Chapter 1491 Good advice!

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Seeing Zhang Xiaolin's proud look full of expectation, Sui Erfu hesitated for a moment and felt that it was still necessary to remind Zhang Xiaolin.

"Master, you still have to be cautious." Sui Ermu said, "Cheng Qianfan is the person Sanbonjiro named to protect. He has a good relationship with Captain Araki of the Special High School Course."

"Moreover." Sui Ermu glanced at Zhang Xiaolin's expression, "And we also found out before that Cheng Qianfan often visits Imamura's mansion. It is said that Counselor Imamura also admires Cheng Qianfan."

He said to Zhang Xiaolin, "Master, last time you asked me to inquire about Imamura Hyotarō. This man is a famous young diplomat in Japan. It is said that he also has an uncle who is a Japanese general."

Sui Ermu said worriedly, "Master, you should think twice."

"No, no, no." Zhang Xiaolin shook his finger, "Er Ming, you don't understand the Japanese."

"If you know the Japanese, you will understand." He smiled contemptuously and said, "The Japanese are dogs. They may be nice to you one second, but they can turn their backs on you the next moment."

Zhang Xiaolin said, "If Cheng Qianfan really offends the Japanese, Japan will immediately turn against him. Cheng Qianfan's protective umbrella will only cut off from him faster than others and attack him."

"Sir, but Cheng Qianfan is doing business with the Japanese." Sui Erming continued to remind and persuade, "Sir, you also said that the best friendship is between those who can help others make money."

"Er Ming, your situation is too small." Zhang Xiaolin shook his head slightly, "Making money is just a small way after all. The benefits and help I can bring to the Japanese are far beyond what Cheng Qianfan can do."

His body leaned back and leaned on the sofa. Sui Erxun immediately knew the opportunity and came up to help light the cigarette.

Zhang Xiaolin took a puff of his cigarette and said with a sneer, "Actually, even if Sanbonjiro speaks, I really want to kill Cheng Qianfan. Even if Sanbonjiro is angry, there is not much he can do to me, but for a

It's not worth it to have a tense relationship between Cheng Qianfan and people like Sanbonjiro."

"Opportunity." Zhang Xiaolin said, "Cheng Qianfan has a conflict with the Japanese. This is an opportunity. This opportunity is that at this time, I attack Cheng Qianfan and kill this bastard. Even if the Japanese are dissatisfied, they are

With steps and excuses.”

After Sui Erming thought for a moment, he understood the meaning of Zhang Xiaolin's words.

"Thank you, sir." Sui Erming gave a thumbs up and complimented him from the bottom of his heart, "It's because Erming is shallow."

Zhang Xiaolin smiled proudly and waved his hand, "Go ahead, don't miss this opportunity, find out."


In the office of the Second Section of the Security Office at the Shanghai Military Police Headquarters, Ryotaro Ishizaka lowered his head, and his cheeks were already swollen from being beaten.

"Bag duck down!" Hiromichi Kubota was still upset and slapped Ryotaro Ishizaka hard in the mouth.

"Hai." Ryotaro Ishizaka stood respectfully.

"Do you know why I'm angry?" Hiromi Kubota gave Ryotaro Ishizaka a cold look.

"Because of the incompetence of my subordinates, the target person escaped." Ryotaro Ishizaka said.

There are rumors that the head of the security room, Minetaro Tsuchida, may be promoted to the General Staff of the Manchurian Kwantung Army. In this case, the position of the head of the security room will become vacant.

Currently, Hiromi Kubota, chief of the second section of the security office, and Atsushi Mizuguchi, chief of the first section, are the most powerful contenders for the position of chief.

Hiromi Kubota and Atsushi Mizuguchi are currently working hard to perform in order to win the favor and recognition of Commander Ikeuchi.

This search for important military figures who came to Shanghai from Nanjing became the stage for Kubota Hiromi and Mizuguchi Atsushi to perform.

Ryotaro Ishizaka knew that he had clearly discovered a suspicious target, but this person escaped. The negative impact of this incident was even greater than the fact that the suspicious target was not discovered.

This will directly affect the perception and rating of Section Chief Hiromi Kubota in the mind of Chief Minetaro Tsuchida.

As the current head of the security room, Minetaro Tsuchida has the right to recommend his successor, and Commander Ikeuchi will naturally seriously consider the candidate recommended by Minetaro Tsuchida.

For Chief Minetaro Tsuchida, he would naturally be very happy if he could successfully capture important personnel of the military command before being transferred to Manchuria and add another military medal to his Shanghai work resume.

And now, the target person managed to escape from the encirclement of Ryotaro Ishizaka. Not only Hiromi Kubota was dissatisfied, but Minetaro Tsuchida was also naturally very dissatisfied.

"Bag duck falls." Kubota Hiromi glared at Ryotaro Ishizaka with fierce eyes, "You stupid pig, the target escaped from your hands, I am not surprised at all now!"

"Hai!" Ryotaro Ishizaka's face turned red, "My subordinate is stupid and has disappointed the section chief."

"Idiot!" Kubota Hiromi scolded, "According to what you said, the sudden explosion caused chaos at the scene. In this case, the target was able to take advantage of the chaos to escape. Although this also shows that you are an idiot, but -"

"This further proves that our enemies are cunning and well prepared." Hiroshi Kubota couldn't help but slapped Ryotaro Ishizaka again, "So, although the target's escape is infuriating, it is not an unforgivable sin.


"Now, do you know where you went wrong?" Hiromi Kubota asked Ryotaro Ishizaka coldly.

"My subordinates were forced to evacuate by Cheng Qianfan's people." Ishizaka Ryotaro could not understand why the section chief was angry at this time. He looked embarrassed and gritted his teeth and said, "My subordinates have disgraced the Locust Army of the Empire of Japan.


"The majestic Locust Army of the Japanese Empire was actually intimidated and threatened by patrols. They gave up on taking away important prisoners and fled the French Concession in a panic." Hiromi Kubota looked at Ryotaro Ishizaka with teeth itching in anger, "You know what the newspapers in Shanghai will report tomorrow.

Is this the case?"

As he said that, Kubota Hiromi slapped him in the face. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

Ryotaro Ishizaka did not accept the beating obediently this time, and subconsciously turned his head to avoid Kubota Hiromi's slap.

How dare you hide?

Hiroshi Kubota was furious.

"Section Chief." Ishizaka Ryotaro quickly begged for mercy. He smiled bitterly and covered his face. "If you continue to beat me, my sister will feel distressed and angry."

Hiromi Kubota glared at Ryotaro Ishizaka, whose sister was his wife.

"Section Chief, I will order to keep an eye on the newspaper office. Anyone who slanders the empire or the Locust Army will be severely punished by the empire." Ryotaro Ishizaka said.

"You don't understand." Hiromi Kubota glared at Ryotaro Ishizaka. This matter could not be remedied by more than a high-pressure blockade of public opinion.

The most important thing is the bad impact of this matter, which to some extent means, or sends a signal to the outside world:

The French Concession authorities' attitude towards the Empire has become tougher, which will give hope and motivation to those rebels who rely on the French Concession to take hostile actions against the Empire.


In addition, even Cheng Qianfan, who has always been close to the empire, has a tough attitude towards the empire, and even almost caused a small-scale battle. This will be regarded as a signal of some kind of tough attitude in the eyes of some people:

The tough attitude of Cheng Qianfan, a pro-Japanese faction, will be deliberately exaggerated and interpreted by those who are interested.


Kubota Hiromi suddenly frowned, something was wrong. Cheng Qianfan had always been close to the empire. According to what he knew, this 'little Mr. Cheng' had a good relationship with Araki Harima from the Special High School, and Kawada Atsushi from the Military Police Headquarters.

Ren Shaozuo is also a good friend.

Even Cheng Qianfan often visited Imamura Mansion.

This guy is also a junior of Chu Mingyu who was in the Wang Reclamation regime, and it is said that he is highly appreciated and valued by Chu Mingyu.

Such a Cheng Qianfan should not have such an attitude from any aspect.

This is unreasonable.

However, after thinking about it for a while, Kubota Hiromi felt that it was quite reasonable.

Cheng Qianfan was a man who cherished his life very much.

Being suddenly attacked by a bomb and almost losing his life will definitely anger Cheng Qianfan completely.

Is this carried away by anger?

He looked at Ryotaro Ishizaka and asked thoughtfully, "Cheng Qianfan suffered a bomb attack. What do you think of this matter?"

"Cheng Qianfan insisted that Zhang Xiaolin arranged for Fei Xianda to do things with the intention of blowing him up with a bomb." Ryotaro Ishizaka said, "Judging from Cheng Qianfan's angry look, he is very sure that Zhang Xiaolin arranged for someone to kill him."

"You are arresting an important target of the military command over there." Kubota Hiromi said calmly, "Cheng Qianfan was attacked by a bomb over there."

He looked at Ryotaro Ishizaka, "Do you believe this coincidence?"

The next day, early morning.

"You are too impulsive." Lao Huang stood up and poured a glass of rice wine for Comrade Huo Miao.

"You pretended to be angry and shot the Japanese to death." He said, "This is a very good handling. It is very consistent with your arrogant character under anger."

Lao Huang took a sip of rice wine and pinched a piece of pork head meat, which left a fragrant taste in his mouth. "This is also in line with Miyazaki Kentaro's identity. After all, in the eyes of the Japanese, you are one of your own at heart. When you are angry, your brain

You subconsciously don't care about killing a Japanese who wants to harm you."

"That's what I thought at the time." Cheng Qianfan nodded.

It can even be said that if Ji Xianglin was not Japanese, he would not necessarily choose to shoot. Just because Ji Xianglin was Japanese, he immediately decided to shoot in his mind.

Killing this Japanese man, whether it is for him, the patrol room, or the identity and character of Kentaro Miyazaki, is an approach that can be interpreted and recognized (understood) in various ways.

Even when he stood in front of Sanbonjiro, and even when he was later interrogated by the Military Police Headquarters, he could successfully explain and pass.

"The Japanese military police were arresting people at the dock, and there was a bomb attack on your side. This is really a coincidence. This will inevitably lead to investigation and suspicion by the Japanese." Lao Huang took a bite of peanuts and said, "In this kind of situation

Under such circumstances, you dare to shoot and kill the Japanese, but to some extent, it will alleviate the Japanese's suspicion of you."

"I think so too." Cheng Qianfan said with a slightly proud tone.

He was indeed somewhat proud of himself. It was not easy to be able to think of so many things in the blink of an eye and act decisively.

This feeling of dancing on the tip of a knife, and doing more and more tricks, is a stimulating enjoyment under a difficult psychology for people like him.

"However, your subsequent attitude towards the Japanese Gendarmerie, especially your order to the patrol house to force the Japanese Gendarmerie." Huang said, "In my opinion, it is too much and not enough."

Lao Huang frowned and said, "This is not in line with your status of being close to the Japanese and your political attitude towards the Wang Reclamation regime."

He took the cigarette handed over by Cheng Qianfan, lit it with a match, took a deep puff and said, "Not to mention, as Kentaro Miyazaki, you should not make such an order.

The Japanese army has no dignity and its face has been damaged."

"I understand what you mean." Cheng Qianfan also lit a cigarette, took a puff, and said, "However, I didn't go overboard. I also considered it carefully."

He looked at Lao Huang and said, "I was so angry that I shot and killed someone even though I heard Ji Xianglin say that he was Japanese."

After flicking the ashes from his cigarette, Cheng Qianfan continued, "After the emotion is over, there will inevitably be a time when you regain your clarity and reason."

He asked Lao Huang, as if he was talking to himself, "If it were you, what would be thinking in your mind at that time? Assuming that everything has nothing to do with you, you are the victim of a bomb attack."

After saying that, Cheng Qianfan added, "Sanbonjiro is a suspicious person."

"I'm afraid." Lao Huang understood the meaning of Comrade Huo Miao's last sentence, "Even if that Ji Xianglin is really related to the bomb attack, after all, the Japanese can arrest and interrogate, but they can't

You can kill him directly."

Lao Huang took a deep breath from his cigarette and said, "Now that I have killed a 'comatriot', and possibly an agent, the impact of this incident is very bad. The first question I am thinking about now is how to remedy it and how to deal with it."

Interrogation and questioning by the Special High School and the gendarmerie.”

He looked at Cheng Qianfan, took a sip of rice wine, smacked his tongue, and suddenly smiled, "I understand."

As he said that, he gave Cheng Qianfan a thumbs up, "I'm not as smart as you."

"Now, this matter still needs a few patches." Cheng Qianfan said, as he drank the wine in the glass, stood up and patted his butt, "The most important patches -"

"You have to call Kawada Atsuhito immediately." Huang said.

Cheng Qianfan was slightly stunned. He originally thought he would go to the Special High School to report the matter to Sanbonjiro.

"Kawada Atsuhito." Cheng Qianfan frowned and said thoughtfully, "I originally planned to meet Sanbonjiro, but what you said makes sense."

Lao Huang did not speak. At this moment, he would not talk any more. The choice Comrade Huo Miao made after careful consideration must be made by himself.

"I changed my mind." Cheng Qianfan said, "I'm going to see Hyoutarou Imamura now."

Lao Huang was also stunned for a moment. After thinking for a moment, he nodded, "This is the best."

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