Twilight lover
author:Biao LuohanTwilight lover
People are afraid of ghosts when they walk at night, especially evil ghosts. Ghosts are afraid of people when they walk at night, especially lovers at night. Evil people or evil ghosts, which one is more terrifying?
i am sword fairy
author:fallen leavesi am sword fairy
In 2155, more than a hundred years after the Great War, the earth was devastated, and people still lived in a world of scarce supplies. At this time, under the instruction of the United Earth Government, a Metaverse game "Tianxia" developed by the Chinese meta company It will be launched soon. This is a game called the second world of human beings. In this game, you can get everything, money, materials, weapons, status, everything. Young Lin Zhao, a boy on a motorcycle in a slum area who accidentally became a vegetable, occasionally I got an internal test opportunity in the game, can I change my destiny and restart a new life?... The story background of this "Tianxia" game is unprecedentedly strong, integrating various popular IPs, "Sura Martial God", "Eternal Number One" "God", "Nine Star Hegemony Art", "Super Soldier King" can experience it in the Chinese IP universe
she slays gods in the infinite game
author:voiceshe slays gods in the infinite game
Xiao Zhimiao entered a real different world through a mysterious internal test of the game. After clearing the game copy, she got dedication points to exchange gifts with the gods to obtain special abilities and rare items. In order to clear the game as soon as possible and return to normal life, Xiao Zhimiao started Xiao Zhimiao was thrilled and excited when she passed the dungeon, but she never expected to meet the final boss. They were more powerful than each other, and all kinds of rare items were given to her without money. Boss No. 1: The things of the shit gods are all broken. What I give you is the good stuff. Take it well and don’t throw it away, and don’t give it to others! Boss No. 2: I’m lying down, come on... come and hit me .boss No. 3: The gods are bullshit, don’t want their shit gift, ask me. Boss No. 4
Arcane radiance, shining forever
author:Dalong, Mr.Arcane radiance, shining forever
After waking up, I travel to another world. Luckily, I have a golden finger [Soul Armament System]. Discover the soul [Iron Blood General (Green)], whether to extract it. Extract it! Discover the soul [Desolate Ancient Giant Ape (Blue)], whether to extract it. Extract it !Discover the spirit... Don't talk nonsense, extract it for Lao Tzu quickly!!! This is a world where the gods fall into a deep sleep and the arcanist develops to the extreme because there are no natural enemies!************** ***************************************************** ****Since you are an arcanist, it is reasonable for farming to occupy the mainstream. After all, magic towers, floating cities, golem legions, and dimensional warships need too many resources!
I really can't control myself
author:flamboyant mayI really can't control myself
It's really good to be able to travel through planes, but this automatic battle is a bit too confusing. Don't come here, I really can't control myself! While shouting like this, Linton hammered away all the great gods, Embark on the road to the top. The starting point is arrogant and infinite.
The Witch of Zongwang: From Azeroth to the Classic of Mountains and Seas
author:Those who are prone to autumn damageThe Witch of Zongwang: From Azeroth to the Classic of Mountains and Seas
Let's start with a small bottle of devil essence... As Yi Xia spoke, he took out a small bottle of Coke from his stall and poured it into the crucible in front of him. The unimagined road that was drawn on the screen of the mobile phone fixed next to it was outrageous. After the barrage, Yi Xia added a plant called Grom's Blood. Of course, some people in the barrage said that it was called Chunya, which is more frequently used in the country. And as the plant fell into the crucible, The liquid seemed to have added special effects. The original black liquid with unknown bubbles gradually turned into a creepy green... It was pigment, he added pigment to it! It seems more appetizing than bitter melon juice? So? Gul'dan, what's the price? The barrage started to move crazily, but Yi Xia had already stopped. He lay comfortably on his recliner, looking at all kinds of passers-by outside. The sun was shining brightly, and there was something filling the air. Sweet taste. Is it milk tea? Or big white legs? Yi Xia squinted her eyes. The sun above her head was round like a tempting pie. This is too much to eat... Yi Xia licked her lips subconsciously. It seems that there are still remnants of a certain star... This is the story of a witch...

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