Qin Shi: Under One Man
author:if partingQin Shi: Under One Man
Chang'an Jun of the Qin State, Cheng Qiao, is also the younger brother of the first emperor Yingzheng, but he played a good hand of cards so badly that he fell to the point where his relatives bitterly hurt his enemies. Now his body is still the same, his soul has changed, and he possesses the unique skill of the Tianshifu Zhenpai Wulei Fa-rectification, the thunderbolt, the order of the sky, this life is bound to walk out a road to the sky without regrets! Nobility, power, status, fame, wealth, beauty, and freedom are what children choose. Of course adults want them all!
The time traveler traverses the anime world
author:Dragon PalaceThe time traveler traverses the anime world
After the time traveler was defeated in Dragon Ball, he achieved great success in martial arts, and then caused trouble in other two-dimensional worlds. Continue the time travel to the end!
The king of online games fights again
author:ForgetfulnessThe king of online games fights again
The former king is now a savage. Three years have passed. He has fallen behind many others, but he cannot hide his own light and heat. Inside and outside the game, we are waiting for him to return to glory and find the smooth path of the game that once belonged to him. The former young master is now a village man. , escaped for three years...
Super blood-sucking mosquito clone
author:out of nowhereSuper blood-sucking mosquito clone
An accident gave Jiang Qi a mosquito clone. Biting a doctor can cure all kinds of diseases... Biting a teacher can teach students... Biting an expert can appraise antiques... Biting a celebrity can perform all kinds of things... Well, all kinds of things Not to mention professional humans, even if a cat or a dog is bitten, they can also gain mysterious experience... Hey, friends, make room, super students are here to report! If it’s good, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ groups and Weibo!
Ke Xue Corpse Picker
author:SenshuKe Xue Corpse Picker
Boss A said sincerely: You are only 18, you still have a long life. Boss B said earnestly: It would be a pity not to take the right path with this talent. Boss C was worried: Leave the organization, you shouldn’t stand in the dark. …………… ...Jiang Xia, yes, you are right. Deal with Sanlian. He accepted the Nth You Should Be a Good Person card and sighed tiredly... He is obviously a mentally healthy person with excellent grades and ideals. A great young man with great ambitions. ...but why is everyone trying to persuade him to change his ways? Ma Jia flow, semi-invincible, easy to live in every day~
I'm really not a 3D player
author:Baisui Mountain Ice TeaI'm really not a 3D player
Strong defense, precise three-pointers, superb passing, smart off-ball running, unpredictable steals...biqu isn't this a 3D player?! Sun Yi: Does the outside world have some doubts about my strength? Misunderstanding, okay! I’m showing off my cards, I’m not pretending anymore, I’m the legendary hexagon warrior, not really a 3D player! This is a passionate basketball story that started in 2009!

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