Three thousand machines
author:easy worldThree thousand machines
Opportunity is to move forward on an adventure, to fight for every second of time, a dead friend will not die a poor man! Opportunity never belongs to one person alone, in the vast world, everyone's luck is overwhelming, and the strong man who is king and respected is like the one who crosses the river Carassius auratus! Daoists who have attained the Dao have good fortune, can turn accidents into inevitability, see the past, peep into the future, and live together with the sky! There are very few strong Taoists who created the world in the chaos and are immortal! Interstellar plunder On the way, Li Xiu fell into a different world. For a long time, he was the king with a strong mouth. Is this cheating? No, no, heh, this is talking about the Tao!
magic player
author:Under the wind treemagic player
[Cultivation of Immortals starts from the Demon Gate] The senior player known as Duobao Taoist traveled from the most popular virtual reality game "Tushitian" in 2035 to the master of the magic gate in the cultivation world. The refining memory of a piece of heaven-reaching Lingbao—— Invisible Sword, Two Realms Banner, Dingxuan Mirror, Demon Refining Pot, Great Sun God Furnace, Chaos Thunder Seal, Good Fortune Golden Boat, Innate Promise Stele, Nine Heavens Miro Tower... Immortal Road It's long, it's singing and it's walking.
The devil lost me at the beginning
author:Afraid of spicy red pepperThe devil lost me at the beginning
Jiang Hao traveled through ordinary people's homes and was forced to be sold into the Demon Sect and become a disciple of the Demon Sect. He wanted to practice with peace of mind and become stronger a little bit so that he could survive in the world of cultivation, but he was humiliated in every possible way by a female demon. There was a huge difference in strength, so he could only He could endure the humiliation and survive, hoping not to meet the other party again. Without a backer, he gained the favor of the master of the Demon Sect and was able to practice with peace of mind. When he became the chief disciple and met the master, he was stunned on the spot. Looking at the other party's beautiful face. On his face, he couldn't help but smile. Wasn't this the original female devil?
see in the world
author:Shi Wensee in the world
The bright moon hangs high to illuminate the past and the present. The world is sometimes prosperous and sometimes messy. When we are apart, we cherish each other. In the years when people come and go, when time passes, who is laughing at the drama of life...
Death Dance
author:I wait until darkDeath Dance
Some people are bluffing and cheating, some are mediocre. There are thieves and thieves, and there are ordinary people. Rangers, gamblers, traffickers, pawns... such a group of unknown people will turn this troubled world upside down again. bow.
Wudang Sweeper Road Boy, Awakening Full Level Comprehension at the Beginning
author:Hongfei QingshukeWudang Sweeper Road Boy, Awakening Full Level Comprehension at the Beginning
Lu Heng traveled through the world of martial arts, and was sent by his family to the Wudang School to become a handyman Taoist. He thought he would spend his life in a mediocre life, but he awakened to the full-level understanding system. As long as he studies hard, observes, listens to Taoism, performs martial arts, and competes in battles, he will be rewarded.【 Listen carefully to the teacher's preaching, trigger full-level comprehension, and comprehend the perfect entry-level mentality] [Listen carefully to Mo Shenggu's boxing, trigger full-level comprehension, and comprehend the perfect Wudang boxing method] [Seriously read the Taoist secret book, stimulate full-level comprehension, and comprehend perfection Nine Yin Scriptures] [Seriously observe the martial arts performance, trigger the full level of comprehension, and comprehend the perfect Wudang swordsmanship] [Watch Wudang martial arts carefully, trigger the full level of comprehension, and comprehend the perfect Pure Yang Wuji] [Seriously learn martial arts with fellow students, trigger the full level Comprehension, comprehension...】A few years later, Zhang Cuishan returned to Wudang from overseas to start the drama of Yitian and Dragon Slaying,

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