1,212 All the way to the west
Chapter 1,213 A French Woman
Chapter 1214: Money can make the world go round
Chapter 1,215 Brother Li, don’t make the mistake
Chapter 1,216 Kill it
Chapter 1,217 I want to have a child with you
Chapter 1,218 The Queen is still the Queen
Chapter 1,219 One Hundred Billion Dollars
Chapter 1,220 Giorny’s Ambition
Chapter 1,221 The most unexpected visitor
Chapter 1,222 What middlemen are needed to make the difference?
Chapter 1,223 Preparing for launch
Chapter 1,224 Dark clouds threaten to destroy the city
Chapter 1,225 How to lose this game
Chapter 1,226 Falling from the sky
Chapter 1,227 Heavenly Official Seal
Chapter 1,228 The Darkness Before Dawn
Chapter 1,229 Seizing the National Destiny
Chapter 1,230 Marriage
Chapter 1,231 Petrodollar Buff
Chapter 1,232 Spring in the Capital
Chapter 1,233 A big banquet
Chapter 1,234 I have never seen the world.
Chapter 1,235 It stinks!
Chapter 1,236 Come to apologize
Chapter 1,237 I am a married man
Chapter 1,238 Undercurrent
Chapter 1,239 It will be mine sooner or later, but not now
Chapter 1,240 Pigs are not as good as chickens
Chapter 1,241 Du Fei’s iron palm shocked Beihai, and Li Yuanchao walked southwest in anger
Chapter 1,242 Natasha
Chapter 1,243 Zhu Ting is back
Chapter 1,244 It’s about to begin
Chapter 1,245: Move the whole body
Chapter 1,246 Thinking in one place, working in one place
Chapter 1,246 War breaks out
Chapter 1,247: Stab in the back, always fast and hard
Chapter 1,248 Foreigners all look like that
Chapter 1,249 War is everywhere
Chapter 1250: Physical Conquering Demons
Chapter 1,251 Dai Wei Camp
Chapter 1,252 Treasure
Chapter 1,253 Bronze Bureau
Chapter 1,254 Sublimation of the Soul
Chapter 1,255 These soldiers are all finished
Chapter 1,256 Bitch Picking Up Guests
Chapter 1,257 Even if you give in, you will die.
Chapter 1,258 Fleet
Chapter 1,259 There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies.
Chapter 1,260 Surprise
Chapter 1,261 If you fail, you must bear the consequences of failure.
Chapter 1,262 Rice or Crisp
Chapter 1263: South to West
Chapter 1,264 Shoot!
Chapter 1,265 It’s no longer 1900
Chapter 1,266 Sudden assassination
Chapter 1,267: Framing something out of thin air
Chapter 1,268 A hair comes out from the bottom of the big cock’s ass
Chapter 1,269 Missiles and Mushrooms
Chapter 1,270 Natasha’s private appointment
Chapter 1,271 Desperate to save oneself
Chapter 1,272 The main event begins
Chapter 1,273 This is to kill the donkey
Chapter 1,274 Messi
Chapter 1,275 Reality does not depend on personal will
Chapter 1,276 My man is the most reliable
Chapter 1,277 You are the leader of us all
Chapter 1,278 See if he has diamonds
Chapter 1,279 Things are different and people are different
Chapter 1,280 Meeting old friends again
Chapter 1,281 Ka Dazuo’s Assistance
Chapter 1,282 There are some things you can’t count on others.
Chapter 1,283 Poaching
Chapter 1,284 I believe you are a ghost
Chapter 1285: Just a tough guy
Chapter 1,286 1972 (10,000 words)
Chapter 1,287 Not strong enough
Chapter 1,288 Covering the entire territory, flying around the island
Chapter 1,289 Spring Festival Gift
Chapter 1,290 Ten Thousand Kilometers
Chapter 1,291 Damn it, I am the overall situation
Chapter 1,292 A not-so-hearty victory
Chapter 1,293 We sell fire fighting equipment
Chapter 1,294 Old Friend
Chapter 1,295 Really! They are all fire fighting equipment
Chapter 1,296 George is my beloved relative and friend
Chapter 1,297 Do you think you can do it again?
Chapter 1,298 There’s actually been a substitution
Chapter 1299 The intricate Nanyang
Chapter 1,300 Wolves at Sea
Chapter 1301 Leave or surrender
Chapter 1,302 Money can’t be spent in vain
Chapter 1,303 Everyone is in their place
Chapter 1,304 The troublemaker is here again
Chapter 1,305 The Queen’s hand is stretched too far
Chapter 1,306 Mushrooms are Poisonous
Chapter 1307 Zero Seven
Chapter 1,308 It’s time to end
Chapter 1,309 Race against time on the way home
Chapter 1310 Forest Fire
Chapter 1311 Epic Mission
Chapter 1312 Gunboat and Princess
Chapter 1,313 I always win no matter what
Chapter 1,314 Seeing or Not Seeing
Chapter 1315 Learning Chinese
Chapter 1,316 Let’s give gifts
Chapter 1317 I want them all
Chapter 1,318 It’s Obligatory
Chapter 1,319 All the way south
Chapter 1325 Only with external force can we be more united internally.
Chapter 1326 must be eradicated resolutely
Chapter 1327 The Prince of Hell must return to his throne
Chapter 1328 This is Zhengji
Chapter 1329 ‘Peace’ model
Chapter 1330 Give them US dollars, one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand, or just one
Chapter 1331 Only eat meat, don’t chew bones
Chapter 1332: Cooperation for everyone to get what they need
Chapter 1333 You should be ruthless in making money
Chapter 1334 More than 30
Chapter 1335 It’s uncomfortable to be controlled by others
Chapter 1336 A $100,000 air conditioner
Chapter 1337 Iron Dome vs Steel Sky
Chapter 1338 They are so awesome
Chapter 1339 The key to solving the problem
Chapter 1340 You can never point fingers at others
Chapter 1341 Who is the overall situation?
Chapter 1342 Shang Sanchang
Chapter 1343 Absolute Death Radius
Chapter 1344 Return to Ruins
Chapter 1345 Borneo Devil
Chapter 1346 Who said that surrender must be accepted?
Chapter 1347 Beat me so hard
Chapter 1348 I swear to God
Chapter 1349 America’s friends must be satisfied
Chapter 1350 Conspiracy
Chapter 1351 The rest of the places can be taken by yourself
Chapter 1352 Seventeen Hours
Chapter 1353 Raid! Raid!
Chapter 1354 Fire Support
Chapter 1355 Fierce battle at the airport
Chapter 1356 The real plan
Chapter 1357 My words are still valid
Chapter 1358: Qing Jun side, killing national traitors
Chapter 1359: Prosperity and wealth
Chapter 1360 One shot blasted to pieces
Chapter 1361 Alliance in Nanyang
Chapter 1362 You have been more careful lately
Chapter 1363 My friend, brother, the most reliable comrade-in-arms
Chapter 1364 I treat you as my brother, but you want to be my father-in-law
Chapter 1365 Gifts and Innate Endowments
Chapter 1366 Preemptive Strike
Chapter 1367 That’s it
Chapter 1368 Declaration of war? Are you sure?
Chapter 1369 Ultimatum
Chapter 1370 One Billion Dollars
Chapter 1371 Read more books
Chapter 1372 Good news comes from the delivery room that someone has given birth to a baby
Chapter 1373 Talent
Chapter 1374 Domestic and foreign countries
Chapter 1375 Too slow
Chapter 1376 The beginning of the new year
Chapter 1377 A power vacuum that lasted for several months
Chapter 1378 It looks beautiful, but it hides arsenic