The king of online games fights again
author:Will to forgetThe king of online games fights again
The former king, now a savage, three years blank, far behind others, but unable to bury his original light and heat, inside and outside the game, waiting for him to return to glory, and find the smooth path of the game that once belonged to him. The former master, now the villager , escaped for three years...
I'm really not a 3D player
author:Baisui Mountain Ice TeaI'm really not a 3D player
Strong defense, precise three-pointers, superb passing, smart off-ball running, unpredictable steals...biqu isn't this a 3D player?! Sun Yi: Does the outside world have some doubts about my strength? Misunderstanding, okay! I’m showing off my cards, I’m not pretending anymore, I’m the legendary hexagon warrior, not really a 3D player! This is a passionate basketball story that started in 2009!
God-level card system of League of Legends
author:YugoGod-level card system of League of Legends
Traveling to a world where e-sports is hot, Chen Nan activates the god-level card system, and can get the cards of League of Legends legends, and integrates the consciousness and operation of professional players, step by step to the top of the world! Faker: Chen Nan He is the strongest player in this game, and if you think "The God-level Card System of League of Legends" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ groups and Weibo!
lord fierce
author:main firelord fierce
You Yuan, a special soldier of the last days, was sent to an unknown new continent because he passed the test of the crisis in the last days, and started a new life as a lord. He didn't have a single soldier, everything started from scratch, and he faced various survival challenges at any time. Fortunately, there is a system Close to the body: Undecided when things happen, systematic and scientific; resources within five kilometers
Qimen Yinshi
author:squat ballQimen Yinshi
My name is Wang Kaile, and I am a landscape architect. What I will tell you are all kinds of evil things that I encountered when I was working on the project. These things have also subtly affected my life...
Qin Shi: Under One Man
author:if partingQin Shi: Under One Man
Chang'an Jun of the Qin State, Cheng Qiao, is also the younger brother of the first emperor Yingzheng, but he played a good hand of cards so badly that he fell to the point where his relatives bitterly hurt his enemies. Now his body is still the same, his soul has changed, and he possesses the unique skill of the Tianshifu Zhenpai Wulei Fa-rectification, the thunderbolt, the order of the sky, this life is bound to walk out a road to the sky without regrets! Nobility, power, status, fame, wealth, beauty, and freedom are what children choose. Of course adults want them all!

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