Chapter 6249: Delivering a Car

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"not good!"

The powerful men of the Thunder Falcon clan were shocked. The chariot was huge, like a mountain, but its speed was astonishingly fast.

The moment it hit Long Chen, there was a huge shock wave in front and a long tail behind it, like a hammer from the gods.


Suddenly there was an explosion, and the chariot was still some distance away from Long Chen. After the explosion, it flew backwards.

I saw Lei Yun'er's petite body floating in the void, with more than 700 imperial flames burning around her. It was she who blocked the attack of the chariot.

"Seven hundred emperor flames..."

A horrified scream came from the chariot. Apparently, the man did not expect that such a terrifying existence was hidden here.


The chariot shines and is about to flee.


Lei Yun'er suddenly disappeared on the spot. When she reappeared, she was already above the chariot. Her fist was slowly raised, and endless imperial flames converged on her fist.


Lei Yuner's fist hit the chariot hard, and the chariot shuddered and hit the ground vertically.

"Come again..."

Seeing the shocking waves of earth, the faces of the powerful men of the Thunder Falcon clan turned green and they ran away.

Fortunately, although Lei Yun'er's power was great, it did not contain the fatal imperial power, and could not compare with the aftermath of a fierce battle with the God Emperor. They were only thrown away, but not injured.

"Spare your life, spare your life, this is all a misunderstanding!" A voice begging for mercy came from inside the chariot.

"Misunderstanding? Wait until I beat you to death and then tell you about the misunderstanding!"

Lei Yun'er yelled angrily. This guy wanted to sneak attack Long Chen, which completely angered her. She punched the chariot with her fist.

"Boom boom boom..."

The explosion shook the sky, and the chariot kept sinking. However, the chariot's defense was amazing. No matter how hard Lei Yuner hit it, he could not break it.

Lei Yun'er was furious. She had the power of seven hundred emperor flames, but she couldn't do anything to this chariot. This made her feel like she was at a disadvantage.

In fact, Lei Yun'er had just accepted the inheritance. Although she had more than 700 emperor flames, she was still unable to control those runes.

And all her original magical powers had been washed away by the divine bird, and she couldn't use the divine bird's magical powers yet. She could only use the most primitive power of the emperor's flames. Naturally, she couldn't do anything about this amazing defensive power.


"I don't believe I can't break your turtle shell."

The more unbreakable it is, the more angry Lei Yun'er becomes. She is a Lei Xiu, and not many have good tempers, whether they are Lei Xiu or Huo Xiu.

In a rage, Lei Yuner danced with phantom fists, as if she had endless strength, and her fists poured out like raindrops.

"Boom boom boom..."

Soon, the chariot could no longer hold up, and the runes on the chariot showed signs of fading. Once the energy of the defensive runes on the chariot was exhausted, it would be completely doomed.

"Auntie, stop it, stop it quickly. I am willing to apologize to you. I can also give you my treasure. Please let me go!" The strong man in the chariot begged desperately.

However, Lei Yuner ignored it at all and smashed it wildly. Today, she said she would smash this chariot no matter what.

"Why bother smashing your own car?" At this moment, a voice came.

Lei Yun'er was suddenly surprised and happy. It was Long Chen's voice. She hurriedly stopped and saw Long Chen standing behind her.

"This idiot didn't disturb you, did he?" Lei Yuner said hurriedly.

Hearing Lei Yuner's words, Long Chen suddenly looked strange, but the man's aggrieved voice came from inside the chariot:


"It's obviously you who disturbed me, it has nothing to do with me!"

"You still dare to talk back? I will blow your turtle shell today."

Lei Yuner was immediately furious and was about to take action again, but was stopped by Long Chen.

"Come out and speak!" Long Chen said to the strong man in the chariot.

"I don't dare. I came out because I was afraid that you would kill me. It was really a misunderstanding. I just wanted to test the strength of the first human being. I really didn't want to kill you. Besides, with my strength, how could I possibly kill you?

You?" The man in the chariot said with a flattering tone.

"Stop talking nonsense. If you don't come out, don't blame me for killing you!" Long Chen said impatiently.


The chariot trembled slightly, and a thin man with a wretched face appeared. The man looked unattractive, but he actually possessed five hundred imperial flames.

"You are a strong man in the Jiutian World, you deserve to die!" Sensing the man's aura, Lei Yuner became furious instantly:

"If Long Chen hadn't destroyed the balance, all of us would have been expelled. You don't want to be grateful, but you take action against him?"

"Misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding!" the man said hurriedly.

Long Chen was not surprised. When the man named the first human being, Long Chen knew that he came from the Nine Heavens World.

"Stop talking nonsense, stay with the chariot, hand over the driving method, and then you can get out!" Long Chen said coldly.

The man suddenly had a look of pain on his face. He just got this chariot from the Tianyu battlefield. He had to give it to someone before it was too hot. He really couldn't bear to part with it.

But seeing Long Chen's expression of indifference and Lei Yun'er's gnashing of teeth, he knew that he had no room for bargaining.

In the end, he obediently handed over the golden chariot, and also handed over the control method he had explored.

In fact, he didn't know much about this chariot, but he had a certain skill in weapon refining and was barely able to control this chariot.

However, he was unable to activate many formations of the chariot and could only drive the chariot to fly. As for its defense, he did not activate it, but automatically defended it.

"Wow, passive defense is so terrifying. If active defense is turned on, this tank cannot be broken at all." After the man left, Lei Yuner looked at the tank and said with a shocked expression.

She just tried her best to hit it, but she still couldn't break through the defense. She was still very convinced of the defense of this tank.

"You take this chariot with you. As long as there are enough Chaos Spiritual Stones, it can keep driving." Long Chen said.

"This won't work, you need it more!" Lei Yuner quickly refused.

Long Chen smiled and said: "Don't refuse. With this chariot, you can look for opportunities separately. If you meet a strong foreigner, you can kill people and seize treasures."

Lei Yun'er's clan members suddenly felt their hearts beating wildly. Long Chen meant that this chariot was for them.

Lei Yun'er still wanted to refuse, but those powerful men from the Thunder Falcon clan had already climbed onto the chariot and began to study. This made Lei Yun'er furious, and when he was about to scold him, he was stopped by Long Chen.

Long Chen's big hand pressed on Lei Yun'er's thin shoulder, feeling the violent thunder power in her body.

At this time, Lei Yuner's blood and soul were filled with vast fluctuations.

And her bones were carved with dense runes. However, these runes were only prototypes and needed to be perfected by Lei Yuner herself.

Long Chen was checking the birth rune left by the senior to Lei Yun'er, but as he checked, Long Chen's expression changed slightly.

"What's wrong?" Lei Yuner's heart was beating wildly.

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